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Hello :)

It's been a VERY long time since I've posted here but was wondering if there's still room/time for an ASOIAF fan who misses being creative to join?
I'd be interested in a low fantasy setting ASOIAF. Game of thrones is, for me, at its' best without dragons,chosen ones and magic horns. So if its' set in like the first few seasons kind of settigns I'd be very open.
@Abefroeman Yeah, let's just have it be scuttled as well, and you can have your characters riding along in events. Seems the best route to take.

@Winston Smith I was wondering if you had dropped out, but thanks for the well wishes, and if you ever wanna come back in feel free to do so.

I really do but I'm likely to be very free until I start my Masters in early september. I'll have to get back to you when I've gauged my timetable a bit better. I guess this means I'll have plenty of time to read up on what I've missed since I abandoned my post.
just wanted to say two months later sorry I had to drop out without giving an explanation. I'm really impressed you guys managed to keep this going good job guys! Colour me very impressed!
*shows sign of life*

sorry got dad visiting, showing him around should have a post rolled off on monday or tursday nect week!
@MrDidact I'm struggling to decide whether to make a single Martell character or pick a different Dornish house in its entirety. I left Mychel positioned for whatever any of y'all feel like doing. :P

mind if I move him about with Artys? they're kind of stuck together a the moment.
Does anyone know a website where I can post pictures that will actually show here?

I just do never had to worry about the website. I might have been very lucky so far though.
I think Dain ironfoot would disagree with you ther Mr Didact

Ab- what if this port was on the west of the lands beyond the wall. No Eastwatch fleet to chase after you there.
@MrDidact It's fantastic

life in plastic?


I always imagined that burning Highgarden down to the ground would be like lighting you know, one of those scented candles. It's a flame, but it smells really, really pleasant. :D

'Now all of the Reach knows you're here!'

'The Beacons of Highgarden are lit! Muster the westerosi! oh...wait..no that's the entire castle, back home we go lads'

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