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4 yrs ago
Sometimes I don’t feel like writing but then I look at the rest of these forums and realize they’re dead af so I can’t be dead af either
4 yrs ago
I am tired and very stressed - I will probably not be able to push out any replies for some time.
4 yrs ago
Will be away for three days - near to absolutely no internet. I'm afraid.
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5 yrs ago
I swear to God all the icons on the page turned into emojis for a moment...
5 yrs ago
I think I’m starting to be known on the guild as the guy who expresses interest in RPs but never joins
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@Ezka I’m thinking of making a spoilt brat trust fund baby protege of Captain America, who is obviously intelligent and capable enough for the role, but is also an insufferable glory hound whom Cap wouldn’t let a mile near his shield except to whack him with it during combat training.

Think of it like being a cross between US Agent and Booster Gold
Was Peter Parker still recruited in this timeline? He's around the right age for the initiative

Also, I would be interested to see Cap's reasons for signing the Accords this time around
y'all looking for another spider-bro ?
hallo b0ss check pm ???
So long as the adamantium suit isn't treated like Superman's skin I see no issue with that.

Oh sure, I'd just need it to maybe go toe-to-toe with your Wolverine character (if he has an adamantium skeleton) or at the very least delay your Superman character murdering him if ever. It could also be vibranium/carbonadium or some other metal that isn't quite as strong as adamantium but still lightweight. My intent for him is to make him more of a scientist and a political schemer than a pure fighter. Plus, the bionics and drugs he needs to maximize the suit’s potential are slowly killing him - another plot point.

Also another idea for a character arc: Panau's regime is generally very intolerant of superhumans unless their loyalty to the government is unquestionable. So there could be like two camps within the government/military: those that believe the regime should use superhumans and those that believe otherwise, instead preferring to neuter their powers or kill them. My Vulture character could be on the anti-super camp while yours would be the poster child for the pro-supers. Then tensions could possibly develop as the Prime Minister's health fails and a power struggle starts to arise.
Okay, I think I've come up with a character concept already.

"Vulture" in this world is a colonel in the Panauan air force, who with the help of the CIA developed his adamantium-coated wingsuit as a means to combat "enhanced individuals" in the field. Besides his overall terrifying combat presence when slaughtering resistance fighters, his scientific expertise means that he's basically like a pseudo-Batman who comes up with the military's contingencies for superhumans. He's been a loyal officer to the ruling regime for some time now, but the government's withering authority means that he is considering instigating a coup to "save the country" from the rebellion.

(On-the-nose condor analogies aside.)
I was thinking of a legit guerrilla movement like the ones they had in Latin America during the 70s.

Are we super set on a modern setting? 70s/80s might have the realest US-backed dictatorship vibes, but modern-day most likely means more modern skyscrapers for Spider-Che to websling from.

Also, since this setting is probably much more violent than usual I am wondering how Spidey will handle his/her no-killing rule. The guy could probably slaughter an entire platoon of soldiers in one go if he really tried hahaha

EDIT: I was also thinking of going with Vulture with a version of his Homecoming suit, or even just Venom.
I was thinking of a Spider-Girl/Silk iteration, where our notPeter Parker joins the underground resistance in her university instead.
@BangoSkank You still here? Or maybe another time?
Bit of a stupid question, but can humans and Gaulletics interbreed?
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