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In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Roshmi
Interactions: @Helo-Bowyn @Potter Belle @Dezuel Elthrael

Torvi had fallen very quiet as the exchange between Belle and the stranger happened. Even Bowyn had piped in a bit, but Torvi had turned into her quiet and deadly self that she hadn’t shown yet here in Avalia. The stranger’s comment about peeling them had caused her hand to drift down to one of her axes at her side. If he tried to touch any of them then he would surely lose a hand. Then her eyes drifted to his wings and a small, sadistic smile crossed her face for a brief moment. Perhaps she’d peel one of his wings off his back. Just one, leave him with the second one so he always remembered what he once had. So he’d look disfigured for the rest of his life.

Belle and Elleta both seemed to have very sharp tongues which she would have found quite humorous if it weren’t for the fact that she was intent on watching the man that made her uncomfortable. He seemed to be quite full of himself, claiming to be the only person who could “help” them. Even if that were true, which she was willing to bet money it wasn’t, she’d rather take her chances with anyone else other than him. He was creepy and far too arrogant for her liking.

Finally the owner came over and requested, or more demanded, that he leave. ”The only hint I’ll take from that is that no one can actually stomach befriending you.” Those were the only words she gave him before he left. She also gave the owner a thankful look for stepping in, though she couldn’t blame him. The stranger would have been costing him money at some point if he just took up a table all day and never ordered anything. She’d be irritated as well.

She let out a sigh once the stranger had vanished into the night and then looked between her companions. ”Well I think before we have any other unwelcome guests trying to overhear our conversations we should retire. Are you two staying here for the night?” She asked Belle and Elleta.

Time: Morning
Location: Sweet Keks
Interactions: @MsMorningstar Genesis, Oliver, and Illia

Sorrel had heard the door open to the shop and she glanced up to see a trio enter. She gave them a friendly smile as she responded cheerfully, ”Good morning! What can I do for you guys?” She listened to their orders, giggling a little at the young woman who wanted the chocolate cupcake. ”Lucky you, I just finished frosting this one and I think it has your name written all over it.” She said as she handed her the cupcake she’d just finished frosting. She then went about getting two fresh and warm giant pretzels and handing them over to the other two customers. She offered them some homemade beer cheese if they wanted it to dip the pretzels and then took their payment. ”Have a good rest of your day.” She told them as they left.

She then glanced over at Helmar who’d sat there quietly the whole time watching them. ”Well it looks like we’ve got quite the influx of werewolves here in Ember Grove recently.” She told him, having smelt the familiar scent on the trio with her alpha senses. She briefly wondered if they were also from Liam’s pack or a different one. Perhaps she’d see them again when she went to go visit Luna later in the day.

Time: Morning
Location: Leblanc house---> Jogging
Interaction: N/A
Mention: @jetipster Felix @princess Violet @baraquiel Monica
Vibes: ”I look inside me and I see my heart is black…”

The rest of the night went well in Rose’s book, no one else seemed to bother them and it seemed that Violet had made a new friend. She was friendly towards Monica, but for the most part she remained quiet unless someone asked her a question. She’d given Vi her story, but she knew that she’d have to explain more later. This was fine as it would give her time to decide on how much to tell her. That would be a concern for later, for now she’d make sure her family had as good of a time as they could for the rest of the night. They made it home safely and Rose had immediately closed herself in her room just in case Violet decided to corner her then. Thankfully she didn’t and she went to bed, but not before taking the hair out of her pocket and placing it in an empty makeup bag that she hid in the back of her closet just in case. She’d hold onto it until she needed it.

Rose had awoken rather early in the morning, but she remained in her room as she didn’t quite want to alert people to her being awake. She pulled Monty out for a bit, kissing her familiar’s head before letting him roam for a bit. She then rummaged through her things she’d brought back from Paris until she found a notebook that had been hidden away. She hadn’t looked at this think since they’d been in Paris and the sight of it brought back a lot of dark memories. She slowly moved back to her bed, sat on it, and let out a shaky breath as she cracked it open. Inside were the coded recipes for the different forbidden spells she’d learned. She began reading them over again, refreshing her memory on things and wondering if she’d be able to invent some of her own spells by combining some things she knew. It would definitely be something she’d experiment with, especially if she thought it would help her protect her family and herself from manipulative, dangerous people.

It was her father’s voice calling people down for breakfast that pulled her out of her own mind. She looked to her door, debating on whether or not she should go down yet. She was hungry and she could smell the pancakes, but did she want to be confronted by her family quite yet? She finally decided to start getting ready for the day, wanting to go for a run in order to clear her mind. She still felt that blackness staining her soul and she needed to decide if she wanted to embrace it or shove it back down once more. Getting some fresh air would hopefully help with that.

It took Rose a good while, but she heard someone leave and decided it was time to come downstairs. She put Monty back, promising she’d come back for him later before heading downstairs. She saw her dad in the kitchen, now cleaning the utensils he’d used to make breakfast. He looked up and gave her a happy smile. ”Finally decided to join the land of the living I see.” He pointed towards the pancakes. ”Better eat those soon otherwise they’re gonna be cold.” He went back to his washing as Rose went to grab some food. She didn’t grab much, not wanting a full stomach before going for a run.

”Thanks Dad.” She began eating rather swiftly, ready to be out of the house. ”Who left this morning?” She asked between bites, willing to bet it was Violet since she seemed to always be the one to get up first.

”It was your sister, she went to the store to get some things. She’s gonna go apply for a job at that bakery and bring something she’s made to show off her skills.” Seth explained as he dried the dishes now and put them away.

”That would be a good fit for her.” She nodded as she finished off her food. She moved to the sink and washed her plate herself before turning back to her dad. ”Well I think I’m going to go out for a run for a bit and maybe get some coffee. If Vi asks would you let her know that’s what I’m doing, but I’ll have my phone?” Her father nodded in confirmation. She thanked Seth before heading out the door. She took a deep breath of the crisp air before putting her headphones in her ears and pressing play on her music. She threw up her hood and soon enough she was off, jogging down the street.

Time: Middle of the night, January 25th, 1611
Location: Čachtice Castle, Kingdom of Hungary
Interactions: None

They’d finally done it, those damn werewolves finally found a way to remove Elizabeth from power. They even got King Mattias to help them, but in all honesty that didn’t entirely surprise her. The man owed her a vast amount of money, which as a king he found quite embarrassing, so having a chance to remove her from power and, thus ridding himself of said debt, he took it. It was all just maddening to Elizabeth and her hatred for the werewolves was growing. They captured some of her newer vampires, tortured them horrendously, and then executed them all while claiming they confessed that Elizabeth was a horrible murderess. They spun a story so intricate and painted Elizabeth as a horrible person that they were able to turn the whole kingdom against her. Well the whole kingdom minus her clan and her family in Transylvania. The Báthory’s were most loyal to those who shared blood and so her uncle, a Prince of Transylvania and the current ruling power, sided with his niece. There was nothing he could do to help her other than suggesting she live out her days in a nunnery there in Transylvania. No, she would rather face death than hide behind holy women. Death didn’t seem like it would be coming any time soon, however.

One thing those pesky werewolves didn’t account for was the fact that Elizabeth could be quite charming. They’d sent a man, Gyorgy Thurzo, to try and catch Elizabeth in the “act” of torture as he was a man of noble standing and his word was highly regarded. They didn’t expect the Blood Countess, as they’d begun calling her, to be able to charm and woo Mr. Thurzo. A little late, as he’d sent his report to the king, but he had now sent a letter to that same king and convinced him to let Elizabeth live her days under house arrest. A touching gesture truly, but the werewolves would never allow her to live long and they were under control of everything now. They took all her land, her wealth, everything other than what she had confined in the room she now resided in.

She sighed as she stared out the small window, looking down the mountain to her small village she once ruled over. To all those humans who now feared her. To the ones that once loved her thanks to her healing knowledge and kindness. One would think she would now hate them, but she couldn’t blame them. They’d been manipulated into thinking she was a monster. If there was enough fear present you could manipulate anyone into anything. Her heart ached for them as she knew their life was about to get much harder with werewolves ruling. She knew these werewolves looked down on humans, even using them as food on occasion. How many of her people would become a werewolves next meal?

She couldn’t dwell on it anymore and had to try to do something productive as she moved over to her writing desk. She opened the journal that sat there and glanced at the pages. They were filled with sketches of different body parts along with notes beside them. Some pages had internal organs on them, then others had different plants. This was the last remaining research journal she had depicting all she’d learned from dissecting those werewolves she’d killed or those that opted for a merciful death rather than living as a vampire. The rest of her books had been burned, all trace of her medical discoveries destroyed. It was all to make sure she went down in history as one of the most feared monsters.

The sound of the locks on her door clicking open caught her attention, but she merely thought it was a servant bringing her food. She was surprised to see Thurzo and two smaller cloaked figures enter her chambers. As soon as the door was shut, the hoods came down and Elizabeth almost let out a sob of relief upon seeing Nikolett and Anastasia. Both women were her most loyal of the clan, Anastasia being her Second and the one who would inherit the clan once Elizabeth was gone. She moved swiftly to embrace both women before questioning, ”How are you here? Anastasia you were meant to get as many of the clan out as you could. Take them somewhere safe.” As thrilled as she was to see the two women, she worried for her clan, the family she’d created. It was Nikolett who spoke.

”We got as many out as we could. There are many who didn’t make it unfortunately, but the ones who did are safe.” She assured Elizabeth which brought her some relief, but that still didn’t explain their presence here.

”Thank you. Why are you here though?” As she asked the question she realized that Anastasia was dressed in some of Elizabeth’s clothing. She looked between the two women and then at Thurzo confused. Just what was going on here?

”You can’t stay here Elizabeth. You’ll die and none of us would be able to live with ourselves if we let that happen. So Anastasia is going to take your place, pretend to be you, and you’re going to escape.” It was Thurzo who now spoke and as Elizabeth realized what they were saying she began shaking her head. She couldn’t let this happen, she couldn’t let one of her closest friends sacrifice her life for her. This was insanity!

Anastasia grasped Elizabeth’s hands and gave her a sorrowful smile. ”Please Elizabeth, let us do this for you. You’ve done so much for us and now it’s my turn. The clan needs you more than they need me.” She reasoned with her leader and Elizabeth felt tears fall down her face as they embraced once more, accepting their crazy plan. ”Make them pay for what they’ve done.” And with that Anastasia became Countess Báthory. She took the cloak from Anastasia, putting it on and throwing up the hood before she was whisked away from her home.

They fled to Transylvania, making that their new home as they plotted to kill the werewolf pack that had taken so much from Elizabeth. Slowly they began picking them off and, over the years, she eventually was able to take back some of the wealth she’d lost. She’d never be in power like she once was before, but she continued to build her wealth as quietly as possible in order to make sure her clan would never want for anything. She began growing the clan once more as only a mere 50 made it out of Castle Čachtice rather than the 300 strong she’d once had. This was her family and she’d do anything to fiercely protect them.

Time: Morning
Location: Hospital ER
Interactions: None

Present Day

To say the start of her day would be an understatement in Libby’s books. She got in to work at 6 am, just before the sun was to rise even though that wouldn’t have mattered much today anyways since it was overcast and rainy. To start her shift in the ER off she was met with an older gentleman who had some pretty severe burns on his body. Turns out he decided to smoke while on oxygen. Then she had a woman with a broken hip. Her story was she was trying to kill a spider and in her panic fell thus resulting in said broken hip. If Libby had any say she would determine that the spider won that battle. Sometimes the human race concerned her with the things they did.

Now she had a moment of peace as she sipped warm blood from her Yeti cup. Anyone around her would have just guessed it was coffee and if they asked that’s exactly what she’d tell them it was. Having blood on hand was quite helpful because if she became too hungry it became tempting to feed off of some of the patients that were bleeding. Never had she actually done such a thing, however, as that would be severely inappropriate. That is unless they were dying and wanted to be turned. That was an entirely different matter and a way she could save a life.

It was amazing to her how much medicine had changed over the years. They’d gone from blood letting thinking that would cure anything and everything to having vaccines that prevented lots of different diseases. It really was bewildering to live through and see happen. It also kept Libby on her toes and wanting to learn more about medicine. What had once been a hobby had now become her life's work.

As she stood there, enjoying the moment of peace, one of the nurses whose name was Daniel approached her. She immediately thought he was coming to tell her that there was another patient that needed attending to, so when he spoke it surprised her. ”Dr. was wondering if you’d maybe like to go get lunch with me at some point? If it fits into your schedule I mean.” He was quite obviously nervous and Libby merely blinked at him in surprise for a moment which seemed to make him even more uncomfortable.

Soon she gave him a kind smile as she opened her own mouth to speak. ”This is quite unexpected, Daniel. It’s rare to catch me by surprise like this.” She said as she gave a small laugh. He chuckled nervously along with her and she soon realized she hadn’t quite given him an answer. He was unlikely to leave if she didn’t and he looked so nervous it softened her heart just a bit. ”I may be able to swing that, but would you be a dear and give me some time to think about it and work out my schedule?” He looked a little disappointed at first, but she could see that her words still gave him a little hope. He simply nodded in response before leaving her be. Today was certainly shaping up to be an interesting one.

Time: Morning
Location: Sweet Keks
Interactions: @Alivefalling Cyrus @Potter Luna @Helo Liam

Sorrel had been glad that Cyrus stayed beside her as she got patched up. The man doing the patching up wasn’t the best with bedside manner and so having her friend there to chat with and distract her from what the medic was doing was a relief. She’d never really been fond of needles, but she wasn’t about to admit that to anyone and she knew how to put on a brave face. She had to admit, though, that the sewing up didn’t hurt nearly as bad as being stabbed by the silver.

Once she was bandaged up, she allowed herself to rest there for a little bit so she didn’t feel as drained. She knew that they shouldn’t hang out for much longer, however, as both her and Cyrus needed sleep and they had animals at home that would begin to worry about them. She was just glad she had an apartment that had a tiny backyard that Helmar could use to go out and relieve himself during the day. He would be upset about not being fed yet, however. So soon she was up and thanking Liam for his hospitality. She’d also made sure it would be okay if she came by sometime the next day to check up on Luna and visit with her since she was still concerned for the girl.

They then left and Sorrel took Cyrus back to his car, but before they got there she brought up something she heard him offer earlier. He’d said something about helping her at the bakery and she actually thought that wouldn’t be a bad idea. So she suggested if he were serious he should stop by the bakery sometime the next day. She’d be grateful for the help, that was for sure. With that she hugged him and bid him good night before going home.

The next morning Sorrel woke up rather sore and sighed a bit to herself as she slowly got out of bed. Is this what it feels like to get old? She thought to herself and chuckled a little bit. Helmar looked over at her and cocked his head as if to ask what was so funny. ”Oh Helmar, when you live as long as I do you find humor in the silliest things.” She told him and he sighed as he lay back down. She went about slowly getting ready for the day.

It was rather early, the sun not having risen quite yet as she needed to get down to the bakery and begin making fresh goods. She yawned a bit and made herself some coffee before feeding Helmar and then making herself some breakfast. Before long she had eaten, showered carefully, and then was dressed for the day. She braided her hair in two dutch braids to keep it mostly out of her way. She began to head out the door when she heard whining behind her and looked back to see her dog looking at her sadly. She had her keys in her hand, but after a moment of hesitation she put them back and grabbed Helmar’s leash. ”Fine you big cry baby, you can come with me today.” She said as she gave him a grin which she received a happy bark in response. ”Shhh people are still sleeping.” She laughed as she hooked the leash on his collar. Soon they were out the door and walking to the bakery.

The early morning went by smoothly as she made and began baking some of the fresh goods and now it was time to open her doors. Helmar lay quietly in the corner out of the way as she flipped the sign to open and unlocked her door. ”Let’s see what today will bring, shall we?” She said as she moved back behind the counter and began decorating some cupcakes as she began singing along to the music she had softly playing.
In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Roshmi
Interactions: @Helo-Bowyn @Potter Belle @Dezuel Elthrael

Torvi watched as the apple bounced on the floor and rolled towards their table. She glanced over at the cloaked figure, recognizing him as the man that had been there before. She narrowed her eyes at him, her suspicion growing even more. She took notice of the table, he had no drink there, no evidence of food, nothing. She also took notice of the owner glancing at the stranger, a bit of frustration evident on his face. This man had obviously sat here all day long and either hadn’t ordered anything and thus taking up a table and not making the tavern any money, or he’d done something to offend the owner of the establishment. Either was it made Torvi even more cautious of the man.

She hadn’t expected Elleta’s sassy remark and couldn’t contain her abrupt laughter. She hadn’t anticipated the two across from her to be so brutal and sassy. It was quite entertaining for sure. She glanced over at Bowyn with a slight smirk, wondering if he’d find any enjoyment out of the two’s cheeky remarks. It was definitely on par with something he would say as well. She wondered if he would add to the rudeness as well as it would very much be like him to do so. He didn’t trust newcomers and this person was definitely acting suspiciously.

She glanced back at the cloaked figure again and made a point of looking him up and down suspiciously. She wasn’t fond of people listening in to her conversations and she was willing to bet this man was here to eavesdrop on people. The small smile on his face gave it away that he had dropped the apple on purpose. ”Let me put my companions words a bit more simply, what do you want?” Her face showed every bit of distrust for the man as she kicked the apple back towards him. She remained guarded as she watched him closely, waiting for his response.
In Avalia 20 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dusk
Location: Kyran’s home
Interaction:@Alivefalling-Kyran @princess Risa

Dionaea falling ill had been something that Elsea hadn’t expected in the least. She initially wondered if it had been the alcohol she’d had as it seemed like the girl hadn’t ever had much of that, but it was soon discovered it was something more. Elsea wished she could help more, but she didn’t know much about fairies and what ailed them. Besides, if Risa’s healing wasn’t doing much what could she do? All she knew was herbal remedies for things and even then she didn’t know if that would work for Dio.

What she did know she could do, however, was make a tea that was soothing for Risa at the very least. So she had spoken with Kyran’s mother and gathered what she needed to brew said tea. Now she was carrying a cup of it into the room where Risa sat with her best friend. She quietly moved beside the young fairy and handed her the cup of tea, giving her a soft smile while gently rubbing her back comfortingly.

She was quiet for a long moment, watching Dio’s breaths. Finally after a long moment she spoke. ”I think it’s the right choice to send Dio somewhere other than here for her safety.” She knew it wasn’t going to be what Risa wanted to hear, but there was truth in it. ”Our faces are all over the place now, it’s become very dangerous for us here.” She explained, looking at Risa now and hoping she understood what she meant. It was going to be hard enough for them all to keep unseen let alone trying to protect someone ill at the same time. It was just the harsh reality of the situation.
In Avalia 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Night
Location: On the way back to the Inn
Interaction: @princess Malachi @Inertia Rei @Potter Corvina

When she didn’t hit the floor, Kenia looked over to Malachi who’d caught her and gave him a thankful smile. Her movements were slower now so that the world wouldn’t start spinning again. ”The drinks were definitely spiked, no doubt about that.” She said with a sigh as she gratefully leaned on Rei’s shoulder for support. Moving was a little slow going, but it was better to go slow than to fall and hurt themselves.

She remained silent for a long while, but eventually she laid her head on Rei’s shoulder as she’d gotten tired of holding it up, and began talking. ”I’m sorry you guys are having to deal with us like this. I never intended to get this drunk, it won’t happen again I promise.” There was sorrow in her voice as she spoke, watching the back of Corvina as they went along. ”I hope you all know that you’re my family now. That should scare me, but for some reason it doesn’t. You see I have bad luck with family. My mother died when I was young and while my father was fantastic, he always seemed to be busy. Then I married a man who I now realize was awful. I’m pretty sure he married me for status. Then we had two beautiful children whom he stole away one night and took to Aklenroth as a sacrifice all so he could gain more power.” She rambled, not really realizing all of what she was telling these people.

”So I just wanna say that I love you guys.” She finished, closing her eyes as they continued to walk, relying on Rei to guide her for a bit.

Time: Night
Location: Outside of Trance
Interaction: @jetipster Felix @princess Violet

As she ran, the dark thoughts that were flooding Rose’s mind would have been alarming if it hadn’t been for the fact that she still felt rage towards Cain. How dare he threaten her family. Had he been trying to manipulate her in some way by doing so? That thought alone made her think back to Damien, to how manipulative he’d been and how she allowed it out of fear. She hated herself for allowing someone to manipulate her. She was weak. Well that was going to change starting tonight. Never again would she allow someone to manipulate her, to take advantage of her, to play her. She’d become stronger, no matter what it took. She would completely destroy those that threatened her or her family. The demon that slept inside of her, that she tried so desperately to keep asleep, was now awake. There was a small voice telling her to not listen to that demon, to put him back to sleep, but Rose ignored the voice. He could make her stronger fast and that’s what she needed.

A familiar voice pulled her out of her head, making her stop in her tracks. She stood still for a moment, confused and wondering if her spell had fallen. It hadn’t, but she soon began to realize it was no surprise Felix would suspect it was her. Illusion spells were her specialty and she constantly used them, so why wouldn’t he first question if it was her? How would she explain herself, though? She didn’t want him to be able to see the darkness and rage she felt. She smirked briefly to herself before forcing tears to start falling down her cheeks. She dropped the cloaking spell and ran to her cousin, throwing her arms around him, and sobbing into his chest. ”Oh Felix, it was awful! I was talking with that Cain guy and then I offered to help him get a job at Alexei’s. So we left to go get an application and it turns out that’s not what he wanted at all! Why are guys such jerks sometimes?!” She made a point to not specify what happened, allowing her cousin’s mind to run wild and come to his own conclusion.

After a moment she sniffled and released him, wiping at the tears on her face. ”I wanna just hang out with you and Violet for the rest of the night and get completely wasted.” Well she’d let them get wasted, she wanted to make sure Cain didn’t come back and try to harm them. She would be their protector without them even knowing there was danger. Her phone began to ring and she pulled it out of her pocket to see Violet was calling. She also took note of the fact she had a missed text that she’d have to look at in a minute. She knew Violet had probably sensed her feelings, knowing her twin sister would be harder to convince that everything was okay.

”Hey Vi. Sorry, I’m okay. I’ll be inside in a second and I’ll explain, I promise.” She answered the phone, immediately reassuring her sister. She knew that she may be calling for a different reason, but she was willing to put money on the fact that she was worried.
In Avalia 29 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Night
Location: The Nest
Interaction: @princess Malachi @Inertia Rei @Potter Corvina

It took Kenia a long moment to realize someone was trying to get her and Malachi’s attention. She’d actually completely forgotten that they were in a bar, one of the rowdiest bars in the poorest area of Roshmi in fact. There were fights, arguments, and drunken conversations happening all around them and she was supposed to be paying attention. Instead she was there ignoring it all and focusing on Malachi alone. It slowly began to register that it was Corvina’s voice that she heard and this prompted Kenia to reluctantly pull away from Malachi’s lips. She looked over to Rei and Corvina, blinking as she tried to grasp what was said. ”Ship us as a couple?” She began to say in a rather dazed matter, trying to figure out what she meant. She then shook her head a bit to clear it and truly looked at the two humans.

Finally she saw the panic in Cora’s eyes and it caused small alarm bells to ring in Kenia’s head. ”What exactly happened?” She questioned as she now began to look around the room. It seemed just as crazy as it always was in here, but slowly she started to notice that there were some stares on both Rei and Corvina. She turned her head back to look at Malachi, the movement being faster than she’d intended and thus making everything spin. She swayed, almost falling which made her stupidly giggle as she grabbed hold of Malachi to steady herself.

”Maybe they’re right. Besides we can continue this back at the inn if we wanted.” She gave Malachi a flirtatious smirk as she went to casually move away from him and head for the door. The movement, however, made the room spin again and she soon found herself falling towards the grimey floor of the bar. In a brief moment of clarity, she realized that’s what she got for acting like a complete fool. Perhaps she should stay away from alcohol for a while after tonight.
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