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7 days ago
Current Just bought a game off steam...too bad the game crashes in the first cut scene due to my computer's poor ability to play games at least it should be easy to get a refund.
14 days ago
Remade the Roman Empire in CK 2 for the first time. Would be a lot more satisfying if the game didn't crash every single month due to the new patch.
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24 days ago
Made a Negima!, and High School DXD interest checks hope they do well haven't gotten much bite since overlord.
26 days ago
I hate how unapologetically asinine some people are on video games. Are you bad at a game? Do admit to it? Still get hated on despite being casual.
1 mo ago
Man I wish I could talk to someone about politics without it getting heated, or emotional. I try to play the strawman for some cases and it always ends up with shouting.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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A fair argument but what I'm trying to say is that King wasn't holding back either. He isn't using hurricane speeds but he's not just some push over grunt level character. The force of his wind should have been sufficient enough for him to at least save that hostage. I'm pulling up his rank because that's just to show that this guy isn't fodder. If you want me to say that he simultaneously pushed back on you with one part of the gale while tugging on his real target, the hostage as the less we have at this point the better for the heroes, I will. Failing that this is a gm verdict because while Aya has already acknowledged it to an extent I also explicitly put that down in my own post. I'd also like to clarify while King won't be able to instant kill you unless he jabs that spear into your heart he isn't going to get wrecked by you either. I don't make a habit of forcing things onto people but making mistakes, or walking into a situation like this put the heroes into a position were they can do things.

You can go all out against King, his apprentice, and the other hero who hasn't shown his face but keep in mind that this will likely bring more heroes which will cause the other team to have issues getting the money away as even though East is a serious problem he won't be able to hold all the attention from every hero.
@RennyRenny I'm fine if you want to no-sell the effects of the pedals in your legs but King pretty definitively pulled the woman away from you with his wind, and judging from your character's clear lack of experience, or at least tactical know-how he wouldn't have been expecting a wind hero. Especially one ranked in the top ten.
"Can't do that need a picture, or some sort of idea of what it looks like. News cameras would put you too high in the air. I'm not a fuckin' genie. Just use a ATM machine, or a desk, and go QUICK. The idea is to not give out our hideaway!" grumbled Kazuma as he waited for the people to get going. "If you want to get out without going through the front door then go through the other portal, jump out the window if you can survive a third floor drop, and then get them from their flanks." grumbled Shade Walker as he impatiently waited for them to get a move on. "I'm closin' this fucking portal if anything gets risky get me!? Move!" Kazuma growled as he impatiently tapped his foot.
"Shit stain over the got one of my boys in the knee, we clubbed him over the head may have a concussion or maybe he's dead." commented the Lieutenant making sure he was out of range of the attack just in case. He pointed down towards the man in the far corner of the room pressed up against a security office. In the corner of the room sat a man with a knife lodged deeply into his knee. "We're not dumb enough to take it out. We were just going to carry him out if you're a medic either way we could use some help while the rest of your buddies hurry their asses up." grumbled the Lieutenant as he looked upstairs after hearing the sound of gunfire. "Hope the captain is holdin' off the swat good up there...he went up by himself." The lieutenant told her as he kept his eyes sealed on the door hoping that the pedals that would inevitably get inside due to that would not be an issue.
Welp I hope ONE of you is willing to save Skyfall otherwise King is going to send him to a hospital or possibly kill him if he moves the wrong way.

@AngelofOctober That's up to you. I gave you reign to what squad you're on. If you're with the attack group then you're dealing with the aftermath of Skyfall's insane blunder. The other team has yet to do anything but once they're there through the portal the guards are going to direct you to the money room, and then you can decide on how you want to get the money out.
"You know what FUCK it kid you wanna die fine. I'm not going to go explaining basic logic to you no further." the soldier said in disgust as the lieutenant made sure to keep the rest of the hostages in place. "Winds of Change." came a voice from the air as suddenly a gale flailed around Skyfall, and a fierce pain stabbed at the back of Skyfall's legs the pedals stabbed into the ground had been pulled from their place by the wind, and found themselves plunged into the back of Skyfall's legs. The hostage yanked from his grip was sent soaring into the air when a girl in samurai armor, carried up by the wind, snatched her from midair. "Don't you worry Madam! The number one sidekick in town is here to save the day!" she said as she pushed backwards the hovering Sutōkingusakura held up his hand. "Now fall with the graceful breeze you worthless piece of space." He waved his hand back down and the sakura pedal storm that surged around the hero sent a storm of pedals in the shape of a spear hurling itself directly at Skyfall's chest. This time the guards booked it away from the doorway, and even before hand made absolutely no move to assist Skyfall who in his current state without support would likely be grievously wounded by the sakura pedal spear due to his calves being stabbed by miniature steel like pedal blades.
"YOU FUCKING IDIOT GET BACK IN HERE THEY'RE BARGAINING CHIPS NOT FUCKING SHIELDS!" growled one of the soldiers as he dragged the villain, and his hostage back inside just before a moment later a cloud of sakura blossom pedals scourged the ground in front of him. The way they were impaled into the ground made it quite clear that had the soldier not pulled Skyfall back into the building a moment later the blossoms may have injected themselves into Skyfall's body as they were not carved into the solid stone steps in front of the back. Another soldier fired his gun into the air outside. "Don't fuck with us boys! You won't get that chance again I promise!" growled the soldier as the one who saved Skyfall shoved him back with the but of his gun. "I thought the boss's boys were fucking pro's? What the fuck was that!? There's a high talent hero out there. Its the god damn number seven hero in Japan, Sutōkingusakura. You think there's a reason we're not already caught? Because we got these people. Shit's fucking hot down here! The point of you comin' here was so that you could fight the big guys, and we back you up! Rushing out there with our ace in the hole isn't a great idea. Wait until we're situated here and then do what you wanna do. Unless you fellas have a better idea..." growled the soldier as one that appeared to be an lieutenant shot his gun into the ceiling. "Remember your friends, loved ones, family, and children. They will miss you if you die today. They will mourn you. They will cry, and be saddened. Even those without loved ones will become burdens upon society as scapegoats. You want to live? You stay still like we say, and keep your heads on the floor now." growled the lieutenant as he ordered one of his men to stand guard on the other side of the now broken door.
As a ring tone sounded in the room Shade Walker picked up his phone, and looked at it. He sighed, and grumbled. "Word from the distraction Team. They got the bank secured. Three heroes, and a few cops. Hostages as well. Everything went mostly according to plan. But there was some issues. You're in East." commented Shade Walker as he put his phone back down, and then looked over to Kazuma who pulled out a small picture from his pocket. "Alright time to earn my pay." grumbled Kazuma ignoring everyone else as he waltzed over to the more spacious part of the room. He apparently had just finished his job before hand. He pocketed the picture and breathed out calmly, and slowly. He then shoved his hands forward as if to grab onto something he gripped at what appeared to be nothing in the air. He then grunted and ripped open a glowing luminescent portal that sprung up out of nowhere. It shimmered, and formed as if it were magic. A gust of wind came through the shimmering portal there was a back alley. "Go to the right Cap." called Kazuma as East stood up and straightened out his uniform before walking through the portal. Kazuma shut the thing just as he got through with a wave of his hand. "Alright that's one down..." grumbled Kazuma. "Is everyone ready? If not get ready there's equipment downstairs if you need it in the armory." Shade Walker said aloud as he looked at his phone once again. He also grabbed the table preemptively as not too long later a large shake was felt through the building. It shook the glass, and the whole building. It was if a earthquake had went through but Shade Walker knew better than that as it stopped quicker than it had appeared. "I told him not to break the entire police force...I hope there was a reason for that show of force..." growled Shade Walker more than likely referring to East who was a likely cause of the earthquake like shake.

The phone rung again this time breaking Shade Walker's line of thought as he looked at his phone he ran his hands over the pictures. He grumbled when he noticed that the police had the place surrounded. He considered what to do next before going over to Kazuma, and showing him a picture. Kazuma nodded and whistled sharply to make sure everyone's attention was on Shade Walker. "Clean up Crew. Help out the robbers if you can avoid the fighting. You know your jobs. Once you arrive the attack team will need to distract the heroes, and make sure the cash is secured inside the building then leave. The get away car is down two blocks from the back door of the bank. There's a few SWAT Teams running around the upper floors. They locked the doors leading up there but that won't keep them there long. If you need help use your pagers to notify someone. If it gets too difficult for everyone I will step in personally. However my appearance will further destabilize the situation. East's appearance means they think our main goal is the other bank but we know that bank deals with other villains, and drug dealers. Also they mark their bills." Shade Walker called out to everyone as he ripped open a portal. On the other side was two men in paramilitary uniforms with a ballistics mask on it. They held no discernible marks and wielded black market automatic rifles. "Sorry for the wait sir. The hostages tried something stupid." commented one of them as he made way for the group to come through. Shade Walker acknowledged them with a calm comment saying that it was fine before giving them further orders. Then Kazuma ripped open a portal that led to a large parlor. Hostages were face down, and more goons were looking everywhere. "Combat team go through that one. Exit through the main door, or whatever and go clear out the police. According to what I got there's four heroes out there. Two of which are sidekicks. I have no doubts you'll take'em out but there will be more. Likely a bulk went to confront East." Shade Walker stated further as he turned away from the groups dismissively. "Well? What are you waiting for go!"
I posted I don't think there's been a reply that is needed from me.
"If you get killed, or captured then you would be unworthy of even having a gravestone. This is a bank heist that's already been half way done for you. Don't be stupid. Heroes don't kill others that much I've figured out. Its bad press. If you need me I shall be here but it better be important Skyfall. I am a busy man with little interest in idle chatter." Grumbled Shade Walker as he pointed to the poor Captain East still drinking in the corner. "You'd be much better off talking to him. He may be a shadow of what he once was. But he is still, at his core, a man who is willing to help others.'re wanting something darker than what East is prepared to give you?" the cloaked man said with a chuckle. "Just remember. Rats beget rats. Don't do something stupid you'll regret later." Shade Walker warned him. East on his part looked at Aya with a frown his face contorting into something resembling anger. "I don't need your pity. I'm just doing what the boss wants me to do. He picked me up after everything I did..."
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