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@Odin Yep.
There is one advantage in this taking place during a Shinobi World War; A Genin team could be formed across allied countries as a ad hoc group, for military needs. That may be a bit sub optimal compared to being a group purely composed from one nation, but it is possibly a valid option for those on the same side I think.
@slackpack Probably doing a leaf Genin so nadda on my end.
@Odin What village do you think you'll end up going for by the way?

Ahhhhhhhhh it already started, the famed elitists of Naruto roleplays are already at one another's throat.

Consider me out of this one, good luck ♥

Good luck to you as well, friend.


I've got my character concept down, relatively, so I'll start putting that to a sheet fairly soon.
@Black Alice

The Elector Counts have been summoned.
So, I do want people’s characters to start in the younger ages (around the age ranges a Genin would be in the actual universe).
If you want something older right away, you will have to speak to the GM/group in creation to guide this roleplay nicely into a dazzling horizon.

@Experiment 249@Odin

I would presume that operating off the quoted opening post, the GM is open to older, more experienced characters- so long as they help guide the narrative(Likely as teachers for the younger characters I presume). Going off the wording, it's likely something to be handled over PMs with the current GM team; @Zora and @Reflection (As far as I know).
Me and @Black Alice are interested.
@Parallel Hearts

Will we be getting a discord?
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