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RAVEN/DOVE Joint Headquarters, White Coast_

Before the majority of the RAVENs could file out of the room, however, Director Reed Taylor stepped into the room from a side entrance, whilst a broad man of stocky build stepped into the room, donning an unmarked variation of the RAVEN field uniform, a telescopic baton resting on his hip. "Agents Taylor, Zhao, Takashiro and Jean-Pierre - can I keep you for a short moment?"

It wasn't exactly unusual for Baybridge's local DOVE authority to personally involve himself in the affairs of RAVEN, but it was still an act which probably raised a few eyebrows - save for Maximilian Cornell, who was fully aware of what his intentions were. "Sorry for keeping you, but given you're among our senior field agents, both Max and I decided it was worth making you aware of this and, well, involving you. As you're aware, both DOVE and RAVEN ares currently participating in an exchange program with our counterparts in Britain, Germany, France - etcetera. We've already sent a few of our agents from various branches overseas for this purpose, but we're also playing host to several foreign agents as well."

Reed briefly turned towards the stocky man behind him, then gestured towards the rest of the room. "Everyone, this is Frank Marshall, one of our counterparts in the MISW who will be working among us for the foreseeable future. Agent Marshall, this is Quentin Taylor and Meifeng Zhao, both part of RAVEN's field command structure and, as you might've guessed, Quent here also happens to be my brother," Director Taylor briefly flashed his elder a smile, before gesturing to the other two agents in the room, "We also have Shizuka Takashiro, one of RAVEN's senior field agents and Francis Jean-Pierre who, I recall, was actually recruited from another one of our counterpart agencies in Brazil not too long ago. I expect you'll be working together rather soon."

"That is correct, sir," Francis nodded his head as he looked at the man. Well, this was certainly a surprise. Francis wasn't informed of this ahead of time, but it was maybe because he was too busy with this case. Making sure the Devil of Verthaven didn't return tends to do that. He made sure to react to Frank Marshall the same way he did with everyone: with a smile! "It is great to meet you, Agent Marshall. Shall I get you up to date on our case? There's a lot to it."

"Please, I'd appreciate it." Frank nodded to his counterpart, who happened to share the same name. Then, Francis quickly ran through an explanation of the case to Frank, though in truth he probably ended up missing a a few things because of the need to keep within a short timeframe.

The MISW... Meifeng raised an eyebrow as she looked at Frank. It was common knowledge what the MISW did for a living, so there was no point in going over it. It wasn't something that Meifeng approved of, and she wasn't in the mood to just go 'Oh, okay, it's the past,' and forget about it. While she sure as hell didn't approve of the actions of terrorists, she felt like the MISW had got what was coming to them. Then again, it came from far above her pay grade, and Maximilian's big fat pockets, so there wasn't much she could do. She merely looked over at Frank, and remained silent.

Shizuka rolled his eyes at how Reed had introduced him to their new comrade. "Well, if being the head of the more back-end intelligence department counts as a demotion from front-line duties, yeah." Though, there wasn't a hint of sarcasm in his tone. He wasn't really complaining about taking the 'backseat' in most RAVEN operations now - it seemed that way in the eyes of most (not helped by his lazy, laid-back reputation), because none of them truly knew the huge responsibility he had to shoulder in his current job position.

Not like anyone would care, anyway. It was all either about getting the job done, or be the scapegoat for the failure.

He wasn't as easygoing as Francis, nor bitter like Meifeng was; he'd be lying if he didn't feel mixed about MISW due to their past relation with the Founding Faggots, but at the same time it wasn't entirely the organization's fault that things had to turn out that way. He merely greeted back with a quick wave, leaving it to the rest to deal with the awkward silence.

Quentin was the first to step forth to exchange a firm, albeit formal handshake with his MISW counterpart, before getting straight to the point as always. "Forgive me for asking, Agent Marshall, but... you're aware of the kind of threat we're dealing with at the moment, right? The last few years have seen us facing dangerous individuals with backgrounds in paramilitary and terrorist organisations, resourceful and well-equipped at that." The veteran RAVEN wondered just how this Brit would deal with the likes of the Hound, or even the Changeling Unit, after all, particularly given it was an open secret that the man's superiors had at one point been tied to their kind.

For a moment, Frank was tempted to feel slightly offended at the notion, before realising that neither of these men (or the woman) had spent a great deal of time with the likes of him or his lot. "Absolutely. I suspected you might have had your concerns - we Britons aren't exactly known for our militaristic approach towards things, but I can assure you I've had my share of training and experience in similar matters." In fact, Frank was willing to bet that he'd dirtied his hands in business that none of the men in this room would have - after all, the DOVE/RAVEN twin agencies weren't exactly known for dabbling in the undoubtedly unethical areas of espionage, subterfuge and manipulation as the MISW had come to be thought of. "That said, I'm as much here to observe and learn as I am to contribute. I'll defer to your lead - this is your operation, after all."

Meifeng had the same sentiments as Quentin. She was somewhat tempted to ask Frank if his experience beating Metahumans would transfer, but that was more than a little snide. But, she couldn't help herself but ask one question. "How long have you worked for the MISW?" His answer would lead into her next question, or if Meifeng would relent.

"About ten years, more or less - but I was picked up for training two years before then, so I've had twelve years under their wing." Frank said, after a moment's thought, picking up on her skepticism (and perhaps noticing the apprehensiveness in the room). "I take it you're well-versed yourselves?"

Ten years... Yeah, Meifeng couldn't just say that he did nothing wrong while working for the MISW. Even if he was just another tool of the Founding Family, he was probably complacent in some degree. She would keep her eye on him, at least for now. For now, she managed to force a smile as she said. "That's great." She shrugged, as she said. "I'm as well-versed as any other RAVEN, so let's do some good in this operation."

"Alright, are we done with introductions?" Maximilian Cornell said as he crossed his arms. "We need everyone to suit up and roll out."

Oakdell Harbor, White Coast_

The drive there was brief for some of the RAVENs, but for the likes of Meifeng, it felt like an hour. Even though it was ten years ago, the greatest tragedy in the world; the Verthaven disaster, was still fresh on her mind. The idea that somebody out there wanted to use what was left of her to create more abominations was frightening. Meifeng lost many close friends of hers to her. She merely sighed as she sat in the back of this armored truck with the RAVEN symbol as everyone who wanted to prevent anymore bullshit closed in on Oakdell Harbor. She merely kept her rifle in close as she gave everyone else in the vehicle a glance. She smiled for a moment there, as she remembered all the other bullshit they made it through. The Founding Family would had destroyed the world if it wasn't for them.

They had this.

The truck came to a stop, as the back doors opened, and Meifeng quickly grabbed her rifle. She heard Maximilian's voice in the comms,

"Remember, we're going to be supporting the BPD," Maximilian started off. "You are only to engage any Metahumans that the Mafia may have, and you'll be bringing the arm back to headquarters."

"Understood, sir," Francis answered, and tightly grabbed his shotgun. Well, that made their job easier. Just wait for the BPD to handle the goons. The only problem is that Francis had little idea what Metahumans they had at their disposals, or if they had any Metahumans to begin with. They didn't have a whole lot of time to find out. Either way, Francis was going to make sure that everyone gets out of here without a single casualty. He slid down his helmet's visor, as he looked at his team, "We should get a move on," He smiled, "It'd be a shame if we kept them waitin'."

On that note, the group got out of the armored truck, and went into a single file as they stuck to the walls, the BPD's finest SWAT moved far ahead of them. As RAVEN was merely there for standby, after all. They missed all the action too, but they saw several of the Russians being taken down, and arrested. Not a single shot fired, or a single sound. Meifeng was impressed. But, the group pressed on.

"We have a Metahuman!" One of the police said over the radios. "He's by Docks B... you really, really, can't miss him! He's a monster!"

"That was fast," Meifeng said to herself. "Let's get a move on before anyone gets killed."

Quickly moving over to Docks B... it became pretty obvious what the police were so worried about. A truck was overturned and punted into a nearby warehouse. That made them pick up the pace. They stopped at a corner where they heard the most stomping, and Francis looked around it... he saw a massive Metahuman that looked like a man made entirely of muscle fibers. He was getting shot at, and shrugged it off like it was nothing. He continued his rampage like it was nothing. He tore the doors of yet another

"Strong, impervious to bullets, big..." Francis explained as he slid back towards his group. "We're gonna have to containment foam him... but we have to get close. Any of ya'll got a gameplan?"

"Counterpoint here, I suggest we draw him away from the SWAT teams first, then into range of our containment foam," Quentin's voice hailed in over the comms, after what felt like hours of radio silence on his part. As they spoke, the veteran RAVEN was seated in the passenger compartment of an armoured truck with the organisation's logo printed across the body, a team of his own stacked inside as they moved to intercept their target. "Wave, can you get a team ready to lure him our way? We're just coming up to Docks C."

"Yeah," Meifeng answered. "But, how are we going to subdue him...?"

It was a valid point, though there wasn't a great deal of time

"Copy," Quentin affirmed him, lurching forward in his seat for just a moment as their truck rounded yet another corner, "Wave, we're moving into position now."

Meifeng nodded, going through the motions in her head : take out this Meta, then find the Devil's arm at any cost. She peaked around the corner... she had the feeling that this guy was just a big distraction, and they were just going to use this moment to get the hell out of dodge.

"Francis," Meifeng got her coworker's attention, "With me. You're going to lead a team that'll flank the bastard from the back while I go in from the front. Got it?"

"Loud and clear," Francis answered, "Captain."

Hmph. He had a lot to learn, but in the meantime, Meifeng would make good use out of him. She nodded her head at the RAVENs behind her, and gestured for them to follow her. She was, once again, going to lead the charge. They got in position behind (and on top of some) some shipping crates, while Francis took the other side. She peaked around the corner and saw the bastard go on a rampage. They needed to stop him now. She pressed her earpiece.

"Fire!" Meifeng shouted as the RAVENs opened fire on the beast from all sides. The bullets don't pierce him, but it was becoming apparent that it was hurting him. He covered his face with his muscular arms as he swung around to find an opening to escape, shifting his great mass towards the far side of the docks as it proved that at least one of the alleyways between the warehouses hadn't been fully locked down by the fireteams.

Quentin's team quickly deployed from their response truck, taking up positions in preparation for the behemoth-sized target that was heading their way. Two men were immediately positioned at either side of the open space that was the emptied dock, each equipped with an M4 rifle and M203 launcher, followed by three men (including Marshall, who had been attached to Quentin's team for the course of this op) positioned in the center - Quentin himself among them. Whilst Marshall and the other man beside him were equipped with the typical AR pattern rifles, the veteran RAVEN firmly held an M23 MGL in hand, along with a slung Remington M870 that had been loaded with slugs, just in case.

"Once the target crosses into sight, fire on my mark - but hold the containment foam until I call it, upon which I want you to hold back on lethal force unless the situation calls for otherwise," he said, keeping a finger pressed against his transmit button, "Remember to check your fire for friendlies as well, they're pushing the target our way." Then, he relinquished his grip, turning to either man positioned close beside him, "Crown, I want you to put a fireball down if he gets too close." He received a prompt nod from his colleague, before returning the same gesture to the Briton in their ranks to acknowledge him. Hopefully this would pan out well enough, even with an unknown such as Marshall on their team - Reed had vouched for him, as had Max, so that meant something at least.

"Target's heading your way." Meifeng spoke.

"Acknowledged, Wave - hold your team back, but make sure he stays on-course."

Soon, as expected, the behemoth-sized man made an appearance, lurching forward into their line of sight. "Fire!" Quentin squeezed back on the trigger of the launcher, projecting a metal canister towards the target - inside was a fast-acting mixture of metahuman suppressant and tear gas, intended for use against the likes of their rampaging target. This, combined with a volley of fire from both Crown, Marshall, and the other two agents under his command seemed to suffice in at least staggering their target, causing him enough disorientation that he almost seemed to lose his footing, slowing him down enough to enact the next tier of Quentin's plan of attack.

"Contain, contain!" He barked again, then fired off a second canister into their target's mass. It ruptured upon striking him in the arm and from it burst forth a dull grey foam which quickly began to expand, coating the rampaging metahuman's arm in the substance - at the same time, the two men that Quentin had positioned at either side of the dork a mere minute before had fired off their own canisters from their underslung launchers, coating the target's leg and mid-section in the same substance which too began to expand and harden against his mass, only this seemed to spur him on to fight even harder. Quentin let off a low grunt, then fired off more canisters, covering the target with more of the expanding foam yet even then he still fought wildly, trying to cut loose and flee elsewhere. Containment foam was always a godsend to see in action, but even then the big bastard was making it a hard-fought battle - and Quentin knew from experience that the foam needed time to harden, time which was scarce if the target managed to force himself enough leeway. Dropping his M23, he reached for his slung M870 and levelled it towards his target, just as Crown got ready to put a fireball downrange towards their target.

Yet before the veteran RAVEN could resort to firing off a series of decidedly lethal slugs at the target's exposed vital areas, Frank intervened, stepping forward, "Marshall here, I'll try and calm the target down, hold fire!"

It was at that point that Quentin recalled from the brief glance at Marshall's file that the man possessed some form of empathic abilities, the details of which he was not particularly aware of, though if it worked it would work, "Copy, check fire, check fire!" Nonetheless, he kept

As Frank closed in, he could feel the sheer rage and blind panic that seemed to seep out from the foamed behemoth, No doubt he'd probably been dosed up with something in order to spurn him on - it was like watching a steroid junkie on a rampage in a gym, only instead of weights and barbells the man had taken to punting cars and chunks of scenery all over the place. And, if he wasn't too careful, he'd have wound up on the list as well - not exactly the best start to his time in the states. Pushing these thoughts aside, however, Frank forced himself to concentrate on the matter at hand, delving into the depths of the man's drug-addled, twisted mind, reaching inside and plucking at whatever strings he could, forcing his way in past the rage to bring the man to submission.

From an observer's perspective, it was strange to see Marshall in action. It was like watching a man taming a wild mustang yet at the same time was also reminiscent of watching the same man smother someone with a pillow as they fruitlessly fought against the attempt. In some respects, it was almost unsettling to see - yet it got the results needed. Slowly, but surely, the behemoth's fighting resolve seemed to weaken, the hardening foam further suppressing any spirit that had been within him and preventing him from lashing out as he had before. Quickly, Quentin moved in, weapon at the ready.

"Keep him down, get a collar on him." Once the metaphoric dust had settled, the team moved quickly enough - one of the agents who had been on foam detail hastily returned with a collar and snapped it on around the man's comparably diminutive neck, eliminating any remaining (albeit minute) chance of further resistance on his part.

"Counterpoint here," Quentin hailed in, yet again, "Target's been contained but we'll need a transport detail for this one. Might need a medical unit on standby too, looks like another overload dosage." More derivatives of the infamous drug once used by the Founders' agents had spilled into the criminal underworld over the last few years and it was an easy guess for Quentin that this man had been subjected to one of the many examples out there.

"Good work Agent Counterpoint," Maximilian answered. "Other agents will take it from there."

"Heh, knew we could count on you, Counterpoint,"Meifeng answered. "Let's hurry up and get back into position. The BPD will be waiting for us."

Okay, it had sounded like Mr. Marshall there was a Domination-type... specifically when it came to one's emotions. Meifeng wished that she could have known that a little earlier during her little issue with him in the meeting. Eh, either way. She would worry about that much, much, later.

"Target neutralised," Meifeng reported over the comms with a press of her earpiece. Oi, he wasn't that tough. Probably one of those bastards who thought they had big dicks because they-

A bullet came from out of nowhere, and pierced the head of one of the RAVENs under her command. "What th- Find cover!" She immediately jumped into action as she, with a swift movement, swung her hand upwards, and summoned a wave of water. However, once the wave reached peak height, it froze solid. She slammed her back against it, and prepped her rifle. She was just afraid to stick her head out in case the bastard take it off.

Francis, on the other hand, punched the ground, and summoned his psychic-shell, which gave off a lilac, transparent hue. Bullets rippled off his shell, just as he was confident they would, yet he knew that he couldn't take too much. He'd only chose to do this instead of running for cover because he wanted to see who in the hell was shooting at him. No mobster could have fired with this degree of...

He looked at the rooftop, and saw men and women in helmet clad in armor. He saw the faint red glow of their goggles... and the emblem of the dog.

"ZODIAC!" Francis shouted as he rolled behind the wall of ice.

"Fuck, those animals..." Meifeng knew it was just about time that the ZODIAC fuckers show up. She was ready for them, and she was going to kill the Hound this time. She pressed her earpiece. "This is Agent Rogue Wave! ZODIAC has been sighted by Dock B! I repeat, ZODIAC has been sighted by Dock B!" She shouted into the comms.

"Damn it!" Maximilian said. "All RAVENs, you are to engage ZODIAC and keep their fire away from the BPD at any cost."

"I'm wondering where in the hell their portals are!" Meifeng added. "Or..." Maybe they're mixing up their tactics to throw all their enemies off. Whatever the reason, Meifeng had to make sure that RAVEN were the ones who acquired the Devil's arm, not ZODIAC. That was the important task here.

On top of the same rooftop, the massive and terrifying frame of the ZODIAC group's leader... Sovereign, stood tall and mighty above the growing chaos. He grasped his own M23 Grenade launcher, pointed idly towards the sky as his digital goggles gave off a dull, glowing red shimmer. Sovereign pressed a button on the side of his helmet, and said,

"Everyone here is a combatant..." He trailed off. "...Which means everyone is fair game. Bring me that arm..."

He stared at the RAVENs below him.

"...And kill anyone in your way."
▻ [The Moose is Loose]
  • Rumours of a moose-based metahuman on a rampage in the streets of Baybridge are gaining some weight as mysterious injuries consistent with antler goring and hoof trampling show up.

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“Everyone. Get your asses to the Bridge...”

Whilst the others had been making their way to the bridge, Iosif had been seated there the whole time, enjoying the (relative) comfort of working in his own space. Even when Drono had rested an arm back against his own seat, he'd not deigned to move - he had something to say, clearly, but Iosif figured he could hear it well enough when the drell was right behind him, somber tone and all. He looked worse for wear than usual, that much was clear - none of the jovial, sardonic demeanour he'd seen before. It was funny, really - this was the first time he'd sell the one drell on their ship actually conveying himself as one would expect of his species.

True to thoughts, Drono pointed this out in his next couple of words, before going on to explain that his... condition, was worsening. It wasn't necessarily fear he picked up in the drell's tone, but there was that gloomy, almost accepting tone that he'd seen (or at least heard of) with the older, traditionalist generations of drell whom spent more time around the hanar.

The next line that he heard, however, did manage to get Iosif to pivot in his seat, shifting his gaze towards Drono with an inquisitive expression. “The salarian who did this to me, is named Yestin. He was my partner in crime, back during my smuggling days. He left me to die” It rang a personal chord with him, not least because of the fact that this salarian had also happened to be a treacherous partner. “After putting bullet in my spine. And when I asked him why, he dumped a nerve toxin into the wound.” Iosif's jaw tightened a little at that, a hint of disgust becoming clear on his face. When it came to heinous acts of betrayal, the slavic pilot saw little difference between selling a man off to the fucking batarians and poisoning him instead of finishing the job with a clean shot through the brain stem. Both equally deplorable, both equally deserving of retribution.

He certainly didn't blame Drono for wanting, no, promising to exact some form of violent revenge. In fact, for a second he pictured himself with both of his fingers tightened around the salarian's throat, or perhaps him venting a hole in the treacherous bastard's skull, or something equally violent but nontheless cathartic. It made no difference - for Drono, or Iosif, both salarians were far off somewhere else, out of reach for now.

In the meantime, Drono continued - explaining that his condition was dire and that perhaps the only people who were both able and willing to assist him were in danger at the hands of people who were probably associated with the drell's former partner. Not just an obstacle to Drono's understandable desire to stay alive, but also an obstacle to any hope he might've had at enacting revenge and here, even though Iosif had never particularly gotten to know the drell as well as he had with some of the other crew, he felt a personal need to help his colleague in this plight. so he might have had a shot at the same kind of retribution that he wished to enact upon his own treacheous salarian partner.

Of course, the others were quick to raise their concerns - and they were legitimate concerns. Eclipse weren't exactly the kind of people you wanted to be screwing around with, even if you were only dealing with just a few of their guys, the mercenary organisation didn't take too kindly to attacks on its resources - it didn't send out the best message, after all, if they were seen to be tolerating attacks on their people. Following Tanya and Tonka's comments on needing to be better prepared than their previous shitshow missions, Dex was on-point. Sometimes, it was easy for Iosif to forget that on top of being a competent pilot, his counterpart was arguably the most experienced at cloak-and-dagger type operations than the rest of them combined.

Haze had also been of similar consensus to Dex, also arguing in favour of a subtle, stealth-based approach. Iosif had to stifle an amused snort when Haze pitched the idea of using Vellios in his already fucked up state as part of their cover, if only because he wondered how the fatalistic turian would take the idea of being volunteered for such duty and whether he'd play ball with them on this one. In this case, there wouldn't be any room for mental breakdowns or relapses - Drono's life and the reputation (and future wellbeing) of their crew would be weighing on this. Then, much to the slav's surprise, Khosin had offered up some information in this matter as well - being a batarian, Iosif wasn't too surprised to hear he had some contacts with the Blue Suns, but if anything they might have had to say proved useful it would be worth the while. For perhaps the first time, Iosif gave the batarian a brief look that suggested something other than mild contempt or apathy.

Perhaps the first question that Iosif wanted to raise was just where he'd play a part in this. Given they were actively trying to avoid being flagged on Eclipse's shitlist, he'd probably have been better off going for something that would facilitate a subtle role, rather than the guns-blazing shuttle evac he'd conducted on their last mission. "Dex, if you're better off working remotely from the ship, I can live with that - I can run transport for this job. I'm not exactly the cloak-and-dagger type but I can keep my mouth shut if that's what this needs."

Regal Square, Prince-Edfield_

Reed couldn't help but fire off a retort at Meifeng's amused jeering, "Yeah, sure - but the American taxpayer doesn't pay us to stand around and rehearse our lines, we leave that to the politicians, remember?" However, by the time he'd finished that last remark, the RAVEN was already outside the range of coherent hearing. She wasn't wrong, though. Granted, he couldn't help but crack a wry grin at Meifeng's commentary on his oratory skills, but it was true - he felt that he'd probably only just got through it. With the time he'd spent fawning over what he'd say at the rally, in hindsight he felt it was something of a shame that he didn't spend it on something more productive.

Still, he'd tried - and perhaps there were a few people in the crowd who were actually cheering for legitimate reasons rather than just for the sake of it.

Now on his mind, much to his own shame, was something more base in nature - the various food stalls situated outside the hall. Even in here, Reed swore that he could pick up just a slight aroma from something just around the corner and were it not for the fact that he was expected to remain in the hall that RAVEN had hired out for the event, he would've probably given into the the temptation to head out and help himself to a portion. Furthermore, he was now paying dearly for having gone into work on a light breakfast and later skipping lunch in order to prepare for the rally. His only hope now was that he could rope someone into picking something up for him before the stalls ran dry.

Where was Quentin when he needed him?

DOVE/RAVEN Joint Headquarters, White Coast_

After a journey across the Atlantic, then what felt like a trip of equal length across the United States, the last thing that Frank had wanted to do was spend the next hour or so seated in the reception area of the DOVE/RAVEN HQ Building, his baggage leant against
the wall beside him. Aside from getting to witness a brief argument between an athletic-figured gentleman and a receptionist (which was subsequently defused by a dark-haired asian in RAVEN garb) there wasn't much he could do, though to his slight relief, one of the other receptionists on-duty had taken pity on the sight of the Briton's welling boredom and passed a few copies of the local newspapers his way, giving him something to read through as he awaited news of what would next be done with him. At the least, it gave him a chance to get a rough idea of anything noteworthy going on in the city - and what did catch his eye were a few references to some new high on the streets, "Happiness" or something like that. He couldn't help but feel a strange sense of deja vu from about a decade and a half ago in the UK when the legal highs (derived from a mixture of 'plant fertilisers' and other ingredients of obscure legal status) craze hit the media and sparked off a frenzy in the tabloids.

Not like there were any similarities between the two.

Eventually, Frank's reading session was interrupted by another DOVE employee - an agent, albeit one with a desk job by the looks of his office garb. "I believe you wanted to speak with me, Mr. Marshall?"

"So, Agent..." Frank began, leaning forward to get a view of the man's ID badge.
"Agent Gardiner, do you have a rough idea of when I'll be getting to see someone? If you don't mind me saying, I've come a long way and I'd rather get a chance to speak with the leadership before the jet lag sinks in."

"I understand, really, but a slight complication hascome up," Gardiner began, albeit a little uncomfortably, "You've arrived slightly earlier than we expected, Mr. Marshall - and I'm afraid Director Taylor is currently at the rally in Prince-Edfield, along with Deborah Javaunt."

"Rally?" Frank raised an eyebrow, before recalling the numerous news articles he'd filtered through which had made reference to said rally. Then, after a moment, came an "Oh."

"I see, well.. in that case, I suppose I'm probably not going to get a real chance to sit down with the Director until tomorrow then, right?"

"I can't say for certain, but the chance is that you'll be more likely to have an official brief tomorrow or the day after." At least the agent was honest, Frankhad to give him that, but still. Americans, he almost felt himself monologuing, before realising he was being a little hypocritcal in his observation - sitting around and waiting in queues was, after all, a favourite British pass time, even in this era of metahumans and societal unrest.

Of course, the grim thoughts on the news that he wouldn't be getting an audience with any form of authority today must've set on his face, judging by the hasty response from Gardiner. "I've spoken with my supervisor, we have had some accomodation set aside for yourself, Mr. Marshall, it's an apartment in the Oakdell Harbour district, already furnished - you won't need to concern yourself about any expenses in that respect. Likewise for groceries, we actually had it stocked with the basics this morning - and I'm aware that there's a store close by or even a restaurant if that's your preference."

That was good to hear, at least - no point spending money on some grotty little hotel or sleeping in an office. He definitely liked the idea of a restaurant close by - even after the hot dog at the airport, he was hungry for a little more sustenance. "If you don't mind me asking, what kind of place is it?"

"It's a chinese buffet, I know a friend who went there a few weeks ago and he said it was good - maybe you might want to stop by?"

Maybe indeed, I did fancy a Chinese, Frank thought, a thin smile forming upon his lips.

Director's Office, DOVE/RAVEN Joint Headquarters, White Coast_

"... Yeah? Next Saturday? Sure, next Saturday - we'll talk more then. Thanks, bye."

Reed Taylor sucked in a breath of fresh air as he set the phone back down on his desk. Yet another matter of minor importance to address another time.

Nowadays, that was a significant chunk of his job, yet all the same an important one given it pertained to his role as Director over the local branch of DOVE. Meetings, discussions, administrative work, legal matters, etc. After his appointment to the role of Director, he'd made a point to make a regular acquaintance with the BPD, so as to try and keep staff on both sides aware of any issues ongoing in the city that they might stumble across in their work, metahuman-related or otherwise. Then, of course, was the matter of the MISW agent who'd be joining their ranks as part of the foreign exchange program being spearheaded by the Western Nations, a man by the name of Francis Marshall if memory recalled. Judging by the report he'd read of the man, he hoped the British agent would prove helpful enough, but with other matters on his mind Reed couldn't help but wonder how smoothly things would transition.

Whatever way he looked at things, he sometimes felt his ability to multitask stretched to the limit.

At one point he recalled that Javaunt had recommended he re-assign one of the DOVEs on desk work to function as his Personal Assistant, but somehow he found the idea of pulling a valuable pair of hands off the office floor for the sake of his own convenience a little too much to bear, particularly if he could still manage just about. That, and the notion made him feel a man a decade older than what he actually was. Which, as it happened brought him onto his next musing on his list of woes - all too often he'd heard the same comments from detractors, that he was still young and inexperienced for his role. Part of him couldn't help but concede they were right, in some form - at thirty-six years of age, he stood as a very senior figure in metahuman regulation working around the largest metahuman population on the West Coast.

Sometimes he missed his days as an investigator, doing both the field and paper work alike - but there was a bigger picture to it all, in the end. Javaunt had chosen him three years ago and he had no intentions of letting the Chairwoman down, not after everything that DOVE had worked for these last ten years.

Thoughts briefly drifted to the old man, if only for a second and at that, Reed glanced over the desk and couldn't help but crack a thin smile at the Terminator statuette standing vigil at one side of his desk, brandishing an M134 minigun. "What would you do, Arnie?" He mumbled to himself, before hearing a faux-Austrian accent inside his head. Terminate them all. Certainly not the best piece of advice, he decided - though seeing the one of old man's favourite shelf-pieces gave him a brief moment of piece before the realities of management brought themselves back to bear on him.

Of course, the old man never quite had to deal with something like this. Cass was a senior figure in the VPD, respected well enough, but even he'd never had to deal with desk work like this.

Still, he thought, the old man would've been proud.

Realizing that he was distracting himself, he cleared his throat and turned back towards the workstation on his desk. Today would be a long day, with much to do - this speech of his at the rally being just a single part of it.

With a brief, fleeting sigh, Director Taylor set himself back to work.

Waterbridge Airport, Roseview_

After two consecutive flights, Frank couldn't help but feel an aching sensation building in his legs after what must've been almost a dozen hours' worth of sitting and standing still without any significant degree of movement. He'd spent most of both flights keeping to himself, erecting a mental barrier between himself and the other passengers and their varying thoughts and emotional states - the last thing he wanted was to be picking up on the stress and unseen terrors of some eight year old girl on her first flight. Once they'd hit solid ground, however, he was glad to be off the plane because, as he would admit, he wasn't exactly a fan of flight either. It was funny, come to think of it - despite all the training and experience with what was once one of the most tightly-run metahuman agencies operating in the West, even he found himself balking at the venture across the Atlantic.

Then again, when one considered the dangerous times they lived in, maybe his reservations hadn't been unfounded.

At any rate, he had brushed through the check-out with relative ease, though picking up his luggage (a suitcase and backpack containing the few belongings he'd figured he'd need) had been something of a headache after a brief dispute with a Chinese tourist over which suitcase was his. Frank, admittedly, had perhaps made an ethical faux-pas by using his ability to mentally subdue the irate tourist with a projection of some calming thoughts, but given how quickly he wanted to be out of the airport and into the city, he decided he could live with that particular dalliance when it was weidged against the many others he'd committed in the name of Her Majesty and the MISW.

On his way out of the terminal, he balanced a hot dog he'd hastily purchased from a vendor stall in one hand whilst the other hauled along with him his suitcase, though by the time he'd hit the exit point he'd already devoured the entire thing, such was his hunger. Then, for about a second he wondered just how he'd go about hailing a taxi, at least until he realised that not too far from the entrance to the airport were a fleet of them parked up, ready and waiting for new customers. Guess I won't need to waste my time with an Uber. Lugging his suitcase and backpack along with him, he quickly caught an asian man in what was probably his late-thirties finishing off a vaping session whilst leant back against a car. Coming into range, he quickly raised his proposition to what he assumed was the driver.

"Eh, excuse me, are you booked up?"

"No, I'm free," The driver tilted his head downwards, stuffing the vape-tube back into his pocket as his gaze turned towards Frank's suitcase, "Want a hand with that?"

"Yeah, please." Frank quickly nodded, relinquishing the greatest of his baggage to the driver who quickly lugged it into the trunk of his cab. The backpack he set on his lap after climbing into one of the rear passenger seats, the driver soon joining him afterwards, "Where to?"

"Uhrm, the DOVE-RAVEN Headquarters site, please - would prefer if we avoided the scenic route and just got straight to it."

"Sure thing." Instinct made his gut clench for just a moment as the driver pulled out onto the right side of the road, before he realised that, among the many differences between Britain and the US (aside from about four thousand miles of Atlantic Ocean) this would be yet another he'd be getting used to.

Still, it couldn't be that bad, he supposed - the weather in this particular state wasn't too different from back home and the food would be cheap and varied enough. He looked forward to the notion of trying one of the local Chinese restaurants or takeaways, at least that would be a comfort staying with him on this venture.

And then, as they passed through the varying districts of the city limits, Frank couldn't help but let his thoughts drift back towards home.

Since he'd set foot on that first plane from Heathrow, part of him wondered whether he'd made the right call, volunteering for this post and leaving the very few people he knew behind to clean up the ongoing mess, but with the situation as it was back home he figured there wasn't much else he could have done if he had stayed. Mass rioting and protests still raged on in London, Glasgow, Manchester and even places like Sheffield that were very close to home, some which he'd seen for himself and had been on the receiving end. Not to mention the fact their government had been puppeteered by these Founding Family types, along with the same organisation that he'd come to regard as the place where he belonged.

He had to face facts - the MISW was a shell, right now. Headquarters had been wrecked in the bombing, a good chunk of their administrative staff killed in the process along with a few of their field agents, the much-vaunted Grayson Williams included. And the new figures in government were regarding them with almost as much scrutiny as the public, if not moreso. The way they saw it, the 'old' MISW was a relic of the Cold War, the 'new' one would be a lot different, nowhere near as heavy-handed as before and a 'kinder' organisation overall. Frank had to agree, they were right, but still... old habits died hard, he supposed. And at this point people back home were still restructuring things, still figuring out how to handle this new threat from the so-called 'BASILISK' terrorist group which had claimed responsibility for the bombing of their HQ.

Maybe some time away could've done Frank some good, he hoped, and give him a chance to learn from the Americans whilst here and bring something useful back home. He owed his people that much, at least, and given the unseen blood that had stained their hands a dozen times over it would be some measure of atonement. Once upon a time, he'd been turned onto what he thought was the right track by the MISW - now was his turn to try and do the same for the organisation whilst it was in its weakened state.

Eventually he took another glance out the window and, judging by the brief research he'd undertaken in the weeks before his journey across the pond, he suspected he was close to his destination. After all, the DOVE/RAVEN Headquarters Building was a difficult sight to miss, and was larger by a wide margin than the MISW Offices back home. Americans always have had a thing for going big, he supposed.

Soon, the car pulled up in the visitor parking area and the driver told Frank the fee, to which the Briton fished a wad of dollar bills out to the exact sum he'd asked. It was only then that he realised the cab driver was half-expectantly waiting for him to, if that sliver of emotion bleeding into his thoughts was anything to go by - yet another US custom he'd be getting used to. Without a grumble, he fished a few extra dollars out and slapped them into the driver's palm. "Keep the change, and thanks for the lift."

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This video is a start:

The people responsible for everything in Baybridge are the Founding Family. A cult of lunatics. I saw this video with my own two eyes while watching Spongebob with my kids. After that, they knocked out the power for weeks... and I'll never forget them.

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@Deadeditor: That's understandable, I'm sorry.

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Most disturbingly of all, this Family had an army of slaves locked up in their headquarters. Men and women taken from all over the world, put to work in their tower. It's so messy that even the UN had to get involved to help sorts things out.

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A friend of mine was one of those people... She went missing like five years ago, and RAVEN found her there. In a far better state than she was when she went missing, yeah, but she had no idea of what even happened. In fact, she had no idea that five years even passed. So, maybe the Family was employing some kind of Cerebral ability.

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you goys are alright, dont come into town tomorrow

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Oakdell Harbor, White Coast_

Wendy played around on her phone, while lying down on the sofa of the RV. Mostly to distract herself from the welling grief that was associated with this city. She sighed as she deleted her account from one of her favorite forums! But, that place wasn't what it used to be, and it was for the best that Wendy removed her mark from there.

Then again, the world wasn't what it used to be.

"Yo, Wen," Jessica's voice snapped her out of her reverie. Her eyes were diverted away from her phone, to the red-haired woman (who was approaching her thirties, in fact). She was muscular, and just had a freckled face that inspired Wendy. She was the one driving the RV they were staying in, but kept her eyes on the road. "Sure you're ready to go back? You can stay with me and my pops in Texas if you need more time."

Wendy looked over to the research notes on the table across from herself.

"I'm sure." She said. "There's something I have to get to the bottom of in Baybridge."

"That missing scientist?" Jessica asked.

Wendy looked over to the research notes on the table across from herself, with "SEAN ROSIER'S NOTES" on the cover of the book.

"Yes, it all leads back to Baybridge," Wendy said. "I'm sorry, but I want to get to the bottom of it."

"Nah, it's cool!" Jessica said with a smile. "I should be the one apologizing... Wish I could help you, but me and Kai still got a lot more adventure ahead of us!"

"I understand... in fact, I shouldn't let my own ambitions hold you up from following yours," Wendy cheekily half smiled.

"But.... what about Rowan?" Jessica asked in a hushed tone. "What does he think?"

"What-what... someone want me?" A voice groggily called out from the back of the RV.

"Rowan, my maaaan," Jessica said. "What I was asking was if you were gonna stick with us, or go with Wendy?"

"Wait-" There came a heavy thud, followed by a brief grunt, before the sole male occupant of the RV emerged from the compartment at the back, a shirt having been hastily pulled on other his head during their journey. "Wen', so you're really going? I mean, I know you talked about it, but what with all that shit..." He trailed off for a moment as he made his way towards the front, placing his palms against the walls of the interior to steady himself, eventually plopping himself down in the sofa adjacent to Wendy's position. "You're serious about this, then?" He asked, idly rubbing at the mess of coarse hair along his jaw.

"Yeah... I want to look for something," Wendy said. "And, Kumiko says that she knows people that will help me find it."

"Yeah?" Rowan raised an eyebrow at that one, "Didn't know you'd been talking lately."

"We talk all the time," Wendy said with a smile, as she stood up. She grabbed the research papers, and walked over to Rowan. "But, do you remember our talk about that scientist? Sean Rosier?"

"Sean Rosier... Sean Rosier... just remind me, again."

She held up the research notes for Rowan to see.

"This? Remember? I got this from the Family's base... he's a brilliant scientist that was on the verge of discovering something amazing...." Wendy trailed off, before she said. "Dimensional travel."

She shook her head.

"But, then he disappeared, and the last of trace of him ends in Baybridge."

"Yeah, yeah - got you now," Rowan finally clicked, his groggy demeanour fading away. "And you want to find out what happened with this guy, right?"

"Yes, and possibly continue his work." Wendy said, as she turned to her blond-haired friend. "You don't have to come along with me... I can do this with Kumiko helping me."

"I'd rather go with you," Rowan said, before turning his gaze towards Jess and Kai, "No offence to you guys, or anything. It's been great here, the best couple years I've had, y'know? But if Wendy wants to figure this out, I'm in on it too."

Jessica smiled. "I hear ya' loud and clear, and I'd like to say it's been a real pleasure having the two of you on board."

Wendy was honestly flattered when Rowan said that... and a little flustered. Her face went red, she smiled. "And I wouldn't have anyone else by my side."

She got a similar response from him as he shuffled into thr back of the RV yet again, undoubtedly to collect the few belongings he had with him and pack them into his bag.

They had long crossed the Bravewater Bridg, and Jessica merely followed the GPS to the location that Wendy had given her. She raised an eyebrow as they approached a mansion on the beach front.

"You have arrived." The GPS said, and Jessica came to a stop in front the building. She looked behind herself.

"Well... looks like this is goodbye... damn..." Jessica somberly said, "I thought I was ready for this, but it's so hard to say goodbye, ain't it?" She said.

Having emerged yet again with his possessions, Rowan was the first to step towards two of the three people who he'd come to know as not just friends, but family. Slugging an arm each around Jess and Kai's shoulders, the once scrawny kid pulled them into a fraternal embrace, before whispering something to them with a wry grin.

"You better not give us a fake address, I don't think Wen' would appreciate knocking on the wrong Texan's door."

"Who do you think I am?" Jess said with a smile. "A bad driver? I get you to yer' destination!"

Wendy smiled at the scene.

"Well, I hate to hold ya' up, me and Kai have a lot more journey ahead of us," Jess said, as she tipped her hat.

"... And so do we." The door on the side opened, and Wendy loudly gulped as she mustered the courage to step off. Only because she didn't want this to ever end.

After everyone said their goodbyes, both Wendy and Rowan got off the RV that was a great part of their lives, and it slowly drove away. Wendy could just see the sorrow in Jess' eyes, but she was going to keep in touch with them. And that was a promise.

For now, the two young adults looked up at the mansion. Kumiko told them to come here if they needed help, and Wendy damn well was going to get it. But, the first obstacle was the large gates before them. She wondered if could just have Rowan open it, when the gates unlocked themselves and were pulled open. She was confused, until she saw a woman walk up. A tall, Asian woman, wearing jeans, and a dark-red blouse. Age was certainly setting into the older woman, as even Wendy could spot the wrinkles.

"... Wen!" Kumiko shouted as she ran over, and embraced her daughter. "It's been a helluva long time since I seen ya'... well, in person, but you know!"

"Same!" Wendy said.

"And you Rowan," Kumiko said as she let go of Wendy, "You're a handsome young man, now." She smiled.

"Uh... thanks.." Rowan said, caught off guard by the remark.

"Well, what are the two of ya' waitin' for?" Kumiko said as she practically yanked the two of them towards the entrance. "Come on in!"

"Wai-" Before Wendy knew it, they were through the front doors, and Kumiko whipped around to kick both of them shut. She let out a sigh.

"Phew..." Kumiko trailed off as she leaned up against the door. "Sorry about that, kids." She chuckled for a moment. "We have a looooot of enemies that are probably keeping an eye on all our movements, so it was for the best that we get inside, and in cover, fast as possible."

"I understand." Wendy said, giving Kumiko a quick nod.

"So, uh..." Kumiko pointed at Rowan, "Did you brief him on our little deal? Because if not, that was a real dick move, Wen. Real dick move."

That earned her a strange look from her fellow traveler, "What am I missing?"

"Diiiiiiiiick move." Kumiko almost shouted.

"Well, Rowan..." Wendy said, "Remember when I said 'I knew people who could help us'?"

He raised an eyebrow at that, "Oh, right - you said your mom could help?"

"Well, not quite..." Wendy said, "My mom works for this organization that helped bring down the Founding Family."

"... The Philosophers," Kumiko said. "They call themselves a benevolent group of scientists..."

She narrowed her eyes at Rowan for a moment.

"... Take that with a grain of salt."

"And, they're going to help us piece together the puzzle that is Sean Rosier," Wendy explained.

"... Well, hate to get your hopes up..." Kumiko sighed. "But, they're kind of busy... and - surprise - I'm the only field agent willing to help!"

Wendy sighed.

"... That's fine."

"Well, provided that you find it, I'm sure someone in here will gladly help you make use of it."

"It's not like we haven't done some breaking-in before..." Rowan said to Wendy with a hushed tone.

Wendy snickered a bit, as she said, "Yeeeeeah."

"But, I mean, this is the first time I seen the two of ya' in years," Kumiko hopped off the wall, almost surprised they were so formal. "Relaaaaax, let's have a little bit of fun before we go off on some adventure. Liiiiiike...." She remembered something. "There's a DOVE rally today... probably gonna end up being lame, but they're at least offering free food."

"I don't know..." Wendy trailed off, as she looked at Rowan. Given that the two of them were runaways in the eyes of DOVE, Wendy wasn't in a rush to change that. "What do you think, Rowan?" Wendy asked.

"Uh, I dunno... you really think they'll know it's us?" Rowan shrugged, shifting his gaze towards Kumiko for a second, "It's been three years, Wen' - we keep our heads down, we could be good. Worst case, we have to run - can't be too hard, right?"

"I guess..." Wendy said, still unsure. "Alright, we're going to go."

"Yaaaaaay!" Kumiko said, "We'll discuss this boring Philosopher stuff later."

She gestured down the hall.

"We'll take my car, let's go!" Kumiko said.
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