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Leon Hyksos

Badland Heist (Thieves' Hideout) Completely Obliterated

Interaction: @AzureKnight @PaulHaynek

”I’d advise the both of you to steer clear. To be honest, I don’t have much experience with this technique.” -Evelyn

"Steer clear? What are you implying? You can't just cast a spell without knowing what the result is.. that's just insanity!" Just as Leon was about to reprimand the floating witch's casting her unstable spell halfway. His danger sense suddenly triggers.

A strong pulse pounded in his head and saw a vision of its outcome: a symphony of stars exploded in the area and the aftermath of a decimated field after the smoke clears. A walking disaster in the form of lightning and fire unleashed.

Definitely, Don't want to get caught in that!

"On second thought, I think that's a VERY good advice. I suggest you do the same Mr. Einer." without waiting for the scrapper bard to reply, The fae rogue nodded and made a mad dash towards safety, running past the numerous bandits who were unfortunate enough to get caught in her spell.

What follows was a series of flashing lights violently erupting on the battlefield like the 4th of july along with a mixture of hapless screams that goes with it.

Leon didn't even dare to look back at the explosions behind him.

Everything was a blur as soon as Evelyn finished her destructive spell.

Leon shielded his eyes with his cape from a safe distance and was amazed he was even alive after this whole mess.

"So much for subtlety. In any case, i count this as a job well done.. i think?" Leon muttered, scratching the side of his cheek and looking at the devastation the cosmic witch has caused, wiping off the enemy forces in the process.

"To the victor goes the spoils. I hope mr. Kiff appreciates this." The rogue picks up and held the troublesome orb in his palm.

With one tap of his knife, he manages to chip a fragment of it and imbued one of his daggers with its shard, Making an anti-magic dagger for himself, and the rest goes to the collector as promised.

”H-Hey, Fae boy. I may have…made a small miscalculation and used up too much mana with that last attack. It’s not like I need it but, I certainly wouldn’t mind a little bit of help either…" - Evelyn

For the first time, Leon was lost for words. He wasn't in the mood to retort a witty comeback nor blame Evelyn for her crazy antics. Instead, he was relieved that both the bard and the witch are safe.

He simply releases a sigh of relief and extends his hand to help the fallen witch, picking Evelyn up by his side and looks at Einer, putting up a thumbs-up gesture to express his approval.

"I think i have had it with explosions and crazy people for one night, let's go retrieve those stolen goods."
Leon Hyksos

Badland Heist (Thieves' Hideout)
Interaction: @AzureKnight @PaulHaynek @FrogRFlowR

'I must have that!'

The rogue's eyes widen. Despite the dire situation they are in, The only thought process that comes into his greedy little mind at this moment is stealing that shiny purple relic from that hooded man. He saw the potential of its power; A magitech capable of leveling the playing field by greatly diminishing the magical prowess of each magic user in the area. Imagine the possibilities if he gets a hold of that.

Of course, he had to go through the layers of angry bandits to get to that precious prize. Easier said than done. right?

"I don't suppose you guys have any special talents? any fighting experience without magic? any summoning familiar aids? now is a good time to let it out or its curtains for us, No pressure tho..." The elf nonchalantly said to Einer and Astrope while preparing to lunge a swift frontal assault.

"Cover me, I think Ms. Evelyn may be up to something.." He puts on one of his daggers between his teeth while holding two in both hands.

Even without his espermancy nor the cover of shadows to conceal himself, Leon was able to use his natural agility to rush into the fray, making quick work of the bandits in his path, doing acrobatics, shredding them with his swift cuts, mounting onto their shoulders with his hobbit-like size, slitting their throats and latching on to the next like a little murder gremlin.

It's a matter of rinse and repeat of attacks. Surely, if the reckless flame witch can dodge their projectiles by sheer luck, then by all means their aim must be really terrible. Like untrained monkeys wielding a firearm.

The knife-eared fae begins to gain momentum as he makes his way toward the orb wielder. He runs through the top of the enemy's heads, using them as platforms to gain speed. His phasing becomes quicker, Taking a massive leap at the end, soaring beyond their reach.

The fae was in flight. His long hooded black cape flapped into the night sky shrouding the bright moon above.

Gravity was defiled by the lightfooted fae. He was on hang time in the air for a brief moment. The nimble fae has his sight set on that pesky disruptor from his bird's eye view.

With a sleight of hand, The airborne rogue unleashes a fan of sharp knives from the heavens. A flurry of deadly daggers rained on his enemies. The intent was either to maim the people below him or be a distraction for Evelyn to sneak around and bludgeon the hooded mage controlling the sphere.

Crap! I'm running out of daggers. I hope Ms.Evelyn knows what she's doing. I've never considered her as the sneaky type.
Leon Hyksos

Badland Heist (Bandit's Lair)
Interaction: @AzureKnight @PaulHaynek @FrogRFlowR

”What’s the idea, sneaking off on your own. Trying to take all the credit for yourself?”

"It's nice to see you too Ms. Evelyn" Leon retorted and greeted the angry witch as if he intended to piss her even more.

"I don't know why you're so upset about it, but if it makes you feel any better, taking recognition is the last thing on my mind. I prefer to remain anonymous and leave it at that" The rogue fae answered, deflecting the witch's silly accusations. Leon knew he isn't gonna hear the end of this once the spoiled astronomer starts yapping her mouth for accusing him of something so petty.


As far as the campaign goes, the badland crew seems to already know what their next task is. They were on the same page trailing the guy after work, leading to their secret hideout at the canyons.

A cavern, hidden via huge boulder blocking its path and serves as its entrance door. The area is concealed, sealed tight, and well-guarded. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out that the 4 reavers are outnumbered once they enter the heart of the enemy's base. They need to approach this more delicately if they don't want to startle the bandit's hive.

Unfortunately for the knife-wielding fae, The star-themed witch has already made plans on her own.

"Wait, Ms. Evelyn. I think we should think this -- " Before the words ever escape Leon's lips, the witch of the stars haphazardly fires a beam that decimates the entire stone wall in front of her, creating a large booming sound, leaving hazards of falling rocks and a huge hole in its wake. His fear of this mission going sideways on its ass has come true.

What follows after this messy execution was trouble brewing at the mouth of the cave. The rogue fae was put in a difficult position to fight an angry mob of bandits charging at them, wielding magical swords with malicious intent.

He saw the incoming danger and release a sigh of disappointment.

"Aight, I'm gonna head out." He nonchalantly said to Einer and Asterope, stepping backward as if he was ditching them in this time of need. Without another word, Leon draws his daggers in between each of his fingers and began to blend into the night.

Using size, his nimbleness, and his ability to sense danger to avert incoming attacks. Leon works around the magitech-wielding bandits behind their backs, picking them up one by one like an assassin. Thinning them out, creating confusion and stabbing them from their blindsides when they least expect it then dipping out again into the shadows.

I know it feels scummy using the other reavers as the frontline in this fight, but this is where the dagger-wielding rogue excels.

Also if there's any consolation in all of this unplanned fiasco is that Evelyn makes a good job drawing out the angry bandits' attention. (read: Bait)
This seems fun. count me in! here is my sheet. :> @MagusDream

Leon Hyksos

Badland Heist
Interaction: @AzureKnight @PaulHaynek @FrogRFlowR

"Impressive little spell." - Asterope

"Uhhh.. Thanks.."

Confused but not surprised, The knife eared fae was unfazed by the looming presence behind him due to his 'danger sense' registered the Thunder witch as a non-threat. Leon briefly shifted his head at the back, acknowledging Asterope's concern, reprimanding him for keeping secrets from them. You can tell she's upset, like a parent scolding their child sneaking out in the middle of the night. Makes sense since she's the senior magus amongst this group of rookies.

"You shouldn't leave on your own like that. It isn't safe. Beside, keeping secrets from the team? Quite rude." - Asterope

"That's just how I operate, Bad habits I guess. My bad for ditching you guys and keeping you blind." Leon said blandly, returning his eyes to the traitorous employee.

"It must've been painful to leave you guys in the same room with Ms. Evelyn that you have to follow me here in this stakeout Ms. Asterope." He continued.

"In any case, See that guy over there, I'm a hundred percent certain he's a spy and one of the suspects, I have the coordinates of their hideout based on his inner thoughts." The fae rogue explained the details of his findings to the lightning magus.

"He's not alone in this one, There are others like him plotting against this company, I suggest we tread lightly and intercept them before things get ugly."
Leon Hyksos

Badland Heist
Interaction: @AzureKnight @PaulHaynek @FrogRFlowR

Thrown in the middle of nowhere convoyed by a magic-powered vehicle with nothing but a map and their wits in their hand. The reavers find themselves inside a damaged industrial complex standing tall in an isolated barren land. This is where their mission begins. To be Mr.Donovan's investigator/hired guns at his factory, solving his stolen goods dilemma against some mysterious bandits. (Confidentially of course).

The knife-eared fae followed the group inside the ransack factory, where he observed the inner workings of the daily life of a magitech manufacturer. Nothing out of the usual, just your typical busy laborers trying to repair the damaged factory and whatnot. That moment didn't last long as Leon felt a slight jolt in his mind.

Upon touring the insides of Donovan's magical plant, The fae can feel a peering gaze staring at them. He can hear muffled sounds coming from their mouths from a vision. A vivid premonition slips into his brain. Leon's danger sense suddenly triggers, detecting an ill intent against their group. It wasn't major or anything but a concern nevertheless.

Being part of a party, The roguish elf has a nagging feeling that he should tell his fellow reavers about his premonition and the small clue he has found. But who?

Evelyn? Hmm.. I doubt she'll keep a tight lip. She has the restraint of an unsupervised child.

Astrope? I have a feeling that she'll electrocute him on sight! She seems the confrontal type.

Perhaps the best option is to tell the bard about his findings, He seems like a gentle soul and can keep it to a minimum. Leon looks around and catches up to the bard's phasing.

"Einer was it? Don't look now but I think we're being watched." Leon mumbled to Einer within his earshot.

"I'm gonna hunt them down after this meeting and find what's up. I need you to keep face and keep the others at bay, You think you can cover for me?" The fae ask Einer with a straight face before the group entered the main office. Without a doubt, Leon is confident enough to put his trust in Einer with this task, He's a bard after all, garnering attention and having an audience is 50% of what they do.


Leon finally meets the director in charge of this plant, by the looks of things, The reavers caught them in a bad spot. The young man seems upset while discussing the factories' losses with his employees, hoping to keep the recent damage to a minimum.

The knife-eared fae noticed that Mr. Josef has been on the edge ever since the reavers got here. The man was on the verge of breaking down due to the unfortunate events happening in this factory. It wouldn't take an esper to read his anxious mind. The poor sap.

”You already know our situation, so we’ll skip that part. Right now we’ve been so focused on repairing the plant and keeping this out of the public eye, we haven’t had time for much else. I can tell you by the entry points and guard casualties, this was done by a team of professionals. Since no word has gotten out about the prototype weapons they stole, we’re thinking their current base of operations is some within the outer badlands At least, we hope… He said, wiping a bit of sweat off his face

”They’ll probably plotting their next move, at least that’s the only reason I can think of as to why they’ve been quiet for the past few days…

- Director Josef

His story checks out. The info he has given them was kinda vague but still helpful. Transporting that kind of weapon would take time to distribute.

"Rest assured Mr. Josef, Well handle this with the utmost care. Also, though it's not in my position to give you advice since I'm a workaholic myself, please refrain from drinking too much caffeine. It makes your mind all jumpy." He said.

"I'll go on the first watch.." Leon said nodding to the group, subtlely eyeing Einer about their talk earlier.

The half awake fae left the office to spy on these suspicious workers.


After leaving the group inside the main director's office, The hooded fae did his little investigation on his own, doing what he does best which is: Espionage. Finding out this suspicious employee that triggers his premonition. He was all sneaky about it. Like a shadow wandering in this massive factory.

Eventually, he found the suspicious employee without being noticed and was within range to establish a link.

"Conceptualize blade: splinter." The hooded fae muttered, envisioning a dagger conjured from his mind. Manifesting it in the material plain.

Just as the name suggested, This psionic dagger he envision was barely the size of a tiny needle. It's non-lethal unlike the rest of his ethereal daggers and is mainly used to mark his prey within their thoughts.

With a flick of his wrist. This singular invisible needle flies through the air like a dart and cleanly latches to his unsuspecting target.

With this tiny surgical incision. The fae rogue can track down his target's thoughts and movements where ever he went.
Leon Hyksos

Badland Heist
Interaction: @Inertia @AzureKnight @PaulHaynek @FrogRFlowR

"While Leon here is right, I also wouldn't be too quick to judge your own teammates. Young Evelynn here has made her proofs, after all."

"It's not that I'm not confident with her skill, It's her ability to be subtle is what concerns me..." Leon nonchalantly said in the background, combing his snow-white hair back in its place from the static electricity the witch has caused. He didn't mind Asterope's playful display of her magic. His hair is already a mess as it is.

As far as Leon is concerned, if this higher-up magus is able of leaking a fraction of her lightning magic just by her presence alone. Who knows what she is capable off when she decides to amp up the dial? (Note to self: Human livewire, Do not touch nor startle her.)

Soon the Badland heist team has completely gathered in front of their benefactor. Most of them came from nobility or a prodigy of some kind. Even the kid with the lyre has an air of higher class in him based on its elegant craftsmanship. This should be an interesting bunch, A vigilante rogue that beats up people at night working with the elites.

"I'm good to go. Examining the workers there should be a good start. If we're lucky, maybe one of them has seen these mysterious crafty bandits."
He said with a straight face, determined to answer the 'whos' and the 'hows' of this heist.

"Altho, If it ain't too much Mr.Donovan. I would require a complete detailed blueprint of your building. I just wanna know every possible entry point and every exit there is. I'm still not convinced this is a perfect crime. As an esper, it's always an advantage to perceive things beyond the normalcy of our eyes."

I'm afraid that your sheet will have to be one of the ones that I put on the back-burner. We can PM if you want to know the specifics, but at the moment I don't believe that I can accept Tiny Tim (despite his wonderful name) into the RP.

Oof. aight we'll discuss it there if that's what you prefer. It must be really serious to have it go through a PM XD
Sorry for dropping by unannounced. In any case here's my submission.

Leon Hyksos

Interacting with: Evelyn/Donovan@AzureKnight
Badland Heist

What transpires, bumping into Evelyn and meeting with Donovan himself in the halls was not the whole detailed story. Well, not from Leon's perspective at least.

It was rather much more embarrassing and awkward than it should have been!

Leon did bump into her in the halls. Yes, but not the way it's played out to be. The estranged fae was able to perceive the incoming collision before he made contact with her due to his 'danger sense' kicking in.

Rather than making the witch awkwardly fall on her back and look like a heartless jerk in doing so. Leon catches the troubled girl by her waist with his cape. Saving her, preventing the boisterous young lady from greeting the floor with her spine and tailbone.

The whole sequence played out straight from a cheesy romance novel. A fateful encounter between two people; facing each other with their gazes intertwined and bodies locked together for a mere second.

It's pretty dreamy, right? well not exactly..

The rogue elf wasn't exactly prince charming material.

"...." Leon couldn't care less about her and greeted her with the same deadpan look on his face and helps her get back on her feet as soon as Donovan arrived to hash out their mission. And to make matters worst, He didn't even ask if she was okay!

He then held his hand out to Leon; he’d continue his explanation whether the Fae accepted the shake or not.

Leon did reaches out his hand as a means of formality to the entrepreneur and listened to the details the plant owner has to say.


As soon as Donavon finished their briefing, Leon simply nodded, turning his attention to the witch.

"By the sound of it, the only possible conclusion I have is that they have a rat in their network to aid these master thieves .. an inside job If you will. " Leon spoke out.

"It's true that kind of magitech is kinda scary, sucking up mana and adding it to their own. It can be beneficial to those who upholds the peace, and harmful to those who use it for personal gain." The fae muttered while recollecting the deal he made with Kiff, no wonder the librarian wants this weaponry, this stuff is potent!

"I assumed we'll be working together, My name is Leon, an esper, I stab people physically and mentally." He nonchalantly introduces himself.

"You should be more careful next time, and collect your thoughts.. you seemed troubled a moment ago. As an esper, my advice is to strengthen your resolve, or else you'll drown in other people's thoughts if you don't focus on your own." Leon said, almost showing empathy to his fellow reaver, Evelyn.

"I don't want this delicate covert mission to go south due to the people I work with aren't 100% emotionally stable." He added. And just like that, the rogue fae ruined a piece of encouraging advice turning it into something mission-oriented. What a strange way to boost one's morale.

"Shall we go and plan this out?"
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