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6 hrs ago
Current Tomato and Basil of the best combos in food history.
9 hrs ago
Just went over to the office to ask them to give me a week, and they said no 'its an emergency.' we cant have the apt vacant for that long.' WTF.
10 hrs ago
2 days time to get ready......unreasonable and unrealistic. I'm calling them out on there Bullshitery soon.
10 hrs ago
10 hrs ago
the reason why im pissed is because !.) where on welfare, 2.) i have a 9 month old. 3.) WE cant afford to go to a hotel for the night. 4.) we cant afford the gas to go up to my mans moms place.


I'm a 24 year old mom and yes i am engaged who has multiple interests, like Rping witch i used to do a lot in high school, i love working with Resin even thow i have only done it a few times (i need to get more supplies but we are dirt poor lolz), i love reading and writing you can find me on WattPad under the same name and profile pic, i love fantasy of all kinds. i love anime and you can find me under Rangiku on FanArt Central......i dont know what else to say. So i play mainly female Characters, i tent to stay away from Slice of Life as my life is a lifetime movie. My writing style is Free to low casual. ^^

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Welcome! ^^
Hi iI'm interested but i don't have enough time to type everything out right now, plz send me i pm so i don't forget, as i do that sometimes. ^^ ill talk to you later. Bye!
Im interested ^^
^^ k
Vampora: looks over at Margret not understanding why she was being so stubborn "to answer your question about the assassins yes and no. i used to live somewhere far away but it was taken over by evil cruel people. they killed my sister and my parents i am the only one of my family left." she looks at the locket she is holding.
You dont mind if i join do you???? ill use Vampora (again lolz) as your already familer with her.^^
HI I would like an RP partner, if your interested just PM me plz^^
Thank you^^. but im on right now so yea.....
my man is working on some things so if my pms and pots get slowly man has the computer. just giveing you a heads up
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