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Got a setting in mind? Like a future city, a modern day city, or a western? because if it's a western, I wanna make a lady with big boobs who wants to destroy all the guns in the world.


Near the Edge of Town**@Stormborn@Seirei No Hai@ERode@Love Detective
Taking Control of Liliana and Hatshepsut.

"That reminds me Sir Liang. If you are a Servant, who summoned both of you if not her or my original Master somewhere out in this hellish landscape?"

Liang did not miss a beat, and nodded at the question. "Ah, it's a bit of a long story. Just know that I was summoned for a Holy Grail War. Everything happening now is the aftermath of it. Seven servants summoned by their masters, each to help their summoner win a war. It... Didn't go exactly as planned." He took a step away, as if to guide them. "But, I shall tell you the full story when we are someplace a bit safer. My maze is... Well I feel we'd all be happier to be at my workshop instead. No doubt we'll have your friend arrive shortly with us."

Liliana stepped over, and began to walk by the Caster's side. "Well, aren't you all going to follow?" She said, as if that was so simple. It was less trust, and more a realization that even if they said no, it was unlikely they'd ever get out of the maze without somebody to help them. And she for one did not like to get lost. It was one thing for a corn maze, but this was something else.

Even if her current team wanted to, she was forcing their hands. "Now, Mr. Zhuge Liang, tell me about China. Is it lovely this time of year?" His response did not reach Saber's ears, but judging from how excited Liliana acted, it must have sounded rather lovely to her ears. As soon enough... Time moved on.

At Caster's Workshop...

The workshop was simple. It lay upon the old school, which was good enough for a Caster at least. Making it rather clear where he most stood to benefit. The building was noticeably gutted, but quite a bit of it had been restored in a way that clearly hearkened to the Caster's homeland. A warm cozy look, with quite a number of artifacts he had no doubt re-purposed from the museum.
"Do you like that one?" Caster asked, while watching Lilianna pick up a helmet. "It's the catalyst used by a master in the second grail war. I believe it was used to summon a persian hero. Likely someone like Cyrus the Great, or one of the many Darius's. I suspected the master must have been from the same region, since I heard that the Berseker of the second war was quite the monster. The Berserker of this war was a formidable beast too, but she passed up against assassin early on, and he stole her rage. It would have helped to have her in the war."

Caster then glared at Diarmuid, who had been forced to take a seat in the corner after Caster had returned to see him and the Rider fighting again. It was kind of like seeing him lightly punish a giant dog. Kind of silly, despite Saber being more than a match for Caster.
"Though, I guess it's time to explain where it all went wrong." Caster said, and pondered for a moment just where he should begin. "Well, I guess... I should start with the very end of the war."

Three Days Ago, the War's End.

Caster... Was defeated... He was on his knees, eyes wide, and finally defeated. Not by a quick mind, or a strategist above his level, but by sheer attrition. Waves upon waves of soldiers, and he only one man. It was like facing off against his rival again. But unlike Sima Yi, who was smug as could be, there was no sense of an equal match here. It was simply the reality of being overwhelmed by a wave. As if he was once more fighting the whole hordes of Cao Cao's Wu. And finally... He had folded.
Having been impaled by three spears, it was a wonder Caster was still alive, much less able to focus on the man in front of him. Because before him, was Rider. Alexander the great. A conqueror of such renown that even Caster knew his name from simple knowledge alone. His breathing was heavy as he watched the conqueror stand aloof and distant, as if judging rather than getting involved.

"Impressive, Caster. I shall remember you as one of the more worthy challenges I have faced in this war." Rider said, with a smirk on his lips. "It's a shame I can't recruit you to my cause, but loyalty to your own ruler is a quality that I would never force from another. After all, a willingness like yours should be congratulated, and not stolen." It was odd, but despite such a defeat, it was hard to feel anger at this man. No, it made sense. It explained why he had been hailed a god in some places.

Caster let out a deep sigh, still holding on. Until there was a pain in his heart. A sudden feeling, as if a connection had been severed. As if on cue, a man stepped from the shadows. His hair a snowy blonde, almost white, and his black cloak all to obvious. Caster didn't even need to say the name. They all knew who he was. Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald...

"What did you d-" Caster opened his mouth to speak, but it didn't matter. He was silenced by another figure moving from the shadows. Light dancing off its form... The Volumen Hydrargyrum. A slick silver abomination of magecraft, and a genius work of a genius mage of his era. But that was not what drew Caster's eyes. That wasn't what made him shut up.

The boy's head rested on top of the strange sphere. The rest of his body hidden inside it. But no doubt... Waver Velvet was dead. His body shredded apart, as he had tried to match his own teacher in a field he was never destined to succeed in. The very definition of an impossible battle.

"Tssk, a real shame." Rider said, shaking his head. "That boy had spunk. Well, spunk buried under fear and cowardice." Rider added that last part, and for a moment Caster wished he had the strength to move, so that he might strangle both men who took satisfaction in the death of Caster's master.

"Rider..." Caster spoke, but the words hurt so much. "I damn you... I damn your quest for conquest. I damn your master. I damn all who participate in this war." His words were bitter. "I hope that when you look upon your grail. Your prize at the end of the rainbow... It is as black and meaningless as the those of a demon from the deepest part of humanity. Damn your grail war. Damn you." Caster closed his eyes... And the last thing he saw was Rider walking away with his master... And Waver's mutilated body hitting the floor. Life discarded so easily...

What a waste...

What a waste...................

What a waste........................................................................................

Then Caster woke up. Magic filled the air. The grail had been destroyed... And he was there once more.


"That is what happened. The war ended when another master attacked the grail. Unable to destroy it, he had instead released its contents upon the world. A black mud that corrupted any human it touched, and twisted any servant who stepped into it. Rider was the closest, and thus was tainted forever by its madness."

"Well, I guess we know who our enemy is..." Lilianna said after that long silence.
[Nothing to see here]
Could be fun. Gotta figure out what kinda pirate I wanna make.
I'd join as a servant, or a Master. I have a sheet for both. With my master being a descendant of Russian Santa, and my servant options being rather numerous. (I have options for a Caster or a Berserker. Both of which are usually pretty fun.)
Like KoL, I am tentative as well. It's an interesting idea. But I feel most people join these to play as the servants, so making them NPCs and making everybody else play Masters is gonna be the real sticking point.

Pandarus Express

"How fortuitous then that you are a painter." Pandarus said, with a flash of his teeth. "Rider has been requiring a painter for some time. Soldiers by the thousands, but... No artist to chronicle his war." He held his hands up, as slowly the soldiers gathered about turned to look at each of the servants, and their master.

The faces. Each without expression. An... Empty face. Smooth without a wrinkle or ear. Only a hole where they should have expression. Drooling out a thick mud, which sizzled away into nothing. This face on each soldier, regardless of armor or flag. Yet Pandarus did not stop walking. He seemed unaware, or perhaps simply uncaring of the soldiers around them. As if... He had become used to such a display. Further and further into the camp they walked, with soldiers shuffling by, or simply stepping aside as the Archer led the group further along. Ahead lay tents. To those who fought in the war... It was like being slapped in the face.

Each tent was laid out in a pattern. A near half circle, or the hoof of a horse. And yet... The fabrics. The way it faced them... They were home. Home outside Troy. Facing the very set up that had faced them outside Troy. As if they had stepped into a fantasy, with faceless soldiers standing around in droves.

"RIDER! I HAVE RETURNED WITH HEROES OF TROY! And Diomedes..." Pandarus raised his hands, as if in salute. The largest tent, for a leader, opened up. His eyes narrowed as he stepped out into the field, eyes wide with pleasure.
"Welcome!" He laughed, arms out wide to accept each of them into his army. "I welcome you, to my camp!"

And so... They met Alexander the Great.

Diarmuid ua Duibhne

It was odd how much this knight reminded him of someone. No, not Fionn. But as Diarmuid looked across that distance, he was reminded of another knight. One brimming with energy, who fought to save the princess in every challenge, and... Well... Perhaps it was just better to treat it as a fondness. He twirled that golden blade in his hand, and stepped forward.

"Very well, I shall spar with you. But once I have laid you out on your back, I want you to remember that you asked for it." Diarmuid said, before charging forward. A flurry of strikes from his blade, as playful as a child swinging a blade around, but with the skill of a knight worthy of his title. For Diarmuid, it was all fun.


Near the Edge of Town**@Stormborn@Seirei No Hai@ERode@Love Detective
Taking Control of Liliana and Hatshepsut.

"I assume you mean the Rider that chased after your scout? I hope he didn't hurt him too much, it'd be bad if we lost our Rider in case Caster's Master is in a sea of enemies."

There was a good nature'd smile from the Shu general, and he nodded after a pause. "Yes, I refer to your Rider. Gawain, correct? Or perhaps he has not shared his name with you yet." He took a step closer, as if he was unworried by a sword. "I am an ally. The bounded field you have entered is my noble phantasm, Unreturning Army: Stone Sentinel Maze." It seemed so simple when he said it that way.

"I have placed this field all over Fuyuki. Particularly the outer edges. For close to the center of this city, lies an army set up by this grail war's..." He paused, as if he didn't quite know what word he'd prefer to use. "Winner. A servant known as Rider." He understood that it may be difficult for them to trust his word, considering they had arrived from Chaldea, without connection.

"How about this. I shall prove myself an ally, in one move." He raised a hand, the one holding the fan. His eyes never leaving the three...

"Wait, what do you plan to do, in order to prove your honor as an ally?" Liliana said, interrupting as she stepped forward. Only to then step back, as if that was too forward even for her.
"Simple... I am restoring the thing you need most. But don't tell anybody, because it's a secret." There was calm in that moment...

"Chu Shi Biao"

Nothing. Caster's words were spoken, and he turned to walk away. The maze did not fall. The world was quite. Liliana felt in that moment as if the tension in the world could be cut by a knife.

"-ello? A new channel is active on the monitor. Did they connect with others?" A voice from nowhere. A surprised laugh as if the world was kicked back into motion. "At last! Another team has established contact! This is Raphael, servant of madam Yuna Hoshiyumi! And you are in contact with Chaldea! Oh what glorious news! I thought we'd lost you for a while!" The figure of a man burst into life before them. "Madam, we have contact with a new party! I told you I was a genius! Must have been a glitch in the system. One of my drones must have made an error. No matter how hard I try, they never can match my artistic flare."

"What a strange man. I hate him." Was all Hatshepsut had to say.

Pandarus Express

That crazy ear to ear grin vanished. His hand pulling to his lips as he let out a slight, cough, suddenly self-conscious from both Assassin's comments, and his brother's question. Thankfully Hector seemed silent. Strange, but he'd judge that later. "Well... My hand slipped. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to see you. But I guess we lucked out with my aim being poor. Bouncing off your armor and all that." His eyes flicked from side to side, as if hoping that would end the... Subject.
"Besides, that one time my hand slipped wasn't my fault. We both know Athena was involved, so you can't really blame me. She always gets what she wants in the end after all." A sigh escaped his lips. "Except... Not this time."

He placed his hands on his hips at the question of a safe space, and couldn't help but let his grin back. "Ah yes, the... Goo. It hasn't gone away, but as long as you don't step in it, you'll be fine. When Rider sees you three, he'll be excited for sure. He thought his attempts to call on others heroes was a failure, but you three? More than enough proof. And you even have a civilian!" He gestured to Marietta with a hand. "Now, I'll lead you to camp. Guess I'll have to fill you in on the alliance, huh?"

Pandarus began to walk away, gesturing for the group to follow. "After the grail was destroyed, those of us that remained couldn't help but be... Shocked to say. I had lost the chance to remove my mistake. Then, Rider showed up! He told us we could still have our wishes! He gathered each of us who would follow, to help the world." The way he spoke... It was dripping with enthusiasm. Idolization for this unnamed Rider. "And now each of you is here. Soon, all of us will be summoned. The Acheans, and the Trojans. Putting aside our differences to save this world! Oh, but I make it sound... Well too good. You'll have to hear it from Rider's own words."

Ahead, the dust was clearing. Into sight drifted several soldiers. They seemed to be a collection of soldiers from all over the world. Greek and roman armor was all to visible among their ranks, as they shuffled about with sword and shield in hands. Yet, the closer they got, the denser this army became. An army of nations. As if... The whole world was here.
"The general will be more than happy to see you lot. Especially the civilian. Does she have any particular talents?"

Diarmuid ua Duibhne

Once more, his blade was raised. Striking between Gawain's blade and Diarmuid's neck. Blocking with a clang of steel as he rolled with the strike. Leaning his head back, and watching as the Rider sailed overhead. Impressed would be too subtle a word. He was thrilled. His blade raising again in Gawain's direction, mana coursing through his body, preparing to ch-

"That's enough." The voice that echoed down from above was simple, but as soon as it spoke, Diarmuid lowered his blade.
"But Caster, I am n-" Diarmuid began, but he was silenced in response.
"Saber, the others are coming. We shouldn't be greeting them with violence. You both will wait here, I shall greet them personally. They're already lost." With that, the man who had been observing both servants vanished. And with his vanishing, so too did the strange pressure that had been building upon Gawain.
"He is indeed a strange one... But, he is the only one able to protect the world right now." Diarmuid hissed out. "But thank you for that fight. If you have any questions, let us wait for Caster to return with your allies."


It was... A Maze. A maze of buildings that seemed to stretch forever in all directions. A near endless cascade of confusion that heralded a growing pressure. As if the buildings themselves were exuding pain down upon them. Was this pain? Their presence here might as well have been unwanted.

As Olivier turned a corner, there standing at the far end... Was the man responsible. A fairly pleased looking youth, with a smile on his lips. But his eyes. They showed wisdom of ages.
"Finally you three arrived. I was worried you'd spend forever simply taking that leyline. I hope you don't mind, but I'll have to be asking for permission to use it. It's for the world, you see." The strange caster said, as if that explained everything.

Then all of a sudden, the pressure was gone. No worries, as if they had just stumbled upon a guide to take them through hell.
"My name is Zhuge Liang. I am the Caster servant of the Fourth Holy Grail War, and right now, you are the very people I've been waiting for. I was worried that Chaldea wouldn't be able to come, so I may have wrung a few wrists to make sure you all arrived properly."
He did a slight bow, as if waiting for each of them to bow back. "Now, if you would, your ally is waiting for you just ahead. Or behind. This is a maze, and you did make a few wrong turns."

Nikko - East Blue - Starter Island

- "Gold Roger's beginnings were humble. Like most pirates he was not immediately wealthy, or immediately all-powerful. In fact, on the day he started out, he didn't even possess a ship. So, he set out to get one. Leading him, to Starter Island. Not a true island like many others, but rather an artificial one. Once upon a time, a ship builder wanted to build his ships in the wide open ocean, so that they would be of the best quality and unlike any others. Soon, other shipwrights saw this, and wished to do the same. In the end, the collection of workshops, all eventually merged into one. Becoming Starter island, where almost all ships in the East Blue could trace their origins back to.

Gold Roger did not buy a ship. In his first bounty, he stole one."

Page 1 of 'The Brilliant Gold Roger' written by 'the equally brilliant Nikko.'

He closed his notebook, and let out a deep sigh. The click of his notebook filled the air, and a smile drifted up along his lips. Nikko's heart was racing, despite this... He wasn't on steady ground. After all, he was standing on a tiny sailboat, that drifted slowly towards the horizon. On that horizon was a monstrous thing. A massive collection of boats and wooden docks that seemed to go on forever. Massive crane loomed in the distance, used to pick up and drop each of these behemoths into the water.

From a pair of binoculars, Nikko gazed out at each ship. As if trying to decide which one he wanted to reach out and take for his own. If he was going to write about the Pirate King, he might as well repeat his actions. That was the best way to get into the mindset of the pirate king after all, right?

BUMP! Nikko nearly fell off his boat as it struck land. That wooden frame connecting with one of the many docks that seemed to stretch for miles. Stepping off, he turned his head to figured out just how to tie his ship up... Only to see it spring a leak, and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Oh well.

"Well... Could be worst. Now... To find the right ship."

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