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4 days ago
Current Crunch , that's a lot of crushes
4 days ago
@ miss cap ' n' ch
4 days ago
gorgenmast I'm just going to assume you're joking
4 days ago
Actually the Democratic party is the one that leans toward a more socialist state as they are a left wing political party
7 days ago
I'll take the sulfuric acid please
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I am busy in the morning a lot so I post mostly afternoon /night

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All right got it I'll begin to work on my CS
Tanner doesn't let go of her wrist " only reason I saved you was because I have a score to settle " he says

Jace yawns
Levi smiles " soundproof huh? That's suggestive cupcake" he says playfully

Shay looks over and shakes his head " on the contrary they're interesting movies "
Leon nods" thanks you guys "

Quinn nods" well after two rangers saved us from the temujai we agreed instead of raiding them like other countries we would protect them that's why there is a battalion of archers in hallasholm"
Blaine frowns " sorry I was focusing on not being seen it just have slipped past me "

Marcus chuckles
Leon had walked back in the place " hmmm I'll have a steak do we have money to pay? I had earned some but I already spent it all"
Tanner grabs her wrist hard his hand like a steel trap " I will have my men shoot you on sight of you try to steal from me again. " he says quietly
Marcus looks at vendel " and that's why they monitor you "
Levi looks around " this is more private? "

Shay yawns and eats some more popcorn
Quinn shrugs " nothing much just how aruleans used to be scared of us "
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