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One thing led to another as the picture of the banquet comes a bit clearer. This was a mission debriefing to save the world, a cautionary tale with the 7 masters being the main characters. Disposing people into this whirling blender and see what sticks.

Cassandra on the other hand was interested in a diffrerent subject that doesn't even contribute to the matters at hand.

"wow you met Heracles, director? that so cool! can you summon him? Summon him! summon him! summon him!" Cassandra eyes flared up and started chanting, repeatedly banging on the table like hyperactive child demanding to be fed. Its no surprise she was a huge fan.

It was a chaotic scene with the loud spartan adding into the mixed. it started like a normal feast that ended up like a unruly thanksgiving dinner with all of your relatives contradicting each other about their politcal views.

People arguing. The mixed conversation. the disagreements. Its no wonder Archer chooses to live in the woods and be a hermit rather than to socialize with people.

"I suggest you stop that or else all of us will be eating on the floor." The marksman's face grimace as he place his bandage covered hand on his master's shoulder, like a strict parent signalling his child to stop bouncing all over the place. Which indeed calmed Cassandra down. Honestly this was too much work for •••••.

The green archer then shifted his attention to the child under the cradle of assassin. Like a marionette laying still on her lap willing to take some questions.

"for someone that is late to the briefing, you sure are well inform about the situation." Archer said shagging his ginger coloured hair. His tone is a hint of a sneer and suspicion.

"in any case, before we get side tracked. enlighten us, what do you mean by winner of the jackpot? I doubt that blood on your servant's face is no lame accident."
"Ha ha, I don't mind a little dinner entertainment, Let berserker be rowdy, This is supposed to be a festive feast not a funeral, right?" Cassandra said in a festive mood while munching down in her designated table seat, Oblivious to how far off she is about this being a joyous occasion.

"Sometimes I envy your blissfulness master," Archer lean forward and whispered, crossing his arms. ever the skeptic.

"Oh, What do you mean?" The spartan earnestly asked her servant with her mouth full of food, peeling away the skin off the drumstick with her teeth like a rabid animal, disregarding her tableside manners.

"Nevermind.." Archer's eyes shifted across the table, Silently observing how uneased the director was ever since they arrived. The way she looks at the empty seat of master's assassin every now and then. The melancholy vibes he's getting from it. Something must have gone wrong by the looks of it.

Aside from the suspicious tardiness of Assassin's master, what's the deal with the pale girl with the wolf ears, Is she Chaldea's pet or something? I've never seen her in these parts before. Archer telepathically said to Cassandra, furrowing his brow in suspicion.

Dunno, I only met Assassin's master once, kinda odd fellow to say the least. Cassandra shrugs and continues to feast.

"Uh-huh, I see" Archer sighed, trailing his thoughts to himself.

Archer quietly stands like a shadow by Cassandra's side, ears open to his surroundings, observing Saber demanding to shed some light on this sudden occasion.

Something that Archer would never do, He's more of a covert/secretive type when finding out answers, It's much cooler that way, being an Anti-hero in most of his legends. Quite the opposite of Saber's straightforwardness in handling the situation.

Nevertheless, Archer nodded in agreement to Saber's inquiry.

Despite the growing suspicion this dinner brings, Cassandra couldn't care less about the details of what's the reason the masters are brought in here, All she knows is: Hey it's a free dinner and I'm gonna eat like a king.

And so she does..

Like a gluttonous beast, Cassandra continues to devour everything she can get her hands into, She only comes to her senses when she heard a meek voice right next to her that stop her in her tracks.

"Do you think maybe we will get some of that dessert too?"

"Ah, you have a sweet tooth i see, come to think of it, I'm craving some dessert right about now." Cassandra said to Chabi with a smile on her face.

"I don't see any dessert other than that white-haired girl is hoarding right about now.. maybe we should ask her." Without any hesitation, The tomboyish spartan raised her voice and started waving at the wolf girl.

"Say. you there with the white hair, my friend and I were wondering if you could share that delicious cake with us.. I'll trade you with this grape for it~" Cassandra offered.

The Spartan and the Celtic Archer

Chaldea Cafeteria, 1000 hr. T- minus 20 mins before class starts.

After a rigorous early workout at the Chaldea's gym, Cassandra has this post- habit routine of chilling at the cafeteria for a bit, making her infamous post-workout protein shake, and hanging out before her class starts.


The sound of a whirling blender fills the kitchen's cafeteria as Cassandra whips up somewhere between the lines of a healthy and nutritious shake to a downright grotesque sewage waste; Mixing ingredients that shouldn't be even put together for the sake of all things humane.

Archer watches with visible disgust and can't help but to have a say in what the actual hell his master is doing.

"I'm no nutritionist but i don't think you should be drinking that. Whatever you're concocting might as well be good enough poison for my arrow if i'm being honest." Her servant said bluntly.

"Haha, very funny ◾◾◾◾◾, I have you know this supplement has the secret Sparta recipe with a modern twist! tomatoes, 2 bananas, wheat, a dozen of raw eggs, grilled meat, pudding, whey powder .. the whole package." Cassandra said proudly.

I think i'm gonna throw up. Archer keeps his thoughts to himself after hearing its hideous content.

"The kitchen staff and Director Fujimaru were kind enough to lend their ingredients to make this, might as well take the advantage and make a whole batch." Cassandra continued with a beamingly smile on her face.

The muscular woman chugs down the vile elixir like it was nothing.

"Ahhh.. nothing beats like a post-workout protein shake to start the day. It's ashamed that senpai Reggie couldn't come for today's leg day session, I could have taught him the basics of the famous "Spartan kick" Hiya!" She said striking a kicking pose.

"Oh, I know why he's not here, that poor soul.." Archer muttered, crossing his arms, feeling a bit squeamish and sorry for what that African boy had to endure yesterday.

"Anyways, Before that supplement rots your brain, aren't you forgetting something? like that suspicious text you received earlier. I doubt that everyone got the same message as you do.." Archer lowers his voice while looking cautiously at his surroundings, observing the other students and reading the room.

"Really dude? you've been peeping on other people's phones? that's just plain creepy" Cassandra retorted.

"Hey, a hunter must be aware of his surrounding, it's like second nature to me. I have a nagging feeling this is no ordinary invitation seeing it has no formality nor pleasantries, just coordinates, these types of messages are the ones that have trouble written all over it.." Archer continued.

"Now you're just being paranoid, It's just a text dude.." The she-hulk said with a smirk.

"Nah, it's my hunter's intuition, I can feel that something's up."

"Again dude, Paranoid" Cassandra teased her servant even more.

"You're impossible." Archer sighed.

"Heh, I'm just playing.. A true warrior always trusts his gut, and I would never belittle yours. On a serious note, have you heard about hall 11? with my 2nd year of studying here in Chaldea, I've never heard of such a place.. have you?"

"Can't say that I have, want me to investigate? I mean I could sneak around the lab to do a reconnaissance and still make it time for dinner, and none would be the wiser." Archer said with a mischievous grin.

"Eh, that won't be necessary. whatever it is we'll find out later and just have to face it head-on, as a true warrior does.. "

"You truly are a meathead."
Sorry for being late at the party but here is my OC.


I did the revision based on your suggestions mostly on the effects on her major magecraft which I gladly appreciate you doing improving her kit.

I left somethings behind cause i feel like its OP for my taste, like that strong fortification armor that burns overtime. I don't want Cassandra to be somesort of a Demi-servant based on her ancestry with Leonidas. I just wanna punch things, gamble fix humanity's future and torture Robin for the LULS.

Anyways if there's anything i miss or concern about her current stat lemme know. either way i'm fine with Cassandra as it is.
Interesting premise. I like me some anime style superpowered weapons with some military action on top. expect an Oc from me :)
@Enkryption My apologize for the delay, i was swamped last week. Nevertheless here is my odd pairing of servant and master.


Should be done this weekend. just adding her backstory.

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