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Proud to say the UIC has 71452 converts and growing! Keep up the Lord's work friends!
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Bleed over my grave, and plunge in the stake. Don't give me a break, when you're on the take.
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Expanding Horizons Players! Join up with The Reapers of Castletain if you're looking for a group to join!
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Swearing in other languages besides the mother tongue is ceaselessly amusing.
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The Second Labour awaits, and I am ready to pursue it. FEAR NOT FELLOW GUILDMEMBERS, I SHALL BRING YOU GLORY ON THAT DAY!


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My name Jeff.
In Godspeed! 7 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Hey @Antarctic Termite.

Still here. Only, I’m in the middle of a thing right now. So feel free to let Césure step back for the moment, because I definitely won’t have the opportunity to sit down and have at ‘er until at least halfway through this month. But my plots, fortunately, will work no matter when they’re implemented. I mean, as long as nobody tries to conquer death or anything...
In Godspeed! 8 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Mo points mo problems, but aside from maybe getting in another Césure post, a new turn seems like a fine idea. He'll have enough might to finally get his crib up and running.

Death's Frontman AKA The One-Man Clean-Up Crew

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In Godspeed! 8 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
...There's a war on?


...You summon the Death God too soon...

Literally, I need like one more turn to get his base of operations set up lol.

Gérard Belsaint was enjoying a fluffy croissant at Michel Troisgros, one of the few European food places that didn't totally ruin French food. Completely aware that he was absolutely fulfilling a stereotype in doing so, Gérard chuckled to himself and polished off his plate, licking his fingers. He was currently skipping school, opting to enjoy a day's wanderings through Shinjuku. He hoped that here in the heart of Tokyo, he might be able to find a little excitement. At the very least, he got the chance to see plenty of new quirks and even thought he recognized a few top heroes wandering the streets.

Gérard cocked his head slightly, hearing some commotion outside, and what sounded like yelling. He couldn't see what was going on from inside, and so he got got up to look out the window and-

Something caused the window to explode and whatever it had been was accompanied by a shockwave that catapulted Gérard into one of Michel Troisgros' walls. The sounds of patrons beginning to scream and try to escape the building started adding to the hellish din which was only growing in Gérard's ears. Putain, the sixteen year old thought to himself. This aspiring hero could use a hand.

Kazue Koga was out buying dresses, when she saw on the televisions that lined the windows of electronics stores that Shinjuku was once again imperilled by another incident of villain activity. She couldn't care less, however, and carried on with her shopping. After all, she wasn't capable of striking down such low-level scum in fewer moments than it took to exhale, or of committing greater, more treasonous, far more devastating destructions upon the scurrying vermin that called this city home.

She was just a little girl, cooing over the price tags for different bargain bin dresses that she was eager to try on in the changing room. Although she had no intentions of using the filthy changing room in the store. She had her own changing room, and it was called her apartment. The woman who was running the store had her hands full with other customers, and it was the merest child's play for Kazue to fry the electronic tags that were attached to the dresses to try and prevent theft. Such a funny little oversight, to have forgotten to update in an age of quirks, and thieves with quirks. The world, even now, was still so slow in adapting to what had been a truly world-shattering paradigm shift.

Kazue walked out of the store, arms full of dresses, and smiled to herself. These dresses would be very useful in her upcoming mission.
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