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@Sosuke Alright, but be aware, that depending on his strength, we may request that he be treated as a superior servant, and as such you'd only be able to pair with a Master who picked the Superior servant buff.
@Sosuke Neither spot has gotten that far. If you want to fill either role, that is fine with us. It'll be more than easy to simply replace them.

Cause attention huh... It seemed another servant was already planning to do that. Besides, Philoctetes was an archer. He was expected to snipe, not leap in and cause a scene. It's no use attacking from a range if people know you're someplace. Then they just avoid it, or hide. Sure, he could shoot through a building, but you don't cause that kind of attention on the first night! Eesh, what kind of monster did he let summon him?

In any regard, he had found himself someplace solid to hide out. The old mining outpost higher up along the mountain ridge. Quiet, dark, and as he sat perched on top of an old telegram tower, long since past its use, he could see the whole city off in the distance. The wires alone told him which direction the city was, so at the very least he didn't have to worry too much. With eyes like his he could easily see the park in the middle of downtown. The rocky mountains overlooked the city after all.

Still, he had a more important though on his mind. He had spent his time scouting the area. He'd have to report something to his master, some suspicions, but... No, not now. No need.

"You know, I'm an archer. I was thinking more along the lines of... Supporting from afar, and then just shooting anybody who runs my way." Philoctetes transmitted back. "I don't need to cause too much alarm right now after all. The only threat I can imagine at this moment is the other team's archer, who hasn't made a move yet. I'll wait to see if they're busy, and then make my move. You don't attack a wall unless you know the defenders can't knock your ladders down."

Either way, he notched an arrow onto his bow, and took aim, right at the back of his own team's Berserker. "Oops, my arrow slipped." He said, despite not firing. It was tempting to. The guy was... Weird.


"You know Rider, I have a feeling there is a special relationship between us." Maeve said, sitting atop the back of a horse. Rider's horse, and just getting comfy. She had only the most basic of horse back riding training, but... She got the jist of it easily. She'd have preferred a motorcycle, but those are harder to fight on the back of.

"You have such a way of... Well conquering. I know I've said this before, but I want to see that in action. No doubt somebody is out there hoping to draw in attention. Our goal, is to spring that trap." Simple, obvious, Maeve wasn't worried about springing any traps. After all, despite the team she'd joined being a group of... Well not so well adjusted people, there was a slight reward in knowing she'd have some sort of back-up. And best of all, she had the Lugh of Celtchar. Just a safety measure.
The spear in question was wrapped in fabric, asleep on her back. The living spear of Lugh, that devoured her enemies. She was more than ready to fight another master if required, and best of all... She wasn't too worried about Archers. Their killing lust directed at a master was more than enough to awaken her spear at a moment's notice.

"So, right now... We wait. Ready when you are, Rider."


He had been summoned for a reason. Asclepius knew that. Of course he would be, for nobody else could handle the delicate task of healing like he could. That's why he had set up in the suburban sprawl. A more subdued location, but... A fine enough place. He knew that it was considered very poor taste to attack a hospital, which he pretty much was running, but the other team might not care if he was exclusively healing his allies. Not that he'd turn down the chance to operate on a Berserker from the enemy side.

"Well, I guess it's only fine that I keep to my own works." He said, adjusting a set of chemicals in a jar. "At the very least no Berserker will be asking me to make them candy."

@Sylph de Graaf Apophis the evil monster from Egyptian Mythology?
Lancer, Assassin, and Caster have open spots. And Rider and Berserker have at least one spot filled.

If you want Berserker, check with @Sylph de Graaf, since he announced interest in the last Berserker slot.
We have 2 Archers and Sabers confirmed, 1 Rider, 1 Berserker. All others don't have any claims as far as I'm aware. So Assassins, Casters, and Lancers are open.
Seems we got our Archers and Sabers. Should we get together a Discord group so we can plan out teams?
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