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I hate rubber bands. The kind they put in your mouth when you get braces. they fucking hurt.
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Still fucking bored
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I'm weird and love Adam Lambert.

Oh, and this, too.

I'm good with nicknames. My friend has short blonde hair, and it's really spiky. It sometimes makes him look like a shark when we're swimming, so I call him Sharkie or SharkBoy.

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Just making sure. So what domain would that fall under? Also, seems to me that someone need to update the list in the first post of the first page of the character tab.
@Slime, The events surrounding the Xerxes battle haven't been posted in their entirety to the IC (because we needed to move on and they weren't getting written). The details are here and here. The latter link is particularly pertinent: Xerxes is no longer on Galbar. The other parts of Amestris are still around, although I'd imagine that there'd be a bit of geopolitical unrest.

As for time, unless you have a compelling reason to be before the Xerxes battle, you are now chronologically after the Xerxes battle.

As for the Portfolios, the GM team will get back to you on that.

@Rtron, what's left of Xerxes on Galbar? A crater? Regular ground?

@IrishAngelQueen Athanasios is still around, yeah?

Yeah, sorry. Life got ahold of me there for a minute but i'm back. Did i miss anything important? I'm also creating my minor goddess right now. Hey, isn't the ability to shapechange (i.e, change into an animal, appear as another person, switch genders) a typical divine power? I'm thinking i want her to be able to do all of the kinds of shapechanging i mentioned in the parentheses.
Hey, could i create a minor goddess of War?
ooooo. ooooooo. ooooooooooooo.
I wanna make another charrie based on a charrie in a book i'm writing. It was inspired by this piece i wrote for creative writing.
She is bright, not from this realm, not with those kind, indigo blue eyes, black and white wings that rest between shoulders and spinal column. A tall woman, with long, graceful limbs strong enough to stick a sword through a grown man’s ribcage. Her hair is the color of her wings, but richer, as if made from coal flecked snow in your yard in the winter. Her cheeks are rosy and always smiling, especially when someone has an animal to pet, or children to babysit. Her pointed ears and canines remind you that she was more than human, despite her very human nature. There is sadness hidden in her indigo orbs, devastating loss, and determination.

Amorai Glaedriel, a name that suggests that she’s more than what you see. Her words, graceful as her body movements, are eloquent and mostly soft, filled with love and kindness when you are on her good side. She says that in her native tongue, her name means Bright Love, and you can see that she was aptly named. The sun hits her hair and wings, giving her the angelic effect of haloing her head, brightening her wings. Your breath is caught in your throat as she looks down at you with compassion, smiling radiantly, or frowning, with white brows narrowed when you’ve done something she doesn’t like.
@Tsar Gatto
Nah, just up the coast and into Tacoma, Washington.
@Indy Cooper

"My apologies, doc," Amaranth replied in common tongue, glancing down at the floor. "As for the bleeding onto the floor, it's slowed at least, and partially dried. I do not think it will be an issue. Even if it is, I'll be the one to clean it up." Then he tilted his head at her in consideration as she glanced at him. Most creatures would be unnerved by her appearance, especially the mandibles, but Amaranth only saw a doctor.

"Aye, I'm from Ga'iya," he nodded. "No, not allergic to any of them as far as I know. I've been treated with about 90% of antibacterial medicines. No, I have not. I find it unbearable to put anything besides clothes and metal upon my skin."

Amaranth watched, fascinated, as she went about her procedure, noting the way she held her tools, the xray tube and the way she carried herself.

Confident in her skills, he decided. Strong. Willing to fight, as she must have done to get her training. Racism is pretty strong, still. Damn the Empire and it's close mindedness.

"I'll try not scream like a little girl," was his dry remark. Though he was used to being performed on and no stranger to pain, Amaranth ground his teeth when the medical instrument was plunged into his leg and then pulled out, the bloodied bullet in the tiny claws of the thing. He only cringed a small bit when the wound was sprayed with antiseptic and painkiller spray. Cloth bandages and a bit of adhesive tape. Amaranth watched as a small bag was put together by the droid containing spare bandages, tape, and a skin ointment it had been busy mixing for the specific species to avoid drying out of the wound. He studied the bandaged wound. It was already numb, the bandages were tight, but wouldn't cut off circulation and he could probably walk just fine without the bandage slipping down.

He pulled his pantleg back down and studied the doctor with gold and violet eyes. His pupils contracted slightly at the light that gave off a sort of radiance that only he could see. The Ga'iyan smiled at her, one with pointed canines.

"Thanks, Doc," he said. "I'll be sure to recommend you to all I meet. I know a good healer when I'm treated by one. Hey, did you ever go to Ga'iya for medical training, perhaps? You would have found yourself welcomed. My people love to teach." His words told her that he knew how racist people could be and that it could be hard to get an education based on your race.
No seriously. Just back from vay cay shun. Anyone wanna catch me up, do a collab or sumfin?
<Snipped quote by IrishAngelQueen>

Maybe you wanna say that to my face?

This is the internet. There's no such thing as "to my face." If you mean you profile pic, then sure.
*looking straight at LokiLeo789's pic*
Vestec. Is. The. Real. Loki.
Suck. It.
@Synthorian@Canoli@Bishop@IrishAngelQueen@Indy Cooper@Tsar Gatto@POOHEAD189

If anyone wishes to post, please do! My workload is kicking the shit out of me, and writing is...hard at best; I will get a post up (hopefully soon), but if anyone needs/wants to post for some characterisation etc then yea.

Just got back from vacation. There's not much I can really do until @Indy Cooper responds to my post.
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I'm the only Loki here, bub.

Sure. whatever floats your boat. *cough* Vestecistherealloki *cough*
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