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I looked up my family tree and found out I was the sap.
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Blue eyes once more fluttering open, Ayana laid there staring directly up into the sky. It took a moment for thoughts to flood back into her head, to get a grasp of her surroundings, the crackling of firewood, the presence of others nearby. It all became clear to her, she remained silent as she slowly and gingerly tried to sit up from her prone position.

A jolt went down her spine, a sharp pain stabbing into her side at the slightest of movement. Wincing and grimacing as her right hand went to her rib cage, propping herself up with her left as she tried to get into a sitting position that was more comfortable. Only a quiet murmur escaping her pained lips. A grimace, blue eyes searching around her, taking in all who sat near the fire and close to her.

How long had she been out? Shun had really done a number on her, it took a fair bit of effort to even make the simplest and smallest of moves. “Damn, it feels like I got my ass kicked really good….but for some strange reason, it's like Shun uppercut me so hard that I now have a sudden urge, a strange urge….. to kiss a little green amphibious friend….I must have hit my head right after the uppercut, or when she drop kicked me….”her voice is a mere mutter. Her jaw is still feeling tender and sore after Shun’s sneak attack uppercut. Despite this, she felt no ill will towards Shun for the ass kicking she had given her. Shun was just trying to help in her own way, to try to make Ayana understand.

But the only thing Ayana understood right now was that she was missing something very important. Her Endless Eclipse is no longer within her grasp, nor in sight anywhere nearby. It was clear someone had taken it, but it was of little consequence, they couldn’t keep it from her forever. She would find it again, it was destiny that it returned to her hand and no one could hope to thwart this destiny. They may keep it hidden for now, but even without it, Ayana knew she would be just fine.

Rubbing her rib cage, she let out a sigh “You know, I can’t explain this feeling, I took the ass beating of a lifetime in a game of rock, paper, uppercut, dropkick, scissors….yet I don’t feel sad, or even discouraged…I feel….blessed in a way, even joyful…..” Her grimace and frown slowly left, replaced with a growing smile. Full of happiness and pride, she had never felt more alive then now, the pain only meant she was alive, and boy was it a joyful experience, a blessed experience.

Turning her head and attention to the others gathered around the fire, Ayana spread her arms apart to either side of her “I have a confession, I have not been truthful with any of you, or myself….I am Ayana, but I am not Ayana…the truth may be difficult to swallow, but it is the whole truth, the only truth….I want to help you all understand, to see what I can see…if only you will accept me…” Keeping her arms spread apart as if she wished to embrace every single one of her fellow classmates nearby. Sapphire eyes searching the faces of her classmates for any reaction. Her joy and happiness radiated from her, she could finally be full and true self. She could guide them, to open their eyes and accept her into their hearts and soul.

No amount of violence could dissuade her, what was done was done. She would heal and recover as she always had done so. There were benefits to being clumsy, her durability had been built up, her resilience slowly nourished with each and every incident. It would not be easy, but it had to be done, if they wished to make it out of this world alive.



Sapphire eyes shifting watching as some of the group dispersed, she paid them no mind. Her gaze slowly but surely found hold on Shun as she approached her. A wordless smile on her face as Shun’s words of concern didn’t bring forth any consideration. Ayana came to a sudden stop a short distance away from her approaching classmate.

Having not uttered a word or made a single sound since her last one, when she had just been so free with her words moments before. Her loose hair dangling down in a messy scraggly mess covering portions of her face. Partially hiding bits of her bright blue eyes from view as she stared dead ahead. Her eyes finally moved down and towards the rock that Shun had armed herself with. Her attention focused solely on Shun and none of the others that had decided to stay behind.

"Hey Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” finally breaking the silence as she let out a small humored laugh. “You have nothing more than a rock in your hands Shun, what do you plan to do with that? Don’t you see the difference between them Shun…?” Lifting up the blackened rock in the palm of her right hand and in view of Shun. “You see…this is far greater than just a rock, don’t you understand? Doesn’t anyone understand or see what I can see? It's all right here in the palm of my hand Shun!” Standing her ground as her smile remained in place. Not having a single doubt in her mind that what she held was what she believed it to be, a tool of great power and destiny. Confidence brimming from her every pore as she showed no signs of relenting.

“As for Ayana…..that name is not fitting any more, it is not the full truth of who I really am, you see Shun, none of you know this, but I’m so much more then just Ayana, none of you can see what I can see, or understand what I can understand, you are all blind to it, you all do not have the gift, I promised myself long ago never to allow my true self to resurface, but that has been broken and I couldn’t feel any better! It's like I have been reborn once again!” Bringing the rock to her chest as she thudded it in pride. Tilting her head aside as she placed her other hand on her hip. Feeling a renewed energy coursing through her entire body. She felt incredible, like everything made sense to her finally, like she had a never-ending wellspring of energy bursting out of her very being.

“It looks like you need a lesson, to become enlightened ... .as to the error of your ways…” slowly shuffling her feet forward as she inched her way ever closer towards Shun. Her right hand shifted into the side waistband of her skirt and past her hip. Her left hand holding the blackened glistening rock by her other side as she got within reach of Shun. Leaning forward as she brought both of her hands behind her back clasping them together as she leaned her head to the other side.

Bright blue eyes locking onto Shun’s rock, “You have already lost, I have what you do not, I have the tool that will overcome any little mere rock Shun…..” without warning bringing her right hand around from behind her back, something white within the palm of her hand as she slapped it against the rock in Shun’s hands. Before taking a step back and away from Shun with a big confident grin across her smug looking face.

When Shun finally realized what she had done, it would be too late, a piece of paper having been slapped atop of her rock. When Shun came to this realization, Ayana began to laugh once more. “You see, I told you that you already lost, paper beats rock Shun, you should have known better!” Laughing hard enough to cause herself to have to rest her hands on her knees when she ran out of breath. Wiping a tear from her cheek as she let herself fall backwards and onto the ground on her bum.

Crossing her legs, before crossing her arms across her chest she looked up at Shun quietly. Her right hand moving to her chin and giving it a rub, the black rock still visible in her left hand. After some consideration and thought she broke her silence again. “Do you truly wish to know what I can see? To take on the burden of the knowledge that I possess? This……” Holding up the rock in front of herself once more and before Shun. “This is a part of something so much bigger than you understand, it is difficult….but if you really want to know…..then you must come closer….” Blue eyes ablaze with passion and energy as she finished her last request, the smile having never left her face. Testing Shun’s resolve, to see if she was worthy of knowing what Ayana had to share.

Shun winced as the rock in her hand was disarmed from her. A piece of paper had covered it up. What was happening? Everything that Not Ayana said went through from one ear and out the other. Any sympathy Shun had for the person in front of her quickly faded away. It was a headache trying to listen to her.

After Not Ayana finished speaking, Shun considered her offer. If she accepted her offer, then she’d be able to understand Ayana on a better level than before. Social queues and rooms were really never her thing, but if she accepted that hand, that’d change. Still something felt wrong about this. Something that Shun needed to address before accepting that hand.

“Only on one condition. You solve a problem for me.” Yes, if Not Ayana knew everything about everything, then she’d be able to solve this certain conundrum. Clearing up her throat, Shun began to speak.

“You see, it started on this one shiny sunny day when I woke up in my bed to the smell of breakfast. I was naturally surprised since it was a Monday and dad was usually drunk off his ass the night before. When I came downstairs I saw my mom instead of dad and I was like so confused, because mom never cooks. You see mom always makes my dad do all the cooking since she’s busy with work and stuff and she knows how to twist my dad around her finger. Anyways it must have been a special occasion since she never cooks. As I was saying so she was saying that we were going to have a new neighbor and I was like ‘wow really?” and she was like, ‘yes, Shun now please eat breakfast before I burn the house down,’ so I decided to eat breakfast. It tasted kind of burnt though. Anyways as I was saying, you see, it was Monday and everybody hates mondays you know? One time Higasa recited a poem to me about Mondays and how they were a doomsday day that for every Monday the world was going to end. May he rest in peace. As I was saying, so I as I was walking to school I saw this foreign looking girl walking across the street. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the reason why my mom was making breakfast was because we were going to have a new neighbor. Though whenever she cooks it usually means that she wants to murder someone. Anyways just to remind you that there was a new foreign girl walking down this street. It was a new face you know, so I just had to talk to her. Though when I tried to walk up to her, I almost got ran over the car. I was so entranced about her appearance that I completely forgot that she was on the other side of the road. Though it was almost exciting dodging a car at the last second, you know? Well that’s not what the driver said and he was pretty upset. Don’t know why, he should have kept his eyes on the road. Anyways, as I was saying, when I looked back up, she was gone. It shocked me. She was just there and then she wasn’t there. Maybe, she could teleport. Can foreigners teleport? I’d have to ask Duncan later, but anyways I was now late to school. With a piece of toast in my mouth, I accidentally shoved Tsutsumi into a trash bin, woops sorry about that eyepatch-kun, and in my haste to get to school. Though thanks to his sacrifice I got the speed boost I needed to pass through the school gate. I saw the Class President through the window and he didn’t seem impressed. He had his arms crossed like this, you know? Anyways I was making my way to the classroom and then I had a revelation. Maybe Duncan knew who the foreigner was. Maybe she was some sort of distant relative twice removed. I saw that kind of plot in a manga once you know? Anyways, tripping over Rin, who was minding her own business, I needed to find where Duncan was. So I asked Asahi who was trying to talk to Sasuke and my fellow peer seemed frustrated over it. Don’t know why. Anyways he said he didn’t know, so I asked Sasuke. Sasuke said I’d have better luck talking to Endo, so I went to Endo. Turns out Endo was the one who was harassing Satoshi-Chan, so I did a majestic backflip and kicked him in the face. Everybody was impressed, but that didn’t matter right now. I needed to find out where Duncan was. So I asked the hit second place in command Nakagawa and asked where Duncan was. Apparently Duncan was outside smoking and doing some yankee stuff or something like that. With my new destination at hand, I dashed out of the gym. Oh yeah I went to the gym because Sasuke suggested it by the way. I accidentally bumped into Hana along the way and asked what she was doing because she was standing oddly in the hallway. She said that she saw some sort of rodent along the way and was planning to deal with. I don’t know why she would, she could have asked the janitor, and maybe it was fun trying to catch a rat. Maybe I should try that one day, oh wait I have yesterday. Well anyways, I finally managed to find Duncan who was currently squaring up against Akito. It seemed like they were having an argument over something. But whatever they were arguing about wasn’t important. I needed to find out who that foreign girl was. So I tried to grab Duncan’s attention by screaming at him. It worked but it only seemed to make him a lot angrier. Though it grabbed the attention of the adults and we had to disperse. Akito ran off somewhere in between, I don’t know when, but now I finally had Duncan to myself. But he was still mad at me, so I needed to find a way to calm him down. Oh yeah, you were also there. Apparently you were there too. You were like holding a pair of scissors and then sudden you slipped on the floor. The scissors almost clipped my ear off, but thankfully it missed me by a hair. As you were slipping by the floor, it seemed like Duncan was so surprised that he lost his mean face for a bit. Thanks by the way for that. It was time for me to finally ask my question. So I ask, “Hey Duncan did your cousin transfer and over?” and he looked very confused. I told him that about my mom and stuff and that we were getting a neighbor thought that seemed to confuse him. He was like, “What does this have to do with me?” And then I told him that I saw a foreigner and wondered if he could use his telepathic powers to call her so we can meet. Apparently he didn’t really like that and walked off. Now I was left with no leads and nothing else to do. That’s when it hit me. Mom was talking about Cathy! Do you know who Cathy is?”

Shun had an uncharacteristic serious look on her face as she finished her sentence. It had bothered her ever since that day. Who was that foreign girl, why was she there? Shun needed these answers from Not Ayana before accepting her terms.

Remaining silent as her blue eyes did not move from Shun the entire time she spoke. Listening to everything she had to say word for word as Shun after a long winded explanation finally got to her actual question.


Ayana lowered her head for a moment tucking her chin into her chest as she let her hair dangle down. Her face shaded and hidden briefly from view as she hid her expression and reaction. “Cathy?.....Cathy you say?....” slowly lifting her head back up to look Shun in the eyes. A smile still on her smug mug. “I don’t have a clue of what you speak, I’m not telepathic, nor do I know everything about everyone to have ever existed, no no no, you have misunderstood my power…” Glancing down at the blackened source of power within the palm of her hand as she started to laugh.

Bringing it up nice and close to her own face as she turned it over in the palm of her hand. “You see, the great power bestowed upon me is much greater than being able to read someone's mind, or use some magical power to learn what someone’s motive is…staring into this void….I can get glimpses of the future….this item holds great power within it Shun, and it holds it within me as the one that is blessed and bestowed this mighty gift” Nodding her head in confirmation and reassurance in what she believed to be the truth. Her gaze shifting from the rock as she lowered it and made eye contact with Shun once more.

Remaining seated with her legs crossed she tilted her head side bringing her free hand to her chin and holding it in place. “Though you seem quite serious about this Shun, quite serious indeed, so I do not mind lending you a hand in your grand quest, of course if you allow the truth to settle within your heart….” Slowly she started to uncross her legs and rise from the ground. Once standing she dusted herself off and looked down at her ruffled and torn clothing giving a small shrug.

Without warning and without waiting, she darted forward until she was within inches of Shun, coming to a little skid before her. Tucking her hands behind the small of her own back as she leaned her head forward, beside Shun’s ear, a quiet whisper leaving her lips. “Shun Babyyyyyyy, why don’t you let me in……the truth is, I can even glimpse parts of your future if I focus hard enough…now won’t you accept the truth into your heart and soullllllll……” drawing out her last word before slowly pulling her head back. Without warning taking a few hops backwards to get some distance between them once again.

Rocking back and forth on the heels of her feet, her smug face lit up with great interest. “Isn’t this a fun little game? Won’t you agree? You get to know the true me at long last, what a true blessing this has been for me, to finally be able to emerge once again and take the role I was born and destined to hold, you are the first one to finally show signs of shaking off your blindness and your lack of vision, the truth must be accepted by all…..otherwise they will be doomed…..” foreboding within her tone, whatever thought process going through her head seemed jumbled and unclear. She was wild and unpredictable, even though she did not know what this little game of hers would lead to. But she was thoroughly enjoying every little moment of it while it lasted.

Shun was still. The sickly honey words that Not Ayana whispered down into her ears watered down her brain. “So you don’t know why Cathy is…” A defeated tone place of the once serious girl. Not even Not Ayana knew what she was talking about. All of what she was were lies. Understanding? It was a two way road not a one way. It was a shame, because what happened next would shock everyone around.

“CATHYESES FISTS IN YOUR MOUTH!” Fire burned in her body as Shun landed an intense uppercut into Not Ayana’s face. From the very beginning Shun wasn’t believing in what Not Ayana was saying. After all, she wasn’t Ayana. The second was stranger danger, like how you don’t trust strangers who offer you candy. Not Ayana gave off bad vibes and Shun was willing to experience all out.

Sailing up into the air, Shun twisted her body to head straight down at Not Ayana. “YOU’RE WRONG, AYANA! ROCKET BEATS PAPER!” And in the instant her body glowed with the second activation of her facsimile. All it did was increase speed! It didn’t matter if she matter, or not, as long as she was moving, she could activate it.

“Blindness? I want to experience that! Truth? What’s the point of being told when I can find it out myself!” Shun shouted hysterically. What was the point of everything if you knew about it before even trying it? In fact, it seemed like Not Ayana was trying to scam her as if she was a telemarketer.

“It’s okay to make mistakes! After all! They’re always a new experience!” Sailing straight at Ayana, Shun had a ferocious look on her as she descended down at mach speed.


Nodding her head in agreement with what Shun had begun to say. The smugness not leaving her face as she knew she had much work to do. Even though Shun came off as defeated, Ayana knew she had no answers for the questions that she wanted answered. After all, that had nothing to do with the gift she had been blessed with. Her gift was so much more than a tool to find out gossip around town. Shun just needed her eyes opened to the truth, to open her arms wide and take it all in. To let herself experience the world with new eyes for the first time, to break the chains and accept reality in a way never thought possible.

†̵̢̫͎̙̯̎̓̔͂͘ṛ̸̨͖̻̺̀̃̽̂̑µ̸̨̛͖̭̤̮̒̃̅͘§̷͓͚̖̻͕̎̾͋͠͝†̶̛̰̗̬̠̜͌̓͛́ ̸̥̫̦̘̄͊̆̚̚ͅð̷̳̜̫̮̣͊́̀͑̉ņ̶̼̟͔̩̃̽͂͐̆͝l̵̟͓͚͖̰̔̇̔̔̚¥̶̢̬͉̝̱̃̃͋̆̀ ̵̛̯͇̣͇͉̾̾̽͠¥̸̯̫̪̦̬̉͗͊̇̚ð̴̧̗̘̼̩̎̂̃̓͛µ̸̨̛̹̱̟̍̈̿͂͜r̶̨̰̥̳͖̈̌̈́͑̑§̵̧̛̯̜̳͎̇̑̂͆ê̸͖̣̼̜͚̓̉̽̆̚l̷̺͙̳̏̃͗̀̈͜ͅ£̸̛̻̞̙̟̬́͐͐̆ ̷̡̭͉̪̊̓́̔͝ͅą̵̡͕̮̯̊͆̏̑̒̆ĺ̴̟̮͖̻̻̑̾̋͝l̶̙̳̹̭̮͂́̔̏̑ ̵̫͉͎̠̼́̈́̋̐͘ð̴̪̘̞̝͈̿̂̔̽͗†̶̫̪͚̓̅̈̇́ͅͅh̷̡͖͈̖̟͂̔͂͂̈́ê̵͚͓̰̠̭̍̀́̇̚ŕ̵̩̗̺̜̮̃̑̒͌§̷̨̛͍̦̟̊̂̎̎ͅ ̸̨͓̠̺͓́̎̔̍̾å̴͚͖̣̫̹̔́́̾͂r̴̮̲̖͕͆̀͐̋͝ͅê̶̡̖̮͉͙͆͒̌̊̌ ̶̟̤͓̰͚̌͐̒̕̚µ̸̢̜̫̖͍͌̀̓͑̾ñ̸̮̖̘̯̤͒̓̈̃̕w̸̬̩̲̖͖̽͑̅̎̈ð̷̳͎͍͎̲̉̒̅̄͠r̴̮̙͓̰͕̽̌͌̓̏†̴͖͎̹̰̖̈̔̍̒̈́h̸̜͎͎͈͑͊͆͘͘͜¥̴̖̼̙̱͗̃̌͛̕͜

Keeping her arms behind her back as she smiled at Shun, keeping her rock firmly clenched in the palm of her hand. She knew that soon it would be time to spread the word to all those around her. It was her duty, it was her honored privilege, it was part of who she was. If they wouldn’t understand, then she would make them all understand, one at a time, no matter what it took.

“Of course, but that does not mean that I can’t assist you if you are willing to embrace the truth into your heart and soul, into your mind and body ... .after all my true name is……” Shun catches Ayana off guard with a swift move, using her facsimile to her advantage. Moving at a blur to the sapphire eyes of Ayana. Shun’s fist meets her chin and violently snaps Ayana’s head backwards, messy hair being sent all about from the whiplash of the blow. Lifting Ayana off of her feet and sending her tumbling and falling backwards with a thud.

Not even a cry of pain or surprise was able to escape her lips as the blow had been so sudden, leaving her stunned from the impact. Blue eyes dazed as not only had she not had been in position to defend herself, she had also had her rock behind her back, having landed on it in the process of falling. Only making the situation worse as it dug into the middle of her back. Legs and arms sprawled out on either side of her as she stared straight up into the sky. Visions and flashbacks flashing through her mind as her mind had become such a blur, chaotic and wild.

It took her a moment to recompose her thoughts and realize where she was at again, coming out of her stunned stupor, just in time to spot Shun already preparing for her next blow. Ayana did not budge or even try to move a muscle. Blue eyes ablaze with a fiery and intense passion as she started to laugh once again. “Then you can remain blind to the truth, but someday you will come crawling back, wanting to experience it for yourself! Do what you must….but I already knew this would be the end result….I knew this is what you would choose to do!” Her laughter filling the air around them even as Shun came flying down at full speed with her facsimile.

Spreading her arms out wide, a big toothy smile across her face, welcoming the next attack with open arms “Lets see this rocket of yours, to see if it is truly worthy of a title such as myself!” All Shun would see as she landed was Ayana’s intense blue eyes, her demented smile and a happiness that would not be expected. Ayana did nothing to avoid it, or to lessen its blow, Shun’s heels of her feet digging into Ayana’s torso with an immediate and blunt impact that rammed her roughly into the ground. Ayana continued to laugh until the very last moment of impact, which brought silence soon after. Bones cracking underneath the pressure, being pushed past the limits of their flexibility, snapping and giving way to the blow. The klutz had experienced many accidents in the past, but nothing as forceful as this.

Dust having been stirred into the air as Ayana lay motionless underneath Shun, eyes closed and not a sound coming from her. Before she began to cough, blue eyes opened wide as she tried to draw air into her battered lungs. A smile soon returned to her face as a strained laugh escaped her lips. Her hands slowly but surely trailing up towards Shun’s ankles as she grabbed a hold of them with a weak grip.

𓆪Ģ̷̧̺̬͚̄̽̀͒͠i̷̮̣͈͚̻͊́̿̿̓v̴̛̥̳͓͕̳͂̄̄͝ě̶̡̱͚̞̖̄̊̃̈́ ̶̼̲̘̩̯̏̓͒̐̅i̸̖̬͕͖̮͗̈͊̕͘ń̵̨̬͕͇͎̓͒̋́ ̶̧̜̹̝͓̿͐̈́̚͘t̵̻̖̱̝͉́̍̽̅͝ö̴̪̪̣̠̗͛̀̒̏ ̴̱͎̟̟̠̍̈́̀̽́ÿ̷̢̝̗̻́͆̓́̊ͅo̵͍̪͍̝͖̐͗̉̅͝u̵͕̦̗̪͇͑̀́̇͘r̸̗̮̠͉̳̉̓̈̚͠ ̵͓̞̩̦̗̉̋͑͆̎ṭ̷̩̪̠͕̎͊̓̈́̈́r̷̘̳̠̣̫͛̄̂̓͘ṵ̷̜̹̖̝̇̀̈́̄́é̶̡̖̤̺͇̀͊̑̚ ̵͎͉̯̳̮̄̆̾͝͝s̵̪͙̦̥̯̏̄̓̄̆ę̵̱̜͈̩̒͒̇̃͂l̷͈͚̰̭͉̉̿̐͆́f̴̧̩͖̖̥̅͂̄̌̈

“I have taken many…..blows before….but that was by far the most forceful one…..I felt my bones giving away to it…..cracking and breaking....however…you are not worthy of the truth….that is clear to me now…” staggered and difficult words being forced from her lips with as much effort as she could muster.

“You will never be blessed like I have become…..you will not be honored, you will forever remain blind…what a shame…what a shame….” gritting her teeth through the pain, a grimace masking her features even beneath her smile that never ceased. Trying to laugh again, followed by a series of coughs.The intense pain she felt radiating from her chest and torso was immeasurable. It was amazing that she was even still conscious after such a blow, but if anything the klutz was durable.

She was injured, but alive, and that was all that mattered to her. Soon she would spread the truth, soon they would all come to understand. Soon they will have no choice but to accept it into their hearts and souls. Soon they would come to know her true self, her true name and title, even if it killed her.

Lifting her head up slowly from the ground, eyes ablaze with determination, gritting through the pain. Even if Shun had proved to be not worthy, it was time to reveal her true name and title. It had been put off long enough…she had arrived and she was here to stay whether they liked it or not. Her grip increased on Shun’s ankles as she began to speak once again, not yet finished. They must all know, it was destiny for them to know.

“You may not be worthy….but I feel generous…my true name…..” Trailing off at the end as her smile began to grow, the smugness returning as she swelled up with great pride.

“Oros The Clumsy….”

Letting her words hang in the air for a brief moment as she began to laugh once again having finally revealed her true name to someone for the first time in ages. It felt like a large weight had been removed from her shoulders. Finally releasing Shun’s ankles, reaching her right hand behind her back, slowly dragging out the rock that had been digging into her back this entire time….”And this is…..my Endless Eclipse….” Her eyes staring into the blackened void of her prized possession. It remained unclear if she was just insane, or if there was any truth behind her claims, but for her it was the full truth. The full truth that she had come to spread to the unworthy and the blind.
Unity Zone of Avaris: Capital City of New Anton

@Lugubrious@Dragonfly 9@Emeth@DracoLunaris@Dragon Mahteru@Kidgoat
Once most of the invited and esteemed guests had arrived at the hall. It was time to make her grand entrance. She had already kept them waiting quite long enough, having stayed aside and out of view. Observing the makeshift task force that she had chosen to assemble. It had taken a lot of convincing within the UO to make this moment happen.

Now it was time to get this party going, what better time than now and what better place than here. Taking a wide view of the events unfolding within the hall, Acacia knew just what to do and how to do it. Having observed every little detail and interaction each guest has had since they arrived from behind her mask. Having kept herself hidden from view, biding her time for the right moment to begin.

Quickly shifting through the hall, unnoticed and unbeknownst to those that had gathered, she glided quietly through the air unseen with her cloak flowing behind her. She reappeared by the one named Sinmara. Quite boisterous and loud, easy to spot and find even amongst such a crowd of unique individuals. Being behind her, Acacia leaned her masked face near her ear and whispered. Giving Sinmara a small tap on the shoulder. “Quite bold are we? You stick out like a sore thumb, there is no doubt the Denizens will hear you coming from a mile away….” With her comment finished she quickly disappeared once more before Sinmara had the chance to respond or turn around.

Acacia now appearing behind the Jester, repeating the same tactic as before as she had done with Sinmara. Deciding she would go from each, one at a time, before a true and full introduction. “Interesting one that you are huh? Coming here without much notice, but sticking out almost as much as the ogre of a lady soon after….” disappearing once more as she continued to make her way around the hall.

Soon finding herself behind Fae she leaned in once again. “One of showmanship huh? A true gentlemen, hard to find in this world….but would you be so gentlemanly if your opponent within the Denizens ends up being a woman, with those cybernetics and skills, you can be quite deadly….I wonder…..” continuing her little game as she went to go make her final spot for the time being.

Reaching at last the one who called herself the Red Queen. “Marissa…or should I say the Red Queen, what an honor to have such royalty amongst our ranks…but the question is, how much loyalty remains within that cold dark heart of yours for your former comrades…perhaps if you are lucky, and mature enough you may eventually upgrade to a drink for adults….” Disappearing as swiftly as she had come leaving very little trace behind.

Finally with her small little game completed, the music came to a halt as all the servers quickly shuffled off to the sides of the room leaving the floor open for Acacia’s official arrival. Revealing herself at the head of the table as she had her arms spread to either side. “Welcome my esteemed guests, I’m Acacia, the head of this makeshift taskforce and the one that made the final decision in inviting each of you here, I took some time observing you all, hopefully you did not mind too much.” Her gaze shifted around the room towards each member of the task force, face hidden by her fox mask..

“Now, I’m sure you all have many questions for me, so lets make this short and sweet, this taskforce was put together to oppose the Denizens of the Damned, I’m aware that some of you have had interactions with this group in the past, so I don’t need to remind any of you just how dangerous they are.” Her voice stern, cool and collected as she continued on.

“They seek the Seven, and we have good reason and evidence to suggest that they are aware of the locations of each of them, when the UO made the discovery, it appears we had a leak and that information was given to the Denizens,we must move quickly and swiftly to beat them to each of the Seven, otherwise the Dark One will once again come to bring the world into chaos, it won’t be easy, and not all of you may make it through to see the end, but that is why each of you were selected, each of you have unique abilities, skills and experience that gives you the best shot at ensuring the Seven ends up in the hands of the UO and that world peace may be established” Bringing her left palm out towards them all in an inviting gesture.

“Since you are all here, I figure you have all come to accept my little offer, in that case we may proceed to our first mission objective, of course I’ll give you all time to start to figure out how you all want to work together, it won’t be easy bringing each of your skills to the table and working together as a complete and fully functional team at first, but you will have to learn fast.” Snapping her fingers as the walls behind her began to separate, displaying a large magical display of a map of Avaris.

Without turning to look at it, Acacia snapped her fingers two more times as a red circle appeared over a little cluster of islands within the western sea of Avaris. “We believe the first of the Seven can be found here within this chain of Islands, we have reason to suspect it is held within a mighty fortress hidden within the largest island, found here at the center of the island chain, suspect booby traps, otherworldly beasts and creatures and threats at every turn, including the Denizens, we have reliable intel that they seek to hit this fortress as well, so we must move with great haste, make whatever preparations that you need to make, we will leave at dawn” snapping her fingers one last time as she turned to leave, her cloak fluttering behind her as she left them to consider all that she had said.

Music began anew, as the servers quickly returned to their duties. This time however the music was different from before, now chosen by Acacia as she could only stand classical music for so long before it drove her completely nuts. Figuring the task force would want to listen to something a little different and fitting for what they where about to embark upon.



As the process began to revert itself, and Sasuke started to heal. Ayana was unusually quiet, her gaze empty and her expression neutral. Flesh mended, bones returning back to how they once were, life returning to Sasuke as if it had never left. She remained motionless, still like a statue. Her mind empty and free of emotion and thought as her head leaned backward lifelessly.

Hiroshi’s voice reached her ears, bringing her out of her daze, she could feel his gaze upon her. She remained silent at first as she lowered her head, hair shading her eyes from view. She began to tremble, looking like she was about to break down into tears. Hands clasped tightly into fists pressed deeply into her thighs as they begun to shake.

Suddenly raising her head, her sapphire eyes having a glimmer behind them without a hint of tears to be found. Her gaze met Sasukes, as if she was looking upon him for the very first time. Her whole body trembling in excitement and anticipation. A slow crooked smile spread across her face as she reached down and slowly pulled out the rock from its safe spot tucked inside of her shirt. “So….you saw it did you? You saw it Hiroshi?” Her voice was cool and calm as she broke her silence. Bringing the black rock up into the palm of her head as she held it before herself and in view of Hiroshi. Something wasn't right, what he had said didn't make sense, drop the rock? Why the hell would she ever do that, it wasn't just a rock, couldn't he see?

Shaking her head as a look of disappointment appeared across her features, furrowing her brow as she let out a sigh. “No, that isn’t right, that isn’t right at all, you only saw what you think you saw, but you truly do not see what I have, no, no no, that just won’t do, that just won’t do at all…I can not drop it and I will not drop it….” Admonishing him and herself. Her gaze locked onto the rock within her palms as she frowned. Staring into its black void-like texture. Taking it all in for a brief moment, until something inside of her clicked, like a jolt that traveled from her memory to the rest of her body. She had to show them, she had to show them all the truth.

“What you see is not just a rock, this is so much more than that…..but it is understandable you see, no one but I can see it for what it really is, no one but I was given the blessing to understand what this is and what it does….you see nothing more than a rock, it has become clear that you do not have the vision….” Her frown melted away into a smile as her blue eyes widened ablaze with a bright intense energy. “Soon, soon you will all see, see what I mean!” beginning to laugh as if she couldn’t stop herself. Having a moment of realization and acceptance that no one but her could see the truth that was before her. No one else had the same gift, not a single one of her classmates would understand any of it.

Her laughing continued as she reached down, tucking the rock away within her shirt as she held her sides hunching over into ball as she dropped to her knees. It was like she had just heard the most hilarious joke she had ever heard in her life. Her laughter increased in intensity and volume the longer it went. Continuing on for far longer then what would be comfortable, she laughed so hard that tears had begun to well up within her eyes. Her left hand slowly snaked its way up to her face as she covered her left eye, lifting her head up as her laughter started to fade away. One visible blue eye filled with intensity that had never graced it before.

“I can see it all now, what was hidden from my mind and view before…it is all here again once more….I know who I am….I can feel it within the deepest part of my soul….” a serious and cold tone unusual for Ayana filling the air. She could feel the truth inside of her mind unlocking once again. She knew what must be done, and now was the time to do it. Reaching up she undid her side pony tail, giving a flick of her hand to release her hair as it fell down around her shoulders. Her brow furrowed as her eyes shifted side to side as if she was debating something within her very own mind.

𓆪Ģ̷̧̺̬͚̄̽̀͒͠i̷̮̣͈͚̻͊́̿̿̓v̴̛̥̳͓͕̳͂̄̄͝ě̶̡̱͚̞̖̄̊̃̈́ ̶̼̲̘̩̯̏̓͒̐̅i̸̖̬͕͖̮͗̈͊̕͘ń̵̨̬͕͇͎̓͒̋́ ̶̧̜̹̝͓̿͐̈́̚͘t̵̻̖̱̝͉́̍̽̅͝ö̴̪̪̣̠̗͛̀̒̏ ̴̱͎̟̟̠̍̈́̀̽́ÿ̷̢̝̗̻́͆̓́̊ͅo̵͍̪͍̝͖̐͗̉̅͝u̵͕̦̗̪͇͑̀́̇͘r̸̗̮̠͉̳̉̓̈̚͠ ̵͓̞̩̦̗̉̋͑͆̎ṭ̷̩̪̠͕̎͊̓̈́̈́r̷̘̳̠̣̫͛̄̂̓͘ṵ̷̜̹̖̝̇̀̈́̄́é̶̡̖̤̺͇̀͊̑̚ ̵͎͉̯̳̮̄̆̾͝͝s̵̪͙̦̥̯̏̄̓̄̆ę̵̱̜͈̩̒͒̇̃͂l̷͈͚̰̭͉̉̿̐͆́f̴̧̩͖̖̥̅͂̄̌̈

Slowly she took one step forward, swaying as she did so, removing the rock once more, holding it aloft in her right hand. Gaze locked onto Hiroshi and the others gathered around him. "Now.....how about we play a little game...."

𓆩Ř̷̢̦̟̳̅͆̒̽͜ê̴̢̙̱̠̟̂̇̕̚c̴̢͓͇̖̦̀̄̅̋͝l̶̢̝͇̟͇͑͒͒͊͘a̴̢̡̮̯̮͊͌̈́͋͝ḯ̵̩̹̯̗͚̽̾͘͠m̵̩̼̙̣̎͆̔͛̒ͅ ̴̧̝̪̯̟̂̂͑͌́ţ̸͖̖̼̫̓͋̈́̿̈́h̶̢͖̖͖̙̄̉̋̚͘ė̴̝̺̹̲͒̐͊͝ͅ ̷̦͓͔͖͉͐͌̔͑͘t̶͍̱͉̪̊̀̌͗̓͜ī̴̺̺̦̝̳͐̔͂͆t̶͖̙͕̮̱̄̊̂́̕l̶͕͚̬̺̙̈̂̈͝͠ē̶͔̳̰̼̰̿̉̑̈ ̸̛̥̳̺̻̤̌͑̓͊ỵ̴̝̲͙͙͐̄̚͝͠o̸̘̦͎͓̍̏̄̾̈́͜u̷̺͎͕͔̓͐̔́͗͜ ̷̨̯̗̹̰́̑̇͗͠ǫ̸̗̗͕̱̀̆͑͊͝n̶͚̩̮̮͖̋̈́̿̆͋c̴̦͓̙̪̔̊̓͆͑ͅë̸̜͖̘̬̬̀͋͗͘ ̴̡̗͉͉̭̍̾͑͘̕t̵̡̖̬͎̖̑̈́̏͛̏h̶̙̠͍̲̃̓̄̕͜͝r̷̗͓͈̖̆̇̊̎͠ͅȅ̶̛̝̭͕̌̓̈́͜͜ẉ̶̧̛̪̦͔̉̅̿͊ ̷̗͚̹̠̝̄̋̐̚͝a̷̢̢͈̜̐̐̒̈́́͜ŝ̸̢͇̩̻͂̿̊̄ͅi̶̘͈͕̮̰̇̈́̔̕͘d̶̨̗̖͙͒̍́͛͌ͅȇ̴͙̹͍̩̮̈́͒̃̚,̴̨̥͚̰̥̑͂͋͊͗ ̴͚̘̬͈̃̒̽͐̚͜g̸̝̗̼̮̪̊̈́̎͝͝ĭ̷̡̧̩̙̻̌̿̈́̚ṿ̷͉͙̼̩͛͗͐͝͝e̵̜̠̗̩͇͂̌͐́͘ ̷̖̙̙̻̺̒͗̀̑̾i̷̢̨͓̼͖͋̍̈́́͠n̵̤̫̣̫͍̉̋͌͛̋,̵̡̘̘͕̅͆̈́̈́̄͜ ̸̤̫̯̝̳́͋̈́̈̈́g̵͈̘̠̬̪̑̋̑̄̕i̶̢̡͖̖̘̒͂̾͂́v̶̰̤͙̙͓͐̋͗̎͋e̶͙͈̬̮͈̒͂̌̐̎ ̶̧̣̳̼̪́͋̍́͝i̵̪͖̬͙̝͑̅̇̚͝n̷̢̗̬̳͔̈́̐̃̈́͘,̵̹̟͉̙̥̈́͒̾͒̍ ̸̪̫͓̲̦̀̏̀͂͠g̴̫͙͉̻̑͆͊̃͘͜i̴̡̮̳̙͈͛̓̇̋̃v̷͙̩̯̲͓̀̃̎̍̓è̴̛̥̥̪̬͚̀̓̾ ̴̢̛̻̞̗̞͒͐́̊i̸̫̼̫̤̥̐̈́͂͂͂n̷̖̺̼̝͊̈́͛͐͜͝

Her mind moving so fast it all felt like a blur as her thoughts started to tangle within her head. There was only one option, there was only one route. Embrace it, give in, show them all. Taking another step closer, her body swaying to the right, she couldn't hide the grin on her face. Blue eyes filled with red hot intensity and fire. Determination to do what must be done filling her to the brim. "I'm back, I'm back and better then ever.....I can feel it coursing through my veins, what a wonderful feeling...." her laughter soon following her claim. Whatever was happening now, brought on by the by everything she had witnessed, the tasting of Duncan's blood, the pent up emotions within Ayana. She wasn't going to hold it in any longer, her memories had flooded back into her mind, it was time.
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Unity Zone of Avaris: Capital City of New Anton

From far and wide they had come, joined together by one common goal. Obtain all seven of the legendary weapons. To prevent them from falling into the hands of the Denizens. Each individual has aspirations of their own for what they want to do once the weapons have been found. Some with good intentions, others with more selfish ambitions.

Regardless of each member's desires, working together was the only way they could hope to succeed. The Denizens were numerous and had many powerful adversaries amongst their ranks. Being just as determined if not more determined than those that oppose them.

Those that had been recruited for this arduous task of both locating, securing and fighting for the weapons if needed, had been carefully scouted. Each selected for their unique abilities and experience, only the finest receiving the offer to join the team.

They had been given an invitation to meet at the center of the city of New Anton within the HQ of The Unity Organization, told to bring with them whatever gear and equipment they would need. They had not been given much other information, as a means to keep information leaks under-wrap. Very little had been told to them, but it was likely that was why they had to come here in person.

The meeting hall of the HQ was lavishly equipped and food was readily available at a simple request. A few nearby attendants ensured that the esteemed guests received the proper treatment that warranted their recruitment. The hall's walls are adorned with various trophies and banners. A large picture of the most powerful nations leaders all in one spot together, framed in the center of the back wall. Lined with what looked to be high quality gold, lit up with magi-tech energy that surrounded its massive frame. Music filling the air of the hall with a tune that was quite dated by this day and age.

The hall was also lined with this magi-tech lightning from end to end, keeping the hall brightly lit and its pristine metallic floors glistening in its light. Running the length of the hall in the center was a long table with metallic looking chairs lining either side with one larger chair towards the far end. The hall was about fifty yards long and a good forty feet wide or more.

Once the guests had time to settle, they would have a chance to take in their allies, meeting them all for the very first time. Whoever summoned them had not arrived or been here when the others had gathered. Which gave them time to meet one another, whether it was on purpose or they just had not arrived or had another reason for it was not known. If asked, even the attendants did not have an answer for why they weren’t here yet. In the meantime, attendants brought them whatever food and drink that they requested if they so desired.

What mattered now was that this group of many differing ideals and backgrounds had all gathered in one place for the very first time. Whether they got along or butted heads was not important as long as the primary objective was fulfilled in the eyes of the Unity Organization. The first task that this group would undertake, having to come up with a name for their rag-tag task-force.
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