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5 mos ago
Current Sometimes I don’t feel like writing but then I look at the rest of these forums and realize they’re dead af so I can’t be dead af either
1 yr ago
I am tired and very stressed - I will probably not be able to push out any replies for some time.
1 yr ago
Will be away for three days - near to absolutely no internet. I'm afraid.
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1 yr ago
I swear to God all the icons on the page turned into emojis for a moment...
1 yr ago
I think I’m starting to be known on the guild as the guy who expresses interest in RPs but never joins
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Can we assume S.H.I.E.L.D. is already a thing?
@DocTachyon @Sep

I thought you guys should know of my possible character concept. Basically I'm going for an Iron Spider kind of thing, where Stark Industries attempts to replicate the properties of OsCorp's symbiote, except with nanobots. Career criminal Aaron Davis/Prowler steals the suit, killing a lot of people in the process, and for some reason it ends up in the hands of his 14-year-old nephew, Miles Morales. Much like the symbiote, the nanosuit has a nasty tendency to slowly physically bond with its owner until it is worn permanently - keep in mind this was constructed for a government supersoldier project. Retrieving the suit therefore necessitates the termination of its owner, something OsCorp is bent on doing. Now you have a scared teenager on the run from murderous OsCorp agents on the streets of New York with a nanosuit that will be wearing him in a few weeks. I'm not sure how Stark Industries would go about this though.

I plan to contrast Miles' arc with Parker's: while they both embody aspects of Spider-Man, the physical means they use to do it are different (nanosuit vs. symbiote). Plus, while Parker aims to embrace his superpowers, Miles detests his own. I would eventually want both of them to meet in a crossover arc to compare and contrast each of their approaches to their own similar situations.
I guess this is dead. Does anyone want to restart this?
Is this dead?
Hi, it’s BingTheWing, the infamously flaky GM who never commits to the RPs he conceptualizes. I’ve chalked this up to the fact that I’m more of a writer that comes up with multiple small ideas rather than one big, detailed one, an attitude rather unsuited to the effort and dedication it takes to maintain a long-term RP. However, just because I can’t commit to these ideas doesn’t mean other writers on this site should be deprived of them. Attached herewith are a list of the RP concepts I’ve had in the past and (coming soon) new ones I will develop, free for anyone to use for their own RPs provided that: a.) I am credited as the author of the original concept, and b.) I am notified of the use of said concept, preferably through PM. In short, the free usage of these ideas, concepts, and proposals for RPs is open to anyone in the Guild who wishes to run them on their own. If you are unclear if one of your concepts falls under the “usage” of my own concept, please contact me.

TL;DR: I’m too lazy to run these RPs myself so y’all can use them if you want esketit

I respectfully ask that nobody post in this thread except me for the sake of organization. Please PM me for questions or clarifications.
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