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And Lyger's harem continues to grow. We all know that Sammy is the one, true pairing.

Love you, @nitemare shape. ;)
That post should not have taken that long to write, but better late than never, I guess.

Time for an Arachne post next... :

Christopher Arthur III

The day had been won. The heroes had captured Travis Murdock, along with the other high lieutenants of the Hounds. They had destroyed the killer satellite, which was dubbed the Finger of God. Now, the only thing left was mopping up the mess that the Hounds had left after their reign of terror had ended.

While the heroes had been dealing with the Hounds, the National Guard were scrambling to mobilize in response to the attack on Lost Haven. They were even preparing to launch a counter strike on the Finger of God satellite when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere, had the heroes lead by Icon not already knocked the doomsday weapon out of Earth’s orbit.

The National Guard’s first priority was to secure Sherman Square and Lost Haven in general. Although the heroes had thoroughly beaten the Hounds who were present at the Sherman Square attack, the National Guard could not take any risks of allowing stragglers performing further acts of terrorism. Once it was confirmed that the threat was neutralized, the FBI swooped in and took into custody as many of the Hounds as they could get their hands on.

Although at the onset of the attack the military did not have any intel on the location of the Hounds main base near Lost Haven, it soon became apparent from the way the heroes of Lost Haven assaulted a location on the water front of Carver. While it was clear that the heroes had the situation handled, the weapons and information stored in the Hounds’ base were too dangerous to let fall into the hands of any civilian, no matter how well-intended he might be.

Soon, the military, and closely followed by the FBI, rolled onto the scene. Personnel and vehicles were stationed at all four locations where the heroes had found an escape route out of the Hounds’ base. Before the ground forces made their way into the labyrinth that the Hounds had called home, they ensured that there were not any death traps waiting for them inside. No one wanted to die on that day.

Meanwhile, Chris, along with Blacklight and Pantheon, had stopped the ringleader of the Hounds, Travis Murdock, from escaping the scene in one of the advanced coppers that were at the Hounds’ disposal. Once Chris realized that the National Guard had arrived, he took hold of Murdock and descended to the street. He made sure to identify himself as Iron Knight so as to make sure that the military, who definitely had to be on high alert, would not fire at him as if he were a hostile. Although it would be pretty clear to anyone who Iron Knight was, Chris did not want to take any chances.

“He’s all yours,” Chris told the highest commanding officer who was present after he had dropped Murdock, who was still tied up, onto the ground. “There’s more where he came from on the rooftop.”

As soon as Chris had released Murdock, a handful of FBI agents, rushed forward and grabbed the mastermind behind the Hounds’ resistance against the rising metahuman and supernatural threats.

“You are under arrest for domestic terrorism, genocide, and crimes against humanity,” one of the FBI agents told Murdock. “You have a right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney…”

The FBI agent continued to read Murdock his Miranda rights as the group of federal agents led the leader of the Hounds into one of their vehicles.

After Chris had finished dealing with all the governmental red tape that came with such a massive crisis, he finally was able to return to the Sherman Center. Although a little battered during the Battle of Sherman Square, Chris found that nothing major was compromised on the building, at least on first glance. The Hounds had already blown up his home in Virginia. There was no way he was going to let those domestic terrorists send another to kingdom come.

Chris then descended into the basement, where he had sent Maya during the onset of the Hounds attack on Sherman Square. Not only did such a move protect her from the Hounds, but it also helped the heroes locate and eventually destroy the highjacked Archangel satellite.

“The coast is clear now, so we can focus on getting you out of—"

The Archangel armor that Maya had been trapped in was sitting next to the computer monitor, depowered. Since the armor had to connect with the satellite to reveal its location in space, there must have been some sort of unique unique link between Archangel and the orbital technology. When that link had been severed by the destruction of the Finger of God, it must have overloaded the armor and short-circuited it.

Chris tried everything in his power to reboot the armor to no avail. Because the technology he was using to test using Archangel’s old shell was only in the prototype stage, Chris had not had the time to test what would have happened if someone’s self-consciousness was still within the armor. The only option left for Chris was to try to call her home in the hope that she had woken up in her own body when the armor failed. Otherwise, that accursed armor would take now taken two of Chris’ girlfriends, this time for the sake of scientific curiosity. Curiosity was supposed to kill the cat, not its lover.

The phone rung one, two, three times. All seemed hopeless until Chris heard Maya’s voice on the other end of the connection. After all the death and destruction that the Hounds had laid waste on the heroes, Chris could finally breath easily. Although there will always be another villain or another crazy group of idiots who will make trouble for Chris. But for now, it was time to rest easily in this victory.
<Snipped quote by nitemare shape>

Ded, you have any jump starts for his brain in case this doesn't work?

That sounds both extremely unethical and very dangerous...

Christopher Arthur III

Damn it, Chris thought as he saw Blacklight perform an extremely risky and dangerous maneuver in an attempt to prevent the Hound’s helicopter form making its escape. If it had been one of the rookies, Chris would not have been surprised that he or she made such a miscalculated mistake. But Blacklight was a veteran. She should have known better than attack the copter in that way. They could have tried a variety of different course of action other than what Blacklight did: try to disable the engine or stall the helicopter long enough for the heroes to extract Murdock. Blacklight instead endangered not only herself by diving straight into the helicopter’s rotor blades, but also the Hounds inside and anyone else within the vicinity if the copter had crashed.

And now Chris had to deal with the severed rotor blades. The two that were on the far side of the helicopter were lost causes. By the time he would have taken out the two that were on his side, the other blades would have slammed into the side of one of the nearby buildings. If they had any luck, no one would be injured by these rogue blades.

Taking out the first two blades was not going to be too difficult of a task. Chris first activated his energy shield and allowed one of the blades to collide with this protective barrier. The blade shattered on impact. Then, Chris turned off his shielding and took aim at the second blade. Once his armor’s targeting systems had locked onto the second blade, Chris blasted it into tiny pieces. However, instead of allowing the remains of the blade to shower the street below him, Chris scooped up the pieces in a high-durability bag that his armor ejected and immediately reeled back in once its intended target had been retrieved.

While Chris was dealing with these two blades, the other two whirled in the opposite direction. One harmlessly skidded across an abandoned rooftop. However, the final blade crashed into the side of the building directly across the street from the helipad.

“What the—do I have to babysit everyone here?” Chris muttered to himself when he saw Pantheon snatch up two of the Hounds from the helicopter and launched himself into the sky. Chris knew that Pantheon was not just flying those two Hounds to the police station since they began to fall back towards the ground once Pantheon had reached the peak of his jump.

Chris immediately bolted towards the downed helicopter. Those who had not been grabbed by Pantheon had been dazed from the crash caused by Blacklight. Chris took advantage of the Hounds’ current state and snatched a parachute away from one of the Hound grunts. He then soared up into the air and head towards Pantheon.

“You’re going to want to hold onto this,” Chris commanded Pantheon after shoving the parachute into Pantheon’s chest. Once the parachute was secured, Chris yanked on the pull string and activated the parachute. Since they were relatively close to the rooftop, as compared to the proper altitude where a parachute should be activated, the parachute would not provide the three men a smooth landing. But it should at least prevent Pantheon from creating crater on the helipad, along with two bloody corpses in his arms.

Once Chris had dealt with the problems the other heroes had caused, he then returned to the helicopter. The Hounds inside, including Murdock, were starting to recover from the crash and were now trying to force their way out. However, Chris just pushed the Hound soldiers aside and pulled Murdock out of the copter and tossed him onto the ground. He then secured the leader behind the Hounds with a cable stored inside his Iron Knight suit.

“It’s time to pay the piper, Murdock.”
Yo, I'm back but the Wi-Fi is out right now so I can't upload pics of my trip. posts will resume in about a week when school starts. pheonix's character sheet is coming Tuesday since school doesn't start till Wednesday, so I may have some free time.

Note:(not in purple because it's important)be aware I have ap English, so in stereo is gonna have a lot of hiatuses. Because of this, the posts are gonna come out a bit longer as the year goes on, meaning right now shorter posts, but later on like probably in November, expect longer posts that will come out two weeks at a time. If I need to take break I will let you guys know, and by break I mean spending the next update time doing research papers and shit. But other than that, everything else is kind of planned out story wise, so don't worry about that lol.

No problem. School comes first.

Are you taking AP English Composition or Literature?
Character you have created: Arista Joy

Alias: Altair

Speech Color: Apricot

Character Alignment: Walking the Line




The Invisible Hand
The Prince of Prosperity


Dark Orange





Character you have created: Hara Helzigar
Alias: The Crimson Terror, The Bloody Rose, Captain Hara
Speech Color: violet
Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Christopher Arthur III

Looks like they’re not going to be on the Super-Friends’ Christmas card mailing list, not that they were on it in the first place. Chris thought after his exchange with the Alchemyst and Lady Hex.

These girls obviously had issues with authority figures. While his quidditch practice comment might have been out of bounds, their actions clearly displayed their greenness. Lady Hex made a tactical error by summoning a hurricane-level storm that was equaling debilitating to hero and Hound alike. Her anti-technology spell could have become an equally devastating error if it had magically ignored friendly-fire. The two girls also seemed like they were attached at the hip. They even wore their membership in their magic community like a badge. Alchemyst even had the audacity to call out the competency of the metahuman heroes present.

It was such a pity that Lyger was entering the Hounds’ base at the same location as the two girls. Although Lyger was a fully capable superhero, he did have some issues being a team player. During the Pax Metahumana crisis, he decided to ditch the heroes who had assembled at Sherman Center to search for the device that would engulf the city with a dome that would grant everyone within it super powers. Lyger had some deep-seated trust issues that made him rely on himself more often than others. Not quite the role model that these two rebellious witches Chris would want for them.

After the two girls had mockingly called Chris ‘boss man’ and Lady Hex had given him a salute in such a way that made it clear she was not acting in a respectful manner, Chris left the two to their own devices. Hopefully Radiance can be the response adult of the group.

While Chris was on route to the helicopter pad, he saw two separate lightning flashes around his destination. On the rooftop, Pantheon was hunched down on a single knee. He seemed oblivious to the handful of Hound soldiers who had their weapons aimed at the man.

“Come on, tough guy. This is no time for sleeping on the job.”

Meanwhile, a man decked out in gear similar to the other present Hounds was boarding the advanced battle copter that the human supremacist group had been deploying.

“I guess this explains how you thugs could have taken out S.T.R.I.K.E. in one fell swoop,” Chris realized when he saw the identity of this man, whose name was Travis Murdock. “Something like that would definitely require someone who used to be on S.T.R.I.K.E.’s payroll.”

“I’m surprised you heroes took so long to connect the dots, despite our usage of S.T.R.I.K.E. technology in our attacks.”

“You did leave me comatose with that sky laser. Considering the circumstances, I think I’ve been doing pretty well.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I have places to be,” Murdock told Chris before turning to his men. “Take care of these abominations.”

The five Hounds opened fire on the heroes who had landed on the Hound’s rooftop escape location. As they unloaded their rifles, the men slowly retreated towards the helicopter with their weapons still locked on the heroes. These five men then hopped onto their escape copter, still firing at the heroes to keep them busy while they helicopter began to rise off the ground.

“We need to ground that copter,” Chris alerted the other heroes, “but Murdock is worth more to us alive than dead. We can’t just blow it out of the sky.”
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