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Proud to say the UIC has 71452 converts and growing! Keep up the Lord's work friends!
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Bleed over my grave, and plunge in the stake. Don't give me a break, when you're on the take.
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Expanding Horizons Players! Join up with The Reapers of Castletain if you're looking for a group to join!
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Swearing in other languages besides the mother tongue is ceaselessly amusing.
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The Second Labour awaits, and I am ready to pursue it. FEAR NOT FELLOW GUILDMEMBERS, I SHALL BRING YOU GLORY ON THAT DAY!


I like language.

Speak to me.

And I'll tell you more.

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@Crusader Lord its an old tag. Got a pm grom hadrogon to stop tagging him.

Mistakes were made. No plans to correct it.

Yeah, that's my fault. Anyway, @Crusader Lord and @Spriggs27 can proceed to the tests without waiting up on a post from me, since I'll be occupied with admin crap. XD

For all intents and purposes, the concrete around both of your characters' feet promptly dissolved, but Jordan disappeared somewhere. For the sake of continuity, I imagine both of those ornery girls would go their separate ways for the time being.
So @Kalleth what's gonna happen with Diana and Kris? Or will anything happen with Diana and Kris.

If Zel updates, just consider the two of you sent in separate directions from the track and field to be disciplined later. Otherwise, I'll make a post before I update the Activity List.
I posted. I'm not entirely happy with the post length or the thing, but I wanted to post. Also, @Kalleth, when is the CHAR thing gonna be updated?

When your lazy co-GM gets around to it, I'm afraid! XD

Not to worry, it is solely a means of keeping track of things, it's not really something where if you aren't listed as active, you will be TERMINATED or some such nonsense.

But yeah... I'll get around to it...
Ennui approved.
Done! I went a few hundred words over, but I don't think the writing is overly fluffy and it's a complete story, so I don't mind.
Jordan Manilow

@Crusader Lord@Spriggs27

A cry for help. A desperate plea. An unfamiliar name being called for. His name. Jordan shook himself and drew up the iron in his bones. His mettle would not bend, nor break, when he was called to duty. He might be a failure, he might not be. He would never let it be said that he did not give it his all. He turned on his heels and took off at a sprint. The cloud followed obligingly, and Jordan cracked his knuckles as he ran. He felt strange again, his awareness of the bleachers heightening, and he retained a vague sense of the ground below them. He didn't let that distract him for the moment. Reaching the edge of the bleachers, he leapt up off the tallest point and reached the apex of his jump looking down below.


Jordan dove, rotating in the air to plant his feet towards the ground. He seemed to weigh more than normal, and as he landed with a deafening boom, Jordan arched backward and clenched his fists. He felt everything. Every rock, every plant, every metal. The awareness rocked his mind, a piercing pain blocking everything else out. He screamed silently, not hearing his own voice. He heard... grinding. A crumbling thunder that scraped and groaned and seemed impossibly large. Jordan surged forward, his body moving from instinct. His senses... Too much... He felt his grip lock, and he squeezed with all of his-

At the centre of the darkness, its source, Jordan held a young girl by the neck, choking her. She had tears in her eyes, and all Jordan saw was terror. He dropped her immediately, flinching back, staring at his hands. What the fuck is going on? I can't... No. Kano's wrong. It's- It's not her. It could never be her. But... What did I just-? The gym teacher turned to look at the rest of his students. They all looked at him, terrified. His responsibility. His duty. He'd failed them, hadn't he?


Jordan felt a terrible pain in his face. He blinked and saw grass under his face. He looked up, and saw the darkness user's walls, dividing two angry looking girls. He'd just leapt off the bleachers and landed face first on the ground. Perfect. Getting to his feet, the gym teacher stomped over to the bluish haired girl with the upstuck attitude. She'd covered herself in a sheet of ice devised from her sweat. Jordan would have been impressed on another occasion. Now though, he simply grabbed her arm with enough force to crack the ice shell, his own hands possessing all the strength and durability of granite. Gripping her by the arm, he towed her aside next to the bleachers, and locked her feet in place with rock. Wordless, he moved back toward the redhead who was too eager to mete out punishment. She was emitting measurable amounts of heat, which he shrugged off, even welcomed faintly, as it dried him off. He grabbed her by the wrist and tugged her to the other side of the bleachers, where he repeated his time out preparations, binding her feet to the ground as solidly as concrete.

"The rest of you, back to your dorms! Or your next class. I don't care! Just make yourselves scarce! The show's over!" His voice was harsher than he'd intended. He sounded like Kano. He pointed to the darkness user, as she turned to leave and called out, "Hey, stay here emo chick!" Jordan held his right hand in his left, clenching and unclenching, trying to control his breathing. He closed the distance between the two, and got down on one knee, looking up at her. He examined her neck, and then her face. He looked at her from head to toe, every bit the teenage girl that she so obviously was. Jordan recalled those walls of darkness she'd evidently created, softly moving waves of blackness, somewhere between a gas and a liquid, acting as barriers to separate her classmates, to keep them from hurting each other. Jordan met this young girl's gaze for all of about two and a half seconds, before he bowed down into his hands and started to sob.

It... just for a second...

It had felt good to choke the life from her with his own hands. He'd felt...


For some context.

Only without the high railing at the top, and imagining the bleachers themselves to be two or three times higher.

Just posted. Manilow's Gauntlet is coming to an abrupt end. Why, you ask?

Well for one, you kids suck at teamwork and shit. C'mon. I can only watch you squabble so long. And for two....


*Calls for Papa @Zelosse*

Jesus Christ, that's a billion fucking updates....

I won't lie, I'm having a hell of a time keeping track of what I have to actually respond to anymore.

Nothing atm. The interactions have moved past Dia and Felix for the moment. Feel free to fill in their reactions to what's going on around them or make a new move.
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