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High-Rise District (just barely across the river from the Eiffel Tower)

On the rooftops across from the Golden Shangri-La Hotel

@Crusader Lord@Unoedipal

"They're touching your stuff."
Roland had arrived early. Barely just missing the violence, but even a mind altered Berserker knew he was too late. Wait for Angelica. She would need to decide what to do with her castle. Her castle, now ruined by some greedy Saracen. But the men inside were not Saracens. Too old. They shouldn't be there, but they were. They weren't the attacker. He wanted to rip them apart, but he had been told to kill Rinaldo and Saracens, not citizens. And yet, they looked so much like Saracens.

These men weren't servants. And they weren't masters. Angelica said they weren't an assassin, as an assassin would never have tripped security. Already he was detailing everything he saw. How they mishandled her beloved cups. How they hung around her windows. How they ran their hands through the remains of her home! He could so easily kill them before they had a chance to breath, but miss Angelica would be there soon. She would make the decision. They had to find who did this, rather than just fools who stumbled in. But if they broke a single glass, he'd break them in half. No, not in half! Into tiny pieces. Pieces of pieces he would litter all over the floor! FILTHY! DISGUSTING! UGH! THE WORST! His hand tightened around his sword, and if it were anything less than the perfect blade of Durandal it would have shattered in a moment.

'Miss Angelica. Four of them. Not servants. Not threats. Assassin!? If assassin, coming after! Filthy! COCKROACHES! I SHOULD KILL THEM FOR TOUCHING YOUR FURNITURE!' It was only her words that stopped him each time. Ordering him down. She loved him after all. He loved her. His love made it easier to think, but it was still so far gone! One of the problems of throwing one's sanity to the moon, it was nearly impossible to retrieve.

But, Miss Angelica had a plan. A good plan! She said it was good! And they would find who did this to her home! THEY WOULD FIND THEM AND KILL THEM! That was the problem. That was the threat! They must be injured, why else would they have destroyed her home!? No body, either burying or seeking help. Two, maybe more? It wasn't his mind that said this, but an instinct. An instinct that seemed to break every problem down. Down into numbers he barely knew, but a feeling he got. A feeling of fighting more than one enemy.

When she told him to, he would hunt down her enemies. And kill each of them for what they did. One enemy at a time. One enemy at a time. One enemy at a time. One enemy at a time.

Location / Business District

There was something nice about the things Hanzo said. Even if the war was temporary, it didn't mean Hanzo had to leave. And it didn't mean she could stay only for that long. She could find more permanent housing. Maybe set up a real shrine in Paris. She would have to think about it. Set up funds, buy land! Things she understood, but never really had to do. And yet, the idea of Hanzo being there with her... Doing such mundane stuff with her...

Chieko was lucky that she had summoned a servant like Hanzo. Someone with years of wisdom. Loyalty to a master. Perhaps that was the heart of her legend. Loyalty. Some servants had it more than others.
"As long as I live." She said, cheeks still soaked with tears. "I will not give up." She wasn't sure if she could keep that promise, but as she said it, she wanted to. It was comforting, knowing that. Knowing deep in her heart that whatever the odds, she wasn't fighting them alone.

She looked down at her cone, and frowned. "Well, since vanilla didn't work out so well, I guess I'll try strawberry now. Or mint. I heard this thing called pistachio is supposed to be really good." The topic change was as graceful as a duck falling from the sky, but it probably served its purpose.

"And don't worry about judging the living." Chieko said, already looking to order more. "The thing about living, is that you have to learn from the past. You can't go forward if you don't know the mistakes or successes of those who pre-dated you." It was a soft smile she gave then. Eyes glistening... But not with tears. With hope. Dazzling wonderful hope! "That means, I can't possibly lose with you around to help me!"

Maybe it was too bold to say it now. But these two? They could win the war.

Location / Business District - Outside Mr. Freezy's Icy Treats

"If my Master should be troubled by the ice cream, I would be delighted to dispose of it for you."
Chieko reacted by laughing. But it was less a graceful laugh, and more the kind of laughter one makes when they discover they just married their brother who was estranged from the family because he was actually an evil clone. AKA: A shocked laugh that droned on a bit too much.
"I'm fine with vanilla. It's nothing. It's stupid." She said, glancing away dismissively after the fact. A loud huff making her point clear.

There was silence for a good minute...
Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...
"Do you promise not to laugh?" She said, to break the silence more than anything else. It wasn't an order not to laugh, but a plea. As if... "It's really stupid... But I've never had vanilla ice cream before." Bombshell. "I know, it's sounds so STUPID! Vanilla's the original flavor! It's one of the most popular? Who hasn't had vanilla? Who hasn't had it with root beer before? Well, cards on the table, not me!" She was ranting, and in between words she was biting down into her soft cone'd ice cream. She looked at Hanzo now, heart thumping in her chest. It was... "I just thought... There might be more to this vanilla, you know? I guess... When you spend thirty years of your life looking at something from a distance, you give it some greater value."

"I hate chocolate... Because it's the only ice cream Atsuko likes." She said it, and it was out there. "I hate chocolate because it's bitter, and tasteless, but most of all... It's because I never had a choice! Whatever Atsuko wanted is what everybody else had to deal with! Some stupid family tradition!" Her fingers clenched, till the cone cracked between her fingers.

"I hate her! Did you know that until I was 15, I never spoke to a boy? Because Atsuko was the only one allowed to do s-so-s-s-so!" Her voice finally cracked. Tears streaming down her cheeks and landing on the table. In frustration she took one more bite of her broken ice cream, and tossed the rest into the trashcan nearby. Even when angry she couldn't bring herself to litter.

"I'm sorry... Assassin." She said, wiping tears with the sleeves of her outfit. "Just... I never had a chance to say that to anybody before."

She was over five hundred miles away... The other side of the world... And sometimes... She felt free... But she would have to return to her cage. "I want to enjoy vanilla ice cream... As long as I can."

Location / Business District

There was a reason she had stopped by the ice cream parlor. 'Mr. Freezy's Icy Treats' may not be the premiere ice cream parlor in town, but it did have one thing going for it. Choices. Choices of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and the usuals. But then there was the exotic flavors like tortoise shell, or even grape of all things. And on top of that you could chose a million different toppings, or a dozen different bowls! Some bowls were edible.

So when Hanzo arrived, Chieko was sitting there, waiting patiently the whole time. Until finally her servant arrived. "Assassin... Don't worry." She said, smiling at the servant. "You did a great job either way. So, to celebrate the first night of our last nights, I thought to myself that you deserve something special. You've been away for a long time, right? So... I said to myself, what's the best thing to show the wonders of the modern world, that the grail couldn't tell you. And I said..." She paused for dramatic effect. "Ice Cream. So, treats on me, and pick whatever you want. Just not anything with more than two toppings... I'm not made of money."

So, sitting up from the table, she turned to the boy who was manning the open window. He had clearly tried his best to ignore the strange group that had arrived, but as Chieko stepped over to the counter that was no longer an option.
"One vanilla ice cream for me." She said, brimming full of confidence. But only really because she had spent the last ten minutes humming and hah'ing over every option.
"You sure, we got in a new flavor. Triple Chocolate mocha. It's great stuff. You're got chocolate ice cream, but then there is chocolate inside it." The clerk said, already anticipating a yes. But he didn't get it. Instead the reaction he got couldn't be described. Rather it made clear one emotion. Complete and utter disgust at the word "chocolate." "Right... Vanilla it is."
There wasn't much else to say. She got no toppings, paid for her own, and then waited for Hanzo to order whatever she wanted. Making sure to pay for that, she walked over to the table, and took a seat.

"I wonder... Why do you think people like chocolate so much?" Chieko said, biting into her vanilla. There was a pause, as if disappointed, and a sigh. "You know... I was expecting something more from vanilla."

High-Rise District (just barely across the river from the Eiffel Tower)

Penthouse Suite, The Golden Shangri-La Hotel

@Crusader Lord

"Yes, my love, you shall scatter his bones and those of the Saracens to the four winds...but for tonight, shall we take a walk outside? The weather seems so lovely, though to exist this building I will need you to go into spiritual form so we may avoid unwanted eyes..."

My love? There was a pause from Berserker as he heard those words. Only now did it become more clear than ever the truth of the matter. His beloved had been bewitched, and that bewitchment had made her fear his love. But who had cast it? A saracen? RINDALDO!? Already the idea of one of those options attempting to keep her from him was... It was driving him to anger! Already his hands tightened into fists, and he seemed ready to tear either of his enemies apart. It was only Angelica that kept him there.

A walk in the park? But he had to be spiritual?
"But if I am not seen with you, how will the Saracens know you are protected!?" He gritted his teeth, as if the idea of not being seen with his beloved was torture. "If they got close to you, if they tried to take you from me, I'd kill them on the spot!" He took a step closer, that giant with his eyes glowing that beautiful hue. "I'll kill TH▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅!!"

His ranting turned to a roar, mouth open wide as an unearthly howl echoed out. Subtle he was not. But as that howl began to build, he stopped. No howling! No freaking out! If he did, he might hurt Angelica! He held his sword, and became focused. Insane but focused. "I will protect you!" His breathing was heavy, despite his form beginning to crackle. His form fading a bit more. His rage still pulsing. A desire to protect. To love. But for now... He was easing the burden of maintaining his form just a bit longer. After all, he would not burden his beloved Angelica.


Location / Bois de Boulogne

Tensions were high. Could Hanzo pull off a brilliant strategy? Could the well organized ninja manage to outwit the powerful samurai!? FIND OUT RIGHT NOW! From her shrine, it was nearly impossible to keep track of everything that was being relayed. A fight that seemed to last only five seconds, but possessed all the complexity of a fight that may have been hours long normally.

"You did wonderful." That was the only message required. In fact... She was thankful Hanzo hadn't killed the other master. Maybe it was a lack of bloodlust, or perhaps... Just being happy that she wasn't having to deal with that yet. Hopefully... Maybe the other master was dead. But she didn't know that.

She was so... Conflicted on this. She wanted to win the war, but she wasn't sure she wanted to kill anybody. Perhaps if they ever ran into that duo again... They could chat and eat good food.

"Hanzo, I've decided to meet up with you at the special place we talked about earlier." She thought, adjusted her gown, and opening the little box of donations. Making sure she was ready, she stepped out of the shrine.
"Take care of the shrine, Tomokun!" She said, waving to the lone student who had agreed to come with her on such a dangerous mission. She was already sprinting away before he could tell her to get back there and help sweep up leaves.

An assassin, one who had been waiting by the shrine, was already swept up to run alongside her... Soon...

Business District...

Her goal? Ice cream with her servant. Thankfully the ice cream parlors were still open.
@EchoicChamber Honestly still trying to figure out if there is anything else I should add. But Rata fits a very specific role of "the annoying bad guy" so it's not like he needs any special powers.

Yeah, he's ready.
@pkkenYou can have Storm release, but you won't have many moves for your Kekkei Genkai. Think of it as "Something to work for."
@Argonaut Please remove the '.' between End and In in Battle Continuation. Because it's a link, and very annoying.
@BladeSS4 If you need it, we can allow you to invent a new jutsu to fill that role. Some new jutsu are allowed, blatantly overpowered originals are not.
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