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1 yr ago
Current Losing a game of dragon ball the breakers because my dipshit allies wouldn't give me their fucking dragon balls pisses me off. the raider was already nearly dead fml.
1 yr ago
devaronian is the race you're looking for. They're basically thugs for the hutts for the most part.
1 yr ago
Man I'd love to be proven wrong so i'll keep trying but still it sucks like the fourth time this has happened for entirely seperate reasons each as dumb as the last.
1 yr ago
Man I just can't stick with a DND Group. I'm aware I feel pushy at times but I never intend to push anyone into doing anything. I'm just feeling so dejected at this point.
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1 yr ago
In general I've given up play by post roleplaying. I only check on occasion due to how NO ONE commits to forum posting in my over ten years of experience.
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I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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@Goosethat'll be fine by me if this is still going to be set up i can try to put something in the ooc.
I'd join if it didn't seem like this was player vs player based? But i'm not into rps like that so best of luck.
If this gets more people i'd throw in my hat.
@Omni5876@Whoami Before I respond to anything are you two left in this? It will be hard to support this game going forward with one player.
Not much but something wanted to give Rivia a chance to ask any questions or what have you.
"That's a promising start but I'd think it'd be best to leave it to my party. I've got a few of them running round the city doing what they need to. I've earned a bit of respect by the beggars here. My first thing I did after showing up was train. The second was help a bit of the homeless using the allowance money. Armor, and stuff is nice but buy a friend a bit of food, and a drink and he'll never forget it. Having friends in low places is better than high sometimes. We'll just need you to beat up their guards. Let The Sword Hero do his thing with their boss. Me? Once they get the info we need I'll be heading out to confront a group of corrupt guards. I got info from a regretful guard wanting to repent to one of the 'Four Heroes'. If the crew I assembled " comments the Spear Hero as he cracks his knuckles he keeps his spear wedged in between his legs as he looks to Rivia and then to Edusa. Taking a moment to breath he considers something for a moment before Cole speaks up.

"So what do you want me to do kill him?" Cole asks hoping he wouldn't need to kill a man so quickly into his journey it would be...less than satisfying. He wasn't a cold blooded killer. Doing so would hurt him even if it was for a good cause. Or at least that was how he felt at the moment as he considerate what was going to happen. "Prefered but not needed. Could have friends in the guard, or the royalty who could try and get him out. The little king's reach isn't far. He's only in his spot because of the nature of his birth. The conspiracy against the main family pretty much succeeded according to...sources. But for now it is our duty to make sure these people have no issues on the inside so the end of the world doesn't catch them slacking because if we die here? Everywhere is doomed.
So Swordy here better not die...and the shield of course."
lev says off handed.
I'll try to get out a post by sunday.
It doesn't matter that you didn't ask for it. Its the natural consequence of what is going to happen if I did actually acknowledge it. The enemy units will come, and they will attack, and try to kill Scarlett. I figured I was going to push it away for a moment so that I could get Rider's deal over with, and make it less awkward to have the team fall back for like three turns worth of respond time ignoring the fact Archer could just Amon-Ra strike at any time he wants at us, or you from across the gap. What I was expecting to happen is to booby trap some of the areas, hunker down, and rest while trying not to aggro. The fact of the matter is blowing up sections of the city is equivalent to kicking the beehive given they are clearly focused on something other than us, and once I establish that say Archimedes blames you for it, while whoever defends her or blames her over the comms, Assassin would still be on his way, and Archer would immediately turn his attention there. It would be less of an argument than an immediate 'can't let you do that' from Archer who knows the general location thanks to clairvoyance when checking the area where Mordred's mana burst shows up.

So I will acknowledge it right now if you want but that also means Archer's going to start shooting, and Assassin won't be to far behind which is probably worse because he's cloaked in presence concealment. while the other half of the group is at least three turns of combat away. Even if saber mana bursts her way there which would lessen the time it would still give just about the same amount of time for Archer to finish charging his prayer to unleash his phantasm.
Alright so do you want to listen to the two directors complain more? Do you want to fight both assassin, and archer. One's an accomplished warrior, the other is able to move through the air in multiple directions and breath fire. If it were one it'd be fair the two would be unfair without caster, or saber in the midst. Neither of them are in the blast zone, both have ways of gibbing Scarlett, and or Lancer in a 2v2. This is not a dig at Scarlett, or Lancer as a combatant. The simple fact is there will send skeletons, and they will use their phantasms. Either Assassin dodge tanks (disengage, protection from wind, his noble phantasm) Lancer since he (Assassin) probably can't outright beat them and let's archer super shot his way, or Assassin uses his superior mobility, and air dodges to evade our lancer while letting Archer snipe at him to prevent him from majorly getting in the way. I figured i'd save the drama, and skip the lecture from NPCs, and claims at throwing an unfair at someone. If I really wanted to be unfair I could throw in enemy Lancer who's at the dock but i'm not trying to be.
"Young Master if I had an idea of what their name was I'd tell you. They called themselves by code names. Caster, Rider, Assassin...you'd get the jest. If they were your Team 'A' then I'd imagine they're not much of a team." comments Kidd dourly as he drinks another long drink of sake following which he throws the bottle at the wall. "Their boss was a son of a bitch, irritable, and cocky. He was sure his magic was going to be able to win the day. When I looked upon that other rider? I almost believed him if it wasn't for the wolf skin beserker. Bastard's red lance was a menace to deal with. Critically damaged my noble phantasm." laments the rider. "But just so you know...my master there...he wanted to die looking up at the sky. He died looking up at the ceiling. Said he wanted to thank my one last time before archer killed him with that arrow to his spine. Brave man...highly volatile. But brave. Wanted to wish for all the kids in the world to have a better life. Heh...if that grail gets its way no one will." Kidd laments further.

"So you just came down to drink yourself to death? Servants can't even get drunk so that's a bullshit. You just gulping down ale for mana?" Saber says her voice heavily judgmental of the faded servant. She couldn't believe a pirate, a man who valued his freedom so heavily, would just sit down and die. "I imagine it must've been for a good reason you stuck around Captain Kidd." comments the Director as he appears in front of them as a hologram to talk directly to the servant. "Aye...your little band of friends? Probably what's left of them is running from Archer, and Assassin. Bastards are good. Some Pharaoh, and an man best described as a walking nightmare. If he IS a man." Rider says spitting in disgust.
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