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Current Feeling good finally got a good 'IV' unit on FEH this morning. A +Speed -Hp Soleil.
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You know I finished playing Doki Doki Literature Club the other day. And while it was a great game it isn't 'traditionally' great. However Monika left a big impact on me for some odd reason.
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TFW You see the same people who won't be interested in your roleplay looking at it and you know because have a rule set from other roleplays they don't like it but don't bother looking at who made it.
2 mos ago
Never take the Maxx 'C' Challenge. It leads to nothing but misery. Especially against competent decks.
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I hate when you play strategy games and there's an enemy attacking you but your forces bulk is focused on finishing an enemy in the opposite direction...makes revenge sweeter though.
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I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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Alright well I'll make an OOC when I can more people are welcome but it'll be a bit so I'll leave this Interest check open until I make the OOC.
Well I'm glad this is getting some interest so soon. Welcome aboard. Just remember. We don't talk about 'fight club' to heroes.
Heroes...a modern world filled with nothing but fame grubbing, people pleasing, children kissing, morons who do all they can to stay relevant until they grow too old to do the job. This world is filled with 'em...people who want to get being the best 'model of the week' human being. They join agencies, they make big speeches, and they act like they all are superior to the the appointed 'villains' who want to use their own abilities for their own doing. Some of us though aren't in the villain business just because we want to take the easy way out. Not just because we don't degrade ourselves to their level. Some of us have some sort of professional pride about us. Some of us want the world to bow to us. Not us to them. The sniveling heroes compete in self righteous self advertisement. They sell THEMSELVES to the public in order to get themselves put above them. Even those who profess a sincere moral high ground can't escape this hellish corporate bureaucracy.

But we villains here see the big picture. We with quirks with actual worth are superior to these 'saints' walking around us those false idols. Heroes are beneath all of us. Just because every boy, and girl wants to be one doesn't mean the rest of us grow out of that phase. This group before us intends to prove taking out every pathetic hero in order to get our own way. Some of us may just be in it because they're crazed beasts who want a good fight. A REAL fight. Others are in it for the money. They want to rule the world through cold hard cash the only real resource any modern human wants. Want a cool car? You buy it? You want a good gun? You cash in on the black market, or gunstores. You want to be a business man? You gotta have that cold hard mula. Perhaps you're not even here because you want to be? That some hero blackmailed you, or something shady along those lines, and now you're here to make sure you don't get thrown in some super dungeon. Doesn't matter our goals all end in the same end.

Formed by a super villain known as Blackened we are a part of a group stationed out of Japan. We have no 'real name' for ourselves we work for Blackened in order to get what we want. But some of us have taken to calling us The Dark Tree because of how our structure works. We have low ranking thugs all the way up to high profile villains. It doesn't matter some days we're causing trouble for agencies, other days we burning down cities to make some distractions. Hell at times we even pick a big guy on the block to end...permanently. We're not good people...we're all in this for ourselves.


Hello everyone this is the start of a roleplay about a different perspective on things. A lot of people like to be the heroes. I mean who doesn't? They don't get locked up if they screw up usually. However sometimes I just like to be evil. Dark. Cruel. This isn't a roleplay for morally upstanding hero characters. More like 'do what you want' villains. We will have a hierarchy as each of us has to listen to Blackened in the end. If you feel like your character can rebel he, or she can go off on their own but then you'll probably need to make a new one because Blackened is pretty much the Lex Luthor of this villain world. He runs everything from his perch, and he hates competition. So while you can have your own agenda he will be the driving force in this roleplay. Because well...we need some sort of narrative don't we?

This roleplay doesn't have a planned out plot. I intend to make this roleplay as it comes if that turns you off then so be it you don't have to join. I have some 'events' planned out but there is no serious story that we will be tied down to. This doesn't make this a 'sandbox' roleplay as we will often be working together.

In order to make this work a little better I will not be making my own player character for this instead I will be working off higher ranking NPC's, and hero characters who will be our enemies. The whole goal of this organization is control. We hate the heroes. We hate being pushed down on the social hierarchy. And we certainly freaking hate being threatened just because we're not willing to work minimum wage in exchange for not shilling ourselves to corporate to pay our bills.

Our activities will range from bank robbing, to terrorism, to flat out hero killing. Perhaps more if you got ideas you can throw them out in, or out of character.

If you have any questions you can ask below. I'm willing to answer what I can.
No because after this we will be summoning the servants. This is also a way to drop out lost members without losing story continuity.
is it because its test week that no one is posting?
I when people complain about a lack of posts but when you finally get around to posting it takes them up to three, or more days to reply themselves to the point where the rp might just die out. Whats the point in complaining if you're not going to follow up on what you're complaining about?

Also if you guys don't mind me complaining about real life stuff but I feel like I really need to

"When I asked all of you here I wanted you to bring a catalyst, or rather something of historical importance, that will be what you use to summon something. If you have not I have...procured some relics for you to use. I believe you all have some quality to be useful in commanding a servant. Either it a large reserve of od, and mana or perhaps your personalities. Either way the summoning will be done in a hall used for practicing magecraft in order to prevent the principle from becoming angry with me. I will not wreck his office by possibly summoning dangerous spirits from some age, or another." Orson clarified as he waited for more responses. "With that being said the Grey Family is a nuisance. They're agenda caused breaks with us during the cold war and split pro-soviets, with pro-nato members. Their head patriarch was a pro-soviet supporter. I believe that he will not rule with a gentle fist." commented Orson as Leon raised his hand, "Sir why aren't you mentioning their names?" asked Leon as Orson sighed, "The short version is if you can place a name to a face you see them as human not a target. By cutting out the names I hope to make it less personal for you all with more of a conscious."
Orson saw that there were no more questions to be thrown across the room at him so he decided to continue on. "With that being said we believe that the Greys may be allied with the others. The Grails have been said to require something special in order to activate it. I don't know what exactly but it may be that the Grey Family has allied themselves with another faction, or family in order to get what they needed. Prime suspects being Einzbern. That little moving castle trick is something they like to use for their grail wars. But we have no substantial pieces of evidence. Other than that the Grey children were said to be in an arranged marriage to another mage but we don't know who at the moment. However rumor says it was broken after bad blood what remains of that alliance may, or may not be true." commented Orson as he sighed and placed his hands together, and pressed forward onto the headmaster's table. "I'm not sure if all of you know the exact reason why you're here. So let me tell you: I have called you all here to be a master for a member of our faction. A Black Faction. Made to combat the Grey's Red Faction. By agreeing to hear anything further, and to be willing to submit your life to this cause to possibly save the world from a new age of mage totalitarian rule we ask that you assist us in this endeavor. But you're all mages you say? Why should we risk this when this could benefit us? Because the vast majority of the world aren't mages. And they, while useful tools, shouldn't be ruled by the few unless they must. The Mage Association seeks the root. When we find it we may understand the divine right of rulership. If not then we will understand where we stand. Until such a time we must live in secrecy until we understand just exactly we are capable of." Orson said with a clear, and flat tone as he looked across the room. Anderson made no gestures he knew why he was here.

Leon sighed, and nodded. "The recruiter told my father the truth. I know it too. But at the same time I will not tolerate any any sort of oppression. I stand as an advocate for personal freedom. As such I'm willing to shackle another person, willing or not, to my own will. To become a hypocrite for the greater good I will fight for Black Faction. For what little my life is worth I will lend it to you. I'm not worth as much as my predecessors. But I'm better than nothing. I have no qualm with the family Grey but their lives will be sacrificed if the future demands it." Leon said with strong conviction as he shook his head in affirmation. He held no stupid thoughts of how this was for 'the betterment of the world'. Leon was a hypocrite. He vouched for freedom, and equality and he hated the thought of becoming a slave. For all his 'moral high ground' Leon was willing to throw it to the ground for a greater good. "When good men fail to act. Bad men win." Leon affirmed as Orson nodded at Leon thanking him for his help.
I have stuff to do myself I'll post when I can.
Not especially I made the post on the time I had previously. If no one else intends on posting I'll have Orson move us 'along' he still needs to 'clarify' some things.
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