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I'm weird and love Adam Lambert.

Oh, and this, too.

I'm good with nicknames. My friend has short blonde hair, and it's really spiky. It sometimes makes him look like a shark when we're swimming, so I call him Sharkie or SharkBoy.

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Rueyn aka The Reaper


Kanata aka The Storm


Ameliya aka Inferna


Julia aka The Black Death

@Silver Carrot

Kanata waited to stand with his eyes closed listening to the room. He waited until he heard the door open and a familiar group walked in. With Small smile, he laid his hands on the mic as the music started to pick up. Tapping his foot to the beat.

"She got something like a poison," he started with a low voice leaning forward with the mic.
"The way you hit you got me frozen, Her love, her love, her love, I love you," his eyes laid on Ameliya staring into her eye's from afar. Staring back at him with wide eyes, embers suddenly sparked off her skin and danced in the air around her.

"You say you hate me at the moment," taking the mic from the stand he started to walk down the stage towards her. "Could take my life without a warning, But I know, I know, I know it ain't true."

Stopping in front of her he placed a hand on her cheek walking around her dragging his finger down her neck and to her back before leaning next to her ear. "Cause I'm addicted to the taste of your blood red lips and you're sinking your fingertips."

Her body shivered under his touch, and just before she was about to put out her hand and grab on to him, he was gone. Leaving her just with this ever increasing feeling in her chest that she had no name for and had no idea what to do with.

Walking back past her he looked left and right as he sang "I tighten the noose whenever I'm with you I could never let you know." As he reached the middle of the room he closed his eyes as he started to sing with more emotion..

"My lover is a serial killer, She don't need no trigger," swaying his head and with the lyrics grasping onto his chest. "Because I know she's heartless," swinging head towards Ameliya the wind picked up his hair blowing in the breeze. "She stole my heart, it's true" Closing his eyes he brought his head back bringing his hand to his chest then running down his side. His hips swayed with the beat. "My lover is a serial killer, But I always stay with her, Cruelness is a thing you do."

He walked back to his starting position to stare out to the crowd as a new spot light turned on pointing at Ameliya from directly above. "But I love you, you, you, you,I love you, you, you, you.” Burning bright red, Ameliya’s hair had once again lit up and become a river of magma as embers sparkled around her person.

Slowing his movements he set the mic back onto the stand, "I tried to touch you but you cut through, My own-american psycho, and your loves a drug that takes me so high, high"

"Lights go down and you break mad," the lights shut off for a moment as kanata pointed at the wall. "You can find her on the wall path," the lights popping back on to see a flustered Ameliya, who had in the moment of darkness had decided she needed something to calm her nerves and stolen someone else’s drink.

"And she's not the same in the daylight!" Crying out his body leaning forward with the mic stand. Before dropping his head to the left and slowing his tempo and making the breeze stop. "But I'm addicted to the taste of your blood, red lips and you're sinking your finger tips"

"I don't want the truth when I'm with you, I could never let you lose," outstretching his hand he pointed at Ameliya. "My lover is a serial killer, But she don't need any trigger. Because I know she's heartless. But she stole my heart, it's true.My lover is a serial killer. But I always stay with her. Cruelness is a thing you do"

Placing his hands back onto the mic the lights started to dim. "But I love you, you, you, you. I love you, you, you, you. I love you, you, you, you, you. I love you, you, you, you.I love you." His voice trailing off as he walked away from the mic instead using the air to have his voice travel to Ameliyas ears alone. "But that's what makes me feel alive,But that's what makes me feel alive." His eyes settled on Ameliya before turning quickly and rushing backstage.

Turning to look at the other girls, Ameliya’s face was still bright red. “I - ,” Ameliya started but at this point she had no idea what to even say to all of that. Her body felt on fire more then it ever did when she was literally on fire. Than of course there was they way her heart felt like it was about to escape her chest. She had no idea what to say, but, she did know what she wanted to do. “I will be right back,” Ameliya finally finished before striding towards the bar’s makeshift backstage.

Julia guided herself to a seat at a table, scratching at one of her bandages with her knuckles. She was smiling but despite this, her face looked weary, her eyes looked alert and her heartbeat was audibly in fight or flight mode. “They’re like teenagers,” she joked to Rue and Sunny in spite of this. “It’s pretty cute to see.”

Rue simply nodded in response then gave a small shake of her head at a few inner thoughts, pouring herself a drink before sliding one over to Julia in an attempt to get the other woman's nerves to calm down. Sunny smiled and looked in the direction that Ameliya and Kanata had gone off, holding her chin in her hands with a delighted look.
Rueyn aka The Reaper

Kanata aka The Storm


Ameliya aka Inferna


Julia aka The Black Death

@Silver Carrot

Being transported in the middle of what looked like an amusement park was not what the six-and-a-half-foot-tall reaper demon was expecting, nor was she expecting to get so little stares. Surely people should have been more appalled than they were at a group of randomly bloody people suddenly appearing in the middle of a park. But whatever. She would be outta there soon.

She turned to Ameliya and said, “I don’t know about you, but I could go for a stiff drink right now. Wanna tag along to my Sanctuary?”

She might as well offer to her fellow red-headed angry woman.

Ameliya had been so focused on the other wounded inmate, that it had taken her a while to realize exactly where they had ended up. Though as she heard the large demon’s offer for a drink she replied exhausted and thankful, “Fuck yes.”

Her flames slowly starting to die down, Ameliya sat there bare on the dirt ground. Looking down back at Kanata she rested a hand on his chest before she then added, “That is assuming your place has whisky and a couch for Casanova here.” After all, he had just done to help them escape, she couldn’t just leave him like this here. It was not like she had needed him to watch her back, nevertheless as much as she hated to admit it, Ameliya appreciated the gesture. So at the very least, she needed to know that he was going to survive the first rough night and then hopefully get him back to his people. After that though, well it was unlikely she would ever see any of them ever again.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I got a back room we can chill in, lay low,” she replied. “Now, c’mere, get close, you grab my good arm and then grab him and we’ll haul ass. And be quick.” She motioned over to them with a vigorous wave of her good arm that held her bloodied scythe where she stood, covered in dried blood and torn prison suit, nearly severed wrist still dangling at an odd angle by her side.

Julia, still bleeding from her puncture wounds, stopped pacing, and took notice of this conversation. She just wanted, needed to be anywhere other than here right now. She opened her mouth to ask for permission, and reached out to the tall redheads, but the words stuck in her throat as she realized her hand was ungloved.

A searing pain left on Kanata’s arm, unable to move or open his eyes. His senses focused on the surroundings. He could feel the air of movement around him. A sigh of relief washed over his mind as the moment set in. Everyone was okay for now. Hearing a minor exchange between Ameliya and Rue on moving places to a bar? He attempted a response, but nothing passed his lips. Frustration crept into the back of his mind. How was he not healed yet? He had never been injured to such a degree while in his demonic state. Then his mind changed to the fact his crush saw him in such a weakened state ‘damn it will she still want to go on the date after seeing him so weak and fragile’ his thoughts raced before a hand was placed on his body, letting the thoughts wash away for now.

Not needing to be told twice, Ameliya reached out and grabbed onto Rue’s still good wrist. “I hope you got some spare clothes too,” Ameliya joked playfully as the cool wind played on her skin, though honestly right now all she really wanted was to get the hell away from here. She had no idea if that crazed doctor would be able to track them down and she was not ready to find out.

Rue grinned, then frowned when she noticed a familiar blade that did not belong to her, but the unconscious man on the ground below. It was stabbed into the ground straight up, and she pulled it free somehow with her good hand before Ameliya could grab her.

Julia had succeeded in covering her hand in cloth from her prison outfit, but they were about to leave. There wasn’t time to ask permission. She darted forward and reached out at them with her wrapped hand.

“He’ll be wanting this, later, and I think I could find you something to wear,” she noted. “Alright, let’s go.” And with that, she took them into the shadow realm, and Julia made a connection just in time. Anyone who was watching them would have seen them just disappear into the nearest shadow, fading away with a few blinks like sunspots from staring at the sun for too long.

Rueyn aka The Reaper

Kanata aka The Storm


Rue removed her arms from the black jumpsuit that went over her white tee shirt, and ripped the torso down the middle, before ripping off one of the sleeves and tying the remaining bits of fabric together at her hips, using the ripped off sleeve to wipe most of the blood off of her face. She crumpled it and threw it down on Hollins’s body, staring down the angry woman’s spirit as she did so, and the spirit seemed to shrink away in remembered fear and trauma from how brutally Rueyn had killed her. Rue growled in pleasure and turned to Hemlock.

“Now that you seem to have things under control, here, I am going to go find my mother fucking weapon. No fucking way am I leaving this bitch without it.”

She replaced her mask, saluted Brock, and stepped into a shadow to disappear from ear and eyeshot to begin tracking her weapon down, leaving nothing in her wake aside from the dead bodies and gore scattered across the hallway and inside the control room, but she had kept the gore to a minimum in there, knowing machinery didn’t function as well with human blood in it.

Rue closed her eyes and honed in on the energy that her scythe emitted, tracking it to where it was, and opened her eyes. Which then narrowed upon seeing an unfamiliar man holding it.

“What are you doing with that?” She growled as she melted out of the shadows on top of what appeared to be an elevator.

An elevator from the cafeteria? Interesting.

Sensing himself in danger, Kanata jumped to the roof of the elevator, his back against the wall and his hand on his blade while watching a figure manifest from the shadows. There was malice from the demoness so strong he could feel it on every inch of his body, what’s more was that he could feel her power, stronger than most he had encountered in his lifetime.

“What exactly are you referring to as 'that?'” he spoke in a more serious tone than before. “If you’re referring to the weapon on my back it belongs to me.” His eyes narrowed, watching and waiting for any movement while circling the air around him so whenever she entered his range he would know instantaneously.

“The scythe,” she narrowed her eyes as he moved away from her, putting distance between them. “It’s mine. It was given to me long ago by someone important. I suggest you give it to me before I take it.”

Kanata could not help but think of the fact that the only one who should have had this weapon was dead and he had watched her die. His thoughts raced before looking at her, taking his hand off his blade and throwing it down before replying, “Then you are gonna have to take it from me."

“Have it your way, then,” she snarled, crouching into an assassin pose that she’d been taught at a young age before launching herself at him with inhuman speed, slashing at his knees with her bone-colored nails that had now lengthened into 5” claws. “Whether I get it from you dead or alive makes no difference to me.”

Kanata began by throwing his weapon down to his side and stretching his neck. This was gonna be a fight he hadn't had in a long time. Taking a quick glance at the infuriated demon in front of him, he quickly grabs the scythe and throws it up into the air, avoiding the elevator wire and attempting to lure in the threat in front of him with what she wanted.

Rueyn watched with narrowed eyes as her beloved scythe was thrown into the air, and, unable to contain her desire to have it back within her grasp, she charged ahead right into his trap knowing full well it what it was, but she didn’t care.

Whatever this being with ancient spiritual energy is capable of, she thought to herself, I can handle it with ease.

However, that seemed to be far from the truth. The man appeared in front of her at a speed she couldn’t keep track of, grabbing for ehr scythe as the man's arm stretched outwards for a strike towards her gut, his fist being caught with the middle of the scythe’s blade instead.

The air reverberated as Kanata's right fist made contact with the scythe as he used the air around him to spin his body clockwise into a kick. Rue matched his second blow on instinct, spinning the scythe with a fluid circular motion, the blade end opposite to Kanata's body while the tail end of the scythe met his ankle. However, he used the airflow rushing outwards from his foot, pushing her back to the ground but Rue caught herself with her scythe, the sharp back end being used to pierce the wall and slow her descent before setting her feet back on the ground and looking up at the now empty space where Kanata once was.


She decided to launch herself at him again, but Kanata let his torso fall forward as the air gathered around his feet and then exploded, propelling him forward until he flipped using the air around him to stop instantly in front of her and taking a jab at her stomach. The blow connected, pushing her back against the wall with a breath that whooshed out of her lungs with an audible noise. Jumping back to where he laid his katana and putting his foot under his hilt, he flipped it into the air before spinning into ai stance faster than Rueyn could dodge from the blow that just landed, swinging his blade.

In an instant, it cut into the flesh on her side but not slicing all the way through. Kanata looked at Rue's face and noticed she was smiling.

"Finally got you, little fly," she smiled savagely, grabbing his hand before swinging down the scythe that had still been caught in the wall directly above him, however, electricity started to course through her body from the katana still stuck in her flesh, causing her attack to slow and her grip loosen as Kanata slipped out of her grip.


Rue gritted her teeth, charging forward with her shoulder and knocking him back, before ripping the blade out of her side while the electricity still ran through her body before dropping it to the ground, her movements jerky and staggered but still fast and potentially lethal.

Kanata rushed forward, catching the blade, and slashed the top of her side of her left wrist, forcing her grip to loosen on the scythe before kicking out his leg against the now cut arm which forced her to drop the weapon as he brought his blade up to her throat.

“Okay, who the fuck are you?”

Blunt as ever, and not in the mindset to dice her words, especially considering the pain coursing through her body and the sharp thing at her scarred neck, one that had experienced an attempted beheading already. Even if those words might be what got her beheaded anyways.

Kanata stood there staring at the demoness, his eyes glowing the same blue hue from years prior when he first met the same demon child, and, realizing who she was, he took his blade down from her throat.
"It's been a long time Musume." Bringing himself down face to face so she can get a better look at him, he could see how much she had grown into a fine woman.

Rue didn’t dare breathe or blink, she could only stare as she was finally able to actually make out the male’s features and though they were different slightly, it was still the man she remembered, he still carried himself the same way.

“O-ot-Otōsan?” her raspy voice wavered, ground like gravel with the force of her emotions as she strangled the urge to cry, not daring to even chance to look weak in front of these other inmates that she knew were likely watching the whole time. The pain from her wounds she could ignore, but the full force of being reunited with her long-lost mentor and father figure was overwhelming, even for someone as strong as she was.

“I don’t understand how you are here, I… I have so many questions.”

And she did, like why he’d left her behind, why didn’t he come back for her, where had he been and a few more, but they could wait until they got the hell outta there.

"Well…" pausing for a second to think, he wasn't sure what to say, it being such a long time since he last saw her that he struggled for the right words. "I, too, have a lot of questions for you." He got next to her and then propped her arm onto his shoulder as he lifted her up and walked her to the elevator hatch.

"We can discuss this when we're inside the elevator while you're recuperating," he decided to say, finally.

“I look forward to it,” Rueyn got over her shock and smiled up at him, the shadows that covered the insides of her mouth from view somehow conveying her delight, her cheeks crinkling at the corners as he helped her up. She gave a small groan as her spinal column shifted back into place with a sickening crunch noise as her body began to heal the damage that had been done when she hit the elevator shaft wall, as well as the completely severed tendon in her left wrist and slice in her side that went to her bones.

“How I missed you,” she replied, before following his gaze to the ones below as she leaned down to grab her scythe with her good hand. “Aye, Otōsan, that sounds like a good idea. Let’s get the fuck outta this godsdamned hellhole.”

“Watch your mouth, young lady,” he says before contemplating their time apart and sighing. “This will be hard to get used to.”

“Shit, my bad,” Rue laughed as she spoke, knowing exactly what she said. “I’ll try to tone it down out of respect for you, Otōsan, but I can’t promise I’ll be able to stop completely.”
Rueyn aka The Reaper

Noise... always so much noise... Shut the fuck up, all of you.

“Not as alien to me as it may be to others. Aye, that’s my name,” Rue nodded in reply to Randolph, locking eyes with him. “My race, as a whole, tends to stay in their own realm for the most part. Humans who think all demons are evil plague this realm, and many a demonkin has been slain simply for being a demon traveling through the realms at the wrong time. I’m willing to converse with you, I’d like to hear these theories of yours. Perhaps I could even tell you how my race came to be, if we get to it.”

Rue actually enjoyed such conversations, but in a place like this, filled with the kind of creatures and beings as it was, they were sorely lacking. She rolled her eyes so hard she could swear she saw her own brain when Meier asked who amongst them all was the strongest, forevermore exasperated by what she saw as a pointless goal. She stood by what she said about there always being someone stronger than you, the fact that the motherfucker was locked up right now should be proof of that but no one ever said you could successfully educate a rock. Oh wait, that was an insult to rocks, at least actual rocks didn’t actively seek out fights to the death without a care for anything other than increasing their own strength.

“Are you fucking serious? Count me the fuck out,” Rue replaced her mask with a snarl and narrowing of her unnaturally colored eyes, the scar on the left side crinkling with her expression. “I’m not subscribing to this pointless pissing contest just to get myself locked up in solitary. On second thought, that might be nice, actually. Maybe then I could pretend everyone really did just die in a hole to leave me in peace.”

She then laughed at Ameliya’s comment about most men burning up all the same, appreciative of such humor and deadly promise, and also at Kailani stuffing the rest of the candied cubes she had given her into her mouth. Another reason why she ended up liking females better was how they would sass you sass and the fact that some of them didn’t even know they did. Something about a woman being sassy, bad ass and maybe even a little crazy made Rue want to purr.

”Maybe we can measure how strong we are; if we tell each other what our superpowers are? I'm curious what you guys can do?

Rue furrowed her pierced eyebrows, the dark blue studs gleaming in the light. She wasn’t going to just give away how strong she really was, surely the others wouldn’t be so open as to outright admit the whole truth of their abilities? Eh, even if they did, it was their funeral if someone found their weakness and killed em.

“I can’t do as much as I used to outside of this shithole with all of these dampening cuffs on,” she rumbled darkly. ”But I can still rip a man apart with ease and disappear into the shadows, two of my favorite things. Especially if I just killed someone and then disappear. Mmm it’s fun.” she left out the fact that they usually deserved it somehow. Let them think of her as cold blooded monster, ruthless and capable of a heavy amount of carnage even without most of her supernatural abilities. She didn’t want anyone trying to use her. She was done with that bullshit.

Rue noted the action that was too quick for normal eyesight as Meier chunked off a piece of the metal tray and hid it in his hand, something she doubted anyone else saw and made a mental note to stay the fuck out of this one if it came to an actual fight. She was in no mood to get her ginger candies revoked so soon after she just got her ration of it for the next two weeks. Rue was tempted to get up and leave right then and there, but decided against it when she heard a familiar voice above all the others, one that actually made the Reaper give a rumbling churr in response to it, pleased at the arrival of the new person.

The red headed demon smiled under her mask as a young woman on the taller end of petite with rainbow woven hair done up in pig tails appeared, wearing the usual prison outfit whose shirt had been rtorn or cut to show off her midriff and whose pants showed peeks of her legs, the scraps from which appeared to be what was holding up her hair. Iris was a loudmouthed, crazy ass bitch who liked to start fights and Rue actually kinda liked her.

Especially since her recent lockup had been the result one of the other inmates making a snide comment about Rue's face being so ugly to need a mask and Iris, who happened to be nearby had then leaped onto the inmate before Rue could turn around and violently remove his tongue from his for uttering such words.

Rue had merely watched with great pleasure as Iris did her best to rip the guy's face off screaming, "How's about we borrow yours then huh?!”. Two months of good behavior and they let her out again, Rue was pleased to see. She wanted to say something to Iris about it, as they had never previously spoken much before then, and Rue felt Iris deserved her respect for immediately punishing the asshole on her behalf when she didn’t need to. Even crazy people had reasons for doing crazy shit and Rue wanted to know what Iris’s was.

Rue looked over at Iris with a wink and another smile under mask as the smaller female gave shoulder a playful nudge.

“Hey boo, what's new? Give me the deets!” Iris was chaotically herself, as always. Rue happened to love Chaos. “Strongman Dan! Whatchyou doin' wit all dat junk inside dat trunk huh? You pickin' fights again?”

“Doing his damnedest to start one, it seems,” Rue told her, offering her a few candied ginger cubes. “They let you out on good behavior? They didn’t appreciate your attempts at demasking the skin from his face, or so I heard.”

Rue heard quite a lot in this shithole. Some of it useful for possible escape and leverage against others. Most of it was useless posturing and pissing contests. Like the one that was trying to get started at these two tables.

Thank you
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Rueyn aka The Reaper

Noise... always so much noise... Shut the fuck up, all of you.

Rueyn met Ameliya's eyes and gave a nod in return, tilting her horned redhead in hello. She noted that she seemed to have been tased recently, her hair was a bit staticky and stuck up in ways it didn't normally.

"I'm guessing you put one in his place and he didn't like that," she observed, the question mark unspoken.

She then gave a loud, demonic rumble of appreciation as the air cleared up from the unholy miasma that seemed to permeate this place, replaced by the smell of thunder and lightning, and she had a feeling she knew who did it, but she wasn't sure wether to directly thank her. Eh, she would just be herself about it. There was no need to pretend or make an attempt unless someone else did and even then she didn't trust them until she was sure she knew what the long con was, if there was one.

"Ozone smells so much better than the filth that usually passes for filtered air in this shithole," she commented, voice rumbling and distorted by the mask, then turned to look at the girl with the muzzle, who had her hands clasped together in classic beggar fashion, asking if she could have the food that she wasn't eating.

So, that's the Devourer. That's an interesting form she chose for herself, perhaps it reflects how young she really is. The muzzle must frustrate her, I could relate, once-upon-a-fucked-up-time.

"Be my guest," she leaned forward and nonchalantly handed over the tray of slop that they insisted on giving her every time, no matter how many times she dumped it into the trash or gave it away to whoever wasn't pissing her off. "They insist on giving me this shit when I don't even need to eat unless I want to. Aye, here, bet you haven't tried this yet."

In a rare moment of unexpected civility and perhaps even friendliness, she slipped a handful of cube-shaped ginger candies from seemingly nowhere and onto the tray as she gave it over to the girl. Romanov meanwhile, watched her prisoner intently, on edge waiting for the moment she might need to step in and calm the reaper before she got violent, but relaxed a little when she saw that Ruyn was merely sharing her ginger. Not entirely out of character for her (Romanov had been offered some a few times), but most wouldn't know that.

"Conversations of strength and weakness and who can fuck up who better is fucking useless. There will always be someone or a group of someones who can and will kick your ass. Save your breath so I don't have to smell it, along with every other jackass's unwashed armpits, genitals, rotting teeth, and shit-crusted ass cheeks. Even Death demons don't smell like rotting corpses. No offense, Randolph. 'Least you've a valid reason for it."

Ahh There was the Reaper that she knew best.

Rueyn ended her piece by removing her mask with her bone-colored claw-tipped hand to set it on her thigh, revealing the exposed bones and wicked, long fangs and serrated teeth. The scar that ran above her left eye apparently had been so deep that even her cheekbone bore scoring, and judging by the slightly darker color in the groove, it was an old one. She opened her wicked jaws to pop some of the ginger cubes into her mouth, the flash of a pierced forked tongue as she did so.

Rueyn had learned that this face of hers was actually an advantage in this kind of environment, and did it every so often to remind people that she was not human, not bound by human limitations and was still capable of ripping you to shreds, without her powers.
Hello! I made this account when I was still in high school and I would like to change it to reflect the fact that I am SiriuslyAnArtist almost everywhere else but here. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile tbh but didn’t know where to look until now oops.

Or even SrslyAnArtist would work if That’s not too long.
Rueyn aka The Reaper

Noise... always so much noise... Shut the fuck up, all of you.

The tall redhead paced in her yellow-lit cell, doing her best to ignore the screaming, howling, yelling, and crying of the other inmates. The screeches of "I'm hungry NOW!" from the flesh-eater dug into her brain like thumbtacks, the constant commentary of the cannibalistic clown was an annoying constant like a buzzing fly, and then the thuk thuk thuk of the guard's baton on her plexiglass cell front wall made her snarl, fiery eyes blazing with aggravation at the endless barrage of stimuli. Thankfully, it was the one guard and fellow redhead who knew all of her triggers and how to help take the edge off, and oh, fuck yes! Goddess bless that woman's heart, she brought the candies!

"Harder to ignore it today, Reaper?" Gaurd Romanov asked, unlocking the cell. "Good thing I brought your favorite snack from HQ after the meeting this morning."

"It's always hard," Rueyn replied as she caught the bag of candied ginger root cubes with delight after it was tossed to her, grateful that small mercies were allowed even for dangerous people like her. "But yes. Everyfuckingbody and their goddamn grandma are screaming and crying and being assholes today. Like, everyfuckingbody. Except maybe the electric lass. She almost never makes any noise other than her lightning."

"Sorry to hear it. Cuff up, Reaper, they want you in the cafeteria now. Mask up, too."

"Well, fuck, you hide from the staff one fucking time and they go apeshit."

Romanov shrugged, not at liberty to explain the whys or even care. She waited patiently as Rueyn begrudgingly snapped the power-dampening anklets to herself, already wearing the matching wristbands, and slipping on the black mask that molded to her face so that it would fit comfortably without needing straps to keep it in place which also acted as yet another power dampener. Once ready she gave a deep, demonic rumble noise, almost like a lion, to signal she was ready. She could speak with the mask on, but always felt even less like talking when she wore it, partly because the filter on it to help with the overwhelming smells made her voice deeper and more demonic which annoyed the fuck out of her when she wasn't trying to intimidate anyone and just wanted a semi-regular conversation.

"Got some of your ginger in your pockets?" Romanov gestured towards the box of ginger candies and Rueyn nodded. "Alright, come one."

Romanov pivoted and led the tall demon out of her cell, Rueyn having to duck just a little as the ceilings of the cells in the facility were not designed with any taller humanoids in mind. Her long and wavy crimson red hair and horns stuck out above the majority of the other inmates, making her black-clad, black-masked and heavily scarred form easiest to see. some of the inmates who had gotten on her violent side quickly got out of the way, not wanting a repeat with the reaper demon. The closer they got to the cafeteria, the more her irritation from the stimuli grew.

Before she knew it she was standing at a table that already had several inmates sitting at it, only hearing the last part of something one of them (the "resident ghoul" as many called him, and she knew it was partly because of the smell of decay that clung to him like a second skin) had said "perhaps we can establish a mutually beneficial relationship." A few others she vaguely recognized, such as the cannibal clown and a pyromancer of some sort, she couldn't entirely remember who the others were though, or any of their names. And one dude that was hella bound and escorted by at least two gaurds.

Noises... jaws chewing, lips, smacking, throats gulping, sounds of coughing, faint laughter, a few confrontational conversations that might erupt into violence if left unchecked, and above all, the constant hum of voices, both indistinct from one another and yet easy to pick each individual out at the same time.

It made her... edgy, overstimulated and irritable.

Sensing her prisoner's mood, Romanov said, "Try not to kill anyone this time."

"I make no promises," the mask made her voice rasp and rumble like thunder as she gazed at them, the mask effectively helping to hide her emotions as she sat on the far end of the table.

"I mean it, Reaper, behave yourself for once and maybe you'll get a double ration of your ginger."

"Hmmmm... I'll think about it."

The guard sighed in resignment as she walked away to lean against the nearby wall and keep an eye on her, watching her long red hair trailing out of its bun and down her shoulder blades and hoping that she wouldn't be called in to wrangle the Reaper out of yet another fight. Even without her powers, Rueyn was an immortal being with immortal strength, speed and reflexes, and anger that burned eternally. Those facts alone made her a dangerous being and hard to contain.

Rueyn gave no shits if she was interrupting a conversation they were having. She could sit wherever the fuck she liked and if anyone tried shit with her... well, Romanov might have to pull her off of another bloody, shredded corpse. quite a few inmates had learned to be wary of the Reaper and her razor-wire sharp bone-colored claws that could lengthen and even sharpen when feeling threatened, aggressive or violent.
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