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@ReusableSword you forgot to use shield!!!

@Lucius Cypher

As Ashley excitedly hurried off to prepare some training, an equally if not more excited Kael rushed through the temple to return the logs.  Suddenly taking notice of someone watching him, the half elf froze and slowly turned his head toward the altar. 

Standing near the altar resting for a moment was the biggest dwarf Kael had ever seen. Coal black skin, charred, braided hair, and standing around seven feet tall, he was a monsterous bloke.  Nearly dropping the books, Kael stared at the strange dwarf, his jaw slackened in awe.  Before Kael could inquire  about the hulking smith's identity, the dwarf was approached by one of the priests who whispered something into his ear. The large dwarf then left to go back to his business.

Regaining his bearings, Kael continued over to the priest whom had given him the tomes, "Thank you for your help ser priest... I greatly appreciate it." he said as he placed the logs before the priest with a small curteous bow. 

Making haste out of the temple, Kael broke into a run, nearly colliding with several people on his way to the garrison.  He was definitely gonna ask Ashley about that giant of a dwarf.

@Zeroth@ReusableSword@Gardevoiran@King Cosmos@Kazemitsu@SilverPaw@Searat

Jason could feel himself becoming more familiar with the manipulation of this psionic type of energy. However, he soon began to experience fatigue both mentally and physically. Even after practicing long enough to use up one (1) of his Mana Crystals due to MP drain, he hadn't yet gained the skill.

The lack of forward progress peeved Jason, perhaps it was time to move on to some thing else. Then, almost as if right on cue, Ardur's voice rang out over the bonfire crew; "Heads up guys! They're coming in through the entrance...but they're moving slow for some reason, like they're being really careful! I can't tell how many there are."

"Ardur! Excellent timing! Come down here, I have a job for you!" the slime called to the pixie. Once Ardur was close enough, Jason would reach out with a pseudopod and activate [Telepathy II], 'Ok Ardur, here's the plan. This lizard lung is a bomb.' he began, gesturing to the gristly tainted bomb he had created, 'The bomb is made of two components; a flame-touched mana crystal, and a potent poison-tainted mana crystal. I need you to take this bomb, and drop it on either Crispy, or Rattleskull. Out of the two, it would be more powerful against Crispy, since it would deplete his mana-- but I'll leave that decision to your discretion... Now, before you go to transport the bomb, there are two things you need to take into consideration. Firstly, that poison-tainted crystal is unstable, so you're going to need to cast a shield spell on it to keep it from breaking mid-flight. Second, when you go to deliver the payload, it is important that you channel a bit of mana into the flame-touched crystal. This will prime it, so don't put too much mana into it, and get rid of it quickly once it's armed! I leave the rest to you. Good luck.' Snatching three more mana crystals out of the stash, Jason swung his stony growth on the rock spire he had used to kill the lizard earlier, breaking off a two inch spike. Sucking up the spike, he called out to his comrades, "Ok Everyone! It's go time! Make sure you're ready, and in position! I'm going to see if I can thin their numbers a bit before they reach us..."

Forming the non-conical part of his body into the best sphere he could, Jason stealthily rolled over to a spot where he could see the goblins, but they couldn't see him (H7). Next to him, he cast [Rock Spire I], but only gave it enough mana to create a two inch spike. Jason continued summoning these two inch spikes (all organised in a row) until he ran out of mana. Taking a deep breath, he consumed a mana crystal, it was time to play sniper...

On the battlefield, a sniper was a terrifying weapon. They were avatars order and chaos combined. Such skilled warriors had both an ability to control the field of battle, as well as sow terror amongst their enemies. Nothing was possibly more demoralizing than seeing the head of the man beside you burst open, but to have it done by an enemy beyond both sight, and reach? It was enough to break a man.

In the darkness, the torchlight allowed Jason to just barely able to make out the vague shapes of goblins; they seemed to be fighting something, but that was of no concern. Using [Tremor Sense II] to more accurately target the nearest goblin, Jason then used [Focus I] on [Stone Shot II]. As the skill charged, the slime carefully aimed his shot, estimating the locations the goblin's vitals.

Finally, the sniper let the magically charged spike fly, directly at the jugular of the closest goblin (in column 7)...

@Lucius Cypher

As Ashley continued to explain, Kael visibly became more and more excited. Was this the chance he was looking for? Not only would being part of the temple give him direct access to high-quality arms and armor, but how to make them as well. Furthermore, he'd have the (self-proclaimed) top militia trainee couching for him.... It was perfect!

Closing the logbooks and organizing them into a stack, Kael stood and gave the dwarf a short bow, "Kael'thas Minathil. Well Ashley, you drive a hard bargain, and I'm most definitely going to take you up on it..."

Lifting the pile of books, Kael looked at Ashley as an ecstatic smile formed across his face.
"When can I start??"

As much as Kael wanted to uncover his father's fate, becoming strong enough to do something about it came first. He was going to make his father proud, and live up to the name of Minathil.
Aaron Yang

Golden Quarter

@BrokenPromise@Letter Bee@ERode

”Really now? You would let these cultists run free? You would risk letting them kill innocents by the thousands just to avoid an unsightly execution?” hearing Mono snap at the cat girl sent a chill down Aaron's spine, ”If you only knew what was required to stand in my position. Low brow rabble such as yourself can keep praying at the temples and hope for a good outcome. As for myself...” 'Oh fuck...' Though his eye were glued shut in fear, Aaron could hear Mono violently strike someone,”I am a fucking sin eater! And I will gladly stand beside all the cultists I've slain when their time of judgment comes. Because there isn't a fucking thing that will make me compromise the safety of this great nation.” He looked up to his fellow soldiers. ”Run them through!”

Before he could protest, the boy suddenly felt something cold slip through his throat, ripping and tearing his flesh as it passed. Hot, viscous, liquid poured out of Aaron's throat and covered his body as he collapsed to the ground, choking on his own blood. Then... he felt nothing. Adrift in an inky void, Aaron's mind began to wander.... 'Is this what it feels like to die? That's it. My second chance is gone just as fast as it came.... Mom, Dad... I'm sorry I failed you. If only I could just.... have another chance...'

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open once again.  Everything had gone back to how it was before everything went to shit.  Aaron's heart stopped, 'What was that? A vision? Premonition?Or.... did it factually happen?' 

As he shakily felt himself, affirming that his throat wasn't missing, the girl suddenly took off down the street. The others had also seen it as well. Not Good... Looking to his down the street to his right, he saw what looked to be a port.  In but a minute, the masked man was due to walk around the left corner and kill them all.

Becoming vaguely aware of someone lightly grabbing him, Aaron immediately went into survival mode. Wrenching free of Ashton, he grabbed the other boy's wrist in a vice grip, and marched toward a small side street on the left (If facing the docks) of the street they were currently on.  Beside the street, Yuuki; the boy who had recently been turned into a human popsicle, was sitting against a wall, leisurely sipping tea from a thermos. Aaron's panicked psyche snapped, 'Drinking Tea??!?!! At a time like this???Like hell you are!!!'

Approaching Yuuki with Ashton still in tow, Aaron scooped up the backpack and aggressively swatted the cup of tea out of the Japanese boy's hand.  Without a word, Aaron grabbed Yuuki's arm tightly, to the point that it was even beginning to cut off circulation and yanked him to his feet.

Continuing off of the main road, Aaron slowed to a brisk walk, weaving between side streets, hopefully making any of the guards lose track of the trio. Though his emotionless expression wouldn't show it, Aaron was terrified out of his mind. 

He was going to take a gamble by going to the last place Mono would expect; right where the masked bastard had come from.  Slowly, Aaron led his new allies to the docks.....

@Lucius Cypher

As Kael continued to toil away at looking for his father in the temple's visitor log, he eventually narrowed his search down to around thirty individuals; any of which could have been his father. Dammit! If only he had a chance to speak to the bishop! With the quality of his father's weapon and armor, it was unlikely that any priest other than the bishop would have enough skill to repair them. 

Before he could dwell on it any further, the red-haired dwarf who he had spoken to before entered the room. "Oho? Studying the scripture? Do you wish to join our temple perhaps?"

Honestly, up till now, Kael hadn't given it much thought. However, the prospect was rather tempting. "A pleasure to see you again guardian!" Kael exclaimed with a beaming smile as he turned to face her, "Sadly, this isn't scripture, these are the temple's visitor logs.  I'm just trying to find information on my father, as I believe he would have stopped here for repairs before going to slay that dem-........" realizing that he had started to perhaps give away too much information, Kael quickly  changed the subject.

"Am I looking to join the temple? Well, it's certainly tempting, part of the reason I travelled to the frontier was to become a paladin! Now, from what I understand, the only other religious group in this town is the church of Pharasma; whose philosophies I am quite familiar with. Honestly, I do not feel that worship of Pharasma is for me.  The scriptures and practices of Torag however, I am rather unfamiliar with. Based on what I've seen so far, this might just be the place for me. Tell me guardian, does this temple perhaps offer paladin training?"

@Lucius Cypher

"Thank you good priest, your help is greatly appreciated. Would you mind directing me to the study?" Kael said with a respectful bow. Nothing could ever be easy could it? Sighing, the young half-elf scooped up the tomes and settled himself in the temple's study. Surprisingly, the subtle sounds of forge work were almost... relaxing? In a way.

Thankfully, since the temple kept such detailed records, each of the logs included a date; thus narrowing down the amount of reading Kael had ahead of him to at least some degree. Upon closer examination, each book covered about six months of a year, meaning only two of these books could have information on his father. Setting the unneeded books to the side, Kael began flipping through the first of the two books until he reached the date of about a week after his birthday. Continuing to read, the youth continued to find more ways of saving time, any log that said female, or a race that couldn't be confused as human was skipped, thus saving him a great deal of time. Hopefully he would find what he was looking for quickly, as there was still much to do before nightfall...
@Wildman13 well regardless, I'm directly behind you guys being ominous and menacing
Hobgoblin Ren
Quest from the gods/// Mid Afternoon // Day 5


Watching his sword transform once again, and hearing his master, Ren rose to his feet, "As you command my Lord, I will show you that your faith is not misplaced..."

Motioning for his wolf to follow, Ren began to track the troll that Gina had been riding (which was fairly easy due to the creature's size and weight).  A short time later, the Hobgoblin found Gina, Zats, and a dead troll outside of a large cave, the apostle of Shirila yelling threats into the darkness.  Were there more trolls in the cave? If so, Ren had a pretty good idea of how to scare them into submission. 

Strutting forward, he beheaded the dead troll with a single, fluid swing. Then using [Gravekeeper's Spirit] to make it appear effortless, he picked up the severed head before slowly approaching the cave and tossing it in.  Bouncing and rolling across the ground, the head came to a stop in front of the group of trolls.

At the mouth of the cave, a masked dark figure; easily a foot taller than most Hobgoblins, now stood tight behind the other two's backs.  The newcomer loudly issued slow, deep growl at the trolls at they activated [Pack Leader], hopefully increasing the intimidating effect.
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