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If somebody else wants the Caster spot, I am always willing to give it up. Considering this RP is rather overfull at the moment.
@Parallel Hearts I mean, sure? Like if a servant ran in and stabbed one, that's like an obvious win for a servant. If they ran into a room where fifty of them are running about and had time to prep, that might be another thing altogether. They're a strengths in numbers kinda thing.

A C rank familiar cannot beat a servant in 1v1, but 1v50? Sure.
Behold, the true Renaissance Man.

(If somebody else wants Caster, or has set their sights on Caster, let me know. I'm willing to talk things over.)
Sorry for the late reply. I've been rather busy lately. I'll start plotting a character soon.

@King Cosmos-@ladyonyx04-@Crimson Raven

A lot happened in quick order. First, several of his crew fell over. Then a dragon, and FINALLY he didn't even get the chance to burn that assassin girl. By the end of about a minute of glaring at everybody, he was left with a ship with a broken mast, and several unconscious crewmates.

He probably could have taken the dragon, but fighting on that level on his ship would have sunk it. On that note... They had a lot of damage just from the dragon.
"Alright..." Nikko said as he watched the dragon flying back to shore. "We'll continue sailing for now. I don't dare take flight without the main flight mast in this... State." His expression was not happy, and he still simmered with rage. "Here's the deal. We'll continue sailing, see what we can do about the mast... And I'll ring up Dendi. That little troll is always sailing around looking for ships to fix on the go. If we can get him... Then he'll CHARGE ME AN ARM AND A LEG!" Nikko kicked the nearest barrel. Knocking it into the air, and letting it catch fire before falling into the water. It was clear this was so not worth the hassle anymore.

"Shigeuch, keep an eye for the dragon. If he tries to fly back, tell me. I'll intercept him while you and the others keep sailing. You know the plan, I'll catch up." Nikko ordered, while rubbing at his eyes in frustration. He knew exactly who this was. Balthier D. Sydney, a pirate on his own level. Well, he was certainly more of a fight than this white haired girl and her assassin could offer.
"Shigeuch... Tell me. What do you think the odds are of them managing to get their own ship if they have Balthier helping them?" Nikko didn't need that answered. Chances were, Balthier could easily steal them a ship. They had rivals now.

"Next time, I will kill you, if you send her away like that again. And will somebody take care of that light-speed boy? If he ever wakes up, I'm promoting him to Lieutenant or whatever the pirate equivalent is."
Sorry for the wait. I will have a new post tonight after work.
Well you have my attention. I'm interested.
Ah nothing like a story that uses Journey to the West as a basis. You can base a million stories off that one.
I just like to imagine they both pulled out phones and called each other up.
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