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2 mos ago
Current Anyone good with coming up with character nicknames? xD
4 mos ago
And I'm a brit
4 mos ago
Hey I like Jim Sterling
4 mos ago
TFW you're trying to make a Blood Bowl 2 tournament with your friends ;_;
1 yr ago
Live wrestling is awesome!!! First ever show. Epic! (Yeah, I know it's fake)


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@souleaterfan320Looks good!
@King TaiYeah me too man. I think those differences can make up for some funny interactions though xD

EDIT: Added a theme song for Oliver
@souleaterfan320Awesome, thanks! Sounds good to me
@souleaterfan320How does Ollie look?

I'll have to look them up. Also... CS in about the next ten minutes at most :D
I'm open to other suggestions for theme songs tbh. Not really satisfied with it, but it's along the lines of "British Punk Rocker who knows boxing, loves to fight with his brass knux and fighting in general."

EDIT: Oh yeah I found a pic

I'm gonna make a knuckle duster wielding British Boy. Here's a lil teaser with the theme song.

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