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Collab between @Perse, @IrishAngelQueen, @The Man Emperor, @Dezuel, and myself.

Verge, Ruyn, and Cryopheonix

There was all manner of scents in the air, but most of all there was the smell of smoke and fire. Along the path the young man had travelled along were burning cars, crashed alien ship remains and much more.

He felt somewhat pleased with the destructive power he had been able to dish out so far through the massive crystalline orb, though he needed to survey the area abit further. Surely his presence had no doubt drawn some attention. The young man lifted the crystalline orb abit further before softly dropping it at a somewhat decent area where it would fit before his attention turned elsewhere. Someone was coming.

Verge softly placed one of his hands at his waist and the other hung casually by the side, his legs standing closely together as if he was balancing on a wire midair. The light energy wings behind him flickering as he was waiting for whomever was approaching to come closer.

Were it some more invasive aliens or some humans bent on destruction? He was prepared to dispatch them if such was the case. But there was also the likelihood of some other metahuman having noticed him and his contribution.

"Who goes there? Come forth and make yourselves known!" He yelled out, his form still hovering approximately at the height of a third floor building from the ground below.

A flash of blue streaked past Verge, landing in a cloud of smoke and dust on a four story building in front of the metahuman. A pair of icy wings stretched out from the swirling dirt, before a pair of glowing red eyes flashed from behind the veil. The Cryophoenix's frosted form soon emerged, its sharp claws firmly planted on the satellite dish that jutted out of the rooftop. Everywhere around it was cold as a deathly winter.

The Cryophoenix spoke to Verge, seemingly suspecting him of wanton crimes against humanity. "Ah, it's you." The Phoenix shook his head. "I… have no idea who you are. Identify yourself."

The blonde young man tilted his head slightly to the side as the icy bird made it's presence known. "Oh?'' Was this one a servant of the earth, or were it an enemy to the world? Time would tell.

"The world is at the verge of being revived... you may call me Verge. I am but one of the protectors of the earth." The young man said aloud, the wind blowing in his hair, his shiny golden yet crystalline armor shimmering.

"Who are you then, which brings winter on his wings? Surely you are not part of the extraterrestrial plague? For whom do you fight?" Verge asked, keeping his stance. Whatever this creature was, he wasn't worried. If it was an enemy it would be dealt with as everything else, if it was not then it was good fortune.

Ruyn flew after Cryo, massive wings of bones and shadow silent as an owl’s. The icy breeze from Cryo’s wings wafted over him, chilling his bones as he settled on the edge of the building’s roof next to him, serrated claws crumbling the brick as his weight settled.

“Verge, Protector of the Earth, huh,” Ruyn’s voice echoed and rang with the sound of death and darkness, demonic overtones rumbling the ears of anyone listening. “I can get behind a title like that. No, My friend here is not part of the invasion attempt. Neither am I.”

He tilted his head and looked up at the airship he’d punched a hole in, watching as it shrieked with the grating noises of the alien screams and tearing metal. It was satisfying to watch and he let out a rumbling, satisfied noise before turning back to look at the interesting male in front of him.

"Protector of the Earth?..." Cryophoenix cocked his head to the side, seemingly a little skeptical. "Such a lofty title… and maybe you do deserve it." The Phoenix paused. "You should come with us. Crush the enemy together and drive them from Earth's holy soil. What say you?"

"It's more the choice of profession rather than a lofty title, like a gardener tending his garden. Your words are refreshing, what names do you go by, so that I may properly address you? Just looking upon you, it seems you've been given grand gifts indeed. To not use the power which one has been bestowed would be akin to a sin." Verge explained as he kept hovering midair, watching the strange duo before him. The wintery winged bird and the dark bony creature. He never got the impression that any of them were extraterrestrial, they didn't look that way anyhow. But if they later would turn out to be they would of course have to be dealt with.

"Those which serve the earth, shall be rewarded with a world far greater than what currently is. If that good deed is not enough on its own, tell me... what do you desire? Wealth? Power? Wisdom? I can offer you all." The young man explained, with a slight upturn at the corner of his lips. This duo showed initial promise, perhaps they would be of use in taking down those which served humankind. He had in the past seen them on the TV's, as he passed by the various shops.

'Icon. An Icon of a time which is no longer relevant. A remnant and nothing more that a tool made to give humankind artificial breathing aid.' He thought of the eventual showdown with the warrior of mankind, and how he would cast him down from the heavens. This man did not deserve to roam the skies, If he could not be turned to serve the earthmother he would have to be taken down. Even wiping out the man's memories somehow, no matter how wretched such an idea may have seemed, would still be a better use of him than killing him. To attain such immense powers were a rarity and ought to be cared for in either way. But was he on par with Verge? Not a chance. The young man was fully convinced that he held both the advantage in power, morals and knowing deep inside that his path would bring about a new better future for all.

The Cryophoenix didn't seem to be very interested in Verge's monologue; all he wanted was backup against the aliens at the moment, and… well, it seemed that the flying man was straight up offering them positions of power. He even dissed Icon for… something. "I'm just the avatar of winter and cold, enduring cycles of death and rebirth to always be there when humanity's hours of need arrive." A pause. "Just call me Cryophoenix.", the winter bird continued. "This lovely dragon right here is Ruyn. Am I riiiiiiight?"

"Cryo... phoenix? I see... The four seasons however do not serve humankind, but mother nature, winter is a vital part in the circle of things. Yet all things which brace for the winter do not make it through. Like the dinosaurs long ago, which ruled this world they perished because they could not adapt to the world changing. Unless you count the various birds afoot as their remnants, which is then evolution going forwards. Like how we, who possess the power, have advanced ourselves beyond humankind." Verge said in a pleased tone, his eyes wandering over the two figures in front of him.

"...and your friend is a dragon? How very intriguing, for in the old tales humankind often cherished the memory of killing such beings. Like Siegfried which slew Fafnir and stole his belongings, what would they think if instead Siegfried was eaten by said dragon? Would the tale still be a favorite of theirs? I highly doubt it. Humankind fears that which they cannot understand nor control, have you not noticed their glances in your direction? How they seem fully convinced that you do not belong, that you are some kind of monster sprung from some fairytale or nightmare of theirs. Forced to wear some form of mask or veil to shamefully cover yourself, to hide... when it is the humans that are the shameful ones...." Verge said in a softer tone, his wings flickering as he hovered in the air, the smoke of the ruin left in his wake trailing up into the sky.

"Like my own human parents shamefully threw me away like a piece of trash, discarded and left at the doorstep of some place for the unwanted." The young man said it in a very matter of fact type of tone, that it was indeed an undeniable truth.

“Yes, I am Ruyn Grimm, and I am only sometimes a dragon,” Ruyn replied, a bit of woe in his voice. “What is ironic is that most humans actually prefer the dragon over the mask-wearing demon. I do not hide what I am, only the part of my face that scares others, and it is partially for my own mental wellbeing. As for humans being the only ones who cause pain?” The tank-sized bony dragon shook his massive, horned head. “I suffered more at the hands of other supernatural creatures than I ever have at the hands of humans. Humans are not wholly to blame. But we can focus on this talk later, there are people who need saving and aliens who are scheduled to meet their death under my claws and teeth.”

Ruyn laughed and his orange and red eyes glowed from within their dark sockets like eerie lights.

“Joke is on them,” he growled. “I know I’m a monster.”

"A demon? What do you mean? Are you possessed? Or are you saying you are a demon?" Did he just say that? Verge's eyes narrowed shortly after hearing that word.

If hell existed, then did that mean heaven did as well? What of god? Or gods? Where was the order? Had something terrible befallen the world and that there was none left to watch over it? Was this meant to be his purpose? His destiny?

'I know what I must do...' He thought as if struck by the realization, as if he had just woken up from a long sleep and now was finally awake.

"Define people. What people? There are different kinds." He asked, his face looking far more serious than before, as if the very answer given would be a matter of life and death.

“By people, I mean the ones running in terror from the aliens,” Ruyn replied. “The ones who can’t protect themselves from such threats as extraterrestrials. And no, I am literally a demon. I’m not evil, though, if that’s what you are wondering. As to whether I’m actually from Hell, it depends on your spiritual beliefs and what you call Heaven.”

He’d been asked a few times if his lived in Hell, and he’d contemplated responding with a quip about slavery and if that wasn’t Hell he didn’t know what was. But usually went with the answer he just gave. It was a true statement as far as he was concerned, though. As Gods from every pantheon and belief existed, his friends Menkaura and Ahmose were proof of that, as well as his sisters Mori and Vita.

“Do you need proof of my demonic state?” Ruyn asked idly. “I’m not going to change forms unless I know you’re not going to kill me simply because I’m a demon.” He had a feeling that’s how his mother had been killed. He had a feeling she’d been betrayed and slaughtered.

Verge's body began to slightly tremble as he suppressed laughter for as long as he could. But the words uttered made it impossible.

"Hnn hnn... hahahah... There are only two kinds of people in this world, guilty and not guilty! And when it comes to these humans... they deserve to be undone, not by these invaders however, but by their own greed and endless desires. "

"The invaders will be destroyed and after that... it's the humans that will be vanquished. At long last. As for you demon, you claim you are not evil, yet you might as well claim to be a fish on the moon. It won't change what you are. And it won't change what I am. You don't belong in this world. That said... when a rusted spring keeps a clock from ticking, it must be removed immediately or it will display time wrongly. For the restoration of this world that is on the verge of revival. Stand aside... Cryo Phoenix, I shall pluck this demonic weed from the garden." Verge said as his angelic looking wings of light intensified in it's glow, while it wasn't enough to be blinding it clearly showed that the young man was preparing for battle. Not wasting any time, the young man held out his right arm as various orbs of light gathered around him. Then one of the orbs shot away from him turning into a beam of light. It's intended target being Ruyn.

“Fish on the moon?” Ruyn’s eye sockets moved impossibly and curved down in a bony frown. “Interesting insult. Weed? Oh, I’m the fucking weed, huh?” His tail lashed, sharp bone flashing light. He growled and pulled himself into his own shadow to avoid the beam of light, reappearing from the shadows behind Verge to swat the other male, sending him careening through the air.

“I’m a Venus flytrap, asshole,” he hissed. “And I eat the bugs who bother me.” Ruyn hadn’t chosen to get stuck in the mortal realm as a child. He hadn’t chosen for his mother be slain and the last of his kin to die. He hadn’t chosen to go through any of the pain he’d endured just for this little shit to call him a fucking weed.

"Here we go again." Cryophoenix watched as the fight ensued, shaking his icy head. This Verge person seemed to have a… very interesting view of the world, namely being an homicidal maniac. That was the last thing that they needed at the moment, what with the invasion and such. "You," he pointed a claw at Verge. "Stand down, and apologize. Or else you will have two of us bearing down upon you."


Back in the Square Muerte waited and kept watch on the skies as well as the ground. The sounds of screaming had lessened but there was still no word from Ruyn or Cryo on what was going on over there. He tried to stay focused on taking out any aliens that came into the area but soon they seemed to have cleared out for the moment. He suddenly got a flash of a weird crystalline-armored figure shooting a beam of light at Ruyn...and the figure being swatted away. Then he saw Cryo step in and try to break them up.

Ruyn?! Cryo?! What the hell is going on over there?! Is that an alien or another meta?

Verge, Ruyn, and Cryopheonix

Verge's eyes had quickly darted to the side the moment Ruyn had seemingly popped out of existence, turning around just in time to block the hit but it hurled him backwards nonetheless, and the crystalline armoring at his wrists broke at the impact. The young man had gritted his teeth together, It was as if indeed it was going in slow motion, he had reached out with his left hand to telekinetically hurl the broken crystalline shards that formerly were his wrist armor towards the demon, shortly followed by the remaining orbs of lights that was hovering around him.

"A venus flytrap?! Explains the foul smell! But I am the gardener not a bug!" He had cried out in reply to the man's previous words, whilst Cryo had addressed him urging him to stop. The young man stopped midair at the distance he had been flung back to reply to him, while still keeping his eyes at Ruyn. "Why should I?! This is a demon that should return to its home!" He said with his eyebrows furrowed and with a look of disgust on his face. It was after all this kind of creature that the world could do without, according to the young man.

“This fucking dick thinks I’m a weed that should return home,” Ruyn sneered at Verge in his mental reply to Muerte. “He’s got a problem with my being a demon.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Ruyn growled, jumping into the spiritual realm (physical body and all) reappearing behind verge to swat him harder, serrated claws screeching against the young male’s armor. “This is my home. And I protect it from everyone, including people like you, mini-Hitler.” He jumped into the spirit realm again and stayed there, debating on whether to return to Muerte to show him where they were or if he should stay just in case this dude tried to go after Cryo next.

“Cryo I’m in the spirit realm but I’m still nearby, just in case,” Ruyn sent telepathically.

Verge had been better prepared for the second attack by the demon, this time not blocking but dodging out of the way, only the demon's claws scratched parts of his crystalline armor. Verge followed his dodge with a backhanded slap towards Ruyn's face, but missing him as he dove into the spirit realm. The blonde didn't know what manner of magic was at play, if the demon was teleporting in an uncommon manner or if he was hopping between worlds or even in and out of hell. Whichever it was, it didn't matter to him. If the demon would stay out of this world, that was enough. What happened in the hells or different worlds were none of his concern after all.

"Delusional unnatural creature! This isn't your home! And don't compare me to a lowly human! -I- am the protector of this world! This garden! I shall cast down all the fiends that threaten its purity! No matter who they are, no matter what they are!" Verge yelled out and teleported to the inside of his large crystalline orb, which had been neatly placed aside as the whole interaction had begun. The young man quickly reached out with both his hands to the side and shattered the crystal into hundreds of pieces, causing them to start flying away from him, before stopping and being hurled back towards him and circling around him. Crystalline shards would spin around his form like a miniature tornado, or a very angry flock of rabid wolverines. Would the demon appear before him, it would be crystal clear just how messy it could get if he would appear near him or into the thing itself as he began to fly towards Sherman Square. Aware that at any moment the demon could re-appear or Cryo joining the fray.

The Cryophoenix flew into the air, soaring high above the demon and the crystal fool that had engaged themselves sin a grueling brawl. "Сука. We don't have time for this idiocy." Flying upwards, the Phoenix left a cold trail behind his tail, the summer heat melting off a bit of water vapor from his icy form.

There would be nothing chasing Verge, at least for a few moments. That was, until an ear splitting screech reverberated through the air as the Cryophoenix dove in from the sky high above, lunging towards Verge like a peregrine falcon seeking its prey from hundreds of meters away. The Phoenix was in no mood for disruption; he intended to grab Verge with his icy claws. After that… he will breath a cone of frost upon the meddler's face, keeping him down. At least, that was the plan…

Muerte, Cadence, and Nathan

Through Ruyn and Cryo’s eyes he could see the scene unfolding as well as the crystal figure coming this way. He himself was weak against energy attacks and he assumed that Nathan probably was too. Cadence was the only one who had any defenses against something like this new enemy, but she was drained as it was...wait that was it! He turned to look at her, saying quickly.

”Cadence, could you use your power to transfer energy from someone else into yourself? And if so, how much could you hold?”

If she could do it, they could kill two birds with one stone: revive her combat ability and take away his. He just needed to be sure that her body could handle something like that first. This guy seemed to have a lot of it.

Cadence had been fighting off the waves of aliens with what energy she had left and if she was honest with herself there wasn't much remaining. The waves seemed to lessen though and she ended up stopping her feline mount as she watched Cryo and Ruyn head off to whatever had attracted the attention of the invaders. She had no idea what was going on with them but whatever it was, it was starting to sound messy and like none of it was good news for them.

As her eyes tried to get a glimpse of the approaching entity, she heard Muerte calling to her. She looked at him with curiosity before she started to understand what he was saying and a large grin crossed her face.

"I don't know," She said gleefully as she looked back to see the approaching man surrounded by shredding crystals. This idea was getting more fun by the moment, ", but I know a way to find out."

Not knowing what was going to happen she hopped off the large space cat and handed the reins to Nate. She didn't want others to be casualties in this experiment.

Amidst the rubble, she thought to herself that she really hoped this worked or she was probably going to end up regretting this, she then started to speak her spell.

“Take all the energy and power from the man that shine
And make it one with my body and make it mine
No longer shall he have the strength to attack
And let this help my power come back.”

The familiar neon green energy started to surround Cadence and far away, even if he had not noticed it, the same similar colour started to appear on Verge.

Muerte watched with bated breath, hoping that Cadence would be alright. Honestly there wasn’t really anything that he could do if it went wrong but he was hoping that if she got hurt that Ruyn would be able to do something.

”Nathan,” he said suddenly as he watched the green glow form around her, “If anything happens to her, get her out. Out of the city. Just run...Ok? We’ll handle things here.”

Nathan, who had been simultaneously hanging on for dear life as well as watching the spectacle from below with an aghast expression, didn't immediately respond to Muerte. He had been a little focused on what was happening… But after a short delay, he turned to Muerte and nodded. "Yes… I swear on my mother's grave."

Verge, Cadence, and Cryopheonix

Verge had seen the Cryo Phoenix coming, but not only that he heard him. The loud screeching sound was enough to make him lose focus of his crystals, causing them to fall as the young man grabbed his ears. The talons were reaching out for him, and Cryo was closing in fast. Verge wasn't sure just how powerful his other foe were, he just knew that if his movements were to be frozen it could prove disastrous depending on which shape it took.

Thus he quickly narrowed his eyes and dashed quickly midair out of the large talons that was a hair's breath away from snatching him, the cold birdlike creature was indeed quick. Thankfully for him, he was very fast himself. Having escaped the claws and the path of the creature, Verge removed his hands from his ears and readied to attack the Cryo Phoenix, but he stopped in his tracks as a green glow began to form on him and also at a point further away. There was a third attacker?

He felt how his body quickly began to feel weaker and he felt more weary, the glowing wings were quickly fading away. The young man quickly stared in disbelief at what was happening. Someone was absorbing -HIS- powers?! Someone had the audacity to steal his gift! He felt the urge to destroy, but he knew that right now there was an even more pressing matter than destroying the enemies. To survive. Without his empowered state, a single blow from any of these meta’s could kill him. He still did retain his ability to fly however and his speed was not affected to the degree of his durability and physical strength.

Not wasting any time he began to channel some of his remaining power to empower himself anew, and his wings of energy appeared yet again and he felt the power return to him, yet he felt weaker. More weary. And the damage had already been done, someone here had the power to mortally wound him. The mere thought of it irked him, it took all of his restraint to not press the attack. Instead he gritted his teeth, giving Cryo Phoenix a glare and then to the one which had stripped him of his most prominent defense. A woman? It was a woman? Was she with them? Such answers would have to be found later, for now survival was more important. Because without him, who would guide the earth to it's new dawn? It was then Verge teleported away, his form blinking away in a flash of light. He had teleported himself far away from where they had been fighting, back where he first arrived to Lost Haven. It was then he exhaled deeply, breathing heavily. How was it that these troublesome kids had gotten in his way? How did they dare raise a hand against a god?

Cadence had not truly realised it but she had been holding her breath as she waited to see if her spell managed to work. Suddenly, she found herself taking in a large breath as her body filled with an electrical intensity. Her blood pumped furiously through her ears and standing there the largest grin started to grow across her face. She felt great, she felt better than great, she felt fucking amazing. Standing tall, she no longer had worries about what was about to come next, whatever it was she would be ready.

Looking back at the figure who had been approaching, she could see them faltering and only to add to her confidence, he seemed to be running. She couldn’t help herself as she watched what she had expected to be the big baddy flee, laughter from deep within her chest started to escape from her. After all who knew she could have done this, who knew she was able to feel this god damn powerful. Bending over with laughter, she didn’t even notice as a pair of glowing angel wings appeared behind her back.

Muerte and Cadence

Muerte also breathed a sigh of relief when the crystal armor figure departed and Cadence seemed unharmed. Immediately though his concern shifted as Cadence began laughing. Was the power itself maddening? Or did simply having all that power cause problems in those not used to it? The saying ‘power corrupts’ must be true after all, at least in some part. They needed to find a target for her and fast before her flighty nature took over. At the same time, they needed to make sure that she didn’t try to do anything too strenuous or they’d be back at square one. He slipped into his mental calculation state; recalling everything he’d seen her do and how tired it had made her, how many enemies he assumed could be in the city at the moment. There were too many variables, too many gaps in his knowledge, to do something extreme. It would have to be gradual, controllable, until they could see… See! His brain exploded with excitement as the solution came to him suddenly, it would just have to be worded very carefully.

”Cadence!” he called out to her, ”Cast a spell that makes all the hostile, invading aliens that you look at die! The spell must be activated by your eyesight!”

Cadence was holding herself up with her hand on her knee as she laughed heartily as she couldn’t believe what she had managed to pull off. Hearing her name being yelled at her, she turned around to look at Muerte. Hearing him tell her to cast a very specific and deadly spell, she just stared at him in confusion. “What? I mean I can try but why so suddenly?” She said as she stood back up straight and looked at him in bewilderment. Why was he suddenly asking her to cast something so powerful? Was this his plan from the beginning? She knew she was in the middle of the largest battle she had ever been in but at the same time, she wasn’t so sure about using such a spell. Muerte had never steered her in the wrong direction so far but there was something about it that just felt sudden and more destructive than any spell she had ever done before

Then something caught her eye, and she found herself staring at the wings that had appeared on her back. A curious smile crossed her face as she tried to touch them but only ended up with her hands passing through them. “Oooohhh,” She said to herself as she let the bright light distract herself from all the confusing questions she had.

And there it was...she’s been distracted by her own wings. Still, her questions were valid and deserved answers. He stepped up to her and gently put his hands on her shoulder so that she would focus on him as he spoke.

”We do not know how much time we have Cadence. The longer this takes, the more innocent people die. Or perhaps they will simply send more asteroids. We also don’t know how long this power will last in you or how quickly it will drain away. If the spell is tied to your sight, then you can always stop by closing your eyes and saying a different spell. If you don’t want to kill them, then make them run. I know this is a lot to ask, but the world is counting on you. I am counting on save Jacque, Jesus, sister. Will you do this Cadence?”
So I'm looking to play a human in a romance with a vampire. I don't really have a preference on gender or sexuality, I'm good with anything. As for world setting, I'm most familiar with Anita Blake's vampires and only somewhat familiar with True Blood. I'm also ok with just making up our own version of vamps and how they work. The important part is that I want to be the human and if you can GM the game I would be grateful. I'm great at world building and hammering out details but I want a break from driving the story. PM me if you have questions.
They were almost to the Square when suddenly Cadence veered down a side road. "Cadence!" he yelled after her but to no avail. "Sh*t," he said wheeling the bike around in a tire screeching turn. He sped off again and turned onto the road she had only to see her hugging another meta. He clicked his tongue in disapproval and using the mark reached out to Ruyn

Keep going, we have to find Icon. I'll stay here with Cadence, she appears to have found a 'friend'. We'll meet you there.

He skidded to a halt and brought up the alien gun he'd nabbed earlier, taking out two targets as they attempted an ambush on the distracted pair. The sound of the gun firing died down just in time for him to hear the other Meta call her 'Louisa' He knows her...? He made his way over to them firing sporadically as aliens showed up.

"You could have warned me Cadence," he said as soon as he was close enough to be heard, "I'm glad you found your friend, but we have to keep moving." He fired some more rounds off to the right. To 'Nathan' he said, "We are headed to the Square to rendezvous with Icon and anyone else we come across to coordinate a counter attack. You coming?"

A ship rounded the corner just then and started firing on their group, thankfully the first few shots missed allowing Muerte to fire back. He aimed for the thrusters of the ship and after several misses struck true. The ship went careening out of control and collided with a nearby building before exploding in a ball of fire. The building managed to stay upright but had a chunk taken out of the first five floors. Muerte sighed with relief and turned back to the other two.

"If you can just say yes and get on the space panther I would really appreciate it."
Collab involving @IrishAngelQueen, @The Man Emperor, and @Perse


Muerte led the beast to the garage of the dilapidated property that they had arrived to with Jacque walking the bike behind him. He entered a code into a hidden panel which unlocked the door. Careful to not jostle Cadence too much he knelt down and opened the garage then coaxed the alien panther into it.  Once Jacque was in with the bike he closed and relocked the door.

They made their way into the house proper, minus the panther, and Muerte called out, "Jesus!? Jesus!?"

A sweater clad figure peeped around the corner of the hall cautiously. "Who's that?" He asked pointing to the green-haired woman nervously.

"Its ok Jesus, she's with me. She helped me and Jacque get here." The figure made no move into the room but did creep a little more around the wall.

 "Is she hurt?" 

"No, just tired. She is one of us and her powers drained her. She's just asleep. Hey Cadence." He began to try to rouse her, though gently so. After a few moments her fist flew out and landed solidly on his jaw, which he was not prepared for and his head actually turned with the momentum. "Ow!" Jacque snorted.

Lungs heaving as she panickily look around her as she tried to take her situation in, she then saw the familiar skull covered face and relaxed slightly. Than noticing that her fist had made impact with her friend's face, a small mischievous smile crossed her face as she giggled and said, "Morning, Mr.Muerte"

Wriggling her way out of his arms, she got her feet back on the ground before looking around at where she now was. She didn't recognize the area at all but there was that woman that Mr.Muerte liked and there was only this one other guy that seemed to be staring at her. Not really worried about her situation at the moment, Louisa took it in all in stride and started to stretch out her tired body by pulling her arms behind her back.

Feeling her achy and tired body, Cadence turned to the strange man down the hallway that seemed to be homely with his cute sweater and happily waved at him, "Hiiii! Do you have any coffee?"

Jesus shrank away from her acknowledgement of him further into the shadows. After a few seconds a timid "Yes" came from the hall. 

"Jesus," Muerte said in a gentle coaxing tone, "Its alright. You don't have to be scared, I think she will like you! When there was no response, other than a peculiar shuffling, Muerte sighed and looked back to Cadence. "I will get you some coffee, wait here," he said making his way towards the kitchen. 

"Ya gonna get her some f*cking crumpets too?" Jacque said exasperated, "Or did you forget that the world is kind of ending?!" She lit up a cigarette and pulled an ash tray out of her purse while talking.

"First off, crumpets are for tea," Muerte said calmly from the kitchen, "Secondly, unless we can communicate with other sups in the area and actually coordinate a counter attack there is little we can do right now except to catch our breath." Jacque gave him a 'F*ck you and your f*cking logic' look before taking another drag off of her cigarette, but said nothing further. "Jesus? Have you had any luck establishing any sort of communication with anyone?"

"No," came the reply though it seemed to be coming from a point closer to the ceiling now, "but I guess its because anyone who would actually be able to help is running off a coded signal. I'd have to either know what channel to ping or broadcast a signal to them and hope they find it. But that would-"

"That would lead them to you, I know, but what if we took the signal elsewhere and broadcasted from there? Would that work?"

There was a pause before Jesus responded. "It might...I'd have to build you the transmitter though..."

"Please do, and quickly Jesus. We don't know how much time we have."

More shuffling, again coming from the ceiling, and then a door closing. Muerte came back into the living room with three mugs of coffee and gave one each to Cadence and Jacque. "I hope you like it black, Jesus doesn't do dairy. Or sugar. Or coffee for that matter. This is just the emergency stash he keeps in case I come over."

Watching the other man retreat more, Cadence tilted her head in curiosity. She wasn't really used to people hiding themselves from her, if anything she was quite used to the opposite. Which just made her more and more curious about this guy who wouldn't come out and meet her. She was about to move to follow the sounds of shuffling and movement but she ended up being caught off guard by Jacque's bitterness.  Louisa was not really one to want to please everyone but she had been hoping that a friend of friend would mean they would also be her friend. Looking at Jacque's form and the way she dragged her cigarette, Louisa felt a little weight in her chest.

"I like crumpets...." She whispered very quietly to herself, she hadn't known what she had done wrong. She had saved her hadn't she? With a last look at the other woman she decided to shake it off and not let it get to her.

Then as if nothing had happened, she went back to her focus on the voice of the mystery man that now seemed to be coming from the ceiling. Having not had someone as shy or interesting appear in front of her since her childhood, Louisa was ready to explore and figure out the mystery before Muerte entered the room with coffee.

A wide smile grew on her face as she took and cradled the coffee cup within her hands. Her eyes stared at the black liquid treasure for a moment before she remembered Mr. Muerte was standing in front of her.

"Doesn't matter what as long as it's bean juice ," She said joked and smiled up at him before greedily starting to down the coffee. Even though it was still piping hot, and it burnt her tongue a bit, Louisa welcomed the caffeine to her body with large pipe sounding swallows.

Only when she was fished downing the whole drink, did she return back to the real world and look around at the other two. It was then as if the caffeine had just hit her a  light bulb lit up within her and she instantly remembered the mystery guy.

"Thank you for the coffee!" She said happily at the death masked fellow before putting her mug down on the closest surface. She then quickly started to in an almost skip start to go down the corridor towards the sound of where she had heard the closing door. She just had to know what was going on, who was this guy, why did he not want to be seen, why did he sound like he was coming from the ceiling? All the questions rushed through her as she held down the door handle of the door which held all her answers.

"Hey Cadence, what are you-?" Muerte began but the green haired woman was already gone down the hallway like some fleet-footed sprite. "Cadence!" he called again now starting to follow her down the hallway, "Jesus is jumpy, don't just barge in!"

But again he was a half second too late as the door handle turned to reveal a small room that was dark save for the glow of several monitors which seemed to be connected to cameras outside. Amongst the blue tinged light was Jesus, though now more than his upper torso was visible. From the waist up he appeared a gangly lad somewhere in his late teens or early twenties with a baggy purple sweater and a mop of shaggy brown hair. From the waist down however was the abdomen and legs of a large spider in an almost orb weaver configuration. Jesus turned at the disruption to reveal a face that had four sapphire blue eyes; two large ones in the same spot as a human's and two slightly smaller ones higher on his forehead. He had menacing looking mandibles for a mouth and his hands were elongated with claws at the end. At the sight of Cadence in his doorway Jesus let out a small "Ah!" before scuttling rapidly across the ceiling into what looked like a walk in closet and closing the door with a snap.

Cadence stood still in the middle of the doorway with large eyes as she stared at the human spider hybrid. It wasn't until he had run away and slammed the door behind him, her normal large smile grew back on her face. He reminded her a lot of the kids she used to know when she was young so she rushed forwards and started to knock on the closet's door in an child's version of a secret knock, 5 knocks/pause/2 knocks.

"Hey, how do you wear pants?" She loudly asked through the wooden door thinking this was a question that would hopefully make him more comfortable before then also adding a probably simpler question, "How do you walk on the ceiling? I want to walk on the ceiling!" She thought about using her powers for a moment and hopefully joining her new friend but her exhausted body told her that it was probably not the smartest idea so she then added, "Can you help me walk on the ceiling?"

There was no response from the closet, even the shuffling had ceased. Muerte entered the room seconds later. "Cadence," he said in a slight groaning voice, "I told you he was skittish. Now he can't work on our transmitter!" He walked up to the door and after trying the knob and finding it locked he said, "Jesus! Come out! We need that transmitter!"

"No," came the frightened squeak from within.

"Jesus!" Muerte said in strained tones, "You are being silly! Get out here right now! The fate of the world may be..." He stopped as a rapid beeping sound from one of the screens drew his attention. He walked closer, squinting at the image it was displaying before exclaiming in excitement. "I think we just found our two first recruits! Jesus, keep working on that transmitter. We are going to go say hello. Come on Cadence!" He caught her by the sleeve and started leading her from the room.

Louisa looked at Muerte in surprise as he sounded disappointed in her. She had no idea what she had done wrong, she had just wanted to make another friend and this had always worked with her other friends that were different like her. It wasn't like she had meant to scare him away and make it so he wouldn't make the transmitter. She frowned a little as she looked away from both, she really didn't know what she did wrong but what she did know was that she didn't like when the people she thought were her friends were angry with her. She liked it even less that the idea that she may have scared or hurt her possible new friend.

She hardly even paid attention to the beeping sounds, and when Muerte caught her by the sleeve of her hoodie. She knew there was probably important information about the invasion but she was still stuck on the thought that she had scared the man that reminded her of her childhood.  She quietly talked to the closet door, "I'm sorry if I scared you. I think you're really cool..." and then she let Muerte lead her out of the room.  Staying unusually quite, Cadence just follow the skull masked man. Her thoughts were still on the spider man and if he was alright.

Muerte glanced back at her, noticing her face. She's upset...about Jesus? At least she's not afraid of him, but I need her to focus right now! "He will be fine, he just doesn't get out much," he said reassuringly to her as they made it back to the living room. To Jacque he said, "Cadence and I are going to go flag down some help. PLEASE stay here Jacque, Jesus needs someone to watch his back."

Jacque sighed then shrugged, "Sure, whatever. You just come back in one piece ok? I wanna kick your ass proper for being late."

"Love you too, Melocotona."

"Just go @sshole!"

Muerte grinned under his mask as he walked out into the garage. "Not sure if we want to take your friend here," he said gesturing to her alien friend, "They might think we're hostile."

Louisa looked up at her friend and nodded sullenly as she thought about why her new friend might be so scared of her. People were weird and judgmental, hell some had said some pretty rude stuff about her hair colour so she wouldn't be surprised to see someone freaking out at his spider like appearance. She really did try to focus back on the situation but instead she caught the last end of Muerte and Jacque's conversation and she found herself questioning if they were still together even if he had said they weren't. Either way she was starting to feel a heavy feeling in her chest and a knot in her throat as the exhaustion was really starting to get to her. She didn't really know why she felt so bad hearing what Muerte had said but at the moment she had chalked it down to her being annoyed at herself for scaring the spiderman. Either way she was starting to feel as if it was time for her to leave.

Luckily it was about then she saw her big furry friend again and she went running towards the panther like beast while shouting, "Kitty!"

Not really paying attention to Muerte's comments about seeming hostile, she quickly climbed her way up on to the mount and sat upon the beast with a large smile on her face. If the other supposed heroes couldn't accept a big cat, she didn't see the point of teaming up with them. Leaning down into the big cat's back she rubbed the big cat's neck fur and she whispered to it, "You're a good kitty aren't you, yes you are."

But then turned to Muerte and with a much happier heart and smile said, "Let's go"  and then urged the beast forwards. She didn't even really know where she was going or what they were planning to do but that didn't really bother her. She knew at least that they were planning to go back out to the fight and as much as she hated to admit it, it was probably a good idea. That and she really didn't want to go back to the hide out where she felt like she had made a large mistake. She just wanted to get out and free, possibly even have a new adventure.

Muerte sighed, rubbing the back of his head a bit before getting on his motorcycle and opening the garage door. "Follow my lead and stay close, ok?" He revved his way out of the garage and started riding towards the two figures in the sky that he'd seen fighting the aliens.

The large cat like critter, followed and kept up with the motorcycle with well practiced ease. Cadence happily rode the beast, and looked around the city to take in all that had happened since she had last seen it. What mostly seemed to be new where the alien ice sculptures, with everything going on she had nearly forgotten about the invasion.


The large, skeletal dragon roared a fiery breath at the invading aliens, setting ablaze the ones that were not already frozen or in the process of freezing from the Cryophoenix's attacks, limbs smoking with shadows with every movement made. Ruyn dive-bombed into a large group of aliens, tearing at limbs with sharp, serrated teeth, a whiplike tail with a scythe-tipped end slitting throats and dismembering them. The faint sound of a heavy engine and a distinct mechanical purr reached his sensitive hearing and he chomped an alien in half before taking to the sky to breathe flame once more.

"Cryo," he called. "Looks like we possibly have help, over there. Should we go say hello?" He dipped a wing and nodded in the direction of a man on a motorcycle and what looked like a girl on a large alien feline.

Cryophoenix gleefully impaled several aliens with ice spikes from his wings, sticking their accursed bodies into the side of a destroyed grocery store. He has frozen so many of the aliens at this point that he had lost count of how many he had destroyed, and yet, the damn things keep popping up like mushrooms. Now, though, there were more of the city's defenders in sight. They were somewhat familiar, though unlike Ruyn, he had not been acquainted with them.

"Well let's say hello to them, then." He would then fly over towards the man in the motorcycle and the cat lady he was with, gliding right above their heads. "Well, well, well, look at what we have here."

It took a moment but when Louisa noticed the two forms flying through the air, she stared up at them with the awe and excitement of a child on Christmas morning. Dragons are real?! And there are big ice birds?! She wanted nothing more than to see if she could also make friends with the large creatures. That's when the big ice like phoenix came closer to them and started to glide next to them.  You could practically see the sparkles in her eyes as she took in the large bird, and then when he spoke her draw just dropped.

"You can talk?!" She shouted back at Cryo with a large delighted grin on her face, then without thinking she also added, "Can I ride you?!"

"Cadence, not everyone enjoys being a mount. You haven't even introduced yourself yet," Muerte said looking over at her. He brought the bike to a stop and turned to look at the two winged fellows. "It is nice to have some help at last. I'm Muerte, this is Cadence. Are either of you in contact with any other metas in the city?"

Ruyn landed in front of them gracefully and with a soft whooshing of air, turning his skeletal head towards them, wicked teeth on display and eyes glowing.

"I know of them, but unlike my companion here, I do not know how to contact them," he rumbled. "As for introductions, they call me The Grim Reaper, or the Grim Dragon when I am like this. Otherwise, my name is Ruyn Grim. You might say I'm a demon." Ruyn gave a growling laugh at his little joke, wondering if they got it.

The panther mount started to slow down to a quick stop as it tried to not get closer to the large demon dragon. Cadence sat upon it pouting a little, she knew she was being childish but today was really starting to not feel like it was her day. She couldn't make friends with the spider man, she had in fact scared the guy, and now after she found out dragons and phoenix's were actually real, she couldn't go flying with the phoenix and dragon. This day was starting to be a lot less fun than she had expected when she had first started to meet up with the others. She knew she should have been more aware about the aliens, and care more about the invasion but her truth was that she was much too excited by the mythical creatures appearance to think about the circumstances.

Getting off her mount, she walked closer up to the dragon. On her way she had a few aliens appear out of the corner of my eye, she knew she was already working beyond her limits and so she quickly spoke a limited spell as fast as her brain let her create it.

"Don't mess with this meeting

and start your retreating."

The bright neon green arose from her and went sending over to the aliens who quickly started to retreat in a blind panic. She didn't pay any more heed to them though as she tried to act like the spell had not worn her out more and instead put out her small hand out to the massive dragon as if to shake his massive claw.

"I've heard people call me a witch but I've never met a dragon or a demon before," She joked as she smiled up at the massive creature. Louisa didn't even know if the creature could shake hands with her but after the way she had scared off the man spider hybrid, she was trying to be a little more careful and civil.

"There were others fighting in Sherman Square." Cryophoenix responded as he too landed in front of them. The size difference between him and Ruyn would be quite marked at that point; Ruyn was as big as a tank, while the Phoenix was not even half as big. "Icon went up to the sky to take the fight to the head of the snake, I assume. I was scouring the area around the square when I came across this friend of mine."

A pause. "And yes, introductions. I'm the Cryophoenix... everything about me is icy. And yes," he glanced at Cadence. "I would give you a ride, but you would get frostbite once you sit. That would be too bad, isn't it?"

Muerte perked up at the news of Icon and Sherman square. "Perfect! We need to coordinate with others if we're going to have an effective counter strike against these invaders. This is, as far as I can tell, an organized military operation and while they may not have suspected Lost Haven to survive the attack we are fast losing ground. Can you give us air support on the way there? As well as point out anyone else who could join us?"

Ruyn offered his claw for her to shake, the thing serrated and sharp, nearly as long as small log, then answered.

"Nice to meet you, little witch," he turned to Muerte. "My eyesight is excellent for spotting enemies, so yes, I believe air support is doable. Hmmm." He thought for a moment, then sighed and his form turned to smoke, shrinking until he was in his armor and demonic form; amber eyes and red sclera, black and red-edged scaled skin with long crimson red hair on half of his head, two sharp, curved horns on either side of his head, and large, black leathery wings on his back, mask on his face.

"If we are to communicate, I have to draw my mark either on you or a piece of paper-like material," he told Muerte, trusting that the male seemed to know military strategy the best. "Cryo, do you still have the one I gave you last time or did you burn it?" Changing from dragon to demon took less of a toll on his body and soul, than changing from dragon to humanoid did. 

"Oh, bloody hell." Cryo shook his head as he too turned to a human. He seemed to look ordinary when not an icy bird; rather short in terms of average height for men in this country and a black trenchcoat. He turned back, as he was burning up precious time by remaining in that form. "I have no idea... I think my mom swept it when she cleaned the house. Oh well, mark it is."

Shaking the least sharp side of the talon with her own small hands, Cadence smiled up at the dragon. She found herself liking the nickname little witch, it was definitely one of the nicer things she had ever been called.

At Cryo's words, she quickly turned around him in excitement, "Really?!", she exclaimed at the idea that one day she could actually ride a big ice bird. I mean sure it would probably freeze anyone normal but there was surely a spell for that.

This was right before she saw he was in his human form though and looking at him change, she couldn't help her face look a little disenchanted. Not only was she starting to realize that this man was not a magical phoenix that she had thought of but she was suddenly starting to realize that she had asked to ride him. Turning away from Muerte and the man that called himself Cryophoenix, she quickly tried to hide her expression as she looked back at the massive dragon.

That was also when she saw that the dragon had also started to turn into a humanoid. She looked at him and his horns and wings and she had a million questions running through her mind, and the one thought of relief that she didn't also ask if she could ride him.  It was then she reminded herself of the situation she was in and she couldn't but let out an external sigh. These were some of the most interesting beings she had met in a long while, but it all would come second to the fact there was invasion. She understood why she had to focus on the outsiders assault but she admittedly would have rather stay and talk to the two new intriguing strangers.

"I guess we should stop them before it's too late," She said out loud to herself more than anything else. It didn't help that she really have much hope for most humans but deep down her she knew that there were people worth saving, and she wouldn't want anything to happen to them.

Muerte was about to ask about the nature of this 'mark' when a building in the distance was suddenly shot down and collapsed into rubble as he watched. "I guess there is little choice," Muerte said slightly agitated, "Put this 'mark' on me then, but I warn you: if you're after my soul it's definitely not in the best shape. 'Used' rating at best." He stepped forward and waited, half of him cautious, the other half very curious. If Ruyn was indeed a demon, which Muerte was skeptical of, then he would have a lot of questions after this was all over.

"I am not after your soul, not until your death," Ruyn replied. "And even then, it is not a guarantee that I will be the one to Reap it." He took one of his clawed fingernails and cut into his arm, black blood welling up, and then approached Cryo and began to paint his mark onto the male's jaw below his ear, curving towards his mouth, connecting the two body parts so that the telepathy was strongest. Once done, the mark was already almost dried, and Ruyn tilted his head at Muerte as he walked the short distance to him, asking quiet permission to touch him.

"I am taking a risk to my own life by painting you with my mark," he explained. "Whoever has its pattern could find me wherever I am or summon me to kill me or torture me for a very, very long time. And I'm not about to be anyone's prisoner ever again." There was a dark promise in the last words he spoke.

Muerte considered the man before him for a few seconds before saying, "Fair enough," and peeling up just enough of his skull mask to allow the mark to be placed where he had just put it on Cryo.

"Thank you," Ruyn moved forwards to carefully paint his mark into the other male's face, finishing quickly and hoping Muerte didn't mind him blowing in it a little to make sure the mark wouldn't smear, for if it smeared then it wouldn't work. "There. You can replace your mask now."

"Can you hear me?" he asked with his mind, directing his thoughts at both men, being careful not to be too loud.

"Yes," came the tentative reply, "This certainly is different, but it seems far more efficient than shouting.

"Indeed. Most demonic races can do this naturally, in varying degrees with one another, making ambushes and battles easier to coordinate. The strongest connections are between families and lifemates."

Watching the demon known as Ruyn or Runey as Cadence had already started to nickname him in her mind, paint his blood on the other two she had mixed feelings. She didn't particularly want his blood on her but at the same time she hated being left out.

"What about me?" She called out to the other members.

"If you are willing and understand the risk I take," he replied, turning to her as he backed up to give Muerte some space.

"I'm not sure she does... Muerte interjected with the new mental link. Out loud he said, "Only one of us should be taking this risk and I would prefer it be me. Besides, if I get into trouble because of it I will need your help to get me out. Let's go!" He revved his bike once more, nodding to Ruyn and Cryo.

Ryun nodded once, then crouched and jumped into the air, flapping his wings in a hard, downward, thrust, smoking into his massive dragon form as he did so, circling above the other three.

"Ready when you are, Muerte, Cryo."

​​​​​​​Hearing Muerte's words, Louisa couldn't help but actually feel a bit relieved as she wasn't too sure if she actually did want the black blood touching her skin. Well that and she didn't really like the idea of someone else being in her head.

Thankfully smiling back at Muerte, she then walked back to her panther like mount. She was thankful she had the war beast, since she wasn't so sure how many spells she had left in her at the moment. It was time to enter this battle for real.

Cryo nodded, speaking his incantation before flying off in his Cryophoenix form, circling at an altitude higher than Ruyn the dragon. "Let's go now and meet up with the others."

Just before she nudged her feline mount into movement, Louisa knowing all too well that she was not at the top of her game quickly decided to speak a spell to help protect herself in what she was just about to face.

"As I'm about to go into battle

I want myself to embattle

Let me not be pushed into drama

and grant me some protective armour."

A neon green light spread around her and a moment later, she was wearing a set of magical still glowing green armour. It looked more like something out of a fairy tale then anything actually modern but luckily for her since it was magical it weighed next to nothing on her. 

Turning to look around at her new found comrades, she tried to keep her carefree on her face even though she couldn't help but feel a little anxious at knowing she was wearing herself too thin. She nodded at Muerte, ready to go when he was.

Muerte nodded back to her and took off rapidly down the street. To their new comrades in the air he sent them an abbreviated version of what he'd learned so far about the aliens.

They appear to have a few set patterns of movement with very little deviation in their ground and air formations. Surprise attacks are very effective, and as long as your movements are unpredictable you are less likely to get hit. Their ships are resistant to impact but not piercing damage. They are also weaker on the inside, so once you are in don't stop. Hit them fast and hard.

With that he focused on making his way to the Square, stopping only momentarily to gather up some of the weapons that had been discarded by the Cryo's and Ruyn's attacks earlier. He even passed one to Cadence. She had fallen unconscious earlier and he wasn't sure how much of her magic she could do but was sure she had to be close to her limit. Soon, they were in the city proper again and the Square was just around the corner.
Collab with Perse and Terminal

Lost Haven


During the Bombing of the Little Sicily Bridge...

The man stepping out of the elevator into the hallway was dressed in nondescript jeans, with a dark shirt and jacket. His build was thick and muscled, his head was shaved completey bald, and he was wearing disposable nitrile gloves that stood out alarmingly.

Most telling, however, appeared to be the small cylindrical device that looked like an ice-pick stuck to the end of a power drill that he was casually screwing together as he calmly began walking down the hallway, his gaze already laser-focused on Jacque's door.

This guy was definitely not selling girl scout cookies.

Jacque's eyes widened as he got close enough to identify what he was holding. She cursed under her breath and looked around, trying to find something nearby to use as a weapon. She could just shoot him as soon as he opened the door but she didn't know if she'd need it to fight off those alien f*cks. That and her anger and frustration was rapidly evaporating her fear. She dashed to her bedroom, grabbed the baseball bat from beside her bed and took up a ready position on the side of the door that he would not see her immediately. There she waited with shaky but quiet breaths for him to walk through.

Her suspicions as to the tool he had been holding were confirmed when she heard the loud, grinding trill of shearing metal - it was a lockbreaker drill which he was using to core out the deadbolt. Scant seconds later the ruined, twisted lump that remained of the lock twisted on the door's frame and then fell off and onto the floor with a loud clunk.

Moments later, the man violently kicked the door in, causing the door to jostle on its hinges as it slammed directly into Jacque, standing as she was on the hinge-side of the frame.

Jacque grunted as the door slammed into her shoulder, feeling the limb zing with pain and quickly go numb. It cost her a few seconds but as soon as she could reorientate herself she stepped around the door and swung hard at the intruder. Having thankfully held back from letting out any pained noise from the impact of the door, the stranger had elected to enter the room and turn in the complete opposite direction - letting her swing take him completely by surprise, the bat catching the man right along the shoulder and glancing into his neck. If the doorframe hadn't gotten in her way, she might have been able to catch him fully in the head.

The man grunted in a low, pained voice and careened forward, both his arms spreading out for balance as he went - revealing the suppressed handgun he was holding onto, leaving no doubt whatsoever as to what this was. This was a hitman who had been sent to kill her.

Jacque immediately went in for another swing, this time coming from over her head in a power strike in an attempt to take him out before he could get back up again. The carpet would be ruined, but smashing this m*therf*cker's head in would be worth it. She was unfortunately saved the cleaning bill when the man's free hand reached out and caught against a wall-mounted cabinet, and as he steadied himself he brought his other arm around to put his gun at her - only to hit the baseball bat as she swung it. The hitman audibly swore as his arm recoiled and as the handgun was bashed straight out of his grip, pinwheeling from his grasp and across the room to slam into the opposite wall and then clatter to the ground.

The hitman recovered almost immediately and began to turn towards Jacque. "Get out of my house!" she yelled, taking another swing, this time aiming for his gut. She hoped her aggressive approach would prevent him from gaining the upper hand.

That hope was dashed almost instantly when he reached out and full-out caught the bat in one hand along its length, simultaneously turning his gaze to meet hers. He made no sound save to huff heavily through his nose, giving Jaque a clear look at his enraged, crimson-hued face, and the bulging veins that were popping out along his neck. She attempted to wrest the bat from his grip for a moment, but even with both her hands on the grip she couldn't make it budge - and then, he chopped at her wrists with his free hand, which scythed through the air like a brick-shaped cleaver.

Her hands slid off the bat easily, causing her to curse and retreat. She ran to the kitchen, throwing everything she could as she went behind her at him. Then she got to the knife block and drew the largest of them, wheeling around to leave the kitchen nook - and then was sprayed with a mixed shower of drywall and wooden shrapnel as the hitman, who rather than chasing her had simply gone for his gun, started shooting at her through the partitioning wall separating the kitchen from the doorway, though thankfully being unable to see her the actual shots had missed her - if only barely, with one whizzing what must have been directly in front of her eyes before it embedded in the far kitchen wall. The gun still had a massive report despite the suppressor she had seen on it, but with all the chaos going out in the city and the alien bombing runs, chances were absolutely nobody was going to come to help even if they had heard it going off.

When the shots had started going off Jacque threw herself to the floor, dropping her bag as she hit tile. The silver communicator rattled across the floor and slid directly in front of her. She crawled forward and slammed her hand on the big red button in the center.


Muerte was weaving expertly between cars, wrecks, and various other obstacles as he headed towards Jacque's apartment. He was aware of Cadence's petite form pressed against him, and probable would have enjoyed it much more if he wasn't so worried. At Cadence's questions he glanced down at her and said over the wind, "In order; my best friend, my ex-girlfriend, and my ex-girlfriend's apartment. She didn't make the rendevous we set up when the attack began so we're stopping by to check on her. Best case scenario she's just being stubborn." He hoped that was the case, but something in his gut felt otherwise.

"Oooh," Louisa said more to herself than anything else as she tried to create an image of this supposed ex-girlfriend but all she really just ended up was a sketchy version of a skull with a bow her mind. Shaking the image out of her head, Louisa looked back at the road. Even if she couldn't really imagine this mystery woman there was one thing she was sure of that was her new found companion seemed to care about them quite a lot.

Suddenly there was a rapid beeping sound coming from Muerte's pocket. He expertly dug it out, keeping one hand on the bike and looked at what looked like a key fob with four lights on it. One of the lights was flashing rapidly. "Sh*t" he said putting it back into his pocket. He revved the bike and they started going even faster through the streets, now only narrowly evading the obstacles before them. "We've got trouble..."


Jacque didn't wait to see if the light had turned on. She scrambled as quickly and quietly as she could to the hallway where she made a bolt for her bedroom. The hitman took a number of shots at her as she dived out from the kitchen, but was distracted by the cluttered mess of objects Jacque had thrown across the floor to deter his approach and missed as she raced by. She slammed the bedroom door shut and locked it before ducking to the floor expecting more shots to be fired through the walls. She finally drew her gun and pointed it at the door trying to keep her hands steady.

There was no immediate ensuing gunfire from the hitman, though she could clearly hear him storming down the hallway - and a split instant later, the lock on the door began to rattle as the high-pitched, keening whine of the hitman's lockbuster drill began ripping through it.

She fired a single shot at the door aimed where she thought he'd be positioned at around head-height. Best case scenario, it might take him out, if not then it might at least slow him down. Unfortunately he must have been kneeling in order to drill through the lock - she saw nobody through the hole she had just blasted through her own door.

She then heard another tremendous bang as the hitman fired his handgun through the door, and abruptly she felt herself falling straight down to the ground as something smacked her in the gut, completely blowing away her balance. She was so dazed from the impact, it took her nearly three seconds of processing the dull, throbbing ringing in her ears to realize she had just been shot in the gut.

The hitman had returned to drilling through the lock, which was now warbling precariously on the doorframe. Although she remembered how it had cored out the apartment's deadbolt in seconds, for some reason both it and everything else seemed to be moving at a snail's pace all of a sudden, and the lock seemed like it was taking ages to break apart.

Jacque looked down at the hole in her stomach and the growing red splotch appearing in the fabric of her shirt. She grunted out another curse and did her best to prop herself up. She pressed one hand to her wound and tried to apply pressure. She looked around, mind and body moving sluggishly from the pain. She found her gun and pulled it up onto her lap. Now her only chance was to wait until the door opened and hope that she could fire off before he could. This was just...f*cking...peachie...

The door swung open, and Jacque fired several desperate shots through the open air until she had run through her magazine and a resounding, hollow click rung in her ears. The wavering shadow of the hitman appeared in the door, looming over her dispassionately as he leveled his own handgun at her, taking aim to finish her off.


Muerte skirted around the apartment building and down the alley way where he stopped next to a fire escape. He dismounted and propped the bike quickly. "Look it might be best if you wait here, I'll-" He stopped as gun shots rang out above them. "Jacque!" he yelled out starting to climb the metal railing with the speed of an orangutan.

Jacque looked up at the man standing over her defiantly, then she heard a familiar voice call her name. She smiled blearily. "You're dead motherf*cker."

A whirlwind of emotions, sound and movement crashed over her, leaving Cadence staring as the black clad man climbed up the steel structure as if his life depended on it.  She didn't really have a solid grasp on what was going on or how she even felt about it but what she did know was that she wasn't going just stay there on the preverbial bench and watch the whole situation play out. Her new playmate had run off to save someone he obviously cared about and so she wobbly stood off the motorbike and catched her balance. Sluggishly she willed her exhausted body up the fire escape and towards the sounds of the altercation.

Muerte vaulted over the railing seconds later, grabbing onto the gun and crunching it in the center to render it useless. The other hand caught the man by the throat and raised him up several inches. The hitman choked in equal parts surprise and strangulation as Muerte lifted him off the floor, but he then responded to the surprise attack by yanking the lockbuster drill from his belt and attempting to drive it into Muerte's gut, the pick-bit seething violently as he depressed the trigger.

Muerte grunted slightly as the drill broke skin but absorbed most of the momentum, he then threw the man into the opposite wall. Drywall and insulation exploded everwhere as the not-so-unfortunate soul was sent through it. 

Cadence appeared in the window sill, her neon green hair now making her exhausted body even more paler than it usually did. She held on to to the window's frame as she tried to take in the scene and catch her breath.

Her exhausted mind pulled together her fuzzy thoughts, this man was obviously had to be the bad guy and then this girl must be the one Mr.Muerte wanted to protect. She looked really badly hurt. Stepping through the window frame, Louisa took a big breath and started to try to pull any last energy she had as she turned and looked at the woman who was trying to hold her blood in.

"Heal her wounds and pain

no longer being such a drain.

Let her body be like new

and ... and .. let her pull through."

A neon green light moved from Cadence's drained body towards Jacque's wound but Cadence herself had already had other thoughts. Looking back at the form of the man that had just gone through crashing through the walls, she glared, not even really caring for a moment to see if he was even still alive.

"You need to treat women nicer

now you should deal with a viper."

Neon green energy ran from her hands and a metre in front of her a 6 foot long Gaboon viper materilized. The snake slithered forwards towards the figure of the man, getting within arms length before it hissed revealing it's long fangs.

Cadence now having finished what she had come here for and being completely wasted from all her spells, she went and leaned against a wall in Jacque's kitchen. From the side of her eye she could see the viper striking forward, none of that really didn't matter now though.  It didn't matter how loud and crazy things were around her,  she had nothing left to give and to her it seemed as if  the danger was being taken care of.  Sliding down the wall, Louisa let herself sit on the cluttered floor. Sitting there, her eye lids starting to get heavy as she looked back at Jacque. Her body feeling heavy she mumbled her thoughts out loud, "You're much prettier than I imagined...."

Her eyelids started to close as she let her conciousness slip and she fell into the embrace of darkness. With the welcoming grasp of sleep, she also took her snake friend as it dissappeared as fast as it had appeared.

Muerte watched as the snake lunged at the assassin and as his body tensed before going limp. He found himself slightly disappointed at the fact that he couldn't get any information out of him now...or any revenge for that matter. His attention was then seized by the sight of Cadence staggering away. He saw her slide down the wall and was by her side in moments. After checking her pulse he sighed in relief and gently went to pick her up.

Jacque, who was still figuring out what all the green light was and how it had fixed her wounds, channeled her confusion into something she could understand. "So who's the broad? New girlfriend?" she said acidly as she got up, "I'm fine by the way."

Alejandro rolled his eyes under his mask. "How about you tell me why it took you so long to call first?" He stood up and walked over to Jacque with Cadence in his arms. "Or we can just pass on the ex-lover's spat and get to Jesus's"

She flipped him off before going into the kitchen to grab her bag where she had dropped it. After making sure everything was still inside she came back to the room and lit up another cigarette. "So, how's this going to work? Cause I ain't riding with her in my lap." "I think we'll be ok," he said with a slight chuckle as he stepped out onto the fire escape. It was Jacque's turn to roll her eyes as she followed him out. She started and took a step back but said nothing as she spotted the alien panther beast.

Soon they were on the move again; Jacque riding the bike while Alejandro held Cadence in place on the beast. It was fortunate that it seemed to be somewhat sentient and had allowed him to climb aboard. They headed toward the edge of town, having to dodge the occasional alien squad every now and again, but making it to the house without incident or witnesses. 

Muerte watched with equal parts alarm and intrigue as Cadence as she approached the enemy hunter. When she spoke her words of power, killing the rider and turning the beast to her side he was even more so. Rhyming and voice it seems...I wonder if she knows how far she can take her power?. When she collapsed he lurched forward to catch her, arms cradling behind her back and under her legs. He looked up and found himself face to face with the alien creature. He froze, unsure if the creature would consider him hostile, when it didn't seem to care about him he looked down at Cadence.

"Let's get you out of here. I know where we can go." He looked up at the creature observing them. "Uhh... If you can understand me, we're going somewhere safe. I am sure you can keep up, so let's go!

He slowly stood up and walked to his bike, carrying Cadence easily in his arms. He set her in front of him on the bike and got it started with a loud roar. He put a finger up to his ear.

"Jesus? You there? I've got a guest I am bringing over. Is Jacque in yet?"

"No... I haven't heard from her since the call."

Muerte stopped suddenly. "Her vitals?"

"Still going, but elevated."

"Keep trying to get a hold of her. I'm on my way." To Cadence he said, "Hold on."

He sped off, headed for Jacque's apartment, face fixed in a hard line under his mask. Please be ok...
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The sun was sinking slowly into the sky by the time the crew was clocking out. There was still plenty of work left to do on the house they were building, but tonight was Matt's birthday and it had been decided that they would all go celebrate tonight. "You coming Pete?" asked Robert, a portly middle-aged bachelor, as he stripped off his gloves and cast off his suspenders "Everyone else is." "Of course he's coming!" interjected Jon, who was short and skinny but good-looking, "Matt's gonna cry if he doesn't." "I might cry if YOU do come," retorted Matt, a young African-American, with a grin at Jon before turning to address Peter, "Seriously though I'd love it if you joined us.
It is the year 2020; 20 years since the human world was let in on the biggest secret in history.

Vampires are real.
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