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@Meliant de Lys There is a character sheet, so you're allowed to make your own. We just review them to make sure there at least some degree of justification and balance.

As for the max amount of players. We don't really have one at the moment.

Fate/Solipsistic Chaos

The Story So Far

The year is 2030, the Clock Tower has refused to end the Holy Grail War. Despite the wishes of the Tohsaka, Einzbern, and Matou families, the Clock Tower has hijacked the ritual in their mad scramble to reach the Root. Rin Tohsaka has been confined to her home in Fuyuki to keep her from interfering with the new war, Lord El-Melloi II under similar circumstances at the Clock Tower. Shirou Emiya and Illyasviel von Einzbern have left Fuyuki and are in hiding. The Matou family has collapsed. And the Grail?

It needs to grant a wish. All the magic that has failed to grant a wish for so long has become dangerous. That magic has become tendrils, reaching out into different worlds. Lostbelts connected to our world, if only for a moment. Pulling in Servants who might not have ever appeared in a normal war. This desperation calls out and Masters are created enmasse, Command Seals coming to even the desperate or weak.

Noticing this, the Clock Tower made the choice to bring the Grail War home to Europe, but that never came to be. In the middle of the Greater Grail's journey, it vanished. The couriers lay dead, and nothing but egg on the Clock Tower’s faces.

Until… the announcement. The Greater Grail had been stolen by the American Mage Association. Known to the Moonlit World as the Freemasons, the American Government Agency of Magecraft that has taken the Grail for their own. Now, the Grail is in Blue Fields, Montana, a lesser known location of the western part of the United States.

The date is December 10th, 2030. Your war begins now.

We're currently doing a recruitment drive for Fate/Solipsistic Chaos. If you're interested, leave a message. We're not too far into the RP that people can't join if they're interested. If you have any questions, the OOC post contains a great deal of info about the RP and the lore of the series.
Honestly, I really like this idea. How wild are we allowed to be with the characters? Is it more grounded in reality, or is it more along the lines of a kind of mythical western. With stuff like monsters, or undead?
@Double Any ideas on who you'll make to replace him?


Military Base - Fort Owen

"Well... That is..." Shortly after Hou Yi had left, the connection was broken. One moment they had been focused on one task, and the next... Gone. He should have warned archer about the bounded field, but it seemed archer had been focused on his own objective. And suddenly... That was gone.

"Of course... I expected this could happen. This archer was a risk. I was aware of the risk that came with it." Arthur let out a sigh, leaning back in his chair. It wasn't that he hadn't had faith in that servant, it was unfortunately a matter of poor compatibility. Thankfully, he had expected this. Adjusting his coat, he raised himself from his chair. He let out a sigh once more, hissing out in frustration. "That's why I had plan B."

He reached for a radio, flicking it on and speaking into it. "Plan A didn't work out like we had wanted. I'm moving onto plan B. Bring the secondary servant in. I'm taking over that contract." The organization didn't accept failure. They had plotted far in advance. They had developed a back up. Another master, made into what could be called a living battery, had been stored in the facility. All to hold onto another servant that could be called on in case of differences with the first.

"Send in the second archer."

(For those curious about what is going on. Cu had to quit do to extensive events out of his control. Lonewolf's servant character is having ownership transferred to Arthur to make up for this.)

Power Level: 500
Activity: Still at the Dojo

So... Recap. In the span of a single attack, Wain had been blinded, and tossed aside by an old man. Painful. Two. For the moment he had been there, being tossed aside, an axe had flown by. Thankfully it missed him. Kinda. For a moment as Wain was rolling on the ground, tears in his eyes from the sudden painful light shown right in them... He realized there was something wet on his hands. Something wet, that wasn't tears. Turns out, the old man wasn't nearly as fast as he thought he was. Because he didn't drop Wain fast enough before the axe sliced just a tiny chunk out of his ear. It wasn't particularly bad. Kind of like an oversized papercut.

- Be reasonable and calm down.
- Ask for help.
- Freak out.
> Freak out and start blasting everything?

Admittedly not one of Wain's better choices. But he was half blind, bleeding, and as far as he was concerned being picked on by some old man who did nothing but stick his tongue out and taunt him. Freaking out seemed like a great idea. Except there was the half blind thing. But, in the moment where Wain had been blinded, there was a part of him that learned. His hands raised up, and the bleeding young feline did the first thing that came to mind.


Favor returned. Those hands generated a brilliant flash of energy. A blinding flash, like the sun directed at the eyes of the group all gathered around. A blinding flash much like the one that was still seared into his eyes. Then, he kicked off, streaking into the air. He wanted nothing to do with that old man, or that filthy creature with the axe. Instead, he wanted off this stupid planet. He wanted away from those self-righteous jerks who thought they could bully him.

He shot up right into the sky, higher and higher till a bright purple screaming streak of Wain flew past even the saiyans. With no clear direction, Wain began to buzz around the air, screaming his head off.


[The Ottoman Empire Team] - Akshamsaddin at the Meeting

Akshamsaddin had nothing to say with the new arrivals. Merely turning his head to notice them, wave, and then turn his attention back to the meeting on hand. The map in particular was of import, as he was transferring it over to the duo currently making their way to the small village. A gloved hand reached out, and touched at the forest-line, 'hm'ing softly to himself. "Miss Jeanne, it does have some merit. But we should consider that for a final resort, or an action we utilize before an attack. Scorching land has some benefits, but if they can indeed grow a new forest in a matter of days, I see no reason they wouldn't have secondary methods to defend themselves against repeat attacks of that nature.

It was clear he was a cautious man. Just the way he looked at the scenario, and seemed to be playing the long game. "We are still not totally sure if the enemy does indeed have a servant that can grow a forest like this. No doubt, we are already at a disadvantage. They hold a team that no doubt has more time spent together, and we do not. They have likely planned their servants for years in advance, knowing the best combination of relics possible. We are merely reacting to their actions."

"But, there is one thing we have over them. They are complacent. They are in possession of the grail, correct? In that case, they will be playing defensively. They have no reason to attack us. Instead, there is no doubt they will stay in base, believing themselves capable of outpacing any attack we make. Typical encounters have no advantage for us. When seven servants die, and they still possess the grail, the war is over either way. They will make the wish they want. We will be pushed on a time-limit to get the grail from them, without killing or dying." The way he explained everything seemed... Bleak. "None the less, with my servant already in play, he will have established a much stronger ground base. His personal skills after all, benefit heavily from that preparation time."
Hey folks, we're still open to applications. So if anybody has interest, just send in a message.
@Double Wain is gonna be around for a while. I have no intention on ditching him. If anything, having Momo run off with Wain, will give him a chance to get better speaking skills. Since they mighty end up as reoccurring baddies.
@Double Have him run off with Wain after the Raditz arc, and they can both come back as villains.
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