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Current Beasts. All over the shop. You'll be one of 'em too. Sooner or later.
23 days ago
If you can't bench press their hopes and dreams then what's the point?
1 mo ago
I was gone for a while. Now I'm back for a while. Will be gone again for a while. Then back for a length. Ok.
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3 mos ago
I have the final post in numerous dead RPs. I am the end. The all. The sun. The mooooooon. The bored stars.
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Hard time? Don't worry! The mortal coil is strangling us all! You're not alone!



Utrax -- Taking on life one existential crisis at a time!
I lurk a lot in threads that interest me or that I'm considering joining.
I'm here to have fun!
I'm into music and video games.
I love vultures, pigeons, and seagulls.

Everything will be okay!
Let's make some great stories together!

Utrax Is Interested In:
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Urban Fantasy, Suspense,
Drama, Horror, Comedy, Character Development,
Grimdark, Pre/During/Post Apocalypse, Suppernatural, and Superpowers/heroes.

Want to 1x1?
If you send me a message proposing a plot or asking me to make one! Be 18+ if you want something smut or romance, please.
Romance and pairings bore me if they're the SOLE focus of the RP. There must be more plot than just that!
I love using OC's rather than Canon but, if the idea is good? I probably won't turn it away!
I am not a one line poster, please don't be one either. One paragraph or more, when needed, but don't filler me to death.
My average is 1 to 6 paragraphs as necessary because I like to elaborate but, also like to get to the point sometimes.
Typos? English not your first language? It's all good. Ask for help if you want! I will still RP with you!

I have no preference for you or me RPing any gender, sexuality, religion, etc. -- If it's a good OC it's a good OC!
You have to be this way to RP with me as well!

Sometimes Utrax can get too excited about a thing and POST A WHOLE LOT. My bad.

Also. As of 10June2017.I am not joining your RP Discord. No. Not anymore. NO.

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Welcome to the guild!
Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
<Snipped quote by Utrax>

That's fine. This RP is moving slow, but everyone still has stuck around for the long haul (well, mostly everyone) which is great in my book.

Ya! I gotta go do work in the forest for that time!
I hope I'll have internet of some sort, but there's a 90% chance I won't even have cellphone signal haha.
All things lost...
Rustboro City - Fairfax Corporation

Theo yawned then looked up and away from the computer screen. He leaned his chair back onto it’s hind legs. For all his searching on sites to see and things to do in Rustboro city, the results had pretty much told him, “Not much.” Aside from the Pokemon Gym, the Trainer School, and the Fairfax headquarters, Rustboro was a bit dry as far as attractions went. The city was renown for it’s historic sites-- featuring the “old style” buildings and such-- but Theo didn’t have much interest in a bunch of old builds, especially when they were all still used and renovated to today’s standards. What every search page seemed to agree on was the fact that Rustboro was more of an industrial city than anything else. A deep sigh escaped Theo before squeaky clamoring caught his attention. Sitting up, Theo stared over his shoulder, to figure out just what the commotion as all about. He found his Jigglypuff fast asleep on the bed but his Whismur was urgently tapping on the window and screeching toward him.

“Huh? It’s just Nick, isn’t it?” Theo asked. Harmony shook his body hard, then pointed out the window frantically. Confused, Theo strode toward the window saying, “What’s the big deal?” Theo stared out the window as Harmony struggled to open it. Once opened, with Theo’s assistance, Harmony pointed to the empty windowsill, then gave Theo a concerned squeak. Eyes wide, Theo mumbled, “Oh no...” He looked toward his feet, looked out the window, then began retracing his steps through the room. As Theo began checking under the bed, he worriedly mumbled, “Where’s the coin? Where’d it go? Now how’s he supposed to find us?” He shoved his arm beneath the bed and felt around briefly before looking to Harmony and saying, “This isn’t good...”

Nick the Skarmory, circled above the city once more. Where had his trainer gotten off to? Usually there would be a sign of some sort by now-- that much was always certain. Theo didn’t forget about him. No. Theo would never forget about him. As many things as Theo tended to forget about on a daily basis, Nick assured himself that Theo would never forget him. That meant that something must have been wrong instead. Landing in the park where Theo once was, Nick began walking about, ignoring the stares of the people around him. Let them stare. Nick knew it was because he was so magnificent, so gleaming and gold, that people and Pokemon couldn’t help but admire him. Perhaps one of them would recognize him though-- know that he was friends with Theo-- and perhaps point him in the right direction.

Then again…

In a bit of a hurry, Nick took to the skies again, then circled the city, because what if Theo had just now left his sign to follow? Or what if something happened to him? The two pink ones couldn’t protect Theo like he could. No… Theo wouldn’t have made it this far with just those two pink… oh. Nick suddenly had a brilliant idea! He screeched out loudly as he flew above the city this time, hoping that one of the tiny pink blobs could hear him, and hopefully tell Theo! What a great idea! Nothing could possibly go wrong now! Nick landed in the park once more, let out a cry, before circling the city again. Until Theo found him, Nick was going to repeat this pattern, for a long as it took.
I'm going to be on hiatus starting OCT 28th.
I'll be gone for 30 days.
Ok ok ok ok ok ok.
I'm dropping out of this.
Thank you for the plot though.
It's a good concept.
Welcome to the guild!
I hope you find something great here!
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to here!!!
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Hello and welcome to the guild!
Welcome to the Forum Weed (1).
Hope you find things for you here!
For you!
Welcome to the guild!!
I hope you find something great here!
Welcome! WELCOME!
To the guild! WELCOME HERE!
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