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Character you have created: Araceli Holguín y Muguruza (Or, simply Araceli Holguín in Yanqui naming conventions)

Alias: N/A. Araceli embraces being superpowered as part of her rocker life, and makes no attempt at hiding that she has powers.

Speech Color: Cyan

Character Alignment: Walking the Line.

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Don't make me have Ben chase Lyger up a tree. He's not a pussy cat at least.

Christopher Arthur III

Lost Haven, ME

1 month after the defeat of the Hounds of Humanity

Because the Hounds had burned Chris’ mansion back in Richmond, Chris had to temporarily use the Sherman Center as a residence until he could reconstruct his home back in Virginia. Luckily it was still summer. Else, Chris would have had to deal with the headache of transferring his half-sister from one high school to another, especially across state borders. Sure, she complained a little about not being able to spend the entire summer with her friends. But Chris’ resources could ship her back to Virginia for a weekend if she wanted to hang with her friends.

Chris sat at his desk, reviewing the recent data he had collected from his equipment that had been scanning for more people affected by the weird phenomena. It seemed like for every person Chris had restored their original memories to, several more affected individuals would pop up on his scans. At this point, Chris felt like he was only placing band-aid fixes without resolving the instigating problem. Sure, Chris had helped out a ton of people, like William Kovacs, who would have been rotting in a jail cell for what his alter ego, the Game Genie, had done to Pacific Point a while back. Despite his cross-country search, Chris still had not discovered the cause of these weird transformations.

While Chris was hard a work, his personal assistant, Minerva, entered his study. He peered up from his work for a moment to acknowledge her presence. Then he returned to his work.

“So, what do you have for me today?”

“The board needs your approval for this military contract,” Minerva told Chris as she tapped a few times on her tablet before the contract’s details appeared on Chris’ holographic display. As soon as it had appeared, Chris looked over the document.

Ever since the Hounds of Humanity had launched their crusade against enhanced humans, the United Nations had begun to discuss about a potential international ban on any research aimed at creating more metahumans. Although corporations and even some governments would probably still conduct that sort of research under the radar despite the potential ban, the world governments, like the United States, would need to find alternatives to dealing with any metahuman threats.

“I don’t know about this one. Making a bunch of unmanned robots for the governments sounds like it could go south really fast.”

“Unfortunately, Mr. Arthur, just because you’ve been reducing the military contracts and weapons manufacturing, doesn’t mean the weapons will magically disappear.” Minerva told her boss. “Rumor has it that if you don’t pick this contract up, Midas Industries will. I would hate to see what he would do with this kind of contract.”

“I see I’m stuck in between Scylla and Charybdis. I’ll be damned if I accept and I’ll be damned if I don’t.”

Chris sat there for a moment, pondering his decision. Once he had made up his mind, Chris used his finger to sign the electronic document.

“If we’re going to be fighting a legion of out of control robots, I would rather have access to the kill switch,” Chris tried to reason out his decision. Once his signature was on the documents, they disappeared from the desk and Minerva turned to leave.

After Minerva had left, Chris returned his work. When he looked back on the screen, his monitor showed information on cases from Pacific Point. He could have sworn that he had just been looking at data on affected individuals in Lost Haven before Minerva had come by. In fact, there was a certain spider girl on the top of the list (that’s what happens when you last name begins with the letter ‘A’).

But Chris flipped off the power switch. He had been looking at this data for hours by now. He needed to rest his eyes. There was only so much he could do in a single day.

He also reached down and opened a drawer in his desk that contained a well-aged wine. He poured himself a glass and downed the entire glass. He was going need more than just a glass for the deal he just made.

Nashville, TN

The security feed from the secret underground floors of Emerson Enterprises played before Mr. Emerson’s eyes. When the security team noticed that something was consistently odd about the security tapes, they installed a hidden camera, just to check if someone was tampering with the feed. And boy were everyone surprised when they discovered that Matt’ supposed coma was quite exaggerated.

“Sir, do you want us to run tests on your nephew?” the lead scientist asked Mr. Emerson.

“No,” Mr. Emerson said, “Let’s perform some passive observations before we do anything evasive. We don’t want to blow up the city by pocking and probing the boy.”

“Understood,” the lead scientist acknowledged before turning to leave.

Meanwhile, a news report that quite interested Mr. Emerson appeared on the television screen in his office.

“Ever since the Hounds devastated the city of Philadelphia, a massive restoration project had been planned to repair the historical landmarks caught in the crossfires of the anti-metahuman terrorists,” the news anchor reported. “Although the original plans called for several phases to be completed over a couple of years, it seems that everything is ahead of schedule. Let’s turn to Amy Sullivan to see what’s happening on the ground. Amy?”

“Thanks, Jim. Reports are coming in from every corner of the city that buildings, include some of the historical monuments lost during the Hounds’ attack, have reappeared, almost as if it were magic. Most first believed that this was a hoax, but I am sure the building behind me will prove the contrary.”

Behind Amy stood a giant rectangular building made of glass. On the front of the building, there were three giant purple circles that were orientated in a shape remarkably similar to a certain famous mouse.

“It might have been nearly twenty years late, but DisneyQuest Philadelphia has finally made its appearance. I have tried to contact the Walt Disney Company about their possible involvement, but they have not answered back.”

Although the news coverage continued, Mr. Emerson heard everything he wanted to hear.

“This could prove interesting, indeed,” Emerson muttered with a grin on his face.

Pacific Point

Several Days After the Fall of the Hounds of Humanity

Amanda James found few things more relaxing than sitting in a retractable chaise lounger while listening to the waves crashing against the shore. While today was a prototypical Southern California day, peace and tranquility was not on the horizon.

“Dude, I’m telling you, Blood Spider is the most underrated villain that Spider-Man has ever faced. He’s a truly nuanced character that hasn’t been given the right story yet.” Mike told Andy as Karen tried to ignore the conversation. Although she didn’t find the topic all that invigorating, the fact that she’s heard this exact exchange no fewer than forty times made it all the more tedious.

“Mike, you also said that Maximum Clonage was the single greatest arc ever written. That right there…”

“Kills any credibility you might have had.” Karen and Andy finished the sentence simultaneously.

“They never stop, do they?” Izzy said as she opened the cooler and took a sparkling water.

“Nope.” Amanda said plainly, “But I think it’s kinda cute.”

Izzy just shot Amanda a perplexed look, then put her earbuds back in and went back to ignoring Mike and Andy, at which she had begun to get quite proficient. Amanda on the other hand, found the entire thing amusing. While Mike and Andy were both passionate about their fandoms, Karen was indifferent to it, and Izzy annoyed by the constant conversations revolving around web slingers, sonic screwdrivers, and lightsabers.

“Hey babe, can you rub some sunscreen on my back?” Mike asked as he removed his Deadpool shirt revealing his pale white skin.

“Oh, hon...I don’t think you need any sunscreen. You’ll be fine.” Karen said sarcastically.

“Please. If I were any whiter, my name would be Casper.” Mike protested.

“I don’t know dude, Casper might have you beat by a couple of shades. You’re pretty pale.” Andy said.

“Jar of Mayo pale.” Karen chimed in.

“Okay, okay, I get it. I’m pale...I know. I can’t help it, I’m Irish. I have two shades, Friendly Ghost and overcooked lobster. Would you please just rub the damn sunscreen on my back?” Mike said, visibly annoyed.

Amanda just leaned back in her lounge chair and sunk her teeth into the large Italian sub that she had gotten at PacPoint Deli and Bistro on the way to the beach. Though Mike and Andy could be somewhat annoying from time to time, Amanda was glad that they had started hanging around more often lately. She didn’t have all that many friends due to the amount of time she spent at work, and that was before she became a superhero. Besides, after all the terrible things she had seen in recent weeks, a return to normalcy was just what she needed right now.

Suddenly, there was an uproar from the other beachgoers. At first, the five friends continued with what they had been doing moments before. However, as people gathered around to look up at the sky, it soon became impossible to ignore. On the blue background of the sky, the following letters had been written with the exhaust trail of a small aircraft:

Slipstream, meet @ Stern Tower

Around these letters, the aircraft that had written this message flew about. However, it was too small to be any sort of plane. Because this object was so high up in the sky, the onlookers on the beach could only see an indistinguishable speck. Once the message had been relayed, the small craft zipped away.

Amanda looked up at the message with a blank expression. She didn’t know what this was about, but she had a good idea as to who it was that had sent her this message. If Amanda were to be totally honest, this was the last thing that she wanted to deal with today. Only a few short days ago, she had been up to her eyeballs in Hounds of Humanity thugs, and had seen some things that would haunt her until the day that she died. All she wanted was a nice relaxing day with her friends without any major crises arising that needed her attention. Unfortunately, it was clear that she was not going to have that today.

She went to take another bite of her sandwich, and in doing so, she made eye contact with Izzy, who was, and presumably had been staring at her for several moments. She met Izzy’s gaze with a look that silently said “I’ve got this.” before she got up from her beach chair.

“Hey guys, I gotta run. I just got a text and I have to go meet someone about a gig.” Amanda said as she wrapped her sub in the wrapper and replaced it in the cooler.

“Oh hey, no fair. I thought you said no work stuff today.” Andy protested.

“I know, but this could be a big deal.” Amanda said as she started to make her way back toward the parking lot.

“At least let me give you a lift.” Andy called after her, but she pretended not to hear him and made her way through the crowded beach up to the parking lot and out of sight.

Once Amanda thought that it was safe to do so, she zipped away from the beach’s public parking area. She just had one quick stop to make, and then she’d meet her “mystery friend” at Stern Tower. As she was caught completely off guard by the sudden “invitation” to meet, she hadn’t brought her costume. So before she could go to the tower, she had to make a quick stop at her apartment. Fortunately, the detour only took seconds, and with a supersonic change of clothes, she was on her way to Stern Tower.

In the blink of an eye, she had arrived at the tower, and she could see the sun reflecting off of an object that was touching down on the roof of the tower, so Slipstream rushed toward the building and began to run up the side. It was a risky move, as she had only done this once or twice before, and never on a building as tall as this one. One misstep, if she lost her traction for a fraction of a second, and she would be a greasy stain on the sidewalk below. Fortunately, neither happened and she made it safely to the top of Stern Tower, where she found herself standing face to face with the very person she had expected to find: The Iron Knight.

“You rang?” She said as she waited to find out what this was all about.

“It was more like I sent you a note, but I guess that idiom works, too,” Iron Knight half-jokingly told Slipstream. “Anyways, we have business to discuss.”

“Then, let’s discuss. What can I help you with?” Slipstream retorted.

“A legion of hyper-intelligent apes are plotting to conquer the globe and I’m gathering a team to stop them,” Iron Knight explained. He was lucky that had a helmet covering his face, because he could not say that with a straight face. And he even had a hard time keeping his voice’s tone from betraying him.

“A legion of whatnow?” Slipstream said, unable to hide the shock in her voice. “And I can help how?”

“Giant monkeys who are smarter than the average bear. Of course my I.Q. is higher than theirs, but that’s beyond the point,” Iron Knight continued, not believing that Slipstream would take him seriously. “I had an emergency meeting with the big blue boy scout and we decided that we need to form a more permanent team. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, to steal a copyrighted phrase.”

“ there’s no monkeys?” Slipstream asked before immediately wishing she hadn’t. Granted, with everything going on in the world these days, spider women, flying strongmen, and death lasers in space, a legion of super intelligent apes didn’t seem like that much of a stretch. However, the second half of his statement really caught her attention.

“A team?” Slipstream asked earnestly.

“Once you took the bait, it was too good of an opportunity to just drop it,” Iron Knight explained his false report of a primate invasion. “But I wasn’t lying about my meeting with Icon. We want to put together a team who can respond to things like the Hounds, D-Day, and the Pax Metahumana Crisis. We believe you would be a good asset to the team.

“Me? Really? I mean...I’m honored, I really am. But aren’t there other heroes who are...I don’t know, more qualified?” Slipstream asked.

“There was a brother-sister duo who were speedsters, but I haven’t been able to contact them recently. So that left you to fill that role on our team.”

“Oh.” Slipstream said, her voice conveying a slight amount of hurt.

“I see.”

“Well, I haven’t heard from those speedsters for several months now. Since we teamed up a while ago, I was able to put the good word in for you with Icon while we discussed the potential recruits.”

“I appreciate that.” Slipstream said, still not entirely sure as why exactly she was being invited to join this super team. “Well, if you’re sure you guys want me, I’m in.”

“Hey! Chin up, Slipstream. You helped out when the Hounds attacked Sherman Square. You’re as qualified as any of the other heroes who helped out that day.”

The confirmation that Slipstream wasn’t being recruited as simply a replacement was enough to bring her spirits up. If Iron Knight thought that she was good enough for this team, and said as much to Icon, that was good enough for her.

“Thank you.” She said. “I won’t let you down.”

“Glad you’re on the team. You’re going to want one of these,” Iron Knight said as he handed Slipstream a card-sized communication device that was identical to the one he had given to Voyager just the day before. “Once Icon and I think we’re ready to unveil ourselves, we’ll contact you through this device. That way, I don’t have to use skywriting again to get your attention.”
The Mandela Effect: Part 6

Will Grant (with Spidey powers)

Pacific Point, CA

Will had been searching all over Pacific Point for whoever was behind whatever had happened to Aubrey, but he had found himself empty handed. Voyager was off world. Game Genie was behind bars. And if Aubrey’s condition still had not changed in the morning, he could also cross off Elixir, too. He was running out of leads to follow. The only idea that Will had left was to find Arachne’s teammates, the Immortals, and solicit help from them.

However, Will had a more pressing issue. Ever since he had departed from the Apothecary, somebody had been tailing him. Although Will did not notice the tail until he had gone a couple blocks, he was sure that somebody was following him now. After every couple blocks, Will had doubled back around the block and, every time he did so, he could still sense someone was still following him.

After Will had made another circle around the block, he landed on the side of a nearby building. Standing on the sidewalk below was a frustrated redhead, obviously because Will had slipped away from her tail. Will was amused by the woman’s retro wardrobe. She wore a pair of short shorts and a halter top that were reminiscent of 40’s and 50’s Americana pinups. She even had a pair of white sunglasses covering her eyes, even thought it was nighttime.

“I’m quite flattered from the attention from a pretty redhead,” Will said after he landed on the lamppost next to the redhead and suspended from that lamppost with a web line. “But I’m already taken.”

“Arachne? Oh, God! You’ve been affected, too!” the redhead gasped when she turned to see Will, dressed in his Araneus costume.

“Jesus,” Will muttered as he released his grip on the web line and flipped himself so he could land upright on his feet. “For like the tenth time, I’m not Arachne! How can people not see it? I would think that the whole giant spider would have given it away.”

“Well, I guess that rules you out as a gender-swapped version of Aubrey.”

“Why are you so interested in Aubrey?” Will asked. However, it took “Wait, how do you know her identity?”

The redhead then lifted up her white sunglasses, revealing her identity as Emily Prichert, Aubrey’s friend and fellow model for Viera.

“Well, that does explain things. Does she know you know her identity?”

“Pretty sure she does. Back when the Hounds were a thing, while I was trying to save her butt, we were miraculously pulled out of the building. She was wearing her civies before we were pulled out, but she was all spidery and covered with spandex. How do you guys wear that stuff?”

“Well, it’s an acquired taste,” Will told Emily. “But the real question is does Aubrey know that you play dress-up and fight crime on your free time?”

“I do not play dress up!” Emily objected to Will’s statement, “Not all of us can be animal-themed superheroes.”

“That really burns.”

Anyways, yes, she definitely knows that too. I tried playing dumb with her when she called me by name, but she wasn’t having any of it.”

“Let’s rewind for a quick second. You were worried that something had happened to Aubrey. What was that all about?”

“Well,” Emily began to explain, “There’s been reports of people acting like an entirely different person and even spontaneously gaining metahuman powers. When I saw someone wearing a costume very similar to Arachne’s, I thought she was affected. But I guess I was wrong.”

“Umm, you weren’t exactly wrong,” Will admitted.

“Wait, did she really get turned into a guy?” Emily gasped in surprise, thinking her hunch was correct.

“What? No! It’s not like that. She’s just—um, she has—gosh darn it! How can I explain this without sounding like a giant perv!” Will said. His hands were grasping at the side of his masked head.

“Do you have a picture? Like the saying goes, it’s worth a thousand words,” Emily suggested.

“Actually, now that you mention it,” Will answered, “I might have one on my phone.”

Will then pulled out his phone and searched for one of the photos that he and Aubrey had taken while they were at miniature golf. Once he found one that adequately displayed Aubrey’s current condition, he handed the phone over to Emily.

“Wow, I see what you mean. I didn’t believe she could get anymore…ridiculous.”

“And do you have any idea what might have caused it?” Will asked.

“No. I hoped you would have some answers.”

“I’m almost out of leads. I was on my way to met up with Aubrey's teammates before you showed up. Maybe they have a better idea of what’s happening.”

“I don’t have any other ideas. So, I agree that talking with the Immortals next is probably the next best plan. Lead the way and I’ll follow behind.”

“It probably would be easier if we websling together,” Will suggested.

Emily nodded before throwing her arms around Will’s shoulders. He then started to climb up the side of a neighboring building. Once he was on the roof, he shot out a web line and leapt off the rooftop.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell Aubrey about our little joy ride,” Emily whispered into his ear.

“You’re not the one I’m worried about…”
The Mandela Effect: Part 5

Will Grant (with Spidey powers)

Pacific Point, CA

Carey McClean was starting to close up shop. Ever since the Hounds of Humanity had attacked Pixy Stix and Club Morte several weeks ago, Carey’s family and friends have urged her to sell her trendy bar, the Apothecary, and find a safer line of work. But she could never bring herself to let go of her business; she had built it from the ground up. A few bigoted assholes were not going to scare Carey away.

After Carey had wiped down the last few glasses, she poured a quick shot for herself. As she swirled its contents by tilting the glass in her hand, a golden shine briefly irradiated from the drink. Once the little light show had concluded, Carey downed the drink. She paused for a moment, taking in the alcohol’s aftertaste. She then picked up a shard from a glass that had been shattered earlier that night. With the fragment in hand, Carey began to jab the palm of her hand. However, instead of bleeding profusely from her hand, Carey saw that there was not even a scratch. Carey immediately scribbled down some notes on her notepad so she could remember how she created this side-effect.

“Want a taste of tonight’s mystery brew, Tif?”

Tiffany, the only person still left in the bar, gave Carey a cross look before looking back down at her phone.

“I wasn’t born yesterday, Carey.” Tiffany finally pipped in.

“Oh, come on! Last time wasn’t that bad!”

“Sure. My boyfriend was so happy to feel something hard poke him in the thigh when we were curled up on the coach.”

“Wait, did you hear that?” Carey suddenly asked.

“Hear what?”

Carey peered around the room. She could have sworn she had heard something. The clicking of the skylight. The taps of footsteps. But she did not see anyone among the empty sea of tables and chairs.

“Must have been my imagination.” Carey admitted. “Anyways, how about a little taste test before we close this joint up?”

“Fine,” Tiffany finally admitted as she snatched the shot glass from Carey’s hand. She downed the drink with one gulp. Before the liquid touched her lips, Tiffany had braced herself for whatever the drink was going to taste like. These mystery brews were like those magic jellybeans from Harry Potter; you never know if you’re going to get something normal or something disgusting. Tiffany was lucky when she discovered that the shot was rather fruity.

“Wow, you’re getting good at your mixology. Before you know it, you’ll—” Tiffany started to complement Carey’s work, but she suddenly felt a tingling sensation in her tongue. Something slimy began to roll around in her mouth. When she opened her mouth again, she watched her tongue spill out of her mouth. Tiffany could not utter a single word as her tongue kept coming and coming. By the time her tongue stopped, it was already a couple feet long.

But that was not all of it. Although her elongated tongue did not have a mind of its own, Tiffany could contort it, as if it were a third arm.

“Prehensile tongue,” Carey muttered to herself while she scribbled a few additional notes on the same sheet of paper from before. “Not really useful in combat situations, but I could earn a mint from selling it to certain cosplayers.”

“Great…” Tiffany barely mumbled because her tongue was still sticking out.

“Hey, if you hurry home now, you could have some fun with your boyfriend,” Carey winked at Tiffany.


The miniature bell attached to the front door of the bar suddenly rung. Two ruffians came bulldozing through the door and strolled up to the counter. The first man through the door held a baseball bat over his shoulder. The other man was not holding anything, although that did not mean he was not concealing anything.

“Sorry, boys. We’re closed for the night. You’ll have to come back tomorrow,” Carey told the two intimidating men who stood before her.

“Oh, we’re not here for your bougie drinks,” one of the two men told her.

“Alright, let me just get you what I have in the register.”

“Girlie, we have our eyes on a bigger prize,” the other man jabbered as he and his accomplice pulled out their sidearms. “It’s open season on heroes. What you have in there is chump change compared to the jackpot we’re about to land!”

“And we can’t leave any witnesses behind,” the first man threatened by aiming his gun at Tiffany. However, when he saw her face, he contorted his face in confusion. “What the fuck’s wrong with her tongue?”

“Chill, bro. Maybe we can collect double the reward by claiming she’s a meta, too!”

“Really? You’re going to threaten two women when I’m just sitting right here?” A man’s voice came from behind the two intruders. When Carey, Tiffany, and the two ruffians turned their heads towards the origin of the voice, they saw a man wearing a scarlet and gray superhero costume. Its most prominent feature was the white lenses, outlined with a black and then a golden band, on the mask.

“What the hell is Arachne doing here?” One of the ruffians asked aloud.

“Are you sure? This guy looks like a dude!” The other one uttered.

“How could you possibly confuse me with her! Arachne wears blue and pink, not scarlet and gray!” the arachnid hero quipped.

“Has someone turned Arachne into a dude? Or has he been pretending to be a chick this whole time?” The first ruffian pondered aloud while ignoring the comment from the hero sitting in front of them.

“I not even going to entertain such a dumb question…” the hero sighed.

“I don’t care if this bug is a he, she, or whatever pronouns people are using nowadays. Let’s put a bullet in his head and earn another 500 grand!”

Because of this hero’s arrival, Carey found a short respite from the would-be murderers, who had shifted their attention to the wall-crawler. While the men were distracted by the newcomer, Carey had pulled out another glass, larger than the others, and filled it to the brim, all while keeping glance focused on the two men. After she had applied her powers to the liquid, she waited until the right opportunity to act.

The man with the baseball bat then rushed at the arachnid hero, swinging the wooden club aimlessly. This effort was very much in vain, as the man’s target kept dodging out of the way. The man’s partner, seeing this, began reaching into his jacket, as if he were drawing something out of it. This was the moment that Carey was waiting for. Before the man could pull out his weapon, Carey splashed the man with her enhanced drink, drenching his entire back.

“You’re going to regret—” the man threatened, but he cupped his mouth with his palm when he heard his voice jump an octave.

“That one was on the house,” Carey said with a smug smirk on her face, as she watched the man fall to the ground and squirmed on the ground in pain.

“What the hell did you do to me, bitch?” The ‘man’ barked at Carey after the pain had ceased. When Carey saw him, it was like looking at an uncanny mirror of the man, or rather a mirror image of what the man’s sister would have looked like.

“Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?”

“Why you little—” but the ‘man’ was interrupted when ‘his’ partner was tossed directly into ‘him.’ The hero who had made a timely appearance, walked up to the bar as he slid his hands past each other as if he were dusting off his hands.

“Sorry, Arachne, but you can’t blame me for whatever happened to you.”

“Didn’t you hear me? I’m not Arachne!” he responded in frustration. “I’m Araneus, not Arachne!”

“Are you really splitting hairs on such similar names? Plus, you’re basically wearing a copy of her costume.”

“Why am I having to repeat myself so much...” Araneus trailed off his voice as he shook his head. He then slid his fingers into a slit on the side of his costume that looked like the opening of a pocket and he pulled out a cell phone, that definitely could not have fit in such a small space. He slid his finger across the phone’s screen and tapped it a few times until he flipped the screen towards Carey.

“See! There’s a clear difference between the two of us!”

“Okay, Boy Arachne. I have this feeling you didn’t just come here to save the two of us. So, what’s up?” Carey asked. The photo that Araneus showed her clearly depicted Arachne, although she had never seen the drider heroine wearing a blue and pink costume before. Carey did not really know her that well; she has only run into her one or two times before while on patrol.

“Well, speaking of Arachne,” Araneus mentioned as he tied up the two ruffians with some spider silk. “Have you seen her recently?”

“I can’t say I have. It’s not like we’re BFF or anything. Why such a question?”

“Something weird has happened to her. Knowing your unique flair, I just wanted to rule you out if I could.”

“I really hope you haven’t been going around and asking people these questions directly.”

“I didn’t think I would have to go all Batman on other heroes and toss them off buildings to get them to spill the truth.”

“Hey, I was just checking. I would love to claim that it was my handy work, but alas it wasn’t me. You wouldn’t mind giving me some details on what happened to everyone’s favorite arachnid?”

“Err…I don’t know about that,” Araneus suggested as he looked at Tiffany, whose tongue still has not returned to normal. “I don’t want to give you any good ideas.”

“How disappointing,” Carey sighed. “But I’m guessing you’ll be heading out soon. Do you want me to cook up a concoction to spice things up between you and your girl, Arachne?”

“My girl?”

“You heard me! Partners don’t throw their arms around each other like the two of you did in that picture. So, what do you say?”

“I—um—don’t know what you’re talking about,” Araneus stumbled with his words before shooting a web line up at the ceiling. “I suggest calling the police to pick up these dumbos.”

And with that, Araneus scurried up the web line and exited out the rooftop skylight, leaving Carey and Tiffany alone with the two scoundrels. Carey immediately started to phone the authorities.

“Really, I have to talk to the police like this?” Tiffany continued to complain. “This is the last time I’m taste testing your brews!”
The Mandela Effect: Part 4

"90's" Aubrey Adkins??? | Will Grant (with Spidey powers)

Pacific Point, CA

Once the credits began to roll, Will reached over for the remote and pressed the pause button so the next episode would start. After they had went to brunch and miniature golf, Will finally was able to convince Aubrey to head back to her apartment for the evening and order in something for dinner. For the rest of the night, the two of them enjoyed pizza while binging some of Marvel's Runaways.

“Do you need anything while I’m up?” Will asked as he stood up from his spot on the couch next to Aubrey. While he waited for her response, Will checked the several, almost empty pizza boxes and consolidated the remaining pieces into a single box.

“I could use a quick fill-up,” Aubrey answered. She rattled the ice in her glass, showing it was empty of any liquid besides some water that was melted from the ice. Will reached out to take the glass, but Aubrey fumbled the exchange. Luckily, Will’s reflexes prevented the ice from spilling all over the floor.

“Alright, but after this, I’m cutting you off from the coke. I think you’ve reached your caffeine threshold already,” Will demanded. Although Aubrey’s superhuman physiology gave her a high tolerance to alcohol, so much so that she could outdrink the most redneck drinkers out there, her spider powers came with an intolerance of caffeine. An overdose on caffeine for her would be like a normal person after having a few too many beers.

“I haven’t had that many glasses of pop,” Aubrey replied, “I’ve had my powers long enough to handle, umm, how many glasses have I had?”

“Six, going on seven,” Will answered as he stacked the empty pizza boxes on top of one another and headed toward her kitchen.

“I can handle six glasses of pop. Don’t worry about it!”

“Alright,” Will relented as he pulled out the liter of coke from Aubrey’s refrigerator. Once he filled up Aubrey’s glass, he had emptied the rest of the liter. After rinsing the container out with water, he tossed it into the recycling bin, along with the empty pizza boxes. He had also poured out a full cup of water for himself before returning to the couch.

“Take some more pizza,” Will suggested to Aubrey as he offered the remaining pizza box to her. She reached in and picked up another slice. Once he also took another piece, Will placed the box back on the nearby coffee table and pressed play on the remote.

After a few minutes into the next episode, Will felt Aubrey’s head rest against his shoulder. He took his arm and draped it over her back. This was really surreal for Will. Although he knew that this was not his Aubrey, she still acted like her. Sure, this Aubrey had her own peculiarities. But it was not like she was a completely different person.

While Will was engrossed in the show playing on the television, he suddenly heard ice scatter over the floor. When he peered down, Will noticed that Aubrey’s glass was lying on the ground. Fortunately, she had drunk most of her coke. Therefore, there was only melted ice left. He then glanced over to Aubrey and found her fast asleep. He could hear her softly breathing as she slumbered.

Taking the pillow resting next to him, Will slowly stood up while he gently lowered Aubrey’s head onto the pillow that he had placed where he had been sitting. Will quickly cleaned up the spill before he returned his attention to Aubrey. She continued to snooze on the couch.

Will then gently took his girlfriend and carried her into her bedroom so she would be more comfortable than sleeping on the couch. Once in her bedroom, he carefully lowered her onto the mattress so as not to wake her up. After Will had pulled the covers over her, he paused for a moment, just to make sure she was okay. Even though Aubrey had a healing factor, Will did not want her to choke on her tongue.

After Will felt that Aubrey would be fine for the rest of the night, he turned to return to the living room. However, as Will tried to take his first step, he felt a hand grasp around his wrist. Although he knew he did not have to look, he did so anyways. After everything he had done to get Aubrey back into her bed, she woke up right when he was leaving.

“There’s plenty of room here next to me,” Aubrey told Will as she patted the space next to her on the bed.

“I’ll be perfectly comfortable on the couch,” Will responded to her. However, from the expression on her face, he knew she was not going take that as an answer.

“Why are you so adverse to sleeping in the same bed as me?” Aubrey asked Will. “It’s not like we haven’t shared the same bed before. Like that one time after that ghost guy tried to kidnap us in his taxi.”

Will paused when he heard what Aubrey had just said. Only his Aubrey would know details like that, unless this same event had also happened in this Aubrey’s world, too. Could this be a sign that she was actually his Aubrey, just under the influence of whatever was causing her to think she was an alternate version of herself from a parallel universe? He wanted to say yes, but he could not say for sure. Since Will knew he wasn’t going to get out of this this easily, he took a seat on the edge of the bed, next to Aubrey.

“If I recall that day correctly, I didn’t really have much a choice in those sleeping arrangements. Besides, one thing might lead to the next.” Will paused for a moment as he tried to pick his words wisely, “I’m just not quite ready to—what I’m trying to say is I want to wait until we tie the knot.”

“Ready? It has been seven years! When are you ever going to be ready?” Aubrey complained when she heard Will’s answer. However, instead of going into a fit of rage, Aubrey started to break down into tears.

“Do you have any idea how humiliating it is that I get more action at the strip club than I do from my own boyfriend? And we have a strict ‘hands off’ policy. Is it so wrong to want more than foreplay from my boyfriend when all the sleazy creeps at work get an eyeful?”

Aubrey then pulled off the power nullifier and tossed it on the floor. Her arachnid legs shot out from underneath her bedsheets as her drider physique returned. Two of her rear legs yanked on the sheets and pulled them up enough to reveal part of the red hourglass design on her spider abdomen.

“Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Of course, I do. That’s not the issue,” Will responded as he inched towards Aubrey. “You have just had one too many drinks tonight. I don’t want us to do anything we’ll regret in the morning.”

“I’m fine,” Aubrey tried to convinced Will, but she was clearly still buzzed from the caffeine.

“How about this. Why don’t we sleep separately tonight and in the morning, we can discuss a romantic evening tomorrow?”


“I promise,” Will said as he leaned in to plant a kiss on Aubrey’s forehead. However, Aubrey pulled him towards herself and drew their lips together. Will tried to brace himself from this little surprise. One hand landed on her hip, while the other on her breast.

“A little preview for tomorrow,” Aubrey whispered in Will’s ear after they parted lips. She then rested her head back on her pillow and fell back to sleep.

Will sat there, stunned. What had he gotten himself into? His only hope was that she would not remember their conversation. But now that she was asleep, Will knew this was his opportunity to leave her alone and get back to the living room. Who knows what she would do if she were to wake up again while Will was still in the room.

After Will had pulled out the pillow and blanket he had packed in his luggage and made his bed on the couch, he laid down to rest. However, no matter how much he tried, he could not fall asleep. The uncanny similarities that the Aubrey, who was fast asleep in the other room, had to “his” Aubrey still bothered him. It made him want to believe that she was really “his” Aubrey, but he had no way to be sure.

He then sat up and stared at Aubrey’s bedroom door. Was he overthinking things here? What harm could really come from something as simple as sleeping in the same bed as her? Maybe he had been judging a book by its cover unjustly. And when would he have such an opportunity ever again? Sure, she had comically ridiculous proportions, but “his” Aubrey was also quite well-endowed, too. Will had to admit that this Aubrey had quite the—

What the hell am I thinking? Will mentally gasped when he realized what thoughts were running through his head. Even if this Aubrey was in fact “his” Aubrey, she still was not right in the head. He would not cheat on his girlfriend, even if the woman sleeping in the other room was just her doppelganger from another universe. And what was he doing metaphorically caressing her body in his head?

Will immediately threw off his blanket and stood up. With one press of a button on his wristband, his scarlet and gray costume began to cover his body. For a moment, he paused, using his spider sense to make sure that Aubrey was still asleep. Once Will knew Aubrey was not awake, he silently leapt up onto the ceiling and opened the skylight.

“I’ll find out what has happened to you, Aubrey,” Will muttered under his breath as he shut the rooftop skylight. “I promise you that.”

Pacific Point

Christopher Arthur made himself comfortable in his limousine as he waited for his driver to begin their short journey. After Chris had discussed the idea of forming a permanent superhero team with Icon, he had flown out to Pacific Point. There were two heroes there that was on Icon and Chris’ radar: Slipstream and Voyager. Therefore, Chris decided to kill two birds with one stone. Although Icon could easily have flown out to California, but there was no good reason to have both of them traveling out there when Chris could just as easily cover both recruits.

Voyager was going to be the easiest of the two for Chris to find. Chris did not even need to lean on his company ties to S.P.A.R.K., as it had diverted some of its resources to help Poseidon Energies set up this organization. S.P.A.R.K. had publicly announced Voyager’s involvement in their team. All Chris had to do was show up at the main S.P.A.R.K. facility and work his magic.

Slipstream, on the other hand, would be a little more difficult. Although Chris knew that the speedster superheroine probably lived in Southern California, as they teamed up right before the Hounds reared their ugly faces, he did not have an exact location for her, unlike Voyager. He was tossing some ideas around in his head and the one he was thinking he would pursue was to use skywriting to get Slipstream’s attention. Chris was of course going over the top to recruit these women.

After waiting several minutes in the Pacific Point traffic, Chris had finally arrived at the main S.P.A.R.K. facility in Pacific Point. Once Chris had stepped out of the limousine, he made sure to straighten out and neaten up his nice dress suit before he entered through the front door. He strolled inside the building and looked around for the first person he could find to point him in the right direction.

“Hey Jordan, the shop was out of bratwurst so I-aaaah!”

Gabriella Muniz stopped dead as she almost walked right into the resplendently dressed superhero, the color immediately draining from her face and her mouth opening and closing of its own accord.

"From the sound of it, I don't need to introduce myself," Chris said as he turned around to face the woman who had also just entered the building. He pulled off his sunglasses, clicked their temples closed, and stowed them away in a pocket inside his coat jacket. "But I'll do it anyways. Christopher Arthur, playboy billionaire philanthropist. I’m here to meet one of your resident metahumans.”

“Haa...hello…” Gabriella managed to stammer out, her eyes darting back and forth to try and find an escape route, if needed. Easier said than done; since Briley Patton got the S.P.A.R.K. bandwagon rolling, this facility had been busier than ever, with scientists and staff milling about and interacting with newcomer heroes looking to get a leg into the game. Needless to say, with so many heroes around, the arrival of a particular famous one like Iron Knight was causing quite a stir; more than a few conversations ended in a hushed gasp when they realized who just walked in, with a few personnel desperately searching their persons for something that could be signed. The heroes especially were quite star struck, with one girl dressed like a magical princess looking faint at the sight of him.

“Oi, fancypants!”

Less star-struck was Jordan Fletcher, dressed in her new uniform with the S.P.A.R.K. patch on the shoulder, who stormed in from the security office to see who was causing trouble. Looking at her clipboard, she didn’t notice at first who she was talking to.

“I don’t have anyone cleared for visiting today, and we don’t do walk-ins!” she said importantly, looking up at Arthur. “You need to call in advance and we’ll send you ah...haa!” Fletcher nearly dropped her gear out of shock as Gabriella subtly scooted behind her girlfriend, not so subtly hiding her face in her hands.

“Interesting, I could have sworn I made an appointment. Let me look at my calendar really quickly,” Chris said as he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket. For a second or two, Chris swiped and tapped the screen of his phone until he got the information he wanted. “Well, as of two seconds ago, I am officially on your schedule. You guys should upgrade your security. You never know when a supervillain might try to break into here.” Gabriella squeaked and ducked down behind Jordan, who didn’t look at all amused with this suggestion.

“You’re hilarious,” Jordan quipped, rolling her eyes as the crowd inevitably began swarming in. “What are you even doing here anyway? Not like you don’t have your own equipment to use, I’ve seen the news lately.”

“Well, I was recently talking with Icon,” Chris started to explain, while at the same time he was signing whatever the other heroes, who were present at the time, were handing to him. “He wanted me to come to Pacific Point and talk with one of the heroes employed by S.P.A.R.K. I can’t quite remember her name. She’s kind of squidlike with blue skin, if I’m remembering correctly.”

“...what exactly do you guys want with Voyager?” Jordan said accusingly.

“That name kind of sounds familiar,” Chris replied to Jordan. The crowd of heroes all sighed in disappointment when they found out that they were not the hero Chris was looking for. “Well, I have some things I must discuss with Voyager. If you guys have any private conference rooms at this facility, that would be fantastic.”

“Well we would have if you scheduled AHEAD of time,” Jordan said with a bit of sarcastic emphasis. “But if you want to talk with her she’s in the Juno Assembly Lab. It’s down the hallway, head three doors down and follow the letters, can’t miss it.”

“Do you need me to take you there, Mr. Iron Knight?” the magical princess heroine asked, fluttering her eyelashes, prompting Jordan to roll her eyes even harder.

“I appreciate the offer, but I think I can manage getting there on my own,” Chris answered what seemed like a die-hard fan of his. “But thank you all for the warm welcome.

Keep up your good work and stay safe and try not to break too many laws. He then said to all the other heroes who had gathered up around him. After also thanking Jordan for her help, Chris left the crowd of heroes behind him as he walked down the hallway and looked at the labels on the doors until he found the Juno Assembly Lab. He then pushed the door open and entered the room.

”-and this will seal against unpleasant environments?” Voyager said nervously.

“Absolutely, just want to run the auto-seal and see if it functions properly and you should be spacefaring in no time,” Dr. Martel explained.

Not making his presence known just yet, Chris approached the scene cautiously, as it was a rather unnerving sight, seeing the squid-heroine seemingly trapped inside of a glass box. She seemed to be wearing a new, more armored version of the costume he’d seen before, with a standard breathing apparatus hanging off of her hip for some reason. The scientist nearby, who he assumed was this Dr. Martel, started to work on his console quite cautiously.

“Alright, I’m lowering the breathability of the air gradually, Riley,” he explained. “The seal activates when it drops below 50%, if you’re not comfortable or something goes wrong the shutdown trigger on your mask will flood the chamber and bring things back to normal. You ready?”

Voyager gave a thumbs up, and Martel began twisting a knob slowly. Chris watched a meter on the side of the tank slip lower and lower, until…


Voyager gave a start as a helmet sprung seemingly from nowhere, sealing tight and hiding her face behind a glass, opaque visor, with her eyes being visible as colored eye-shaped symbols behind the glass. She stumbled a bit to find her bearings, running her hand over the glass surface.

“Everything okay in there?” Martel asked into a microphone.

“Yes! I am getting air in here…the pressure level is normal as well...” Voyager reported, regaining her senses a bit. ”It just feels...what is the word where its a tight space again?”


“Yes, that is it!” she said.

“Well at least it is safe. Why don’t you give your powers a shot while you’re in there, make sure they work alright?”


Raising her hand, Voyager extended her psionic abilities and lifted a stapler sitting next to Martel into the air, letting it hover slightly before flinging it where Christopher Arthur happened to be waiting patiently.

Chris immediately regretted not making his presence known sooner, as a stapler was now soaring towards him. Initially, he was going to try to catch the stapler, but he soon decided to step to the right to just dodge it, as he did not want to get staple in the hand or anything like that.

“Excuse my interruption, but I have things to discuss with Voyager,” Chris said so as to make his presence known, if they had not already noticed him.

Martel raised an eyebrow, recognizing the flashy superhero. “Well, this should be intriguing…”

” I not need to finish the suit to save the space dragons?”

“Well if Mr. Superstar can just barge in unannounced I assume he has something just as important, hm?” Martel said, whether it was with sarcasm or not, Chris couldn’t tell.

“Oh, it is really important. I would tell you all about it, but it’s top secret superhero stuff. So, if you don’t mind, after you help her out of there, we’re going to need some privacy.”

“The lab should do fine, I think,” Martel suggested, turning the knob back. “Stand back, I’m unlocking the vacuum tube.”

Chris did so, and there was a hiss of air as the tube unhatched from the floor and ascended into the ceiling of the lab. Voyager activated a button on her wrist as the air around her went back to normal and the helmet snapped open and folded backwards, hiding itself and leaving Voyager to blink the sudden brightness out of her eyes as she removed the back-up breathing mask.

“I’ll be right outside then. Don’t worry, the doors are soundproofed,” Martel said, striding past the hotshot hero and shutting the door behind him, leaving Voyager to stare at Chris curiously.

“Alright, before we begin, let’s just make sure nobody is eavesdropping on us,” Chris said before pulling out a small, circular device, that fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. He placed the device down on a nearby desk and activated it. If someone were listening on them, his ears would soon be screeching in pain. After he finished these precautions, Chris removed his jacket and slung over a nearby chair and turned to Voyager, who seemed to flinch when the device activated.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m here. Well, I’ve met with Icon and we both agree that we need to assemble a team of heroes. Since the year began, there had been several crises: D-Day, Pax Metahumana, Nightmare, and most recently the Hounds of Humanity. Each time, all the heroes were being reactive. We would gather up a rag-tag group of heroes and save the day. But how would these events had played out differently if we already had a team ready to meet the next crisis?”

”I suppose...”

“Icon and I have discussed potential members for our team. On Icon’s recommendation from your assistance with destroying the Finger of God, we have decided to reach out an invitation to you to join our team. We believe you would be a valuable asset to the team. So, what do you think?”

Voyager stared blankly for a millisecond before she suddenly gasped.



Voyager was immediately cut off as the helmet suddenly snapped over her head again, accidentally triggered when she threw her hands over her mouth. Chris waited patiently as she flailed around from a mixture of panic and excitement until she finally remembered how to turn the helmet off, leaving her gasping for breath, her back against the command console.

”You…pant...want me...on team?”

“We would like you to join, but if you don’t want to be part of this monumental milestone, we would understand.”


“Okay, okay. Slow down, there, before you give yourself a heart attack or something,” Chris tried to calm Voyager down. He definitely was not expecting that type of reaction. “Let me give you this.”

Chris pulled out yet another device out of his pocket and handed it over to Voyager. This device was rectangular in shape and was slightly thicker than a driver’s license. The top had a small screen embedded into it.

“We’ll contact you via this neat gadget once we have assembled all of our recruits and figured out our team’s name. We would like to keep things under wraps as much as we can until we are ready to make ourselves publicly known. Might be a little difficult after I just waltzed right in here, but that’s nothing I can’t handle. Do you have any questions?”

”Yes! I mean,! I mean….aah!” Voyager snatched the device and jumped on top of Chris, giving him the biggest hug she’d ever given someone before.

“Um...okay,” Chris mumbled as he patted Voyager on the back a few times before trying to pry himself out of her vice grip. “Well, if you don’t have any questions for me, I guess I’ll return you to your tests. And welcome to the team.”

”I will not let you down!” Voyager said proudly, springing into a salute before-


The Mandela Effect: Part 3

"90's" Aubrey Adkins??? | Will Grant (with Spidey powers)

Pacific Point, CA

Will was not sure why he was brushing his teeth, as he and Aubrey were about to head out for brunch. Maybe he was subconsciously stalling so he could buy some time to figure out what was up with Aubrey? Putting aside the caricature that was now her body, she was acting a little—off. She had almost rush out of the house in her drider form without wearing her superhero costume. Aubrey would normally not be that careless with her secret identity. Sure, there was that one time where that serial killer was trying to abduct them, but there were extenuating circumstances in that situation.

Now that Will had dawdled long enough, he could not waste any more time. She would start wondering if anything was wrong. After Will had rinsed off his toothbrush and set it on the bathroom counter, he turned the handle of the door and exited. He found Aubrey reclining on her living room couch, dressed and ready. Or at least it looked like she thought she was ready. She was sliding the touch screen of her cell phone as she browsed her device, while she still had her drider appearance, despite her knowing that they were heading out in public. At least she was wearing a pair of the yoga pants that Athena had altered so that they would fit Aubrey’s spider half.

“Ready?” Aubrey finally looked up from her cell phone.

“Um…shouldn’t you have your power nullifier on?” Will asked. For a few seconds, Aubrey just gave her boyfriend a blank stare, as if she was wondering why would she have her nullifier on. Then her face suddenly became flushed.

“Oh, dah! I have no idea how that slipped my mind!” Aubrey finally responded to Will before rolling over onto her eight arachnid legs and scurrying off to her bedroom. Her voice, however, betrayed Aubrey’s sincerity, hinting that she was trying to act a part. Before opening her door, Aubrey turned her upper body towards Will. “Blonde moment, of course.”

After Aubrey had hurried into her bedroom to change her wardrobe, Will took a seat on her couch and started to wrack his brain. What could be causing Aubrey to act slightly off? The first thought that came to his mind was some sort of mind-altering power, like that Voyager. However, this did not explain her physical changes. Plus, Voyager was a hero. Otherwise, this would be the worse prank ever. And a mean one, too.

Then he considered the Game Genie. His hard-light holograms could explain Aubrey’s exaggerated physical appearance. But it would not explain her peculiar behavior. Plus, the Game Genie had been apprehended a while ago. So, unless the villain had planted a device to enact his vengeance on the heroes who had taken him down, the Game Genie was also an unlikely culprit.

Now I’m ready,” Aubrey alerted Will. Her voice broke Will’s train of thought. He was going to need to return to this inquiry later. There was no reason to break the news just yet. Not many people would not freak out if someone challenged their identity. Plus, because Will’s spider-sense was not blaring in his head, he knew she probably was not some villain doing a poor attempt at a doppelganger.

When Will turned his head, he noticed that Aubrey had changed her entire wardrobe. The shirt she had just been wearing a few moment prior must have went well the yoga pants that fit her spider half. Her outfit obviously was not designed for someone who looked as if she jumped off the page of a 90’s dark age comic book, but Aubrey tried to her best to mask this fact. But because he had no leads on what has caused her to look and act in this way, Will just had to play it cool.

“Great. I’m starving,” Will answered.

It took a little bit for Aubrey to remember how to drive a car that ran on gasoline and rolled on four wheels. Luckily it was like riding a bike: you never truly forget the fundamentals. She wondered whether Will had started to realize something was up, especially because of the car troubles and her initial wardrobe choice. Maybe she should fess up that something was wrong. But what if he thought she was crazy? Maybe it is better to keep things under wraps and keep acting like she was his Aubrey. Thinking about whether temporarily romancing an alternate version of her boyfriend from a different universe would be considered cheating was just too much for Aubrey to comprehend. It was not like she was intending to steal this Will from this world’s Aubrey or anything. How hard would it really be to play herself? Sure, it was an Aubrey from a different reality, but how different could they really be?

After Aubrey and Will had finished their brunch, they decided to head over to the local putt putt course in Pacific Point, the Seagreen Gardens. Although Will did try to suggest to go home because of the afternoon heat (and so that the Aubrey from a parallel universe would not attract any attention), he had no response to Aubrey’s argument that he did not fly out to Pacific Point just to sit around in her apartment.

They were on the fourteenth hole and Will was lining up his shot. He pulled back his putter and tapped his red golf ball. It started to roll towards the hole, but it eventually swerved passed it and stopped about a step away.

“Will, you’re the most inconsistent putter I’ve ever seen,” Aubrey commented as she aimed her shot. “You can sometimes make par and even sink a hole-in-one, and yet you use all your swings on some of the easiest holes.”

“You should see me when my sister is whispering ‘you’re going to miss,’ whenever I’m up to putt,” Will answered back. Aubrey’s ball, meanwhile, glided across the green surface and bounced inside the hole once it dropped into it.

It was Will’s turn again. He stood next to his golf ball and took some practice swings before placing his putter behind his ball. Once he was happy with his shot, he began to swing his putter. However, when the end of his putter came into contact with the ball, it had also struck the sole of a shoe. Aubrey had placed her foot in the way of Will’s shot.

“You were going to miss again,”

“What?” Will asked. Seeing the future was definitely not one of her powers.

“You’re not keeping your putter straight when you’re swinging.”

“Well, we’re just playing for fun. So, it doesn’t matter if I’m inconsistent.”

“Let me show you. It’ll just take a second,” Aubrey suggested as she rested her putter on the ground before walking up behind Will.

“What? No, I don’t think this is necessary!” Will protested in vain.

“Come on, just get into your stance,” Aubrey told this world’s version of her boyfriend. Once he had, she reached her arms around his sides and placed her hands on his putter. He squirmed a little when she pressed her body up against his back. She held her head over his left shoulder, while her blonde locks billowed down beside him.

“All you have to do is keep the club straight and hit the ball. It will keep going in the same direction if you swing straight through,” Aubrey explained as she controlled Will’s putter. When she hit the red golf ball for Will, it rolled straight into the hole.

“See, that wasn’t too hard!”

Although Will tried to put on a smile, Aubrey could tell he was a little flustered. But her mind was not focused on why he was flustered, but rather on a different realization. Unlike her Will, this one had a little more muscle on his bones. Don’t get her wrong. Both this and her Will were skin and bones. But this one seemed a little more fit. More toned probably would be a better description. It was beyond her how this version of Will could look like this in such a technological backwater of a dimension they were in.

“Ready for the next hole?

“Sure,” Will told her, although his voice betrayed his attempt to look composed. He really needed to figure out what had happened to his Aubrey.

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