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Current Really need a fantasy RP. Someone hit me up if you got one/know one that's pretty active rn
1 yr ago
Have fun with that then :)
1 yr ago
On the other hand, if you're having trouble retaining attention in RP's, there are fixable ways to this. Or at least other avenues you can try
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1 yr ago
Cuz this is the internet, and if you wan't to keep complaining about people being rude on the internet then you're not gonna have a good time. Period.
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1 yr ago
Well, if you want advice to your question, my offer is open
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Erik had been preparing himself for this for what seemed like weeks now, maybe months? Finally, a chance to prove himself as a warrior. Truly there was no greater privilege in this life than to earn your place in Valhalla through the glorious raids. He made his final preparations and said his goodbyes to his family before setting off to Hallasholm. He had visited it a couple of times as a child when his father would bring Erik along to help sell fish at the market. However, this time he came as a man and was ready to set off straight away. However, food and drink was in order!

Erik had found himself a table and was happily tucking into some boar when he had overheard the passing mention of the Wolfwind. He looked over and raised his tankard to cheer from his table. "Skåll!" The young man cried out, despite his mouth still being half-full. He swallowed the bite of his meal and bought his tankard over to the people who were discussing the raid, although his long hair and lacking beard might've given off the wrong appearance. "Did someone say the Wolfwind?" While he might've spent the first night alone it would seem he has found his new shield-brothers and shield-maidens. Best to get to know them now. "Erik Sveinson." He introduced himself with a smile.
Room for more?

Edit: Thinkin' of being a sneaky dagger boi
Are we okay to post WIPs? It's 2.30am for me xD
Cool, will come up with something tomorrow. Got a pic sorted.

Looking for more?
@OwO Could I PM you my Gear idea?
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