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Got to make that we revenue
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I'm just going to give a warning rn , I'm not trying to start a big comment fight lol ,but in my opinion DC is better than marvel
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No he was not lol
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Bought myself a ukulele for Christmas, time to play very badly


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Henri looks at the new people a little surprised " yay more people" he says a bit dryly

Andy eyes Jacob as he smells his scent in the air and recognizes it as a vampire
Henri smiled " ok lich king"

Andy stands there watching the group and sniffs the air
@Always they are currently in the middle of a forest just in the borders of Faoswen Jacob could probably sniff out Andy since Andy is a werewolf if you wanted them to find the group that way
@Always most people are in the mansion rn so you can have her show up there if you want or be walking around its your choice
Okay got it. Is there a specific place I should start? Or would be best based on where the characters are currently?

Hmm I think the best option would be have them start close to the characters rn , most of my rps that I GM will slow down as I am currently beginning the residency part of med school and that takes up most of my day
Set takes control of Quentins body and portals him to his house

Casper looks around the large mansion

Dani strums his ukulele

Mike practices his fighting
@Always ok one more thing lol , New York isn't a thing in this universe if you go to the very beginning of the OOC I explain the world and stuff in which the rp is set if you want a better understanding
@Always pretty good if you wouldn't mind replacing godly parent with Athena it would be pretty much done

Also a few powers children of Athena do have are
Telumkinesis is the ability to manipulate weaponry. This is an ability possessed by Ares/Mars, Athena and Bellona, as well as their demigod children.
Summoning weapons.
Instinctively know how to any weapon.
Change weapons into a different material (ex: Celestial Bronze to rubber).
Place curses on weapons.
Disarm opponent of weapons.
Create weaponry.
Is a master of every weapon.

Weaving is the craft of making fabric or cloth using yarn or thread. Athena is the goddess of weaving.
Children of Athena can weave without any prior knowledge in the art.
@Always hey! This rp actually isnt set in the shadowhunters book series (though I love it) I actually had a shadowhunter rp but it kinda died character sheets look good but just a few things missing like race and stuff
@olcharlieboi they are thank you I'm getting ready for the residency part of med school
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