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“90’s” Aubrey Adkins
A suburb of Columbus, OH, Earth-99
late April 2010

Butterflies fluttered in my chest as the hottest songs of the past four years blared through the building. I draped my arms around my prom date’s shoulders while he had his hands resting on my waist. If you would have told me four years ago who my prom date would be, I probably have rolled my eyes at you. During our sophomore year, Will asked me to the homecoming dance and I could have easily brushed him off by making an excuse that I was not going to the dance. However, even though we traveled in different circles, I rolled the dice and it resulted in a 3-year long relationship that was still going strong. Sure, everyone has their ups and downs, but no one said relationships were a cakewalk.

For the senior class, this was one final hurrah before we would forever part ways for new adventures, whether at the university level or in the workforce. For the juniors, it was the milestone that marked the time when it was their turn to start counting the days down until they too could graduate. However, before this could happen, the Juniors had to organize this dance. This year, they picked a superhero theme, not only because of the handful of movies from the genre released during our time in high school, but also because of the real ‘caped crusaders’ of our world, the likes of Icon and Iron Knight. Since this is a formal dance, no one could dress for the theme except for guys wearing undershirts with superhero logos on them, but the juniors tried to pull it off in any way possible.

The stars sparkled in the night sky, or at least as many as there could be with the lights of Columbus shining in the distance, while the hundreds of juniors and seniors (and the few sophomores and even freshmen who somehow got invited) enjoyed the temperate night of dancing and music. As it was long past midnight, some of the attendees had already decided to take off and enjoy their post-prom parties.

However, as the remaining lingerers continued the party, over the horizon, what looked like green aurora borealis were sweeping across the sky. We watched in awe as the lights billowed past us above our heads. The lights gave off an eerie atmosphere while they were still within our view. However, since nothing immediately happened as these nighttime lights appeared, we, as the teenagers that we were, placed it out of our mind, especially since the next song began to play.

I’ve had a little too much
All the people start to rush

“One more song before we go?” I asked Will. Although he nodded in agreement, I had already grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him to the dance floor long before he could give answer.
How does he twist and dance?
Can't find my drink or man.
Where are my keys?
I lost my phone.

We weaved through the mass of stragglers who had not yet called it a night until we finally found some space for us. As the lyrics blared through the air and as I moved with the beat of the music, I felt my vision become blurred. At first, I just thought that I was just drowsy from the fatigue of the past day’s festivities. I would have continued on like this. However, Will intervened.

“Are you alright?” He asked me, concerned from seeing me stumble since I was having a difficult time with my vision.

“Maybe we should go.” I admitted to my date. At that moment, we heard a sudden commotion erupt from our surrounding.

What’s goin' on the floor?
I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore.
Keep it cool. What's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it’s alright, I'm alright.

All around us, a portion of the prom crowd began to exhibit metahuman powers. Some were lucky enough that to have developed only innate abilities while leaving their physical appearance more or less unchanged. Others, however, were not so lucky. While no one had the misfortune of being transformed into literal abominations, some now had appearances less human than others.

I then felt an intense pain in my legs. Even before I turned my eyes down towards my legs, fear already struck my heart, filling my head with what was about to happen to me. Before my eyes, what I used to be able to call my legs began to grow thin until they resembled the forelimbs of a spider. My heels slipped off the claws where my toes had a few seconds ago had been located. But this was not the end, as six more legs, near identical to the two that protruded in front of me, grew from underneath my prom dress, tearing the bottom of the fabric as they stretched out on both sides of me.

Tears began to pour down my cheeks once I had realized that my entire lower body had been replaced in a single instance by a giant spider, minus its face. How could something like this happen? This sort of tragedy only happened in fiction, right? Yet now I probably am almost more arachnid than human, even though the rest of seems to have been unchanged. What have I done to deserve this? Sure, I was a cheerleader since middle school and I was crowned Homecoming queen this year, but I was by no means like any of the antagonists from Mean Girls. Why was this happening to me?

However, while I was attending my own pity party, I felt a warm embrace wrapped around my body, or at least what remained of my human half. Once I wiped the tears from my eyes, I saw Will there, trying to comfort me. Part of me was infuriated that he somehow was unaffected by what had caused my transformation, even though there were many others who seemed to have remained normal. However, at the same time, I also was relieved that he had not ditched me once he had seen his girlfriend become a human spider. I don’t know what I was going to do now. None of us did.

Just dance! It’s
Gonna be okay
Just dance!
Spin that record babe.
Just dance! It’s
Gonna be okay
D-d-d dance, dance, dance, just
J-J-Just dance!

Lady Gaga: Just Dance 2008

Kelly Brown | Samantha Kadowsky | Zac Wilson

Zac gazed at the television screen in Sammy’s apartment while he sat on her couch, still dressed in his superhero costume, although he had pulled back his mask. On one hand, it was a great relief that the Hounds had not targeted Sammy’s apartment. Zac and his friends had enough action with the Hounds to last a whole week, if not a lifetime. However, Zac had a bigger problem on his hands. How in the world did Sammy and Kelly’s powers change? Something like does not happen every day or by chance. Furthermore, he did not know where to start. But Sammy and Kelly would thing he was the crazy one. For a moment, the thought that he was the one who was changed crossed his mind, but he knew that could not be the case since both Sammy and Kelly was also confused about each other’s appearance. What was he going to do?

Before he could consider anything else on this matter, Zac heard Sammy’s bedroom door swing open and then shut again. When he turned his head, Zac saw that only Kelly had exited her friend’s bedroom. She had a frazzled look on her face, obviously from trying to deal with her best friend. Kelly plopped down on the couch next to Zac and exhaled a sigh of relief.

“That girl,” Kelly complained to Zac while she shook her head. “Sometimes she can be a handful.”

“She is the one who conned us into going to Crown Ridge so that she could see Lyger.” Right when these words left his mouth, Zac realized that, because of the strange occurrences of late, Kelly might not have any recollection of that “adventure,” to put it nicely.

“Don’t remind me.” Kelly’s response at least confirmed to Zac that some of her memories were still intact. “And we’re going to have to have talk with Lyger. What was he thinking sending her a ring? Look what happened! She thinks she’s engaged!”

“I have to drive all the way up there, again?” Zac sighed.

“We can just teleport there, silly.”

“I knew that,” Zac lied, as he tried to keep what was happening straight in his mind.

“But we better do it soon, before Sammy does something rash, like sexting Lyger.”

“Hey! They were tasteful!” Sammy barged into the conversation after she slithered out of her own room, now wearing a dress that normally would have reached down halfway past her thighs, but since she had a serpentine body below the waist, one could not quite make that estimation. “I wasn’t sending anything you haven’t seen on the cover of beauty magazines.”

“YOU DIDN’T SEND THEM, DID YOU!” Kelly told her best friend, glaring at her. Zac, meanwhile, was trying as best as he could not to smirk while thinking how Lyger would react to that happening to him. He hoped that Lyger would at least know something was wrong since Sammy was now a snake girl instead of a cat girl.

“Of course not,” Sammy told Kelly, although it seemed as if Kelly was not buying it. “I mean, you were in there with me the whole time. When would I have time to send them?”

At the same time as Kelly and Sammy were arguing with one another, the news suddenly switched to some breaking news. Some heroes located in the American South-west had announced that they were partnering with the United States government in order to combat the Hounds of Humanity. The announcement placed an emphasis on how this initiative would provide transportation for superpowered individuals who did not naturally have the ability to fly. Zac normally would have mentioned how that could be useful, since their regular powers did not have the capacity to take themselves outside of the state. However, since Kelly somehow had the Silver Sorceress’ powers, he knew that if he would have stated anything, Kelly would have reminded him again that she could port them to wherever they needed.

Then, the news broadcast turned to a new headline. At this very moment, although information was scarce, they reported that there was some sort of metahuman disturbance in Washington Park. Everyone was advised to stay away from the park until the Albany authorities have cleared the area of any threats. People should not pass by the park unless they have to. It was beyond Zac why any metahuman would want to cause trouble right now, especially since the Hounds of Humanity are out to get them.

“Sammy, you better suit up.” Kelly told her best friend. However, when she turned to look back at Sammy, she discovered that she had already used her power-nullifier wristband to switch into her superhero threads.

“Why ahead of you,” Sammy told her while cracking a smile.

Even though he did not want to mention it at the moment, Zac knew that after they resolved the disturbance at Washington Park, the three of them would have to figure out what was happening to Kelly and Sammy. While they have seen some weird things, including werewolves, magic swords, and men who can catch space stations, people waking up with new powers and not remembering that they had different powers does not happen every day.

“Ready?” Kelly asked her boyfriend, who immediately nodded. Then Kelly used her powers to teleport the three of them to Washington Park to investigate the Metahuman disturbance.
Character you have created: John Anthony Black
Alias: Overseer

Character you have created: John Anthony Black

Alias: Overseer

This application is a little light on what your character actually does. You mention that he is an information broker/weapons collector. If there are things that you only want the GM's to know about, send a PM to NMS, Hound, and me so that we can approve it (i.e. types of weapons, etc).

For the "Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?," you do that by using the image code, as followes:
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You can also press the "picture frame" button at the top of the reply window or Ctrl+G (not sure what it is on Mac) to create this code.

Also, as I read your application, I noticed that you had quite a few homonym typos (some repeated several times). Things like buy/by, their/there/they're, and before/be for. Could you clean up these typos?

Finally, when writing dialogue, whenever you have a new speaker, you must start a new paragraph. This helps prevents walls of text and increases readability.

Otherwise, looks good so far.
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Christopher Arthur III | Maya Hoffman

A hospital in Virginia

Maya sat in a chair beside Chris’ hospital bed, clinching his hand. Although Chris had survived the Judicator’s attack on his mansion, he did not walk away without a scratch. In fact, he did not walk out of the burning ruins of his Virginian home, since the medical response team had to cart him out. Even though he was able to survive orbital blast by using some nearby tech, Chris was rendered unconscious by the attack, leaving him in a coma.

Unlike the average citizen of the United States, Chris had the best doctors, the best facilities, and the cutting edge medical technology at his disposal. While the medical team had not quite figured out this problem yet, it would only be a matter of time before the doctors had sorted it out, or at least that is what Chris’ loved ones believed. But at the moment, no one had answers.

When she had heard what had happened at Chris’ mansion, Maya dropped everything and rushed over the hospital. Even after Chris’ butler departed with Veronica, Maya still remained behind into the twilight hours of the night. In fact, most of the hospital staff had gone home before Maya was ready to leave. While he appeared to be sleeping peacefully, Maya wished she could do something to help.

“Sorry, but visiting hours are almost closed.” One of the nightshift hospital staff peaked his head into Chris’ room, alerting her to the hospital’s hours policy.

Maya nodded to acknowledge what the man told her. She then started to gather up her belongings and planted one last kiss on Chris’ forehead before turning to leave. However, as she headed for the door, a male nurse walked in with a bag of medicine that was for Chris’ IV.

“I think Chris already received his last dose,” Maya told the nurse who had just entered the room.

“That must be a mistake,” the nurse defended his reason why he was giving more medication to Chris.

“Could you just get the doctor or check his chart first?” Maya insisted, for the well-being of her boyfriend.

“If you don’t turn around and walk away, people will think that you knocked off the sleeping genius,” the nurse threatened once he pulled out his pistol from behind his back and pointed it at Maya.

Had the Hounds returned to finish the job? Maya thought as she backed away far enough where the nurse was comfortable to turn his back to her once more. What could she do? She probably could stop him if she were to revert back to her Nagini form, but that would also cause her to oust herself as not being human. What would Chris think? Would the fact that she saved him trump the shock of the fact that she had a serpentine body?

There was no other choice in Maya’s mind. She had to act. No matter how Chris would react to the truth, Maya knew that saving the man she loved would be worthwhile. Therefore, she yanked off her necklace that repressed her Nagini characteristics and made her move. She launched her snaky tail forward and wrapped the man’s hands, preventing him to connect what she assumed was poison to Chris’ IV. She then began to constrict her tail around his arms so that he might drop what he was holding.

“Drop it,” Maya commanded.

“You’re a meta,” The Hound goon disguised as a nurse gasped. He dropped both his gun and the bag of poison because the crushing pressure of Maya’s constricting tail caused excruciating pain. A chill shot down his spine when he saw that Maya was then wrapping her tail around his body, just like a python would do to its prey.

“You’re staying here with me until the cops show up.” Maya told him while she pulled out her cell phone and started to dial 9-1-1. However, the Hound goon would not allow himself not to have the last word.

“Never,” he barked before he started to crunch on something that had been hidden in his cheek. After a moment or two passed, white foam poured out of his mouth and his lifeless body tumbled to the ground.

Maya was shaken by what the man had just done. Instead of being incarcerated, he would rather take his own life for the cause of the Hounds. She immediately released her snaky grip on the man’s corpse and slid her necklace back around her neck, returning her human form. Once she looked normal again, she rushed out of the room and tried to find someone to report what had happened. Minus the part where she turned into a Nagini, of course.
Aubrey Adkins | Amanda Allen-James

Though Slipstream was more than happy to take out these creeps, as Arachne had suggested, she watched as several more truckloads of the paramilitary jackboots arrived on the scene, which meant to her, that even with the advantage that their powers gave them over these thugs, perhaps a direct assault wasn’t the best course of action. When she saw that the Hounds were advancing on them, she knew that there was no way they could win with a straight up attack.

“There’s too many of them, I think we should put some distance between us and them, then figure out what we’re gonna do.” Slipstream said after a momentary pause.

Arachne peaked over the paramilitary vehicle that the two metahumans were hiding behind. The Hounds were quickly approaching their position. While they could risk it and try to take on the men, the odds for success were against the two women, not only because they were outnumbered, but also since the Hounds appeared to have been prepared to deal with Slipstream, which has neutralized their metahuman advantage over their human assailants.

“I think you’re right. But I need a distraction to escape. I’m not sure if I can dodge the bullet barrage that will be aimed at me while we try to make our retreat.”

“I think I have an idea.” Slipstream said with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

The icy sheen that glistened on the pavement was a problem. It was a simple fact that she could not run on ice, so in essence, the Hounds should have taken her out of the game. However, since she gained her powers, she had suspected that her speed would allow her to not only cover great distances in a short time, but allow her to travel in ways that were not only unconventional, but impossible just about anyone else. She did not know if the plan would work, but now was just as good of a time to give it a try. She didn’t have much of a choice, if she didn’t distract them, both she and Arachne were dead. If this didn’t work, she and Arachne were dead. The only thing she had going for her, was the fact that the truck they were crouched behind had shielded the area immediately behind it from the ice, which would allow her to get some traction. On the other hand, there was only about a half a dozen feet from where they crouched and the front side of the nearest building Slipstream gathered herself for a split second and began running. She ran from the truck to the side of the building, and then she ran up the face of the building. Quickly she turned and ran along the side of the building to the next one, and then the one beside that one. She little more than a pinkish purple and chrome blur as she ran from building to building, and then zipped off down the street from the Hounds and their deathtrap. She had gotten nearly to St Louis before she turned around and raced back.

Happily, she found that her distraction had worked. Arachne had been able to get away from the Hounds, and was keeping an eye on them from several rooftops away when she returned. Slipstream tapped Arachne on the shoulder, slightly out of breath.

“ what?” She asked, panting as she tried to catch her breath.

“I would suggest going home and sleeping in our warm beds, but that would not be very heroic of us,” Arachne told Slipstream after she had returned from distracting the Hounds so that she could slip away without the human terrorists noticing. “I guess we’re going to do the one thing that any sane person would never do: follow a group of men who only moments prior had pointed their military-grade firearms at us. It’s not like someone has already tried to blow my brains out tonight.”

Meanwhile, the Hounds had already finished packing up their equipment and piled back into their paramilitary vehicles. Since their target had escaped via the intervention of a second hero, the Hounds began to speed away, leaving nothing except for the icy street as evidence of their presence. Even though she was a metahuman, Arachne knew that she could not keep up with their vehicles, especially if leave the city. However, Arachne was in luck since the hero she had helped save from the Hound did have the speed to match the Hound’s vehicles.

“Do you think you could trail them without being seen?”

“Yeah, no problem.” Slipstream replied. Though she thought she sounded confident in the plan, she was anything but. These guys had already proven to be more than she could handle alone, and even with Arachne with her, she felt deep down that this was way above her pay grade. “But I think I’ll let you take the lead on seem to do the whole sneaking around thing better than me...I’m more of a straight forward, rush in, rush out kind of girl.”

“We need to figure out where they’re heading. You can run infinitely faster than I can, so the Hounds could never shake you off their trail. Once we have learned where their base is, we can figure out what we should do next.”

Slipstream and Arachne watched as the Hounds rolled out of the area. Instead of immediately rushing off after the terrorists, she hung back a bit, allowing the Hounds to put some distance between them. Once they were a few blocks away, Slipstream took off after them, zipping from building to building, ducking into alleys as she moved in an attempt to avoid being seen. Slipstream repeatedly did this for more than two dozen blocks as she followed the Hounds down Ocean Avenue, one of the main throughways in and out of Pacific Point. Slipstream wasn’t sure exactly how far she’d followed the Hounds’ motorcade, as her sense of distance is somewhat distorted when she uses her super speed. A distance of several hundred miles could have seemed to have only been a few miles. However, this did not seem to be the case in this instance. The Hounds led her just outside of the city limits, to an old decommissioned gas station much like the ones you would see while traveling along the old historic Route 66.

The station itself was nothing out of the ordinary. There were a few old fashioned pumps in front of the station, and what had once been a two stall garage. It certainly didn’t look like the secret base of an evil terrorist organization bent on the destruction of an entire segment of the population. Slipstream stayed out of sight as the Hounds pulled into the parking lot. As the vehicles pulled up to the double garage doors, the doors slowly opened, and to her astonishment, the dozen or so vehicles that she had been trailing entered the garage two by two, until they had all vanished from sight and the doors closed behind them.

Once the Hounds had vanished into their hideaway, Slipstream turned around and no longer under the restraints of secrecy, raced back into the city to the rendezvous point with Arachne.

“I know where they are, and if we hurry, we can take them down.” Slipstream said, perhaps sounding much more confident than she actually felt.

“Back already?” Arachne asked as she was halfway finished weaving a spiderweb hammock. Since she knew that it was time to go, Arachne wadded up the spider silk and discarded it. “I hoped I could get a little breather while you were following them.”

“I would have been back sooner, but you know how bad traffic can be on the 73 Freeway.” Slipstream quipped before watching Arachne roll up the web hammock that she’d been building. “Sorry to interrupt your nap.” she said with a smirk before she began to fill Arachne in on what she’d discovered.

Once Slipstream had disclosed the location of the Hound’s base of operations, the two superheroines headed out. While Arachne had enhanced speed that surpassed the regular human, her speed could not match Slipstream’s. Therefore, she essentially played a game of catch up: Slipstream had to periodically stop while she waited for Arachne to arrive. After several stops, Arachne and Slipstream finally arrived at the not so abandoned gas station.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Arachne muttered to Slipstream, since the gas station seemed unguarded. The two women slowly approached the building, placing the old fashioned gas pumps between themselves and the station.

Slipstream and Arachne watched the double garage doors that the Hounds’ vehicles had vanished behind intently, looking for any signs of life. Slipstream stood up straight, emerging from their hiding place.

“I know that being a spider-centaur thing isn’t the most incognito thing in the world, but you’re not really helping.” Arachne whispered to Slipstream as her new ally revealed herself from their cover.

“Relax, they don’t even know that we’re here.” Slipstream said with a shrug of her shoulders just before the sound of gunfire suddenly erupted. Bullets flew past their heads, barely missing the heroes as they ducked back behind the old style gas pumps, which luckily had been dry for quite some time.

“Yup, they know we’re here! They know we’re here!” Slipstream cried out as bullets ricocheted off of the tanks which kept them out of the direct line of fire, at least for the time being.

“And what gave you that idea?” Although the gas pumps were sufficient for giving Slipstream cover, Arachne’s drider physique made things a little bit more difficult. While her upper body was not a problem, her spider half, especially her legs, could not be hidden entirely behind the pumps. She knew that the two of them had to do something unless they wanted to become swiss cheese. Although the simple solution to this problem was having Slipstream disarm the Hounds, if their confrontation earlier that night taught her anything, the anti-metahuman terrorists were prepared for her. They needed a different approach.

“I’m going to create a distraction. Then you should be able to work your magic.” Arachne quickly told Slipstream once she had made up her mind. She then leaped up and landed on the gas station’s awning that would have been used back in the day by the customers to get their vehicle out of the elements. When she had touched down on the awning, she began running forward towards the building, while the Hounds poured their bullets at the awning.

While Arachne’s “spider-sense” gave her an uncanny ability to anticipate an enemy’s attack. However, she still needed the space to dodge any specific attack. With enough bullets concentrated in a single area, even if she knew that the bullets were coming, there might not be a way for her to move out of the way without getting hit by a different bullet. Therefore, as she crossed the awning, Arachne performed what could be best be described as a dance, since she had to move back and forth, right to left and back so that she would not get hit by a bullet.

She had almost reached the gas station’s main convenience store roof, when one of the Hounds’ bullets grazed Arachne’s hind leg. Due to the pain in her leg, Arachne tumbled forward and fell to the floor of the roof. Even though the wound burned, she had enough willpower to pull the rest of her spider abdomen off the awning so that it would not catch a bullet. She then peered back at her wound. Although her blood stained the cloth around her wound, her healing factor had already started to clout up the wound. While some plain still lingered, she would be fine until it could completely heal in a couple minutes.

Seeing that Arachne had been hit by the gunfire, Slipstream decided that it was up to her to take the heat off of her new friend. She left the relative safety provided by the gas pumps and in a purplish pink and chrome blur, began running literal circles around their attackers, drawing their fire away from the slightly injured Arachne. Slipstream zipped from the pump right to the nearest Hound, who had his gun trained on Arachne, and with a simple shove sent him flying backwards into one of his compatriots. As Slipstream made her way around the old service station, taking out Hound after Hound, Arachne had been given ample time to recover from her injuries and rejoin the fray. As the two women took the fight to the Hounds of Humanity, the thugs began to retreat inside of the garage. The double garage doors began closing behind the retreating Hounds, who had left their unconscious cohorts to fend for themselves.

“They’re getting away!” Slipstream cried out as the doors inched toward the ground. However, she wasn’t planning on letting that happen. She accelerated toward the descending doors. As she approached the doors, they were almost completely closed, leaving less than a foot between bottom of the doors and the ground. As she reached the doors, she went to the ground and slid under the doors like a baseball player sliding into second base. She had barely come to a stop as the doors closed behind her. A cold chill ran down her spine as she realized that she was alone in the garage with who knows how many Hounds of Humanity terrorists, and no way out. She spun around to face the enemies behind her, only to find that there were none. Instead, she found that she was in an empty garage. There was a sloping floor that led to another set of doors that looked to lead to a subterranean level underneath the old service station.

“Great. Just great.” Slipstream said to herself as she looked around the garage looking for a way to get the doors open again. Then, on the far wall she saw what looked like a set of controls hanging down from the wall itself. The controls was about the length of a surge protector and had two round buttons, one red and the other green, on the face of the device. She took the device in her hand and with little else to lose, pressed the green button. The double garage doors creaked and moaned as the began to ascend into the ceiling. When the doors finally came to a stop, Slipstream looked out to find Arachne standing just outside, looking into the empty garage.

“It looks like we’re going down.” Slipstream said as she pointed to the entry to what she assumed was an underground base of some sort.

“Why does it not surprise me that these roaches would have a secret rat nest underneath this place. While rushing down there doesn’t sound like a good idea, I’m not camping out here all night.”

Slipstream nodded to show her agreement. Therefore, the two superheroines descended into the lair of this Hounds of Humanity cell, prepared to react to any sort of ambush that the Hounds might have prepared for them.
Create-A-Hero Season 2 Awards Results

Best Hero:

Winner: (tie) Icon, Pendragon, Voyager (2)

Runner-up: (tie) Arachne, Rune (1)

Best Hero without Powers:

Winner: Nicholas Church (November) (4)

Runner-up: Iron Knight (3)

Best Walking-the-Line:

Winner: War-Pulse (6)

Runner-up: (tie) Alchemyst, Nicole MacNamara (Walker) (1)

Best Walking-the-Line without Powers:

Winner: Fletch (5)

Runner-up: Legate (3)

Best Villain:

Winner: The Ambassador (5)

Runner-up: Umbraxis (2)

Best Villain without Powers:

Winner: The Cowl (uncontested)

Best NPC'd hero:

Winner: Sewer Gator (4)

Runner-up: Kelly Brown (Wasp) (3)

Best NPC'd villain:

Winner: Doctor Diplodoc (3)

Runner-up: (tie) the Hounds of Humanity, Puck (2)

Best New Character:

Winner: Gum (4)

Runner-up: (tie) Nicole MacNamara, Siren, Slipstream, Terra Firma (1)

Best Origin:

Winner: Mandate (3)

Runner-up: Katarina, Siren (2)

Best Shipped Couple:

Winner: That which shall not be named (4)

Runner-up: Every other ship (1)

Most Interesting Use of Powers:

Winner: White Witch when she helped create the Soul Stone (3)

Runner-up: Equilibrium dropped a news-copter on War-Pulse, Psionic Nexus (first landing) (2)

Most Angry Character:

Winner: Nicole MacNamara (4)

Runner-up: Cabbie (3)

Most Property Damage:

Winner: War-Pulse (vs. Evergreen and Nemesis) (5)

Runner-up: Game Genie (3)

Best Team-up:

Winner: Rune and Pendragon (3)

Runner-up: (tie) Raptor Pack and Lyger, Nemesis & Evergreen (2)

Most Unexpected Team-up

Winner: Raptor Pack and Benjamin Reeves (4)

Runner-up: War-Pulse, Evergreen, & Fletch (3)

Best Fight:

Winner: War-Pulse/Equilibrium vs. Nemesis/Evergreen (uncontested)

Best Post:

Winner: Hounds of Humanity Introduction Post (6)

Runner-up: This post written by Byrd Man (2)

Best Comedic Post:

Winner: Ben's adventures with drugs (3)

Runner-up: Evergreen & War-Pulse (2)

Best Story Arc:

Winner: Pax Metahumana Crisis (3)

Runner-up: (tie) Hounds of Humanity, Witch Hunt (2)

Most Fun Story Arc:

Winner: Hounds of Humanity (5)

Runner-up: Game Genie (3 - i.e the people who were actually a part of the story line)

Best Story Arc with a Tear Jerking moment:

Winner: Heist Arc (ambassador, Silence, Mandate) (4)

Runner-up: Death of the Esters (3)


Winner: DearTrickster (5)

Runner-up: Dedonus (2)

Most Improved:

Winner: (tie) Phil (aka Alternax), VATROU (3)

Best Newbie:

Winner: Indiana Cooper (6)

Runner-up: Crosswire (2)
<Snipped quote by Dedonus>

It doesn't. Because I'm a moron and didn't understand what it was all about, so, uh... let's say her powers triggered when Fran was about to die in the VCI explosion? And leave it there?

Character you have created:
Arielle Françoise Lerroux, prefers to be known as Françoise, or just Fran to her friends.

Rubis - Her most common alias
Jeanne Friant - Alias known to NYPD
Helene Daladier - Alias known to LHPD
Louise D'Entrecasteaux - Alias known to FBI

Before I accept this CS, could you explain how the Pax Metahumana event has any ties to Rubis' powers?
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