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20 days ago
Current Passed my medications exam! I can now give shots. 💉
1 mo ago
Dang, a lot of convos about wisdom teeth now huh. I only have two wisdom teeth in my mandibles thankfully. Never had a set up top. Didn't know you could be born with no wisdoms at all, or just w/ two.
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1 mo ago
Wisdom tooth #1 removed! Part 2 of 2 coming soon.
2 mos ago
Egoism 😎
2 mos ago
Gave my first intramuscular shot today! Gotta work on my technique, but we're getting there.


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Dark Cloud 10 mos ago
Dude I love your avatar it's sick man.
Dark Cloud 11 mos ago
That fucking sucks dude, but if you cut contact it had to be for a reason. Not my business but I understand the shit your going through, I had to cut contacts too.
Guy0fV4lor 12 mos ago
This man likes to int on league like an absolute degenerate, and has a 0/10 IGN score.
Dark Cloud 1 yr ago
Dark Cloud 2 yrs ago
Please remember something: No matter what your friends care about you. It kills me on the inside when I see you aren't doing great.
ColourlessKing 3 yrs ago
So are you Cu or Hanam?
Almalthia 4 yrs ago
Nice name. Very Irish.
Obscene Symphony 5 yrs ago
Ay yo nice name
That’s one badass kid you’re representing
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
I played you in Smite like 8 hours ago. You're my favorite warrior. <3
Ater FireSoul 6 yrs ago
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