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Current Man fuck Gundam Battle Operation 2's bullshit penalty system. I've been getting lagged out of games and now sitting on a one day penalty because the game itself has shit netcode.
3 days ago
I literally got downvoted for saying 'I'm not a big fan of v-tubers but I'm glad they're promoting the game we're playing' on reddit. Love how classy your average simp is.
4 days ago
Shoot me...I start Sign Language today just got done the first lesson. I have to pass this course to get my degree and I have absolutely zero interest in it.
7 days ago
I just lost about an hour or so of progress in persona because one enemy got in a stun on my MC and then another finished him off. Really hate how if the MC dies you auto lose the battle.
10 days ago
Just got my copy of Persona 5 Royal almost two weeks in shipping but its interesting in terms of changes so far. Weirdly it feels nostalgic being back in game.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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As Darbin arrived he landed and took in the sight of the academy building a rather intensive repair was underway but it will take awhile to come back to its full splendor it would seem. Regardless it would seem the others had gone through some of their own business in their own way. The green soldier found himself wondering just how exactly did they find all of this stuff? If the intent was to destroy the town then they had done a rather awful job of ruining its would seem everything from food, to other supplies was still here thankfully. ""I just caught up on some sleep. I was in the middle of a war when I came here the rest did me well. Food would be nice but I will not take anything not freely given as a gesture of good will towards the Kai, and the dead." he stated out loud as he looked over the Frost Demon's supply. He took a deep breath and looked at him nodding however quickly stating his follow up thoughts. "Well done in the supply hunt though you've done well and I am impressed. I couldn't have done it better myself given the chance. This city must've lost more supplies than I can count, or the other who attacked this place simply was sloppy in its scorched world policy.."
either of you can post.@Omni5876
I'll post tomorrow if I can.
After finding a rather secluded spot in a still mostly intact building, at least the best one he could find, Darbin found himself wondering how exactly he was going to deal with the situation at hand. Super Saiyans, robots that function as war machines, and other such nonsense was going to be something he would need to adjust to. All the same information was the key thing to look out for he had managed to fly under the radar for the moment choosing to keep quiet while the others talked, complained, or otherwise said nonsense to one another. To Darbin his mission had changed from conquering to returning home as quick as possible assuming it hadn't been annihilated. In truth he had quite expected a Namekian warrior to be here as well given the menagerie of weirdos assembled. But all in all it took only a moment to fully comprehend that he had to do what was in his best interest and that was to fix things so he himself wasn't wiped out. A man in his situation may wonder what happened to his really didn't matter they were already on death's door he wondered how long it would take for this squad to squabble knowing the rather large differences in culture, and ways of doing things.

As Darbin awoke he discarded his destroyed armor, and decided the first course of action was to first find food, but that was likely up to the Kai to provide any real food here may have been lost to the attack. Second was to find information as such why not start at the school? He suspected that the others with some level intelligence may start there was well so after deciding on his destination he quickly charged off using his Ki to propel himself forward towards the Academy.
Apologizes for the mini post don't really have much for you at the library will use Hans to just get you where you want to go there, or at least someone to interact with.
As Auriel arrived in the massive sprawling library in the cathedral many of the clerics, bishops, and other magisters were busy at work studying preparing for the wave coming in less than two weeks time now. Many men, women, and even some children prodigies seemed to be hard at work trying to find ways of helping the nation survive the incoming disaster that would be the waves. A young man clad in his brownish robes approached Auriel who she would likely know as Hans Copper, the mage who helped summon all four heroes in the first place. As Hans approached he gave Auriel a big smile and nodded at her as he adjusted his glasses. "Miss Auriel was it? The one who volunteered to help the heroes? Well met. I hope that everything had gone well since then! Personally speaking I wish you all the best of luck." Hans states with a smile as the mousely looking young man adjusts his glasses.
Apologizes for the delays I've gotten stuff over the past few days.
Alright post if you want otherwise I'll send you the summoner from the first chapter to talk to you in a day or so.
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