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17 days ago
Current I swear to God all the icons on the page turned into emojis for a moment...
1 mo ago
I think I’m starting to be known on the guild as the guy who expresses interest in RPs but never joins
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5 mos ago
>tfw when you for some reason disable Discord notifications so you miss out on a literal month of RP brainstorming
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6 mos ago
Busy IRL, posts may be sporadic for at least a week or so.
6 mos ago
@Delta44 least you have a girlfriend dude


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@Viatos Tentative interest. So we’re controlling flesh mechas? When we upgrade, are we essentially going Dr. Frankenstein on gigantic half-angels? How do pilots control their Nephilim? Telepathically? Is there like a cavity inside the Nephilim’s body or something?

this is pretty fucking metal tbh
@Yuria What kind of narcotics exist in Paradiso? Same old cocaine and meth and ecstasy, or some new-age stuff?

P.S Can I be an illegal software jailbreaker or something?
@Yuria Where exactly on the map is Paradiso located? Is it an independent city-state governed by a corporation? Does it owe allegiance to any government, even in name? Why would people want to move there? Wouldn’t the outside world be aware of Geiger’s brainwashing and police state?
@VoiD Might have to pull out of this one.
@VoiD A lot of real world Napoleonic officers joined when they were like twelve, presumably as like apprentices to older officers or something. Could the Dragoons have the same thing?

(Sorry for double post)
@VoiD There is a magic option in the CS - this means that Dragoons can also hold magic ranks alongside their military rank? Graduates of the academy are free to assimilate themselves into normal military units?
@Larzod To your first question, nobody really knows, and that's what the characters are trying to solve in the first place. However, it does act like a scientifically grounded virus, like for example contamination of water.

And as for the second question, yes, there will be some kind of plot that I will nudge the characters toward. It is rumored that the natives have developed a cure to the disease.
@VoiD Sorry for the onslaught of questions, but for lieutenants and lance-corporals, why are they still RPing at the academy when they already have experience? Will they be doing something else while the new recruits train?
@VoiD Very very pedantic question, but is there a minimum enlistment age?
@VoiD How was magic discovered? Are there any religious taboos against it?
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