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Current God Bless the USA! Happy 4th Everyone! (though admittedly a day late)
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Oh yay-- the status bar has turned into Twitter again... My favorite.
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Damn dude-- don't remind me what's been taken from us.... I seriously miss that game.
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Imagine not using maple syrup to sweeten your coffee.
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Coming Soon!

(or whenever I get off my lazy ass)

Here's a couple neat memes while you wait:

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Reinhardt simply nodded through the introductions and recap as Vyrell caught him up to speed. Though he'd initially intended to greet the newcomer to the Queen's guard-- the mention of elves quickly invited a flurry of overenthusiastic questions and speculations from the newcomer that halted the Knight's words before they could even leave his mouth.

Clamping his mouth shut, Elias instead opted to simply hold his tongue until the briefing was concluded.

After hearing the upcoming assigned task, as well as the distribution of resources agreed upon between Airedale and Harzelslack, Reinhardt finally opened his mouth-- "And what of the Wyvern's heart?"

He paused, before continuing his thought, "If possible-- I wish to retrieve it for ourselves... There was something off with that creature compared to how the records of my family depict... And if there's another like it-- that would certainly explain the continued appearance of the whelps."

Elias shook his head, returning to the topic at hand-- "I am concerned about what the beast's heart implies, your majesty. If you would allow me to make such a request; I would hope to be allowed to take it for myself."

@Rune_Alchemist@VitaVitaAR@Crimson Paladin@BrokenPromise@Pyromania99

Despite having led Raella straight through Airedale and into the keep without guards even giving the two of them a second glance-- it never seemed that the Mage in question registered the fact that the person who'd run across her little experiment was a bona-fide Knight from the Queen's personal retinue.

But Reinhardt didn't particularly mind that.

If anything-- it just made her casual belittling of his intellect and importance all the more amusing.

After the Mage delivered her message and left; the rest of the week rather uneventful. Unlike most of the others who left Airedale on their own small expeditions, Elias spent the week licking his wounds and training his skills while waiting for his armor adjustments to be completed...

"Apologies for my tardiness--" Elias spoke as he stepped into the room; adjusting the left gauntlet of his armor slightly. "The armor adjustments have just been completed and I had to perform some testing to ensure nothing would break when I have to start fighting."

Without pause, the Knight circled the table and took his place within the room-- noting a new face among the group of Knights, and the distinct smell of.... Tomatoes?

Clearly much had happened in the last week... And the recent bout of seclusion had left much of the information regarding the goings unknown to the Knight.

Reinhardt shook his head, dismissing the train of thoughts-- if there was anything he needed to be informed of, it would happen in the following meeting.


Reinhardt's brow furrowed as he tried to recall what he knew of the Great Witch Morgan-- only to end up pulling a blank. With a few long strides, he managed to seamlessly catch up to the diminutive mage before providing introduction of his own. "A pleasure to meet you Mage Raella. You can call me Elias."

Though he didn't intend to accompany the woman all the way to the keep, Elias intended to at least pry into her reasoning as to her sudden appearance, "So, what business brings you to Airedale?"


As the creature faded from existence, Reinhardt jerked his head to one side then the other; as series of soft pops sounded from his neck. With a deep breath, the Knight's expression returned once more to the usual stoic slate he was known for. Checking the condition of his weapons, Elias then turned to the Mages=-- eyeing her up and down to assess her condition.

Fortunately, the only wound seemed to be to the girl's pride.

"There's no need for thanks. I was simply doing what was necessary."

The knight continued about the clearing; gathering his scattered equipment back into the canvas wrap. A small frown formed on the knight's lips as he eyed the thin trickles of blood that slowly dripped from his bandaged hands before he would wipe them clean on his pants.

Hefting the canvas once more onto his shoulder, Reinhart would turn to the Mage once more-- "There's food, lodging, and bath in the city nearby. You look like you could use the rest-- and I'm headed there myself. Would you like to accompany me?"


The moment the Valtem's grip faltered-- Finnegan's instinct for survival overtook any begrudged plans of diplomacy he may have previously held onto as he lashed out with a kick; desperately struggling to create as much distance as he could between himself and the enraged fish that threatened his life. Despite the bravado he had shown minutes before; the thoughts passing through the apostle's head only involved distancing himself from his enemy, and clutching at the sword that remained embedded in his shoulder as whispers continued to build in his ears...

Pulling at the sword in his shoulder, a gentle prayer escaped his lips as he fought to gain his bearings.


Reinhardt's smile froze on his face as the second half of the Mage's exclamation reached his ears. The Knight had gotten so caught up in the rush of a fight without stakes that he'd nearly forgotten why he'd come out here to isolate himself in the first place. Gone was the jovial smile from before; replaced by his usual stoic expression.

"Better it be a second rate like me than anyone else..." he muttered under his breath.

Elias' feet dug in as he faced the oncoming tentacle, his chest igniting with orange light as he gripped the hilt of his axe with both hands-- and meeting the tentacle with a downward swing!


A suppressed scream passed through Finnegan's clenched teeth as the blade thrust through his shoulder. Instinctively; he reached toward the offending weapon, grabbing at it pitifully with his right hand-- as if trying to dislodge it from his shoulder in a desperate attempt to escape the flood of pain. The palm of the Apostle's right hand grew warmer each time it neared the bleeding hole torn in his shoulder; cooling only slightly as it slipped down the body of the Valtem's blood-slicked blade.

Between violent huffs of air, illusory chants slowly built in Finnegan's ears as he struggled to escape his escape his assailant-- panic and fear welled in the Apostle's heart as he endured the most harrowing injury of his entire life. The moment Sella had looked toward her companion; Finn's panicked hand tightly grasped the horn from his belt, lifting it to his lips...

With all of his might-- he blew.


The grin cresting the edges of Reinhardt’s face grew ever wider at the sheer rage of the miniscule Magus, "I'm afraid I'm often far too busy to familiarize myself with the proper treatment of girl's butts."

As the tentacle reached down to grasp at him, Reinhardt's body twisted; his foot slamming into the ground as a molten glow suffused his chest. In a fluid motion-- Elias swung the blade of his axe upward as he attempted to launch himself back from the tentacle's reach!


Finnegan tenetively retreated two steps further as the Valtem responded, his expression turning ever more venomous as he listened to the words of the first of the two. The Apostle's mouth curled into a snarl-- and then into a cruel, hateful smile, "You two and the broodmother?"

An icy chuckle carried on Finnegan’s breath, "Your broodmother is dead... And if I scream loud enough? Maybe whatever ripped her in half'll make it's way back and finish the job."

"The only reason I'm even talking to monsters like you is because I'm more afraid of what the things that killed your broodmother and sisters will do to the village."


A chilling jolt shot down Finnegan's spine like electricity as his spear was split in half within his very hands by a sudden spurt of water magic. For a moment, his steeled resolve faltered in the smallest amount; his footwork retreating a few steps back as he continued to hold his spear (or what was left of it) in a defensive stance.

"Hah-- seems we agree on one thing... Humans shouldn't have a damned thing to do with child-eating monsters like you." the Apostle sneered with disdain as he carefully backed away; observing the two Valtem with caution as he prepared to escape, "But when you run away; and return too late to save your sisters--" he continued; his tone becoming resolutely cold, "Just remember you chased off the only human stupid enough to consider helping you... Even if it goes against my every instinct."
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