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Hey guys, haven't been asked to do this but I wanna advertise a RP I just joined that is a cool idea-…
2 mos ago
Hit 'em with the deleted status, huh Zav? ;)
2 mos ago
Trolling is only good when it's funny :p
2 mos ago
Hot take: All Waifu's are shit


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@unicorgiAlright, fair enough xD
@unicorgiFair enough I guess? I mean... you can get on phones as well as PC's as well if it makes it any easier
@unicorgiYou should get it then xD
Discord could be cool
@The Harbinger of FerocityFunny, I haven't seen you moderate shit, and especially as I see one Harb Condenser got banned within half an hour for merely existing on the thread, I call absolute bullshit that the guild is against blacklisting
@Lord WraithSorry man xD
@SleepingSilenceAs I explained, I only read a bit of it, because it's this kind of pretentious behaviour that can also be a spawning point of toxicity
@The Harbinger of FerocityAlright here's my analysis.

Your point is that we're disassociated with real life because of the nature of the internet and toxicity breeds because it is allowed too. Yourself being a discord mod and friends with a lot of guild mods I find it funny that you say blacklisting and banning used to be common place. It still fucking should be but you guys don't do it anyways, so the onus of toxicity is on yourself from your own definition.

So what I'm gathering is it's the mods fault for not policing it, and you're a mod sooo xD
@The Harbinger of FerocityYeah, because it's boring to read. You are perfectly in your right to express your opinion on the topic. I in turn am allowed to express my opinion on how you put it. You are also in your right to think I'm a bit of a dick for it. That's cool. That's how opinions work.
@The Harbinger of FerocityNo, I just get bored reading your wall of text which vaguely dances around the topic without outlying any actual points. I literally lose interest in your opinion after three sentences because you can't be upfront with how you feel about the topic, but instead try to write lots to seem knowledgeable instead of writing substance.
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