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This wouldn't happen to still be open would it? I've got some character ideas that would be great for this.
Yoshia Toya

So this was the place huh?

Toya had pretty quiet since she had arrived, having smuggled in a precooked burger and eating it out of it's wrapping as she silently watched the others mingle. The ascent had almost made her legs give up so she was taking a well deserved rest, eating and drinking to sustain herself, as Darwin once said. The red haired girl had a smirk and a glint in her eye as she recognised some people from the entrance exams and tried to give as many people a once over as she could and trying her hardest to remember names.

Making friends was gonna be fun. Everyone here was like her, unnaccpeted to any other academies which means she might have one of the coolest quirks here. She looked at her burger which had gone cold and sneakily exuded some hot steam from your hand to give it a quick burst of heat before continuing to finish it. As she did this her eyes scanned the crowd again, eyeing up everyone and looking at that "turbine" boy with a look of awe and also fear. He could be...difficult, she could see how he could counter her like immensely.

She sighed and looked around again when finally someone to tease appeared. Some guy sauntered up the stairs and she eyed him up, having a hard time remembering seeing him at the exam and walking over to him with a big grin.

"Yo! Don't worry slow poke you arnet gonna be late, well unless something else weird happens!" She let out some laughter and finished off her burger, still looking at him, smiling with glee still. God she was being insufferable. "Don't think i saw ya at the exam, you sure you're fit for this elite school heh?" She grinned wide and looked at everyone else, throwing some finger guns out before looking back to him, the steam girl acting like she was the coolest comedian with the biggest audience.


June 24th, Old State House
@Reflection @Epsir
Giuseppe Messana

Thank god Manco ahd taken the signal seriously and helped him with his plan. These toursists intruding on their base of operations could lead to nothing but chaos and mishaps, something he was determined to avoid so that he could focus on pursuing the mysteries this City held and figure out whot his mysterious killer was. However, he wasn't too fond of all the spit and saliva that dripped from the "beasts" maw onto him, scowling a little and wincing.

He watched Manco go to close the doors and put this tourism trouble to rest immediately when suddenly his heart sunk. The tour guide suddenly started scritching at Caster. Like a domesticated house cat. Still on the ground, his hand went for the inside of his waistcoat, ready to draw his gun at any moment and get his guard up. Like it wasnt already up as he eyed the newest visitor to their base of operations up. His mind bustled with a million thoughts at once, desperately trying to figure out who this woman could be and how she had actually found them. He'd kept it as hush hush as possible when he claimed this place for his base.

Hearing her words, he looked up at the woman with a look of shock as he took her hand and pulled himself to his feet, turning to glance at Manco, hoping to god he had any clue as to what this was. Gisueppe had heard talk of mage association involvement and church involvement sure, but nothing about the woman indicated either parties involvement. If anything, he could tell her job was to keep an eye on the place, not him. But now he was involved...he guesses he was being observed by this woman.

"Well, you definitely got me by surprise" He said letting out a low chuckle as he looked around the house, making sure his golems hadn't been interrupted or damaged. "Enterprising in this is the only way to ensure survival after all, but rather I'm more interested in the fine details of this "war", I guess ya already know about the war right? Otherwise how the hell would you know about the leylines"

He let out a chuckle again and looked to Manco. "I'm doing everything ethically, city officials gave me permission to use this place, nothing;s getting damaged and we're not hurting anyone. If anything I wanna know who has been with all those murders takin' place, but right now I gotta bigger fish to fry" With that he looked to her again and held out his hand again.

"Name's Giuseppe, and you?"

June 24th, Old State House
@Reflection @Epsir
Giuseppe Messana

The detective sat observing the statues around the house before nodding to Caster, a fresh face full of optimism for the war flashing bright as he tipped his hat like some cheesy 1930s detective. He walked voer, picking up an amulet in his hands, being able to feel the magical properties of the item already, without even doing further investigation he could tell manco had infused these with enough magic to protect him from assassin. Just as he was about to call back to Manco, he felt a shudder through his bones as his eyes narrowed. No, nothing magical had breached the field.

Just something tedious

"Oi caster, get ready....we've got company." he hushed his voice down, wondering how thin the walls of the state house were. He really should've done more research into things that weren't Incan or Aztec. God if he told Manco he mixed up the two he knew he was mince meat. "Nothing serious...locals, ya gotta help me give them a scare alright?" He gave him an okay sign with his hands and opened the door.

As the light burst in through the black door and took Giuseppe by surprise, he tilted his hat to allow him some shade, to recover his sight and observe the congregation before him. He looked over for his renovations sign but couldn't find it and he let out a sigh. So these were the arrogant tourists he had been warned about. With a rub of his temple and a hidden smirk, he titled his head and looked out to all of them. "EH can I help ya? We got some work goin' on over here and this ain't stuff ya can just walk in and interrupt! Fine though, don't want to leave any of you in the dark with your history, come on i-"

He beckoned them in and cut himself as he walked in, snapping his fingers and looking for Manco. Time to give himself some entertainment before the murder investigation started.
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