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Astrad Lungren

Location: New York Sanctum

Astrad coughed up a bit as the Doctor Strange simply kicked the four, no, three of them out into the streets of New York City. He had just closed them door on them right after doing what Sparks here had asked for him to do: to look for her husband, whose name was... Raynor... God of Light and Lies? And the dagger was forged by Eitri of Nidavellir, not to mention was wielded by Frigga, a goddess of Asgard? These were names that he had heard in grade school and from the bedtime stories of his grandparents. Astrad was, after all, Scandinavian, and was no doubt rather familiar with the stories that his people had passed down from generation to generation. Now that Thor himself had come down to be a member of the Avengers, it was clear that the gods that his ancestors worshipped during their days as Vikings were no more than aliens that descended from the skies through the rainbow bridge. Amelia would find him mildly intrigued by the fact that her friend was married to an Asgardian, though not at all shocked or surprised.

"So there's that.", Astrad shrugged whilst pulling out his statphone. "I'm just going to... go and make a call."

Hurriedly, the Swede searched for Agent Sitwell on his contacts, seeking to inform his superior that the mission to capture the twins was botched and that all of Levittown was a festering cesspit filled with HYDRA agents. In a few moments, the phone was ringing; Sitwell better pick this call up...

Astrad looked back at Amelia while the ringtone rang. "Your friend was probably taken to another dimension by the cube she touched. The good doctor said it himself... Mojoverse, was it? Hm. How'd you three ended up together anyway?"
Ray Clayton - Madjick

adjick stood his ground as the knight chopped off the energy whips that he had sent forth against him. Unwilling to give up the fight so soon, Madjick had all the hands switch to a fiery crimson color as the elder knight began his charge. He would not reveal his Duality move, no, not yet. That would serve as a trump card if the bloodied knight refuses to give up the fight. Instead, four of the six hands that he had summoned moved to block the assailant's attack path with focused heat beams; if any of those struck, they would do little actual harm, but rather, they would knock him back a few good meters away. If none met their mark, the other two that were being kept in reserve will fire a withering barrage of hardlight bullets. Madjick had no intention to kill the other, only to bring him in…

Jeremiah Powell - Void Dragon

Whilst Lance had been watching the whole debacle that was happening below with much amusement, something was stirring within the shadows. A reptilian hiss could be heard in the midnight air as a pair of clawed hands materialized from the darkness on the rooftop; a hiss that would be an all too familiar sound to those that had faced the leviathan that stalked the night of Manchester. It was the growl of the Void Dragon; a boogeyman of the dark that sought for prey at midnight, intending to feast upon a hand or two. Or to merely cause fear and mayhem. Either way, as Lance watched the fight, the Void Dragon let out an animalistic scream as it lounged towards her from behind...

Finbarr Callaghan | The Spacetime Breacher

Finbarr sighed when the situation got resolved rather quickly, as this Abaddon person seemed to be very effective with persuading the other Kaisoken. To this end, Mirroshard had been dissuaded from continuing the whole hostage situation by the eloquent arguments of the other being of crystal, and has since went his way to meet with Abaddon. "Well, that's a bloody relief.", Finbarr said as the prospect of tiring himself by summoning a rather large amount of portals in such a small amount of time had been erased. "I would have expended the greatest amount of energy I have ever spent in any time in my entire life if that other plan had been the way that we went!"

Once the situation had been completely resolved, they had been offered a substantial discount on items on the armory, as well as the fact that were was now a whole LOT of candy to go around. Now, there was no need to worry about the money that would be spent to satiate Iris' diabetic compulsions. Finbarr in particular had his eyes for the bombs. "I think we should have a bit of explosives... for me to throw through the portals in case we need it."

Astrad Lungren

Location: New York Sanctum

There was pretty nothing for Astrad to do as Theresa began to speak with the Sorcerer in earnest, as he had no real connection to any of these people so far. Sure, Amelia was way more accommodating than the other two, but he just met all of them just this afternoon, and though he may be of a warm disposition at most times, the manner at which he had encountered the trio of women were not exactly conducive to a good kind of conversation. He had pretended to be an ally, and then threatened them with incarceration as soon as he had the chance. Of course, this was circumventing his actual orders, as he was told by Sitwell to take them out if he had a clear shot, but he didn't. Was it gut feeling? Who knows. Maybe it was fate or the hand of God that has stayed his trigger finger. It was really fortunate that he had followed his instincts, or else there would have been an incident of friendly.

Funnily... no, horribly enough, Maria had disappeared into another dimension, if the Sorcerer's seemingly unconcerned statements were of any indication. At this, Astrad kept his hands to himself even as he browsed Twitter on his personal smartphone...
Nathaniel Gregorio | The Blitzkrieg

Oscar would hear a bit of sobbing from the other boy as he went over. Nathaniel was still covering his eyes and face, but his words were as clear as water in a mountain spring. "This is my fault, this is my fault..." However, feeling Oscar's presence made him look up from his position, though not before wiping the tears away with his hoodie's sleeves. It was clear that he was feeling very guilty and sorrowful about causing Hailey to suffer from the effects of the Dread twice in the same day because of his own incompetence when it came to managing his Noble's Arm's abilities, if that sad face was of any indication.

Seeing that Hailey was already being attended to by Henry and to a lesser extent, Nikolay, Nath just sighed as he stood and looked up at Oscar, still with a sad look on that face of his. "It's my fault..." With nothing for him to do, Nath just hugged him, sniffling as he wasn't really done weeping yet. "I need to go..."
Ray Clayton - Madjick

Madjick scoffed at the elder knight, unmoved by the latter's seemingly hyper-idealistic statements, and disgusted by the notion that the world will be made right through blood and murder. To him, such people are set towards a dark path, one that would eventually lead to them becoming the very thing that they sought to destroy. Through the belief that the ends justify the means, the meek become proud, the righteous turn evil, and even the greatest of paragons become devils in their own right. This is how so many villain stories began; in their quest t eliminate evil, they too become evil, and that by no means is helping the world by any mean.

He then uttered the next words with poison and malice; a calm crescendo of speech that betrayed a sense of honor and a propensity for being good, and also an utter disgust for this kind of beliefs. "I think there is a lot of things you don't understand, sir." Four of the six hands glowed with a cyan shine, indicating a change of some sort. "There's this thing called the law, and those who want to make the world a better place abide by it or will go down a dark path that will eventually end in darkness and death. In your quest to destroy the villains, you too will be a villain. And because of that, I, Madjick, will stop you. Here and now. Before you become what you hate."

As soon as those last words left Madjick's lips, cordlike whips made of energy shot out of the four cyan hands, while the crimson two remained stationary, ready to fire when ready. If the whips made contact with any part of Templar's body, they will stick like glue, and would have to be cut off with a blade.

As the whips surged forth, Madjick spoke again. "Don't make this harder on me, or yourself!"
Ray Clayton - Madjick


Ray looked over the darkened alleyway, kneeling over a visible track of drops of blood that led away from the burning building towards the shadowed paths. A few minutes ago, the fire department had pulled over to the building as reports of the structure going up in a blazing inferno began to spread all over the neighborhood. Most peculiar of all, however, was the plentiful track of blood that made it look like someone who was bleeding a whole lot came out of the place and went somewhere. The firefighters knew Madjick; he was a local hero around here who had saved quite a lot of people a few times already, sometimes with the help of a lightning elemental that seemed to emulate the powers of the retired Shockwire. They pointed him towards the bloodied track, as it would take the police a bit more time to reach the place.

Madjick walked rather briskly, unsure if the blood let to an injured person or someone who had covered himself with the blood of the deceased. After all, the sound of screams and gunfire had been here a while ago according to a few witnesses, and that meant quite a few different things when put in accordance with a bunch of...

Ah, here he was.

There he was, a rather tall, and imposing man wearing knightly armor, and... he was covered with blood. The tracks led right to him.

"Whose blood is that?", Madjick asked with a tone of urgency as he pulled all six hands into existence. They were all glowing red; an indication that they were ready to fire.

Kotov snickered as Myrtle pretty much agreed to go and have some Starbucks with
him on a rooftop, even though he was, at this point in time, a total stranger. They had just seen each other for the first time literally a few minutes ago. Granted, he did save her life and the other girl's, but being too trusting was a flaw that he was already seeing in this new heroine. Hmmm..

"Alright then.", he said as he held out a hand. "Hold on, just like before."

For better or worse, Myrtle fell victim to her heart and her hormones. She was swept away by this man's charm, handsome face and gorgeous eyes, and even just the fact that he would pay her the time of day-- and to think, he saved her life! If she were to die after this, at least she would go out after being happy for the first time in her life.

"Okay... I trust you," Myrtle breathed, almost a whisper, as she put her life in his hands.

A jolt of electricity immediately passed through Myrtle's body as Kotov turned both of them into an electric current, an azure streak that would travel faster than the speed of sound through the wires that brought power to every home and establishment in New York City. After a few moments, they were out on a rooftop on one of the city's towering buildings. Over here, they had a rather good viewpoint of the massive urban sprawl. Best thing was that there was no one else in sight, so this could be a private conversation.

"What kind of mix of the coffee do you prefer?", Kotov asked. "I'll be having Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew."

As her hand neared his, sparks flew between them, and as they connected, they were gone--Electricity buzzed though whisked miles and miles away. Although they only reformed a few moments later, Myrtle was left buzzing, heart racing, and she didn’t even know if it was the man or his power that did it. Was this what love at first sight felt like?

As the stars cleared from her mind's eye and she came back to earth, new stars came into view--only they were lights, not stars! Before her was one of the biggest cities in the whole country: New York City.

“Wow… it’s so beautiful,” Myrtle said in awe as she stared out at the seemingly endless cityscape. She turned to look Kotov in the eyes, blushing. He didn’t kill,the girl thought, a little surprised. He was keeping his word.

“Oh I… I would like a pumpkin spice latte, if you could please.”

"Nice.", Kotov nodded as he once again disappeared in an azure flash into the lightbulb that was their exit point a while ago. A few minutes would pass, but he would soon be back, carrying the drinks. "The barista is a friend of mine.", he said, handing Myrtle the pumpkin spice latte.

With all of that settled now, the young man reclined back on the concrete barrier that kept people from falling off the edge. There was no denying that he was charming, even by his looks alone, and looked even better while sipping at the cold brew that he brought for himself. "So, how long has it been since you triggered? Is anyone... training you?"

"Ah... thank you, Kotav..." Myrtle smiled and took the cup gratefully into her two hands, simply holding it. She had sat herself down on an edge of the building and was gazing out over the horizon, watching tiny cars and tinier people scurry about. She moved to sit with him against the barrier, sitting close enough to touch. She sighed contently and took a moment to breathe in the scent of her drink, a then cautious sip.

"I triggered just a little while ago, umm... the last Thursday of September. I was hiking alone and I crossed paths with coyotes. It was stupid--I was stupid," Myrtle admitted, embarrassed. "I never had anybody to hike with me... definitely nobody to train with," she confessed, tears welling in her eyes. "I'm lucky I haven't died yet..."

Kotov gasped as she started crying, apparently not minding that Myrtle was close enough to touch. "That's just seven days ago...", he said himself. "Well, what's important that you're still live and kicking. It is no coincidence that I found you when I did..."

A pause. "Want to take a guess on how long I had these sparks?"

"No coincidence, huh?" Myrtle half chuckled, half sniffed, leaving her smiling and pink once again.

She dabbed her eyes with a napkin then looked back, trying to take him in. Facial hair, strong build, mature voice, and an air of confidence, and he seemed so at ease and in tune with his abilities. And then, of course, he was the son of Shockwire. Nth Generations were said to trigger more easily, so...

"How about... early high school?"
she asked, tilting her head and raising her brows curiously.

"Middle school, actually.", Kotov answered. "A friend of mine was being bullied by this thick senior jock, and I wouldn't just let him just get pummeled." His expression changed from his usual cheerful mood to a sober one. "I electrocuted him, accidentally."

Kotov sighed at that last part, as it would soon be clear that powers like his own are extremely dangerous to other people, and he knew this better than anyone else. "Those were the worst days of my life. I couldn't go out to school anymore without fear of shocking my friends, and trying to do online classes often led to me shorting out the device. Took me a whole year to be able to be tune with my abilities. Even then, I was scared that I couldn't give my friends a hug without causing something bad to happen. I was dangerous, and I still am. But you... you have more 'safe' powers, if I can call them that. If my guess is right, you should be a piece of cake compared to me."

"Oh, Kotov… I never would have guessed," Myrtle murmured. She put her cup down and then, hesitantly at first, put one hand on his arm.

"My powers… I make plants grow… and I can feel limited sensations through them."
With her free hand she took a single seeds from her pocket. She closed her eyes, and a moment later a stem sprouted, leaves grew, thorns formed, and a beautiful pink rose blossomed in her hand.

"When I first triggered, I had trouble hiding it at home and school. If I got sad… or angry… nearby plants reacted. But it's kind of a slow working power, and nobody cared enough to notice," Mytle confided, staring vacantly into her newborn flower.

Kotov sighed as he looked at the rose Myrtle had willed to grow on her hand. He looked genuinely happy as he looked at the pretty flower. So much so that he was beaming.

However, now was the time for the next thing. "One more thing, Myrtle. You don't just trust anyone that offers to help you. You're in luck because even though I don't consider myself a hero, my dad is, retired as he may be. He taught me many things about being a good member of society. Also..."

Kotov chuckled as he poke Myrtle a little bit. "You're crushing on me, aren't you? Don't deny it. It's very obvious. HAH!"

"Hey! I am not, hehe!" Myrtle giggled, covering her sides protectively. She looked a little down and to the left, smiling and blushing--a telltale sign of her lying.

She looked back up to Kotov and his handsome, mischievous face. "Okay, you got me," she admitted quietly to herself as well as him, shifting to play with her hair.
You don't have to return the favor… It's just that I'm, um… and well, you're so…mm..." Myrtle stammered, twirling her hair more vigorously and looking away as she got more embarrassed.

Kotov laughed. "Nah, it's cool. I get that a lot. This wouldn't be the first time. Where do you live by the way? I might have brought you too far..."

The pink faded from Myrtle's face and she relaxed a little, leaning just a little against Kotov. At the very least, he didn't seem bothered by her crush.

"I live back in Manchester. To be honest, this is the farthest I've ever been from home," she told him, looking to the sky. She picked up her latte and took a sip, grateful for the remaining warmth.

"Your life must be amazing...The whole world is at your fingertips," Mrytle said, smiling.
"Where do you call home?"

Kotov looked towards the sky, smiling. "Oh, good. I also live in Manchester... though I work here in New York."

Seeing and feeling this apparent stranger lean on him was... strange, to say the least. Sure, he was the touchy feely type, but not towards people he just met. This one, though, had apparently fallen at first sight. "Maybe I should get you home soon, Kotov said as he took in the rest of his cold brew. "But not before we exchange numbers."

Sure enough, he was showing her his phone, with his contact details on the screen. He apparently wasn't keen on making this thing a one timer.

"You want m-my phone number?" Myrtle gasped. "Of-of course!" Myrtle excitedly fumbled into her bag, bringing out a pen and notepad. On one page she jot down his details and the other, she wrote down hers. She handed it to him, smiling, her heart racing. "I really hope we can meet up again, to talk or train together... you have been wonderful to me... "

Koto scoffed. "I'm wonderful to everyone, really. But yeah, we'll see each other again. Maybe if you need help with going into a house fire again. Hehe!"

He then stood up, holding out a hand. "Whenever you're ready."

Myrtled giggled at his tease, blushing.  She had to admit, it wasn't a safe call. She was actually making a lot of unsafe calls. But in her heart, she felt it was all worth it. 

She got up from her seat by the barrier, leaving her rose on the ledge, glancing over the beautiful cityscape one more time. She smiled dreamily, thinking of possibilites. 

After dropping her trash in a nearby can, she joined Kotav by the lightbulb the arrived from. With a deep breath she closed her eyes, smiling, and took his hand .

A few moments would pass as Koto brought Myrtle along into the power grid. It was just like before; a dark vision, full of stars flashing past. And now... they were back in Manchester.

One look at Kotov, though, would see that he was panting and catching his breath. Doing the electric transformation a few times a day tends to drain energy quite a bit, after all, and now, he was about to retire for the night. "I guess you gotta change to normal clothing now. And I got to go back to work..."

Myrtle's heart fluttered as she came back to reality. Each jump was like an electrifying dream, intoxicating almost. She beat her eyes a few times, clearing the stars from her vision. 

But when she saw Kotov, she was concerned to see him breathing heavy, physically exhausted. She squeezed his hand, not yet ready to let go. "Yes, I should be going soon, but.. but will you be okay?" she asked, worried for him.

"I just need to take a short break.", Kotov responded. "See you around, I guess." He then tapped Myrtle on the shoulder as he began walking towards a house, which apparently belonged to him.

Myrtle watched, in a daze, as Kotov started off toward what was most likely his house. Was this a sign? Was that tap on her shoulder an invitation? Her heart pounded and she wavered a bit where she stood, her body warming with her thoughts.

As he disappeared behind the door, Myrtle came to her senses."No," she whispered. "I'm a good girl, and I should go before I do something I shouldn't…" she trailed off, sighing longingly.

She turned away, running off as Wallflower back toward home.
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