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What did the horse say after tripping in a pothole? "Help, I've fallen and I can't giddy up."
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The person who invented autocorrect should burn in hello.
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I picked a fight with a t-rex today, wouldn’t recommend, you just get jurasskicked.
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After kissing a girl on her sofa she said "let's take this upstairs"."Ok" I said "You grab one end and I'll grab the other"


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Welcome to the guild, I hope you enjoy your time here. And as Yankee said, most people are generally, nice I know for a fact that I won't bite at the very least.
Welcome to the guild, I hope you enjoy your stay, I'm sure you'll find some things to keep you busy.


Her wrist finally slipping free from the grip of Tsubaki. It was like she had been shot out of a canon as she rushed head long into danger. Yet at that moment, she strangely didn’t feel any fear, not an ounce of hesitation. Her mind was clear and focused on only one thing. To get inside of the bus, to face the Wolfbear, to help her fellow classmates.

Even the heat of the fire didn’t daze her. Its burning warmth against her skin and her face as it sucked away the moisture. She jumped right in without even a second of thought. The smell of the fire having a bitter chemical smell as the seats made of foam had become fuel for the growing flames. The smell of gasoline and burning flesh mixing with this to create a foul concoction. It felt like the inside of her lungs were on fire, that her chest was ablaze as her nostrils stung from each attempt to bring air into her body.

She had to put all these discomforts into the back of her mind. She had no time for these concerns, she had a mission at hand. Her sapphire gaze quickly scanning the situation as she had to make a decision on the spot. Knowing the longer she took, the more dangerous the situation might become. Neither Shun or Yuudai had that sort of time, as the Wolfbear was relentless in its attack.

Spotting the motionless Yuudai splayed upon the ground, the blaze and the discomfort of the smoke burning both of her eyes and her throat. Making it hard to see through the chaos his full condition. But for the moment he seemed to be the safest as the Wolfbear had focused on Shun. Making her decision quickly, she knew that Shun was in the most immediate danger. The beast continuing to come at her, even with Shun trying to fight it off with everything she had. “Hold on a little while longer, I’m coming to help!” alerting Shun to her arrival if she hadn’t yet noticed her.

Ayana moved swiftly, wanting to break up the stalemate between the two as the Wolfbear had started to force Shun back. Ayana sprinted at full speed in the short distance she had between herself and Shun, sliding down as she lowered her body to the floor. Sliding between both Shun’s and the Wolfbears legs. The hot metal floor of the bus singeing her skin and her clothing, but now that she was behind the Wolfbear she could make her move.

It was then she felt something swelling up inside of her, this time the burning sensation she felt within her was not from the fire or the burns she had received. This sensation felt like it was going to make her chest burst as she felt a burst of energy and strength that she didn’t know she had. Planting her feet on the floor of the bus as she gritted her teeth. Her eyes narrowed and focused on the back of the Wolfbear, she lunged forward. Her arms wrapping around the waist of the Wolfbear as she clinched her grip around it as tightly as she could. Her legs tensing up as she established a stable base “I’ve had enough of your creepy spider eyes, how about a taste of your own medicine!” Shouting out as loudly as her smoke-filled lungs could bare.

She opened her mouth and chomped down onto the Wolfbears back. Sinking her teeth into its furry hide with every bit of intensity and strength her jaws could muster. The bitter and foul taste of its fur filling her mouth as she was determined to not let go. As she begun to shift her weight, arching her back as she begun to lift the Wolfbear off of the ground with all the strength she could feel building up inside of her. Every muscle in her body working together, her mind consumed with only the thought of stopping it from harming anyone else. Not even having a moment to consider the absurdity of what she was about to do.

Once she had it lifted off the ground, Shun’s efforts to push it back assisting her in shifting the wolfbears balance as she bridged her body. Bringing the wolfbear up and over her head as she drove its head into the floor of the bus with as much power as she could. Suplexing it with every bit of determination that she had built up. Her mouth still full of its furry back as she tried to shout out something muffled “Tok Dat Yo Furred Bowl! Git Yoodoo Shoon!” Insulting the Wolfbear while trying to tell Shun to go grab Yuudai if she could. Hoping that she would be able to get him out of danger and out of the bus. It didn’t seem like the bus would hold up too much longer at this point as Ayana knew they only had a limited amount of time to act.


“Bleh!!!!!” Before she could react, Ayana had taken yet another blow to her head. Reaching up to it to try to rub it tenderly “Hey, we are on the same side Tsubaki!, these things on my head may look like ears to you, but I’m definitely not a WolfBearSpider!...yyyyeeeeeeepppp!!!!!!” Being interrupted by the sudden tug of her wrist as Tsubaki pulled her along. Nearly being pulled right off of her feet as she hadn't anticipated to be dragged along.

“If you ask me, your scarier than that WolfBearSpider! You even hit my head harder then that thing threw the shoe back at me!” crying out to Tsubaki was she followed her lead, not having much choice in the matter. Not wanting to take another one of her Tsubaki smacks if she didn’t have to.

“As for what I was doing…well, I was trying to take care of that beast before it started to attack anyone, but I underestimated its abilities and it caught me off guard….we can run, but what good is running if they just go around hurting or killing everyone else, we need to find some way to help” Ayana turned her blue gaze towards Tsubaki. Being serious in tone and approach, even if she was still under the false assumption that the Wolfbear had thrown her own shoe back at her.

She didn’t want to just run away; sure, she didn’t want to get mauled by one of those things. But there had to be something else they could do to help. Her gaze finding her stepsister who was with a group of other girls attempting to run. As well as Ayano trying to drag along her boy friend while Kogen’s loud voice could be heard even over all the other commotion. As that brought some momentarily relief to her concern and worry.

But more importantly, spotting Shun who seemed to be trying to defend herself with a branch that didn’t seem all that impressive in size, or weight. As the Wolfbear made a bee line straight for her, as Ayana wished she could have tried to warn her about throwing things at the Wolfbear. Though not for the reason that Shun’s own efforts failed.

Before she knew it, Yuudai had come flying in from the side knocking Shun out of the way in the process and taking the brunt of the Wolfbears attack himself as they smashed through the burning window of the bus. Ayana’s sapphire eyes widening in both surprise and shock at his selfless actions as she tried to get Tsubaki to stop as she saw Shun quickly go after them into the inferno of the bus. “Wait! We have to try to help them somehow; didn’t you see what happened? We can’t just leave them behind when they are in danger and fighting for their lives!” trying to tug her wrist free from Tsubaki’s grip wanting to try to go back to help out Yuudai and Shun if it wasn’t too late already. Putting what strength she had into digging her heels into the ground as she stiffened up her legs and tensed up her muscles in an attempt to pull her wrist free.

Her mind racing as the thoughts of what could happen to her fellow classmates flowed through her mind. Her heart racing as the adrenaline and the fear for their safety took hold of her as didn’t want to just leave them. She just had to help them, even if it meant fighting a Wolfbear she had no hope of ever overpowering or beating in a fair fight without a weapon. Seeing Yuudai’s own selfless actions to try to save Shun. She couldn’t just ignore that and run away to save herself, she couldn’t live with herself for being that selfish. "Come on Tsubaki!"


Even with the situation seemingly not going the way they had hoped or intended. Yuki had kept a smile on her face with her hands still clasped behind her back. Glancing over at Io when she muttered something in a language that Yuki wasn’t familiar with. Though she figured it likely wasn’t too important, and more likely to be a complaint about the comment made by Kazenosuke.

Yuki finding the assertion that they could be his wives to be amusing more then anything else. “I don’t know if Takeshi is quite man enough to handle the two of us as his wives, or quite brave enough to do so” Yuki quietly said just loud enough for Io to hear. Her bemused expression remaining as she watched on in intrigue as she hadn’t expected things to take quite a turn.

“Very well, but in payment for my support, you must pay the price of the Oni, I hope you are ready and willing to accept such a contract, and to be ready to pay the price when the time is due” continuing to smile as she still had her hands clasped behind her back. Fully intending to support Shizuka as she saw the glint of his sword when he had slightly exposed it.

Seeing things having become quite serious, Yuki knew she had to be on her toes and stay alert. Though she much preferred to solve things without fighting if she could. She was prepared to help Shizuka out in whatever way she could. Being glad that she wasn’t the one having to do most of the fighting as Kazenosuke looked like quite the formidable opponent. “Just tell me what you need, and I will do my best” speaking to both Io and Shizuka.


“The Otherside? You mean that place that gets sung about by that one lady who wants to always tell people hello from it?....well now, I’m not quite sure what to think about that” reaching her hand up to rub her chin as she thought about it. Not minding that Tsubaki continued to tend to her head and look after her. The bruise being rather tender to the touch, Ayana was starting to feel much better as the initial shock of it all started to wear off.

Her eyes drifting towards the black smoke rising into the clear blue sky as she pondered it for a moment. Turning her attention to the rest of her classmates as she saw Masato run off to go after Rin, while the others seemed to be going about their own various tasks. “Everyone seems so lively, who knew it took crashing a bus to get everyone energized” remarking on the situation as she didn’t have very long to ponder it.

Being interrupted by the sound of screams coming from various classmates and the roars of the onrushing Wolfbear’s. The situation turning chaotic without any warning her ears being filled with the crashing of brush and shrubby, the panic settling in as many started to move much more frantically. The two Wolfbears that had split off to come after the main group in a hungry bloodthirsty rush.

Ayana watched as they emerged from the brush as she got up to her feet immediately and considered running for it initially. It's extra eyes giving her the creeps as it reminded her of some kind of spider. But suddenly a thought came to her mind, if she ran, then surely, they would either just run her down, or go after someone else. There was no way she could let that happen to one of her fellow classmates. She had no weapon, or way to defend herself or anyone else, but she had to find something to do.

Suddenly an idea sprung into her head, wait... she had two weapons directly attached to her feet. She didn’t know quite why this idea had come into her head, but surely it was better than doing nothing. It had been like a voice inside of her head causing discord amongst her thoughts. Reaching down and yanking off the shoe from her left foot. Taking aim at one of the two beasts. She turned her body sideways like a major league pitcher. Putting all the strength into her leg as her adrenaline built within her. Her muscles tensing up as she gripped the shoe in her right hand. Rearing back with all her might, all of her power. She drove her body forward with her right foot. Her body twisting as she brought her right hand forward like a slingshot. Her pushing off her right leg with every fiber in her body. "Take this you WolfBearSpider!" with a final shout she released the shoe from her hand….

As it immediately flew straight up into the air above her slipping out of her hand at the last moment. Ayana not realizing this as she expected to see the shoe careening towards one of the two Wolfbear. Only for the shoe to come tumbling down from the sky above, whacking her in the top of the head with a thud which immediately startled her. Standing there for a moment blinking her eyes as she didn’t know what had happened at first. Coming to a quick conclusion without any real reasoning “It threw the shoe back faster then I could see it! This beast is more dangerous than I thought!” Quickly gathering up her shoe from the ground and slipping it back onto her foot. Deciding to try to group up with the biggest group of students she could nearby and figuring they would have a better plan after her attempt had failed.


After finally catching up to Shizuka she was finally able to slow her pace much to her relief. Hearing his greeting as she gave a nod of her head “You are correct, I’m Yuki the Oni,it seems my reputation precedes me! I'm the best Oni you will ever meet of course, don’t let any of those other Oni tell you otherwise” A big grin on her face as she pounded her chest in pride. Noticing the peculiar squint he was giving her as she turned her head side to side peeking over her shoulders making sure that he was looking at her and not someone else.

“My, my, quite familiar with my kin you say? And these ‘Hobbies’ it sounds like you may have had a good time in the past” Yuki started to laugh until he gave her the friendly warning. “Oh? Me? Not behaving myself? I couldn’t ever imagine causing any trouble or resorting to shenanigans…..there is no need to worry your little head off about that” giving him a small wink as she clasped her hands behind her back and leaned in towards him in a teasing manner. “besides what about Io….what if she is the one that is into shenanigans this timeeeee” Yuki teased playfully still keeping things light.

Though she did take his warning to heart, knowing how important this mission was. Knowing that she would have to be on her best behavior, even if her instincts and urges to stir things up kicked in. She knew she would have to keep them all under control and under wraps.


After time had passed and they had gotten closer to their destination Yuki glanced at Shizuka as she gave a small nod of acknowledgement, hanging back as she came to a halt. Her ears focused in on the conversation that was being had nearby. “That may be true….once you get a better grasp of his state of mind, then maybe we can show ourselves, it may be a better approach, so there isn’t that initial negative reaction if he does see us with you from the start” Yuki whispered to him in understanding as she agreed with the idea, deciding to hang back while Shizuka made the initial contact, while keeping herself ready if she was needed.


Once Ayana had gotten off the bus, she had turned to see the very anti-climactic end as Shun hopped off of it. The heat of the fire on her face as her eyes focused on the growing flames as it begun to consume the bus. Only Tsubaki’s voice drawing her attention away from the building flames as she turned both her head and her eyes towards her.

“Huh? Fingers? It depends….do you count a thumb as a finger, or just as a thumb…” being cut off by Akito before she could continue any more of her reasoning. Frowning as she pointed at Akito “Hey, if I was a clown, I’d have face paint, oversized shoes and a big honky red nose and I have none of those things… least I didn’t the last time that I checked…..” Reaching her head up towards her face giving it a good rub. Getting a good feel for her nose and her face as she looked down at her hand to get confirmation that she neither had a big red nose, or face paint. Double-checking just in case, even though realistically there wasn't a chance she would find anything.

“I’m totally fine outside of the bump on my head, I’ve hit my head harder before in the past I’m sure….I just needed to get my footing underneath me….but I’ll be fine, I promise” Reaching her hands up as she brought them in to either side of her face slapping them against her cheeks hard one time and squishing her face together. Trying to get her full focus and attention back to their regular levels as she felt much better afterwards.Leaving two red marks on her cheeks in the aftermath. Despite the aching that her body still felt and the throbbing sensation coming from the bump on her head. She was trying to put these troubles to the back of her mind as she attempted to get a better grasp of the situation.

Noticing Rin had already gone off and seemed to be working on something all by herself. “well, she sure didn’t wait to figure things out, she is already off tinkering with things, I wonder what she is up to…” Ayana pondered. The others all seemed to be trying to figure out things themselves slowly but surely. Despite the lump, and her initial confusion, it became quickly clear that they weren’t somewhere that was familiar to her. The tree’s where nothing like the ones she was familiar with, plus any signs of the mountain roads they had just been on seemed completely gone. What more, if they had crashed off of one, surely, she should be able to see where they came from, but all she could see was the forest of foreign trees and the wild untamed grass.

“Hey, something isn’t quite right here, I know I hit my head….but something about our surroundings doesn’t line up with what we should be seeing right now…” Taking a seat and listening to Tsubaki staying still for the moment, even if she felt like trying to explore more around them to get a better grasp of their surroundings. To see if there was anything or anyone nearby that they could go too for assistance.


Yuki had to consider the offer for a moment, as it did seem like a good opportunity to get to know Shizuka and Io as she had yet to work with either of them. Scratching the back of her head before clasping her hands behind her back as she made her decision. Deciding that it was a great idea to tag along with the other two task members Plus, it had the bonus of giving her something to do to keep her entertained. Besides Lady Kikyo had asked, so it seemed enough like a done deal to her. “Very well, I will follow Shizuka on this new mission, it will give me something to do, and also give me the chance to work with someone I’ve not had the pleasure of working with before in the task force” Yuki rubbed her chin for a moment taking a sideways glance towards the Lich who had quickly followed after Shizuka upon Lady Kikyo’s request.

Watching as Lady Kikyo also rode off rather quickly to follow Takeshi’s trail. “Everyone is just so full of energy today, guess that means I better get moving as well before Shizuka and Io get too far ahead, who knows what trouble they can stir up before I ever even get the chance to enjoy a little bit of fun myself” Yuki smiled as she begun on her way, following after Shizuka and Io now deciding to go on the hunt for the Ronin.

What’s the worst that can happen, sure he may not be fond of Yokai, but who could turn down them if they arrived as a group and under friendly terms. She did reckon that it could take some time to get the ronin to come to their side. Yuki figured she would be able to help Shizuka and Io out either way regardless as she knew she could help win the Ronin over, or at the very least give him a hard time if it came down to it.

Speeding things up now as she quickly pursued the two fellow task members wanting to catch up to them before too much happened. After all it wouldn’t be much fun if she showed up after everything had already been done just to have to come right back. It wouldn’t be worth the effort and use of her legs if she had to do a quick roundabout trip. "Hey, wait up, I'm coming along too, my legs aren't very long so I can only go so fast!" Calling after them in the hopes that they where still in hearing distance as she chased after.

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