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I'm definitely still in support for this RP!
@WhoamiWill you be joining us again anytime soon?

I will most likely be able to return to you guys in the near future. Things at work are starting to slow down as my unit comes off of the high readiness cycle. Perhaps for now Auriel could simply just be away to make her return at the start of the waves?
I'm still here, by the way. I'm so sorry for my silence. I've been trying to find the energy to write but my attention has been split between so many different things in life recently that I just haven't had any energy. Just know that I have every intention to get something out, only that I don't know when exactly I will.
@WhoamiDo you have any updates for us?

Still at home thankfully, but I've been hella busy and low energy these past couple weeks. I'm sorry for the silence! I'll try once again to get something for you guys this weekend.
If I have the energy (or I'm still in Canada) on the weekend I'll try to keep my end standing. ^.^
@Dark Cloud Oh hai! Thanks for that! :D It is indeed a shame it fizzled.
The player playing as the Spear Hero left the RP and the character was written off as simply going elsewhere in the world.

The original shield hero was a dud and was resummoned as Fer. Auriel, having been told not to follow the Spear Hero, attended the announcement of the new shield hero, where she then introduced herself to Fer.
Auriel originally gravitated to the Spear Hero.
@WhoamiNow that Ukraine is under attack should we expect even less posts going forward until tensions cool?

This is an apt thing to assume. At the moment I'm still not going anywhere. But we're stood up and ready to go if NATO calls for its allies, in which case I'll be going. I'll let you know if/when that happens.


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Auriel was about to turn both of the heroes down for dancing. It wasn't that she didn't want to. It was more to do with the fact that her wings made dancing in a crowded environment clunky. Though that was the easy excuse, deeper down in Auriel, she was simply embarrassed since she wasn't practiced at dancing. She was also worried that she'd make a fool of herself and a fool of her dance partner because of it. Thankfully, Auriel didn't need to answer as the door burst open, stealing everyone's attention away from the festivities. Including Auriel's.

She wasn't expecting to see the bow hero or her party show up. Auriel had recalled the last time she had met the bow hero. She was abrasive, rude, and very very loud. Auriel didn't like the girl, but her oath to servitude under the four heroes forced her to be indifferent. They were her destiny. She had to respect them even if she really couldn't. Auriel outstretched an arm when Cole moved in to attack, only to see that the bow hero's party was very quick to intercept all of the attacks that came at them with clever use of magic. Things began getting out of hand...

Auriel's golden eyes jumped between the two heroes, then to Rivia, then to the bow hero. This was going to devolve into a brawl where no one would come out it with anything good. She clenched her jaw and stepped out into the middle of the dance floor which was still relatively clear. She needed to stop this. Regardless of whichever hero would end up wounded in this altercation, allowing any single one of them to reach that point would mean that Auriel was failing at her job. And she refused to let that bastard Bander be made right. She didn't need to look at him to see the grin on his face. She could feel his eyes burning into her back. Auriel took a deep breath and outstretched her wings to full span. She channeled some mana as well, letting it flare out in golden light from her body. Auriel yelled out to interrupt them from their squabbling, "THAT'S ENOUGH!"

She gripped her spear tight and landed the butt end of it on the marble floor. Auriel stood tall and strong, removing any courtly elegance from her posture and replacing it with pride and strength. She looked between the three heroes, but her gaze was mostly on Rin. "Hero or not, this is not a way to conduct yourselves in a royal court!" Auriel stood her ground, "Who are you to criticize Fer and Cole, Rin Matsunaga? How many waves have you defended the world against? None. The waves are all that matters in the grand scheme of things. That is the ultimate purpose of the legendary heroes. As you have so clearly pointed out, the Dragon Hourglass is still measuring time. And there isn't much longer before the last grain falls and the skies turn red and fire rains on all the lands. Where then? Where is the sense in fighting now of all times? Why risk injury at such a crucial juncture?"

Auriel looked to Cole and Fer, "These sorts of galas are most important when held on the brink of cataclysm. It is an opportunity to relax and find peace before chaos. To forge fond memories to cherish and strength relationships worth fighting for. It is good for the soul, so no warrior ever becomes rotted from the inside out and cynical as you have so obviously become. You might have the prowess over the other heroes, but when our darkest hour comes, it will be the heroes who have learned to love this world that save it. Not the ones who see this simply as some chore they got pulled from their world to do."

Auriel's wings came back in, and the radiant golden light began to fade away. The winged warrior sighed, and turned toward the king. She did a curtsy in her dress and bowed her head, "Your majesty. I think it would be wise to allot a room for these three heroes so they can set aside their differences and find common ground."
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