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18 days ago
White and black lanterns can't coexist on one person or being one would destroy the other
25 days ago
A fucking faulty power cord cost me one maybe two kills in dead by daylight in one game. It froze not once not twice but three, or four times during ONE CHASE.
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1 mo ago
TFW Status bar people haven't watched G Gundam. TFW people don't know Tequila/Spike Gundam is also a thing.
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2 mos ago
Watching 'A Certain Magical Index' due to Giguk's reccomendation/boredom. Its pretty good albeit cliche in some aspects but most anime have the same tropes. I'd say give it a watch if you're curious.
2 mos ago
Fucking Feh Channel announced Beast units for Fire Emblem Heroes now the fuck boys can finally stop begging for them to get in. Reddit was plagued with serious, and joke posts about them.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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I haven't read Tsukihime but I'll throw my hat in the ring. Are our masters, and servants strictly OC's or do we summon the actual heroes? If so what's the limit on them?
Well I hope you guys enjoy having a butcher as the surgeon I guess lol.
Adam sighed as the sound of combat came from behind him...were these people really worth what little piece of treasure that likely started the fight? Adam apologized to the bar keep, and jumped over the counter. Not wanting to waste his own knives Adam chose to quickly search around, and found what he was looking for. The man's forks, and knives. The forks were a little trickery to use as weapons but Adam was confident that these drunk morons likely weren't capable of thinking that far ahead. Adam scooped them up, and vaulted back over the counter and proceeded to throw the knives at the people who were looking to threaten his current captain, annoying though her antics may be he didn't want to sign aboard ANOTHER ship so soon. After throwing them he bounded towards the exit. "Captain we should bail!" Adam suggested quickly. Who knows what hell would happen for wrecking a local tavern at the least they should bring it back outside.
I'll try posting tomorrow. I apologize but I have been reluctant to post due to lack of activity in the rp. Wary of this dying due to players suddenly not doing anything.
The more Adam considered this place the more he felt like he was wasting his bloody time. him none of them wore the faces of anyone familiar meaning they were nobodies. Even if he hadn't served on their ships he made properly sure to memorize any worthwhile faces on wanted posters. Sometimes it gave him inspiration for costumes. Other time a handful of pocket change in exchange for ratting them out to the marines. Not like that latter part would apply here but still. He excused himself from the side of his captain and sat down at the bar table. He grinned, and put a few coins on the tavern counter ordering some water. He didn't drink. Drinking killed brain cells needed to stab people in the throat. If he did drink he tried to have it as non-alcoholic as possible. Father told him about this growing up said it stunted his growth for awhile. That drinking was the bane of all true adventurers because they became dependent on an outside source. The old man was full of stuff like that still he wondered what his adventurous 'boss' would do next.
I'll try to post today no promises though I forgot to do so yesterday.
Alright well that doesn't sound down my alley too much even if i chose to pick a non-combat servant like Hans. I do wish you luck with the roleplay though.
@PKMNB0YIs this going to be a mix of pvp, pve, and or is this just more slice of life? I HATE pvp with all my might so being forced into it would be mostly a deal breaker for me but otherwise I'd be interested in trying this.
Just feel like notifying noodles that I'm still recovering from three vaccination shots. My body is all sort of out of wack. May not be able to post for a few more days as I also have a special day coming up as well.
@NoodlesIC seems like its going by really slow you may want to consider speeding up the posts if you can.
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