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Its been fun but every story has to have an end.

I'm cleaning out old accounts for New Years so if you would kindly send me off! 😊

Red Team Headquarters

Master of Red

If there was one thing Vanitas always knew to be a stupid move. It was trying to attack a magus while they were in their workshop, a place where they had all sorts of weapons, tools, bounded fields, familiars, security systems, and escape routes. But apparently the young 'Supreme Commander of all Mixed-Bloods' disregarded such things as something one should take into account.

Looking down at his tablet, Vanitas could still see the image of the young man leisurely walking through the tunnel that would lead to his workshop. The spy cameras he had gotten were portable and wireless, easily placed around the his lair and the entrance. While walking through another tunnel connected to his workshop, he watched the young man simply phase through most of the bounded fields he had setup using his ability, but completely failed at keeping himself hidden from modern security measures.

Shaking his head at the younger master's foolishness. He broke out into a smirk as, finally reaching the dead end of his escape tunnel, Vanitas activated his familiar buried in the earth. The earth above him began to open up like a sink hole, his familiar's earth magic giving him an exit. Climbing outside, carried by 2 of his more bestial constructs. The man found himself in the middle of the remaining masters still in the meeting area. The sink hole he had just used sealing up.

"Sorry for the unannounced intrusion everyone. A rat managed to get into my room, but I'll make sure to bury it." With a lackadaisical tone, Vanitas split his consciousness while showing his tablet.

Vanitas opened his eyes to darkness, his Alraunes that were buried deep into the floor, walls, and ceilings finally stirring from their slumber. Normally constructing an entrance underground needed support structures in order to not have everything collapse. Vanitas' solution was to simply have his familiars use their ability to control the earth to make those support structures their bodies.

Now he was going to make it all collapse on top of the intruder.


With a thought, the ground beneath the Ren's feet began to sink. The walls began to crumble and the ceiling itself collapsed in front of the door he was about to enter. Skeletal hands and heads appeared from below, above, and the sides, biting and grasping at the unsuspecting youth as the earth shifted around him dragging him down even deeper than where the workshop was located.

"Ren no Nurarhiyon, Master of Purple. Please enjoy your tomb beneath the earth, I won't be letting you out."

Watching the cameras in tunnel go black, Vanitas made a mental note to get his spares and maybe salvage the unbroken ones for later. At the back of his mind he could still feel the teeth, claws, and other appendages digging into his opponents body as they went lower and lower before stopping. His familiars constructing a cocoon of earth around him. Hopefully his opponent will succumb to the injuries rather than dying of suffocation.

Red Team Headquarters

Master of Red

Beneath the Hexamilion Wall surrounded by various skeletons of in human and animal forms. Vanitas was carefully preparing some beverages and snacks in his still crudely made workshop. Watching a pot of coffee simmer down while he added a few finishing touches to a plate of finger sandwiches he was planning to serve to the others while they continued on with their discussion up above. Most people would say it would be more efficient if he was at the meeting rather than wasting his energy doing such menial tasks. But then most people didn't have access to extra bodies that let them share their senses and minds.

Truth be told, he was already there in a sense. Listening into their discussion using a few skeletal guards that he placed near their meeting 'room'. His consciousness divided yet connected to nearly all of his autonomous familiars should he need to take direct control of their actions. So really there was no reason his true body would need to be present. For now he would let them conduct their strategies and afterward he would treat them to a nice break.

Or at least that would be his plan if not for the sudden drop in temperature, from an incredibly warm 31°C of summer, he could indicate from his familiars outside that it dropped to a frightening -12°C in almost an instant. Quickly assessing the situation by dividing his consciousness to his familiars on the outside, he could see that Karna had been attacked. Significantly if his familiar's eyes were working correctly.

"Oh dear, it seems our guests are early."

Vanitas muttered to himself, calculating the angle and trajectory of the attack and then dividing another part of his consciousness to one of his closer familiars to get a good view of their attackers.

Infront of their base, stood a young man that was clearly inhuman. With narrow red eyes, long white hair, and a head that seemed to make his hair float. The youth announced himself as Master of Purple by the name of Ren no Nurarhiyon, with an army of a hundred at his back. There was no doubt about it they were being attacked.

"Masters of Red, It seems the Philosopher Kings have made their move. From the current information I have two individuals by the name of Ren no Nurarhiyon, Oyuki, and around a hundred mixed bloods have arrived. Their Archer has already dealt first blood to Karna, the current temperature is -11°C and is still dropping. I will now be providing some of my familiars to fight off the cold." Simultaneously all of the skeletal familiars near the meeting room spoke his message in unison.

A few of his familiars inside the shield began to gather around the group into a circle some humanoid and some bestial, but all the same the black lines that marked their bodies began to light up in an orange glow and a wave of heat and steam began to get released. Warding off the dreadful temperature but making sure not to scald any of his allies. One of the human skeleton then directed its attention to his servant breaking of from the group and pproaching the father of all humans before bowing its head.

"Caster please lend us your strength."
Max here, this my master.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

City of Fire

Navigating through the ruined and burning city, was child’s play even in its current state. His lowered agility in his Saber container was more than made up by his access to Mana Burst (Jump) and higher strength stat. And yet Lancelot was proving to be an opponent that was incredibly hard to pin down while he was using a modern vehicle as a Noble Phantasm. The shimmering but violent lights its thrusters were expelling making him quite antsy in his first real fight in this war.

The Knight of Madness carving a path of mayhem and destruction at where his master said their new allies would likely be, Diarmuid hastened his steps with more activations of his legendary leaping ability. Bouncing and pirouetting from debris to ruin to build up enough speed to finally reach his target. Three servants barely living through Lancelot’s weaponry, the Knight’s battle instinct, and experience clearly not hindered by his own madness or the control Caster had placed upon him. An unfortunate trait no doubt for everyone on their side, but a small part of him couldn’t deny a spark of joy in his heart at the prospect of crossing weapons with one of the most famous Knights of the Round Table.

Pumping his legs full of as prana much as what could be reasonably spared form his reserves without taking from his master. Diarmuid leaped off the collapsed building he was on and flew straight toward the flying war machine like a comet.

"Lancelot I shall be your opponent and free you from this mockery of a state!" He challenged the mad warrior with a shout, a hail of bullets baring down on him was the response as the Berserker turned to face him deeming him the more pressing threat. Beagalltach, his shorter yellow blade more or less controlling his hand into the perfect defense and drawing power from the prana filled bullets to assist in his jump. Reaching the apex of his leap Diarmuid swung Móralltach at the jet’s wings, the blade enlarging and cutting through the wing by the application of Mana Burst to his weapon.

Only for numerous magic fueled flares to surround and detonate on his prone airborne form as a parting gift.


The force of the explosion immediately knocked him down below and even with Beagalltach's protection, his form was heavily damaged shown through multiple wounds blooming on his form while he was falling to the ground. Truly the Knight of the Lake was a dangerous opponent indeed.

@Heavy Snark@Scallop@Duoya
I mean he also gets some boosts from becoming the Hero that embodies superheroes instead of being EMIYA who became a Counter Guardian.

In other news we seriously need more masters XD. Preferably also goody two shoes Magi cuz majority of these guys wil kill you in an instant if your like Atem.
All I gotta say is as soon as you don't describe EMIYA's stellar cooking skills. You have already failed as an EMIYA xD

Edit:Unless your Kiritsugu who can probably also be summoned.
@ColourlessKing: Rain means literally "Emiya the counter guardian after UBW".

Oh that guy. Why not use Nameless he is basically a nicer version that has no regrets and can summon Excalibur huehuehue.
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