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Hello. I'm Osgu zenumee.
You can find me on Xbox LIVE as Ross xd 48384.
My name Osgu Zenumee came from an old halo group i was a part of.
I work as a full time chef although i often check for notificaions.
You can message me while im offline. Ill respond when i get back.
If you'd like to know more pm me.
Thanks for reading.

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I am looking for new role play partners so, please, feel free to send a PM. If you comment on this post i may take a while to respond if at all.

I do MxF role plays mostly. I am male but am open to playing a female from time to time.
I role play my main character in first person only. Additional characters are always third person.
I am a free-low casual role player. I can post anywhere up to 2 paragraphs but I prefer to keep it short.

If something makes me unconfortable i will ask that you change it. Please dont push an issue.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

(I will add more to this thread as i think of more)
Thanks for the warm welcome. Any recommendations?

Hello to any and all who happen to read this. I am just going to list a few things about myself.

I am an honorable warrior with a proud heritage... IRL i am a full time chef so i don't have much time to myself but when I do I like to get into all kinds of wacky scenarios.

I am from the uk so if you have got a massive time zone difference i will find it hard to send a reply quickly.
As for what kind of rp i enjoy is an open book for now as im very new to the whole concept of an rp let alone a site full of rp.

Thats all for now if anyone wants to chat feel free to pm me.
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