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Current The madmen did it! Doki Doki Literature Club plus is a thing!
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I swear people will downvote anything on reddit. I posted an Ad on a dnd sub for looking for campaigns and its already been downvoted 10 minutes into it being posted.
14 days ago
Really enjoyed the lastest Lostbelt from Fate Grand Order. Solid addition to the story with some stumbles with characters being underutilized IMO.
3 mos ago
The persona 5 royal achievement themes are SO good. Lavenza's in particular I think is very unique and stylish.
4 mos ago
I swear every multiplayer team I fight is some sort of ultra cohesive elite unit, and I always get stuck with the dumbest bricks of lead in the entire player base.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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Yeah you can use that is fair you can add and use that.
I just need to know what exactly it does, and how it works. If you're copying Rayla's ability Repulse redirects the last physical attack's impact back at a person but it does have an upper limit.
@Omni5876What exactly does that shield do? I don't believe you passed that by me as its not on your sheet in the CS Section.
it is.
"Don't bother its just the boss, and us its not that big of a cave. The others are out doing their normal routines won't be back until the end of the night. Not that they'll do much better given we got legendary heroes dealing with two bit bandits..." commented one of the bandits who had been handcuffed as Marcino grunted, and nodded in affirmation. "I've looked at the walls, and other parts of the floor there's no more hidden entrances. Not surprised never thought some one hit bandit from Zeltoble would have gained much traction here in a different kingdom. Especially this close to the capital. The only reason they're getting away with this is because literal hell is a few weeks away." commented Marcino gruffly as he held his bow firmly in his hand. "If you really care to help Cole, and Fer then you may as well head down and assist them. I'll be your safety lever over here. I can make the shot if something goes bad." Marcino grunts seemingly not interested greatly in the outcome of the duel between Cole, and Rayla.


Almost as if she had seen it coming before it had happened Rayla quickly moved to counter Cole's attacks as she parries Cole's blade and moves to sweep his legs out with her blade but Cole makes a quick counter by rolling to dodge it leaves him open. Cole curses his lack of experience knowing that he was a simple noob with a sword in his hand made him feel like he was simply the wrong person for this whole hero job. If Fer had not managed to cover him when he did it was likely that he would've taken a rather bad wound. As Fer went to attack her from behind attacking at her legs she takes the hit, but her stance keeps her from falling, or buckling likely from the training she received in the arena at her home nation. Rayla brings up her left hand, and catches Fer's hand. "Shield hero? Is this a joke? Whatever repulse." she growls at Fer as suddenly he feels a wave of energy pass through is arm...only to do nothing "What the hell?" she growls as she sees the shield glowing. She suddenly drops back as Cole's blade comes swinging at her chest slicing through her breastplate but not doing much damage to her as there seemed little in the way of blood on his blade.

"Fine if the shitty little shield hero wants to play dirty so be it. The only threat I see here is the sword. You don't have a weapon kid so good luck hurting a trained warrior with your fists." Rayla says in anger as she lifts her sword high and brings it down. "Thunderwave!" she shouts as the blade impacted with the ground a wave of yellow energy explodes underneath them causing the ground to shatter, and break underneath Fer, and Cole's feet. Cole having been ready for it manages to roll out of the way from the cave floor crumbling and exploding underneath them sending rocks in all directions and leaving a rather large circular hole in the floor leading from her sword point to the area they were standing in.

"Ha...ha...ha..." Cole pants as he brings his sword up, and holds it in both of his hands firmly. "I'm not done yet!" Cole says intending to do his best to save Fer, and himself from calamity. He charges her and this time with a plan he dodges the upcoming retaliation by faking his attack for a forward assault instead spinning around to his left he cuts into her arm with his sword slash this time hitting home as it gashes a wound in her arm but she seems to not mind it taking it and bringing her own blade back around with a large swing and cuts through Cole's chestplate. He feels a intense pain in his chest as he feels a warm feeling down his chest. He sees a rather decent wound on his chest but it didn't appear to be bleeding profusely he knew not to take that for granted. Cole suppressed his pain and went back into attack Rayla.
Alright well if Whoami is not going to reply I'm going to post when I get a chance in the next few days.
Deciding it would be best to not bother everyone after such a...chaotic day Darbin thought it'd be best to go work on some target training. After searching through the market place he found some capsules for such a thing buried under some rubble of one building. The capsules deployed small clay disks it would appear something simple that can be thrown, and or tossed around for the sake of training easily. The issue only being he had to do it himself. Still some training was better than none, and he wasn't sure if the kais were aware of his ability to transform or not so they could be underestimating his own power. Or they did and he was simply completely outmatched. It didn't matter a job was a job. Darbin found as clear a surrounding as he could in the middle of a square which may have very well been some sort of intersection to the other areas at some point in time and proceeded to train. Throwing the disks made him realize how rusty he had been fighting from range having missed the first few but he steadily managed to find a beat.
I'll post tomorrow if no one else does. I'm just going to do some basic ki training.
I imagine that we're just a part of a japanese styled familia not that the setting itself is more japanese unless the dm says so.
I have a rudimentary understanding as well but I'd be willing to try and sling it up if you need more people.
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