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Location - Alabasta - Docks/Golden Lion MKII
@King Cosmos-@KillBox

It was not long before all of the Red Lion Pirates had assembled on the deck of the Golden Lion MKII. The ship truly was as magnificent as its name implied. The various pipes that snaked along the underside and overside of the deck created an almost... Corrupt look. As if Technology had grown tentacles and taken over a ship, and it all collected towards a singular spot, the Captain's chamber. That chamber right now, was open. Acting as a makeshift thrown for Nikko to sit upon as he addressed his crew, and their new hire.
By his side stood Shigeuchi, and by Shigeuchi stood a small TVset, and by that a wooden doll in the shape of a human being. Carved delicately to be nearly identical in size and shape to a certain somebody on the TVset.

"Some of you have expressed curiosity in why you are all here, and why we stopped in Alabasta. It's simple. We have all gathered to kidnap the young prince of Alabasta. Vivian." Vivian was a particularly girly sounding name, but apparently it was the height of masculinity in Alabasta. Personal taste and all that. "Simply put, as soon as the prince is in our custody, we leave for Water Seven. It will take roughly two days to get their by air. Once there, we stay for five days. Within this seven day period, Alabasta will give into our demands to return the prince. We shall walk away from this, with higher bounties, greater wealth than you or I have seen in our personal coffers." It was easy enough to see the appeal in why people followed him. He could make things sound so simple. Perhaps he was just that great a Captain. An ill-fit for Luffy. He was far too naturally cunning.

"Now, I want you all to get started on prepping the ship for launch. Our guest will be here... In... 3... 2... 1..."
Shigeuchi's cue was given. In a moment, the crown prince Vivian would vanish from the tvset, replacing the wooden dummy in a sudden flash. The dummy appearing on the TVscreen, and a note written for the various royals to toil over.
"W-What's happening!?" The prince shouted, eyes wide. His spectacles being re-adjusted as he adjust to the sudden shock of being swapped with another object. "Who are you people? Where's my royal guard? And..." The prince seemed so distraught, and then he caught the sight of the pirate flag sailing in the wind above him. "ARE YOU PIRATES!? THAT'S AMAZING!"

Apparently the prince had heard some stories from his mother about how cool pirates could be.
@LukasVolkov Seven. Our goal is for people to make Master and Servant sheets.
@LukasVolkov Nobody has sent in a Rider sheet yet. So if that class interests you, go for it.
@LukasVolkov So we aren't reserving slots, but someone else has sent in a saber sheet too. So while you can apply for Saber, it might be safe to have a backup idea.
@ItMeGritty Sure, go for it. We're not doing a reserved character system, but we don't have anybody clamoring much for caster as far as I know.
(I have permission to temporarily control King Cosmos' character, because it's just easier that way.)

Location - Alabasta - Saloon
@King Cosmos-@ladyonyx04-@KillBox

When the assassin aimed a kick right at Shigeuchi, two things happened. The first, is that he swapped his position with that Caitlyn. The second, is that Lexi likely had just kicked her own Captain. It would have been hilarious, if the duo hadn't become an annoying collection of rambling... Well to be honest both Nikko and Shigeuchi had been then decided that the two girls were annoying, and not worth the trouble. It was actually embarrassing, and they had places to go.

"Brats not understanding the importance of logistics." Was all Shigeuchi had to say regarding Jōichirō's comments. It was meaningless to say more, the kid's attitude was already rubbing Shigeuchi's scales the wrong way. And he didn't even have scales. The brief look he shared with his captain was clear. He didn't trust this guy, and to be honest, it was just amusing to Nikko.

"Well, I wish you luck with that. Consider yourself on probation for threatening your new captain, and you'll be doing swabby duty for the first week." Nikko didn't mention it, but he doubted any ambition to steal the Golden Lion MKII would last a day. The ship didn't have sails, and rather ran on heat power. His heat power. The reason simply being that unless Nikko was there to pilot and control the ship, it didn't move. Shigeuchi had the idea to be honest. A ship that cannot leave port without its captain. It certainly kept the crew in line. Mutiny was simply impossible.

"We're leaving, we have business to attend to." Nikko said, and the pirate crew began to leave the bar. They had no intention to start a fight to begin with. If Caitlyn and Lexi chose to follow and attack again, the pirate crew would not be as kind. As Nikko stepped outside, there was a sudden ringing from his pocket. Pulling a small snail from his pocket, the Red Lion smiled. "Oh, and what news do you have?"
"Boss, the thing is all set up. We even have the video feed like you asked for."
"And the replica?"
"All made up, it's ready to go."
"Excellent, I'm heading back to the ship with some new crewmembers. We'll be setting sail soon. You have set up the detonation timer, right?" Nikko asked, a bit more quietly to avoid evesdroppers.
"Of course boss, seven days if our demands aren't met. We'll be in Water 7 well before that thing goes off." Nikko hung up after that, and smiled from ear to ear.

"Alright boys, we're heading out, all aboard the Golden Lion MKII!"
@Seirei No Hai You can go Master and Servant. (We actively encourage people to do both, but we will make NPC masters for anybody who doesn't wish to play a master.)

Location - Alabasta - Saloon
@King Cosmos-@ladyonyx04-@KillBox

Lexi's dagger did not reach Nikko. Rather, as soon as it had left her hands, the weapon was knocked aside. Sailing into the air, and smacking into a nearby beam of the bar. It was important to remember that Nikko was a pirate captain, and several other pirates sat near him, and several other pirates stood with him. When an attack was directed at their captain, one of those pirates moved in, a sword in his hand. The turban'd man who had noticed Lexi spying on them earlier. His blade having easily knocked the weapon aside.
"Thank you, Sargon." Nikko said, and the turban'd pirate nodded back. Unharmed, the pirate captain smiled at his attacker, but it wasn't a kind smile. Rather a dangerous smile.

"Oh, are you two the ones who were spying on me earlier?" Nikko said, as Caitlyn barged into the room. The red haired captain didn't seemed bothered by either. Instead, he looked at Lexi, and tilted his glasses down just a bit so the lens weren't in the way. "You two do realize you just attacked me, right? With a poisoned knife if the barger is telling the truth. That means, I can consider you a danger to my business. And that means, I have to kill you."

Whatever Lexi expected as an attack... It wasn't what she expected. She might have been prepared for a kick. A punch. A sword more likely. But instead of any of those... Two beams of light shimmered in Nikko's eyes, and speared outwards towards Lexi. His devil fruit, the Sun Sun fruit, made him a man with all the powers of a sun. A walking solar flare. In that moment, he had concentrated his heat into his eyes, and sent them beaming out in a concentrated ray of pure sunlight. VWOOORP!

A fast as light attack that would blow a hole right in Lexi's chest.

"Pity... I was thinking of saying yes if you asked to join my crew."
Good News everybody, OOC is up.

I realize there are a lot of people really hoping to get in. So we can't get everybody who showed interest. But thank you all for the interest you're showing. It really makes it possible for us to make these.

- To Who it may Concern...
I am Eugene Coletrain, member of the Clocktower, and you are one of seven that is receiving this exact same letter. Your history, lifestyle, and various personality flaws have made you stand out amongst over one-hundred plus various figures we have looked at to solve a particular problem. Yes, you are a problem solver. Whether you cause the problem in the first place doesn't matter. You have the exact talents and history that we need. As such, you are invited by the Clocktower and it's higher ups to participate on our behalf, in a Grail War. You and six others will work side by side, go to the town of Ronda, Spain, and return home with the prize. You shall have your wishes, your desires, and we shall have a jolly laugh when its all over.
The only problem, is that seven others are already participating in said grail war. But that shouldn't trouble you.
- Sincerely, your new best friend.

Welcome to Ronda. A city built alongside towering cliffs that dip into oblivion, and bridges that snake along the sides and connect islands in the sky. Call it your new home away from home, or your tomb if you get careless. You have just been invited to help the Clocktower break into a Grail War in Progress as the newly minted 'Team Gold.' Your goal is to team up with your new teammates, take down a divided group of fighters already in progress, and enjoy the prizes that come with it.
And then maybe kill each other at the end...

1 - Don’t Godmod
2 - Be a decent person. If you have a problem with another player, you are invited to tell a GM. We’ll do what we can.
3 - There will be only Seven Master slots. And Seven Servant slots.
4 - There is one Super-Servant on the side of the player characters. (Don't ask for this one. We were contacted earlier about it, and we already picked who is getting that spot. They know who they are.) Every other Servant is a Middle-Upper Tier level. (Think Diarmuid to Cu Chulainn)



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