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Current So I guess I should've watched Firefly ages ago, huh?
5 yrs ago
Bleed over my grave, and plunge in the stake. Don't give me a break, when you're on the take.
5 yrs ago
Expanding Horizons Players! Join up with The Reapers of Castletain if you're looking for a group to join!
5 yrs ago
Swearing in other languages besides the mother tongue is ceaselessly amusing.
5 yrs ago
The Second Labour awaits, and I am ready to pursue it. FEAR NOT FELLOW GUILDMEMBERS, I SHALL BRING YOU GLORY ON THAT DAY!


I like language.

Speak to me.

And I'll tell you more.

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Thanks for the memories. :)
Banned for not having a PFP of the second evolution of the pokemon in question.
Banned for enjoying mediocre things
I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter



steps on stage

Bystander: "Oh god! Don't do it! I have a family!"

Comedy God: "Heh..."

adjusts fedora

the building is filled with fear and anticipation

God and Jeb Bush himself looks on in suspense

comedy god clears throat

everything is completely quiet not a single sound is heard

world leaders look and wait with dread

everything in the world stops

nothing is happening

comedy god smirks

no one is prepared for what is going to happen

comedy god musters all of this power

he bellows out to the world


absolute suspense

everyone is filled with overwhelming dread


all at once, absolute pandemonium commences

all nuclear powers launch their nukes at once

giant brawls start

69 wars are declared simultaneously

a shockwave travels around the earth

earth is driven into chaos

humanity is regressed back to the stone age

the pure funny of that joke destroyed civilization itself

all the while people are laughing harder than they ever did

people who aren't killed die from laughter

literally the funniest joke in the world

then the comedy god himself posts his creation to reddit and gets upvotes
Grab the pasta, change the pasta, submit the pasta. See if you can pinpoint the alterations and prove you are more terminally online than the rest of us! And if you're truly brilliant, try to pass off your original work as a copypasta!

This spam post has been sanctioned by the Holy Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Banned for making me read Warframe lore.
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