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Grand Duchy of Chelodonia

Beside the Bay of Arioce
An excerpt from the Historiai Chelodonon

After several days of travel, Monychos’ journey was finally over. He had started out from his father’s holdings on the far eastern side of Chelodonian territory. While the centaurs who lived upon the northern plains in Chelodonia technically swear fealty to the Grand Duke, for generations now, they enjoyed great autonomy in their own internal affairs, with the House of Magnesios wielded the most influence amongst the horse nation.

As I have already mentioned, to the west of Chelodonia lies a nation of centaurs, Kyrennos. While the centaurs who dwell within the borders of Chelodonia have more in common with the ruffians of the Plains of Kyrennes to the North, centaur nobility still made the trek to the urban heartland of the empire in the hopes of maintaining a cordial relationship with their city-dwelling brethren.

Monychos’ journey had him cross eastward until his company had reached the Bay of Arioce, the western inlet that separated much of Chelodonia from Kyrennos. After spending the night, Monychos followed the shore of the bay until he had reached the land border. There, the Chelodonians had stationed border patrols as their first line of defense, if one would ever be needed. Once Monychos had been cleared, his band of travelers crossed over into Kyrennan soil.

Before they reached the city proper, Monychos stopped to change into attire more fitting for Kyrennos. Otherwise, these so-called ‘civilized’ centaurs would turned their noses at him for being a bestial savage who ran around the plains naked like a wild horse. Yet there was a reason why horses do not wear clothes: the layers of fabric in the usual attire for a citizen of Kyrennos would make performing even the simplest of tasks quite difficult. His herd back home did not have little goblins for menial labor.

After Monychos had finished changing into proper attire, he and his followers continued on the final stretch of their trek, until they reached their final destination: Kyrennopolis. There, Monychos had business to attend to. And so begins the next chapter of the crisis in this dark time.

I have a post in the works.
Ambassador Bingo Sheet
If an Ambassador posts has all five of these things, it is Bingo

1. Parisian Tourist Spot
2. She Opens a Portal
3. Odette Patronizes Someone or Makes an Ominous Threat
4. Fey Shenanigans
5. Affectionately regards Mandate

Shouldn't there be 25 (or 24 with a free center space) for a bingo card? ;)

Kelly Brown | Jeanette Forestier | Samantha Kadowsky | Zac Wilson

“What the hell just happened,” Zac pondered aloud once he had regained his senses. When he saw the clods of dirt with rocks intermixed in the soil, things began to come back to him. The Silver Sorceress had used her magic to cause him, Kelly, and Sammy to sink down into the earth until they all were totally submerged. If Kelly had not been quick on her feet, the three metahumans would undoubtedly have suffocated from being buried alive. However, Kelly was able to conjurer up a small mystic bubble that carved a small capsule where the young heroes could regroup.

“How are we going to get out of this?” Kelly asked as she focused on keeping the magical capsule from collapsing on itself.

“Maybe we could tunnel our way out,” Sammy suggested. “Snakes are quite good at that.”

“If I were to open up a small enough hole in the bubble for you to try that plan out, we would be overrun by the soil around us. We can’t take that risk.”

“Then you need to teleport us back to the surface,” Zac told his girlfriend.

“But—we don’t know how far underground we are!” Kelly protested while she still concentrated on the bubble holding back the soil. “If I lowball it, then we’ll be in the same pickle, but without the bubble. But if I overcompensate, we’ll be plunging to our deaths!”

“I’m not science wiz,” Zac answered back, “but I doubt the oxygen down here will last for long, especially with the three of us.”

Kelly paused and took a deep breath. She was going to need her full concentration to cast this spell lest something go wrong. She then closed her eyes and held out her arm. Zac and Sammy, in turn, reached out and placed a hand in Kelly’s palm. They could feel her hand shaking, revealing how much pressure was on Kelly’s shoulders to not screw the spell up.

Zac suddenly felt a cold chill on his face. Since he was not stuck and drowning in hundreds of feet of soil, Zac knew that the teleportation spell must have worked. However, he soon knew that something was wrong. Due to the free-fall that he found himself in, Zac knew that Kelly must have overshot the appropriate altitude for them to safely land on the ground.

A bright red light then enveloped Zac. Before he could figure out what was happening, Zac saw that he was now much closer to the ground than he had been a moment ago. He could not have fallen that far already. Yet at the same time, he was not falling as fast as someone who had been dropped form the sky. Although he crashed down on the ground, the impact did not break any bones. It just momentarily dazed him.

Once Zac recovered from the fall, he discovered that he was back in Washington Park, where they had started before the Silver Sorceress sunk him and his friends under the earth. But when he only discovered Sammy next to him. Kelly was still missing.

“Oh, thank goodness you guys are alright! I was so worried!” Jeanette rushed over to Zac and Sammy. “I so sorry I could have done anything to help you!”

“Kelly,” Zac gasped, pointing up at the sky. “I think she’s still up there.”

Jeanette then turned towards the direction in which Zac had pointed and took to the air. Since it was summer, there was still a little sunlight still left. Therefore, Jeanette scanned the skies, keeping an eye peeled for Kelly. After she had circled the park for the third time, Jeanette finally saw Kelly. She then darted after Kelly. As Jeanette lined up behind her falling ally, she prepared to grapple onto her with her legs to steer her clear from becoming a splat on the ground. Once she had a hold of Kelly, Jeanette gradually shifted her wings so to change their course.

The ground kept approaching faster and faster as the two women approached the earth. But almost at the last moment, Jeanette had arched their course enough that they swooped back up towards the sky before they could crash into the dirt. After making one last loop overhead, Jeanette glided down to the ground and gently laid Kelly down.

Zac immediately rushed over to his girlfriend to check on her. Although she had become exhausted from the experience, Kelly was still alive and breathing. All she needed was some rest.
Character you have created: Everett Williams

Alias: Mansa

Speech Color: #9f7d2e - Gentle Gold

Before we accept your CS's, could you fix these minor points.

@Eventua: -Could you elaborate/specify what Mansa can turn to gold?
-We feel that you should remove his ability to use his powers on individuals who are only in his line of sight if he is using modern technology (e.g. computer screen, monitors, cameras, etc.).

@eravicis: -The max strength level is 100+. Could you set his strength level to 100+ if you mean for him to have a top-tier strength, even though your power description makes it seem he can lift 4x his body weight (which most definitely not be 5000 tons).
Name: Grand Duchy of Chelodonia (Μεγαδουκᾶτον Χελοδονίας)


-Hellenes (Humans): majority population
-Amazzi: Viera-like humanoids (female-only "race"), non-native minority
-Centaurs: native minority, semi-autonomous nomads (inhabits the northern plains)

Climate: Mediterranean

The Grand Duchy of Chelodonia is one of the successor states of the human empire that had ruled the southern portion of the continent. Their capital, Chelodon, is located on the largest island of the southern coast, from where the Grand Duke (μέγας δούξ) controls the nearby peninsula. The Grand Duke, whose title was originally assigned to the highest ranking naval commander, used the loyalty of his soldiers to carve out a fief of his own once the old emperor's line was no more. As an island nation, the Chelonians rely on their navy to be their wall against invasions, although their land forces are nothing to be scoffed at.

However, Chelodonia has its own issues. The Centaur tribes that inhabit the northern plains, nominally under Chelodonian rule, have increased the intensity and frequency of their raids on neighboring states. Although the Chelodonian Grand Duke years ago have brokered a deal with the Centaur tribes, where an annual ritualistic Centauromachy replaces the damaging raids, it places the Chelodonians at an awkward position with its neighbors, who are still raided.

Furthermore, the non-indigenous Amazzi present their own unique issues to the Chelodonians. Long ago, some governors of the old empire had imported these rabbit-eared female humanoids from the far south, far from the empire's borders. Because of their nimble bodies and enhanced senses (including hearing), the old governors would employ the Amazzi as assassins and bodyguards (humans would still be employed as the brawn). When some were emancipated, the freed Amazzi started forming small communities, called Aiabas in whatever "Mediterranean" forests remained in the countryside. Nowadays, most of the Amazzi in Chelodonia live in these Aiabas, although they have to mingle with the human population to reproduce since they're a female only species. While the Amazzi population is still relatively small, who said that a silent knife can't raise up new kings?

Important Characters:

@Eventua@eravicis: NMS is having some internet issues because of his cat chewing wires. Once he's back online, we'll finish reviewing these applications.
A pair of in-progress NPC sheets for the villains of Everett's initial story arc


You don't need NPC's to be approved.
@Eventua@eravicis: We (the GM's) will look over your CS as soon as we can get to them. :)
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