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7 mos ago
Current Live wrestling is awesome!!! First ever show. Epic! (Yeah, I know it's fake)
8 mos ago
Man, LARP'ing looks and sounds really fun. Looks complicated to get started though :/ Anyone got tips?
2 yrs ago
Soz peeps, at Grandma's, no posting till way later
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2 yrs ago
When you Sixth Form and chill, then realise you chilled too much
2 yrs ago


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@Kafka Komedy

This is the image I've found. Pretty small image but still
@Kafka KomedyI wanted a hitmonchan kinda character but couldn't find a custom one that looked decent enough
I'm down, looks fun!
@Evil Snowman Yeah, I was thinking something like that.

@MarsAdept@Evil Snowman@Rune_Alchemist@snake153@Joker892@ihinka@FoxFire

Wanna start with a collab perhaps? Gimme a PM :)

I have no idea how to start Dx... Anyone got any ideas or a way I can start with someone?
Still can't pick a theme song xD

EDIT: Nevermind, found one
@LylaAh whoops, yeah, thanks xD
@LylaCompletely fair enough. Just lemme know if anything needs changing
@LylaAny recommendation on a theme song for my character? (If he's approved) I'm having trouble thinking of one aha
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