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6 mos ago
Current Me: REALLY GUYS? CAN WE JUST ENJOY THIS? Slut me: Heckyls Hot, You should REALLY Revise your OC you made long ago. Me: *Sighs* Fine, Ill do all, Ive been working in my OC anyways.....
6 mos ago
*Casually watches Power Rangers Dino Super Charge as an adult....* Adult me: THIS IS CHEESY!!! WHY ARE YOU WATCHING IT? Artist Me: GODS.....YOU NEED TO REDESIGN THE OUTFITS!!!!
6 mos ago
@undead eyes i cant, im trying to recover from straining my back from hunching over the low coffee table we have.....
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6 mos ago
I have the urge to draw but i know i cant T_T
6 mos ago
Not going to RP today....back and sholders hurt too bad thanks to being hunched over artwork alot lately


I'm a 24 year old mom and yes i am engaged who has multiple interests, like Rping witch i used to do a lot in high school, i love working with Resin even thow i have only done it a few times (i need to get more supplies but we are dirt poor lolz), i love reading and writing you can find me on WattPad under the same name and profile pic, i love fantasy of all kinds. i love anime and you can find me under Rangiku on FanArt Central......i dont know what else to say.

i prefer to play female Characters, i tent to stay away from Slice of Life as my life is a lifetime movie. My writing style is Free to low casual. ^^ I love Fantasy, Romance, and fiction. I tend to stay away from Horror, Post Apocalyptic....(THO if it starts out normally i will give it a shot.) And anything of the like.....And BIG warning....YOU MUST BE 18+ As i love Smut.....^^

I have a lot of time on my hands. As taking care of my little one is REALLY easy right now ^^.

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Banned for having a problem with a Dancing cat
@Shadow Dragon I think so T_T
In Camp Fujin 5 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Ayaka Sighed as she made herself at home in her own room, She was shocked they had a room for her as she quickly set up her temporary home away from home. She was used to her family's wild life perverse in Scotland. She sighed as she pulled out her suitcase and opened it. She pulled out a large thick book full of leaflets sticking out and a warn leather string around it. She then sighed as she got to unpacking for the most part. Once she was done she pulled on some tight fitting shorts and a tank top, pulled her hair up, grabbed her book and quikly made her way out to explore....she smiled as she slowly walked into the old mine to take a look around....
@Jasper19 Kay ^^
@Jasper19 I send my condolences with the deaths.
Kay ^^ Thats what i was suggesting ^^
@Jasper19 Just let him have it, He can edit it to where he did it on accident? Maybe?
Arty smiles. "Sure...." she said with a smile as she looks at her. "Ill meet you at the Starbucks close to where we are staying." she said to her with a smile as she disappeared from view for a moment. She then comes back and smiles. "Also, Bring the hot emo dude with you, Unless you want just the two of us, The more the Merrier" she said as she gave a soft grin. She waited for Her half sisters Response as she stood there. She moved out of sight again and then came back into sight as she tied a her hair up and then adjusted her hair. She smiled back and then looked around. "How weird dose this look talking to a water?" she asks Trying not to laugh. She then sighs. "Starbucks, Drinks on me!" she said to her as she smiled.
@olcharlieboi k 2 year old in hand cant type much
@olcharlieboi I think im going to change some things about lydia, going to keep her the same for the most part, Just change her abilities and her powers.
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