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What are some of the specifics? Things like the plot, setting, what characters are acceptable.


Koushuuensaikan Taizan, Mount Miyama, Miyama Town

As Sláine uttered his chant he would feel the magical energy in the air thicken, condensing on itself and growing with each passing second as his chant continued - from weak currents of a stream to mighty ocean waves, his catalyst had worked, the nameless broken sword, a weapon which held no great Mystery nor had any grand feat to its name, but which was once raised in defiance of his father's wishes by the Emperor, now called to its owner.

The Soldier King who crushed all opposition and brought all his enemies to heels.

The Liberator who separated two worlds with a simple warcry and held the crowns of two nations.

In a deluge of power Saber was brought back to the living world, the room's foundations shaking as the once-raging torrents lulled into gentle flow by the presence of the one blessed by the River Spirit. His armour shined silver, covering every inch of his body, his cape cape shone red, like the red waters of his patron, he was the ideal of a Saber-class Servant in terms of figure. A powerful and noble knight who carried the presence of royalty, filled with indescribable dignity.

And yet, why could Sláine feel only sorrow looking at the eyes of the King? How could such a powerful figure emanate such sadness? How could a King hold such regret?

"I have heard your summons, and so I have answered. I ask you, shall I fight at your side?" His voice was low and stoic, betraying no emotion as he asked the words which would seal their contract.


Apologies, but due to an RL issue I won't be able to join anymore.
Here's my attempt at a sheet.

I'd be down for something like this.

Dibs on Tezcatlipoca btw.
Deja Vu

After the wayward harlot finally joined in Yasuke slowly followed along with his Master and fellow Servants to the Rayshift chamber. He could say quite happily that Archer's...attitude aside the group was quite something, sure it was nothing compared to the retinue from the good old days with his Lord but still, it was quite nice to have so many capable Servants in one place.

Arriving at the place Lancer wasn't exactly that impressed, to be honest. It was all shiny and everything looked extremely advanced, but he wasn't a genius like Caster or Raphael so the delicate intricacies of what made the chamber such a marvel of magic and science were lost to him, In his point of view it was just as impressive as the rest of Chaldea, that is, extremely so but nothing made it stand out from the rest in his point of view. And did the pods have to look so much life coffins? That's never usually a good sign of things to come.

Oh well, foreboding pods aside it wasn't like this was some prelude to things going wrong.

It all went wrong.

No, wait, scratch that, it all went terribly wrong. Daniel and his Servants were nowhere to be seen, the sky looked as if it was being consumed by the flames of hell itself and they were currently standing over a river of bones that he hoped were just the remains of some unfortunate fish. It was almost as if they were taken into the depths of Hell itself and Lancer wouldn't be surprised if demons started to crawl out from the ground at any moment.

It reminded him of Honnō-ji in a way, how nostalgic, it appears he has a talent for finding himself in burning wastelands. But if this hellscape believed it could get in the way of his duty it was dead wrong, losing one Master was already enough, and by his honour, as a Samurai he'd not allow that mistake to be repeated. In a burst of flames Lancer's Noble Phantasm enclosed around him, the demonic red armour fitting nicely with the environment they found themselves in, quickly he positioned himself close his Master alongside Caster.

"I believe we should try to regroup with the others before snooping around for the reason for this hellscape, Master. Safety and numbers and all that, plus for all we know they might be fighting demons or something by now, wouldn't look out of place for this sad excuse of a city." He suggested, his voice booming and distorted by the effects of his armour. He didn't sound that the other group could hold their own just fine, but without a way to communicate there was no telling what could happen if something went wrong, well, more wrong than it already did.

@Duoya @Scallop
"Lancer, I am pleased to see you have kept us tethered to this mortal coil whilst I was busy, Master I suspect you engaged in behavior with risk attached? A treacherous road that could harm not only yourself but the three of us as well."

"You better believe I did Caster, you know how 'passionate' our Master here can get. Plus going out due to a fire hazard would be such a bummer of an ending for a guy like me you know?" He said greeting the mystical king. Out of all the Casters he'd seen since he was summoned he was the only one Lancer enjoyed the presence off. Then again he only met two during his stay so the list wasn't exactly that big, to begin with.

Yasuke cringed as he listened to the 'lecture' and observed the gaggle of Raphs moving around the kitchen in perfect unison, even if they were admittedly remarkable inventions and very good at what they do seeing so many Raphs in one place just wasn't a comforting sight for Yasuke. One self-important painter was already enough, much less a dozen or two of them, especially with how they managed to look as smug as the real thing despite being just faked.

"Well dear Lancer, I must remind you that I am not Michelangelo. Though, I understand the confusion." Raphael corrected, still unaware the mistake was intentional. "Michelangelo was a major inspiration when I was in Rome. Why, his work at the Sistine chapel was a major inspiration, despite our rivalry. I actually scrapped a work I had been growing dissatisfied and used his works as inspiration and guidance. As such, you can look at my masterwork, "Disputa" and see some of the influence in posture that I took from Michelangelo's. OH, but I digress! That stuffy old man isn't here to talk about himself, so why should I build him up before his own appearance?"

"I see, please forgive me for my ignorance. I have to admit I'm kinda impressed with how all of those automatons are so flawlessly modeled after your likeness, but then again it should be expected from someone like you," Yasuke said throwing a hidden jab at the man's massive ego, as he watched him go he handed his plate to one of the copies, might as well let the men clean up their mess.

"Alright... Do you guys have any idea where we could find Archer? I'd really like to find her before that storm Rapahel was talking about shows up."

"Have you tried asking the Saber Daniel summoned?" Yasuke pointed a finger at Don Juan "You two seem like the type that would 'get along' if you know what I mean. No offense," Lancer said as he finished his plate, the Archer was...she was something else alright, and it was just his luck he was summoned in the same batch as both her and the perverted Saber. "Plus I don't even want to know what or who she is doing, that'd be a mental image I'd like to keep away from my eyes thank you very much," He added.

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