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12 days ago
Mini Quake is Happing over here right now......Lolz i was like WTF why is my couch shaking? lasted about a min......then stopped.
15 days ago
@underworldqueen Im sorry for your loss, Hugs and love to you.
15 days ago
That moment when your excited for the book you have wanted to help you with your art and its the wrong one..So you have to get it again.*Sigh* Yes i contacted the seller, i dont know it ill get reply
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1 mo ago
@rebornfan320 So kay, Hope you have a good move ^^
1 mo ago
that moment when your eating out of a nutella jar so you have to give a short response


I'm a 24 year old mom and yes i am engaged who has multiple interests, like Rping witch i used to do a lot in high school, i love working with Resin even thow i have only done it a few times (i need to get more supplies but we are dirt poor lolz), i love reading and writing you can find me on WattPad under the same name and profile pic, i love fantasy of all kinds. i love anime and you can find me under Rangiku on FanArt Central......i dont know what else to say. So i play mainly female Characters, i tent to stay away from Slice of Life as my life is a lifetime movie. My writing style is Free to low casual. ^^

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Good night! ^^
She smiles and licks his wrist and smiled as she sinks her fangs in to his wrist painlessly. She takes a moment, Soon the sound of her fangs popping out can be heard. She sighs. "Not as good as i thought." she said to him.
She looks at him and smiles. "I dont remember the taste." she said to him her cheeks turning red.
She nods at Shadow. She then looks at Ollie. "Well it can taste like anything from A rich chocolate mouse, to fried chicken....For me it tastes mostly like sweets....Shadows was on par with Alister blood. His to me taste like one of my favorite dishes back home....A rich triple chocolate mouse with white Chocolate shavings....Shadows was a rich chocolate mouse with a warm raspberry topping." she said to him. "Would love to try yours." she said to him.
She looks at him and nods. "What about a bit of blood?" she asked him. She had wondered.
She looks at him and nearly falls off the chair shes on when he says that he knows there sleeping together. She regains her composure. "AND IF I AM?" she asks him her temple throbbing. "MY SEX LIFE IS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS." she said to him. She takes another long swig. "I have to agree with Ollie, What will happen if we mix it with other booze?" she asked him.
She looks at him then turns bright red. She sighs. "If he wants to tell you he will." she said to them as she tried to hide what she know about him. She took another long gulp.
She sighs. "You've lived a worse life then me....Lets just say i was adopted at five and from then on i live a posh life...." she said as she took another long gulp. "I had a sister....And parents who loved me....One thing i always wanted....but not always got....Lets just say i have lives thousands of lifes....Not always life i can remember being constantly raped and beaten even as a kid...." she said as if talking to herself. She then shock her head and smiled. "Sorry about that....." she said to them. She smiled as she took another long gulp. "And no its not the booze." she said to them.
She looks at him and smiles. "Im dead funking serious, i literally had to sit in on one of my fathers war meeting as a teen and had to drink and keep my head on...." she said as she took another sip.
She smiled at him. "You think i can help?" she asked. She wanted to see how it was made and help him. "You'd better not Ollie....And lets just say at one point in my life i had to drink a ton and still keep my head on straight." she said to them.
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