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Current bah humbug.
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I hate hypocrisy so much. Especially when they come from a guy who's been sitting in his house with literal no plans to do anything with his life other than to play video games.
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Watching Danganronpa 3's future arc anime. Jesus christ so much for the future foundation being built on hope. I've never seen such a desperate clusterfuck of good guys not buying their own spiel.
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Feeling good finally got a good 'IV' unit on FEH this morning. A +Speed -Hp Soleil.
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You know I finished playing Doki Doki Literature Club the other day. And while it was a great game it isn't 'traditionally' great. However Monika left a big impact on me for some odd reason.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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The battle between the Federation, and Zeon has quickly heading towards it's conclusion with the army of Zeon fighting to it's last man in an attempt to stop the Federation from taking A Baoa Qu the army, and navy are making one last desperate push against Federation Forces in an attempt to halt them. Everyone from the Delaz Fleet, and the Walking Dead Division has been assembled in an attempt to outlast the enemy. As this is happening the Federation, in an attempt to secure key locations while still putting a 'all hands on deck' approach in their push against Zeon has started sending out children, and other rookie forces out into the fields of battle some of them barely out of training cadet schools. It is in this war that a Federation Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Roan Sloan has come to find itself trying to take out a space fortress that holds valuable Zeon armaments that could be sent to A Baoa Qu. This Federation fleet has come to find the fortress is heavily fortified by Zeon Scientists, and soldiers and is now attempting to hold off the Federation Forces long enough to the nearest Zeon Fleet to rescue them. This is where our story starts off...

We play as a squadron known as 'Joker' a contingent of rag tag veteran, and newbie pilots alike put together from the remains of various other squads that is the Federation Fleet we are serving under. Some of us may have already earned our names, others may just be starting out towards the end of the war. It doesn't matter the Earth Federation Government is depending on our team to take out the Zeon Forces at the space station known as Fortress 17. If we fail this objective Zeon will receive more weapons at their last bastion of hope and through that kill more of our fellow soldiers. We. Can't. Let. This Happen. Joker's squadron's objective alongside Berlin, and Noble Squadron is to fight off and destroy as many of the Zeon as possible by any means necessary. We could fight honorably, or we could play as dirty as we see fit in order to get our objectives done. The war is almost over, and we're one step away from making it end much sooner.


1. You may pilot any common type Zeon Suit if you have a backstory prearranging to it your pilot. Are you a Zeon Defector? Is it some sort of badge of honor? Remember this is a time where Doms, and Gelgoog suits are not common.
2. Newtypes may be circumstantially allowed however I would like to keep this leaning towards old types.
3. Prototype, and custom mobile suits aren't allowed. By custom mobile suits I mean full out newly made fanon suits. If you want to reequip your GM, or guncannon with whatever that's fine. Gundams however are extremely freaking rare at this time. Also you may use core fighters if you desire. However keep in mind this rp is based in space. Ground only type suits won't do you much good here. If the group decides they want it I may decide to ship in a gundam prototype for one of the PC's in the final skirmish.
4. This is intended to be a short roleplay. However if we somehow finish it, and all players want to continue on I can continue this roleplay into the pre-titans era. Possibly Stardust Memory.
5. This is not a low casual roleplay but it isn't necessarily high casual. What I expect is some depth when it comes to the character. You don't need their whole life story but just the bare bones won't do it.
6. As Gm I hold the right to not allow anything I do not want into this roleplay for whatever reason. Simple as that.
7. Keep in mind that your character may lose any custom equipment your person has on them. Fortress 17 is highly defended, and dangerous. It has snipers, and heavy defenses. Our objective being to infiltrate it means we will sustain damage to our units of choice. That means your non-standard edition gear getting trashed means that it can't be replaced easy.
@Letter BeeI'm asking my stuff on here because I don't want to disrupt the roleplay if he doesn't work out. without going into detail the jest of his backstory is that he's a guy who had issues with the people around him, and his parents so he made a gang of guys to work with. He's known for his passion, and his fiercely competitive will. He's not known as a nice guy but a reliable one. He's a defacto leader in his group but only because he really started it he has 'special' leadership qualities. He knew what he wanted, and he pursued it. The city he lives in is peaceful but full of hot heads, and big egos. He's just another one of them with a bit more will power. He works fine with people as long as they don't A: Belittle, or freely order him around like a lackey, and B: have some sort of moral compass. He doesn't like people who can't even find in themselves to not think of the little guy. Though he himself has no problem with ignoring people if he thinks it'll make them better in the long run.
I may consider joining but the character I have in mind is more of a thug like character. He's a bit of a brute, and he comes from a more modern setting kind of like Roxas in a way. His whole gimmick is his raw physical power, backed up with some actually decent speed. I'm not sure if a character like this would fit into this setting so I'm asking before hand. He's not evil though he's just...unsophisticated to say a word like for example he doesn't mind plans, and talking but he'd much rather just punch the guy in front of him and break his enemy rather than toy around. He's rude but only because his tendency to speak bluntly. He doesn't like helping people but he doesn't just let people get beat on when they're down. He prefers people fight their own fights per say.@Letter Bee
Alright then I'll leave the floor open to suggestions. What would you have me do on the current matter regarding player actions? Lockjaw is going to just get into a struggle with Bas's old character and he'll be thrown to the side once we get back to base. East can take his place, albeit that's a bit much in my opinion since he's a bit busted. The reason Ludmilla's attacks are failing is because Lockjaw is using his muscle mass to power his way through. He's slowed down but he has so much power in his body that he's just forcing his way forward. And King's moves are slowed but he decided to simply adjust the wind force to make it more of a gale then a breeze. It's making it harder to control but he gets by by using his pedals to overwhelm.
Alright now that we have the site back for a period of time should I end this rp due to lack of players, or keep it going? I'm asking because people were posting rather slowly.
@Saarebas you need to post.
I was going to let swift blade cut the vines FYI but I felt Sakura wouldn't have let her do it. He's very aware that the villains have the upperhand in this situation, and he's playing this carefully. It helps that he doesn't want to risk his own sidekick's health when fighting major villains.
"Back off now Swift Blade." the elder hero commanded his apprentice coldly she was about to rush into slash the vines apart but was taken aback by her boss's command. "They're trying to lure you into the quirk that slows objects. For now avoid the vines only slash as need be." Sutokingusakura told the young girl who frowned, and started back pedaling. "I see through your trickery plant user. Trying to force a smaller individual into your ally's field would cause me much more work. However I am much more experienced than her, and less prone to folly. Fall down into the blooming typhoon." grumbled the hero as he wave his hand sending more flower pedals peeling off his body in mass towards Mana. One of the grunts however threw a grenade disrupting the mass sending a significantly less amount pedals as the man made sure to stay out of reach by forcing himself further into the air. The cops fired a few shots at the grunts who returned fire.

"There better be a good reason for you to be contacting me so quickly into the heist..." grumbled Shade Walker as he received the signal. He sounded annoyed by the quickness of the call. "Are you positive that you have everyone? Have you burnt, or retrieved any vital evidence? Our goal is for our organization to be recognized but not to leave clues about our actual identities that would prove troublesome. The Blackened wanted to make a statement not help the police." grumbled the irritated elder villain as he stopped for a moment before considering his next words. "If you have received the money, and the heroes have been trounced then pull out immediately. East is holding his own but he is not invincible. He will tire with anymore heroes on him at his current location. If the statement we wanted to make is completed you may pull our men out."
@DealdricWe're currently full boss At least for the moment. There's too many people with too little going on to justify over five, or six villains on one team currently.
I suppose i don't mind.
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