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Honestly all of these rolls are right up my alley, gonna see what I could do with Christina or Mu since both have already got ideas in my head
Definitely interested so gacha me up~
Yo! I see there's still a master slot is that still open?
Jeremiah Powlus

Top Floor Room, Mansion, Downtown Residential District


What an annoying coincidence that the one place he had thought about visiting for a relaxing vacation and wasting all his money was the first place he had been made to send out to participate in this Holy Grail War. The very concept of using legendary heroes to achieve a personal goal was odd, but nonetheless interesting and even if he had at first objected in the end he realised, he could accomplish some great things with this opportunity. He had arrived around few days ago and had promptly arrived at his base with his fellow Masters, summoning his Servant after setting himself up in the top floor room.

It was a good set up, his workshop was methodically organised, shelves of his ingredients and components covered the walls and in the centre of the room a large cauldron, Jeremiah himself sat on a chari before his desk that was pristine and only had his books and writings on it by the sides, his flasks and chemistry equipment were his main iterest, mixing some materials together as he worked on one of his usual explosive concoctions. He sat back in his chair and adjusted his glasses.

His new allies were interesting to say the least, and whilst he wasn't hostile to them he didn't interact with them as much as he should have. He would go down later to discuss strategy with them, but sometimes not sharing information could prove more essential. Assassin of Black could be anywhere, just like his. If information got leaked, having him not be in collaboration would mean that his information could not be stolen.

Assassin had been an interesting summon and he respected him. His reputation was impressive and a good match for him, himself being from a family of magus assassins. Now, to allow Assassin to do his work.

He had set Assassin out to scout the surrounding area and hummed before contacting him telepathically.

"Assassin, have you ensured the safety of the surrounding area? Make sure you keep yourself concealed and try to locate any enemy servants, I can hear the others discussing familliars, I'd advise going north and keeping an eye on our allied Servants, if they encounter any trouble, perhaps you can take them by the surprise and hit them with an effective flank attack, keep me updated on the surrounding events, after we can figure out the true names of the enemy, we can pinpoint their weaknesses."

He sighed and finished off his concoction. Perhaps now would be a good time to discuss tactics with his allies.


Yo! Definitely interested in this, mind if I claim a Rider slot?

Towards Police Station, Sunrise

As the journey continued, Valentina nodded idly as she listened to her Rider's advice and insight to the ongoing altercation. Luckily her familliar had succeeded in being hidden within the bush enough so she could get a pretty solid picture of the entire affair, commentating what she was seeing to Rider. If it was true that this was a combat between two of the most powerful Knights and a vicious animal that was Berserker, they might luck out with them wiping each other out.

They would be so lucky.

Her attention was snapped back to reality when the atrocious deviance approached their limo and attempted to work their magic on Rider, and she watched in quiet amusement as he swiftly dispatched of them. In her head she allowed herself to count the amount of bodies they already had in the library, the number of humans was quickly rising.

"I hate to be the one to break this to you Rider, but unfortunately this is the entire point of me being here. What you just encountered is commonplace in the 21st century, the norm for those who have only known this. For one like myself, I have watched in horror at the decline of humanity, falling further and further into decadence and depravity. Women of the night who have to turn to such vulgar vocations due to other humans concocting horrifying mind destroying narcotics, abusing each other, spreading hate and fear..." She tightened her wooden fist as she got to work sewing another familiar, sighing.

Turning her attention to the doll she allowed herself to continue talking. "When I am through with this war Rider, we will see another dawn of the golden age. I dreamt of walking the streets of your Assyria, but I was created by those who had fallen into self-obsession and sin. My very existence was to be an outlet for human sin for a single man, who thought himself worthy of such leisure." She stopped herself and looked down at her patchwork companion as she finished the stitching on him.

She could feel something. It was getting closer. Maybe it was the direction they were going, towards someone else with a Heroic Spirit who perhaps she was right in being cautious.

"Rider...prepare yourself, I believe we have attracted the attention of someone or something, or we are dangerously close to an enemy's territory, either way...." She trailed off, focusing on her familiar. "I promise you we will be victorious, wipe this slate clean, bring back another golden age, free of the stains of time"

She grinned looking at him from her seat, her hands beginning to wave around the familiar, precise fluid movements, as if dancing around this figure that was about to be animated.


Police Station, Downtown

As he drove, Valentina relaxed in her seat, the journey was quite comfortable, smooth and efficient. It was at this moment she felt gratitude for such a graceful driver, she could only dread what one without Riding would have done and how clunky the ride would have been. In truth, this mode of transport was chosen as celebrities in limos was quite common but she knew after their activities tonight, dumping the vehicle would be the best plan of action.

Simply nodding to her chauffeur, she swiftly set up a bounded field, encapsulating from her position to the police station, allowing her Rider to play out his plan uninterrupted. As he left her she couldn't help but think about what may need to be done to win this war. Whilst some would embark here to have the experience under their belt and return home with the honour of being a combatant in a Holy Grail War, Valentina was here to win. Success was her goal, without it what had been her existence for so long. No other alternative could bring her the pleasure and catharticism that this Grail offered her. Truly, it was a magnificent thing. Outliving her family had given her malicious glee, but the fact that she would accomplish so much more than them? That was true bliss.

She pulled her thoughts back, focussing on the now, not bothering to check on Rider. An ancient king who cared only for knowledge, she respected him and allowed him to his own activities. Sitting idly by made her fake skin crawl, reminding her of how boastful her Creator was of her. Magus. With that memory she turned her attention to her patchwork creation.

Sitting idly by, having followed the orders of the Puppet, a patchy doll laid dormant in a bush, its button eye peering out as it laid in the dirt, a little trick to make onlookers think it had been nothing but a tossed away toy. But this was one of Valentina's Friends, and the construct peered into the park, watching the onslaught between a wild Red Man and a white haired youth. Only after the arrival of another and a vicious attack of metal did the construct scramble further into the brush, desperate to avoid the danger that had just introduced herself

"Fascinating..." She whispered to herself before returning her attention to her own surroundings, suddenly Rider had reappeared in the driver seat and she turned to him, an eager smile on her face, very pleased with his haul. "Excellent news!
We should hit our next target quickly before any alert is raised.
She nodded as she thought to the nearest place on the map that her had shown her. "I believe our next target should be in Sunrise Manor, although, the choice is yours"

She hummed idly as she crossed her legs, ideas bundling up about enchantments she could utilise to further their goals. "I'm sure you may be aware, but the enemies nearby have now increased to three. Three brutes, battling it out in the park like mindless animals. I thought the Red Haired one to be Berserker but now I am not so sure. All three fight with vicious power, none have utilised any conventional weapons, only fists and their surroundings. That at least rules out Saber or Caster"

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