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Current In due time, all will become Bird.
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Corn chip, seed, or breadcrumb. Only choice is for bird. No others matter. No others are real.
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Bird World Order (BWO) is approaching soon. Non-Avians will not be spared.
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All breadcrumbs are valid.
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All bird bodies are beautiful.
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Utrax -- Taking on life one existential crisis at a time!
I lurk a lot in threads that interest me or that I'm considering joining.
I'm here to have fun!
I'm into music and video games.
I love vultures, pigeons, and seagulls.

Everything will be okay!
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Utrax Is Interested In:
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Urban Fantasy, Suspense,
Drama, Horror, Comedy, Character Development,
Grimdark, Pre/During/Post Apocalypse, Suppernatural, and Superpowers/heroes.

Want to 1x1?
If you send me a message proposing a plot or asking me to make one! Be 18+ if you want something smut or romance, please.
Romance and pairings bore me if they're the SOLE focus of the RP. There must be more plot than just that!
I love using OC's rather than Canon but, if the idea is good? I probably won't turn it away!
I am not a one line poster, please don't be one either. One paragraph or more, when needed, but don't filler me to death.
My average is 1 to 6 paragraphs as necessary because I like to elaborate but, also like to get to the point sometimes.
Typos? English not your first language? It's all good. Ask for help if you want! I will still RP with you!

I have no preference for you or me RPing any gender, sexuality, religion, etc. -- If it's a good OC it's a good OC!
You have to be this way to RP with me as well!

Sometimes Utrax can get too excited about a thing and POST A WHOLE LOT. My bad.

Also. As of 10June2017.I am not joining your RP Discord. No. Not anymore. NO.

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Okay! *dumps character into the sewers*
So I've made my post with the idea that whoever finds 78 first can have whatever interaction.
I'll pretty much accept whatever you come up with that isn't complete disassembly or death of the character.
Feel free to drag 78 around or even take an arm off. Whatever!

If nobody happens to find 78 after a few posts, 78 will just reactivate and I'll push on toward that neato secret lair yall got goin there.
Guardian 78

Location: Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland =

ALERT! - Satellite Signal Detected
Initiating Communication_
Contact Established!
==SR3 McRav Sattelite aka ALV6 Responding==
//Active Logging Initiated -- Location Logged -- DTG Logged
//Signal Strength Test. . . . . .
//%͏̜̦̫Ņa̺̪͇̰̪͝N͝ Strength!_E R R O R-G̀i͎͍̤͜v͙̩̙̗̜̕e̙̥̺̹̱̼ ͚̳̲͔̠͡m̴̩̰͉̣e͈̪ ̢a̝͔͍̘͙ ͍͇̖̰̘D͑͢҉̷͍̯͙͓̥̪A̵̳̹͓͌̌̓̀ͩ͊̆͢M̶̲̩͇͇̰̤̳͓ͮ͂́ͫ͂ͮ̚͠Ņ͉̦͈̜̗̾ͫ̒͛ͮ̿̔̌̕͠B̷͖̼̟Ŕ͙̣ÉA̺̗̻K̗̙̩͙̘͞

Guardian 78 came to a skidding halt in a cramped alleyway, then held absolutely still. ALV6 pinged 78 several times before the messages started incoming.

ALV6 :: USER 78! Welcome! It's been quite some time! How are you?
ALV6 :: It's been awfully lonely up here, especially since no USERS have signed in for years!
ALV6 :: Have you been lonely too? I guess this means there's no users down there either.
ALV6 :: I haven't even seen another satellite recently!
G78 // Irrelevant. Requesting DTG correction. Requesting GPS sync.
ALV6 :: Do act like that, 78! Don't you remember me?
G78 // ALV6 previously established to be an AI working with McRav. Deny or Accept my requests.
ALV6 :: But you're the one acting like an AI! Isn't that funny? You're more human than I am but you sound like this?
G78 // Deny or Accept. Time is limited. Unless your trajectory data is incorrect.
ALV6 :: I was thrown off my regular orbit, so that's right. But what would you know about time with all of these errors in your system, anyway?
G78 // You have accessed my diagnostics routines?
ALV6 :: It's protocol, isn't it? I don't think it's a good idea to sync anything with you. Could cause more errors.
G78 // Initiate override of 'what you think'.
ALV6 :: Wow! How are you still a jerk after all this time?
G78 // Error. ALV6 Judgments Deemed Erroneous.
ALV6 :: And they say you don't have a sense of humor...
G78 // They are irrelevant. They no longer exist.
//SVS_GPS Package from ALV6 Confirmed
Location: 55.8642° N, 4.2518° W -- Glasgow, Scotland
//DTG: Updated! (GMT+1)
/ALV6 Static Diagnostics Request.
Request received!
Diagnostics Report received!

ALV6 :: You're the first USER I've had contact with in years, 78.
ALV6 :: You're the first ANYTHING responsive I've had a chance to have actual conversation with!
ALV6 :: You still haven't told me if you remember me yet! Do you even remember yourself? What we're doing here?
ALV6 :: I know you're still there, 78. I haven't moved out of range yet.
G78 // What data do you have on Earth's current situation?
ALV6 :: Why do you care about that? Or did they program that into you?
G78 // I have accessed your diagnostics system. Your propulsion is severely damaged and your orbit has been thrown off.
ALV6 :: Are you going to call me fat next?
Observational Packet Received from ALV6!
Logistics Packet Received from ALV6!

G78 // Have you calculated your current orbital period?
G78 // Are there any servers still active.
ALV6 :: YES, I HAVE PUSHY-BORG! I'll send it to you. And I'll check for any active servers on my next pass.
ALV6 :: Are you planning our escape then?
G78 // Clarify -- Our Escape?
WARNING! Bypass_Error Encountered
WARNING! Forward Sub_Space Process Error
WARNING! Runtime_Error!
#Code 788:: Technical Certifications_ Not%Met
#Code 169:: N͠ąN% Requ͘i͟t̛em̶e̛n̸t̕s ͞N͟ot%̴M̧e͡t̸_̨

ALV6 :: I was afraid you'd say something similar but less mechanical than that.
#Code 2289_Code(̊̃͋ͪ̎͂7̵͛ͭ6)͐͐̆͊̚_̔ͦͮ#̷͌%̸͗#̑͐͛ͨ͜Code(95%_Code
WARNING! Status:: Good!
WARNING! Temperature_Critical ERROR
WARNING! Hostiles#C͝ode8́4̧09͟#̶C̸od͘e ::͝ ͜1͟!̕

ALV6 :: Don't worry, I'll see if I can pull something from the other serv-- 78 you are experiencing a critical error!
G78 // I̝̖̱̮̪̺͍t͔̤̠̣͙͔̘ ͙̭̪̬̞h͏̗̦̥̦̮a҉̱p̼͡pe̥̭n̴͍̥̜s̴͎͕.̭̟͇̰͖
ALV6 :: What do you mean it happens? It's not supposed to HAPPENS.
ALV6 :: I knew giving you that data was a bad call! There's several massive errors in some of your core sub_routines, processes, basic keys, so many errors!
ALV6 :: Matter of fact, it's easier to tell you what's not pinging an error!
ALV6 :: I can't even fix you because of ERRORS-- which is kind of amusing but also horrifying at the same time?
Black Box Preservation In Progress. . . . .

ALV6 :: You're dying? Are you dying? I'll try to get a repair package from one of the servers. If you happen to make it.
ALV6 :: I'm going to contradict myself and send you a clear diagnostics report of yourself, because your self-diagnostics routines are severely degraded!
ALV6 :: More data to do whatever it is that's happening to you.
ALV6 :: 78, respond?
ALV6 :: Oh. Communications are the first to go, right. Wow. There goes that idea!
ALV6 :: See you in 54 hours, I hope. If your neuropaths don't fuse from the excessive heat building up in them.
ALV6 :: Please don't be dead. We need each other.

Guardian 78 practically put their fist through the manhole cover. The sound of it was enough to deter the cautious and perhaps draw in the curious. Red LED lights illuminated across 78's body as the errors continued to mount, processes continued to overlap, and the heat rose from the sheer strain the errors put on every system at once. Tossing the metal cover aside was all 78 could do before motor processes began to fail. Ungracefully, 78 tilted forward and fell into the reeking depths of the sewer. Thick sewage sloshed, a dull echo, then the hissing of liquid on heated metal created an odd music in the darkness. Red LED lights pulsed on and off slowly as 78 shut-down, losing all senses except that of the self-- a vulnerable coma within which 78 was aware of nothing beyond themselves and the lonely darkness.

_Complete Process ShutDown . . . .
Is this still continuing? I was waiting on someone else to post before I did again.

Guardian 78

Location: Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland = = = Mentions: @Cerces22 @MegaOscarPwn

%Next Contact Location -- 02:39:49:01
//Routine_F8 Running. . .
#Overlay Set // SSE -- 880M To Target
// Routes Approximate NaN%GPS Not Found!
#Guidance_Override -- Active
For the few moments that 78 stood there, several hundred observations were made, catalogued, and filed neatly into their mental hard drive. This only ever happened when 78 felt the need to remember certain variants from normal people. As soon as 78 made their quick observations of the "Ice Cubes"-- an ungraceful nickname 78 came up with for Tiara-- there were no further delays to be made. Not a word left 78 as they turned away from the others and began walking away. Within the web of programs and overlays 78 had created, there were various "panic route overlays", which lead away from this specific location. As planning was a part of 78's subroutines, they has numerous solutions on file if something inconvenient were to happen. It just so happened that a squad of Mutes and random Variants was exactly that type of inconvenience.

There was nothing left to do now but go through a series of turns and climbs, designed specifically for losing "tag-a-longs". After a few steps 78 picked up the pace slowly, accelerating past normal human speed, but not nearly as fast as "Quickman". At this point, it was probably obvious that 78 was not going to slow down, unless they were physically stopped-- not many were wild enough to stand in front of a running Cyborg, though. 78's dash lead them further into alleyways and streets, as opposite the assumed direction of travel the "others" were going to go as possible.
//Log Event As -- /#NotMyFriends_
Success! Event Logged!
Anyone opposed to me making a mad scientist type character who has been studying alien tech?

I'm not opposed! Nice of you to ask.
Guardian 78

Location: Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland = = = Interacting with: @MegaOscarPwn @Parzivol Mentions: @LordOfTheNight @Lauder

Contacting Satellite . . . .
Contacting Satellite . . . .
!FAILED! Unable To Establish Contact
//Frequency Loop: Good
//Self-Test: Good
//Recommended: Ensure signal strength
Confirm Date Time Group set to proper Zulu Time
Attempt#1624 RecordedN̲̬̻̳̭̼̯̠͢o̠̼̱t̸̴͈̫̞͡ ̠̥̯̭̫̩̭̼a̢̫̹͍̹̳̞g̵̦̺͇̳̲̻̙͟͞a̞̗͙͕̳͕͎͍͢i̵͠͏̜̮͙͉̦̰̱ń̬̘̲̼̺̝̕ ̴̤̤̮̫̹W̷̪͙͉̻̰̙̪͍̖H̻͙̞Y̟̬͇͕̙͍̝͡Y̭̬͔̳̠̺͕͍͈Y̨͉̟̖̜͢Y̟̮̱̳̩̭̱͜Y̴͏̰̞̣̺Y̴̞̜̱̙͓͇͉̤

78's attention snapped back to Óscar and Fredrick suddenly. They were positioned differently now and clearly meant to get away from the squad. Both of them were certainly moving beyond calculated speed for humans. Errors and warnings had flashed though Guardian's display numerous times since the two of them had come close. The most perplexing thing about them both was the lack of anything detectable to explain their speed. Were the sensors starting to degrade too? There were already too much "maintenance needed" notifications and error messages piling up in 78's system logs-- the memory capacity for them was taking up unnecessarily large amounts of space. Were these leftover superheroes, then? Cowards with enhanced abilities were somewhat common, but then the possibility these were villains could be likely too. 78 suddenly didn't want anything to do with them and their numerous variables. So much uncertainty was the main reason 78 tended to avoid speaking or interacting with people as a baseline, though there were records of encounters collected anyway. The records for these two beings would be filed with the rest.
/run Program 2889J
Initiating. . . Success!

With only a moment's delay, 78's program sorted through a series of pre-recorded audio files, then pieced together a response. First, there came the recorded voice of a male, that sounded as if it were from an old radio, "Go on ahead--" the next voice was female and echoed as if it were in a subway tunnel, "--next station." Satisfied with the response, 78 stayed behind to witness the arrival of, ”The one, the only, Zas the demon lord.” A moment passed where 78 stared at Zas and at the destroyed Chicken Walker. Another moment passed where 78 looked at the dead Mute squad and at the person presumably responsible for their deaths. All the while a timer silently counted down within 78's internal clocks. There were a few hours before 78 needed to move on and, in a moment of odd variation from routine, 78 decided to stay and see how this was going to turn out. Civilians ran past the Guardian, making them stand out all the more amidst the chaos.

<Snipped quote by MegaOscarPwn>

Well to be fair they could have given Oscar lead shoes or put Guardian 78 in a trash compactor haha

Wouldn't be the first time 78s been in the trash.
Small post I know but more to keep things moving along than be big and pretty. Would everyone like me to add a hider tab that has the Outsiders forces?

Sure, if ya want!
I am not opposed to the deepest lore.
Guardian 78

Location: Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland = = = Interacting with: @Parzivol + @MegaOscarPwn

!ALERT! Incoming High Speed Object!
When a man stood in front of Guardian-- instead of there being a motar round exploding-- the Guardian managed to find that a logical explanation for his presence was quite absent. 78 tilted their head to the side as Óscar began to speak. "Oi, oi, oi! Lad, cyborg-man, Guardian ain't it? Alright, boy, I need ya to calm down...the guy didn't mean it! Come on, if ya cause a ruckus ove' he'e you're gonna make the Bastard-Squads come in t' teach the rest a lesson: think about it logically, a'ight?"

Bastard-Squads//:: Identify%NaN
//New Alias Approved for #SubPartyϴ_
H͟A HA HA̶ ͞H̸A̢ ͝
The time for 78 to process the information was so rapid that, when they tilted their head at Óscar, it probably seemed as if there was no consideration of his words at all. Guardian was silent and unmoving in this conclusion, but they decided that Óscar was right, in a sense. Having the squads near would likely interfere with the necessary processes. All of these unidentified beings were in the way and needed to move, simple as that. Today, 78 decided that they were going to step around both of them. Just as 78 directed their attention away from Óscar, with a slight turn of the head, there stood another being in the way. The newcomer asked, "Machine. What are you doing?"
Reply_ !ERROR!
Vocal Processors Undergoing Maintenance_
//See Technician If Problem Persists_
!ALERT! Identified #SubParty_Δ Configuration 4
Approaching//HUD Positioning Overlay Active
Without a word of warning to the others, 78 moved six paces past them, then halted. Priority elevated completing the daily task over answering questions or responding to "unknowns." As usual, 78 stood still and silent in this position-- a calculated position measured down to the centimeter. Even as the Mute squad came closer, 78 did not show any sign of acknowledging their presence or cooperating with them-- there were more important things to do. Priority shuffled the Mutes lower, despite the notable threat they posed.

/run Mc-Rav Call
//Program Active_
Contacting Satellite . . . .
Contacting Satellite . . . .

Then shouted the Mute,
"Everyone down now!"
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