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_________________________________Saber Class_________________________________

Right... Should have expected this to happen. In fact, Roland had not only expected it to happen, it was the very reason he had chosen to sit on the head of the mighty Elephant instead of standing elsewhere or sitting alongside Trieu. Sitting next to Trieu would have made it difficult to suddenly leap to action, but from where Roland was, sitting right on the head, with his feet resting just on the front of the face.

Roland was in fact, 100% ready for Jack to run. In the very moment Jack's feet were reached out, in the very moment Jack was kicking off the ground, Roland was doing the exact same thing. He leaned foward, and with a force like a monster, he kicked off, like a missile. Where was Jack would have to gain his speed, Roland's action of kicking off as he did was comparison to that of a rocket going off. No. Rockets are too slow. Roland, empowered by his own song, and the strength of the odds against him, was greater than any bullet leaving the barrel of a weapon.

His hand already on one of the two blades on his hip, and as Roland was flying through the air, the blade was slicing in an arc. Going from Jack's hip, to Jack's shoulder. A fatal blow, and crippling to a runner even if the blade didn't make the full path. In the less than half second since Jack had started running, Roland was upon him, and by the time Jack's mouth was opening to speak the invocation, the blade of Roland was passing through his stomach. By the time Roland foot touched the ground to make chase with Jack, the boy's upper half would be spinning away from his lower half, and his grip on Durandal no doubt having been lost when his arms where sliced through.

Despite Jack's ability to disengage, both parties had started from the same starting line, without a huge gap between them that Jack could have relied on for extra protection. This had in short granted Roland the very lack of distance he had required to make this chase short.

_________________________________Saber Class_________________________________
Northern Moor

"It seems all the honorable servants are stuck with dishonorable masters, who chose to hide in their bases till the end of the war." Roland said, climbing up onto the massive creature his fellow servant had summoned. Climbing up the trunk, and being lifted higher, he took a seat next to the Rider, finding it rather comfortable. Shockingly, he had ridden an Elephant before. Long ago... When he was alive. Long ago. With Olivier.

"So, this is India?" The speaker smiled, looking off into the distance of such a magnificent land that stretched before him. He looked to his right, and there Olivier was, sighing out loudly.
"Roland, do I need to remind you that this isn't some holiday." Olivier seemed to drag Roland back down to earth, despite how he seemed so eager to be exploring. "Need I remind you exactly why we're here?"
"Of course not!" Roland declared, puffing up his chest, and looking away from Olivier. "Yes..." He hissed out, after the long silence of Olivier's judgemental stares.
"We're getting you an Oliphant Horn. Elephants are great for that kind of thing, or som-"
"We're going after a unicorn."
"A unico- Roland! Nobody can catch a Unicorn!" Olivier hissed, and nudged Roland right in the side. "I won't allow it. We'd spend years hunting, and nothing of value would come from it."
"Well, I shall prove that it can be done." Roland clutched Durandal, and he was off, horse galloping into the fields of India, passing by herds of the mighty elephant. And Olivier following in annoyance. But what else could be done with a man like Roland? Such a person would refuse to live life by the rules of others. Maybe that was why god seemed so interested in making sure Olivier was there to keep him in line.


But while Roland's mind drifted back to India, and his triumph there, he snapped back just in time to the hunt. The hunt itself was rather... Interesting. Workshop. Workshop. Workshop. A school with cannons on it. A bunch of insects eating corpses. Roland didn't get involved, but for a moment Trieu could hear a prayer on his lips. But he had a mission, and burying all those bodies would be a meaningless venture. After all, they had been claimed by the Matous.
"They did not deserve this." Roland said, his gaze drifting along the meaningless carnage. "But I cannot change that. Instead, I will make sure nothing else like it happens again." He said, and turned his eyes away from that tragic scene. The thudding hooves of the elephant filled the air, and they were gone. His master made aware of the tragedy at Fuyuki park.

Western Farms

But then... They found him. The Western farm districts, which was surprisingly nice this time of year. A large, empty stretch of road left them all exposed, but such things couldn't be helped. At the very least, it was a very pleasant location, and Roland could easily understand such a desire to simply, walk around and around.

But neither Roland or Trieu were subtle servants, and the massive elephant they rode upon was the largest most obvious thing a servant could ride upon. Thud Thud Thud. The elephant thumped down the street, and there was Roland sitting on the head of the regal beast, with a smile flashing from ear to ear. Looking as non-offensive as possible.

"Well hello there, long time no see." Roland said, as the elephant began to walk alongside the green clothed servant. "You know, you're not an easy servant to find. Well, comparatively."

Trieu smirked and began to slide her sword from it's sheath, the red blade shining as the metal glinted against the sun. "Understand even for such a thief as yourself, we don't intend to fight you, but if you do not give this man his sword, there will be blood" She sat behind Roland staring at jack. This rogue..sent shivers down her spine. He reminded her very much of a cowardly traitor in the ranks of Vietnamese soldiers.

"Please be more... civil..." Roland sighed out, and were this an anime, he would have had a sweatdrop. "But yes, please return my blade."


Have fun. Maybe join the Discord chat, we can get you up to speed.

_________________________________Saber Class_________________________________
Northern Moor

"I understand the... Nervousness of such a meeting. Your master has no doubt heard of the ever increasing dangers the war is bringing on. I understand why they have likely remained safe in their home." Roland wasn't one to judge, since he himself had tried to convince him master to remain at the Einzbern manor and let the servants travel around and get involved in the war. Naturally, the horse man refused, feeling the need to help the people. Roland of course, let him. He was a hero, not a kidnapper, and would never force such a man to work against his own will. In fact, he was jealous. Such desire, to fight the odds without a upper hand like a servant. How noble. How... Admirable. It made him feel alive again.

The sword thrown at his feet was picked up from the ground, and clutched in his hand. It was nowhere near the power of the other sword the Rider wielded, but it carried a mystery, much like the other blade given to him the other Rider who followed the Einzberns. He wondered for a while what that Rider was up to. He was indeed a powerful man, but his master played him far to defensively. He expected that man to probably be pacing at that manor now, itching for any kind of battle against a foe he could consider on his level. Roland hoped that man would find his battle. But for now, Roland was searching for his own, and such a man would be dangerous for such a hunt.

"You saved my life." Roland said, as if replying to her talk about his actions. "I doubt I would have had the chance to escape if you hadn't done what you did. Even if the fires did spread, I won't tell anyone. As a paladin of my uncle, it would be nothing short of an insult if I attempted to turn you in after saving my life. I'm no criminal, or assassin." Placing the second sword in a new sheath on his belt, he reached out with his unaltered arm to shake Trieu's own. "I owe you a great deal, and I will owe you again once this mission is over. Once I have regained my blade, I shall give you an honorable duel. From one great hero to the other." There was a smile, and he was looking into the distance.

"Well, when you're ready." Roland let out a smile, as that idiot hero began to march out of the Moor. His eyes focused on the future. "So, do you have a name? Mine is Roland. I feel it would be dishonorable of me to not inform you, since I owe you such a debt."

_________________________________Saber Class_________________________________
Northern Moor

Roland remembered her from the bar last night. When he had left, he had managed to run right into a familiar face. At the fire, his life had been saved by a Rider class servant. And now, he had come to the Northern Moor to meet up with her. Because the two of them had a mission. This wasn't his territory, but as honorable man, he suspected the one who had saved his life was the honorable sort too, at least from their talking at the bar.

But there was one thing that did cause him just a tad concern. It was his missing arm. Or to be more exact, his no-longer missing arm. A set of heavy black bandage like material was wrapped around his torso, and covered what seemed to be a new arm, replacing the one that Roland had lost earlier that week. The witch that had given him back his arm had been cryptic for the reasons behind why. But now, he had something brand new, and he planned to use it. Use it to get back the things he had lost.

"Where are you... Rider?" Roland grumbled out softly, standing there in the open, hand drumming against his sword. He gazed across the moors, and took in the sights and sounds. It was... Peaceful enough.
<Snipped quote by Dealdric>

All Servant slots are either taken or being worked on. We have two open Master slots (for Rider and Berserker).

Alignment is just your usual Chaotic/Lawful/Neutral/Good/Evil thing that all Servants have.

Alice and I are buddies. So I'm willing to try and make a Master to go with her Berserker. Though that may not work well with the rules.
His skills are a bit skimpy. You should join the Discord group, and Alice and I can probably help you fluff it up more.
@Kyuuzen It's more an aspect of trying to match a 1888's asthetic. It'd be impossible to get a relic for characters who weren't even born yet.
@Kyuuzen not your fault. Character was under identity lockdown until like 2 days ago.
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