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Current Was thinking a re-telling of Infinite without the whole time travel plot, and or a in between bioshock 1, or 2.
3 days ago
Tfw you want to make a bioshock rp but don't know how to properly set up a story for it.
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4 days ago
Not sure if its horror per say but there's plenty of Reaper Ambiance from Mass Effect 3 on youtube. Various planets too. Just gunfire, Metallic monster noises and death.
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17 days ago
I use to and still do remake all my failed roleplays. If you want to enjoy yourself go for it and try.
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18 days ago
I'd love to see an anime series where the whole plot is just one, or two people going from one universe to another and just obliterating ones that shouldn't exist.
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I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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This round went for more of a post towards Whomi if you want to make a smaller post thats fine omni.
"I would agree that sparring would be good but let's see what Marcino has to say. He's supposedly one of the toughest snipers in an entire nation. If someone with that experience is at our beck, and call so to speak we should hear him out. I trust you're strong Auriel but I'd like to have a second opinion on the matter." Cole told her as the shield hero went his own way he told Auriel to follow him. "I've also met some contacts I'd like to meet later when I went out looking for a place to sleep. Ended up going to the same place the big guy went to. It's nice enough and when the people recognized me as the Sword Hero they gave me a free room. Rather nice of them all things considered." Cole told Auriel as he walked to the door after bowing to the king and giving him a proper goodbye.

Cole walked through the castle, and then out of it ending up on the streets of the city where he went along the pathways, and all the guarded checkpoints of the city. The city was full of citizens going about their lives selling goods, and doing chores. Many people stopped to gawk at Cole in specific as he waved to them. "I must admit...I'm not use to this attention, and I am certainly not use to it being positive." Cole confided in Auriel as he walked through the streets. He patted his iron armor adjusting it slightly it was costly but not too much so. His blue cape that flowed out from his back was a bit fancy but he got it at a store when he bought a second set of clothes. It cost him a penny but it made him look cool, and regal which is why he picked it. "I hope you're fine with me I know you wanted to join with the spear. But looks like he left you out in the dust like the Bow Hero did us. I'll do my best to help you get stronger so help me do the same." Cole told her as they arrived at the tavern.

Its robust, and loud hall was heard from inside as Cole entered a large dark skinned man with an eye patch, and rough clothes called out to him. The barkeeper had been friendly to him when he arrived. "Hey kid how you doin'?" the keeper asked as Cole nodded, "I'm fine just taking it one step at a time." Cole told him as he went over to the corner where Marcino sat. Large scars were visible on his chest now, his intricate bow was sat to the side of him, and his dark hair was messy. A large keg of beer sat next to him as he clicked his fingers together. "Hey rookies! On me!" Marcino said as Cole walked over and sat down at one of the chairs on the lone table Marcino sat at. "What about the shield?" Marcino asked as Cole informed him that new shield hero was going to get some armor, and come back to meet them here. He told them to wait and about five minutes later in came Fer. "Hey kid over here come on and sit down we got some stuff to talk about!"
I'll try to get out a post today no promises don't have much in the way of inspiration atm of me posting.
You can make NPC's to interact with, and you can talk to random civilians that you can talk yourself but I'm not about to go running three separate encounters myself. As for world building the setting is pretty much the standard expect for some minor changes so not much.
Hope that works?
====Retcon Spear Hero to be replaced by an NPC Spear Hero who wandered off Due to Player Leaving====

As Cole looked at the man's hand in front of him he considered his words, and then remembered that a shield by definition was a defensive weapon. He felt bad for him meaning him, and the spear hero, and the bow hero would also need to protect him and that made the odds intangibly more difficult. Cole held his hand up to his face, and for a moment with his sword just a bit away from him and then sighed as she sheathed the weapon, and used his right hand to shake the shield hero's hand. "I wasn't aware...however with the other two long gone it seems it will be up to both me, and you to work together. If you're willing to guard for me, and Auriel then please by all means do so." Cole then turned to Auriel. "I'm not sure how experienced you are..but I'm counting on you two. Together all three of us can save the world with the help of the bow, and spear regardless." Cole said raising his hand in the air. "First order of business we're off to the shop I got my armor! We're going to get you both something to wear. And a weapon for you Auriel...unless you have one. Then we're going to see Marcino!" Cole told them as he looked over the two new friends he had made as a squire came in and shoved a bag of gold into the shield hero's hands. "Oh yeah that was meant for you. You can use it to spend on armor, or food."
I guess I can retcon it just seems highly unusual and not the best story telling
Can't do anything when no one posts
Alright well I'm not sure how we can keep doing this I can Try but I'd need another ass pull.
"My president is Jack Baker who won against the incumbent Frank Wayne. Suffice to say I believe we can confirm we're from at least two different worlds. Kind of like how this world is far different from my own. Like how there doesn't seem to be any guns." Cole said as he considered the fact as he turned to the shield hero. "Also my name is Cole I'm the legendary Sword Hero, and the numb nuts over there is the spear hero. That girl is his companion. It seems our party has shrunk so we should stick together while Rin does whatever she wants to do." Cole said as King Vincent interjected and clapped his hands together, "I think the Bow Hero may have had it right. Go find that good for nothing sniper, and have him train you. Two weeks for a crash course in martial combat? Its doable....and remember my kingdom is possibly dead if you screw it up." King Vincent said firmly reminding them that their lives were the main reason others would live. "I...I don't really think I can understand where this is going to go but I'll do my best I can't speak for the others." Cole said painfully aware now that this would be quite the stressful life from here on least it was better than college.

"Hey you there girl with the spear hero, Auriel right? Are you sure you're ready for this? I understand you must think highly of us but we're rookies too. We'll become stronger but it won't be easy for any of us." Cole questioned his charge plainly speaking he folded his arms together across his metal breast plate.
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