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4 mos ago
Current Really need a fantasy RP. Someone hit me up if you got one/know one that's pretty active rn
5 mos ago
Have fun with that then :)
5 mos ago
On the other hand, if you're having trouble retaining attention in RP's, there are fixable ways to this. Or at least other avenues you can try
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5 mos ago
Cuz this is the internet, and if you wan't to keep complaining about people being rude on the internet then you're not gonna have a good time. Period.
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5 mos ago
Well, if you want advice to your question, my offer is open
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@OwOI'd take a spiritual successor to Brink. But not Brink...
@role modelRight but... what you also said in your question was essentially can my guy never lose. You can't make an unbeatable character
@role modelI don't think the cybernetic part is what he had issue with. Your character can't simply "never lose"... even with cybernetics, y'know?
@Fabricant451I just checked, it is xD
@role modelActual gangsters? Just Enoch I believe
@MissCapnCrunchGreat! I'll PM you!
@MissCapnCrunchThat sounds great! Thanks for answering! Any kind of details we should hash out? Specific type of sport or just no holds-barred fighting? Gladiator style with weapons or just hand-to-hand? (Unless you're cheating!)

(EDIT: Been inspired by clips from Kengan Ashura and Baki if
you're familiar)
@MissCapnCrunch Hey there. Interested in joining! I have an idea but wanted to ask about it-

What kind of forms of entertainment are there? I'm thinking some kind of pit/cage fighter or an athlete in some kind of edgy sport. Would something like that become a mainstream form of entertainment or some kind of back alley illegal form of entertainment? (dog/cock fighting kinda thing). Maybe a mix of both?
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