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DEGENERATE!?!?!? LMAO! Get over yourself dude. For real
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I mean everytime I've seen you moan, people have tried to be helpful and give you tips, you have never done any of those things. You still don't like putting images and colors in your interest checks
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Really need a fantasy RP. Someone hit me up if you got one/know one that's pretty active rn
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Have fun with that then :)


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In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Night
Location: Iron Hold --> River Port
Interactions: N/A
Equipment: Two hand axes, grappling hook, 20ft of rope, three days worth of water and rations, green cloak and hood, lightweight leather armour, telescope, hunting horn.

2 hours ago

The moon shone upon the craggy mountainside of Iron Hold as Bron Emberguard began to prepare his Amora for take-off, his mind kept turning back to the harrowing images broadcasted two days ago from the Dark Elves and their sickening actions. Having spent years in the Wilds and fighting, Bron considered himself not easy to shake but he couldn't stop thinking about it. A declaration of war punctuated by one of the most cowardly acts so brazenly displayed for all to see. It made his stomach turn thinking about it as the Dwarf's fists tightened around the controls of the aircraft while he prepared to take-off. With information provided by Arn Thorson, the Ranger finally had a heading and planned to set off to River Port as fast as possible. There was also a report about a red creature attacking the border guard... which was particularly worrying, but Bron had orders from the King himself.

The Dwarves were to offer a hand to the Light Elves and planned to send out their Rangers first before any kind of official declaration, at least as far as Bron was told. Specifically, he was being sent to meet with Princess Annya and provide his services as a wayfinder and warrior. Although, it was secretly his hope that he could help bring those wretched Dark Elves down and make them taste the steel of his axes. For Avalia, for Prince Khuldral and for the King. As the propellers of the Amora spun to life, Bron tried to clear his mind and focus on the task ahead. Justice could wait.

Present time...

Bron soared through the skies in his amora, the Ranger's crest emblazoned on the side as he surveyed the scenery below with his telescope. He touched down briefly before to try and get some rest but he was determined to get to River Port as soon as possible. The quicker he could make contact with Princess Annya and her retinue, the quicker he could formulate a plan in his head. The Wayfinder hadn't noticed anything too unusual through his telescope, which gave him a settling sense of content as River Port pulled into view. Bron was, admittedly, not fond of the idea of hanging around such a busy sea town but it was a necessary sacrifice he would have to put up with. Soon enough, it was time to land and Bron would have to suck up this feeling on the double.

Bron manoeuvred his transport to the designated landing site for River Port and checked it in with the Dockmaster before securing it, citing he was just visiting instead of his true reason. His axes remained fastened to his belt as he marched through the Port's streets and alleys. It probably seemed unusual for a Dwarf to be just arriving this far from the Mountains, especially in the night, but Bron would simply shrug off any odd looks he'd get. Fortunately for him, the best place to get information would be a tavern or bar of some kind and there just so happened to be one right across from the site.

The redheaded Dwarf made his way up to the doors of the Tipsy Tavern and made his way through. The loud noises and raucous behaviour wasn't an unusual sight for him. Afterall, he had grown up with some of the best partiers in all of Avalia, though it still wasn't quite his scene. Regardless, he looked around and aimed to find anyone that matched Arn's description of Annya or her company in such a busy environment.
@FrogRFlowRNo worries then! I'll fot sure throw my hat in!
Hey there! Looking like you may have hit the 5 party limit expressed in OOC but if there is room for another I would be very interested in joining!
In Avalia 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Avalia 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@OllumhammersongAwesome! So, accepted?
I'd love to give this a go!
On further thought, I feel me joining is an inconvenience to everyone so I'll withdraw my interest. Thank you for your time!
Hey there, haven't been on in a long while on the forum but I've been looking to get back into the guild and this seems like a fantastic concept! Room for another?
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