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Current I don't understand how Tumblr RPing works. It boggles my mind. O.o


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I'll be starting the RP on the weekend
Looking to do a Diablo 2 RP starting right after the hero defeats Blood Raven. I've been wanting to play a rogue who was tasked by Kasshya to be the hero's companion! I'd ideally want to be paired with a Paladin or Barbarian, but I'd be cool with original characters too. My one stipulation is you have to have played D2 to understand which direction the plot is headed, as well as have at least a basic understanding of the world's lore.

Luna is now APPROVED!
Oh! You made the edits! Lol, yeah, Magharmaw is APPROVED.
What about my app?

It's there
Feel free to skip me and move onto the next round! I'll take up the slack when you guys comes to collect the nerd from the library.
@LSJ Rose

@Dark Cloud
And with those edits made, I also APPROVE Percival!
@LSJ Rose I'm having a weird sensation. I could have sworn I talked about your character in this! Strange that I guess I didn't? I'm sorry! I'll get to doing a review on your character a bit later today! Same shtick though! I like her, just a few things to mention!
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