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Ah, then I'll just make an edit and claim he was on the East then, since that seems to be the empty side right now.

Forest Outskirts, West Side

Such a strange woman to step out and declare a challenge already. "Tiger General, huh?" Saber took a step forward, placing herself in front of the masters. Her lips pulled into a smile, and she raised her sword a bit higher. She might have no need for her nameless steed right now, but... At least she knew something.

"Didn't you lot lose that war?" Saber asked, referring of course to the three kingdoms of china. "So which one are you? Zheng Fei? Zhao Yun? Mao Chao? Huang Zhong? Or perhaps... You're Guan Yu." She couldn't help but feel a rush at the idea of this challenge. Heroes of China, the greatest of their era. A name like one of those was certainly worthy of her attention. How her lord would cheer to see one of them dragged before him! It'd be as worthy of attention as the time Astolfo carried that giant to court, or when Olivier baptized a foe while shoving their own sword through their gut. Or any one of the many times Roland returned home with a dragon's corpse.

"Whatever the case, I will return the favor. I served under the great Lord Charlemagne, and now... I shall bring you his head!" She charged, feet striking the ground with force as she move in to clash he blade to that of this mystery lancer. Her blade snapping back and forth as she didn't hesitate to begin the fight with a traditional flurry of blows. It would become clear in the aftermath of each strike though why. Every time Lancer might block, ice would form upon the impact zone. Freezing the blade, and slowly creeping down the handle. But if Lancer dodged, the air would freeze, leaving a wall of ice behind. Rapidly eliminating any room for Lancer to maneuver.

"But, mayhaps you tell me your name, and I might feel the courtesy to tell you mine before you die~"
Apparently I got my directions mixed up. What sides of the forest is everybody on? Since I thought we were going to be attacking from all four sides, and apparently I ended up on the West side, when I meant to be north.

Eh, whatever, I'll do West side.
Seems Caster will be going it alone. Thankfully, they have miss Snowdoll.

Forest Outskirts, West Side

The forest... Imposing. Dark. Gloomy. But Saber didn't care about any of that stuff. For the past hour+ she'd been doing nothing but ranting about the priest. "Who does he think he is telling me I can't read his stupid religious texts? Just because I'm dead! Oh that ignorant savage! I'm a Archbishop! Even in death I outrank his moldy ugly face!" She was indeed beauty, grace, and more than willing to punch somebody in the face. Her foot ground into the dirt, as she continued to swear about. Clearly displeased, and a mixture of other raw emotions. Were she not a professional, she would have stormed back to the church, frozen the priest for treason, and sat down in a corner to read the bible for ten hours straight. Nothing like a good reminder of Saul's trials to put one back on the right path.

But now, as she was loyal to the man who summoned her, she stood on the western outskirts. Her blade ready to defend anybody it required, or kill those of lesser value. No doubt she could unleash the blade's true power, as the cold probably wouldn't bother Berserker. So she could blast him, and cut him free later.
"This war... Ugh, it's so tactical. Back in my day we would all gather in a big field and start hacking away at each other. Best at hacking without being hacked was the winner." Her blade snapped at a nearby blade of grass, freezing it before it simply shattered. "Well, whatever lies ahead, I'm going to kill it. Bring its body back to the priest, and have him open whatever secrets he is hiding up for judgement. I loath secrets, but if there is something I'll never loathe it's the idea of lord Charlemagne picking me up in his muscular arms. Squeezing me tight to his chest so that I can listen to his heartbeat~" She trailed off into fantasy, leaving everybody around her to simply drone her out.
Vladimir Moroz

Forest Outskirts, North Side

"You see, the advantage of starting in the north, and going south, is that you know the worst the world has to offer is behind you. The south is beaches and paradise, but the north is an everlasting winter." It was such a strange way to think about it, but the Alchemist stood with his chosen group, caster by his side. "You see, the trick to all magecraft is association. If you associate going south with bringing the winter with you, than your strength rises. I'm sure Caster could explain it with a greater depth of understanding, but that just distracts from the conceptualization."

Eventually though, he ended this with a sigh. "To be honest, we should have gone with Berserker. A caster class amplifying a Berserker would have been truly frightening."
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@Rondo of Blood
- So, remove the revelation stuff from Protection of the Goddess of Wisdom. Mostly because as an assassin, you're shockingly more frontloaded in the combat department. Perhaps just use the explanation that "Because Athena has no beef in this, she doesn't feel obligated to help. She already did her stuff with Dio." Depending on how the story goes, she may jump in to slap him with a "HEY! BITCH! LET ME HELP!"
- Remove the armor. I feel like Assassins just wouldn't wear armor into battle. Since you're trying to be sneaky, and armor just gives you away. He's already got a lot of CQC stuff, and you can keep the shield. Maybe pick one weapon instead of having both sword and shield.
- Drop the rank of Palládio Antistrofí - Devious Theft of the Divine Sanctuary to C++. Feels more suited to a rank that scales depending on the amount of defense it takes away, rather than a flat rank.

- Gawain is good. Accepted by Flood and I.

- Accepted by Flood and I. Feel free to give her a little more ability outside combat if you wish.

- Accepted by Flood and I.

First Post Reserved for Mod Stuff.


Servant 1
Servant 2
Servant 3

"With the passing of the Age of Gods and the start of the Common Era, Mankind has become the most prosperous species in the world. The fate of the planet is in our hands. We are the ones who will write its epitaph. Thankfully, there is a map to prolong mankind's survival and ensure its everlasting prosperity.
In the world of magi, this is known as... the Human Order."

Welcome to Chaldea. You are the best of the best. At least that what we’re telling you. But we’re just thankful you’re here at all. Chaldea exist as an observation facility primarily. But since the founding of our organization we have found the odd moment in human history that is a blemish. A point that exists to mangle our timeline, and send humanity off its course. These are better known as Singularities.

To combat each Singularity, a team of four mages are gathered, and then sent into the field. Summoning Heroic spirits in the process. Chances are you have had time to talk with your servant from a prior summoning, or perhaps the servant summoned in done on the field. It’s your choice.

Consider this your mission briefing in that regard. The facility has been in need of fresh blood for a while. You’re it.

Your first point is a small singularity in Fuyuki. Something about things going off path. Anyway, small squabbles like this happen all the time. Show up, find who or what went wrong, and set it right. Time will set itself right when that’s done.

Are you ready? Don’t respond, we’re sending you there now.

1 - Don’t Godmod
2 - Be a decent person. If you have a problem with another player, you are invited to tell a GM. We’ll do what we can.
3 - There will be only four Master slots. But Eight Servant slots. Each Master can provide mana for two servants at a time.
4 - If a servant dies, the player is allowed to perform a re-roll. If a Master dies (Which is less likely) they are not allowed to re-roll until the end of a Singularity. If a Master quits, another player is allowed to take over the character, and replace them when the Singularity ends.
5 - At the end of a singularity, you are allowed to make a new servant, and replace the old one. To keep scenarios from getting stale.

Servant Gatcha:
While likely unnecessary, the mods have elected to include a Gatcha system. We have made up a list of Servants/Classes, and if interested you can ask to roll the Gatcha. One of the 20 options will be rolled up, and you will be allowed to roll again, or go with that idea. (Or decide to do something else entirely.) It’s for those who have an interest in random chance.


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