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Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

City of Fire

Navigating through the ruined and burning city, was child’s play even in its current state. His lowered agility in his Saber container was more than made up by his access to Mana Burst (Jump) and higher strength stat. And yet Lancelot was proving to be an opponent that was incredibly hard to pin down while he was using a modern vehicle as a Noble Phantasm. The shimmering but violent lights its thrusters were expelling making him quite antsy in his first real fight in this war.

The Knight of Madness carving a path of mayhem and destruction at where his master said their new allies would likely be, Diarmuid hastened his steps with more activations of his legendary leaping ability. Bouncing and pirouetting from debris to ruin to build up enough speed to finally reach his target. Three servants barely living through Lancelot’s weaponry, the Knight’s battle instinct, and experience clearly not hindered by his own madness or the control Caster had placed upon him. An unfortunate trait no doubt for everyone on their side, but a small part of him couldn’t deny a spark of joy in his heart at the prospect of crossing weapons with one of the most famous Knights of the Round Table.

Pumping his legs full of as prana much as what could be reasonably spared form his reserves without taking from his master. Diarmuid leaped off the collapsed building he was on and flew straight toward the flying war machine like a comet.

"Lancelot I shall be your opponent and free you from this mockery of a state!" He challenged the mad warrior with a shout, a hail of bullets baring down on him was the response as the Berserker turned to face him deeming him the more pressing threat. Beagalltach, his shorter yellow blade more or less controlling his hand into the perfect defense and drawing power from the prana filled bullets to assist in his jump. Reaching the apex of his leap Diarmuid swung Móralltach at the jet’s wings, the blade enlarging and cutting through the wing by the application of Mana Burst to his weapon.

Only for numerous magic fueled flares to surround and detonate on his prone airborne form as a parting gift.


The force of the explosion immediately knocked him down below and even with Beagalltach's protection, his form was heavily damaged shown through multiple wounds blooming on his form while he was falling to the ground. Truly the Knight of the Lake was a dangerous opponent indeed.

@Heavy Snark@Scallop@Duoya
I mean he also gets some boosts from becoming the Hero that embodies superheroes instead of being EMIYA who became a Counter Guardian.

In other news we seriously need more masters XD. Preferably also goody two shoes Magi cuz majority of these guys wil kill you in an instant if your like Atem.
All I gotta say is as soon as you don't describe EMIYA's stellar cooking skills. You have already failed as an EMIYA xD

Edit:Unless your Kiritsugu who can probably also be summoned.
@ColourlessKing: Rain means literally "Emiya the counter guardian after UBW".

Oh that guy. Why not use Nameless he is basically a nicer version that has no regrets and can summon Excalibur huehuehue.
There is just the problem that UBW Shirou has Rin to stop him from becoming a Counter Guardian so he might not actually make a contract with Alaya.

But one can say Shirou gets enough of a following murch larger than extra over the years in UBW that he becomes a proper heroic spirit.
Ability-wise there's no problem, at least. So it's accepted.

Though this is a small town so murdering people will be more noticed if it comes up. xD

Honestly, Atem doesn't really murder people, cuz he still follows clock tower and the laws. So he mostly harvests from death row inmates, killers who aren't on death row, and people who are suicidal but want to leave large sums of money to their families by selling their body. Mostly his modus is harvest an organ, get an animal and store the heart then use that animal as a sacrifice at a later date.

Although he doesn't do it out of morals or kindness but, the simple fact that using other kinds of people as materials is such a risk and inconvenience that it isn't even worth it. He does harvest people's skin but heals them afterward while under heavy sedation.
Masters I know we don't have this information for: Shirou, Rin, Sakura, Kirei, Kayneth, Ritsuka, any of the Crypters, Ryuunosuke, almost all of the Apocrypha masters...

Who we do: Waver and Caules.

"Standard measuring stick" my arse. It's a lot rarer than it is common. It's completely useless for working out much of anything due to being so rare and inconsistently applied.

And Strange Fake is completely unimportant to anything ever.

Well most of them appear in Case Files, cuz most people are magi there. Look I'm not going to argue with you about how accurate they are since I mostly add that in for standard fate flavor and hey if you don't like it I can remove it since I'm just heavily into details so I give as much information as I possibly can.

As for the actual number second paragraph on the history section, I explicitly said large number of high-quality ones, so yeah pretty above average considering the extra ones from the crest as well. I'll put it into abilities just to be clear.

Ernest now Atem, was born with a large number of high-quality magic circuits amongst the family, having been born from a union between his mother and a particularly powerful spare to a 10th generation magus family arranged with their riches after his father's family accrued debt during a hefty purchase from the mystic eyes auction. Atem showed great promise in the use of his family's magecraft at a young age which grew more prominent as he possessed a dual affinity of Fire and Earth, and was taught elemental magecraft for battle by a tutor.

@Gummi Bunnies That's accepted.

@ColourlessKing Is... that Daybit's face? I'm confused.

I have no idea why you went for the weird quantity/quality letters because those never came up outside of Mahou Tsukai and... honestly even if that wasn't a tiny reference pool the examples are super weird people anyway. They're so little used they literally don't mean anything and are just confusing.

Like... I have no idea what you're supposed to be implying without describing it. Average? Above average? Good? "Somewhere between Aoko and Touko but more" is big.

Umm its the standard, measuring stick for magic circuits in the fate universe... Like I'm not bull shitting that appears in Fate Fragments, Strange Fake, Apocrypha, Case Files. It's honestly a pretty common measuring stick. Since most of the masters have it on their profiles msotly to allow readers to understand what their potential is.

As for the Daybit pic I jsut wanted to use FC daybit, unless he is somehow showing up XD.
Okay, too many Servants time for a new Master.

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