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Remember, everyone; the meeting is on for this phase of the RP!
@KoL@Raineh Daze

Oh I was talking about the concept from the LN specifically that they morhped into the weird GO skill. I just used the GO term because it brings the concept to someones attention quicker, but that was a bad idea. Sorry, I've really messed up in communicating with you so far. The ideas I'm trying to get across are good I think but I keep putting them in weird terms which is why I wanted to take a step back from speaking about them at all.

Regarding the IA B- stuff, I was just talking about how True Assassin could stay in the world for around a day without a Master. PC seems to help you stay in the world somewhat even without a Master. That is the implicit reason however it isn't directly stated so it's not absolute.


Awesome! I'll focus on my Servant sheet over my master in that case.


Gudrun seems scarier as an Assassin... oh, unless you're doing her Norse variant? Oh, the part about not being able to give me any swords to project is a shame, but it's not like it's a lost cause! EMIYA has a couple of things like mystic codes and even a Holy Shroud, so I'm sure he'll be able to adapt to what's given to him! I'll PM you my ideas, though... how is her Territory Creation looking like? Asking for... Archery reasons.

I'll be doing Gudrun not Kreimheld even if they did many things similarly. EMIYA does seem like someone who'd be interesting to a Caster, and also someone who'd make use of their items. So I'll get to you on that after I'm approved, I feel uncomfortable discussing things if my sheet isn't accepted yet.

Territory Creation wise, she'll probably be really bad. Sorry. At least if you're expecting a super cool temple like Medea can do anyway.

@Red Alice

Oh, uh... sorry if I'm interrupting your conversation, but I was wondering what sort of Caster you were considering? EMIYA is a very... unique Servant, so I'm trying to see what all my cards are, if that's fine? Specifically, anything I can take advantage of, like a good Item Creation, or....?

I hope you don't mind me asking...

Well I've been somewhat holding out for the discord for real strategist talk but we can probably go over general details since EMIYA is a canon, I think. Eitherway it'll just be talking about my (intended and not yet accepted so take it all with a very big grain of salt) character concept.

Currently I'm going for Gudrun simply because it may be really awkward for me to be on Red as Morgan. She would've been great on Black, though. Still I do enjoy being on Red since I'll be able to watch the Iskander-Arturia banter going on.

Item creation wise that benefits our team a lot, since that's not really Morgans big focus but Gudrun's legend is her making love potions(and way more high tier stuff than that) and owning and controlling Fafnir's horde. However I likely won't have any swords or weapons for you to project sadly.

Did you have any ideas for what you'd want from Item Creation? May want to send that over PM, though.
@Raineh Daze
... there's nothing in Fate/Zero by the name of Knight Tactics. That was only added in to Grand Order so Diarmuid had the necessary three skills, the entire concept of exploiting weaknesses is subsumed in EotM, and can only barely bridge the gap between Diarmuid and Saber--and he's hardly a pushover. It's not going to help an Assassin.

I think you're missing my point like with the 'B- PC' stuff, so I grabbed some quotes to try and explain it. It'd be hard to catch if you watched anime only, which is a possibility. I was just using Knight Tactics as an example and you seem to be stuck on it.

Calmly studying the opponent's light footwork, Saber measured the timing of her strike. Lancer too was probably estimating the speed of her charge with the density of prana she put in her body. But she still has one more secret ready for that...

By a little, just by a little, Lancer's movement weakens.

The asphalt torn up into gravels created many obstacles for a good foothold. Lancer's movement stagnates a little when he puts strength into his legs.

Saber didn't miss it.

Saber's sixth sense can theoretically surpass thought for a natural talent for battle decision, but it didn't predict her blunder.

The idea is that instinct is only valid if Saber herself isn't the one messing up. It still doesn't full 'counter' instinct even if that's the case, but it can certainly help to pull off an ambush(Something normally impossible, though there are ways like for example Snake vs Saber)

Also, instinct is very weak to things you can't 'Understand', such as Snake-style. The idea for the dance Noble Phantasm was that it invites check failures in the actual dance moves, and that it's difficult for her opponent to 'understand' what she is doing. In other words, thematically it works a lot like the Snake fight combined with the Diarmuid fight- both things that actually work quite well against something like 'Instinct' or 'Eye of the Mind'.

Naturally of course someone with high ranked instinct can deal with both, as Saber has, but it still definitely gives you a first time ambush advantage on an enemy. It's an excellent way for an Assassin to score kills, and under the right conditions, even defeat Servants they normally couldn't with team support- Like True Assassin and the Shadow.

Keep in mind I'm only posting this since I don't think we've reached a very good understanding on what I've said so far, so I wanted to clear it up. I'll keep my mouth shut on further sheets and anymore discussion regarding instinct because you asked. I'll only respond to someone if they ask for advice over the OOC or via PMs. I don't like cluttering the OOC anyway.

Basically, my idea for the NP would be to make it kind of like an evolved form of Knight Tactics where you invite check failures by viewing her dance, which you can then exploit. It also opens up the enemy to 'critical hits'/Counters and such. Think of it as a better version of Knight Tactics but focused around dancing and used constantly.

Knight Tactics really messed up Saber in Fate/Zero, as an aside, so it's a really potent ability.

Mental interference is very easy to resist so having that as your exclusive noble phantasm would be very weak, especially in a war with so many top-servants.

Why not make the dance NP into an ability that prevents enemies from seeing her as 'hostile' even if shes fighting someone? That way PC won't drop during the fight, and it'll be really hard to attack her or defend against her. It would really mess with skills like eye of the mind or instinct because it'd kind of negate them. An excellent surprise attack ability however with just that I feel it isn't wholly complete so I think you should take that idea and run with it some.

Also, you should use Melt's Crime Ballet as an inspiration. Perhaps incorporate a similar dancing based ability into your sheet as a personal skill.
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