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Current Have a webtoon idea if anyone's up to be the artist just PM me story for a few episodes have been thought out but everything else would be a joint collaboration.
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1x1 section is basically smut city
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I think you mean cutting
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Imperial bastards
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A very short interest check to see if anyone else is interested…
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I am busy in the morning a lot so I post mostly afternoon /night

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Elias Chinoike



Height & Weight:
5'4 and 110

December 10th


Rogue ninja


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Chakra natures:
Water, and lightning

Jutsu list: Blood Dragon Ascension , Blood Transformation Technique , Exploding Human Technique
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Blood Compression Jutsu
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Have you ever wanted to live in the world of Tokyo ghoul? Well then join my server where you can rp your everyday life as a ghoul and I will make special encounters based on your ghoul rating. Or do you want to be apart of the CCG and exterminate those abominations well you too can also join my server and I will make special encounters based on your notoriety as an investegator. So come on down to my server, stay awhile I assure you most of npcs do bite!.

So I created a Tokyo ghoul rp server that's on disboard but I'm putting an interest on the good old rp guild in case anyone here like Tokyo ghoul.
Jonathon Lewis



Host of:
Nephthys-the Egyptian goddess of Mourning, Lamentation, Sleep, Rivers, the Night and Protector of The Dead.

Hydrokenisis, death magic, necromancy, hypnokinesis.


Dead eyes

Not much done
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Zahard Empire

Ten great family members:

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@Sylvanall good you are accepted.
In Camp Fujin 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Kosa nodded " hell yeah dude! " he said bubbly and began walking with them. " was ist mit dem ausgefallenen Mädchen? " he whispered to kit(what is with the fancy girl?). He looked around for the riverboats and used tiny bits of wind to jump like one inch of the ground. His excitement at the whole experience of the camp and just having a friend who was also a demigod was immeasurable. The wind responded to Kosa's emotions and excitement and a breeze would blow through where the group was walking or a large gust of wind would blow through. Since Kosa thought the fancy girl was a bit uptight and maybe even a bit mean so sensing that the large gusts would hit her while the lazy breezes would hit Kosa and kit. Studying the girl he cocked his head to the side Wow sie muss wirklich eingeboren sein, sie hat einen Kimono und alles, hat sie sogar normale Kleidung mitgebracht? (Wow she must really be native she has a kimono and everything , did she even bring normal clothes?) She is probably so native she hasn't met anyone else no wonder she's so uptight. he thought in both German and Japanese. He then laughed to himself turning away from the fancy girl and walking with kit.
20th floor


The twentieth floor known for its loan sharks and stuck regulars. One could say it's a milestone for regulars. This is unimportant though as these people will just be my subjects once I become a slayer. Teim thought this to himself as he walked the halls of the residential part of the floor. He had recently became slayer candidate for FUG after they heard of his breakaway from the Lo Po Bia family one of Zahards staunchest supporters. That wasn't the only reason either , he had a unique shinsoo technique which allowed him to poison almost all the regulars excluding himself in his testing group in the fifteenth floor. That and his family shineueh came in handy as well , so at the sixteenth floor FUG approached him. The offer they gave him was too good to pass up he would become a slayer candidate and offered a chance at destroying his corrupt family and zahard. In return FUG wanted information on the floating castles and the real political situation between the ten families.

Devious thinking on subject FUG's part. Teim thought as a group of regulars walked up behind him. "Lord Teim are you lost?" one of the regulars asked. Pushing some buttons on a vending machine to get an energy drink Teim turned toward them. " No just wandering and observing my future subjects. " Teim answered. The four regulars nodded as Teim took off his gas mask so he could drink. His face behind the gas mask one could say was normal all except his right cheek which was pocketmarked from his own poison before his body had gained its immunity to his shinsoo. Chugging the energy drink he looked at his four subjects. " Is the test starting? "he asked.

One of the four stepped forward " No my Lord they said it won't start till tomorrow "she said. Teim nodded then finished his drink Teim and put his mask back on then threw away his empty can. Walking through the halls Teim found him and his cults room then he decided to walk to the lobby area of the floor. " Make way for lord Teim Roe our god and slayer canditate! " one of his four subjects yelled to the regulars in the lobby. Some turned to look at Teims subject others just ignored his proclamation entirely. Huffing in frustration and annoyance Teim calmed his subject. " It is ok subject William they do not yet know my importance. " Teim said in which subject William nodded and looked at the regulars.

Surveying the regulars in the lobby Teim began to walk around and took a spot on a chair with his four subjects at the side of him and the chair. They will eventually bow or be killed one cannot afford to disobey a god.". Teim thought as he looked upon the regulars and slightly smiled underneath his mask.

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