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Née 1991. I feel old already.

Been roleplaying from the age of 15, write on solo projects in my spare time. I heartily encourage interaction when it comes to writing and creative efforts. Like to think I'm an understanding but stern and solid GM when I host games, and a collaborative and creative individual. Used to draw. Write in advanced section.

While I might not be as omni-present a some of you are on RP:G, I have been a part of it since 2009-2010 (if my memory serves me right). However, I must admit that post Guildfall, my activity also dropped. Slowly getting back into things.

I attended university to acquire my master's degree in history. I already had an educational degree for history and English, and am teaching both in secondary school. Any questions? Ask.

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Are people ready to move on to boys beating one another or are their storylines requiring some tying up still?
11 posts in three days! Great job people. Off to a good start.

PSA: Let's try to include a TL;DR hider section from now on (like I did in the opening post). It'll facilitate keeping track of things. Include any and all information you might think important for other players to know or read at a glance.

House Baratheon of Storm’s End

Ours is the Fury

House Description:

Their seat, Storm's End, is an ancient castle raised by the Storm Kings from the now-extinct House Durrandon. The youngest of the Great Houses of Westeros, it was created when Orys Baratheon, one of Aegon I Targaryen's generals, his closest companion, and his rumoured bastard half-brother, took Argella Durrandon, the only daughter of Argilac Durrandon, the last Storm King, to wife. Orys took the sigil and words of House Durrandon for his own and became the first Lord of Storm's End. Members of the family tend to be tall and powerfully built, with black hair and blue eyes, as well as strong, square jawlines. They are known for their mercurial tempers and characters.

Recent History:

Family Members:
  • Lord Ormund Baratheon (50), called the Thunderhead for his boisterous nature.
  • Lady Amarei Dondarrion, recently dead of a wasting illness.
    • Royce (31), named for his grandsire, the heir to Storm’s End.
      • Cyrenna Tarth, died in childbirth.
      • Gowen and Cyrenna (named for her mother), their young children
    • Orryn (29), recently returned from Essos. He was called Ornery Orryn in his youth by Royce.
    • Harlan (23) “Hotspur”, a dandy and real spendthrift, doubling down on the profligate and indulgent example of Lord Ormund. Harlan has a swordsman’s grace and a courtier’s wit, with the arrogance to inflate both. He is at times referred to as Hotspur due to his temper and nimbleness.
    • Argella (21), the youngest and most doted upon, the apple of Ormund’s eye.
  • Ser Balon (49), Lord Ormund’s brother, married to a lady of House Caron.
    • Lyonel (27, born AC 175) the Laughing Storm, a knight of renown so called because he has the habit of laughing loudly at his opponents. Beloved by the smallfolk. Nephew to the Lord Baratheon.

The IC has kicked off, but we are forever accepting new blood (to be spilled).

Summerhall had been built around a fortified castle which had been extensively used by King Daeron in his youth. New wings had spread out from the core, converting the Marcher castle into a palatial residence – which together with the surrounding estates had been the king’s wedding gift at Maekar’s marriage to Lady Dyanna Dayne. Indeed, nestled in the luscious hills north of the Red Mountains, the vine-covered slopes make for an idyllic refuge. From its cypress lined paths and fecund fields went out a declaration. Wishing to celebrate the end of Summer and the end Daeron’s infancy (Maekar and Dyanna’s son), a grand tourney was to be held. A troupe of royalty and half-royalty were to attend, marking Summerhall’s Tourney as the event of the season. Not in the least because with so many opposing factions present there was bound to be drama.

The rules were simple: any knight may enter, provided they adhere to custom that if defeated his mount and suit of armour must be ransomed back from the victor. Fights may continue until either party yielded or was incapacitated. Altercations off the tourney fields were strictly forbidden and would result in heavy fines and disqualification. This was Ser Alyn Horpe’s duty, serving as Maekar’s castellan. The man’s temper had frayed due to the amount of contestants flooding Summerhall’s fields.

The ringing of hammers had been heard for weeks, as carpenters nailed together jousting barriers, raised lofty viewing stands, and erected fences, shacks and stables. Spectator boxes divided the tourney grounds into sections, rank and capital determining which competition one would witness. After the call had gone out, lords great and small had descended upon Summerhall. They brought with them a cavalcade of courtiers, servants, and footloose tagalongs. Errant knights, musicians, merchants, charlatans, artists, and artisans all came to ply their trade and sell their wares, as did whores and thieves and cutpurses. Like flies to dung they were drawn to the assembly of tourney participants and audience.

Prince Maekar’s days were filled patrolling the hubbub and imposing order, leading knights and guards to and fro to dispense rough justice. The first man caught stealing had lost his hand, and been made to travel the tourney grounds with it dangling from his neck. He was soon followed by another, and then another. A man who had raped a serving girl had found himself in a similar situation, though the lifeless appendage had been his scrotum instead. When a mouthy murderer was brought in front of the Prince, the man in utter disregard of death had japed about what limb or piece would be removed for that. Maekar removed his tongue for the insolence and placed a noose around his neck. Prior to hanging the man, he dragged him behind his horse when he next did his rounds, until they reached the roadside gallows. Henceforth, incidents occurred few and far between.

In the meantime, over fourscore pavilions had sprouted from the green fields around Summerhall, like so many colourful blooms. Some were small, others large, and a very few were huge; cathedrals of cloth and canvas. Banners streamed over them in colours even brighter. In other times, the grounds served as a common grazing area but with the arrival of the Realm’s high and low society it had been transformed into bustling city of coloured canvas. Hundreds of merchants and peddlers had set up shop beside the road and the edge of the fields reserved for the highborn, selling furs and fruits, felts and belts, leatherware and pewterware and ironware and earthenware. Wares of every kind and origin. The smell of spices, food and drink tried its hardest to blunt the odorous fumes a mass of humanity produced. The Redwyne delegation with their famed vintages were particularly popular and seemed sure to make a killing.

No less than three lists for the hastilude there were. Two lesser ones for the knights and squires lacking reputation or reference, and the main range reserved for those who had proven themselves through blood or feat. There was also to be a major mêlée at the end, after the days of jousting were concluded. It remained to be seen which knights would enter after the toll of the lists and evening celebrations. In the morning, before the afternoon tilts, marksmen might try their arrows’ luck in the archery contest. The latter had been a hard requirement by Lady Dyanna, a consummate markswoman herself. Given that was how their relationship had first started (by her beating Maekar’s aim), not having it had not been an option. Indeed, the winner of the contest stood to win as much as the ten last standing in the mêlée. One of those rare grins flickered on Prince Maekar’s rugged face as he thought back fondly on how his lady wife had reacted to his suggestion she be the queen of love and beauty. Dyanna, three and twenty, had said with her customary sardonicism she was “an old woman and mother of two. Surely there are young pretty things needing such a title and acclaim.” Remembering, he almost dared chuckle at what might have happened had he commented thus. No, she had declared herself queen of bow and arrow instead.


Getting strong Nicomo Cosca vibes! Approved.

There's been a steady flow of entries for sheets, and the IC will kick off soon (I estimate within the week). It's not too late to join before we start stirring up trouble. Then again, people are always welcome to join in at a later date.

Questions? Come talk to us on Discord.

The three-headed Targaryen dragon, crimson on sable, quartered.

Targaryen of Summerhall

"Fire and Blood"

House Description and recent history:

While the heir apparent to the Iron Throne was known as the Prince of Dragonstone, a younger son could be titled the Prince of Summerhall. Located in or near the foothills of the Red Mountains, Summerhall is close to the Stormlands' border with the Reach, east of the Cockleswhent and southeast of the Blueburn. The Boneway runs south from Summerhall through the Dornish Marches to Yronwood in Dorne. Originally it was a small castle, but early in Daeron’s reign expansion began to turn it into a splendid summer residence befitting a king.

The King spent much time at Summerhall in his youth, but now resides in King’s Landing. Baelor, as heir apparent, holds the fief of Dragonstone, and Aerys and Rhaegal seldom leave court. And so, Maekar received the palatial castle for his seat and become known as the Prince of Summerhall. Though the prince is not blind to its pleasures and comfort, it is mostly Dyanna’s preference for the site and surrounding area which renders him appreciative of it.

Family Members:
  • Maekar, fourth son of King Daeron II and Myriah Martell
  • Dyanna Dayne (23), his wife
    • Daeron (5) and Aerion (3), their two young children
  • dead member of importance

  • TBA
  • Ser Alyn Horpe, castellan
  • Maester Melaquin

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