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My younger brother is a piece of trash said 'I already bitched' about his chair when all I did was tell him to stop moving his squeaky chair around at 2/3 in the morning
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Almost done conquering the Earth Kingdom as the Fire Nation in Crusader Kings 2 ATLAE Mod. Ozai can go to his corner I'm wrecking them. Only reason It didn't happen sooner was money, and assassination
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I think I'm done with Reddit sitting down with a collective minus fifty plus downvotes just because I wanted to attempt to defend a guy for spending money on a mobile game.
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I feel like a lot of roleplays fail because people want to just make a power fantasy happen, and when they don't get to do it for a few days, or they get bored they just leave.
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Ave True to Caesar.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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Renny left due to real life issues we need at least one replacement. Matt's computer is broke so maybe 2.
@mattmanganonalright fair enough I suppose we'll just have to wait.
Zeon's going to burn. Can't Sieg that prick Gihren in hell.
I'll allow you to do so.
Alright I'll wait till you do for final grading.
@RennyHe seems relatively ok to me. I'd just bring him down to petty officer, or seaman if you really want to push it. He's base minimum the youngest age available in the rp and doesn't appear to have been serving that long.
Name: Carter West

Nicknames: The Grey Stroke

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Social Status: Earthnoid

Rank: Ensign


Carter has the standard build of a federation soldier, toned, and well built. He has dark hair, and slightly paled skin as he spent most of his time in doors, or in mobile suits he has had little time as of late to tan his body. His hair style is usually a formal slicked back style. He usually wears the standard federation uniform preferring to stay in the role of the usual soldier and not stand out as much as he can. His eye color is brown.


Adamant in his distaste for general Zeon supporters, thus most spacenoids, Carter has a natural burning flame in his soul that demands he takes vengeance for all the unnecessary casualties that Zeon has caused. His primary motive for continuing to fight in a active combative role is to make sure he can directly help end the war against Zeon even if it costs him his life. Carter has always hated people who blindly believe in their own zealous cause, and while he isn't blind to some of his own biased nature towards the Earth Federation he still fervently hates Zeon.

As a soldier Carter is polite, formal, and goes by the book usually but is not afraid to be casual when the occasion is not as serious. He tends to be a bit of a buzz kill at times though as he always has a mind on the current situation he is in no matter the circumstances. He doesn't tend to fear losing his men though he does mourn for those he does lose. He hopes one day that men like them won't need to make sacrifices, and while some may call him brave he doesn't view it as such himself. As often as he'd risk his own life in a combat scenario in a crazy stunt he does so in order to try to help the others in his group come out alive.

Outside of his attitude as a soldier Carter is a simple man with simple pleasures enjoying quiet places, and dreams of one day leaving the military though he knows how unlikely that will be after committing murder, and fighting Zeon so much that he wonders if that is possible. While not a deviant he does enjoy the company of women a little more than he should but he tends to keep that part of himself buried deep down inside of his mind. He is first off a soldier now, and he is perfectly willing to do what he has to for the military.

Biography/History: Born during more peaceful times on Earth to an American family young Carter West was thrown into a troubled family life. His parents after his birth were often fighting, and this left an impression on young Carter who grew up scared of adult around him. His life wasn't an easy one as a young babe but Carter was eventually taken in by his grand parents after his mother, and father divorced and neither of them was granted custody due to neither of them being deemed as reputable enough for raising a child. Carter's grand father was a gentler man than his father but was still stern, and rough around the edges. His grand mother was a retired doctor, and tried her best to make sure her grand son didn't turn into a deviant but only partly succeeded.

Growing up with his grand parents made Carter more accepting of other people than some would think. He was taught with a good old fashioned style of respecting everyone but always carrying around a big stick (figuratively) in order to deal with bullies. He didn't tolerate being bullied, and often got into fights as he got older in order to prove a point. Refusing to take anything lying down Carter held fast to whatever he believed in, and had no intentions of going into space content to dream up a home on Earth as a young man something like his grand father who was now working in a computer field.

As he got older though he experienced the events that would go onto haunt the world he lived in as the space colonies slowly, and surely grew more, and more discontent. At first he ignored the politics behind it as he kept up his work to become a software engineer as a budding teenager with the encouragement of his grand parents. However as he learned more, and more he began to become worried about the course of events that were taking place in the colonies. Fearful of what it may mean for independence in space may mean for those who lived on Earth.

Eventually however Zeon broke free, and declared themselves independent. Soon after Carter decided to join the military after what was going on in space. Having been physically fit due to his grand father taking him hunting, and encouraging a healthy life style he quite handily made it into the military. He was enrolled into the science divisions as a test pilot for some of the machines they were making to combat Zeon. However he was eventually forced to fight in the fields as he was put into a GM suit he was put into a squad of his peers. He mainly fought in minor battles on the side lines however among his peers he gained the title of 'Grey Stroke' after he burnt off all of his unit's paint and coutinued to fight in a battle despite taking extensive damage to his GM and coming out on top. Though he has lost most of his old friends his resolve to beat back Zeon has only strengthen with the gassing, and colony drops on Earth.

Skill Set: Ace Pilot, Adept Marksmanship, Improved Spacial Awareness


Mobile Weapon:…

Description/Picture: The standard GM Model however it has been emblazoned with a darker smokey grey color scheme instead of standard red.…

Weapons and Operational Systems of Mobile Suit:
2 x 60mm Vulcan Gun
2 x Beam Saber
BOWA BG-M-79F-3A Beam Gun
HWF GMG·MG79-90mm Bullpup Machine Gun
BLASH HB-L-03/N-STD Hyper Bazooka (optional)
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There's the OOC. Please post CS's in the OOC before I accept them then you may move them to the CS Section when approved.

The battle between the Federation, and Zeon has quickly heading towards it's conclusion with the army of Zeon fighting to it's last man in an attempt to stop the Federation from taking A Baoa Qu the army, and navy are making one last desperate push against Federation Forces in an attempt to halt them. Everyone from the Delaz Fleet, and the Walking Dead Division has been assembled in an attempt to outlast the enemy. As this is happening the Federation, in an attempt to secure key locations while still putting a 'all hands on deck' approach in their push against Zeon has started sending out children, and other rookie forces out into the fields of battle some of them barely out of training cadet schools. It is in this war that a Federation Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Roan Sloan has come to find itself trying to take out a space fortress that holds valuable Zeon armaments that could be sent to A Baoa Qu. This Federation fleet has come to find the fortress is heavily fortified by Zeon Scientists, and soldiers and is now attempting to hold off the Federation Forces long enough to the nearest Zeon Fleet to rescue them. This is where our story starts off...

The year is UC 0079 The date 12.24 the fleet dubbed as the Patchwork Corps have been fighting the Zeon forces that remain at Fortress 17. The fleet received its name due to having most of it's components brought together from surviving fleets from various battles in the war. Many of them hold contempt for Zeon for their actions, and more simply want to put the nail in the coffin that is Zeon. Backed into a corner, and with most of the Zeon Fleet being pushed back deep into space. With news of the Dozle Zabi's death there is a sense of hope for some of the less willful pilots. They have been fighting against the Fortress for about 3 days now with reinforcements just now arriving. Joker Squadron allies with Berlin, and Noble Squadrons in order to take out the Zeonic forces left. With victory on the horizon Roan Sloan is prepared to do whatever is needed to destroy the base lodged in an asteroid.


1. You may pilot any common type Zeon Suit if you have a backstory prearranging to it your pilot. Are you a Zeon Defector? Is it some sort of badge of honor? Remember this is a time where Doms, and Gelgoog suits are not common.
2. Newtypes may be circumstantially allowed however I would like to keep this leaning towards old types.
3. Prototype, and custom mobile suits aren't allowed. By custom mobile suits I mean full out newly made fanon suits. If you want to reequip your GM, or guncannon with whatever that's fine. Gundams however are extremely freaking rare at this time. Also you may use core fighters if you desire. However keep in mind this rp is based in space. Ground only type suits won't do you much good here.
4. This is intended to be a short roleplay. However if we somehow finish it, and all players want to continue on I can continue this roleplay into the pre-titans era. Possibly Stardust Memory.
5. This is not a low casual roleplay but it isn't necessarily high casual. What I expect is some depth when it comes to the character. You don't need their whole life story but just the bare bones won't do it.
6. As Gm I hold the right to not allow anything I do not want into this roleplay for whatever reason. Simple as that.
7. Keep in mind that your character may lose any custom equipment your person has on them. Fortress 17 is highly defended, and dangerous. It has snipers, and heavy defenses. Our objective being to infiltrate it means we will sustain damage to our units of choice. That means your non-standard edition gear getting trashed means that it can't be replaced easy.

Character Roster:

NPC Roster:
Vice Admiral Roan Sloan




Social Status: (Are you a spacenoid, earthnoid, something else?)

Rank: (…)

Appearance: (Written, or Picture)



Skill Set:


Mobile Weapon: (Link can be used here for any canon suits. Customized canon suits are allowed within limits, and reasons. Generally most of us will be using GM's, or Balls)

Description/Picture: (Description can be used for the less than artistic people who want a customized paint job, or anything else)

Weapons and Operational Systems of Mobile Suit:


Other: For things I may have missed and you want to add in
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