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Betty Barton…man, people named their kids Betty still? What was this, the 70s?

Of course, Amaryllis wasn’t nearly brave enough to vocalize her snide remarks, and instead spent all her time hoping she could sink into the wall like a ghost, her head tilted away slightly by this weird anti-Mint girl who…somehow thought she was Mint? Without actually knowing who she was? Such overconfidence and audacity. She certainly wouldn’t be able to do something as embarrassing like that, especially not when a crowd was just passing by!

Thankfully, Betty stepped away, and Amaryllis relaxed slightly, the flush of her cheeks receding. Readjusting the collar of her sweater (not that it needed adjusting at all), she took a couple of seconds to stabilize her breathing, deep breaths causing her chest to rise and fall like a balloon being pumped while there was a small hole in it. “Okay, good. Start over, yes,” Amaryllis nodded, “I’m, uh, Amaryllis Evenings. Sorta wanted to check out that whole Cindy Ford thing…but what were you saying about Mint agents? And why’d you think I was one of them? I mean, like, you know…”

She tilted her head to the side, before quickly shaking her head, hands raised up.

“Oh, but like, no pressure or whatever. Just super curious cause I mean, I thought you only tackled people you loved…ehehe…not that I’m insinuating anything at all, nope.”

Huh, she felt like her Sword was trying to tell her something, but for now, Amaryllis was content with having a proper conversation with her less glamorous self.
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@OwO get cucked
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Oops. Looked like flash was on. As the doctor stumbled back in shock, Katsuo stifled a half-laugh, switching the camera settings to Auto-Flash instead, before reading what little information he could gather from the Pictopedia. Too high-leveled, huh? Figured.

One phrase that Ferbius spoke of did catch the blue-haired youth’s attention though. An Adventurer’s Guild? If this was a normal isekai rather than an edgy one, the Guild was definitely going to be the first place they’d be hitting up, right? Sounded like a plan, for sure. Turning his head up again, he was about to launch into another question when Millie (remember, she’s the brunette) suddenly got way too close and curious. Her hands wrapped around his was enough to short-circuit his mind for just a moment, and Katsuo almost dropped his phone in the process.

Damn, he had heard girls’ hands were soft and smooth, but Millie’s was certainly nothing like that. Calloused and firm, but wonderfully cool despite it.

Leaning back slightly from the sheer brilliance of her child-like curiousity, Katsuo opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened it again, but only to let out a half-sigh, half-laugh.

Wow, he felt a bit popular right now. Was this what it was like, to be a winner in life? Even if his smartphone was something literally everyone else had as well.

“Ah, uh, well, it’s not really magic,” he said, gesturing to the device, “More of a special item that only people with specific knowledge can use? Oh, but basically, you just need to…” As Katsuo rambled, he turned on the camera app again, this time reversing the camera so that a digital display of Millie and himself popped up on screen. “…press the white circle you see here. Just like…”



And with that, the first selfie in this fantasy land was taken.

A moment later, Katsuo switched the camera again to display what was in front of the phone, before handing it over to Millie and gesturing broadly towards the room. “Here, you try. Remember, just touch the white button once. And, like I said, it's not magic, it's just this item in particular, so you won't really be able to do anything else.”

Compared to learning about the new world, scoring friendship points with a magical healer nurse was way more important, right? Definitely.
@banjoanjo I'm free to shunt Miyane to Tamagakahara in my next post, yeah? Barring circumstances like the taxi getting ambushed by thugs with baseball bats and motorcycles?
Some ate. Some didn’t. The difference it made was marked.

With food in their stomachs, Ash and Matteo made good time as they followed after Ettamri, who, on horseback, was still the one that covered the most ground, the most easily. For all the dangers presented in their battle against the giant toad, the fight itself had been over almost immediately, with the few injuries accumulated wiped away by their priest. As they headed northwest through the plains, the thief and the hunter could even spare a bit of time to enjoy the heavy scenery, green grass contrasted to thick clouds. Behind them, Muu, with her muscles atrophied over seven days of unconsciousness and no substantial food to keep her engine going, marched at a slower pace. The pain was gone, but the memory of it remained like the afterimage of a lightning bolt, and the wind that blew over the plain seemed sharper than it used to be, slicing into freshly regenerated flesh. She was still able to keep up, however flagging her stamina was.

As the adventurers travelled in relative silence, however, the rising winds made it clear that the weather was not to last. The first drops of rain came unassumingly, bouncing off the tip of Gwyn’s mask, but from there, the deluge began, sheets of rain pouring from the heavens, followed by the unpleasant chill of damp clothing and mud, as the plains turned marshy from precipitation.

Really, it was a question, ultimately, of what they, no, of what Ettamri valued. Arriving at their destination faster, or keeping dry? At least, in such weather, starting a fire to dry off was going to be fairly unlikely.
"I mean, anyone can use water magic with time and, sure?" Came Allereun's muffled voice from behind the door. Soon after, the sound of a fire being stoked could be heard, a constant crackling of fanned flames, followed by the sizzling of something splashing into the waters. This continued on for a good ten minutes, before the alchemist, apparently satisfied, came back out, his sleeves and pants rolled wet, forearms glistening in the warm candlelight.

"Think it's done now. If you want to heat it up, just add another hot rock or so? Oh, and your clothes can go in the basket." With that, he gestured towards the back. "The tub'll be in the back of the room, to the left. It's sorta outside, but I set up the covers, so you'll be fine...probably?"
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Can't wait to see a bunch of adult men guffaw over the Phineas and Ferb name.
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"No country would greenlight the show?" Katsuo grinned, trying to make light of the situation. "What about North Korea?"

Silence. Then everyone moved on, conversing of more important things. Ouch, there went his pride in his sense of juvenile humor. As Katsuo sat back, listening to the others talk, he felt his phone vibrate suddenly. His heart pounded suddenly. A text? Could they receive texts? Further investigation said 'no', however, and as he read the notification slowly, the blue-haired twink cool guy tilted his head in confusion. Strong Stomach? Was

"Uh, yeah," Katsuo said, taking the oppurtunity to take a quick camera shot of the male doctor, "Just a question...but what's in these bowls, doc?"
For this round, if @Asuras @AdmrlStalfos19 want, I can do a short conversational collab, to cover a bit more talking ground.
Northern District


Yanked backwards, her bare feet slipped on the ledge and she fell on her rear, a paralyzing, nauseating pain shooting up her spine into her skull. Her features, pale in a way that looked pampered, twisted into a wince, as her long, black hair spilled over into the puddles that congregated into small ponds upon the bare rooftop. And, slowly, tilting her head backwards, upwards, the girl opened her eyes.

The left was black as coal. The right was a brilliant ruby. Alone, they were fascinating. Together, they were mesmerizing.

Around them, the soft rain continued to fall, meteorological whispers bading both girls to remember that time passed on, no matter who they were.

The schoolgirl in a uniform as grave as a funeral parlor spoke first, her voice more surprised than anything.


Central District
With her smile still lingering on her face, Hyejin slid her phone off the table immediately, her dark eyes flickering briefly to the situation outside of the cafe, before turning to the screen. Three digits later, and her Samsung was by her ear, the woman holding it up with one shoulder while waving towards one of the waiters for the bill.

A couple seconds passed, her smile disappeared. Taking the smartphone in her hands once more, she checked her receptions, frowned, and then began to fiddle with settings. Airplane Mode, on and off? Nope. Turn on roaming? Nope. Maybe just text it? Nope. Restart? The starting animation was cute, but didn’t change anything in the end.

Her eyes turned up towards Miyane after a couple more attempts to troubleshoot her phone fell through.

“<<Um, Miya-ssi,>>” she began, an apologetic smile on her face, “<<Mine’s acting up, so...please?>>”

No reaction. Must be riding a hell of a high. Scum dirtying the streets. A few more blows and he felt some hard given beneath his boot. And still, that leathery-faced addict’s smile remained, clutching his gut like he was having a giggling fit rather than anything else.

With a displeased grunt, the muscled thug slipped his hands into his pockets, before strid-

"Uh-Uncle Hideki? Sir, what the hell are... are you doing to my uncle?!"

Dark brown eyes, bright with the light of human cruelty, zeroed in on the source of the voice. Foreign kid. Blond like a wannabe ikemen. Little punk. Garbage beget garbage. The thug stepped up to Marc, and, even though the half-foreign student had an inch or two on him, glared down upon the child.

Held the gaze. Let it smoulder.

Then, spitting a thick wad upon this so-called ‘Uncle Hideki’, he said, in a voice like thick tires crunching through gravel, “If you give a shit, keep him off the streets, twink.”

With that, the thug shouldered past, down the street.

Western District
As the roar of souped-up engines and hyped-up hooligans faded in the distance, the biker gang driving off to harass a different part of Tenoroshi, the elderly lady slowly pushed herself up once more, her wrinkled face twisted in focus, as tears formed over her eyes. Too young. They were all too young. Too young, and too alone.

Closing her eyes, she pressed the palm of her hands together, and, with a shallow, shuddering breath, spoke.

“A life has ended, with the passing of a friend…”

Under the eyes of an ornamental kirin, the woman’s mantra continued, a murmur, a chant, a prayer, lost to the rainy day distortion.

Southwestern District
His expression did not freeze, even as goosebumps ran up his spine. Not taller than him by much, but was certainly someone scarier. Which was weird for a woman, but hey, some people liked to interrupt another person’s business to win points for themselves. Or maybe a random hot-headed justice nerd was here to flex their messiah complex? With a practiced smile, the host turned, not flinching even at her manner of dress or her clearly-foreign features. “Just doing my work as a c-”

“E-excuse me!” Sensing a gap in his focus, the fidgety girl bowed once, her head almost colliding with his back, before running off. In moments, she reached the main street and turned the intersection, leaving the boundaries of the red-light district. A perfect running form for a sprinter, with long legs to match. He let out a low whistle. What a shame.

“As I was saying,” he turned back, raising his umbrella slightly to cover the foreign girl, “Just doing my work as a concerned citizen. It’d be terrible if she caught a cold, non? Certainly looks like your problems are bigger than her’s though.”

The young man paused, his words spoken slowly, calmly, confidently.

“A glare doesn’t suit such a beautiful face. You wanna talk about it?”

Southern District
Tamiko clicked her tongue.

“So should you, but I don’t see you worrying about that, granny.”

Any other day, she’d have simply walked away, but she stayed this time, her legs continuing to swing in empty space. How did her teacher even get over here? It was literally on the opposite side of the school from the school. Stupid. This was so stupid. Her hands balled up into tiny fists, pressing themselves against the hard, crusty wood of the bench, before slowly unclenching again.

Her eyes narrowed, refusing to look at Tsurushi, her cheeks puffing up as if she could will needles to sprout out from her skin. “Just go away, dumbhead,” she said, after exhausting non-communicative methods of making her prison guard go away. “You’re the one who doesn’t belong here.”

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