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I'd prefer not having the ability to magically generate indestructible objects. You can just have her magical chains be as durable as her MAG stat suggests they'll be. And if her disguise shields from the unnatural composition of her body, that's fine. Just checking if you wanted to make divine-ichor-and-mud a more potently strange thing than the rest of the monster girls.
@Crusader Lord
More or less fine with it on my end. To confirm, you've basically used the Gifted Perk to give Ninha the Tentacle power in some way, yah? I know that the weapons of magical girls are nigh indestructible unless they end up dying, so will that same indestructibility persist with her magically created chains (as opposed to the chains she has as her weapon)?

Also, does her holy/divine/weirdo/creepy aura actually do anything to disturb normal people around her? Or does their ignorance shield them from thinking of her as something alien?

"Huh, Monster Knowledge gives you that much? Might have to invest in that some time..."

It certainly was a wealth of knowledge that River imparted within just a couple minutes of observation. Immobile, tanky poison monsters with the ability to call over Chitters if things looked dangerous. It was certainly an interesting combination, though Cecilia was still personally of the belief that Chitters were just free EXP and loot. She cast a glance towards the others and decided not to bring that up though. Such was the suffering of being the only risk-taker in the group, after all. The Lancer considered the situation for a bit longer before saying, rather flatly, "So basically, we just burst them down one by one? Doesn't seem hard to do if we commit to it. Got two piercing-centric DPses here, after all."

A shrug, and Cecilia lowered her stance, ready to charge in again. "Don't think plants ever go to sleep either, so burst's probably the way to go."
A part of Vasilisa felt like a mad scientist, but another part of him felt like this was the sort of thing he should take advantage as soon as possible. Travelling in real life was painfully expensive, and he was pretty certain that travelling in fake life was going to be pricey too, nevermind the fact that it’d also be dangerous as hell going off into the unknown. But Vasilisa came to Thalam for the express purpose of doing things she couldn’t do in real life.

So there he was, skulking in a dark alleyway, his broad shoulders and barrel chest at odds with how narrow his illicit rendezvous point was. The cleric had no idea whether or not Mimika was as painful to interact with in game as they were in chat, but then again, if impressions were bad, he could part ways with them real easily. With that in mind, he sat on a barrel, humming a song to himself.

Soon enough, the aforementioned Mimika appeared at the alley’s entrance - the sunlight behind her cast a menacing shadow deep into the space between buildings. However, once she stepped into the backstreet and made her way closer to Vasilisa, her true form was revealed: a cute, petite elven cleric. Mimika waltzed down the alleyway with a smirk on her face, growing even more smug as she paused and looked Vasilisa up and down.

“Sooo I’ll have you know my E-RP rates are kind of high. Game’s still new, can you pay? I also accept gift cards - in real life, of course,” she said, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. The other cleric’s vague message in the game’s chat log didn’t really give her any idea as to what he wanted, so she could only assume.

“Huh?” Vasilisa made a face. “Aren’t you here for business? Like, playing the market and all. Whatever you people do to make money.”

Mimika looked at the beefcake with a deadpan stare. “Uh, yeah. I am trying to make money. That’s why I’m charging you.”

Vasilisa blinked. Maybe econ majors just couldn’t read subtext. That’s the price you paid, huh. Without another word, he reached into his Inventory and drew out the Nativity Tunic, handing it over to the midget cleric. “Blue Slimes drop these. Easily as well. You’ve been to the shops yet?”

She took the tunic in her hands, scrutinizing it. It looks similar to the tunic that the blue slimes dropped, true… but it was cleaner. Wait, didn’t they drop ‘slime-covered tunics’? This was anything but slime-covered.

“Did you… like, wash this off....?” she murmured, turning the tunic over in her hands. She didn’t have one of the slime tunics herself, but her party leader had gotten one pretty early on. It really seemed to be the same thing, just with a different name. If that was true…

“I haven’t been inside them yet,” Mimika said, handing the tunic back to Vasilisa. “Are you telling me you can turn the slime-covered tunics into a better item? You wanna resell them for profit or something? ‘Cause that’s… actually a pretty good idea, I think.”

“Same thing with the sword.” Vasilisa pulled that one out too, rotating it. “Doesn’t take too long at all to clean off the slime. Could do it faster with soap, probably. And I have checked the shops. Nothing else this early on comes close to matching these in stats or effects. Before anyone else realizes the value of the slime-covered items, we should take advantage of it.”

A pause.

“I need lotsa money if I wanna go far. Can you make early money into bigger money like those investors do in Wolf of Wall Street?”

This dude’s plan is sound, Marcus thought to himself. Mimika touched a hand to her chin as if thinking it over. She could take this info and run, but then her reputation would drop hard. Better to go into business with him. His reference was a little dated, but she got what he meant.

“I think I can do that,” she said, smiling. “We need to get a bunch of slimey items, clean them and resell them, ya? Shouldn’t be that hard. I can sell things with this pretty face of mine~” the cleric chuckled to herself before continuing. “Uh, we would be selling to the other players, right? That would make us more money than selling to shops. I can already see a problem though…”

Mimika didn’t have pockets because she had a neat UI inventory, but she made a gesture as if pulling a pants pocket inside out.

“I don’t have any money. Neither does my party. We can sell them to the people that have cleared the tutorial quest already, but that’s like… I dunno, 20 copper?” She didn’t bother checking the quest info. “Although if we take everyone in the server for their quest reward money, we’d probably already be the richest people in the game.”

Vasilisa shrugged. “What if we offered enhancement services instead? They provide money and the equipment, we provide the miracle method.” A pause, and his eyes slide towards the market. “Maybe hire an NPC to serve as the front?” More pondering, more contemplation. “Or just sell this information to a shopkeep, and get a cut of the profits.”

“No, no giving info away - “ Mimika spoke up quickly. Her ditzy personality was melting away as the conversation went on. “Besides, who knows if an NPC shopkeeper could even do something like that? An NPC frontman might be good though. He takes the items and cash and passes them off to us. We could probably get away with only paying the NPC pennies too. Min-wage. Yeah… this could work.”

She grinned at the other cleric. “The two of us together and I think we can make this happen!”

“Alright.” Vasilisa nodded, before storing his equipment back into his Inventory. “I’ll do some price-checking on resell value; you can find someone to serve as the frontman. Keep in touch, Mimika.” He extended a hand for a shake. “If all goes well, we’ll be the richest players on the server...for all of one day, maybe.”

Mimika grinned and took the other cleric’s hand, giving it a firm shake. Wow, day one and she’d already found a get rich quick scheme.

“Can do!”
@Crusader LordGoddamnit, he's a nazi isn't he. As expected of the Gilgamesh expy.

Anyways, I've got two concerns that you can fix rather easily.

First off, I need you to specify what type of weapon his key is. I also need you to not try to stick in a Hammerspace power. Johann can summon items from his vault, but he can not store new items into his vault, only return the items he's fired from it, and only if those items weren't destroyed in the process of being fired. Capiche?

Second off, your sorcery sounds very frickin' powerful for someone who's only got 18 MAG. Angels and Demons can literally be Patrons, y'know? Maybe make his sorcery affect lesser spirits, and make those lesser spirits incapable of casting magic...cause that sounds suspiciously like you're trying to get a Spirit Specialized Gifted perk...

You also have your Tentacle Power placed in two different parts of the CS.

Also, I don't know if Ari wants people to be able to conjure minions without specifically having that Patron Benefit, especially when Psychic has nothing to do with minion creation.

Otherwise I don't hate the idea of having a grandpa to go with Hilaria's grandma.
Gonna need you to break down how you got your stats, mate. Doesn't seem like anything else is out of the ordinary though, outside of the one liner personality for nightmare girl.
Five Blue Slimes and three levels later, Vasilisa strode out of the killing fields like a man on a mission, carrying a hefty amount of equipment under his arms. His cudgel banged against his thigh as he speedwalked through the slime-infested plains, avoiding the migration of players towards the barracks. Quest completion could wait a bit. Right now, he had actual work to be done. Work along the lines of cleaning up these shitty, slime-covered clothing. Thankfully, the beach was close by enough that the walking wasn't actually that bad at all. Removing his own clothing as he approaching the pristine waves, Vasilisa plopped down his gear onto the sand, before taking the first item out from the pile.

With Slime-Covered Tunic in hand, he began dunking it in and out of the salty waters, scrubbing away at the blue slime that clung onto it. Of course the cleric had seen other players walk by wearing their slimy tunics without a care in the world, but ugh. That just looked terrible!


Would be a good chance to see slime got wrecked like slugs did with salt too. That was always a consideration.
And the collab has been editted in.
I'll toss my hat to this.
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