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@Omni5876I've had chest pain in my left side since the 20th and my asshat mother who handles my insurance since I can't drive refuses to let me see a doctor about it. Apparently its anxiety....that I've had for two weeks in the same consistent spot, and despite the hydroxyzine I've been taking for about 5 days.

Sorry to hear that bro. Hope you get better. sending good vibes your way
In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

getting it in here so people can let me know what I need to change or stuff. Also, it helps me feel I am getting there lol

@vancexentan yeah man rest up. Only thing that happened to me was I was really sleepy and lethargic for a few days.
Sorry to hear that life is trying to keep you down. So please make sure that you dont ever worry about posting if life is throwing jabs at you. Actually, I am more than happy to just chat if you ever need it. Arn can't get all the action lol. I will faithfully wait.
@Whoami ah shit, drop the proverbial microphone lady and stand over her like Smokey from Friday! lol

Like the boss said, we are kind slow but I feel the story is well thought out. If you read through the IC and you don't mind the slow posting and like what you read I personally would not have any issues but I am just a lowly Shield Hero after all lol.
@deia876lat no problem. Everything ok? I think I asked you this before but do you use discord?
I mean your job is to get swung at Omni.

Just cus its true dont mean I got to like it....It hurts my feelings. A shiled is much more than that. I mean why can't it be a cheese

@WhoamiYour turn unless you want me to respond by having Rayla attack Fer while trying to heal our sword hero.

dang kicking a man when they down lol

Save me oh winged defender! @Whoami
Sorry for the loooooong delay. Yeah, having family over has taken more time than regular. Hope the post is worth enough of the wait. I need to get back into it and channel my inner Arn lol. Hope you have been well and hopefully I can reply more consistently
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