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Current Killed 3 gundams today with my DnD party. Feels good man. And we did it in fodder mobile suits.
26 days ago
Yeah but it sucks and barely functions.
26 days ago
I'd love to have a good day but the amount of nose bleeds I've had the past few days coupled with this cold that won't go away sucks.
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Being sick sucks but at least the NFL draft is tonight.
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Suffering from allergies will post when I feel better


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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It doesn't matter that you didn't ask for it. Its the natural consequence of what is going to happen if I did actually acknowledge it. The enemy units will come, and they will attack, and try to kill Scarlett. I figured I was going to push it away for a moment so that I could get Rider's deal over with, and make it less awkward to have the team fall back for like three turns worth of respond time ignoring the fact Archer could just Amon-Ra strike at any time he wants at us, or you from across the gap. What I was expecting to happen is to booby trap some of the areas, hunker down, and rest while trying not to aggro. The fact of the matter is blowing up sections of the city is equivalent to kicking the beehive given they are clearly focused on something other than us, and once I establish that say Archimedes blames you for it, while whoever defends her or blames her over the comms, Assassin would still be on his way, and Archer would immediately turn his attention there. It would be less of an argument than an immediate 'can't let you do that' from Archer who knows the general location thanks to clairvoyance when checking the area where Mordred's mana burst shows up.

So I will acknowledge it right now if you want but that also means Archer's going to start shooting, and Assassin won't be to far behind which is probably worse because he's cloaked in presence concealment. while the other half of the group is at least three turns of combat away. Even if saber mana bursts her way there which would lessen the time it would still give just about the same amount of time for Archer to finish charging his prayer to unleash his phantasm.
Alright so do you want to listen to the two directors complain more? Do you want to fight both assassin, and archer. One's an accomplished warrior, the other is able to move through the air in multiple directions and breath fire. If it were one it'd be fair the two would be unfair without caster, or saber in the midst. Neither of them are in the blast zone, both have ways of gibbing Scarlett, and or Lancer in a 2v2. This is not a dig at Scarlett, or Lancer as a combatant. The simple fact is there will send skeletons, and they will use their phantasms. Either Assassin dodge tanks (disengage, protection from wind, his noble phantasm) Lancer since he (Assassin) probably can't outright beat them and let's archer super shot his way, or Assassin uses his superior mobility, and air dodges to evade our lancer while letting Archer snipe at him to prevent him from majorly getting in the way. I figured i'd save the drama, and skip the lecture from NPCs, and claims at throwing an unfair at someone. If I really wanted to be unfair I could throw in enemy Lancer who's at the dock but i'm not trying to be.
"Young Master if I had an idea of what their name was I'd tell you. They called themselves by code names. Caster, Rider,'d get the jest. If they were your Team 'A' then I'd imagine they're not much of a team." comments Kidd dourly as he drinks another long drink of sake following which he throws the bottle at the wall. "Their boss was a son of a bitch, irritable, and cocky. He was sure his magic was going to be able to win the day. When I looked upon that other rider? I almost believed him if it wasn't for the wolf skin beserker. Bastard's red lance was a menace to deal with. Critically damaged my noble phantasm." laments the rider. "But just so you master there...he wanted to die looking up at the sky. He died looking up at the ceiling. Said he wanted to thank my one last time before archer killed him with that arrow to his spine. Brave man...highly volatile. But brave. Wanted to wish for all the kids in the world to have a better life. Heh...if that grail gets its way no one will." Kidd laments further.

"So you just came down to drink yourself to death? Servants can't even get drunk so that's a bullshit. You just gulping down ale for mana?" Saber says her voice heavily judgmental of the faded servant. She couldn't believe a pirate, a man who valued his freedom so heavily, would just sit down and die. "I imagine it must've been for a good reason you stuck around Captain Kidd." comments the Director as he appears in front of them as a hologram to talk directly to the servant. "Aye...your little band of friends? Probably what's left of them is running from Archer, and Assassin. Bastards are good. Some Pharaoh, and an man best described as a walking nightmare. If he IS a man." Rider says spitting in disgust.
Only really did it because its in Mordred's personality to do so. Especially at the moment when she's still ticked off.
"You implying I'm not good enough to fight on my own!? Screw it I'm going in!" Saber growled as she moved forward as Leon tried to get her to stop initially before deciding against it. It was probably better off this way. "Sorry Caster. Looks like this is what we should expect of Saber. Come on we can't let her do her own thing." Leon says as he makes a quick movement to the sides of the house that they had approached on either side was a couple of windows. As Leon looked through the windows, and the sides it seemed like an old abandoned house not unlike any he had seen. His eyes searched for signs of magic, and found seals, and a bounded field. Quickly Leon undid the barrier unsure of what the use of it was. It would seem this was likely a barrier to alert someone, or something. Probably, if Leon had any guesses, this was made by a master. It is unlikely a caster would've left a barrier so suspectable to doing anything. But it wad depowered when Leon dissolved the mage by looking around under some rocks, and barrels of Sake near a shed in the backyard.

Leon by the time he had erased the symbols heard a look smashing noise, and rushed into the house along with the team. As he looked around he told Connor to look upstairs where he would find a child's room, and some living quarters with some mage trinkets, and books if he looked around for much longer. Leon, and Elise would find the door to the backroom broken open by force it had some runes on it but it appeared to not have mattered to Mordred's Strength. As Leon moved around the corner and ran downstairs he came across the sight of Mordred's sword being pressed against the back of a man in a long blue coat. The air smelt heavy of alcohol, and smoke from cigars. The fading servant sitting alone at a bar with a young man, younger than Connor, or Leon, in the corner, dead but with a smile on his face.

"The hell are you doing? I bust in here, and you can't even be bothered to pull that sword of yours out?" Saber says in disgust as she holds the servant who seemed not to care at sword point.

"No point. War is over. Grail is taken. What's the point of a pirate if he can't plunder his share? Master is gone told him he was a fool for siding with those masters. Eh...what's done is done. Get on with it." The pirate said with deep exhaustion in his voice. "Who wouldn't want the honor of killing the Great Captain Kidd for their master? Or is that brat with Ruler still busy finding the stragglers?"

"I really should kill you but I got a feeling that Caster wouldn't appreciate that would he?" Saber says in annoyance as she pulls her sword back. "The way you are now? Not worth killing. Clarent doesn't deserved to be stained like that." Saber says as she pulled back and Archimedes chimes up. "I see...William Kidd, also known as Captain William Kidd or simply Captain Kidd. He had been commissioned by the British Crown as a privateer for this expedition, but the political climate of England turned against him in this case. He was executed for his crimes. He is one of the most famous pirates in history. Probably the Rider of this grail war." comments Archimedes apparently still processing the weight of the words.

"Team A is alive?" Leon asked his spirits lifting as he spoke with an careful tone. Leon didn't really wish to make any assumptions. But he still wondered if this guy was all there. He was a fading heroic spirit who lost his apparent master. Was he a reliable source?

"Maybe, probably not though. Last I saw that assassin was fighting saber, and the rider went to engage berserker. Your caster friend...she's not feeling too good I imagine after what 'our' assassin did to her."

was going to post today but burnt three of my fingers picking up a hot trey for a air frier on reflex (usually take it out) ill post when i can
There it was. Just like Clancy said. The burning bullet that would probably trace back to when he was an agent out hunting for traitors. Seemed this time that he would be going in the opposite direction. Brown's face was steely cold, and his face blank without any emotion outside of his well-trained habit of calmness. He was never one to fret over a job but this one made him wonder if this was some sort of bizarre fall man plot? Seemed to be organized...but they're paying out to this many people, hoping no one rats, and if they do its probably game. Granted everyone here was on that list now even if they refused. Militech didn't take being slapped in the face lightly. "High end equipment, codes, faking an enemy hit like its a gang war. Trying to stir the preverbal pot until its something you're ready to eat up? How up to date are the codes? I imagine if you've gone this far you're good but if we get there and the codes are bad things won't go so well. Multiple different options of 'getting out of dodge' would be preferrable. Not required of course but things can change if things go south. With that said I would hope that out of all of us here I'm not the only one who speaks CORPO. Hard to false flag when all they speak is Night Citian. Street trash around here tend to get riled easily, don't fancy manners...respect. Hard to fake. I lived, and breathed that myself. Takes certain mannerisms, and niceties to rich kids with old money." John speaks up his calm business like voice speaking with an icy chill as takes a breath. He had a brief thought back to his days of bowing to head executives, and politely telling bosses of his 'trash cleaning' adventures. Way behind him now. No point in considering the figurative knife in his back.

"Variables, and the constants are important that much I don't expect I need to say but I will. I can handle but a convincing operation on this scale comes down to its bones. Otherwise you may just...water down your alcohol so to speak. Some people won't care, but the people who do will notice. Stealing is one thing, posing another, but it takes skill, and talent to do both at the same time. I apologize if I have spoken out of term. But a man such as myself tends to believe that if a job is big, its worth doing right." John finishes as he makes no attempt to move, or gesture he speaks more like a business man purposing a new tax break than he does a man easily breaking down attempted theft, and blame shifting of one major corpo faction against another.
@Enkryption Wasn't sure if you wanted Caster to reply to you doing your stuff so i left it out unless you wanted it. he's just going to tell you not to blow the bridge unless its necessary.
@The Irish Tree

"A well constructed analysis of what could be possibly happening here Elise. However I believe I have two working theories on what may be happening here." comments Archimedes as his voice comes through the line instead of Orson's. "Then you have my permission to explain it Caster." Orson tells the servant who's voice comes through, as usual, coldly calculative. "There's a chance that the war is ongoing, and that the church has either abandoned this place, and or has been completely unable to eradicate the threats at hand. Meaning a particularly strong servant has prevented, and or killed the overseer from acting. That the magic used here has prevented the Mage's Association, and probably other onlookers such as Atlas, from trying to wipe out the threat here. The mages are stuck fighting in a dead world trying to claim a grail for themselves. But Fuyuki's grail has been noted as corrupted by the records of it in our archives. Thus...I would postulate the theory that this is the work of some sort of corrupted grail's activation. That the wish was perverted, and twisted the servants. Whoever they are it is possible that the masters, and overseers are dead. And that the remains of the servants here either trying to assist the grail in corrupting this singularity further, or are overseeing some sort of objective we have no knowledge about." Archimedes comments as Orson responds in kind. "Possibly but there remains the fact that Team B has not been attacked with any real threat so far. Why?" questions the Director.

"If I may?" Leon says trying to get his own thoughts in the matter in order for his own part he didn't want to play spectator but he had no theories, or orders to give so had decided to remain silent. Leon for his part didn't want to say anything dumb, or inadvertently lead the group to a wrong conclusion. As Leader he wanted to make his choices based on some sort of assorted logic. But logic was out the window now that this whole singularity seemed dead. He was given the okay from Archimedes. "The servant is nearby we'll be approaching them soon but I think its possible that whatever is going on Team A may still be alive. Whatever they're doing it probably is getting the focus of the enemy which is why the hoard of skeleton warriors aren't fighting us." Leon postulates offering a more hopeful view of the situation. "I would view the situation with more hope if they contacted us but have not, and we're still not reading anyone of their signatures." Orson comments his voice pained through the communicators. "It doesn't matter for the moment. Squad B are you prepared to engage the possibly hostile heroic spirit?" Archimedes questions as Mordred snorts. "I've been nothing but ready! About time I can finally stop focusing on what's going on in the air and focus what's in front of me!" Mordred said clanging her heavy sword against her armor. "Enemy may not be hostile. Don't engage unless provoked." Orson orders quickly. "Blooming brilliant just fucking great. Got a nob in there ready for me to put in the ground and you want me to relax?" Mordred complains more seemingly always irritated Leon decides to jab at her, "Hey Saber your British is leaking through." Leon said with a chuckle as Saber just stands still without replying whatever she was feeling hidden by her helmet.
"Eh! The heck you talking about fuzz ball? I was at the royal ball just like you were? What don't remember me?" Edusa said confused as she cocked her head and then grunted and shrugged before taking a look at Rivia. "Edusa D. Melromarc. At your pleasure Miss Rivia. I'd be happy to be your friend. Even if you have fuzzy ears. Not common 'round here and many folk don't seem to like those like you but I'm definitely not 'most people'. I'm Edusa and that's all I'll ever be." The royal spoke with confidence, and carefree happiness as she seemed more worried about enjoying herself than bothering with any sort of public opinion as she walked along with excited glee following the three heroes in front of her. "We're almost there! Don't you dare get lost got it!?" comments the Spear Hero as cole speaks up rather plainly. "What's the deal anyway? Shouldn't we meet up at the castle not some random place in town?" he asks as the Spear Hero shakes his head waggling a finger back and forth. "Safe doesn't mean smart dear sword." the spear hero comments cryptically.

As the group approaches an alley the spear hero ducks into a nearby shop, and motions for them to follow him quickly. As the large group huddle into a nearby clothing store the clerk simply allows them to move into a backroom. It is a simple storage area but as soon as they arrive inside a young boy with purple hair comes out from beneath the clothes, and shuts the door saying a incantation the door, and room around them light up with a purple magic aura. The Spear Hero sits down on the table itself but there are stools around for those who choose to sit on them. The masked hero then speaks up considerably more seriously. "Now that we're not being overheard I suppose I better tell you what's up." Lev says his voice's cheer gone as he speaks plainly without any hint of emotion. "There's a gang here intent on ruining the King's reputation. Being a man in a woman's world is hard enough but they don't believe he'll lead the country to glory. To that extent they're trying to set up traps all around the city. Melromarc shall not burn to the ground but it will limp its way into the waves unless we round up a few of their mages. I'll need you all to cooperate if you want the good boy king to keep his throne and his life get me?" Lev says to them plainly as the boy with purple hair says nothing.

Edusa for her part grumbles, and folds her arms. "Always with boys, and their shit right? Ever since Aunty died and left only a male heir instead of one of the sisters everyone's been pissy. Saying a older woman should sit the throne instead of the direct descendent of the former queen. I've heard whispers but I thought they were just that. Man I thought blood was thicker than water...Alright I'm in I'll save Vinny." comments Edusa making up her mind rather quickly as she folds her arms. Cole was surprised by how quick she was to go all in but then again it seemed on brand. "I'd like to know more info." Cole asks as Lev nods. "How many?" Cole asks as Lev shrugged not really committing to a singular answer. "Enough. Enough to have everyone in here, and then some looking for their smug faces."
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