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29 days ago
Current Happy Holidays!
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1 mo ago
My son just learned the joys of opening and closing a door.....*Open close open close open close open close.* lovely......XD I mean as long as it keeps him from throwing a fit.
2 mos ago
Happy late thanksgiving
2 mos ago lacking motivation in doing anything.....Has anyone ever gotten like this? I mean....i love RPing...but for some reason im having a hard time coming up with something. .
3 mos ago
What the fuck is going on in the status bar? XD XD XD XD.


I'm a 24 year old mom and yes i am engaged who has multiple interests, like Rping witch i used to do a lot in high school, i love working with Resin even thow i have only done it a few times (i need to get more supplies but we are dirt poor lolz), i love reading and writing you can find me on WattPad under the same name and profile pic, i love fantasy of all kinds. i love anime and you can find me under Rangiku on FanArt Central......i dont know what else to say.

i prefer to play female Characters, i tent to stay away from Slice of Life as my life is a lifetime movie. My writing style is Free to low casual. ^^ I love Fantasy, Romance, and fiction. I tend to stay away from Horror, Post Apocalyptic....(THO if it starts out normally i will give it a shot.) And anything of the like.....And BIG warning....YOU MUST BE 18+ As i love Smut.....^^

I have a lot of time on my hands. As taking care of my little one is REALLY easy right now ^^.

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Rose looked at everyone. She sighed as she did. She then drifted off in her own thoughts. She was paying no mind to any of them.

(Sorry....i thought this was on hold...)
Im fine with that
In ShadowWalkers 15 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Rose sighs. She dose not bother looking at them....She was busy listing to the area around her.
In ShadowWalkers 16 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Rose sighs and keeps out of things. She stays silent
Im up for it too ^^ i just have to swap OCs....ill use my name sake, Vampora ^^ ill get some info on her soon...right now i have a tummy ache
@AXIS yes good to know....
In ShadowWalkers 17 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Rose covers her ears and waits for everything to stop.
In ShadowWalkers 18 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Rose shock her head. She then ignored them
@Blueflame yes ^^

@Shadow Dragon thank you.
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