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Glad you got this going. I just got swamped with 60-80hr weeks on-call. Major Inc Management is a good gig though.
Still intending to do this, just got a little more overwhelmed by work at a nee job than I planned. Keep em rolling folks.
This looks interesting! I only saw the IC today, so I was wondering how long the OOC will be open for before the RP starts? If not very long, I wouldn't want you to wait on my behalf as I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and I know I likely won't be alert enough to make a CS for at least a day or two.

Or maybe if this is starting soon and there's a way to jump in during the RP (maybe helping the prison break or something, I dunno), I can do that.

Throw it in if you want to work on something. I'm getting tied by by work myself at the moment.
Space still available? It sounds interesting

You're welcome to throw in a CS, aye.
I'll go over the apps in the next few days.
Placeholder post for setting and catchup.

Nobody truly knows how long the world has been subjected to the spectacle and horrors of the non-mundane, the so-called superhumans and eldritch monsters crawling out of the woodwork. Some blame the space race for inviting some unknown alien presence to the world. Others date it back a few more decades to the Nazis and the Soviets - driven by their mad philosophies without regard for ethical boundaries.

The truth is something deeper - it spans the breadth of human history, from the first Cro-Magnons all the way to the development of the worldwide web. There are things that go bump in the night, and those that are mistaken for birds or planes. Some think it science, others magic - perhaps both? It's hard to deny either when something beyond rational explanation occurs in front of your own eyes.

It was the close of the 90s that really saw it hit the public eye - where rumours and myth remained that no longer. And the various agencies, departments, bogeymen of the world - they were forced to take a stronger hand as more disruptive entities emerged from the woodwork, wreaking havoc on the world in one form or another. Pyrokinetics melting through bank vaults and security vans to get to the cash within, revenant beasts tearing a streak of vengeance and blood through cities, ego-driven 'visionaries' who manipulated hundreds into doing vile things for the 'greater good' and unfettered inventors that spawned autonomous, deadly creations. Simply put, mundane prisons were not enough to contain them.

That's where it came into play. The Supe Kitchen. The Ninth Circle. PowerMax. Call it what you will, but one name stands above the rest in its infamy.

The Borehole.

Situated somewhere in the Rockies, miles apart from civilisation and buried under at least half a mile of rock, metal and munitions. A prison purpose-built to contain the non-mundane which threaten society.

Supervillains, psychopaths, monsters - whatever you might've been outside, inside the Borehole you're just another inmate. A number.

Perhaps you're a recent transfer. Or not. Whoever you were. Whatever you did, whatever or whoever you damaged, modern society judged you unfit to remain walking free among its denizens - so they sent you here. One way in, no way out. A lifer.

Countermeasures specific to your circumstances have been in place from the moment you walked in. Maybe there's an electrified ankle bracelet to prevent you from phasing out of your cell. Maybe you're kept in constant light to avoid drawing sustenance from the shadows. Or perhaps you're kept well away from dairy products, so you don't try and wrap cords of cheese around some other poor bastard's brain stem like that obnoxious regenerator working for the white hats.

You're not even sure the guards here are human - automated systems roam the corridors, ready to pacify unrest where appropriate.

Either way, an opportunity is about to rear its ugly head. Freedom might be yours - surely that's better than spending eternity imprisoned under the mountains?


Still open for interest?

Yep, just working on the OOC between work and other commitments.
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