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Foreigner’s Graveyard, Shinto

In the blaring wind and radiant light, a singular figure appeared. Distinguishing features were hidden by a rustic and almost tribal black cloak. What little skin could be seen was the lower part of her face, which seemed to hold a neutral expression. What little skin could be seen was pale and seemed rather unnatural, though not in the same sense as the walking corpses milling about. The 'thing' in front of Voronin was not human. They were never 'human' in the first place. All Servants were inhuman creatures, but this went beyond even that.

"It's shoddy. But, it'll do for now."

It wasn't directed at anyone. She wasn't speaking to her 'master'. Not yet.

Caster could only think-

What a splendid Magus.
What a splendid attempt.
What a splendid demonstration.

. . .What a farce. A total, complete lie. But, at the very least, it was one she had decided to tell herself.

There were multiple saving graces that prevented her from simply lashing out at the master in the first place. Of all the classes, Caster was the most suited for such a ploy upon the second of their summoning. But in this case, because of a few minor factors, it wasn't necessary. No, attacking your master on sight was moronic in the first place. Anyone who did that without attempting to understand each other was probably an idiot. Regardless of the circumstances-

This girl would definitely be suitable. Caster was more than patient enough to mold them into a proper magic-user by her standards.

. . . As long as they didn't prove unsightly.

Or something like that.

Taking a moment to examine her surroundings, Caster then finally acknowledged her master.

"I forgive you. This is a blameless crime, not a knowing sacrilege against the arts. Afterall, you Magi didn't decide the world was going to end up like this. I cannot fault you for existing in a faulty system." Caste giggled for a single moment. It was both hauntingly pure and full of genuine hatred.

But that hatred was certainly not directed at the girl in front of her.

Skuld could probably 'reach an understanding' with someone who had an agreeable goal and personality. Most likely. Caster could only assume that was probable, considering she didn't see a recognizable catalyst in sight. Beyond the graveyard and its current inhabitants, she had to suppose.

To Caster, who hated the composition change of the atmosphere and textures, humans were despicable. Thankfully(?), her bloods thickness had been reduced within this particular container. At the very least, the 'thing' presently called 'master' in front of her wasn't fully human. By technical standards, they were a sort of mutant. A 'magus' of the modern era who was reliant on the weak and pathetic 'magic circuits' which were nothing but convenient tools in the Era of Gods. Incantations. Self Hypnosis. It was all rather drole and fairly pathetic to Caster. This was the inevitable result of the road humanity had chosen to take with its human law nonsense. Modern 'Magi' probably couldn't even do contract level magecraft properly anymore.


"Yes. I'm satisfied with the potential you've presented. I won't ignore such cute efforts. 'Master', I am 'Servant' Caster."

If the girl in front of her had been an 'omnipotent one' of the modern era, she would've lacked interest. But she was a specialist who had over invested in a field of mild interest to Skuld. Someone like that was more moldable than a genius- more capable of reaching the teachings she'd enjoy imparting. Within her cloak, she activated some sort of high class magic with Runes.

The mostly featureless figure tilted its head slightly to the right while watching the mutant standing before her. A smile formed on their face, though it showed no cruelty. After all, she already knew how the girl in front of her would respond.

"However, why don't we drop that little pretense? I would prefer our relationship to be of a 'Master' and 'Apprentice'." Then, moments after leaving it hang in the air-

She frowned. Was it an expression showing agitation? Or perhaps, it was an expression showing disappointment?

"But if you really wanted, you could use a command seal to enforce a normal 'relationship' between us. It's really up to you, isn't it 'master'?"

Caster lent an outstretched hand toward the girl and waited on her response.

Southern Moor, Shinto

"Caster. If the situation changes, we'll follow suit. For now, focus on defense."

Annoying woman.

Is what they would probably say about HER, if they had the time and care for complaints. Currently, they did not. All they could think about were the correct numerical formula/equations and going about information processing. Sharing perceptions with 'familiars' deployed across the city. Processing input data. Receiving information from Caster about leyline/magical energy composition and output. Currently, they were in overdrive. It was only natural.

Because, without a doubt, the Holy Grail was not working properly. As a result, the Academy had to be called. A status update that confirmed more than a few fears.

The reaction was not pleasant. Not pleasant at all.

Peregrinus shifted in his perch on one of the older trees. They had taken up a snipers position with several bags hanging next to them off a convenient branch. He could both watch the frontal approach to their territory while also acting as a living terminal for the information flowing in Fuyuki. However, simply watching the few houses and road below was nothing to them. Only a marginal amount of their processing powers were actually focused on this particular body.

This backwater ritual that had little to no relevance had gained the attention and eyes of Atlas. It was unfathomable. It was inconceivable. For they, whose sole objective was to 'Save the World' to see this event as one of any particular importance. But, on the ground, they could tell 'something was definitely wrong'. Based on previous data given by Atlas, the city was being flooded with Magi. What Caster had informed them of, what their familiars saw- confirmed this seemingly wayward data.

Certainly, there were many unknown factors still present. Though the higher ranked Magi were known to him, those of lower status were not. That alone meant a cautious approach to this was correct. Though they had no interest in the holy grail war, survival and information gathering was currently paramount.

Of the current masters known to him, there were only two that he couldn't defeat with just a single bullet. Modern armament and weapons exceeded magecraft, after all. But, if one counted 'those who created things to fight for them', then that number more than doubled. Against those particular opponents, they could have the most trouble.

But they had their data. That was, doubtlessly, more than enough.

Oh. One last thing. The most important thing possible. The ultimate clarification.

". . .And don't go around searching for 'children'. We don't have the luxury for that."

Major Events(Night 1)

1) Ruler has started the war by firing a Noble Phantasm(?) over the entire city. Night 1 begins.
2) Fake Masters have been sighted across the city
3) Lancer Lily has begun hunting rats with a bag of cats at the Fuyuki Harbour.

Night has begun! The Holy Grail War is starting to move forward. I look forward to the stories we weave~

Ruler?(True), ???, Fuyuki Bay

The sun has finally settled on the first day of the Holy Grail War. The moon was slowly rising over a intact landscape. Not a single fight had broken out over the daytime. It was uncharacteristic. It was unlikely. It was just the beginning. And most of all, it was to be expected. The true starting point of this war began now. It was in Rulers best interest to show it. After this point, the murder-game was to begin in earnest.

Hence, the figure standing on some metallic object many miles away from Fuyuki city. It was far beyond the range of any familiars, and he had spotted no Archer's watching his position. It was now the correct time to make the 'announcement'. He drew back on a massive bow that used an ancient and weird looking kind of arrow with some clear modifications. The string was pulled back to a point beyond the bows breaking point. This was of course, natural. What he was about to use was a Noble Phantasm, after all. After uttering some words(A true name?) only to himself, the figure released the string and with it a bolt was fired directly over Fuyuki. The figure assumed spiritual form, leaving nothing but a now destroyed bow to float on the ocean.

When the bolt reached Fuyuki proper, it broke apart into multiple missiles. Each individual bolt was a luminous and amazing color- a hue of blue, reds, greens and so forth flew over Fuyuki. It was Ruler's way of announcing the Grail Wars start- that conflict was now inevitable, if not desired.

Moving at extreme speeds, the bolts flew out of view within thirty seconds of appearing. Only a slight tremor in the ground near the Einzbern camp would tell where they finally landed.

So begins the Second Holy Grail War, farce as it is.

Night One has Begun

Well our last few sheets are about to come in. I'll push the first day-night skip back from early morning to later in the day for the sake of the last round of approved sheets. Anyone whose approved by tomorrow can do a flashback of them summoning during the day, so they don't lose any time. That way they can run around and do things, or establish a base over the day. This is for the people just getting approved, in case they don't have time to post before the skip. But if you aren't approved by tomorrow, you'll need to enter Fuyuki normally then summon and participate.
@Red Alice All right. Master sheet inbound, then.


It shouldn't be hard to approve it when your master sheet goes up, so I wouldn't worry too much. I just want to do masters and servants together from here on, to keep the pair balance stable.
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