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20 hrs ago
Current I'm always thinking about this person just can't get them off of my mind they're just so amazing
3 days ago
So glad I met someone recently they truly bring happiness into my life and make everyday amazing
6 days ago
Right brain or left brain?
10 days ago
@ Grey Dust of course I have a minute to talk about our great overlord Cuthulu who doesnt?
10 days ago
Bro Colonel Sanders slaps


I am busy in the morning alot so I post mostly afternoon /night

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In Beach city 4 min ago Forum: Free Roleplay
He nods and holds her hand as he resumes walking to the fair
Murphy watches Lennon while eating grapes and drinking coke

Lynn smiles and gives carras hand a light squeeze

Barry keeps his eyes closed" are you ok? "
In Beach city 17 min ago Forum: Free Roleplay
He nods" now before we walk anymore I'll let you know it's loud "
Murphy eats a grape " improbable not impossible "

Lynn smiles as they sit" well a thief can't reveal all his tricks "

Barry nods blushing and picks up her clothes then throws them in the direction of her voice his eyes still closed
@PrincessVampora if you're bringing in a new character show the cs sheet
In Beach city 32 min ago Forum: Free Roleplay
He keeps walking them to the fair soon music could be heard
Murphy nods and leans his head back" I will do me "

Lynn smiles sheepishly " it's a new romance movie "

Barry has to remember not to look back when he hears the crash " alright "
Cuz she feels like it
In Beach city 40 min ago Forum: Free Roleplay
He grabs it and after asking for directions begins to lead them to the fair
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