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Current Really need a fantasy RP. Someone hit me up if you got one/know one that's pretty active rn
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Have fun with that then :)
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On the other hand, if you're having trouble retaining attention in RP's, there are fixable ways to this. Or at least other avenues you can try
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Cuz this is the internet, and if you wan't to keep complaining about people being rude on the internet then you're not gonna have a good time. Period.
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Well, if you want advice to your question, my offer is open
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@Majoras End UK in general, not just Scotland. Maybe it's because I'm a Brit myself but I'm curious as to how the location specifically affected your experience? (Haven't played the game myself but watching stream)
Sorry for another long time between posts! Had to do this one on my phone :p

Jack looked over the files of the targets. While the Mantis would probably be the biggest known threat, having little information on the others wasn't excatly great. He remembered from his Father's teachings that Insect Youkai could be surprisingly tough, with carapaces forming chitin-like armour especially for the more monstrous Youkai. Jack listened to everyone's ideas and the general consensus was that they should stick togethe, which was probably a smart move. While splitting up might be more efficient, there is a real possibility that the dossier could be incomplete and there could be more Youkai. An ambush would not be fun.

The Brit watched as Sensei Kazama began to get up from his desk. It was probably time to get a move on. He overheard a couple of students talking about getting the train, which would be probably be easiest. Except for Jack. He approached Shuro, the girl who first mentioned the train, and bowed his head. "Please excuse the interruption... I was wondering if I could tag along?" He asked politely, although he began to rub the back of his head. "I... uhh... kinda don't know where it is." He admitted, chuckling a little.

Will be writing a post tonight :D
Thanks, I'm posted up then!

EDIT: I promise my next posts will be a bit lengthier and detailed but it's almost 4am right now so... eh

In the halls of Yasuragi High School, a snow-haired foreigner began to make his way towards the "Environmental Excursion" club. It was strange being in a new country, especially away from his family and home, but this is what he was prepared for. Despite the unfamiliarity, Jack Whitestone had been greatly enjoying his time in Ayabukuro so far. It was fascinating learning about all the different customs and especially the food! Jack had never tasted anything like it! The School itself however was a different story. While the academic side wasn't his biggest problem, it was awkward when he came across a word he didn't know. Even more awkward was the fact that he hadn't really talked to anyone yet. However, he was hoping to fix this at the Hunter's Club.

Having finally found the room, Jack took a deep breath as he hurriedly straightened out his uniform, making sure his appearance was absolutely spotless. Exhaling, he opened the door to see many of the students already there as well as the apparently new supervisor: Mr Kazama Ushio. He gulped nervously. Was he late already? Jack cleared his throat as he took a deep bow to his new peers, finally able to practice his new language. This was correct, right? Mother did say that the proper greeting was a bow. Was he bowing too low? Too high!?

"Uhm... Good Afternoon... My name is Jack Whitestone. It's a pleasure to meet you all!"
@TomaruUhm I have a question, for everyone else here too I suppose, lol. Would it make sense for Jack to be completely new to the school being a transfer student or are we assuming that everyone has already spent time in the school/club already?
Sorry! I've got assignments in for next week so bad timing on my part! Apart from that, the posting shouldn't be an issue. I'll try and get something up now
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