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Obviously the best decision is to have them fight to the death.
Despite Matteo’s subtle attempts to dump all the manual labor onto Muu and Ash again, Muu’s oddly uncooperative streak and Ash’s own rabbit-dressing duties had led the winded boy to deal with firewood-gathering himself, banished to the woods to search for dead branches. Though it was a warm season, there was still plenty of deadfall from the previous winter, and soon, a reasonably sized bundle of wood and dry grass was collected.

Did it feel good, doing a simple, manual task after all the time spent being tossed in unreasonable situations back at the caverns and tunnels? Naw, work was still work, no matter what the shape.

While Matteo gathered wood, Muu was promptly ignored as Ash went about finishing up her bloodied task. A thick stick was enough to serve as a shovel for burying the entrails and the head, while a thinner stick broken from the bushes was easily sharpened into a skewer for spit-roasting the rabbit. It would have been ‘healthier’ to boil the meat instead of roast it over flame, as the fats and oils would flavor the bubbling water, but taste was king, and once Ash got the fire started, the aroma of hot rabbit flesh was simply divine. The flesh cooked quickly over the fast-burning flame, and even had a crispy char at the end of it. One rabbit wasn’t nearly enough to sate the stomachs of them all, but well…

…it certainly was tasty!

A picture of Kirisama City, taken four years ago.

A city within the Chiba Prefecture of Japan, Kirisama City is one of many cities that had suffered greatly from the initial chaos that followed All Might's death. Having only been reclaimed by heroes one year past, the city still bears many marks of the destructive powers that had been displayed here. Construction crews work tirelessly to remove rubble and replace infrastructure, but with steep mountains on one side and a rough ocean on the other side, it's been difficult to transport larger materials, slowing down reconstruction processes. However, the residents themselves are accustomed to hardship and lacking supplies, taking the nonchalant attitude of 'it can't be helped'. Most houses have a garden in the yard, while bikes attached to carts serve as a replacement for cars. Despite the destruction wrought upon the downtown district, Kirisama still retains its natural charm, and has a surprisingly robust indie music scene.

That's not a rogue. That's a shepherd.
Students of Class 1-A

Staff within Jigokuraku Academy

Number 1 Heroes around the World

𝕁𝕚𝕘𝕠𝕜𝕦𝕣𝕒𝕜𝕦 𝔸𝕔𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕞𝕪

When the Symbol of Peace felled the shadow king behind Japan’s Underworld, he fell with alongside him, ending the Golden age of peace and prosperity in the Land of the Rising Sun. Despite the best efforts of professional heroes and the government, the pent-up frustrations of society’s miscreants couldn’t be stoppered and the crime rate rose dramatically. In some parts of Japan, the Yakuza once again became the chivalrous ‘gray’ organization that locals depended on. In other parts of Japan, especially major cities, the sight of heroes patrolling amongst the sound of distant sirens has become commonplace. And further off, in mountains and forests, smaller communities have formed up, seeking safety and peace in isolation.

It had been three years since society’s pillar crumbled, and the virulent malignance that was ‘Villainy’ showed no signs of ceasing, no matter how fast, how thorough, how hard the heroes had worked. To make matters worse, whether through natural tragedy or manufactured design, the Quirk gene had begun manifesting within animals at a much faster rate than normal. A rat with superhuman knowledge was one thing, but when an innocuous kitten sprouted steel-penetrating spikes? When the monkey in the cage grew ten times in size? Their strength monstrous, their nature vicious, was a threat incomprehensible to heroes that had grown accustomed to a certain ‘human restraint’ inside their mortal enemies. All that added further to the strain put upon society, matters only exacerbating when the earthquakes and tsunamis that have historically always been a part of Japan’s plights manifested themselves.

In the west, UA still produced wonderful heroes. In the east, Shiketsu did the same. And, from the perspective of an individual, at the very least, society had not grown too horrible, too dreary. Normalcy bias was a wonderful thing, after all, and no matter how many horrors occurred in the country, in the far off prefecture, in your prefecture, in your city, it was easy enough for many to believe that the world was still ‘fine’.

In the worst case scenario, after all, Japan could depend on the Number 1 Heroes of other countries.

But not everyone believed in a fail-safe. Not everyone believed that a powerful Quirk made a hero. Not everyone could sleep at night in peace simply because ‘it could be worse’.

In a quiet part of Japan, nestled among beautiful forests and mountains, with the ocean merely a couple hours drive away, Jigokuraku Academy opened its doors, welcoming anyone who wanted to be a hero and was told they couldn’t.

It could always get worse. But why not make it better?
𝕊𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕥𝕖𝕤

  • This RP is set in the Chiba Prefecture, three years after All Might defeated All For One, and then ended up dying from injuries himself. Outside of those two deceased characters, there are no others from the MHA canon.
    In terms of being famous schools for raising up young heroes, UA and Shiketsu are still considered the very best options, and many other schools are famous locally as well. Jigokuraku Academy, on the other hand, is a completely new school, run by a former professional hero.
  • Heroes are paid with monthly salaries that persist even if they are hospitalized, but this salary varies depending on how highly ranked they are. Only those within the top 50 nationally, the top 10 within their prefecture, or specialist heroes with exceptionally useful Quirks can afford to work full-time as professional heroes. Others must take jobs on the side or get sponsored by large corporations, which comes with its own set of challenges.
  • While the police force still cooperates happily with heroes, the JSDF, which has beefed up over the years following the climactic battle between Good and Evil, sees heroes as costumed thugs that are out of control. The JSDF is mainly tasked with exterminating Quirk-empowered animals, occasionally collaborating with heroes in that regard.
  • With the emergence of more villains, and thus, more people being in positive relationships with villains, there has been public backlash about heroes applying excessive force or causing collateral damage in their fights against evil. A few rather famous heroes during the Symbol of Peace era have been forced to retire in the post-Peace era due to the inherently destructive nature of their Quirks causing way more lawsuits than they can afford to challenge.
  • One can now apply for Quirk Usage Licenses without taking a Provisional Hero License exam, as long as they only use said quirks in their designated workspaces. This has benefited the construction industry the most, allowing society to, if nothing else, recover quickly after a disaster. The incident response team (police, firefighters, ambulance), however, are still considered the dumping ground for those who are ‘heroic’ but lack the Quirks to become ‘heroes’. Using a Quirk outside of your designated workspace will end up in the license being revoked and a one year suspension before you can reapply.
  • If one were to consider the general power levels of Quirks possessed between professions, it'll be ranked from highest to lowest: Heroes > JSDF > Construction > Police > Everything Else.
  • Though not quite as powerful as during AFO’s reign, Japan’s criminal underworld has grown stronger at a steady rate, with prominent organizations and individuals being the main focus of the heroic efforts.
  • Noumus and Quirk-Altering Drugs do not currently exist.
  • This RP may turn out to be a bit darker than My Hero Academia currently is, but its darkness probably won't ever compare to GOBLIN SLAYER. It's still a RP about heroic wannabes, after all~!

𝔸𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕦𝕚𝕣𝕜𝕤

When thinking up a Quirk for your character, keep it simple. Your characters are most likely individuals who ended up applying to Jigokuraku Academy because their abilities aren’t impressive enough to get into other schools, though some exceptions may apply. Perhaps the power output is lacking, such as the difference between Bakugou’s meteoric explosions and some random’s balloon-bursting explosion. Perhaps the application is too limited, such as the difference between Momo’s ability to create everything compared to a poor lad’s ability to create only bean bags. Perhaps it’s just an ability that one can only use a few times before getting knocked out, such as the difference between Todoroki’s endless waves of ice and fire compared to some curly haired bastard’s ability to only do superpunches by breaking his own arms. Regardless of what it is, the focus of the RP is to find creative applications in an unimpressive power and make it hella cool, not to start off with the grand prize of a power lottery and ascend to greatness from there.

Use your head and your guts, not your once-in-a-thousand-years talent. I will be judging most Quirks with this sort of criteria in mind. Please do not expect your Quirks to grow new functions over the course of the RP…but it probably will happen randomly. Mutations are mutations, after all~
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16 was too clean a number to pass up (also means I have a buffer of 4 players in case people drop like flies). That being said, gratz on finishing everything up in time. Now I'm on the hunt for a co-GM.
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