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2 yrs ago
Current Really need a fantasy RP. Someone hit me up if you got one/know one that's pretty active rn
2 yrs ago
Have fun with that then :)
2 yrs ago
On the other hand, if you're having trouble retaining attention in RP's, there are fixable ways to this. Or at least other avenues you can try
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2 yrs ago
Cuz this is the internet, and if you wan't to keep complaining about people being rude on the internet then you're not gonna have a good time. Period.
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2 yrs ago
Well, if you want advice to your question, my offer is open
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@WhoamiThank you very much! I will be sure to proof-read before putting it in the CS tab :D

@WhoamiCurses! The one place I forgot to check! Thank you dude. This'll help me with the backstory tomorrow.

@SylvanYou got this!
So question, has Tyberia had any wars previous to Asgard's occupation?

EDIT: Also I might've missed this but how long has Asgard taken over Tyberia for?
I know, right? I got a lot to live up to
Thank you! I've been using everyone else's sheets as inspiration!
True! You'd be surprised about the lack of elf pics to find that weren't straight outta lord of the rings
Huzzah! I have FINALLY found a character pic that I like xD
A Discord would be amazing
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