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Here's a couple neat memes while you wait:

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Ushnekh nearly froze as the other Runt hinted that they may have caught on to the fact he could use Magic-- but kept his head down with a firm nod as his prize was tossed back into his arms. Even as panicked thoughts of what may await the runt should his abilities be figured out by some of the more ambitious older Orcs before he had the power to defend himself flitted through his mind, he clamped down on those feelings as fast as they rose; promising himself to suppress his paranoia long enough to redeem his quest with the head warrior.

Though he did his best to keep his nerves properly steeled-- Ushnekh was hardly ready for the raucous fanfare that followed the submission of his kill. As pale as he went when Auguz drew the attention of the entire tribe onto him; the Head Warrior seemed to care little about the Runt's nerves, so long as he could nod along and answer his name when asked. By the time Auguz was finished showing him off; Ushnekh's orange-gold eyes were scanning the surrounding crowd, cataloging the various reactions.

Taking note of any Orcs that had less than savory glints in their eyes as they had taken him in-- he hustled off, not bothering to meet the less-than-pleased gaze of his fellow Runt as he passed by.

Whatever the other Runt knew, they clearly weren't pleased with the fact that he'd stolen the glory of being first to return with prize in hand... Even if he hadn't wanted the pomp and circumstance that he'd ended up recieving; he'd gotten it anyway, along with the attention of a fellow Runt that clearly seemed to carry a share more cunning than most of the other Runts.

A potential enemy to watch out for... And one he'd likely have to kill at some point.

Quest: Find Something to Eat and Bring it Back Whole

  • Kill a Creature
  • Keep the Target in High Quality Condition
  • Return to Camp Uninjured

Choose ONE:

  • Increase HP (Health)
  • Increase MP (Magic)
  • Increase SP (Stamina)
  • Gain 1 Skill Rank Point

A New Quest is Available:

Quest Giver: Head Warrior Auguz
Quest Details: Fulfill Duties within the Tribe (0/2 Minimum)

  • Be at the Training Circle before sunrise tomorrow morning
  • Find your own food (1/3 meals provided for)
  • Find your own shelter
  • Accept an optional Quest from another Tribe Member

Taking care to disappear into the camp well before the other Runt could get any ideas about following him to steal his spoils; Ushnekh made his way to one of the communal fires near the outer walls of the camp, patiently moving as he did his best to ensure that none of the other Orcs got any ideas of 'Crushing' the first Runt to return from his hunt. Carefully settling himself down near the fire with his back to the wooden wall, and digging around for a nearby sharpened stone as he slowly took to skinning his kill as he perused the upgrades offered by his level.

Carefully slicing away meat and fat from what remained of the Tatzelwurm's pelt, Ushnekh considered his options; while HP would make him harder to kill, equipment could cover for lack of raw HP. While SP would make him slower to tire and increase his endurance, he could just as easily train his stamina to acquire similar gain, and likely the same for his MP.

The skill level however, was a different story. While Ushnekh was certain he could train up the skill just the same-- it was uncertain how long getting an equivalent skill gain would take... Not to mention the fact that upgrading the skill could open up new possibilities for growth. Sharpening a nearby half-burnt stick into a skewer, the Runt proceeded to place whatever meat wasn't shredded to near uselessness on his improvised cooking implement before setting it to roast and making his selection.

That done, the Runt carefully dug out some of the cooler coals from the fire to cure the inside of the pelt with, carefully massaging them into the skin as he waited for his meal to finish cooking. Once the meat was properly roasted, Ushnekh greedily partook of his meal as he wrapped the pelt over his right shoulder and above his left hip like a sash, tying the mangled strands together and securing them with the Tatzelwurm's fangs to act as a fastener before shifting the his newest wardrobe item so that the fasteners and knots would be just behind his left hip; where it would hopefully be less likely to take a hit.

Gripping his trusty staff, and tucking a few of the leftover Tatzelwurm bones into the waist of his Loincloth, Ushnekh plotted his next course of action. While building his own shelter certainly had its merit as an idea-- getting into the good graces of the Camp's higher-ups was most likely the best course of action to ensure some measure of protection against the more opportunistic of the lower ranking Grunts and scheming Runts.

Which begged the question-- who he would subordinate himself to?

After some deliberation, Ushnekh decided that his best choices lay with either the Head Scout, or the Shaman. One would give him a greater amount of field work and likely drawing less attention, whereas the Shaman could supply greater insight into the workings of Magic at the expense of likely drawing far more attention.

Gritting his teeth and setting his jaw, the Runt slipped his way through camp; doing his best to remain unnoticed as he made his way to the cluttered lean-to of the Shaman first, carefully scanning his surroundings; aiming to get an idea of how many subordinates or apprentices the Elder Orc kept under her wing-- and if he could sneak glimpses of whatever lessons she offered both knowingly and not...

@Rune_Alchemist@BrokenPromise@Crimson Paladin

Elias hissed a curse as the Dragon slipped from his grip. Even though the monstrosity didn't have the sheer bulk, might, or raw destructive power (thus far), of the previous 'Herald'-- the speed and agility displayed by this 'Herald of War' was utterly confounding.

Not only was the creature's decaying touch slowly chewing through his armor, but it seemed as if the creature could... Decay the structure of magics? Elias was under no illusions that he had as much insight into the arcane as even an apprentice mage, yet he felt that such a description was the closest thing to what he was witnessing as the creature seemed to erode even the magical ice and frost produced from Ethelred's abilities.

Shaking the errant thoughts from his head, Reinhardt braced himself against the oncoming charge of the dragon-- only for the creature to lunge toward Luana!

Launching himself forward, the knight attempted to shoulder check the dragon off course with a violent burst of speed and force!

Sorry for my absence, life has been kinda fucked the last couple weeks.

I'll have something tomorrow


Reinhardt eyed the strange metal monstrosity behind the tiny Harzelslack Knight with caution. Though he hadn't the slightest idea what the contraption actually was; nor it's designed purpose, Luana seemed to identify it as some form of artillery-- and if the Woman's insinuations were to be properly understood... She wanted to test this weapon of Artifice on him.

Strong and sturdy as he was, the Knight was none too keen on the idea of being pelted by some kind of experimental weapon; especially considering it was of the same class as a ballista. Ballista bolts alone were enough to give the man pause when it came to testing his resilience; yet with how much metal was used in the construction of the device, imagining exactly what the weapon fired invited chills to the spine.

"I'll have to decline your invitation." he responded bluntly to the Inventor before gesturing toward Luana to follow as he distanced himself from prying ears.

"Something the matter Luana?"

<Snipped quote by ERode>

Not today, unfortunately, this time of a new month is rather hectic at my job. It will likely be Wednesday or Thursday before I've had enough spare time to get a proper update finished. At that time, though, regardless of whether everyone in the RP has posted or not, I'll go ahead and make a full GM post to move everything along.

Z getting screwed by work?

Seems a bit of a theme IMO.


As the Tatzelwurm reeled from Ushnekh's swift counterattack-- the pupils set within the runt's orange-gold eyes suddenly dilated as the animal before him began to panic. The taste of blood that filled his mouth, the growing body of an incredibly violent monster species, the slight dull to his thinking from the drain on his mana... Seeing the creature struggle to turn tail caused a sudden surge of adrenaline to flood Ushnekh's body as his predatory insticts flared to life.

Raising his stick high over his head-- Ushnekh threw his entire weight behind a violent downswing; some kind of accent slipping into the bellow of predatory fury as he went for the kill with everything he had left.


Just as the tatzelwurm's claws dug into the ground, its tail whipping behind it, the earth it needed for purchase rose up again. As the shockwave spread out once more, overlapping with the previous one, the already loose earth was turned upwards and over as if a huge industrial plough ran through it. The Tatzelwurm was buried and crushed underneath the avalanche, its long tail sticking up from between two large clods.

The enemy has been vanquished!


  • Mangled Tatzelwurm

You have no MP remaining.

The double earth wave had also loosened the roots of some of the plantlife around the area, causing a few bushes to fall over. In the process, it cleared Ushnekh's line of sight back in the direction of the camp--he'd be able to see Duram and Agar approaching.

They would also see him collapse to his knees, as if he'd just run a mile at a full sprint.

After several long seconds of catching his breath, Ushnekh shakily rose to his feet; using his stick for support. Hobbling over to his prize, the runt appraised his kill with a grimace-- hoping that the mangled body would satisfy whatever conditions were necessary for completing the quest assigned by the head warrior.

He just hoped they wouldn't ask how the hell the thing had died.

Freezing for a moment, Ushnekh stared at the pair of runts that were suddenly within his line of sight... Before promptly hurrying off toward the camp as if he had nothing to do with the sudden change of the forest terrain.



Just as Ushnekh went to make himself scarce-- a rope-like body suddenly dropped onto his head!

The runt staggered back from the force of the impact; barely keeping himself from falling on his ass as the taste of iron filled his mouth. Gathering his bearings with a violent shake of his head, Ushnekh took several steps back; lowering himself into a fighting stance. Though the little orc wasn't averse to taking hits to dish out his own; he'd heard that Tatzelwurms had poison, and testing the strength of said poison was NOT something he was keen on doing.

As the snake-cat-monster lunged toward his leg, Ushnekh let out a bellow as he swung his stick at the creature's head.

"[Earth Wave]!"
I should have something up sometime tonight.
<Snipped quote>

That's a benefit, not a demerit.

I see... Ye olde 'collect all starter perks' strat.
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