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The bright light beat down onto Kanata as he exited the building a dark figure blocked by the sun descended down in front of him. The silhouette of a woman and glittering wings on her back. Daintily she stepped onto the ground with her hands crossed on her chest. Moving a single strand of her hair she said " Hey, It's been a long time."

Kanata cocked his head to the left. Something was familiar about this woman but he couldn't place his finger on what it was. Looking the woman up and down, her dress was shining like glitter in the light. The color being a violet purple with a single black streak in her otherwise brown hair.
The woman eyed him noticing the copious amounts of blood then leaned to look behind him stretching up onto her tiptoes to see over his shoulder. "You must have had fun just now," a small chuckle escaped her lips as she dug her toe into the ground. "So I stopped being a hero, so we could be together and let me say it's so much more fun being a villian."

Kanata stroked his chin and began tapping his foot thinking hard back onto when he could have met her. After a few moments an idea sprung to mind and with the snap of his fingers he said out loud "I remember now, you're that fairy girl from a few years back."

As her wings picked up speed to match her fluttering heart that he remembered she rushed forward before he lifted a hand out to her. "Stop, I'm taken."

The wings on her back slowly stopped as she stepped backwards tripping on her own feet. "What-" the words stumbling off her tongue. Her body glowed bright as iridescent scales of different colors started appearing on her skin. "Whoever it is, you can just tell them you found your soulmate and dump her."

Putting the suitcase on the ground he let out a massive sigh as he looked at the girl with pitiful eye's. "No can do. I love this woman."

The scales burned brightly with a red and black glow as her fists clenched tightly. "HAHAHA," She laughed maniacally putting her head on her face she clawed into her face. "I quit being a hero, ruined my image and I started to like hurting people for you…" the longer she talked the more her teeth gritted causing the words to come out inaudible.

Scratching the back of his head Kanata looked down the street towards a clock noting the time he looked back at her. The wind gathered around his feet as he started to float as he out his two fingers to his forehead flicking them out he winked. "Nice meeting you again but I got places to be and a woman to get back too."

Gathering the case and sword, Kanata turned and began to fly away before feeling the air behind him part ways. Quickly moving his head to the right a fist appeared next to his face. Leaning back the fist swung towards him watching the movement he took a single step backwards while whistling watching the hand retreat back to see the woman disgruntled and heavily breathing.

"That was rude, I thought we were friends." Kanata said before hearing a blood curdling scream from her.

"I CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR YOU!" the words echoed through the street.

Kanata said in a low voice " I didn't ask you to do that."

"For the last few years I have done nothing but think of you." She started rushing forward winding back a punch screaming out at him "and you choose some bitch" her fist missed kanata as he swiftly dodged. " where did you even meet".

Kanata kept his distance, pitying the woman. "Well that's a long story but she tried to kill me one day and then we met back in an asylum together." A small chuckle escaped his lips as he thought of Ameliya.

"You chose some crazy bitch from an asylum over me!?" She said baffled at his words. Screaming more she kept throwing punches at Kanata as he stepped away watching her. Each time she threw a punch she cursed and yelled at him.

Kanata felt bad not wanting to hurt her knowing how a broken heart felt, and didn't want to punish her more. Then her words met his ears "I'm gonna find this slut and kill her then we can be together." The sound of thunder echoed through the street as Kanata’s hand grabbed onto her throat slamming her into the ground causing the air in her lungs to escape her lips. Picking her up by the throat he dragged her to a wall slamming her face into it. "I was trying to be nice." His words, coated with anger choking her out against the wall he slammed his fist into her gut.

"You're just a one night stand that I used to get out of a situation. Not some soulmate of mine. Just some woman who I can't even remember the name of. Tears wailed down her cheeks as kanata kicked down onto her knee with a loud crunching sound she yelled in pain.
"You shouldn’t have threatened her," he said, letting her drop to the ground on her front. With a stomp he slammed his foot into her back and grabbed her wings before starting to tear them from the sockets. The sound of ripping flesh filled the air, blood spurting out until fully ripped from her body. Throwing the wings to the side he leaned down grabbing her by the hair pulling her head back. As he got close to her ear he whispered, " and unlike you she has the ability to take me fully."

With that he slammed her face back into the ground before grabbing his gear and flying off back to sanctuary.

Kanata flew above the city feeling the air ripple across his body. He hadn't felt such freedom in a long time. A smile brought to his lips as he began to whistle as he glided side to side in the air. Finally his eyes set onto a potential target. A relatively medium sized building set in the wealthier part of town.

He leaned forward, dropping out of the sky and onto the sidewalk in front of the bank. A small scream next to him made his head turn. A child and mother disheveled and on the ground looked at him in horor. With a wink he looked at the mom and said, "You should leave." The woman struggled to get up before kanata reached out a hand and brought her to her feet wiping off her clothes.

The woman looked at the naked man in confusion before grabbing her child and running off. With a smile, Kanata turned his attention back to the bank, opening the front door before walking inside. The lounge was massive around 100 by 100 feet. Putting his hands on his hips, several people turned to look at him in shock and awe.

Continuing to whistle he turned around sizing the door up and down before grabbing his sword sheath and thrusting it in between the handle and frame as a makeshift bar. Two armed guards walked up to him from behind pointing their guns at him slowly and in a loud voice they said "sir, please step away from the door with your arms up."

A chuckle escaped his lips before raising his hands up into the air. "I'm here to make a withdrawal, no need for the gun boy's."With the snap of his fingers air exploded next to their hands, causing them to drop their weapons. Turning quickly around and stepping onto them before pointing his finger at the cameras "bang, bang, bang ,bang," he said mimicking the sound of a gun as bullets of air shattered the cameras.

"I'm in a good mood if you all just stay quiet and let me go into the back, grab what I want and let me leave. Nobody will die." Looking around, the people inside cowered in fear. With a heavy sigh he reached downward, picking up the guns and crushing the frames. Bits of pieces of metal fell to the ground as he dusted the metal from his skin. "So, I am in such a good mood today I won't kill you for that," he said before glaring his eyes towards the group of people. " But, don't try anything again or everyone dies."

Walking forward he grabbed the collar of the guards shirts and started dragging them. Every person he walked past he nodded his head in the direction he was headed to. Each one scared and in a panic rushed over to the back and sat in a group. The two guards struggled with all of their might pulling at their neck as the shirt choked them out. Their ragged breaths echoed through the room kicking and muffled screaming before they dropped unconscious and out of air.

Turning his head back to the guards he tilted his head to the side before crouching down and poking their bodies." Sorry about that. I haven't had to deal with normal people for a while. Last night I was able to cut loose and choke this wonderful woman. The way her body reacted to my touch was invigorating"

"I might be in love," he said, swooning while staring at the ceiling."It has been a long time since I last felt this way." Setting himself down into a criss cross he traced the ground. "I am working on a song for her to tell me what yall think." Coughing out loud he sang a few lyrics, "My lover is a serial killer,She don't need no trigger,Because I know she's heartless,She stole my heart, it's true."

Stopping and looking around to see no reaction he glared at the group before they all started clapping hands in unison. A smile crossed his lips as he thanked them for the applause.

After talking about the events of the night before for a few moments longer he snapped his fingers and nudged the unconscious guard." You're a great listener. You must have lots of friends."A chuckle escaped his lips before standing back up and looking around the crow that gathered in the room. "So which one of you has the key I need for the vault?"

Impatience took over as no one stepped forward. Loud tapping echoed through the area as his foot sped up gusts of wind blowing for the bottom. "Really? Nobody has the key?" With a large heavy sigh he closed his eyes and listened to the heart beats of the people around him. Thump Thump Thump, everyone's heart raced but he focused on anyone who’s heart raced faster as he moved through them. Suddenly he found himself in front of a man sitting and staring at him with a small amount of defiance in his eyes.

"Would you like to tell the class why you decided it was better to not give me the key dooming everyone here to death?" Kanata’s eyes met the man as he leaned close to his face "What's your name?"

"Phil," he said with a quiver in his voice as Kanata’s hand laid on his cheek. Gently moving down to his chin two fingers holding the tip as his face became extremely close.

"I like you Phil. You're loyal and even when threatened with a force far greater than you. You still managed the courage to defy the fear you feel in your heart." Dropping his hand and spinning back into standing position, Kanata put his hands together next to his face. " Everyone a round of applause for his bravery." The room erupted in applause as Phil laughed, sweat beading down his face as relief washed over him.

Then a loud thunderous explosion shook the room. Where Phil had sat lay a bloodstained corps as blood spattered onto the group around. Screaming in terror the people got up and began to run off towards the exit. The expression on Kanata’s face narrowed into a sour stare. Like looking at sheep. As the group reached each person pushing against each other fighting to get to the front and out. A woman struggling past two of the larger men grabbed hold of the sword that stuck between the handles.

As her hand met against the sheathed blade she screamed "I got-" her words being cut short as a stream of electricity coursed through all who touched her frying them into a crisp.
Shaking his head, Kanata saw a survivor at the back who didn't get electrocuted. Whistling Kanata walked slowly towards him. He watched the man scramble to his feet and began crawling over the pile of dead charred bodies screaming out "Someone help! Anyone!" His hands slammed on the glass as tears began pouring down his cheeks crying and begging for anyone to help him.

"Sorry, nobody can hear you scream," he said as the man realized the words he was speaking didn't make a sound. In a single moment he felt pain erupt through his body before losing all sense of feeling. His eyes looked down seeing Kanata's hand jutting through his chest. Blood spurted from his mouth as he lifted into the air and was tossed aside.

Soaked in blood kanata began smiling again thinking back at Ameliya and the night before. The whistling tune came back which now matched the lyrics of the song he began to create in his mind before grabbing his blade and looking around the room. "Fine work I say," he said as he made his way to the back and slashing through the vault door. Moments later he came back with cash walking back and forth from inside to the atm in the bank depositing the cash overseas. After a few tiring trips he rolled his shoulders back finding a suitcase and shoving as much as it could carry inside.

Walking out to the glass doors he placed a hand pushing out before hearing two screams. He quickly slapped his hand to his forehead before spinning around and speaking out loud " I am so sorry after you listened to me and everything I forgot about you. I guess that's love for yah. Ameliya on the brain and the heart." Pointing a finger at the first guard a ball of air shot out bursting his head into pieces before pointing it at the other and doing the same. With a large chuckle he brought the finger to his lips before blowing a gust of wind atop the tip and walking outside.
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i will be adding a post by tomorrow night sorry new job been hectic and trying to get used to being awake over night
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Jack Tailor

Tags: Joel

‘Why did I have to run into this crazy bastard of all the people’Ignoring Joel he carefully stepped over the bodies that lay in his path making his way to the closet where the girl should be. He reached out attempting to twist the knob only for it to not budge.Locked. He didn’t want to bust it down in case it hit the girl inside. Rubbing his hands together he put his palms facing the lock “[I]Sesamum te aperi[/]”. With a sharp clicking sound the door opened. He stepped inside, closing the door behind him. The girl cowered in the middle of the room, falling back as he approached. “Lux,” he said a bright orb of light appeared circling his head. “It’s okay now,” he said, taking the gag off her mouth. He smiled, wiping the tears around her eyes away.

Her expression lightened the fear in her mind subsided at the sight of the man she knew growing up “Mr. Tailor? How?”

Shushing her jack held his hand out over her eyes “securum somnos” he whispered her eyes closed before buckling over. “It’s better if you don’t see the carnage outside,” he said, picking her up into a princess carry he walked back the way he came in. His eyes stopped on the crates that had been opened earlier. Organs? Did they kidnap her for her organs?! His mind raced, knowing the excess amount of parts that filled the crates meant more victims he turned to Wraith. The idea of working with this man again sickened him. But the victims left unavenged and the families who will now be left with a loved one dead and gone disgusted him more. “we should work together to find the bastards who did this.”

Not waiting for his response he walked outside and set her down on a bench he spotted nearby. Taking a phone out of his pocket he quickly dialed a number before sitting down next to her. He looked up at the sky letting the rain drop onto his face.

"Hello?" hearing the voice of a woman on the other side jack sat forward to speak.

"Hello detective Kim it has been a while," he said in a solemn voice. "That favor you owe me well I'm cashing in".

"WHAT!? Right now? You know I am at work right now" he could hear her giving orders to the other officers on duty at the moment.

"I Have a twelve-year-old girl here who needs to be escorted home after being kidnapped".

Hearing a heavy sigh from the other side he laughed telling her the address he said "See you in about ten minutes"

"Wait I didn't even say-" hanging up on her he dropped the phone back into his pocket. Then pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter he lit one up before taking a puff. He turned his head back towards Wraith who exited the building.
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Jack tailor

Tick Tock, tick tock, tick tock. The sound echoed throughout the office, the smell of cigarettes and cheap alcohol filled the air. Jack Tailor sat there in his worn and torn fifteen-dollar office chair staring at the clock. He took sips of the bourbon he got as a gift from the convenience store owners that he had helped the day before. They were short-staffed and were a nice couple that he couldn’t say no to. However, instead of paying him, they gave him the drink he was sipping on and the cigarettes he was smoking.

He grimaced every time he took a swig and puffed a smoke of the toxic substance. “I hate the taste,” he said aloud, leaning back in his chair. The sharp sound of metal screeching from the bottom of his chair broke the silence. “Damn it I just fixed you the other day” with a heavy sigh, he got up and made his way to the makeshift bed in the back office. He looked at his calendar, noting the time left before having to pay his bills. Three days, he thought to himself. He needed a job now that paid him a substantial amount of cash.

Ding! The sound of the bell on his door moving made his ears perk. Hurriedly, he went to meet his new guest with a smile on his face. “Hello! Welcome to the Mystery Mystic’s offices, the finest Private Investigator in the city.”

“Hi Jack,” said an elder woman as she struggled to walk into the room and to the chair.

“Mrs.Jones? What brings you here?” hurriedly, he grabbed a chair for the older woman he often spoke to while walking the street.

“Thank you dear” she said as she sat down. Jack noted the look of dark circles under her eyes and the new set of wrinkles that pressed against her eyes. Her eye’s had a hint of red as if she had been crying before coming here.

“I have a job for you.” Her voice was hoarse and rough. She reached into her pocket, pulling out a picture of a young girl around fifteen years of age. “You remember my granddaughter? You used to play with her when she was younger?”

“Of course, she was a lovely young girl,” he said, taking the picture. His heart weighed heavily at the thought that crossed his mind knowing what she was here for.

“It has been a whole day since she has been home and she missed school.” Coughing loudly, her hand clasped on her throat.

Quickly Jack turned to his fridge, opening it to reveal the day old noodles and a single bottle of water. Damn it he thought before opening it and handing it over to her. He watched as she drank. Resting a hand on her back slowly moving it waiting for her to continue before saying anything.
“I talked to the police already and said they would look into it.” her voice trailed off as tears started to form in the corner of her eyes. “I can’t wait for them to find her passing on the street.” letting loose a torrent of tears her voice picked up as she stared at jack. “Please I don’t have much but I’ll pay anything if you can get my daughter back. After her parents died… I can’t… imagine what has happened to her.”

Jack rested a hand on hers before putting on a smile. “Mrs. Jones, everything is going to be okay. I'll find her. You have my word.”

She leaned forward, covering her face with her hands, trying to wipe away the tears while muttering the words “Thank you… I will pay you anything I can”.

“Do you have anything of hers?” he asked before she reached into her pocket, pulling out a necklace.”

“I got this for her birthday,” she said reluctantly, putting it in his hands. With that, he stood up grabbing his black and gray long coat and throwing it over his shoulders. Then, twirling his fedora in his hands before placing it onto his long dark hair, he turned to her. “Go home and rest easy that the best PI in all of Chicago is on the case.” As he opened up the door he looked back with a wink and said, “Don’t worry about payment the smile on your face when you're reunited with your granddaughter will be enough”.

Escorting her out, he got to work immediately. Turning to his desk, he took out his dark black gloves. A white magic circle on the back of the gloves with a gem started to glow as he put it on. Chanting in a deep voice “Anima rei indagare manus” his eyes glowed a bright white before returning to their normal blue color. Images flocked into his mind of a building. A mattress store on the eastside. A front of a gang by the looks of the men that wandered inside. The images got clearer as they rested on a girl tied up locked in a closet.

“Found you,” he said. His eyes narrowed searching his desk, he pulled out a dagger placing it on his waist alongside a pistol marked with arcane symbols. He walked outside the pouring rain, matching the melancholy feeling that weighed on his heart. ‘I need to get there quickly’.

He didn’t have time to take a taxi or the bus. With a loud sigh, he let pass from his lips. He pulled a golden coin out of his pocket, twirling it between his fingers. This was his last drachma. Tossing the ancient Greek currency in the middle of the street he chanted “sinite me iter tutum ad destinatum meum per Stygem fluvium” the words echoed as the world turned to black his mind-melded into the darkness before appearing on top of a building in a shadow across from where his destination.

That trip had cost him a great deal. Finding drachma was hard enough as it was in America and buying them cost a fortune. Looking across the way he stared down at the front making note of the men that stood on the outside and inside hearing screams and yells of pain. His mind focused on the sounds of someone else being there, causing havoc. Quickly he descended down the building fire escape. Stealthy, he entered the building, trying to gain a sightline on who or what was causing havoc.

There he saw a fellow detective he worked with before. Damn it, why is he here? He thought before walking out. "Hey Joel, it’s been a while.”
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In HEROIC 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hello is this still open if so I would like to join?

Looking at the inmates in the elevator startled at his entrance “I believe this is yours red” he said looking down to Ameliya handing her the sniper rifle. After receiving her thanks he paused then responded “you owe me a date after we get out of this Juliet” winking to her.

Turning to the man who asked for his sword he looked at him interesting at first glance he immediately recognized a fellow swordsman though the way his muscles were built signified he trained with a different weapon than a katana.

“Sorry kid this blade can only be used by me maybe if we get out of this I can forge you a new sword one more fit to your style”. Turning to the rest of the people in the elevator “apologies I didn't bring gifts for everyone”

Hauta stood there as the scorpion creature walked up next to him with the flaming femme fatale on its tail and licked him. Unconsciously the flames from her body interacted with the air current around him creating sparks of ember as he whistles ”that is one hot woman'' in the back of his mind he thinks he knows this woman but now isn't the time for that. In the corner of his eye two seemingly friends based on how they talked and gestured to each other punched one of the other in the face. He looks back towards the alien as it darts through the hall noticing the bird flying and freezing everything in front of them while they split into two different halls the creature and the flaming femme fatale heading down a different one, a different direction than the elevators while the what seemed to be an icy phoenix kept himself in front of the elevator. Pondering for a moment on what to do with these new found companions he thinks should he move forward with them or scout ahead but what would they think of this stranger who asked to join than left without them. After taking a second to think he rushes forward towards the hall with the frozen guards flipping over the phoenix kicking off the roof using a burst of compressed air to launch himself past the bullets being shot at him using the air to force his body to flip forward to preform an aerial ax kick hitting the front guard at the top of his head launching him down to the ground using his head as a spring board to launch himself into a spinning round house kick to the neck than quickly dropping to the ground twisting into horse stance and out stretching his arm rotating the wind around his palm and pushing it into the chest of the final guard causing his chest to collapse inward and his body thrown into elevator door forcing it to open itself back up after it tries to close on the now limp body.
Quickly he goes for a seemingly forward punch and uses the air around his feet to launch himself at high speeds through the door kicking off the ground and smashing through the service grabbing the rope that holds the elevator to spin himself around and gain momentum to throw himself at the walls and start scaling them jumping back and forth until he reaches the top floor's ventilation shaft in which he breaks through quickly and begins his accent to the heads office to get his sword back. For a secure facility they don't have any protections in the shafts he thinks to himself than again they might not think anyone would be able to make it this far. He continues forward until he reaches what seems to be a set of offices as he peers through the vents small opening he closes his eyes and listens to the air to hear any movement. Picking up one or two subtle traces he assumes its relatively safe the commotion downstairs must have caused enough of a ruckus for the guards to head down there. He opens the grate and falls down using the air around him to slow his decent to keep it quite. It seem to be a conjoined hallway leading in two directions a small wayfinding sign saying wardens office and pointing in a direction he heads in the direction until he hits a door and hears a man inside yelling he seemed to be on the phone.

“I don’t give a damn we have a break out happening on our premises we need as many reinforcements as possible we house some of the most dangerous criminals of all time send find some hero's and get them over here” he yells disgruntled and slams the phone down. Getting next to the door and hanging himself low next to the window Kanata hears yelling and screaming as things are being broken he uses this opportunity to knock on the door and change his voice using his shapeshifting powers to mimic a guard from below who was yelling before than the head honcho wants him. The warden than proceeds to open the door and before he can get a word out Kanata throws his forearm onto the neck of the warden pushing him back into the office against the wall and uses the air flow behind him to push the door closed.“Try to struggle all you want you wont escape tell me where all our gear is and i might let you live”. The warden struggles a bit before kanata uses his abilities to drain the air from his lungs feeling his ability to breath drain from his body he uses his eyes to point to a bookcase that was a few feet away from him throwing the warden to the ground he grabs the bookcase tearing it down to show a store room. He looks around for his katana and cant find it he feels the stirring in the air turning to the warden picking up a clothed item that he got from next to his desk he tries to take out the object which happened to be Raikiri the katana that belongs to Kanata as he tries to grab the hilt it shocks him to causing him to drop it as kanata swiftly picks it up.

“This blade was forged from a raiju and a byakko that were killed in combat after entrusting their essence with me to forge this blade it recognizes only one master me and you dared to put your filthy hands on it unforgivable” The warden tries to say something but is cut short as kanata drops into ai stance and quickly cuts the throat of the warden electricity trailing behind the blade and than resheathing it within less than a second. I guess ill see if i can find anyone else’s stuff to return with he steps inside the vault once more on the wall he sees a scythe that he recognizes as he goes forward tears swell in his eyes as a blast from his past of a once known child he tried to protect hits him in the gut, why was it here could she have been alive but he saw her die he could only do what he thought and take the stuff to try and find the person using it and get his answers he craved. He smashes the glass taking the scythe and other contents inside it out and then finds a box with his name on it. He grabs it and opens it showing his suit inside as he quickly puts it on his black tie and black vest over a white dress shirt all made using the pelts of the Byakko his chains on his waist that clip around to his back to hold his Raikiri created using the claws of the kamaitachi sliding his sheathed blade into its holster he picks up his black over coat embroidered in silver made out of a once famous yokai resurrected named Otakemaru. He than searches for anything else he might be able to carry finding a guitar case with the name Ameliya on it he opens it to find a sniper than it hits him the flaming woman was the lady he had the cat and mouse chase with that he flirted with after she tried to kill him several times and failed. Laughing to himself he proceed to pick it up and put it on his back now caring a long dagger and scythe next to the guitar case he proceeds to head back to the elevator it seems that no one is left in the halls and the trip goes smoothly before he hits the elevator prying the doors open he jumps down landing on top of the elevator from before he slowly drops the items on his back through before jumping down carefully to not step on anything seeing the group from before seemed to have regrouped he grabs his stuff and says "I brought gifts".
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