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Current Live wrestling is awesome!!! First ever show. Epic! (Yeah, I know it's fake)
4 mos ago
Man, LARP'ing looks and sounds really fun. Looks complicated to get started though :/ Anyone got tips?
1 yr ago
Soz peeps, at Grandma's, no posting till way later
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1 yr ago
When you Sixth Form and chill, then realise you chilled too much
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@FubsyAwesome! Happy to see some interest

1932, Otropolis

Ten years ago, a crisis occurred across the world. Humans sprung up, displaying incredible abilities. A great divide occurred, between those who use the powers for good or not at all, and those who used their talents for their own personal gain. Otropolis is a hidden city of America, blanketed under a crime wave caused by the mafia gangs. The Law desperately try to combat the Mafia operations, new technology aiding their fight against the 'Supers' that control the city. Fear run through the streets, and everyone looks at each other with a shifty eye. The four families are the true rulers, and constantly war with each other, vying for control of Otropolis. Your allegiance lies with the East Canaglia gang, also known as the East Scoundrels. Godfather Michael Corvi commands the Canaglia Mafia, and welcomes his family with open arms. However, pressure has risen, and after ruling his area for so long, he's been pushed in a position to force his hand, and war between the other gangs has been called. Will you devastate the city in your wake, or slyly sway control in your favour in your true family's name?

So that is a brief intro to Omertà. You will be playing a mafia with superpowers who battle for control for the whole city of Otropolis. Below you will find the rest of the OOC OP as this is a remake. This roleplay managed to gather some decent attention, however, due to circumstances, I had to stop GMing this one. I do not plan to repeat that, so hopefully this will truly take off! Enjoy :)

@RumikoOharaHe probably would enjoy seeing the horses imo. Wouldn't be very often people could see animals at peace in the world outside of the walls
@RumikoOharaOh lol aha, just curious.

Well, regardless, sorry I have been slow getting my relations down. I had a pretty shit journey on the way home (almost hour journey became three hours.) and I'm still winding down from work today lol
So slow

Waiting for the bus, lol. I'll do Ollie's after
@RumikoOharaActually, quite like it :)
I'll give it a listen
Shit, I need one for Ollie
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