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Current Live wrestling is awesome!!! First ever show. Epic! (Yeah, I know it's fake)
11 mos ago
Man, LARP'ing looks and sounds really fun. Looks complicated to get started though :/ Anyone got tips?
2 yrs ago
Soz peeps, at Grandma's, no posting till way later
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2 yrs ago
When you Sixth Form and chill, then realise you chilled too much
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@DrTwitSaw your powerlevel trouble. An average grunt would be about 18,000 and Zarbon clocked in at around 23,000. But power levels are bullshit anyway :3

Here's my new application @Demon Shinobi
@RumikoOharaArin will just walk up and be like- "You're tall... that is all..." and just walk off. I think Arin and Naomi are the same height?
Arin turned to Lucas and Naomi. "Maybe this used to be a temple for Raijin?" He pondered. He was referring to the Shinto god of lightning and thunder. A mythical red oni who would beat his mystical drums to create the pounding of thunder. He'd come to the mortal realm to steal the stomachs of misbehaving children. At least, that's what the myths said.

@Azure Flame@RumikoOhara
Arin nodded at Lucas to confirm his assumption, before finally whittling down the remaining piece of wood in his hand. Arin slid the knife down into it's compartment and slipped it back into his pocket before shoving the pile of wood shavings he had made towards the rest of the spare wood, putting it side by side with the rest of it.

It was about then that the two other girls had returned, one of which seemed incredibly content with the current situation. It seemed this storm was going to get worse before it got any better. Arin shrugged and proceeded to lie on the cold, hard ground, looking up to see the ornate carvings of what's left of the ruin's ceiling. He pointed at them and began to trace the patterns and pictures in the air, just to pass the time.
Arin nodded at Naomi who departed with Reina. He stared at the lighter for a few seconds before he turned to Lance and chucked the lighter to him, without warning. Arin didn't know how to use a lighter, so it seemed best if someone else held onto it. He then turned back and continued with the wood shaving, a small pile beginning to form underneath him.

In Mirror Worlds 10 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Azure FlameI believe we're in the ruins before the mirror world
In Mirror Worlds 10 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

In Mirror Worlds 10 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Fair enough. How do you want me to edit it in?
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