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Christopher Arthur III

Chris sat at his desk while he peered over the small amount of evidence he had on the Hounds of Humanity. He started with metahuman traffickers, whom he and Slipstream, a new speedster on the west coast, had booked the night before. This incident occurred prior to the big world-wide broadcast that the Hounds used to reveal themselves. The first lead in this case was the white van that the Hounds were using to traffic the metahumans. However, the Hounds were at least smart enough not to register under their name. In fact, the plates on the vehicle revealed that it belonged to a local utilities repair company and had been reported stolen a few months ago.

Inquiry into both the victims and the perpetrators was equally fruitless. The metahumans who were being trafficked were high-risk victims since their “powers” made it difficult for them to blend into the rest of society, unlike some of the current heroes, like Icon and Lyger, who looked nearly identical to a regular person, or like the Albany kids, who can fake a normal appearance with technology. It was also taking some time to dig up dirt on the Hounds involved. He would have to wait for the Tri-P Police to conclude their initial investigation until Chris could work more on this angle.

The Hound’s worldwide broadcast was equally frustrating. Tracing the video back to its source had been just a wild goose chase. The signal bounced from server to server, country to country until it was evident that discovering where it was broadcasted was hopeless. He even tried using what he learned from Doctor Diplodoc’s broadcast when he announced his intent on bestowing metahuman powers upon the entire human race. But even this did not produce any results.

Other than S.T.R.I.K.E., the other targets that the Hounds more or less burned to the ground did not seem like relevant targets for the Hounds. The little S.T.R.I.K.E. intelligence that he could scrape up from the organization’s ashes did not shed any light on why these establishments were targets, although that did not mean Chris’ former business partners were not privy to the true dealings of those organizations, since there were secrets that S.T.R.I.K.E. even withheld from Chris’ knowledge. All Chris could do it make a wild guess that they must had some connection to the superhuman community.

Chris took one last swig of his whiskey before turning in for the night. The one thing that was biting him was the fact that he really had no solids leads on the Hounds. The only way he could advance his search for them was by the Hounds committing another atrocity, which meant more innocent lives would die. What pained his heart even more was that he was powerless at the moment to stop it.

While Chris was ascending the main flight of stairs in his mansion, he noticed that his half-sister was still watching television.

“If you’re still up when I’m heading to bed, that means it’s way too late.”

“But it’s not a school night!” Veronica pouted as she remained firmly planted on the couch.

“I’m fine with you staying up a bit later, but it’s ridiculous when it’s past four in the morning.”

“Fine,” Veronica whimpered while she dragged herself off the couch and up to bed. When she reluctantly passed Chris while making her way to her room, Chris noticed that she was not wearing her power nullifier. While her teenage rebellious nature to act contrary to what she’s told was not breaking news to Chris, he was stumped on why she still had her human appearance without wearing her power nullifier.

“Where’s your power nullifier?”

“Um…what?” Veronica asked with her usual teenage attitude.

“After last night, I’m not in the mood for your little games. I’m talking about the device I reverse engineered to hide your metahuman powers.”

“I think you better see a doctor for a concussion. I’ve never had superpowers, let along being a superhero.”

Veronica then turned and continued to her bedroom. Chris, on the other hand, remained on the stair case. Chris knew he was not going insane. He was in West Virginia where he saw Veronica’s serpentine abilities manifest. At first, he wondered if she had had some help curing herself of her metahuman condition. However, Chris knew that this could not be the case. Her snakelike abilities gave her one more outlet for acting like a rebellious teenager. And now that S.T.R.I.K.E. was more or less defunct, she would have even more license to be lax about her metahuman status.

Something strange was going on. First it was William Kovacs, who had called himself the Game Genie. He had no clue who the majority of the publicly known heroes were, except for maybe Icon. He also continued on about wanting to face a superhuman who went by the alias the Blue Blur. However, when Chris checked the database that he salvaged from the S.T.R.I.K.E. servers moments before Hounds blasted the spy organization to kingdom come, he could not find any recorded individual by that handle. Then, last night there was Newton, who was convinced that his family had blinked out of existence. And now, his own sister showed no signs of being a metahuman.

The last thing I need is another mystery to investigate. Chris thought as he once again headed to his bedroom. On top of the terrorist attacks instigated by the Hounds of Humanity, he also needed to look into the prison break that allowed Doctor Diplodoc and his associates waltz out of a S.T.R.I.K.E. containment facility. He was just fortunate that only the villains who had allied with the doctor escaped. All the rest of the prisoners were accounted for. After the Hounds had dismantled S.T.R.I.K.E., the United States government took the initiative to seize the facility to prevent any more villains from finding their way out. At least this would allow Chris to look in a few leads in both the Hounds and whatever was going on with the Game Genie, Newton, and his sister.

Chris was going to have many sleepless nights over the next few weeks and, unfortunately for Chris, none of them would be caused by Maya.
@twibble: Could you elaborate on your character's powers, especially the transformation part and how it translates into the speed and strength stats that you gave your character?
@twibble: Only GM approved CS should be posted in the character tab. If you are interested in the game, please post the CS in the OOC first.
<Snipped quote by Dedonus>

Yeah. It mostly comes from his cheetah form, which is the fastest of his forms.

Then your CS is now accepted.
@nitemare shape@Hound55@Dedonus

I have one question before I accept this CS. Does his high speed and strength stat come from his shapeshifting ability?
@IrishAngelQueen I'll take a look and get back as soon as I am done.

Christopher Arthur III

“I’ve got you.”

Chris pressed one of the metallic hands of his Iron Knight armor against the back of the last police officer who had been trapped on the ceiling by Newton. His other hand was slicing away the spider silk that Arachne had used to prevent the officer from falling to his death. Once he had severed the last strand keeping the man tethered to the roof, Chris swung his free arm around and caught the man’s legs. Now that he had secured the last officer, Chris began to descend to the ground.

An applause from the crowd attending the charity event erupted once Chris touched down and released the police officer. Photographers had already set up shop around his expected landing site and immediately captured the moment with their digital cameras.

“It was nothing,” Chris said to the crowd, “Just doing my civic duty.”

“Can we take pictures with you in your armor?” Someone in the crowd shouted out.

“This is a very dangerous piece of equipment. I would not be surprised if the U.S. government would consider it a Weapon of Mass Destruction,” Chris replied. “But I consider myself at least a somewhat responsible person. But I have to make sure one more hostage is safe before we do any pictures.”

“Don’t worry. I got her.” Chris turned towards the staircase that lead to one of the outdoor balconies, where he found Maya standing next to Arachne. The drideresque superheroine had also carried in Newton, who had been tied up with Arachne’s spider silk and was still knocked out. Maya dashed down the stairs, pulling the bottom of her dress away from her feet so that she would not trip and fall flat on her face. Arachne followed behind her, but at a walking pace.

When he saw Maya running in his direction, Chris immediately activated the exit protocol that allowed him to get out of his armor. Almost like clockwork, various pieces of his armor slide open and allowed him to step out of the power suit. Chris had switched into the sleek flight suit that he would normally wear in the armor before he began his rescue effort for the police officers. He opened up his arms and embraced Maya when she jumped into his arms.

“We haven’t always seen eye to eye, but thank you for saving Maya.”

“I would be a bad superhero if I refused, wouldn’t I?”

While he was still embracing Maya, Chris stretched out his arm towards Arachne. She hesitated for a moment, but eventually she accepted Chris’ handshake. After this thankful gesture, Chris placed his arm around Maya’s shoulder and walked back towards his Iron Knight armor.

Aubrey Adkins

For the next hour or so, everyone was crowding around Chris, trying to take turns taking pictures with his armor. While I did get a few photo requests, although some of them couldn’t tell the difference between me and Spider-Man, almost everyone’s attention was on Chris. Not that I really minded that. In fact, this situation gave me the perfect opportunity to sneak out. While everyone’s camera was pointed at Chris, I began my escape. However, I was unfortunate enough to have been spotted by one person.

“You really thought you could sneak out of here without me noticing?” I turned around and found Emily hurrying up the stairs to catch me before I left. It did not surprise me that she was still dragging me (or rather the decoy that Athena had created) around with her. In the hand that she was not using to grab onto my duplicate’s wrist, Emily held the same autograph book that she had asked Chris to sign earlier that night. When she caught up to me, Emily offered the book to me.

“Do you mind?” Emily asked.

“Um…I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” I pulled the book out of my friend’s hand, signed my superhero handle on one of the empty pages, snapped the it shut, and handed it back. However, once Emily got the book back, I suddenly realized that I goofed up big time. I made no conscious effort to change my handwriting. While I was smart enough not to write my real name, the “A” and “R” might be just enough to raise some awkward questions.

“Are you okay with a picture, too?” Emily then inquired. I hesitated at first, since I had already made one mistake already by not altering my handwriting when giving an autograph. But since Emily was my friend and I felt I could trust her, I caved and agreed to being photographed.

While Emily searched for someone to take a picture of the three of us, I got to get a good look at the duplicate that Athena created. I still can’t believe how real she looked. Even I might have been fooled by it, and I’m the original! When I took another look at the dress that I had picked out for this charity event, it brought back Maya’s initial comment about me. God, did that dress really reveal that much cleavage? No wonder she thought I was a pornstar. Guess I’ll be benching that dress.

Once I had finished taking that picture with Emily and my copy (I need to remember to ask Emily for a copy of that image. It might be useful for plausible deniability that I’m not Arachne), I finally slipped out of the event and crawled up to the rooftop of a nearby building. Athena was standing there, waiting for me.

“So, is it time to switch places again with my cloud copy down there?”

“No.” Athena stated without looking at me. “You’re going to have to wait until she gets back to your apartment before it is safe to switch back.

“Wait. What? Why can’t we switch back? I mean, it is over a dozen blocks to the Viera apartment complex!”

“Let’s just say that the process of acquiring the apparition’s memories is quite the unpleasant experience.”

“And why did you not mention this before?”

“Rest assured, there won’t be any physical pain. You will just appear like you’re freaking out or having a seizure. I doubt you want that to happen in public.”

“Well, I guess I now know why you haven’t been generously using this to cover for me.”

Kelly Brown | Jeanette Forestier | Samantha Kadowsky | Taylor Parks | Zac Wilson

Zac paced away from the circle where the four other girls were sitting. While he did care about helping out those who were affected by the incident in Washington Park, watching Sammy and Kelly paint Jeanette’s avian talons as if they were just human nails was not quite what he had in mind. It also did not help that he was the only person in his superhero costume instead of civilian clothes, making him appear more like a superpowered bodyguard rather than someone who was attending the support group. What would they do if the Hounds of Humanity would strike during the meeting? Sure, Zac, Kelly, and Sammy were not rookies anymore, but they have never faced a threat like the Hounds.

When the door to the classroom that they were using swung open, Zac unsheathed the three claws in his right knuckles. If the person who was walking in were an extremist from the Hounds, Zac’s speed would give him enough time to close in on that individual before that guy could get off a round of fire. However, instead of finding someone decked in tactical gear, a man wearing a black jacket and jeans stood in the doorway. His t-shirt had an AC-DC graphic printed on its face.

“Woah, now. I’m just here for the meeting,” The man exclaimed while raising his hands above his shaved head. However, when he noticed that there were four girls in the room with Zac being the only guy, the man grinned. “I half expected this to be a sausage party. Glad I was way wrong.”

“So, what’s your powers?” Zac demanded, checking to make sure he’s actually here to take part in the support group. He knew that his tone probably made it seem more confrontational than it needed to be, but they could not afford to let their guard down with the Hounds at large.

“Well, my name is Darren, first of all.” Darren said since Zac asked him about his powers before his name. “For my powers, well, they’re kind of contradictory. While I can breathe underwater, swim better than I could, etc., I can also do this.

Darren held his hands out in front of him. A small flame appeared in the palms of both of his hands and nestled itself there. He then clinched his hands, which caused the flames to be extinguished.

“When have you ever seen water and fire powers mixed together? Weird, right?”

However, before anyone could comment on Darren’s powers, they all heard a window on one side of the classroom shatter, which showered the floor right behind where the four girls were sitting with glass. A small, spherical object had been lobbed from the ground in front of the building through the broken window. It struck Taylor in the back of the head. However, instead of ricocheting off her and falling to the ground, Taylor’s powers absorbed the device into her body.

“What just hit me?” A faint silhouette of the spherical object cold be seen through her semi-translucent skin while it slowly descended down from her neck to her stomach, as if it were going through the digestive system that she no longer had due to her powers.

But the six metahumans soon found out what the device was when it exploded, spattering the room and the people inside of it with the slime-like substance that Taylor’s body consisted of. The room was filled with the screams of the three girls, first because they thought they were done for. After they realized that the explosion had not killed them, they were then more freaked out because they were now soaked in what used to be their Taylor.

“It’s in my hair!” Sammy complained. “I knew karma would get me for stepping on her!”

“Your hair? What about my wings.” Jeanette said while beating her wings to fling off the goo in her feathers.

Meanwhile, the slime began to congregate back together, crawling back into a single pile. Even some of the goo that had fell out the window scaled up the wall so that it could reunite with the rest of the mass. Once whole again, two egg-shaped ovals appeared in the little blob. When the color of these ovals changed in a way as if they looked like they were blinking, it was clear that they were supposed to be eyes.

“Are you alright?” Kelly asked what she assumed was Taylor. The little blob gave her a shrug, or at least as much of a shrug that her current form would allow.

“Looks like we have company.” Zac stated while looking out of the window. He saw several black-clad men, armed to the teeth with military-grade weapons, rushed into the entrance of their campus building. “Darren, I need you to trip the fire alarm. Just don’t burn down the building.”

The frantic stress of the situation momentarily paralyzed Darren. Most people will never experience a life-or-death scenario. The cozy lifestyle of the average person usually does not prepare them for such an experience. When inside the comfort of one’s own home, you can boast that you can handle danger, but once it happens, things quickly begin to become real. Once he had recollected himself, Darren grabbed one of the desks in the classroom and pulled it underneath the smoke detector. He jumped up onto the desk and pulled a one dollar bill from his wallet.

“Why must there not be any paper?” Darren muttered under his breath before igniting the green currency in his palms. He held up the smoking remains of the dollar over his head as close to the smoke detector as he could. It only took a few seconds before the fire alarm began to ring.

Meanwhile, Kelly removed the empty trash bag from the wastebasket in the classroom and set the trash can on its side in front of Taylor. The little slime blob peered at the container, then at Kelly, then back to the container. She then oozed her way into the can and, when Kelly stood the trash can upright, Taylor’s “eyes” resurfaced at the top. Afterwards, Kelly picked up the trash can, with Taylor still inside of it, and shoved it into Sammy’s arms.

“Jean will fly you two over to the next building’s rooftop. I’ll take the two boys.” Meanwhile, Zac was sliding open a window open on the opposite side of the room, the side without the broken window.

“I’ve only flown once!” Jean warned Kelly. “I’m not ready to carry someone at the same time!”

“You better learn quick,” Kelly asserted. She then turned her attention back to Sammy, who was giving her a look as if she wanted to beg her best friend to take her instead of Jean. Nevertheless, Kelly nudged her to the window and tried to console her that she would be standing right here, just in case.

“You’ve leapt off a building before. You should be fine!”

“But that was with Lyger!” Sammy said and she immediately turned toward Jeanette. “No offense.”

“None taken.” Jeanette answered Sammy.

First, they helped Sammy up onto the ledge outside of the window. Once outside, Sammy clinched her eyes shut while pressing her back against the side of the building and holding onto the waste basket as if her life depended on it. Next, Zac and Kelly helped Jeanette up onto the edge of the window. She beat her wings several times before she took off. For a second or two, she hovered in front of the window and then rose up and landed on Sammy’s shoulders.

“Ready?” Jean asked Sammy. She could feel Sammy’s nervous trembling through her avian feet.

“No.” Sammy replied. Despite this response, Jeanette took off. At first, they rapidly fell towards the ground, which caused Sammy to scream out her lungs. It took all of Jeanette’s strength to get the two (or three, if you count Taylor) of them flying again instead of falling. Even once they were moving upward, it did not stop Sammy from continuing to scream.

“It sounds like we better get going.” Zac recommended once he heard the clatter of running footsteps that were coming in their general direction. Kelly took the cue and took a hold of both Zac and Darren. There was not any time left for them to climb on the ledge one at a time. Instead, Kelly dove out of the window back first while she still had a grasp on Zac and Darren. Her wings began to buzz back and forth right when they went out the window. She flew in a “u” shaped motion as she built up enough momentum to allow her to fly up to the next rooftop while carrying to young adult men.

Once the three metahumans landed on the rooftop, they found Jeanette and Sammy sprawled on the ground while they tried to catch their breaths. In addition, Sammy had already pulled her cell phone out from her pocket and was talking to someone on the other end of the line.

“This isn’t the time for…” Kelly began to complain, but Sammy cut her off by placing her index finger over her mouth. Sammy then continued to talk into her phone.

“We’re at Adams Hall. Please hurry!” Sammy said. Zac and Kelly guessed that she must have dialed 9-1-1 as soon as Jeanette landed on the rooftop.

Suddenly, a bullet whirled past Kelly’s shoulder, missing by only a few inches. The boom of the gunfire caused Zac to immediately pull Kelly to the ground, despite being shorter than his girlfriend. Darren followed suit and hit the ground so that he too would not be in firing distance.

“Yes, that was gun fire.” Sammy cried into her phone to the 9-1-1- operator.
Boom, third character. Kinda needs some more work but she's pretty much done and ready to write about. :D

Accepted, although I am disappointed that you have not produced a character worthy enough to challenge Arachne for the title of Best Girl.
Aubrey Adkins

I have no clue why I’m doing this? Maybe a little part of my conscience just could not stand allowing someone else get hurt because of my negative opinion of Christopher Arthur (and that’s putting it nicely). Although Maya was making her way onto my ‘hate’ list, I’m supposed to be a superhero. I guess it would be kind of hypocritical if I were selective on whether I would save someone. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Spider-Man does make the whole traversing across a city way easier than it really is. Pacific Point does not have quite the skyline that New York City has. You obviously need some tall buildings that you can use as tether points; you cannot swing on empty air. Plus, my drideresque physique would also give me issues with ‘web swinging.’ While I have tried it before with my drider appearance and I can technically do it, I just don’t look that gracefully swinging in the air with a giant spider’s body attached to my waist. Therefore, I’m pretty much stuck with leaping from roof to roof or crawling on a webline that I had tethered onto both sides of the building if the distance is too far for me to jump to the other side.

At least I had one thing going for me: this Newton guy only has regular human speed and he also has to drag along a hostage, although he’s probably using his gravity control powers make that process a little bit easier on himself. Therefore, he could not out run me, unless he somehow shook me from his trail.

I had followed him for a block or so before he realized that I was hot on his trail. Newton had been using his gravity control powers to allow himself and his hostage to cross the gaps between the buildings without risking falling from the roof. However, instead of trying to outrun me, Newton stopped and turned to face me.

“Let the girl go and nobody gets hurt,” I demanded when I finally landed on the same roof where Newton had stopped. The man had a stern and serious expression on his face, or at least as far as I could from how much his mask covered his face. Like most supervillains, I knew that he probably would say no. You just never know when someone might save you from some bruises and surrender before a fight would break out.

“You do realize that I could send you flying off this planet into the cold vastness of space,” Newton threatened. “But that would be too easy.”

Suddenly, I felt as if someone had piled weights that would become progressively heavier onto my entire body. I struggled to keep myself standing, but the strain of this invisible weight caused my legs to give out, slamming me down to the floor of the roof. I tried to at least keep my human-half off the ground by using my arms to hold me up, almost as if I were doing a push-up. Despite my best efforts, I could not even do this simple task. Newton must be using the reverse of his powers: instead of removing gravity, he’s increasing it.

“The irony that you probably could bench press a passenger bus with ease, yet gravity itself has immobilized you.” Newton walked over to me and crotched down beside me. He reached out and grasped the back of my mask. Since I could not lift up my arms to hold down my mask, I tried to bite down onto the material with my teeth. But he was still able to yank off my mask, pulling off the band that was holding my ponytail together. Some of my blonde hair fortunately fell in front of my face, shrouding it from both Newton and Maya. I’m not quite sure who I would rather hide my identity from: this supervillain or Chris’ girlfriend.

“Show me your face, blondie,” Newton threatened me, placing the barrel of his glock to the back of my head. “I want to watch the light leave your eyes.”

I did the opposite. I tried to turn my head away and tilt it towards the floor of the roof to maximize how much of my long locks of blonde hair would cover my face. Am I going to die? How is this going to work, anyways? I have a healing factor that does its job quite well, but I’ve never lost any limbs before, let alone getting my brains blown out. Will I just bounce back from this or is this my one weakness? Even if I do survive, what effects will it have on me? Will my body be able to repair the damage?

My body began to shake out of fear. I don’t want to die. I know it is kind of cliché to say that young people sometimes believe that they are invincible when they’re really not, but in my case I would say it would not be too much of a stretch. I have a healing factor that keeps me healthy. I have superhuman strength, despite what my scrawny arms would make you believe. Even though being a superhero is a dangerous hobby, I guess I never considered dying before. I mean, where the hell is Athena? She usually bails me out of situations like these.

I then heard the click coming from Newton’s gun, signaling that he had turned off the safety. Still shaking, I closed my eyes, unsure how I could alter my fate. I just waited for the gun to go off. Those were some excruciating moments since I did not know when the bang would sound.

A crack of a firing gun resounded from behind me. I would have jumped when it went off, but Newton’s gravity control abilities stopped me from getting an inch off the ground. After the first round blasted, everything went silent. My eardrums must have burst and were in the process of healing themselves, since I could feel my vocal cords vibrate even though I could not hear myself scream.

When I pealed up my eyes, I discovered that I was still on the roof. I was obviously not dead. St. Peter hopefully would have greeted me otherwise. I could hear the faint noise of the nearby traffic. Guess my hearing was coming back. I also thought I was hearing a woman’s voice speaking, but it was so faint that I could not make out what she was saying. I then felt something poke my shoulder. When I turned my head to see what had poke me, I saw that something was holding up my mask in front of me.

“I believe this belongs to you.” I heard Maya’s familiar voice (or at least as familiar as it can be for just meeting Maya an hour or two ago) in my ears. What shocked me was, when I pulled my mask off whatever was holding it up from underneath, discovering that the tip of a large, red snake tail had been balancing the mask on its tip. After I made this realization, I traced the snake tail with my eyes back to its source, which was beneath Maya’s dress, where her human legs should have been. Although everything between her waist (I’m guessing here) to her neck appeared one-hundred percent human, I saw that her face did not look the same as it did a few moments ago.

The first thing I noticed were her pupils. Instead of being round, as they had been, they were slitted. Her ears were different, too, since they were almost leaf-shaped like the goblins in the Harry Potter movies, while their color tone matched the red scales on her snake tail. Finally, there were a patch of scales (still the same as those on her tail) that were located on the back of her cheeks, right under her ears.

“It is such a relief to meet another liminal.” Maya told me. As she talked, I could also tell that her tongue was also forked, just like a snake’s. However, when she got a better look at my face, her eyes immediately grew wide. “Wait, you’re that pornstar that hates Chris!”

I was still too dazed from seeing what Maya’s true form presumably looked like to quite register what she just said. I should not have been this shell-shocked by her appearance, since Chris’ sister looked similar to Maya. Minus the ears, of course. I guess I was just not expecting her actually to be a snake-person. After a moment to take in all of this new information, I finally realized what Maya just called me.

“Wait. What did you just call me?” I grumbled while giving Maya a glare.

“Um…a liminal?” Maya muttered, unsure whether that was the answer I was expecting.

“No! Well, yes, you did call me that, too. But you also called me a pornstar!”

“I mean, you do have huge boobs,” Maya defended herself. However, while she was looking at me, she squinted her eyes, placed her thumb and index finger on her chin, and tilted her head to one side. “Although, now that I’ve seen you again, they do seem significantly smaller.”

“That still does not make me a pornstar,” I told Maya, while I was throwing my hair back into a ponytail, as it was before Newton pulled my mask off. It only took me a moment to realize that, by reaching my arms back to tie my hair into a ponytail, I was inadvertently jutting my chest out, making it look more prominent. I quickly fixed my hair and then immediately threw my arms over my chest.

“But don’t you work for Viera or whatever it’s called? Don’t they make you pose nude?”

“They don’t require it.”

“But you did do it, right?”

“It wasn’t really my choice.”

“I thought you just said it wasn’t required?”

“It’s…complicated.” I sighed as I spoke to her. “Like, shapeshifter and ‘you cannot clear this up without outing yourself as a superhero’ complicated.”

I then took my mask and pulled it down over my face, with my ponytail sliding through a slit in the back of it.

“Before I get you back to the charity event, what’s a liminal?”

“Woah.” Maya spoke, not really answering my question. “How did you change your voice?”

“Um…I’m not really sure. Something to do with this mask. Anyways, liminals?”

“You know,” Maya stated to me, although I still gave her an expression showing that I had no idea what she was talking about. “Someone like you and me. A humanlike species that can interbred with humans.”

“Wait, you’re not human?”

“No, I’m a Nagi.” Maya tried to explain to me, although she interjected some more when she still saw a confused expression on my face. “A snake-person species. But you asked that as if you’re not a liminal.”

“I guess I’m technically a metahuman.” Now, it was my turn to be on the receiving side of a puzzled look. “Basically, it is a human with special powers. I just have the misfortune to possess an ability that gives me this appearance.”

I then gestured at the spider-half of my body.

“But have you told Chris about your…um…species?”

“Please don’t tell him,” Maya begged me. Her leaf-shaped ears began to droop, while tears began to form in her eyes. “He really means a lot to me. I, well, love him. But ever since I found out about one of his exes turned out to be an android, I didn’t know how to break it to him. But I don’t want him to learn about it from anyone except for me. Will you promise to keep this secret?”

“Sure,” I told her. I was not sure whether I made that promise as a favor for Maya or out of spite for Chris. I kind of find it humorous that Chris is unknowingly banging a snake-girl. However, at the same time, I understand what she is feeling. I know how much it hurts to lie to the people you love. It breaks my heart every time I must lie about something to hide my metahuman status from my parents. I just hope I’m doing this more out of sympathy of Maya’s situation rather than my hatred of Chris.

“Thank you!” Maya rushed forward and wrapped her arms around me in an embrace.

“Don’t get too sentimental on me.” I patted her on the back while I tried to pull myself out of her grip. “We better get you back to the convention center. It would be a really awkward conversation if Chris would happen to fly in on us while you still look like that.”

Maya nodded in agreement. She immediately reached up and rubbed her the ruby gem on her necklace, which began to glow. After this happened, all of her serpentine attributes dissolved away, leaving Maya with an entirely human-only appearance.

“Please tell me you have seen magic before.” Maya asked me after her transformation concluded.

“Unfortunately yes. That would have to be a story for next time. It also is complicated.
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