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So I had to vanish for a while for personal reasons. Is Silas still free to go?

Your character is good to go. Just make sure your character is in the character tab if it is not already.

Christopher Arthur III

Earth’s Orbit

Three months prior, a mysterious armored ‘hero’ appeared out of nowhere, self-proclaimed as Archangel, offering her help to S.T.R.I.K.E. and Iron Knight to take down Nightmare and his fiendish associates. During the Pax Metahumana crisis, she used orbital weapons to surgically strike the devices that were producing the metadomes, along with countless decoys deployed to distract the heroes. However, while the Pax Merahumana crisis was still in full swing, Archangel went AWOL without leaving a trace. Once Doctor Diplodoc’s schemes were foiled by the makeshift coalition of heroes, S.T.R.I.K.E. investigated her disappearance and discovered that she was an android the entire time.

S.T.R.I.K.E. then turned its attention to the orbital weapons that Archangel had possession over during the Pax Metahumana crisis. While they dismantled the majority of these devices, since they posed a serious threat to humanity in general, S.T.R.I.K.E. left a few of them operational as a secret trump card that they could pull out of their diversified bag of tricks in a dire situation. For three months, these remaining satellites remained had stayed in a state of standby. They were silent in the dark recesses of space.

Until now. One of these satellites that had entered orbit above the United States began to activate. The device began to gather the GPS data of its target. The object glowed while it built up energy for its projectile weapon. Once warmed up, the orbital weapon unleashed a beam of energy towards the surface of the earth, appearing like a giant laser pointer. Whatever had been targeted by this weapon was not going to have a good day.

Chris’ Mansion, Richmond, Virginia

While Chris was being distracted by the missiles that were hot on his tail, the Judicator turned towards the front door of Chris’ mansion. Since his minions had already rigged the door with explosives, all the Judicator needed to do was detonate them to gain access to the building. A blast of fire blew a hole into the entrance of the mansion and the Judicator helped himself inside.

Now inside, the Judicator scanned the mansion to discover where Chris was hiding all of his technological goodies. When he found that Chris’ personal research center was located on a basement level in the mansion, the Judicator used an energy beam to carve a path through the floor and the bedrock to the basement. Once he had completed this task, the Judicator hovered down the newly created pathway until he reached the bottom.

Next, his sensors scavenged the basement for some data he was after. During their killing blow on S.T.R.I.K.E., the Hounds of Humanity failed to gain possession of the database that stored all the information that the secret spy organization had gathered on the various people of interest who had appeared over the past months. It was all because of Chris’ own precautions that prevented the Hounds from getting this information, since he designed the database to automatically erase itself when there is an unauthorized access of the files.

However, Chris had not implemented the same precautions to his personal backup of the information, since it was the last copy of the S.T.R.I.K.E. files. While Chris had enough foresight to delete all the secret identities of every individual in the database, there remained one set of information that would prove deadly if it fell into the wrong hands. S.T.R.I.K.E. had performed hundreds of war game simulations to strategize how to defeat any individual in the database.

While the Judicator was downloading the files, Chris made his entrance through the passage that the Judicator had cut through his house.

“When I told you to get off my lawn, that did not mean breaking into my home. I’ve always wanted to physically kick someone out of my house.”

“Like I said before,” the Judicator told Chris while focusing his attention on download completion percentage on his wrist. “Don’t make threats that you cannot execute.”

“I’ve helped take down some of the most dangerous villains this world has encountered. How will this be any different.”

“I’ve got back-up.”

Suddenly, a red light began to shine through the make-shift passage to the ground floor. Guessing that he probably did not want to be standing underneath it, Chris dove out of the wave before the red energy beam slammed into the mansion. The structure of the building crumbled in on itself. The basement level where Chris and the Judicator collapsed in on itself, burying the two armored men alive.

A few minutes later

The fire department and the emergency units had rushed over to Chris’ mansion once the entire city of Richmond watched as a red laser beam descend from space and destroy the playboy millionaire’s residence. The fire fighters and the emergency responders scavenged through the rubble, looking for survivors. Fortunately, Chris had installed a secure and heavily reinforced panic room where everyone who had been inside the mansion during the Judicator’s attack had hid.

While the survivors were being attended to beside the ambulances, an energy beam created another passageway through the wreckage. Everyone paused, waiting to see who would emerge. An aura of fear verberated throughout the crowd of victims and rescue responders when they saw the Judicator hover out of the wreckage.

The Judicator peered down at his wrist to check the status of the download. Any percentage would do for the Judicator, since even a fraction of the data stored in those files could prove useful against certain individuals of interest. Plus, the database does not only have the information of capes stored in it, but also of regular people who had powers but decided that a life of superheroics (or villainy) was not for them. His mission here was more or less complete.

“No one can escape the sentence of the Judicator.”

After giving his warning, the Judicator soared away.
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Jeremy Dayn



Kelly Brown | Samantha Kadowsky | Zac Wilson

“You really should be used to this by now,” Kelly told Zac as she watched her boyfriend standing on his hands and knees while trying to catch his breath after Kelly had teleported them into Sammy’s apartment. He would have challenged her statement by saying that this would have been Zac’s second time being teleported (the first time was back when they were visiting the Wayward Center, where one of the visitors warped Kelly and him back to Albany), but he thought it would not have been wise. Something was up with her and the last thing Zac wanted to do was to complicate the matter.

“We’re here to check on Sammy. Let’s keep our eye on the ball,” Zac responded once he picked himself back up onto his feet. The two metahumans peered around the apartment. Nothing seemed out of the place. There was no broken glass, no overturned furniture, and no scattered sheets of paper. If it was not for Sammy not answering Kelly’s call, nothing would have suggested that anyone, even the Hounds, had broken into her apartment.

“Sammy?” Kelly called out, checking to make sure her best friend was alright. After determining that the apartment was so far secure, they headed towards Sammy’s bedroom. When Kelly creaked open the bedroom door, they found that Sammy was sound asleep in her bed, despite her phone sitting on her night stand.

“Oh my God, Sammy! What happened to you!” Kelly exclaimed when she saw her best friend, even though she knew that Sammy was sleeping. Instead of having her usual catgirl appearance, Sammy somehow had a giant snake tail where he feet should have been, just like Chris’ sister, Veronica. Her skin, too, was a pale green color. Right when Kelly cried out loud once she saw her friend’s new form, Sammy was jolted awake. Sammy sat straight up in her bed, pressing her bed sheet against her torso, but then let out a sigh of relief when she realized it was only her friends.

“Don’t scare a girl like that!” Sammy complained. “I thought you guys might have been…wait, when did you start wearing that get up?”

“Who did this you?” Kelly asked, ignoring Sammy’s question about her wearing a red version of the Silver Sorceress' dress.

“What do you mean?” Sammy replied, “I’ve looked like this ever since Doctor Diplodoc kidnapped us and took us to West Virginia.”

“No, you got your powers from a Romani family who kidnapped a kid you were babysitting.”

“I think I would remember that.” Sammy countered, “But when did you get rid of your whole wasp motif?”

“You too? Like I told Zac, I swapped powers with Victoria back in West Virginia.”

“Are you feeling alright?” Sammy asked. Her snake tail rose up and rested against Kelly’s forehead, just like a mother would press the back of her hand against her sick child to take his temperature. However, Kelly swatted her best friend’s tail away.

“Zac, tell Sammy that she’s wrong.”

“Okay. Sammy, you should be a catgirl.”

“See!” Kelly gloated to her friend as if she was right.

“And you should be a wasp girl, so…” Right when those words left his mouth, Kelly gave her boyfriend the evil eye.

“Alright, get up.” Kelly ordered her best friend. “We’ll solve this out in the living room.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” Sammy said while her face began to blush.

“We don’t care if you’re wearing pajamas.”

“Um…I’m not wearing any.”

“Wait, you’re not…why?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Why would a woman not be wearing her pajamas in bed on the following morning?”

“But you’re not dating anyone and you did not have enough time to pick a guy up after we escaped from the Hound’s attack on campus.”

“No boyfriend? I’m going to be Mrs. Samantha Porter in a few months.”


“I believe that’s Lyger’s last name.”


"Where do you think I got this little rock from?" Sammy then held out her hand, revealing a decorative ring on Sammy's left hand.

"Yes, Lyger gave you that ring. But that was to help you hide your powers, not a marriage proposal."

"This ring just a regular ring. I use the same power-nullifiers as you do."

"What?" Kelly exclaimed again, unsure what was going on. Sammy then revealed the band that was around her her and activated the power-nullifier, causing her skin to return to its normal hue, while her snake tail morphed back into a regular human's lower body.



“We also didn’t use any protection, since we’re getting married and all, so we should easily confirm my story.”

“On that note, I’m going to exit stage left before Sammy starts divulging any details.”
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An Elsewhere Story

Albany, New York

Courtney had been held up late at work because she had to close up the store for the night. Her mother always complained to her that it was not safe for her to walk home from work at that hour of night, but Courtney was unyielding that there was no danger. She only had a couple minute walk home from the fashion store where she was employed. Even after rumors of a birdman roaming the rooftops started to spread like wildfire, Courtney was unfazed.

Courtney knew of a shortcut through an alleyway near her work that allowed her to get home in no time. This, of course, was no comfort to her mother, who had constant nightmares that someone would jump her daughter one day. Since she had walked this path for years, Courtney took no heed of her mother’s warning. And that night seemed no different from the countless others Courtney had experienced.

However, when she was half way home, Courtney swore she heard something rustle on the rooftop above. She scanned the skies, but she could not find what had caused the noise due to the twilight of the night. Although she tried to calm herself down by convincing herself that it was only her fear playing with her senses, Courtney hastened her pace. She always made sure to pack a spare pair of running shoes so that she would not be walking home in heels or any footwear that would hinder running.

Suddenly, someone leapt from the above rooftop and pounced onto Courtney’s back, driving her to the pavement. She could feel the warmth of the man’s heavy breath on her neck. Even though it was clear that her assailant was a man, he acted more like a wild animal. He hovered over Courtney, eyeing her down like a beast would its prey.

“Carrion. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Carrion turned to see where that voice came from. Up on the rooftop, there stood man dressed in a black, cat-themed costume. He then leaped off the roof. While still in the air, he shot his grappling gun at the neighboring roof and swung down to the ground. In the process of swinging down, he planted his feet into Carrion’s side and kicked him into the alleyway wall. He landed in front of where Courtney had been forced onto the ground.

A second figure slithered down the size of the same building from which the first costumed crusader had leapt. Her snaky body weaved back and forth along mortar gaps between the bricks of the walls as she descended to the alleyway floor. She crawled up to Courtney and helped her sit up.

“I’ll take her to safety, Lyger.” The woman told Lyger. A snake tail that was a couple meters long was attached to where the woman’s legs ought to have been. The rest of her body was entirely human, besides her pale green skin. She also wore a dark green superheroine costume.

Meanwhile, Carrion pulled himself off the ground and lurched forward. He leapt into the air towards the two superheroes and Courtney. However, Lyger caught him in midair and tossed the grimy man into the other alleyway wall with a crash. The impact with the wall dazed the beast of a man. Lyger then positioned himself between Carrion and the two girls, preparing for anything that Carrion might try next.

“That’s what you get for messing up our date night!” The snake-woman chided Carrion.

“Anaconda…” Lyger mumbled, signaling that this was not the time for quips of that nature.

Suddenly, the two superheroes heard police sirens blaring in the nighttime twilight. Since the authorities were approaching, they knew that they had to leave soon. Therefore, Lyger took into his hand a small pellet-shaped object and hurled it at Carrion. When it hit the birdman, the pellet exploded, covering him with some sort of adhesive substance. No matter how much Carrion struggled, he could not escape from the restraints that Lyger put on him. Meanwhile, Anaconda was comforting Courtney.

“Now, don’t worry,” Anaconda told the terrified woman, rightfully so. “The police will be here soon. We will be up above to make sure nothing happens to you until then.”

Lyger then walked over to where the two girls were. He used the same grappling gun to provide an escape route to the rooftops. Anaconda gave one last pat on Courtney’s shoulder before heading over to Lyger, wrapping part of her serpentine body around Lyger, while she placed her arms over his shoulders. Before the police arrived on the scene, the two superheroes rose up to the rooftops via Lyger’s grappling hook.

“The Albany police seem mellow compared to those in Crown Ridge. They would probably be more trigger happy against us than Carrion down there,” Lyger admitted to Anaconda while they watched the Albany police arrest Carrion and help Courtney out.

“Maybe you should move here if the police up there are too anti-vigilante,” Anaconda proposed to Lyger. “Especially since we’re getting married within the year.”

“I can’t just abandon Crown Ridge. Who else is there to defend its citizens?”

“Or I could chase after you. I’m sure my credits would transfer over to Lost Haven University.”

Lyger would have tried to talk Anaconda out of this, since he knew that Crown Ridge was a dangerous place, even for a superhuman like his fiancée. However, he also knew that she was as hard headed as a mule and, once she had set her mind, nothing could change it.

“Let’s put this decision on the backburner. Why don’t we head back to my apartment and celebrate our engagement with a little game of Twister?” Anaconda teased Lyger while having a smile on her face.

Kyra Muller

Kyra watched as the robbers aimed their guns in her direction. Little red dots appeared on her costume, revealing where the laser sights were targeting. Then, one of the robbers began to give a little minacious monologue about water and Saturday morning heroics. She concluded that this man was probably the leader of this motley crew, since he was the one doing all the talking.

“Killing those innocent people or me will do nothing but exasperate the situation,” Kyra declared while she still planted her foot on Hermit’s hand. Although she felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach because of all the firearms locked onto her, she knew that the robber’s demands were slightly ridiculous. It would be like street criminals making demands of the Avengers or the Justice League. “If you turn this into a bloodbath, all y’all would have accomplished would be a one-way ticket for a needle.”

“Even if I let you guys go, you’re not getting out of this building without cuffs on your wrists. My teammates know I’m here. The authorities probably are already on their way here. I wouldn’t be surprised that y’all be receiving a call sooner than later.”

“Also, you need to crack open a chemistry book sometime. While water can smoother certain fires, others are not as obliging. When you heat up water enough, it changes into a gaseous state.”

Suddenly, in an area of a few feet around Kyra, the water that was poured down by the fire sprinklers boiled into steam, creating a think mist around the kitsune heroine. Since the mist obscured the robbers’ view of the girl, they blasted their bullets in her direction. Once the mist faded away, they discovered that the fox girl was no longer standing there. Only Tower and Hermit were there. Unbeknownst to the robbers, Kyra used the momentary cover provided by the mist to create a portal to teleport herself to the far-right side of the store.

Gajana panted as he tried to catch his breath. Since Talus had left him behind to find Firefox, he had to run the entire way to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond store where Firefox ported to. The Tri-PD had already created a perimeter around the store, while the SWAT was preparing to storm the building, if it turned out to be necessary. Talus, too, was already present. He was conversing with the commanding office of the operation.

“Thanks for the ride,” Gajana sarcastically told his teammate.

“A little exercise here and there is good for you, G-man!” Talus retorted. “You can’t stay angry at me, especially after I bought this giant bag of peanuts.”

“Really? Isn’t that a little cliché, even for you?”

“You know you want them,” Talus teased his teammate with the bag of peanuts. Gajana begrudgingly snatched them out of Talus’ hand, tore open the package, and started to munch on the snack.

“So, what’s the situation?” Gajana asked while he took another mouthful of peanuts.

“Before this guy showed up, no much,” one of the nearby officers stated. “Tinman here somehow hacked into the store’s security cameras to get some intel.”

“Although I’m sure you guys have this handled, we’ll be here, just in case.” Talus offered the policeman.

“Hopefully it does not come down to that.” The officer replied. He then dialed the store’s phone so that he could contact the store intruders to see if they could resolve this situation peacefully.
Aubrey Adkins | Amanda Allen-James

Written with @nitemare shape

While the nightlife and the bar scene never dies down in downtown Pacific Point, the rest of the city falls into a slumber during the twilight hours. The streets were almost completely devoid of local traffic. The citizens of Pacific Point knew well not to be wandering about the city after midnight, since the crazies and the criminals came out like nocturnal animals once the moon peaks in the sky.

Arachne used the cover of the night to hide her movement across the rooftops as she journeyed home. Since the business hours for the majority of the businesses in the area had long ago elapsed, only the street lamps lit up the roads. Therefore, the buildings themselves were still shrouded in darkness. Even if someone were to notice a drider hopping from rooftop to rooftop, the bystander would believe his eyes were playing tricks on himself because of the nighttime darkness.

Once she landed on the next rooftop, Arachne stopped in her tracks to pull her cell phone out, which she had fastened to her arm with several strands of spider silk. She pulled the glove off of her hand so that she could use her smartphone.

I really hope I’m heading in the right direction. Arachne thought to herself as she brought up Apple Maps on her iPhone. After examining the map, she confirmed that she was traveling towards her apartment. She then reattached her phone to her arm with a fresh batch of webs and prepared herself to make another jump to the next roof.

However, before she could begin her running start for her next jump, Arachne noticed a dim flash blink past her. She could also sense a slight change in air pressure because of whatever had just sped past her. Arachne peered back at her phone and checked the time. She still had at least two hours before the charity event would end, let alone her double arriving back at her apartment.

I know I’m going to regret this, but I might as well check this out. I’ve got some time to kill. Arachne thought as she turned herself around to follow whatever she had just saw.

For Slipstream, the images that Izzy had shown her raced through her mind. So much death and destruction brought about by the so called Hounds of Humanity, and for what? As she zipped through the city, she found it difficult to think of anything else. The burnt and mutilated bodies that seemed to litter the scenes of the attacks. The individuals who had been brutally murdered, stripped of their dignity and strung up as a warning in cities all across the country, and her own encounter with the group, or at the very least, people who were working either with or for the Hounds, who were holding a truckload of kidnapping victims right here in Pacific Point. That first encounter hadn’t gone well for her, if it hadn’t been for the Iron Knight showing up, she may not have walked away from that in one piece, or at all for that matter.

Although she and Iron Knight were able to take down the guys behind the kidnappings, they didn’t figure out where they were taking those people, or why. Though, if they really were working for the Hounds, she had a pretty good idea of the fates that awaited the victims...and it was enough to send shivers down her spine. It was perhaps this uneasy feeling that she had about the entire situation that drew her back to the location of the first encounter.

She came to a sudden stop right where the van that was used to transport the victims had been parked. She didn’t know why she was drawn back to this place, or what she hoped to find now that she was here, but there was just something that seemed off about the entire situation. She had barely begun looking around the area when the streets began to rumble as the sound of several large, black paramilitary trucks rolled onto the scene. Slipstream braced herself for an attack, however, there was none. Instead a lone man climbed out of the passenger side of the first truck and slowly approached her with his arms outstretched.

“Well, well. It seems that we are at a bit of an impasse.” the man said as he stepped toward her. He was a tall man, athletically built and a bit wiry, with a receding hairline and a neat mustache that met the five o’clock shadow just below his lips. It was clear that he was a confident man, that confidence flirting with cockiness, and he had a certain air about him when he spoke, like that of a sleazy used car salesman. Yet, every time that he spoke, Slipstream could feel the malice behind his words. “You’ve been a naughty girl, and I think it’s time that you paid for your transgressions.”

As he finished his last statement, the doors to the trucks opened and men in black body armor filed out of the vehicles, blocking her escape route.

“Alright boys, take her down.” The man said as he pointed towards Slipstream.

However, before the men in black body armor could lunge forward, a webline darted out of the twilight of the night, attaching onto the back of one of Slipstream’s soon-to-be assailants. This man was then yanked back by whatever was holding onto the other end of the spider silk. The man struggled in vain to hold onto the ground, but whatever was pulling on the strand of silk was stronger than the man.

“I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t head straight home,” a feminine voice announced from where the webline originated. Slipstream and the men who surrounded her could only see a silhouette of a giant spider that had the body of a woman from the waist up attached where the spider’s head would normally be. With one hand, she picked up the man she had dragged away from the rest of the group and pressed him up against a nearby street light which needed its bulb changed. With the other, she wrapped the spider silk, which she used to capture the man, around him so that he was tied to the pole.

Once she had neutralized that black-armored man, her arachnid agility allowed the drideresque heroine to cover the ground between herself and the men who surrounded Slipstream in no time. She then jumped onto the roof of one of the nearby paramilitary trucks. When she had landed on the roof, she then raised her front two pairs of spider legs into the air, in a similar manner as a tarantula would if it were trying to warn an animal of its lethality while making itself look more intimidating.

“How about you make this easy for all of us by telling your men to file their butts back into your shady, probably illegal trucks so we can all catch some z’s. How about it?”

However, instead of surrendering, the cocky leader of the men who surrounded Slipstream burst into laughter. Despite now facing two superhumans, the man was not at all sweating. He was just as calm and collected as he had been when he first stepped out of the first paramilitary truck to confront Slipstream.

“You think we’re shaking in our boots?” The man finally boasted while he pulled out his side firearm and cocked it. “On the contrary, you should be the ones running for the hills. We are the scourge of you metahuman scum. We will not rest until this world is purified of your filth.”

“Why don’t we start with you?” The man then pointed his pistol at the drideresque heroine who was standing on the roof of one of his paramilitary trucks. “No matter whatever curves you have to deceive unsuspecting men, they can’t make up for the abomination and monstrosity that is the rest of your body. We can’t let that enter the human gene pool.”

Without saying another world, the man pulled the trigger, unloading the lead in his pistol at the drideresque heroine. However, the spider woman performed a backflip off the truck, narrowly dodging the bullet that would have otherwise been right on the mark. She landed on the side of the truck opposite of where all the men, including their leader, were standing, using the vehicle as cover against them.

The group of Hounds turned their attention to the new arrival and immediately opened fire. However, the spider woman effortlessly dodged the gunfire, which frustrated the attackers. Not to be outdone, Slipstream rushed at the Hounds of Humanity thugs. As she zipped toward the men, the entire world seemed to slow down around her. From her perspective, everything but her was moving in slow motion.

She raced up to the first Hound and hit him, then hit him again. And again, and again. She had punched him up and down his upper body, from his face to his solar plexus several dozen times in the time that it took to blink, the final blow knocked the man off of his feet, leaving him sprawled out in a heap on the ground. However, the leader of this particular group of Hounds, the man who had initially approached her, was ready. Before Slipstream had even made a move on the Hounds, he had tossed a small silver cylindrical object in her direction. By the time she had finished with the first Hound in her path, the object delivered its payload, flash freezing the surface of the road and alley in which they were engaged. Slipstream was unable to get traction on the street’s new icy sheen, and instead of making her way to the next Hound, she found herself sliding out of control, where she slammed hard into the side of one of the Hound’s paramilitary trucks, nearly knocking it over onto its side.

Slipstream was in a bad spot now. The frozen street made it impossible for her to use her powers without becoming a human-sized pinball. Furthermore, the Hounds had their firearms locked onto the speedster. All seemed hopeless for Slipstream, until she noticed that a webline had been shot at and attached to her ankle. Right before the Hounds unleashed their weapons, Slipstream was yanked out of the way across the ice until she slid underneath another of the Hounds paramilitary vehicles.

“This might not be the time for this, but I’ve haven’t seen you before. I’m Arachne, if you were wondering.”

“I’m Slipstream.” She said, lacking a better response. Between the sudden winter wonderland that had made its presence known, and the giant half woman, have spider that had snared her in her web, she didn’t have much to say about anything. However, she suddenly realized that she did in fact recognize the spider woman. As a resident of Pacific Point before she got her powers, Amanda had seen reports of her exploits, as well as her role in bringing down the meta domes which were responsible for her gaining her powers. Suddenly, Slipstream wished that she had paid more attention to the comings and goings of superheroes prior to her becoming one, because as loathe as she was to admit it, she couldn’t remember the spider woman’s actual name. Before she gained her speed, Amanda rarely paid heed to the different heroes that appeared around the country. While she obviously was aware of the big names like Icon and Iron Knight, some of the others...not so much. And while the spider woman was becoming a big deal around Pacific Point, Amanda had always just called her “Spider Babe,” which given the circumstances seemed wholly inappropriate at this point in time.

“Thanks for the assist.” Slipstream said as she saw the Hounds advancing on them.

“We need a plan to take out these creeps.
@DearTrickster: I think the point is not to scare away people.

Kelly Brown | Zac Wilson

This had been a crazy week for Zac. First there was the incident in Washington Park that left dozens of individuals transformed into metahumans. Then the Hounds of Humanity announced their intent on ridding the world of anyone who was not a regular human. They even went as far as tracking down the meeting place that he and Kelly had set up to run a support group for the people who just gained metahuman powers. After some of Doctor Diplodoc’s minions had defeated the Hounds who staged the attack on campus, Zac and the other metahumans who were attending the meeting made a run for it, just in case the Hounds had any other tricks up their sleeves. Kelly exchanged numbers with the Jeanette and Darren so that they could contact her and Zac if anything happened in the next 24 hours.

Zac barely slept that night. While his identity was still a secret except to a few select heroes, Kelly’s status as a metahuman was public knowledge. For most of the night, he worried whether the Hounds would break into their apartment while they were unprepared. He was not sure whether that was on Kelly’s mind, but he did not mention it to her. Making her worry was the last thing Zac wanted to cause. Even when the sun began to peak through their bedroom windows, Zac still felt restless.

He then rolled over onto his side, wrapping his arm around Kelly, who was still sound asleep beside him. But he immediately noticed something was amiss: her skin was no longer the pale-yellow color that it normally had because of her wasp-based powers. This should have been impossible, since Kelly’s power nullifier was ruined when they tested it on Taylor. Zac inched closer to his girlfriend to see if he could figure out what was going on. He did not see a power-nullifying band wrapped around her wrist. Her other wasplike characteristics were also absent: no wings, no wasp abdomen, no antennae.

“Morning,” Kelly said with a yawn, definitely aroused from her sleep by Zac moving closer to her in their bed. She turned to face Zac and threw her arms over his shoulders. However, she noticed that something was bothering him.

“What wrong? It doesn’t have to do with last night, does it?”

“No, no,” Zac half-lied. He was worried about the Hounds. However, what seemed to be Kelly strangely losing her powers was far more pertinent to him than any potential attack by the Hounds. “What happened to your powers?”

“What do you mean?”

“How are you suppressing your wasplike appearance without one of these suppressors?” Zac held up his wrist, pointing to the wristband on his arm.

“I haven’t had those powers since Doctor Diplodoc kidnapped us and took us to West Virginia over three months ago.” Kelly reach out for an empty glass on the nightstand on her side of the bed and waved her hand over the rim. Then suddenly water spontaneously filled up the glass. Kelly snatched up the glass and took a sip.

“Wait. How did you do that?”

“I swapped powers with Victoria back in West Virginia when we both fell into a batch of Diplodoc’s serum. You were there.”

What? That was Aubrey and Black Widow.”

“Are you feeling alright?” Kelly pressed the back of her hand against her boyfriend’s forehead. But she did not feel a fever.

“Ask Sammy. She’ll clear things up.”

“Yes, by proving me right.” Kelly gave her boyfriend a wink before jumping out of bed and grabbing her phone. She dialed Sammy’s cell phone multiple times, but she kept getting voice mail.

“You don’t think the Hounds have…”

“Of course not.” However, the tone in Kelly’s voice revealed that she was not certain about whether the Hound might have attacked their friend.

Kelly waved her hands down her body. As her hands descended, her pajamas transformed into a dress that was almost identical to the one that the Silver Sorceress wore, except that Kelly’s was scarlet while Victoria’s was silver. She then offered her hand towards her boyfriend.

“Let’s check just in case. Suit up.”

Zac pinched himself just to make sure he was not dreaming or imagining things. How did Kelly now have abilities like the Silver Sorceress? Was he going crazy? He then decided that question had to wait. They first needed to check if Sammy was alright. Once they make sure Sammy was safe, they can sort this out. After he deactivated his power nullifier and switched into his superhero threads, Zac took his girlfriend’s friend. The two metahumans then were teleported out of their apartment by Kelly’s powers, leaving their home empty.
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