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What was she doing? Astrid had avoided her brother's guild, leaving first chance she got. Dressed up in a cloak, letting it obscure her terrifying visage. She just wanted away from that guild. She wanted far away. She wanted to take a break from it. To not have to deal with such a change. Yet, when she looked up from the city streets, all she could see was that pillar-esque tower that made her sick. This wasn't earth. She wasn't going to wake up in the morning. This dream had gone on too long for that, and the voice in her head! That pounding voice that kept pointing her to people and saying... Kill. She turned away each time, hand over her blindfolded eyes.
"No. I'm not doing that." But why? You did it before. "That was in a game! I'm not killing people with lives!" Look at you. You can't even be around your own brother, and his castle. Why? "Because..."
She had no reply to that. There was nothing she could say to justify that. Maybe she didn't know herself that well. She just felt... So out of here element! She used to be the best! And now, she discovered she had to deal with the results of that choice. To be the best she had to kill others to own a Witchblade, and then... She was here, and if she did that, she'd be a monster. In a way, it was that realization that this wasn't a game anymore made her sick. And she couldn't keep playing this game.
"I want to go home."
You can't. You have to stay here and be my host.

People in armor ran past her. Men in blue armor, and her mind was snapped to the world going on around her. "Civilian, you must leave, there are invaders and you must get to shelter!" One of the blue armored men said, a hand resting on her shoulder. "We shall pr-"
"Don't, I don't need protection." Astrid said, eyes narrowed at the guard, though he couldn't see it. "I'm a mage, I can protect myself." While she might not be a mage, revealing herself as anything but would be dangerous. Simple minded people didn't need to know what she was.
"Alright, but please, try to stay safe."
"Fine. Just, leave me alone." KILL "No..."
Yeah, if everybody is both their Meister and their weapon, then the weapons aren't stuck being bored. Since weapons don't exactly do much once they've transformed.

Team White | Servant - Saber

Two more arrivals. Good. Their party of three had grown, to a party of five. Two still unaccounted for but they would show themselves in time. Some Masters usually avoided getting involved, and would work by sending out their servant and remaining hidden themselves. While it secured their safety, Emilia often found the benefits were outweighed by the risk. Since one would be unable to fully cooperate with their servant when they were so far away. But then, some just aimed to survive, and that was more than enough for them. The older woman remained seated, with her legs crossed, and her hands pressed together, but every so often she adjusted her hands, as if thinking about knitting again. Such an old hobby.

She wasn't surprised that Thule had sent a representative. In truth she had planned for it, but even she had to admit it was shocking... No intriguing that he'd have a Valkyrie as his servant, especially one so open about who she was. Hildr, one of the famous deathseekers who judged men and woman as they died. She had to admit, it was going to be useful to have a being like that allied with them.
Then there was the Master himself. Thule. The magical community who had supported the Nazi party on their initial rise to power. In a way, they were the real power behind the crown, in a way of course. One could never say the Fuhrer was bound to them in any way shape or form.

"Well, we now have Master of Berserker, Archer, and Lancer." Saber said, already smiling at the Lancer. She was no conqueror like him, but even he had to appreciate the courage of just outright announcing ones true name. "I'd love to introduce myself to you, Ms. Hildr, but my Master would frown upon it if I told you I was anything other than Saber." He turned that smile to Emilia, who nodded back with a firm gaze. Saber would then hold out his hand to Archer, as if expecting some kind of friendly brotherhood. After all, they were all fighting for one side, no matter how short that alliance may last.

"Welcome, Ronzekruetz." Emilia said, with her attention on Berserker's master. She could not see Berserker yet, but in time she expected him to stand amongst the others. "Despite your occupation, I expect those on the other side of this war would more likely fall under the spectrum of being mercenaries too. The only difference is that you are not so... Boarish." She liked that word. Chaud at the very least seemed eloquent, which was a fine quality in any man. No matter their job description. "At the very least we know exactly where you stand." There was an implication that others may catch, but it was clear that she found it very difficult to trust others. But, at the very least she knew for sure she could trust Chaud to operate under this own best interest.

"Archer, it is a pleasure to meet you." Saber said, a big hand held out. In a way, he wouldn't have been surprised if others mistook him for a Berserker. It was only his mannerisms that made him seem like anything else. "Expect in time that we will be sharing glorious stories of war, once our masters no longer demand so much secrecy between us." The oddly dressed servant flashed a smile broader than all the others, and then he looked away, for outside the window there was fire.

Gathering the Team

The man in white only smiled, and turned to each master in turn. Yuri seemed so, interesting. In truth, while the man shouldn't make bets, he was sure he'd love to see Yuri's actions in the way. After all, a man with no real direction in life stumbling into such an event? It seemed so intriguing. Like a genuine human moment. "It's true, I did say wish. And that is where you, have a choice." The man stepped in closer, and whispered only words that Yuri need listen to. Since the others should all be focusing on Caster's new plan. "When your team grasps the grail, give it to me, and the Clocktower will make sure you are not only endlessly wealthy, but that your personal desires are all met. You will become unshackled. Because to claim that wish, the others will betray you. Only the clocktower can give you what you really need, and the grail cannot." Before letting Yuri reply, the man took a step back, a letter now resting in Yuri's grip. "Only the man still in the game at the end gets to make a wish. I'm sure you understand, survivors of your team will fight you, and you them. There is only one true course of action in the end." With a smile, he began to walk away. "If you have questions, Mr. Yuri Fyodorovich Romanyuk, that letter contains all the information you will ever need to find me." And the man was gone, leaving the team to their actions.

Their actions... And the smoke they could see from the windows of their new home.


The Cathedral of St. Hedwig had seen far better years. A year ago its very own canon had been taken away. The priest, Bernhard Lichtenberg, had prayed for the jewish souls that suffered in the results a tragedy. The Night of Shattered Glass, where the people of germany had destroyed homes, and shattered lives like stained glass windows. The priest had prayed, and the police took him away. Nobody talked about it, but many knew it was a tragedy, and they'd never see him again. Not that anybody tried to stop the police. People still went there to pray. The people of germany, and the odd person needing peace.

It no longer looked like the pristine building of old. The doors were gutted. Blown off their hinges by a force of nature. A force of an explosion, with people staggering out of the depths of the building that bled smoke and ash. From all over Berlin, anybody could look out their window and see the smoke that poured into the darkening sky of night. The screams of people echoed down the streets, with the people so rapidly fleeing the structure that the area may as well have been a graveyard, except for the odd person looking out a window to gaze upon the dying building. That dying building, and the people still trapped inside.

"Well, the war starts with an eruption. Clearly the gods have a sense of humor." Saber said, gazing out the window as his body slowly drifted back into spirit form. What each master did now, would show what kind of person they are.
So is this alive or dead?
So, IC has been up for 5 days, and here are the people who still have to post.
@SocSod@Grape@Japanese Goblin@Peace@Joshua Tamashii
At the moment, this has my interest. I'm writing up a concept for a ghostly cowboy who uses a possessed body as his 'civilian' appearance.

Team White | Servant - Saber

Emilia smiled at the first person to enter, and she turned to the only other person who wasn't involved in the war at the moment. A bartender, who had been making all the food and drinks. "Moritz, please leave the room. Our guests have arrived, and the personal matters have begun." She said, to the scruffy gentleman who merely nodded. As Moritz left the room, the older woman brushed her stark white hair and turned to Nori. "You'd be surprised how talented he is at cooking. You know, I considered it a bit of an amazing thing that the offer was even available at a beer hall, but considering the day, and the time, and all other factors... We have about two hours before we have to move into more private areas, but for now, this was my choice for a proper meeting." She seemed shockingly relaxed as Nori raised his hand, the bruises of command seals easily spotted, despite not having summoned his servant yet.

Emilia raised her own hand, with her own three markings clearly visible. they took on the shape of a moon, with each mark forming into an elaborate third. Placing her hand back down, she leaned back in her chair, as if simply relaxing. "Well, Nori Tohsaka, it is good of you to come all this way on such short notice. I suspect your family felt it necessary to claim even one grail this year." She didn't laugh, instead her eyes narrowed as if daring Nori to challenge her claims. After all, despite being so 'grand' not all in the Tohsaka family could be considered equal, and with such a rush, she doubted Nori was all that high on the family's choices of grail masters. "But for now, you may call me Frau Weber. I am no Dr. M if that is what concerns you, nor do I know his identity. And I doubt he will even show."

Her attention drifted from Nori slowly, to focus on the new arrival less than a minute after the first. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Schrodinger. I see you, unlike our dear Nori here have already selected your servant." In that moment, the air behind her rippled, and a ghostly blue fire fizzled in and out of existence. Standing there was a man in the world's most hideous outfit. The man looked at first like a lion given the body of the man, but from there his outfit seemed to be utterly questionable. Even Emilia had to take a moment to soak in the outfit. The bright flame colored designs, the sheer amount of golden decoration, and bare chest alone seemed horribly out of touch with the rest of the world. The man turned to her, and shrugged, as if silently saying it was the best he had. Clearly the man's fashion sense was abysmal, which could only hint at his power if he was so comfortable being seen like this. "This is Saber." She gestured to the man, who nodded at the duo.
"Well well, I see you are all nicely dressed. I'm grateful, it shows that we are all people of a certain degree of investment in our cause." The grin on his lips showed a flash of teeth, and then he was back to just a broad toothless smile. "But, it seems our first arrival still needs his servant." Saber said, readdressing the problem in the room.
"Mr. Tohsaka, if you have at the very least already acquired your artifact, then you will find all the necessary set ups over there." She gestured to the storage room, which would be a discrete enough location to summon his servant without revealing anything he wasn't prepared to do so early.

"Three so far, we still have four more we're waiting on, aren't we?" Emilia said, readjusting the lens of her glasses onto the bridge of her nose.

Gathering the Team

The man in white said nothing as the the six new arrivals began to gather. Very few of them seemed to acknowledge him beyond noticing him there, which was fine. He wasn't important to them. Yet. He was no master after all, and the lack of command seals made that very clear. He took a step closer as a certain individual began to show a great deal of aggression. He bowed slowly, a hand on his back, and a hand on his chest. "Mr. Yuri Fyodorovich Romanyuk, wasn't it? I understand your confusion, because after all you have found yourself in a situation you must not have expected. I will keep this brief for your sake, won't I?" He didn't come off as patronizing, but rather excited. Somebody new, an unplanned for addition? How marvelous!

Taking a step closer, the man in white walked over to Yuri, and gestured for him to show the back of his hand. "I realize you are out of your depth, but please try and remain calm. The spirit you claim to be possessing you is not evil, I hope. But rather a heroic spirit. You completed a ritual that has brought a heroic being back from the past to fight by your side. In... A holy war." He glanced to Yuri's left, as if expecting his servant to be right there. "The goal of such a war is... Sadly dangerous. Each member here is aiming to collect an artifact called the Holy Grail. The goal is to kill the heroic spirit summoned by another master, and the last one standing is capable of getting any wish they desire, granted. Money, wealth, war, vengeance. It's all up for grabs." The man smiled, as if he was waiting for Yuri's reaction. "And that's just about it. You fight your servant against others, and the winner gets a prize. BUT!" He paused, just in case Yuri was about to try attacking another master. "These are not your enemies. Unless you want them to be. Rather, all of us have gathered to form an alliance, against another team far more dangerous."

Finally taking a step back, the man allowed Yuri whatever breathing room he seemed to need. "I am a representative of the Clock Tower. And you six are Masters of Black. The other seven are Masters of White. For those of you willing, an alliance is your only solution. Feel free to introduce yourselves, set up a headquarters, or... Bicker if you feel like it." He was still all smiles, as if only success awaited them.

And yet... Some may have noticed that when he spoke to Yuri, he left out one particular piece of information. In Grail wars, Masters tend to die.
I'll do a quick read through of where we are now, and if I'm particularly inspired, I might try continuing. I've just been kind of distracted with my brother's graduation and finals.
Sorry I haven't done anything in a while. Considering things, I might just have Astrid just wander off, and if I have the time or really sense to return later, I might bring her back in somehow. Since I don't like the idea of just killing her off suddenly.
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