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With a grunt, Jason absorbed his herbs, returning him to full HP- just in time for Asura to come down on him with full strength, causing the rat to get shot out of the slime mage's body.  Activating [Bounce I], he threw the full power of Asura's smash right back into his foe, launching the red slime back.  Quickly scampering out of the divot, he caught the three crystals dropped by Danny, instantly absorbing them. "Kill the red one." he coldly commanded the lizards.  With increadible speed Jason scoured the area for a sharp rock, managing to find one within mere moments. 

He immediately went to work- with a squealch and a wet rip the slime mage did something. Before continuing to dart about, avoiding taking hits.  Jason needed to end this.  It was clear that Ardur never intended for  a peaceful solution, but was instead trying to buy time for Mama Slime's surprise attack.  The conniving fuck would have to pay for that later.  However,  with a healer, and two increadibly high-HP mobs against him, he couldn't involve his allies, or they'd die too.  He was going to make his biggest gamble yet, because like hell would he let those two walk away from here victorious.... And if their victory meant killing him, he would simply steal it from their grasp. "DANNY, ASTERIA, RETURN TO BASE-- I'LL BE THERE SOON!" he shouted to his allies, before beginning his final chant, enhancing [Spell Chant I] with [War Cry I] once more, as he attempted to channel his very HP into the spell, as well as using the source crystal as a focus for his magic, "I cast this spell, with dying breath.-" above Jason's two rings of violet; perched almost like a halo took shape.  The runic lettering within scrambled, and flickering "Giving my life, to escape true death.  I hereby abandon this mortal shell, to keep at bay, the clutches of hell.....  A DECLARATION TO ALL, THIS IS NOT MY END!-" a bisecting line began to from within the circle, "THROUGH MIND AND SOUL, I SHALL ASCEND!!!" a second line, splitting the circle into quadrants took form, "THE REAPER'S GRASP, IT'S BITTER COLD.-" the formation grew bright, illuminating the arena around them, "I FEAR NO MORE! IT HAS NO HOLD!" for a moment, the light grew blinding, as the projection began to warp, wildly fluctuating into a mesmerizing display reminiscent of an arctic arora.  The pseudopod wielding the sharp rock extend out, before being bent to reach the top corner of the slime mage's body. "TELEPATHY ASCENSION ART-- WILL BEYOND DEATH!!!" as he spoke the final line, Jason tore through the front side of his body with the sharp stone.  Any within range of Jason's telepathy would hear the rather loud sound of microphone feedback as the circle shattered into fading sparkles......


The moment the Rat had died, Jason immediately surged over it, beginning to digest it for some quick stamina regeneration as Asteria joined the scene, reprimanding the two slimes for being at each other's throats. "To be honest, I'm not the one looking to continue this fight-- HE is. And while I'd love to explain a little more but I'm currently trying not to die." Jason respond in a calm, calculated tone. Countless years of war had trained his mind for situations such as this, panic would only get him killed. Then, as fate would have it, Asura effectively proved the slime mage's point, "To keep her safe this shithead needs to die!"

Scoffing at the psychotic bastard's remark, Jason watched his opponent closely-- beginning to read the red slime's movements. Although Asura was an amorphous blob that had properties that were not unlike that of a liquid, he was still essentially a living mass of muscle, that would need to flex, push, and pull, in order to move. Though neither combatant knew anything about the past life of their opponent-- one fact stood true; Jason was the far more experienced fighter. Unlike Asura, who had taken up boxing as a hobby, and practiced the craft in inconsequential barfights, Jason had lived his entire life in a literal warzone; fights that weren't some scuffle between drunken idiots, but battles against real, trained killers. Perhaps even more impressive, was that the former warlord hadn't just survived, he THRIVED in such an environment. Though Asura had assumed correctly that Jason had never had to deal with a rapier, the red menace had made a glaring mistake- he underestimated the slime mage's decades of combat expertise. Where less experienced fighters would believe this four pronged assault to be no different than fighting four people all at once, Jason knew otherwise. This was essentially a single foe with four arms; because regardless of what Asura did, he only had ONE mind to manage his appendages, and ONE center of mass.

As Asura's four 'rapiers' formed, the seasoned warrior paid careful attention the liquid-esque form of his foe, noting everything-- from stance, to movement, to the very way the ground vibrated as he began his assault (this is without using tremorsense btw). By the time the red slime had struck out, Jason had already made his read, and responded without pause. Angling his rocky outcroppings as he brought them forward to block the attacks, Jason tried to force the piercing attacks to glance off his form, similar to how bullets would bounce off the armor of a tank. However, for the slashes, Jason couldn't risk leaving himself open to the piercing attacks, since he knew Asura could put far more of his weight behind such strikes, and instead attempted to hop back from the slashes, rather than trying to block or parry them.

However, before the fight could go any further, Ardur; now wreathed in flames, threw himself between the slimes. "Hold your fire!" Jason commanded the lizards in order to prevent Ardur from getting caught in the crossfire. Though intently listening to the Pixie's speech, Jason highly doubted that Asura; ever the madman, would be willing to back down-- and thus he needed to make the most of the short intermission provided by the pixie. In anticipation of further violence, Jason sent a small telepathic message to Danny, giving him precise instructions before the slime mage relaxed himself, aiming to hopefully finish [Meditate I] during this small window. Focusing his mind as he popped half an herb, the slime mage fixated himself on the mana around him, trying to procure the precious resource from the air around him, as well as the ground beneath him.


Even when faced with impending death looming, it appeared Asura was just as dense as ever, "Consider these MY children." he responded, just as coldly. He had seen and fought men such as this before in his last life, and was unshaken by his foe's attempts to be intimidating. However, Jason could sense the dire rat approaching behind him; the vibrations of it's run, it's hurried breath, the sound of the the air rushing through it's fur. However, it seemed that company was due to arrive, as Ardur raced into the arena's area. Killing Asura wouldn't cause any trouble... But Ardur? Despite his arrogance he was still quite likable-- perhaps he could be forgiven. However, it was unlikely that the Buff Pixie would leave so long as Asura continued to fight-- and so, Jason telepathically commanded the lizards to hold their fire; ready to re-engage at any moment.

As the red slime shoved Jason into the enraged Rat, he had played right into the mage's hands once more; and used the force of Asura shove to hurl his mass into to the oncoming Rat's head, leading the strike with one of his stone growths, channeling about 1/2 the mana used by [Stone Shot I] into the strike. With the furry creature's running start, and leap into the air-- it was little more than a sitting duck in the air just begging for it's neck to be broken... And Jason intended to oblige the sorry creature.


As Asura chased Jason into the 'arena' of dirt mounds, Jason immediately activated [Tremor Sense II], finding exactly what he was looking for near instantly. And as Asura launched his [Slime Whip] to hit the slime mage as he attempted to climb over the opposite slope of the 'arena'; something completely unexpected happened.

Jason abruptly stopped, throwing himself backwards so that the long pseudopod grazed him, consuming his other 2 crystals. And in that moment of contact, the slime mage had a direct connection into Asura via the slime telepathy, and proceeded to launch a [Mind Wave I] directly. As Asura's slimy limb retracted, Jason loosed a mighty [Warcry II], "ALL UNITS- ENGAGE THE INTRUDER; USE RANGED ATTACKS ONLY!!!!"

A slight, slimy smirk spread across Jason's 'face'. He was never afraid. He wasn't running for his life. It had been a plotted scheme the entire time.

Asura had just been played.


Even with his new [Faster] skill, Jason found his pursuer still gaining on him, as the angry red mass surged after him, lightning streaking across it's membrane. This raging flood of liquid Asura seemed to consume everything in it's path-- but for what reason? Perhaps to regain some stamina from eating like Jason had done with the dire rat the day before? Honestly, that wasn't a bad idea, but now he need to worry about a whole new problem; PROJECTILES!

Shards of bone whizzed through the air and struck the fleeing slime mage! though Jason's defenses were relatively high and he had Physical Damage Resistance, he could still feel their pricks and cuts. However, he couldn't let these minor scrapes slow him down as Jason did his best to ignore the pain. But then, something unexpected happened.

The next pebble Asura threw crackled with red energy, and when it hit Jason felt a sting not at all dissimilar from his own Stone Shot spell's first rank. It caused the green slime to falter, and the red slime got even closer...

With how intently focused Asura was on Jason, he could see that the green slime was panicking, deeply afraid for his life. Like a Gazelle running from a predator.... And like any fleeing animal, Jason had an ace up his sleeve.

Popping a healing herb (not willing to chance himself dying), Jason used [Stone Shot II] on himself to go faster once again, in his attempt to outrun Asura.


As the the surge of psionic power left Jason's body, guilt already clung tightly to his heart, and Mama Slime's heart wrenching scream made him feel all the worse. A few slimy drops leaked from his membrane as he coldly watched Asura rush to their mother's side. It appeared there was a shred of humanity within that maniac; which for a moment, made Jason hesitant- as he began to doubt his conviction, beginning to whisper a prayer in repentance for what he'd done. A prayer not to any boisterous god that sought only to toy with the lives of those they saw as lesser, but to the spirits that truly cared for the world, and more importantly, the life upon it. "Spirits of the earth, forgive me-" Before he could get farther, Asura finally showed what he truly was-- a real bona fide monster. A man that had either rejected his humanity, or had none to begin with.

In a split second, Jason was once again absolute in his conviction to end Asura here, before his evil could mar this world further. Unfortunately, life seemed to have other plans...

Your Stamina is Low.
You have no MP remaining.
You have overdrawn your MP again. Mana Burn has upgraded to Mana Disorder again. Natural MP Recovery has stopped. Item MP Recovery reduced by 50%.


Quickly, Jason popped two mana crystals, bringing himself back to half mana, as he quickly turned tail to run, issuing a command to his other subordinates to follow suit as he ran from Asura. "ALL UNITS, RETREAT TO THE CORE AND RECUPERATE!" Quickly shapeshifting into the same tire-like form he'd tried just a few moments ago. However, despite Jason's best efforts, Asura was gaining on him, and in desperation Jason summoned the skill menu, nearly slowing to a stop as it popped up, giving the red slime an opening to strike. As Asura's mighty blow laid into the slime mage, Jason instinctively pulled off the ground and activated Bounce I, sending him flying over to a spot near where the goblins' campfire once burnt. Grunting in pain as he immediatly shifted back into tire form, speeding away from his foe, hugging the 'right' wall of the dungeon (when looking in from the entrance). Keeping his focus on the ground before him, Jason watched carefully for anything that might slow him down, he knew he couldn't fight Asura, all he could do at the moment was run.


As Mama Slime sent Jason soaring through the air, the dungeon boss grunted in frustration as he watched that fucking idiot Asura continue to attack his men, completely ignoring a warning that was VERY clear. Did that bastard not care at all what the consequences of his actions would be? He and that self-righteous zealot Ardur were DESTROYING SOULS, meaning no rest, no afterlife, only eternal suffering as they were devoured by the core. It. Was. SICK.

Trying to keep his body as rigid as possible with [Limited Shapeshift I]; holding his body into a semi-sloppy cube (to reduce further bouncing), Jason managed to stop himself from continuing to bounce away. Quickly forming back into a ball, he raced back toward the fight as fast as he could-- small pseudopod ridges taking shape along the outside to increase Jason's traction, (hopefully) increasing his speed further. It seemed that despite his best efforts, Asura's absurd level of confidence in his 'omniscience' made such an attempt impossible to pull off.

Very well, Asura had brought this upon himself.

As he barreled toward the fight, Jason knew he had to end this quickly; as Ardur would likely be back soon with full mana. With Ed and Asteria seemingly hesitant to take part in such a fight, he needed to end this quickly. Using [War Cry II] and [Spell Chant I] together, Jason intended to use his 'warchant' to attack Asura's biggest vulnerability-- to show him, that ACTIONS. HAD. CONSEQUENCES. "LET THE PILLARS OF THY MIND QUAKE-- AS MY WILL CRUMBLES AWAY IT'S VERY FOUNDATION!!! WITH YOUR FINAL MOMENTS AT HAND, FACE MY MIGHT AND BE NO MORE! MIND WAVE--PSIONIC DESTRUCTION!!!!"

With a heavy heart, Jason loosed his [Mind Wave I] at the very slime that brought him into this strange new world; Asura's largest vulnerability, Mother Slime. It was time that Asura understood the actions had consequences, and if she needed to die in order to teach him that-- so be it. Though he hadn't wanted it to come to this, Asura's campaign of indiscriminate slaughter had forced Jason's hand.

Sometimes, sacrifices needed to be made in the name of the greater good.

Im currently working on a post myself at the moment, I'll have it up tonight


Of course Asura had to think he knew everything.  Honestly, the fact that Y'tahl had fallen so quickly with neither of the two aggressors considering the consequences of killing the innocent skeleblin that sought only to faithfully defend his home from invasion. However, the skeleblins' skills with wielding weapons they'd just acquired was rather impressive... Perhaps it had to do with their 'deactivated' skills? Regardless, Leonidas took half a step back; ready to pour all of his weight into his thrust.  Oddly enough, it was almost a moment deja vous, similar to the stance and thrust taken by the female goblin of 'brawny team' as she activated [Skewer]...  Was that what Leonidas was on the verge of doing? Despite Jason's rabid curiosity, it was clear Asura intended to counterattack, and it was unlikely the skeleblins would be able to survive the upcoming onslaught of attacks the other slime would likely follow up with. "Leonidas! Gawain! Get out of his attack range! Focus only on dodging and defense!"  he called to his remaining soldiers as he summoned a [Rock Spire I] in front of Asura,  aimed not to pierce his gelatinous form, but to block his attempted attack.

However before he could continue his attempt to get his 'brother' to better understand the situation, Jason was suddenly on a collision course with Mama Slime!  Quickly compressing his body as he popped a mana crystal (bringing his somewhat low mana back to full) moments before they crashed into each other using [Limited Shapeshift I], Jason hurriedly spat out a chant; aiming to complete it as quickly as he could, as he launched himself into the air, "Let this son of stone take flight! Stone Shot--LEVITATION!!!" he cried, using his entire body as ammunition for the changed [Stone Shot II], attempting to 'fly' over the massive blue slime.  If he successfully vaulted Mama Slime, Jason would continue closing the distance to Asura since Asteria had already taken care of Ardur rather efficiently for the time being.

(Inventory and summary coming soon)




Jason sighed, why did things have to be so difficult? "No, do not register ADULT_DIRE_RAT_123 as an intruder..." he grumbled as he sped along.

“If we encounter an ex-human, let’s try to resolve this situation peacefully, alright?” Asteria chimed in as she easily caught up to Jason, If they’re an ex-human, maybe they’ll just agree to a non-aggression pact if nothing else.

'If it is indeed one of our fellow reincarnators, I don't intend to settle the matter violently.' Jason responded to his Second in Command with [Telepathy II] as he continued to push the limits of his speed, 'However, in the event that they refuse to back down, more... Pysical, methods of persuasion, but by no means do I intend at all to outright kill them.... However, Mourningstar; whom already made an attempt on my life, is a different story... By the way, your speed is rather impressive Asteria, keep up the good work.'

Though Jason wasn't far from the entrance, he had a sinking feeling in his 'gut' that shit was about to hit the proverbial fan. It was clear he might not get there in time to stop the Skeleblins from attacking the intruder. The intruder that was shooting Fireballs into his dungeon. His dungeon, that the Skeleblins protected. What was this idiot thinking--because there were only a handful of creatures Jason knew could create a Fireball, and to him they were all probably idiots. They almost deserved to get attacked by the Skeleblins. After all, he was working so hard on this dungeon, trying to fix it, trying to make it better, and what did he get for his efforts? How dare they do this to him? How dare they BETRAY him? This...this...intruder! Intruder! Intruder!

NO! Jason roared in his mind. Those WEREN'T his thoughts, those were the 'thoughts'; if they could be called that-, of the dungeon. It was HIS decision as to who counted as an intruder and who didn't. HE was the BOSS of the DUNGEON-- not the other way around. Come to think of it, if Crispy WAS indeed attacking the dungeon, he'd have an entire retinue of goblins backing him up, no doubt endowed with more developed equipment made outside the cave. Therefore, Jason needed reinforcements of his own, and so he called them; "ALL NEARBY UNITS, MOBILIZE AND HEAD TO THE DUNGEON ENTRANCE!!!" the Boss slime roared as loudly as he could without slowing down. Hopefully, there would be some assimilated mobs close enough to hear Jason's rallying cry.

Even pushing himself past his limit, Jason STILL wasn't fast enough... He wanted- No, he NEEDED more speed. He HAD to go F A S T. Then it hit him; a revelation caused by one of his rocky outcroppings striking the dirt. His variance, had changed him, both in, and out. He wasnt just a slime, he was a living part of the very element he wielded. I am stone. Stone is me. he thought, I am stone. Stone is me. I am stone. Stone is me. I am stone. Stone is me. I am stone. Stone is me. I. A M. S T O N E. S T O N E. I S. M E. and so, Jason cast [Stone Shot II], using himself; his whole self, as the projectile. Not to soar through the air, but to use that same magical force that propelled his first magical attack to drive himself faster.

Though he wasn't able to arrive fast enough to stop the engagement from starting, Jason made it on scene just in time to see Asura lash out at his soldiers. "ASURA, DON'T ATTACK THEM, THEY WORK FOR ME!" Jason exclaimed with a mighty [Warcry II] aimed to grab the attention of his 'brother' as he continued to close the distance. (this is when he's in warcry's effective range)

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