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Sometimes I wonder why such simple requests in life still cause fights literally all I asked for is to turn off the tv before they went tut o sleep that is literally all.
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Just got a game back for free a game I sold back to a company. Hoping Friday the 13th has improved since last time I played it.
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Just a heads up to everyone with a HD TV and plays video games some tv have a game mode that reduces lag in your game. I just found out they had that feature might help someone.
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Going to cousins wedding soon as the second oldest family cousin it feels funny.
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Man today sucked I pretty much did nothing worth talking about and all I felt today is a sharp distaste/hate for my youngest brother. Wonderful.
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I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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Then you're free not to join I'm playing this and not dnd for the setting and how magic works in this setting. I'm not looking for snarky comments on my views of power scaling and there's another overlord rp that has something more your style than mine does.
Too be honest I am very hesitant on joining so itd probably be wise if I don't join…
In the year 2126, a Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or DMMORPG called Yggdrasil was released. It stands out among all other DMMORPG's due to its unusually high ability for the player to interact with the game. After an intense 12-year run the game servers are about to be shut down. Within the game exists a guild, The De Ordine Imperii (or Empire of Order to those outside of the group), once consisting of numerous members and credited as one of the longest lasting guilds in the game. Now only a of the members remain, the others have left the game, or unable to return for the game's ending for one reason or another. Of those members only a handful remain in time to say goodbye to the game that they have devoted so much time to. In order to celebrate their long lasting friendship, and their openness to other players they have hosted an open guild party for the remaining players who wish to participate in the final hours of the guild. Their guild hall known as Grand Arce Bellum. A grand white marble palace that few have conquered. Boasting renown warriors and talented clerics the guild was not renown as a 10 ten guild but a long lasting one as it had started almost shortly after the guild system was first introduced officially.

When the shut-down time arrives however, it would appear that the people have not logged out...Instead it appears as if Yggdrasil has been recreated as its own reality along with its various NPCs having been brought to life while the group at the party have been trapped in the form of their game avatars, leaving him unable to use the normal player functions, such as General Message, or even to log out. With no other option, the new Empire of Order prepares to find out what has happened...and if they can return to their new world. The world has become much more interesting than it use to be...


For more information on the setting see here:……



1. All basic roleplay rules apply modding, meta gaming, and even god modding in this setting are restricted.

2. For whatever reason I reserve the right to not allow something into this roleplay. For better or worse I may reject something outright as right of gm.

3. I will be limiting the people who can be max level off the bat. Why? Because while Overlord is all about a power scale discrepancy between Momonga, and others that sort of thing is ill fit for a roleplay. If everyone is overpowered then how do I, as GM, stimulate an adventure where we can't just walk into a kingdom and destroy everything they have with our pinky fingers. You may be a high level but at a point I will be asking people to lower themselves down in order to make a more diverse cast.

4. World level items, and such are restricted on a case by case basis. You may ask to have one prior to the rp but I will apply rule 2 as I see fit.

5. Players who are missing for a week without notification will have their player characters killed. I will not tolerate a dead halt in the roleplay.

6. While I will be gm I will be expecting players to make up their own adventures as well. If you don't wish to go with the main group you may make a side story elsewhere. However if it is to have a long lasting connection to an overall plot please include myself in planning it.

7. While traditionally a humanoid guild Empire of Order will be allowing non humans into the guild hall before then. The NPCs won't respect non humans but they won't attack you on sight as per orders of the other 'high beings' in short you may be undead, or a lizardman if you so desire. The guild was formed on the pseudo RP basis of a grander plan for a humanoid empire. One of its founders was undead but held tremendous power. He is an exception to the rule more than not. Thus the NPC's, and general rank and file hold themselves to the basis that they're fighting for a cause greater than themselves against others they view as lesser than. A 'greater one' who was one of their race like BornToBeBad is an exception albeit a less respected one.

8. The character sheets will heavy in terms of building due to the style of the roleplay. Meaning BIG Cs's. I'll leave the old skeleton below to give you an idea. The only reason this isn't advanced is due to my own dislike of massive paragraph requirements per post, and that advanced doesn't ever bite with my rp ideas. You don't need to stack all your abilities at once you can come up with more as you go.

9. Another note relating to the seventh rule: Npc's are heavily biased. They aren't going to fawn over anyone who isn't a high ranking, or long reigning member of the aforementioned guild. In fact they may very well be heavily disrespectful to undead outsiders because they were all programmed to practically worship 'humanity'. They revere humans, and humanoid people like elves, and dwarfs because that's what the heavy roleplaying guild founders wanted them to do. They will still refer to you as a higher being, and give a grudging acceptance to say a lizard man but they will probably do so sarcastically. Think of non humans/outsider guild members as gypsies were treated in the middle ages. Treated with Disdain because they are strange, foreign outsiders. These stances are purely for rp purposes and do not reflect any feeling I have towards any real life minorities.

Promised CS Skeleton

A quick disclaimer: Why did the previous rp die? Lack of activity. Two players posted one of which was at a castle scenario I hadn't planned for, and the other was pondering if they were going to stay. The other two flat out quit posting when they only needed to answer the simple question of: "Will you let the overgrown lawful good tank stomp out the npc's".

"Why is your character slated to be Emperor/Basileus?" Because as GM I need to have control over what is happening. Do you have a better idea for a long running member of the order who can properly lead a group of sociopathic roman warriors while promptly keeping the other player characters in line? Well you're free to submit the idea so go ahead if you really want to be the pseudo figure head.
What about aspects of each franchise? Do we just ban the force, or mutant powers from X-man? Because they're still going to get magic, and assess to fantasy stuff by virtue of their key weapons.
I guess I'll throw up a tentative interest how will we go about collecting all our characters into one group without massive cross over issues?
Alright well that pretty much kills the roleplay regardless good luck to you Silver maybe we can make this a 1x1 in the future when you're free.
Well can't do anything without players or cses
Posted my WIP just to show some activity.
Work in Progress

Name: Carter West

Nicknames: The Mad Dog of the Federation (Former)

Age: N/A To be figured out

Gender: Male

Social Status: Earthnoid

Rank: Sergeant


Carter has the standard build of a federation soldier, toned, and well built. He has dark hair, and slightly paled skin as he spent most of his time in doors, or in mobile suits he has had little time as of late to tan his body. His hair style is usually a formal slicked back style. He usually wears the standard federation uniform preferring to stay in the role of the usual soldier and not stand out as much as he can. His eye color is brown. In battle he fields a field suit specifically given to him for the Slave Wraiths operation.


Adamant in his distaste for general Zeon supporters, thus most spacenoids, Carter has a natural burning flame in his soul that demands he takes vengeance for all the unnecessary casualties that Zeon has caused. His primary motive for continuing to fight in a active combative role is to make sure he can directly help end the war against Zeon even if it costs him his life. Carter has always hated people who blindly believe in their own zealous cause, and while he isn't blind to some of his own biased nature towards the Earth Federation he still fervently hates Zeon.

As a soldier Carter is polite, formal, and goes by the book usually but is not afraid to be casual when the occasion is not as serious. He tends to be a bit of a buzz kill at times though as he always has a mind on the current situation he is in no matter the circumstances. He doesn't tend to fear losing his men though he does mourn for those he does lose. He hopes one day that men like them won't need to make sacrifices, and while some may call him brave he doesn't view it as such himself. As often as he'd risk his own life in a combat scenario in a crazy stunt he does so in order to try to help the others in his group come out alive.

Outside of his attitude as a soldier Carter is a simple man with simple pleasures enjoying quiet places, and dreams of one day leaving the military though he knows how unlikely that will be after committing murder, and fighting Zeon so much that he wonders if that is possible. While not a deviant he does enjoy the company of women a little more than he should but he tends to keep that part of himself buried deep down inside of his mind. He is first off a soldier now, and he is perfectly willing to do what he has to for the military.
Biography/History: Born during more peaceful times on Earth to an American family young Carter West was thrown into a troubled family life. His parents after his birth were often fighting, and this left an impression on young Carter who grew up scared of adult around him. His life wasn't an easy one as a young babe but Carter was eventually taken in by his grand parents after his mother, and father divorced and neither of them was granted custody due to neither of them being deemed as reputable enough for raising a child. Carter's grand father was a gentler man than his father but was still stern, and rough around the edges. His grand mother was a retired doctor, and tried her best to make sure her grand son didn't turn into a deviant but only partly succeeded.

Growing up with his grand parents made Carter more accepting of other people than some would think. He was taught with a good old fashioned style of respecting everyone but always carrying around a big stick (figuratively) in order to deal with bullies. He didn't tolerate being bullied, and often got into fights as he got older in order to prove a point. Refusing to take anything lying down Carter held fast to whatever he believed in, and had no intentions of going into space content to dream up a home on Earth as a young man something like his grand father who was now working in a computer field.

As he got older though he experienced the events that would go onto haunt the world he lived in as the space colonies slowly, and surely grew more, and more discontent. At first he ignored the politics behind it as he kept up his work to become a software engineer as a budding teenager with the encouragement of his grand parents. However as he learned more, and more he began to become worried about the course of events that were taking place in the colonies. Fearful of what it may mean for independence in space may mean for those who lived on Earth.

Eventually however Zeon broke free, and declared themselves independent. Soon after Carter decided to join the military after what was going on in space. Having been physically fit due to his grand father taking him hunting, and encouraging a healthy life style he quite handily made it into the military. He was enrolled into the science divisions as a test pilot for some of the machines they were making to combat Zeon. However he was eventually forced to fight in the fields as he was put into a GM suit he was put into a squad of his peers. He mainly fought in minor battles on the side lines however among his peers he gained the title of 'Mad Dog of the Federation' having vowed to destroy Zeon for its atrocities both in space, and out butchering Zaku pilots, and enemies mercilessly earning him a dishonorable reputation but a feared one none the less. His most notable feat was during Operation Odessa the East Coast was still under siege and during the occupation he overclocked his GM, and used other parts from other mobile suits to form a Frankenstein GM doing massive damage to the Zeon Forces in Washington DC before the machine broke down from stress.

He fought valiantly under Admiral Roan during the skirmishes in Space, and eventually participated in A Baoa Qu. He survived the fight but only just barely. He ended up staying with the Federation afterward being a pilot fighting Zeon Remnants before being transferred to assist the people at Anaheim Electronics in their mobile suit production center. Being a test pilot for many GM Mobile suits coming out. Eventually he found out a woman from his old ship was pregnant with his son and though they didn't marry he helped support the child by way of sending money, and the occasional visit.

However once The Delaz Fleet enacted their operation he couldn't stand by anymore and vowed revenge after their success in destroying the Federation Fleet with a nuclear warhead. Carter joined the Titans at the recommendation of one of his old squad mates. He fought ruthlessly for Earth obeying his superiors with pride. However as their conflict with the AEUG settled in rumors around the barracks circulated, and eventually Carter grew distrustful of some of his superiors.

Eventually Char, and Amuro Ray broke the silence about the Titans, and their misdoings. While he had participated in certain activities for the Titans in the past and he knew of some of their darker operations the leak of certain operations relating to the high brass, and their activities finally led Carter to defect to Karaba but he didn't venture into space participating in operations against the Titans with some of his new team, and Karaba insurgents. Afterward he willingly submitted himself to trial where he was found not guilty in a plea deal where he ratted out multiple members of the former Titans for worse atrocities, and naming multiple hidden bases on Earth.

During The Second Neo Zeon War Carter was a member of Amuro Ray's Team that assisted in trying to stop the first Asteroid but failed having not able to assist the civilians he vowed to get back at the Zeonic scum who killed them. Driven by years of self loathing he hated Zeon all the more especially since they couldn't scape goat the Zabi family anymore for their actions. Leading a team of Jegans he participated in the final battle but did not help Amuro Ray push back the Asteroid he killed multiple Zeon pilots during the battle earning him the rank of Captain.


Mobile Weapon:
I'm not expecting a CS right away I'll be making my own, which is already mostly made, in a day or two myself.
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