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Three shots, but there was a fourth.

No reward.

In the same half second that took his three shots to travel 200 meters, a fourth subnatural burst from the very APC itself, a half-gargoyle, half-female with wings that caught all his shots. The purple beams were stopped in their tracks, energy dissipating against the magically-generated flesh. Only scorch marks remained, the gargoyle girl shooting a single glare into his direction before putting her attention onto more important things.

His shots weren’t powerful enough to pierce her hide, and now that the element of surprise was lost, his next shots were going to be so much less effective.

His teeth ground against each other, Brent’s jaw tightening as the Desert Eagle groaned and creaked beneath his grasp, slowly losing its form. He was running out time, and he was distinctly aware of it. The next shot or the shot after would start to have a lasting impact on his weapon, and once those malfunctions began, there was no way he’d be able to effectively snipe afterwards. Shit, shit, SHIT.

It was pure bad luck that the fourth subnatural had burst out of the APC in the same second as his shots. If it was a bit later, he would have killed all three. If it was a bit earlier, he would have held his fire and waited for another opportunity. But this? THIS was the worst situation! His amethyst eyes flared violently as silver blood boiled within. Everything was falling apart so fast. Savannah was dying. Marcus was completely restrained. Lawrence was bleeding out. Sophia was useless!

All because he didn’t have the destructive force necessary to punch through the thin membrane of a subnatural’s wings.

Weak as ever.

He spat out the current situation robotically for all to hear.

Unlucky as ever.

He replied to Ernie’s query systematically, pausing only once as he almost prohibited something attached to ‘winning’.

Pathetic as ever.

A wall of spikes, the growth of ice, as well as Emma and Callan’s speedy arrival. Offensive Support coming in for the assist while, on the map, it was clear that even Christmas, Zoe, and Ernie were going to join the fray, supporting people. Tortured pleas that were suddenly cut off from Sander’s transmitting cuff made it clear that the bloodlusting berserker had killed another enemy subnatural, while Chris had disappeared, tumbling into the earth. Everyone was moving, moving, moving, and yet, he was still here.



Not even trying to strategize.

Savannah’s neck broke before his very eyes, Callan’s aggressive tackle not taking into account the fact that the gargoyle girl had the small child in her grasp. Without being able to do a thing, Brent watched through his scope as a life was extinguished. Sav, the brat that got super pissy whenever he talked about drinking milk. Sav, the idiot who spent so many years teaching herself the violin and only now getting the chance to learn from a professional. Sav, the girl that had such a bright, eager smile when she was praised!

What was winning? Before, it would be saving Sav, but now that she was dead, it w-


It was black and white, wrong and right, zeroes and ones, lose and win. There obviously wasn’t any other path but to fucking KILL the bitch that killed Savannah! How much of a snivelling fucktard was he, if he couldn’t even understand that immediately? Why would he even CARE about how Callan was currently smashing a fist or two into that bat-winged slut’s skull? Lawrence can bleed out, Brent hardly talked to that dude, but Sav?!

He had known them all, from the bookstore owner to the panhandler.


Every bit of restraint, every bit of pessimistic logic, he tore it all apart.

A stream of silver circuitry rushed down into the already overloaded weapon, springs and bolts and plates popping off as the Desert Eagle became more magic than steel. Grasping the weapon tightly in both hands, Brent’s eyes smouldered as they glared through the tortured, distorted scope. The gargoyle’s body. Her head. Her eyes. Her pupils.

If her skin was enough to deflect bullets, then he’ll shoot through the hole in her eye and scramble her brains from within.

The hot wind continued to blow even after the final form of the weapon was revealed, jet-black with turquoise lines racing up and down a barrel that was much too large for the small chamber. Sparks of energy burst from cracks within, and it thrummed, dangerously unstable.

How many shots would he have? One? Two?

How many people was he abandoning with this? Emma? Marcus? Lawrence? Sophia?

This single bullet could have been used to take down someone much more dangerous, someone that Callan, their powerhouse Striker, wasn’t already grappling. And perhaps, this single bullet may still be insufficient to piercing the cornea of someone who had superhuman durability.

“Losers and winners,” he muttered under his breath, tensing in expectation of the pain that would follow, “Doubt and faith.”

The fourth shot seared the skies, darting towards the individual that mocked the first, second, and third.

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Collab should be unnecessary.
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A crack, a pop, and suddenly, Mauve Night was thrown off as Blue Nova shot into the sky, propelled by his own power. One limb flapped uselessly as he began to descend into a meteoric DEATH FROM ABOVE attack, but despite being foiled, the avatar’s grin became absolutely feral, flipping her gun in the air and grabbing it by the barrel instead.

Oh, this was the shit she played this bullshit game for! No holds barred brawls against people who didn’t give a fuck what limbs they were going to sacrifice in order to win, because injury and death had no meaning in this virtual space!

“Bring it on, Bl-”

“You two. Don’t you know this is Neutral territory?”


Her opponent landed in a heap and Mauve Night repressed her urge to fill him whole of holes now that she was oh-so close to triggering Stasis. Turning around to face the edgy lvl 9 with the red cloak, Mauve Night kicked a pebble like a petulant child, before glaring at the taller Avatar. “Yeah, what blue bro said! What’s wrong with having a scrap or two? You gonna be policing like, all the fights now?” The handgun spun, before she grabbed it by the grip. “Anyways, wasn’t like I was actually even going to kill him.”

A pause. Did that make her sound like a pussy?

“I totally could though,” Mauve Night quickly added, “Seriously, woulda lawnmowed your grass ass no matter what you tried. Literally just pew pew and then boom in the next thirty seconds. Nice effort though. Don’t usually see Level 3s as manly as you these days.”

She nodded a few times, even though her stacked debuff would be fading from Blue Nova soon. Yup, dude didn't stand a chance. Didn't even have much technique for someone who was supposed to be a close combat martial artist.

"So yeah, what even are you doing here, Streaker? Shouldn't you be crashing through the gates of White or Green with your high-level buddies instead of being the fun police?"

They were leaving.


She was coming.


If he failed, Callan could finish it. Or maybe Marcus, with his instant movement abilities, would be able to blindside those three subnaturals before any more damage was caused? Maybe Sophia could reveal that she had some sort of secret power hidden all along, something beyond merely having magical vision? Or maybe, maybe, Savannah could actually do something.

As cruel as it was, Brent’s grim expression broke out into a genuinely meaningless smile.

Was he that afraid of failure that he had to set up all these safety nets instead of telling his teammates to leave it up to himself? Was he really satisfied with just being the guy who killed a single clockwork canine after it had already been immobilized by Angelic? His grip tightened, his knuckles creaking, burning through excess energy. Far down the road, the soldier had been the next to bite the bullet, impaled by a metal spike before being shot in the face by the olive-skinned man. Amethyst eyes flickered as Brent caught that glimmer of magic, originating from the blonde ponytail girl. Almost too small to be noticed, until it had disappeared.

So that was her magic.

Thank god.

He closed his eyes, let out a breath, and allowed his power to flow once more. The Desert Eagle creaked, evolving a second time, glowing a hot angry orange that threatened burn his skin as a burning gale encircled the object, wisps of it blowing in his face and causing him to squint. The object was practically squirming within his grasp, an inorganic weapon brought to life by silver blood as its parts creaked irregularly.

But, as always, before it fully escaped him, the Desert Eagle settled down, a light blue glow humming over its surface. Replacing the scope was a holographic projector, displaying a blown-up display of the trio as they stood before the APC. In his hands, the jet-black gun, barrel elevated slightly, swiveled, revealing that the trigger was no longer attached to the barrel. Like a camera, it swayed from side to side slowly.

The improvement was accuracy. The function was the ability to have a machine lock on and automatically center itself onto its targets. The projectile was an energy beam that cared not for environmental conditions.

His spare finger pressed against the holographic display, holding on until the crosshair graphics turned from red to green, indicating that the machine had locked on. One by one, he selected his targets and dictated the order in which the machine would pursue them. This was going to be simple. This was going to be easy. They didn’t know he existed, he could accurately shoot them down without thinking about aiming, and if they were human, they should definitely die.

He won't fail. Won't miss. Won't think.


No meditation necessary.

A callused finger pressed against the trigger and pulled.


No recoil.


No remorse.


No response.

Up above, the flying snake was being torn apart by Chris’s flames and claws, the red lasers that it shot out striking nothing as the accumulated damage caused it to convulse.

Far off, Factory fell, Sander single handedly smashing his way through the heart of the subnatural. Its body impacted with enough force that the superficially damaged apartment building shook, dust sprinkling on Brent from above, but it held.

Down below, the battle that they should have already won was becoming messier. Observing from the scope once more, Brent couldn’t tell if it was good or bad that mud-man’s abilities were continuing to make the battlefield a quagmire. Hazel’s attack was effective, at least, but the spiders had finally drawn blood. He winced as the web caught onto Angelic’s face, the rock star’s panic and agony clear even at a distance. Smoothly aiming his Desert Eagle, the arbiter was about to begin taking out the spiders when a flurry of noise sounded.

Screams, splatters, and then, the phone squawked to life, asking for information. Eyes scanned over the constantly updating map, spotting the yellow blip that overlapped with Evacuation’s own red dot. Something went wrong with extracting? No response sounded from Marcus, Sophia, Savannah, or Lawrence, and Brent swivelled, keeping low as he brought his scope to look down the road.

“Oh fuck.”

It was easy to find the APC and the site of the attack when fresh blood colored the pavement. Lawrence’s unmoving body laid face-flat, as an unfamiliar trio strode away. Where were the rest? Did Sophs escape? Where they the rogue subnaturals that Kardos had warned them about? Fuck fuck fuck…and the phone! Fuck, the phone showed where everyone was!

“Kardos! The maps displaying on Evac Team’s phones! Shut it down!”

The damage was already done. Those three bastards would have heard Emma’s voice ringing through Lawrence’s phone. They may investigate. And once they found it…it’d be much too easy to figure out where the Healers were.

“Offensive Support, Strikers, Healer Teams, Gregory,” Brent said, excluding Evac from the message, “The APC has been attacked by three subnaturals. One male with olive skin, one female with black hair, and another with blond hair in a ponytail. Necks hidden. Don’t know their powers yet. Don’t message anyone on Evac team. Lawrence is down and the rest are missing.”

He paused, looking at the map. Oh god, Christmas, Ernie, and Zoe were WAY too close to that group. Were there even more subnaturals then, lurking around Wisford? Brent’s brows furrowed. Offensive Support couldn’t spare anyone, not now. Sander was chasing down a different ‘scent’. Chris was still duelling the snake up there, the construct that persisted even after its creator fell. Which meant…

“Callan, can you hear me? Go into town. Factory’s down, but we have possibly even more enemy subnaturals in Wisford. We’ll need your help.”

The arbiter let out a deep breath, glad for once that he couldn’t smell anything other than filtered, rubbery air.

The Desert Eagle gleamed, and then exploded once more, retaking its white-with-purple-lines form.
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Truth be told I'm sort of confused as to where Mauve Night is in relation with Finn, and the floor. Probably just my sleep deprivation, but do you mind clarifying it for me?

Edit: Dern, tagged wrong person. Ignore that please.

From what I envisioned, Blue Nova is on the floor, back against the ground. Mauve Night is with him, positioned at a right angle to his head/neck/shoulder area, back also on the ground. And while Blue Shifting her into a wall might work, I don't know if he needs his feet/body to be facing the direction he wants in order to do so? Or if he'd just be shifting into the sky??

Breath escaped between clenched teeth as the situation progressed much better than expected. The threat of the spider net had been more or less obliterated by Hazel, who then went on to eviscerate the spiders and centipedes with a sweeping strike. Emma’s sludge monster had slowed the multi-legged clockworks to the extent that the surrounding tactic that he had warned them about wasn’t effective at all, while a combination of Angelic and Grant’s attacks seemed to clear off what remained. The ‘main team’ had rested enough to help out as well now, the clockwork numbers thinning dramatically. Off in the distance, the flying snake had sustained noticeable injuries from both Sander and Chris, while Callan…if nothing else, it was clear that she was still alive and kicking.

One large dot was uncomfortably close to Offensive Support, the elephantine figure easily spotted from Brent’s vantage point, but at the same time, he couldn’t imagine it being much of a threat at all. Hazel was proving herself much too useful, both the strongest shield and the strongest sword, and he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

Factory’s magic wasn’t enough to prevent its army from being disintegrated by those purple constructs of hers, and its giant form, while impressive, clearly didn’t hold up against Sander’s invulnerability or Callan’s destructive force. No one had been injured so far, if Siena’s ‘I’m fine’ was to be trusted and the one subnatural that attacked Ernie’s team had been subdued.

The magic within his gun faded, the Desert Eagle turning back to polished steel.

His eyes glanced over the map once more, before he clicked his tongue. That large dot was only getting closer.

“A big one’s getting real close, Offensive Support,” he spoke, watching it churn through rubble, “At 100 meters or so right now. Watch your back. Shouldn’t be much of a problem though, judging by prior performance.”

And then, his eyes narrowed.

“Christmas, is there a particular reason why you’re getting closer to the frontlines?”

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@Lord of Evil
Yeah, that's my bad. Doesn't effect cooldown, only cast speed.
In Deep Ground Online 20 May 2017 6:26 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by ERode>

Oh, and also, how many rounds has Finn taken by now? Feels like he'd be around halfway to death at this point.

Think one of the GMs said something about Moe's attack speed allowing for three-five shots per turn, so let's say he's at 9+ (75% slow) right now. If he doesn't pull some super badass tech out, we can wrap up the fight in my next post.
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A blue burst erupted in Mauve Night’s face, her vision temporarily shaken by the special ability. In the corner of her eye, her HP bar took a hit, but it wasn’t nearly enough to dissuade her. Some people would have struggled in vain, other people would have tapped out, and a few really weird people would have enjoyed the situation, but Blue Nova was doing work on his own, his restrained fist glowing once more, shining with destructive starlight.

“Wow,” Mauve Night exclaimed, magenta eyes alight excitement, “Shoulda got started when I reached 'zero'!”

Shifting her weight lower, she curled in her legs and twisted her body, bringing the Berserker onto his back and transitioning into an arm bar, twisting his ensnared arm until it threatened to pop out of his shoulder. She could hear small cracks already, but to further drive in her point, her gun, the barrel pressed against his bicep, cracked out another three shots, slowing his body’s responses further.

“Wanna give up, porcupine boy? Or are you gonna keep going?”
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