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Current Aight, I won't bring it up again Mr. Poo
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I'd honestly argue that there definitely a line between being considerate, and bending over for the SOJUS warriors. Unfortunately not everyone agrees on where that line actually IS.
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Discord is working fine for me lmao idk what yall on about
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Speaking of religion-- I've been informed that the Pope will no longer accept my letters, and that no matter how many times I ask he will not declare another crusade....
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@Andreyich where do I sign up to join this entrepreneurial venture?
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Coming Soon!

(or whenever I get off my lazy ass)

Here's a couple neat memes while you wait:

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Though it was painfully obvious that the Goblinette that found them was a fellow reincarnator, there was something... Off. She wasn't like the rest of them. Jason could tell as much from the get-go. But the way she talked wasn't right. She sounded young. Even younger than Digbie. That demon king bastard has an awfully fucked up sense of humor... Jason thought to himself as he looked her over. This must've been the goblin Geir had mentioned; Miiba. She was clearly too well fed, clothed, and armed to have been a prisoner. Had the farm's residents taken in a goblin? If they did, it made sense why Geir wanted to kill the "unusual" monsters himself instead of calling in backup. Since this reincarnatior was so young, Jason figured Danny wouldn't have much of a problem convincing her to act as if she hadn't seen them, so they could leave.

Mira called. Danny and Miiba answered simultaneously.

If Jason still had eyes, they'd have popped out of his head. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." he muttered audibly. "I hope you know what the FUCK you're doing Danny..." Jason growled at Danny, "If shit gets heated again I'm not sure how much I can help."

He frantically eyed Mira and Geir. Though their souls were clearly getting closer, they didn't seem to be in that flared 'combative' state that they had earlier. Breathing a sigh of relief, Jason focused on his meditation. He knew the earth had power. That it's power tended to gather and withstand. Danny had also mentioned something about mana particles at one point?

Jason focused as he pressed against the soil. His [Meditation], the natural replenishing circulation of his mana; his flow, as one might call it. He spurred it forth, into the earth to activate that stored golden energy and sweep it back into himself.
"Hate tah break et to ya lass-" Anrak chuckled at Hilde as she complimented his gatecrashing, "Eye'm jus getting stahrted."

Drawing his sword and shield, the giant warrior fearlessly threw himself into the fray, carving his way through the masses of bandits. However, before he could get too far into the tide of bodies, Dorran had caught up to him; asking that he go free the girls trapped in cages in the middle of the camp.

"Ayem on et." Anrak nodded to the Chief as he fought his way toward the kidnapped girls. This was the first time he'd fought actual people since he'd sworn himself to this new life-- and hacked off his horns. He used to lose himself in the bloodshed he wreaked in his old life, any regret, mercy, or restraint washed away in the warm splash crimson, and the haze of euphoria that accompanied such brutality; the memories of battle blurring into something of a waking dream. The feeling was addictive, like an itch that wouldn't leave, and only got stronger.

But something was different this time.

There was no red haze. No head-tingling euphoria. Even the tug of bloodlust struggled to manifest. The towering warrior shuddered as he marched towards the cages, his sobered eyes scanning the battlefield. The Varuk warriors from Kalla, Hilde included seemed to revel in battle. It wasn't the addictive bloodlust that he'd fallen prey to-- but he found it slightly unsettling nonetheless. Even worse was Chihiro, how she danced her foes to the grave. To deny that the dance was indeed beautiful would be a lie; in fact, such beauty only served to make it all the more disturbing in Anrak's mind.

Everyone around him seemed to be enjoying themselves in one way or another... Except Anrak. As he tore away the door to the last cage, he began to wonder-- was this what he had looked like? To the people he killed? The people who witnessed him kill?

Maybe he was just unused to being so aware.

But he didn't have much time to dwell on this newfound perspective. A massive noise called him to attention-- Dorran the Chief of Kalla was on the ground. Dead at the feet of another large Varuk. The wild look in the bandit chief's eyes stirred a hatred in Anrak's heart. Seeing him stand over the broken body of the honorable man that had died reminded the half-beast of himself. Of who he used to be. The man he wanted to forget.

Anrak charged forward as the bandit chief raised his hammer a second time. Explosive energy tore through the air, causing the massive warrior to be thrown several steps back. The stumps of his horns burned. His skull tingled with excitement. A haze filled his vision. And a familiar sensation returned with a vengence.

The whites of Anrak's eyes turned crimson as blood vessels burst from strain. Saliva foamed at the edges of his mouth like that of a rabid beast-- and no less than five Varuk fought to restrain their ally that had suddenly lost all sense of reason....
Surely you mean

That actually used to be my discord pfp before I found the Gem I'm currently using.


Having completed his first hunt with incredible success, Cull meandered through the forest; humming a happy tune to himself as he made his way back in the direction of the cave. However, the young goblin was far from satisfied with his hunting for the day. Cull wanted to bring back enough food for any brothers or sisters of his that didn't have as much success at hunting today-- but since he'd ended up eating most of his spoils, he needed to find something bigger.... something stronger, to kill.

The angered cries of something unknown echoed through the forest, bringing a toothy grin to Cull's blood-covered face. Sounds BIG. And it's close! he thought to himself with glee as he raced towards it, his previous spoils still in tow. However, as the eager greenskin arrived upon the scene; he froze in his tracks, his smile fading, and his little bundle of goodies dropping silently to the ground. A pink thing; fat, and ugly. It's rear was to him, and it seemed to be in great pain. Around it lay the bodies of two other Goblins-- limp and unmoving.

Childish excitement was replaced with a cold, dutiful rage. Blood had been spilled. The blood of his kin. Blood that Cull would see repaid. He gripped his spear with such fervor that his green knuckles turned nearly white. This.... Whatever the FUCK it was. It was going to die. It HAD to die. He owed it to his fallen brothers. His jaw clenched into a snarl as he charged at the creature with his newly acquired speed, only the sound of his breath escaped his lips as he closed in. Using all of his weight, and newly acquired speed; he lunged at the fat pinkie's left thigh, aiming to bury the tip of his spear in its hamstring! But Cull would not stay here. He may have been a newborn-- but he knew damn well that staying within this creature's striking range was a death sentence. The moment his momentum had fully transferred into the strike, Cull swiftly planted his feet and launched himself back, aiming to create some distance that he could work with.

For anyone waiting on me I'll try to post tomorrow.
Nevermind-- I'm just gonna assume it's wearing the exact outfit of the one in the beastiary.

I'm going to spear the Orc right where the sun don't shine, CLOTHING BE DAMNED.
@RC3 quick question-- is the Orc wearing a shoddy pair of shorts? Or is it more like a open bottom loincloth type thing?
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