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Location - Off the Shore of Kanto

The prince smiled the short distance to Diana, and watched with clear interest on how the gears turned in her head. She may not approve of this strategy, but in truth if they waited to long they'd risk losing the prince's scent. Time was a finicky matter, and receiving a message from the future meant he had to act soon. The prince turned to one of the guards, who approached with a set of traveling cloaks, and masks. Of course there would be masks. If the kanto soldiers knew exactly who was chasing them that could be a danger, or they could warn others. Or worse, they could be spotted by one of the soldiers from Johto. That would put Prince Yew on the trail of Prince Teal... They couldn't have that. This was Hemlock's hunt. Taking the first cloak, and the mask of Lugia, the legendary pokemon who ruled over Johto. One day... He'd own more than just a mask in the visage of the legendary guardian. The other masks on offer were of Ho-Ho, clearly for Diana, and the three soldiers joining them would be using the legendary dog trio.

"Excellent choice." Hemlock said, once Diana had made her choice. In truth, he only ever planned to use that plan. The offerings may very well have just been a test. Maybe... She could have chosen any of them and he'd still think of it as going according to some kind of plan. Somedays he wasn't entirely sure what he was thinking. Celebi once said that it was because he was always trying to think 4th dimensionally. The fourth dimension being time. "Diana, I know you have your reservations about this kind of strategy, but if we take too long, than Prince Teal will be out of my grip. And, my future self will lose his scent." This was the important part. The future was an ever malleable mess, and unless he operated in a very specific manner he may just end up losing it. "We leave now. He leapt onto Famine, the aerodactyl hissing as the human's weight rested on its mounted back. "Diana, you will go to ground with one other soldier, and I shall be in the sky alongside the other two. We'll be utilizing the cloud-line to hide us, and we'll be waiting for your signal." He turned to the other soldier, who luckily possessed a fire pokemon capable of creating a make-shift flare that could be seen from above. This operation would rely entirely on the element of surprise. By going into the cloudline, they were avoiding detection from any surveillance, and if they had two on the ground, it'd be easier to write off as mere travelers.

Taking into the sky, it wouldn't be too long of a trip. Diana would most likely be flying alongside them, for the first part of the plan of course. Pidgeottos were known for their legendary speed, and most of all, this operation worked best as a get in and go out. And if that failed, even being able to identify Prince Teal and his troops would be infinitely useful in the long run if the short run wasn't an option.

"Diana... I want you to know, I have faith in your abilities." Hemlock said, only looking ahead. Aerodactyl managed to keep pace with the bird pokemon, though it was clear the others had to move just a tad slower for his sake. "You see, the reason I am coming with you on this, is because I need to see this prince with my own two eyes. It is the only way I can absolutely assure the future is safe." In the distance, the town was coming into sight, and the Prince felt his heart race. Here. Here was were he would become king again. "Follow the plan. Don't draw attention until you're ready. The prince will be operating with a great deal of pokemon out in the open, since they don't have the ability to store them like we do."
Daiki's super senses aren't in his bio, just a heads up. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on how he detects them, since dramatic reveals are important.
@DragonKingUk Okay, was just checking to make sure. Since it'd be weird if people were starting off as incredibly powerful pseudo legendaries.
Heya @Harmony3812. Good to see you again so soon. Want to consider characters with a history together, if that's an option for this RP?
Sounds fun. What are the restrictions on the pokemon you can play as? I wouldn't mind starting with a Zorua.
So when do we start? Out of curiosity?
I made a post, just to keep the flow up.

Location - Off the Shore of Kanto

The prince turned his attention to Diana, spotting her only when she spoke. He smiled, because after all Diana was a sign of how great the empire of Johto was. Coming from a heritage almost as great as his own, Diana had led many a battle, and had proven herself as a strategist. In truth, ht was always amused by her nature. So calm, and collected. In a way he was jealous of that. But... How much had she heard? It didn't matter, but part of him was making an internal note to be careful about speaking in public. Again. Celebi took a seat on the railing of the ship, watching the prince carefully. The time traveler didn't speak much to anybody that wasn't Hemlock. Not that it didn't trust others, but because Hemlock was the only person it needed for the time being. Fixing the timeline came first.

"Ah, Diana." He held out his hands, as if aiming to embrace her, but he didn't step any closer, and took a step back if she tried to. "Well, I have a few plans to be honest." He looked to the troops, who were already bringing in a group of four pidgeottos. "I'll leave the choice up to you, alright?" He smiled, and held up three fingers. "One, we attack. The element of surprise will allow us to take the prince easily. The second option may be more your style. We infiltrate the tavern as travelers, watching for the prince, and capturing him when he leaves. The third... We pretend to be Kanto mercenaries, who want to help the prince. He'll naturally be in disguise, this close to our territory. He'll be needing allies of course, and may be more than willing to hire a mercenary." Hemlock ticked down each, by dropping a finger. "Now, all three have benefits. The Prince of Kanto will be desperate you see. He'll be needing allies, since his army will be focused entirely on my brother's forces to the south." Hemlock said the words 'my brother' with pure spite. His gaze drifting back to the see.

Prince Yew and Hemlock were not friends. Most of the royalty weren't. Their father's idea of finding the right heir was always to place his children one against the other. It was always a challenge, always a fight, and Hemlock's status had always been challenged. The other brothers had formed alliances to defeat him, and while they all failed, it made Hemlock's childhood very lonely. His allies though came in generals, and members of the court. Individuals like Diana were his power, not his siblings or some tender hope of being king. "Once you are ready, we shall leave." He reached onto his belt, an apriball marked with the skull of an ancient pokemon. His own personal touch to each. From it formed Famine, his aerodactyl. "We shall land a distance from the tavern, and then go the rest by foot." Hemlock smiled, and looked Diana in the eyes for one last thing to say. "And do make a good choice. This is very important to me."
@TheUnknowable How much time do we have until the Johtoans show up? Can Daiki hear them?

Assume 30 minutes. Since we're adjusting the time schedules a bit. So Hemlock would know what was being planned before they did.
And that depends on Daiki's hearing, and on how they initiate.

You guys wanna set up a Discord chat? So we can have some go to info?
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