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Current Playing games in class? Whaaaaaaaaat? I would never!!!
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AP Physics makes me wanna dieeeeeeee


I like valor.


Don't you dare hate on Captain America

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@Vulkan 707 gotcha I might not be gm though, other than that, I think, we might have enough people to at least make the thread
@Jangel13 I'll fix that
@Vulkan 707 What I had in mind was more like following the story of a bunch of Orks starting from the bottom (of Ork society), working their way up through to achieve their goals. That way our characters would be more free to develop in their own ways.
@Jangel13 yep, I pulled out the intestines to use as a 'backpack strap' is that ok? Also how much XP is a rabbit again?
Goblin Ren
Hunting /// Noon >>>Afternoon // Day 4


Just as Ren surmised, the rabbit charged, one quick thrust from his spear was all it took to finish it. Satisfied with himself, Ren pulled his spear from the rabbit's corpse, he knew carrying all of it would be quite a burden, so he would have to process it here...

Ren was very careful to ensure that he damaged the hide as little as possible while gutting the rabbit; it would be more useful later if he did, he also made sure to break off the horn; as it made quite a reasonable weapon. While he was cleaning the rabbit, Ren realized that the part of the rabbit could be made into a simple pouch. Carefully removing the parts he needed, Ren laid out his new pouch-to-be in the sun to dry before continuing his work. After he finished cleaning the hide, Ren finally feasted on his kill. Finally out of edible meat, Ren got up with a sigh, and began preparations to return to the cave. Donning the hide to cover his loins, and filling his new 'backpack' with all the bones he could fit, he grabbed his weapons and began to head off.

Suddenly, a sickening *CRUNCH* echoed through the trees. "Could that be the other goblins? Are they in trouble?" Ren thought anxiously, sprinting towards the source of the noise.

@Jangel13 one other thing, should I spare the details of the gutting?
@Jangel13 sweeeet, I'm also glad that they got their kills in the AFTERnoon so my goblin has some time to gut the rabbit before he hears that delicious crunch
@Jangel13 so about how far would it carry, and is there a chance my goblin could hear it?
@ReusableSword@Jangel13 how loud would that fight with the alphas have been?
@Argonaut dude that's actually pretty goddam scary
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