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King Mu

City of Fire

The tides of chaos were swirling around them, the beasts of the air were stirring from their sleep and he could feel the anger boiling above them. Whilst he trusted Lancer, and his master, of course, he worried about the safety of his master. She had not yet proved herself in the area of combat and seeing how she might fare when the danger comes rushing in, that was one of his many worries for their series of missions they would undoubtedly embark on.

Bullets shot through the sky, bringing into the surface around them as he reacted almost immediately, rusted pieces of metal gathering around him as a makeshift shield, forming it with his magic to mash together as a shield before Caster, kneeling down behind it as he felt the bullets bounce off and undoubtedly beginning to burn through and decimate his shield. Likely, time was of the essence and he held his hands together in a clasp as he called out to his master.

"I will have to test the extent of this attack! I could have the means to rid us of this nuisance but I will perhaps need to activate one of my Noble Phantasms if we are to stand a chance, allow me to test the limits," He called out, looking to Lancer to ensure he was also secure before quickly dropping his defense, stretching arms out before him and openings his palms.

Focussing on his magic, he summoned sharp brass strips to shoot out from the ground, and to glance and strike the aircraft he could see making another go at them. As the brass shards went flying he took a moment to breathe in the air around him, of course, it was devastated and horrendous but at this moment he felt bliss for the gifts he had received in life, allowing him this miracle of brass and magic that he could defend himself in this modern age. Of course, such a crude machine would not be the thing to kill the immortal king, it would require much more than just a brutish weapon to sever the tether of immortality.

So of course, his Master's safety was his main priority, he had a quest to fulfill.

As his tentative attack died down, he quickly raised the metal around him to create another barrier as he called out to his Master and Lancer. "Lancer perhaps you ensure our master's safety, me and Archer shall endeavour to quell the airborne threat, Archer, perhaps you have a projectile that could fell this metallic beast?" He queried before looking back into the sky, readying himself to counter an attack or to form another barrier should his prior be destroyed by this onslaught of attacks.

This new world was still quite an enigma to King Mu, a far cry from the land he was used to, this land was not China that was one thing that was for sure. But even then, he wondered how his kingdom would fare in such times, was it too a molten wasteland, patrolled by beasts of the sky and those who would dare wander to the open, had his rule allowed such fate to occur. Cause and effect, it was quite an interesting theory, was his being here enough to undo cause and effect. The grail itself would allow such regret to bloom and for those who wish to change history the chance to affect the cause and the effect. Ripples in time.

He chuckled as he awaited, reminding himself the reason for him being here and he had no time to change the fate of those he ruled.

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King Mu

City of Fire

The Rayshift was an experience Mu was quite fascinated with. The idea of one simply flitting from existence and then appearing in another point within the universe of one's existence was, well, amazing. All of this technology that Chaldea had and he was surrounded by was all too much sometimes, always wanting to find out more about this glorious place, especially the vast amounts of creations that Raphael created and had to wander and overseeing operations around this facility.

As if by magic, they were whisked away to a new world, a world that wasn't quite their world but had always been part of the natural world. he couldn't help but allow himself a slight chuckle as he took in the hellish sights around him and his master, readjusting his glasses as he prepared himself for the coming onslaught that no doubt awaited them.

It quickly occurred to him that they had been separated into what he suspected would be two camps. His master had been toprn from the side of the other, leaving them in two separate locations, where the fellow Master was, a mystery. He couldn't care less to be honest as he honed in on his Master and quickly moved closer to her, protecting his tether to this realm, conscious of danger lurking anywhere, waiting to strike. His hands started to sway as he began to prepare himself to weave together some items to protect him and his master, perhaps if danger was imminent he could create some enchanted objects to keep his master impervious from damage.

"patience is quite a virtue my master, I would suggest we survey the area, get a grasp of what the situation this. Whilst fun and awe inspiring as you say, missions can go south at any moment.." he uttered softly as he knelt down, running a hand over the dry clay, letting out a hum as he breathed in the air and held out his hand to his Master.

This dry riverbed was an omen, something must have caused such a desolation. And if that cause was still roaming, they had best reunite with the other servants. King Mu was a king, but even he knew he was likely to fail if he tackled the cause solo.

"Hmm, upon second thought, shall we investigate the cause? For now, I reccomend we keep a distance and not interfere too much. Shall we progress to the source of fire my master?"

King Mu

Chaldea Canteen

Mu gave a light chuckle as he listened to the commands of his Master. She truly was a courageous firecracker who was always down for whatever adventure came her way. It was truly admirable to watch her in her element and he was intrigued to see how she would fare in the coming mission, the other Caster had surely found an interesting scenario for them to embark into, he never seemed the boring kind.

"Oh but of course, trust shall always be paramount in working together, we are all but different shards from different sides of this long history, if we are to work together, we must get to know each other," He gave his usual vague answers as he looked back over to Lancer and gave a light chuckle, shaking his head. "Well you have my eternal gratitude, fire burning us two down would be the antithesis of an anti-climax but of course there's always..." With that, the Archer had deemed it a fit moment to arrive into their small congregation. As soon as he arrived he gave her a wide smile with a closed mouth.

"Archer, I'm glad to see you have arrived, with the upcoming mission, you would not want to miss the show we may be thrust into, I await to witness you in battle, as I have yet to see your combat prowess, perhaps then I can truly believe your status as Queen?" He said, wryly giving her a jab as he made a quick pivot as he began swanning down the corridors towards the rayshifting area, already ready to depart on this so-called mission. Perhaps this would be akin to his campaign to Kunlun and would allow him to achieve pure immortality, his true reason for being here. Whilst he seemed to endure Saber and Archer more than the others, their pursuit of carnal interaction was slightly offputting, but he understood their need to bare an eventual heir and create something of an immortality spiritually.

"Well, master, shall we depart to the rayshift, we wouldn't want to let our dear Artist down, a quest is always waiting and we must be the ones to quell the problems that present themselves to us. Archer, your carnal instincts are second to the mission, if you intend on jeopardising our goals for your own desires, then I will not stop the others to take any necessary actions," he announced giving a wry smile as he adjusted his glasses and began his way towards Rayshifting.

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King Mu

Chaldea Canteen

Ask and you shall receive.

Caster had been preoccupied on this delightful day of Chaldea, taking the time to wander and finding himself in a storage cupboard, embracing the serenity that awaited within, taking the time to enjoy the bliss of isolation for a few moments as he had developed a new theory of immortality, for it was possible mortality could be merely a concept of perception, one that the universe upheld. If someone perceived you as a mortal, then you could die. But if no one perceived you at all?

Then who knows.

He emerged with a sigh, readjusting his glasses as it occurred to him that it was likely his Master was already active and on some kind of valiant journey. Just thinking of her ambitious spirit made him chuckle, it always reminded him of his journey to Kunlun and that heroic Charioteer. He sauntered through the halls towards the canteen, somehow radiating a wayward aura as well as one of authority as he entered the canteen, preparing himself for something of a feast, or perhaps somewhere to just sit and observe the chaos that undoubtedly would occur with some of his fellow Heroic Spirits.

"Apologies for my absence, the pursuit of eternity brought me away from my usual duties," he announced as he entered, his robes gliding along with him as he approached Charlotte and Yasuke, eyeing up the others with a curious glance. "Lancer, I am pleased to see you have kept us tethered to this mortal coil whilst I was busy, Master I suspect you engaged in behavior with risk attached? A treacherous road that could harm not only yourself but the three of us as well." He gave Lancer a warm smile of sincerity and gave his master a chuckle, happy he walked in on them talking about some form of adventure.

He turned his attention to his fellow Caster, his gaze shifting to one of interest and intrigue, one he often held with the man, always intrigued by his means and his history. A man of the arts was always a man that Mu held in high standing, the arts kept his legend alive after all, without art, culture would be nothing.

"Ah, it is our Italian friend, what brings you to us at this hour?" he addressed him with a smile, intrigued by the nature of his being here, knowing that if Raphael was conversing with his Master then something must be afoot, a mystery that he would quite like to get his teeth into. He held no ill will towards caster, both of them had mystery behind them and he held them as his equal but was always suspicious of him none the less, and he was well aware that lancer was not his biggest fan.

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Jeremiah Powlus

Top Floor Room, Mansion, Downtown Residential District


What an annoying coincidence that the one place he had thought about visiting for a relaxing vacation and wasting all his money was the first place he had been made to send out to participate in this Holy Grail War. The very concept of using legendary heroes to achieve a personal goal was odd, but nonetheless interesting and even if he had at first objected in the end he realised, he could accomplish some great things with this opportunity. He had arrived around few days ago and had promptly arrived at his base with his fellow Masters, summoning his Servant after setting himself up in the top floor room.

It was a good set up, his workshop was methodically organised, shelves of his ingredients and components covered the walls and in the centre of the room a large cauldron, Jeremiah himself sat on a chari before his desk that was pristine and only had his books and writings on it by the sides, his flasks and chemistry equipment were his main iterest, mixing some materials together as he worked on one of his usual explosive concoctions. He sat back in his chair and adjusted his glasses.

His new allies were interesting to say the least, and whilst he wasn't hostile to them he didn't interact with them as much as he should have. He would go down later to discuss strategy with them, but sometimes not sharing information could prove more essential. Assassin of Black could be anywhere, just like his. If information got leaked, having him not be in collaboration would mean that his information could not be stolen.

Assassin had been an interesting summon and he respected him. His reputation was impressive and a good match for him, himself being from a family of magus assassins. Now, to allow Assassin to do his work.

He had set Assassin out to scout the surrounding area and hummed before contacting him telepathically.

"Assassin, have you ensured the safety of the surrounding area? Make sure you keep yourself concealed and try to locate any enemy servants, I can hear the others discussing familliars, I'd advise going north and keeping an eye on our allied Servants, if they encounter any trouble, perhaps you can take them by the surprise and hit them with an effective flank attack, keep me updated on the surrounding events, after we can figure out the true names of the enemy, we can pinpoint their weaknesses."

He sighed and finished off his concoction. Perhaps now would be a good time to discuss tactics with his allies.

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