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Character you have created: Hara Helzigar
Alias: The Crimson Terror, The Bloody Rose, Captain Hara
Speech Color: violet
Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Christopher Arthur III

Looks like they’re not going to be on the Super-Friends’ Christmas card mailing list, not that they were on it in the first place. Chris thought after his exchange with the Alchemyst and Lady Hex.

These girls obviously had issues with authority figures. While his quidditch practice comment might have been out of bounds, their actions clearly displayed their greenness. Lady Hex made a tactical error by summoning a hurricane-level storm that was equaling debilitating to hero and Hound alike. Her anti-technology spell could have become an equally devastating error if it had magically ignored friendly-fire. The two girls also seemed like they were attached at the hip. They even wore their membership in their magic community like a badge. Alchemyst even had the audacity to call out the competency of the metahuman heroes present.

It was such a pity that Lyger was entering the Hounds’ base at the same location as the two girls. Although Lyger was a fully capable superhero, he did have some issues being a team player. During the Pax Metahumana crisis, he decided to ditch the heroes who had assembled at Sherman Center to search for the device that would engulf the city with a dome that would grant everyone within it super powers. Lyger had some deep-seated trust issues that made him rely on himself more often than others. Not quite the role model that these two rebellious witches Chris would want for them.

After the two girls had mockingly called Chris ‘boss man’ and Lady Hex had given him a salute in such a way that made it clear she was not acting in a respectful manner, Chris left the two to their own devices. Hopefully Radiance can be the response adult of the group.

While Chris was on route to the helicopter pad, he saw two separate lightning flashes around his destination. On the rooftop, Pantheon was hunched down on a single knee. He seemed oblivious to the handful of Hound soldiers who had their weapons aimed at the man.

“Come on, tough guy. This is no time for sleeping on the job.”

Meanwhile, a man decked out in gear similar to the other present Hounds was boarding the advanced battle copter that the human supremacist group had been deploying.

“I guess this explains how you thugs could have taken out S.T.R.I.K.E. in one fell swoop,” Chris realized when he saw the identity of this man, whose name was Travis Murdock. “Something like that would definitely require someone who used to be on S.T.R.I.K.E.’s payroll.”

“I’m surprised you heroes took so long to connect the dots, despite our usage of S.T.R.I.K.E. technology in our attacks.”

“You did leave me comatose with that sky laser. Considering the circumstances, I think I’ve been doing pretty well.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I have places to be,” Murdock told Chris before turning to his men. “Take care of these abominations.”

The five Hounds opened fire on the heroes who had landed on the Hound’s rooftop escape location. As they unloaded their rifles, the men slowly retreated towards the helicopter with their weapons still locked on the heroes. These five men then hopped onto their escape copter, still firing at the heroes to keep them busy while they helicopter began to rise off the ground.

“We need to ground that copter,” Chris alerted the other heroes, “but Murdock is worth more to us alive than dead. We can’t just blow it out of the sky.”
i can't join, discord isnt partnered with android for some fuckin reason.

sometimes i wonder why i even have a kindle anymore.

I've never used a kindle, but my android phone can connect to Discord.
yeah i've been meaning to do that lately.

any idea what the group is called?

There is a link in the OP.

edit: Here's a link.

I'm watching you watching me.
My current plan:

-Iron Knight post
-Immortals collab with @mercinus3
-Create a backlog of Raptor/Arachne posts set post-Hounds.

I probably won't get to #3 (I've been meaning to stockpile up some Raptor post all summer and that never happened). Just my gameplan.

Aubrey Adkins

Post-Hounds’ Attack on Lost Haven

There has to be a better way. Senseless violence can’t be the only use of my powers. Sure, saving lives from lunatics does take the edge off of this crappy, thankless career. But pitching a hand to restore this city after one of our superhuman slugfests only goes so far, especially since we’re just cleaning up our own mess. And I bet there are plenty of ‘heroes’ who don’t even bother to do that, either. What’s the point of saving a city when you smash it to hell in the process?

Since going on patrol to beat up bad guys would not cut it, I had to look elsewhere for other opportunities. In this information age, you can easily find fan mail wherever you look. With message boards and internet blogs, people can express their opinions even without an email address, let alone a physical one. Some comments are heartwarming, others weird, and some can make you want to dump bleach in your eyes. Anonymity can bring both the best and the worse out of people. I just try to focus on the positive ones and bury the negative ones.

On my way back home from the clean-up effort for last night’s incident, I made a quick pitstop to change back into my regular clothes and hit up a pay phone. Who knew that these antiques are still around now, with everyone and their five year old toddler having a cell phone nowadays. Thank goodness, too. Using my personal cell phone would just be asking to be outed as Arachne. After checking to make sure the coast was clear, I picked up the pay phone receiver.

“Children’s Hospital of Pacific Point. How may I help you?” I heard a woman’s voice through the phone.

“Hi, I’m calling in response to a letter I read on the internet,” I spoke before pausing for a moment. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach because I was about ready to admit my superhero life to a stranger. Sure, it was going to be over the phone, so she would not see my face, but just saying it out load was nerve racking enough on its own. But I got my composure and said it anyway. “I’m Arachne.”

There was a brief pause before the woman on the other side of the line answered. Obviously any rational person would doubt a random lady calling on the phone and claiming she’s a superhero.

“A girl wanted to see me,” I added to my statement.

“Oh, right. Would Tuesday evening work for you?”

“I’m busy all day Tuesday, but what about Thursday? I’m free then.”

“That would be perfect. Meet on the rooftop at six and we’ll let you in.”

“I’ll be there.”

I would assume they would keep my visit a secret from the girl since they probably don’t want to get her hopes up and have them crushed if I don’t hold up my side of the bargain. Not that I would blame them. I probably wouldn’t believe a stranger on the phone who said that they were a high-profile superhero who wanted to visit a local children’s hospital. Hell, if I were a man, I wouldn’t be surprised if that woman on the other side of the line would be calling the feds.

There was, of course, a catch to this favor. The girl’s letter did not request me showing up in my Arachne costume. Even though there are real superheroes in this world, fictional characters are still popular. Yet this should not come as a surprise. There are books and movies about fictional athletes, detectives, and secret agents. I guess it was just a matter of time before someone ask the resident spider person to dress up as a fictional counterpart, that Spider-Gwen.

Normally, I wouldn’t dare to be caught dressed as that character, especially after Marvel handed me a cease and desist letter and then ripped off my likeness and pasted it on their existing character. I’ve gotten over the cease and desist, since it was probably justifiable, but to do the same thing back to me just ticks me off. But I’m not going to allow this little feud to get in the way of a sick little girl’s wish. If masquerading as a popular fiction character to brighten the day of a child who probably does not have much time left on this Earth, then I can swallow my own pride, especially when that hatred is either unjustified or misdirected.

My plan is more or less simple. I would use that hard-light hologram projector that Talus had recovered from the Game Genie a few weeks ago. With that little device, the costume I would be wearing would look better than anything an officially licensed movie could produce. The best thing about it was that after this little visit was over, all the evidence of the suit existing would disappear. Heck, I bet I could disguise my face and voice with a famous actress, like Emma Stone or something. Since it probably is not ethical, I’m certainly not doing that.

I just hope that I’m doing this for that kid’s sake and not just for my own.
just a heads up that on august 10th till the 17th I will be on a week long hiatus and won't be able to upload due to the fact that I will be in the middle of the ocean.

so this week's post is gonna be the last one for awhile.

No problem. Have a nice trip in approximately a week.
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