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@Abefroeman Yeah, let's just have it be scuttled as well, and you can have your characters riding along in events. Seems the best route to take.

@Winston Smith I was wondering if you had dropped out, but thanks for the well wishes, and if you ever wanna come back in feel free to do so.

I really do but I'm likely to be very free until I start my Masters in early september. I'll have to get back to you when I've gauged my timetable a bit better. I guess this means I'll have plenty of time to read up on what I've missed since I abandoned my post.
just wanted to say two months later sorry I had to drop out without giving an explanation. I'm really impressed you guys managed to keep this going good job guys! Colour me very impressed!
*shows sign of life*

sorry got dad visiting, showing him around should have a post rolled off on monday or tursday nect week!
@MrDidact I'm struggling to decide whether to make a single Martell character or pick a different Dornish house in its entirety. I left Mychel positioned for whatever any of y'all feel like doing. :P

mind if I move him about with Artys? they're kind of stuck together a the moment.
Does anyone know a website where I can post pictures that will actually show here?

I just do never had to worry about the website. I might have been very lucky so far though.
I think Dain ironfoot would disagree with you ther Mr Didact

Ab- what if this port was on the west of the lands beyond the wall. No Eastwatch fleet to chase after you there.
@MrDidact It's fantastic

life in plastic?


I always imagined that burning Highgarden down to the ground would be like lighting you know, one of those scented candles. It's a flame, but it smells really, really pleasant. :D

'Now all of the Reach knows you're here!'

'The Beacons of Highgarden are lit! Muster the westerosi! that's the entire castle, back home we go lads'

@Winston Smith Sorry about getting lost and away. Daughter woke up and needed to be taken care of. So cute when so little.

don't worry about it, I have a sister that's much younger than me and I remember the adorableness. Seems a long time ago, now she's into dogs which I don't mind ( good animals, loyal) and the altogether less impressive teenage vampire stage of life...
Ah Sweet a Game of thrones Roleplay !. Reminds me of the one I did a couple years ago.. ( Also Why i made a account on here so i can.. Um Well join you guys in this Rp ! ). Also does not help that I have played the Ck2 Game of thrones mod ( Loved it.. Was very fun for someone that never read the books or Watch Tv Show ). Plus played with some Sub Mods...

Anyway I was wondering if I could create a Custom High Lord house. Or can I play House Rowan ? ( By Far one of my Favorite houses and I have roleplayed as them before in another GOT Roleplay I did a couple years ago ) So yeah just wondering

If I do take on House Rowan Could I changed the name of the family members ( Or do i have to go by Cannon with them and go with the names in cannon? )

well this is set 25 years or so after where the books/tv show adaptation is now so I wouldn't worry too much about the characters of house Rowan Mathis is probably dead and I don't think his kids are named so you're pretty free there
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