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Wherever feels natural. Right now we have major battles going on in Lille, Reykjavik, and New York City. Kaiju are rampaging unopposed in Kampala and the Chilean wilderness. Or you can do your own thing, of course.

Alright, love the look of this mecha! Welcome to the party, pal!

By all means! This RP is always open. Any questions I can answer for you?

Interacting with @Lmpkio

The Accuser tilted its head quizzically at the challenger who rose from the remains of the Lille Citadel. If there had been eyes in the empty pits of its skull-like face they hight have registered surprise.

Indeed, all through Lille, a sudden silence descended. The roar of cannons, rattle of machine-gun fire, and crash of shells suddenly stopped as the French troops stared at the newcomer in surprise and wonder. Instinctively, they knew from looking at Gadreel not to fire. Even the radio net fell silent for a few brief seconds as the two giants stared one another down, and the only sounds were those of the city dying- the roar of flames, the rattle of dying wounded, the crash of falling buildings.

The Accuser was first to recover from its stupor, suddenly raising its arms with palms out. Suddenly, long snaking lengths of barbed wire shot out, whipping about like living things. The thick lengths, thicker than tree trunks wrapped around Gadreel's legs and tightened, the huge metal barbs digging in. The Accuser continued its assault, opening wide its gigantic mouth and emitting another plume of yellow-covered mustard gas, aimed directly at Gadreel's face.

As the two titans began their battle, the very earth shaking at the force of blows, the hundreds of soldiers still in Lille began receiving orders, directly from the Chiefs of Staff, Cabinet, and President in their bunker beneath the Élysée Palace.

Cease fire.

Operational authority is being ceded from the Army to the Air Force.

Immediately withdraw along the shortest route to at least ten kilometers from the Lille city center. Take any civilians you encounter but do not stop to look for them.

And then the last terrible sentence of that order, the one that made jaws drop and eyes go wide.

“The use of nuclear weapons has been authorized.”


When the attacks began, most heads of state had quietly removed themselves to bunkers, military bases, or other secure locations- none of them wanted to follow the example of the President of Uganda, now confirmed to be yet another casualty of Sesota's rampage through Kampala.

When the Beloved Leader insisted on being flown to this remote rural area, site of several important military bases and the country's nuclear program, his staff had assumed he was following suit. An uncharacteristically sensible move, with giant monsters rampaging across the world and three battles occurring between the kaiju. But the Beloved Leader did not appear afraid or worried, his staff noted with worry. Rather he seemed angry. Determined. Even pleased, at times, which went right back to angry at any time the streaming news feed on his tablet (one of the only uncensored Internet feeds in the entire country) showed footage of the newly ambulatory Statue of Liberty.

His staff grew even more concerned at the orders they were told to radio ahead to their destination, one of the secretive bases in the area. Rather than have the garrison gear up and prepare for defense, the Beloved Leader wanted them all in full dress uniform and prepared to hear a speech from the Beloved Leader. Instead of preparing living quarters and crisis meeting rooms in the tunnels beneath the base, they were to prepare a flight suit in the (quite large) size of the Beloved Leader. And of course the references to Project Chollima. Even the personal entourage of the Beloved Leader, privy to the darkest secrets of the land, had never heard of such a project.

Finally, their curiosity had gotten the better of them. Several whispered arguments and drawn straws later, one of the staffers directly asked the Beloved Leader in a quaking voice what exactly was planned.

The Beloved Leader smiled tolerantly, giving the staffer hope that perhaps he would not be imprisoned for the heinous crime of asking a question. Looking over his glasses in a fatherly way, the Beloved Leader replied, “Simple. The full scientific might of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will be applied to the benevolent purpose of saving the world from the plague of giant monsters.”

He beamed with pride. “And I, of course, will be the instrument of their salvation.”
@The Wyrm Still here. Sorry, been occupied with holiday stuff but now that's behind us I should be proceeding apace.
I'm planning to get a post up tomorrow as well.
Alright, kaiju throwdowns! I'm rubbing my hands and cackling with glee over here.

@Lmpkio TERRA is your brainchild so if you want to do any collabs with Sophie that would be a-okay with me. Looking forward to our fight as well.

I'll probably take active control of Sesota and Patagon here shortly, as well as throwing out a few more beasts. I'm really excited we've gotten to this point, which I imagine was the main reason everyone was interested in the first place: giant monsters punching the shit out of each other in major cities.

Let the battles begin.
Is this a complicated roleplay? Because I'm new so I am hoping not...

Welcome to the site! This one is pretty straightforward as far as a lot of roleplays go, and we'd be more than happy to help you out with any questions you might have.
New post up! Also we have kaiju confirmed in Uganda and Chile, plenty of others are out there just waiting for the right moment.

Also, don't feel like you need to wait for me to advance the plot, this is everyone's story, not just mine.

Keep up the great work, everyone! And don't forget, keep on smashing!
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