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*shows sign of life*

sorry got dad visiting, showing him around should have a post rolled off on monday or tursday nect week!
@MrDidact I'm struggling to decide whether to make a single Martell character or pick a different Dornish house in its entirety. I left Mychel positioned for whatever any of y'all feel like doing. :P

mind if I move him about with Artys? they're kind of stuck together a the moment.
Does anyone know a website where I can post pictures that will actually show here?

I just do never had to worry about the website. I might have been very lucky so far though.
I think Dain ironfoot would disagree with you ther Mr Didact

Ab- what if this port was on the west of the lands beyond the wall. No Eastwatch fleet to chase after you there.
@MrDidact It's fantastic

life in plastic?


I always imagined that burning Highgarden down to the ground would be like lighting you know, one of those scented candles. It's a flame, but it smells really, really pleasant. :D

'Now all of the Reach knows you're here!'

'The Beacons of Highgarden are lit! Muster the westerosi! that's the entire castle, back home we go lads'

@Winston Smith Sorry about getting lost and away. Daughter woke up and needed to be taken care of. So cute when so little.

don't worry about it, I have a sister that's much younger than me and I remember the adorableness. Seems a long time ago, now she's into dogs which I don't mind ( good animals, loyal) and the altogether less impressive teenage vampire stage of life...
Ah Sweet a Game of thrones Roleplay !. Reminds me of the one I did a couple years ago.. ( Also Why i made a account on here so i can.. Um Well join you guys in this Rp ! ). Also does not help that I have played the Ck2 Game of thrones mod ( Loved it.. Was very fun for someone that never read the books or Watch Tv Show ). Plus played with some Sub Mods...

Anyway I was wondering if I could create a Custom High Lord house. Or can I play House Rowan ? ( By Far one of my Favorite houses and I have roleplayed as them before in another GOT Roleplay I did a couple years ago ) So yeah just wondering

If I do take on House Rowan Could I changed the name of the family members ( Or do i have to go by Cannon with them and go with the names in cannon? )

well this is set 25 years or so after where the books/tv show adaptation is now so I wouldn't worry too much about the characters of house Rowan Mathis is probably dead and I don't think his kids are named so you're pretty free there
@Winston Smith Collab you say? How might I be of service?

well if you're not opposed to slaying unbeleivers for money House Grafton will have work for your merry band of fighters. You see we've got this rather nasty Mountain clansman infestation at the moment. Aerion?Lyvia/whomever could bump into one of the four Grafton children in the Capital and we could work from there. Ser Artys is on the city walls with th knights of the Vale, and the other three have just disembarked in the harbour.
in the meantime is anyone is itnerested in a collab gimme a shout!
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