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You know what, I'll give this a shot. Give me a roll.


The modern world had luxuries... But none as great as those of Egypt. Regardless, Akhenaten had taken up with attempting to enjoy himself, at least until the war was swinging properly, and he could operate as he wished. For now though, he had chosen to learn as much as he could about the world, have a conversation with Aten, and order food at the same time. As such, he was currently standing in front of the TV, with Aten in one hand, and the other on a phone. After all, there was no chair worthy of a pharaoh in this hotel. He'd have much rather simply razed the place to the ground than accept such poor accommodations, but his master had made it clear not to do such a thing.

"Yes, please send up one chicken breast, with that honey glaze your menu claims to be 'a chef's favorite.' Alongside that, I also wish to try your carrot cake. Make sure to include a carrot design with frosting. Finally-" The list of foods he'd demanded was quite large, leading upwards to over twenty items, which would be more than enough to feed the team if they wished. Though he was a pharaoh, and as such it was his tradition to enjoy a daily feast. A lavish display of foods from this country was just barely worthy of that, but he had to accept certain accommodations.

The TV though, that was a buzz with information. Cartoons it seemed, were now used to entertain the childr- There had been two world w- A man named Hitle- Buy 2 get 1 fre- The presidental elections were coming u- Who was Martin Van B- Was the moon landing a hoa- In this day and age it's important to eat good ol' McDo- The second world war left Germany in r-
Again and again, he flicked through channels, absorbing information at a remarkable rate. And everything he heard, he remembered. Not that it mattered.

The third thing, his in-depth conversation with Aten, was mostly one-sided, with Aten doing most of the talking. It was easy to decipher, for him at least. To his master, the sounds Aten made sounded like screeching metal, or grinding nails. But to him, it was mostly talk of diagnostics. Distances, charting courses, all the things a Sun Diety must be aware of. After all, Aten was a busy god. Even if modern man was convinced that Aten was some ball of hot gasses. Perhaps he should wish to have that corrected. Though he already had his wish planned for.

But as he hung up the phone, he now had a full part of his mind free to do as it pleased, and that meant boredom.
"Master, I have decided I shall go speak to one of the other parties." Akhenaten said, to his Master who was likely trying to ignore his servant and the many distractions. Probably thankful that Akhenaten turned the TV off, and left without waiting for his master to protest. Walking out into the hallway, to see which of his allies he might run into.


@ColourlessKing@Scallop@Duoya - In the Riverbed

The craft's pilot was finally visible as it spun around in mid-air. The jets cutting off, and then reigniting in a moment to do a complete 180 in the air after a first failed attack. The pilot sat on top. A man in black armor, warped beyond visibility. Even looking at him was a nightmare, but it hardly seemed to matter as the vessel he was controlling was very much on the attack again.

Mu's attack struck the armored knight, and despite its power all it did was stagger the monster, nearly knocking him off his vessel. Perhaps that was the opening needed. As Diarmuid, the brave knight of Fionn leapt into the fray. The monsterous attacker's attention turned away from the master and her servant, allowing another attack from Mu to strike Berserker again. Each time he shrugged off the attack, but each time it kept him from focusing in totally upon the Saber. Allowing Diarmuid to close the gap, and burst right in.

Berserker's craft crashed into a wall of the riverbed. Smoke and dust obscuring him as he stood, finally freeing himself from the remnants of his weapon. Yet he hardly seemed phased as he leapt down from the Riverbed. His head turned, looking directly at Mu, as if silently blaming him for all this. Then...

The helmet split. A mass of tentacles bursting out of every corner of that broken helmet, knocking the two halves to the side. The face was a horrible wailing monster of tentacles and teeth. Then, it paused as if hearing a sound that none of them could hear. And so, it walked away from the wounded knight and the chaldean operatives. As if it no longer cared about them.

@Letter Bee@SSW@Cu Chulainn - In the Middle of the City District

The sound of gunfire filled the air again, as a bullet flew well above Saber's head, only to be deflected by one of the assassins who were now paying more attention to the gunner than to Don Juan himself. Thankfully, the loss of one of their members seemed to have made them passive. Almost as if they were in silent discussion with each other.

The sniper though, was on the move, as a shadow could be seen running between broken windows. "Swordsman, where is your master!?" The voice though, was as sweet as honey to Saber's ears. The voice of a young woman, perhaps in her early twenties. She became visible as she stopped finally in front of a window, and she was indeed what Saber had hoped for. Beautiful.
"Saber, tell your master that he has to get out of the city, and across the river! He isn't safe in the city!" She shouted again. Her eyes on him.

Then, she jumped. Catching a long hanging wire, she slid down, as if full expecting this mysterious Saber servant to catch her and carry her away. She probably wasn't wrong. "I'll explain more when we're out of the way. Those things are probably deciding on which is in charge now, but it won't take them much longer."
@Demous To be fair, Yin and Yang are just the general elements within all ninja. I think he's referring more to the advanced techniques that specifically call themselves Yin Style/Yang Style, since those tend to be outright broken. Like reversing death or everlasting illusions made real.
@Hawthorne Yes, the open slot is a servant slot. Here is a link to the Discord Server if you want to talk more about your interest.
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