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4 days ago
Current Fucking Feh Channel announced Beast units for Fire Emblem Heroes now the fuck boys can finally stop begging for them to get in. Reddit was plagued with serious, and joke posts about them.
10 days ago
TFW you find a nostalgic song like 'What's New Scooby Doo" on youtube to even out a relatively stupid/bad day.
19 days ago
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
22 days ago
Happy thanksgiving you bunch of animals. I'm going to go collect Neptune characters on Azur Lane.
22 days ago
I can't believe Dong Zhuo fucking snaked his way through half of China to attack me on the complete opposite side of the country...what the fuck? Its like Washington invading Georgia.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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@ManyThingsAs I said in the post a large amount of Od suddenly came up in case the enemy faction was making a move it would make sense to mobilize the group to quickly stop them if possible. I also believe you're overestimating the importance of the church. Unlike The Garden of Babylon our hideout is just that.
The church staff are there but if its a concern I can leave Assassin and King there I jumped forward to prevent boredom
@ManyThings "Oh hey its a pleasure to meet you sir. My name is Leon. Leon Winchester. Its nice to meet yet another member of the Black Faction. I hope we get along well together until the end comes." Leon stated as he nodded towards the man before checking out a room down the hall finding out it was a closet full of herbs, and other assorted goods for magecraft. He closed the door, and wandered through the end of the hall before finding a bedroom, and smiling. "I'm going to set myself up soon. I won't be needing any charms, or shamanistic stuff sir. I've got my own brand of elemental magic capable of handling most dangerous situations. I'm not powerful but I am clever. Besides I'm the Master of Saber, and he's not one to shirk his duty. You're in for a treat if you see him engage the enemy." Leon said proudly as he smiled looking back down the hall. He waved at the people still gathered, "Alright well thanks every I'm going to get myself set up prepare yourselves for tomorrow. We're probably going to make a play on The Greys soon." Leon stated as he entered the room, and prepared to set up the tools he brought with him he'd need to unpack the stuff from upstairs later but that would come as needed.


Timeskip - Later that day - Night Time 9:00 PM

As the sky grew dark, and grim around the masters as they began their preparations they were suddenly, and unexpectedly brought together by Father Howard had gathered them all together for a meeting stating that there were suddenly alerts from the scouts along the forest line that a large amount of Od was forming around the Grey's compound. Either they were casting some sort of large spell, or things were happening that needed to be addressed, and quickly. Anderson took command, and with his experience determined that it would be best to make a preliminary engagement to find out what was happening. If it was a big deal they needed to deal with it quickly prepared, or not.

The group were forced to head out to meet Monica, and King at the line. As it turned out the wraith summoned by Joan-Mary Bernard was not a servant the ritual had failed to properly call a servant into this world in full. And thus Monica took place of her summoning an Assassin of her own. A young lady in the outfit of a typical Japanese samurai from her area appeared. Strangely she had blonde hair, and blue eyes an unusual trait. However she was kind, and gentle when speaking despite her frail appearance she assured the group she had prepared herself for the battle ahead. Berserker however quickly sussed out that he had a sickness and admitted that she may have issues fighting in the future because of it.

When they arrived near the plains of the forest they stared into it Monica stepped forward, and had been acting out various spells checks, and probes in order to test the area. "You know I'm usually in bed before twelve..." Leon lamented as he rubbed his eyes travelling had taken a toll on him, and he had hoped to rest. Secretly Leon hoped that things were going to turn out to be nothing before the night was done. "I know all too well of the trickery mages can cause. Be wary of this place it reeks of something foul. The mana that permeates the area around this forest is something I have not encountered before." Saber stated as he stared at the forest unable to get a feel for anything out of the ordinary. "What does it feel like Saber?" Leon questioned as Saber frowned deeply unable to properly express his feelings into words. "Its as if something ancient, and alien to our world is protecting that place. It is not normal magecraft. It must belong to something from the age of the gods." Saber concluded though he was no mage himself he knew enough about certain mages that this type of magic was not natural. Or at least it was completely different from the ancient magics he had experienced. Monica looked up, and sighed, "I can at least say for certain that the forest itself is at least partially from this world...but the illusions here are strong, and dangerous. If we make a move we'll need to be careful."
Well its all on them if they want to leave I made that quite clear but I don't see why'd complain so much about Skull, and then just drop it when I'm literally removing all consequences, law wise who gives a fuck about Yakuza, for murder for this mission.
No clue haven't heard from anyone. Can't really post without people here.
@ReflectionYou made a fate rp are you out of this one?
@Eviledd1984"They're Yakuza not high grade military consultants. Maybe a couple have some strong quirks. We deal with them as we gain data on what they are about. I'm saving myself for reserve action in case something gets out of hand. Once the bulk of the group forces out their big guys I'm probably going to be able to instantly kill them with a sufficiently hard strike to the gut, or head." East told him as he took a swig of his drink again. He wiped his mouth and looked at the ground before back at Verd. "Stealth is unlikely to work. Dieselpunk is too big, and Midnight is too loud. I'm capable of being quiet but too powerful when I go all out and smash stuff up. It will get loud but if you get someone on their own then you can chose to chance it, or not. They'll likely have guns, and or knives. Yakuza are still like us in Japan, restricted on firearms. Our black market lets us get a lot from outside but only because of the boss's vast connections." East told Verd as he considered something else. "The Kojima clan is said to have a big ace in their sleeve. A 'dragon'. It may mean they have a fire quirk user...or someone of phenomenal skill. No one earns a name like that without reason."
Is everyone busy right now?
Short post no one is at the Stray Sheep yet aside from Verd so I made sure to include that.
"Don't worry about your knee to much act on instinct. They're Yakuza so expect retribution but don't be afraid to kill. The fucking Yakuza is outdated. A remnant of a past that long should have died out. They're too focused on honor, and respect. If they're not they're corrupt shitheads with a power fetish. They're the people the boss upstairs said no too." East stated to Vern a he took a big swig of vodka. The former hero wiped his mouth with his glove, and coughed. "Your knee is a reminder. A reminder that not everyone in this business plays by the rules." East told him even though it probably didn't warrant saying. As Shade Walker paced back, and forth he grumbled something to himself before looking at the door. "They should be here by now I will not tolerate lateness..." grumbled Shade Walker aloud this time as East shook his head. "Just give everyone a chance they're be here."
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