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Current Every day we stray further from the light of god.
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*Pelinal Whitestrake intensifies*
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Dude that's kinda cringe.
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Tell me about it dude, up at my FedEx between rona' and christmas we can barely keep up.
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Coming Soon!

(or whenever I get off my lazy ass)

Here's a couple neat memes while you wait:

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The gears in Don's head turned as he considered the fact that his 'time' was seemingly unharmed by the Kamaitachi. The ticking, the seeming slow of time, the accelerated rate of withering of the demons, and now the protection of his 'time'?

Was Suthainn perhaps some kind of time god?

Don looked around the tent; seeing that a fair amount of townsfolk were still milling about, including a few hunters. The man rubbed his chin in careful contemplation for a long moment; in all likelihood-- he could fix what was wrong with the dwarf... However, doing so would certainly reveal his hand to the Illuminator's faithful...

But Donovan was never one much to go about things the easy way, what mattered here was to do that which was right, not what was easy.

"Truth beh told Mie, th' power yah saw? Ain't mine... But-- aye'll give yah ah demonstration bout' what et can do."

The large man stepped forward, placing his right hand gently atop the dwarf's head as he would grip the emblem of his necklace firmly with his left. Closing his eyes, and focusing his mind, he sensed it... Something, 'off' slightly; not quite like the demonic infection incurred by the garden's thralls, but something more akin to a knot of sorts.

"Oh Suthainn--" he loudly beckoned to the deity, focusing any of the divine power he could draw from his emblem into his right palm. "Aye ask once more fer yer aid this day. By yer eternal benevolence an' timeless wisdom, may yer faithful bring forth yer blessing. Just as time heals all wounds-- aye ask this lass made whole, en bodeh an' spirit. May that what been wronged be righted, an' what stolen be returned."

"May yer radiance feravah grace our lives with time lived well, an' justleh... Amen."


"Nonesense Lass!" Don exclaimed with a chuckle, giving the dwarf a firm pat on the head. Though he couldn't really put his finger on it, the large man could 'sense' the little needed some help, "Ain't no sense in turnin' the Ladeh down. Least any of us can do fer yah!"

The man looked to Mie, rubbing his knuckles, "Sorreh bout yer beastie. Heard somethin' break when aye hit et.".

Donovan let out a deep, heaving sigh; his necklace slipping from his shirt, "Right then, waht's next?"


"Think Lass!" Donovan hissed as the beast crashed against his shield; his stance (though holding fast) tearing up topsoil as the sheer force of impact forced him back, "Herbs, spices, furs, fruit-- nuthin? Are yah sure???"

Snapping jaws forced Donovan to retreat lower behind his shield, the creature's forward weight leaning almost entirely on the shield arm. Don grunted forcefully, his eyes darting about the surrounding area as he quickly assessing the situation. The Dwarf seemed clueless about what may be aggravating the beast, and the damn thing's claws and teeth were likely to rip him to bits before the Oni workers could do anything to aid him if he didnt do something quick. If he used his hammer, he'd likely kill or cripple the creature. If he used his magic, that'd draw too much attention-- and folk would start asking questions, while tipping off the hunters that he may be a threat.

In a sudden motion, Don stuffed the sack of fruit he'd been given into the open jaws of the massive rodent. Gritting his teeth, Don crouched low, his back foot pivoting as he would wrench his shield out from between himself and the animal. "Arright Beastie--" he bellowed as every muscle in his body; from the tips of his toes, up his calves and into his thighs, hips core and arms, all fired in a synchronized motion-- all leading into a devastating superhuman uppercut!

"Time tah learn yeh some manners!"


Donovan laughed heartily at the little lady's protests as he ran from the pursuing creature, "Lass, much as aye'd be happeh tah help ya pulp th' damn thing-- aye been hired tah return et to th' folk that own... An' they wannet alive!"

Don did his best to duck branches and weave between trees as he ran, but the giant rat-creature seemed to be a hell of a lot faster than he'd thought and was hot on his heels; and the fact that the dwarf was wiggling so much didn't help. "Quit strugglin'! Yer slowin us down!"

As the creature drew ever closer, Don called upon that divine might once more-- the ever present force protecting and empowering him. He channeled that power downward through every nerve, muscle, and tendon in his leg. As the Kamaitachi would pounce, Don would fire the gathered power out his back foot, launching himself forward!


Donovan's brow raised as he approached the strange beast, curious as the why it ignored the fruit he'd tossed at it. Getting closer, the man damn near had a heart attack for a moment; believing the creature was mauling a child... Until he saw the armor. Though he breathed a slight sigh of relief-- it wasn't for long, as the little lady clearly needed help!

From what Mie had said, these creatures were normally quite docile, so there was only one reason it would be attacking her rather than going for a treat.... The Dwarf had something that smelled even better!

Almost chuckling to himself, Donovan wasted no time stepping in, grabbing the dwarf, and throwing her onto the shoulder of his free arm before breaking into a dead sprint back toward the village. "Dunno wha'cha got on yah tha' et wants so much lass-- but yah just made bringin' et back a helluva lot easier!"


Don nodded to Lady Mie as she offered him the small sack of fruit, "Yer a generous soul lass-" he responded with a smile, giving the 'gambesons' a steady lookover as he spoke; though they weren't a single shirt like Don would've preferred the material seemed sturdy enough. "Consider et done." Even though the thought the merchant may have possibly upcharged him; taking advantage of the fact he was clearly in a rush, and clearly was unfamiliar with the market-- Don pushed it from his mind. He could worry about being swindled later... The village's safety came first.

He headed east, towards and into the forest; the creature's less than subtle tracks making his job rather easy. Before long, he would come across a giant weasel-looking thing; which appeared to be the source of the rather obvious trail. Reaching into the sack he was given, Don tore a small chunk off one of the fruits tossed it before the Kamaitachi, slowly approaching the creature with another chunk extended in his hand.

This task was easy. Too damn easy....

"Aye wonder why she ain't sent nobodeh else tah get cha..."


Don's brow furrowed in thought as Enli spoke, carefully considering the man's words... From what he could tell, the man that stood before him was both knowledgeable and wise, but the years had clearly not been kind to Enli-- and even the most stalwart souls would slowly erode under the countless stresses of leadership. As Enli sat and waved to dismiss the two men, Don stepped forward placing a large hand firmly upon Enli's shoulder. His burly frame towered over that of the other man, the incandescent rays of midday sun reflecting off the top of the emblem that peeked out Donovan's shirt. For a moment, it seemed almost as if the silver star had ignited to life; casting stripes of silver and white across the surrounding room, its luster illuminating Don's expression of unshakable determination.

His words in that moment; though quiet, almost seemed to carry a rumble in their wake, "Stay strong Enleh. By Suthain-- aye swear to yah that we'll see to et that yer people are safe... An' that whatever shite Iva’Krorh es plannin'll be dead in et's tracks."

Giving the man a grateful nod, Don followed Nick out the door and into the town. Upon hearing Nick's plan, Don would shake his head in disagreement. "Runnin' outtah daylight lad, no time tah track em down... As fer armor-- aye seen what they got ere, an aye think we'd ave better luck with tha' trader... But, if yah can make et quick, you go find em an see what they can tell yah. Aye'll get us some armah."

Regardless of Nick's decision, Don would make his way to the trader's tent and approach one of the masked employees, "Oi." he spoke firmly, "How much'd two gambehsons run meh?"


Donovan cracked his neck and straightened his back as he and Nick entered the Chief's longhouse-- despite his current pain, Don knew he couldn't afford to look anything less than absolutely confident in his words and unshaking in his tone. Taking a deep breath he waited for Nick to finish his thoughts. Donovan stared at the symbol on the man's robes; it was similar to the tattoos lining the skin of the lass who'd caught his attention earlier, but he lacked any pouches that might contain whatever it was the girl had hidden as she exited the woods. "Kyrnith, tha Elder beast, not ah god." he gently corrected Nick, before his tone took dire turn as he locked eyes with the Chief himself, "Enli." his eyes bored into those of the man before him, searching his eyes for even the slightest hint of deception, "Do ya truleh care fer yer people?" he spoke, pausing to allow the gravity of the question sink into the man's bones "Enuff tah give up on whatever th' Illuminator es schemin? Or would yah sacrifice em all in his name?"

Above all else, the duo needed to know if Enli could be trusted-- or if he was a pawn of the faceless god. With the reason of their arrival already revealed by Nick, the attempt to strike a deal, or secure a valuable ally was now or never.


Donovan's eyes went wide as he sank to his knees, wheezing as he grasped at his aching stones. "Dammit Malphas!" the man hissed as he tried to regather himself. Unfortunately for Donovan; whatever spike of adrenaline that had numbed the pain the last time Malphas nutshot him seemed to have decided against making a second appearance. He could barely register a word that came out Malphas' mouth as he ground his teeth, clenched his eyes shut, and shakily rose to his feet.

He didn't hear much of what was said, but he did hear Nick make some kind of decision, "Aye lad," he wheezed, "Sounds good"
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