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Current TFW you might consider doing/starting and Escape From Tarkov Roleplay.
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*some annoy, thinly veiled, politically, ultra biased comment on a roleplaying site status bar*
2 mos ago
Not gonna lie, I kinda miss being on Guam.
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I didn't bother wasting my time on the self righteous autofellatio and moral grandstanding that the Oscars have become.
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I've come to play the roles agaaaaain.


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Alright! Yes, hello! Nice to meet you! I am Rain, a crusty old bastard around here at the ripe ol' age of 26. I'm absolutely terrible at this interest check business so I'll keep it short and sweet.

"Requirements" (more a polite request really)

- I'd like to see at least a decent paragraph, if things just won't stretch then at least give me more to work with than "And he/she ate an apple while looking at you".

- Please be at least 18 years of age. This is a thing of comfort.

- If you're not gonna get a reply out in a week or so, I'd appreciate a "hey, still alive, wanna keep going!" Or a courtesy "Don't think I'll be able to keep going". I'm easy about it, you can let me know it's time to part ways. I myself can usually give you a reply every other day or so.

- Just let me know what you do/do not what from the roleplay. There isn't much I'll shy away from but I know people have their limits.

That's about it!

Vauge plots/pairings and ideas:

Blood Alone; The idea behind the manga series Blood Alone is one I've always adored, a sort of slice-of-life modern low-fantasy setting with a very relaxed and rather heartwarming feel to it.

Former Mobster; This is going to be a general slice-of-life style story as well, revolving around a mobster who struggles living on the straight and narrow after being put into Witness Protection after testifying to bring down a big-wig mob boss in court.

Last Exile; Now, this one is a doosie. Last Exile is a crazy amalgamation of Diesel-punk, Post-Catastrophe, Quasi-Victorian, high-tech sci-fi dystopian skyfaring naval adventure. I really can't sum it up effectively without a lot of exposition so if the above sounds interesting, and you like what you saw from the link, hit me up!

Alright, I think that's it for now. I'm always open to new ideas so please feel free to throw your ideas my way!
Granted, the animals are doing the harming.

I wish to experience the perfect meal.
Fuck, I forgot.
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