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Current Live wrestling is awesome!!! First ever show. Epic! (Yeah, I know it's fake)
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Man, LARP'ing looks and sounds really fun. Looks complicated to get started though :/ Anyone got tips?
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Soz peeps, at Grandma's, no posting till way later
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When you Sixth Form and chill, then realise you chilled too much
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I'm down!

Razar's attention was turned away from the storm and back to the group. Before he hopped off of the truck he looked at the axe in his left hand. "Good job, Senor Slice." He said, complimenting the axe for helping the Choppa scare off the storm. At least, in his mind he was scaring off the storm. When he hopped off, he looked at Kalahan, grinning behind his mask. Kalahan was Razar's favorite ally. He enjoyed the fights and didn't mind Razar chopping and dicing opponents. He listened and looked where Kalahan was pointing to and then nodded. "Bad people need hurting, Drivey man?" He asked as he began to wipe the blood on his axes against his cargo pants. "I know you don't like being dirty, Cleave." He whispered.

It was then that more people began to gather around them. Two of which he recognised. "BAGHEAD!" He exclaimed happily when he found out one of the survivors was Dog Bob. Dog Bob used his 'Looksee', as he called it, to help find Mr Cleave and Senor Slice when Razar accidentally lost them one time. Razar waved frantically to Dog Bob, but with his mask up, it looked more unsettling than welcoming. Then there was another shooter. Sending bangs to his enemies wasn't Razar's style, but if it helps you survive, then it doesn't matter at the end of the day. It didn't get in the way of his fighting. However, Razar's scattered mind had turned his attention once again to something else. His bike.

"Wait, where's Reaver? You boys seen 'er?" Razar asked his axes, looking at them. He began to trudge off in search for his bike. He thought he caught a glimpse of someone approaching the group. Someone different, but it was no concern for him. If it was a bad person, then they were severely outnumbered. Razar began to look at every single bike he could. Any of which that weren't charred, burning, twisted wreckage anyways. He thought he found Reaver, but this bike was missing it's front wheel. Razar growled and continued his search until finally he found it. A bit of sand had it buried, but Razar soon shaked off the dirt and managed to get the Reaver free. He rolled it along the sand and back to the group.

"Someone give her a quick check up? You can have first dibs on whoever I scalp next?" He offered to anyone that would listen.

The beating ways of the sun bored down onto Razar's back as he laid face down into the blistering sands. Slowly, he raised his head with a groan, looking all around him. He could make out the silhouettes of people but needed to clear his head to make it out. Razar clambered up onto his feet and shook his head before looking about. It was his group! Looks like there were some survivors from the ambush. Razar clenched his teeth from behind his mask. How could they get away? Razar would have to look out for them another time. He patted his back, only to find them bare. Where were they? Where were his weapons? They didn't take his axes, could they? Where were Slice and Cleave? Razar spun around in a panic, looking for his prized possessions.


Anyone nearby would've been able to hear Razar screaming out for his weapons. It was then when he noticed the his rusted axes buried into the spine of a raider. Razar growled as he stomped towards the dead body and ripped out his axes before kicking the head of the dead man. He bent over and got his face close. "Mine..." He growled before snapping back up. Now that his head was clear, he sheathed his still bloodied axes onto his back and began to walk up to the silhouettes he saw. It was survivors from his group. There was the shooty man, the nice driver man who liked to fight and the body mechanic who'd repair Razar sometimes. He ran up to them, waving his arms around to get their attention.

"HEEEEY!!!" He yelled out in greetings. When he got closer, he saw the fixer man was staring off somewhere. Razar got close to him and followed his gaze out until he could also see the oncoming storm. Razar saw the concerned look on Sawbone's face and he sat there in thought for a moment. The fixer man seemed worry. Razar should scare the storm off. Razar pulled out his axes and climbed up onto one of the wreckages.

"YOU CALL YOURSELF A DUST WHIRLER!?!?!?!?" He began to yell out across the desert, using Senor Slice to point at the storm. "YOU COULDN'T BLOW ME BACK A SINGLE STEP!!!!!" He continued, following that up with a scream as he stomped on the metal roof of the wrecked truck and shake his axes furiously.
@GenniMy dude is just going to be a War Boy with an attachment to his two axes if that's all good with you? Definitely Red for main but not sure on secondary. I was looking at green for the "sacrifice self for others" part but they oppose so I'm not sure on the rule for that
@MaraI like your style. By chance, am I missing a CS template from somewhere?

(Spoiler alert, this is my character-
Room for a War Boy?
@Oskar DiLondraThis is along the lines of what I was trying to find xD

@Oskar DiLondraWould this be suitable?

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