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Current That moment when someone has a problem with you and one of those problems is your diet of all things? Since when is a man's plain eating tastes of all things been reasonable grounds to yell about?
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Laptop died need a new battery can't make big posts until I get a new battery
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Sincerely fuck this evening I lost all my browser data except my saved stuff. Now I gotta go back and re-login into my accounts, and redo the stuff I shouldn't do because google changed something.
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TFW people are blaming Doki Doki Literature club for the reason behind a fifteen year old's suicide despite its multiple warnings and not investigating if the person had issues.
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I bought a glorified excuse for a visual novel on steam. Its a flash game that has a normal price tag of ten dollars with slow clunky gameplay and a crappy 'chose one' protag. Definitely refunding it.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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My laptop battery died I can try to make posts but they won't be that long as 8n on my phone atm
Alright change of plans guys my laptop battery died that means o can't feasibly make a proper ooc until I get a replacement that means I will either need. To place this on hold or cancel it which one is up to you guys.
I won't be able to do much woke up found out my laptop battery died ill still try to make posts if I can.
"You don't get to pick your god damn dibs boy! Keep your stupid fucking hormones in the bag, and you will team up with who best suits the situation! People will be sent into areas more suited for them! If you'd like I could send you to fight in the lake area where stretchy quirk is moot, and you're more likely to fail!" White Skull shouted pointing at the boy as the other more experienced villains mocked him silently. The White Skull put a stop to it quickly though grabbing his gun, and telling them to shut up too as self mockery among comrades was asinine, and counter productive when its not the big guy in charge doing it. "Quirks, and groups should be assigned to where they're most capable of being useful. For example one zone replicates an ocean rescue zone, and another replicates our big city we're earning out keep in." Skull said as he waves a hand in the air. "Sending people based on likes, and dislikes of one another when they can be used elsewhere is counter productive. I HATE inefficient mission components so expect to be sorted into an area that best suits your skill set. As for when we're going we're going soon. If you're done then pack up, and get into the back of a tractor trailer. Consider yourselves...and express delivery. Oh, and do mind not to cause too much of a mess...if you do inside of these things could get REALLY bad for you later on. Especially considering its your way of getting out of the place." commented White Skull boredom leaking from his voice as if the concept of escape seemed dull to him.
Alright I'll try to get out an pic some time tomorrow or maybe tonight ill be playing two guys, brothers separated one conscripted into knighthood, so my cat's won't be massive because of that
@Leah Gao has been travelling since he was a young teenage at the very least he could've been around the ages that team avatar started out at. At the most roughly around 15/16. That gives him roughly around 10 years of experience in the least. If he was unable to figure out airbending in ten years while intensely studying, and learning by trial, and error than Gao would be a pretty piss excuse for a fodder bender. His whole background revolves around his travels, and hardships learning from various places he's been, and adapting as he's come along. Likewise Aang was a young boy at the time of his studying of water bending, and with a master it took him less than a year to at least achieve competence with the bending arts. Once again that comes back to Gao having his life so far learning one single element.

Also I never said anything about advanced bending. He can't form wind balls, and he learned to use the glider through practice, and observing air nationals while travelling. He can't fly either. What I did say was that he was powerful he's innately a capable bender. But due to his chosen life style hasn't been able to capitalize on this. He's capable of strong bursts of wind, and controlling it deftly but he doesn't know how to mold it to his style most of his techniques are simple, and blunt he is a hammer, not a sword. He creates gusts, and gales not tornado. He's more about brutally knocking his opponents down, and hitting them with strong blasts of wind than he is dancing around, and letting them tire themselves out. Any close range combat skills he has would be limited to what hand to hand fighting he picked up when he couldn't use his bending to get out of his way, and is likely just slightly above street brawler level.

The whole jest of his character is to foil the normal air nomads/nationals who dodge gracefully, and subvert their enemies. They seek inner peace while Gao would be one just to dodge when he feels its needed smack them in the face with some high pressured wind, and then if that failed then start to try to get crafty. He's quite weaker in that sense than a normal air bender trained by the descendants of Aang. They would be able to get out of the way, and probably find some way of outmaneuvering him but in other circumstances Gao's brutal approach would overwhelm some other benders.
Alright well do you all want me to start a OOC? @Jinxer@webboysurf@Blitzy@vietmyke@Instigator@Fetzen
Name: Gao Xiang
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Physical Description: A skinny young man though physically fit Gao has lightly tanned white skin, and dark brown eyes. He has dark brown hair that's been clean cut. He refuses to shave all the way through opting to remove as much hair as possible while keeping enough on his head to appear distinct. He has no facial hair, and no noticeable scars on his body though his calloused hands, and bruises on his arms, and legs tell that he is experienced enough upon close inspection. Gao typically is not considered a handsome man, but he isn't ugly either he is extremely plain and tends to blend in with a crowd of average people. He typically wears a simple loose brown shirt, and sometimes a black jacket. His pants are likewise unremarkable simply being a pair of worn white pants.

Backstory: Born in the Earth Sphere in a small village young Gao was nothing worth noting initially his parents were farmers, and his fellow villagers generally unimportant. His life in his young years was rather uneventful as the Earth Sphere's issues were rarely brought into the village due to their remote location in the northern earth sphere. He spent most of his life learning farming, and hunting as he viewed cities grow in size from afar and from an outsider's prospective he fought it fascinating. These massive cities were large, and prosperous. So many things he'd never seen before were housed there, and it led his imagination wild. However his grand father warned him that nothing good came from the cities that bad men ruled them, and that they would continue to do so into the near future. His grand father had gone to these cities, and had seen many things in his youth from air benders to, metal benders in Republic City the patriarch of the Xiang family knew many things.

But after some consideration Gao, and his friend Yu decided to travel to one of the cities in the earth kingdom to understand just what exactly they were. After some time travelling, and experiencing the sights all seemed to go the opposite of what his grand father had warned him about. The city, and the machines in it were all amazing and being very self sufficient the duo managed to live a rather poor but ok life in the city for a few months before a gang attacked, and scarred Yu for life burning his hand. An Earth Bender tried to force money out of Gao by force, whom had none at the time, and decided to fight back. During the fight he learned that he was an air bender after knocking the earth bender on his rear end through a window, and managing to blow out the fire bender with sheer force. He was a strong bender in terms of power but it tired him greatly to use his power. Bringing Yu to a doctor they had met he had his friend treated, and then returned home shortly after. His grand father was not surprised to learn of his gift, but his parents were. It had been known that air benders on occasion popped up out of nowhere.

After discussing it with his village elders young Gao left his village with his grand father, though old he was he insisted to come with Gao, and learn more about himself after he refused to join the air nomads because he knew nothing about them just yet. He didn't want to become a part of something he knew so very little about. Living day to day Gao, and his grand father traveled from place to place as he saw more of the world he saw more cruelty, and less kindness. People who had power refused to act, or sometimes chose to help those who hurt the innocent. Though there were good people often their acts of kindness left voids where evil simply reappeared once the heroes left, or died. He learned air bending through his grand father's example, though his grand father was not an air bender he knew one as a child, and through scrolls purchased from people in the markets. Though most of the air temples were taken back by the new air nation at this point he chose to visit some of the ruins that were deemed unable to be repopulated minor settlements in the former air nomad nation. He didn't get a bison while there but he did pick up an old air nomad flier built from a man whose family sold them to the modern air nomads.

By the time the air nation noticed him, and found him he had grown despondent to the world disliking morality seeing too much black, and white that it blended into grey. He would do as he wanted to, and live life as he would. Refusing to join the kind air nation he left on his own journey. He would go through the Earth Sphere learning, training, and fighting through the wilderness, and thugs that tried to stop him learning combat techniques as he learned much about avatar korra's journey, and some of the villains such as Zaheer who he summed up as a zealot though with his own merits from what he had been told. As he is now he is a simple traveler, and occasional vigilante. He doesn't want for glory, or to move up the food chain. He simply travels to better himself, and become stronger as an individual. Though the grey world he walks in sometimes disgusts him he chooses not to use his power for his own gain, and or to force his opinions onto others. A wandering 'nomad' in a sense he has a home though he doesn't return to it. When the world has finally given him a purpose he hopes its for the best.

Bender/Non-bender: Air Bender - A blunt, and straight forward bender he has more in common with some earth benders than the air nation. However he is still light on his feet, and capable of dodging with ease simply willing to dodge when needed but engage directly with heavy blasts of wind, and subversive uses of wind to knock people off balance before delivering a brutal gust of wind.
A sharp whistle pierced the air it was a cold, and sinister one as the man in shadows walked out of them he clutched his guards on and pushed them aside gently. As he walked forward those same guards grabbed some tablets from some tables, and walked to the center. What the man looked like was something out of an absolute nightmare. His black suit, hat, and red tie were the only things natural about him. He had skin as pale white as possible. It had been bleached it looked like by some unknown source but worse yet it was cracked, and muscles can be seen in some places. His face looked dead as if he were a zombie blanches of color stained the pale white, and his dark brown eyes pierced the room. His crooked smile plastered on his face with chapped lips made him look ghoulish as if he weren't even human. He had two pairs of sawed off shotguns tied to his belt, and as he stepped on top of a crate he whistled again.

"You who have all gathered here today welcome to the party! I...I am one you may have heard of. The terrorist at large responsible for not only unleashing a radiation bomb inside the US Capital of Washington DC, but also for the mass murder of women, children, and other innocents around the world! Lucky for all of you, I'm not going to do the same here because I work for Black Tree. Like all of you children, AND adults do! Don't worry you won't be committing a war crime today...instead we'll be doing something arguably more morally repugnant." commented the man as he clapped his gloved hands together his disgusting face turning into that resembling a humored one.

"BUT! BUT BUT BUT! Before I go on any further I'd like to let you all know my name. All of you should understand just who you're dealing with! I am WHITE SKULL! Or The Pale Man, as some in the middle east know me by. Where I came from I will let you ponder on your own! But understand I will not take insubordination lightly. You cross me, you refuse an order, and you're dead! And don't worry no ones going to rat on you today...I've made sure of that." commented the White Skull with a eerily simple chuckle. " GATHER AROUND EVERYONE! Today we will be taking it to those 'heroes' who live life at the public's whim! WHO WHORE THEMSELVES OUT TO THE MEDIA FOR MONEY! Disgusting rats, and vermin...and those in training. Today a hero course from U.A High School will be doing exercises in a park designed for super heroes to learn more. There will be some strong heroes there, and some rising talent...We will be wiping that out today! Maim, murder, poisoning, incineration! Name it! I'M NOT A PRUDE! However the boss has requested me to ask you all to lay off the child killing...maiming is preferable! But I want to let you know I couldn't care if you mentally scar the little shits just as long as you ruin their hero careers got me!? They're all the next generation that will be a pain in your asses!" commented the Pale Man as he looked around the warehouse.

"We will be splitting into two groups. You with quirks are to go, and engage the heroes...while the rest of us nobodies make sure no one gets near the place while you're working. Once you're done we will evacuate through the same trucks we entered with. Though there is a back up plan in case things go...horribly wrong." White Skull mumbled as if the thought disgusted him as he pointed to the various food tractor trailers located around the place. He got off his box and walked up to the people gathered up around him looking a few in the eyes every now and then. "You see the heroes don't get it...they think they can get away with anything...with their influence they can change society apparently! But that's wrong together they are just a bunch of materialistic wretches who are closer to the common prostitute as they are to the people from the comic books way back when! You see we want to cause as much wanton mayhem as possible! The kids will be split into groups, and so will you. So while these newbies, and maybe their tutors have some skill they will not have numbers on their end. They will be split apart into different sections of the park each representing an area of 'rescue' that they need to study. Groups will go into each of these areas, and clean house. Got it? Good do any of you have any questions!?" asked The White Skull as he walked back up to and sat on the box he had been standing on waiting for questions from the hooligans around them.
The Sultanate mostly worship a god known as The Lord of the Light. They believe that the sun is an avatar of light, and that the land being as sandy, and barren as it is at times is a result of his war with the moon which cloaks the land in darkness. The tales say the Lord of Light chooses the rulers of the land in order to peacefully govern the land in his stead and thus the lords reign absolutely until they become 'indoctrinated' by the Lord of Darkness. They follow an absolute monarchy and reign under the Sun Sultan of Kaldi. They are organized into one large church under the Sun Sultan though there are high priests who take daily duties over in his stead for many areas. Church, and State are not very separated.

Hannes's Empire follows no single religion, and is mismatch of various religious cults, and groups as Hannes has since proclaimed himself a deity. Dark magics are said to have given the Emperor his unnaturally long life span, and he rules the land as such.

Durnstan, and Haldia follow a Orthodox Christian style of belief. They believe that one day a messiahs will lead all the land to absolute paradise. They believe there is a single god that should not be named. The fight, die, and struggle through their days worshiping this god in an attempt to live a peaceful life in the life after this one. They are organized by clergy, and patriarchs that govern society. However the church has lost most of its influence in the state as the patriarchs in Haldia have been weakened in influence by the Chancellor, and Sigurd has allowed this as the church had been a bad influence in the research of technology in the past. Durnstan believes more fervently but they are at the foremost warriors who pride themselves in battle. The god is usually described as wearing white, and having long blonde hair.

The Chieftains, and Raiders of Qualdia have no strict church hierarchy. They are separated into numerous shamans, and groups all worshiping their god. Not much is known about their god from outside but it is known that under that god there are many sons, and daughters. They prize courage, skill, and power as signs of devotion to their gods. They raid not only to acquire resources but to praise this man. Their greatest champions are known as Berserkers those who feast upon their gods' many plants, and magical substances to achieve a state of which make them disregard all but the most serious wounds, and allow them unnaturally strong strength at the cost of most of their sanity only few can hold onto their wits. Their primary god is said to be called Naldin.

@Blitzy@vietmyke well I'd give you more info to confirm that but I'd need to know if you have any questions, or what have you.
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