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Current @Odin why not just change your username, then make an alt to reserve the name you currently have?
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Nor am I.... The three day weekend just wasn't enough time to continue GOD'S GOOD WORK TO RETAKE THE HOLY LAND
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All that makes me think of is that one spongebob episode where the dutchman wears a sock.....
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That's just how mafia works.
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Chocolate? Who cares about chocolate when you can have JeRuSaLeM????


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@Jollan@Lotrix Molick
Anrak sighed as Kistal settled down next to him at the fireside and asked a question he dreaded answering. Granted, the massive man had expected such a question not to be delayed for long, but nonetheless it did little to ease the tense knot in his stomach (lowest of the four, to be specific.)

After a long moment of silence Anrak finally spoke; making certain the doctor nor the chief could hear his words before he spoke, "Drinkin'. Fuckin. Killin..... Them's tha onleh three things aye been good fer since aye lost me mum as a wee lad--" his tone was stern, yet steeped in regret as he removed his helmet and slowly turn. "Didn't 'ave ah tribe tah turn to neither. Ma was exiled from their city fer not killin meh tha moment aye was born. Turns out taurs' hate half-breeds just as much; if not more n' humans do."

Sticking to just basics rather than go into detail, Anrak shifted his weight as he continued his story, "Tha only people that'd even consider helpin meh were the kinda folk who could make use ah me 'talents'. Fell in with tha wrong crowd-- one thing led to another over tha years, and by some strange miracle-- this here book near fell into meh hands... Hell if aye unnerstand why, n' I doubt aye ever will, but despite all aye done; things that'd make ma roll over in her grave. The Godess saved me life."

Now laying on his back, Anrak held the Steel Bible between his hands, as if contrasting it to the unseen heavens above, "Fer once, aye feel like aye got uh purpose beyond just survivin, drinkin, n' killin. Don't get meh wrong, I'm plannin tah return tha book, but... Part uh meh hopes that by tha time im readeh tah part ways with it... Aye might just be wortheh enough tah keep it."

Sitting up, he held the book out in an exteneded hand to Kistal "But-- aye suppose errythin' happens fer a reason... Includin' us meetin here. So, if you really think ets that big a deal that aye got this... It's yours tah return, and I won't never be a problem fer nobodeh ever again."
@Jollan@drewccapp@Lotrix Molick@Honesty Crow
As Hilde tossed her dagger to Anrak, the man froze mid-chew, suddenly regaining his sense of shame. Swallowing the raw meat as red juices dripped from his mouth, he weakly responded to the clearly very disgusted girl. "Uh thanks, lass..... Aye, uh... Thanks."

The Dagger's razor-sharp edge, combined with Anrak's natural strength make quickly separated the remaining meat from the hide-- striding to the beast's ruined head, Anrak also procured several thick, rope-like tendons, as well as a few large pieces of bone. Wrapping the large swathe of hide he'd gathered about the meat, bones and tendons like a sack, Anrak made his way over to the cave to join up with the others.

As he passed the two swordsmen gearing up to spar, he gave Allanon a hefty pat on the shoulder, and shared a few words of thanks "Aye 'preciate th' support back there friend."

Once inside the shelter of the cave, the massive warrior would seat himself beside whatever fire the expedition crew had started, and began to make himself a new set of armor while cooking a hearty wurm-steak dinner.

Banned for not realizing that was intentional.
Banned for misspelling 'throwing'
Banned for thinking the Canadian constitution is superior to Murica's
Banned for claiming there isnt a third side


As they approached the house, Jason could tell that this place was being protected by some powerful individuals judging by the amount of soul power he saw. Activating [Telepathy], Jason relayed his plan to Danny, "Alright so heres the plan-- step out where he can see you, but dont get close. Hollar to him, asking if he's got a map that the two of us; and make sure he knows there's two of us, can look at so I can work on completing a quest I just received from the spirit Onogoro. Make sure you're loud enough so the huge guy who just went inside can hear you-- because as far as I can tell, hes on the same level as the knight and may be more knowledgeable about what's going on."

Hopefully, mentioning the spirit by name to the human would add credibility to their story, if asked.

"Be sure to touch on everything I just mentioned. If he tries to come after you, I can stun him, and we'll run. Otherwise, we should try to explain our circumstances, and warn them about the nearby tribe."

Activating [Guidence], Jason spoke a prayer-- "Onogoro, grant us your blessing-- that our words may be as calming as the mountain view"

In Hivemind 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Set princes and promoted warriors to handle the beetles.

Develop winged scouts to continue to search for wasp hive, be sure to check higher up in the trees.
The flames that had been surrounding Anrak poured into the cut he created as he struck, driving a deep, and wide incision. Exhausted, the massive figure sank to his knees with an exhausted sigh. Of course-- the oncoming fatigue catching up with him was going to be the least of his ailments, as the beastman, and the human doctor with the foul smelling blade began to berate him; the arrogant bastard going so far as to draw his flimsy sword on the giant. Rising once more to his feet with a loud grunt, he pulled the now useless armor from his body to reveal countless, deep, and terrible scars. Eduard, being a medical professional would no doubt immediately take notice patches of thick scar tissue, in numerous places that should have been lethal. Anrak's skin was noticablely far thicker than any Varuk the doctor ever would have seen-- in fact, the thick bulk of hard muscle, steel-like scar tissue, and thick leathery flesh was nearly a formidable suit of armor in it's own right.

"Firstleh--" the giant spoke as he calmly reached over the side of the skiff, grabbing a tight hold of a large flap of the dead wyrm's flesh, tearing a large blanket of meat covered hide from the carcass, "I meself haven't slept, eaten or drank for a fookin week straight. If ets all the same to you lot, aye'd rather explain how aye came 'cross th' gospel after I'm in better shape. Ya know-- rather than bein' publicleh accused n' threatened." he finished with a hard snort as his crimson eyes glared at Eduard, clearly not threatened at all by the flimsy piece of metal; that he could likely snap in half with a single hand, being waved in his face. Plopping himself down on the nearest seat, the tension in Anraks shoulders relaxed as he began to tear chunks of meat away from the wyrm hide with his teeth....
In Hivemind 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Scouts being picked off by threats/wasps(?), attrition nor full on assault calculated to be in hive's favor....

Solution: Curb scout losses into an advantage.

Ask bees about the nesting, hunting, breeding, etc. habits of their ancient wasp enemies.

New 'marker' scout caste to be created--

'Marker' scouts are to be extremely lightweight, cheap, fast, and capable of flight.

These scouts are not designed to live for extended periods of time; but rather, die for the greater good of the hive.

'Marker' scouts should contain a gland that constantly produces an inert, but highly concentrated, and easily trackable pheromone only detectable by the hive.

Upon seeing its target, a 'marker' scout should have a secondary gland that then activates the tracking pheromone, as the primary gland is sent into overdrive. Scout is then to throw its body onto its target, causing its carapace to rupture violently; leaving said target relatively unharmed, but a walking beacon for the hive to follow.

A large swarm of marker scouts is to be released to comb to forest-- seeking any wasp activity; aided with knowledge provided by the hive's bee allies.
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