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4 yrs ago
4 yrs ago
DEGENERATE!?!?!? LMAO! Get over yourself dude. For real
4 yrs ago
I mean everytime I've seen you moan, people have tried to be helpful and give you tips, you have never done any of those things. You still don't like putting images and colors in your interest checks
5 yrs ago
Really need a fantasy RP. Someone hit me up if you got one/know one that's pretty active rn
5 yrs ago
Have fun with that then :)


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Hey there, spent a long time away from the forum but have always been keeping an eye on this RP! Is there room for another?
Yeah, or you could join the discord to discuss with the rest of us. Either way good.

Yup, saw it right after I posted that xD
Cool! Got a couple of ideas in my head. Cool to DM you about them?
Been keeping my eye on this thread for a bit. Room for another?
Very interested!
Hey I don't think this is gonna end up being my kind of thing but I hope you all have fun!
I know there were a few peeps on the waiting list. As we haven't really rushed off to do anything, maybe we could open applications again for them? Just something I noticed!
Victor sat by the window of the room, staring out into the wilderness and keeping watch as he fiddled with one of his arrows. Out of all the things that could've happened, their Commander was stuck as a frog and now he had to listen to the grumbling of an old man and the pointless rambling of a petty thief. He rolled his eyes when he was mentioned but tried not to say anything about it until Aya had finally finished her spiel. The Ranger took one last look outside before stepping down from his makeshift perk, sliding the arrow back into his quiver.

"You might've meant it as an insult but I'm fine not being considered. Command doesn't suit me. However... if you think I'm gonna sit here and listen to your complaining while you boss us around, think again." He retorted as he took down his hood and took a seat by the fire, his raven black hair draping his shoulders.
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