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I am inclined to agree with this. I'm busy tonight, but something will be up soon.
I'm really looking forward to playing this game.
@snake153 @out of touch were you guys waiting to post till after our characters were introduced by the GM at the o-12 hq?

@whoami if we don't hear from the other players soon, do we have a plan to move forward? I know you put a lot of work into this game, and I love my character.

If nothing else happens by the end of the week, I'll push on onward. I tend to be quite patient with posts since I totally understand how it feels to not be able to write due to outside influences.
@Whoami cool, though I am slightly confused as to how you expect us to start. Is to coming to the briefing room those 2 hours later, more of an arriving at headquarters kind of deal or some general char intro stuff of what we would be up before arriving.

Also I forgot to ask earlier but are there rules to go with the dog face Host Body. As in stat changes due to the transformation, what kind of action it counts as etc. obvious not relevant yet but better to find out now than when we are in the middle of a firefight.

You have some freedom to work within those two hours. You could have some sort of intro, then time skip to show up near the end of the two hours. Or simply start wherever in that span of time. I allowed two hours so you guys can do a little bit of character building. I don't want to go too long on character introductions past three or four post turns, since the characters will have spoken and gotten to know one another whilst being deployed, and interaction can/will happen during the mission.

As for transforming into a Dog Face, it would count as a Standard Action. I intend to start working on the next section (Items, Skills, Hacking Programs, Qualities, and the Codex) soon. More information about transforming will be given then. As one of the player characters is a dogface, it will be one of the first things I cover.
IC is up, it's far from perfect, but I want to get the ball rolling so we can be off on our first mission quicker.
O-12 Bureau Noir Headquarters

Concillium, July 15th, 0800 Hours

Powell walked through the corridors of the planetside Noir headquarters. In one hand, he had a cup of fresh coffee. In the other, Powell held onto a roster of the new task force's members. It was a small roster, but each dossier attached to the roster was impressive to say the least. He felt there'd be little animosity between the members, something that was always a concern with newly formed units.

Powell sipped at his coffee before stepping aside and entering a room. The room was dominated by a large oak table surrounded by comfortable looking leather seats. Against one of the walls was a large holodisplay. It was a standard conference room, but Bureau Noir lucked out in that their conference rooms doubled as their briefing rooms. There was none of that uncomfortable seating in a dark room with Bureau Noir. Powell rounded the table and sat at the opposite end, facing the door. He set the roster aside and sipped at his coffee again.

A woman entered the room first. The woman was dressed professionally, save for the bright teal hair that was done in a warrior's braid. The woman came to attention as she entered the room, and saluted. "Major," she said.

Powell smiled at the woman, "At ease, Lieutenant. Have a seat."

The teal haired woman nodded and sat a random seat. Powell had remembered when the woman had first come to O-12. She was quite rough around the edges at first, then again, most nomad recruits were. Powell watched as the woman made herself comfortable in the seat. He knew she didn't much like wearing the uniform, most nomads often wore more freeing clothing. "How long have you been with O-12 now, Lena?"

The woman looked over to Powell, "Three years, sir."

Powell nodded, "You've come quite a ways since you first joined the ranks of Noir."

Lena nodded, "Yes, sir."

Powell sipped his coffee, "You played a major part in picking out these new recruits for Saladin's task force. It's an interesting bunch, but I'm confident they'll get the job done."

The nomad nodded again, "I formed the task force under the principle that they're meant to stop the bloodshed, not cause more; but can hold their own if the situation degrades."

Powell agreed, "And I'm sure the unit will be effective in its duty. However, I've noticed a distinct lack of infowarriors in the roster."

"Sir, I didn't actively seek out an infowarrior for the task force because I'd like to fill the role," Lena said.

Powell grinned, "So be it, Lieutenant Serajevo."

The nomad blinked, "That was easy."

The major sipped his coffee and finally set it aside, "I've received word from High Command, they intended to have you lead the task force anyways. Kill two birds with one stone, basically."

Lena nodded, "I won't disappoint, sir."

"I expect not, lieutenant. These operatives have been contacted to arrive at the headquarters in two hours. You'll be glad to hear that your unit already has an assignment. I'll send you the mission details on your comm-link."

The major stood from his seat and left the roster on the table. "You can use this room for the briefing. Let me know when everybody has gotten cozy."

Lena stood up, saluted, and then offered to shake Powell's hand. "Yes, sir."
Heh, wasn't anticipating this weekend to be as busy as it is. I mean... There was my mother's birthday on Friday, and my own birthday tomorrow, but other than that, things have been creeping up on me and capturing me at the last minute.

An IC will happen, I promise! Tuesday by the latest.
The IC will be underway within the next day or two. Stay tuned~
What does putting assets into factions do anyways?

Investing assets into a faction reduces the cost of all items provided by that faction. If a character was native to PanOceania, and had two assets invested, an item worth 15 assets would instead cost only 10 (3 from native, 2 from investing).
@whoami, I edited together an app output.

Yay! A Yu Jing girl! I just realized that three of the four characters are female >.> Well that's Infinity for you. Hehehe.

Alright! So onto your character review. I'm excited about the prospect of having a hunted agent on the team; it could really work for me to shake things up at some very 'convenient' moments. Now, considering her unique state for being hunted by Yu Jing, I am willing to allow your faction relations to be opposed to Yu Jing, while being Native to the Mercenaries. If you could switch your faction to Mercenaries (Heritage: Yu Jing), that'd work just fine.

The rest of Yu Jing's relations are...

Friendly (+1): Corporations, O-12
Opposed (-3): PanOceania, Ariadna, Black Market

So please reflect that in your assets as well. It should look something like this...

PanOceania: [Opposed] 0 -3 [20 Debt]
Yu Jing: [Opposed] 0 -3
Ariadna: [Opposed] 0 -3
Haqqislam: 0
Nomads: 0
O-12: [Friendly] 0 +1
Corporations: [Friendly] 0 +1
Mercenaries: [Native] 0 +3
Black Market: [Opposed] 0 -3
Tohaa: 0

Otherwise, I have no gripes with your character. After those minor alterations, you will be accepted! :D
@wadesauce, I like the character a lot, though there are a few inconsistencies between the character, and the app generated sheet. Mainly, the assets are throwing me off.

Your character sheet shows that you have 14 assets available, but it looks as though 17 assets have been invested across the suppliers. Also, the character's alliances to the factions seem strange considering that, despite living among the Nomads, he has no real allegiance to them. I would allow either Black Market or Haqqislam to be Sa'id's Native faction, with all of the oppositions and allies that come with those native factions.

Friendly (+1): Black Market, O-12, Mercenaries
Opposed (-3): Ariadna, Corporations, PanOceania

Black Market
Friendly (+1): Haqqislam, Nomads, Tohaa, Mercenaries
Opposed (-3): O-12, ALEPH, Corporations, Yu Jing, PanOceania

Also, if you invest an asset into a faction, it reduces your total assets by one. Ex. Investing a single asset into the Nomads would drop you from 14 to 13 assets, and so forth. Since assets are essentially your currency, it might be a good idea to save some for any future items that become available during or after missions. But that's more of a suggestion than anything.

A few quick tweaks to your assets and you will be accepted. :)
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