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I was not sure how much control over the NPCs we would have so I still left it open ended what the village sentries would do when they noticed me.
He appeared out of the darkness. Only huffs of condensation betrayed the moving mass of furs as something living. To any onlooker, the creature moving towards the lights of the village was nothing more than some amalgamation of forest animals. The hood was pulled over his face so that only darkness could be seen. He came from the wilderness as if some sort of cross between animal and man. His destination lay before him. A safe heaven from the cold bite of winter.

The nights were getting colder and he knew that even as skilled as he was in the wild, winter was no place for a sensible person to be caught out. He had with his the fruits of his labor. A couple of weeks’ worth. Behind him was a makeshift sled that he had manufactured out of his bed furs and his spear. He dragged it containing the goods he brought to sell. He had stashed some emergency supplies and other things that would last the winter in various hiding places. He had learned from the squirrels and other animals to save up. Even those stashes would not be enough to survive on.

Despite how much he hated the comparison, it was times like these that being a human helped. He had traded and survived enough winters to know that civilization would increase his chances. He did not need much and the villagers usually tolerated him enough to let him hang around the village for the winter months. He would depart a few weeks before spring to begin tracking game. Until then, he would have to endure and be endured.

While he could not be called a regular, enough village people knew him as to not arise unnecessary submission. Still, many gave him a wide berth when he was about. Little did he know that this time he would have even less than the condescending welcome he usually got. He approached the village just before the morn, when the sky is darkness. Not even the light of the cold somber moon was enough to illuminate him enough to allow any sentry to identify him as nothing more than human. True, he smelled like a wet dog who had been buried and left to marinate for a week but human he was none the less. He was about 100 or so feet on the edge of the village, the light of the sentry’s torch illuminating the outside edge as if the light was one last bastion of protection keeping away the darkness and all that I represented.

Innocently, he stepped into the light, passed the threshold between nightmares and lucid waking. His fur covered boots muddy, his breathing ragged. There was no way for him to guess what would happen next.
Fer immediately felt like a jerk as he gazed upon the poor man. He had not meant to be so brash but his blood had begun to stir with a personal need to do something for this family that had not been done for his own. He would be dead himself before he let the same fate befall the farmer and his kin.

“Thank you. Any information helps and you have been able to provide numbers. Please, leave it to us. The King himself has sent us to put a stop to these bandits. We…” He motioned to his party as if to drive his next words home “…we are here now. These bandits have preyed on the innocent too long. I think they need to feel the sting of my friend’s sword…” He smiled in Cole’s direction “..and judgement of the holy warrior from the church” He nodded towards Auriel.

He was not much of a speaker but he knew that some times peasants needed to believe in the supernatural and in this world, the Legendary Heroes were as saintly as it gets. He cleared his throat and turned to Cole. “We should come up with a strategy that saves the farm and does not put any innocent into unnecessary risk.”

He looked out the windows. As with any farm, there was a lot of open spaces for farming and such. Also like a farm, there was too many dry stuff that could easily catch on fire. He knew that the bandits would be easy to spot but guessed that hiding was not going to be their strategy. The bandits probably wanted to present a dramatic front and cause chaos and destruction. If this was the case then there may be hope to them winning. True professional killers got rid of the target and moved on. Only cowards and weaklings relished in wanton destruction.
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