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2 yrs ago
I have been using roleplayerguild for just a month and i'm having a blast with…


Hello. I'm Osgu zenumee.
You can find me on Xbox LIVE as Ross xd 48384.
My name Osgu Zenumee came from an old halo group i was a part of.
I work as a full time chef although i often check for notificaions.
You can message me while im offline. Ill respond when i get back.
If you'd like to know more pm me.
Thanks for reading.

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Hi i am a 21 year old man who is also in search of new rp partners to share in some incredible story crafting. To be honest my interest checks and profile are hilariously outdated. My rp style and preferences have really evolved since i started.

I used to only do one liners but that was because some of my previous partners never encouraged me to do more but I've managed to improve my quantity and quality of story crafting.

It you feel like rping with me is a good idea then feel free to get in touch here or via my discord

Discord Ross xd 48384#9092
I am very interested in this idea of yours and i have a character who i think would fit very well into your story he even has his own optional lore and origin story for his whole species. But as stated that baggage is optional.

Hit me up if your still searching for extra partners.

I am. Interested. If you'd like to talk about setting up new rps we can chat here or via discord.

My discord is Ross xd 48384#9092

Hello after reading your post i am interested in potentially making a few fresh rps with you. I have no issues leaving the smut either lightly referenced or strait up skipped. I like to think i can adapt and have a decent range of both male and female characters.

If your interested in further conversation my discord is Ross xd 48384#9092

I am up for developing some new rps with new partners so just get in touch whenever your free.
So my buddy pitched idea where me the player only controls themselves but the other player acts as a dungeon/game master. The way it plays out is kinda like a telltale game. I've only tried this once so far and it was really fun. Hit me up if your interested.
So I had a new idea thanks to one of my role-playing partners. Its an 18+ story where I am the player character but the other player acts as a game master and makes the role play feel like a telltale game. I've only tried this once and it was very fun.
Someone. Please rp with me. I'm starting to feel a little desperate..
This thread may be for my interest checks, but I'm open to trying new ideas. So surprise me
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