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Current Ay, mariposas, don’t you hold on too tight; both of you know It’s your time to go~
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Ay, mariposas, don’t you hold on too tight; both of you know It’s your time to go~
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I hate dice. I refuse to elaborate as to why.
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Ueno Haru

Of course the beam didn’t have much of an effect, Haru thought as the beam of searing light simply scalded part of the Nomu’s pale skin, but not much else. These creatures that were once men that walked the Earth had always been resilient, and Haru intended to test the waters, so to speak, before committing to a more powerful attack. As he took mental note of the situation with that particular Nomu, photons rushed into the void that had been created around him, revealing that he was standing in a combat stance, proper legwork ensuring that he can quickly dodge anything that might come his way.

That would be when that Nomu, Clap, yes, that was the monster’s name, finally turned its attention to him and Hebi. Haru readied to get out of the way while charging another blast of solar energy. Photons began streaming back in. He determined to try to blind it this time, sear away its eyes with the most atrocious light show he could conjure without expending too much energy. It would have been a kaleidoscopic explosion of colors as bright as ten suns put together, all shining in a small, concentrated spot. Nomu, for one reason or another, usually lacked eyelids.

That was something Haru wished to take advantage of. He didn’t know if it had sensory quirks to ignore getting blinded, but ripping away the foul creature’s eyesight was something he was willing to bet on.

That is, until it moved blindingly fast, catching him by surprise. “It is coming!...” Haru managed, before Yusuku moved in and became a shield, quite literally. The burning snakes that were his hair became one barrier, preventing Clap from turning the two heroes into red stains, but then Haru saw tendrils of… was that flesh? Tendrils of flesh penetrated Yusuke’s body. Haru imagined the pain must be unbearable.

He had nothing to say to the Nomu. This was no villain with a sympathetic backstory or small-time thief that could be reasoned with, somehow. A Nomu was simply that: a Nomu. A creature of simple thoughts and simple motivations, one that has shed all humanity to become the perfect killing machine. This world does not require the existence of such creatures!

“Close your eyes,” Haru said to Yusuke and Hebi as he made two glimmering suns in front of himself. Photons were once again consumed and redirected. The suns quickly crashed towards the Nomu, exploding into strange, scintillating patterns of kaleidoscopic light as soon as they met its face. Haru would then jump out of its way, not trusting that simply trying to blind the Nomu might be enough, and begin charging another, stronger beam of light.

Seth Montes

Helmut again raised a brow at Harper, calling her Chucky. He didn’t get the reference, but he guessed he didn’t introduce himself, so nicknames seemed applicable. “My name is Helmut Spielzeugmann. It’s a pleasure to meet you. And I assure you I would not waste my time peeping on female students.” He didn’t blush, but he did look at her with a grimace. He was not as lascivious or ghoulish as she assumed.

"I... won't even try the second one..." Seth said with a defeated tone. He had repeatedly repeated Helmet's second name in his head, but to no avail. He couldn't pronounce it! There was no way, indeed, that he unravel that kind of mystery right here and now. He was also afraid that he may accidentally cast a spell in the process. Maybe even an advanced one that he never knew about before. He just knew that something like that might happen!

"Shall we?" she nodded in the direction of the common room's table tennis table which was currently being ignored in favour of retro gaming...

Seth mostly listened in when Harper talked about the rules. "I have not participated in this game before," Seth said, interrupted for a second when Munnin randomly cawed and earned a side eye from Seth. "But... I will see how I fare." Maybe he could do with a little bit more beer than he's usually allowed himself to take. But would the fraternity like him anymore if they got the unfiltered Seth here? He was a telepath specialist, after all, and there are a lot of thoughts that he read that he'd rather erase from his memory. And yet, those sorts of things tended to burn themselves into the mind, like a brand in the side of a cow's ass.

No! He must win this game! He must win, as he always has! He can imagine Mom cheering him on at this moment, screaming and yelling. Go get them!

"Imagine having fought that long, and that hard. Only to be just... picked up. And walked off an edge to oblivion by a being so... committed to your destruction they didn't care about their own life because they already know they've won at this life, and you've lost. And you're unable to do anything to affect your fate." He continued speaking quietly to no one in particular. "And all you can do is writhe helplessly, as the unthinkable becomes... inevitable."

He turned away from the tv screen, opening his mouth and emitting a large cloud of smoke from his lips. "Fuck."


Seth didn't even try to read what was on Abisu's mind. Such words can only come from insane, mad thoughts. And he didn't want to have such thoughts at the moment. He didn't want to have portents of doom swirling in his brain. Not here, not now. There's a game to play! "Who's first?" Seth asked.
Ueno Haru - Sol Invictus

Location: Le'Nombril Restau


Here Haru was, away from his usual area of operations, walking to the exclusive area of the renowned Le'Nombril Restau. Very French, and very fancy. He wore his hero costume, outwardly consisting of a white cloak emblazoned with golden symbols that generally represented the sun. A helmet with an angelic-looking halo mounted behind it obscured his face, ensuring that the public only knew him as Sol Invictus and not as Ueno Haru.

At this time, Haru had been given a mission by Sir Nighteye. Rumors of a Nomu sighting had been circulating around and round here, and it was heavily implied that someone's actually mass producing those things again. Such gossip must always be taken seriously; the creatures, the resurrected corpses that had been jammed to the brim with as many Quirks as inhumanly possible, are and always have been difficult to get rid of. Haru recalled that Endeavour usually just burned their heads off… and again, does it really count as dead, if it already died? Nomu are just fleshy automatons, are they not? Very powerful automatons, one should add, but Haru pondered, as he ate the last remnants of his meal, whether the “license to kill” that could be acquired through interning in Hawks’ agency was needed to permanently take those out.

Hawks’, Best Jeanist’s, and Endeavour’s agencies were already looking into it, Sir Nighteye said. Haru needed only to join their efforts. He had only entered the Executive Top, though, when he heard a woman scream from the nearby street. Then, Yusuke, the quirk copyer in the class, made a hole in the floor using a mass of flaming snakes. “Of course it appeared just now!” Haru grumbled as he rushed to the three that were preparing to get into the action in the street below.

“Hey!” Haru called out to them. They were probably not aware that one of the Nighteye's interns (and another classmate) was already here. “I was sent here by Sir Nighteye to aid in the investigation, but it looks like we're going to fight… I'll go with you now.”

The thought of blasting the wrath of the sun into the Nomu’s face coursed through Haru’s veins as the nearby lights began to dim, their photons consumed by Haru/Sol Invictus.

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Harper Thane

"Actually, I just got lost, what the hell is this place?" Harper asked in her (natural) rather posh sounding Home Counties accent. She gave a well acted look of alarmed confusion,

Seth Montes

When Seth heard that Harper was just lost (or so she said), he immediately tensed up, trying to remember one of those more obscure spells. Was there even a spell for... forgetting? His specialty was telepathy, so mind-related spells would come easier for him, would it not? Ah, this was a conundrum! Could someone actually wander into the pocket dimension? He was pretty new here, so he wasn't sure. His hand reached for his wand, preparing to cast something, just something-

before abruptly grinning, and pulling her wand out of her back pocket, in part so Seth could see it, but also so she could flop down on the couch, next to Helmut, without damaging it. Wands were expensive, "So, want to show us your party tricks?" she asked the pair with a roguish grin, "It seems fair since you've seen mine - getting alcohol."

"Best one gets to join me for a friendly match of beer pong."

"Ayyyyy, yawa, Seth grumbled as he saw Harper pull out her own wand. "Don't joke like that! I thought about erasing your memory for a second there! Though I don't actually know a spell like that... yet... I think..."

Munnin cawed. Seth immediately rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I can talk to animals," he added, since Harper asked what his 'tricks' were. Telepathy is my specialty. Though it is quite... uh, how do I put it... distressing to use it here, in this college. There are many things I don't want to know that I do know now."

Seth took one of the beers and popped it open. "To be clear... I told Munnin here to peck me if I took more than one."
Seth Montes

As reality shifted and warped around him, Seth blinked at the bright, strobing lights. New sights, new smells, strange new habits to lay witness to and gaze upon! That is what joining the fraternity (and sorority, for there were also girls here) entailed. He had, truth be told, never seen a disco ball before. He had only danced (freestyle) to disco music, for it was, as some others might say, 'a vibe.' Either way, as he strode into the pocket dimension, he would be in the tail end (hah, tail) of a heated argument with the crow sitting on his shoulder. It had only been answering in caws, as a crow should, but Seth appeared to be holding an actual conversation with it. In his native tongue, no less, so unless there were other telepaths here that locked into his surface thoughts at the time, no one could understand him well as he basically cursed out the animal with a word that was sourced from Spanish. Maybe the crow had been insulting him or his family?

It took him all of one second to change his mood from supremely furious and melodramatic to that of pleasantness. He had brought with him a small karaoke set, the kind that you could bring in a backpack. Before he would start setting it up for the impending wave of silliness that would take over the party as soon as the drinks began filtering into the magical bloodstreams of the magical people here, he would nearly bump unto a cart filled with beers pushed by no other than the girl named Harper. Seth knew her from the class list and the Facebook Messenger group for one of the subjects they were classmates in, but they otherwise had no contact. "Ah, sorry," Seth said as he narrowly stepped away, "Harper, was it? Of course you'd be here. You're also... magic."

He looked over to the crow, who had just cawed, and hissed. "Shut the hell up!"

Something something windgardium leviosa...
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