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Current Sometimes I don’t feel like writing but then I look at the rest of these forums and realize they’re dead af so I can’t be dead af either
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I am tired and very stressed - I will probably not be able to push out any replies for some time.
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Will be away for three days - near to absolutely no internet. I'm afraid.
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I swear to God all the icons on the page turned into emojis for a moment...
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I think I’m starting to be known on the guild as the guy who expresses interest in RPs but never joins
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As the thug tipped over Taylor’s chair, he instinctively rolled back into an upwards stance, slashing his attacker’s eye in the process and eliciting a howl of pain from the six foot three brick wall of a man.

Taylor whirled around to take stock of his surroundings, but another thug was faster and tackled him to the ground, causing him to lose his knife. For several seconds they both grappled and crushed each other on the floor in a sort of primitive, manic dash of adrenaline, while the now one-eyed thug nursed his wounds in the corner of the room. Suddenly, the thug he was in combat with headbutted his forehead, causing him to momentarily black out. In a fit of disorientation, the thug was able to get him in an arm lock, putting him into position for his angry and now one-eyed friend to beat up.

Taylor looked across the room, and marveled in silent horror at the Indian whirling his tomahawk and shouting what he assumed were slurs in his native language at Logan. Christ, the bastard and his kind could fight.

“Uh... hey! Hey, redskin!” Taylor squirmed in his captor’s arms as the hulking cyclops crept closer towards him. “Could use a little help here!”
Hi I'm really sorry for posting late!
Taylor had been drinking quite a bit during the night, so he misheard Logan's question and took a bit of time to notice what he was doing with the chips. Stealing all the bets back? He had seen a lot of stupid folks during his lifetime, but no way could a man at the tables be that stupid - he was probably joking, maybe he was a bit drunk, surely someone would come and quiet him down...

Until he saw the Indian unsheathe his tomahawk.

He then realized the full gravity of the situation.

This man wasn't a Pinkerton, he was infinitely worse - a cheat.

And bit by bit, he remembered what happened the last time he came across a cheat.

As the tomahawk slammed down on the table, Logan angrily unsheathed his hidden hunting knife from his belt, its wide blade gleaming in the lantern-light. He pointed it straight at Logan, taking note of the hired muscle starting to surround him - no wonder he was so confident. But no matter. He would go for the prick's throat before any of them could bat an eye.

"I will gut you like a pig, boy," he snarled at the well-dressed man. "My fucking money, or your fucking life."

Yes, you can roll for me.
How do I roll? It just says the list of rolls
whoever posts after me, ur mom's a hoe
Silently, Taylor listened to the other players around the table introduce themselves. They seemed safe enough, though he wasn't really here to make friends. The black man was from the Army - he could tell by the uniform he wore. They could probably have recognized each other, though he seemed a tad too young to have served in the war. Either way, he probably wouldn't appreciate his own war stories.

Suddenly, Logan raised his question. Ah, fuck. He wanted to be friendly. What if he was a Pinkerton? Shit, what if he recognized him right now and was planning to truss him up outside? His attention returned to the hunting knife he kept hidden in his coat. He also noticed the outline of the Native man's tomahawk concealed under his vest.

Focus, Taylor. Focus. Remember the plan.

"Uh, Johnson. Barnabus Johnson. Bounty hunter."

Taylor looked at his cards. Not too great, but not terrible either. He could fold, but he decided he would raise the stakes on the table and ride his bet out to the end.
y’all still there
Looks cool, will there be background info about the rest of the world so we can make CSes?
Hm, I was thinking they spent the majority of the poker game not knowing each other’s names at first. Would be good for characterization if we were able to introduce ourselves IC I think
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