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Current @Nesy I don't think your plots were being insulted, I'm pretty sure it was a joke lmao
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Vodka is for normies, real badasses drink bleach.
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Happened much more frequently when I was a kid, but nowhere near as strong. Nowadays I dont get them as much , but when I do OH BOY that shit sends a chill down my spine.
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When I say that, I mean like things will line up in such a way that itll be something I swear I saw in a dream within the last couple month or so.
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While I cant say that I recall any paranormal encounters, I've had multiple experiences where I might just be minding my own business only to be hit with some next level Deja Vu.


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@Cu Chulainn@Crusader Lord@Rune_Alchemist

A high pitched whine escaped Don's lips as Malphas' knee collided with his groin, only to be cut short by the following headbutt to his chin. The large man's legs gave way beneath him as he clutched his agonized nethers. Turned out that even a peak human body was still plenty vulnerable to the classic sacktap. Yet, despite how much it could've hurt-- the physical pain was significantly less than Donovan's instincts had anticipated... Seemed the goddess saw fit to gift his new body with 'balls of steel' as it were.

To say Don was appreciative of the Moon Goddess' divine foresight would be an understatement.

After several long, painful moments of writhing, Donovan rose shakily to his feet. "Sorreh bout that lad, aye reacted on instict." he began to speak hoarsely, "I understand that yer power runs off faith... But yah gotta understand boyo-- blessed er not, that kinda faith ain't easy tah give." Wiping beads of sweat from the crest of his brow, Don made a slow hobble towards the arrangement of weapons near the door as he continued speaking to Malphas. "I understood yah just fine th' first time. Just panicked when ya started to glow like a damn lighthouse. Even if I wanted tah, aye don't think aye coulda truleh believed in yer miracle." Stooping low, Donovan rifled through the available weapons, before producing a dark blue bow. "Call meh old fashioned if yah like--" he continued, turning back toward the very man that nutshot him less than a minute prior. "But as aye see et, we're still just men, Malphas. Nuthin' more. Nuthin less..." With calm strides, Donovan approached the other man, and held out the bow. "Men aren't just given faith. Can't just take it neither..."

Donovan leveled a firm gaze at Malphas.

"Yer gunna hafta earn it lad. Just like tha rest of us."

@Cu Chulainn@Crusader Lord@Rune_Alchemist

Donovan nodded as the catgirl introduced herself. Leannah seemed decently reliable, and the fact that she could apparently hear guardian's current whereabouts was more than likely going to prove an invaluable tool in the coming hours. Even further, there was apparently a fourth reincarnator that had just emerged from a pod on the third floor of the decrepit stone structure.

Unfortunately for them, the stairs leading to the third floor were broken.

Luckily, Donovan had just the thing to fix that, "Aye'm on et lass, just let meh know if the guardian's gettin' close... Aye don't want tah draw that thing's attention."

Wasting no time, Don immediately took inventory of the available materials. Despite how run down the building itself was, the fact that the furniture was still in such good condition was a damn miracle; he'd be able to salvage more than enough wood and nails to get the job done. Now all that remained was to figure out how the hell he activated this 'foreman' ability of his.

But then an extremely bright light drew his attention.

Donovan spun around in a panic; his eyes wide as he locked his gaze on Malphas. To say that the glowing visage of the man was anything other than astonishing would be a lie... In that singular moment, his perception of the stranger was changed entirely.

Tearing off his coat as he made a mad dash at the human lightbulb, Don hurriedly threw it over the other man in an attempt to hide the glowing aura. "ARE YEH FUCKIN' TOUCHED???" the large man angrily hissed at Malphas, holding the smaller man's shoulders in a furious vice-like grip, "YER BLESSIN' DON'T MATTER FER SHITE IF YER GLOWIN' ARSE ATTRACTS THA FUCKIN' GUARDIAN!"
@malmshodes do you wanna post before I do? or am I cool to go first?

@Cu Chulainn@Crusader Lord@Rune_Alchemist

It was cold in the void.

The kind of cold that made Donovan's old bones feel as if they were about to snap.

Yet for some reason... It felt oddly comfortable; the light ebb and flow of the fluids around him gently caressing his flesh as he floated in the limitless expanse.

But with a lurch, and sudden crash-- Don found himself ejected from the darkness, and spat out into an unfamiliar room.

Once he'd finished coughing up whatever god-forsaken shit he'd inhaled, Don noticed an immediate difference. The pain was gone. Every arthritic joint, knotted muscle, and aching bone in his elderly body had gone silent. He honestly felt like he was back in his prime again... Hell, even better than in his prime! That Goddess really weren't lyin' when she said 'peak human'. the man mused to himself as a smile stretched across his face. For the few moments he'd spent inspecting his new body, he'd failed to realize that he wasn't alone until a voice called down from the staircase on his left.

When he looked to the source, Don damn near snorted as he suppressed a laugh. A young lass with cat ears and a tail! Just like the one on the body-sized pillow of his grandson Carter. The kid was obsessed with something called 'annie-may', at first he'd thought it was a girl the boy fancied at school. Unfortunately that was far from the truth; as time, and that pillow would show otherwise.

Everyone in the family knew damn well the things the kid did to that pillow.

Before he could offer any form of reply, the other man in the room; who introduced himself as Malphas, spoke first. Even if the other two were chosen by the Moon Goddess just like he was, Don had slight misgivings about the man across from him. Between the voice and his effeminate looks, Don figured the lad three shades queer. But that wasn't what he found unsettling. Rather, it was the manner with which the stranger spoke. It was the kind of big words and flamboyance that salesmen and con artists posing as 'intellectuals' would use to sell their product to an unsuspecting consumer. Furthermore, despite claiming to have a 'powerful ability' and wanting to learn about everyone else's; Malphas had yet to share what exactly this 'powerful ability' actually was. Although Donovan didn't quite trust the man, he'd give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Everyone here was chosen for a reason, right?

"Tha name's Donovan," the large man introduced himself as it came to be his turn to speak, "Aye can build fast as twenteh men. Not much else to it."

Though it wasn't the most transparent answer, it still held fairly true.

Turning to the pile of weapons, Donovan narrowed his eyes as he looked over the available gear. "I agree with tha lass, runnin' intuh whatever's guardin' this place is a bad idea. Even if yer abiliteh can handle et, aye'd rather not take the chance. Weh should scavenge what weh can and get outta here."


Skill Unlocked: Magic Analysis I (1.55)!
Skill Unlocked: Soil Manipulation I (1.15)!

One step closer to getting back what I've lost. Jason thought to himself as the system notified him of his restored skills. But he didn't have time to savor this small victory-- he had a decision to make, and it had to be made fast. Though creating a body from what was essentially scratch (soil, in this case) would likely be far more malleable in appearance and function creating something entirely new; be it a tool, weapon, or even a body-- was far more taxing than utilizing what the world around you provided freely.

Jason chose the stone.

With his newly regained [Soil Manipulation], Jason pulled the surrounding stones into himself as he pushed his being into them. Unlike the smooth crisscrossing lines that had strung throughout the last body he'd possessed like droplets of water-- this time felt much different. The lines this time felt blocky, and hot. Like molten metal boring thick channels into cold stone, forming interconnecting lines like that of a circuit. Piece by piece a body took shape as energy crackled throughout Jason's being; a torso, arms, legs, each rock snapping into place like magnets. Jason felt the the void once again creeping at the edges of his vision; he didn't have much time. He had to finish the transformation before he ran out of mana, and while his body felt stable, it felt... Incomplete. Almost as if it wanted to be **bigger**. However, he didn't have the time, nor mana to do so.

With all his might, Jason pushed himself away from the earth; driving back against the colossal weight bearing down upon him. Slowly, the reincarnator rose to his feet, no longer an Ectoslime-- but something entirely different.

Guess that means @Shovel is up
Building a nation in a fantasy world? Hell yeah, count me in dude.

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, 1-A Classroom, April 8th

Kenshin sighed as he walked hurriedly through the halls of Ishin Academy. It felt as if the world itself had been trying to stop him from becoming a hero. He'd not only missed orientation due to missing his train, but now found himself lost on the campus itself. A clammy hand rubbed the boy's groggy eyes as Kenshin lamented his situation. "C'mon Kenshin! You can't give up on your first day just because you're a little tired! You're here to become a pro hero, not a dropout!" he quietly reassured himself as he continued to trudge through the halls. Truthfully, the previous night had been a sleepless one; anxiety having tied a sickly knot in his stomach.

Before long, he finally found his way to the classroom. As he approached the door, he noticed that room ahead was oddly quiet... Have they not started yet? By some stroke of luck, it seemed Kenshin had successfully made it to class on time today. A sigh of relief passed his lips as a beaming smile spread across his face, sharply contrast to the dark lines under his eyes. Excited to start class (despite his worries) Kenshin promptly checked the seating chart, and took his place in one of the front row seats.
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