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The Mandela Effect: Part 4

"90's" Aubrey Adkins??? | Will Grant (with Spidey powers)

Pacific Point, CA

Once the credits began to roll, Will reached over for the remote and pressed the pause button so the next episode would start. After they had went to brunch and miniature golf, Will finally was able to convince Aubrey to head back to her apartment for the evening and order in something for dinner. For the rest of the night, the two of them enjoyed pizza while binging some of Marvel's Runaways.

“Do you need anything while I’m up?” Will asked as he stood up from his spot on the couch next to Aubrey. While he waited for her response, Will checked the several, almost empty pizza boxes and consolidated the remaining pieces into a single box.

“I could use a quick fill-up,” Aubrey answered. She rattled the ice in her glass, showing it was empty of any liquid besides some water that was melted from the ice. Will reached out to take the glass, but Aubrey fumbled the exchange. Luckily, Will’s reflexes prevented the ice from spilling all over the floor.

“Alright, but after this, I’m cutting you off from the coke. I think you’ve reached your caffeine threshold already,” Will demanded. Although Aubrey’s superhuman physiology gave her a high tolerance to alcohol, so much so that she could outdrink the most redneck drinkers out there, her spider powers came with an intolerance of caffeine. An overdose on caffeine for her would be like a normal person after having a few too many beers.

“I haven’t had that many glasses of pop,” Aubrey replied, “I’ve had my powers long enough to handle, umm, how many glasses have I had?”

“Six, going on seven,” Will answered as he stacked the empty pizza boxes on top of one another and headed toward her kitchen.

“I can handle six glasses of pop. Don’t worry about it!”

“Alright,” Will relented as he pulled out the liter of coke from Aubrey’s refrigerator. Once he filled up Aubrey’s glass, he had emptied the rest of the liter. After rinsing the container out with water, he tossed it into the recycling bin, along with the empty pizza boxes. He had also poured out a full cup of water for himself before returning to the couch.

“Take some more pizza,” Will suggested to Aubrey as he offered the remaining pizza box to her. She reached in and picked up another slice. Once he also took another piece, Will placed the box back on the nearby coffee table and pressed play on the remote.

After a few minutes into the next episode, Will felt Aubrey’s head rest against his shoulder. He took his arm and draped it over her back. This was really surreal for Will. Although he knew that this was not his Aubrey, she still acted like her. Sure, this Aubrey had her own peculiarities. But it was not like she was a completely different person.

While Will was engrossed in the show playing on the television, he suddenly heard ice scatter over the floor. When he peered down, Will noticed that Aubrey’s glass was lying on the ground. Fortunately, she had drunk most of her coke. Therefore, there was only melted ice left. He then glanced over to Aubrey and found her fast asleep. He could hear her softly breathing as she slumbered.

Taking the pillow resting next to him, Will slowly stood up while he gently lowered Aubrey’s head onto the pillow that he had placed where he had been sitting. Will quickly cleaned up the spill before he returned his attention to Aubrey. She continued to snooze on the couch.

Will then gently took his girlfriend and carried her into her bedroom so she would be more comfortable than sleeping on the couch. Once in her bedroom, he carefully lowered her onto the mattress so as not to wake her up. After Will had pulled the covers over her, he paused for a moment, just to make sure she was okay. Even though Aubrey had a healing factor, Will did not want her to choke on her tongue.

After Will felt that Aubrey would be fine for the rest of the night, he turned to return to the living room. However, as Will tried to take his first step, he felt a hand grasp around his wrist. Although he knew he did not have to look, he did so anyways. After everything he had done to get Aubrey back into her bed, she woke up right when he was leaving.

“There’s plenty of room here next to me,” Aubrey told Will as she patted the space next to her on the bed.

“I’ll be perfectly comfortable on the couch,” Will responded to her. However, from the expression on her face, he knew she was not going take that as an answer.

“Why are you so adverse to sleeping in the same bed as me?” Aubrey asked Will. “It’s not like we haven’t shared the same bed before. Like that one time after that ghost guy tried to kidnap us in his taxi.”

Will paused when he heard what Aubrey had just said. Only his Aubrey would know details like that, unless this same event had also happened in this Aubrey’s world, too. Could this be a sign that she was actually his Aubrey, just under the influence of whatever was causing her to think she was an alternate version of herself from a parallel universe? He wanted to say yes, but he could not say for sure. Since Will knew he wasn’t going to get out of this this easily, he took a seat on the edge of the bed, next to Aubrey.

“If I recall that day correctly, I didn’t really have much a choice in those sleeping arrangements. Besides, one thing might lead to the next.” Will paused for a moment as he tried to pick his words wisely, “I’m just not quite ready to—what I’m trying to say is I want to wait until we tie the knot.”

“Ready? It has been seven years! When are you ever going to be ready?” Aubrey complained when she heard Will’s answer. However, instead of going into a fit of rage, Aubrey started to break down into tears.

“Do you have any idea how humiliating it is that I get more action at the strip club than I do from my own boyfriend? And we have a strict ‘hands off’ policy. Is it so wrong to want more than foreplay from my boyfriend when all the sleazy creeps at work get an eyeful?”

Aubrey then pulled off the power nullifier and tossed it on the floor. Her arachnid legs shot out from underneath her bedsheets as her drider physique returned. Two of her rear legs yanked on the sheets and pulled them up enough to reveal part of the red hourglass design on her spider abdomen.

“Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Of course, I do. That’s not the issue,” Will responded as he inched towards Aubrey. “You have just had one too many drinks tonight. I don’t want us to do anything we’ll regret in the morning.”

“I’m fine,” Aubrey tried to convinced Will, but she was clearly still buzzed from the caffeine.

“How about this. Why don’t we sleep separately tonight and in the morning, we can discuss a romantic evening tomorrow?”


“I promise,” Will said as he leaned in to plant a kiss on Aubrey’s forehead. However, Aubrey pulled him towards herself and drew their lips together. Will tried to brace himself from this little surprise. One hand landed on her hip, while the other on her breast.

“A little preview for tomorrow,” Aubrey whispered in Will’s ear after they parted lips. She then rested her head back on her pillow and fell back to sleep.

Will sat there, stunned. What had he gotten himself into? His only hope was that she would not remember their conversation. But now that she was asleep, Will knew this was his opportunity to leave her alone and get back to the living room. Who knows what she would do if she were to wake up again while Will was still in the room.

After Will had pulled out the pillow and blanket he had packed in his luggage and made his bed on the couch, he laid down to rest. However, no matter how much he tried, he could not fall asleep. The uncanny similarities that the Aubrey, who was fast asleep in the other room, had to “his” Aubrey still bothered him. It made him want to believe that she was really “his” Aubrey, but he had no way to be sure.

He then sat up and stared at Aubrey’s bedroom door. Was he overthinking things here? What harm could really come from something as simple as sleeping in the same bed as her? Maybe he had been judging a book by its cover unjustly. And when would he have such an opportunity ever again? Sure, she had comically ridiculous proportions, but “his” Aubrey was also quite well-endowed, too. Will had to admit that this Aubrey had quite the—

What the hell am I thinking? Will mentally gasped when he realized what thoughts were running through his head. Even if this Aubrey was in fact “his” Aubrey, she still was not right in the head. He would not cheat on his girlfriend, even if the woman sleeping in the other room was just her doppelganger from another universe. And what was he doing metaphorically caressing her body in his head?

Will immediately threw off his blanket and stood up. With one press of a button on his wristband, his scarlet and gray costume began to cover his body. For a moment, he paused, using his spider sense to make sure that Aubrey was still asleep. Once Will knew Aubrey was not awake, he silently leapt up onto the ceiling and opened the skylight.

“I’ll find out what has happened to you, Aubrey,” Will muttered under his breath as he shut the rooftop skylight. “I promise you that.”

Pacific Point

Christopher Arthur made himself comfortable in his limousine as he waited for his driver to begin their short journey. After Chris had discussed the idea of forming a permanent superhero team with Icon, he had flown out to Pacific Point. There were two heroes there that was on Icon and Chris’ radar: Slipstream and Voyager. Therefore, Chris decided to kill two birds with one stone. Although Icon could easily have flown out to California, but there was no good reason to have both of them traveling out there when Chris could just as easily cover both recruits.

Voyager was going to be the easiest of the two for Chris to find. Chris did not even need to lean on his company ties to S.P.A.R.K., as it had diverted some of its resources to help Poseidon Energies set up this organization. S.P.A.R.K. had publicly announced Voyager’s involvement in their team. All Chris had to do was show up at the main S.P.A.R.K. facility and work his magic.

Slipstream, on the other hand, would be a little more difficult. Although Chris knew that the speedster superheroine probably lived in Southern California, as they teamed up right before the Hounds reared their ugly faces, he did not have an exact location for her, unlike Voyager. He was tossing some ideas around in his head and the one he was thinking he would pursue was to use skywriting to get Slipstream’s attention. Chris was of course going over the top to recruit these women.

After waiting several minutes in the Pacific Point traffic, Chris had finally arrived at the main S.P.A.R.K. facility in Pacific Point. Once Chris had stepped out of the limousine, he made sure to straighten out and neaten up his nice dress suit before he entered through the front door. He strolled inside the building and looked around for the first person he could find to point him in the right direction.

“Hey Jordan, the shop was out of bratwurst so I-aaaah!”

Gabriella Muniz stopped dead as she almost walked right into the resplendently dressed superhero, the color immediately draining from her face and her mouth opening and closing of its own accord.

"From the sound of it, I don't need to introduce myself," Chris said as he turned around to face the woman who had also just entered the building. He pulled off his sunglasses, clicked their temples closed, and stowed them away in a pocket inside his coat jacket. "But I'll do it anyways. Christopher Arthur, playboy billionaire philanthropist. I’m here to meet one of your resident metahumans.”

“Haa...hello…” Gabriella managed to stammer out, her eyes darting back and forth to try and find an escape route, if needed. Easier said than done; since Briley Patton got the S.P.A.R.K. bandwagon rolling, this facility had been busier than ever, with scientists and staff milling about and interacting with newcomer heroes looking to get a leg into the game. Needless to say, with so many heroes around, the arrival of a particular famous one like Iron Knight was causing quite a stir; more than a few conversations ended in a hushed gasp when they realized who just walked in, with a few personnel desperately searching their persons for something that could be signed. The heroes especially were quite star struck, with one girl dressed like a magical princess looking faint at the sight of him.

“Oi, fancypants!”

Less star-struck was Jordan Fletcher, dressed in her new uniform with the S.P.A.R.K. patch on the shoulder, who stormed in from the security office to see who was causing trouble. Looking at her clipboard, she didn’t notice at first who she was talking to.

“I don’t have anyone cleared for visiting today, and we don’t do walk-ins!” she said importantly, looking up at Arthur. “You need to call in advance and we’ll send you ah...haa!” Fletcher nearly dropped her gear out of shock as Gabriella subtly scooted behind her girlfriend, not so subtly hiding her face in her hands.

“Interesting, I could have sworn I made an appointment. Let me look at my calendar really quickly,” Chris said as he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket. For a second or two, Chris swiped and tapped the screen of his phone until he got the information he wanted. “Well, as of two seconds ago, I am officially on your schedule. You guys should upgrade your security. You never know when a supervillain might try to break into here.” Gabriella squeaked and ducked down behind Jordan, who didn’t look at all amused with this suggestion.

“You’re hilarious,” Jordan quipped, rolling her eyes as the crowd inevitably began swarming in. “What are you even doing here anyway? Not like you don’t have your own equipment to use, I’ve seen the news lately.”

“Well, I was recently talking with Icon,” Chris started to explain, while at the same time he was signing whatever the other heroes, who were present at the time, were handing to him. “He wanted me to come to Pacific Point and talk with one of the heroes employed by S.P.A.R.K. I can’t quite remember her name. She’s kind of squidlike with blue skin, if I’m remembering correctly.”

“...what exactly do you guys want with Voyager?” Jordan said accusingly.

“That name kind of sounds familiar,” Chris replied to Jordan. The crowd of heroes all sighed in disappointment when they found out that they were not the hero Chris was looking for. “Well, I have some things I must discuss with Voyager. If you guys have any private conference rooms at this facility, that would be fantastic.”

“Well we would have if you scheduled AHEAD of time,” Jordan said with a bit of sarcastic emphasis. “But if you want to talk with her she’s in the Juno Assembly Lab. It’s down the hallway, head three doors down and follow the letters, can’t miss it.”

“Do you need me to take you there, Mr. Iron Knight?” the magical princess heroine asked, fluttering her eyelashes, prompting Jordan to roll her eyes even harder.

“I appreciate the offer, but I think I can manage getting there on my own,” Chris answered what seemed like a die-hard fan of his. “But thank you all for the warm welcome.

Keep up your good work and stay safe and try not to break too many laws. He then said to all the other heroes who had gathered up around him. After also thanking Jordan for her help, Chris left the crowd of heroes behind him as he walked down the hallway and looked at the labels on the doors until he found the Juno Assembly Lab. He then pushed the door open and entered the room.

”-and this will seal against unpleasant environments?” Voyager said nervously.

“Absolutely, just want to run the auto-seal and see if it functions properly and you should be spacefaring in no time,” Dr. Martel explained.

Not making his presence known just yet, Chris approached the scene cautiously, as it was a rather unnerving sight, seeing the squid-heroine seemingly trapped inside of a glass box. She seemed to be wearing a new, more armored version of the costume he’d seen before, with a standard breathing apparatus hanging off of her hip for some reason. The scientist nearby, who he assumed was this Dr. Martel, started to work on his console quite cautiously.

“Alright, I’m lowering the breathability of the air gradually, Riley,” he explained. “The seal activates when it drops below 50%, if you’re not comfortable or something goes wrong the shutdown trigger on your mask will flood the chamber and bring things back to normal. You ready?”

Voyager gave a thumbs up, and Martel began twisting a knob slowly. Chris watched a meter on the side of the tank slip lower and lower, until…


Voyager gave a start as a helmet sprung seemingly from nowhere, sealing tight and hiding her face behind a glass, opaque visor, with her eyes being visible as colored eye-shaped symbols behind the glass. She stumbled a bit to find her bearings, running her hand over the glass surface.

“Everything okay in there?” Martel asked into a microphone.

“Yes! I am getting air in here…the pressure level is normal as well...” Voyager reported, regaining her senses a bit. ”It just feels...what is the word where its a tight space again?”


“Yes, that is it!” she said.

“Well at least it is safe. Why don’t you give your powers a shot while you’re in there, make sure they work alright?”


Raising her hand, Voyager extended her psionic abilities and lifted a stapler sitting next to Martel into the air, letting it hover slightly before flinging it where Christopher Arthur happened to be waiting patiently.

Chris immediately regretted not making his presence known sooner, as a stapler was now soaring towards him. Initially, he was going to try to catch the stapler, but he soon decided to step to the right to just dodge it, as he did not want to get staple in the hand or anything like that.

“Excuse my interruption, but I have things to discuss with Voyager,” Chris said so as to make his presence known, if they had not already noticed him.

Martel raised an eyebrow, recognizing the flashy superhero. “Well, this should be intriguing…”

” I not need to finish the suit to save the space dragons?”

“Well if Mr. Superstar can just barge in unannounced I assume he has something just as important, hm?” Martel said, whether it was with sarcasm or not, Chris couldn’t tell.

“Oh, it is really important. I would tell you all about it, but it’s top secret superhero stuff. So, if you don’t mind, after you help her out of there, we’re going to need some privacy.”

“The lab should do fine, I think,” Martel suggested, turning the knob back. “Stand back, I’m unlocking the vacuum tube.”

Chris did so, and there was a hiss of air as the tube unhatched from the floor and ascended into the ceiling of the lab. Voyager activated a button on her wrist as the air around her went back to normal and the helmet snapped open and folded backwards, hiding itself and leaving Voyager to blink the sudden brightness out of her eyes as she removed the back-up breathing mask.

“I’ll be right outside then. Don’t worry, the doors are soundproofed,” Martel said, striding past the hotshot hero and shutting the door behind him, leaving Voyager to stare at Chris curiously.

“Alright, before we begin, let’s just make sure nobody is eavesdropping on us,” Chris said before pulling out a small, circular device, that fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. He placed the device down on a nearby desk and activated it. If someone were listening on them, his ears would soon be screeching in pain. After he finished these precautions, Chris removed his jacket and slung over a nearby chair and turned to Voyager, who seemed to flinch when the device activated.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m here. Well, I’ve met with Icon and we both agree that we need to assemble a team of heroes. Since the year began, there had been several crises: D-Day, Pax Metahumana, Nightmare, and most recently the Hounds of Humanity. Each time, all the heroes were being reactive. We would gather up a rag-tag group of heroes and save the day. But how would these events had played out differently if we already had a team ready to meet the next crisis?”

”I suppose...”

“Icon and I have discussed potential members for our team. On Icon’s recommendation from your assistance with destroying the Finger of God, we have decided to reach out an invitation to you to join our team. We believe you would be a valuable asset to the team. So, what do you think?”

Voyager stared blankly for a millisecond before she suddenly gasped.



Voyager was immediately cut off as the helmet suddenly snapped over her head again, accidentally triggered when she threw her hands over her mouth. Chris waited patiently as she flailed around from a mixture of panic and excitement until she finally remembered how to turn the helmet off, leaving her gasping for breath, her back against the command console.

”You…pant...want me...on team?”

“We would like you to join, but if you don’t want to be part of this monumental milestone, we would understand.”


“Okay, okay. Slow down, there, before you give yourself a heart attack or something,” Chris tried to calm Voyager down. He definitely was not expecting that type of reaction. “Let me give you this.”

Chris pulled out yet another device out of his pocket and handed it over to Voyager. This device was rectangular in shape and was slightly thicker than a driver’s license. The top had a small screen embedded into it.

“We’ll contact you via this neat gadget once we have assembled all of our recruits and figured out our team’s name. We would like to keep things under wraps as much as we can until we are ready to make ourselves publicly known. Might be a little difficult after I just waltzed right in here, but that’s nothing I can’t handle. Do you have any questions?”

”Yes! I mean,! I mean….aah!” Voyager snatched the device and jumped on top of Chris, giving him the biggest hug she’d ever given someone before.

“Um...okay,” Chris mumbled as he patted Voyager on the back a few times before trying to pry himself out of her vice grip. “Well, if you don’t have any questions for me, I guess I’ll return you to your tests. And welcome to the team.”

”I will not let you down!” Voyager said proudly, springing into a salute before-


The Mandela Effect: Part 3

"90's" Aubrey Adkins??? | Will Grant (with Spidey powers)

Pacific Point, CA

Will was not sure why he was brushing his teeth, as he and Aubrey were about to head out for brunch. Maybe he was subconsciously stalling so he could buy some time to figure out what was up with Aubrey? Putting aside the caricature that was now her body, she was acting a little—off. She had almost rush out of the house in her drider form without wearing her superhero costume. Aubrey would normally not be that careless with her secret identity. Sure, there was that one time where that serial killer was trying to abduct them, but there were extenuating circumstances in that situation.

Now that Will had dawdled long enough, he could not waste any more time. She would start wondering if anything was wrong. After Will had rinsed off his toothbrush and set it on the bathroom counter, he turned the handle of the door and exited. He found Aubrey reclining on her living room couch, dressed and ready. Or at least it looked like she thought she was ready. She was sliding the touch screen of her cell phone as she browsed her device, while she still had her drider appearance, despite her knowing that they were heading out in public. At least she was wearing a pair of the yoga pants that Athena had altered so that they would fit Aubrey’s spider half.

“Ready?” Aubrey finally looked up from her cell phone.

“Um…shouldn’t you have your power nullifier on?” Will asked. For a few seconds, Aubrey just gave her boyfriend a blank stare, as if she was wondering why would she have her nullifier on. Then her face suddenly became flushed.

“Oh, dah! I have no idea how that slipped my mind!” Aubrey finally responded to Will before rolling over onto her eight arachnid legs and scurrying off to her bedroom. Her voice, however, betrayed Aubrey’s sincerity, hinting that she was trying to act a part. Before opening her door, Aubrey turned her upper body towards Will. “Blonde moment, of course.”

After Aubrey had hurried into her bedroom to change her wardrobe, Will took a seat on her couch and started to wrack his brain. What could be causing Aubrey to act slightly off? The first thought that came to his mind was some sort of mind-altering power, like that Voyager. However, this did not explain her physical changes. Plus, Voyager was a hero. Otherwise, this would be the worse prank ever. And a mean one, too.

Then he considered the Game Genie. His hard-light holograms could explain Aubrey’s exaggerated physical appearance. But it would not explain her peculiar behavior. Plus, the Game Genie had been apprehended a while ago. So, unless the villain had planted a device to enact his vengeance on the heroes who had taken him down, the Game Genie was also an unlikely culprit.

Now I’m ready,” Aubrey alerted Will. Her voice broke Will’s train of thought. He was going to need to return to this inquiry later. There was no reason to break the news just yet. Not many people would not freak out if someone challenged their identity. Plus, because Will’s spider-sense was not blaring in his head, he knew she probably was not some villain doing a poor attempt at a doppelganger.

When Will turned his head, he noticed that Aubrey had changed her entire wardrobe. The shirt she had just been wearing a few moment prior must have went well the yoga pants that fit her spider half. Her outfit obviously was not designed for someone who looked as if she jumped off the page of a 90’s dark age comic book, but Aubrey tried to her best to mask this fact. But because he had no leads on what has caused her to look and act in this way, Will just had to play it cool.

“Great. I’m starving,” Will answered.

It took a little bit for Aubrey to remember how to drive a car that ran on gasoline and rolled on four wheels. Luckily it was like riding a bike: you never truly forget the fundamentals. She wondered whether Will had started to realize something was up, especially because of the car troubles and her initial wardrobe choice. Maybe she should fess up that something was wrong. But what if he thought she was crazy? Maybe it is better to keep things under wraps and keep acting like she was his Aubrey. Thinking about whether temporarily romancing an alternate version of her boyfriend from a different universe would be considered cheating was just too much for Aubrey to comprehend. It was not like she was intending to steal this Will from this world’s Aubrey or anything. How hard would it really be to play herself? Sure, it was an Aubrey from a different reality, but how different could they really be?

After Aubrey and Will had finished their brunch, they decided to head over to the local putt putt course in Pacific Point, the Seagreen Gardens. Although Will did try to suggest to go home because of the afternoon heat (and so that the Aubrey from a parallel universe would not attract any attention), he had no response to Aubrey’s argument that he did not fly out to Pacific Point just to sit around in her apartment.

They were on the fourteenth hole and Will was lining up his shot. He pulled back his putter and tapped his red golf ball. It started to roll towards the hole, but it eventually swerved passed it and stopped about a step away.

“Will, you’re the most inconsistent putter I’ve ever seen,” Aubrey commented as she aimed her shot. “You can sometimes make par and even sink a hole-in-one, and yet you use all your swings on some of the easiest holes.”

“You should see me when my sister is whispering ‘you’re going to miss,’ whenever I’m up to putt,” Will answered back. Aubrey’s ball, meanwhile, glided across the green surface and bounced inside the hole once it dropped into it.

It was Will’s turn again. He stood next to his golf ball and took some practice swings before placing his putter behind his ball. Once he was happy with his shot, he began to swing his putter. However, when the end of his putter came into contact with the ball, it had also struck the sole of a shoe. Aubrey had placed her foot in the way of Will’s shot.

“You were going to miss again,”

“What?” Will asked. Seeing the future was definitely not one of her powers.

“You’re not keeping your putter straight when you’re swinging.”

“Well, we’re just playing for fun. So, it doesn’t matter if I’m inconsistent.”

“Let me show you. It’ll just take a second,” Aubrey suggested as she rested her putter on the ground before walking up behind Will.

“What? No, I don’t think this is necessary!” Will protested in vain.

“Come on, just get into your stance,” Aubrey told this world’s version of her boyfriend. Once he had, she reached her arms around his sides and placed her hands on his putter. He squirmed a little when she pressed her body up against his back. She held her head over his left shoulder, while her blonde locks billowed down beside him.

“All you have to do is keep the club straight and hit the ball. It will keep going in the same direction if you swing straight through,” Aubrey explained as she controlled Will’s putter. When she hit the red golf ball for Will, it rolled straight into the hole.

“See, that wasn’t too hard!”

Although Will tried to put on a smile, Aubrey could tell he was a little flustered. But her mind was not focused on why he was flustered, but rather on a different realization. Unlike her Will, this one had a little more muscle on his bones. Don’t get her wrong. Both this and her Will were skin and bones. But this one seemed a little more fit. More toned probably would be a better description. It was beyond her how this version of Will could look like this in such a technological backwater of a dimension they were in.

“Ready for the next hole?

“Sure,” Will told her, although his voice betrayed his attempt to look composed. He really needed to figure out what had happened to his Aubrey.

Demon Invasion of Lost Haven

Natural Selection Writer:@FallenReaper

The End of Nightmares Writer:@nitemare shape

Pax Metahumana Writer:@Dedonus
Character you have created: Sean Doyle

Alias: Mr.Bipolar
Speech Color: Deep Pink

Character Alignment: New Villain

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Zac Wilson

Albany, New York

Pre-Time Jump After Hounds of Humanity Arc

Within the Citizens Bank, Zac saw a man dressed in a tight, green superhero costume. A pair of yellow lenses stared back at him, while a red “M” stood out on the chest of his costume. This insect-themed hero had just quipped about the awkwardness of so many animal-based gimmicks in the metahuman community. That comment caused Zac to hesitate momentarily.

Meanwhile, the unknown metahuman, seeing this opening, hurdled over Zac and landed behind him. Too quick was this man’s move for Zac to react, resulting in his foe grabbing hold of Zac’s raptor tail and tossing the cretaceous hero across the room into a consultant’s desk after the green-clad metahuman had spun him around a few times.

“Eat your heart out, Mario!” the mantis-themed hero quipped again.

Zac was not given much respite from his foe’s attack. His opponent had leap towards him for a second time. If Zac had not rolled to the side, the man would have connected a direct blow to Zac’s back. From the cracking noise originating from the place where the man’s fist had made contact with the floor, Zac knew nothing good would have come from getting hit by such a punch.

Zac needed to do something to turn the tables on this guy. When Zac aimed a kick at the man’s leg, he was able to sweep the metahuman off his feet. This guy must not have a sixth sense. At least Zac would not have to worry about that type of power in this encounter.

If Kelly were here, or at least the version of her before she got Silver Sorceress’ powers, she would have been well suited for this situation. Her insectoid super-strength would have been a match for this man’s powers. Zac, on the other hand, did not possess any innate super-strength. Instead, Zac had to play to his own strengths: his speed. Although his green-clad opponent has shown himself to be agile on his feet, there was no way he could keep up with Zac.

Therefore, Zac jumped to his feet while his opponent was sprawled on the ground and then he placed some distance between himself and the green-clad metahuman. Zac kept moving about, making sure that there was no way this man could land a hit on Zac.

“So, you want to play keep away, now don’t you?” the mantis-themed metahuman called out to Zac. Suddenly, a bio-electric spark began to flicker off the metahuman’s hand before he launched a small bolt at Zac. Since he was not expecting an attack like this, Zac only had seconds to drop to the floor, slide, and duck under the attack.

“Mantis, stop!” the redheaded metahuman girl, whom Zac initially found in the bank, finally spoke up. For most of the fight, she had been cowering beside a nearby desk. At that very moment, Mantis was winding up for another ranged attack, but when he heard the girl’s voice, he froze. It was a relief for Zac, as his first attempt to dodge the bio-electric bolt had placed himself in a vulnerable position for a follow-up attack.

“Brooke?” Mantis said with a shocked tenor in his voice.

“How do you know my name?” Brooke asked in response to hearing the green-clade metahuman saying her name.

“It’s me, Sean!” Mantis announced before momentarily lifting his mask to give her a peak of his face and immediately pulling the mask down.

“You have been Mantis for this entire time?” Brooke asked.

“When did you get powers? And why are you robbing a bank?” Mantis retorted back.

“This is quite a touching moment, but I think it can wait until the two of you have gotten out of this situation.”

“Please don’t tell me you’re also one of my friends secretly running around like a superhero without me knowing!” Mantis exclaimed after Zac interrupted his conversation with Brooke.

“I have never seen you before, even as your superhero alter ego.” Zac answered Mantis back.

“Then how are we going to get out of this situation?” Brooke then asked, her voice trembling from the situation she had found herself in. “The police have surrounded the entire building!”

“Well, this bank probably has a security camera that recorded everything. We could prove that—” Zac suggested, but he paused for a moment before mentioning the red-head’s name, as it felt weird using her real name, “Brooke was as much as a victim as the hostages.”

“Wait, you want to hand her over? No way!” Mantis protested, even though Brooke was his ex.

“I think this is our only option without making the both of you fugitives. With a good lawyer, she will definitely get out of this pickle.”

“Sean, I think this might be our only good option,” Brooke tried to convince Mantis.

“Alright,” Mantis finally relented, “But we need to find that tape first! We don’t want to giver Brooke over to the fuzz without the evidence, too.”

Colonel Thaddeus Bulb had been retired from S.T.R.I.K.E. for ten years now, although, once you have joined S.T.R.I.K.E., you never really leave it. After S.T.R.I.K.E. had been blow to kingdom come by the Hounds of Humanity, many of the “retired” agents of S.T.R.I.K.E. fled the country in fear of what the Hounds might do to them if the human supremacists would find them. These men knew too much and could not risk that information falling into the Hounds’ hands.

But Thaddeus Bulb was no coward. He never ran away from a fight when he was employed by S.T.R.I.K.E and he would not change his ways at his former employer’s demise. Not even his advanced age would hinder Bulb from defending himself.

He soon discovered that it was not the Hounds whom he should have feared. His face was pressed against a puddle of his own blood as he was tied up to capsized chair. The beating that he had taken had dazed the old S.T.R.I.K.E. agent. His blurred vision could make out three figures, only one of whom had a regular human figure.

“This was a very informative conversation, Thaddeus,” Doctor Diplodoc boasted over the wounded man.

“We should better get going. Company should be arriving soon,” the Silver Sorceress suggested to Doctor Diplodoc. However, despite Bulb’s current state, he began to laugh, with some intermittent coughing.

“You really think this was worthwhile?” Thaddeus Bulb retorted, “Nautican Island was baked by that sky beam. There’s nothing left for you.”

The wooden floorboards creaked under the strain of Diplodoc’s weight as he approached Bulb. Instead of bending over, squatting down, or kneeling, Diplodoc merely contorted his long neck so that his head was a couple feet away from Bulb’s.

“I find your lack of confidence in my intelligence disappointing. Do you think I am a simpleton?” Diplodoc told his captive, “We know that the S.T.R.I.K.E. bases could withstand a nuclear holocaust. The Finger of God would have barely scratched its surface.”

Thaddeus Bulb in retaliation spat in Diplodoc’s face, spraying a mixture of saliva and blood on him. Diplodoc’s only response was to shake his head before raising it back up. Diplodoc retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away the mess on his face and glasses.

“Alas, we have overstayed our welcome.” Diplodoc finally stated while nodding to Silver Sorceress, who summoned a small portal large enough to allow her, Diplodoc, and Leo to travel through it. “Say hello to our friends, the Hounds of Humanity. I’m sure they will be so happy to see you.”

After these words, Doctor Diplodoc, Silver Sorceress, and Leo stepped through the portal and departed from Thaddeus Bulb’s house.

“FUCK—” However, Bulb could not finish his curse before his house burst into an inferno of flames and explosions. Within seconds, the house had been burned to the ground and all that remained of Thaddeus Bulb were his ashes.
The Mandela Effect: Part 2

"90's" Aubrey Adkins???

Pacific Point, CA

The sun had just risen when Athena had teleported into Aubrey’s bedroom. For months now, the goddess of wisdom had been aware that a great danger was nigh. Yet, she had not yet figured out a way for her people to intervene without breaking the prime directive that had been established long ago by the godheads of the Athanatoi pantheons.

But when Athena gazed upon her pupil, she immediately knew that something was wrong. She knew that this was not her pupil, or at least her pupil from this plane of existence. Although Athena did not know what was wrong or who had caused it, she nonetheless wanted to get to the bottom of this. Her first suspect was her half-sister, Aphrodite. Even though this sort of trick was a little too intricate for her half-sister, Athena wanted to cross her off as a suspect first. Aphrodite was of course the sort of goddess who would mess with the favorites of the other gods and goddesses.

Right after Athena had blinked out of this plane of existence, Aubrey started to rouse from her sleep. As she sat up and stretched out her arms, her phone dropped from beneath her shirt and landed in the lap of her spidery cephalothorax.

Why were you in there? Aubrey pondered to herself as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. However, when she finally got her bearings, she had an even bigger question than why she had her phone stuffed in her shirt.

“Where am I?” Aubrey mused aloud, scanning the room as she thought. There was an uncanny familiarity to the bedroom, as the furnishings of the bedroom were reminiscent of what she would have preferred in her own abode, albeit them being a little retro for her own tastes.

<We appear to be located in Pacific Point, California and this apartment is leased under your name.> The AI in Aubrey’s phone, Athena, reported this information to the drider heroine.

“Hmm, so now that we know where we are, the better question is how did we get here?” Aubrey posited as she rolled over and crawled out of bed. Her eight arachnid legs lightly touched the carpeted floor as Aubrey stood up.

<There are a variety of possibilities that could explain our situation. First, the Game Genie could have trapped us in a virtual reality.>

“I haven’t been noticing any weird physics, so unless the Game Genie has upped his game, that’s likely not what happened.”

<Or someone might have trapped you in another alternate universe. Remember, Vigilante said that he was kicked out of his native reality and dumped in ours.>

<This could all be a hallucination, but considering that I’m being affected, this option is unlikely. Another possibility is that, mattering on how the laws of time travel work, someone might have travelled back in time and screwed up the past. Because of your healing factor, you might have resisted the change in the time stream.>

“But how would that explain you still persisting? Also, might shirt doesn’t benefit from my healing factor, either.”

<True, indeed. I’ll continue searching for other possible answers.>

“Just out of curiosity, are there any changes or similarities I should be aware of, at least from what you can find from searching the internet?”

<It appears you’re still in a relationship with that William boy.>

“Well, that’s a relief. Would have been awkward if I would have had to romance some other dude I don’t even know.”

<From the text messages that I am now receiving from his phone, it appears you were supposed to pick him up from the airport.>

“I probably can still swing by and pick him up. What time was I supposed to do that?”

<One o’clock in the morning.>

“What!? Shit!” Aubrey exclaimed as she quickly glanced over at the clock, which at that moment read 10:30 A.M. She then scrambled over towards the dresser and pulled open the first drawer. Her eyes squinted as she saw what was inside.

“How am I supposed to fit into any of these?” Aubrey gasped. After she had shuffled through the drawer, she finally found the largest bra in the dresser, which was still too small, and put it on. She felt as if she was suffocating herself, but since she was about ready to dash cross town to the airport, she needed something

“Athena, what’s the fastest way out of here?

<There’s a skylight in the next room. Should provide enough space to get your drider half outside.>

After Aubrey heard this from her phone, she exited her bedroom and entered the main living space of the apartment. As Athena said it would be, there was a skylight on the ceiling that could be opened. She started to approach the center of the room, right behind the couch when she gave her phone’s AI another command.

“Could you send Will a text saying that I’m so sorry and I’m on my way?”

As soon as Athena had completed that task, Aubrey suddenly heard a phone buzz in the living room where she was standing it. She then wheeled around the couch and found a cell phone, that did not belong to her, sitting on an ottoman in front of the couch. A hand from underneath a blanket reached over and attempt to find the phone.

“Oh, thank God!” Aubrey gasped as she realized that Will was sleeping on her couch, meaning that he had somehow made it to this apartment. At the same time, she had freed herself from the torture device that was the undersized bra she had put and draped it over the back of the couch.

“You know you could have crawled into bed with me instead of sleeping on this couch, right?”

“The couch is fine,” Will honestly replied. He was still groggy, rubbing his eyes to clear the sleep from them. But when he felt Aubrey’s chitinous spider half gently rest up against him, he finally was jolted away. After Will had gotten a clear look of his girlfriend, he squinted his eyes. It did not take a super-genius to realize that something was wrong.

“You’re so cute when you look dumbfounded,” Aubrey admitted to Will. She took her index and middle fingers and tilted his head up, raising his eyes so that they finally met hers. “What do you think about grabbing some brunch before we begin our day?”

“Sounds fine to me,” Will responded while he tried to avert his gaze. “Since you’re already up, want to take the first shower?”

“Sure,” Aubrey answered before hopping over the back of the couch as she headed to the bathroom. “Although you’re welcome to join me.”

“I’m fine—” Will said before getting hit in the face with something soft. When he pulled whatever had struck him, he realized it was his girlfriend’s shirt. But when he looked up, he noticed she had already shut the door.

“What has gotten into her—” Will pondered aloud. She had never been this forward. He then flipped the shirt over, so the printed design was facing up.

“I knew I wasn’t crazy!” The t-shirt claimed that the Arizona Cardinals had beaten the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII. But that was impossible! The Cardinals lost that game. Will would know, as he was the biggest Cardinals fan he knew. This just confirmed that something was wrong.

Earlier That Day

It was thirty minutes after one A.M. and Will was still standing in the arrivals section. He had seen a couple dozen people get rides to their destinations, either by someone they know picking them up, ordering an Uber, or hailing a local taxi. But his girlfriend had failed to show up.

Will peered down at his phone again, checking his text messages. He had already sent ten texts to Aubrey, nine of which were asking where she was. He would have sent an eleventh one, but since none of the prior ten had been read, there was not any point to it. If she had not seen them yet, another pestering message was not going to get her to come any faster.

Therefore, Will needed to find another way to his girlfriend’s apartment. He could use one of the on-demand taxi services, like Uber, but considering the time of day and being in Pacific Point in general, that was going to be an expensive ride. Plus, why pay for something when you have a free option available?

By this time, the arrival section was all but deserted. Therefore, it did not take Will long to find a place out of eyeshot of any bystanders. Once he was sure that nobody was around and that he was in the blind spot of any nearby security cameras, he lightly tapped on his wristband, causing a scarlet and gray superhero costume to appear on his body. It was similar to Arachne, except it was made for a male human instead of a female drider. The mask lenses also lacked the golden eyelashes that Arachne had.

Will pulled out his cellphone and used the Maps app to plot a course to Aubrey’s apartment. After seeing the route, he started on his twilight journey.

“This shouldn’t be too bad.”
The Mandela Effect: Part 1

Emerson Enterprises

Nashville, TN

The last of the lab assistants had just locked up the building and were heading home for the night. They, along with the rest of the lab staff, had been hired by Daniel Emerson to monitor his nephew, Matthew. After a plane accident in the Caribbean that had left Matthew an orphan, something weird had happened to Matthew. In the last year, the occurrence of metahumans have exploded. The staff knew that Matthew was a normal boy before that trip and afterwards he had powers, although they were not sure what exact powers he had. The problem was that they could not just run tests to test his powers because Matthew was stuck in a coma, probably induced by the activation of his powers.

Or at least that is what the scientists thought. A bright light suddenly appeared in front of the security cameras that were monitoring Matthew. Instead of just blocking the feed, the light reflected a loop of Matthew floating in the center of the room. Once the cameras have been blocked, Matthew’s eyes snapped open. He slowly drifted down to the ground until his hands and feet pressed against the floor.

Matthew then jumped to his feet and hurled himself onto the well-made bed that had been furnished in his “room.” Before Matthew leaned up against the pillows that rested against the bed’s headboard, he snapped his fingers, which caused a small portal, similar to the lights that were blocking the camera feeds, appeared next to his bed. He then reached into the portal and pulled out a plastic bin, filled with comic books. But instead of the books published by Marvel and DC comics, the comics in Matthew’s collection was centered on the fictional adventures of real superheroes, such as the Raptor Pack or War-Pulse. But he really enjoyed the stories written about Icon. If anyone could save the day, he could.

In fact, these comics were one-of-a-kind, or at least in Matthew’s universe. A couple of weeks ago, Matthew found a gold mine when he accidentally stumbled through one of his portals and found himself in a different world, a place where there were no superpowers and superheroes were just a creation of fiction. After he found a couple more worlds like that boring, normal one, he had quite the pull-list featuring different versions of the heroes he adored, some more different than others.

Since Matthew basically sleeps all day, he had plenty of time to catch up on his giant, multiversal pull-list. He spent hours poring over these magazines. However, one could only waste so much time reading a comic that takes less than ten minutes to complete. But when Matthew realized he could replace a character in one comic with an alternate version of that individual. For example, he replaced the feline heroine, Bast, with an alternate version of her who was in a romantic relationship with Lyger and went by the superhero handel Anaconda. These “swaps” would sometimes create funny situations. Others were more sombering. Yet other times, interesting situations and conflicts arose. With this newly found power, Matthew discovered countless hours of experimentation. He could, however, never do anything with Vigilante for some strange reason.

After Matthew had used his powers on a few comics, he turned to some issues set in the magical corner of the universe. In the past issue, there were several supernatural folk traveling out west. But Matthew was scratching his head while he read the current issue. The entire group kind of just dispersed after the Hounds of Humanity had attacked. One of the witches had dragged the young werewolf across the country, with the specific purpose of helping her find some magical items. Yet she then abandoned him, out of the blue. She did not even offer to take him home!

“This guy sure looks like he needs a friend right now,” Matthew muttered to himself, “or at least someone closer to his age. Only if I could be there.”

Then a thought came to mind. He had never tried it before, but maybe his powers could also allow him to teleport there. It was worth the shot, anyways. Therefore, Matthew closed his eyes and focused on the scene from the comic. He kept that mental image in his head until, after a few moments, he disappeared. The comic that was in his hand fell harmlessly onto the bed.

Time: Early Morning
Location: Las Vegas, hotel room

Ben’s hand turned the knob then he limped inside. Pain flared up his side causing him to flinch, his arm curled to cradle it as he breathed heavily. His eyes traveled down to observe red seeping through the white bandage. Gradually his legs gave out from underneath him as he sat down. The memory of Duff etched into his thoughts. He had left the old wolf snoring away and curled up in his hotel bed.

He sighed under his breath before he began to move to his feet again. His hand balanced himself against the door as he rose upright, still hurting from the fight. Duff mentioned it would take a few days to properly heal. Thankfully with Barron’s grateful assistance, his parents wouldn’t notice it.

Once at the bed, he stopped. His body promptly belly flopped into the covered surface and considered sleeping for a thousand years. At least, until morning. It was times like this he felt the loneliness gnaw at his insides.

Then suddenly, a swirling vortex of bright blue light appeared near the roof of the hotel room and out of this portal feel a boy, who was no older than Benjamin was. He landed on the floor with a thud.

“I need to perfect that landing,” the boy said out loud as a mental note while he rubbed his back, which he had landed on.

At first, the boy quickly scanned the room to get his bearings. However, when he saw Benjamin, his eyes grew wide in excitement.

“Holy shit! I think I actually break through the space-time continuum! This is so exciting!”

At the sound of the voice, Benjamin’s eyes opened. His arms pushed against the mattress as his teeth bared, his attention located the the source. For several moments his mind seemed to pause in confusion. Seeing a kid close to his own age caused Benjamin to glance at the door, noticing it was still shut tightly. It didn’t help there was no scent coming from that direction.

Still inhaling heavily, Benjamin shifted his right leg off the bed’s edge and rose to his feet.

“You know… it’s really rude to just waltz into someone else’s room.”

Hastily he pulled his jacket closed to hide the bandages keeping his insides in place.

“That was the most nonchalant response to someone falling out of a portal I have ever heard,” Matthew reacted to Benjamin’s response, while he pulled himself to his feet. “But I guess, considering what you have gone through, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

“Anyways, I’m Matthew. I read...err...heard that you’re in need of some friends. So I traveled across space and time to come see you!”

Ben blinked. His head tilted to the left and sized the boy up, unsure what to say at first. He was grateful his inner wolf didn’t imprint this time. It might’ve been because he already had a pack with Duff, but he didn’t dwell on it.

“Yeah, I’ve had a long day. Why do you have to gain by being my friend? And considering you seem to know more about me than I know about you, how can I be sure you simply won’t walk away like the rest?” Ben’s anger latched on his tone, but his figure didn’t move.

“That’s such a pessimistic view of friendship. True friends don’t measure their worth by what each other can gain from their relationship.” Matthew answered back. “Can’t someone be giving a helping hand for altruistic reasons?”

“I haven’t met a single person yet. So the odds are not in your favor…” Benjamin countered.

“I mean, you did meet those nice people from Albany. I understand they live some distance away from you, but it wasn’t like they just kicked you to the curb.”

“I almost nearly ate one of them. I doubt they wanted to take care of a teenage werewolf who can barely control his impulsive changes at the time. If they stuck around, I’m certain they would’ve dropped me off like the rest.”

“More like chased a catgirl up a tree, but it doesn’t look like I’m not going to be able to convince you of anything in this regard.” Matthew paused for a moment before speaking again, contemplating his next move.

“Anyways, the first thing we need to do is get you home. It was really irresponsible of your ex-friends to just ditch you out here, far from home. Sure, sometimes family can be complicated, but I’m sure your home is better than living in a hotel in Vegas and running around in the wilderness during your free time.”

“Duff’s training methods might be…,” Benjamin paused long enough to remind himself of his wounds, and not wrinch in reaction.

“Unorthodox, but at least I’m not hurting anyone.”

Benjamin slowly sat on his bed as he watched the boy, still confused at how Matt was intending to get him home.

“There’s still the issue of the imprinting. If I leave Duff, I’ll get depressed. That’s what happened with the last imprint…” He refused to say the White Witch’s name as it still hurt like hell to think about.

“Well, there is one thing I could try?” Matthew pondered aloud. “I’ve only done it with inanimate objects , but I guess it should be worth a shot.”

“Whoa there… what do you mean by that? I swear, if you’re going to try to some weird magic than let’s take a step back. Cause I don’t want to end up as a smear on the wall. I’ve already had a troll try that.” Benjamin’s figure jerked up and hissed in pain.

“Well, nothing back has happened yet, and since I was able to teleport here through a comic book, doing something like this should be a breeze.”

Benjamin inhaled, fighting the urge to vomit from the pain. His fingers pressed into his nose bridge as he thought carefully about his next words. Thankfully he wasn’t stressed enough to change, but he doubted that would last long.

“Are you sure you’re not related in some way to the Ambassador or the White Witch because they are only people I know that uses portals or some type of teleport stuff. Do you even know what you’re doing?”

“Hold your horses, buckaroo! I definitely fall on the metahuman side of things. So there isn’t any magic involved. Plus, I’m not a villain, either! I’m not scheming to screw anybody over. You know what, let me see if I can demonstrate what I mean.”

Matthew then appeared to focus on a spot in the room right next to him. A swirling portal, like the one he had fallen out of, manifested at that location. Matthew then stuck his upper body through the portal for a few seconds, as if he were looking for something. When he pulled himself out, the portal closed right behind him. In his hands, he held two comicbooks.

“Alright, here is an issue of the Sensational Arachne that i canonical with the book I used to get here,” Matthew started to explain as he held up the first comic. Then, he held up a second comic that was aesthetically different from the first. “This other one was written during the 90’s, with all of that era’s stereotypes.”

“Now, with my powers, I can insert the 90’s Arachne into the modern one’s book.”

Matthew then stacked the two comics on top of each other and closed his eyes. A dim, blue light surrounded the books for a few seconds before dissipating as quickly as it had appeared. After Matthew had opened his eyes, he first revealed the cover of the 90’s comic. Nothing had changed. However, when he showed the other book, something had changed.The cover itself was generally intact. But the titular heroine had her appearance altered. She now looked identical to her counterpart from the 90’s comic, ignoring the difference in art style.

“See? So hypothetically, I should be able to do something like this to real people, too.”

“And how do you know there isn’t any ill effect with living creatures?” Ben asked, trying to keep his amazement hidden with his question.

He was slightly jealous as the best thing he could do was get beaten up or deserted.

“I’m sure there isn’t any side effects. And if something bad happens, I’ll just turn you back. How does that sound?”

“And what if you find out you can’t? Do you have a back-up plan?” Benjamin hesitated in accepting this because it sounded too good to be true.

“I mean, if you think the risk is too great, I can just take you home, if that’s just what you want.”

Benjamin rolled his tongue against his inner cheek.

“Let’s try something simple first. Can you make my wounds go away? Heal them or whatever?”

“We could try that first.” Matthew answered. He approached Benjamin and placed his hand on the werewolf’s shoulder. Just like he had done with the comics, Matthew closed his eyes, resulting in the same blue light surrounding Benjamin. As Matthew focused on the werewolf’s wounds, these injuries slowly disappeared, almost as if they had never happened.

“What do you say about that?”

Ben had braced himself. His eyes slowly opened as he felt his wounds vanish, leaving him feeling surprisingly fine.

“Uh… How do I look? The same?” He suddenly asked, half expected he had grown another eye somewhere.

“Oh no! You turned into a girl!” Matthew jokingly exclaimed with a laugh, showing that he was not serious. But just in case, he made sure to make it explicit that he was only messing with Benjamin. “I’m just joking. You look the same. Minus the wounds, of course.”

Ben had considered abruptly checking to ensure his anatomy was correct, but quickly found the joke. His hand balled into a fist as he gently punched Matt’s arm in response.

“That’s not funny,” he snapped then tested out his healed form with a few twists and rotations of his torso. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary so far.

“So far, so good. I seem the same… Now for the bigger test.”

Benjamin looked at Matt.

“Are you ready?”

“Let’s do this.”

Matthew took the same position as he had done when he had healed Benjamin of his injuries. This time, he had to picture in his head the end result. If the young werewolf had never been turned into a werewolf in the first place, then there would not have been any opportunities for him to be abandoned by all the people who had crossed paths with him. But he also had to make sure that Benjamin would remember him. Otherwise, he would have to do the whole song and dance of “who are you?” with Benjamin all over again. Once he had captured the image in his head, Matthew could feel his powers flowing through him. A little blood started to drip from one of his nostrils during the process. Fortunately, the procedure was not long.

“How do you feel?” Matthew asked. His voice wavered a little, showing that using his powers in this way had taxed his body physically.

Ben just stood there. His eyes wandered over the room, confusion on his face and gradually came to rest on Matt. A eyebrow arched before he answered his friend.

“I’m about to ask you the same question. Are you alright? Should you lay down or do you need something? Also, where the heck are we?” Benjamin couldn’t stop his questions from pouring out.

“I’ll be alright. And to keep a long story short, let’s just say we’re very, very lost. Now, let’s get you home.”

“Okay. Are you sure you should this is a good idea, you don’t look so good.”

“I’m fine!” Let’s get you home.”

Another of the spirals portals appeared next to Matthew. He gestured towards the portal, suggesting that Benjamin should go first.

“After you.”

“All right…” Benjamin backed off, through his concern didn’t fall back from his expression.

Cautiously, he stepped into the portal and vanished from sight.
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Speech Color: Orchid

Character Alignment: Walking The Line

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