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@NecroKnight Yeah we can PM. There's no rush either.
@NecroKnight That's where your own invention can come in. There's a very barebones canon, but you can elaborate with your own original ideas, such as Elmo fighting in the Stepstones.
@bloonewb Good sheet, though there is still room for a few adjustments. I'd like a better idea of what Michel and Genna's specific skills and assets would be, particularly how Genna manages to be so independent from her house despite being unmarried and what influence or skills she has that her moral conundrum has stakes outside of a simple choice. There's also a line about Artur having brothers and it should be clear whether he has more besides Michel that are less focused on or if Michel is his only other brother. If you want to NPC or puppet Tyland at any point, you can also have a line about him, his personality, and what not. Get all of that straightened out and you should be good to go.

@NecroKnight I'm not sure if this a WIP or not, but I'd like more fleshing out of House Tully in-line with all of the other house sheets we've gotten so far. A little history blurb and a list of the other house members, even if you don't want to PC them, would be good. For Elmo, I think you could flesh out more of his personality, skills, and motivations. And Lord Grover is actually his grandfather, not father, and while Grover is alive he is technically the Lord Tully even if Elmo is running most things. Talking about his wife, and his son Kermit is important too, at least fleshing out the history.

Finally, I think there should be a reason that Elmo left home to join Daemon's campaign, a force mostly made up of House Velaryon soldiers as well as cutthroats, mercs, second sons, and assorted adventurers that Daemon gathered to him. Did Elmo sign up out of a sense of duty to stop the Triachy's influence in the Stepstones? Did he seek glory in battle under the Prince? It's an important question and helps inform why he would want to follow the Blacks. So all of that should be elaborated upon.
Sam and I are closing in as well.
Cool you should be hot to trot now.
@Abefroeman Sure something like that.

Well, I mean House Serret and House Bracken are only one rung below Great Houses. A match with a newly made noble house just above peasant status, much less two, is unusual and unlikely.
@Abefroeman Looks good. I will say, I've had Morros Slynt show up as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, so I suppose I have to finagle that. And I'm unsure if such high houses would mingle with a house that's one step removed from smallfolk. And there are a statistically unlikely amount of bastards from great houses in one village, but that can be overlooked I suppose. All in all, great sheet.
@NecroKnight It'd understandable, no need to apologize. It might help to focus on stuff related to your character first, and worry about everything later. The part of the story focused on your PC moved on, so bit of a fresh slate there.
@NecroKnight You're allowed to take on another house.
@NecroKnight Well, I'm sorry to say the onus is not on everyone else to make sure that everything is a short read. The Dance is made up of long posts as well.
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