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@Lady Amalthea That is completely fine and there are no hard feelings because that was really the best solution. I apologise for my rather bad posting habits and hope to improve them soon but really this helms me try to improve them so thank you and whilst Felix is in the background I will try my hardest to make my posting more frequent and stable.
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Asylum - Justice Memorial Hospital

The ride was a blur for felix. But at the same time, it was like an endless slog for him. Feeling the road whiz by yet not able to see it as it did so. He food vaguely see Riley and he wanted to say some words but as he opened his mouth slightly, the events hit him again. He remembered the whole event suddenly, something he'd been avoiding during the ordeal, trying to think of the future positively. But the bleakness of the situation hung over him like a mIstanbul. He had almost died. Another man had died. And for what? For his own selfish needs, to find out more.

Before he knew it he was being wheeled inside and he tried to sit up, but to no avail. He was restricTed but wasn't that better when he thought about it. He wanted to know more so what did he do? Murder was the solution, murder and chaos always easked the story along but he always preferred not to be a direct cause. He looked up. Wincing as the pain surged through his nervous system. It seared and felt like it was burning into his skull.

He laid back and looked up. What was going to happen to him now hm? He sat and waited. Looking for where Riley had went and grit his teeth. He couldn't fix this mistake or lie about it. He was the cause and if he could stop that man from dying he would. His name was written all over that ordeal and chances were he wasaid going to pay for it.
I will have a post up asap today, sorry for the wait!
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Asylum

His journey to the elevator was stressful. He couldn't move, his vulnerability scaring him. At this point he wouldnt be able to stop a knife aimed for him, let alone a short. Hell, someone could push him over and he'd be screwed. His free and safe eye, the only thing left to give him sight, darted around, trying to gather in as much detail as possible. This was way too unsettling for him, yes he had Riley, but still something unnerved him. Something wasn't right, the worst was still yet to come.

"heh, sure I'm fine" he let out with a sigh, biting down on his lip with a pained expression. Pain still seared through his body and where he was once able to view the world. There was nothing. Nothing but darkness with a few sudden bursts of pain. He needed something to fill that whole. His whole eye...gone. In an instant. That bitch would have to pay sometime. This wasn't her time to change his life. But he'd endure. Hell, if anything this would make him m more popular. As soon as he was patched up, he'd get back to writing.
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Asylum

Felix could feel pain still as he was strapped down, trying to look at the paramedic that was catering to him. he had his ID, if this medic turned out to be someone he couldn't trust. imagine if suddenly somebody had his ID. He groaned and remained as still as possible. It was gonna be fine, he just had to concentrate on staying awake. He gritted his teeth, knowing that any movement would make his eye socket seer in pain again, a pain he was already regretting. If he had just taken precautions and not provoked the asylum patient as much as he had. Maybe he wouldn't be a pirate.

He tilted his head slightly, against the doctor's orders, to see what Rileyw as saying. She was accompanying him? Well, usually a strangers offer would make him wary but she seemed very trustworthy, hell if the secret agent trusted her he sure as hell could as well. He gave her a light smile, a bit annoyed at himself for getting injured again, only recently he'd been beaten to a pulp, and now he'd lost an eye. Maybe he did need to butt out of these events.
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Asylum

Felix looked up the medics tending to him, trying to force a cocky smirk but the pain restricted him from what seemed like his mouth was just mindlessly convulsing. He let out a sigh and a little tense groan. "F-Felix Hausten, my ID"F-Felix Hausten, my ID"" he said, looking about him with his singular option of view now. This was a horrible situation that he'd ended up in, chances were if someone rushed him now, the medics wouldn't save him, since he couldn't very well save himself.

He looked over to see Riley and Cynthia. Was she truly insane? he had to talk to her, while she would be cuffed of course. This was too messy for him. How long would he be in hospital? For as long as he would be in there, he'd be vulnerable. Even if Marc had guards, chances are one of them would somehow be in cahoots with the so-called bad guys. Felix bit down on his tongue, pointing at his jacket pocket, trying to fish out his wallet which had his ID.
Will have a post up in the morning!
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Asylum

This was turning from bad to worse. With his only good eye he was able to witness an orderlie hit the ground, his jugular letting out a spray of blood. He bit down on his tongue. The pain hit him hard agauin, as he saw the blood on the ground. His blood. Shit... Was he going to die of blood loss? He gritted his teeth now after feeling his tongue in more pain. He couldn't talk now, Pain. All he could feel was the pain of his eye socket, bloody and gouged.

He tried to push himself up with his arm more but seeing the orderly go down. Danger was obviously rampant here. If he made any sudden movements. Well, it wouldn't be a particularly thrilling fate. His thoughts were going haywire, as he tried to compose himself. But all he could do now was breath heavily and try his hardest not to scream.

They had to get out of here, or else Marc and Riley would end up as damaged as he was. He pushed on the floor again. If he didn't get out though, chances are he wouldn't last long.
Apologies for not getting to this ASAP I went to bed and have just woken up
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Asylum

With his only working eye, he looked around, trying his hardest to survey his surroundings. In this moment, he could feel his life nearing it's end. Not in a literal sense but when he felt that crayon plunge into his eye he knew his end was close. It wouldn't be too hard for such a psychopath to smash the blunt object into his cranium. Yet he lived. He took a deep breath, trying his best to feel stabilised to make sure he didn't succumb to such a gruesome death.

He looked over to marc, biting down on his tongue and giving off a slight nod. "Hehe sure, after this...I'll be just peachy, better than ever" he breathed heavily. Something told him he'd pushed too hard, or he hadn't explained himself well enough. If only he had told this girl that Marc had sent him, that he was a friend of Marc and Riley. Then maybe he wouldn't be in such a bleak situation. At first he honestly thought this organisation was using the girl, as some sort of sleeper agent.

Obviously, he was wrong, Marc trusted her too much for her to be a sleeper agent. But there were always talk of those people who were, some would say, tricked into murder by others, such as therapists and the likes. Not so much tricked, more convinced that they wanted to kill someone. Judging by that girl's behaviour towards him it wouldn't be so far fetched to say she would be involved. But how would she have escaped to do any of those murders?

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