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This certainly tickles my fancy....

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@Jangel13 C! So we can take them over.


The fact that slimes communicated mentally took Jason by surprise. Though (normal) slimes are mentally pathetic, did they perhaps hold some form of hidden psychic potential?

Understanding the slime was hungry, and seeing it begin to move toward the lizard corpse, Jason immediately pulled it away from the other slime. Extending a pseudopod slowly, he focused his thoughts within himself, and then imagined pushing them through his pseudopod, and into the other slime. However, since Jason was not yet confident in his telepathic abilities, he spoke anyway: "Not Me hungry. Not Me wait. Me share food with Not Me."

Moving the Lizard's dead body away from the hungry slime, Jason took his rock and continuously swung it with all his strength at where it's leg connected to it's body until said leg finally came off. He then repeated the process again until he held two legs in his hands. For a moment, Jason channeled his [Tremor Sense I] into the lizard's full body, trying to get a brief look at it's organ structure.

Turning to the other slime, Jason carefully pushed the legs into the other slime as he spoke once more: "Not Me strong. Me strong. Not Me Me together VERY strong. Not me Me together eat BIG. Not me join Me?"
@Wildman13 I'm doing pretty well, yourself?


Jason winced as the mana orb tore through him.

WARNING! Your HP is low!

However, before the wisp could finish him off, the stone tore through it, leaving a gaping hole in It's body.

Skill Rank Up! Stone Shot I > Stone Shot II!
Earth Magic Damage Increased.
Speed Increased.
Piercing Damage Increased.
MP Consumption Increased.
As an Active Spell Skill, you can use any rank of this Spell you possess. You can fire (3) shots max at Rank I, and (2) shots max with MP leftover at Rank II. Currently you only have enough MP left for 1 shot at Rank I.

LEVEL UP! Your experiences have culminated into new power! You are now Level 3! You gain Skill Points you may distribute as you please!
Unspent Skill Points: 5
Current Skills:
Physical Damage Resistance I (1.0)
Warcry I (1.2)
Stone Shot II (2.0)
Rock Spire I (1.2)
Tremor Sense I (1.45)
<UNUSABLE> Soil Manipulation (0.5) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Faster (0.3) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Swift Swimmer (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Aqua Sphere (0.7) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Limited Shapeshift (0.6) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Muffle (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Crafting (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Material Analysis (0.8) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Mental Resistance (0.5) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Magic Resistance (0.4) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Agriculture (0.2) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Plant Analysis (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Acid Spit (0.5) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Bounce (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Charisma (0.1) <UNUSABLE>

He had leveled up again!!!

Jason didn't have time to marvel at his achievement, he needed to get his health back up before another threat reared its head. Without so much as a second thought, the slime shot over to what was left of the thinning green herbs, taking only half of each leaf until his health was full once more.

Now taking the time to look over the fruit of his labor, one skill in particular seemed to carry a great deal of potential. The now very intrigued slime place all of his hard earned points into [Soil Manipulation], hoping in the future it may garner him some form of terrakinesis.

Strolling over to the corpse of the dead wisp Jason began to poke through its ruined remains, looking for whatever could be the source of their magical power. After rooting around for a minute or two, he slurped up the wisp, and moved over to the lizard. At this point, the lizard was increadiy weak, and near the point of death. Rolling around behind it, Jason carefully climbed on top of the lizard's back, and stopped when he neared It's head.

Extending a single pseudopod, Jason touched the top of the dying reptile's head. "Relax, this will all be over soon... Soon... there will be no more pain. Just rest... Be calm." he whispered as he began to channel [Tremor Sense I] into it's head, carefully making small changes to the spell's 'frequency' in an attempt to reach into the lizard's fading mind.

Jason continued to soothe the lizard, as well as continue the experiment until it finally died. Sliding off It's back, he pushed the lizard's corpse off of the spike before sucking out whatever blood remained in It's body through the hole left by the [Rock Spire].

Grabbing the tail, be began to drag the lizard over to the other slime. Extending a single pseudopod he put his 'hand' on the 'shoulder' of his newfound (potential) comrade, "Will you join me?"
Mason Drake


As the party approached the stage, a knot began to form in Mason's stomach. He didn't expect to go up on stage... Looking into the crowd he saw many Neroan nobles, flashbacks began to rush through Mason's head, the beatings, the fear, the pain... no, no, no, No, NO. He was a knight of the Aion now, life as e slave was behind him, and nothing could take that away from him.

A feeling of nervousness flooded Mason as he watched Dremmick approach King Vrondi. What was he going to say? Would it sound stupid? His mind quickly became overwhelmed with worry as sweat began to gather above his brow.

"You may approach."

With a heavy exhale, Mason approached the king. "King Vrondi," he began, a sad look in his eyes, "my entire life, I've struggled with a terrible power inside me. Power that destroys my body every time I use it..." Mason explained with a sigh as he watched a black flame slowly creep around his hand before dissipating, leaving his hand badly charred. "I know I'm meant for greater things, I've felt it my entire life...." he continued; the young Seraphim's expression filling with conviction and determination. "My king, I seek a place where I can hone my power; learn to control it... A place where I can discover who I really am, where I come from, and most important of all, why this power was given to me, and how I can use it as a force for good in this horribly chaotic world."
I'm here
@Jangel13 excellant
@Jangel13 how dry is the dirt that Ren piled up earlier?
Mason Drake

"I am pleased fine knight. Continue to guide me to your destination." said the Allseer as she let Mason lead the way to the castle. Now tasked with escorting not just one, but now TWO maidens of seemingly high importance, the young knight's senses were laser focused on making sure no danger awaited the group on the path ahead.

So focused he was on the path ahead, Mason nearly jumped at the Allseer's touch, "Wait one moment. This is fascinating!" For such a powerful and knowledgeable individual, it was nearly chilling to see how enamored she was by simple pyrotechnics, even as a slave Mason had known about such things. Just how long had she been inside that cave? Before he could ponder the thought any further, the Allseer's curiosity seemed to be satisfied, with what seemed to be.... Confusion? Disapproval? It was hard to tell.

As they drew closer to the castle, Mason's curiosity began to get the better of him, as he began to listen in on the conversation happening behind him. As if on queue, the question "Are you married yet?" came up. As if merely amusing herself, the Allseer followed the question with, "This handsome knight is VERY brave. Perhaps he will do?" His face turning red at such a statement, Mason tuned out of their conversation, shaking his head and regaining his composure. A hero needed no such distractions.

After some time, Mason found himself before a guarded gate. Large seraphim knights stood at the ready. Their armor and weapons, wings and height all being finely detailed and huge. They made an X formation before the front doors which stretched 30 feet high. "Stop. May we see your entrance passes." They said in unison.

"I- uh..."

Just as Mason went to speak, Illia stepped forward. "I am Illia Illumi. The Seer of All. This is my friend, Ami Lovegood. I sense your fear for her safety, she is safe with us. Do not worry." She spoke the last sentence in a demanding tone. Her eyes flashing a bright white before returning to normal. The two knights bowed, dropping their weapons on the ground. They both reached one hand to slide the door open with a slow stone creep as it dragged along the floor. As he passed the knights, Mason once again kindly asked that they allow his companions through later.

Entering the hall, the group was beholden to an incredible sight; housed plants and tirelessly polished stone marbles met on fine rugs. Along the walls were various paintings of massive proportions of various Vrondian leaders. Above it all was of the King himself, almost like the sun itself, his painting represented his desire to shine light on the world.

"This way please." A servant beckoned with a overtly cheery chime in his voice. He had small wings on his back and a single polished horn on his head. He walked with a fast but meticulously formed walk. Opening this time to much smaller doors he let them observe the large banquet hall. Royals and food appearing to fill every crack and seam of the room. Stepping into the the banquet, Mason felt the predatory stares of drunken elites falling upon the pair of maidens behind him; returning hostile glances in kind to the drunks.

As he began to make his way through the room looking for King Vrondi, Mason was stopped by a figure in cracked, unkempt, and downright filthy armor.

"Lovely evening you lot. I am required to ask for your citizenship badges if you'd be so kind to oblige."

The young seraphim's heart sank; he didn't have a citizenship badge. With a nervous smile he began to explain the situation to the knight before him, "Well- um... Pardon my boldness sir, but I don't have a citizenship badge..." Mason began, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. "You see, just this morning, I was a Neroan slave getting auctioned off at the Blood Banquet... Come to find out the Aion show up to free a bunch of us, things happen.... and well, now I'm an Aion knight! My first assignment was to complete a quest for King Vrondi himself and it would be rude to keep him waiting! Could you perhaps direct me the King's location so that I may report my success to him?"
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