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Raymond Salazar Vanburen

Alexander Karamazov Vanburen

“Ta-da! Pretty cool right? But wait, there’s more!” she asked, waiting for no affirmation as the watery limbs poofed away. She dropped the remaining couple of feet and the limbs cascaded out of her body once again, this time snaking around the patio and looping between Vanburens to show off her control of them before they snapped back to her side and wiggled about like a quartet of wavy tube men caught up in a crosswind. “So much weird stuff I could do with these bad boys. They can pretty much squeeze through anything, so if you lock yourselves out of your Porsche or something feel free to give me a call. “

"God, you're so weird." Raymond sighed as he facepalmed at Nisha's rather... boisterous demonstration. "That's... uh... good for you. But those are really... creepy as heck. No offense!" Of course they were creepy as heck. The scene that Nisha had made while crawling around in like a dozen hands and feet looked straight out of a horror movie, particular the Japanese one called Sadako. At least most of them didn't have Abstractions that looked as freaky as hers. He had Terrakinesis; a boring power, sure, but really useful. Justin lights things on fire, Ezra makes them better, Oscar has water and electricity... and then there was this odd one with extra limbs. Hopefully she wasn't hiding any tentacles in there-

"I thought you were smarter than that. The DNA test isn't even back yet and you've thrown all caution to the wind. Hope you're generosity isn't as free as James's cock was. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have research to do on the Triple Goddess while you all smash your one brain cell together to come up with an idea that isn't a clusterfuck to get us all killed."

Raymond muttered lowly to himself as Georgie just stormed in a hurricane, being as rude and mad as ever. "What's her deal..." True, Ray did not like how James Vanburen had just gone around and impregnated half of the women in the country, but at least he didn't freely insult his half siblings. In fact, he was always nice to them, even if he seemed to be a on a different wavelengths as the rest. Speaking of a sibling...

Sasha began to speak, his chains receding into thin air. "Well, since Ray here had their abilities listed out, well mostly, we can formulate a plan based off that. Hmmm..."

"So, um," Justin ran a hand through his hair. "We should probably decide on how we're gonna go about this real soon. I suggest we just go to them and try to catch them off guard."

Ray motioned towards the floor. "There wouldn't be any worry about destroying any of our own property deep in the woods, so I can go all out more than normally. Once we catch them off guard, which we probably will since they're really dumb, I could disrupt their balance with my earth bending."

A pause. "Or I could just make fissures and make sure at least some of them fall in."
Astrad Lungren

Location: Asgard

Sparky wouldn't get any answer from Astrad, as the latter was just... for better or for worse, seemingly asleep. He just didn't care anymore; whether it was just the man's ego (and thus a brooding unwillingness to admit that he was wrong) or simple exasperation from everything that has happened today. He still had no idea why anyone would use words other than for their express purpose; co-workers have said that he was as dense as granite, but it couldn't be denied that Astrad Lungren was still a formidable fighter nonetheless. If Raynor did try to kill him, it was going to be one hell of a fight; one that no one would want to be in the sidelines of.

Now that they had gone down to Earth, there was nothing he wanted more than to get to the ground safely. It seemed that the two lovers knew who to go to, so he just turned to Amelia as his eyelids flew open. "I don't know who this Abercrombie is, but make sure to hail SHIELD frequencies and tell them that this ship is a friendly... though either SHIELD or the US Air Force should have hailed us by now. Unless if this ship is invisible on radar."

Nathaniel De Costa

Location: The Quinjet

"Aw, no problem, Kwassi. We all have bad days. You know, when the rolls of the dices of fate are just terrible." Nathan got up as Kwassi thanked him for being literally the only person that had shown him concern right nowm. It was a little dumb, though, to tinker with Stark tech without being Stark himself. Of course, Stark was replaced by a shapeshifting alien, and the real Iron Man could be dead for all they know. He then made sure to give way as Bonnie came in to give the Wakandan treatment.

Still, the president being here was a really weird experience for him. The president looked taller in person, and... huh... he had blue eyes too.

And now, they were in Serval, and the CEO himself was here too. "Strap on, people.", Nathan said as he put on the seatbelt. This was when he noticed that Cassandra had lost an eye... and judging by who she was fighting earlier, there could be one. "Really, girl?", Nathan facepalmed. "What did you do to the woman's eye?"

Alexander Karamazov Vanburen

"So, uh, what can you all do by the way?" Justin asked before he felt the need to demonstrate his own abstraction. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few steel balls, and then they floated into the air for a moment before they combusted into flames. They spun around in a circle as he explained, "Mine is Pyro-telekinesis. I can move objects with my mind but whatever I control catches fire. Pretty simple, yeah?"

Sasha impulsively scratched at his wrist, "I can do rudimentary necromancy, though I think you all know what that was." He was clearly referring to the act of summoning the ghost of their glorious father back from the afterlife. That one was the worst thing that he had ever done; bringing back the man that had been the absolute best father of the year to any one of them. Shane had left, not that Alex really knew him enough to be concerned, though he has been told that the former was a brooding alcoholic, so he could drink himself to death any minute now. And the new girl... well, he himself was kind of new to the people here, but James had mentioned his existence to the likes of Sabrina and Ezra; they definitely knew that he was their half brother, even if he did not bear the Vanburen name out of spite for James' lack of commitment.

Still, he wasn't done describing what the Spectre has given him as his magic. "I also possess phasing abilities, allowing my to pass through solid objects like a ghost. Though I have to hold my breath each time I do that, and I can still get burnt or electrified. Otherwise only magic energy could hurt me in such a state. Lastly, though," he then conjured a pair of chains; they had a faint green glow inside of them, and were unnaturally lightweight. "Just like that Morgana girl, I'm able to conjure chains. These are linked to my bracelets for ease of usage." Sasha pulled up his sleeve to show that the chain was somehow fused to the seemingly mundane accessory. "Remind me not to use these on the boy, though. He thinks that it's erotic."

As he spoke about what he could do, Sasha realized one thing... he was the smallest man in the room. Justin and the majority of his half brothers were massive six footers or above, and even Junior surpassed him. Was he really that malnourished when James had left him and his mom? Perhaps.

Raymond Salazar Vanburen

"I believe Ezra would not want me to show my thing after... what happened." Raymond scratched his head while avoiding contact with the brother that handles all the money, still a little embarassed that he had done quite a share of destruction while trying to throw out the wiccans from the mansion. "But as many of you have seen, I have Terrakinesis. I can control anything deprived from Earth, whether it be rock, mud, stone, and even metal, if it is not super pure." He had known quite a bit of knowledge on magic after the hours of studying in James' library, and decided to add on what Justin said. "Extra Normal beings like us are surrounded by a auras called Emotional Fields. Essentially protects us from the abilities of other Extra Norms; a luxury that non-magic people lack."

A pause, "And that little thing also kind of interferes when I use my abilities offensively. I can hit someone with a rock just fine," he said while making a slamming gesture with both of his hands, "But to bind and imprison an Extra Normal person on the ground? I just can't do it. Nu-uh."

Looking over at the new girl, who called herself Nisha and was really weird, he continued. "Plus, earth bending has a price on me. When I overexert, I get these cracks on my skin and they sting quite a bit. Would probably be infected if not treated quickly. Everything has a price, I guess."

At that, he turned to Nisha. "What can you do, though? If you're gonna be here... would be better if you help us with this dumb plan."
Done and done :3

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It's near the edge of the eastern seaboard from what I remember. Very large city and it's not near any mountain ranges as I recall.

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I'm good with this character except for the fact he knew Viran. The only ones who would know him would have been the characters from the original RP. I'll work with Viran having a passing familiarity with him though due to his actions in the city. He'd probably be keeping a very close eye on him recently however and will be reaching out to him in very short order.

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Real Name: Arcturus Forsythe
Hero Name: Traveler

Sex:A Man
Age: 33

Space-time Manipulation: Traveler has the ability to fold space, and, formerly, time. With this, he is able to teleport either himself, or objects/other people with physical contact. He also has the ability to create tunnels in space, aka, wormholes, which function as portals from one point to another. He can only teleport/portal to places he had already seen, or had already been to before.

He used to have the ability to travel through time, though it was highly unpredictable and he only used it twice, after which he lost it completely after an encounter with a power leecher.

Dimensional Ergokinesis: Traveler possesses the ability to projects beams or blasts of energy from an unknown source, though it is thought that it comes from the fabric of energy that holds the multiverse together. His beams are red in color, and could blast through concrete if charged at full power. He can also divert the energy as a power source, allowing him to operate what appears to be a lightsaber.

Personality: Unpredictable and perhaps a little erratic, Arcturus was the wierdo in the Titans. Out of them, he was quite laid back and didn't seem to take things seriously, at least until the dire situation has reared its ugly head. He is by far more unscrupulous than the others, preferring to use sneaky tactics against enemies rather than face them head on. For this, he has a mixed reputation; some could say that he fights smart, others say that he has no honor.

Still, Arcturus had demonstrated to be a caring, kind friend to the other Titans, if not the eccentric one. He is affectionate and playful, though he is slow to understand jokes and idioms.

History: Arcturus Forsythe was born on Second City itself, the youngest son of a surgeon father and a librarian mother. He had two siblings; an older sister, and a younger brother, the latter of which was telepathic. Arcturus lived a pretty normal life until he was 14, when his sleepwalking became very... weird. He began waking up in very random places, such as the dumpster behind their house, the neighbour's couch, and the doghouse. He was getting into impossible places, and when home footage was reviewed, it was discovered that Arcturus was teleporting in his sleep. Heroes were common knowledge, and his parents looked for someone to teach their son to control his ability, as they'd dare not cut his wings. Luckily enough, they knew a meta, a teleporter that was apprehended by the Flash, though he had been reformed and had used his powers for the nation in several tours in the Middle East. Arcturus would learn to control his abilities, including his energy projection. The Teen Titans would later see his usefulness and willingness, and invited him over, which he accepted. As a Titan, he aided in the defence of the city against numerous threats, including aliens and other metas.

When the Titans disbanded, Arcturus went to a lot of different places, hiding from the public in plain sight. However, when he tried to teleport to Washington DC, he teleported into the past in the 60's. Finding himself unable to return to the present, he settled in there at an age of 23. He was wary of any effects his presence could do to the timeline; as such, he blended in, not showing his abilities to anyone, not even the woman he married. Their relationship was frowned upon by many, as she was black, and Arcturus was a white man. However, she was dying from cancer after seven years of them together, and it was at her final days that he teleported with her to see many places that she could have only dreamt of. And so, Arcturus' love would have a peaceful death.

He was, however heartbroken, and decided that he had to come back to the present. After a whole month, he returned to the present, only to almost immediately fall under attack from someone with the ability to steal powers. Arcturus managed to defeat and kill him, but his power to travel through time was permanently lost. Not that he wanted to keep it, anyway. He may not be an original, but he still sure is one of them.

Equipment: He wields an energy blade powered by his Ergokinesis; it could be described as an extremely high powered Bunsen Burner.
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