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7 days ago
Current Fucking pissed. I bought stellaris on xbox and I can't even fucking playing it properly because the aspect ratio is just off enough to cut off the resources and I can't fix it.
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15 days ago
A most sincere 'fuck you too' to my old man. Fucking asshole left roughly six beer cans laying around for me to throw out while doing the dishes when he knows I had a frustrating day.
27 days ago
Man today was tough spent all day playing with toxic players in multiple games hope tomorrow is better.
1 mo ago
tfw Math class is canceled and you're still stuck at college for an hour for another exam.
2 mos ago
You know watching twitch's pokemon stream makes me wonder how Brock isn't dead by poison by the end of diamond and pearl. He is jabbed nearly every episode by crogunk.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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alright does anyone want to make their own mission or are we all deploying in once area?
@ShandriaWaiting on you to leave with Virtue.
The captain knows what happens and Veda automatically records data I doubt debrief are entirely necessary. Basically 'If something needs to get done then write a report to Veda.'
"Pilots I'm not sure if you're done your heart to heart yet but I've got a detailed schedule to keep up of murder, and terrorism. If you want to actually see Veda's plan done I recommend getting in your gundams, or getting what you need before proceeding into them." grumbled the Captain over the intercom of the ship. Nea whistled to get attention on her, "Miss Richards says Virtue, and Kyrios are good to go. Please get in whenever you're ready." Nea said as she walked out of the hanger the brigade of haros behind her.
"Help yourself I guess we just got supplied a bit extra just in case things lasted long. We got a lot of canned food but that's just about it." Nick stated as he pointed to the small mobile office with its own generator. It wasn't anything fancy but it was just there to allow the pilots, or the mechanic to relax. "Just some macaroni, and cheese will be fine. I'm not in the mood for anything fancy thanks for the offer though." Chad responded as Haro jumped up, "Make it quick! Make it quick! Missions begin as soon as Virtue, and the others arrive!" Haro commented quickly. Chad sighed and sat down on Dynames's foot and wondered just how many people wanted to test their power before dying this week. Unlikely anyone had a brain enough to not mess with the giant advanced death robots.
@Rennyrenny nea is on ship with you.
"Hey is everything alright in here? I came to check on you all see how you're doing." Nea said as she floated out of the hall with her haros behind her. She was the one in charge of making sure the haro units didn't do anything. "Hey Miss Richards the gundams should be fine they just need maintenance I checked before they docked." Nea said looking down towards the ship's mechanic who nodded and said it would be a quick one and they should be able to join the group in Earth's Atmosphere soon. "Uh Miss Prigent is everything alright you looked a bit stressed? I didn't see anything wrong with the operations while I was at them monitor did something happen? Also please remember to keep smoking to the designated areas of the ship that are meant for it." commented Nea as she went along the catwalks.


The island base that Celestial Being had picked for them was a nice tropical one. It was undiscovered which meant short of a cast-away victim they should be fine considering it was next to impossible to track their suits. Chad grumbled as he rubbed his head and stepped out of the ship pulling off his helmet, and dismounting out of Dynames. He was met with Nick Barker who was the head of maintaining the gear down here. He was a sort of operator who made sure upgrades were working well. A mechanic to help when the mothership was out of reach. "Things went well?" commented Nick as he wandered up to the machine. He looked it over before nodding silently. "No damage detected. But that will change soon we'll be getting in actual combat sorties that aren't completely out of left field. People will be expecting us now. We're terrorists who just declared against the world after all. Personally prefer the term 'peace maker' though." joked Chad as Nick nodded going over to look at Exia. "Looks like nothing major either..." Nick stated aloud as Chad shrugged, "He's not some noob pilot either. He can take care of his suit."
I purposely left the personality section out of the CS for this rp because I feel personalities will change a lot in this rp.
I wouldn't say Vira recruited everyone. The twins, and Reyson were born into the group. And the captain is roughly 76 years old and his actual identity is high clearance. If the other pilots want to be recruited by Vira, or let their data leak out that's fine with them on an individual basis. Vira isn't the only innovade in Celestial Being.

Also I'll allow people to go on their own missions if they so choose during the next mission.
"Good work you three. I regret we didn't get more information from O Gundam to see if the GN condenser is working properly but they were just helions anyway. No match for proper gundams. Nea will dock you. Proceed to the decks." commented Captain Schneider as he gruffly rubbed his salt, and pepper colored hair. He was glad those two didn't go overboard it would be a mess if things got out of hand. Still it was going to happen soon. "Report Exia, and Dynames?" commented Hans carefully asserting himself into the communications line to Exia, and Dynames. "All clear they didn't even know where I took off from. They probably just barely caught me. Heading for the designated point for rendezvous with Exia." Chad stated quickly. Hans congratulated both Chad, and Michael for their work of course using their code names. Chad smiled the kid was barely a teenager and he still was as capable as he'd ever been. The kid had a bright future. Shame he had to be a terrorist. "Just doing my job. I'm no better than my training, and what my good buddy Haro here can help me with." Chad stated modestly as Haro chimed in once more, "Ultimate team! Ultimate team! No one can stop Celestial Being! Haro haro!"

As Dynames floated around in the air, and the others prepared to dock Reyson said the broadcast had started and that all the pilots should listen to it if they could. He made sure to patch it into everyone's mobile suits. After all this was the speech being broadcasted to the world as footage of their acts was witnessed by billions around the whole globe. Mobile suits that far exceeded all others what were their purpose? What did they mean?

"Looks like its all on us...we'll burn war to the ground. No one needs to live in fear anymore. Corrupt government powers will fall once their war profiteering is over...even if I have to fight my old friends." Chad stated under his breath to himself thinking back to the days of his blue boy days. The bell plastered on his shirt collar. The flag formation as they flew across beautiful America. The world will change...there is no going back to the days of his old friends, and comrades cheering him on as the new rookie. Now he was the enemy. He would shoulder the burden of the world...even if it meant he had to set it on fire.
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