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4 days ago
Current I love it when I play a mobile game and get three of the most useless items in a row from my free pulls.
6 days ago
I'm really sick of being thrown out under the bus for circumstances that I have either little, or not part of. I may be lazy in real life but that doesn't excuse the fact that I can't do certain stuff
21 days ago
Getting real sick of my family's shit. My parents are unhelpful, my brothers are assholes, and there's no sign of it stopping. Fuck me for wanting to sleep at one in the morning right?


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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If this were accepted the master that came next would be Charak with a set of

Circuit Quality: C+
Circuit Quantity: A
Number of circuits:
75 Circuits with 2 studs each
Od (units): 90
Maximum circuit capacity: 340
Other: She has highly sensitive hearing as a result of her blindness which in some cases can be seen as a weakness.

You have about double their total circuit capacity.
Alright look I'm starting to get sick of 'being that guy' so if no one else has an issue I'll let it go by.
@GreyHow does she have 1000 circuits but literally almost no magic? I'm hesitant to accept her because she can barely cast minor spells with her total od, and if she does she has a magical circuit total that's rather absurd.

Maximum circuit capacity: 1000
Lancelot: "Are you my....what's with the clapping..please stop....i'd be better as berserker..."
Don't believe I can add much to the situation inside the house. I recommend skipping me for this round of posts.
@TurboshitterAlright sure I'll send you a private message.
@TurboshitterAlright if that's the way you want to play it Turbo I'll let it through however i'd like to remind you that we can't accept CS's without the other approving of it.
@MeteorDBesides the fact that he HARD shafts enemy archer, and assassin? I obviously can't tell you who they are but they will be vacuumed hard by his skillset.
@Cu ChulainnAt this point just use Benkei. I don't like this lancer's power ceiling in the setting of the roleplay. Turbo can feel otherwise however I am of the opinion that this character wouldn't fit the mold.
Leon was only half listening to the people around him his own eyes darted around as his necklace, a mystic code, clung tightly to his neck (or at least that what it felt like to Leon) as he went about his business. He quickly gathered his resources, and grabbed his own catalyst from inside his pocket. He had kept it there just in case something happened to Albert on the way here. This...this shard of rock in his hand was far to valuable to let that son of a bitch take back. But then the question came....why? Why did he have this specific catalyst? He wasn't the one who grabbed it from the vault they stole the things from. He had been on guard duty being one of the more combative members during the heist. He was felt the rough rock in his fingers and looked down at the intricately carved thing. A shard of the Round Table...was this a game? Was Albert playing him? If Leon learned one thing about being Albert's friend these past three years, or so he knew that the guy was always scheming SOMETHING.

The felt heavy in Leon's mind more than it did his hand. The question kept racing around in his mind as he made the circle. Tracing carefully, and intricately. He felt his heart beating in anticipation for the toll this summon would do on him. An American summoning one of Britain's most treasured knights? What kind of sick irony was this? It felt so ironic he could almost taste the feeling as well as the dread. Who would he summon? Tristan the Lover? Lancelot the Traitor? Sir Kay Brother of Arthur? Dared he even contemplate what he would have to do to live up to King Arthur himself? Was it possible he'd summon Percival...Merlin? Perhaps some more obscure character from the legends he hadn't thought to research? God fucking damn it why was all of this on HIM? Some people would find it the highest of honors...others more like Leon had a knot in their stomach at measuring up to their station as basically becoming a squire, or possibly a king to rival Arthur to whoever he summoned. "No turning your facing away....straight on...headfirst...never surrender unless you have no options. Father...why?" Leon mumbled almost without sound remembering the lessons. 'I am Sir Lancelot....master I will serve you to the best of my talents.' Leon could already hear the words in his head. His hand tightened into a fist for a moment before he stopped and took a breath, and then another, and then yet another once more. It would be a long night for the Winchester Family Heir...he knew it would be..."I am to accept no up to my own legend...fight....fight for the reasons I believe are true..." Leon repeated the words he had been told so long felt reassuring to know that no matter what...he had a home to go back to after all of this even for the worse. It lightened up his soon to be existent load a little more.
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