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Current The Empire Strikes Back
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Off to visit the little sister. Shall be back by Sun/Monday.
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Trying to wrap my head around the new tools and bits of the site. Well done, Mahz.


Née 1991. I feel old already.

Been roleplaying from the age of 15, write on solo projects in my spare time. I heartily encourage interaction when it comes to writing and creative efforts. Like to think I'm an understanding but stern and solid GM when I host games, and a collaborative and creative individual. Used to draw. Write in advanced section.

While I might not be as omni-present a some of you are on RP:G, I have been a part of it since 2009-2010 (if my memory serves me right). However, I must admit that post Guildfall, my activity also dropped. Slowly getting back into things.

I currently attend university to acquire my master's degree (potentially doctor) in history. I already have an educational degree for history and English, and have taught both in secondary school. Prior to pursuing a pedagogical degree, I served with my country's army for two years.

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Looking forward to the final CSs!

@SeptimundoRex: I think you're not going down a prohibited road. Have fun completing his story.

Stamped with approval.
So, we're supposed to be present in the meeting? Or we all start our own way and gm/co-gm arranges how we meet?

Those that have a reason to be in the meeting, to be part of the Imperial Ruling Council, can be present. In the first place this opening post serves as the gun-shot at a running race.

Those that do not, carve out their own stories. This can be done in a number of ways. We're not going to hold your hands and provide an overarching plot insofar as that it defines everything you do. You are all aware of what is going on in the galaxy, from the OOC to the post.

However, if you do want an active influence on our part, suggest plotlines, twists, scenes etc. I cannot possibly cover everything going on in the SW galaxy with every lovely character you guys made in a single post. You're encouraged to interact with one another and write your own stories. Strike out with someone else, on your own, with a small group of people. We've provided the canvas, now paint yourself on it (according to the basic principles of mutual enjoyment).

Short answer: you start your own way. The GM/Co-GM does not need to arrange how you ALL meet. Some of you might not meet one another at all. It's up to you. If needed we'll act as arbitrators or story-telling bridges.

Let me know if this works and if you're still accepting. I can adjust it easily enough.

This is good to go.
Lovely, looking forward to more character sheets.

In other news, I've just rolled out the first post. Play's open.

The game had changed. Where once there had been one, now there were many. Where once there had been one, now there was none. Emperor Palpatine was gone, as was Vader. Their dominion quickly turning into a carcass beset on all sides by scrap-hungry vultures. It was not the Rebel Alliance or the fledgling New Republic that consisted the largest danger looming over the crumbling Empire. It were the jackals let loose after Palpatine’s death.

Ostensibly an homage to the self-same appellation accorded the ancient Atrisian Empire’s generalissimos, the designation of “Warlord” transcended distinctions among the myriad branches of the Imperial armed forces, prompting universal obedience and respect. Military minds noted for their express mixture of creativity and ruthlessness, they were distinguished from the ranks of grand Moffs, grand generals and even grand admirals by not only repeatedly redefining the impossible, but doing so with inimitable panache.

In the leaderless vacuum, the title of “Warlord” was hijacked by power-hungry Imperials of non-existent integrity. Undeserving small fish and second-tier “replacement” warlords like poached the rank in all its supercilious glory…but the self-appointed warlords also came in a much more dangerous variety: megalomaniacs like Admiral Blitzer Harrsk, ultranationalists, and superlative sadists. These Imperial rogues would keep the New Republic from claiming true victory over the Empire but were the single greatest threat to said Empire themselves. Their selfishness would destroy the Imperial State and that was something High Admiral Caul Bylvers was not going to let happen. He had already dealt with Harrsk in his own way and returned his Deep Core fiefdom back to the fold – albeit under Caul’s own command.

That did not, as some voice accused, make him a warlord himself. He adhered to the crumbling Imperial Government embodied in the Ruling Council. Unlike others, Bylver’s declaration of loyalty to the Empire was no empty gesture. Still… a solution had to be found for the council’s division and indecisiveness. Every moment they lost was a gift to their enemies.

Steeling himself against more possible accusations – for these seemed to fly back and forth over the table and an increasingly annoying rate – Caul adjusted his impeccably starched white Admiral dress and marched into the chamber. Shock-troopers guarded the entrance, the crimson markings on their white armour flaring violently against the dark grey background.

Inside, a large round table took up the centre of the room with the glorious Imperial symbol encased within. Thirteen chairs provided seating to thirteen council members. In the past these had been occupied by Palpatine’s leashed yes-men, but those had all but gone. Power made for a seat on the interim ruling council, and so it were Moffs, top-brass officers, intelligence brokers and – of course – that vestige Mara Jade who had been able to lay claim on a chair. Maybe, just maybe that revenant force-user could be swayed. Security in the Empire could benefit from her talents, at least if she was not to... damaged.

Reports flashed across the hologram that illuminated the table’s interior symbol, and Caul was eager to check what information the ISB was supplying them now and match it with his independently gathered intel. He would have to be making his own report to the council himself soon enough.

Actually there are bullet weapons in star wars that are called Slugs. Although I think they're illegal but who cares lol.

Brilliant :) so what is the situation regarding Jedi in this RP? Are the only ones remaining Luke Skywalker, and those in hiding with Mace Windu? Just so I know for the character sheet

Pretty much.
Have been attempting to post here for 2-3 days, and have been getting a 'not found' error message. Is this still accepting?

What would be the ruling for a Jedi character (a padawan, or young knight)? I see they're accepted, but limited. Are you open to one more?

We're open to more. Like we said, the reservations pertain to people not adhering to the established canon as well as powerplay.

Hey Mace lite!

Are we going to get some more than just bullet-points or were you intending to leave it as is?
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