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Current Youtube is dead long live Twitch!
14 days ago
I wish For Honor was better balanced on consoles. I can't fucking block shaman, and berserkers because the damn console doesn't respond to commands quick enough.
16 days ago
That feeling when none of your rp's succeed, your roleplayers drop out without a word, and you have to try to make the same rp five times because you know all the new ones won't either.
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Fuck math, and fractions, and all its varying bullshit. I'm not going into engineering why the fuck do I need to know this stuff!?
30 days ago
I love how people on this site have a tendency to just up, and drop a conversation without notice. Like are people not worth the 10 seconds of your life to tell them you're no longer interested?


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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Alright I'll post tomorrow should I bring in more heroes, and should I kill Lion man?
There is no more room at the moment charade absence merely means Anderson becomes a master
I just want to make sure we know what we're doing. I don't want to make Cap East really join the group regularly as I said he's basically classic (starter) superman.
Well if you want more conflict sure but you're kinda working on a time limit, and not due to the heroes. what White Skull actually has planned for whoever fucked up. Also I thought Mori had more than enough spine going up against a group of heroes, and shrugging off some solid hurt.

Speaking of which I was waiting for Tiger man to show up but he's not shown up for two post cycles or so. I can move on later tomorrow, or Thursday if you guys want me to.
I'll let Charak have until everyone finishes summoning before I let anderson handle berserker.
"You're cutting this short please do remember to get here faster next time." commented Director Orson rather bluntly annoyed at being interrupted before he could answer further questions but it was fine he shuffled some of the pictures towards the new comer before answering the next question. "And what comes after you burn down half the forest? All you do is draw their home into the open, and make it a spectacle for any possible civilians wandering the countryside." "Besides that the forest is clearly magical in nature be it jinxed with illusions, or the forest itself being magic. Burning it is a last resort at best like Askha has said. Besides at that point it removes the chance to pick off individual servants, and split their teams apart. The forest is just as much as an assistance to our tactics, assuming we rid ourselves of its traps, as it is to them for defensive, and privacy purposes. Likewise this sort of thing isn't unusual. The Einzbern have told me that they use to do something similar in the past with their home." commented Orson to the rather trigger happy Jeanne. He looked at Anderson who was still frowning thinking over something.

"Teamwork is a sketchy concept especially when heroes can have vastly conflicting ideals. We should get moving...we don't have the luxury for wasting time. We pick our battles but the more time we spend here in London is more time the enemy has to solidify themselves further. Let us summon our servants, and move on." Anderson interjected as Orson sighed, "Very well I believe that would be prudent, then assuming we're all done here follow me." Orson said as he stood up, and grabbed a bag of items. He then ushered everyone out of the door. "We will now move onto the next step. I have made arrangements to conduct the summoning rituals needed here. It will be done in the main hall. Be careful of what you have selected as your catalyst if it is not strong enough this bag of mine has some for you to use. I will warn you outside of those already assembled no one but the headmaster, and the needed parties have been notified. If this leaks and the true names of any of the individual servants here are revealed prematurely then you know where the leaks came from. Welcome to the Great Grail War...or perhaps that is a bit more premature?." Director Orson said to the group plainly as he led the way out of the room, and down the corridors of the main hall of the Clocktower. The time traveling through the halls was quick and as they got closer to the destination the sound of music played on a piano sounded through the hall.

Orson's face inadvertently smiled as Leon looked at the man he wondered if Orson was really a close friend to whoever was playing that music. He grabbed at his own satchel and considered what life would now be ahead of him fully aware that it was now too far gone to turn back. Leon looked forward not back as he followed Orson. He hoped down in his gut that the despair he felt at becoming a master would be overcome by his desire to be an influential factor in humanity's future. More over than that he hoped that he didn't get berserker...he couldn't imagine such a fate ahead of him if he did. Unable to talk with his servant he'd be forced into a spot where he, as a master, would need to fully embrace the role unlike any other.

Orson took a quick step across from a hallway towards a dead end with only one door, and opened it to enter a hall where the piano music was resonating much louder. It changed in tune every now, and then but it was still peaceful, and hopeful. As Orson entered the music kept playing seemingly unaware of his presense in the piano seat sat a young lady with long brown hair wearing a uniform of a student. As Orson walked up to the piano he tapped on it, and the music stopped. The young lady turned to Orson and blushed embarrassed and chuckled awkwardly. "Hello is everything prepared here my student?" asked Orson with a calm voice as the young lady smiled at him and nodded. She spoke clearly, and with elegance "Of course Director! Again thank you for letting me take the job. I told you...I won't let you down!" She said getting up after closing a spread sheet of piano notes. Orson pointed at the group assembled. "OH hey! Sorry I didn't notice you there I...I suppose you're my allies then? Hello allow me to introduce myself. Apprentice Mage! Junior Year Student! I am Monica Truman! Though I am not much to look at I promise you that you can count on me to do the just thing to the end! I am a fellow member of the Black Faction as a back up master!" Monica said as she bowed her head and body respectfully towards the group.

"I personally vouch for this one's excellence she's a bit of an idol in this school. And a personal student of my own. Let her petite appearance fool you not she is as a capable mage as anyone here if not more so. Now then...are you all ready? As I said I have a spare catalyst ready for anyone without one. However I am under the impression that each of you brought one no?" Orson said as he pointed towards the center of the massive hall where all the furniture had been either removed, or pushed aside for the dozen or so magical circles made with silver dust lined around the room. "Yes sir I have one!" Leon said as he pulled up his satchel and pulled out a small shard. "This is the shard my grand father handed to me before I left America. It belonged to the Round Table of Great Britain. The Knights of Sir Arthur Pendragon." Leon said as Anderson chuckled. "Yes yes I have one right here don't cha worry lads! I will wait until we decide on who's going first. If no one else does then I will." Anderson stated calmly.

However before everyone could go much further a whistle came from the back of the hall. A man in a luxurious black suit came walking over. He had his hair combed over with a gleam to it. His pearly white teeth glimmered brightly, and his handsome complexion was a sight to behold. The man looked like something out of an old 30's film, and he held himself rather well not hunched over, and when he spoke it was clear, and loud. "Well now sir I do say it is rather rude of you not to introduce me as well. All the same I have no issues if you do so now." the man said as he waltzed over and stood in front of the crew. "Oh yes...I wasn't sure if you had decided to come. Everyone this is Austin R. King. He is a fourth generation mage from Las Vegas. His family runs casinos among normal folks, and uses that wealth to sponsor both us, and the Atlas institution. His family is generous, and has allowed many mages to coutinue in their research where they may have not done so before. He specializes in a strange form of magic. Unorthodox as it is it is very potent. Alteration magic that effects chance. In other words he's extremely 'lucky'. He will be replacing any master who chooses to leave, or dies in the up coming conflict...assuming the servant agrees to the pact if its the latter." commented Orson as he stared with unease at King who kept his dazzling smile on display, he nodded his head, and let out a chuckle. "Well I do declare sir that in order to win you have to stack the deck...and weight the dice. No one ever won a penny without making sure the odds were forever in their favor. I look forward to working with you all. Even you Reverend." he said with a nod at Anderson who sighed, "Your hedonistic attitude irks me but we have much greater problems at hand than my belief in your foul magic." Anderson stated flatly.

"Alright then lads let's get to steppin' alright? We got a summoning to do. Everyone who needs to summon take your place at a circle." Anderson quickly rebounded giving a declaration that he was ready for the summoning sequence. Leon sighed and moved forward. He was nervous, and not sure what would come of this. As they stepped into their own respective summoning circles Leon pulled out his shard and placed it in the middle of the circle. He moved some distance away he had done his homework. Leon breathed out easily, and calmly. He held his head high as he wondered just exactly what the world intended for him after this but as he remembered he had commited to this himself. Going back would be folly, and insulting. Especially with King being right there to take his place. He started speaking loudly, and full of passion in his belly Leon shouted:

Let silver and steel be the essence.
Let stone, and the archduke of contracts be the foundation.
Let black be the color I hold the standard for.
Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall.
Let the four cardinal gates close.
Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom of heaven itself rotate."
"Let it be filled. Again. Again. Again. Again.
Let it be filled fivefold for every turn, simply breaking asunder with every filling.
Let it be declared now;
your flesh shall serve under me, and my fate shall be with your sword.
Answer, if you would submit to this will and this truth

Leon's words didn't falter as he spoke with a firm but calm chant after settling himself down half way through and the room shook as the incantations were responded to by the summoning ritual. The winds shook the area, and the od around the room became unstable as it began to shutter with the incantations. As the winds blew back in response to the ritual Leon was pressed onto his backfoot, but he gave no quarter to the force he stood strong against it. Then it calmed as the energy that had generated from the mass summons had finished there was someone kneeling on the ground where there was once no one.

A man in gleaming silver armor with short cut purple hair that was combed to one side. He wore a neutral expression as he knelt there on the floor. A flowing blue cape fluttered behind him as he opened his eyes. He looked up at Leon those light velvet eyes were hard, and he seemed none to happy but he wasn't necessarily angry either. Indifference? Or was it sadness? Who had he summoned?

He radiated with a certain power he was strong. His long golden blade was a sign that he was no ordinary knight. Whoever this was, was indeed beyond most men of his time. A member of the round table...a knight of Arthur. The blade glowered with a golden, and blue aura and the man stood up slowly looking at Leon. He was taller but only slightly so.

"Tell me sir would you be my master?" asked the man in front of Leon with an earnest smile. Leon wasn't able to speak for a moment. But he quickly recomposed himself. "Yes...yes that would be me. I...I am your master." Leon stuttered out in shock as he looked onto his hand where a strange red set of three command seals had taken their place on his hand. "Then you have made a mistake. You should have summoned me as berserker...still circumstances being what they may I accept this contract. Master. I am your Saber, I will fight in this war in your name." he said coldly but he nodded his head respectfully. "Make no mistake I am no great knight. I who left his honor behind for his feelings. I had one king whom I had failed utterly, and completely. However with what power I do have consider me your loyal knight master."
Shrodinger's London Office?
Can't summon servants if the plot doesn't ever leave the director's room.
"No, the Grey Family's use of familiars is known to be minimal. They've always relied on their tricks, and illusions to avoid conflict only directly fighting when necessary. That's what makes this even more eerie. How do you take out a dozen trained professional mages with familiars? Perhaps some sort of veiled madness clouded their minds and they were slaughtered in that moment. However if you want my opinion it is the work of one of their servants more than likely. Animals have some sort of recognizable bite wounds. And...not all of them were bites. Some of them were torn apart, ripped. I only wish that I could tell you more. Perhaps it was the work of some sort of phantasmic beast. Simply be prepared for physical dangers." Director Orson said as Leon paled a little when the possibility of it being some sort of mystic creature. He wasn't prepared to deal with something so ancient. He was a modern day mage, a young one at that...he'd need a strong servant...and that's what was inside his satchel right now. "I...I want to know if the Grey's have any potential allies we should know about." Leon asked as Orson considered a moment before replying. "Well young man they have the Branfords who live in the Netherlands. But they renounced the Greys when we denounced them publicly among the society. However Arnold Branford's son is missing...he may be a ally of the Grey Family. I heard he was promised to a daughter in their family." Orson stated as Anderson frowned, "Her name?" he said deathly serious as he looked at Director Orson with a cold stare. Orson sighed, "Arnold's family couldn't recall some magic made him forget...undoubtedly the work of the Grey clan...Or at least it is muddled by some sort of curse we will find out eventually." Orson stated as Leon sighed he had hoped for more but what he was given was not as much as he'd like.
This isn't a discussion thread. This an interest check I'm looking for players to join. So far there aren't any people, and this roleplay may very well not end up coming together at all. I'm not entirely sure what you want me to tell you either people do want a roleplay like this, or they don't. I'm not here to explain myself, I'm here to roleplay. Ink I respect that you tried to be more friendly than Sho but if I came out, and didn't say anything about not be knowledgeable we wouldn't even be having this conversation. If others want a roleplay that is helmed by a person is who much more immersed in the setting than I than they can either make it themselves, or they can wait.

The main intent for this roleplay is to make an adventure set in a similar style to DnD without the need for dice roll mechanics, or overtly complicated sheets. Yes I could've tried to go for a standard DnD game but I have no experience with DM'ing an actual game only having played them. The aesthetic that is what I'm aiming for is just that. I fully intend to research, and read more into this if I do obtain more people. And if I don't fair enough people aren't interested in prospect that I have offered, and I will move on. So I'll ask that you kindly move on if you don't intend on joining. I am not asking for advice, nor am I asking for opinions on how valid my choice is to make this roleplay. I don't need anyone's approval to try and make a roleplay. At this point I'm sure the roleplay won't be made as the conversation at hand have already likely driven away new players not wanting to be involved in it.
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