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Thot Patrol
Commerce District, Commercial office ----> Fuyuki Park

A blush bright and pink appeared on the boy Saber's face as he burst out laughing in return, realizing his embarrassment almost immediately, but a sense of relief swept over him, realizing this guy had a good sense of humor.

His hand snapped out to catch the candy, eating it quite quickly, letting out a nice relieved gasp as he ate it. His smile shone bright as he enjoyed the taste and feeling of it. The modern world di wonders with food it appeared. A look of pure content washed over him as he listened to his new partner.

"I see! Partner, I like it! We'll have no problems Kotaro Toshizo it is almost by Fate that we were brought together y'know? Taro and Taro, we are truly Partners! You are a hero of justice and I too uphold justice! For that I can tell that me and you, will get along great! Gods! I am so excited to be working alongside you, Partner!"

he laughed heartily and toned his bright smile down a little. "I feared as such... What I did in my time was surely never enough to eliminate evil forever, it festers and remains! But have no fear! With the combination of you and me, I'm sure these modern demons will face harsh cold justice yeah?" he announced to Kotaro with another bright grin as he grabbed a coat and slung it over his shoulders, over his traditional wear.

He felt the energy and nodded to him as he began to make his way there.

Fuyuki Park

As he arrived Momotaro slowed down his advance as he enterred the park and sniffed the air. "Master, I would stand back, there is something sinister afoot" He uttered as the boy continued his advance into the park as he turned and saw the people already there. His sword sheathed he gave a bright smile as his glance grazed over William and Berserker before focusing on the Oni.

"I don't believe your kind of fun is welcome in a public area, good evening all"

He smiled brightly, his eyes sharp like steel. He stood there, awaiting his master to catch up.

Walter Garbury
Shinto, Town proper

Walter really didn't know how to do incognito. All he had done to disguise himself from his usual attire was to take his blue jacket off, not even replacing it or taking off the matching hat. He ran a hand through his hair with a sigh as he kept to the shadows. Back at base, he had left the golems to defend the base, on alert and if anything happened to them he'd be able to sense it and would be able to get back as quickly as possible. Shinto wasn't too far away from the harbor, hence why he had chosen this place to figure out if they could find any other masters and servants.

A sudden yelp would be heard by anyone roaming the streets, as Walter did a little jump as he felt the message and flares, both announcing the war was actually afoot. He took a moment to catch his breath and assessed the situation. The Academy was where he felt one invitation for a brawl and there was another at Fuyuki Park. He gulped as he felt his heart drop. Chaos was already going to be filling the streets tonight, at least two other Masters were on the prowl for blood and he was out of the base with Assassin.

Speaking of Assassin. he turned a corner and a bright smile washed over his face as he spotted her in disguise, walking over slowly with a smile, looking around himself idly. He sat next to her, staying just a bit apart so he didn't accidentally poison himself.

"Hey. Just got here, did you feel those messages too?" He squirmed a little as he thought about his next move. "I say if we don't know exactly where everyone is, I say you go to the park and see if we can spot anyone going there, kinda work out the competition y'know? Figure out who we're up against, maybe even follow them and figure out their bases?"

he got up and dusted himself off. Motioning for her to follow him as he made for the bridge. "let's cross over, and well...shit, go to the park, stay undetected and figure this whole thing out. See any moments to swoop in, be my guest I guess" He rubbed his temple and nodded to her, leading the way.

@Seirei No Hai

Saber of the Peach
Commerce District, Commercial office

Legend told of the heroic boy, Momotaro. He went on a journey by himself, a sole mission to save his people from the tyrannical Oni and steal their treasure. His world was small, his story was small. Yet his influence and his memory. Even in death, he could feel how people remembered him. Was he real? as he but a myth? Who cared, all that mattered was that people loved him and celebrated him throughout the centuries, he was a hero in the eyes of the people and that warmed his little peach heart.

Before the brave detective, mist swirled and lights flashed before finally, the mist separated and a figure stood there proudly, a silhouette that slowly morphed into that of a proud warrior. Barely standing at 5'3, Saber blinked a few times, confused as to the nature of how his master was addressing him. His robe brushed against the floor as he tapped his feet on the floor, testing it out before his eyes lit up.

"Japan! Sunrise Kingdom!" He announced loudly with a bright grin, adjusting his tie in his hair before walking over to him and peering at him with a bright grin. "Apologies! Where are my manners, my honor is lacking! Momotaro! Firstborn of the peach, of the saber class! You must be my Master! Tell me! What is your goal in this so-called war Master!" A bright grin washed over him as he bowed, before holding his hand out. "And you are?"

The familiar smells and atmosphere around him made him really comfortable, this was where he belonged, and this detective had given him another chance to enjoy the land once more.


Walter Garbury
Abandoned Shipping Warehouse, Harbour

Walter blinked in amazement at how simply his assassin dismissed the golems and explained everything he didn't know to him. The immaculate eating of the sandwich told him all he needed to know about Hassan, careful and precise were of the highest degree to her. Her hesitance and careful nature of the handshake told him all he needed to know about her powers, as morbid as the concept was to him, deep down plans were already formulating in his little head.

He nodded in understanding, blushing a little, embarrassed at his own overconfidence and misdemeanor. "Hassan it its then! Apologies, I didn't mean to overstep or anything, merely trying to figure out exactly how to fight this war y'know? I didn't have any catalyst so I was just hoping for the best, and lo and behold, it appears I got the best" He rubbed the back of his head with an awkward laugh as he hurriedly got to grabbing his stuff together off the ground.

He looked up at her dazzling eyes with a gulp. She was much more beautiful than he had imagined a destroyer of worlds to be, something he was trying not to think about because there was no doubt that both of them would be slaughtered unless Hassan could save them both from certain annihilation. Yet hearing her foreboding words of keeping his distance, he could tell she certainly meant business.

"That's no bother at all! I wondered what the tingling was, just my mana I suppose. Now! Shall we get down to brass tacks?" He announced, a shit-eating grin on his face as he pulled a map of Fuyuki from the office through into the dimly lit warehouse, placing it on the table and after eventually straightening out he looked up with a flustered face, desperate to impress her but a grin on it nonetheless. "Here's Fuyuki, we're here at the harbor, and over here is Shinto Town, I reckon we check it out tonight since the sun is already getting low, either I stay here and keep the fort warm, or we go incognito into Shinto Town. I suggest we check the bridge for anyone suspicious crossing it also....speaking of..."

Gulping, the Brit looked up with a hesitant suggestion. "Reckon we could use your Noble Phantasm of not being able to touch things on my golems? I can cook two up by tonight, but imagine golems that can't be touched, those things would be immensely helpful yknow? I'd really appreciate it, but if you physically can't then I understand, it's quite a forward question ahaha" Smooth Walt, real smooth.
@Seirei No Hai

Walter Garbury
Abandoned Shipping Warehouse, Harbour

As the smoke cleared, the feeling of an entity being present was very obvious, causing Walter to get goosebumps a little. He brushed his dusty looking white hair down as he peered into the smoke clearing before his eyes widened at the image before him.

That was not a cutthroat piece of shit scumbag he'd expect to see.

Honestly, he was sure he was gonna get stuck with something like a Jack the Ripper figure, who'd no doubt be a tall man in a top hat covered in blood, not what he had his eyes on right now, blinking wildly. His golems stood guard behind him, one of them holding the glowing blue orb that successfully masked most of their magic work but the presence of the orb itself could no doubt be detected. Walter, smug smile plastered on his face, took a few steps forward grabbing a small plate with a cheese sandwich and held it out to Hassan with a dumb grin on his face. It was a sincere smile, no lewd or malicious thoughts in it, merely the smile of someone who was happy he wasn't the only one stuck on this sinking ship.

"Pleasure to meet ya Hassan! For the purposes of "secrecy", I gotta call you Assassin around others, but if you're cool with me calling you Hassan I'll use that when we're just chilling, is that alright?" He held the plate out, the small triangular sandwich sitting quite weakly. "Sorry, only really made cheese sandwiches, so it's really the only option, but I bet being summoned could make anyone hungry, we got drinks as well! Oh shit! I'm being rude aren't I?"

He neglected to extend a hand, scared of getting smell on his gloves, obviously overwhelmed by having summoned a hero of legend he had never really heard of. "Name's Walter Garbury, you can call me Walt, or "Master" as my family tells me I should be addressed. Behind me are the Goons, Morpehus, Neo and Mr Smith, they're part of our team too, even if they are my creations" He smiled nervously again and looked around. "Lets have a good war yeah?"

@Seirei No Hai

Walter Garbury
Abandoned Shipping Warehouse, Harbour

Japan wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

At least that was what went through Walter Garbury's mind as he leaned on a chair, sighing as three of his golems stomped around him, the sound of dull earth stomping against concrete pretty obvious as they decked out his new haunt with the various pieces of decor he had found appropriate for the grand opening of his new workshop. He had been lucky enough to win an auction online to win this warehouse after the trading company that sold it to him packed their bags up and left the moment they got the money. Thank the lords for father's credit card, as Walter's own money would not have won him this establishment.

The warehouse was filled to the brim with shelves of shipping crates and boxes lined up all over the place, however, it was all very neat and tidy just how he'd made the golems make it. At the end of the warehouse were 4 metal shipping containers and at the other end a clearing with one long table, beside it an office area. Overall, a pretty solid living situation for his "vacation" over here, something he was already regretting. Feeling the sun nearing sunset, he rubbed his hands together and got off his seat, grabbing stuff from the office and arranging it on the table beside the area he had set up with the symbols and materials needed for summoning.

Along with the table, he had arranged a selection of drinks, which he had mixed by himself, that included Sex on The Beach, White Russian, Strawberry Daquiri, Mojito and a Hurricane. Little party sausages, sausage rolls, mochi, rice dishes and a few cheddar cheese sandwiches in little triangles were shoddily set up in plates for his newest addition to the warehouse, unfortunately, he could never mix drinks with the golems, but he wanted a good first impression with whatever hero of legend he summoned, he was expecting airs of self-importance and overwhelming confidence, so maybe giving them a little feast would start things off nice.

"alright, let's get this show on the road, so nice of the family to lend me a catalyst" The dejected career bartender announced as he began the ritual.

On the second try after messing up the first go, he got it right the second. "Let it be filled. Again. Again. Again. Again. Let it be filled fivefold for every turn, simply breaking asunder with every filling, I call upon an Assassin, to heed my call." He sighed and watched as the floor began to glow, his blue clothes flapping in the winds as they picked up, causing him to hold his hat to his head.

"C'mon, C'mon, Walter needs a new pair a' shoes...."

@Seirei No Hai

Gonna post him separately since code died lmao

This wouldn't happen to still be open would it? I've got some character ideas that would be great for this.
Yoshia Toya

So this was the place huh?

Toya had pretty quiet since she had arrived, having smuggled in a precooked burger and eating it out of it's wrapping as she silently watched the others mingle. The ascent had almost made her legs give up so she was taking a well deserved rest, eating and drinking to sustain herself, as Darwin once said. The red haired girl had a smirk and a glint in her eye as she recognised some people from the entrance exams and tried to give as many people a once over as she could and trying her hardest to remember names.

Making friends was gonna be fun. Everyone here was like her, unnaccpeted to any other academies which means she might have one of the coolest quirks here. She looked at her burger which had gone cold and sneakily exuded some hot steam from your hand to give it a quick burst of heat before continuing to finish it. As she did this her eyes scanned the crowd again, eyeing up everyone and looking at that "turbine" boy with a look of awe and also fear. He could be...difficult, she could see how he could counter her like immensely.

She sighed and looked around again when finally someone to tease appeared. Some guy sauntered up the stairs and she eyed him up, having a hard time remembering seeing him at the exam and walking over to him with a big grin.

"Yo! Don't worry slow poke you arnet gonna be late, well unless something else weird happens!" She let out some laughter and finished off her burger, still looking at him, smiling with glee still. God she was being insufferable. "Don't think i saw ya at the exam, you sure you're fit for this elite school heh?" She grinned wide and looked at everyone else, throwing some finger guns out before looking back to him, the steam girl acting like she was the coolest comedian with the biggest audience.

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