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Current Apparently I'm a douche bag for asking a person if their spelling/posting ability is up to par as a gm of a roleplay? Literally all I asked is if they were up to task of improving.
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My dude I have found a single rp that I liked of someone else's creation, or was being runned by someone I get along with in two months. I may try 1x1s but they haven't been too good me to me either.
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Its not that I just got it up without anyone commenting. Its been weeks to months since I've actually roleplayed something at all.
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Well if my three houses rp doesn't get any attention I may just give up on rping. I haven't see a rp I've liked from other people in a long time.
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TFW you roll for dupes and get two shitty units, one ok one, and one you wanted the other version of. I just wanted two or three dupe suits to get something I wanted from the shop...


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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Heroes...a modern world filled with nothing but fame grubbing, people pleasing, children kissing, morons who do all they can to stay relevant until they grow too old to do the job. This world is filled with 'em...people who want to get being the best 'model of the week' human being. They join agencies, they make big speeches, and they act like they all are superior to the the appointed 'villains' who want to use their own abilities for their own doing. Some of us though aren't in the villain business just because we want to take the easy way out. Not just because we don't degrade ourselves to their level. Some of us have some sort of professional pride about us. Some of us want the world to bow to us. Not us to them. The sniveling heroes compete in self righteous self advertisement. They sell THEMSELVES to the public in order to get themselves put above them. Even those who profess a sincere moral high ground can't escape this hellish corporate bureaucracy.

But we villains here see the big picture. We with quirks with actual worth are superior to these 'saints' walking around us those false idols. Heroes are beneath all of us. Just because every boy, and girl wants to be one doesn't mean the rest of us grow out of that phase. This group before us intends to prove taking out every pathetic hero in order to get our own way. Some of us may just be in it because they're crazed beasts who want a good fight. A REAL fight. Others are in it for the money. They want to rule the world through cold hard cash the only real resource any modern human wants. Want a cool car? You buy it? You want a good gun? You cash in on the black market, or gunstores. You want to be a business man? You gotta have that cold hard mula. Perhaps you're not even here because you want to be? That some hero blackmailed you, or something shady along those lines, and now you're here to make sure you don't get thrown in some super dungeon. Doesn't matter our goals all end in the same end.

Formed by a super villain known as Blackened we are a part of a group stationed out of Japan. We have no 'real name' for ourselves we work for Blackened in order to get what we want. But some of us have taken to calling us The Dark Tree because of how our structure works. We have low ranking thugs all the way up to high profile villains. It doesn't matter some days we're causing trouble for agencies, other days we burning down cities to make some distractions. Hell at times we even pick a big guy on the block to end...permanently. We're not good people...we're all in this for ourselves.

This specific group is situated out of a bar in the back alleys of the city. Run by an villain renown as 'Shade Walker', the famous ex-hero 'Captain East' who turned to crime after a violent mishap the left his wife, and best friends dead by his own hands the group is setting out to make their world there's and though they aren't a prime group just yet they will be one day...


1. All standard roleplay rules apply including power, and meta playing. If you need to ask a question to the GM's do so.

2. All villains must have a born quirk, or no quirk at all. Things like the One for All aren't allowed. Likewise I'm banning intangible villains. In the past I've had people make people with no physical body that has made roleplaying hard because I've had to include some sort hero who uses some sort of physic, or purely supplemental ability just to combat them.

3. Rivals, and personal villains are allowed without an character sheet BUT they must be passed through me personally.

4. Quirks need to be explained thoroughly. Weaknesses, strengths, limits, and how they work must be explained. The more complex the quirk the more info is needed. One can not just have 'water manipulation' for example. What can you manipulate? the air, just normal water, ice? Can you move small bodies of water or large? Can you breath in water? You get the point.

5. ALL characters must be accepted by the gm's before posting no exceptions. You may not post your character in the sheet section until the sheet is accepted in the OOC.
6. Length is expected the minimal post is about a paragraph and a half per post and at least two paragraphs for the character sheets if not more.

7. As GM I reserve the right to refuse anything for any reason, or lack there of.

8. The villains of this roleply are just that villains. Some of our 'allies' may end up screwing us over. Killing them if they're higher up will either need to result in a close to the rp, or a change in character. The Blackend doesn't tolerate people who kill his high ranking officials, and those he has planned for. Even if its justified he may see you as the problem. Karma will come back to certain villains eventually. However do keep in mind that you can screw yourself over if you call a bluff wrong.
This roleplay doesn't have a planned out plot. I intend to make this roleplay as it comes if that turns you off then so be it you don't have to join. I have some 'events' planned out but there is no serious story that we will be tied down to. This doesn't make this a 'sandbox' roleplay as we will often be working together.

In order to make this work a little better I will not be making my own player character for this instead I will be working off higher ranking NPC's, and hero characters who will be our enemies. The whole goal of this organization is control. We hate the heroes. We hate being pushed down on the social hierarchy. And we certainly freaking hate being threatened just because we're not willing to work minimum wage in exchange for not shilling ourselves to corporate to pay our bills. My posts may be small but that is due to the fact that they are NPC's and thus their inner thoughts aren't privy, or necessary for information. If you want to know something about them you'll have to ask them.

Our activities will range from bank robbing, to terrorism, to flat out hero killing. Perhaps more if you got ideas you can throw them out in, or out of character.

I will be looking for a Co-Gm to help me do events small, or big. I am not very great at making small event scenarios I prefer big time events. If you don't want to be co-gm but do an event please ask me and I'll consider it.

The main character behind our part of the evil organization will be a villain called 'Shade Walker' who has intangibility as a quirk. He is not the main villain of the organization just a high profile villain. His quirk may be in conflict with the rules above but he was made prior to certain players joining. His quirk essentially allows him to phase through mass. He has very acute weaknesses that will be made clear if, or when he needs to take stage but he isn't almighty. If you want details about his ability in specific he can phase his body in and out of physical boundaries. Meaning he can prevent himself from taking harm, and pass through physical objects. He has a physical body, and he requires concentrated intention to actually use his ability otherwise he remains solid so to prevent just falling through the ground.

If you have any questions you can ask below. I'm willing to answer what I can.
Well you're welcome to join.

The Year is 1180 of the Imperial Calendar. The King of Faerghus Dane Blaiddyd suffers from a seemingly incurable disease and with his age catching up to him he is not expected to survive much long. As this unfolds his son prepares to attend the academy at Garreg Mach. The Emperor of Adrestia Sandor Hresvelg deals with dissent among his own people suffering from the issues regarding his succession after the death of his brother, and son (Sandor's nephew) ten years ago. His own son Ismail undertakes the task of learning to become the next emperor while simultaneously preparing to deal with bandits appearing in alarming numbers around the Empire. Both the Kingdom, and the Empire are suffering from a bizarre amount of crime, and other banditry. Chancellor Princeton Aegir attempts to assist the king while collaborating with his own generals in an attempt to stop this. However border disputes cause damage to these efforts as soldiers from the kingdom carefully monitor the Empire causing border friction. While all of this happens in the Empire the Alliance suffers from political fallout as the heads of the houses continue petty squabbles over land, and mercantile needs. They are less effected by bandit crisis arising they are plagued by their own inability to act, and gather forces lessening their effectiveness to govern their own lands, and casting doubt on the alliance's future.

The people expect that the following years following the inevitable death of Dane to be met with many issues. With all of this on the horizon Garreg Mach prepares to welcome in the next class of Black Eagles, Golden Deer, and Blue Lions. Though all three of the heads of the three major factions are there The Head of the Academy Bolton Richards, a head of the Knights of Serios, expects there to be many issues this following year...and despite his natural experience he has no idea how correct he is.


Hello everyone this will be a non-canonical roleplay following a similar layout to the three houses video game that just release. This will not follow the plot of the game though spoilers will be present in OOC talk. Not overt spoilers I would hope but I may not be able to answer questions regarding the rp without referencing happenings in the game. This role play will primarily focus on the Golden Deer House. I will allow people to come from other nations but for sake of ease we will all be in golden deer. Slyvain transfers to any other house than blue lions if a female professor is picked at the very start of the game so while unorthodox there is precedent. I will likely be playing as the future head of House Riegan to allow control over the flow of the rp better.

You may choose any class present in the Three Houses game that aren't unique. Aka Barbarossa, and or Great Lord and the like. I will also be adding in a addition to the three houses were the heads of the houses will have a retainer accompany them where as in the game they, the three lords, just have a really loyal friend. They won't participate in class to class mock battles but will help in practical missions. We will all be starting out as a basic class though, I.E Mage, Noble, Mercenary, Cavalier, etc.

Any house that has a major crest will only be acceptable if they are branch houses. I don't want the main houses to be wasted on flake out roleplayers who will inevitably come into this roleplay. In other words you can be a member of house Gautier but you must be branched off the main controller of the house. However I'm willing to allow others like Indech to do as they will. If you need reference for a house you may ask me. Main houses will probably be needed to align the plot of this roleplay.

A lengthy timeskip may, or may not happen. It depends on the needs of the roleplay, and how the roleplayers feel about it.

The plot is linear characters of importance may be kept alive despite damning circumstances. The plot will change according to how the roleplay is played.

There will be no levels, and statistics however I will include a boon/bane where a character has a notable attribute and a poor one. Such as they're really fast but have shit constitution for the sake of note/flavor.

NPC's will make up the majority of the other classes who won't be majorly relevant until major battles start, or mock battles draw near.

Crests that are long dead, or are exclusive to guys like Byleth/the professor aren't allowed.

Any further questions may be asked below.
Alright if we don't get a person in say three days do you guys want to try this with just three people, or just let it pass on?
@Plank Sinatra

Character Sheet:





Genetic Type: (new, old, cyber)



==== - Contains a list of suits used by Londo Bell.

Mobile Suit:

Type of Mobile suit: (Example:, or

Suit Appearance: (Optional: Picture of text - This is here for those suits with a custom scheme due to honors or a damaged scuffed up suit)

List of Weapons:

Additional Special Systems:
My thought was a splinter group that was hiding out near a formerly secret, or abandoned base near Kilimanjaro using their suits, and maybe a few zeonic ones maybe with a special forces suit, or a more advanced one as a serious threat later in the fight.
Alright well if we get one more person I'll consider starting the OOC. As it stands three people at the very start is ok for a squad but would leave us very short handed for interactions.

Also do you two have any preference if we start the first mission on land, or in the outer vacuum of space. I was thinking of either a remnant zeon spec ops team, or a New Decides remnant as the first encounter both would lead to very different MS encounters.
@ValorAlright well good luck in your future endeavors I suppose.

@KrayzikkAlright we'll see if anything comes along my knowledge of UC has improved, and am a bit more grounded than I was previously.
We are in a period where tanks like the hildolfr are highly outdated and space combat will be a continuous thing so tanks are not really an option if you want a cannon suit there are things like the jesta and guncannon which have similar weapons
it's been 2 years since the ending conflict that was the assault by Char's Neo-Zeon forces. Hundreds of thousands have died in the wars since the death of Deikun and the Earth Federation is holding onto what remains of their authority after so nearly being destroyed by the Axis drop only narrowly being saved by Amuro Ray's sacrifice. Many pilots have offered their service to Earth in the years following the sudden and devastating actions delivered by the spacenoids due to Earth's apparent decadence. However Londo Bell, a group led and commanded by the legendary war hero Bright Noa of the One Year War, has been busy hunting down and dismantling whatever forces are left by the Zeonic Forces namely what is left of Char's Neo Zeon. Deciding to form a group under one of his senior officers Bright intends to use this group as a mobile suit commando unit of sorts aiming to swiftly dismantle and destroy the remnants of Zeon wherever they may be at. Though still at a loss due to the deaths of many ace pilots many members of Londo Bell remain hopeful and stalwart in hopes that Earth will no longer be threatened by those who seeks to destroy it and it's inhabitants.


Hello everyone this is my second attempt at making a Universal Century based roleplay and I will be the first to state I am not the most knowledgeable gundam fan when it comes to U.C. However I've reconsidered trying to do over this idea again and like last time this will center around a group of Londo Bell pilots with varying degrees of skills all fighting Zeon/Sleeves forces a year, or two after the events of Char's Counterattack. Depending on feedback I am more than willing to set this back a year or a few months after the events of Char's Counterattack. I will probably need to have a Co-GM in helping plan and handle events and technology related things in the roleplay as while I have an a relatively solid knowledge on the main stay suits I have not watched ZZ personally and have no seen much past F91. I have no finite plans for this roleplay and will be making things up as we go along this is simply because I want to make sure we all make up the plot as we go along. Though there will be solid concrete stuff once someone jumps up to the side as co-gm and we talk this over some more.

For fairness sake I will be denying access to actual Gundam suits themselves. I'd prefer mass produced models and or other ace machines. I would prefer to stick to canon suits but I may consider fanon suits as well if a very strong case is presented. This roleplay will be strictly told by the federation side of things however through NPC's we may see some of Zeon's side. This is because A. I don't like having to manage two separate factions in thread and B. I have a natural distaste for Zeon myself call it GM bias if you wish. I don't need someone going ham in some sort of Phenex prototype.

Keep in mind that out-dated suits like the Zaku-ll won't probably be accepted due to them being frankly overwhelmingly outmatched at this point in time. This is not to keep things boring but to keep players from trying to go ham on a Geara Doga in an original Gelgoog and thinking they should have the edge despite one suit being made back when Zeon was starting to lose the one year war, and the other being helped by a decade or two of advancements comparatively.

Anyways New-Types are allowed but they can't be Amuro, Kamile, or Judau levels in power. Keep them milder, for reference sake old types are more encouraged then not as we have seen many newtypes over the decades head the series it will be nice to see some old fashioned pilots take the stand.

Anyway I'd appreciate any feedback on the subject and I'd love some interest. Also if its worth noting this is standard casual not high or low.
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