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Current The Ree is real
4 mos ago
Anyone good with coming up with character nicknames? xD
6 mos ago
And I'm a brit
6 mos ago
Hey I like Jim Sterling
6 mos ago
TFW you're trying to make a Blood Bowl 2 tournament with your friends ;_;


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@HeroAny fighting game is better with a controller, hands down.

For fighting games it's:

Fight stick > Controller > Keyboard
@PrinceAlexusI mean... I get why they did it. It's a craze and it's a surefire way to make money but I'm a huge fan of Jim Sterling and his message about the triple A industry.

Having said that, in his words- "Triple A video game companies are not content with merely making money. They have to make ALL the money."
@PrinceAlexusI cannot disagree with that. I pretty much enjoyed Black Ops 3 until they added weapons into the crates and that's when I realised "Ohhhh..... they don't actually care about games anymore..."

But yeah, the new stuff they did with Black Ops 4 makes me laugh.
Oof. Black Ops 4 fucked up
@Fabricant451Yeah, I just think it's killed anticipation for a possible sequel. Like "This? This is meant to tide us over until a fourth game?". I think it's shit either way but I've never played Diablo... So...
I just think people don't wanna see an IP they love be mixed in with the bad rep of a mobile game. Also, when you have to say "Do you guys not have phones?" As your follow up to the poor reaction, you know you're in for a bad time
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