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Gotcha. For cheat skills that grant sub skills, at what levels are those obtained? Like, every 20 levels? Or does it vary depending on the cheat at hand?
Should probably have a category for thrown weapons, unless it's just presumed that mastery in any weapon type lets you throw them well.

The collision of steel sounded, but it wasn’t from a sword. Wheeling around, Isidore saw the frame of another man, bracing himself against the wretched creature’s charge. Not Nick, but a human all the same, a human that, judging by attire and countenance, was very much the same type of individual as they were.

Good. More allies were needed, even if that meant there were more mouths to feed.

Sidestepping the blond man, Isidore caught the monster on the rebound, ramming his sword hilt-deep into its throat, before twisting the blade and almost decapitating the creature. Hot, foul blood splattered over his hands, but whatever disgust within him didn’t show on his face as he kicked the monster off his sword, then flicked the blood off. Octavia, that cheeky little bitch, ran off before he could grab onto her leash again. That brought a wry smile on his face, as well as the savaging she had inflicted upon the third creature.

Born minutes ago and already lethal. The pet they fished out of that stone tablet was certainly looking to be useful.

“Isidore,” he said, tapping his thumb against his chest as he locked eyes with the shieldbearer. “You’re another of the Goddess’s, aren’t you?” He paused, as if considering something, then continued. “This is a prison, or perhaps a laboratory, filled with more of these creatures. Though I’m invested in that puppy, if you’d rather avoid further involvement in these bloody affairs, it’d be best not to venture further. If you’re coming though, welcome.”

Isidore wiped his hands on his pants, then motioned for Augusta to follow him as he strode after the puppy. Once she came, he turned his head in her direction slightly, murmuring, “Dangerous?”
Would Masteries exist for particular martial styles? Or would that be more reflected in the sort of techniques they'd have, rather than the masteries they have.
Cool, so for weapon profiency skills, it'll only be by weapon category, not specific weapons?

e.g Two Handed Sword Mastery, not Katana Mastery
Now you just need to do the list for weapon types. ;3
Mmm, I suppose that the easiest way to compromise would be to just remove the concept of HP. So people who want to specify how much damage they do in relation to their stats can do so, and people who just don't want to do that can do so, and it'll have no real bearing on whether or not how quickly someone should die.

Using the Kobold Lord as an example...the dude only had around 7000 HP, but was being bombarded by Sam for around 600 damage per shot, not including all the damage that's been done with Ren's arrow spam too. It shouldn't have been a fight at all, from my point of view. If you simply removed HP as a marker though, that'd basically be fine, because then, there's no way to prove mathematically that something should be dead before, y'know, they do anything at all. I'd argue the same for MP too, really, cause there's no real point in tracking it.
DEX scales with ranged weapon damage? Thought you said it was just accuracy and crit chance...but sure, no problem. Now he'll be doing about ten times more than what he's already been doing then? With Strafe stacking LCK into his arrow shots too.

To add to what Burning's saying though, if you plan on stats mattering in a numerical sense, rather than just a flavor sense, you'll have to think a lot more carefully about the stat-boosting cheat skills that currently exist.
Ah. But he got the skill after he was already blowing things up with arrows, yeah? So presumably, he'll be nuking things even more now?
Presumably it means you can do zany things that show up in cartoons. e.g run on air, get flattened into a piece of paper, develop physically impossible bruises, and speak while split in half.

Also, Travesty, will you be making like, idk, a proper system for calculating damage? Or is that thing you did for Double Strafe largely just for flavor?
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