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Now that Jason was a spirit, moving through the water was little different than moving through the air. His slime body hadn't been able to submerge, merely paddling along like a beach ball, but now he felt no resistance as he floated down into the depths. He did feel the temperature change, first a comfortable cooling, then an outright chill. And he began to feel a slight pressure on all sides--his misty form seemed to naturally take on the shape of a bubble, pushed equally from every direction. None of it impeded his movement, and he didn't feel the upward pull of a living body with air in its lungs.

The light from up above faded out after only five feet or so, but the pool was much deeper than that. Ten, fifteen, almost twenty...Soon he was in an absolute, but not quite total, darkness. It reminded him of the spirit world, the monochrome filter cast over everything. The experience was made even more eerie by all the tiny, almost mote-like gray souls he could see within the tiny fish living here. But rather than black and white, this underwater world was a deeper, richer, darker blue. The few things he could see that caught a stray, refracted beam of light every so often shone a bright aqua hue, where everything else blended into a midnight sky...

There were a few things down here, that had likely been down here for some time. A handful of scattered, glittering circles...Were they coins? Gold coins!? In another spot, buried halfway in the silt and gravel floor of the pool, a large femur bone--possibly human sized. Something, perhaps a stone blade, had once been tied to its head but now all that remained were strips of something floating like seaweed. And there were more bones scattered about as well, at least a complete skeleton's worth--a skeleblin, more accurately, as it was clear most of these bones were from a Goblin or two. They looked even older than Bonie(formerly Y'tahl)'s yellowed bones had been. Likely these creatures had either drowned, or simply been tossed into the water after their death.

There was even an old wooden chest, long rotted. The metal buckle at its front and the keyhole had long rusted away, and a large hole in its side released bubbles every so often when vibrations from up above shook the water.

And there, within a shadow of the deeps, outlined by a turquoise light all its own, glittered an ornate long sword. The first few inches of its blade sat in the sand, but none of the grit nor all this time below water seemed to have dulled or tarnished it in any fashion.

It did not react to Jason's presence. But his "soul sight" could see within it, something far more potent than the influence of the Dungeon Core...Except. All of the "souls" Jason had seen thus far took the shape of spheres. They were orbs, held within the physical body, somewhere close to the being's center almost like a spiritual heart. The "soul" he could see within the sword, however, did not take that shape. Its light suffused the entire blade's structure, a construct mimicking every physical aspect of the blade with three dimensional, yet non-physical, shape. In fact, it almost seemed as if the blade itself--the steel edge, the leather grip, the engraved hand-guard--were only a shell, fragile and delicate, infused by this soul like blood infusing the veins. The sword's spirit was deeper, denser, sadder, older, than anything Jason had thus seen.

"Ja-Soon, might not want to mess wid dis one--"
"Big BIG shiny! Use da Magick Sucky on it, quick quick!"

"You. The one who awakened the Core."
Jason felt Bonie and Teef go silent within him like a child backing away from a parent entering the room with belt in hand. When the sword spoke again, it was quiet at first--before raising its "voice" at Jason. "No wonder it has been progressing so quickly. Spirit! Are you still aware? State your name! Spirit?"

If Jason still had a mouth, it'd have gone dry the moment his eyes fell upon the sword before him. It's ornate beauty; suspended in an inky void and untouched by time, was nothing short of magnificent. At this moment, he was but a gnat at the feet of a giant.... One that seemed quite angry with him.

With a deep breath, Jason answered the being before him. "My name.... Is Ja-Soon... Most call me Jason." he responded, pausing briefly as he cautiously drifted closer. "What I did, was arrogant, stupid, and rash... I saw what could be a strategic advantage, and took hold of it, not thinking of what consequences there might be. Even after I learned of it's true nature, I was blind. I thought I could control it, change it-- and give new purpose to lost souls. How wrong I was."

For a moment, Jason's eyes fell to floor of the pool, ashamed of his mistakes, yet he summoned his resolve, and locked his gaze once more on the ancient presence before him. "So, you must be Undine."

"I was an Undine, yes." the sword corrected. Jason felt the water pressure shift, as if the spirit sword narrowed its eyes at him. "And you...are many things. An Ectoslime, exceedingly rare in this environment." The water shifted, carrying Jason's immaterial form on an unseen current to slowly turn him around a full circle. "Formerly a Slime Mage, also quite rare. And before that...a Human. Not of this world." The current disappeared, as did the pressure. "And most of all, a fool. A Dungeon Core can be controlled, but not by one of your pitiable level of power. Your folly was arrogance, overestimating your abilities as a small fish in a mere pond. Then again..." The sword's tone softened, and the chill of the water became less biting. "I suppose you can not be blamed for your own ignorance. This world is nothing like your own, I am sure. You lack knowledge."

Several of the small fish seemed intrigued by the movement of the waters around Jason, though they didn't seem aware of him. They swam around him--one even passed through him--until they realized there wasn't any food stirring up the waters. The rotting wooden chest let out another handful of bubbles, and its lid shifted lightly.

"I assume you know of my presence because of the Dungeon Core's ability to recognize creatures within its range. But surely you also realize there is no way for you to wield me as you are now--and even if there were, I doubt I would find you a suitable hand. If that is your reason for coming here, leave me be. If you wish to undo your mistakes and destroy the Dungeon Core, worry not--I will do that myself, when I have recovered enough of my Mana. If your business is otherwise, Jason, state it. Otherwise, I believe it would be best for you to leave the cave quickly."

Jason carefully felt the flow of Undine's magic as the water around him surged. As the churning ebbed, the former warlord continued to inch closer, until he was an inch away from the living weapon. "I came not to wield you, but to know for certain you would not fall to the dungeon... he responded assertively as a single pseudopod reached out to touch Undine. "I think you're bluffing. Despite having a direct channel leading to the core, you haven't destroyed it yet. Yes, I'm well aware you're exponentially more powerful than this entire dungeon put together... But I have my doubts about how your mana levels are at the current moment. I assume you gain most of your Mana from water entering the pool correct? The. Core. Is. Sealing. All. The. Holes. By this time tomorrow, the 22,000 gallons of water you have now is going to be all you're going to have to combat the rest of the dungeon with. There won't be any new water. That number will continue to dwindle. With every moment the undead are regaining their abilities from past lives."

The tip of Jason's wispy tendril stopped but a hair's breadth from Undine as his tone became gravely serious, "The dungeon has you listed as a boss Undine, albeit a hidden one. I need to be certain that its influence will not overtake you, despite how powerful you are. I am simply checking, nothing more-- you have my word..."

Cautiously, he reached to touch Undine's soul, not with intent to devour, but to look within.

Jason felt the sensation of placing one's finger on the edge of a razor blade when he tried to "touch" Undine--and moments later there was a crash like a wave as an unseen force repelled him. The water churned angrily in the immediate area around the sword.

"I am not for you to know! Remove yourself from me before I destroy you!" When Jason had backed off enough the spirit within the blade seemed to calm down, but its guard was still visibly raised. "Again you overestimate yourself. Even if I were to be assimilated, what would--or could--you do about it, in your present state? My power, limited as it is, is still much greater than yours. Being under the Dungeon's control would actually make me even stronger, in a sense, and you would not be able to wrench my spirit out the way you have those Goblins. You fail to recognize your own limits, Jason."

"In any case, your fears are unfounded. Since you seem to like talking a great deal I shall do the same, and answer your concerns in order." The temperature of the water lowered somewhat more. "I haven't destroyed the Core yet because I have been planning. You will understand more of these plans momentarily. I do not draw Mana solely from the water's ambient magic, though it is my attuned element. I have different Skills that allow me to recover my magic power, one of which is to take it from things that my blade cuts. The reason I must conserve my energy is because of the condition of my being." The undine's blade glimmered as it caught a shaft of light from above. "I have far more Mana than you, or any other creature in this cave. However, a large portion of it is "locked" in the magic that bound me to this sword, and in the bond between myself and a wielder. So I only have so much to use at a given moment. Another former Human, Asteria, gave me her Mana and helped to an extent, but even without external sources I will be able to recover my power after using it."

"If the Core uses its minions to seal up the cave, this pool might dwindle--but in a sealed environment, evaporation will not dilute it so much, as even the vapors will have nowhere else to go. The reason I use the water as my home is that, due to my nature, it is easier for me to move within the water and use it in conjunction with my abilities. So far, no creatures of this cave are aquatic in nature, so there are no threats to me here. This is part of my plan. When the other former Humans began digging around the edge of the pool, I was able to widen the channel and give myself a direct path towards the Core. No doubt the Core will eventually realize that although the channel was there before your control over it was broken, that it is not a natural part of the cavern--but even if they were to fill it in, I would be able to get to the core. Using the stream would simply be more convenient."

"And to at last address your concern, the Dungeon Core is not powerful enough yet--nor will it be for some time--to attempt assimilating me. Even if it could, it would find me of limited use without a wielder--and none of its minions are anywhere close to meeting the requirements to use my power. A "Hidden Boss" is usually exactly as I just said--a creature within a dungeon too powerful for its core to control. A Dungeon Core's purpose in analyzing this creature, and providing information about it to the Dungeon Boss, is to maintain a truce of sorts with it. It might provide minions or guardians for the Hidden Boss's lair, designate certain resources to be left alone for the Hidden Boss's use, or various other things. The Dungeon Core cannot control such a creature, so it tries to keep it appeased in the hopes that, should all else fail, the Hidden Boss can at least be provoked to defend its own territory from intruders--and by extent, the Dungeon's own territory will be protected."

"Since the time that you were Dungeon Boss, however, I have taken action against the Dungeon Core directly. It likely no longer recognizes me as a Hidden Boss and instead places me at the highest priority of intruder, because it knows there is no way for its minions to overcome me in direct combat."

"Right now, the game is still somewhat dangerous--if the channel has not been sealed off by the next time my Mana is fully restored, then I will be able to swim through it and destroy the Core in my next attack. If it has been sealed, I may be set back a few days as I will have to recover my power, make an assault, and then temporarily retreat once I have used my stores, to repeat the process later. The Dungeon has far fewer resources with which to continue spawning Undead, however, and with every battle that will dwindle. It will be a battle of attrition as you feared, but one in which I will still have distinct advantage. The biggest concern will be interference from outside--and also, the actions of those like you, Human souls reborn into Monster bodies. I do not understand the nature of this Curse you all bear, and have little trust thus far towards any of you."

Finally the water had calmed completely. One of the little fish swimming around Jason had now gone to investigate the bubbles coming from the wooden chest--only for something else to suddenly dart out and snatch it up. Jason couldn't refocus his senses fast enough to see what the creature had been. Only a dark shadow that had returned within the chest as quickly as it had come out. Whatever it was, however, the sword seemed to pay it no more attention than the fish. Jason's soul sight caught a fuzzy glimpse of another gray sphere, but this one was much larger than the fish--almost as large as the Dire Rat's.

"Now, Jason. I must admit that I am none too inclined towards you. I am tempted to do what I think would be best in the long run, and sever your connection to this world. With your Mana my own would be that much more recovered, and I would have a better chance to destroy the Core." The water temperature dropped much more sharply and Jason felt pressure building around him again. "But I tell you this now, and only once more. You should leave this cave, and the Core. Only return here if you bring with you a Hero. Temper your arrogance and rein in your fantasies of power--this last I say to you, because I do not trust you. You have a darkness within you that was not put there by the Dungeon Core. If it has not been mastered, and we meet again...I do not know if I shall be able or willing to stay my blade from your throat. Go."

Perhaps Undine was right, maybe he had overstepped... But until he knew better, Jason wanted to be absolutely sure that the sword wouldn't succumb to the dungeon. "I see... Best of luck then." he responded calmly as he began his ascent, slowly climbing to the top of the pool. Jason crept from the pool just as carefully he had crept in, moving away toward the exit. Once he was sure there was no nearby patrols, he abandoned stealth altogether, racing for the exit of the cave....


"We have no way of killing it right now..." Jason huffed in response to Teef, "It's far safer for us to wait out our mana disorder by draining numerous sources before trying to go for any real fights, and I'm not very confident how many half-baked mana orbs I can fire before we run out of mana. Even IF we killed it, we might get less mana than we spent in the fight."

After listening to Bonie, Jason summoned his skill menu, hoping to see improvement in, well... Anything. Taking a brief moment to examine the scene of the battle while he read over his skills, the old warlord noticed that the pool had somehow overflown quite a ways. It was unlikely that such a thing had happened naturally... As far as Jason knew, no reincarnate other than Danny had any form of water magic, let alone of this scale.... It couldn't have been the core either, which left only one suspect; Undine, the animated sword.

It seemed that Jason's intuition of Undine being the shadow in the pool was correct, furthermore it seemed as if it had gotten involved in the fight. Such an object would more than likely have a soul, which meant it could be eaten by the core, or worse..... ASSIMILATED. If the core managed to pull Undine into its ranks, the results would be catastrophic....

Once again, Jason was left with a hard choice-- run, and guarantee his survival? Or enter the pool, and learn of Undine's fate?

With a sigh, he made his choice. Moving low to the ground, slowly and cautiously, Jason approached the pool, keeping a wide berth from the only patrol on his side; a duo of zombie pixies. Assuming their vision worked like his, the ecto slime made sure to stay toward the backs of the two zombies. Stretching himself thin, Jason looked like no more than a wisp of fog rolling across the ground. As he reached the center of the dark water, Jason peered into its depths, before plunging into the darkness below....

If worst came to worst, Jason knew he might need to finish the animated sword, to prevent it from becoming a tool of the dungeon.


”Need to fix Magic-sick, Ja-Soon. Spirit and Body have different limits--now dat yas got dat skill, needs ta use it lots!”
“Go kills dat rat! Den find dem udda mobs, kill dems too!”

The voices of Bonie and Teef echoed in Jason's mind. "Don't be a slave to instinct Teef." he replied, "You're a warrior aren't you? A true warrior isnt just strong, they're smart too. By letting that rat live, we'll be able to get more mana from it later once its MP regenerates.... Not to mention that by leaving it alive, the dungeon will have to waste mana re-assimilating it. Which we can easily undo."

Leaving the dire rat in peace, Jason floated back over to his body. It was unlikely he would be able to possess it while he still was dealing with this debuff; so he would likely need to come back for it. Deactivating [Levitate], and falling to the ground, Jason focused his mana; sending a single pulse of earth magic into the ground, and using [Mana Drain I] to reabsorb what little mana bounced back to him as he tried to reestablish his earthly tether.

"Great spirit of Earth," he began in quiet prayer, using [Guidence I], and trying to channel that warm, peaceful aura that surrounded the areas he had cleansed earlier, "I ask that you watch over my mortal shell while I regain my strength, that I may later reclaim it."

After a few moments of waiting for an answer, Jason began making his way toward the entrance of the cave, outside there would no doubt be many more sources of mana he could use to sustain himself, besides, he had a gut feeling that the dungeon would be sending its forces against him once it had finished dealing with the others.

Without a doubt, [Spiritual Awareness] was the key to regaining his life, but the old warlord's knowledge of how the two worlds interacted was little.... But luck was on his side, as Bonie was without a doubt well-versed on the subject. So while they were on the way out, getting as many free points as he could from her knowledge would be invaluable.

"So Bonie, tell me what you know of the spirit world... And how it stretches into the world of the living."
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Though he could kill without batting an eye, Jason quickly found that reliving the death through his enemy's eyes was nothing short of traumatic. Snapping back to the real world, the paranormal entity noticed he had a new voice in his head. Great. Wait, no, this meant he could preserve the souls of the dead! Even more surprising, was the fact that the assimilated dire rat no longer seemed to be under the dungeon's control! Excited, Jason summoned his skill list.

Spiritual Awareness I (1.2)
Transparency I (1.1)
Taboo I (1.9)
Levitate (--)
Guidance I (1.05)
Wave Shock (0.1)
Aqua Sphere (0.7)
Alert (0.1)
Blood Drain (0.7)
Muffle (0.1)
Magic Resistance (0.6)
Agriculture (0.3)
Plant Analysis (0.3)
Fire Resistance (0.4)
Fortify (0.2)
Sensory Resistance (0.4)
Mana Orb (0.5)
Shield (0.5)
Alchemy (0.4)
Meditate (0.9)
Air Read (0.4)
Keen Sight (0.2)
Doze (0.1)
Acid Resistance (0.1)
Rabid Fit (0.1)
Pierce Resistance (0.8)
Lesser Cleanse (0.2)
Dextrous (0.2)
Quicken (0.3)
Earth Wall (0.1)
Slash Resistance (0.2)
Mana Sense (0.4)
Mana Drain (0.8)
Possession (0.3)
Lesser Force (0.1)
Physical Damage Resistance I (1.0)
Warcry II (2.175)
Stone Shot II (2.6625)
Rock Spire II (2.075)
Tremor Sense II (2.425)
Soil Manipulation I (1.15)
Telepathy II (2.725)
Material Analysis I (1.2)
Magic Analysis I (1.55)(0.1)
Monster Analysis I (1.55)
Mental Resistance I (1.55)(0.1)
Charisma I (1.15)
Focus I (1.3) (0.3)
Limited Shapeshift I (1.6) (0.1)
Mind Wave I (1.2)
Spell Chant I (1.3)(0.1)
Bounce I (1.15)
Faster I (1.05)
Blunt Resistance I (1.0)

So to unlock his skills, Jason only needed to relearn them! Beyond that, did his earth affinity go up? He felt like it did, but Jason wasnt fully sure.

"Still needs to eat, Ja-Soon!"
"Kills it! Kills it!"

Bonie and Teef cried within Jason's mind. "There's no need to," Jason replied mentally with a ghostly grin, "I've got a better idea...." Violently latching onto the unaware rodent's body, Jason once dulled his senses, focusing only on feeling the flow of the rat's mana, and bringing it into himself. Activating [Transparency] on a single psuedopod, he thrust this spectral tendril deep into the dire rat's body, reaching out to touch and draw from the glowing light within it.


Jason raced towards the dire rat, almost as if surging through a shadowy funnel to reach his prey. As their two forms collided, color returned to the world and the Warlord suddenly found himself in some form of arena within a void; a place that both did, and didnt exist. All at the same time. The goblin charging him was no doubt in confusion, lashing out at everything; they were out of control. If this truly was a battle of wills, he who had greater control was going to win.

A hardened soldier knew how to keep their head during intense situations, this was no different. Jason's form launched forward, stabilizing into the hulking shape of a large, dark skinned man. His hand; filled with the drive to survive, shot forward to tightly grip the bitchy goblin's throat. With a cold, piercing stare, he hissed at his foe with deadly authority "Resist, and you die." With the force of all his will, and the natural instinct of his new form, he moved to wrap his arms around the goblin; pulling her into his torso, to consume, not destroy, just as he had accidentally had done with Bonie.


"Shut up and let me focus!" Jason hissed at Bonie as he slid out of his lifeless body. He realized that there was indeed truth to her words, but right now, he needed absolute focus if they were going to survive. Time itself seemed to slow to a near halt as the cogs of Jason's mind whirred vigorously to think of something. Mana was currently the key to maintaining his existence. Maintaining his form outside of the spirit world cost mana and could be broken down into two parts; the mana cost of staying OUT of the spirit world, and the mana upkeep for the various functions of his spectral body.

Immediately, Jason 'deactivated' all senses save for sight and touch, as he to chase down the dire rat. Then, mustering all his courage, Jason allowed himself to begin slipping back to the other side, but not completely; trying to 'walk the line between worlds' in order to conserve more mana. Subconsciously, Jason's mistlike body elongated, like a hand reaching out to take hold of the rat. With all the will he had left, he reached for its soul, to pull it into him, for it to become PART of him.
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I still breathe!!!

so, what I'm hearing is; you're a thot.
Ogre Ren
The Beginnings Of a Forge > Seeking Cinder > Ore What?/// Noon // Day 6


Ren happily rubbed Ferrus' head with the wolf's transformation. It was clear that Gatoven had accepted him as his own. Through the woods the duo trekked, searching for a mighty flame that could ignite the newly created forge. After some time of searching, the tower Ogre began to notice scorch-marks here and there, made by something.... something BIG. Cautiously, Ren began to follow the tracks of this mighty creature, until he finally arrived at a clearing where there was a massive bear seemingly rooted to the ground. Clearly, not a normal bear, but perhaps blessed by Shirila. At the center of the clearing, was a massive pile of cinder, burning continuously, as if it's flames would never die out; it was exactly the type of flame he was looking for. Slowly, Ren entered the clearing, keeping his distance from the massive beast, shoving his sword into the ground to display he meant the creature no harm. Taking a large, mostly flat rock, Ren used the same technique he had utilized in the creation of his forge to create a long, stone sled; made to transport the cinders. Nearby vines were twisted together into large, thick rope and attached it to his sled.

With that completed, Ren began scooping up the cinders with his bare hands and throwing them onto the sled. It hurt.... It hurt A LOT. Moreso for his right hand rather than his left, as the left hand was made of steel. Once done with his task, Ren gave the large bear a courteous nod, before grabbing his sword, and dragging the sled off with the help of Ferrus. He still needed ore, and without a doubt, the best place to look would be within one of the two caves, and at the moment, the troll cave was closer. Better yet, assuming there were any trolls still there, Ren would possibly even have help mining out the ore.

Hauling his sled of stone, the massive Ogre made his way to the troll cave, hopeful to find some ore.

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