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I dont know how big of a group you want to make so I would like to bookmark this and ask you to pencil me in.

that being said, do you have any aversion to a Half elf? Some very small latent magic in his blood? Perhaps the un knowing holder of a relic passed down generations of humans from the elven ancestor and they forgot that the simple heirloom was actually a relic?

The understanding that the Knight Captain relayed and the fact that he was not pushing to know who the lady was and why Arn had pledge his life to her so quickly brought a sense of relief to the mage. In truth, he had worried that the other man would investigate the obvious mystery and sudden connection.

Arn had even gone as far as to plan out a way to retire from the service to alleviate any responsibilities to the Belesian King and representatives if it came to that. This new path, though more convenient and definitely with its benefits, still gave the master mage an uneasy feeling.

This was a path that had been thrust upon him and not knowing all the variables or players made the always prepared, always analytical man a bit nervous. However, he also knew that in this setup, Eilis would be better provided for and out of reach of people like Evander.

However, being amongst elites also came with its own set of scrutiny as nobles tended to have little else to do that gossip and speculate. Still, the arrangement was better than Arn could have hoped for so he was grateful. A feeling he was quick to express to the silver haired lord with a bow. “You have my thanks for understanding and willingness to take Lady Eilis in.”

"Will Arn live there as well?"

Her question made a warm feeling spread through his face. Was it because he was glad she had asked for him? Or was it because he caught the slight knowing smile of the Venray lord. The man seemed to have a knack for deciphering people and their inner most secrets or at the very least able to put pieces together and Arn did not like the look the other man shot in his direction. As if to drive the point home the other man diverted the question to the master mage.

"If Lord Arn chooses to do so then I am sure we can accommodate him."

The battle mage felt both of them staring at him waiting for him to answer. He had never had stage fright. He had always been sure of himself especially in maters of magic or military protocol. But this was nothing he was used to. If he answer yes, would Tyrhallan satisfy some inner bet? If he answered no, would Eilis feel he had betrayed her? Was it appropriate to live together even if it was as wards of a noble? Was the Knight Captain merely setting the stage for his mother’s enjoyment.

"So what say you Arn? Shall I have to inform Mother that we'll be having guests for dinner?"

The question brought Arn out of his dizzying thoughts. He looked at the smug lord. The mage’s eyes narrowed but when he caught sight of Eilis’s look he softened. She had such a look of eager longing and pleading that the stone hard mage could not help but agree.

He sighed and once again bowed his head. “I again, thank you for your benevolence and I would like to also make sure it is know that I swear my allegiance to you. I will serve under your banner and under your house. For you see, my enlistment expired long ago. The only reason I was allowed to stay in the Shooting Stars was an open ended contract that allowed me to remain in the outfit as a private but that allowed me to depart when released or upon my choosing. If you truly requested my transfer then that clause has been fulfilled.”

With a slight turn towards Eilis he answered with a slight defeated smile from someone who can not help but give in to a request. “That mean I will be able to accompany you” He placed a hand upon her head almost like a pat. He stiffened a little remembering Tyrhallan was there but decided that sooner or later the knight would see the close connection between them.

"We'd best say you are betrothed, that way we still have a little wiggle room should my mother decide to do some detective work of her own."

The comment made Arn’s head snap so fast towards Tyrhallan’s direction that he winced at the pain the still tender skin that Eilis had helped him heal strained under the movement. The mage’s eyes widened as he turned back to Eilis expecting her to be repelled by the proposal


Despite their sudden closeness and the fact that Eilis wanted him close, the mage was sure that such an arrangement would be unappealing to the lass. Yet, despite his misgivings, he did not want to behave repulsed by the idea. Logically, the idea was sound. The title would most definitely prevent any unwanted attention from single nobles or any wild ideas which could inhabit the bored mind of an influential and rich lady.

In an almost shaky tone Arn managed to compose himself enough to say. “I would not dare make this decision alone.” He turned to Eilis. “Do you have any reservations to the proposed plan….Eilis?
This is starting to sound like a sort of shoot gun wedding.... lol.

Ok cool, yes I think that this whole story arc will be quite interesting with the two mages and their relationship and the backdrop of the war that threatens to end any future they may have. I am good with following your lead and adding some things as we go. One thing I definitely think we should change is the weaponry. I think that the rounds should be bullets as lasers or other such things would be too much for Arn or Tyrhallan to fight against.

I am guessing we can still utilize our already mentioned Characters like Tobi and the tech you had made up for the probable fight in the capital.

Looking forward to playing this out.

Last thing, is there any advice or things you would like to see in my responses? I tend to RP internally a lot but I am not sure if you prefer more dialogue?
ok so to be clear, we are playing out Eili's story arc. How much of the background war do we want to participate in or will be solely focused on her hunt? Also, I am kinda bad at world building. So how much freedom do I have in that? I mean, I am sure you have an idea in mind of settings and characters. I would not want to be inharmonious to that.

However, I am totally on board with world building and discussion just like we did before.
Arn almost kicked himself at her uncomfortableness thinking his proposal to basically adopt her or have her be his dependent had made her feel so. It would be understandable. After all, they had not known each other for very long and despite the connection they felt and the tender moments they had shared, they were basically strangers.

The mage would have worked to change that. He had not been lying when he said that she was a mystery that he wanted to uncover. Even now, as she explained the reason for her uncomfortableness, the master mage could not help but want to know more.

Being a military member and living in the barracks, he could see her point of view regarding living by herself in a completely new land, with new people and the only person she knew being away from her. He had spent all his years since being brought to the Cauldron among people. It would be just as unnerving to him if he was to suddenly have to live on his own. Arn took a deep breath as no scenario he could think up was acceptable.

But I don't want you to think I'm ungrateful...just...I can only accept if you would be there too."

The words brought a reaction that not even he was expecting. A slight smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. The battle mage was glad she could not see for he worried she might think him too eager at her declaration. So then, why did such a comment bring a slight flutter to him then? Was it because another being, especially one as lovely and unique as Eilis was glad for his company?

To be sure, Tobi and other mages were often in his midst but he always felt detached from them. Like they were more of satellites to him. Eilis was different. He was the fire and she was the wind in the very same world. He knew that he would not want to be parted from her but had he started to depend on her proximity to that extent already?

The thought brought a slight fear into his chest. Not because he feared connection but because he feared that he would not have much to bring to the table. All his life, he had practiced being devoid of emotions. Yet, here was a girl who thrived on human connection. Would he be enough?

"I know I'm more trouble than I am worth..."

Arn shook his head and the remembering she could not see clearly he opened his mouth to speak only to have it silenced by a knock and sudden appearance of a silver haired figure he knew all too well. After all, it was hard to miss such an eye catching person as Tyrhallan Venray.

The mage was a bit embarrassed at first. How much of the conversation had the knight heard? The answer came shortly after as the lord proposed a solution to their current dilemma. Arn’s misgivings were realized when he could assume that the Knight Captain had heard enough to offer his estate and own mother as a ward.

Embarrassment started to give way to irritation. This was then followed by the ever growing build up of anger. If he understood correctly, the knight had asked for his dismissal from the Shooting Stars and reassignment under his command. Arn narrowed his eyes. He had very few times blown up against a superior but he had no qualms about doing so.

However, his logical mind was able to salvage the situation. Tyrhalland was correct of course. Arn had been trying to work out a solution in the back ground of his mind after Eilis declared her wish to inhabit the same house as he. He knew that the Shooting Star’s Captain would make it near impossible for him. Despite the fact that Arn was the same rank as Evander, command still carried weight and title, no matter how low in the chain, did as well. Having a sponsor such as the House of Venray would make things go smoothly.

Arn took a deep sigh and instead bowed his head towards the silver haired lord. “You have my thanks Knight Captain. The offer indeed would be the most suitable. You see, I have vowed myself to this lady as her champion and protector. The reason and circumstances I am honor bound to keep secret. I know that your honor would not force me to break my vow.”

He stopped to study the other man’s reaction before he continued. “However, now that I am in your service and you have solved this issue I pledge my loyalty to you. I am at your disposal save for any issue that would prevent me from keeping my word to the present Lady.”

The mage then turned to Eilis. “That is of course if you would accept the offer. Knight Captain Venray is a noble man with stead fast honor. I trust him with my life. However, I would not violate your free will.” He waited. Wondering what his self-appointed protegee would say.
The master mage looked down upon his self appointed ward. He noticed the immediate adverting of her gaze and this caused his brow to furrow. His hand still felt the delicate chin when he noticed the slight tint change on the fair complexion of Eilis. Perhaps it was a logical assumption he arrived at or perhaps another manifestation of their mind meld but he felt more than knew her thoughts.

He could feel that he somehow was at the root of an embarrassing feeling that seemed to be washing over Eilis. Through this connection, he could feel that the young woman regarded their closeness as a point of unease. Also, there was some convoluted images of what appeared to be heroic men and beautiful damsels with warm feelings.

Suddenly, a wave of pure heat pulsed through him and images of bodies intertwined, sweating and seeking. He gulped from the sudden pang of emotion and he retired his fingers from the young lady’s chin.

The connection was suddenly broken and his logical and control mind returned. There was a mixture of relief and sadness. Where those images about them two? The Master Mage often referred to as the Hellspawn, a man who inspired fear among ruffians and killers, was suddenly nervous.

Arn knew nothing of romantic exchanges though he had lived his young life in a whore house. He had heard the raunchy and often painfully descriptive depictions from the other boys or drunk gruff men. He himself had never wanted to participate in those conversations.

It could be perhaps because his own mother was forced to be an object of lust and carnal pleasure. However, despite his reservations and historical feelings, what made him more nervous and bordering on fear was that the idea was not really repulsive if it involved the girl before him.

His mood shifted to that of anger. Anger with himself for such thought and felt that he had violated her trust and her honor. He brought his hands close to him and crossed them across his chest. As if he was holding the offending members under guard.

"I'm sorry Arn...I wish I could be more helpful

Arn felt even more shameful at her soft comment. Here was a lady who risked injury to try and heal him and he was having thoughts best reserved for the gutter. He cleared his throat and told her in a more controlled voice than he had yet spoken to her other than when she had first woken up.

“Please, you have done more than you know. Besides, I must make sure of your well being. This is not the first time I have suffered wounds and I must assure you that I will not die from this.”

He noticed her embarrassment still lingered and reclined back into the chair next to the bed to give her even further room. He was not sure if his own thoughts had transferred to her as hers had into him. The battle mage hoped not.

"I'm not much of a mystery...just for meeting you." She said.

He shook his head. Not because he disagreed with her claim but because he hated that Eilis and his own mother had been thrust into a cruel life. “If you consider yourself lucky to have met me then my only regret is that we did not do so sooner. I know that I will not be able to undo years of pain and tears but I hope that I may be able to eradicate those from your future.” He wanted to hold her again but he still had misgivings regarding the whole steamy images in his mind.

"Arn, where...where I am supposed to go?" She asked softly.

The question caught him unaware. For a second in time, nothing else had mattered but her. His mind had focused on her, her plight and the fact that he wanted to protect her. Despite his belief in possessing an analytical and problem-solving mind, Arn felt like a fool. There was a war in the horizon. Even with out that, where was he to take her?

As a member of the military and unmarried, he lived in the barracks. The spartan living suited him just fine and he possess very little in the ways of personal items. He could definitely not take her there. Not only was it unsuitable for a young lady, but Evander would also lose his ever loving mind.

Married members were able to inhabit small apartment style lodging on the major bases. Mages being a smaller portion of the population, enjoyed much more availability than the lowly foot soldiers. Even the Shooting Stars, made of mainly plebian recruits, had the opportunity to live in better housing than many had growing up.

The mage narrowed his eyes as his mind worked hard to try and solve the current issue. He could not simply propose marriage to take advantage of these types of lodgings. Suddenly, he remembered something that was actually at the fore front of regular people. Another benefit of being in active service was that, though small, the troops actually received a wage.

Having been in the service and due to his quick ascension in rank, Arn had amassed quite a bit of funds. He spent very little, mainly repairs or enhancement for his gear or other necessities. He ate the galley food and often got many of his operational gear from the battalion’s supply channels.

He looked at Eilis and slowly and a bit embarrassedly he said. “Um, normally refugees are housed in public housing. But those are cramped quarters and though they are better than living in the streets I would not like you living there.” He cleared his throat to suppress his embarrassment.

“Please forgive my forwardness but…um, if you don’t mind. I would be able to secure an apartment in the city…” He immediately added as he leaned quickly forward to assure her of his intentions. “It would be for you only as I live in the barracks you see.” He rushed through the words his own tanned face starting to feel a bit warm.

“If you have other plans I understand. But if you would allow me this honor, it would be extremely helpful in allowing me to keep my word to you to protect you and neve leave you alone. What do you think?” He asked, almost holding his breath as he waited for her response.
The big hunter gritted his teeth as the smaller frame of the man wolf betrayed its actual strength. It was taking all his skill and strength to keep it in check. Fighting an actual wolf or a human was much different that dealing with this creature. If you held a wolf by the back and prevented them from turning around, then their main weapons, which is their jaws, were nullified. Also, in this manner, you could prevent the harsh paw nails from tearing you up.

If fighting a human, then you analyze the way they fight and discern the weakness to exploit it. Arn had not been in many fights but he had been able to win because the prospect of injury is often a driving concern. The only way humans overcame this fear was through intoxication. Which then was another hinderance.

The creature however, was a challenge because it did not behave fully like a wolf. Wrestling it to the ground and keeping it there while avoiding bites and getting clawed was difficult. Despite not having teeth or claws as dangerous as an animal, the scratches he was suffering could turn deadly if infection set it.

The man wolf was fighting with all its might. There was not reasoning with him. In the wild, the only reason bodies are this close is either mating or a fight to the death. No doubt the creature thought it was the latter. Arn came to a conclusion that was risky.

Using a technique he had learned from a fur trader that had watched the big man get into a fight, he secure his own strong legs around the waist of the man wolf while mounted on him. He the rolled so that his own back was to the ground and the creature was looking up at the sky. Then, grasping the only thing he could, the very life like ears, he tugged backward.

The aim was to use his bigger frame to secure the man wolf and eventually slide his arm under the throat of the creature. Applying enough pressure, hopefully would make the creature loose consciousness. This would hopefully allow the young healer enough time to treat the wound and Arn enough time to secure the creature once it woke.
Name: Arn


Alias(es): Hellspawn


Gender: Male


Skin: Tan
Hair: darkish brown
eye colour: dark brown, almost makes it seem like he has no iris
build: Average build as fit as any regular military member

special features,

Magic Type: Mana

Role: Battlemage

Specialty: Elemental magic

Lack of sympathy\
Loves sweets
Hates Pirates, criminals, evil doers
Explosive when angered


Born of Hell’s Flames

Arn was born to a mother who had been sold to a brothel by pirates. He never knew why he had been allowed to live when other females merely killed the embryo in utero. Perhaps it was his mother’s need for somebody to truly love instead of the myriad of men who visited her bed.

Whatever the case, Arn grew in the rough and deadly environment of vice and vile. Despite this, he still thought that life had more to offer. He grew up really quick, always wanting to take care and protect his mother. He spent his time running from bullies and just trying to survive really. While he hid from the older kids, he would spend his time reading random books he found in the trash. His favorite was of oriental stories of men of valor, strength, and honor.

It was this mentality that steered him in the direction of trying to be a hero. It was one of time that a particularly violent customer visited his mother and he was hiding in the balcony that he attempted to act on his illusions of saving her from that life. He burst in while the man abused his mother. Arn tried to attack the man but ended up getting beat. His mother then tried to protect him and the drunk and angry man beat her unconscious. Thinking her dead, the young boy knocked the man down and in a feat of anger somehow activated his contact with Gea which manifested into an inferno.

Flames engulfed his hands which in turn devoured not only the violent man, but his mother and the building with all in it. Authorities would later report finding the crying boy holding the charred body of a female, his own hands sporting serious burns.

Learning to Temper the Fire

Eventually, it was discovered that the sad angry boy was adept in magic. He was recruited by the military and sent to study at the academy in Belisio. He was too dark, sad, and awkward to be of good social standing. However, he was able to forgo this with the sanctity of the vast library. It was here that he fully threw himself into learning all he could of magic. He felt that in some way, his mother’s sacrifice had unlocked this gift in him. It was a way for him to feel closer to her in a world where he felt alone. Due to his focus and innate gift, he was soon a top level student which meant he was in the focus of jealousy and bullying from less capable more influential students. Luckily for him, the military cared nothing for his lack of social know how. Instead, he went on to become the youngest battle mage so far.

Forged in the Fires of War.

Arn was no stranger to death and suffering even before he stepped into the battle field. However, he was too good of a killer even for his superiors. He specially seemed to be extra vicious against pirates or criminals. Many of his squad mates could swear they saw his dark eyes gleam with fire as he incinerated people who had been on the verge of surrendering. This and the fact he preferred fire attacks that earned him the nickname Hellspawn. He was headed towards a court martial when a Knight took him under his wing.

The only reason why Arn listened to him was because the knight reminded him of the oriental warriors he had read in his novels. The Knight taught Arn self control, temperance, and peace. Interestingly enough, this made him an even more efficient killing machine. However, this new facet was much more focused. He still felt no remorse in killing bad people, but his incidents of friendly fire were all but none existent. He won the trust of his squad mates and superiors but the nick name never went away. Indeed, many in the underworld still say the name in hushed tones.


Samurai armor fashioned battle vest that is made of Kevlar plates able to withstand small caliber bullets and some explosives.

Keeps Ornamental Daisho swords but that are still able to be used in battle


Flamethrower- His mana excites the atoms around him and engulfs his hands/feet in flame and able to expel it up to 15FT like a flame thrower

Burst- able to produce an outwardly expanding flame ball with the force of a claymore mine. Produces fire and concussion damage.

Rock Wall: Causes a concentrated seismic reaction that produces a rock wall up to 6ft tall and about 3ft thick.

Avalanche: Able to deteriorate an area of ground by cutting the Aether strings which will cause a collapse of about 3ft deep to an area of a bout 15ft.

Wind Bullet: Able to compress the air around him and fire it off at high velocities.

Wind Cushion: Focuses a high air pressure to form an upward force to slow the rate of descent. Especially effective if used with parachutes or other such devices.

Hydrocannon- synthesizes the moisture into a stream as powerful as a fireman’s hose.

Extra: (Optional)
Ok I fixed the fact that I had posted in the OOC. But since I am here I wanted to ask if you have ever used discord. If so, how can this be used to role play. Is it better, worse?
All Arn could do was sigh deeply in resignation. It would be hard to make her believe his words. After all, there was no reason for her to truly trust him. They had shared much yes, but nothing has been proven or put to the test that would engender any such stead fast belief.

Still, it made the mage sad that a lovely lady like Eilis would doubt her own beauty but he knew that often, the closer you are to the trees its hard for you to see the forest.

"Thank you Arn, even though I can't really believe what you say, I know I put you in a bad spot because I asked for your opinion, with having little real confidence in a satisfying answer."

The master mage shook his head. “You need not apologize. I gave you my honest response. It is my regret that my given answer was not satisfactory. However, of one thing you can be sure. No matter how many times you ask me, the reply will be the same. If anything, my assessment may be further strengthened.”

There was a second or two of silence. Eilis broke it by fussing over his busted stitching. In fact, Arn had forgotten all about his ailments but as if his body was looking to betray him, the sudden attention the cuts got brough a slight grunt to the throat of the man as she examined the wounds.

He thankfully closed his eyes, a slight smirk on his face acknowledging her playful jab. The mage needed to concentrate on not complaining too much. An objection had started to formulate on his head but he knew that the playful order would very much turn serious if he tried to be stubborn and not allow her to help him.

With his eyes closed he did not see but felt her start her work. With a slight gasp he reacted to the magic that was being poured into him. Arn could feel Eilis. Not just the flow of magic itself but somehow, the energy belonged uniquely to her. The flow was like a soothing balm as it moved at an almost microscopic level. He could feel his body reacting. He could feel himself tensing but immediately relaxing as the healing warmth covered the wounds like gentle bandages.

Despite her commandment, he opened his eyes. He could see the glow and position of her hands matched the tingly feeling in his body. He was amazed. Very few people even had the knowledge of such procedures much less be able to so readily and efficiently perform this magical “healing”.

In truth, the process was more scientific than mystic. Eilis was pouring energy into Arn giving of herself to promote that natural healing that all bodies are capable of. This borrowed energy would provide the fuel and coax the cells into regenerating at speeds that it normally would not be able to. In other words, she was giving Arn her own life force. Such technique was dangerous due to the possibility of giving too much and if a person continued to do so, injury or death was even possible.

To be able to control her magic, let alone pour it so efficiently, was a matter to be praised. However, the mage worried that in her weakened state and the restrictions the tattoos posed, if he had understood her explanation correctly, could be harmful to the young woman.

As if to fullfill his concerns. He saw her weaken and immediately made a move to help her.

"I'm all right. Let me do this for you."

The mage was reluctant but he knew that she would not hear of it. He starting to realize that the young woman had a very stubborn streak. No doubt, this quality had kept her alive and going when others in her situation would have given in to desperation, or death.

“Ok, I will not stop you despite the fact that I am inclined to do” he told her in his own stubborn voice. “However, I will not let you do this alone. Allow me to do this with you.”

To emphasize his words, he closed his eyes again. This time, he concentrated on his own magical energy which he always felt was located near his solar plexus. In his minds eye, he could see his own energy, a sort of rich red, swirling like liquid flame.

He directed that energy at a steady stream towards his wounds. There, he felt Eilis own, like a sort of gentle breeze. The color was not completely clear to him but he knew it was there. As his magic reached hers, it swirled, combined and danced. The magic acted as if they were old friends coming together again.

The dance was playful and with much swirling, flowing and combining. He could feel his body reacting, the wounds felt itchy as new cells formed at speeds only achieved in the womb. Still, sooner or later the pair would tire. He placed a hand on hers.

Another hand he placed under her chin and lifted the face to look at him. “I thank you. Please, let this be enough for now. Not only am I concerned about your wellbeing but also, such quick healing might arise suspicions.”

He smiled at her. “As I have stated before. You are a mystery and I apologize before hand for my inability to stop myself from wanting to get to know you.”
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