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Current I'm addicted to this song( don't listen to it if you don't like heavy music)…
4 hrs ago
In the marines we have all you can eat crayons ooh semper fi
22 days ago
Doing alright I guess
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I am busy in the morning alot so I post mostly afternoon /night

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He nods not quite understanding but nods anyway " ok well cheers. "he finishes his drink and motions for another one.
He smiles " ahh you're old lady I understand the feeling I was attached to someone like that once. "
He nods " respect a man that has the will to stay off the drink."He holds up his glass" I'll just drink for the both of us then"he takes another drink.
Shay flips his wrist and a couple of gold coins come out and he slides them towards the man" here you go you strange man treat yourself to something nice ehh. "
Shay smiles "A telephone that doesn't even sound real now you must be joking."
Shay looked perplexed" what do you mean never seen a leprechaun. "He takes another sip of his whiskey
Shay nods " well I don't know what kind of technology you're talking about back home people are using these dandy things called swords. "He smiles and flips his coin as the barkeep comes with his drink." I'm also not a regular Irishman bud I'm a leprechaun. " he says taking a big drink of his whisky.
Nic steps close to him and smiles " I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Peter I have seen the way you look at Isabella so go for it dude "
Shay looks at the man with weird armor on." what do you mean? "
lacey nodded in understanding and Nic sees Alexander and walks over " hey Alexander"
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