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Character you have created: Eddie, Just Eddie
Alias: Still just Eddie

Character you have created: Eddie, Just Eddie
Alias: Still just Eddie

So, what are your narrative goals for this character other than to fight and beat Icon, Mandate, and any other powerhouse in Create-A-Hero?
Patience, young grasshopper. We'll get to your application as soon as we can.
Announcement time! After discussing this idea with some of our current players, we decided it would be an awesome idea to host a Christmas-themed event for Create-A-Hero. However, unlike past game-wide events where there is a central plot that unites everyone's stories, this CaHristmas event will feature glimpses into what our characters will be (or have done) during the holiday season. You can show us how your character celebrates Christmas or what happens when they have to do some superheroing instead! You can be as serious or as campy as you want with your story! You can even collab with someone to make your post! However, there is one caveat: you must have your post up by Christmas Eve!

Who: Any of your PCs! You can do a story for only one, for only a selection of them, or for all of them!

What: Any type of Christmas story! It could be a slice of life showing what they do on Christmas. It could show how being a superhero/villain affects their Christmas holiday. You could even create a campy Christmas-style story!

When: If you are participating, please have your post up by Christmas 24th at midnight Pacific Standard Time (UTC−8:00).

How (Long): Ideally a single post. You can make multiple posts, but keep in mind that you only have a limited time to complete your entry!

Why: Because it is almost Christmas!
Create a Hero RPG Application (NPC Character)

Screen Name: Dedonus

Original Creator: Johnny Blaze

Character you have created: Kensei
Alias: Demon's Bane (alias); Hunter of the Gods (alias); The Celestial Samurai (alias); Izanagi's Chosen (alias); The Swordsman (alias); Miyamoto Musashi (true name)

Speech Color: Teal, Bold

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: His true name is known only to a select few, and his existence is debatable as most believe he is merely a legend in the same vein as Beowulf or King Arthur.

Character Personality: Kensei is a honorable warrior who puts the lives of others ahead of his own. He is a stoic figure, rarely opening up to people, save his only friends (described later in supporting characters). Kensei tends to be blunt and to the point, which can rub people the wrong way at times. Due to his training he is a respectful man, but it is difficult to gain his trust. Once gained however, you will find Kensei to be a generous, good hearted soul with, surprisingly, a decent sense of humor though he rarely lets it show.

Uniform/costume: Standard Samurai Armor

Origin Info/Details: He is the ancient Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, and his life story is the same as that of his real world self. However, he did not die as he least not as we perceive it.
His spirit traveled to Takama-ga-hara, The High Plain of Heaven, and was met by the god, Izanagi. The Sky-Father of the Japanese pantheon was here to honor the swordsman for his deeds on the mortal plane. Though he did not die in battle, Musashi was still an honored warrior and was spared a life of eternal rot in the Yomi (the Underworld). Izanagi was going to grant Miyamoto Musashi a great honor, one never before bestowed upon a mortal.

Izanagi granted him the title of Kensei, sword saint, for his prowess in battle, and offered for Musashi to become his agent on Earth. Musashi could not say no to a god such as the Primordial Sky, and agreed to the offer. Izanagi smiled and placed his hand on Musashi's spirit form, imbuing him with the power to carry out his mission. Musashi would become Izanagi's hand on the mortal plane. He would be the Hunter of the Gods, seeking out the evils of the world and sending them back to Yomi.

Musashi's spirit was taken by Izanagi and rushed back to the material plane where it entered the young body of a recently slain samurai on a now quiet field of battle as an enemy was about to take it's head. Musashi sudden awakening upon returning to the mortal coil, caused the trophy-seeking samurai to waver and flee in terror of what he believed was a demon. Musashi payed him no heed, instead the warrior took in his surroundings and found a sword laying before him on a cloth of silk. The sword was of amazing quality and bore no signs of wear or battle damage. The weapon seemed to glow with a faint white aura as a single ray of bright sunlight beamed down upon it.

Musashi heard a voice in his head, the voice of the sun goddess, Amaterasu. She bade him to take the sword as a gift from her and the gods. The sword was the legendary Kusanagi (Grasscutter Sword), and would be a great asset to Musashi in his quest. Musashi graciously accepted the weapon and placed it in his belt. When he returned his gaze to where the sword was, he saw that the silk and sunlight were gone. The warrior did not dwell on this, in fact he did not have time to. The samurai who ran off had returned with a small band of his allies to "slay the demon". Musashi did not wish to harm them, and quickly ran away at speeds no mortal man could hope to match.

Musashi's travels took him to Echizen Province where he was taken in by a single father and his two daughters. When asked his name, Musashi thought on it and replied "Kensei", the title given to him by Izanagi. Over dinner, Kensei learned that the village he had taken refuge in was being terrorized by giant lizard-like creatures. The monsters would come in the middle of the night when the moon was high and terrorize the villagers. As they rampaged throughout the village, they would destroy crops, tear down buildings, and viciously kill any who got in their way. They were cold, remorseless creatures who came down from the mountain caves. Kensei listened to the man's tale and agreed to aid the peaceful village in it's plight. The man was grateful, but scoffed at Kensei's claim, wondering what good one warrior will be against the monsters.

Night soon came, and Musashi quickly found out the man's story had been true. A dozen lizard-men stormed into the town leaving death and destruction in their wake, but they soon found themselves face to face with Kensei. The battle was bloody, but quick. When the dust settled only Kensei still stood, peices of the lizard creatures strewn around him. He had slaughtered them all.

The man and his family along with the rest of the village slowly made their way to the site of the slaughter. Looking upon Musashi's handiwork, the villagers were both jubilant and horrified. Despite what he had done for them, none would approach Kensei out of fear. For no man could do what he had done. Finally though, the man who had took him in moved to stand before Kensei and thanked him, calling him a gift from the gods. Kensei cut him off though. It wasn't over. It wouldn't be over until he hunted down the rest of the beasts and sent their dark spirits to Yomi.

Kensei tracked the creature's path through the forest. Somehow he could sense where these things dwelled. It was as though he could feel the evil aura these creatures emitted. Soon Kensei came to a small cave, the presence of evil simply pouring from it assaulting his senses. Kensei entered, and a great battle ensued. One by one, the Hunter of the Gods stalked his prey and slew them. Soon he confronted the leader of the creatures, a great serpent demon. The demon attacked Kensei, mortally wounding him. But, to the serpent's amazement, Kensei's wounds soon healed and the samurai soon attacked once more. The battle was brutal, but Kensei finally claimed victory when he lopped off the demon's head in one, clean stroke.

Kensei returned to the village and informed them that they did not have to fear the night any longer. That night they presented him a small feast in his honor, but Kensei quietly departed when no eyes were upon him.

Kensei traveled the land of Japan, slaying all manor of Oni and monsters, and saved hundreds of lives. Musashi slaughtered the Nue that tried to take the health from the Emperor, he defeated the Ama-no-jaku after it had killed and impersonated the melon-princess, and slew the Bake-kujira which haunted the coast of the Shimane Prefecture. There was no evil too great or too minor that escaped his divine wrath. As Japan grew older and became more modern though, the hero Kensei quickly fell into obscurity and his adventures into legend. He now makes his home in Yokohama where his gathered wealth has bought for him a large property on the city's outskirts. He lives on this property in a modernized version of a large pagoda in seclusion save for visits from his only friends and allies, Hideyoshi Kenshin and Ami Kenshin, whom watches over the property when Kensei is away.

But, despite this his quest did not end.

Musashi continues his work for the god Izanagi, slaying the creatures and followers of darkness wherever he may find them. He has survived through the centuries, a ghost in the modern machine. He does not exist, and it is debatable whether he ever did. His mission is never-ending, but his methods have taken a more secretive approach due to the technology of this new age. It does not bother him though. Kensei does not seek glory or fame. All this legendary samurai wishes is to perform his task for his master and to save the innocent lives at peril.

And as long as there is evil in the world, Kensei will live on to eradicate it from existence.

Power Level: World Level

Powers: Granted powers by the Sky-Father of the Japanese pantheon, Izanagi, to become his chosen champion of the Earth: super-human physical abilities; ability to sense evil around him (30 ft radius) as well as follow the trails of evil beings (provided the trail is still fresh as after an hour it will grow cold and dissipate); a healing factor (think wolverine); wields the Kusanagi (bronze-age style sword, double-edged straight blade blessed with divine power: can cut through anything, even magical enchantments (think Marvel's Ebony Blade); bonded to Kensei's spirit allowing the samurai the ability to summon the sword to his hand as long as they are both on the same plane of existence; enables Kensei to command the winds when in his possession from a simple breeze to a hurricane-force gale)

Strength Level: Class 20

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 30 Mph (but bursts of up to 50 Mph are possible over short distances, but Kensei is unable to keep this speed for long)

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 2 hours (Kensei was given super-human stamina by Izanagi to perform his task of killing otherworldly creatures)

Agility: 5X peak human

Intelligence: Average (sciences & technology); genius (supernatural myths and legends, demonology, battle tactics, leadership, and the arts of war)

Fighting Skill: Mastered (Kensei is arguably the greatest swordsman that has ever lived, and is a master in many forms of armed and unarmed combat)

Resources: Large (over the centuries Kensei has acquired enough wealth and connections to allow him to further his mission without worry along with a handful of minor mystical artifacts he has liberated throughout the centuries*)

Weaknesses: None really, but, despite being blessed with divine might, Kensei is still a human at his core. He must eat, sleep, breath the air...everything a normal man must do. Thus he is susceptible to attacks that effect his breath (suffocating, gases, etc), as well as being able to be knocked unconscious as a human would (it'd just take a lot more force to do it). He can be killed, though it is uncertain what will happen to him if his death truly does occurs...

Supporting Characters: Kensei grew tired of seeing those die around him a long time ago, so he has tried to distance himself from people to spare the pain of loss. Despite this act, Kensei has had an ally in his battle against the forces of evil in the form of a family of monks devoted to the gods of old. Through the centuries, Kensei has allied himself with the children of each generation once they come of age.

Currently, his main allies are a man in his late 20's called Hideyoshi Kenshin, and his sister, Ami Kenshin. Hideyoshi is a fully trained martial artist being taught the ways of his family's duties and history by their father, Ryo. Hideyoshi is a care-free individual in appearance, possessing a strong sense of optimism and humor. Hideyoshi is always trying to look on the bright side of things to brighten his friend's day and get him to loosen up. When the time calls for it though, Hideyoshi can become one of the most serious people you will ever meet. Like Kensei, Hideyoshi puts the lives of others above himself and will do anything to keep his sister from harm.

Ami Kenshin, while still taught the family discipline, took a different path. Instead of focusing on hand-to-hand combat, at a young age it became apparent that Ami was adept in the ways of magic. So she was given proper guidence and training in The Art, and soon became a skilled sorceress. Though not as powerful as some of the other mystics of the planet, Ami Kenshin was able to conjure many wards and enchantments to keep Kensei's place and the artifacts housed inside protected. Ami is a beautiful young women in her mid-20's with rare jade-colored eyes. When she first met Kensei she immediately felt an attraction to the noble warrior. At first Ami dismissed it as the fantasies of a young girl, but those feelings soon grew into something more. However, Ami is reluctant to tell Kensei how she feels for him, though Kensei knows. He has the same feeling towards her, but is afraid to get close to someone in a relationship. Ami is a caring person, and, like Kensei and Hideyoshi, puts the well-being of others over herself. She is a shy person, but tries to keep that from getting in the way of her duties.
<Snipped quote by Dedonus>

Do you want to know those other applications? least not the ones that are on your mind...

Preventing Arachne wardrobe malfunctions..?

<Snipped quote by Fallenreaper>

He does, way too happy with that duck tape.

Duct tape has many applications. Shutting up Deadpool is one of them. ;)
This is an elsewhere story and does not affect canon...yet

“90’s” Aubrey Adkins


6:35 PM, January 8th, 2011

I still can’t get it wrapped around my head how I can still only wear a light sweatshirt in the middle of winter on Nautican Island. What’s even more bizarre is how you would find white heaps of snow coating the ground if you were to sail to the mainland. Although I have no clue whether the big wigs of this island are using some advanced technology or metahumans captured during this years Halloween riots, but the reason why is obvious. This island is supposed to be a refuge for people wanting to escape the bitter mainland winter, Heck, there even been a few days where it was warm enough to recline at one of the many beaches on Nautical Island’s shores.

Even though it was already getting dark, I took the back alley to enter the Lotus through its rear entrance so the club patrons wouldn’t harass me on my way in. For the last three months, I have tried to find a different line of work, but I swear that all the metahumans kidnapped during the Halloween riots must be on some sort of black list or something. I couldn’t even get a job at freaking Hooters! The pay at the Lotus can be nice at times, although I’m not sure it makes up for what it does to my dignity. From what I have heard from the other girls, things could be worse. The Lotus could demand a house fee that could potentially send us into the red on bad nights.

When I passed through the back doors of the Lotus, the aroma of sweat and perfume mingled together smacked me in the face. Our locker room was situated at the rear entrance so we could conveniently change before heading to the floor. Not having to dress like a hooker until we’re on the job helps us not be in compromising situations when we come and go (but especially when we leave). Nothing screams high risk victim like wearing heals, short-skirts, and glitter. Sure, most of us are metahumans, but no amount of powers can help you when someone jumps you at 3 A.M.

While I made my way over to my locker to get changed, I stuck out like a sore thumb in respect to the other girls. If we weren’t working at a club, someone might have confused my co-workers as Playboy bunnies from their physical attributes. On the other hand, compared to them, I looked like a two-by-four. The owner and manager of the Lotus, a woman named Catherine, had a hand in the looks of her female employees, and I don’t mean that she’s selective in the application process. Rather, she was in fact a metahuman, too, whose powers are the ability to any person’s physical appearance. You might be wondering, if this is the case, why I look like my co-workers? Well, Catherine can’t say she hasn’t tried. However, my metahuman healing factor was causing some complications. For the first couple times, it took about a week for my healing factor to revert to its original state. But now, the changes that Catherine would make would only last less than 24 hours.

“Rikki,” Catherine called me by my stage name. She stood in the threshold between the locker room and the rest of the establishment, tapping her toe impatiently against the floor. Every night when I was scheduled to work at the Lotus, I had to come in early so that Catherine could ‘work her magic,’ as she would put it. Therefore, I tossed my personal belongings into my locker and followed Catherine into one of the small side rooms attached to the locker room. Inside this room, there was a single table with a padded surface that looked like it belonged in the coroner’s office than a strip club.

I lay down onto the table, while Catherine walked around the table and stationed herself on the side of the table where my head was resting. She then pressed her fingers against my cheekbones before activating her powers. Since I’ve gone through this process several times before, I’ve gotten used to the pain from my body being literally morphed. I blocked what pain still remained by closing my eyes and preoccupying myself with happier thoughts, especially the memories of my life before it was turned upside down by some madman’s desire to leave his imprint on humanity. When I no longer felt her cold fingers on my skin, I opened my eyes and checked what she did to me now.

Since I had witness the results of Catherine’s powers several times before, I was barely fazed by my new appearance, even though she had morphed my body into a form more exaggerated than she had ever done before. I wasn’t quite sure how my now improbably tiny waist could support my upper body, especially how stacked I was, but that’s a problem for Catherine if the Lotus wants to make money off of me.

Since I thought we were through, I began to sit up so that I could get off the table and clock in. However, I felt Catherine’s fingers grasp my shoulders and pressed me back down against the table again as forcefully as she could without hurting me.

“We’re not done yet,” She asserted before placing her hands against my face. Just like last time, an acute pain permeated my body as, for whatever reason, she changed my appearance again. However, unlike the first transformation, I was shocked at the end result. She had reverted my appearance back to what I normally looked like. With a confused expression on my face, I kept glancing at Katherine and then back at my normal body. However, she didn’t say a single word about what the hell was going on.

I decided to sit up and try to leave before Catherine decided to change her mind. But before I even took my third step, a pain that felt like what our manager’s powers caused flared up again, although this time is was far more intense. It was so intense that it caused me to drop to my knees as I winced in pain. I watched in horror as each individual part of my body simultaneously transformed into the various forms that Catherine had morphed them into each time she had used her powers. They kept rotating through the different appearances, almost like a twisted and disturbed slot machine. After the pain died down and my body stopped cycling through my past transformations, the resulting appearance began to blend itself together, resulting in a body that did not look like a patchwork of mismatched body parts.

“Not quite the result that I expected,” Catherine admitted. “But I’ll count this as a success.”

She then turned for the door and walked out, leaving me sprawled on the floor. What was the point of transforming me twice in a row? It’s pretty obvious that she would have more control over my appearance if she had stuck to her usual routine.

After Catherine left, I rose to my feet and made my way back to my locker to get changed. However, before I passed through the door to the locker room, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror mounted on the wall in this room. God, I looked as if someone had used photoshop to make me look like a Liefeld artwork. How could this get any worse?
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F*** NO

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