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Hi, is there room for one more? I like to join this school of unhinged nobles who exploit uses their knights to duel other knights for their entertainment to settle their difference. Seems fun.

As for the courtesy of answering the questions asked(if it's still valid)

Also, i have a few questions:

Let's say i submit an OC knight, does it require me to pair with another player or am i allowed to pair it with my own OC noble?

Does the school allow animal companions with their students (like a dire wolf/or a hunting dog perhaps?)

Leon Hyksos

"And here I was, hoping to never see them again after this inspection." Leon frowned at the idea of spending more time with these church folks outside their own terms. His reception towards this joint exercise was rather vapid. He wasn't feeling the competitive spirit like the rest of the reavers; Like the fae lovers who rush in to do their 'training'. or the firecracker Eve who likes to be the center of attention wherever she goes. Or the bard, Einer who seems eager to become a better fighter and seems to have a past to where they are headed.

Nevertheless, The rogue fae was compliant enough since it was a direct order from the head reaver himself. This makes Leon wonder what kind of relation the reavers really have with the holy church? are they rivals? Is this some kind of wager on who is the better faction? and why did Arteus decide to agree to this?

The answer lies once they arrive at the state of Cambridge.


Leon takes a deep sigh before being summoned by the high priest to accompany her towards the tower's library.

You know there is trouble when Kiff is involved. It's time to face the music I supposed. The grimoire did warn that this day would come.

The fae rogue simply followed the High seer's request and walked as a group.

Leon kept his cool despite the uneasiness brewing in his mind. He keeps on walking alongside Kiff and the high priest, stealing glances at them.
Holding his tongue during the walk.

Leon kept silent as they arrived at the great library, Stacks of tome and bookshelves as far as the eye could see.

"So, you like books, High priestess?" Leon breaks his silence, asking the scarlet seer, feigning ignorance in his tone.

"Me personally, I've become enthralled with them ever since I've become a reaver. Mr. Luther has a wide range of grimoires, from the obscure to the rarest of its kind." He continued.

"Funny enough, out of all these millions of books and anecdotes from this library, the one book that caught my eye is the one that belongs to you." The fae rogue brazenly said with a smirk, standing in front of Tethys, lifting his cloak, revealing the cursed grimoire hanging underneath his belt.

"Is this what you're after right? No need to beat around the bush." Leon directly asked.

"You're really gifted, Ms. Tethys. The bar of all espers in the realm, able to produce a powerful sentient object. A book that can foresee the future. The soothsayers in our village would kill for your talents." Leon said, spinning and playing with the cursed book around fingers. You can see the faint black aura corrupting and shrouding the Fae's arm as he holds the malign tome.

"Label me an enemy of the holy church if you want, but I'm afraid I can't hand over you this grimoire just yet. I need its power to protect the ones I care about. Surely you'd understand?"

Leon Hyksos

Unaware of the watchful eye from above, The Holy church representatives are being observed from a high vantage point by a certain fae rogue perched on top of a stony ledge of the Eon tower, Anticipating their arrival this morning.

"They are hunting you.." A chilling voice whispers in his ear.

"From the moment you form a contract with me, you've opened a can of worms upon my release. You shouda read the fine print, Fae." The grimoire said with a playful yet fiendish laugh."But fret not, as long as you got me, i'll take care of your problems." The mimic said with a wide grin on its pages.

"That sounds reassuring" Leon rolled his eyes and continued to peer into his binoculars.

"In any case, Do you know these people?" He asked.

"Let's just say I'm their past sin they try to sweep under the rug." The grimoire said, forming a wicked smile upon its cover.

The fae rogue raised his brow in curiosity. Why does Kiff have something that belongs to the Holy church? Also, what business does a malign sentient book have to do with them, to begin with? that sounds contradictive to their beliefs. Ugh, my head hurts. is too late now to return this accursed book to Kiff? Rather than pry into what the possessed book is trying saying. Leon decided to leave it as it was.

As the carriage arrived, The esper fae became more observant. Eyeing out each of the passengers going out of that wagon.

"Who's that stepping out first? She seems too young to be a knight. doesn't she." Leon peered through his scope and saw a young and beautiful paladin stepping out.

"That's Alexandra Haschwalth Vander. Careful fae, that young rose has thorns. ever heard of the Vanders? their swordsmanship is the bar of all swordsmen everywhere." The grimoire whispered in his ear.

"and that skinny guy with the scowl?" Leon turns his focus towards the white-haired man with his scope.

"That's inquisitor Grisha a.k.a. Mr. no-fun-allowed guy, a.k.a Mr. Killjoy. If there's any illegal use of magic involved outside the church, you bet your magus ass he'll be there to seize it. He seems to be the Shot-caller of this inspection." The grimoire childishly sticks out its tongue, expressing his disdain towards the slender inquisitor.

"And her. I recognize that scarlet hair, that ceremonial robe. that's the lady I saw from the vision and interrupted my scrying." Leon's jaw dropped after seeing the Scarlett soothsayer in person.

"That's the very talented High priest Tethys. The biggest sinner of them all, The hypocrite." The grimoire said, showing its pettiness towards its previous owner.

"I'm sure you could already tell the power difference between you two. If she's able to block your clairvoyance. can you imagine what she can do with her espermancy at full power? still, i don't get why she ever aligned herself with the Holy church, it seems like a waste of her talents. but fret not my little harbinger. You can surpass her with my help."

"I can?" Leon nonchalantly said as his eyes glowed, staring blankly at the distance. Captivated by the tome's words.

"That is if you're willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to change the course of the future. You won't abandon me like she did, won't you?" The tome said with an enticing voice.

The knife-eared fae became solemn and didn't answer. He became bewitched by the book's proposition. For a moment, Chaos fills his thoughts, He was hungry. He was entranced. He was maddened with desire. He wanted power.

He wasn't gonna let go of this tome just yet.


The rogue fae immediately got dressed and went to the meeting. Shaking off the feeling of what the grimoire said to him earlier. Of course, its warning still lingers in his head. Leon can't help but become wary of these people.

So this is like an annual thing where we're supposed to get an evaluation from these guys? They look so dignified compared to the reavers. These guys are all about dishing out orders, huh?

Leon looks around and sees their not-so-subtle glances, like a noose constricting around his neck, getting tighter and tighter each time their eyes meet.

He tries to observe them thoroughly. Even with his telepathy, He can't get a read on what they are thinking. Perhaps this is the workings of the holy seer to block any form of mind reading.

Leon formed in line as the rest of the reavers introduced themselves. To the others, this is nothing more than an introduction. To Leon, this seems like a death row. A wild witch hunt trial to see which reaver is hiding something. The esper fae plays it cool and tries not to stir the trouble he purposely sinks himself into. Maybe they are just here to talk?

He took a deep sigh and introduced himself. Right after the timidly new guy named Uskeche, who reeks of death and seems to be glaring at someone invisible<?>. Bossman Arteus sure loves his novelties.

"I guess it's my turn, my name is Leon Hyksos. Espermancy. A former resident of the Ilthaca forest. now living in the streets, I guess?" Leon bashfully scratches his head.

"For the record, if this is some weird recruitment to join the holy church, lemme be the first to decline." Leon became more direct.

"I can sense Lady Tethys observing me from the moment she arrived here. her presence is already intimidating enough" He said to inquisitor Grisha while stealing a glance at the scarlet seer. She was quiet and elegant, a real saint if you ever seen one. Quite the opposite of what the malign grimoire just told him earlier.

For a moment, the esper rogue became dumbfounded and got lost in her deep blue reflective eyes. So this is the all-seeing psychic eye in the flesh? it's so mesmerizing.

"Err. Aside from that, If there's anything else the lady seer wishes, I'd be happy to assist her quarry personally." The rogue fae compose himself and tries to be tactful to the reaver's esteemed guest and ends on that note.
Leon Hyksos


Great. just great.

Even with my superior foresight, i didn't expect meeting these two troublesome beauties over here. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to socialize for a bit. Besides, i'm parched. Consuming that amount of esper energy can be draining.

Leon's empty stomach rumbles as his hunger betrays him infront of Eve and Lapis.

"Ehem, I'm just here to eat." Leon clear his throat and makes his way towards their table.

”Donovan came by earlier and said that he wanted to talk to you about something, it was about the last mission we went on.”

"I've already submitted the report to the higher ups. I'm willing to testify my report personally if Mr. Donovan wishes to." He compose himself and sits across the blue haired magus.

”Anyway, he said the heart of the matter was an item that could halt mana flow within a given radius of its vicinity. Eve likely blew it up, as she does everything else, but he wanted to ask you since you were there as well.”

"I supposed it couldn't be help. We're outnumbered by a horde of crazed bandits. If it wasn't for Ms. Evelyn's quick and irrational.. err bold thinking. We wouldn't make it out there alive. In some strange luck, Ms.Evelyn's destrutive spell save us." The rogue fae shrug, complimenting the star witch in a way.

"As for for the item. It was never found if i recall correctly. It got lost in the midst of the chaos. There's nothing you can do about that. Say you wouldn't tell on your brother Lucian about our little oopsie given the dire circumstance, ya?" Leon slyly smiles, looking at Lapis as if he was flirting with her. Something he pick up with his time with Lanus in a less creepy way.

"If only there was a reliable magus such as yourself during that time, things would gone smoothly." The knife-eared fae winked at her, enticing her with sweet words, hoping she drops the subject.

Ofcourse, Leon lied as he breaths.

He is a deceiver and a charmer. The quality of a true rogue. The anti-magic orb was indeed recovered under the safe keeping of Kiff and a piece of its shard were engraved in one of Leon's daggers.

”Umm…What made you decide to get all of those weird tattoos on your body? Is it a fashion statement, or is it a part of some new spell?”

"Yeah, something like that, Hopefully I don't regret getting these." Leon sheepishly answered and became cautious about Eve noticing his runes around his body.

Ofcourse, He can always disclose that these weird tats is like a parasite. Causing to him lose his own sanity at the cost of borrowing its taboo power. But, why on earth would he do that?

"Hi, I'll have something that can replenish a weary magus, twice of each, Thank you." Leon said without any hesitation and turn his attention to the cook, Mrs.Bellum. Despite his small frame, his hunger seems to doubled ever since the grimoire bonded with him.

"Say not to be rude, but you seem to be a veteran at your craft and served the tower for quite some time now. Have you ever serve the holy church food during their visits? also, what are they like?" Leon asked the kitchen wiz. Hoping to get some clarity about his vision.

Heya, is this still open? I wanna join your crew if possible.

I was thinking of a priest turned pirate who cons brings people to salvation, spread the word of the 'seagod' and relieves them the burden of their worldly possession.
Leon Hyksos

@Hammerman @Rune_Alchemist@AzureKnight@Enkryption

"Yep, another day at the tower i supposed. i knew that beast girl and her spirit companion would be trouble. My danger sense were going ballistic the moment i lay my eyes on her." Unbothered by the explosion and the crazy antic the two just pulled, Leon casually steps back and covers his eyes with his cloak, protecting himself from the rubble and dust Lupina and Scarlett just cause from their not-so-subtle escape.

"You sure know how to pick your crew Mr. Xashan. I see nothing but a bleak and stressful future ahead of you if you continue to accompany those two. my sympathies" The lethargic rogue said with a straight face.

Not sure if Leon was mocking the charismatic belua from the way he speaks or if this was a piece of legit advice for things to come for him. It's probably the latter since he can relate on teaming up with a problematic person (i.e: Evelyn).

"Welp, I need a drink, If anyone needs me I'll be in the kitchen. It's no forest nectar from the fae community but it's strong enough to drown what happened this day." Leon said to the group, waving his hand in dismissal.

"Oh, And Ms. Gisselle, you know i can read people's actions and thoughts to an extent. You don't need to fret. I'm still a good-hearted fae whatever you may think of me. just raised differently other than living under the queen's rules." The knife-eared esper said before leaving the group.


As Leon walks the corridors of the tower, his Grimoire begins to glow by his side. Its cover began to form an angry and disgruntled face and seemed to be upset about telling other people about their contract.

"What is it now?" Leon sighed.

"You have no idea what you've done my little fae, You just opened the floodgates. They will know, and they will come for you." A sinister voice rang inside Leon's head.

"What do you mean? i think that went well, Despite her Authoritarian and strict demeanor. Mrs. Roze was pretty chill about it. Also, who's they?"

"Be prepared. Your destinies will intertwine soon." The voice hissed out its ominous warning, fading away in the back of Leon's mind. A sudden glimpse of the future flashes before the rogue's mind. Setting him aback in a mind trip as his eyes turn white.

This divination establishes a link between the two esper from two different factions. The vision is blurry and still Leon can see silhouettes of different three people. One brunette, one white-haired, and one with bright red hair woman in particular that caught his attention.

The rogue's dead dull eyes and the scarlet priest's vibrant blue eyes were locked into each other the moment their gaze met. Deeply staring into each other soul, measuring one another.

Even with the boosted power-up from the cursed grimoire. Leon is still no match for the immense esper pressure the red-haired noble is producing. The stark difference between him and the woman's power level was certain. Practically a no-contest who won and who is the superior psychic in this measuring contest.

He loses all of his concentration and abruptly blinks causing his future sight/telepathy to break. He returns to reality from this little daydream of his as his eyes turned normal.

What was that premonition? I definitely need a drink. Leon clutches his head and proceeds in walking abit shaken by this vision.

The rogue fae arrived at the kitchen meeting up with the kitchen wiz.
Leon Hyksos

@Hammerman @Rune_Alchemist@AzureKnight

The price of power is costly.

The feeling of pure ecstasy is drifting.

My head, my body, my soul. it aches.

It's screaming with every inch of my body.

My limbs felt like spaghetti from exhaustion.

My stamina is completely depleted.

I'm so dead-ass tired.

So this is what happens if i skip a few scenes.

When you're too eager to accelerate to the future you don't have time to savor the present time.

Oh well, at least it is over or I hope it is.

I hate to become a deadweight and jeopardize the entire mission but I guess they have to make due rescuing those kids.

The knife-eared fae loses all feeling in his legs as his eyes became heavy.

The last thing he saw was a flying golden arrow that pierces through the corrupted summoner and an elegant archer wearing a familiar garb that signifies fae royalty.

Unable to stand still, The hooded fae awkwardly tripped and fell from fatigue he's suffering right now.

"Hmmmm, soo.. cozy" He manages to get a few steps in before sinking his face and started snuggling with one of Haaselle's tentacles as a cushion before blacking out.

What is personal space right?


Leon woke up feeling like he partied hard and had a really bad hangover.

He was quiet the whole trip, chugging down a bottle of water like there's no tomorrow and sluggishly walks with the group with their new ally talking to Lanus.

All he can hear are mumbles and inaudible bickering before Roze confronted him.

"Truth be told, i don't know what came over me. It started when I've made a pact with this mysterious grimoire I've acquired at Kiff's treasury. It's previous owner didn't like its ways and discarded it for unknown reasons" He said, clutching his head.

"Since then, I've been hearing an ominous voice in my head, guiding me to the optimal path, as if I can predict the future and amplify my espermancy to a tenfold." He said.

"It asked me to become its agent and made a contract. As a result, it bounded with my skin and got these tats" Leon rolls up his sleeves and revealed the runes on his arms.

"I don't know if it's corrupting me or not, but a power like this is so hard to pass by." Leon continued.

"Crazy right? Promise me you won't tell anyone, ya?" Leon said as if he was practically begging the somber witch to keep this a secret between the two of them.

Leon Hyksos

@Hammerman @Rune_Alchemist@AzureKnight

Anger. Grief. Vindication.

These are the strong emotions Leon felt emitting from the infected white-haired fae.

Leon cocks his brows and notices the uncanny resemblance between him and the mysterious figure attacking them. Both are agile cutthroats, has the same fashion sense as he does, and uses daggers as their main weapon.

It's like staring at a mirror of himself if he got corrupted by fell energy and got way too emaciated beyond recognition and decided to become a full-time spider tamer.

'Sever their fate, these small fries have no place in our future.'

The grimoire began to whisper to him once more, hungry to end one's life. Leon hesitated to answer back as he was too busy dodging the spider's acidic webbing.

"Shit" Leon mouthed. He continues to gracefully weave, fending off the arachnids chasing him. Unfortunately for the nimble fae, His throwing daggers do not affect the ghostly spiders. They're intangible and pretty much immune to physical attacks.

"Okay plan B, grimy. show me what you got!" The knife eared fae prepared for the worst.

Leon's pupils became dilated. His heart pumps twice as fast at an alarming rate as his senses heighten like crazy. His body is trembling from the sheer amount of adrenaline he's producing and let the cursed grimoire take over his body, exposing his tattoos as it began to glow.

From his perspective, all of the movements surrounding him become stagnated; Slowed down as if he can move freely without the restraint from the laws of time and the burden of one's body.

He is free, Unbound, and Untouchable.

His presence became an irregularity from the flow of time. He became a glitch, an anomaly of events that doesn't belong in the present timeline.

He pulls out his anti-magic dagger in one hand and a blade conjured from pure esper energy in the other.

Leon goes to work and began shanking the spiders left and right at high speed with his future step skill. Appearing and reappearing where they least expect it, going to point A to B with a singular step.

To those observing his movements, it might look like he has the ability to stop time.

The hooded fae seems to be teleporting all over the place as the spiders can't keep up with his movements leaving afterimages of his past self.

They began to fumble on their own eight legs as Leon runs circles on them in terms of speed; Dispelling the fell energy with each stroke of his magebane dagger, taking away their intangibility and ghost-like attributes and killing them like normal spiders.

Even with their multiple arachnid eyes, they can't track nor react to the hasted assassin's killing spree as they get picked off piece by piece.

Leon's borrowed power that is definitely not corrupted is almost downright cheating and insulting to the fae summoner's so-called 'family'.
Leon Hyksos

@Hammerman @Rune_Alchemist@AzureKnight

"I'm Leon, A pleasure." the hooded fae nodded and introduce himself in the dullest way possible to the group. You can almost skim past his presence from the way he interjects himself in the conversation.

Leon formed a dry crooked smile at them. He wasn't annoyed by them or anything, He was just baffled by how passionate and comfortable Lanus and Renee are with each other's skin. Quite the opposite of our secretive and lethargic knife-eared fae.

He then turns his attention to the newly added members of the team. The tower veteran Mrs. Roze and a stray recruit, who seems to be gliding on her feet. A tentacle girl who has been trailing her like a lost puppy.

Leon can read the emotion of the somber witch with his amplified esper powers. A telepathic gift that he didn't have before encountering that cursed book.

He can feel her burden like she is obligated to take care of her. The feeling of guilt that happens in her past. The psionic rogue didn't pry on for it too long as Roze seems uncomfortable talking about it let alone someone reading her private thoughts.

As for the new recruit, named Haassele. He can tell she's an esper. Her emotions and thoughts are somewhat distorted and lack clarity, quite uncommon for someone whose magic revolves around mastering one's mind.

Underneath this calmness and innocent face, there's some storm brewing in her. Quite the opposite of our meticulous fae, who doesn't like to take risks unless it's necessary and keeps his emotions at arm's length.

Either way, Leon is done sizing up the people he is working with. This should suffice. Analyzing people with telepathy can be tiresome and borderline creepy if you really think about it.

On to the mission!


Into the mouth of the underground waterworks

And it reeks! its repugnant stench is enough to make anybody hurl in disgust. And this is just the entrance of it. How can anyone be enticed by this smell, especially the children? Luckily for Leon lower part of his face is covered with bandages to filter out the smell.

As they delve into the maze-like tunnels known as the city's underground waste dump. The trail grows moist and hotter. Signs of struggle and infestation became clearer. The air is damp and feasible that someone or something inhabits this place.

With one glance at the torn-out jacket Roze is holding, Leon foresaw the past within a vision. A glimpse of a kid running for his life and being dragged out by a creature into their nest. The jacket he left was the last gasp of hope if somehow someway he would be found and miraculously rescued.

His train of thought was cut off as his danger sense abruptly kicks in. The feeling of imminent threat was registered in his mind, an unavoidable encounter that they have to fight their way through.

The others pointed out it as well as the pale spiders began to appear and flank them on all sides. Spiders from the fae forest that shouldn't even be here.

These white arachnids saw them as intruders or their next meal or both.

Leon changes his stance, swiftly drawing his daggers on both hands. Two spiders began to bare their fangs and started charging at him.

Unflinching from where he stood, The psionic fae didn't even bother to dodge nor move and foresaw the outcome of this brawl with his clairvoyance: Their future was forfeited at this moment.

That's how confident he is in feeding off the Grimiore's power.

Their movements were predictable almost too easy to read for Leon as they began to pounce on him.

Their frontal assault was met by a flying dagger hurled right between their red eyes, stopping them in their tracks, and obscuring their vision. making them screech in pain from where they stand.

The knife-throwing doesn't stop there as Leon began to conjure his twin psychic blades as his coup de grace for the two wounded beasts.

In one swoop, He throws them both like a boomerang in the air causing them to collide and pierce both of the spider's heads in succession, puncturing their brains from the side, and making them plop on their backs like a sack of potatoes.

The poor arachnids started twitching their eight legs ever so helplessly as their life was soon coming to an end.

The twin daggers return to Leon's hand as both of his opponents were unresponsive and disposed of.

"They're weak yes, but is it just me, or their attacks are well coordinated? not you're usual dumb creature I would say." Leon leaps backward and disengages in combat, rejoining the others in fending off these out-of-place albino forest spiders.

Leon Hyksos


I don't know what's more awkward. The fact that I'm harboring and borrowing a malicious entity's power residing in my very skin. Or the feel of third-wheeling a lovestruck couple in this mission. Either way, this is going to be a hellish experience that's for sure! Leon mentally sighed, the thought of these complications already exhausts the rogue's urge to go on this trip.

The rogue fae received Lanus's invitation and went to the lobby. He carries the cursed grimoire behind his cloak and his sharp knives intact, preparing for the worst in this retrieval operation.

Before he approach, Leon heard a soft eerie whisper in his head. He paused in the moment.

He can suddenly see invisible lines coursing towards the couple as Leon sighted them from a far. Its thread is sturdy and unbreakable that carries chain of events both tragic and joyous to Reinee and Lanus. The bond between the two are inseparable.

Ofcourse, these are just probabilities that the cursed grimoire is projecting to him in his head.

Like, who can really predict the absolute future?


"Ready?.." Leon said, snapping out of his stupor and greeted the two.

"I've done some little digging and it turns out Rana's notes were wayyy too outdated. The waterworks around these parts continues to expand as the city continues to develop." Leon scratches his head.

"It makes you wonder what mrs. Rana's real age is? she seems more mature for her youthful looks."

"In any case, Finding the missing children might not be easy as we think." The rogue ponders.

"Oh, and don't worry about me tagging along, i'll leave you to your own and trail you from the shadows, you won't even notice i'm even there!" Leon assured the two, Especially Lanus, who seems unenthusiastic to him being there.
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