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3 yrs ago
Bleed over my grave, and plunge in the stake. Don't give me a break, when you're on the take.
4 yrs ago
Expanding Horizons Players! Join up with The Reapers of Castletain if you're looking for a group to join!
4 yrs ago
Swearing in other languages besides the mother tongue is ceaselessly amusing.
4 yrs ago
The Second Labour awaits, and I am ready to pursue it. FEAR NOT FELLOW GUILDMEMBERS, I SHALL BRING YOU GLORY ON THAT DAY!
4 yrs ago
When you want to update but you have real life nagging you... -_-


I like language.

Speak to me.

And I'll tell you more.

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an asthmatic incontinent haberdasher.
Pacha Papyrus
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Goddess of Debauchery
I practice divination in the form of casting runes.
Banned for not giving credit.
Banned for impersonating Carmen Sandiego.
Banned for unoriginality.
Banned for not following through.
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