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I'll try and set up an POX by the 32nd of the week. Expect something by Wednesday.

[The Ottoman Empire Team]- Akshamsaddin with Caster - Archer with Rider

@The Irish Tree

But, Aksha, I must know: What do you propose in exchange?

Aksha was silent for a moment, and stood. He took a step towards a chest, that lay in the corner of the makeshift room. Hundreds of locks must have adorned it, but he brushed a finger against each, and they all unlatched. "What is your wish for the grail?" He said, as if that was an answer. "Is it life once more? Is it simple curiosity?" He pulled from the depths, something old. A book, it seemed at first glance. "This is called the Avestan. It is a collection of words and wisdom that go back to the age of Zoroaster." He let that sink in. Zoroaster. The inventor of magic. A man who enslaved the stars. A man who left the earth of his own accords. "Naturally, the Avestan has been translated many times, but... Only in it's current versions. This version was written in the original language of Zoroaster. It contains knowledge that he himself put onto stone." He book was certainly old, but not from a time so long ago.
"I traveled to his hometown, and uncovered the originals written into stone. This is a direct copy of his works. I cannot translate the language myself, but you... Who have access to the throne of Heroes, can." He placed it down on the ground between them, once more returning to a seated position.

"The words of Zoroaster can undo death, and change destiny. That is what his people believed. There is no doubt, that it contains the knowledge you seek, not just for the sake of knowledge, but a means to incarnate yourself. A true, incarnation. A living body. Even if you lose the Grail war, whatever your wish is, I suspect that Zoroaster himself holds that knowledge. I will give you this book, after we have defeated the Greys."

With that said...
@King Cosmos

"That may be the case. It could be simple. But even if it is... I do not trust men like that." Archer stood, brushing off his robes, and focusing on the distance. "Rider, even if we are enemies in the end, I wish to fight alongside you, as an ally. If we win the war, it will turn to squabbling. I want you to be my final foe. Do you understand that? Survive the war, and when we are the last two, fight me. Fight me with that force you possess! And give me a challenge worthy of the greatest heroes in history!" A deceleration made. A challenge made. Perhaps it would be a special war for them both.

The scene changed. Time had passed from that meeting, and Aksha stood alongside Father Howard, looking into the distance. "If we are to move into the forest, we should send the Knight Class servants in first. They possess magic resistance. It is a skill that should protect them from whatever magical traps may lay ahead." He said, with Archer nodding in agreement. "Well, except for Archer. He is best at a range."
I'm working on a post now, since I just got out of graduation, and settled back home.
Just bringing this up again. I realize a lot of people are just finishing their finals and going on vacation. So this is the best time to start one of these.
Doing a Bump here. Woooooo.

Anyway, I updated the first post to include a time period and location.
@vancexentanstill in this one. Wanted to try GMing one again. I should be posting tonight for here.
So, I am interested in doing a Holy Grail War set in the Fate/Stay Night Universe. In particular, a True False War.

I'm looking to make it more casual, and I'm currently looking for anybody interested in being a Co-GM. I'll put up more info later, and if people aren't interested in the True/False aspect, it can be made into another regular war.

EDIT: I have decided for the war to take place in 1958, the height of the Cold War. The War takes place in Russia.
If you need a Co-GM, I'm pretty available after the 17th.

"Even people in armor can be tourists, right?" Muko grumbled out. Though to be honest, he had completely forgotten he was wearing some degree of armor. Mostly because he didn't really think about his clothing that much. But now that he was self conscious about it, he was starting to get worried. Did others judge him for wearing armor!? This was something he'd need to weep over talk to the Guild Master about later.

"You'd think though that a dark mage presence would be more... Presence-y. Don't you think? After all, It's not like he's gonna be causing trouble from the local bar. At the very least, we should make sure to avoid unnecessary conflict. We can blow up the town in the fight proper, you know?" With that said, Muko began to walk towards town, adjusting his chestplate, and putting on his brave face. Time for some character building conflict with Vega. Even if it was completely contrived.
I'm focusing on graduation, but once that's over, I'm sure I can bust out a post. Was kind of waiting for Cosmo,
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