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Seeing how you're the only person who's guaranteed to get in, why not make a Sepia trailer? ;3
It is yeah. I guess you could do something like...powered armor that utilizes a mixture of combustion dust and gravity dust to launch your actual punches at increased speeds + increased mass then. Like Yang's Gauntlets, except the shotgun's at your elbow rather than your knuckles.
Could just give him gun-gauntlets/boots if that's the case. Huntsmen curriculum specifically states that weapon creation/development/maintenance is part of their education, so you probably can't graduate if you like, fail a good portion of your classes, while Dust is apparently a pretty important factor in killing Grimm.
No competitors allowed. (*☻-☻*)
Sepia goes amber, eh?
Ah yeah, I did. Just more comfortable with that these days, cause history's basically entwined with personality anyways. You want me to separate em again?

~~also his original size was going to be 'taller than anyone else' but I can't really realize that without all the sheets in~~
<Snipped quote by ERode>

Are they? owo

False Advertisement does not just stop at just emotions, however. Azure can activate False Advertisement on an item, such as weapons or clothing, which imbues it with a new effect. For instance, when using False Advertisement on a weapon, it could be sharper than it should normally be, or the dust cartridges within it could have greater capacity than the originals had, allowing for more uses before running out. Or, she could use it on her clothing, imbuing it with greater resistance to damage, waterproofness, or extra softness, for example.

Midori's Semblance, discovered in the workshop alongside his mother, is something he calls Artificial Augmentation in which the young man can amplify the effectiveness of something that has been created or otherwise manufactured. From a combat perspective, weapons hit harder and more precisely, and can take more abuse, while from a mundane perspective anything he handles seems to just function better.

Glory’s gonna be fine. I’m more worried about Azure and Midori, now that they’re stepping on each other’s turf.
Pfft. Endgame Azure just instantly winning all fights by presenting her opponent as being dead.
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