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The Raven Trespass is an XS stock light freighter, older but in good condition. The Raven has been kept updated with modern technology, sporting some of the best available civilian propulsion systems and hyperdrive, as well as an armament profile capable of handling most any would-be pirate or bounty hunter in the freighter's weight class. The Raven sports ventrally and dorsally mounted twin laser cannons, as well as a port side-mounted missile launcher. While the launcher itself wouldn't turn many heads, it is loaded with military-grade, MIRV headed ion warheads capable of disabling hardened military platforms. They are the Raven's most powerful defensive system, and a weapon of last resort.

Jaren Jast, Galactic War veteran, freelance spy, and gun slinging smuggler, is the captain of the Raven Trespass. His loyal crew consists of Alsakan native and veteran Republic Naval pilot Telsa Jetsar, chief engineer Val Syndulla, and the Raven's chief of security, Boqorro Nbara.
Might i ask what the hell this RP is?

RP in anticipation of the Star Wars Persistent World.

“Thanks Zura, we’ll hold,” Jaren said to the Falleen majordomo. He muted the Raven’s end of the transmission and leaning back in the chair. He looked over to Telsa. She sat upright at attention in her pilot’s seat, making meaningless microadjustments to the Raven’s course. “Let’s hope he’s hungry.”

“He shouldn’t need much convincing,” Telsa reassured him. Jaren arched his back, stretching a bit, just a bit anxious.

“We’ll see. Not sure it’s his market,” Jast responded. Khulbe was an archetypal kajidic kingpin, a fat and powerful crime lord with a slimy hand in nearly every sort of illegal activity imaginable. Recreational drugs, of course, fell well within his purview, but in Jast’s experience, Khulbe was primarily connected to the industry through the spice trade. Jast had never heard of the Hutt dealing in synthetics.

The captain of the Raven Trespass figured now was as good as ever a time to give the old Hutt the opportunity to get involved.

The Raven’s cargo was loaded up with four large tankers, filled with some seventeen thousand liters of pseudotethyline, a key chemical compound used in the production of tethylenedioxytethylaphene, more commonly called OxyTeth by law enforcement officers, and known as Pixie, Stardust, TDT, or Kyber by its users. It was a psychoactive drug that altered physical sensations and caused a heightened sense of energy, empathy, and pleasure. Relatively safe and very enjoyable, it was the kind of thing respectable, professional couples took when they wanted to cross having-sex-while-high off the bucket list.

It also made for a very profitable business venture.

Securing and transporting the precursor compounds was a lucrative business so long as you had a buyer. Unfortunately, Jast and the crew’s buyer on Ord Mantell vanished into the black, leaving them with seventeen metric tons of TDT precursor in their hold and no one to sell it to. So, they made way to Nar Shaddaa, hoping to hand off their highly illicit cargo before running into any curious customs officials. Until it was off the ship, their ability to travel the galaxy freely was severely diminished.

“You ever think about how we fought a war to save the Republic, and then we became drug dealers?” Telsa asked. It had taken a lot of convincing to get Telsa on board with transporting the pseudoteth; she was a good sport about it, but had taken to throwing verbal jabs once the deal fell through. Jast figured he deserved it. He chuckled.

“Beats working Veteran’s Affairs, though, right?” he asked, receiving a laugh in return.

“Jast, how good to see you! I hope you're coming to visit,” Khulbe the Hutt greeted them through the transmission, the twin voices of the Hutt himself and his translator droid filling the cockpit on the Raven. Jast sat forward and unmuted the feed.

“Khulbe! Of course we are. My crew and I are stopping by Nar Shadda for a few days, and I figured I’d give you a call,” Jast began, and then he slid into the pitch. “As it happens, I happen to be conducting some business in the system that you might be interested in, my friend. I have a transaction in mind with some very high profit margins attached, and I know how you love those. I know you’re quite busy, but how would you feel about setting up an appointment while my crew and I are planetside?”
Yep! Approved.


Jaren Jast rolled his shoulder, still sore from some unfortunate slip during his morning workout, as he stepped onto the bridge. The human woman at the console turned, swiveling in her seat, to face him. She was all blonde hair, green eyes, and sharp features; she looked more the part of an actress in a holovid than the true-to-form ace fighter pilot she was.

“Six minutes from egress, Captain,” she said, addressing him with the curt formality appropriate for a superior officer. Telsa Jetstar had flown interceptors for the Republic Navy during the final years of the war, racking up seven confirmed kills and claiming another unconfirmed six. She’d turned to flying freighters and cheap starhoppers as a commercial pilot after the Treaty of Coruscant. Jast figured she must have been bored, so, he made her an offer. It just so turned out she was very bored, and very eager to fly something fast and dangerous.

Jast was the captain of the Raven Trespass, but Telsa was her master; Jast could fly a ship, but Telsa was a pilot. She handled the Raven like a professional dancer handles a partner—boldly, confidently, and with a mind to impress her audience. Jast, seated in the co-pilot’s seat, had all too often felt his blood run cold in anticipation of some death defying, high-g maneuver that, this time, would surely kill him and his entire crew. And yet they always made it through, and without Telsa batting an eye all the while.

Jast sank into the captain’s chair—which on the Raven was situated on the right side of the cockpit—and considered the swirling blue-and-white field of hyperspace spread out before them through the transparisteel viewport. “You think you actually go blind if you look into it long enough?”

“Spacer’s tales,” Telsa answered, relaxing a bit, “I don’t believe it.”

“Probably more likely to go blind on Nar Shaddaa’s surface with all the shit in the air,” Jast suggested. “Walking around in that, you know? That can’t be good for your eyes.”

“I wouldn’t think so,” the pilot answered again, turning to the console to perform some last-minute checks before the Raven left hyperspace. “Engineering?”

“All good,” Val answered, the Twi’lek’s melodic voice floating through the ship’s intercom.

“Thank you,” Telsa intoned, skimming a few more readouts before inputting a final all-clear command. “All clear, Captain.”

“Nice work, XO,” he said.

Soon, the blue-and-white blur dissolved and dissipated, slowly, and then all at once, and suddenly the Raven Trespass was drifting in real space. Before them, at a range of some five thousand kilometers, was the massive world of Nal Hutta, and Nar Shaddaa, the moon-turned-urban-sprawl, orbiting above.

“Home sweet home,” Jast said. Telsa went to work setting a course for Nar Shaddaa, initiating a slow burn across the black that would take them to the Hutt city-moon. “Telsa, can you spin up a tightbeam transmission to our friend?" he asked, referring, of course, to their contact on Nar Shaddaa, Khulbe the Hutt himself. "Let’s get the ball rolling on this. I don’t want to be here any longer than we need to be.”

“On it, Captain,” Telsa answered, pulling up the communications suite and punching in the appropriate codes.
The Ship

Nomad-class Free Merchant
Hull Type Cost Speed Armor HP Crew AC Power Mass Hard. Class
Free Merchant 500k 3 (5) 2 20 1/10 14 3/10 12/15 1/2 Frigate

Ship Fitting Cost Power Mass Class Effect
Ship’s Locker 20k 0 0 Frigate General equipment for the crew
Atmospheric Config. 50k 0 2 Fighter Can land: frigates and fighters only.
Fuel Bunkers 25k 0 1 Fighter Adds 10 units of fuel
Lifeboats 25k 0 1 Frigate Emergency escape craft for a ship’s crew
Cargo Space - - 8 Fighter Pressurized cargo space (160 Tons)
Smuggler’s Hold 50k 0 2 Fighter Well-hidden cargo space (4 Tons)

Ship Defense Cost Power Mass Class Effect

Ship Weapon Cost Dmg Power Mass Hard. Class TL Qualities
Sandthrower 50k 2d4 3 1 1 Fighter 4 Flak

Fuel Stores
20u 600

Total Value: 720,000
Maintenance: 36,000/six months
Financing: 0

Character Sheet
Name: [Link to Character Sheet]
Description: [As many or as few paragraphs describing your character. Feel free to include physical and mental description, backstory, and other details as you see fit.]

Filled Spots: 0/6

Stars Without Number Revised Rulebook
SWN Revised Character Sheet
Sector Map: Aegean Verge

Welcome to the year 3200, spacer. You are a citizen of the Aegean Verge, and specifically the Aegeus System, where you work as a crewman on a traveling free merchant. Your days as an ordinary tramp merchant trawling the ice-hauling routes between Mycenae and Olympus are coming to a close, as you’ve been given an opportunity that will bring you to the fringes of the Verge and along the edges of the most dangerous political situation in the sector, a localized conflict between the worlds of Carolingia and Merovingia that could become the sector’s first interplanetary war in over a hundred years.

The system is Stars Without Number (SWN), a phenomenal, entirely free tabletop RPG you can download right here. The overarching setting is described in great depth in the SWN sourcebook, but the particular sector that we will be playing in is one of my own design, the Aegean Verge, which you can take a look at here.

The characters are the crew of an independent spaceship ala the Millennium Falcon, the Serenity, or the Rocinante of Star Wars, Firefly, and The Expanse fame, respectively. What you and your fellow crewmembers do with that ship is almost entirely up to you. SWN is a very sandbox-oriented game. I will, of course, be providing you with plot hooks and adventures to engage in, but the world is an open one, and you and your crew are free to make your fortune among the stars of the Aegean Verge.

Character Creation will conform to the guidelines of the SWN Revised rules. For a quick guide to the Aegeus System, which may be helpful in determining who your character is and what they’re doing in the world, please consider the following descriptions of some of your potential homeworlds. Come join us on Discord, linked above, to discuss the game further.

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