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Hey guys, at work currently. I feel like I owe everyone an apology. I expected to post Chapter 2 this past Sunday to keep up the “weekly chapters pace”, but irl got ahold of me and I simply hadn’t taken the time to check back in here. (Still have to read Amy’s new post).

So, sorry about that, I hope you’re all understanding. That being said, and keeping in mind that things happen, I believe going to a “biweekly chapters pace” will be easier and more forgiving for everyone involved, so that will be the plan going forward. Please expect Chapter 2 up this Sunday!

Also, as a note, I’m really loving this emerging dynamic between Cal & Niko! Good going guys!

Before I have my character scan his Bulbasaur, I figure I ought to ask; do we decide Pokemon natures and abilities, or is that ball in your court, so to speak?

Entirely your choice!
I haven’t even posted yet! Crying emoji

Was hoping for two short posts out of the first chapter, so I didn't want to delay posting too much. Looking forward to your post and no hard feelings!
Prof. Ivy watched with and odd sense of pride and excitement as each of these trainers, despite their trepidations, took a step forward and into the path unwinding ahead of them. She could still recall her own start as a Pokémon trainer; she recalled how nervous she had been, and how much she would've appreciated some extra layer of support and direction such as the one she was now providing for these kids. Something about that thought made her stand all the more straighter.

Cal and Niko's choice of Pokémon seemed very predictable to the Pokémon professor; 'almost stereotypically so' she figured with a slight chuckle and smile. Amy's, choice on the other hand, caught her eye. She figured the girl might be sheltered and timid, but she stepped forward with gusto and confidently selected one of the tougher Pokémon to raise in the form of Charmander. 'Good going, girl!' She cheered inwardly, inadvertently re-living the start to her own Journey.

However, these trainers needed more than just gear and Pokémon; they needed advice, and that became evident the moment two of them stepped up to her looking for advice. She pondered about Amy's questions with a finger to her cheek.

"Actually," she started. "Prof. Oak sources most of his Starter Pokémon from the hatchery in this very ranch! Why don't we go over and take a walk? That'll allow you to bring your new Pokémon out to stretch their legs!" Ivy stated as she started towards the door in the back. As she walked with the kids in tow, she proceeded to begin explaining the basics of their Pokémon, such as the importance of keeping (especially young) Charmander's tail lit, or how a healthy Bulbasaur's bulb is supposed to look...

She also brings out her own Pokémon, a Marill, and encourages the kids to scan their Pokémon with their PokéDexes, same as her:

Species: Marill, the Aqua Mouse Pokemon
Type: Water/Fairy
Level: 10
Ability: Thick Fat
Nature: Sassy
Moveset: Defense Curl | Rollout | Tackle | Bubble Beam | Charm | Helping Hand
Hey guys! Chapter 1 is up! Please expect coming chapters to be much more in-depth, especially as we delve into the tall grass of the game, this is meant to be more of a slow introduction rather than a jump into action kind of start. We're definitely at the calm before the storm part! Haha.

I guess I’ll take Counter. Some of the other egg moves you didn’t mention seem cool too though.

Hmm... my main intention was to keep any damaging Egg moves from being >60 base power, so that'd disqualify Iron Tail and Dragon Rush. Belly Drum, Metal Claw and Ancient Power could have technically been available to Charmander, instead of Counter. Is one of those the move that caught your eye?
Chapter 1: Pallet Town

Apr. 12, 1999. 09:00 a.m.

The radiant heat of the morning sun is a welcome sight following a long winter and a good omen for departures and new beginnings, and today happens to be the day when recipients of a sponsorship from The Oak Foundation are able to begin their Pokémon journeys by receiving their Starter Pokémon from Prof. Oak’s Lab in quaint, little Pallet Town.

These Pokémon trainers, along with a few of their loved ones, are gathered here today to see them off on their grand new adventure! The challenge set ahead of them: to raise and train their partner Pokémon and grow alongside them, to find new, rare or invasive Pokémon species (or variants) in the wild of Kanto and to capture them, to capture additional Pokémon to create a strong and balanced Pokémon party, to take on the Pokémon challenge and conquer its gyms and contest halls, to become a Pokémon Master; the very best, that no one ever was!

Three trainers have arrived early. Fresh-faced, young and green, their eyes are full of hope; expectation towards a grand adventure… or perhaps its anxiety and doubt that fill their minds as they approach the threshold.

The front door to Prof. Oak’s laboratory and the trio are met by a young woman, seemingly in her mid-to-late twenties, her dark purple hair sponges up at the tips as she ventures forth towards you. “Hi there, and welcome. My name is Prof. Ivy, and I am a Pokémon Professor. I know you were probably expecting to see Prof. Oak today, unfortunately he is busy, but hey! You get me instead!” She has a cheerful personality and a pep to her step.

“Now then, I know you’re here to get your Starter Pokémon, but there are a few things we need to go over first.” She leads you into the lab at a brisk pace, and you might begin to feel some sense of purpose as you just rush in behind her.

“This right here is Faith, that is Charity, oh, hey Hope, remember to send me those files from last Thursday, they still haven’t seen my desk! That’s Hope, and I believe Daisy is out on the ranch.” Prof. Ivy says almost absent-mindedly as you walk past a number of lab assistants and a Mr. Mime struggling to control a number of baby Pokémon who happily hop around his feet, and into a room with a large machine that seems to have slots on it for Poké Balls.

“And here we are, the moment of truth. Each of you will step forward and take a ‘TOF kit’,” she states pointing towards a set of backpacks. “‘TOF’ stands for The Oak Foundation, by the way, but I think it sounds cute if you pronounce it as a ‘tough kit’ haha, where was I? Oh, yeah! Each of you will take one of these kits, they include: four Poké Balls, an Antidote, two Potions, a flashlight, a small tent, tarp, mess kit, lighter and twenty feet of rope. Swiss Army knives or similar were in the list of recommended items to bring, so I trust each of you already has one, oh, of course, a PokéDex and all that remains is your partner Pokémon, so… who will be the first to step up?”

- - -


Post requirement: Two (2).

Write one post detailing your character’s morning prior to arriving at the lab, and up to meeting their Starter Pokémon for the first time. This first post might not be the best opportunity for IC introductions, but you can feel free to establish conversations prior to meeting Prof. Ivy. Tell me about your Starter Pokémon; why did you select it? Did someone else select the one you truly wanted before you? And tell me your character’s first impression of their Starter.

The second post should go over the rest of your last day in Pallet Town. I know your first instinct when thinking about the games might be to rush ahead towards Route 1, but I want your characters to find a reason to stay one more night in Pallet Town. Have one last meal with your parent(s), help a local person with a problem they might have, battle one of your fellow trainers or a rival, or just take a day to get to know your Pokémon.

@GubGar@Crimson Flame@Olive Fontaine[
Alright! Thanks for posting that. Just do me a solid @Olive Fontaine, could you change Mulberry City to Mulberry Town or Village? I’m going to treat it as a suburb of Viridian City.

— - -

In other news, I plan on getting the first chapter up later today (roughly) in 12 hrs, or around midnight Eastern. Until then I’d like you guys to select your Starters’ Egg Move from the following lists:

Bulbasaur: Curse, Ingrain or Magical Leaf. @GubGar
Clefairy: Heal Pulse, Present or Tickle. @Crimson Flame
Charmander: Bite, Counter or Dragon Tail. @Olive Fontaine

Furthermore, @Dragonfly 9: please be sure to get a CS up ASAP if you want to join in from the get-go!

Same goes to any lurkers who may be reading this: Squirtle, Pikachu and Jigglypuff are still available Starters!!

Aww, Amy sounds adorable! Particularly the whole jacket bit. Unown will not be a major feature of this RP, as I have no intention of opening the story over to Johto, but it makes sense that there may be a hitherto unknown Unown Ruins in one of Kanto's many cavernous mountains!

Question: is Amy from Johto or does her dad travel for work?

(Character accepted btw, feel free to post on Characters tab and include an extra line for hometown).


Announcement to everyone (@Crimson Flame@GubGar@Dragonfly 9), please include your Hometown as part of your Character Sheet!
Hi there, @Olive Fontaine!

Happy to see more interest in this. To answer your questions:

No. Pokémon stats will not have a huge bearing or impact on this game. Battles are intended to be narrative as opposed to granular. That being said, I appreciate attention to detail, and will question how your Caterpie managed to outspeed a Pikachu if that’s the route you want to take.

Pokémon battles will come in a variety of different flavors: battling a wild Pokémon or a minor Trainer will be handled entirely by the player within one or two posts. On the other hand, attempting to capture a Pokémon, or to conclude a battle against a: rival, Gym Leader, Rocket Admin, etc., will require a roll of the dice (handled by yours truly) to determine success/degree of success.

This roll will be a 2d6 that requires a 7+ for success (based on PbtA, in case you’re into TTRPGs), and the roll will be modified based on the fictional advantages outlined in your post (objective; eg. Pokémon type, level, size, environment, base stats), as well as the quality of the post (subjective).

As for battles between PCs (which will happen by your choice or my prodding), you will be expected to write up a joint post describing the battle after determining who would win OOC. I will be the judge of who wins any one battle if two players can’t come to an agreement.
@Crimson Flame

I went ahead and gave it a bit more thought. There will be cafés IC where players will be able to buy Pokéblocks, Poffins & drinks (no Malasadas) should they choose to.

That being said, for your Key Item you could take either a Portable Berry Blender or a Poffin EZ-Bake Oven. Both appliances would be roughly as cumbersome as any other Key Item (eg. bicycle, fishing rod, portable Berry pot, etc), and either will serve to prepare and store your treat of choice.

Please don’t worry about needing a specific storage for them (such as the Pokéblocks Case).
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