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Berserker and Master will be going up soon~
Day Four has Begun

The current time is Noon
I managed to convince someone to master Berserker last night so the Serker sheet should come in sometime this weekend if not sooner.
I would rather die than make my own master as a matter of personal taste, but I'll do it if there's absolutely no other option. I'll pester someone to save me from myself.
If anyone is interested in BAHSAKAH, the Strongest Servant(tm) throw me a PM.

Born: July 12, 1916

All Servants must be historic or mythological figures who lived before 1900 AD. Servants still "alive" as of 1888 can be summoned. Figures before Gilgamesh are banned. Additionally, Gods and such aren't applicable. Humans, mixed bloods, machines, and animals qualify as Servants. Try to avoid composite skills.

That character is banned as there is already a Yamato
@Moonlit Sonata Ajax is currently in the RP already, sorry.
Berserker is coming along nicely! Will be sent in shortly.
Hi I'll take Berserker if it's still open.
@Plank Sinatra@Crimmy
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