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I just wanna fuckin graduate alreeeeaaaadyyy


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Taking the crystals from Oberon, Jason hastily refilled his mana as he lunged forward onto the female goblin to assist mama rat. Grappling the green bitch, he activated [Telepathy II] and forced himself into her mind. 'SLEEP.' he commanded as he poured forth all of his psychic might at once, attempting to crush her failing will.

-- If that didn't work he'd just [Rock Spire I] through her midsection.

Regardless, there was one final loose end to clean up; Rattleskull himself. Forming himself into a ball with his newly developed [Lesser Shapeshift I], he barreled toward the furry menace, the moment Jason got within five feet of the bastard he would quickly use [Telepathy II] to tell his comrades 'I'm here!', following up with another psychically boosted [War Cry I] to draw Rattle's aggro.


Once grabbing Rattleskull's attention, Jason quickly used the [Source Crystal] to scan the cave boss before; as promised, rapid casting [Rock Spire I] continuously (popping mana crystals as needed) until the furry fucker was dead.

@Jangel13 hmmmm, how much of the alpha's body would be equivalent to 1.5 or so wolves?
@Jangel13 the soul isn't needed to upgrade the sword is it?

Ren's just happy so long as he upgrades his sword; the item that connects him to Gatoven.

and some meat to feed his wolf.
@ReusableSword So how would you like to divy up the troll?
the use of the body is equal parts yours and girds to share

the body as a whole belongs to both of us? or do you liken it to each of us owning a portion of the corpse?
@Jangel13 Ren's prayer didn't do anything?
@Jangel13 Well, It's not much, but I got one in.
Hobgoblin Ren
Quest from the gods/// Evening // Day 5

@Jangel13 @Duthguy@kuroku@Wildman13@demonspade64@ReusableSword@Kheliop@Crusader Lord

Successfully cleaving off the troll's leg, Ren lept back, causing the alpha's club to graze his side, breaking a few ribs as a result. In mere moments his companions reacted; freeing the caged goblin as well as assaulting the troll further. Luckily, the newly freed goblin struck a crucial blow to the large alpha's neck before getting thrown into the wall of the cave. Seeing that the brute had left an opening, Ren charged forward, ready to finish the beast (unaware of Gird's simultaneous attempt). Drawing all the strength he could from the severed leg without revealing his identity, Ren swung hard at the alpha's abdomen, and would continue driving with all his might as the blade slid through the troll's flesh. If he had done this correctly, the alpha; or what remained, would be split in two at the waist.

The moment that the troll would fall, Ren would take one knee, driving his blade into the ground as he offered this mighty kill to Gatoven.

@Jangel13 I'll sneak a post in soon

@Zeroth@King Cosmos@SilverPaw@Searat

From the sound of it, Rattlescrote was even more pissed off now, and was about to take a beating from all sides. However, there was a far more immediate problem at hand, as Oberon was fighting three goblins all on his lonesome. Reaching out with [Telepathy II], he spoke to his ally, 'Oberon, toss me that mana crystal you have while I distract the goblins. I need you to grab the flame-touched crystals, and a few normal ones. Bring them to me! Quickly!'

Launching his last stone spike via [Stone Shot II] at the temple of the Brawny goblin, Jason emerged from his foxhole, stretching his body to appear as large as possible as he activated [War Cry I], his golden streaks lighting up as he forced psychic energy into his terrible roar. Before the goblins loomed a large slime; covered in glowing golden streaks, quivering with rage as it bellowed forth a psychically charged decree:

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