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Current Jesus Christ my gatcha rolls have been kicking me in the balls recently nothing but bad pulls.
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4 days ago
Just here to remind everyone Milkman Super is arguably one of the strongest characters in fiction.
5 days ago
Shutting the hatch shut in DBD is great. But shutting it in front of a survivor's face is deliciously evil. Feel like a dick but that's the role of a killer.
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11 days ago
Looking through anything remotely political, especially American styled, makes me sick. How people can treat their fellow main with so much disdain disgusts me.
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13 days ago
I just learned that they're porting the Madoka Magica Gatcha. Magia Record to the U.S. Just the U.S/NA. Kind of funny but somewhat interested. I mean Azura lane has ship boat lolis so nothing too new.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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Anyone else going to post?
I don't need professional help I've taken enough psychology courses to know when I need help. What I need is to not get blamed for every single fucking thing going wrong in this roleplay. I don't intend on hurting myself, I don't intend on doing anything dumb or rash. What I do intend on doing is to stop gm'ing this roleplay if all I ever see when I look on this OOC is someone bagging on me in a seeming unending conga line of me getting shit on for apparently being a biased gm.
Alright I'll just come out an say it. I am not the main character. Leon is not the main character. He is reused so much because I don't feel like making characters for roleplays that more often than not die. Leon is not me. Brynhildr is not the main character. Saber, Rider, and Lancer all could take her in singles combat. Most stories, and rpg have predetermined plots.

Also this roleplay has quite literally been making me miserable to the point where it is physically effecting my enthusiasm in real life. And since no one seems to like it how about we just end it. Cancel it. I have no intention of sitting here, and be insulted, or treated like I'm trying to do something I'm not actually doing. The story has predetermined hard points. That doesn't mean it will not, and cannot change. Characters can die. On both sides. But not at the start of the fucking story. What's the fucking point of killing off characters at the very start of the story. Killing off main characters is in bad taste, and depowers the players. Nothing I say seems to be changing your minds at all. In fact it just seems to piss everyone off. Which in turn leads to more of the first sentence.

So lets end it because I'm sick of this. All of this. I'm not suicidal, or some dumb shit I'm just sick of trying to be neutral, and being unable to convince everyone I'm not against them, and am just trying to write a story with other people.
It is what it is. I prioritize the story I intend and not end style may 20 rolls deal with that as you will I'm done. In tired of being the bad guy every u single time you think I make something you dislike.
There is two different planned endings to this roleplay one that Saber will take the charge of, and the other Caster will. Killing off the enemy servants will happen, and the masters. However this is literally chapter 2, or 3 do you want me to let you kill off main Opposition characters in the literal first warm up fight. I don't intend on ramming Lancer down with the full force of a god-worshiping semi-truck in Saber, or have her make mince meat of Assassin who doesn't have the same faults as her current opponents and would not fair nearly as well. The plot will change, and alter later it is too soon for characters to die, and it is too soon to drastically change anything. This conversation to me at least is the equivalent of why Princess Leia didn't get shot in the face as soon as she was sentenced to death by Tarkin. If everyone feels like It I'll let them kill Lancer, berserker, and rider then let you all bum rush Archer, and Assassin before Caster, and Saber show up for chapter five and the rp ends.
Well that's why I'm letting your character run instead of trying to force her to fight Rider on his terms while being attacked by our equivalent of the sylvanns from dragon age.

At the end of the day the guy's coming out alive. I didn't question you, your servant, or your master's sensibilities during the fight. I said why lancer isn't killing him outright. The two aren't some sort of god tier servants they're just getting taken easy on, and lancer is my servant in this case so I am in control of how seriously she is taking this fight. If you really want me to force Saber in just to show how broken he is just to solve the matter I don't intend on doing that. Killing a master off so early is not on the table for a fight I intentionally kept away from the other servants, and needed something for my characters to do.
Because they're coming upward towards her from the ground, and its not just one tree she's on but quite a few in the general vicinity. Not all of them but more than just two, or three. If I really wanted to hurt your character enemy archer is still in the center of the forest on the high ground.

As for the blue boy he's barely holding his own, and Lancer is not going full out on him. If nothing else she does pity him because of hero's bridemaid. The only other option was to have Saber come up, and block them himself but he's not going to show up to later. Archer shooting them down is absurd given the circumstances and insulting. The guy in blue really isn't in it for himself just as Lancer says. If I really wanted her to Lancer would kill him. Originally berserker of red was to fight Lancer but since our berserker charged in face first, and left the others out there I needed to give him, and opponent and Archer doesn't make well just pegging people from the grey castle. Assassin is arguably the weakest of the enemy servants and isn't fit to fight either Lancer, or berserker outright and it would make little sense for him to engage her directly instead of staying in the forest. And Saber would run Lancer through in a one on one fight because of his skills.
There's bounded fields around the forest to detect movement if nothing else. The red girl called Lana just blocked the blow at the last second. She got lucky. If you really want me to call it a GM fiat so be it I didn't do it to insult you, or archer. I'm not even trying to keep her where she is with the cursed trees like I could. She hit the trunk but didn't do much about the roots that were attacking it, nor in the first place should she have been able to actually hear the challenge as I didn't intend it to be that loud in the first place, nor would his smell be that easy to figure out given he's nearby some chimera most of which have wounds due to Anderson ontop of the nearby skeleton army, and Rider approaching nearby.
At the last moment the girl in red armor threw herself in front of the arrow using her own sword to cleave the set of arrows apart. Her reflexes, and her movements extenuated by a flow of red mana flowing from her body. "Don't push yourself. Let Archer handle this Lara." the boy in blue said as he moved forward. Lana, the girl in red, frowned and spit on the ground. "Dumbass you're lucky I'm here to watch you. Just because our abilities have been boosted doesn't mean we're like actual servants." grumbled Lana as she stepped back as Lancer approached. "You're not fighting for yourself are you? There's someone that your fighting for. This is a fight your resolve must not waver." Lancer scolded the young man who couldn't respond before Lancer was upon him slashing with her spear, probing him for his own part the young man held his own but it was clear he wasn't much of a match. He frantically blocked blows leaning towards the defense as a Chimera appeared from nearby to try to attack but three black keys found themselves lodged in its head killing it before much could be done. Leon watched the girl in red but she was focused on the fight. Leon wasn't about to break his own duel etiquette to attack a spectator...even if this was war there should be some civility here. Though Leon wondered why Archer hadn't fired again? Was the archer class toying with them?


"Why run Archer are you one of those spineless curs who fell before me just like in life? Or is it that you fear one who's ability is so truly startling? I thought this be a battle of warriors? One to test the tide of war! Are you not one of the heroes I was promised by those children? I assure you if you run I will no longer spare mercy to you." Rider warned as he marched his men further towards the edge of the forest. The man with dark brown hair declared as he pointed his sword towards the retreating caster. "The undead may be unsavory but even the likes of a woman should know better than to run from a man on horseback." Rider further taunted as he raised his blade ready to block blows coming his way. His men already dead no longer mattered it would seem.


"ALWAYS with the god of war huh? Always gotten jump to the front of the lot like a bunch sniveling bastards that you are? Pah! Doesn't matter a warrior fights headfirst with all their strength. And who said I was one of those guys anyway? I could've just been saying I was as fierce as a tiger." Lancer tried to back step with their words. Shaking her head she simply clutched her lance, and held her arm forward instead of defending Lancer brought the full force of her spear forward slashing at Saber with a crushing counterattack. With each blow the ice magic would set in but Lancer's tremendous strength coupled with their surprising quick, and precise blows smashed the ice before it could form on the already impressively long spear. "You think a bit of ice is strong enough to deal with me?! I'm not going to take any of that shit from you?! Who relies on magic swords to save them from a true warrior!? Lancer demanded as she pressed forward.


The wolf skin clad Berserker almost reflexively rolled to the left in a twirl narrowly dodging the attacks, and then stabbed again at Black Berserker before following up with a savage sweeping slash. The man's red eyes glowered with hatred aimed not at the one in front of him but at everything. He had not moved consciously to defend himself his training was so hardly ingrained into his fighting spirit that it seemed even in his madness it came to him. This berserker was quick, and well trained if nothing else he seemed to want to kill anything in front of him.
Well he (I'll cut out the she for the moment keeping typing that will just be a pain) didn't hit you with a phantasm but it should've done at least some chip damage so to speak without hurting them too much because of it.

Also the forest is large enough for Atalante to not have heard the blue master challenging Lancer but I'll chalk it up to her cat hearing. It won't change much regardless for the two.
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