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Current >tfw when you for some reason disable Discord notifications so you miss out on a literal month of RP brainstorming
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Busy IRL, posts may be sporadic for at least a week or so.
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@Delta44 least you have a girlfriend dude
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Reading own dead RPs = reading texts from ex
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What's the difference between an 8 hour shift and an 8 hour school day?


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Glorious Republic of Tagresh

Ten years ago, the Sultanate of Tagresh was a forgotten desert empire crumbling under its own weight. The Sultan and his cronies maintained their lavish lifestyle in the Royal Palace by imposing gargantuan taxes on the common people and by enforcing a politicized version of the local Sharkaanite religion through force. When the Sultan, in an effort to please the white powers, decided to send troops to the west and have his already beleaguered people involved in a war thousands of miles away, the common Tagreshi had had enough. Ashran Mahdani, one of the Sultan's top generals and beloved by the common people for his charisma and empathy, resigned from his post and took about three quarters of the Royal Army with him. The newly dubbed 'Glorious Army' stormed the Royal Palace in Rassum and massacred the entire royal family in a single day. A ceasefire was negotiated with the western powers a week later. General Mahdani promised that the new government would do away with the rot of the old kingdom, that the Qanti minority would finally be recognized, and that Tagresh would be brought into a new, industrialized era.

Fast forward ten years later, and the Glorious Republic of Tagresh seems to have hit a bit of a low in its history. The lack of an actual democratized government has earned the ire of the western powers, while the once-booming economy is stagnating somewhat from all the sanctions. But the Tagreshi National Army is bigger than ever before, and uranium projects are being looked into. General Mahdani, in his ten years of ruling his country, has never foreseen such a opportune time to rise.

Just realized i got notIran lol
National Legitimacy: Viewed as legitimate by majority of nations, including the two Superpowers.
Food Shortages: Due to sanctions from the International Conclave, food prices are sky high and their availability is woefully scarce.


@Theodorable ken rol p l s
@gorgenmast I'm afraid I won't be able to commit to this RP, good luck tho
@Jbcool Sure
I am experiencing severe writer's block rn, my reply will be late and/or shitty
@gorgenmast Wait, will there be a representative from a real estate firm to meet us when we touch down in our landing points?
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