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i'd be down for he mech or the steampunk, or I've got a few other ideas?

Feel free to share 'em!
Everything for this CS is done EXCEPT for the Biography. I have a rather busy day that needs to get started here, so I'll hop to it after I am done with work and my other errands. The CS should be done by tonight though! Enjoy everything else in the meantime!

You have my interest!
Hey there! I am on the verge of entering into a new chapter in my life, and it might mean I wont have much time to do much RPing anymore. And I am REEAALLY craving a good ol' fashioned RP right now. But with things about to change in my life in less than a month, I don't really want to commit to being a GM of an RP. After having searched through the interest checks, there isn't really any setting that really piqued my interest, and the ones that have, are old and dead now. So I was hoping somebody could help indulge me by taking a peak at the settings I'm craving right now, and hosting an RP! Of course, since things are changing for me by the end of July, I hope you'll understand if I have to duck out. But hopefully I'll have inspired you to and the other RPs who have joined to continue going in my absence!

There might be a chance that I'll have the time in my soon to be very busy life to get some posts in, just at a significantly reduced rate. Please keep that in mind! Now without further ado, here are some plot ideas I'm interested in.

Hunted Supers:
A modern, near-future, or sci-fi setting where the characters have super powers and are being hunted by another party. Perhaps the antagonist group are other supers? A government? A shadowy organization? Who knows, but our characters are sought out, and must fight to survive.

A good ol' Mech Combat story:
Pretty basic, but it's a sci-fi mech action RP! Either somewhere along the lines of either Armored Core, or Front Mission in terms of tech.This could be set in space, or on Earth. Maybe it's a military conflict, or just a heavy televised combat sport that is broadcast across the world.

That's it, just pure steampunk goodness. Furthermore, I have a very deeply fleshed out setting made that blends fantasy elements into a heavy steampunk world. If you wish, you could GM in my world, Yggdrasil.

Ice Age:
Be it fantasy, primal, or even futuristic! I've been entertaining the thought of an RP set in an Ice Age. Similar to the Steampunk suggestion, I have also crafted a world (albeit less complete compared to Yggdrasil). This setting is a fantasy Ice Age known as Waldenkore.

So there you have it! Some ideas that I hope somebody would be willing to GM! Please place your interest here if you'd like to step up for either the GM position or just as a player! Pitch your own ideas of these settings and themes, or simply state which one you'd like to have an RP in! I hope to hear from you soon!

The Black Knight Emerges
Tallia Seraph

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Tallia stood next to the other huntsman left to defend the church. The other two were still committed to clearing the rubble to get inside and reach the princess. She held her sword to her side, both hands gripping the hilt tight as her eyes watched the silhouettes in the fog. "Be ready. They'll come again any moment now..."

The other huntsman nodded, raising his shield up higher. Tallia glanced sidelong at him, "Be strong. You fight for Tera's life at this moment, and by extension, the life of your king's. Victory here means the survival of our kingdom."

The huntsman exhaled and let out an uneasy chuckle, "No pressure."

Tallia grinned, "None whatsoever." The two of them laughed quietly in unison as they waited for the next wave.

Every time the undead emerged from the fog, they were more and more organized and capable. The dark magic animating them was powerful, and that genuinely worried Tallia. How long would they be able to hold out? How long before the undead started using tactics and fought as a greater whole? Tallia didn't want to say it, but she knew at the rate things were going, they were going to die that day. If only they could find the necromancer and kill it. Then they would have a chance. The witch would have to be somewhere in the fog. Necromancy had a relatively short range after all.

"There," The other huntsman said as he pointed his finger, "I see something headed straight for us... What the hell? Is that armor?"

Tallia turned her head and saw exactly what the huntsman was seeing. A knight in full plate armor moving slowly but purposefully toward them. Undead shambled slowly behind the knight, which helped to see just how coordinated this knight was in comparison. It wasn't a walking corpse. It was something more. Tallia turned to the two other huntsmen clearing the rubble, "Take up your weapons! We're going to need them!"

The huntsmen quickly stopped what they were doing. They grabbed their weapons, one wielding a spear, and the other wielding a great sword. The spear wielding huntsman formed up next to Tallia, "It's the necromancer! If we kill him now, we've break the horde!"

Tallia would have appreciated such bravery if the princess wasn't there. Hell, she might well have joined them as the huntsmen let out a warcry and broke formation to charge. But now wasn't the time for heroics. "Hold fast!"

They didn't listen. The huntsmen were so desperate to finish this fight and survive, that they didn't stop for one moment to consider Tera's well being. That was what set Tallia apart from the other huntsmen, aside from Father Wyn. These huntsmen were all summoned by Tera and paid to bring her to this infamous, haunted land. Their loyalty was in the promise of gold and riches when the task was complete. While all skilled in their own right, the huntsmen all had their own irregular strategies, and it didn't mesh well.

Things became slow for Tallia as she watched the three hunters charge straight at the knight. She felt something inside of her. An instinct. Tallia simply knew that, in the end, she'd be the only one left to slow the black knight down in a just a few moments. Tallia placed her sword in front of her, and began to recite the warrior's creed of her homeland. Revealing herself to the other huntsmen now was the only way anybody would survive. The only Tera, her sacred charge, would live on.

"In darkness, I shall be light."

Upon uttering those words, a sapphire inlaid in the hilt of her sword began to glow. The fog surrounding Tallia began to swirl lightly. The other huntsmen were too busy running at the knight to notice what was happening. She preferred it that way, the others didn't need the distraction of witchcraft among their ranks. The first hunter reached striking distance with his spear. He lunged forward. The tip of the spear simply passed through the gut of the knight. It's body rippled and swirled as though smoke has just been disturbed. When the hunter pulled his spear back with no resistance, he saw no blood on the end of it.

"In times of doubt, I shall keep faith."

Tallia watched the hunters assault the knight while she continued her warrior's creed. The sapphire glowed bright, and began to emanate magical energy. The energy started wrapping itself around the blade. The fog twirled more around her, and her hair began to lift and flit about. Tallia eyes started taking on the same sapphire glow. The black knight reached forth and grabbed the hunter's spear, clenching his fist and splintering the wooden shaft into pieces. It took the hold of the spearhead and thrust it back at the huntsman like a dagger. The spearhead pierced the man's chest and came out his back. Ethereal energy started pouring from the spearhead, latching onto the hunter's body as the knight pulled away, ripping the huntsman's soul from his body. The soul melded with the knight's misty form until it ceased to be. The next hunter saw that and let out a terrified shriek. But when the fight or flight instinct kicked in, his body went through the motions, and chose to fight. He hefted his great sword in the air and went for a mighty swing.

"In throes of rage, I shall hone my craft."
"... my craft..."

Just like the spear, the great sword passed through the body of the knight, separating the upper and lower halves of the misty knight, but not stopping its approach at all. The huntsman, having expected the strike to stop his momentum, staggered as the weight of the great sword carried him forward. The knight didn't even bother raising its weapon to kill the man. When the huntsman passed through its body, he simply slumped into the mud as his soul was pulled by ethereal tendrils into the back of the knight. The soul let out distanct, echoing screams as it was absorbed into the unholy being. The hunter's limp body then began to shift and move, raising to its feet and joining the undead horde behind the knight. During all of this, Tallia continued reciting her creed. The makeup on her face began to melt away, revealing witch tattoos on her forehead and cheeks. The witchmarks started glowing to match her eyes and blade.

"In vengeance..."
"In vengeance, I shall have no mercy."
"... no mercy..."

The knight's icy gaze fell directly on Tallia as she spoke, ignoring the third huntsman as he swung his blade. That momentary distraction allowed for the sword to strike the knight's ethereal form, and actually catch on its body. The knight looked down, seeing the silver blade embedded in its armor. The huntsman tried pulling his sword free of the knight's armor, but the armor seemingly reformed itself around the blade. The knight clenched a plated fist and uppercutted the hunter, taking the wind of out of his chest and sending him flying back a few feet. He lay on his back, struggling to get some air in his lungs. Before he could, the knight stepped ever closer, and dropped its heavy plate boot down on his chest. He wheezed as his ribs all cracked and collapsed. The knight didn't break pace, it's foot tearing the soul from the crushed huntsman's body. There was nothing standing in the way between the knight and Tallia now.

"In the midst of battle,"
"In the midst of battle,"

A ghostly voice spoke alongside Tallia's. It wasn't her own.

"I shall have no fear."
"I shall have no fear."

The knight stopped before Tallia, as if waiting for her to finish reciting her creed. Magical energy was whipping around Tallia now. The witch's sword glowed bright blue, matching that of the black knight's own weapon. Tallia kept her gaze locked on the knight, and it returned the cold glare. She moved her blade into a guard, then heard a voice speak. "Finish those words, Arcadians. I am in a hurry."

The black knight raised its large blade into a similar guard. Then both Tallia and the ghostly voice spoke in unison.

"In the face of Death, I shall have no remorse."

"I would expect nothing less." the sinister voice said and began to laugh as Tallia and the knight both swung their blades. The clash of magically imbued steel against magically imbued steel let out a high pitched ring. Surrounding fog whipped away from the impact, and the nearest undead that were left outside of the gray simply tumbled lifelessly into the mud.
Tera Valenci

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“Princess you need to come with us or you’ll die too. We need to go, now!”

Tera nodded and watched as both John and Sarah took the lead and began stepping into the hidden passageway. When the sound of some sort of clash rang out through the church, Tera and her two bodyguards turned to the source of the noise beyond the rubble. Dale spoke, "What in the world was that?"

Father Wyn furrowed his brows and hurried both Dale and Tera down into the tunnel. "Oh, Tallia..." he mumbled quietly before addressing Dale's question, "That is the sound of a last resort. Come quickly."

Tera tried looking past Father Wyn as she was ushered into the dark corridor, "What about Tallia and the others?"

The priest didn't slow down, "I'm sure we'll see Tallia at the end of all this, princess. For now, focus on the path ahead."

No words were exchanged after Father Wyn told them to remain wary. Beyond the group's torchlight was pitch darkness. The tunnel walls were close together, so the group could only proceed in single file. As they went deeper into the tunnel, the air got cold and damp. A stale scent was becoming more and more prominent as they descended further into the darkness. Every movement they made echoed off of the stone walls. Further into the tunnel, far beyond the sight of any one of them, water droplets could be heard landing in pools. More importantly, the faint sound of air flowing through the corridors told them that there was an exit, and that it was open. Dale whispered ahead, loud enough for both John and Sarah could hear, "If we follow the airflow, we'll find our way out. Feel for the air current."

Tera clutched her cloak and wrapped herself tightly as she moved through the tunnel. She felt Father Wyn's calm hand land on her shoulder, and guide her reassuringly. She was glad that Father Wyn had joined on this expedition. His patience with her was near legendary, and Tera practically considered Father Wyn as an uncle. But the thought of having him here and not Tallia made her stomach go bottomless. Despite being aloof, Tera could hardly remember a moment when Tallia wasn't there to watch over her. It just felt wrong to not have her guardian by her side.

Once again, there were no words passing around. Everybody was too focused on listening and feeling for the airflow. Eventually, the corridor widened into far larger network of tunnels. Father Wyn had seen them plenty of times before. "A catacomb. Strange that a small town such a Goldencrest would have one of such size, but... I suppose this region is known for its history." his tone of voice wasn't laced with as much reverence.

The walls had shelves and insets in the masonry filled with skeletal remains and other random bones. The bones all seemed weathered and from a previous era. Thick layers of dust blanketed most of the remains and piled in corners. "I imagine we are the first people in a long time to set foot in these tunnels." Father Wyn said.

Dale stepped forward and shook his head. He pointed at the floor, picking out tracks in the dusts. They were pin pricks, not resembling the feet of any person or animal he had seen. "First people, sure. But it would seem this catacomb has become something else's home now."

The airflow in the tunnels left streaks in the dust on the floor, making for a clear indication which direction they needed to travel. The pin prick tracks moved in the same direction. "A giant spider perh-"

"DON'T jinx us." Dale interjected. He wasn't a fan of spiders.

They pressed on. Tera had drawn her short sword at some point, she wasn't entirely sure when she did. Father Wyn kept his heavy mace at the ready. And Dale already had one of his arrows knocked and set ablaze from a torch. No spider was going to get the best of him. The party continued following the tracks and the airflow through the tunnel. As they did, they could notice the skeletal remains becoming less and less complete, as though certain bones were missing or were plucked away from the long dead bodies. Those that remained seemed almost pristine, like they were meticulously cleaned or polished. Eventually, even the dust seemed to become more and more scarce.

Then there was the sound of rattling ahead. Then the feeble sniffling of a man. The party stopped just at the entrance to a larger antechamber. The torchlight couldn't even fill the entire room. The whimpering man cried, his voice coarse and aged. "Who's there? I... I see light! I haven't seen light in... years? No... I've been counting... That's all I can do is count down here..."

The man started to count upward quietly, the echo in the chamber allowing the group to him in clarity. If only they could see him. "One two three four- four! Four centuries! The light! Ohhh it's so... B- b- beautiful!"

The rattling sound could be heard again, but not from the same direction as the man's voice. Dale looked around frantically, searching for anything. The rattling sound drew closer. As it did, it became clear that the hollow sound was bones making contact with the stone floor and walls. There was a pattern in it, like something was crawling or walking. Pat. Tick. Klok. Pat. Klok. Tick. Then more sounds began to echo across the stone walls. Something was calling.

Then the mysterious man started to sniffle again. "It's coming back... Oh- oh no... Oh it's coming back! You all need to run! It'll capture you too! It'll... It'll feed you and keep you alive forever until you're nothing! R- run away from here! Far away!"

Then the man began to scream loudly, "I've got nothing left! N- nothing! Don't take anything else! P- please!"

In frustration, Dale tossed his torch into the antechamber, revealing a pit dug into the ground and walled with pristine ribcages. Tucked inside each ribcage was a skull that rattled every so often. The screaming man could be seen now, hanging from sharp spears made out of bones in the roof. His whole body was limp, supported only by the long femur spears. He looked amorphous almost, like he had no skeleton to hold the shape of his arms or legs. The only things left that had any sort of rigidity in his body was his head and his torso. Those eerie calls became louder, as did the sounds of the creature's crawling. Pat. Tick. Klok. Pat. Klok. Tick.

One final call announced its arrival from deep within the bone pit. A long arm made of human femurs reached out first, then a second, and then a third. It let out another echoing ticking noise as it pulled itself from the bone pit. It didn't resemble any sort of human despite having the same bones. It didn't resemble... anything whatsoever. The bony creature crawled out from the pit entirely, and lets out another low warble. At its 'head', was a jumbled up mess of humans and animal skulls. It looked around, then spotted the man hanging from the bone spears. With one of its long femur arms, it reached up toward the man. He screamed and the party, "Run! I'm doomed! But I can at least save you from the Bone Taker!"

Just as he said that, the clawed fingers of the creature made contact with the chest of the man. He let out a piercing cry as those fingers seemingly moved through his skin. His whole body began to shift and break as the creature moved its hand through his body. Dale watched in pure horror as the man remained completely alive and conscious during the ordeal. The bone taker began withdrawing its arm. In its clawed hand was the man's rib cage, moving through his flesh like it was never there to begin with. His screams never stopped as he watched the Bone Taker add his own rib cage to its body. When the creature found a sufficient enough place for it, it simply attached without any issue. The individual ribs them broke up, and began to unnaturally move as extra limbs. Dale cried out in horror and disgust, "D- demon! It's a demon! Kill it!"

With the party's silence now broken, the Bone Taker turned its many faced head to them. It let out a growl-like warble and stood straight backed on four bony, stilt like legs. It was three men tall. Out of all of the skull's on its 'head'. Only the eye sockets of one of the skulls were filled with a dark red glow. The skulls began to shift and roll all over its body and into different locations. Then it let out a loud, ear piercing roar.

Into the Grey
Tera Valenci

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[Interaction with @Celsius and @Legion02]

Tera looked over her shoulder when she heard movement coming up from behind her. She spotted Sarah and smiled lightly at her. Tera wasn't too acquainted with the young huntress on a personal level, but the few words exchanged between the two had helped break the ice while on the road to Seren's Folly. “You should return to your carriage, your grace. This is no place for a princess.” Serah had told her.

Tera raised her hand to wave off the suggestion, and then to ease the other huntsmen in the church. She was about to speak, but was then cut off by the stranger as he warned them of a puddle of his own vomit. Tera looked down and spotted it, making an attempt to move around it. Dale eased off the drawn bow and watched the man warily as Tera moved further into the desecrated church. "My lady?"

Tera glanced back at Dale, "I'm sure if this man was behind the destruction here, he'd be attempting to run away or fight his way through us. Am I correct to assume so, stranger?"

The princess was frightened by the mysteries of Goldencrest's fate, but she knew that she had to put on a strong face for her followers to keep them, at the very least, sound and hopeful. The hood of Tera's cloak shadowed her face in the dark church, making it difficult to spot any distinguishing features. Father Wyn spoke up shortly after Tera had asked the man her question, "You are speaking to Princess Tera of the Royal Valenci bloodline. Speak truthfully and respectfully."
Tallia Seraph


"It was witches, no doubt. The marks on these bodies indicate magic." Tallia said, her arms crossed as she looked over a pile of corpses. Most were burnt to a crisp, but some were spared from the fiery demise.

Another huntsman nodded, "I suppose that ruins our plans for staying here. What with the rumors and all..."

Tallia let out a long sigh, "It's not like we have much of a choice. Prepare to make camp, we will sleep on the road- around the carriage."

One of the newer huntsmen, a young man named Leon who showed a lot of promise, had a skeptical expression on his face. He looked to Tallia and the other huntsman, "What do you mean by rumors here?"

Tallia looked over to him, "You haven't heard? The dead have been rumored to walk these parts. That's why the local hunters burn the bodies. We aren't the first hunters to come upon Goldencrest in this state."

Leon gulped, and then pointed to the few bodies that weren't burned. "Then we should burn the rest, yes?"

Tallia nodded and began to make her way out of the ruined tavern. "Aye. There's no telling how many more bodies are laying around in this town. We'll need to be extra careful tonight. Double the usual guard."

Leon and the other huntsman immediately went to work at gathering up the remaining corpses. They all froze what they were doing when they heard some brittle burnt wood shuffle and break near one of the holes in the tavern wall. The huntsmen dropped the corpse and put their hands on their weapons. Tallia did the same, her hand gripping tightly at the hilt of her sword. "Come out! Sneaking up on huntsmen of the royal court will only end badly for you." Tallia warned. Given the circumstances, Tallia could hardly afford to be trusting.

Then the church bell tolled again. Then again. And then again. Tallia felt no wind licking against her this time. The bell continued to ring with each interval coming sooner than the last. Tallia looked to the carriage, and had remembered that Father Wyn had left to go and take Tera to the church. "On your guard, men." Tallia said to the other hunters in the tavern.

The bell's speed increased even more, and Tallia could see that the fixture holding the bell was beginning to give way. "Oh no... Princess Tera! Get out of the church!" She yelled and began sprinting toward the stone structure.
Tera Valenci


Tera and the others heard the call from Tallia, but the warning came too late. The stone cracked and gave way to the large brass bell. Father Wyn ran forward and grabbed a hold of Tera, shielding her with his body. Dale quickly reached out and pulled Sarah into the building just in time before stone, metal, and glass tumbled violently where she was standing. The bell slammed into the ground, giving one final PANG! as it did. The exit was completely blocked off. Tera's ears rang from the loud sound. The others coughed as stone dust filled the church. Tera pushed herself from Father Wyn when the chaos had passed, "What happened?! Is everyone okay?"

Before she could get any answers, she heard Tallia on the other side of the rubble, "Princess! Tera! Are you hurt?"

She called back, "No! Thank the Divine..."

Tera thought back on Father Wyn's words, that the church was still consecrated despite the condition it was in. The Divine's light most certainly still shined on the ruined building. Then the bell began to toll again. The clapper in the bell was moving on its own and slamming against the brass object. Each time the clapper made contact, the bell's wall dented and made a distorted sound that no normal bell could possibly make. Each toll of the bell seemed to shake everything. Even the fog twisted and rolled. As the bell rang, the fog closed in, eventually becoming so thick that the people outside could barely see ten feet in front of them.

The church remained safe. The fog seemed unable to roll inside. Tera turned to the stranger, "What is happening? You know, don't you?" She tried to put on a strong voice, but it was easy to tell that she was terrified.

Tallia then called out, "To arms! Fight for your princess!" The sound of metal singing as it was pulled from a scabbard could be heard over and over again. There was an unholy scream from something in the fog, a scream loud enough to be heard for miles.

Father Wyn drew his warhammer and called back to Tallia, "Are there witches?! Tallia?!

Another scream echoed through the town, and fighting could be heard directly on the other side of the rubble. Tallia let out a grunt as the sound of her blade slicing through flesh and bone filled everyone's ears. Tallia said with a heavy breath, "The dead walk."

Other screams could be heard now, some belonging to the voices that Tera knew. There was a battle outside. Father Wyn looked back to the others, including John, "The church is the safest place we can be right now. We must fortify the hall."

Dale immediately worked with Father Wyn to stack the ruined church pews into a barricade. Tera stepped in to help, but Dale held his hand out, "We can take care of this, princess. Perhaps you can look for another way out of here in case you need to escape."

Tera didn't like the way he suggested that only she needed to escape. But given the circumstances, she kept quiet and started looking for a another exit within the church.

Outside, Tallia had grouped up with a few other hunters at the ruined church entrance. A shambling dead man let out a sickening screech and picked up its pace to charge at the hunters. Tallia gripped her longsword in both hands, ready to meet the undead abomination. The shambler was cut off by another hunter with a shield, smashing the metal heater against its open torso and sending it spattering into the mud. Tallia nodded to the huntsman and swung in a downward arch to behead the dead man. Another huntsman beside Tallia had just finished dispatching his own foe. A quick double strike at the undead's legs had immobilized it and made for an easy target to crush with his plated boot. But the dead came through the fog in greater numbers. Some of them looked like they had been buried underground for years and were little more than grub infested skeletons.

With each wave, the undead appeared more and more coordinated and functional. The first few shamblers hardly knew how to walk. Now they were running and carrying planks of shattered wood as weapons. One dead man wore torn robes at the back. He let out a gutteral scream as he raised his hand. Hands bursted out from the ground around the robed undead. Tallia watched as undead began to pull themselves from the muddy earth. "Stand fast, huntsmen! We've faced far worse!"

Even as she said that, Tallia could hear the pained screams of a huntsman list in the fog being overwhelmed by the undead. The sickening sounds of bladed and blunt weapons could be heard hacking and beating against the poor man's body. Another scream from the robed undead pierced the ears of the defending hunters. One of the huntsmen in the defensive line shrieked and keeled over, weakening the line and exposing him to a flurry of deadly attacks. Woodcutting axes buried themselves into the huntsman's back. "Shit! Somebody needs to deal with that robed one! Dale! If you can hear me in there, find a way to get a shot!"

Dale heard Tallia and looked back to Father Wyn as they placed down another pew. The priest nodded to Dale, letting him respond to Tallia's request. Dale quickly vaulted the barricade and ran for a set of stairs leading into the ruined belltower. He sprinted up the stairs three steps at a time, and eventually came to the new top of the ruined tower. Looking out, he could see the five huntsmen and Tallia who had formed up at the door, as well as the undead horde that had appeared seemingly from nowhere. Dale called down below to Tallia, "I'm here!"

Tallia swung horizontally and lopped the head off of another undead before looking up to Dale. She pointed at the robed one, "It's calling more dead to fight! Kill it!"

Dale spotted the silhouette of the robed undead in the fog. He knew a normal arrow wasn't going to do much against a walking corpse. Dale reached into a pouch hanging from his waist, and pull a few special arrowheads out. The archer set the spares down on a broken piece of stone, and then fitted another on the tip of his arrow. The arrowhead had a small glass container on the tip of it, which held a dosage of holy water. He nocked the arrow and drew it back, "Hear me, Great Divines... Allow this arrow to banish the darkness and deliver us from death..." He took a deep breath and loosed the arrow.

It whistled as it sailed through the air. The arrow punched into the chest of the robed undead. It let out another high pitched shriek, and began to crumble into dust. Dale called back down to Tallia, "It's dead!"

Tallia called back as she crushed in the skull of a skeletal undead. "Good work! Get back to the princess!"

Dale nodded, gathered his holy water arrowheads, and began to climb down the stairs. Tallia and the remaining huntsmen made quick work of the undead marching on them. Another hunter had died in the melee, leaving only four of them left. They looked around in the fog, hearing and seeing nothing. "Two of you. Start clearing the rubble. We need to get inside and join with the princess."

Then another noise had rung up in the thick fog. Horses whinnying in a panic.
Leon Holden


Leon was separated from the rest of the huntsmen. When the fog had closed in on Goldencrest, Leon and the other huntsman he was burning bodies with became disoriented. The unholy screams of whatever prowled the fog set them into a panic, and completely scrambled their sense of direction. Suddenly, the bodies they hadn't yet burned began to stir. Leon watched as the other huntsman drew his sword and slashed at the belly of one of the dead men. The creature didn't even seem to notice, and tackled the huntsman to the floor. Another undead, this one a woman, leaped onto the pinned huntsman as well, taking bites out of his arm. He screamed in pain and tried to force them off of him, but those attempts were quickly washed away as another undead piled in as well. A fourth shambled into the tavern and looked Leon directly in the eyes.

Leon started hyperventilating, and acted more on instinct than anything else. He got to his feet and ran from the tavern, not entirely sure which direction he was heading in. Leon looked over his shoulder as he ran, not seeing the undead anywhere. When he looked forward again, he found himself running straight alongside the carriage and approaching the horses. The horse whinnied and kicked its leg back, smashing Leon in the face and sending him to his back. The horse shook and moved more, breaking free from the straps and ropes holding it to the carriage. The horse shrieked out again and ran off into the fog. Blood rushed from his broken nose and badly split lip as he rolled in pain. He heard another undead gurgle not far from him. He looked into the fog, and spotted five silhouettes approaching him with weapons. One was missing an arm completely.

Leon drew his sword as he lay in the mud. His whole word was turning from the horse's kick. He knew he wasn't going to be able to fight like this. "Come on, abominations! I'm right here!" he screamed out to them.

But the dead stopped and simply watched him. Leon used the carriage to pull himself to his feet. "What are you waiting for?! Come and kill me!" he said hysterically.

As he stood there with his sword in one hand, the second horse still harnessed to the carriage began to shriek and whinny in fear as well. This time, the whole carriage shook. Then the sounds of bones snapping and flesh tearing could be heard. Leon hesitantly looked over his shoulder, seeing that the second horse was gone, and the front of the carriage was covered in its blood and entrails. The coachman who was told to wait on the carriage was still there, only his head was missing from the jaw up. Leon felt a another presence, a far colder one. "If you wish for death that much. Then you're asking the wrong creatures. However..." the mysterious, ethereal voice pauses, "I happen to be the perfect one to grant your wish."

The fog in front of Leon began to twist, twirl, and darken. He squinted, thinking it was just his concussed mind playing tricks on him. He watched in disbelief as the fog seemed to start taking the shape of a knight. It became clear to Leon that he wasn't seeing things. The foggy knight's armor continued darkening until it was pitch black. It stood tall at seven feet. Two ethereal blue eyes glowed in the visor of the helmet. Its unholy visage was enough to immobilize Leon with fear. The knight began to move, its heavy plated boots not even disturbing the mud as it stepped. Wisps of dark fog twirled off of the knight's body, blending with the gray surroundings. Leon tried convincing himself that he was seeing an illusion in the fog, "I- it's a trick! The fog is toying with my head!"

He watched as the knight drew its bastard sword. The blade glowed the same ethereal blue as the knight's eyes. The energy emanating from the blade clung to the occasional weed growing out of the mud. The weeds would wilt and die as their life was sucked from them. The voice spoke again, but it wasn't coming from the black knight, "Oh I can assure you, Leon Holden. What you see is no illusion. Now... It is time for me to collect what I'm owed."

Leon dropped his blade as his head pounded from the horse kick. He clenched his teeth and leaned against carriage. "Owed? Wh- what is that?"

"The same thing all life pays me eventually. Be a good mortal and accept my collector's judgment."

The knight took one final stepped before Leon, this time the mud splashed and displaced from the heavy footfall. Leon looked into the eyes of the knight as it raised its blade overhead. Fear had crippled Leon, stopping him from moving. The knight didn't take time to listen for Leon's last words. It simply dropped its head blade in a downward arch, its ghostly blue energy trailing behind. The blade sliced down through Leon's skull and into his chest, getting caught on the sternum. The energy of the blade sucked away at Leon's spirit, pulling it from the ruined body. the spirit of Leon let out a echoing scream as it tried to cling to the split corpse. The knight pulled the sword away from Leon's body, taking the spirit with it effortlessly. Leon's corpse slumped against the side of the carriage and slid down to the ground, leaving a streak of blood alongside the white aspen wood of Tera's carriage.

Leon's spirit eventually melded with the blue glow of the blade, and before long, Goldencrest was silent again. "Very good, my knight. But there are still more in the town. And one very important artifact. Kill them all."

The knight stepped away from Leon's body and faded back into the fog, disappearing as quickly as it had appeared before the huntsman. The icy presence in the fog, invisible once again, began slowly moving toward the church.

Spells in the Dark
Tera Valenci

[Ambient Sound]

(Interaction with @Celsius)

A fortnight on the road. A fortnight of living in a carriage. A fortnight of being constantly guarded and not being able to simply wander her own countryside. If the princess didn't have such an important mission, she would have been complaining by now. The carriage wheels creaked and rocked as it was pulled along the muddy road. The recent rainfall had turned the once sturdy path into a mire. Progress had been slowed to a crawl. They were supposed to be a day's travel to Seren's Folly, but with the roads in the condition they were in, it'd be two days and an overnight stay at Goldencrest. Terra just wanted to reach her destination, but she understood that the horses need water and rest, and her retinue needed warmth and food after trekking through the downpour.

The wind blew hard in the mountains. The rocky slopes and tall trees caused the wind to whistle through the passes and batter along the side of the decorated carriage. The lantern hanging from the ceiling swung, causing dark shadows to cast and unevenly light the small home on wheels. The princess could hear a bell ringing in the distance, the Goldencrest chapel announcing her arrival no doubt. Tera peeked past the curtains to look outside. The thick fog limited how far she could see. Silhouettes of leafless trees whipped and cracked in the fog. Dark figures could be seen flapping around the trees, a murder of crows. The sight unsettled Tera, but she wasn't about to show it. The scene was more suited to terrifying small children, not the future queen on a kingdom. Tera took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "When will we be reaching Goldencrest, Tallia?" she asked.

The huntress sitting across from her took her eyes away from the window. She smiled at Tera, "Judging by the sound of that bell, I'd say in just a few minutes."

Tera nodded and wrapped herself in a blanket. She let out another sigh. Tallia raised a brow, "Are you cold?"

Tera shook her head. Tallia watched her for a moment longer. She saw the princess glance toward the window and quickly look away. Tallia chuckled, "Worry not, princess. If there were witches prowling in the fog, they'd be foolish to attack. You have the kingdom's finest hunters and huntresses escorting you."

Tera bit on her lip. She didn't want Tallia to see that she was nervous. Then again, if anybody was going to read her like a book, it'd be the huntress that protected her since she was a baby. "Are the stories true? About Seren's Folly? About dark rituals and evil spirits roaming the wilds?"

Tallia glanced back out the window, "I've only heard rumors. But such things are not impossible. Where I am from, cursed lands are all too common."

Tera blinked, "I've known you my whole life, and not once have you ever told me about your home."

Tallia nodded, but remained silent. She let out a long breath and glanced sidelong toward the princess, "It's not the same as this kingdom. My homeland's culture alone would face prosecution here. It's not something that should be talked about in the company we are sharing."

The princess tilted her head and clutched her blanket, "Not even to me?"

Tallia sighed, "I think it'd be fitting to talk about it when we reach Castle Bloodro-"

The huntress was cut off by a sudden jerk of the carriage. Men called out to one another outside. Tallia stood and opened the door, "Tristan, what's the hold up?"

Tera paid close attention as Tristan spoke. "It's Goldencrest, Tallia. Well... It was."

Tallia kept her head out of the carriage door for a brief moment. When she stepped back inside, she looked to Tera, "Something is wrong."

Tera's face went pale, "What do you mean?"

"Goldencrest is in ruins... Do you have your sword, your highness?" Tallia asked, her voice harder than before.

Tera nodded and reached to the other side of her bed. She pulled an ornate shortsword and its scabbard from a small drawer. Tallia nodded to her, "I'm sure whatever did this is long gone, but just to be safe... Put on your breastplate and stay in the carriage."

The princess grabbed a hold of her breastplate and started strapping it to herself. It was small and fitted to her size. While the breastplate would protect from a blow to the torso, it wouldn't do much else. But that was why she had her retinue of bodyguards with her. Tera tucked her amulet underneath her tunic, and threw a cloak over herself. Tallia made sure she was properly armed and armored before stepping out of the carriage. Tera reached out to hold her by the shoulder, "We should keep going. I don't want to be here alone, Tallia..."

Tallia placed her hand over Tera's and smiled, "We'll be fine, Tera. Once the horses are rested, we'll push on through to Seren's Folly. For now... The best we can do is be on our guard." Tallia exited the carriage.

Tera could hear her bodyguard give an order, "Spread out. Look for survivors. You two, search for a secure place to rest for the night. I need three people on the carriage." Her footsteps in the mud became quieter and quieter as she stepped away from the carriage.

Tera was completely silent inside. She clutched the handle of her shortsword in one hand, and her scabbard in the other. Her knuckles were white as she tightened her grip. Tera darted her eyes from the door to the window, and back to the door again. The silence was getting to her, were there still people outside? When a heavier gust of wind smacked against the carriage and rocked it with a loud whistle, Tera yelped and burst into action. She climbed off of her bed and swung open the door, nearly taking out on of the huntsman Tallia has ordered to guard the carriage. He fumbled with his bow and took a moment to collect himself from the sudden emergence of the princess. "Ah, er- Your highness! Is everything okay?"

Terra let out a long sigh and nodded, "Y- yes... I was just getting a little er... Claustrophobic in there."

Another gust of wind lashed over the town, causing the large church bell to swing and toll. The loud brass pang of the bell caused everybody to stiffen. Tera clenched her teeth and let out a long sigh. Her hand remained locked to the hilt of her short sword. The huntsman with the bow noticed her knuckles were white. "My lady? Please try and relax. It brings comfort to the others when you are calm."

Tera smiled at the hunter and nodded, easing her grip from her hilt. She let out a long, uneasy breath, and looked around. "Where's Tallia, Dale?"

The bowman pointed to the burnt out longhouse with a ruined sign reading 'Tavern' on it. "She and some of the others are in there. Shall I go fetch her, princess?"

Tera shook her head. She knew how disappointed Tallia would be if she saw her out of the carriage and wandering the ruins. Tera finally took the time to take in her surroundings. It was then that Tera realized the gravity of the situation. Everything was burned, and there weren't even bodies. Stranger yet, there was a distinct lack of crows actually in the town's vicinity. She could hear them cawing, but all of them were perched on branches surrounding the place. In every direction. What was stopping them from searching village for carrion? A chill ran up Tera's spine as the wind caused the church bell to toll again. "Dale, can you call for Father Wyn? I-... I wish to pray in the church..."

Tera couldn't shake the feeling that something unholy had happened here... Or rather, was happening at that very moment. The hunter looked back to the princess, "At once, your highness." He nodded to one of the other hunters assigned to the carriage to relay Tera's order.

Wyn was a holy man, a priest devoted to the Divine who hunted witches and monsters as a test of faith. He was older than the rest, and had served as the king's War Priest in trying times. When Wyn arrived, he placed a hand on Tera's shoulder, "Come, your highness. The church may be in a sorry state, but it will always bask in the Divine Light. We can pray there."

Tera nodded and moved along with Wyn. Dale and the other hunter flanked her on either end as they headed for the chapel. The priest took the lead when they neared the door. He held a hand out and closed his eyes, "We're in luck. It seems the church's consecrations are still present despite the damage." Wyn placed his hands on the one good side of the double door, and pushed.

The door swung open with a loud creak. Tera could immediately feel the warm of the church wash over her. It was a relief. But before she could step inside, she felt Dale place a hanf on her, and pull her behind him. He nocked an arrow in his bow and drew, "You there!" he called out.

Tera blinked and let her eyes adjust to the poorly lit church. That was when she saw the silhouette of a man. She gasped and clutched the hilt of her blade again. Father Wyn calmly reached over and pulled the hood of Tera's cloak over her head. The other hunter drew a blade and stood next to Dale. The archer kept his arrow trained on the man, "Are you the one behind this treachery? Speak before I put an arrow between your eyes!"
This character is intentionally left vague, with little information about her on the character sheet aside from her basic profile. Tera is important, and a lot can be learned about her if the right questions are asked. Simply put, interact with her!

Still here
Chapter 1
The Test

"Alright, Six. This should be a simple test. Do as we tell you and we'll give you fifteen minutes outside." a man's voice said through a loudspeaker.

Six followed the voice, her eyes searching the pitch darkness of the cold chamber. She knew exactly where she was. She had been here hundreds of times for their tests. The room was practically purpose built for safely experimenting with Six's power. An old, retrofitted missile silo. It did the trick well enough.

"Six? Did you hear me?" the voice inquired after hearing no response from her.

"I heard you." she said flatly.

There was a pause in the darkness, then the voice spoke again. "We're going to open the silo. Once the sun is on you, you may begin."

Six rolled her eyes, "So you can design better implants to stick into me? I quite like having next to none as it is."

More silence. Six crossed her arms. "Did you hear me?" she then asked, mocking the scientist's tone from before.

"This isn't a choice for you Triple-Six. Do as we say or you'll be wiped. Remember you're on your last strike before that happens again." the use of her full subject number told Six the scientist wasn't trying to be friendly anymore.

Ḋ̸̵̶̵̶̻̰͙̹̙͌̑̋̚ǫ̷̶̶̴̸̼̻͚͔̾͆̓̎̚ ̶̶̶̶̷͔̙̰̱͈͐̂̓͛̚ȃ̸̵̴̴̴̢̛̟̜̭͉̀͌̀s̴̸̴̸̴̜̟͉̙͖̈́͋̈̌̄ ̸̶̴̴̷̘͕̹̙̱̐͌̊́͝h̵̸̸̶̷͓̯̘̹͈͑̏̔̕͝e̷̵̶̴̸̬̫̞̜̳͐͐̍͛̃ ̸̸̴̵̸͉̻͉͕͔̇͊̏̏͝s̴̶̵̸̴̩̻͉̘̒̃̓͑̚͜ȃ̶̵̵̵̷̞̝̻͍͈͗͐̈́̚y̵̸̵̶̸̛̪̯̬̭̘͒̇̆̒s̸̷̴̶̷͎̦̥̅́͒́͜͜͝.̷̶̶̴̵͎̹̯̠̻̍͑̍͌̌

F̴̴̶̸̴̧̖͔̄͂́̔̀ͅͅȉ̶̴̷̶̶͔͔̦̤̺̌͂͘͝n̶̷̴̷̸̦͇͈̲̣͊̂̓̓̕e̶̵̶̸̵̻̲̫̳̾̌͒̌̎ͅ.̵̸̶̴̷̤̞̼̭̦̃̈́̀̌̊ ̵̶̴̴̵̺͚͚͙̘͌̿̈́͂͝B̸̴̴̵̷̢̨̼̲̩̎̓͂̉̿u̷̸̶̸̸̢̦̖̰̔̔̐͒͘ͅt̵̵̸̴̸̛͈͉̜̰̪̾̉͋͝ ̷̷̴̵̷̢̜͙̠̺̓̀͐͗̃Ḯ̷̸̶̷̵̞̗̣̬̠̈́̌̿̈́'̸̷̸̵̵̲̯̪̙͖̇̀́͛̂m̶̸̷̶̸̡̹͙̪͕̿̊̃̀͝ ̶̴̸̶̷̗̠͉̝͉̆̏̃̈̕n̵̴̸̷̷̘̟̲͎̬̽́̉̒͠o̸̸̸̷̶̯͙̤͈̒̽͛̐͝ͅt̸̴̸̴̵̡̼̞̦͚̀̒̽̊̈́ ̶̶̴̵̸̙̼̮̥̮̔̒͌̈́͠g̴̸̷̷̶̹͈̜̻̽̓͐̌͒͜o̶̸̵̸̴̺͎̝̟̬͋̔̐́̒ḭ̶̸̶̵̴̡͈͍̀͛̍̄͝ͅn̴̸̸̶̵͎͚̯̙̫̓̈̍̀͝g̷̴̸̵̷̭̠̖̻̺͒̐̇̈́͘ ̶̵̷̶̷̛̞͍̞̻̳͌́̈̃ä̴̸̵̷̴̻̘̭̺̲́͆̾̎̈l̴̴̵̴̷̺͚̝̞̻̂̀̌̀̇l̴̴̴̸̴͉̟̳̼͐͆̎͊͝ͅ ̴̵̴̸̴͎̰͙͎̮̍́́͋͗o̸̴̷̶̵̯̰͍̾̂̿̉͝ͅͅû̶̵̴̴̸̢̲̬̺͎̑͂̕͘t̸̷̴̷̶͖̫̗͂̍͒̐͛͜ͅ.̸̵̴̴̵͖͈̮̬̳̃̄͒̊͝

"Let's get this over with..." Six said impatiently.

Six heard echoes in the tall chamber, sounds of the silo hatch unlocking. A klaxon began to blare periodically, alarming the staff on hand that the silo was opening. "Attention all staff, experiment 666-308 is underway. Security to your stations."

Six stood in the middle of the round chamber, looking up as she heard the sound of the silo hatch beginning to open. She grinned. When the first bits of sunlight begin leaking into the silo and bouncing off the mirrors placed on the underside of the hatch. Six felt the immediate effect. Her cheeks flushed as she got warmer. Her gray eyes started fading into a brown, then an muddy orange, as the reflected light was focused through a large magnifying lens near the top of the silo. Eventually those eyes began to glow ever so slightly. Six could hear the implants resting on her ears beeping, detecting the spike in her body heat.

"Limiter switched to passive. All staff be advised, Subject Triple-Six is active."

More light began pouring into the silo. As it did, Six's eyes glowed brighter and brighter. She could feel the power beginning to awaken inside of her. A tingling sensation ran up her spine as that sunlight bounced off the concrete walls of the silo and hit her body. She took in a deep breath, "Ahh~ This is what I'm talking about."

"Silo hatch is at 15 degrees, continuing to open. Test chamber now exposed to two-thousand lumens and counting. Triple-Six's core temperature climbing. Ambient temperature climbing."

Six took deep breaths, counting down the seconds until she could ignite the air around her. "I've missed this feeling~!" Six said cheerfully. It had been months since she was last activated. The temperature continued to rise.

"Silo hatch is at 30 degrees, approaching Six's flash point. Test chamber now exposed to three-thousand lumens and counting. Ignition temperatures reached in t-minus five... four..."

Six was grinning from ear to ear now. She could surpass the power that these scientists thought she had, she could burn it all if she wanted. But she held back, knowing that she could harm the other subjects if she did. Zero had warned her of that. Zero had taught Six the concept of restraint against the Project's staff. Six was sure everybody is the facility was capable of as much damage as her. It wouldn't take much to overthrow the security if they all rose up together. But it wasn't the time. So she played along.

"... three... two..."


"... one... Subject Triple-Six is now at ignition temperatures. Whenever you're ready, Six."

She was surprised that the scientists even cared if she was ready or not. Nevertheless, it wasn't often that she got to flex her power at the staff. So she played along. The hatch continued to open, allowing more light to reach Six. That was where she'd pretend that her powers had reached their limit.

Six turned and looked up at the tinted black reinforced window where she knew the scientists were recording her. The air around Six rippled, and her simple clothing was beginning to plasticize and brown around the edges from the heat. Then, with a loud whoompf!, a vortex of flame burst out around Six, flooding the chamber with a brilliant yellow light. The sudden flare launched up the silo, the only way it could go. Large fans sucked the flames away from the lens and deposited them outside. The klaxon that had been blaring stopped as it melted from the heat. The loudspeaker was next, rather the support keeping it bolted to the chamber wall, and it smashed into the floor. The flames continued to whirl around Six, causing the first layer of reinforced glass of the observation window to ripple and flex. She was sure the staff were glad that they layered the windows after the last test. She held the flames in that spiral motion for what felt like five minutes at least, making a conscious effort to keep her temperatures leveled so they'd be convinced she was at her limit.

But the fire started to break up in patches. She felt colder and colder all of the sudden. Her vision started to blur and her chest became tighter. Her inferno was consuming all of the oxygen in the chamber. She took a deep breath and held it, reinvigorating the firestorm for a time longer before she exhaled deeply. Six let the flame go, letting it whirl on its own until it died out. She started gasping for air, choking on nothing. The fans higher up in the silo reversed to start pumping air into the chamber, and the silo hatch remained open in order to allow as much air in as possible. This was the most dangerous part of Six's experiments, running the risk of suffocating her with her own power. The airlock door which she entered through burst open, and a trio of men ran over to her as she fell to her knees, still gasping for air. They all wore breathing apparatuses, hooked up to oxygen tanks.

One man reached out to try and give her an oxygen bottle, but another stopped him. "Don't touch her. She's hot enough that your skin will fry."

The third man, clearly a member of security, kept a rifle trained on Six. She was used to having weapons pointed at her while her powers were active. But she wasn't in any condition to use her powers, not while she could hardly breathe. The man who had warned the other scientist not to touch her knelt down, making sure not to rest his knee on the hot concrete. The soles of their shoes were already leaving burnt rubber on the floor as it was. "Breathe, Six. Breathe. You did very well today."

Six looked at the scientist, seeing the shape of a grin through her blurred vision. She knew he only spoke to her softly like that so he could entice more results of her. She could incinerate him right now, all of them really. The more breaths she took, the more focused she became. That blur of a firearm became sharper as she collected herself. The security guard took a step forward, "Stand down, Triple-Six." he said. Six figured he must've recognized that look in her eyes when she was about to do something she wasn't supposed to.

Six looked away, gritting her teeth while she breathed deep through her nose. "Seems you fried your sensor implants again, Six. We'll have to replace those." She could feel the hot metal ear cuffs.

"Outside... First..." she said between her breaths.

"Fine, fine. But we should probably get you in some new clothes before that. Wouldn't want you traipsing to the surface in the nude after all."

Six hated that he had a point. It was comments like that that made Six think they actually cared a times. She knew that if they truly cared, she wouldn't even be there in the first place.

Y̷̷̶̴̵͎͉̟̦̥̓̃̓̍̅ǫ̴̷̷̷̴̭͇̜͉̌̈́̏̓͝u̷̵̷̶̴̟̘̠̪͔͋͆̐̄̔ ̴̸̸̵̶̠̹̦͙̦̔̓͐̐̋d̴̸̴̵̴̲̤̺͙̬̈̏̓͗͠ị̶̵̴̶̶̳̪̟̽͋͗̈́͝ͅd̵̶̴̶̶̡̢̩̣̝͆͑̏͑̐ ̷̵̶̸̴̡̳̹̺̞͂̏̌̄͋w̴̸̸̸̴̡͍̫̺̑͛̓͂̎͜e̴̶̷̷̵̡̩̤̻̗̎̊̀͒̂ľ̷̴̴̶̸̢̝̤̯͓̅̈̈́͝l̶̶̶̶̶̡͔̰̥͈͑͂̏̆͠,̷̸̴̸̴̡̩̳̪̤͛̿̑͋̚ ̵̷̵̷̵̛̤̼͇͓̠̎̎̅̔S̸̸̶̴̸̞̦͕̺͐̓͆͂̚ͅi̶̸̴̵̵͙̱̗̩̟͂̅͛͝͝ẍ̷̶̶̵̸̛̰̫̗̰͙̔̒̇.̸̵̸̵̷̨͚̠̼̟̉̌͛̚̕ ̴̶̸̸̵̢͚̹̻̟̾̊̈́̎̈́Ê̴̷̶̵̸̹̝̥̿̾̃͜͜͠n̴̸̴̴̵̙̲̰̬̳̈́͛̾̎̔j̷̷̵̶̴͍̮̙̗͛̐̐͜͝͝ŏ̶̶̶̸̵̫̖̼͙̹͆͗̚͠y̸̵̶̸̷̮̮̻̤̹̿̎͒̔͘ ̵̵̵̸̶̪͉̯̲̮̃̉̉͆̔ȳ̵̷̸̴̵̘̟̲̹̥̐̀͆̎ȍ̶̷̸̷̵͉̲̮̗͓̿̄̂̃ṵ̸̴̶̶̴̢͚̙̖̀̏̌̿̿r̶̸̷̴̶̡̯̟̘͎̄̈͊̏͘ ̸̶̶̶̶̺͇̟̝̙̂̎̀͝͠t̶̵̴̸̴̖̤̥̝͆̈́̂̌̕͜ǐ̵̷̷̸̸͎̘̭͚̗̅̈́̒͛m̶̵̴̶̷̧͉̱̮̞͆͑̈̃͗e̸̷̵̵̷͓̩͍̠̭͂͌̈́̓͠ ̶̴̴̶̷̳̹̘̗̗̆̂̂͊̈́o̴̴̶̵̵̢͖̳͉̘͌͛̃̽͑ů̷̶̵̵̷̫̫̫̳͎̂͆̓͝t̵̷̶̷̴̥͇̳̘͔̓̐́̃͝s̵̵̷̶̵̢̞͚̬̲̀̌̍̄̅î̵̸̷̵̷̡̜̺̯͙͋͗͌͝d̶̶̵̷̴̙̠̳̹̭̓̅͐͑͠e̴̴̴̶̵͕͖͚͉̎͒̅̈͜͝.̷̵̷̵̸̱̣̰̬̝̾̃͋͛̓

The silo hatch closed, and the chamber was once again filled with darkness save for the flashlights the scientists had brought in. The glow in her eyes faded. She could hear a loudspeaker outside of the chamber announce, "Attention, Subject Triple-Six is now inactive."
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