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In Avalia 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Time: Evening
Location: River Port around town
Interactions: @princess Annya
Mentions: Bowyn @Helo Rue @Potter @Potter Saoirse

899 Amas.

The dwarf soldier made his way through the crowds of people. It was no surprise that a trading port and major hub such as this was full of bodies. Once or twice he had looked back in Rue’s last location but he did not see her. He was alone again. A few people looked in his direction but many were too busy with their lives to give the lone dwarf a second look. He was alone. Arn took a long deep breath and let it out slowly trying to steady the feelings running wild inside him.

There were feelings of guilt towards the two winter fairies. He had indeed lied to them in some manner. Why had he done that? Was it really to keep his mission safe and anonymous? Bowyn seemed to have some strong feelings against royalty and the medic assumed he was not the only one. After all, even his own monarch had seldom been too involved in his people’s lives. Royals probably had their reasons to be absent but the dwarf could not fault their views. Now, thanks to his presence, the two fairies had an argument.

There were feelings of uncertainty. What was he to do once and if he met the elven princess? He had neve met royalty. The highest person he had ever interacted with was his commanding officer and his own father (or was it step father now?) one of the legendary generals of the legions. Even as his heritage was being revealed, the soldier had felt completely unprepared and unqualified to fill this new role. How the hell was nobility supposed to act? Was there some truth in Bowyn’s misgivings? As the new prince in line for the throne, would he be prepared in the event his estranged biological father met the same end as his dead brother?

The dwarf shook his head as if to chase away these images. There was no need to worry about things beyond his control. A soldier’s duty was to take charge of the environment before him. His tasks so far were simple, find Bowyn and meet up with Princess Annya. Nothing could be simpler. The hard part was what to do after. Again, he sighed defeated. Why could the gods place a person such as him, an introvert even by his people’s standards, in a position where others depended on him? He had already failed, his first two companions had rejected him and their small group already broken up. How in all the hells was he to lead a kingdom and an alliance?

A groan escaped his bearded lips. Looking up he groaned again. He was useless in their search for the fairy lad. He was at least a head smaller than most people here. So he was only able to stare at chest and breasts. The medic needed a new strategy. Suddenly he remembered his and Bowy’s first meeting. Perhaps if he searched bars? After all, the emotional wounds that seemed to plague the white haired fairy was congruent with the need to drown such emotions in alcohol.

The young soldier shrugged. That plan was as good as any. He sneezed and felt his ears burning. If the old wives' tales were to be believed, it meant somebody was speaking ill of him. Running the back of his hand over his bulbous nose the dwarf grunted. Why would anybody be speaking ill of him in this place? He was overthinking things like always. The only person he knew could harbor any sort of grudge was Bowyn but Arn doubted the winter fairy was talking with anyone based on the mood when he stormed out.

Turning a corner his short legs propelled him forwards towards the waterfront board walk. He figured sailors liked their drink so most bars and taverns would be near the water and near their customers. His heavy metal boots made slight clanking sounds but these only merged with the cacophony of sounds from the busy boardwalk. Even though it was night, there were still a sea of people out. Then again, he had heard that port towns such as these actually came alive at night.

No matter where he turned, his eyes managed to find something interesting. Smells and sounds strange to him assailed his senses. His stomach growled a bit as he had not eaten yet since their breakfast. Now that the barrel of a stomach he sported was not queasy following their Helius experience, it demanded to be satiated. Patting his breast plate understandingly, the dwarf approached a cart that seemed to be selling meat on a stick. Spices covered the meat and the smell was wonderful. The type of meat was unidentifiable but one unwritten rule of the Legions was “if something smells good and tastes good…don’t ask where it came from”.

He approached the vendor, pointed to three of the sticks, delivered his amas and moved on. The meat was savory if a bit chewy. It was more of a soft jerky but it was enough to stave off any more embarrassing protest from his stomach. He walked, with one stick in each hand and chewing on the meat on his mouth when he happened upon a curious scene. A red headed, elf? Fairy? The dwarf was not sure.
Whatever the young lady was, her knee was becoming closely acquainted with the groin of the elven man. Being a male himself, Arn could not help but groan as the well placed and powerful blow landed true. A small prayer to the male god was issued by the spirit of the medic praying for the safe journey to the nether world of the elven man’s testicles. The young healer did not know what sin the man had committed to deserve such cruel punishment but he figured a lovely lady would not so wantonly deliver such vengeance upon an innocent.

Despite feeling an empathetic echo of the pain as a fellow male, what really cause Arn to choke on his snack was the sudden realization of the dark haired lady in the vicinity was. Though unlike the Home Guard Legion which was used to regents of other kingdoms to show up for visits of state, his frontier unit did not get indoctrinated on who those regents might be. However, thanks to the elven people having long life, the picture of the person in front of him, could be found even in old books that were passed down to his Legion’s head quarters.

Not only that, but when his mission had been presented to him, a full figured picture was presented to him for study and memorization. That face had been etched into his memory. He had never felt that beauty could truly inhabit the shape of a being but he had been proved wrong. The delicate features where all there. Especially those sharp and impactful eyes. Spitting out the half chewed meat, he approached slowly, ensuring to skirt the red haired lady. Looking up at the tall lady as if transfixed, the young dwarf managed to stammer. “Ex …um excuse me… um…are you perhaps…Lady um Princess…um are you named Annya?” Not knowing if he should use her full title.


completely understand bro

Take your time. I think those that are truly interested will come back. The setting is a great one and would be fun to play out.
Posted. again. so very sorry. I will try to do better.

Sucks to be in the suck. Take care and thank you for all you do.
Fer felt a rise of annoyance that bordered on irritation at the comments he heard around them regarding the young woman. He unconsciously stepped between the voices and the pair talking as if to shield them. He even glanced in the direction he heard some of the comments and issued the first person he locked eyes with a glare. Hearing Cole’s comment regarding being a group of friends, the young hero nodded and smiled trying to add his two cents to make the young lady feel welcomed.

When the king dismissed those gathered, Fer positioned himself on the opposite side of the wolf girl so that she had one hero on each side. The young shield could not help but stifle a giggle as more than few prim and puffed up ladies tried to approach Cole. It reminded him of the way the pretty girl in the town had to turn away eager suitors at the town’s carnival celebration. He silently applauded Cole’s presence of mind to find a corner. Again, he positioned himself between the pair and the masses. He hoped that his presence alone would deter any would be interruption. He aimed to use the apparent apprehension some people had to his advantage.

With his back to the ballroom and guest, Fer stood with his arms crossed and a slight smile on his face. He was fascinated how her ears seemed to react to the ambient sounds. Being so close to a demi human, the shield hero could not help but take in the details. The fur looked as it should but it seemed to merge and disappear into the almost fur like hair. The energetic tail made Fer want to touch it but he knew that would be extremely rude. Perhaps as much as grabbing somebody’s ass cheeks.

Fer let Cole lead off the conversation. After all, he was the defacto leader. The young shield hoped that Auriel was indeed here. It would make the party that much more enjoyable. There was something about looking at her wings that brought him peace. He hoped that nothing had changed between them after the capture of Rayla. When Rivia began to speak, Fer listened attentively.

The smile on the young hero’s face widened at the pantomimes of the wolf girl. It seemed that Rivia was so native that it was challenging to communicate. Fer did not mind. Living in a mountain town, he often dealt with natives that still held to the old ways. This actually made him more interested in the young woman. Being raised in the harsh wilderness no doubt had made her a very efficient and capable person. After all, only the strong survived in nature.

His appraisal was rewarded with the surprising attack the wolf girl made. Fer was not the only one who was surprised. Cries of shock rose from those near the ice sculpture. Thankfully, nobody really knew where the projectile had come from. A look of approval crossed the young hero’s face. He could not suppress a chuckle when the wolf girl suggested sparring and the scolding her father had given her regarding rough play.

Unlike Cole, Fer was glad that they had another melee fighter. It somehow made him feel better that there would be an offensive upgrade. It still sat heavy on his heart that he could not be more useful. However, he could not deny the logical assessment of his companion regarding the benefits of ranged attack. If he had his bow, he would definitely bring his assets to bear. Not knowing much about magic, he could not lean in any direction regarding its use. The young hero could also agree with the fact that their party should welcome only those that have a good reason not just fame seekers or mercenaries that are only as loyal as your pockets are deep.

Fer smiled at Cole’s handling of the situation. In a short time he had welcomed the newcomer and at the same time set the expectations. If the wolf girl was joining their cause for the wrong reasons, there would be a slight disconnect that eventually they would come to see. At the same time, he had shown her in return that as heroes, they were also down to earth and would not expect to be served rather to be teammates and friends.

The young shield hero almost choked when his blonde haired companion invited the wolf girl to dance. To clear his throat he coughed a couple times. “Damn, very smooth Cole.” Fer thought. His friend had managed to turn his introduction into a sort of assessment. A person of true intentions would see nothing wrong with sharing a dance. Also, a dance was a personal space situation. One could read much from a person’s eyes and body language.

It got Fer wondering if Auriel had been here….would he have had the same courage? Would his feathered companion even accept? What if she would rather dance with Cole? After all, out of the two, the blonde haired lad was the most Heroe-y. Looking at the sword hero, his eyes ascertained what he had just thought. The lad was definitely a good fit for a knight in shining armor. He was kind, brave, and good looking. Just the perfect symbol to hoist and parade around. But also because of his pure heart, Cole was in danger of being used. Fer felt it his job to ensure that his friend was not reduced to a tool.

He was brought out of his musings by the obvious playful jab at him regarding dancing. His eyes refocused and the shield hero chuckled. “I fear Cole has me pegged completely. Allow me to introduce myself Miss Rivia. I am Ferdando Gutierrez, you can call me Fer if you would like.” He bowed his head slightly in the direction of the wolf girl “I have the honor of being the bearer of the Shield.” He lifted up his hand to show her the green jeweled bracer. His voice was half sarcastic half serious. “I know it does not look much like now but it does its job. I am thankful for your desire to help us in our quest. The more the merrier. I can see you are a great warrior. I look forward to also sparring with you.” He offered her a slight smile.

“As Cole already said, there is one more companion. I am sure Auriel will be thrilled to know she is not the only female in our group and will have more than two guys as companions. I would offer to be your partner for another dance but like Cole said, there is a danger you may be swept away by my prowess.” He joked. Though he doubted he knew how to dance any of this world’s dances. His tanned face and dark hair a stark comparison to Coles fair skin and blonde hair.

posted. Hope that is enjoyable.
Despite being a natural occurrence and having been studied for centuries, magic was an ever evolving mystery. Even the great mages of renown were great because they had managed to stumble upon another aspect or tapped a vein of magic that had not been discovered before. The library at the Academy was a treasure throve of knowledge that most mages neglected. Many were just interested in gleaning the basics or anything that would give them an edge in battle.

Arn however, had been an adept reader and faithful researcher. He have vast amounts of time due to his neglect for social functions and self-imposed isolation. The mage had devoured volumes, his sharp mind able to not only understand but retain the knowledge of people long turned to dust. In a time before the wars that plagued Belisio and Viem there had been an boom in the study of magic called The Age of Discovery. Before mages were nothing more than heavy artillery, they had been virtual poets. One only needed to read the incantation that would focus magic that would produce something as simple as a lovely flame that floated in the air, dancing like a living being, to immolating flames that could be shaped like monsters of destruction.

Thanks to this devotion to delving deep into the study of magic in all its forms, both academic and religious, the master mage had achieved a great deal of control, connection, and understanding of the Aether. Because of this, he was feared by some, respected by others but avoided by many. The offer to hold a high prestigious position in the council of mages at the royal court had been somewhat influenced by the desire to keep an eye on him and ensure he was not a threat to the current Arch Mage.

His assignment to the Shooting Stars had been in an effort to tempt fate and perhaps the issue would resolve itself. Yet, no challenge had been able to best the mage. Indeed, his appointment achieved the opposite. They had tried to kill Arn the mage but had instead given birth to the Hellspawn. In some small way, they had tempered his rise in power. Constant missions prevented the mage from practice and study. The battle field had no need of theories and research. The master mage was rusty, but all the knowledge he had gathered was still there.

Since meeting Eilis and their Mind Meld, there had been a reawakening in his hunger for power. When he had met Tourmaline, a severe desire to possess the sheer power that the shadow mage channeled through his lovely protegee had been birthed. As he found himself weakened by his manipulation of the Aether, there had been a sort of a very conscious difference despite how impressive the casting had been. So he had turned to a technique he had dug up in an old dusty tome.

The process was to become a free conduit for the flow of the Aether. The magic would heal and repair much faster that was possible. It would refuel the spent energies. The process was dangerous and required extreme control. The consequence would be loosing one’s very soul, or energy, as it was washed away by the torrent that was allowed to enter one’s Thread. In this state, he was little more than a vegetable. He was still alive but barely responsive. Coming out of this coma like state would be dangerous if done too fast.

That was not to say he was powerless or disconnected from the world of the living. Being immersed in the Aether and the Thread, he was able to somehow sense those being that he had connection with. When Eilise took her place in front of him, a warm bright glowing shape was her ethereal avatar. Even in his astral form, the master mage could not hope but smile. He light was so pure, so lovely. It made the master mage wonder how it was possible that such a dark shadow could be attached to it. Or perhaps that same purity was why such symbiote was able to attach itself to his innocent protegee.

"I am sorry, I know I probably made you worry, but I saw no other way..."

His own Thread pulsed. Her words felt far away. His senses barely working. Arn’s physical body could do no more than groan softly. He could not tell her that he would always worry. That he would rather endure a million torment that see her sport a single injury. He wanted to conform her. To protect her. So far, he had not done a very good job. There was a twinge of desperation in his soul. He needed to be stronger. He needed more power. A slight tremble would be felt in the Aether as he opened up the dam doors of his Thread to let more energy in. His astral form gritted its teeth at the surge.

He saw other light beings. A bright light-blue brilliance could only be that of Tobi. The young mage had always had a shiny personality. A dashing almost ruby like light was unmistakenly Tyrhallan. A pretty pinkish glow must be the Knight lass who had been riding with his unoffial apprentice. Arn could not help but be thankful that they were all ok. There was some strain and wavering of the lights but over all they seemed safe.

It all seemed to be going well. The master mage even heard the Venray lord state they should make their escape. A small sense of relief appeared on the physical face of the comatose mage. From what he could sense and the snuffing out of nearby lights, the battle was reaching its climax. He did not need his eyes to know that Olysium was lost. The might of the Empire had been great. Escape was the only way to survive. Who know how many , if any at all, of his Shooting Star brethren had survived. “I need to get stronger” Arn thought.

He heard Tyrhallan’s mention of the promise. Felt Eilis spirit blink as guilt assailed her. He wished he could reassure and comfort her but his body only managed a soft gasp. The poor girl probably felt that all this was her fault. He wished he could tell her that she was worth any danger and trial. That she should not think every loss as an expended sacrifice. Rather, a willilng price paid for her freedom. Uilles and his nephew knew she needed to be protected. The party seemed to begin their exit strategy.

Suddenly, there was a quiver in the Thread. Dark shapes, not as midnight black as the shadow of Tourmaline but still enough to dampen the glow of the Thread. It took Arn a second or two to pin point the voice. The haughty, dangerous tone of the black haired witch made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Not truly because of fear, but because he knew that in his state there would be nothing he could do to help. A groan escaped the lips of his physical body.

His astral form saw the ruby light flare up. Tyrhallan was no doubt ready to fight again. But even the man’s spirit energy was spent to be of little help. So what should they do? Tobi was no match. A sudden idea appeared in the master mage’s mind. What if? might work. It was at least something to try. But how to communicate it? Recalling yet another manuscript he had read, the master mage took in a deep breath. Even his physical self reacted.

The astral Arn extended his arms, energy flowed out. The Aether pushed against him, as he tried to go beyond his own Thread. With extreme concentration the battle mage pushed past the membranes of the Threads and directed his energy to the three other shapes. His head hurt tremendously as his will alone propelled his energy wisps. A single image was impressed into each mind. Eilis and Tobi, being the magic users, would get a clearer picture. The two knights would get just a sense of urgency the sudden urge to close their eyes.

Tobi, looking at the newly arrived pair gawked. His mouth fell open. To his young eyes, they looked like very sexy ladies. There was something sensual about the pair. At the same time, his magical aptitude was able to sense the dark energies that was being given off by the sisters. The young lad shuddered. “Who the hell are they.” He asked of nobdy in particular. Apparently, the Knight Captain knew them and was not fond of them. That was all the veteran battle mage youth needed. He was thinking of casting a burst of air at them perhaps when Arn’s imprint reached him. “Wha..” The young mage asked confused looking in the direction of the unconscious master mage. The urgency in the mental image quieted any further question.

The young lad obeyed without question. Not even knowing how he knew what to do or that it was Arn who had directed him. Pulling on the Aether, Tobi shouted. “Eyes…now!” Lifint up both hands as if cuping a gobblet, he expelled a blinding bright orb that expanded and grew exponentially in the blink of an eye. The glare would be like looking directly at the sun with a telescope.

The astral master mage could sense the effect of the spell on the Aether. He saw the flare up, even in his spirit form he had to turn away from the source. Concentrating again, he shouted in his mind. “Go now!” He hoped that the pair of dangerous witches had been caught enough out of guard and that the bright flare had blinded them. It would be hard to overcome the effects. Hopefully it would gain the group the necessary advantage to escape.
So is anyone going to post or is this done?

My bad, I did not know it was my turn. I guess I miss read and was waiting for the wolf girl. I will try to have something up tonight.
I see we jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. Is it part of the plot to let them take her? There really is only one move I feel my characters can make. It should be logically possible but if its more beneficial to rescue Eilis later we can do that too.
In Avalia 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Time:7 PM
Location: River Port-Inn then around town
Interactions: Rue @Potter
Mentions: Bowyn @Helo

899 Amas.

There was something mesmerizing about Rue’s smile that captivated Arn and almost made him forget how much like jerk and total shit he felt. The sideways smile which spread asymmetrically across her face reminded him of the waning moon as it hung in a clear sky. The pale pearly tone of her skin made it seem as if the moon was reflecting off a icy lake. Of course the pale blue of her eyes were not lost on the dwarf. Nor where the diamond sparkles of the tears that gathered on the outer rims of her stunning eyes.

Because they were so clear and eye catching, the expression that the fairy’s eyes portrayed were magnified. The young dwarf saw in them true caring for her village friend and relief that the soldier was at least graceful enough to not prevent her searching for Bowyn. There was also hurt in them however.

“Is that my doing?” The dwarf thought. A small pang of guilt stabbing at his heart. He did not fancy the thought of being the reason why those tears pooled.

“Or could it be because of Bowyn?” It was obvious that the two fairies had history. What that history might be still eluded him. What was certain was that the male fairy was trying to somehow push the other away. There was hurt and anger in the winter fairy lad. Arn had seen it many times in the eyes of those who had lost some part of their body or somebody they were close with. The medic saw the same emptiness in the light blue eyes of Bowyn.

This sort of wound was something not even his extensive medical knowledge nor his in depth battle experience could ever hope to cure. There was no magic balm or prescription of treatment. Only time…time and caring could ever hope to come close. Even then, the young soldier knew, the scar would be as disfiguring and evident as a person who has suffered serious burns. A sigh escaped his lips.

”Moonlight is his name, but I call him Moony. I’ll make sure not to fly too fast.”

Arn nodded and looked down at the wolf. Itself a magnificent creature. Like his companion, the wolf’s eyes were the most captivating feature. The intelligence reflected in them obvious. The medic watched as the animal studied him. A slight hint of distrust and warynes reflected in the canine gaze. “Well, since I believe I have not earned the right for the shortened familiar version. I shall address Moonlight by its proper name.” The medic smiled at the wolf trying to show he was no threat.

The dwarf stepped aside hurriedly as the lovely fairy lass took flight. His big brown eyes blinked a few times at the curious sight. He was not the only one captivated by the unique scene. Rue’s wings became little more than a blur. The soft wind emanating from them much too peaceful in comparison to the force being exerted to levitate the fairy no matter how petite the young lass was. Perhaps this paradox was circumvented by the magical nature of the fae.

The young medic hurried after the lovely winter fairy and the wolf. His short legs moving quickly. He cursed the fact that he had not shed his armor. Thankfully, his stout legs had developed muscles over decades of basically living in armor for weeks at a time. It was like a second skin to him. In fact, it was said that Legionaries were basically naked out of armor. Still, much like the looks that the fairy and wolf received, the hustling armored dwarf also got lingering gazes.

The dwarf came out of the inn just in time to see the flying fairy direct her wolfen companion. Obediently the animal put his nose to the ground and began sniffing out the venting white haired lad. Noticing that the hovering fairy looked in his direction Arn gave her a thumbs up and motioned her to move along. He pointed to himself and then towards a different street. It would indeed be best if they just split up. This was not truly selfless in search of Bowyn. Much like the fairy lad, the young medic also needed time to himself. He had wanted to walk about the town anyways. Tracing a circle over his head, which meant gather in military hand signals, he pointed to himself and then the inn. He mouthed. “Its ok. I’ll come back.” He hoped that the young lass was able to be satisfied with that.

Giving Rue one last confident and comforting smile, the dwarf started towards the selected street. His stature made his head weave in and out of the crowd to her point of view. There were few dwarves in River Port despite the closeness to Iron Hold. Those that found themselves in the trading town where merchants or the few who were plagued with the need to travel the world.

The young soldier turned and saw his winter fairy companion hover in the air. Rue looked so free and in her element. She was designed and meant to fly. Even her countenance changed. The moon shone off her pearly skin so naturally that Arn wondered if he was not dreaming while awake. What would it be to be so free? To be unbound by the burden of being land bound. To be able to see the world in a different view. He took a deep breath and almost envied any able to have the whole of the heavens as their play ground. The he remembered the queasy feeling of nausea and dread as he rode in the Helius and suddenly he was not so jealous. “Nope” he muttered and turning his head away from the lovely fairy he made his way through the crowd. Who knew what his searching would produce.
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