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Current Anyone good with coming up with character nicknames? xD
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And I'm a brit
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Hey I like Jim Sterling
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TFW you're trying to make a Blood Bowl 2 tournament with your friends ;_;
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Live wrestling is awesome!!! First ever show. Epic! (Yeah, I know it's fake)


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I was an original member of this RP. I'd be down to do it again :D
@PariahI would say he's quite laid back and jokey. A bit like Qrow from RWBY. Sort of the "Yeah, yeah. I heard ya." kinda guy
I'm just trying to think up of a nickname xD

I wanted to make this guy a survivor of Red Morning, and also a proficient infiltrator/scout.

Any ideas?-

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Damien- New York? (Cafe)


Damien walked over and sat across from the woman, resting his arm on the back of the chair as he leaned back. He raised an eyebrow as he looked at the waitress. "Water, please." He requested before turning his attention back to the woman in front of him. He listened to what she had to say, although it was clear that whatever "visits" she's talking about, they were pretty... contained.

The Half-Demon sighed as he decided to play along. "Alright. I'm just gonna rattle off your answers all together." He began before continuing. "My name is Damien Crowley. I'm a Half-Demon, the infernal being on my father's side. There is more to the afterlife than just Hell, Hell being the one with all the screaming and fire. The Afterlife can't get too full, or the demons will spill out into the material realm to make room. Trust me, they do not give a damn about what's already here. Many demons know this and try to take advantage." Damien said before jutting a thumb to his chest. "I stop them."

Damien needed information, and clearly this woman was knowledgeable at the very least. She had to have something. "Today there was a huge influx of souls that reached heaven and hell. An upset in the balance can only mean one thing. Something dangerous is out there, and it's messing with shit. I'm going to find out what it is and stop it." He said determined. Damien then relaxed and gestured with his hand. "Alright. Cards on the table. Your turn."
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Damien- New York?


Immediately after stepping through the portal, Damien found himself in a bundle on the floor. Damien rubbed the back of his head before he saw the girl who hand ended up above him, who didn't seem that phased about anything at all. Even with her explanation, she didn't even seem that scared. As she ran away, Damien stumbled to his feet and rubbed his head.

"The fuck?" He mumbled before the five goons made their presence known. Looks like they didn't seem to want to talk about things. Damien's first step was to identify all the threats and rank them, if you could even consider these jokers as threats. The blades could be a problem if these guys weren't as human as they seemed, as did the guy with the gun. The pipe and fisticuffs guy were definitely at the bottom of the list.

When he saw the gun raised, two huge crimson fists made of brimstone formed around Damien's fists. Yuki and Onna were summoned. "Ooooh, bad guys to beat up?" Onna giggled excitedly. Yuki decided to pipe up too. "Tsk. Who did that girl think she was? She better have a good reason to drag us into this." She hissed. Damien bought his right hand up when the leader fired.

As the shots rang out, there were a few moments of silence. A smirk crept onto Damien's lips as he opened his clasped hand, releasing the bullets that he had caught with Yuki as they clattered onto the pavement. "Funny... I was just thinking to myself the same thing." He growled. With that, Damien sprinted forward, winding up with a devastating right cross. With his speed, there was no way that their leader was escaping. The first gangster was sent tumbling back out onto the street he came from as he slumped into a crumpled mess.

One of the knife wielders lunged forward, cursing aloud in fury. "You bastard!" He screamed. Damien merely leant down low, bending his knees and diving his torso left before bringing his fist into a powerful stomach punch. The gut-wrenching force had lifted the thug off of his feet as he dropped immediately, clutching his belly in pain. Damien was immediately replied with a fist across the jaw from the big guy.

Damien did recoil a little but stared back at the man with a wide grin on his face and a fire burning in his eyes. "You're gonna regret that." He spat viciously as he answered back with a knee to the stomach. It was enough to double the big guy over, and a swift punch to the back of the head from Yuki did the rest.

With three thugsters quickly dispatched, the two best dealt with easily, the remaining two immediately began to back off. Damien took a couple of steps forward and raised his arms out. "Come on!" He taunted. The cowards dropped their weapons and ran. Damien chuckled and relaxed his stance, extending his fingers out and dispelling Yuki and Onna's forms. With those dealt with, Damien followed that girl's instructions and walked towards the cafe, intrigued as to what she had to say,
Hey there. Never done slice of life before but I am interested to give it a go. Room for more?
@LetMeDoStuffAny update on the OOC?
@EchoicChamberHey, real life comes first. I think you can be forgiven for spending time with your family :) hope you've had a good time
@MikkishtheLeprechaunI feel like you're aiming that comment at this RP
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@HokumAlright, noted. I've left my intro post open for you or anyone else to mention Damien stepping through a portal next to them xD
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