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Collab with @Klumsykrow357 and @The Man Emperor


The light shimmered on her hands and she stared at it curiously wondering exactly what ability she had temporarily made her own. She was about to start to question if she could fly with the light wings when she had her attention turned to Muerte.

Staring at him with piqued interest, everything he was saying was true and had a point but there was something else. The more he spoke, the more she started to realise it wasn't time to let herself be distracted anymore. This was serious, not only serious for the Earth itself as she had thought and half cared about. This was serious for her friends, their loved ones and their lives.

Focused upon Muerte, she smiled slightly before nodding and then started to rummage in her pants. Quickly bringing out a pen she started to focus on her arm, as she scribbled out words as fast as her brain could come up with them. Words like alien, hostile, sight, ally, delay were hastily written onto her forearm.

Then looking at the scrawls on her arm for a moment, she then turned to look back at Muerte. She knew there was probably a good reason he had added the part about closing her eyes but she hadn't planned on telling this to someone she had just met. Leaning in to him, she quietly spoke to him hoping that no one else could hear.

"If I have to keep my eyes closed you or Natefred are going to have to help me. I ...," A dozen thoughts ran through her head. How would she even manage to explain this. She didn't want to tell him that it was one of the ways people had restrained her in order to control her growing powers. She didn't want him to learn about her past, but she also didn't want to seem like a small child. So she lamely just ended with, "I don't like to be blinded."

Muerte watched her closely, feeling relieved that he had her attention but still a little tense as he watched her work. He waited with bated breath as she scribbled on her arm and suddenly he realized what she was doing. His tension turned to anticipation as he waited for the final result. He only hoped that it worked and that it wouldn’t hurt her. When she finally spoke he listened, then nodded before replying in a reassuring voice.

”I promise to keep you safe, whether your eyes are closed or not.

He sensed that there was something she was not saying, and assumed that whatever it was must be pretty bad if she wasn’t being forward with it, but it didn’t matter. She was entitled to keep or tell her secrets as much as he was. The fact that he had mentioned his sister buzzed at the back of his brain but he focused instead on what Cadence was doing now.

Cadence then moved away from Muerte with a slight embarrassed smile. Quickly looking back at Natefred she gave him a reassuring smile, before she then closed her eyes and concentrated as she started to loudly declare her spell.

"With new open eyes I see the world
Let my powers and potential be unfurled
With my new found ability and sight
May each unveiled look become my fight
All hostile alien invaders that my eyes perceive
Everyone a cold stone imprisonment they will receive
No more movement, breath or talk
As their bodies turn into solid rock
To friend and ally, safe from my power they will stay
And each time my eyes close the spell shall delay
Until the time a new spell is cast
Let this new found power not be surpassed."

A neon green light issued from within her chest and then as if to answer, her closed eyelids also glowed the same green. Her brave smile faltered a little as she could feel the spell take effect, and her hand involuntarily went out to touch Muerte's.

The feeling of the warmth under her hand instantly snapped her out of it though and she quickly opened up her eyes. Her hand back at the side, she was trying to look pretty much anywhere else but back at the guy she had put more trust in than any other human she had met for the last decade.

Muerte gave her hand a gentle squeeze when she grasped it and somewhat unwillingly let it slide from his grasp. Now it’s time to test our theory Muerte looked around for more aliens and didn’t see any immediately, they’d have to move at least a little ways from the square.

”Let’s go find some aliens. I’ll be right with you Cadence. Lead the way.”

He also sent an abridged version of recent events on the ground to Ruyn and Cryo as well as a suggestion that they keep searching for more metas and taking out ships like before.

Cadence quickly started to put her pen behind her ear as she tried to play down what had just happened even though a light blush had started to cross her face. Not happy with it behind one ear, she quickly put it behind her other. Not feeling it either, she finally just took the pen and shoved it into her jean’s pocket. Looking up back at Muerte, she nodded slightly before she quickly headed back to her feline mount. She had no idea what to do with this sudden feeling in her chest, and so she was all too happy to throw herself back into the familiar. Jumping onto the cat’s saddle she looked back at Natefred, really hoping that none of her feelings were on her face. With a bright smile she jokingly told him , “If I have to close my eyes, I’m trusting you to not let me fall off the kit cat.”

With that, she turned back to the front and gave the big cat a scratch on the fur near its ear to reward it for being so patient with her. Bathed in the warm sunlight she took in a deep calming breath before she then urged the beast forwards once again.

Nathan, who had been gawking at the spectacle of Cryophoenix just crash landing onto the side of a building after Verge teleported away, didn't respond immediately, as he was too… absorbed. Everything had been happening very quickly; some guy wished to kill all of humanity, and Ruyn and Cryo got really mad at that.

And now, Cadence was having a spell that kills aliens that look at her.

"Ah, yeah, right, right. Sorry." Nathan nodded profusely, holding onto the beast, trusting himself not to fall off, and to keep Cadence up. She was all from his past life that still mattered, and… he'd do everything for her. Even sacrifice his own life.

Looking up at Nathan's face, Cadence tilted her head to the side. Sure her chest and arms stung a little bit but it was nothing really. He was so worried over something so small, and she didn't like the way he was looking at her. It was not like she was stupid enough to hug him when he was shooting a blast. Even if she had, she knew he would have stopped if he had seen her. He had been the only one who had tried to protect her back when she was a child and she liked to think he would never hurt her on purpose.

"You wouldn't hurt me," She stated simply, then to make sure he understood her she added, "I know you both well enough to know that."

When Nathan mentioned friends, Cadence smiled and turned around planning to introduce her kitty cat friend but instead she came face to face with a frustrated Muerte. Her grin faltered and started to fade, why was everyone so annoyed with her at the moment? All she had done was care about her friend, her only genuine friend. Hadn't he had done exactly the same as he had run off to his ex-girlfriends place? I mean he had even taken her when she hadn't asked for his help.

"I don't have the mind link thing like you do," Louisa stated simply as she looked at Muerte, for once with an expression that wasn't one of eternal joy. Watching the masked man get in a good shoot of the alien ship that had just turned up in the corner of her eye, she couldn't help but be impressed.

She was nearly about to let it all go and go back to her usual smiling self, but Muerte had to just stick his foot in it. Seeing another ship from the other side of the street, Cadence fueled with frustration didn't think about her low reserves and started to speak out a spell.

"Alien ship in the air
let something inside flare
make part of the engine erode
and in the end make it explode."

A bright neon green light came shooting from her and towards the ship, there was nothing for a few moments. Then the whole air crate started to lurch to one side and before long it was plunging at high speed towards the ground.

Cadence stopped paying attention to it though, as she tried to play off her exhaustion, she walked back to her alien mount and swung herself back on to it's saddle. She took in a deep breath, trying to not let the others see and then smiled back at the two men as if nothing had ever been wrong. She didn't want to be angry at them, she understood they were probably were both trying to look out for her in their own way.

"Need a lift?" Cadence asked as she offered her hand down to Nathan, "I swear it's a nice kitty." This wasn't the time for her to get agitated, even if she was exhausted, there were bigger concerns at the moment.

Holding the small alien staff in her hands, Cadence looked over it wonder before she looked over to Muerte. It was new to have someone who actually seemed to be watching out for her and she smiled thankfully at him. Trying out the new weapon in her hands a little, she was thrilled to see an energy blast shoot into the ground. I could get used to this.

Back on her feline mount, Cadence was bounding down the streets with new found strength. She could do this, she wasn't out yet. She wasn't just going to let the rest fight while she hid somewhere like a small weak child. With determination radiating through her body, her panther mount leaped into sight of the Sherman Square.

That's when she a familiar sight of the bright light of solar energy turning their enemy into cinders. She knew who was behind that kind of fire power and a large excited smile lit up her face as she directed her large cat friend towards it. Quickly zeroing in to the user of the attack, barreling through a few aliens in the process, Cadence was delighted to see that it was Nathan. She hadn't seen him in a few weeks and she hadn't really been sure what he had been up to ever since she left his place. She hoped Zach got the gold to cover the pizza. Shaking her head to make herself focus on the current situation, she stopped her large beast mount a few feet away from her childhood friend and shot out the new found weapon at a few close aliens.

"Watch my back," She told her large cat friend before she bounded off it's back and into Nathan. Jumping into him even if he wasn't ready for her, she gave him a large hug. After all that had been happening it was really good to know that her only long time friend was not only safe but would actually be fighting with her. Behind her, her large mount swiped a possible threat away with one of it's large paws.

"Nathan! I'm so happy you are both safe!" Louisa yelled over the sound of battle, probably louder than she actually needed to. Releasing him from the hug she then looked around at the actual situation and realized it was probably actually time to act a little serious. Turning to face the enemy she shot blasts from the small staff and called out behind her to Nathan asking him, "Do you like my kitty?"

Silence, deafening silence. The darkness enveloped Cadence, her small form sitting alone in the gloom. Her bright green eyes searched the bare concrete wall for shadows caused by the meager light entering into the room.

"I've never seen a real cat before," Louisa's voice chirped out, "I want to pet one so badly, I've heard their hair is even softer than my hair."

Her young figure stayed silent for a moment as she stared intently at the discoloured surface and then exclaimed, "You've pet one?!" Her child self crossed her arms and pouted, "That's not fair..."

Turning away from her friend annoyed at the unequal experiences, her world swirled and changed around her. Now in front of her stood a large steal safe that was as a tall as a full grown man. Even now at the older age of seven, the safe seemed to loom over her.

"You just have to break the safe,"
came a gruff voice from behind her. Louisa looked over her shoulder at the large adult man who was watching her with impatience, "This one is an easy one, you just got to think of a rhyme."

Louisa nodded weakly and then turned back to look at the solid metal wall. Gulping loudly, she clenched and unclenched her sweating hands a few times before she took a big breath and started to speak.

"Safe that is made out of metal
open up and ..

Louisa stuttered for a few seconds before she fell silent and looked towards her feet, her hands clenching up once again.

"Fucking useless, you can't even think of a goddamn rhyme."

Harsh hands grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around to face the disgruntled man. Louisa tensed up her body as she dared not to look away from the ground, a piece of paper was shoved into her vision.

"Here take this and just read it out, even you can do that much."

Her shaking hands reached out and took the piece of paper that was being jabbed at her. Quickly turning back around to face the safe, she tried to catch her breathe and look down at the document.

"Do- door in front of me become broken
and make tha-that the thafe will b-"

Louisa noticed her error just a moment before a shock of electricity hit her in the back. Her body cramping up and becoming rigid, her world turned back to black as she felt her body fall towards the unforgiving hard ground.

Her thin frame slammed in to the ground as a young boy her age pressured his weight down upon her. She screamed out loud as she tried unsuccessfully get out of his grip. A shrill whistle blew and she was standing back up again facing the same nine year old kid she had considered her friend.

"You can do better than this," a sharp voice interjected

Looking up at the the severe face of an older woman, Louisa felt herself shrink at the words. She wanted to say many things but as she scratched at the collar, all that ended up coming out was, "but.. I don't have the green sparkle"

The trainer tsked at her in disappointment, "You don't need magic, you have been trained for this. Now line up and go again."

The shrill whistle rang throughout the small room again.

A punch instantly came for her face, and she quickly dodged the attack. Throwing her own punch at the young boy, she found her arm being grabbed and she was once again getting pulled towards the ground. Crashing on to the ground with the heavy body leaning down on top of her, Louisa felt the air get knocked out of her lungs. It wasn't over not yet, she knew she couldn't leave it at that and so she made a quick swipe at his legs as she tried to unbalance him. He had seen it coming though and his full weight now upon her, he jabbed hastily at her face. Louisa felt shock and pain but before she could do anything else, the hits just kept coming and she saw the darkness once again creep into her vision.

The earsplitting cry of sirens rang through her head and she ran as her heart ran a million miles a minute. Suddenly coming screeching to a stop she stared down the corridor of flashing lights as she looked at the figure of a familiar man in front of her.

"Where do you think you are going, little girly?" came the nauseating sweet tone over the ringing alarms.

The baton in his hands lit up with the give away warning of electricity, as he smirked looking down at her twelve year old self. Her breathing heavy and her heart beating loudly into her ears, Louisa steadied her nerves before she leapt forwards at the warden.

Startling awake from the feverish nightmares, Cadence's body shot up and before she could even realize she was no longer dreaming and her fist solidly struck what was in front of her.
Interested if still open :D

Interacting with: Muerte @Klumsykrow357

The feeling of warm fur under her hand, Louisa happily closed her eyes for a moment as she let the exhaustion take its effect. Expecting to land on the hard ground and give herself a few minutes, she found herself bewildered as she had not only not landed hard on her own butt but also found herself in someone's arms. Opening her eyes in her shock, she looked up to see the getting somewhat familiar skeletal facade.

A small smile crossed her face as she looked at her new found associate but nevertheless she started to wriggle and try to get out of his arms. "I can wa-," She started to mumble faintly but looking up at the giant beast looking at her and Mr Muerte, a brighter smile lit upon her face. One of her arms reached out to once again touch the warm fur, "Kitty."

Though this all seemed to be in vain as she was carried towards the motorcycle. Louisa's eyes stayed upon the large beast that seemed to slowly following them on it's large padded paws. It wasn't until she was placed on the motorbike did she once again pay attention to the skull decorated man. "I didn't need help," She grumbled in her own defense but it seemed like he had his own pressing matters. Well it was either that or he was just a mad guy who was trying to talk to his lord and savior.

Pushing her body upwards off the bike that she had been close to hugging, Louisa tried to get closer to see if she could actually hear the tell away sound of an earpiece. Listening carefully she unconsciously leaned against her new ally as she tried to find out if he was actually insane. Hearing the light sound of buzzing and maybe even a voice, Louisa tried to listen into the conversation and see what was going on.

Well it seemed like there actually was someone called Jesus on the other side of the earphone, and they were talking about someone else and vitals? What was someone in the hospital or, wait hold on to what?

With the sudden rush, Louisa fell slightly towards the bike's body before she managed to catch herself. "Whoa.. " She said to herself as she got her balance and started to take in the fact that she was going at a high speed. Wind blowing in her face and neon green hair, she started to watch as the landscape whipped past her and a large smile spread upon her face. This was speed she had not encountered in quite a while and she could feel the thrill start to pump through her and make her fatigue begin to diminish. To her side she could even see the large panther like creature bounding along the roads accompanying them on their journey. This was all before she also started to take in the fact that there was someone's arms containing her on this vehicle. Looking at the hand's controlling the bike she moved her lackadaisical thoughts to the man she knew as Mr.Muerte.

"Who is Jesus?," She tried to shout back at him probably a bit louder than she actually need to, "that's who you were talking to right? not like the son of a really important big guy or something. And who is Jacque?"

Then looking back at the road she finally asked the actual important question, "and where are we going?"

Looking at the man with the curiosity of a small child, Louisa was happy to see that her new found friend was not only healed but seemed quite pleased with the situation. Not having really planned anything and being in the middle of destruction, she decided that going with him would not be the worst idea.

"Why not Mr.Muerte," she said as she reached out her hand and took his and let him pull her up over the rubble. Smiling at him friendly, she walked past him with a little skip and made her way towards the motorcycle he had a point but before she had even got there was a cacophony of crashing to her left. There out of the debris came a giant body crashing through the rubble and shattering debris and creating a haze of dust. As the dust started to fade, the beast's silhouette was started to be seen. Whatever it was, it was large, at least 6 feet tall, hexapedal and there balanced on it's back was a smaller form of a bipedal.

As the creature stalked it's way towards the two, they could see the dark short fur of the big cat like creature bristle under large defined muscles. It's stubbed face swerved their way as nostrils breathed out the air. It did not have any obviously visible eyes but that didn't stop it as it confidently crushed what had been left of the alien's weapons under it's feet. On top of the beast was the same alien species that they had seen before, he held on to the beast holding on to two of it's multiple antlers that came out of it's heard like ram horns.

Watching the mounted beast with feverish excitement in her eyes, Cadence's face went from one of shock to pure and utter delight. "Actually I have a better idea," Cadence said as she started to step away from both Muerte and the motorbike and started to walk towards the alien beast. She hardly even payed attention to it's rider as they directed the animal to attack her.

"No longer may you ride this beast
you shall instead be deceased

and the creature in question
will no longer be under oppression

let us rather make it a suggestion
that it will show me no aggression

and may we communication transcend
so we may call each other friend."

Bright neon green light came from her and enveloped the enemy before her. A moment passed and then the alien opponent slid off from his position on the beast to fall towards the dirt ridden ground, dead before he even hit the floor. The beast previously getting ready to pounce at them was enveloped in green light and stood still as it started to take everything in. The light around it faded and the spell started to take effect.

Louisa smiled up at the beast before she fell crashing down to her knees. Panting she sat there winded and exhausted trying to catch her breath. She had been pushing her magic further than she was used to and it was starting to catch up to her. A soft padding noise made it's way towards her and got her attention. Rising her head she saw the panther like beast in front of her, it seemed to be studying her curiously. Louisa smiled up at it and felt like her exhaustion was totally worth it as she reached out a hand to the eyeless face.

A few large hot aired sniffs as the monster took in her scent and soon her out reached hand was on what she could best guess was it's muzzle, "It's nice to meet you," she said quietly to her new found companion.

Interacting with: Muerte @Klumsykrow357

Seeing the man lowering his gun and relaxing, Louisa was happy to see her choice of interacting with him wasn't completely misplaced. Listening him to talk about water coolers and co-workers made her even more curious as she tried to imagine this man all in black garb, with a striped tie on over it all, at an office desk in front of a computer. Would he still be wearing a mask? Or or would he be wearing a mask and glasses as he looked squinted at a computer screen looking at some stupid document or like financial information.
Hearing his name didn't really take her out of this fantasy though as she pondered, Would people meet him at the front of the building holding take away coffee cups and call him Mr.Muerte? Did he have a engraved name sign on his desk saying Mr.Muerte? Mr. Muerte what? or is Mr. what Muerte? or was it like Cher so it was only M-

What did snap her out of her fantasy though, was when he suddenly ran at her and tackled her to the ground before energy bolts flew over both of them. She had been so stuck in her own little daydream that she hadn't been ready for him to rush her, which was lucky for both of them really because if she had been, he would have surely either bounced off her or slammed into her like she was a brick building.
Now she just stared up at the way too close skull facade and her gut started to twist. She hadn't cared much about the aliens shooting at her now she had her shield up, but this face, this face was way too close for her comfort.

She only had to have the rushed panicked thoughts for a moment though before he was up and facing off with the invaders, which now she was alone she started to pick up on probably didn't take so kindly to her actions before. Siting up, she cautiously got to her feet and from a vantage point hid behind some debris. She watched this Mr.Muerte tear off a part of the ship's hull and attack their aliens with their own material.
Huh so he isn't just a wannabe superhero, Louisa thought to herself, as she watched him impressed as he managed to take out the whole crew of attackers.

When it seemed like he was done, Louisa stood up straight again and watched him stagger back over towards where she had been hiding. She couldn't see exactly what was the problem but it clear enough seemed to be one of his legs.
"That looks painful," She called out to him not even really noticing that she was stating the obvious and without thinking about if he even wanted help she quickly recited a spell.

"Heal all on this man that looks sore
and keep it safe from all the future uproar
Make his leg feel it is back to brand new
and speed up the healing of all his tissue "

A neon green light sprang from her and gathered around his body before covering his thigh wound and start to slowly heal it. This was all start to wear herself out but she smiled to herself as she was happy she could help a guy that obviously had just tried to save her bacon.

"Oh and I guess I should say my name. Ahhh... I suppose you can call me Cadence?"
Interacting with: Muerte @Klumsykrow357

Crashing down heavily into stone and debris, looking at her scraped hands Louisa took a moment to take account of her hurt body. "Ow..." She said to herself out of habit more than actual pain. It just seemed to be some scratches she thought to herself, but she knew her lower back was probably going to be bruised from that oh so smooth landing. Whatever, she was fine and now she needed to get o-

The unknown voice suddenly snapped her out of her thoughts, her body involuntarily flinching as her eyes quickly looked up at the man dressed in black with a skull like visage. Not only was she in shock of his sudden appearance but the man also appeared imposingly in front of what had been her planned escape. The rifle in his hands also didn't help her really listen to his words, and before he had managed to finish his sentence she was hurriedly whispering a spell under her breath.

"In a battlefield,
make me a shield"

It was only as a neon green barrier went around her body did she let herself relax again and she begun to actually take in the man's words. It was then as Lousia started to stand up and get a better look at the man, the barrier moved to cover all of her, she couldn't help but give a light hearted chuckle at his words. He was intimidating sight that was true, but his words really hadn't matched what she thought was going to come out of the mouth of someone holding a rifle.

"It seems like yes," She put her head to the side quizzically as she looked at the man before her, "but I don't think the rifle and skull mask really help with me believing in that promise though."

Louisa didn't know exactly who the person was before her and if she was actually not going to get shot at, but what she was sure of was that her new made shield would protect her from bullets. So she found herself relaxing around this interesting masked fellow as an easy going smile appeared on her face.

Interacting with: Muerte @Klumsykrow357

The first line of alien soldiers collapse to the ground as her green faded from their bodies. It was only when they lay there in the dirt and debris did Louisa started to realize what situation she had just put herself into.

"Oh shi-"

The other alien beings didn't hesitate for a moment though and suddenly she was dodging green energy beams and running towards the rubble of what looked like it had once been the top floor of a skyscraper. Now it was just broken glass and a large concrete barrier that Louisa leaned against trying to catch her breath as she heard the telling sounds of something striking her shelter.

'Why did I come here. Why did I put myself in this situation. What the hell was I thinking?!'

The sound of approaching footsteps snapped her out of her panicking thoughts. All she could do now was deal with the situation she was in and even if she didn't think it was a reason to put her life on the line, she was still not a fan of the invading species.

Slowing her breathing down, she listened intently to the approaching warriors. If they were humanoid like she believed she had seen then it was probably 4 or ... maybe 5 moving towards her steadily but on guard.

"Ok ok I got this....
Beings that are not originally from my planet
will now stand still like granite
no longer approaching towards me with ease
they shall stay stuck in their place and freeze
Let them be stunned and clueless
while all their weapons are useless"

The sound of impact on her building shield seemed to go quiet. Quickly climbing up the debris she peaked out from the top of the large structure of concrete. Trying to see if they were actually now made as harmless as she had hoped, she found the humanoid beings still like statues. That didn't keep her attention for long though as she saw the approaching of a black clad figure upon a motorcycle coming towards her and the ship. Quickly popping back down to get out of site, she slipped upong the piece of stone she had been standing on and slid down into the wreck.

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