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Current Every day we stray further from the light of god.
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*Pelinal Whitestrake intensifies*
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Dude that's kinda cringe.
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Tell me about it dude, up at my FedEx between rona' and christmas we can barely keep up.
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Coming Soon!

(or whenever I get off my lazy ass)

Here's a couple neat memes while you wait:

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Wait-- We're goblins! NOT ORKS!!!!


Donovan's brow raised slightly at Isidore's outright avoidance of the question. He'd honestly half expected the man to refuse outright. Augusta's more vocal refusal however, was just as he'd thought it would be. The man sighed as he shook his head. He knew that there was little chance to convince the others of dealing with the seed to begin with, but he'd pointlessly hoped that they wouldn't be that hasty to take up rearing a demon factory. Even if the reasoning Augusta argued at first glance was certainly reasonable, her earlier outburst in the prison led him to believe there was more to it than that. As much as he wanted to pretend he didn't notice, he couldn't help but feel like there was an ulterior motive.

"Well lass--" Don spoke, clearing his throat, "Aye never said that purifyin' tha seed would destroy et. Hell, may even change intah somethin new fer all we know... Besides, don't yer gift tell ya everythin bout stuff when ya use it?" he then turned, gesturing in the from whence they first came, "An' if yer worried bout' momma demon comin back fer vengence; assumin it ain't alreadeh dead... Alls weh gotta do is destroy th' path weh took tah get here."

Donovan gazed at the ascending sun with squinted eyes, shaking his head once more as he took hold of his armaments.


He turned toward the others slowly, fixing a stern gaze on the small group of near-strangers.

"I ain't gonna waste breath arguin' with you lot. Aye got work tah do-- and little time tah do et... Stay safe, the lot o yah. An' whatever yah do, don't trust th' damn demons."

With that, he began his trudge northward.

Just a repost of my old CS.

Man this brings me back. This was the first RP I ever joined on this site lol.

I decided to go with something simple. Do tell if that skill isn't quite up to snuff.


@Jangel13 what about my pet wolf?
I'll just reuse Ren on this next go if thats ok.
Let's goooooo
@Jangel13 In what sense?


Donovan climbed to his feet with a mighty yawn. Sleep had been hard to come by for him last night; if the bags uder his eyes were anything to go by.

After eating a small bit of last night's leftovers, he cupped a bit of clean snow in his hands, melted it over the fire, and wet his throat. Watching the first light of dawn grace the unmarred natural beauty of the land was truly a sight to behold, at least until the man's eyes caught view of Octavia. The relatively tame nature of the 'pup' had allowed him to overlook it's underlying nature for some time, but it seemed the sense of revulsion that he'd acquired the night before still lingered... The effect seemed permanent.

Don shook his head as he stepped away from the fireside for a moment. A name had come to him during the long hours of the night, something to address the deity that had chosen to bless him by. The man knelt in prayer, facing the direction they had first come from, the emblem of his necklace held gently in his right hand. "Ye who have blessed meh with th' power to protect meself, and those around meh-- I thank yeh. I know not tha names ya once went by in ages long past, but I've decided on what I'll call yah. Great ancient of tha' serpent and star, I dub yeh Suthainn, and hope that ye will continue tah watch over us lot through whatever is tah come." he paused for a moment before uttering his final word, "Amen."

Returning to the others, Donovan cleared his throat. "There's a village north uh here where we can get some supplies an maps if the lot o ya are interested... Besides-- tha deer asked a favor of meh so aye gotta head there anyhow. But," he paused, and looked towards Isidore, "If yer still keen on headin' south, an' the storm don't dissuade ya none, then aye'd like tah discuss tha seed we took... Because as it is, I fer one ain't too comfortable with a pocket sized demon factory roamin about th' countryside... I'd like tah purify it, if ye'd let meh."
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