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--Reactor Online--
--Main System Start--
--Life Support Nominal--
--Power Supply at 100%--
--All Systems Online--
--Welcome Aboard, Commander--

"Terracotta Control, this is Commander Shaw. Preflight checks complete. All systems green and ready for launch."

"Commander Shaw, this is Terracotta Control. Standby for maglaunch in three... two... one... Launch."

The commander was pulled back into her seat from the sudden acceleration. The launch was always the hardest on the body. Going from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds had its way of disorienting most pilots. Once the MAS left the artificial gravity of its mothership, and weightlessness set in, the commander could adjust to the sudden speed a lot easier. Before she knew it, she was at cruising speed in space. The commander looked up at the monolithic station in the distance, twenty-five kilometers out and it was still a respectable size. She wanted to be there on that station, beside Lupus if the worst was to break out. But the rules were clear, and the ISS were benched along with the regulars. There was no compromise.

Her eyes turned to the small strike carrier. Admittedly, it was a beautiful ship. The sleek new design and size would make it far more versatile than the trusty Liberator Class ships the UEE had been using. The commander turned her MAS toward the strike carrier. As she approached the ship, the commander received a lock warning, followed by a call on the comms, "ISS MAS, our computers have you on a landing trajectory with the Artemis. Your arrival is not scheduled, identify yourself and state your intention."

"Artemis, this is Commander Shaw. Be advised, I will be boarding your ship under authorization code Vermilion Star. Stand down." The commander watched her lock indicator, it remained the same for a matter of seconds. Eventually, though, the indicator went back to green.

"Code Vermilion Star confirmed, commander. The Artemis' MAS bays are currently at capacity, ma'am. Adjust approach vector by two degrees for a foot landing."

The commander nodded and flipped a switch in the cockpit. "Foot landing confirmed, Artemis. Making final approach now."

The black MAS fired its retro thrusters to slow itself down. Landing lights on the outside of the Artemis' hangar bay went from blue to yellow, signalling the crew on the hangar deck of an incoming MAS. Landing alarms blared in the hangar as the black MAS entered through the shield gate. As it did, it's armor changed color to match the hangar, a matte gray mainly. The MAS unit's thrusters kicked up space dust from the hangar deck and threw it in all directions, a nuisance more than anything. A yellow jersey quickly ran out in front of the MAS as it touched down on the deck, and began to marshal it to the side of the hangar for lockdown in case another craft needed to leave or enter.

Along the shoulder plate was the name of the MAS unit, the Noblesse. The pilot's name sat just under the unit's designation, 'Cmdr N. Shaw'. The commander studied the pilots lounging about on the deck as she walked her MAS into place. She spotted a gaggle of 12th pilots, and her ISS pilots on the opposite end of the hangar. She spotted a man in the 12th that looked familiar, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. It didn't matter, she had to focus on not walking the Noblesse into something else. Before long, the MAS was in place, and it knelt onto one knee. The ISS pilots quickly fell into formation near the Noblesse while purple and white jerseys rushed to service the MAS unit. There was a hiss of air from the cockpit as it equalized its pressure. The chest opened up, and the commander stood. The ISS pilots all went to attention and saluted as the commander climbed down from the Noblesse.

She wore black armor with a white stripe running down her right arm. Hanging from her right shoulder plate was a white cape that dangled down to the small of the woman's back which identified her rank as an ISS commander. On the left breast of the chestplate, the name Shaw was engraved. Her rank emblem was emblazoned on the left shoulder plate. One of the ISS operatives stepped in front of the commander and saluted. "Commander Shaw. We weren't expecting you today, ma'am. Has something changed?" the operative asked.

Right after he said that, the deck chief, classically known as the 'Air Boss', stepped up along with two armed marines. "I'd like to ask the very same thing, commander. Vermilion Star or not, the Artemis isn't designed to handle MAS landings above capacity. You've landed in a zone cordoned for aerospace fighters that are currently on patrol, and expected to return in just a few minutes."

Nikita reached up to remove her helmet. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly while running her fingers through her raven black hair. She dropped her gaze on the deck chief, "I've been attached to this ship's MAS squadron under special order from Her Royal Highness Selvice. Perhaps you've heard of her, third in the line of succession and Lupus' older sister. She contacted me from Mars, so if you have a complaint, you know where to call."

The chief's face went white. Selvice had a reputation for being rather cold, and frankly a bit of a bitch. But nobody ever said it to her face, that's a quick way to get into jail. Selvice had been the only one in the royal family who had an open distaste for the commander. Nikita figured this attachment to the 12th was likely a way to keep her at a safe distance from the rest of the family. It didn't matter for Nikita. She had pledged her life to the throne, and she'd take orders from the ice queen whether she liked it or not. The deck chief swallowed nervously and nodded "U- understood, Commander Shaw. The problem still remains that your MAS will congest traffic in and out of this ship."

Nikita sighed and looked over to one of the ISS pilots, the lowest rank of the bunch. "Lieutenant, return to the Terracotta and be ready for launch in case we need to mobilize quickly."

The pilot saluted again, "Ma'am!" He then quickly ran to his MAS and prepared to take off.

Nikita looked back to the chief, "You have your room. Ferry the Noblesse into place after my pilot leaves."

The chief couldn't argue with her way of getting things done. "Y- yes, ma'am."

Nikita could hear one of the jerseys that was servicing her MAS whistle. The man had said something about not seeing the Air Boss choke up like that before. Nikita looked back to her ISS pilots, "Fall out and triple check your MAS's, if something goes south, I want you to be first on that station."

The pilots went to attention first before falling out and running to their respective units. Nikita walked past the deck chief, who frantically went to work reorganizing the deck hands for a ferry movement. She had her eyes set on the other pilots in the hangar, the 12th. Nikita tucked her helmet under arm and stopped short of the card game being played. These people were too comfortable. "Who's in command of this outfit?"
Izayoi Village
Readying for Action

Sara has separated from the group after Abe gave his advice on which mission to take. The decision was ultimately left up to her, and she didn't know what she would do. Both options were worth taking the risk for. She walked through the village, headed toward her home to pick up Icarus. On her way, a young boy ran up to her, his aunt not far behind. Sara knew the boy, his father had died out on a hunt. He was killed by a group of yakuza. "Sara-sama!" the boy called out to her.

Sara smiled to him, and looked to his aunt. She had a tear streaking down her cheek. She nodded to Sara, and kept a fair distance away. Sara knelt down to speak with the boy, and smiled, "Haji-chan, hey." Sara's voice was strained, she had a feeling she knew what was coming up.

The boy held a necklace out to her. "We heard you were leaving in the Bastion... I want you to have this. He will protect you."

Sara eyed the necklace. It was a village tradition, to pass on a red necklace to somebody who had lost a family member on a hunt.
"Haji... I can't take thi-"

"You must!" the aunt cut Sara off, "You must take it. My brother wouldn't want to have his memory fade away in a village of scared and hungry people. His place was always in the wild."

Sara stared at the aunt, and nodded. She felt a frog in her throat, and had to swallow it back. She took the necklace and clenched it in her fist, "Thank you, Haji." Sara stood up and walked over to the aunt. She hugged her, and the woman cried in Sara's shoulder. "This village wont be scared and hungry for much longer. You have my word." The woman let go of Sara, and called Haji back to her side. Sara continued on.

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Before long, she was at the door to her house. She stood there a moment to take a deep breath, and opened the door. The interior was dark, the only light was the fogged obscured sun piercing through the blinded windows and cracks in the walls. Some dust floated in the air. Sara looked around, there was a pile of empty bottles on the dinner table. She let out a sigh and made her way over to the pile, picking up the bottles to put them somewhere else. "You could at least say hello, dad..."

Sara looked to her left, spotting one a legged man in the wheelchair, his face shadowed over in the corner. More empty bottles sat near one of the wheels. Sara's father spoke, "You haven't been home in days."

Sara walked across the room and smiled at her falcon. She glanced sidelong over to her drunk father, "I was hunting."

The falcon ruffled its feathers and flew onto Sara's shoulder. She petted it a bit. Her father brought a different bottle to his lips. Sara reached over and took it from him. He grabbed her by the wrist, his grip was tight. They made eye contact. "I was told by your friend Taka. You're leaving town in that war machine. I wont allow it."

Sara wrenched her hand free, taking the bottle with her. "It's not your decision. I'm going to make things better here." She stepped over to the table to set the bottle down with the pile of others.

"You're going to die, girl. You know that? A gaggle of kids isn't going to fix anything," her father said.

Sara looked back at him, "Then who will? You? You can hardly stand the light of the sun, let alone walk."

Sara's father wheeled out from his position in the corner of the room. "How ungrateful can you get? I protected you since you were a baby. Your mother died to get you on that boat. I lost my leg to make sure you survived! And you insult our sacrifices to ride off on some doomed quest? That's how you show your love for our family?"

"You're a shadow of the man you used to be. But despite all that, you're still my father. Even if you don't think so, I do love you."

The man snorted and took his bottle from the table. He turned his back to Sara, "Great way to show it... Go on, go get killed then. Leave me behind like everybody else."

Sara glared at the back of his head, "You aren't even going to say it back?"

Her father turned to face her again. He made eye contact with Sara, but he didn't have a tender look on his face. He was angry, his teeth gritted and his brows furrowed. "Get. Out."

Sara could feel some tears welling up in her eyes. She took the necklace that was given to her by Haji, and set it down on the table. "You're gonna need this then." The necklace of a fallen hunter. With that, Sara left the house with Icarus still perched on her shoulder.

Her father looked long and hard at the necklace before wheeling over to it. "Come back, Sara... Come back!" She was long gone. Her father took the necklace in his hands, placed his face in his palms, and cried for the first time since his wife had died.

Sara climbed into the tank and got in her seat. Icarus found a place next to Sara to perch on. She turned some dials on the station's radio, and adjusted some of the frequencies. Sara didn't make eye contact with the others. She sniffled once, then rubbed away the only tear that had managed to escape down her cheek. While the others voiced their opinions of what they should do, Sara thought of Haji's father, killed by yakuza. Her mother, killed during an attack by the R.A.I. Her father, broken from his wife's death. "I'm sick of witnessing good people being killed for no reason." Sara said to the group, "I say we go on the offensive and get rid of the yakuza threat for these people. Abe said it'd be about three months before the yakuza would counter attack. That's more than enough time to range out and acquire the silver on another expedition. The town can fortify, and when the yakuza come, they'll be faced with their own equipment and the Bastion. They wont want to strike again. We'll force the yakuza to lose their appetite for this village."

Sara looked to the rest of the group then, a fiery passion in her eyes, "Let's show these people that we wont stand for oppression. This tank is called the Bastion. Let's give reason to that name."
I'm posting after the others to hear their feedback.
And for a double post, I give you a completed CS! Ingram Shaw's long lost older sister, Nikita Shaw!

@vFear I like the character, though I'm not sure artificial planets are gonna fly. Although I'm sure the tech level in Falling Skies would allow for large spaceborn colonies like Antillia from Zone of the Enders. Although I'm not Myke, so I could be totally wrong lol. Just passing on some helpful info!

I'm all for blowing these bastard to kingdom come! >:D
Oh man, this looks cool. And I like your ideas on 'character roles'. I'm cautiously interested in the captain/naval officer role (in command of a huge-ass ship? Yes please), and I'd be willing to Co-GM, but I've never actually done that before. What sort of duties would that entail?

Co-GMing is along the lines of helping the GM realize their plot, as well as enforcing rules on the RP. Additionally, the Co-GM will head up the RP if the GM is absent. The Co-GM will also work in private with the GM to come up with fun plot ideas for the group. I Co-GM'd for Myke on the last Falling Skies as the ship captain, and it was a great experience.

As for the Captain role, it's a good idea to make up a roster of key ship personnel that will be mainly interacting with your character. Since the Captain doesn't have a MAS, it's not often that he/she will be directly engaging with the rest of the players, so RPing with yourself is a must. I can speak from experience that it is a challenging role, but fun and rewarding in its own way. The role is a great way to test your skill as a writer. If you want ideas and inspiration on the role, here is a link to the previous Falling Skies, which shares the same format as this new one.
Ahhh such a strong level of nostalgia. I will definitely miss the adventures of Captain Marquis and the 7th, but I'm looking forward to see what comes of this one.
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