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Carefully watching the presentation in the auditorium where the briefing appeared to be focusing on Mischief Reef which was the site of the next mission, there was the defector named Qingshe in the middle of their forces while Nemo was gone. She had narrowly avoided being burned alive by the man who wielded the same kind of Noble Arms she had or the same power it had with it.

With her kunoichi bodyguard going away quietly and leaving Fuyuko on her own, the Japanese princess was a little confident that she could start putting in teamwork without the protection of a bodyguard. After the projector’s pressentation ended, the lieutenant allowed some questions or concerns to be made.

“I second what Second Lieutenant Larsdottir spoke of.” When it was her turn to speak, the Japanese royal spoke formally. “I did not think I got to know you too well, sir, so it will be a pleasure to get a chance to talk with you more in spite of my introversion. That and where I can best work with whatever assigned team I will be in.”
@Letter Bee Approval Two given. I see no issues with this character.

The two girls didn't have much to do at this point since everyone had been busy fighting this conflict whereas the man that Fuyuko had been fighting was preoccupied with something else. There was an explosion happening as the kunoichi retainer covered her mistress' ears before they could both see the aftermath of the other fallen Arms Master who was their ally. Fuyuko hadn't known the Arms Master known as Ari for a bit, but she did have to be careful that it could be them next.

Nonetheless, she didn't have the time to mourn when they had to plan out whatever tactics to do in this fight. They needed to figure out what they'll do next for the next action they would take, so both Fuyuko and Rin had time to plan things out together. The arrival of a kaiju-like monster coming from the ground really made them both jump at the loud sound of roaring where Fuyuko's plans would actually be an attempt to focus on the gigantic monster.

Rin looked over to the upset man who attempted to murder or disable her with fire coming from his spear, but before the bodyguard could react, the body of Huo Ren was ragdolled away from where she would be getting to safety with the princess. The female kunoichi would take the opportunity to drag Fuyuko away from the chaotic fight where they could avoid being in the line of sight from the Chinese man. They both wouldn't be out of harm's way yet though as a tsunami of flame would be aimed towards both young girls.

With a push out of the flaming tsunami's way, the female bodyguard of the Japanese royal tried to shield her charge from whatever burns they would suffer. The proximity of the thin wave of fire still caused nasty burns to appear on their legs and arms, but at least, Rin was able to keep Fuyuko safe from the fiery anger that Fuyuko's opponent tried to vent out. Moving out of the way and letting Fuyuko see the barrier cracking under the blue fiery wave, she hissed from the pain coming from her cut shins and knelt down to the sands with the kunoichi holding her and trying to comfort her.
@The Man Emperor Sorry for the wait! I'll give my approval for your sheet since it looks good!
@SirStriker Character looks ok. I'll approve it.

Edit: I’ll just retract my approval until things are sorted out. Sorry.

Noticing that the man lashing out with a spray of superheated hydrogen from his left hand, the Japanese royal moves off to the side in order to avoid getting an injury. She allowed it to empower her Noble Arm as the girl proceeded to move in to try to strike at him with a heat-imbued melee slash of her sword. There was a problem in coordinating her next attack to Huo Ren since the flash of light would make it difficult to aim her next strike from the flaming katana. She did have to wait for the light to subside before trying to make her move towards the other sun-based enemy Noble Arms Master.

Through her attempt at covering her eyes from the flash, Fuyuko felt the spear cut across her shins as she hissed from the pain. "I don't know what you're planning there, but it's wholly dishonorable to blind your opponent as a devious trick." She spoke in Japanese, but she had to carefully plan out her strike and when to attack... Actually, the sound of another man that attempted to punch Huo Ren made her try to look where he was. Still, even if he interrupted the duel, she did need some help over a battle against someone who was much stronger.

In the midst of the fighting, Rin had noticed that her country's princess was hurt and needed to be rescued. She moved with great speed to try to catch up to where she was, ignoring that Huo Ren was in a duel with her though her priority was to rescue the Japanese royal and make sure Fuyuko was unharmed. "Hime-sama, come with me. I'll get you to safety." The dark-haired girl spoke before pulling the princess away from the vicinity of the man with the spear.

Well, this was some trouble with Huo Ren they were all running to which frankly, her own powers being born from the sun goddess' blessing should be able to match the other guy's. With the buff being given by Regil and Huo Ren's own sun-based power, Zangetsu was being strengthened to make sure it would increase speed than before. Seeing the artificial sun fade until the sky appeared before them clearly, she nodded to Noel with her response. "If you wish it so, I will attempt to buy us time in order for our combined attacks to go through."

With the others being a little busy with other matters in the war to protect the Phillipines, she would rush forward to confront Huo Ren with Zangetsu manifesting in a burst of flame. "I shall be the one to challenge your might." The flames burst out violently as she aimed to attempt buying time for the others to coordinate in bringing the man down, using the strikes of her flaming katana to engage in close combat. He definitely had the very same power to control heat and fire, so the blessing of the sun goddess will turn the tides.

The appearance of the enemy's general equivalent of their army meant that fighting him wouldn't be as eay, but the others were focused on protecting the city. Luckily, the enemy planes were shot down by the Lotus Squadron which left fighting most of the soldiers on ground battles. She wasn't sure whether they had anyone to hold their own against an A ranked Noble Arms Master except that Noel could be one of the better matches against their power. "We'll have to do our efforts in protecting the city for now." Fuyuko speaks over to the ninja bodyguard before the fiery appearance of her Noble Arms rested in her hands.

With other groups of the Chinese infantry approaching off the sands of the beach towards the city, she used Zangetsu's fire to deal with the tanks. A wave of fire shoots out to attempt incinerating the infantry since the barrier was doing the protecting over their group. The city needed to be protected, Fuyuko swore on the honor of her forebearers from the past Emperors that Japan will protect this country from Chinese invasion.
@Silverstein and @Chiro looks good. Approved.
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