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Sure that's fine
As a clarification, I allowed the Nids to expand slightly earlier as a test run of a few things. You guys will expand soon too.
My sheets will go here shortly
Oh, right, that fort is totally a non-node mega structure. If you guys find out more about it, I'll add a fort section to that megastructure list.
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As some of you may have noticed, an event has started. Anyone with a means to hear that signal is free to participate in it. One of our lovely co-GMs, Jeremiah, will be managing the affair.
Sent some PMs out~
Notice me senpai
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Former Hell
Tyranid Fleet Ragnarok

have all been assigned their underground starting locations. In addition, the underground map and key are online.

Also, if anyone is confused or unsure about what they're doing, say so over the OOC or PMs. If you don't have anything to do, I'll try to make arrangements to keep things interesting.

Remember, you can also control and interact with minor refugee groups. These can be anything you want(Examples: Dragons, Marines, Psychic Grey-men), though refugees are veered to be modern or lower in tech level(exceptions are fine as long as they're rare). You can use these for battles or to make things more interesting.

When everyone feels it's time for a large timeskip, we'll do so. Or when I feel it's time to do so. But a lot of people are starting to do some RP, so we won't be doing it yet. I don't mind if you guys do minor timeskips of hours long or days long, so long as the timeline is kept managable. Larger timeskips will be handled by the GMs.


Relative to you, Maximillian sent out a scouting party in your direction. A lot has happened thus far, but nothing in your neck of woods. I'll be keeping big RP events on record every timeskip, so you'll be able to use that soon.
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