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@Raineh Daze Seems like a perfect team up.

Yes, Einzbern can get Diarmuid.
@Raineh Daze Who knows, but yeah, good point.
@Raineh Daze Yes he can. If anything, his beauty spot will have it so he's loyal, but distant. Since he doesn't want his master to get tempted by his incredible beauty.
Anyhow, the Einzbern needs a Servant who would've actually stuck around with a strange child for three years, but wouldn't have done such a good job of looking after them that they wouldn't be so socially... off. Which rules out Nursery Rhyme.

Or multiple.

Diarmuid is perfect for that then. Super loyal, bad in crowds.
You could always adapt a character of yours. Be it a Fate one or not.

It's what I did for mine lol.

Honestly, I'm trying to think of what kind of masters are in demand right now and work around that.
Sorry I've been quiet. I've been trying to think of a character that I think would fit into this for a Master. No luck yet.

June 29th, Old State House
Manco Capac

What luck. What luck indeed. A custodial ghost who was merely curious about who was tapping into the Leyline. And a familiar of the grail no less. Without a doubt this put them in the greatest advantage. Knowing before all others just where the grail will appear. Best of all, they sat right upon it. Unfortunately, while sitting on it, they had become targets to anybody else who may figure this out as well. And it put a hamper on his plans to use this spot as the location of his finalized noble phantasm. But, there were other spots that had less value to him. He could easily set up elsewhere, or better... Expand.

"To be honest, I'm glad you do not consider yourself the same as me." He bowed softly, with his golden staff being used to hold himself. "After all, had you marked yourself as a familiar, you would have robbed yourself of the things that make you different. Human individuality... It's the very reason I came here today. Because Mr. Giuseppe is an individual. An individual who sees things on individual levels. Had my summoner been anybody else, I would have resisted, and sent one of my descendants in my place. I am going to keep active, by increasing my network. But detective..." The blue haired Caster smiled at his summoner now.

"Go with her. I will keep an eye on both of you. But I will keep my focus on the grail war." He placed a hand on Giuseppe's shoulder, pushing him closer to the Guide. There was a soft screeching on the floorboards, as Caster's push was like that of a strong man, and Giuseppe was just a regular man. "You summoned me to participate in this war in your steed, while you investigated the happenings of Boston. We should keep to our roles for the time being." Caster's smile broadened, and he turned his attention back to his workshop. "Keep me up to date on what you learn. I'll be crafting some... Particular artifacts. As I suspect I'll have some materials coming in soon."

With that, Manco stepped away, a flick of a long feline tail showing him off, before he realized he'd forgotten to remove that, and pulled it back in. The caster returned to a makeshift workbench, and he gazed upon the very thing he'd been working on. A slender bow, carved with delicate hands. Silver was used in it's creation, the most valuable metal in the mind of Caster. "Soon. Soon I will have need for you."
If anybody has interest in insta-kill swordsman, let me know. Just be ready for "But Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaster!"
Okay, ladies, you're both pretty. Take it to Discord or private messages.
@VitaVitaAR Medusa needs a separate NP to Ride and control Pegasus. She has to use Bellerophon specifically to control pegasus. Something she can't do otherwise. It's a combination of Pegasus being born from her blood, which she recreates, and then uses Bellerophon to ride. Otherwise she'd just summon Pegasus, and then he'd fly away because she has no control of him otherwise.

Sinbad neither has the means to summon the Leviathan, Roc, or Elephant King, and neither does he have anything that would allow him to control him.
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