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Good night sun, good night moon, good night birb.
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In due time, all will become Bird.
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Bird World Order (BWO) is approaching soon. Non-Avians will not be spared.
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Beasts. All over the shop. You'll be one of 'em too. Sooner or later.



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Room Descriptions

Each of the rooms the crew is shown to is outfitted to make even a Noble feel comfortable. Large canopy beds, sized far bigger than should be legal, were the centerpieces in the rooms, and they were soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough not to leave one with a back ache in the morning. A desk, bookshelf, various tables and chairs for dining, were placed in the room, and each room had a set of large glass doors leading to a balcony.

All of the rooms were outfitted in slightly different decorations which followed a theme-- some themed after seasons, others after legendary creatures, and some after different animals. The rooms were quite vast with more than enough floor space for large gatherings and roof clearance to fly about in.

Servants and guards walked along the outside hallways regularly, not seeming particularly interested in the crew, and the pixies had since faded away into invisibility... but they were certainly around. Somewhere.
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Declaring this RP over.
I no longer want to run it.
Thanks for participating!
But HOW?

The Gay Grove

A sigh escaped Mariah as Isla plopped down next to her. She raised her parasol to give shade to them both as Isla asked, “So, do you think we’ve lost?” Looking over at Madison and Vashti, Mariah began, "I dunno. I just know I ain't gonna..." Madison flew upward abruptly-- all her weird bone floaties multiplied too. Weird. Mariah squinted as she continued, "--get all sweaty--" Vashti wiggled about on the ground. Well that made sense that she looked hurt as hell-- Madison had quite a lot of force behind her tackle, as Mariah had found out, so it made a lot of sense that Vashti would suddenly turn into a lizard.

Turn into a lizard?

Within Mariah's head, the phrase bounced around every single neuron as they all immediately decided to deny this as reality. Mariah's brows creased as she pointed at the large lizard, looked to Isla in a non-verbal request for confirmation as to what she was pointing at, and by the time she looked back, the Giant Lizard That Probably Inhabited A Monster Energy Drink Can, launched itself toward Claudette's legs.

Holy shit it was a lizard that eats people.
Unga-bunga Velociraptor. Oh.

Some very primitive, very ancient amygdala processes compelled Mariah to action, quicker than she could even realize. In one motion, Mariah stood bolt upright, tried to immediately get the fuck away, stumbled and tripped over either herself or Isla, and rather gracefully landed on her fucking face. But did this stop her? Hell no. Absolutely zero thought went through her mind as she found herself on all fours, then began stumble crawling away, dragging her Hello Kitty parasol away in the sudden rain, like a little kid escaping the school bully that happened to be a giant lizard.

Nausea washed over her in waves, as the rest of her brain began catching up to the emergence of a fucking giant monster lizard, all of a sudden, and she could feel the fear practically tearing her enchantments away from everything she held. Did it matter? No. Run. Body go. Have run. When she fell again, there was more disgraceful scrambling in the grass, and she was dead set on getting to the treeline by any means.
Chapter 3 gon be thicc af.
You sure it's only 5 chapters and not 6? Lol.

The Gay Grove

Beneath her feet, the dirt and grass flattened out, as the clashing of Madison's power against hers pulsed. Gritting her teeth and setting her jaw, Mariah felt a twinge of fear-- that she would be thrown back and break every single damn bone in her body. Chills raced for the back of her neck and a coolness swept over Mariah as that fear reinforced her power.

"Okay for real, yo?" Madison chuckled, "We're better than that, we say hoe."

A laugh left Mariah and she felt her arms begin the tremble. "No pensé que duraría tanto tiempo," she yelled above the odd muffling of her voice in her own ears. In Spanish she continued, "(ES)--but I will not back down, even if this is because of a stupid flag game, and none of the results actually matter." Again a surge of energy-- courage given palpable strength-- coursed into her spell. That umbrella was practically burning with the power as Mariah continued in Spanish, shouting, "(ES)Even if this is the dumbest thing to be taking place right now," Mariah felt energy building as she spoke, fear and courage synced, and an intensity like none-other welled up within her, "(ES)I have much to prove to someone, so how about you fucking move, hoe!"

She stepped forward slightly, felt a little give-- sucked a sharp breath in-- then shoved with all her strength, screaming, "(ES)Dinosaurs are boring anyway!" And as Madison went flying back from the force, Mariah stumbled forward, tripped over her own feet, then fell to the ground in a heap, only barely managing to land on all fours instead of face-planting. A deeeeep breath left Mariah as she glanced up, then say Madison already headed off, but inwardly gave that a 'fuck it' on the scale of care.

"Did my part," Mariah mumbled, taking a few deep breaths, and observing the chaos of the field.

Tory's taser sticks managed to detach as the undead man started walking away. Completely and utterly exhausted but still very pissed off, Hector rolled over, then pushed himself up onto a knee as Lyss asked, “Are you a friend of someone here? You really shouldn’t walk up behind a woman like that.”

And in his butchered Peruvian spanglish, Hector began cursing, "I NO EVEN SNEAK! I SAY HI TO THAT--" Hector gestured furiously at Claudette and suddenly realized Lyss had also done him wrong, turning the gestures on her "--Fuck you mother fuck Gringo Yankee bitch fucker I shit on you pillow at night you fuck shit head stain shit fucker." He got to his feet, slowly as he continued barking curses in Spanish briefly, before answering-sort-of, "You fuck face head fuck feet get you shit in a pocket puedes lay down I shit in you mouth motherfuck-- MARIAH, YOU FRIENDS EAT SHIT FUCK! Rude fucks. Odio Estados Unidos-- FUCK!"

His voice lowered again as he cursed more in Peruvian, gesturing from Claudette to Lyss, to the ground, to the zombie, to the sky, to his shirt-- which he began ripping off casually and with ease-- as he turned shouting, "ME VOY ME VOY ME VOY rude fuck I not sneak up dumb shit head I say hello you fuck hola? Tase me? Fuck Frenchie," he looks over his shoulder, shouting at Claudette, "STINKY CHEESE FUCKING CROSSAINT OUI OUI MOTHERFUCK! YOU SHIT IN YOU PANTS AT NIGHT-- te voy a dejar harapiento-- YOU FUCK! I fuck you con A BRICK IN YOU ASS..."

And thus his angry rambling would continue, growing increasingly incomprehensible as he walked away, back toward where the cars were parked.

Rita stared at Tolan like a disappointed Math Tutor, eyed Neith on the floor, then rested her gaze on Micah for a beat. She tilted her head back, downed the rest of her beer slush whilst fighting off brain freeze. To say she was annoyed would be an understatement-- she knew when to call it quits. Casting a long stare toward Dion, whilst raising her brows in a non-verbal fashion that asked, 'What just happened?.'

With a sigh she shook her head, then got to her feet. "I'll meet ya 'bout where ya found me in the mornin'. Bout time for sleepin', I reckon," she walked over to Dion and gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder, "I'm sure if ya find somethin' of import you'll tell me." And with that, she headed for the door, bound for the Inn, which was not this room with these people.

Meanwhile, Vashti is about to absolutely murder a woman in broad daylight.
Stupid primate had it coming.
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