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Curiously enough, the chaos and rustic feeling with shady characters and boisterous noise he had experienced as he had walked into the tavern and his senses had been bombarded with noise, smell and visuals, actually made him feel at home. There was a slightly different atmosphere though, there was laughter and comradery rather than suppression and a need for release as it had on the drunken nights the young soldiers of the rebel rag tag group he had been a part of in his old world. Here it seemed there was a celebration of life while the gatherings after a hard fight were more of remembering those had had been lost. The realization brought a sadness that washed over his body making him shiver slightly. He had fought battles for a cause he did not fully believe in for people who used him as expendable. Now, here he was again in a war not his own.

He heard the greeting of the person he assumed they were here to see and made his way towards the table. The young Shield Hero made a mental search and the name Marcino came up. As he made his way to the table and his eyes fell on Marcino, Cole and Auriel, there was a sense of purpose to him fighting this war. He thought that at first it was his need to get back to his sister but his mind quickly rebutted that this excuse was not the only reason. These people, Cole at the very least, had also been placed in this situation and had willingly continued out of their own accord and not due to some forced pressure. He had passed many people on the way here, some human and some not, but all were unknowing dependent on the actions and victory of those assembled around the rough wooden table. He wondered as he quickly looked around to the bustle of people in the tavern, if they knew that near them, plans were made that would very much impact their survival. He turned to his companions and again his gaze rested on their winged companion.

Fer had notice something slightly off when Auriel had addressed him as he had come into the tavern. His mood was quickly altered as his mind put together the scenery, the mug in Auriel’s hand and the flush of her cheeks. A slow smile spread through his face as he walked forward and instinctively positioned his hands close to Auriel’s back as she seemed shaky on her legs. He placed a hand on her upper back as she took a swig with two hands causing her head backwards and her body followed.

Fer smiled as he helped her to her seat to prevent her from being embarrassed in case her legs betrayed her. He reached for his own mug and nodding a greeting or respect and acknowledgement he raised it in a toast to their health. He was not about to let Auriel drink alone. There seemed to be an unspoken rule in regards to drinking with comrades that sealed their relationship and he was dammed if he would not show his party members that he valued them as such. The beer that touched his lips was surprisingly good. It was true that maybe it was the company but he took a good gulp and let the liquid run down his throat. The taste left a sort of earthy after taste in his mouth perhaps from the cask that had housed the beer.

His tone was warm as he spoke to Auriel low enough to not disturb the other two. “You might want to slow down on those sips. The beer does taste good but if you keep on drinking it that fast the beer will come right back up and believe me it does not taste as good as it did on the way down.” He flashed her a playful smile not sure if the poor warrior would even remember their interchange or care about it in the morning with a splitting headache that was fated for her come morning. He settled himself in his chair and turned his attention to Marcino and Cole. He extended a hand towards the sniper.

“I apologize for not introducing myself before. I am Fernando Gutierrez but you can call me Fer. I look forward to your training and hope to live up to your teachings.”

Of course if I don’t do well in training I wont live to get chewed out the young Shield Hero thought but the only thing that betrayed that line of thinking was a slight pull of his right cheek as he suppressed a smile. He sat back down and eagerly awaited their conversation turning ever now and then towards Auriel and taking a mental note of how much she had drunk. It would not do to have one of their party deceased due to alcohol poisoning. He made a note to secretly pour from her mug into his if she left hers unattended to more directly reduce her intake without embarrassing her by directly telling her to stop drinking.

Marcino however, seemed to have no qualm about speaking his mind concerning Auriel’s state of drunkenness. He felt a protective feeling rise in his stomach and would have retorted to the man but logic suppressed that feeling. The holy warrior was more than capable in fending for herself. His “recue” could be construed as a lack of trust in this capability and he knew the older man was speaking more out of observance than actual mean to disrespect. So instead, he settled to listed to Marcino’s almost cliché speech that all hardened and experienced soldiers seem to develop. Fer had heard it many times from veterans teaching the young rebels trying to enhance their chances of survival. Death, the young hero knew, was a likely event in battle and was glad that the older man did not try to hide that fact. He instinctively touched his shield as the old adventurer mentioned his limitations. As much as the comment stung, there was no fault in it. Fer had harbored the same doubts regarding his usefulness in this fight. While he was handy with a hunting knife at close quarters, even if he had been allowed a weapon, he would not know how to wield a sword or spear effectively. His experience was limited to rifles and small arms.

He heard Marcino’s blunt words and was not surprised when Cole stood and valiantly expressed his commitment to the mission and his fervor in being the hero these people needed. Fer smiled understanding, from what he knew of the young man, he could guess that Cole had some inner moral code which caused him to act. The smile faded when remembered the saying one of his sergeants had always used to say

“the best laid plans and beliefs often do not survive once the battle starts”.

Still he felt he must back up his companion, not as defense but as an assurance to all about his commitment to the cause. When Cole sat back down, Fer leaned forward in his seat and placed his mug on the table looking at the older man.

“I agree with you both. Cole is correct in that we are here for some reason chosen from amongst many.” He continued quickly and firmly as he noticed a retort formulating behind the eyes of the ex-adventurer. “However, even if that is not the case, our chances of survival will be increased by following your teachings. You are right to assume I don’t know anything of this world. I also share your observation of how much this….” And he raised his hand to reveal the shield “…will be useful in battle when I can’t be an offensive fighter. But I must remind you that these weapons have been used in the past, and used effectively. You are correct that despite them being Legendary it we….” And he swept his hand to include his companions “…who must increase our skills in their use. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and I welcome any challenge you may have. If I fail, then you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you were right. If I don’t fail, then this world will have a chance of surviving these waves. “

He leaned back giving Cole a knowing nod indicating that he was ready to take any action that the sword had in mind. While he was not giving full control of their adventures to the other young hero, Fer felt that Cole had the right mindset and temperance to be the spokesperson for the team. He knew that Auriel would defer as much as she could to the Hero’s and Fer felt, perhaps selfishly, that Cole was perhaps the best suited for that responsibility. He took his mug in his hand again and took a swig showing solidarity with Auriel. Curiously enough, despite already having finished three mugs, Fer was not feeling buzzed at all. He stared down the empty bottom of the mug as if he would find the culprit. Not finding one there, he poured himself another one and settled to drink waiting what the group was going to do. He felt it would be best to sleep the night and set out in the morning to hunt these balloons Marcino spoke of.

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Fer took in Cole’s words. The uncertain tone was not lost to him as their current battle readiness seemed to dawn on the Sword hero. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the Spear one depart and caught the look of dejection and sadness on the face of the young woman. He turned fully to Cole and nodded yet again, this time as acknowledgement of the part he was to play in the party. “Yes of course Cole” he said the name experimentally to ensure his tongue could form the words and to see if his direct address of the young Sword hero would be welcomed. Seeing no obvious issue with their familiar addressing, he continued. “If I can’t help by having a weapon then I will use this shield in any way I can. I will be your shield…” he turned to the approaching Auriel. “And yours too. Please do not think that I meant any disrespect when I spoke to you earlier. It is just that I am slowly getting used to this reality. Where I come from you are considered a great being, a warrior of God and a person of great power.” He smiled, a warm smile that showed a bit of his lost childhood. “It may take me a bit to act like you don’t have those pretty wings on your back but thank you for making me feel easy.”

He was interrupted by the small bulk of the coin pouch being shoved into his hands. When the Sword verified that the money was for him, the young Shield hero hesitated. He had never had much to call his own even before joining the rebels and the weight and sound of the pouch insinuated that this was a small fortune. However, the words of Cole made him realize that the kingdom trusted and relied on them to the point of funding their training and more than likely any campaign they were to embark in. He nodded his thanks to the King with a small bow of his head as if assuring the young monarch that the trust of the people would not be wrongly placed.

He turned to Cole and asked him the directions towards the merchant the Sword had previously used assuming the Sword would know best what sort of materials and wear to use. Then he spoke to both of his companions. “Please go ahead. I will buy what I need and meet you at the camp site.” He made sure to commit to memory the landmarks and direction the Sword hero provided for him and then he excused himself from all and took at a trot towards the direction of the merchant quarter. He took in as much as he could of his surroundings. The Castle was lavish, with thick walls and high parapets. The soldiers gave an air of capable martial prowess and from what he could see, they could more than likely deal with any conquering force. This made him realize that their need was even greater to summon people from other worlds. His mind recalled Auriel that had so selflessly dedicated her life to their cause. While he knew that her calling was also in service of the people who passed them on their way, he still felt grateful and touched.

This could be in part to the sense that in his past “life” nobody was looking out for him. He had to carve his place into the world and fight for all he had. There had been no hand up, or no shoulder to lean on. He set his jaw as sour memories flooded his mind. He pushed them away remembering that he was here now and for however long it took to stop these Waves, he knew in his heart that the two besides him would indeed watch his back and he vowed to the heavens that he would watch theirs. He would give his last breath before he would see Cole or the angelic Auriel fall.

His musings came to an end when he recognized the sign on the door that Cole had described. He stopped in front of wooden door. Fer looked briefly to the design of an anvil with a helmet on top and two swords crossing to confirm this was the place and then stepping forward opened the door. The smell of oils, leather and metal quickly assailed his nostrils. Much different from the smells of cattle, food, and people he had just walked through on the market area. While enclosed, the smell was not musty. His eyes adjusted quickly to the inside lighting and was then able to truly appreciate the space. The walls displayed armor of all kinds, sizes and materials. Weapons also hung from walls or were sheathed in leather holders for easy viewing.

The shop was not big but it was well stocked. From behind a counter a man appeared. He was no doubt the owner and creator of the many items in this shop. A young lad seemed to be busy polishing the armor pieces but somehow still managed to stay within ear shot, the apprentice no doubt. The man, a brawny fellow with the weathered skin of one who has spent countless hours near the forge, approached Fer and addressed him in a deep and reverberating voice.

“Welcome please come in…ah so again we have the honor of the patronage of heroes…” He said as his eyes scanned the young lad before him in firm and experienced manner. “Judging by your clothes I assume you are here to be armed and armored?” His question was more of statement but Fer still nodded. “Very well young man, is there something in particular you are looking for?”

While Fer was not versed in the medieval times of his world, he knew that what he needed was something mobile and a full suit of armor as those displayed in the shop would not allow him the mobility he needed. He swallowed to prevent his voice from cracking and said as confidently as he could. “I need the ability to be mobile and but still have my vital organs be protected. I am sorry if that does not help.” His voice sounded less sure as he spoke and the last was said in down tone.

The big man looked at Fer for a few seconds and then nodded. “Very well, I think a shirt of mail under half chest plate and segmented shoulder pauldrons should do the trick. Do ye require a helmet lad?”

Fer shook his head. He had never really fancied something on his head. It dampened the sound and as a scout that harmed your abilities. As the smith moved to collect his things, Fer noticed a short sword hanging from a nearby wall. He approached it. As he did, the apprentice did so.

“h..hi sir, I am Kemp ca…can I help you with something.” The voice was more excited than nervous and it made Fer feel uncomfortable.

“ thank you I was just looking at that sword…um can I hold it?” He said as his hand pointed towards the sword in question.

“oh yes…of course.” The eager apprentice got the sword from its place and offered it to the young hero. Fer reached for it but as he did so he was surprised by a flashing sign right before his eyes similar to what someone with glasses experience when there is a scratch or streak on them. The sign read


Fer stopped short of holding the blade as he wondered what this was. The apprentice, thinking the hesitation was due to politeness, all but shoved the grip into the hand of the hero. What happened next stunned both boys as there was a spark and both landed on their bottoms.

“What in the all the hells…” Came the booming voice of the smith. After finding both youths on the floor and a sword a few feet away the annoyance turned to laughter. “ I see ya boys learned first hand that the Shield Hero cannot wield any weapons. Why do ya think in dina offer it?” His laughter boomed again.

Fer got up and offered his hand to the young lad, which refused, as if scared he would get shocked or worse. “Alright lad, take these here things and go put ‘em on.” The big burly hands thrust the armor into Fer’s hands and the young Shield hero stepped into the changing booth. A short time later he reappeared.

“Well, they seem to fit. Move ‘round a bit. Feel it out” the smith said making motions with his body that Fer imitated. “ok, well now we come to the part the customers don’t like. I will take 150 silvers for the set.”

The young man retrieved the bag from the convenient loop of the belt made specifically for that. He poured out a pile into his hand and then counted it out to the big man. “Thank you, sir.” He said and the big man chuckled.

“no haggling? You really aint for ‘round here huh? Alright, well you know where to come if ya need an upgrade.” Fer thanked him again and then stepped out the door. The sun was much lower in the sky than when he had arrived and he silently cursed. He secured the pouch to his belt again and took off at a jog.

He made his way through the city. The crowds were less as the day’s activities came to slow. He followed the directions given to him by Cole and while it took him a little bit he arrived at their planned meeting place just as the sky was beginning to be tinged purplish blue. He was breathing a bit hard but he soon realized that the run in armor would have exhausted him normally. He wondered if the shield had anything to do with that.

After a minute or two he addressed his companions. “I am sorry. I hope I am not too late. Even if we don’t have time to get in a long practice, is it possible to go over what we know of these legendary items? I am not too certain about the writing that appears in the air when I do something.” He said remembering his earlier experience at the shop. “Also, I have noticed that my body feels stronger and more resilient. Finally…” he said spreading his arms as to show off his new armor “….What do you think? The smith recommended this.”

He was surprised how easily and how much he was talking and saying. Few in his old life would even know what his voice sounded like. He spoke only to brief his findings or to warn others. The pair before him however elicited feelings of closeness and friendship. Why? He did not know but he knew that his trust was not misplaced.
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