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Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky

Rich District

The turning of the page. Turn the page to continue reading the music, to continue the symphony. That was how life worked. Many were aware of this and knew there was always crescendos and diminuendos.

Yet where was the crescendo of his life? Sure he always got close to forte yet he never got his fortissimo. The country rode the coat tails of his success and he was forced to live in the shadow of his crumbling life. If only he could leave something that was only him. Enitrely him. Leave a proper mark, with the right method.

Yes, that would be the way. His ending was ambiguous, the disease killed him right? The awful poison running through his veins, was that the disease that reached his heart? Or was it the poison he had digested. In this eternal realm, he did not know. Yet he could feel it. Finally. The calling he had been awaiting.

The smoke around the circle cascaded around the shadowed figure as his robes brushed against the floor. Looking down upon his hands he smirked and ignoring the obnoxious obviously American dialect being thrown at him, he began to laugh at his fate. Here he was. The esteemed conductor and composer, a young heroic spirit and one who was considered youthful and immature in his exploits. What a curse he was given. The smoke began to swirl and from it a baton was swished suddenly to make the final whisps disperse.

"Boy you say? Very well if that is how you will treat me so be it" The young Russian boy stared up at the taller more rounder American man dressed ridiculously which caused him to squint his eyes a little behind his spectacles. "I suppose you are the one to be my Master in this grand Ritual? Very well. Allow me to make my introduction as you seem polite enough to allow me that privilege. I am Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky, summoned in that of the Caster class as expected with the reputation of my many works. Now I ask of you master, are you prepared for this war and if so, will you allow me to make some alterations to this abode you have set up for yourself here."

He turned with a cold gaze to Dimmadome, looking his master up and down. In the end, he could tell this was a man of ambition and drive. Besides the classic American attitude, he could tell this was someone who had victory within his grasp with the right means. A nod to him was a last thought as he gazed around the room. yes, this would do nicely.
How does a God of Weather sound??
Sorry for the late check in, but this is still open yeah?

Ooooh now this looks interesting.
Ludwig Von Gravenheim Krauste

DDD Hotsprings

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Ludwig was sweating. Where was Archer, what was she up to? He looked down at his bandaged hand and shook his head. No, this wasn't the end. Archer was probably out busy dealing with this calamity. For now, he had one goal. Survival. Sticking close to the other masters he folloed them out of this secure meeting.

Again proving what he had been sure of since day one in this war. His family were fools to think sending him ehre for their wish was actually going to benefit them at all. THis was a time bomb just waiting to go off, what with all this raw magic flowing around and this omnipotent power ripping through this Japanese town. Yeah sure what could go wrong! Teeth were being grounded beneath the mask as she darted between people, keeping himself secure as he amde his way out of the rabble, vials jangling by his side. Shit.

The church. it had all his materials, everything. Clenching his fist he shook his head. No time for that, they had to go.

Lady Trieu

Shinto Town - Dealing with Lyaeus

This night was becoming quite eventful. As the elephant stomped it's way down the roads of dear old Shinto town, she was witness to the abominations that this beast was unleashing onto the town. Freedom, was no longer present. It was not of their own volition to become like this, to become these monstrous creations to wreak havoc. This town didn't deserve this chaos, chaos that only got larger and larger with anyone's interference. Should the war finish, they can leave the people of Fuyuki in peace. But this idiot, whoever it was, this great power bestowing the land with these hideous monstrosities, was crossing the line.

She saw them from far away, but as she got closer, her whole being called out for their justice. The golden woman halted her mount and stared them down, gripping her swords and pulling them from their sheaths. These were humans. Were. Humans who had no plans to win a war of magus. Humans who had families, children. Now, they were this.

Freedom had been stripped from them. Hypocrisy was ripe in the air.

She recalled, her brother. Leading her troops. Against those mighty generals, those who spewed stories of liberating the lands and saving Vietnam from their once savage and tribal ways. But they slaughtered thousands and enslaved more. Liberation was the guise of self-interest. Freedom was always nothing more than a lie that was told by governments to keep the people in line. When freedom could be lied about, given in small doses and called liberation, what could society call itself? A ruin that was what. Ruinous humans stumbled before Trieu and she knew what she had to do.

"You, defiled beings, I weep for your fates. I can only offer you the release of death and so another one much more wise than me can judge you, I truly am sorry." And with that the charge began. She screamed. her war scream, rang throughout Shinto town, those still able to fight would be boosted against these creatures. She charged the first one, sending a wave from her sword, the slicing edge of grudges and hatred going straight for it before the tusks of Nanyue dug into it, and the swords came screaming down.

Her breathing was heavy, her eyes sharp. Still she was beautiful, a curse yet a blessing. Nanyue's perfect armour, shone bright much like hers. They weren't corrupted. And they would not fall to the hands of the corrupted.
Count me in for this!
Well definitely interested~
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