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Current Tried Greedfall immediately refunded it. I'm not sure if it needed more time but you're immediately thrust into a story with no idea what's up. You're just a noble dude. Need more than that for an rpg
3 days ago
Isekai Quartet is actually very enjoyable, and funny while keeping everyone in character. I'm impressed.
3 days ago
I'd sooner be excommunicated from the planet earth than be on tiktok.
5 days ago
I don't have anything against new players in DnD but I don't like playing with them. One of the players in my current campaign still doesn't know that a d20 is king 4 sessions in.
7 days ago
I wish I could side with Mr. House more but killing the brotherhood of steel is such a pain in the ass and you lose resources for it.
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I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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"We're actually close to leveling up you can check out the menus and stuff by moving your eye a certain way, its kind of like browsing a MMO. I don't know if you've ever played one but..." Cole says as he attempts to get Fer on level with how to check out the menus presented to them showing him how he's been messing around and found out that he can store stuff in his sword more or less. Intending to strengthen his sword by feeding it various other swords later was his main plan after the show the king was putting on. "Think of them like a measuring stick though. The more we fight the stronger we get, and the more powerful moves we can pull off. Its stuff like that and it helps us gauge if something is too strong for us." Cole says further trying to offer more information though he was doubtful Fer was getting it by the look on his face. "Without having seen a 'wave' yet I can't tell you for sure what's up. Other than the fact that there's probably clues around from the previous heroes if what the tales are right were. Not sure if you knew this but the summoner talked about how one of the previous heroes left some notes around."

"When push comes to shove though I don't think a man like Marcino is on the side of this kingdom. He's probably loyal to his own country we may find ourselves in a whole new country soon enough if we defeat the current wave. I wouldn't get use to being around him, or his majesty much longer. I mean he's getting paid yeah but if the waves are here are we sure they aren't in his home country? He spit on Rayla so that must mean he had some sort of pride in his country." Cole says postulating based on the given facts he himself didn't particularly care one way or another they weren't leaving anytime soon regardless.

Cole's face twisted in annoyance at once again reminded that he was top cheese just because he had a pointy metal shaft attached to a hilt instead of a bow, or a longer stick with a spear point. Yeah he was fully aware of how needed he was he just didn't feel quite up to task. He knew he'd get better but he was wondering if Fer was starting to project his own helplessness out on him. Did he really feel like he was useless. "You're a shield hero you're not useless by any means despite what people think. Despite no one not wanting to 'be the tank' so to speak someone has to keep people safe. When you start developing spells think of ways to hinder people, or call on magic that will be able to protect groups of people. You have more defense than anyone on our team just not the attack. Its a trade off of protection for attack power just a heavy one. So don't gripe over that, do what you can with what you have Fer. Trust me I wish I had something better than some armor to protect me. I'm out there having to close the distance and hope I can cut something down before it kills me. That's what you're there to do. Protect me so I can save the day in our party's dynamic. If I die then I'm doubtful we'll get anymore heroes." Cole comments as he brings the subject around once more. He hoped his little speech would help Fer come to grips with his situation but he was fully aware of it possibly doing the opposite. "Can't tell you much about the other guy...he was old...and grumpy...who knows what happened to him. Hans must've fucked up the ritual somehow maybe we're imperfectly summoned and aren't tethered fully to this world-" Cole starts before he's interrupted by a man in silver armor from head to toe. He salutes both the heroes.

"Sword Hero are you, and the shield ready?" comments the knight as Cole raises an eyebrow towards Fer.
I'll post tomorrow.
Alright I hope that works out.
Having looked over the scene from his spot Lyle couldn't help but wonder if he just got pranked? No kids underage were allowed inside? Then why the hell did someone call him here? Why not a hotel lobby, or something? Man...what a pain in the ass. He could've been searching for his uncle or something. The man was a tournament hunter so it wouldn't have been hard to find him. Ugh well at least he got to see a couple of new spots but this trip was certainly not worth it if someone was just messing with him to make him punk his way back to the top of Heaven's Arena back home. Maybe mom was right he should stop taking people at their word because people simply were that rude. As Lyle considered ditching his instincts kicked in at the first feeling of a rumble. He started to pump his nen through his body activating his ten in order to shield himself from some unseen attack, or another. His eyes darted back and forth to seek out possible enemies to his left, and right. But he saw no one coming near him.

Natural instinct was one of his biggest strengths, and one of his biggest weaknesses. It both hindered him by acting without thinking, and allowed him to react quick enough to catch someone else off guard. In the arena they saw a 15 year old boy with barely a few wins under his belt and thought they were just some scrub kid to push over. When they did so it allowed him to get in a cheeky power shot, or knock them off their feet without showing his real hand. In this occasion the feeling of the earth moving, rumbling, and moving...earthquake? He couldn't see anything and he doubted anything big would be invisible. Anything up in the sky he would feel it in his hair. So it meant below! His nen focused to his finger nails turning them into claws as he smacked his hand into a nearby wall allowing him to steady himself as the ground caved in beneath him. By reflex he pushed himself back with the small amount of time he gained to get himself to a position where he wouldn't slip, or fall. He was glad he didn't let himself go full out...might've set something on fire if he breathed his fire onto that mud turning it to clay. Could've set the building or something wooden on fire.

He angrily turned his head upward his eyes having changed from human to that of a lizard's more of a slit than a circle. "You know if I'm not allowed inside you could've just said so dude! Jeez! Man...ha....look I just got a message asking for me to come and talk to some guy out here. Something about a tiger, or a king or whatever?" Lyle says as he takes a deep breath having narrowly escaped his situation. His adrenaline kick still running through is body made him pant a bit as he managed to calm himself down. "Is there anyone here going by that? If not I guess I'll see myself out. Much as I like a good fight I don't like ruining a person's livelihood either. Bar like this gotta mean something to you right due?" Lyle says as he tries to deescalate the situation. Whatever happened to the guy who fell in the hole...well he started it. Hope it wasn't too bad down there. "Preferably I'd like to not get mud on my clothes thanks."
@ZxyxZemonAlright can you clarify what exactly is happening to my character in the post. I'm having a hard time coming up with how to respond to what's happening to him. Is there a hole that popped up underneath him? Is he suddenly caught in a mudslide that's going into a hole? Or am i misreading something? Given the former he's probably use his improved reaction timing to use his claws to dig into the ground and keep him from falling into the hole.
Yes but only for abilities that effect his shield. Be they cast from it, buff it, or debuff someone who hit him. I don't want to give players who may join in the future, as doubtful as that is, a reason to be salty that a hero can do everything they can do with a fully fledged mage.
@Omni5876As I stated when the roleplay started the level system is arbitrary its a means of having a sense of progression, and how strong we should be without actually being too impactful since otherwise stats would be involved heavily. Basically a means of saying we've gotten this far now you can add stronger abilities roughly equivalent of what we should be capable of around that level. We should've leveled up after Rayla but I was holding off to time skip a few days to do so. If you want you can throw out some new ideas for what you want. You can also post now or wait for the new guy its up to you.
Having walked all the way here from his training near Zaban City, Lyle Rockwood was worn out, a bit irritable, and wondering if this was one of his uncle's dumb pranks. Getting an invitation to some bar, to meet a guy calling himself a tiger? A white one if memory served Lyle right. It all seemed a bit to on the nose for his own tastes. The Rockwood family was not unfamiliar with dumb pranks played on them one time he nearly got kicked out of the Heaven's Arena because his opponent called him out with a fake message in the middle of the night to the back parts of Padokea City. It would be a real pain in the butt if all of this walking was a waste of time. Especially since this was a city he wasn't familiar with. Still it wasn't any weirder than some other cities he had gone through on his least from his brief experience in the city so far.

Having left his belongings from the Arena with his family he forfeited his claim to the higher Escalon of the Arena to go and start training by himself a few months ago. Meeting some hunters here and there was the best part of it seeing how each of them wanted to grow in their specific area. That was the neat thing they didn't need to just be a physical powerhouse like himself, or even use nen, a novel concept who wouldn't want to master their own variation of nen? It was so useful...but that was besides the point. Lyle's journey had made him realize that people were different than in the arena, and around Padokea City. Some wanted to try and become food critics, while others sought to become actual hunter hunters, not the people kind more of the animal variation, seeking to tame, or beat out the world's scariest beasts. Some people had it, others didn't but Lyle himself not being a hunter often had to ask his parents for help with travelling. It was a pain watching some people get ahead because of a dumb piece of plastic. But if he became a hunter he'd be put out in front of a bunch of dumb regulations, and orders. Nah he'd be a better martial artist if he just trained hard, and fought harder.

As he got to the door to the meeting place he saw someone there he thought they had looked familiar but was unsure from where exactly. Still it seemed by the way they were talking they were also here to meet the White Tiger dude, or dudette. Whoever, or whatever they were who knows maybe it was an actual tiger? Their voice booming made him back step as he blinked. Well better to let that person do whatever it is they wanted to do. If they caused a ruckus he didn't want to get in the crossfire and get kicked out of the meeting spot. Taking a few steps back away from the door Lyle crossed his arms and whistled quietly to himself waiting to see if it would be ok to get in, or not.
The king was already looking for low level adventurers to join them anyway most of them joined the bow hero because of her energy. Its so that they don't overshadow the young under leveled heroes on their way to become legends.
"That's the thing having done minor training, and nearly killed a person with my own hands. Nearly passing out from some relatively small amount of blood...I don't feel 'legendary'." Cole comments and then sighs as he folds his arms across his chest. He wonders how much more would he need to do to truly become something he would consider 'strong'. "I've no doubt in my mind they're going to pin up this defeat of an ex-Zeltoble gladiator as something big but I'm not even level 20 yet. That's something to be worried about. I'm not sure if you've been keeping an eye on your stats but we got a long way to go too. I looked at Marcino on the walk here. His health, and pool of abilities make ours look like child's play. The only thing we have is our fame, and these so called legendary weapons." Cole says to Fer looking directly at him now as he moves his gaze from above to Fer.

"I'll play my role as best I can though if I need to be the white knight of the gods that come in and save everyone I'll try. But like I keep saying I don't feel like one. Yeah my sword can cleave through armor like butter, and my meteor strike can crush rock like paper but...what I always thought what made a legend is someone who did something special. Not someone who just showed up swung a gold sword around and fought a skeleton or two. If these waves are more dangerous then we'll have to worry about if we're actually being trained well enough, or if they're coddling us too much." Cole says as he takes a moment to let Fer talk. He wonders if the young man was having doubts about himself like Cole was about his own abilities. It didn't seem that way...was he just being to self conscious? It didn't feel like that. But then again those who are unsure about their own place just may inexperienced like he himself was.

"Auriel? She's around somewhere I thought I saw her with Hans, or one of those priests from the temple. Speaking of which we should probably see these things called 'Dragon Hourglasses' supposedly counting down to the waves. It'll be good to know what the local priests think of us. Speaking of 'us' do you have any interest in the bow, or spear heroes? Supposedly the tale being we can't all work together at the same time is the reason we can't all be in one party outside the waves. But...that Japanese girl I don't know if she can be reliable. She was rude, and she seems to be off in a mass slaughter of anything that she can get her hands on. Wolves, Bandits, monsters...she's busy for a girl just off the boat so to speak. And I don't even know about the spear. They said he vanished and was re-summoned like the shiel-like you I mean." Cole speaks stuttering a bit with his last part. He didn't want to offend Fer by mentioning that the summoning ritual the mages used was flawed and ended up apparently summoning the wrong heroes. It seemed odd that magic could be used in such a way but that was the whims of fate it seemed.
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