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1 day ago
Current It feels weird knowing you have an SO that will happily become a real life waifu. Cosplayers are pretty awesome.
3 days ago
When you ask for noots but they send you nudes instead. Smh.
4 days ago
We need a good, well produced cyberpunk TV show.
4 days ago
You know life be tough when SPAM is a staple part of your diet.
4 days ago
We wuz kaaangs
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You look like a fancy man. Can I interest you in a fancy hat, fancy pants?
Why would you need welding goggles on a night like this?
*Pats the silly Xenophobic super human on the head*

There there, the forces of Chaos surely fear thee.
>wonders why the hell there's so much sidewind in a damn alley.
@NuttsnBolts lots of practice.

*Throws hat into this pointless visual novel throwdown*
..... This is the last time I agree to eating "stuffed mushrooms" when I'm at a rave.

Why thank you, you're too kind. :]
Roleplayers, I'd like to introduce you to objective assholery. It has no personal attachments to your characters or their stories. :D <3
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