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Lady Trieu

Miyama Town - Serving Justice

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Her fight was cut short. Before she could even charge directly into the villainous oni, the fire was already making all three of these villains retreat. An archer of lightning...a demonic berserker and an assassin who could steal weaponry. She better informe her master of her discovery she thought as she watched them escape.

But that would not stop her charge. She had to escape these demonic flames before it consumed her. She cursed herself for she could not save anyone else but luckily Nanyue suffered no wounds. Yet...the damage was intense. She hugged him before whispering.


With that there was a trumpet as the elephant reared itself, golden light enveloping it as it's armour transformed. No one could see as the elephant began its charge. All that damage that Zeus and shuten had inflicted manifested as the speed and power she needed to outrunk the falling world. With the force of a train she barreled through the town, smashing through obstacles with ease as she aimed for the bridge back to the other side.

She saw Tesla and Shuten again but they did not matter. She held her head down again and kept charging, Nanyue carrying her through, hoping to either trample or avoid them with her blind charge across the bridge so she could settle and figure out just what was happening on the other she heidegger. She looked up as she rode to see the descending world.

This was it. She could feel it.

She was summoned for the apocalypse.

Lady Trieu

Miyama Town - Serving Justice

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All she could do was watch in horror as the lone Knight was dispatched with ease. His arm cut from it's stem as three Servants attacked him at once. Trieu clenched her first around her sword, pulling the second sword from it's sheath. She was ready to defend this poor man. She would be fighting to defend him. Her guardian knight skill activated, her eyes looked up with determination and vengeance for this man burning in her gaze.

Then it came. The demon flew towards her, a terrifying sight to many but Trieu was ready to do whatever she could to survive this and hopefully land a blow on either of these villains. Who were these two anyways? A drunk demon and some moron with a lion mane for hair. She saw her leap coming from a mile away and laughed as she leapt from her elephant, already expecting what came next. But not in this degree. Lightning rained down upon her, Triue being sure to dodge quickly, dodging around Nanyue, the elephant trumpetting with each blow that was inflicted on it.

First the Oni's sword had sunk into it's armour but no blood had been drawn thank god. The warrior that was Tieu knew she would not last in an all out fight. The mortars came quickly. One hit right beside her covering her in dirt and sending her flying to the side of a building. She cursed and ran to Nanyue again, suddenly from her sleeve two knives flew out aimed for the archer. It wouldn't do much damage but the aim was to irritate him more. Here it came.

Her sword...she had failed these people.

Her curses called forth the fire. She watched it pour down the streets before her. Cursing she made some distance between her and Shuten. The Oni was probably still on top of her elephant and with that she was angry.

"What is a an angel?" With that she lit up. Throughout history she was reknowned as an angel, a saviour of the Vietnamese people. her body lit up with light and wings appeared behind her. She couldn't hold this form for long but Nanyue bucked it's body and sent Shuten flying towards Trieu who dashed forward as lightning rained down upon Nanyue. He couldn't last long..and as a bolt hit her she struggled to keep her stride as Shuten would hopefully fly over her.

In her mind, she was terrified that this plan wouldn't work. With this...caster? Archer? She couldn't land a blow. All she could do was get rid of this berserker so that man wouldn't die right here right now.
Ludwig Von Gravenheim Krauste

Hilltop Church

Ludwig's ears were at full attention, the normally paranoid and to himself magus finding himself rather taken in by the stories and tales of Xerxes. This man held unknown knowledge that most of the world was oblivious to, except for the chosen few Xerxes had handpicked. yet, this man felt no pain or worry telling a stranger he had met merely a day before the secrets of his longevity or his lineage. The fact Persia held such a secret...well something felt very convenient.

Yet, his moments of enjoying his enlightenment were torn asunder by his sudden departure. Needless to say, Ludwig spent those seconds admiring the subterranean workshop the Persian doctor had set up. This doctor, saviour of lives and carer for the unwell, he sure knew how to work his stuff. He knew what he was doing and he was unafraid to do what he could to conceal his secrets and keep those around him safe, saving the innocent and ensuring the villainous got their ways. It was tragic in the sense. Ludwig only wished his morality compass could align the same. But, the grey in the black and white cared to differ.

Then his name was bellowed and it hit him like a sucker punch as he rushed to the church, staring at Xerxes. The war was afoot, someone had made a detrimental blow to the entire city. He cursed beneath the mask but was happy he had the mask. Knowing whoever was behind this, there would be poison and whatnot within this fire. If they approached it, they would all be at risk.

"Undertsood, Archer get as much information as you can and see if you can pin point any causation. If we can kill the point of origin maybe the fire will die. Xerxes, Suzaku, I would reccommend masks to be worn in this instance, we do not know what toxins are involved in this attack, gases hiding with the smoke and the such. I should also mention...there are materials of mine still hidden within a basement in Miyama town, beneath a bar. If the fire was to spread to them, I fear what the consequences could be..."

He went silent then nodded as he put on his large regal blue trenchcoat. "Shall we head?"

Lady Trieu

Miyama Town - Serving Justice

@Ent @ReallyDumb @Froppy @Floodtalon @Reflection

The fire burned the town.

This little town didn't stand a chance as the warrior witnessed the flames change from the traditional sense of fire to a black putrid sense, something akin to that of demonic foulnes and god's own will. This was a servant's doing of course. The people ran rampant, there was conflict abound. After transporting at least 60 people to safety, trieu found herself facing the obstacle that would seem to be the worst of the problems.

Servants, ignoring honour and dignity, involving the innocent lives of the many in their egotistical brawl. A brawl, easily put aside, a brawl which to them eclipsed the horror and devastation that this town faced. She watched them on the rooftop, her ears hearing that distant BWEEEm of a horn. her eyes narrowed. A soldier was in trouble. Her eyes narrowed further as a frown and a snarlingemitted from her. Did these people have no sense of decency? Did their reincarnation kill all sense and thought within their already dim minds? She screamed as she commanded Nanyue to ride forth towards this display, rushing to the rooftop.

below the rooftop, the rumbling could be heard, the elephant stampeding to its destination. Directly below the conflict she arrived, standing atop her mount with a steadfast frown and a bellow.

Fire and devastation! Work of only a devil! A devil and it's company which serve only it and their own sellfish needs!" She unsheathed her First Sword. The Noble Phantasm rippled with it's effect. Those around her would begint o feel her whispering, slight images of her appearing in the corners of their eyes. her voice whispering to end this conflict, to face the reality of the situation. If only Trieu herself could hear her own words.

"I see you barbarians! Assaulting this lone warrior! but he will not be a lone freedom fighter! he is not the only one who cares for their lives over yours!" With that she pulled her arm down and sliced through the air in an arc, directly aimed at Jack and Shuten, hopefully getting them as the shock wave from her First Sword hurtled towards them, upon connection the thoughts of hatred for each other would spill into their minds. The thoughts to fight for themselves, for their own ideologies and their own beliefs. Not to crumble to the whims of others! The very thoughts that carried Trieu. She watched with narrowed eyes as she prepared to make her way up heir to show them the consequences of such foulplay.
Ludwig Von Gravenheim Krauste

Hilltop Church

Ludwig watched the man closely, his eyes trying their hardest to avoid detection as even though the man appeared to be somewhat sketchy and he still had doubts, he didn't want to disrespect a doctor who basically lived his life to save others. Listening to his story, the man was truly the kind who put others lives before his own, at least that's how Ludwig felt.

He took a moment to stare at his own hands. if only they too could be associated with saving others and not what his family associated his hands with. He blinked the gory thoughts from his mind and turned back to Xerxes before.

The man he had first suspected of being in his mid twenties was surely not...that old? Older than a century? he was sure Xerxes must have been older than some of the lesser mage families involved with this war, and yet he risked his own life in this war. His eyes were wide and he froze. Staring in awe at Xerxes, seeing him as something that transcended what he already knew. Suddenly his knowledge and wisdom made sense. At first Ludwig had put his little Galileo down to him just being pompous and condescending. But with all those years of living and perfecting his craft...

"M-my apologies Xerxes. it had never crossed my mind that someone so well looking and young could be older than my grandfather, I am truly amazed at how...youthful you appear yet your years on earth...Persia must truly be your land, that you come back and want to help despite the land itself just, not caring about you.." He stared and tried to catch his breath and just, be normal again. Well I research, my project, I worry it may be something that would affect other lives and what I require for the project, is well...something our little fake master could not provide" He took a moment of silence and his head shot up to Xerxes again.

"Youth...your extended youth and life...if you wouldn't mind someday I would love to know how you can pull off such a feat, I know it is a subject the mages tend to shy from, but I couldn't care less. What you've done, how you've lived so well, it's impressive and a feat beyond most magus' knowledge.." he gulped and looked around.

"Do, many other mages know of your age Xerxes?"

Lady Trieu

Eastern Farms - Miyama Town


She walked through the farms, avoiding as much civilisation as she could as she searched for the source of the missing animals and this odd aura about this city. This city, chosen to be the war ground for the heroic spirits that she now aligned herself with. Yet, she had not met any other spirits alike her yet. She wished she could, so that she could be sure she wasn't the only who felt unworthy to be summoned in such a fashion.

She walked to the edge of the farms and gazed upon the river to the other side of town. Brushing her hair from her eye she tapped her swords by her side and smiled. This was just another battle, she was yet to lose, her one loss she had made sure was her last. Yet here she was, at the risk of losing once more. This would surely be her last battle, she was hoping it would. Not for fear of getting worse, but in hope that blood would not need to be shed as much as she had already shed.

Her peace however, was interrupted.

The smoke billowed, the flames could be seen from her perch as she hopped to her feet and cursed loudly in Vienamese.

Master, I will be in the part over the river, I have a situation to deal with

She let her master know before yelling out loud.


She could not let this villainy go unmatched, not let these innocent lives be at risk of extinguishing by these flames of evil. Whichever mage or servant had seen the war fit to spread turmoil and chaos to the innocent residents of Fuyuki was already in her shit list as the Vietnamese warrior roared over the bridge.

Passer-bys would see the magnificence that was the large elephant she rode atop. Golden armour and bright decoartions adorned the beast, it's tusks sharp and golden and it's eyes blazing with the same anger and defiance that sparked in Rider's eyes. Someone was seeking to oppress people, wipe them out. She would not let that happen.

Riding in on Nanyue, she bellowed across the outskirts of Miyama Town. "CITIZENS OF FUYUKI, THE FIRE IS BEYOND YOUR CONTROL! PLEASE BOARD MY MOUNT AND I SHALL TRANSPORT YOU TO SAFETY!" She rode down the streets and found a burning building, outside of which she picked up injured and panicking children and ladies and quickly scooping them onto her elephant. She held them tight as she rode to the outskirts to let them down and rode back into between the buildings, avoiding the fire. Seeking to save more.
Ludwig Von Gravenheim Krauste

Hilltop Church

Ludwig's eyes grazed over the area, eyes wide in astonishment at what sort of laboratory had been set up. The plant was what was piquing his interest more. A plant that could dig into the rocks and dry land, without any sort of nutrients from soil? It was simply...odd. The man Xerxes, he was odd as well. Persian descent was what he had gathered so far, the name Xerxes resembled that of the ancient man Ludwig had heard about when researching servants.

With the curtain drawn, Ludwig's eyes shot back to Xerxes, his time of revelation and thinking cut short by the man's need to continue on the conversation. "Raise your own chickens? My, that was not what I took you for at all Xerxes, my apologies, I myself never had chickens so eggs was never much on the table." he let out a short laugh and shook his head. Living in a cave? And here he took this Xerxes as some fancy royal magus.

He smirked at the mention of the mind controlled master. That had been on his mind all night, and truth be told he wanted to see the man's reaction to Xerxes after the effects were worn off. "Ah yes, the foolish man who claimed that he had summoned the mighty Heracles! I'm glad you were able to remove his mental interference's, I worried my methods would be too brutal on the poor man's mind, I'm right in saying he possesses no magical circuits whatsoever?"

He watched Berserker from the corner of his eye, finding it amusing that such a mild mannered and thought out man that Xerxes appeared to be would have such a relentless and somewhat 'slow' servant like berserker. Of course he was a great Servant as was plain to see, but from what he had learned, the Grail chose who was perfect for you when it came to compatibility. So far him and Archer weren't incompatible, they just never had much time to chat.

Xerxes started talking and he raised a brow, subconsciously tightening his mask at the mention of his family's name. People were killed...whatever did he mean by that. He brushed it off and decided it was best to follow through with the comments on his own motives. "You know about the Krauste family? My, I knew my involvement in this war wasn't a secret but you must have done your research. Yes it is true, the lab at home is perfect, secluded, ingredients abound in the wildlife but...." he trailed off, his mind interrupted by a recent memory he was already trying to erase. "The family sought to have a participant in this war, myself, a potion crafter, would normally not be an option, but circumstances brought them to want me to participate. Truth be told Xerxes, I don't aim for victory in this war, I don't have much of a wish to put forward in the end. I barely know how this works truth be told, all I'm here for is to make up for something I have done. If I survive this war, that's my goal. If I win, Archer may have her wish, you and Suzaku too, hence why i saw this alliance fit."

He paused and turned to Xerxes. "I have another reason I am here, I needed certain ingredients only this war could provide, I'm making something some may call, Taboo." he looked to Xerxes with a curious look before continuing his rambling. "Alas, you know me but I do not know you, tell me, what was it like back in Persia and what brings you to this battlefield of the magus"

Lady Trieu

Forest Near The Coast, North Moor, Shinto -


Trieu had spent the night guarding her master. Wondering the moors as her master set up their workshop. She enjoyed her company, but she worried she was being too in over her head. At no point did this Polish woman strike her as a warrior set out to conquer her dreams and find her goal at the end of this onslaught. yet she was impressive, her skills was something that she herself could not commit herself to undertaking and for that she was grateful with such a master.

She looked down at her master on her back and gave her a sincere smile, crouching down beside her and listening to what she had to say. It was cute that it had bothered her, she really did not care for the official bonds and titles of master and servant, another aspect she was proud of her Master for. She let out a solemn sigh and stood up look down at her. This place, it was set up to protect from Masters and Servants, it was definitely the goal of her master, and looking at her exhausted body she knew she wanted to rest but wanted Rider to explore.

For that she was grateful.

"Very well Master, if you feel safe here I shall set off. I will not travel far but if I am too far away to aid you, please do not hold off on using a command seal to summon me back" She announced as she got to her feet and began to walk. "May the gods be kind to you Master, and may they shine on our victory, I will return soon."

With that she departed, her two swords by her side and her hope with her master. When she fought, she would be defending her, always.

Eastern Farms

She found herself walking to the harbour, passing through the farms as she did so. Something felt off about this city of Fuyuki. Yes it was an Asian city, but it did not remind her of home. She missed Vietnam and she hoped, when this war was over she could visit it again. For now, japan was her battleground and she would make all those that stood in her way pay.

Eyes wide open and moving elegantly she strode through the farms. Slowly, she began to stop. There was a lack of animals around these parts, she could tell that was unnatural even here. She was hoping to hear bustle from this place called Shinto town, but again nothing. Somebody around these parts was up to something. With a deep sigh she drew her First Sword. Advancing towards the Harbour, anyone in the Farms or the Harbour would feel a strange sensation in their minds as the mental interference started weak, but it would grow stronger. She was tired of being on the sidelines, now she would see what the competition was.
Ludwig Von Gravenheim Krauste

Hilltop Church

Night 1

Within moments of his arrivals at this holy grounds doors, Ludwig found himself face to face with a weapon he had been rather intrigued byou but had never wished for its power to be directed to him. He froze, his mind accelerating as he turned to the Doctor. He did appear to be a man of peace, there was nothing about him that presumed otherwise. But this idiot he was carrying? He was sent to kill him so there was definitely something afoot here.

However, he didn't get much time to respond or even tell the two men what was happening, when Archer arrived. Not Athena, luckily they had managed to escape any fighting but this was a man who appeared much, more eccentric than Ludwig was expecting to meet. The man radiated confidence and power and honestly, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't impressed. Heach opted his head at the others, realising what kind of power might lay within this alliance. Two archers and a berserker. He didn't know if anyone else had allied yet but this seemed sustainable.

"Well Archer I must say, this workshop and this whole area is a testament to what the groundwork of this alliance could be. I accept your invitation and hopefully Archer will too. Might be luck for you but my wish for the grail is secondary, I seek only to survive this whole ideal and allow my Archer to grant her wish.. he trailed off and smiled beneath the mask. "I will say, my expertise is not in fighting so please don't expect that of me"


Day 2, Hilltop Church

That night, Ludwig hado been busy. The thought of this alliance excited him, even though he had summoned a reliable and powerful servant such as the Godess Athena, he had worried that with the advent of how big this war was they would have been crushed with ease. In the earloer of the morning a shipment had arrived via cart near the church and Ludwig had picked up his supplies and taken it back into the church, setting up a temporary workshop in this chamber he had located just left off the main hall. Already glass tubes and vials were lining the room as well as two caskets perched on the table with a cauldron in the middle of the room, over what was a cooling off fire right now.

He had been impressed thoroughly with Tesla. A man of the future he considered him, the things he could do weren't evenot mythical, they were things that the dreamers dreamt. He smirked as he got to work dissecting something he had been sent. Slicing the plant open either his scalpel he began extracting the resin and pouring it into another potion to see its effect. He watched the liquid gurgle and hiss but alas that was not what he wanted. Although during the night he had finished a variety of potions and charms for the Church, his personal project was what he was working on now, and his furrowed brow showed his frustration with it.

Sighing, he entered the great Hall and marvelled upon the sight of the apron clad servant and the food he was delivered. He smirked a little at Athena before digging in, his mask opening widely enough for him to politely eat the eggs. And God were they good. He leaned back and let out a sigh enjoying the taste before getting up, realising he'd have to be more careful of poison. But his body was already immune to most due to self experimentation so who knew. He got up and nodded to Tesla. "I mean, I haven't had a breakfast meal like that in years, I am thoroughly impressed Archer, although I do hope to see what you cook up for dinner" A smirk lay behind his mask, the corners of his mouth visible as he snapped the mask shut again and headed off to have another wander of the church, to see where their weak points were. He had allowed Archer to do whatever she saw fit at this time, he was enjoying this chance of alliance and communication so why couldn't she he?

At that point, he had heard his name and walked down to the basement with as cooked brow. "Ja? Good morning Xerxes, everything okay down here?" he looked around the basement workshop and eyed the plants. Now that was intriguing, might he be a herbal doctor. "Ha, I see you set up quickly too, what a wonderful place this is, perfect for a bade of operations. So tell me, what sort of plants are these that you grow I can't say I recognise them and no bragging intended but I have studied my fair share of herbs and plants and that is not one I recognise"
Just gonna drop some interest in here, would love to do this
Ludwig Von Gravenheim Krauste

Hilltop Church

They had been walking for a while, Ludwig clearly angry with the man he was basically being forced to tow all the way to this church. Yeah, he didn't have to, but if there was a doctor involved in this whole manipulation and mind control thing, he wanted to at least protect him and save him.; After all, the effects his concoctions and the plans he had for him and Archer, they weren't going to be exactly satisfactory for the other masters. Doing one good deed was going to make him feel a little better for what was down the road.

So as he approached the church hill from the east he began to sense a commotion coming from the way to the Church. Keeping to the shadows best as he could, Archer by his side, he dragged the man to a bush where he quickly ducked into and observed the goings on. From what he could gather...there was a man running to the church shouting for help. Ludwig stared in awe. No way he had struck this lucky. it had to be a set up? Some master must have known, or even had planted the phrase into this man knowing Ludwig would go to the church and seen this spectacle of servants and masters. Breathing heavily he turned to the unconscious man, quickly grabbing him and pushing him into a bush before getting up.

"Archer, could you investigate the servants fighting? Figuring out some identities could be helpful.." he sighed, unstrapping a bright green flask from his belt and got up. "Well, I should be alright...seeing as this doctor was also a target of our Japanese friend.."

He made a dash from the bushes, the mask clad figure streaking through the landscape towards the church, breathing heavily and panting. He didn't bolt for long till he ground to a halt, hands on his knees as he looked to the black haired Xerxes with confusion. "G-get" He asked, the man clearly out of breath. "I'm here to help, is there someone inside?"

It was risky, he knew that, but if this guy was the doctor he had been told about, someone wanted him dead badly. If anything, this was leading a master straight to him. But the master didn't know Ludwig had met the doctor yet, which meant if anything he had an advantage. However, already Ludwig had forgotten about the poor Japanese "master" he had already encountered.

Lady Trieu

Forest Near The Coast, North Moor, Shinto


Life. It really was such a complicated thing. Had she not been vacant from this world for so long, maybe she would have felt different walking this foreign soil in a country that she had been led to believe was not too far from her beloved homeland.

Yet here she was, with her master. A shrine was delightful to observe, even if it was not to the gods she was familliar with and as she turned to the woman who had summoned her a small smile crept to Rider's lips. The tall woman with the perfect raven hair was someone who many men had dreamed of being with in her lifetime, yet she had no interest in ever serving a man, in any way possible. She was free, she was a human and she was born to be free.

Being classified as a Servant, was not something she was overly thrilled about, but she took the title in her stride as she did most things. Luckily for her, her master was kinder than others and had chosen this delightful spot. Reminded her of the mountains. of that moment. Of course her master may not have heard of her, yet she was glad history had remembered her. That she had even had the chance to reincarnate as a temporary spirit so that she too might have a chance at winning what she sought the most in her lifetime and in her afterlife.

"Master, do not trouble yourself with the thought of defeat." A warm sincere smile appeared on her face as she tapped the sheath of her sword against the ground. "I never stop fighting for what I believe in, this war is unlike any I have ever encountered before. I will fight those from before and after me, yet they remain the same. Enemies. Enemies in the way of myideal, which is also your ideal. And I will not stop fighting for what I believe in, in this case, that is you."

She nodded to her and swished her robe as she turned to face the landscape before them. "The war is underway and I have yet to encounter any other of my fellow warriors, would it suit you if I remained by your side in this forest or shall I venture out. No matter what I promise you, this war shall not be in vain. We have our chances, there is never a situation where there is no chance. You will survive this, I promise you this." She tapped her other sword to the ground and tied them both back to her back, patting the Polish girl on the shoulder.

"The moon smiles upon us tonight, shall we answer her with blood, or with worship?"
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