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Good luck with your service!

Thanks lol. I'm not the target training audience for this one. Myself and a handful of guys from my unit were picked to go be OpFor for the trainees. So we basically get to hunt them down and make their lives a living hell for the whole month.

So, for a bit of transparency for everyone. I am actively serving in the Canadian Army, and it sometimes likes to drop, very suddenly, tasks that take me away from home for extended periods of time. Unfortunately for this RP, I have just been informed today that I'll be deploying out to the field for a month-long training exercise in the first week of November, which means that I will not be able to support and run this RP while I am out there living in austere conditions.

So what does this mean?

I am placing this RP on indefinite hiatus until I manage to find the time to pick it back up again. Until today, I was totally of the mind that I was going to be home all the way to Christmas leave and well into the new year. Sorry for those who were really looking forward to this one. When I get home in early December, I'll send out a probe to everyone to see if we're all still willing to start this one up.
Quick question - Are there any wargear/equipment that's not allowed? Nothing Astartes-Pattern I'm sure but I'm thinking about a Sniper Rifle/Long-Las

Log-Las would be fine! Makes sense for what is essentially the police to have snipers.
Link to: Interest Check

Warhammer 40,000
Blood & Beauty

...// Segmentum Ultima \\...
...// Planet Arterium \\...
-- Designation: Agri World
-- Hive Cities: 1 'Babellum'
-- Main Export: Sanguinalla Extract
-- Strategic Priority: Low
-- Status: Stable (Marked for Inquisitorial audit)

"It is easy to overlook such a quiet, beautiful world when rooting out corruption and heresy. To the untrained eye, a world such as Arterium plays no part in the greater schemes of the galaxy. Much to their surprise, these worlds are the most at risk of incursion from the alien, the mutant, and the heretic. While the rest of the galaxy turns a blind eye, I watch through a magnifying glass. These are the worlds that decide the fates of entire sectors. There is corruption here. I can smell its wretched stench hidden among the lovely flowers. I can taste it in the sweet air. It does not want to be found, but I will find it all the same."
Inquisitor Arthur Trask
Ordo Hereticus

"Arbitrators! Atten-tion!

... Right, listen in, everyone. Some excitement just landed on our doorstep. I'm sure you're all tired of corralling the common rabble to and from the flower fields and arresting petty criminals. Seems our quiet little world is up for an audit by the Holy Inquisition, and the inquisitor, who should be planetside in a matter of weeks mind you, is requesting a local escort from Babellum's Adeptus Arbites. That's right, that means half a dozen of you get to tour an Inquisitor around and show him all the pretty sights. Arterium is peaceful enough, so I don't expect he'll come across any real issues. That said, in case something arises, I want you to report it back to me immediately so we can take care of the problem in house before things get too out of hand. I'll be passing down a list of names for the Inquisitor's escort party in a few hours.

Ahem... Arbitators! Dis-missed!"

Thaddeus Blesse
Babellum Arbites Judge

@skwint @Jamesyco @Gingerboi123 @bugman

The OOC will be ready soon! Likely within the hour! Maybe a tad later as my House of the Dragon watch party with my friends is nigh. Depends on if I can beat the clock and finish this write-up.

@skwint @Jamesyco @Gingerboi123 @bugman

I'll be making an OOC thread for this RP tomorrow with the character sheet template and more information on the setting!
Would it be possible to be a K9 unit with one of them cyber mastiffs?

That would be fine!

I see...

My psyker wasnt going to be a telepath, he was going to use powers from the biomancy discipline. And the way normal rps work is that i state im using psyniscience and the gm will report what i find. And if he doesnt want me to find anything he'll state a reason for that. Such as the room being warded or something. I mean psyniscience can help me find clues but so can the magnifying glass...

I think that my creative license isnt being respected here. Ive played detectives in 40k and im kinda tired of it as a trope. Psyker detective sounds way more fun. This is funny because im very good at deductive and critical thinking already.

I think the simplest and most honest response I can give to you then is that I don't think this RP is for you . While you think your creative license isn't being respected here, I feel like mine isn't also. I've outlined the parameters for this interest check. If what I've provided doesn't interest you, then you don't need to participate. If you take offense to my saying no, that's not my problem.
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