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Current Have you played RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS!?
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The Steven Universe Future finale was a magnificent masterpiece
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Just need one more person…
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Just need two more people…
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Anyone interested in heists and building a gang?…


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@Sanity43217 are you still accepting it seems pretty interesting
Alrighty rp is now paused after sanitys post do not post anymore
@RumikoOhara you kinda forgot quotation marks XD
Alrighty so first fight is coming up our characters are gonna get poned lol but I'm putting it on pause until everyone or most of our fellow roleplayers can be on
Tony smiles "tell you the truth? I don't know any of them just met them today and the kid with silver hair Damien I believe , well he's allergic to sunlight in a way and the girl? No I don't know " he says and is about to continue when they get to the Washington monument . " welp we are here . "

Damien nods yp" yeah I'm the son of Diana and no I'm fine the sun just makes me sick , once nightfall hits I'll be better than oK"

Theo takes a drag " me? I'm from Oregon So I travelled pretty far how about you where are you from?"he asks
Tony nods[color=orange ] " yeah it was nice meeting you too ivy and yeah my name's Tony "[/color] he answers before he smiles back at the blond haired kid " well I don't go to camp im a host of an Egyptian goddess ,but yeah the rest of you guys might be family . " he said taking some popcorn and eating it he then puts his hand on the burn and heals it but not fully. " still working on using magic "

Damien drops in the group till he's by arty and ivy " hello " he says looking sick. " this sun sucks right? " he says and makes a ughh noise as the sun hits him.

Theo shrugs as he takes a drag " yeah I guess but they still attack me if I'm in a group " he tells her as he takes another drag.
@PrincessVampora Ahh yes arty is putting everyone in danger by using her phone XD
Tony smiles " hi ivy" looks at the blond haired kid as he sets off the bus. " well my blond haired friend I wouldn't expect people to be a team when I kinda showed up and this quest was dropped on people who don't know each other and the quest well all I know for know is I need to portal is to east Europe , and the prophecy said stuff about fire and brimstone. " he says before beginning to walk to the Washington monument .

Damien followed Tony and the blond haired kid hearing his statement. " as I somewhat agree with the whole we don't know each other so we arent a team , I was raised to be disciplined and use teamwork so I get where you're coming from. " he says before puking into the bag once the sun hit him.

Theo shrugs " weird , monsters are supposed to attack demigods right? Well they seem to listen to me and he nice when I'm by myself . " he says as he takes a drag on his cig. After smoking the whole thing he gets out a new one and uses his lighter to light it before taking a few puffs.
@Sanity43217 Tony already stepped off the bus
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