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Current My army buddy William always got nervous when the artillery came out; someone would always shout "fire at will!"
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Did you hear about the woman who couldn’t stop collecting magazines? She had issues.
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I put my grandma on speed dial. I call that Instagram.
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For a while, Houdini would use a trap door in every single one of his shows. I guess you could say he was going through a stage.
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Did you hear about the guy who swapped the labels on the pumps at the gas station? It was an April Fuels’ joke.




Did you know that Dante's inferno is video game that the main protagonist is also named Dante? Back in the day, the only two games were Devil May Cry and Devil May. The only difference was that in Devil May Cry, the protagonist is better off at the end, and in Devil May Cry 2 it is the opposite. So that's why a story about going through hell can still be considered a comedy, even if it's not funny.
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I Prefer to join others, I'm willing to give most genres and ideas a go as long as they have some tidbit that I find interesting, whether group or 1x1.

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I tend to play adorable characters everyone wants to strangle after realizing that they are either a complete idiot, a walking disaster waiting to happen, or some combination of both.

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I've completed quite a few RP's off site, but most of them are on private forums or have simply been lost to the ravages of server crashes. As for stuff here, I'm sure everyone who sees me post in the status bar my many idiotic jokes is well aware that I'm highly incapable of conquesting an RP and thus my sole attempt on the guild exploded and is nothing to be proud of.

There is also a Isekai RP I'm a part of for over a year, which has been quite entertaining.

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Symphony On High is my father, which I love and respect.
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I've been pretty fortunate on this forum. I think I joined one when I first came on the site that didn't really do anything, and there are many 1x1 things that didn't go anywhere. It's disappointing when an RP ends before it can be finished, but I've come to look at them as learning experiences and happy little accidents.

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I watch a lot of educational and stupid videos on youtube. Usually as research for something I’m writing or purely because a topic interests me, especially history. I like channels like Kings and Generals and The Mighty Jingles, and I’ll also watch things like Stimpee or Trick2G to deepen my understanding of degeneracy. Though I also like memes and jokes, to which I’ll find myself watching basically anything that is even remotely funny, but usually find myself surfing through meme videos. I don't gotta work on that.

I have a rather long history of playing virtually every platformer to come into existence during the indie boom, as well as quite a few other indie games. I’ve played Meatboy, Binding of Issac, Gunvolt, Cuphead, Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt, Classic Metroid, Warcraft 3, Final Fantasy 7,8, and 14, Left 4 Dead, Shantae, Celeste, Danganronpa, God Eater, the list goes on. What I’ve played is kind of all over the place. I don’t play many games these days, I tend to pick things that look interesting and go on a decent steam sale.

I can't draw. I haven’t done a lot of it recently and certainly don’t feel confident enough to show anything I make to the general public. Perhaps never. I fear that it may blind the public. Unless you really like poorly shaped stick figures.

I listen to everything, and I mean everything. I have too many favorites to name.

Not one to take life or the internet too seriously. Is only serious about having a good time and avenging my grandfather who was murdered by a bucket.

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“Temper, Temper” wagging a finger in Asahi’s direction as her smile never left her face. “There is nothing wrong with me, I have only discovered my true self, the true self that I tried to forget long ago, the election is important in its own way, but there are many other things that you both are quite mistaken about….though you are right about one thing for once, you both are wasting time....” Giving a disappointed shake of her head. Collecting her thoughts, she knew her words would have little impact and little meaning to either of them. They both were far too stubborn to ever want to believe her, or listen to what she had to say. No matter how reasonable, or how thoughtful she approached this, she knew the likely result of it would be the same in the end.

Her blue eyes shifting from Asahi to Duncan as she spoke “It is your limited thought process and views that are keeping you repeating the same futile cycles over and over again in a never ending nightmare, scout this, kill that, rinse and repeat until the inevitable happens and everyone ends up dead” Admonishing them as she turned her back towards them as she let out a small sigh. Still shaking her head as she could not understand why they continued on the same path that had only led to misfortune for them thus far.

“As I said before, I have no intentions of stopping you, you may claim that I’m the insane one here, but instead of sticking together as a group, you both wish to abandon it and rush off needlessly, there is great strength in numbers, how many times must a small group, or someone alone rush off into this wild land and get up injured or worse before it starts to get through those thick skulls of yours….” Oros muttered as she glanced back over her shoulder at the two of them. A fiery intensity burning in her sapphire eyes. Letting all of her thoughts and opinions loose, putting all of her emotion and intensity into what she had to say. Taking the matter seriously, even if there was little hope it would change what they planned to do.

“The hypocrisy amuses me greatly, if you ask me, I’m the most sane and reasonable one here, pursuing the most likely route for rescue…it has become clear to me, that you two in your selfishness have not only weakened the group as a whole by leaving, but you are putting both of yourselves at risk needlessly, what resides in those mountains that you seek out, it may just be the end of you both, but don’t say I didn’t try to warn you, toodles A-Sa-Hi, toodles Dun-Can…” turning her head back around as she began to leave, giving a small wave of her hand. She wanted to return to camp before too much time passed, there was still much to do and little time to waste. She had said what she had wanted to say, though she doubted either of them would take her words seriously. But something told her deep down that they would come to realize the error of their ways.


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It was not easy for Freelancers and GEMINI agents to encounter each other in the wild. GEMINI HQ was well hidden, and the espers within seldom interacted with Freelancers. But GEMINI operatives did have a number of responsibilities, such as going on monster hunting patrols. It wasn’t exhilarating work. Few monsters wanted the attention of GEMINI, especially if they were acting alone. But ambushes were always possible, so a patrolling agent would always need to be on their toes.

Though Mika wasn’t too worried. If she failed to notice something, her magic would save her so long as she wasn’t being too reckless. The idea of walking around a cursed city by herself didn’t bother her at all. If anything, she was hoping something would try and stop her. But as the case was yesterday and the day before, the monsters seemed to be hiding. Though Mika could feel someone’s eyes on her. Someone was nearby…

Meanwhile, Himiko perched on the ledge of a windowsill of one of the many ruined buildings waiting patiently for the expected arrival of her furry little GEMINI agent. Letting the nice breeze blow through her long golden locks as she enjoyed her current peace and quiet. Himiko took the time to check her phone as she scrolled through a list of information she had taken down from her conversation with Finn. Which gave her a rough idea of where she should search if she was going to find Mika Fang. Though she appreciated the information Finn had given to her, she appreciated the cash that he paid her even more, having split his wallets contents with her 50-50.

Lost in a day dream about her recent additions to her stocks, with the comic book from Noble Spark that she still needed to collect on, and the cash from Finn. It had been an eventful but rewarding operation. It was only the sight of someone down below walking through the cursed city that snapped her out of her fantasy. “Ahh that must be the little kitty cat that I’m after, unless that cute little button led me astray…” Knowing from her notes, that this individual seemed to be fitting the description that she was able to gather from Finn. “Hey you!, up here!” Himiko called out to Mika as she leapt from her windowsill to the ground below to greet her, taking position in front of her current patrol route.

The cat girl’s eyes followed the masked esper as she descended to the ground. "This isn’t an ambush, is it?" She folded her arms. "You’re not supposed to be here. Who are you?"

“Awwwww what's the matter little puddy cat, weren’t expecting company? I guess you could call this a bit of an ambush, though not so sneaky, nor is it to attack. You can call me Sovereign, I was sent to find you by a rather demanding pain in the ass, you know that saying it costs an arm and a leg, well it already cost me an arm, I’m just waiting for the leg” Laughing as her own golden eyes came up to meet Mika’s gaze upon landing.

"I’m not in the mood for jokes." Mika flexed her hands, and the black nails on her fingertips glistened. "How about you start by telling me why you are here? I don’t plan on going anywhere with you."

The glisten of the nails was all Himiko needed to see to know that Mika was agitated. It was typical behavior of a cat after all, though Himiko didn’t feel like finding out how much a scratch would sting. “Oh, not even if I gave you some catnip? Don’t get all hostile now, I can see your fur sticking up like you jammed your tail in a light socket, I told you why I’m here, but if you want the specifics, I’m supposed to take you to St. Bianchi church, though I should have asked at the time why she wanted you at the church, butttttt we can figure that out together, what do ya say?” giving a shrug of her shoulders and spreading her hands out to either side.

Mika lifted an eyebrow. "She? I don’t suppose you can tell me who hired you?"

Letting out a long sigh Himiko relented as she gave a small shake of her head “Well, I suppose you could say she is an acquaintance? family? Though she is quite mad, though you may have heard of her, at least that GEMINI agent that was as cute as a button that I assisted knew who she was, she styles herself under the title of Oros The Mad” Reaching her right hand up to scratch the back of her head knowing that this was likely to be the hardest part of convincing Mika.

"...What?" Mika’s face scrunched up, like someone held a smelly sock in front of her face. "You mean the depraved esper Oros the Mad? And when you said it cost your arm-" Mika ran her hand over her face. "So let me get this straight: You encountered a wanted esper. She cut your arm off and demanded that you take me to St. Bianchi church. And you expect me to just stop what I’m doing and follow you? Even though she could just kill me on the spot?"

Rubbing her chin as she considered Mika’s response, she paused to give a thumbs up and a satisfied nod of her head. “That sounds about right, though the way you say it sounds so much worse when it's spoken out loud, but you have the gist of things, if you are worried about her wanting to kill you, I doubt she would go through the effort of having me come find you, she would come find you herself, as for my arm, she decided to be a real bitch and took it after I already agreed to find you, but hey what can you do, she is the Mad for a reason, so how about it, don’t tell me you are just a scaredy cat, embrace that inner dog that is within all of us, let loose the catdog, I’m sure it will all be fine” taking it all very nonchalant, as if a invitation to meet with someone like Oros the Mad was just a ordinary every day event. Her sole focus remained on what she could potentially gain if she succeeded in convincing Mika to do as Oros had requested.

Mika tried to speak, but the only thing that came out was a sharp gasp. She spent the better part of ten seconds just staring at the woman before shaking the surprise off her face. "I’m not going anywhere with you. Leave,Now!"

Himiko recoiled at the blunt refusal as she tried to think of something quickly on the spot. “Oh come on, don’t be such a pussy cat, I’m sure she just wants to meet with you for something important or to talk about something, I already saw earlier that if she wants to locate you and chop you up into little bits she would have already done it, what if I offer you something to come with me? Like a ball of yarn? Maybe a fresh fish? Some catnip perhaps? Maybe I can put in a good word for you with the ole depraved one in advance, I really can’t leave without bringing you along, I don’t think she will be all that happy with either of us” Himiko tried to reason, putting her hands on her hips as she changed her posturing. She wasn’t about to let Mika slip right off the hook, even if she didn’t want to do things the nice and easy way.

"Well I really can’t leave, period." Mika fished an intercom out of her waistband and held it to the side of her head. "Cerberus reporting. Possible dark web esper sighted. Requesting backup at the west end of Country Boulevard." She didn’t take her eyes off of Himiko as she lowered her intercom. It disappeared into the same space that held the rest of her non-esper items. "It won’t take them long to get here." She raised her nails and assumed a fighting stance. "If you want me, you’re going to have to drag me away!"

Himiko stared at Mika for a moment as she got ready to fight, bringing the palm of her right hand to her forehead as she started to shake her head. “Oh come on, we don’t have to get all hostile and worked up over this do we? Besides I’m not from any dark web, I’m just a run of the mill freelancer, here to convince you to come along with me….do you have to make this harder than it has to be?” searching one of the inner pockets of her long flowing white coat. Finding what she was after as she pulled out a plastic spray bottle filled with water. “I didn’t want to have to use this, but you have left me no choice, bad cat…” pulling the trigger of the spray bottle to squirt a jet of water right into Mika’s face. “If you come with me now, I won’t shoot again and I’ll put it away….” Himiko’s tone shifted, becoming more stern and serious by the minute, even if her actions did not.

"Hngh!" Mika winced as her face was blasted with some mysterious fluid. She swung her hand in retaliation, and her claw cut through the spray bottle. Its contents hadn’t hit the ground before she swung again, and again. Mika roared louder and louder as face glowed red like a dull ember.

In a blink of an eye, Mika had countered before Himiko had a chance to pull the bottle back. Glancing down at the remains of her now worthless squirt bottle Himiko let out a groan “Oh come on, I just bought that earlier today, it was still brand new and cost me like a dollar and you went and ruined it right away!” Complaining about the waste of her new purchase. But with Mika temporarily blinded by the water for the first few swings, Himiko was able to sidestep her onrushing claw meat grinder. Letting the enraged beast pass on by as Himiko jumped off to the side. “Hey now, watch where you are swinging those things, you might hurt someone with those things!” Himiko admonished her as she gave a reluctant shake of her head. “I don’t want to hurt you, but you're not giving me much of a choice, can’t we just talk about this reasonably?” Yanking free one of her golden revolvers from its holster beneath her coat and pulling back the hammer with her thumb, turning it towards Mika hoping it would keep her at bay for a moment. Though it didn’t seem like Mika was the type to solve things with diplomacy. If Mika wanted to handle it in a physical display of force and combat, Himiko would oblige, the sting of the loss of her squirt bottle still in the back of her greed filled mind.

Mika’s vision returned, but not the relative calm she was displaying before. If anything, having a gun aimed at her just made the feline girl that much more determined to fight back. Himiko Didn’t want to kill Mika, but she needed to be subdued, and most people slow down a little bit after they’ve been shot. So that was exactly what she did. Though if Himiko was more aware of Mika’s abilities, she might have known what was going to happen next.

Mika’s form dissipated as soon as Himiko’s bullet tore through it. Before she knew what was happening, the cat girl shoulder tackled her. Himiko fell forward, and Mika grappled one of her arms. Spirit animals flowed out of Mika’s wrists, and Himiko’s arm was pinned to her back by a small gathering of mice. The feline esper reached for Himiko’s other arm.

“Shit, you're agile like a cat, guess those ears and all of that isn’t just for looks! But working with mice? Don’t you know you're supposed to be mortal enemies, haven’t you ever watched Tom and Jerry?!?!” Himiko complained.

"Shut up already!"

Mika’s cat-like agility and her unique ability had taken her by surprise. She should have likely asked Finn more about Mika’s actual capabilities when she had the chance. But in her rush to locate her, she hadn’t paused or stopped to consider it, only the potential reward consuming her thoughts. This situation became far more hairy than she had hoped.

It would be game over if Mika was able to get a hold of her other arm, spreading it as far out to her side as she could manage. She extended an index finger, pointing towards the roof of a nearby abandoned car. Blinking herself out from underneath the feline, and positioning herself on the roof of the car. Quickly realizing the rodents had come with her as she let out an annoyed grunt. Taking her free arm and reaching inside of her jacket to pull free her second revolver. Pointing it at Mika and firing off a couple more rounds aimed for Mika’s legs. “I’m damn lucky that I have two of these things, or else you might’ve had me with these mice! Come on, just come with me before one of us ends up going overboard! But if it's a game of peek-a-boo you want, let's play!” The rounds from her revolver ripped through the air precisely at Mika’s knees. Regardless of how fast Mika was, she couldn’t outrun a bullet. Again, her bullets scattered the feline girl’s ethereal form. This time, Himiko had learned her lesson after her first shot had torn through her dissipated form earlier. Holding a few rounds in reserve, fully expecting Mika to attempt the same trick a second time as she preemptively fired another round off in anticipation of where she thought Mika might end up. Expecting her to reappear closer to Himiko like the first time and aiming the round at a spot just a few feet in front of her hoping to catch the Feline esper as she appeared from her dissipation.

Though as it turned out, Mika hadn’t appeared behind Himiko again. It seemed she was shrewd enough to understand the same trick wouldn’t work more than once. But then where had she gone? There were a number of side streets, other cars, some sparsely populated trees, windows, all good places to hide. That was assuming Mika hadn’t decided to up and run. Regardless, time wasn’t on Himiko’s side. If Mika wasn’t bluffing, there were reinforcements headed this way.

Bewildered when Mika didn’t reappear anywhere within her line of sight. Himiko spun around on her heels, golden eyes quickly scanning the area all around her for any sign of the fluffy feline. “From peek-a-boo to hide-n-seek? Come onnnnnnnn we don’t have time for this, I know you couldn’t have gone too far, here kitttttyyyy kittttyyyyyyy!”

When Mika still didn’t reappear Himiko’s golden eyes narrowed as she had scanned the surrounding area multiple times. Either Mika had run away to escape, or she was hiding somewhere that Himiko wasn’t able to see right now. Her suspicions and weariness grew with each passing second of valuable time that ticked away. There was one final ploy she could try, but it was a desperate one and the chances of it working seemed minimal. She had nothing to lose, but everything to gain by giving it a go “Fine then, don’t come out and play, guess I’ll just have to leave and give up on trying to get you to come with me, Oh well…you did have a chance to capture Oros The Mads little sister, but I have no more time to waste so I’ll be blinking out of here, see you around little puddy!” Making her voice nice and loud as she stomped her feet into the roof of the car to make it sound like she was leaving. When in reality she remained in place atop of the car, waiting to see if her claims or the sound of her earlier stomps had drawn Mika out of her hiding spot.

Stomping around on the roof of a car might have fooled a far off opponent, but the place Mika decided to hide was inside the very vehicle Himiko was standing on. The headliner had rotted out a long time ago, and the metal roof was never designed to hold a person. It was possible to see what direction Himiko was facing based on her shoe’s imprint in the roof. Her lie about Oros’s little sister was equally easy to pick apart. There isn’t a lot known about Oros personal life, but she is something of a traveling nomad. If she had a sister that meant anything to her, they weren’t traveling together. Moreover, Oros was mad. Only the newest espers wouldn’t spot such an obvious lie.. But Mika…

She leaned out of the window and pointed her finger at Himiko. Glowing spirits swirled around her form as she held back her melody. "Keep your gun pointed away from me and you won’t find out what this does!" Mika squinted her eyes. "Tell me everything about this little sister."

Lowering her revolver with a small sigh, Himiko turned her golden eyes upon Mika. A wordless stare followed for a brief moment as Himiko’s eyes didn’t move from Mika, nor did she try to move any other part of her body. “If you wish to find out, then you must make a deal with me, if you come with me willingly to St. Bianchi I’ll tell you everything you wish to know, my goal wasn’t to fight you or try to harm you in any way, but we both can gain something valuable from this arrangement” her tone and posture shifting to a more serious one as she holstered her revolver, keeping the palm of her hand on its handle.

If she could avoid further hostilities she would in a heartbeat. Shifting the ball into Mika’s court, seeing that her words had taken a hold of her curiosity. It was only natural for a cat to have a strong curiosity that was innate within them. Mika appeared to be no different, she just needed the right kind of bait before she would bite. Apply leverage in the right spot and even the most stubborn boulder would budge.

But it had to be the right spot.

Mika’s pupils dilated. "You sprayed me in the face! And when I retaliated, you shot me!" Her voice was straining.

There was no time to respond. A squad of police cars came racing through the boulevard. They swerved around the street to form a barrier before piling out of their cars. A close look at their division badges would reveal that they weren’t regular police. They had an insignia that depicted two eagles, one upside up and the other upside down. They had their talons locked together and wings spread. Their shape was eerily similar to the symbol for the GEMINI horoscope, which was an intentional design choice. They leveled their rifles at Himiko, and one of them pointed a megaphone at her.

”Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground now!

Himiko’s eyes did not leave Mika, not even when backup arrived, guns drawn, all zeroed in on her. As if they did not even exist at this moment, even with the threat they posed. The loud megaphone didn’t rattle her, or even get her to turn her head or acknowledge them. Her sole concern and focus was on Mika and Mika alone. Removing the palm of her hand from her revolver as she wanted to make it as clear as day that she had no intention of using it again.

“It was only water, more of a prank, one that you took way too seriously, you didn’t have to unsheath those claws of yours and try to shred me to bits, those things are a deadly weapon so it was only right I responded with appropriate force, if you had not escalated it then perhaps things would have went a lot more smooth, now call off your guard dogs so we can settle this properly, or things might get unnecessary complicated” Golden eyes still glued to Mika as Himiko remained calm and collected even with the threat of getting shot or arrested.

"You forgot the part where I told you to back off and you ignored me!" Mika hissed. "Why would I go with you anywhere?"

Her gaze finally breaking away from Mika as she looked up into the sky as she gave a shrug of her shoulders followed by a little laugh. “Well, as I said before if you want to learn about Oros little sister, and more information than anyone has ever likely gotten about Oros past, I will only share that if you cooperate, as I said before I’m not your enemy and if Oros the Mad wished to kill you she would just come do it herself as she has proven before in the past, no….I suspect she has something else in mind, and despite her madness, she can be reasonable if approached the right way….”

The seconds ticked by as Mika kept her finger pointed at Himiko. With a sharp inhale, she stepped backwards. "Then you won’t mind talking with my boss first." She lowered her hand and walked towards the police officers.

”Drop your weapon and get on the ground!” The police officers were becoming more agitated. With Mika distancing herself from the “darkweb esper,” some of them drew shotguns and aimed them down the street.

Disappointment in her eyes and even through her masked face. Shaking her head slowly as she searched the sky for a moment longer. Lowering her head slowly and deliberate towards the feline GEMINI agent. Mulling over her choices, the police officers' weapons and presence doing little to make her rush things. Her eyes returned to Mika, tuning out the other noise and acting as if no one existed in this moment but Himiko and the cat.

“Stubborn, but I s’pose that isn’t too surprising, it keeps cats alive in the wild, it is part of your natural instincts, though if you wish for me to meet with your boss, I’ll only do so under the condition that once the meeting has been finished, you are willing to come with me to St.Bianchi, I’m not going to fight you, I only want one thing and one thing only” Keeping herself atop the roof of the car as she kept her hand away from her weapon in its holster. Showing Mika she had no intentions of shooting at her again, rather than complying with the officers demands.

Mika stopped and looked over her shoulder, barely making eye contact with the freelancer. "Oh I’m Definitely going to St.Bianchi. The only unsettled manner is if you ‘re going to come with me or not."



Ayana had to admit, she was impressed by how stubborn and hardheaded some of her peers could be when they made up their mind. Even if she felt they were totally in the wrong, that they should listen to what she had to say. They continued to remain blind to the truth, they continued to deny her, to push her away. She desired only one thing and that was to help, for them to believe. It was the only way they would make it out of this alive as far as Oros was concerned.

Returning to her small little shelter that she had made earlier upon their arrival at the lake. Oros was able to get a good rest despite all the chaos and conflict that had torn into the peace that had existed previously. She had kept an eye on Shun from a distance, making sure she didn’t get herself into any more trouble. Being satisfied she had gone to bed, having no intentions of trying to physically stop Duncan or Asahi from leaving in the morning.

When the morning did come, Oros had awakened bright and early. Even though she had no intention to physically stop them, she still felt she should try to speak with them one last time before they headed out. Perching herself upon the branch of a tree just outside of camp and on the path to the mountain that Asahi and Duncan wished to travel alone.

She had arrived way earlier then she needed to, but she felt it was better to be safe then to be sorry. She wouldn’t want to miss this one last chance to convince them to change their minds, to wait for the vote. To wait for the decision to be made for the entire class to join them on the mountain expedition.

Oros couldn’t understand why they insisted on trying to do stuff alone, or with very small groups. They were only making it harder for themselves, lowering the chance of not only their survival but the others as well. There was power in numbers, safety in numbers and even more importantly more heads to think and solve problems with.

When Asahi and Duncan did finally arrive, Oros waited little time to hop from her perch upon the branch. Landing right before them as she stumbled towards them losing her balance and colliding and rebounding off of Duncan’s impressive and massive form which sent her falling back the other way. Hitting the ground she quickly got back to her feet and dusted herself off as if nothing had gone awry. Balling up her left fist and bringing it to her mouth as she let out a little cough.

“So, you both are determined to venture off on this suicide mission together, I won’t stop you from leaving, though I still strongly believe you should remain in camp until things are settled, we keep splitting off into smaller and smaller factions and groups, we need to stick together, to believe in the truth that only I can share with all of you….there is power in numbers….strength….but everyone wants to throw that away, to be some kind of hero, no one is going to remember you if you run off and die, never to return as it just increases the likelihood that everyone else meets the same fate, that is all I have to say, I have spoken all that I have to give….” Oros addressed the duo one last time. She doubted her message would get through to either of them. But it was worth one last try, even if she knew Asahi especially saw her as a liability, as insane. But even so, it was her duty to attempt one last long shot.
Its only because I want you to become the best Co-Gm that you can be, I have great faith in your potential young grass hopper.
@The World We talked about it, we feel Arctic Storm has a super situational activation condition. We think it should be something like this:

<Snipped quote>

Basically, the attacks can be physical, magical, etc, so long as they are life threatening she'll be protected. Gotta protecc that smile.

@ERode 30 foot radius and we gucci.

@Nakushita You nearly killed the co-GM when you made the meme into reality, but they begrudgingly accept it as canon.

I have to keep the Co-Gm on their toes after all, prepare them for anything and everything.
Here is what I have.


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Himiko stood her ground, even with the blade of Oros sword being a few inches from her nose. She could tell by the way that Oros spoke and her posture that she wasn’t going to become violent. Even so, she still felt a sense of uneasiness having a weapon waved in her face. Himiko could tell right away that Oros was the type to strike right off the bat if she was going to strike at all. Keeping her arms crossed over her chest, as she listened quietly to what madness Oros had to share. Letting the insults and other crude language go for the time being. Focusing more on the important details amidst her mad words.

Golden eyes lighting up at Oro’s last remark about about 'Oros', she couldn’t help but to let out a small laugh of her own. “Careful now, it might not be wise if you start talking about it out loud and in public so clumsily, the others will overhear, after all they are always watching… so it may be shrewd of us to avoid such a joyful little topic,but if it's Mika Fang you are wanting, I’m sure that can be arranged with great swiftness, with both of our desires satisfied and conquered in the process” Reaching a hand up to rub her own chin in thought as the mad esper took her leave, she felt a sense of relief. Her own ambitions and greed growing in the process. Himiko had not heard of Mika Fang, but if Oros was interested in her she had no choice in hunting her down. Hopefully she wouldn’t prove to be too difficult to locate, but Himiko was sure she’d be able to find her once she started to search through her sources.

But what Oros had said and wanted had to wait for the time being. Himiko had more important things to tend to that required her more immediate attention. Her golden eyes drifted down towards Finn as she turned to approach him. Feeling like she had hit the jackpot multiple times today. Figuring that she'd be able to get something else that was just as juicy as that comic that Noble Spark had promised her. Crouching down by his side as she started to rustle around in his pockets while he was still out of it. Digging out his phone, a silver pocket watch that was near his side, wallet, gun, medkit and a puppet as she examined each item as she pulled it free from his pocket. setting aside the gun, medkit, phone and the puppet as she turned her focus to the wallet in particular.

Cracking it open as she shuffled through its contents with great glee. "Damn this kid is loaded....this is the best day ever.." Her eyes full of greedy joy as she admired its contents. Only to be interrupted by Finn's voice as he finally sat up and spoke. Himiko, still being crouched next to him, turned her head towards him as she took a finger and booped Finn on the nose. "Of course she is gone, if she was still here you wouldn't be able to feel what I just did, but glad to see you are still alive, looks like you had a fun little nightmare” Himiko answered before giving him a closer look. Her eyes brightened up as she smiled beneath her mask.

“Oh my my, aren't you as cute as a button...She did a real number on you, you must have done something to really piss her off, but worry not, I drove her off, while you were unconscious I decided to secure your belongings...so here take this I can tell it's more important than the other stuff" Tossing him his silver pocket watch, still clutching the wallet in her greedy little grasp.

"So....since I kinda saved your life and all, you wouldn't mind giving me something of value in return would you? I think it is only fair…after all that Oros is a real dangerous one” Trying to sweet talk him into rewarding her with something of value. Even though she hadn’t done all that much but spoke with Oros. Finn didn’t need to know the real details of their encounter. All he needed to know was that he was still alive, and that Himiko was here by his side in the aftermath.

A thought came to her as she glanced back down at his wallet. “Well, there is also something else you might be able to help me with, I’m actually looking for someone, someone that maybe you know….oh wait how rude of me, I haven’t even introduced myself, even after going through all of your belongings and learning a fair bit about you in the process, you can call me Sovereign, and as you have likely surmised by now I'm a freelancer, now back on point to the real question, you wouldn't happen to know someone named Mika Fang would you, and if so, how I would be able to get in touch with them?" Himiko questioned as she figured it was worth a try. As he seemed like the type that might have an idea of who Oros was looking for. Especially since she had gone through the effort of scattering him across the ground like a broken puppet.


@FamishedPants@BrokenPromise@Nyahahameha@The World@TaintedMushroom

Satisfied that her effort to eradicate the two foes before her had impressed her benefactor she holstered both of her revolvers. “If you think so, maybe I’ll have to up the price the next time around, to get you to sweeten that pot, but that comic will do for now” His thought about a good first edition being better left unspoken when a comic had been the promised prize and the confusion it might have entailed. Placing her hands on her hips as she turned her attention to what had drawn Noble Sparks focus.

“Disarmed? In more than one way if you think about it…” Himiko considered it for a moment. Before she could add anything else Noble Spark had already taken off like a bolt of lightning straight for the crippled but still functioning semi. Heading off to assist the Esper from the rooftop before the truck made it any further away. “You better not forget my payment, or else I'll start putting more debt on your tab!” Waving after Noble Spark as she figured that he would have the semi side of things covered without any further help from her for the time being.

Her own focus turning towards Marrie and the last remaining cultist that still had yet to flee. With three freelancers focused on the semi truck, it was only right that Himiko tried to help out the one that seemed to be having to handle things alone.She hustled over towards the trio only slowing down as she got closer. As she slowly approached the scene as her eyes drifted towards the scattered body of Finn strewn across the ground. Unsure of his identity, affiliation, she did at least know that the last remaining cultist had been the one to cut him down.

As she arrived to see what was going on, Marrie was already in the process of taking off to head towards the rest of the action after trying to heal the injured Finn. Leaving only what remained of Finn and the cultist, Himiko let out a sigh and gave a shake of her head. Whoever this cultist was, Marrie didn’t seem too worried about them if she had just turned her back on them to run off to take care of trying to secure the water. So that must have some prior relationship or meeting before in the past based on that alone.

Her golden gaze fell upon the cultist, arms crossed as she took in Oros handiwork. “Quite the mess you made of that guy, hopefully he will be able to pull himself back together..” Pausing for a brief moment not taking her eyes off of Oros, shifting too her next thought “Though, considering you didn’t turn tail like the rest of the cultists, you must have a reason to stick around, though looking at you now, you don’t seem affiliated with the cultists, considering how badly you messed up this guy….it's easy to figure out that you have your own agenda, perhaps one that may favor us both...” Sizing Oros up for good measure. It was clear that she was way above Himiko’s pay-grade. It had only taken a quick glance for Himiko to understand that much.

After seeing what she had done to Finn already, it was clear that Himiko was dealing with a very dangerous individual that wouldn’t hesitate to kill. Even so, where there is danger, there is always money to be made. You just had to make sure you didn’t anger the monsters in human form in the process. She knew she was walking a fine line once Marrie had taken off and left Himiko alone to approach Oros. But fortune favored the bold, and Himiko favored the fortune.


@FamishedPants@BrokenPromise@Nyahahameha@The World@TaintedMushroom

A comic book? That was a first for her, she had never been offered a comic book as a form of payment before. Though if it was in mint condition as Noble Spark suggested it had to have some kind of value tied to it. Especially if it was a vintage copy of one of the older series. She was willing to take her chances on it, finding it satisfactory as a suitable form of payment.

“Very well, but it better be as mint as you suggest, or you're going to owe me something else…..” Turning her head just in time to get her legs taken out from underneath her by the shopping cart. A small yelp as she went rolling away inside in a heap. Going for a ride as it came to a creaking halt, she quickly righted herself while still in the shopping cart. Rubbing the back of her head muttering a complaint underneath her mask. The last thing she had anticipated was being interrupted and taken for a ride by a shopping cart. Hoping that not many others witnessed what had happened as she hurried to untangle herself.

Yanking herself free as she leapt from the cart and landed back on her feet on the hard ground. Taking a quick look around to see if anyone had been nearby or watching. She took a moment to shake off what embarrassment she felt, before turning her attention to the far more important task of earning herself that comic. Her golden eyes narrowed as she brought her focus onto the two crippled pale guards that stood between her and the comic.

Without hesitation she brought up both of her revolvers, the mask covering her face, hiding the growing grin. “This is going to be some easy money, sorry losers but time is wasting and time is money” Himiko let out a small laugh as she began to channel everything into both guns. A golden glow emitting from her hands, as she had no intentions of going easy this time around. After a moment, both guns begun to emit a golden glow as she felt she had summoned enough energy to satisfy her needs. With one last laugh, she let loose a single shot from each of her revolvers, the two bullets emitting a golden glow they merged together into one golden arc as it hurtled towards its target.

Satisfied with her efforts she glanced over her shoulder towards Noble Spark “This should be more than enough for that comic you promised, I doubt they will be able to withstand that shot….so we should have a clear path to the truck” Himiko confidently remarked before the results of her attack had even been concluded. Feeling confident that in the current condition both paleguards found themselves in that she may have gone a bit overkill. But if it meant getting that comic, and subsequently the money it was worth, then she had no qualms about it.

Before she knew it, a muffled sneeze had snuck up on her. She gave a shake of her head to clear it up and get her senses back into order and getting her golden hair out of her face. “Well…that was unexpected, someone must be talking about me, hopefully about paying me…” Turning her focus back towards the commotion that was happening further beyond with the semi truck. Knowing that with all the commotion she was able to see and hear that they needed the help of both Noble Spark and herself.

This comic better be worth it, this job was proving to be far more intensive and demanding then she had anticipated. It still didn’t seem like it was even close to being finished either. Not with the primary targets still in play and the water still not secured. But maybe she would be able to barter her way towards a bigger reward in the end.



As the conversation swirled around camp, the frown remained on Oro’s face. They still didn’t all seem to understand what they had to do, what needed to be done. Some still seemed to be in some form of denial about the reality of the situation. Losing a bit of her patience as she spread her arms either side of her, raising her voice as she began to speak again “There is no salvation in sitting around here and waiting to be rescued, no one from the school, our parents, or anyone else is going to come to save us from this place, I doubt they will have any idea about were we all disappeared off too, they can search all they want, but the likelihood that they find us is slim to none, not to mention they would be in the exact same situation as us if they even do make it this far and discover this world, now isn’t the time for foolish dreams, if we want any hope of ever returning back to the world we came from, we will have to rescue ourselves……” Oros quickly countered the suggestion. Great conviction and determination filled her and her voice. Taking this all extremely seriously, as corrections needed to be made and the hard facts needed to be accepted. Finding the idea foolish, knowing that to sit around and wait in the slim hope that rescue would find them was an unproductive use of their time.

They would have a much better chance of rescuing themselves at this point then sitting around waiting and praying for a miracle. Why do that when you can create your own miracle, your own salvation. “We can sit here for two weeks, but what happens when we are still here two weeks later and there hasn’t been any sign of rescue? Do we just give up? Throw a pity party? This place we find ourselves in may look like a paradise right now, but what is keeping it from turning into a nightmare the moment more of the beasts end up here, after all this is a vital source of water, and water attracts living things, so it wouldn’t be out of the question for these beasts to find us here eventually” Oros continued on as she tried to cut away at each suggestion that was made. Finding many of them to be bright eyed and arrogant optimism, not rooted in the reality of the situation that they found themselves in. Oros knew that she would need to chip away at this falsehood until more of her classmates accepted the totality of it all.

The conversation soon turned towards that of an election. Something that Oros could throw her own support behind for once. It would at least give her a way to open their eyes to the truth that she held so dearly. Maybe even allow her to lead them all to the promised land,even if it meant displacing Masato from his leadership role. He was too hesitant, he didn’t have what it took to be a leader outside of school issues as far as Oros was concerned. Despite how good of a class president he was during normal circumstances, this was no longer a purely school issue.

Tilting her head aside as she had to ponder the idea for a moment“An election? So be it, I will submit to such a process if that is what the rest of the camp desires for now, even if I feel that we would be wasting valuable time and days by not acting faster, if this is a means and a way to get what I desire, to help open all of your eyes to the truth, then so be it…” Her sapphire eyes locked onto Masato as she spoke. She had no real ill will towards him, but she knew this had to be done if there was any hope for the truth she held so dearly to be accepted by the others. She wished she could have avoided it entirely, but Masato was a man of conviction, and despite her efforts he had been hesitant and resistant to accepting what Oros had to offer.

Her attention soon turned towards the sound of Asahi and then Shun. A flicker went through her blue eyes as she made eye contact with Shun as she gave a short nod of acknowledgement. Shun had a great point, one that Oros could get behind. But even so, she knew that dealing with Asahi was still something that needed to be handled. “Leaving alone on the journey to the mountain as I said before would be completely foolish…..” Her voice was quiet as she slowly approached Asahi until she stood right there before him. Hands on her hips as she looked up at him with a smug grin plastered across her face, her wild white hair and her intense blue eyes all firmly before him.

“There is something there, that much is without a doubt, but if you go alone, you won’t accomplish what you seek, I have seen it….I have seen the truth A-Sa-Hi……” Leaning in closer as she spoke “Shun may have a great point, you do speak a lot, but I do not always find the true meaning behind what you say…If I were you…I’d wait until things have been decided and we are able to move together as a group….or perhaps you are fearful of what the truth holds for you…. A-Sa-Hi…..” Leaning back as she finished, her voice quiet but filled with great intensity and interest. Oros knew her words would likely have very little effect on Asahi or his decision. It was still her duty to try to get him to accept the truth, even if he so stubbornly refused it and gazed upon Oros as some kind of abomination. Rocking on the heels of her feet, she clasped her hands behind her back before taking a look around at all of her classmates. Knowing that these next few moments, hours and days would shape everything, the future of it all being at stake.
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