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Sindra felt a little surprise and confusion at Ram's words. She had remembered some things about the old king, the good human king that ruled before the tyrant took over. She had also heard rumors that he was a dragon rider, but she never truly listened to those rumors. She'd always believed them to be stories and nothing more.

Lor's attention was once again pulled back to Kela and Damien, quite intrigued by what was happening. She couldn't see everything, however she did see the string of energy that seemed to be pulled from the woman's chest? How incredibly intriguing. Who was this woman?

Both dragon and elf remained silent as they waited for Kela to finish what she was doing with Damien. Lor was definitely starting to feel the exhaustion from the events of the day so when Kela offered them a room she nodded. "Thank you, I think we'd both be very grateful for a place to stay." She said as she glanced at Sindra who nodded in agreement. In the morning perhaps they'd all have more energy to discuss things.
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Time: Dawn
Location: Heart of the forest
Interaction:@Dezuel-Elthrael @Jamesyco-Jean-Luc

Elsea listened as Elthrael explained that he thought the other group had made it out alright. She was glad that he had felt that way, but also hoped that he was right. If they were to defeat this tyrant king then they were going to need all the allies they could get. She wasn’t a fighter by any means, but she was willing to learn what she could. She knew, however, that her biggest asset would be to learn how to control her magic. That was going to be her best way of fighting.

She continued to listen, focusing most of her attention on him though she would occasionally sneak a look down to the forest floor. She was still getting used to being so high up and she felt butterflies in her stomach every time she would look down. They were slowly starting to dissipate each time she stole a glance down, however, and soon she knew she could maybe help scan the forest floor for the other group.

He began explaining how he had once lived in the River Kingdom and why he no longer lived there. Her heart felt a twinge of pain as at the mention of how the other inhabitants of where they were going had wished for his parents to cast him aside because of his appearance. How cruel someone must be to suggest a parent do such a thing to their child. She found herself silently beginning to judge this River Kingdom and the people who lived there.

At the mention of his parents deaths her heart seemed to break even more. Elthrael truly hadn’t had an easy life and had been wronged by so many. She was impressed that he didn’t seek vengeance on the ones who’d wronged him as she certainly would have. In fact she did seek vengeance on the ones who tried to burn her at the stake. She had spit foul curses at them before she had been sucked into this world, hoping that someone would cause Scotland to fall. She hoped that something terrible happened to all of them. When he fell silent for a few moments she found herself moving just a bit so she could kiss him on his cheek. ”It sounds like you have been through Hell and back all for how you look. People may fear you for your appearance, but I don’t.” She told him as she gave him a kind smile.

Elthrael’s words helped put her a bit more at ease, helping her trust him on the fact that he wasn’t going to hand her over to Aklenroth. The skeleton man had made pretty promises, but there was something about it that she didn’t trust. That and she really didn’t want to be sent back home as she would just be put back in a situation where death was waiting for her. At least here she had some freedom.

She listened closely to the rest of his words, at how Avalia was in desperate need of a new ruler, how she and the others of her kind held magic unlike anything else in this world, how everyone was going to need to eventually make a choice. It was a lot to take in, but she he spoke true, especially the part about her magic. She could see the part of the forest ahead of them that had been damaged by her fire. She needed to be able to control her magic otherwise it could destroy hers and other innocent people.

”I still don’t understand exactly how I got here and I recognize that being here is dangerous for me, however, I don’t wish to go back to where I came from. Yes there is a possibility that I may die here, but if I were to go back death would be a certainty. So I think I wish to stay here in Avalia, to possibly make this my new home as it seems the better choice right now. So I will fight to protect this place, I will learn how to wield my magic so that I can help you. We’ll make Avalia the best place it could ever be, I promise you that.” She told him, giving him a smile back as she felt herself forming a bond with him. It was small right now, but she knew given time it would grow. She would stick by his side and help his cause.

After a few moments her attention was drawn by something else, something in the air. Some sort of magical structure flying towards their destination and she got a bad feeling about it. ”Elthrael, what is that?” She asked, fear obvious in her voice as she pointed at the Amora. ”Something isn’t right about that thing, there’s something...dark about it. I think we should land, I don’t think we should get closer to that thing.” She told him, almost sounding desperate to land. It almost felt like they were being watched by someone. Her eyes began scanning the forest floor quickly when she spotted something. She almost hadn’t noticed it as it was quite hidden, but at a second investigating glance it looked almost like a hut. "There, look! Doesn't that look like a nice place to land?" She suggested as she pointed at the hut, trying to convince him to land. There was also the slight glimmer of something and she looked to it. It appeared to be a person, but they were still too high up to make out enough details. She didn't know if they would be friend or foe, but she felt better about landing there than continuing towards that thing.

Time: Dawn
Location: River Fairy Kingdom
Interactions:@FunnyGuy-Umber @Eviledd1984-O’Ner @Legion02-Xenelith

For the remainder of the ride Azriel stood staring out the window, watching things pass by underneath them. She remained quiet as well, funding no need to speak as she just hoped the ride would be over soon. She wanted out of the contraption despite the fact that the flight went smoothly. So when Umber commanded the Dark Elf to stop she was thrilled.

She was about to turn away from the window when something caught her eye. She used her keen eyesight to take a closer look. There appeared to be a fairy flying towards them and he was carrying, someone. She could make out the red hair of the woman and she found it curious that she was being carried. If it had been any other day she wouldn't have thought much about it, perhaps thinking that the fairy was flying an elf somewhere, but as there was the report of humans being in the land she found it slightly suspicious.

Her first instinct would have been to exit the Amora early and head towards the flying figures, but her training told her it was better to wait. Never underestimate anyone, it would be foolish of her to go after them without at least Umber. So she noted where they were and turned away from the window, deciding to bring it up once they met with Xenelith.

Umber made mention that he could sense the Dark Elf nearby and she grinned. "This shall be interesting for sure." She told him as she made her way towards the exit of the Amora. She was aware that Umber may have picked up on what she had witnessed moments ago. She even allowed the image to play in her mind for a few moments so he could note where they were at as well. "Perhaps this will be more fun than we initially anticipated." She said quietly to her friend as she walked past him was a dark grin before she followed O'Ner and his horse out. They needed to find out what Xenelith knew.
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Time: Dawn
Location: Aklentroth’s War Room/ Outside the Necropolis
Interactions:@FunnyGuy-Umber @Eviledd1984-O’Ner

Azriel watched and listened as Umber explained to her that it was her choice. She knew it was and she knew Umber wouldn’t force her to do anything anymore. She was no longer a child that needed to be told what to do, however she still found herself on occasions looking to Umber for guidance. Perhaps that was something she would always do for the rest of her life.

As he crushed the figures he’d conjured in his hand she flinched ever so slightly. He was right, it most likely would sap a vast majority of her strength to fly all the way there. Normally an angel could probably make the flight with no issue, however, she had to work almost twice as hard due to her injury from childhood. This thought alone just fueled Azriel’s irritation and she felt quite a bit more murderous than before.

”Fine…” She huffed more to herself as she begrudgingly entered the Amora. She had noticed the unease of the horse, who also seemed unhappy to fly in the Amora. She couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of something for the horse as she understood the dislike of the machine. Sympathy perhaps? Was sympathy an emotion she was truly capable of? This was the thought she pondered as she found a place near a window, but didn’t sit. She would rather be on her feet, prepared for anything that could happen. Despite knowing that it was rare, she had a small fear that something would happen to the Amora and they would go down. She hated not being in control of flying.

At O’Ner’s words back to Umber, Azriel couldn’t contain the scoff from escaping her lips. ”Perhaps you are unaware as to what we Wraiths do, but competence on the battlefield is something we excel at. Defeating a foe, spilling blood, tourture, all these things are a beautiful art and we are artists. We are experts.” She said as she now looked to O’Ner, a chillingly sadistic grin gracing her lips. It was clear that she found quite a bit of joy in the work she did.
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Time: Dawn
Location: Heart of the forest

Elsea watched the male fairy as he answered her question as simply as possible. She couldn't help the small grin that crossed over her face at his dramatics and she continued to grin up at his as he placed his hand under her chin. So these would be that people that considered him different and didn't entirely like him.

His next words help much truth, this she knew all too well. She had been the different one in Inverness even though she tried to blend in. Men hadn't liked her because she refused their advances, she hadn't been interested in any of them and was more focused on helping her father with the apothecary. Women had disliked her because she, according to them, turned the heads of all the men. They acted as if she had been doing it on purpose. So the instant she was accused of witchcraft they found it easy to weave more stories about her. To peg their own sins on her.

His voice snapped her out of her thoughts once more and she found herself smiling at Elthrael. Perhaps she could help make a difference in this world, to help people be treated fairly as possible. Aye, then let us be off. She told him as she took his hand, mentally preparing herself to fly once more.

Her mind wandered once more, this time to the people from the night before. She specifically thought about the women and wondered if they had survived. Had she helped them with her unknown magic? She had started a fire in the forest and felt completely guilty for that. How much of the forest had she destroyed? Had anyone else been harmed because of it?

"Elthrael, do you think that group from last night made it out alright? She asked him after a little bit, concern evident in her voice. "I'm worried about them, especially those women as they didn't seem to have much of a way to defend themselves. Perhaps we should try and find them as well?" She continued, though she wasn't sure how easy of a task it would be to find them. Would they be in the River Kingdom or somewhere near it?

Time: After Midnight/Dawn
Location: Forest of the peninsula of the Sun Elf Village
Interaction: @Inertia-Rei @Potter-Corvina @Alivefalling-Dracolich @princess-Malachi @Dezuel-Terneus

The elven women listened to Rei talk, but kept her eyes trained on Malachi as she didn't trust him. She didn't trust anyone, especially Light Elves. Not after the information she uncovered not to long ago. For years she had believed Dark Elves were to blame for her mother's death, that's what she had always been told. That was until she learned that there was potential that she was killed by her own kind. She needed to find out if this was true and who had done it, but that would come at a later date. Unfortunately the information had her quite suspicious of all Light Elves now.

"Welcome to Avalia, Rei. It is the land that will always take your loved ones from you." She uttered harshly, but it seemed to be the truth. Deep down she did feel for the male elf, knowing loss was never easy for anyone, but right now she was more concerned about discovering who he was. Maybe once she wasn't as on edge from everything she could find it within her to apologize. Maybe.

Malachi's first words took Kenia aback just a bit. Sanitized? She kept her knives very clean, some she kept coated with different poisons, but sanitized? That was just ridiculous. He then called her a hag which, instead of offending her, had her grinning wickedly. "Ah yes, thank you. That is a term I much prefer!" There was no sarcasm to her voice, she seemed to be completely serious on that as if she truly took it as a compliment.

He finally introduced himself and informed Rei that he could answer more questions in the morning. It was the first thing Kenia truly agreed with as she let him use the healing potion on Corvina while Kenia went over to a corner of the cave. She moved a rock to reveal a crevice large enough to hold a few blankets and other items. She pulled out the two blankets before replacing the rock and heading back to the group. She noticed Rei had placed his jacket over Corvina, however she also placed one of the blankets over her just in case. She also placed the second over Rei as she figured she'd rather them be more comfortable. "Fortunately we made it to a cave I use often. Unfortunately I only have two blankets and I think these two need more comfort tonight than we do. So we'll have to make due without a blanket unless you have one of your own." She told Malachi before she went to find herself a warm place to sleep.

Sleep wasn't something that came easy to Kenia, it never was as her sleep was often plagued by nightmares. She only slept well when she'd become so exhausted she couldn't help it, otherwise she slept so light that she could hear what was happening around her. She had heard when Malachi had gotten up, but didn't stir until he had come back. She looked over at him with his squirrels as she sat up. She glanced over briefly at the still sleeping humans briefly before turning her attention back to Malachi. She sighed as she thought back to what Rei had said last night. "I suppose I should apologize and thank you for last night. I was incredibly on edge. I don't trust people easily and I won't lie, I still don't entirely trust you, however you did save use. Thank you for that and I'm sorry about your friend." She told him, trying to mend things at least a bit.

That's when Aklenroth's voice boomed through her mind and had her jumping to her feet. It took her a moment to realize he wasn't really there and just delivering a message to all of Avalia. Slowly she moved to the mouth of the cave and looked up to the sky. He wanted the humans delivered to him alive if possible? And he was willing to pay? That was a lot of money, like a LOT of money and she had so happen to come across two humans. She stood there at the mouth of the cave for a long while as she thought about all this. Would it be worth turning the humans in instead? Whatever she decided to do she couldn't let them or Malachi know.

Something finally pulled her out of her thoughts, the sound of horses and a carriage. She looked down to where the road was and immediately recognized who it was. They came to a stop and she could hear the voice of Lord Terneus off in the distance. "Shit… She muttered as she tried to think fast, spinning to Malachi. "Hide the humans quickly near the back of the cave, there should be a little alcove they can be decently hidden in. I'll go down at talk with Terneus. You're a hunter that came across me last night while you were trying to escape the fire that had come too close to your camp. I offered to let you camp with me. You're on your way to Roshmi City to trade or something." She told him as swiftly and quietly as she could, hoping he'd go along with her plan. She'd had plenty of dealings with Terneus in the past and she hoped that because of that it would gain her a small amount of trust with him.

She walked out of the cave, heading down towards Terneus. As she approached she bowed to him, showing him as much respect as she could. "My lord Terneus, it is always a pleasure to see you. Please accept my apology for not informing you of my camping out here as I was not expecting I'd have to. You see I had heard rumor that some were trying to summon humans once more and I took it upon myself to see if the rumors were true so I came out to the forest at night. I was greeted, however, with a fire and had to flee before I could find anything out. I decided to camp up in the cave I often use, as you know, and see if any humans fled from the fire as well. Alas I had no such luck. I do hope you can accept my deepest apology." She bowed again deeply, her voice seemingly full of sincerity.
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Time: Dawn
Location: Aklentroth’s War Room/ Outside the Necropolis
Interactions:@FunnyGuy-Umber @Eviledd1984-O’Ner

The dark angel watched Aklenroth’s general as he spoke and took the charm, a slightly amused smirk still on her face. She didn't know O'Ner hardly at all and found herself slightly curious about him, especially as she took notice of what was around his wrist. What was he like? Who had he been before? These were all questions running through her mind as she took a quick glance at Umber. She was sure he could hear the questions that we're there in her mind. Perhaps he knew more about the general than she did.

"Yes I think enough time has been wasted. We're supposed to find Xenelith as the King wishes to know what he's found out. Last I knew he was scouting near the River Kingdom and judging by the rumor of a human starting a fire there I'm willing to bet something happened and he's still near there." She informed them, though she was sure Umber was already aware of this as well. She wasn't sure how much O'Ner knew of that, though, so she figured it hadn't hurt to at least inform him.

She was preparing to take off in flight when a thought occurred to her. They had to get to the mainland, something easy for her to do as she could fly and Umber always found a quick way across as well. How was O'Ner getting across the water? That's when a Dark Elf soldier approached their group. He saluted them before speaking. "Sir, there is an Amora ready to leave whenever you and your group are ready." He was addressing O'Ner and Azriel whipped around to see an Amora in fact waiting for them.

"No." She began shaking her head as she looked at O'Ner first then to Umber. "Nope. No way. Nuh uh. I am not going to ride in that...that...thing where I have no control! I will fly myself there before I get into that." She said as she angrily pointed at the Amora before crossing her arms over her chest. Why did she have to cater to the unfortunate and ride in that machine?
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Time: Dawn
Location: Aklentroth’s War Room/ Outside the Necropolis
Interactions: @Alivefalling-Aklenroth @FunnyGuy-Umber @Eviledd1984-O’Ner

The angel glanced at her friend as he entered the room giving him the smallest of smiles before looking back to Aklenroth. Azriel stood as she listened to her king speak, explaining the situation and what they needed to do. He wanted them to meet with O’Ner and then go find Xenelith? Azriel briefly glanced back over to Umber, unsure how he felt about having to work with others. It wasn’t often that they had to work with others, mostly due to the fact that they didn’t get along well with others. If Aklenroth commanded it, however, she would obey. “Yes my lord.” She said as she took the charms and crystal from the lich king. “We won’t fail you.” She promised as she waited for Umber to head out as well.

Once they were out of the room and headed out of the Necropolis she turned to speak to her mentor. ”How do you feel about working with others to track down these humans?” She asked him, truly curious on how he felt. She personally would rather work alone with Umber to track down these humans and eradicate them from their home. It was at that moment that that she heard Aklenroth’s voice in her head making his announcement. She found it interesting that he was willing to keep the humans alive. Wouldn’t it be better to just destroy the threat?

They made it out of the Necropolis and found O’Ner rather quickly. She gave the undead quite the mischievous grin as she pulled one of the charms out of her pocket. ”Ah there you are O’Ner. It looks like our lord wishes for us to work together to track these humans. Are you up for the challenge?” She asked him in a sweet tone, however there was still that mischievous smirk on her face. ”Oh, Aklenroth told me to give you this charm. We are to keep them on us at all times. I have one for Xenelith as well once we find him.” She explained.

Time: Dawn
Location: Heart of the forest

Elsea had fallen into a dreamless sleep, having been far too exhausted from the previous days events. She had barely even moved in her sleep, however the voice in her head and the swift movement of Elthrael next to her had her awaking with quite a start. Who was that and why could she hear him so clearly in her head. She watched as Elthrael darted outside with his sword and she arose quickly, keeping a blanket wrapped around her body. She glanced out the front door of the hut to see the face of something truly frightening she almost wondered if she were still asleep. There in the sky was a skeletal face speaking to them, informing them of the hunt for humans. The hunt for people like her. Of course this was how her morning would start.

Elthrael began to head back towards the hut and she looked at him his grinning face a bit suspiciously. That skeleton in the sky offered some sort of reward for her, despite all his talk of protecting her would he consider handing her over? That would be of benefit to him, would it not? She backed away from the door to let him in, keeping her suspicions to herself for the time being. If it came down to it the skeleton also offered a reward to those who turned themselves in. She didn't know if she could trust him either, but at this point she really wasn't sure if she should trust anyone.

She looked over to where he had indicated, not sure if he entirely realized that she had no skill with any weapons or armor. So she decided to start with the obvious at finding clothing since her tattered dress had been left down by the spring. So she started with the obvious, finding actual clothing. She started with looking at dresses, however, she began to wonder if pants would be more practical especially if they were to go hunting. In the end she settled on a white tunic with some reddish brown pants and brown boots. She found what she assumed to be leather armor and struggled to put it on, but accomplished it in the end. She found what looked like a dirk that she could attach to her hip, though she had no clue how to use it. She also settled on a bow and quiver of arrows as she had a tiny bit of experience with it thanks to her brothers. She was no expert though and would be lucky if she could actually hit a moving target.

She decided to quickly braid her long red hair out of her face before emerging from the hut. ”The River Kingdom? Have you done something that would offend them?” She asked him curiously after she had realized that he had said he hoped they could forget and forgive. Were they headed towards more danger? Was danger just her life now?
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Time: After Midnight
Location: Forest of the peninsula of the Sun Elf Village
Interaction: @Inertia-Rei @Potter-Corvina @Alivefalling-Dracolich @princess-Malachi

Kenia was swiftly leading the group away when she took notice of a large creature flying towards them. What was coming now? Another dragon? Were they seriously going to have to run from two dragons now? Just as she was about to shout something, she watched a rider come tumbling off of the dragon’s back while the dragon continued on to confront the dracolich. Poor creature didn’t look like it would stand a chance against the undead dragon.

That’s when her eyes fell on the blonde haired Light Elf that had fallen off the dragon’s back. She watched as he swiftly gathered his arrows and called out to her group. Wait...did he just call her elf girl?! She was quite clearly a woman, she was even willing to bet she was older than this male. Irritation boiled inside of her, but now wasn’t the time. She needed to get everyone to safety. She did spare a moment for a snarky remark. ”Keep running? No, I thought it would be perfectly safe to stop running now that you’re here!” There was heavy sarcasm in her tone as she continued leading them along.

She was leading them all towards the base of some mountains where she knew there would be a decent cave to hide in for a short while. That way they could all get some proper rest with minimal chance of being found. So she ran as swiftly as possible, hoping everyone was able to keep up. After a decent amount of time running they made it to the cave and she quickly ushered them all inside. She took only a short moment to catch her breath before she whirled on the elf male. Almost as if in the blink of an eye she had a dagger out and had grasped Malachi by the shirt, pressing the dagger to his throat. ”Call me an elf girl again and I’ll make sure you will forever be known as merely a boy and never a man. She hissed at him, giving him a glare before pulling the knife away and taking half a step back. She kept the weapon in her hand, however, just in case. ”Now who are you? I’m assuming you are an ally as you helped us escape the dracolich?”

Time: Dawn
Location: Aklentroth’s War Room
Interactions: @Alivefalling-Aklenroth @FunnyGuy-Umber

A dark haired, terrifying beauty made her way silently through the halls of the Necropolis. The tip of her black wings delicately dragged behind her as she made her way towards her destination. Azriel had been summoned along with her mentor and partner, Umber, to meet with Aklenroth. She had agreed to meet Umber there and so it was a rare sight to see her alone. She carried her sword at her side along with keeping her shield strapped to her back for the time being.

There had been talk of humans returning to their lands and rumor had it Aklenroth felt threatened by them. Of course Azriel would never be one to speak of the rumor that their Dark King feared something and she pitied the fools who would speak such things aloud. There was also word that the humans had started some fires in the forests. If they were capable of that, then perhaps they were a danger.

She entered the war room and knelt before Aklenroth, bowing her head to her king. ”My lord, I have come at your request. What would you have your Wraiths do?” She asked him, her voice a uniquely haunting sound that some may be considered beautiful to some while unsettling to others. She knew Umber wouldn’t be far behind her in showing up, she wondered what assignment Aklenroth would give them.
In Avalia 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Avalia 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

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