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You think he's being edgy, but that's actually just him pouting about Maria not letting him keep mangy stray cats in her home.

As an additional note, Gerard no speak good Japan, so I'll be putting words he speaks in English in <<>>, straight up slap down Latin as it is, and leave his broken Japanese in quotation marks only.
Was it really that bad? #13 couldn’t help but feel as if the pilot was maybe a bit of a depressing asshole, if winter survival was what got him wishing to die in a helicopter crash instead. Ah well, most humans were like that, especially in these days. Something to do with rising sea levels and decreasing political stability. Must suck. Sympathies to pilot-man, really.

“Well, you do you then,” was #13’s simple reply. “I’ll just clear out the ones that found us.”

As he spoke, the hulk of mismatched machinery turned to the shadows that rose from the clearing around them. Red Army, huh? And then there was that gunshot in the distance. Meant for Saint Augustine, perhaps? The Promised Child let out a low sigh. He had been looking forward to spending his time a cozy, cold village in Finland, but now it feels as if he was just going to be stuck in the bitter wilderness instead, fighting nameless grunts. Shifting his form to better cover the pilot behind him, #13 considered his options briefly, before deciding to go for the simplest one of them all.

Clothing and armor and weaponry all count as objects viable for his Sarcophagus. Reaching out with his Miracle, he proceeded to liberate these men of their armaments and attire.

Maybe that'll be enough to scare them away?
"I'm sure there is," Elodie replied sardonically. "Got Three Hundred Man Slayers popping up like rabbits these days, huh?"

Whatever conversation they'd have on the durability of mortal flesh would have to wait though; the bandits had surrendered quite handily, and now all that was left was the drudgery of binding them up and transporting them to the capital, where their necks shall meet the kiss of an executioner's axe. Dismantling her Blasting Rod once more, the artificier went off and began busying herself with her own work as well, picking through the battlefield and wrestling good steel out of the hands of bad men.

Can never get enough material for her work, after all.

Wow, the amount of dark subtext she could infer from that short exchange was sorta intense...or maybe Cecilia was just overthinking it. Though she admired Nanila’s spunk and industrious attitude, the lilac-haired lancer remained apprehensive about bringing a kid along into the wilderness, especially the sorts of wilderness that the rest of Last Genesis would be frequenting. An escort mission might be fine if that was their primary objective, but it simply wasn’t efficient, bringing a little girl with them as they worked to complete two, maybe three other quests at the same time.

“You’re a good girl, aren’t you?” Cecilia said with a maternal smile. “Don’t have many kids as plucky as you where I come from, that’s for sure. But, how ‘bout this instead? I’m sure your brother’s going to be bored and all by himself, so maybe, rather than leaving him alone while he’s sick, you stay with him? Meanwhile, I’ll get the Java Roots for you and bring it back later?”

There was a pause. A moment of contemplation. Yeah, she wasn’t that type of person.

“And hey, I won’t need a cut. Just tell me where to find ‘em, tell me how much to take and that’s all the reward I need, miss.”

“I…” Nanlia frowned at the offer, contemplating it for a short moment. “Do you know how to gather java root? There’s a lot of digging and beasts like to try and take them. Do you think you can do it all by yourself?” The girl fretted, kicking at the ground.

“I can’t do it all by myself, but I have friends that can!” Cecilia winked, keeping her tone light-hearted. “Some of them can even turn into beasts.”

“Can turn into beasts?” Nania’s eyes widened excitedly. “If they help, can you show me them when you come back? I want to see someone turn into a beast!” The girl bounced on her feet, her shy demeanor gone in an instant.

“Sure thing!” Cecilia replied. River probably liked kids, right? “Just gotta promise me that you take care of your sibling before then, yeah?”

“I promise, I promise!” The girl squealed and hugged Cecilia, dancing around in front of her. “To find the java root, you have to go to the bottom of java trees and dig out their roots, the ones that look the thickest! If you take the little ones, you’ll hurt the trees. Dig them up and cut them out and bring them back to me. We need twenty of them for today’s quota. The biggest java trees have the most roots but they also have the most Baby Blues so be extra careful, okay?”

Quest: Into the Woods
Gather 20 Java Roots and return to Nanlia.

Rewards: XP, Reputation
Accept Quest?
Y / N

“Got it,” Cecilia grinned, pressing the ‘Yes’ option. “And how will I find you later, little lady?”

“Oh, um, well…” Nanlia bounced on her heels for a moment but shrugged. “Brother says I shouldn’t tell people but we live in the last little house next to the ships. I’ll stay at home until you come with them so you can find me there! Do you need the basket?” Nanlia asked, offering the basket strapped to her back.

Cecilia thought about it for a moment, before shrugging. “Keep it. I’ve got a backpack for a reason, after all.” As if to make a show of it, she hefted it up, letting Nanila hear how much space there still was inside.

“Welp, gonna catch up to my party now. See you later tonight, Nanila!”
Expressing tentative interest. Will probably think some more once I finish reading all the CSes.
It was almost unfair, the sheer amount of attacks that were suddenly directed towards the rock-thrower ape. Two little humans with pointy sticks, sure, but then the ice that flew through the air? The log? The little human that rushed out from nowhere and started doing lots of tiny cuts? The log? Then a thrown spear?

It was a lot, more than what the Abom could defend against, more than what the Abom could hope to withstand. Its rushdown was slowed by the five frozen lances that shot towards its body; it absorbed them with its limbs, but the blood still flowed, matting its fur. Turn towards the whump whump of the thrown log, the Abom managed to catch it just in time, the uncomforting snapping of two ribs sounding through the air, as the makeshift javelin slammed into its chest. Muu appeared then, a flash of steel and crimson, but a wide swing forced the Bladedancer back, even as her saber snipped off three fingers. And yet, no reprieve could be found for the overwhelmed ape: Siwon filled in the gap that Muu left, the winged spear slicing shallowly into the knee, a light thrust unable to break through the bone beneath.

But it was enough to cause the ape to falter, and in that moment, Katya, too small to be noticed, popped up from behind it. The creature was tall, yes, but her quarterstaff was tall as well! Twisting her body for a heavy swing, she smacked it hard in the back of the head, just enough to stun it as Siwon’s spear flew through the air!


Tempered steel sank into the soft eye. The Fiend Knight wasn’t strong enough to throw such a weighty spear with any real proficiency, but proximity helped him here, and the ape finally fell back. Now, it was merely a matter of finishing the job. Muu, Ettamri, Siwon, Renauld, Katya. Who will claim that kill?

Meanwhile, Oscar was in the same position as the rock-thrower ape, in that he was outnumbered. His knife throw had been sloppy, the goblin’s dagger poorly balanced for any sort of throw and his own skill wholly lacking, and the knife ended up just clattering hilt-first against the fur of the grappler ape. Renauld’s frozen shackles had expired at this point as well, hardened ice turning to frost as the two Aboms freed themselves from their bonds. For a moment, neither side moved.


The axe ape stomped up a cloud of snow, a blanket of white swallowing Oscar whole. It wasn’t harmful, but it was blinding, and by the time he wiped the detritus out from his eyes, the rest of the monsters were gone, leaving only large, well-defined tracks in the ground.

For now, it seemed as if the fight was over. All that was left then, was to check up on the motionless Argen, his body still strewn against the corpse of one of the monkey monsters.
If she doesn't mention it, he won't make a fuss about it either. ୧( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )૭
While the dogpile (which turned out wasn’t a symbol of affection for Athena after all) disentangled and dispersed itself, Triss remained off to the side, watching the whole process with unveiled amusement. His parents would certainly love to hear about this, that was for sure! Of course, the choice words that passed between them all after everyone was up on their own feet again was a mite more questionable, some truly foul accusations levied against the fair Renard, but Athena was quick to act there as well; even though her own Familia were diminished, none of the ruffians looked to desire starting a war over the words of a Level 0 adventurer-wannabe.

Good. It’d be disappointing if she were a pushover or anything like that.

Standing beside the other new prospects in order from shortest to tallest, Triss sorta just…filtered out all the other words that came out of Ayame’s mouth as she went on about her ‘soupearity’ and whatnot. It was too long, didn’t listen, really. She sure did have a nice sounding voice though. Nice, strong and commanding, like someone who truly knew what they were doing. The Pallum considered this all, then decided that he may as well go and imitate her tone as well. No one negotiated with weaklings, after all (unless it was a charity, which Athena probably wasn’t running), and confidence was like, half the battle.

“I’m Triss Honeyforge.” He stood up straight and stared Athena right in the eyes, consequently bending his neck back a bit cause wew, 5'6 was still damn tall. “I punch things in the Far East. Now I'm here.”
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