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@HenryJonesJr: Added to the roster. Welcome back.
Burn it with fire! :
Ded, stop being gross. We know you like animal people, no need to....hmmm....rub seems like the wrong word choice.

Hey, I never said I wanted to see that happen. Just expressing my surprise at the characterization of a creature from Greek mythology. It is not my fault that Trix included a mythical being, whose distinguishing feature is trying to rape/seduce women/goddess.

<Snipped quote by Dedonus>

And simultaneously make me regret writing one in there in the first place.

Edit: Tempted to just change it to a grumpy Faun instead of a Satyr.

Double edit: no longer a satyr

The Romans sometimes conflate fauns with satyrs (although the former don't really have the "rapeyness" of satyrs). So... ;)
I mean, what did you think Phil was trying to do in the nymph chasing scene in Disney's Hercules?
<Snipped quote by Dedonus>

Odette isn't gonna have sex with a satyr you-you weirdo...!

I don't think a satyr would care whether Odette wanted to or not. Which is precisely why I said that, if I were in Odette's shoes, I would have ran in the other direction.
<Snipped quote by Dedonus>

He was more interested in ruining her day instead of getting in her pants lmao.

A satyr that isn't sex obsessed? What blasphemy is this?

Edit: Also, those two things aren't mutually exclusive. ;)
@DearTrickster: That was the most well-behaved satyr I have ever seen. If I were Odette, I would have run in the opposite direction.
Holy Cow! A Hound post!
@nitemare shape

I allready maxed out on 4 chars thou :c

NMS got rid of the 4 character limit because of Indy has way too much free time on her hands.
I am going to preemptively apologize if my hasty research and math made me goof up on the science in my anniversary post. That actually wasn't my original plan, but the idea just came to me while writing it and I thought it was too good to pass up.
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