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The forest around her rang out with the noise of destruction. It took her a moment to take in all the loss that the meteor had caused.
"Heh they should be paying me for looking after their place like this," She joked to herself as she proudly looked back at the perfectly safe chalet. It was only then when she looked back up at the sky did she see what seemed looked like an army of aircraft.

"Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me. Those can't be what I think they are," Louisa mumbled under her breath. Getting up from the pool chair, she started to think about what would be the best way to get the hell out of dodge. Looking up at the sky, shielding her eyes with her hand she not only saw what looked like some fast little fuckers but some big ones which she bet would have some kind of manned force on them. That of course if if aliens had manned force, part of her reminded herself, I mean what would they even look like. Would they be some kind of weird blob monsters or where they just all air and colours or maybe even fluffy rabbit lik-

A loud crying sound snapped her out of her thought process. There was no denying to herself that sound. She had heard it way too often for her to pretend that she didn't know what it was. Clicking her tongue in annoyance, she started to run towards the sound of the crying child.

After a few seconds of running, the neighbours house was in view along with the enclosing alien ship. Not letting herself to find out exactly what these creatures looked like she quickly spilled out a spell,
"Let's take this stupid big ship
and make sure it looses its grip
Let it crash into the ground
where no one else is around."

The larger craft that was coming ever closer was enveloped in a lime green light. It quickly took a sudden violent turn and ran itself right off the beautiful cliff view and down to ocean below. Smiling with a sigh of relief, Louisa steadied herself by putting her hands on her knees. Looking at the neighbours house she saw a woman with a small infant in her arms staring out at her from a large bay window. Well they're ok at least... she told herself, but when she stood back up she could now start to get a proper sight of the city.

Even if it was quite a while away it wasn't hard to see the kind of situation that the city was in. There was fire and destruction every where she looked and each time she saw the wreckage there along with it where those sudden attackers. All around the sites there were zipping bee like ships and stupid large squared spacecrafts and the more that she looked the more that they were starting to really annoy her.

"This doesn't look like a fair fight at all
So let me be there where to join the bawl
Take me to the inner city
where it's not so pretty."

Her arms raised over her head and making a large circular motion around her, she enveloped in her same lime green light then a second later she was gone.

Popping into existence once again, she landed gracefully onto a street in the middle of Lost Haven's CBD area. All around her there was smoke and screams, no matter where she looked there was damage and human life in danger. The sounds and sights and the smell reaching into her nostril and her lungs all created it so the chaos started to catch up to her. Her eyes try to shut out everything around her as she clenched up her fists. Than knowing she had to fight what was ahead of her, her eyes sprung open she looked at the first advisories in front of her and screamed a less than elegant spell, "Everything is awry, so make the enemy die."

A bright lime green shot out of her pointing hands towards the aliens that had just started to walk out of a carrier craft, and the first in the line fell before they could even comprehend what was happening.
Lost Haven, Maine

The best thing about holiday homes, in Louisa's mind, would be the fact that they are more often than not only in use for a few months a year. This left homes such as the monster of a chalet with an ocean view in Lost Haven all open and free for whoever might wander across it. Of course there had been locks and security alarms but those were easily fixed with a few little spells here and there.

Now Louisa found herself in lapping up the sun's rays as she lazily swam through her own private pool. With no worries of onlookers, she backstroked through the warm water looking up at the beautiful blue sky, naked as the day she was born. This was the exact kind of private luxury that she could get used to.

Stopping in the middle of the pool, she let herself float with her arms and legs steadying her out. Closing her eyes to the bright light and listening to all the sounds of the nature around her, her bright green hair flowed around her peaceful face.

Than her warm light was suddenly blocked out. Opening her eyes in annoyance by the expected clouds or possible airplane, she instead saw something else hurtling towards her. There right above her was a space rock at least five times the size of the home she had been squatting in.

"Well shit..." Louisa said to no one in particular. Trying to take charge of the situation she started to speak the words, "Where there was relaxing in water and nakedness, there is now time for one to be dressed and on land with readiness."

Floating out of the pool, her body dripped the pool water off before there was a rush of air and she was on the ground around the pool. Now dressed in her usual black jeans and bright neon orange crop hoodie, she looked back up to the sky, her hand sheltering her eyes from any sun light that managed to get past the meteor shard.

Taking a deep breath she started to spiel her words out,
"This home is now my castle, so let us not deal with this hassle.
Create instead a large barrier, around me and this whole area.
Let us be safe from all that is incoming, and all that might be unbecoming"

A neon green barrier shot from the centre of her chest and went upwards until it was 50 feet in the air above her and the chalet. Then it started to move outwards along the sides of the area, making a bubble of green sheen that covered not only the house but the close area in a protective shield.

Smiling as the bubble formed around her, Louisa moved her feet unsurely towards a pool chair and than sat down with a large sigh of relief. Looking back up at the sky, she saw the meteor come ever closer and then when it looked like all might have been over for her, it shattered right on her green bubble with a ear shattering sound. Ripples ran along the top as the meteor slid across the shield and towards the sides of her new living area. Finally land with an earth crumbling noise, the forest around the house was flattened as Louisa couldn't help but stare at the destruction with her mouth agape.

Character you have created: Louisa
Alias: Cadence
Speech Color: Chartreuse
Character Alignment: Walking the line
Identity: Secret

Character Personality:
Louisa is an easy going and sometimes seeming air headed kind of person. She tends to go with the flow of situations and only really goes against it and starts acting serious when something goes completely against her moral compass. This can happen in situations such as a small child being abused or someone she cares about get hurts, which she will handle vehemently.
On those lines though she hardly lets anyone get truly close to her. Everyone is a friend until they show aggression to her but no one is someone she truly cares for or would often fight for. She would fight but that's more of a I'm just here situation or this looks interesting than actually too much care about the other people. She is also the kind of person that doesn't like unfair fights and would jump in just to help the odds out a bit.

Neon orange crop hoodie and a pair of black jeans.

Origin Info/Details:
Louisa doesn't know where she is originally from. What she does know that is for as long as she could remember she was within pristine white facilities that stank of antiseptic. Her parents are memories that were lost long ago. All she knew from her upbringing were the adults that led her from test to test, as well as the children she would see from time to time. She knew she had magic from a very young age as the adults around would not let her forget as they tested her capability to her limits as well as trained her in the fighting style of Krav Maga. As a small child with a lisp she found herself hurt and shut off from the rest of the people more often than not. She found herself turning to her imaginary world instead and let her thoughts roam as she dreamed of all the things that could be.
This all ended though when she was fifteen years old and now after having her magical skills acknowledged and the lisp beaten out of her she found herself with growing powers along with a fury that had been held inside for her for much too long. Escaping the facility with just a few causalities on the way out she finally found out that she was in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska.
She has grown up as a nomad, never settling down and staying around for too long. She has made what she could have considered friends but after a few months or a year she would feel the itch to move on again and so she would take whichever way the wind would take her. Eight years later and she has walked, hitch hiked and even teleported her way across the country and has found herself in Maine.

Hero Type:
Mystic- Spell casters and magic users, if you're using any sort of magic then it goes here.

Power Level:
B. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)

Rhyming spells-
Louisa's powers come in the form of vocal spells that rhyme. She can only do these spells vocally and they have to be sentences that not only tell the spell what to do but also the last words have to rhyme.

She has a limited amount of power with her spells. Yes she could probably turn someone inside out if she was angry enough but that will make her faint. She can teleport but only around a city, not from city to city let alone planets.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130 pounds
Strength: Slightly below average
Mobility: Slightly above average
Intelligence: Average, mostly street smarts
Fighting Skill: Trained in some Krav Maga

Take away her voice and she is no longer much of a threat.

Supporting Characters: N/A

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