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Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Memorial Hospital

His eyes were fixated on the TV screen, as it appeared to be the only item of interest in his range at the time. He didn't realise this was a heatwave to be fully honest, he just thought it was like this over here a lot. He tried to have a little chuckle but he couldn't force it. Who cared about the weather? Unless it was integral to upcoming events, it was useless to him. if he got distracted now, it'd be game over for him for certain.

He lifted his head a little with a little push of will and physical strength, making a little smile, almost cocky but lacking the energy to full convey cockiness or smugness. If anything he was happy she was older and unremarkable. made her less likely to be working against him or be a distraction. He had to focus on the task at hand, and this woman, if she was nice enough and didn't argue or nag at him, she seemed like she could be a potential help.

"Almost like magic!" he announced her arrival after her little comment about the jello. "I didn't expect such quick help! The jello was lovely by the way, couldn't find fault at all. However, I was wondering if it was possible to get my notebook and pen, wherever they may be, or a note book and pen from anywhere in this hospital" A gentle smile was apparent on his face after talking, his German accent more apparent in his little request.
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Memorial Hospital

Spooning the jello into his mouth, Felix found himself on this more "run down" news channel. Well maybe that was a bit harsh, he'd describe as less popular and not as mainstream as the usual Channel 6 which he had seen more often than 31. He appreciated the fact the hospital had some amenities available, he'd just end up getting angry and conflicted with himself if he had found himself stuck in a hospital with nothing but his own mind for company.

He blinked as he viewed the channel, biting down on his lip weakly as he heard the news. Shit was getting way too heated. If he wasn't hospitalised, Felix would have already got himself a safe house sorted out, but he didn't have any contacts available. But with so many people dying at an alarming rate... He shook his head with a sigh of relief as the pain wasn't too bad now. A cold feeling of dread hung over him though, thinking about what he was getting from the news. At first glance the innocent bystanders would be just extras, no one would have cared about them. But is it possible they could've been those hostages Riley talked of.

He attempted to sit up to get a better angle, but this was making his head race and flood with fear and ideas. He had to write this down, quickly. That girl the news talked about, she was that roller skater. And if he recalled correctly one of them was killed in a road accident, and who could forget the shooting at the roller derby he had been at. Thinking seemed this roller derby and the girls in it were somehow the biggest targets. He went to the remote and pressed down on the button that would call for assistance, like a personal bell.
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Memorial Hospital

Eating the broth suddenly seemed to be the least of Felix's problems, regarding the taste at least. Wasn't mind blowing or something to make him feel instantly cured but it was edible and had taste. He sighed when he'd had enough of his meal and processed where he was. He was hooked up so much he dared move too quickly in case something came loose but he felt certain be wouldn't be attacked in such a condition.

He wished he wasn't in such a vulnerable position. Looking to his arm as he moved it up and down with gentle concentration he felt the needle in his arm and on usual occasions would have flinched but fortunately for him it was already in and helping him apparently, as wherever the tubes that were tucked snug in his nostrils apparently. Little did he know they were for oxygen in his mind he was sure that was just another way for them to apply medication to him. It was soothing, compared to the explosion of pain he last remembered.

Groaning, he leaned up after finishing his meal, to get the remote for the TV which was nearby. He always did enjoy the media, always lit up his day. With a squint of his good eye he turned on the TV and went to set it to the news channel, eager to see if something juicy had been dug up by the news team yet or better yet, imagine if this was his night to make the news. Well probably the ambulance he was packed into. He looked to the TV hoping it was going to work, he wasn't sure of the state of hospitals over here, god knows if they had proper working Televisions.

A bitter breathy laugh escaped his lips as he put the channel on and put the remote down. A small part of him was calling out to go back to that moment and make that crayon go deeper. Now he was stuck in here without Marc or Riley or anyone. He was alone and vulnerable, anyone would make easy work of him. He groaned and laid back. He deserved it. The long wait for survival or death. A preference to live was obviously present in everyone but a small part of him wondered if the alternative would be better for him.
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Memorial Hospital

Darkness was pretty much all he had for a second. Finally his eye slowly opened. Light poured into the single iris causing him slight shock, shell-shocking him and making his face flinch. Jeez was that an odd reaction. How long had he been out for. he remembered vividly the doctors putting him under. Wasn't Riley still there with him before he was submerged? He tried to sit up and look around, but it appeared he was alone. From what he could gather, it was the day after he got attacked.

With a straining of his muscles, he leaned up letting out a low groan. God everything hurt, his head was pounding. Oh yeah. He got stabbed. He put his hand up and realised his eye was gone. Emotion abandoned him. How was he supposed to react? Was there any normal reaction. Anger and sadness. Those boiled up and he cursed roughly under his breath before laying back down, breathing heavily. He was reckless and foolish, merely paying for his own stupidity.

His gaze turned to his jello and broth and let out a relieved sigh. At least he was somewhere civil. Witha weak smile he reached out and grabbed a spoon, slowly sipping on his broth. He looked around trying to see what else was around. If he was in any immediate danger, he'd have to go quick.
Damien Rankin


He'd been lost in his own thoughts as he wandered aimlessly down the halls. hell, that peace wasn't going to last long and he knew that before even setting off. Most people were at home on a day like this so there was sure to be some kind of commotion. Not to mention all the new residents. It'd been about 2 weeks or so since they started flooding in, an interesting change of pace in Damien's books, he was happy something interesting was happening at least. But wasn't there a place with 5 bedrooms or something according to what he'd heard? That meant parties.

With a smirk he finished off his breakfast bar and let out a sigh. What was he going to do today? Probably go to the cafe later on and check out bars if he had the chance. Even though he was self-employed on sundays and other public holidays, he'd snatch the chance for a break from work. It usually meant losing money but he could nab it all back quick as he'd lost it. He chuckled a little thanking himself for not being a gambler. However a familliar voice interrupted him.

He turned around with an amused grin, shaking his head a little at how flustered he was. "pfft morning Aiden, and here I was beginning to wonder if that wonderful announcement didn't wake you up" He smirked again and looked around a bit. "Honestly, don't worry about it, I've had roommates before that never talked to me, I'm impressed you're talking to me now to be honest. So do tell, how are you settling in, met anyone else besides my gracious and beautiful face?"
Damien Rankin

6 hours. That was a start.

Damien awoke from his sleep underneath his duvet covers, rubbing his eyes with depleted energy. God did he need more than 6 hours, but luckily, that was the norm. With a few strains of his body he tried to pick himself up enough to turn the phone on, wanting to make sure it was going to be a nice day. His bare eyes were exposed to the fully bright screen, making the idiot flinch as the screen hit him full force. He muttered a few curses under his breath before flicking through missed messages from the night. His messenger usually got a few stragglers after he'd gone to bed but luckily there wasn't too much to be worried about this morning. With a sigh he prepared to actually kick the sheets off and get out of bed.

After undertaking such an arduous task of removing himself from his bed he yawned, slipping on a pair of trousers and a band t-shirt he'd acquired from a gig not too long ago. He looked at the clock, biting down on his tongue as he realised he didn't have much to do today but one long lay and his sleep would go out the window. Too late to turn back now, plus it seemed his new roomie wasn't awake yet so that was an added bonus. Glasses on, the brush went to work on his hair, wanting to look a little presentable for the coming day because it seemed there was people already outside and from what he had heard, if he didn't show face, no one was going to like him. Popularity wasn't his goal, he just needed some people to go drinking with instead of nights in with wine.

Before he'd go on such a dangerous venture for someone who preferred the comfort of his computer chair, he got out of his room, patting himself down as he put on a light purple plaid shirt that he felt went well with his black t-shirt. of course this was for casual, if he actually intended on leaving the complex he'd be putting on much more of a show than something so tame and dull, but he didn't want one of the more refined people here to comment on his fine choices of sweater vests.

His coffee was made smoothly, no hinderences in the morning routine, and it seemed the mysterious roommate was awake yet either. he shrugged, his hot cup of coffee in hand, sipping on it slightly. The mug was decorated with a logo of Samuel L Jackson pointing a gun from pulp Fiction, one of Damien's favourite movies. As he sipped on his coffee and felt the caffeine already coming to help him wake up, he returned to his bedroom and turned his attention to the computer. Great, it'd been on all night. He quickly did a quick save of his draft for the newest novel, giving it a quick skim and sighing. He'd have to gut this chapter for sure, probably change the whole tone in the process. It just, didn't flow.

After that ordeal, he put the empty mug down and put on his red converse shoes, getting ready to leave the apartment and grinning as he could properly hear the radio. He'd taken a breakfast bar with him and ate at it a little as he lazily walked down the hallways, looking for something interesting to at least see or talk to. God were sundays boring, everyone that he worked for or placed orders wouldn't start sending requests until like 1pm.

So here he was, trying his best not to look suspicious, instead he just came off as tired and looked pretty odd wandering in the halls at such a pace.
Felix Hausten

Location: Justice Memorial Hospital

Push on. He kept willing himself but soon his walk began to become easier. It was like there wasn't as much pain and struggle as there was mere moments ago. He thanked whoever was responsible for that under his breath, his eyes wide. He realised just now that his mind...still saw him with both eyes. He let out a bitter laugh and clenched his fists. Not gonna be for long that was for sure.

He pushed against a wall. Rememarring people that he'd known. Before he fled like the coward he was. From his home. From his country. Felix wasn't too popular until his books came out and his mother began influencing other people. But still he knew there was a bad taste in anyone mouths whenever they saw him. He was like a pest to many yet he was determined to leave that image behind.
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