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Current Ah duplicity, my absolute FAVORITE thing about people. Says a lot about those you once considered friends does it not?
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En route to college.
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@Haeo what if I told you I achieved greatness from WITHIN the nursery?
@Stabby Ghostbois Adventure Co. offers a full death insurance plan, can't get a deal like that just anywhere you know.
I would just like to state that Ghostbois Adventure Co. has an opening for a healer position, and is currently accepting applicants at this time.


With a final flex of his will, Jason ripped the last vestige of the frog's soul from its body, and ending its life. Draining the frog had thankfully been enough to return him to full mana, and the last morsel had pushed him just barely over the top. With that done and over with, Jason floated back over into the shade of the log, and began to work on his next big project-- the skill, [Possession].

First Jason went over what he knew in his head; there was a spot in each living creature where a soul would be housed, it is difficult for an undead soul to stay inside a body that already houses a soul, and that by 'locking' a portion of one's mana pool, an enchantment stabilizing the connection can be created. Though he hadn't had much time to examine the high-level spirit, Undine was by far the best example of [Possession] he had seen thus far, and was subsequently going to attempt mimicking her as far as ideas for methodology went. First, Jason began to wiggle and squirm his way into the corpse of the slime; using [Transparency] only if he needed to. Carefully, he worked to locate the pocket he had ripped the slime's soul out of the night before. Then slowly pushing himself into it, Jason would cast [Shield] on the inside of the dead slime, attempting to seal himself in. If successful in sealing himself within the dead monster, the ecto slime would attempt to then suffuse the body with his spiritual being, to become like blood beneath a delicate skin just like Undine did with that blade..... To make this body his own.

It had been ten long days for Anrak to make his journey from Midrill to Kalla, with little rest, food, or drink along the way. Sand kicked up behind each and every one of his slow, deliberate, yet powerful steps. His boots were heavily worn, and starting to fray at the seams, upon his shoulder was a massive hempen sack, nearly as large as the towering figure that carried it, the clinking of metal ringing out from within. On his back was a longsword, it's blade long since dull, and clearly chipping, and on top of it was a kite shield, heavily dented and in absolute disrepair. The set of half plate he wore was on the verge of falling apart, and seemed to barely fit his gigantic frame, but nonetheless Anrak trudged forward into the town, making his way to the inn-- he needed a damn meal.

As he opened the door, Anrak's towering body nearly had to crouch in order to accommodate both him, and the massive sack he carried as he squeezed through the doorframe. As he stood, it seemed like he kept rising, and rising -- as if he were going to continue to do so through the ceiling itself, and even further beyond. However, just before his head reached the ceiling, it stopped; holding him at a slight hunch. The combination of his dark skin, and the shape of his helmet hid the features of his face, only the gleam of his red eyes stood out as he scanned the room, spying two rather beautiful women, one of which was a Isoli; causing the man to freeze in fear for a moment, but immediately Anrak relaxed once more, even if the women knew the man he had once been, his current attire made him virtually unrecognizable. As he wandered over to the nearest open table; sand shaking from the patches of course black hair upon his arms, he mused over what the man he used to be would have done.... Frankly, he'd likely have gone up and immediately introduced himself, buy them some drinks, and try his hand at securing company for the evening. But that wasn't who he was, not any more.

Setting down his massive sack beside his table, Anrak plopped himself down into a chair; it's frame squealing in agony as it suddenly found itself under a 9 foot tall giant weighing nearly half a ton. With a hard snort, Anrak spoke in his deep, gruff voice, "I'll take a room fer one, two orders of yer most fillin' grub, and a pint of-...." he paused for a second, as if a wave of temptation had briefly washed over him, "Anythin' but ale."

As he waited for his meal, the darker lass-- or more specifically her armor caught his eye, "You there, lass." he said as he turned to address her, a book wrapped in thin linen, and attached to his waist was now in clear view, to those who would look close enough, the insignia of the red saints was just barely visible through the linen wrapping. "You seem like ya'd know where the armorsmith in this ere' town set up shop. Would yah mind givin meh directions? I fixin to get mehself a set uh' full plate."


As Jason fought off the incursion of the strange amphibian's personality, he recognized that this was an evolved form of fanged lizard, one that had started off in the cave. Unless Jason was mistaken, this meant that the frog was at least level 5! It would definitely be worth some good XP, and he'd definitely have to check how far hed progressed toward level 9 after the fight. But for now, there was a far more pressing concern-- the frog was still alive, and its soul was resisting him!!!

As he saw Danny charging a mana sphere, the ecto slime swirled around to the other side of the frog's body as to avoid getting hit on accident. "If you're not going to focus on me..." he growled at the frog as he pressed his own personality into his prey, "YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING REGRET IT!!!"

Activating [Transparency], Jason stretched a single, long pseudopod deep into the frog, reaching all the way to the core of it's soul! Continuing to use [Mana Drain], Jason hoped to break past whatever resistance it had like the dire rat in the cave-- Or drag it to that dark plane where he had fought against Teef.


Though his little stunt had cost him quite a bit of his mana despite the fact he had meditated all night, it actually provided quite a bit of information. It even gave Jason an idea of which mana types would be more suitable for him to wield in his current state due to how in depth the explanation provided to him was. The tidbit about shadow mana was quite interesting, a "force of lacking" sounded like something that he could make good use of. Before he could ponder a way to regenerate his mana without losing sight of Danny, a rustling off in the distance caught Jason's attention. Its soul was a dull, gray light, but bigger than the soul of the dire rat, or the slime, and it was getting closer. Without a second thought, Jason immediately rushed the strange tailed frog creature just as it emerged from the undergrowth. By the time it was filling its throat pouch with what Jason could only assume was poison, he was already upon it! Quickly phasing a pair of pseudopods into its eyes and deactivateing [Transparency] as an attempt to blind it! Without missing a beat, he immediately went straight for its soul! That mana would be HIS!


Though the absorbing the beetle's soul had been far less traumatizing than it had been with the slime, Jason doubted he'd ever be able to truly stomach the experience of absorbing souls, and having to relive every moment of the life he had just taken. However, on the bright side, he had finally hit level 8! Regaining his body was that much closer to happening! As for what he wanted to spend his skillpoints on-- Jason didnt need to dwell on it much, as three skills stuck out as potentially valuable to him.

"3 points to spiritual awareness, 2 to mana sense, and 5 to shield."

The moment it registered with the system, Jason cast shield on himself, hoping to negate some of his MP loss by "trapping" it inside the shield. Slowly, he lowered himself into the darkness of the log as he activated his newly awoken [Mana Sense]. He felt for the mana in everything around him, the log, the air, the light, the darkness, and finally; the earth. Focusing on the earth's mana, Jason used [Mana Drain] to once again draw the ever so familiar energy of the earth into his phantasmal body; in hopes it may allow him to regain some of his lost abilities.

After one or two minutes of focused draining, Jason turned his attention to Danny's dissection of the beetle, passively draining the ambient mana with [Mana Drain] as he did so. Carefully, Jason analyzed the beetle as his only remaining ally went about processing their kill.
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