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In Avalia 24 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Afternoon
Location: Living Quarters, North Pass
Interactions: Kaleb @FunnyGuy
Mentions: @princess Annya @Lava Alckon Bardulf @Th3King0fChaos Ismael @Potter Rue @Helo Bowyn @Gingerboi123 Bron @Kazemitsu Kharne

Four Months Recap

Despite having fulfilled her initial promise of delivering Kaleb to the princess, Eris had accomplished her quieter goal of working her way into the group the light elven princess was forming.Slowly she worked on forming relationships with the humans, becoming even a bit close to Bardulf, but Kaleb was still at the top of her list. Unfortunately they lost the company of a few humans, with Saoirse having found another group she preferred much more and Raven wishing to be sent home. She displayed another great show of strength in magic by sending the white haired girl home and thus was asked to help in training the humans with their own magic. She wasn’t near as strict with training as Annya was, trying to provide that balance and make things as fun and relaxed as possible.

Despite finding Annya’s methods a bit extreme, Eris did work at growing closer with the woman as well. She had seemed quite down when her girls had left her and Eris used it as the perfect opportunity to provide her with that female companionship that Annya wished for. Upon arrival at North Pass, Eris had made it a point to plan a girls day with Annya. They needed new clothes for the harsh weather and Eris had taken her to a little cafe she enjoyed visiting every time she’d been there. She’d ended up buying herself an outfit from the Odds and Ends shop, needing the warmer clothing. She’d also purchased Kaleb a ring of warmth after his month of silence as a gift since he seemed to be quite miserable in the colder climate.

When it came to Kaleb, their relationship had grown in a way that Eris hadn’t entirely expected. The enjoyment of his company turned to flirty remarks, then to stolen moments of staring for longer than necessary. Eris had planned to grow close to at least one of the humans, but she hadn’t expected it to go in the direction it appeared to be nor did she expect to actually enjoy it. She found herself spending most of her time anymore in the company of Kaleb.

When it came to the two winter fairies, Eris tried to be friendly enough. She’d attempted to apologize to Bowyn, but she knew it would likely mean little to the man. He had quite the dislike for elves and her actions in River Port hadn’t helped him warm to her. So she figured all she could do was be as friendly as possible. Ismael, Kharne, and Bron she was rather neutral with as well, being just as friendly to them as she was to everyone else. In the end, the four months had been spent strengthening relationships with those she wished and training the humans in magic so they would be less likely to lose control.


Eris had read the letter Bardulf had left, unsure if she really wished to go hunting. It was her first day in a while not having to do much in training the humans with magic. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to spend the rest of the day hunting. She glanced over once more at the paper sitting on the desk, pausing in the what she was writing. She supposed she could see what the others were planning.

As if on cue, her ears picked up the sound of a familiar voice and she couldn’t stop herself from grinning. She set her quill down and waved her hand as the paper vanished to somewhere unknown. She could finish her progress on that later as she assumed someone else was in need of her attention. Attention she was happy to give, mind you. She waited patiently as she heard the footsteps getting closer. It wasn’t until she heard the firm knock that she rose to her feet and began making her way towards the door.

”A delivery? Oh I do hope that it’s my favorite human.” She said loud enough for Kaleb to hear as she approached the door. She unlocked the door, something many would find was a habit of hers, before opening it. She met the man’s stare with a coy smile. ”Oh my, he’s far more handsome than I expected! I may need to be caught as I swoon over him!” She said dramatically as she fanned herself before letting out a small giggle.

”Care to come in, darling? Or did you have other plans?”

To hear that his children had snuck out to go to a party wasn’t surprising to Raif in the slightest. No, the man would have been more shocked if that hadn’t have happened. What did irk him, however, was their state when they returned. How could they all be so foolish in allowing themselves to become that drunk and let their guard down. They could have all been easily killed and that fact was the most frustrating to all. A war could have easily been started last night with his children’s actions, something Raif truly wished to avoid in honor of his late wife. They weren’t the only ones that returned in rough shape, though. Even the prince and princess of Caesonia were in similar shape and it had him curious. He wished to know the story of each and every one those that attended, so when he heard word of how they were all to meet in the main hall to discuss what happened he was quite pleased.

The hour was quite early, but he didn’t care as he looked at the servant in front of him who had delivered the message. ”Wake them all up. If they protest, inform them they have me to answer to then.” He instructed them and the servant bowed, readying to leave before Raif thought of something else. ”Oh and inform Saiya I wish to speak to her privately after this is over with.” He added before waving them off. If anyone were to have more information on this party it would surely be the little Alidasht spy. He would pick her brain later, however, as he currently needed to make his way to the main hall of the castle.

Time: Night
Location: Afterparty
Attire: Outfit
Interactions: @Potter Ezra @princess Anastasia
Mentions: [@InfiniteCosmos] Munir @Lava Alckon Farim

Saiya was concerned about leaving Farim there on the steps, but she needed to get the others. She needed to get them all back home before it was discovered that they were all missing or even before they were caught coming back in as complete messes. Something told her that her hopes would be dashed, however, as many in this room were incredibly messed up. Perhaps this would be the night that caused her to lose favor with the Sultan. Perhaps she would be cast out once and for all. The thought worried her some, but she couldn’t dwell on it now.

Upon entering the room again, Saiya saw quite the sight as a man seemed to have Princess Anastasia by the hair and Munir seemed to be attempting to save her, yet failing. Alarm bells rang in her head as she realized she was likely one of the only ones in this room sober enough to deal with the situation. She immediately went into a protective mode as she weaved through the crowd on completely silent feet. Her one hand found the hilt of her hidden dagger, keeping it there for a moment as she assessed the situation. She certainly didn’t need to get the Princess injured, but she also couldn’t not get involved.

Like a wraith, she moved up behind Ezra. She quickly grabbed hold of his wrist that held the piece of glass while her other hand discreetly pressed the tip of her dagger against his lower back. ”I suggest you let her go, friend, otherwise you’ll find a dagger impaled in your kidney.” Her voice was low, calming almost, but there was a seriousness there as she glanced up at Ezra. Her eyes revealed she meant to do exactly as she said.


Time: Late Evening
Location: Guest House
Mentions: @princess Anastasia @Mole Felix

A cool wind wrapped around the small, blonde figure that stood on the balcony of the reading room of the guest house. Now dressed in an off-white nightgown and a dark colored bottle in her hand, Lady Thea Smithwood stared up at the moon. After her breakdown on the balcony outside the ballroom, she had made way back inside and found Anastasia. She’d quietly informed her friend that she would be missing the after party that night and promised to elaborate more on her sadness later. Her only request was for her dear friend to secretly have alcohol sent to her rooms, but Anastasia had done more than that. Thea had then informed her mother she was leaving the ball early and had been escorted to her room. Upon arriving at her rooms, Thea had found the alcohol along with a few handsome young men. Thea attempted to enjoy their company, but ultimately she ended up dismissing them and drinking alone. Anastasia had been a doll and had whiskey sent to the room, something Thea immediately began consuming.

Once one bottle had been emptied, Thea had opened another and decided to roam the halls. She drank as she walked, humming a song to herself and getting odd looks from a few servants. She eventually found herself in the reading room, a place that was currently empty and out of the path of servants. So she decided to retire to the balcony, wishing to gaze at the stars and feel the cool night air. Her mind was plagued with dark thoughts and the alcohol was doing nothing tonight to quiet those thoughts. Deep sadness filled her as silent tears spilled down her cheeks. Her gaze traveled from the sky above, down until she was glancing at the cobbled path below. How dull that path looked with its muted gray stones, she thought. Surely it would look better with some color. Perhaps I could provide that color. She thought darkly to herself, taking another drink of the burning liquid before she began climbing up onto the railing.

What would it feel like to leap from here? Would it be a swift fall or would it take ages before I landed on that ugly, dull path? Would I feel the pain? She balanced herself on the railing, standing there and staring down below as she swayed only a little. Would the pain be worse than what I feel right now? She leaned forward ever so slightly, tempting fate and her increasingly inebriated state. It would be so simple, she need only take one step.

The sound of voices made her gasp as her head whipped upwards. Her foot slipped and she found herself falling backwards, landing hard on her bottom on the balcony and likely being out of sight of any who would be approaching. ”Shit…” She mumbled as she glanced over at the now spilt bottle, quickly snatching it up. There was only a small amount left in it now and she sighed as she slowly got back up to her feet, the world spinning a little. She could hear the voice of Felix below her and a mixture of emotions ran through her. An idea ran through her mind then and, before thinking things through, she downed the small amount of liquid left in the bottle before leaving the reading room and heading back towards the guest rooms.

Instead of finding herself in her room, she found herself entering the room of Prince Felix. What in the world was she doing? She needed to talk to him, yes, that was it. Yes, I need to talk to him about…wait, what DO I need to talk to him about? I just...need to talk to him. She began pacing back and forth in the room, but this was only making the world spin worse and she found herself tripping over things. It was making it very hard to get her thoughts together so she decided maybe she should sit down. She made her way to the bed and plopped herself down on it, but still everything was spinning. Maybe if she lay down? Before she could think about it, Thea was laying back on the bed and closing her eyes to try and stop the world from spinning.

In Avalia 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: The Harem
Interactions: @Alivefalling Barboda @princess Helio @Infinite Cosmos Tesoro @Helo Nym @Potter Tigerlily

Lizzie felt herself going in and out of consciousness, but she could still hear her crew speaking. The pain was immense and she knew this was how she’d meet her end. Surprisingly enough she wasn’t afraid, she was dying after protecting her crew. She was on the seas, her home, the place she loved. She much preferred this death over that which would have happened back on Earth. Being hanged was something she hoped would never happen to her and she was getting her wish.

Barboda apologized to her and promised to avenge her, a sentiment she truly appreciated. Tigerlily even seemed concerned about her, despite their rough start to their relationship. Nym spoke beautiful words and, while her heart ached a little, she felt more at peace at hearing them. Helio did what he could to ease her pain and it was only after this that her eyes opened for a moment. She saw the tears forming in Helios' eyes. Slowly she reached up and caressed his face. ”Don’t ya fret, I feel little pain now thanks to you.” She said softly to him, smiling before slowly removing her hand and then looking over to Nym.

”Thank ya, my friend. Yer words bring me great peace and I am glad to have ya by my side.” She said to Nym, trying her best not to wince as a small wave a pain went through her. She didn’t want them to worry over her. She then glanced to Barboda.

”Make that bastard pay.” She said to him with a grin. She was surprised to actually be seeing his face, but found herself oddly thankful to finally know the man under the helmet before she was gone. She then looked over to Tigerlily.

”Show this world how fierce us lassie’s can be, yeah?” She gave her a playful smirk, but then she did wince and grit her teeth. She had one more person she needed to address, she couldn’t leave yet. She desperately wanted to fade into the darkness, but she couldn’t. Not until she addressed Tesoro.

After a moment, Lizzie opened her eyes and met those of Tesoro. ”I may have to put off our fight for a little longer. A shame as I was quite looking forward to it.” She let out a small chuckle, but it quickly turned into a cough. Blood came with the cough and her breathing became just a bit more labored. ”Take care of them and I’ll make sure the sea continues to favor all of you once I’m back with her.” She continued on, but her voice was weakening quickly and her breathing was beginning to slow. She slowly closed her eyes and was ready to drift off into the darkness.

”Thank ya….all of…ya…” It was almost a whisper as it came out and moments later Lizzie was gone, the breath having left her lungs completely as her spirit returned itself to the sea.

Time: Morning
Location: River Port Beach, headed to Tipsy Tavern
Interactions: Kaleb @FunnyGuy & Annya @princess
Mentions: Bowyn @Helo Inori @Shard

Eris grinned over at Kaleb as he told her she was anything but common. ”You’re very sweet, you know that?” She said softly to him, finding that she actually felt a small bit of endearment towards him. He was her human and she felt a small bit of possessiveness towards him, but she wouldn’t admit that to anyone but herself. Annya moved to the other side of her and began helping support Eris, which she wasn’t about to complain about. She would gladly let others take over most of the work of carrying her along.

Kaleb had quite the opinion on what Bowyn would be like and Annya reassured her that Bowyn would hopefully understand. Eris thought back to the last vision she had of Bowyn and knew that likely wasn’t the case. The winter fairy didn’t seem to be one that forgave easily nor was he incredibly understanding. Perhaps he’d even consider not continuing on with them, but she supposed they’d see. ”Well if anything it’s something to worry about later. For now, I just need some rest and a drink. I do quite enjoy the Tipsy Tavern and I think you will as well, Kaleb.” She said with a grin.

She’d briefly glanced over at Inori just before he departed and she felt a little relief once he was gone. After the broadcast that happened, she was also feeling a bit wary of the demon. She couldn’t really care less about what happened to the other humans, but now that Kaleb was here she was concerned for him. They knew little of the demon that had approached him and, even though he claimed to not know Pride, she didn’t entirely trust him. ”What do you think we should do about that little demon if he does return? I’m not sure about him.” She quietly asked Annya once he was gone.

Auguste & Saiya

After her dance with Amir, Saiya had grabbed herself a glass of wine as she tried to calm her racing heart. Fate had other plans for her, however, as an Alidashtan servant had approached her and informed her the Sultan wished to speak with her. It wasn’t like it was uncommon for her to speak with the Sultan, but to suddenly be summoned made her nerves spike. Thankfully it hadn’t been anything negative. No, instead it seemed like everyone wished to utilize her skills tonight. The Sultan wished for her to introduce herself to the Caesonian princes, have conversations with them, and help determine if any of them would be fit for any of his daughters. She supposed she could do that.

She spotted Prince Auguste leaving Charlotte and decided perhaps now was a good time to approach him. She’d keep it simple and let it evolve from there. On silent feet, Saiya approached the prince and dipped into a curtsy. ”Your Highness, pardon my sudden intrusion, but I wished to introduce myself. My name is Saiya Ansari, I’m here with the Aladasht entourage and the adopted daughter of Grand Vizier Hafiz. I wanted to thank you and your family for opening your home to us.” Her voice was very soft-spoken and pleasant sounding as she continued. ”I’d also like to apologize for my father’s outburst earlier. Sometimes he can have quite the temper.” She was fully aware that Auguste hadn’t been present for that outburst, but she had little doubt he had heard about it.

Saiya Ansari, one of the names that came up in the briefing. Auguste was well aware of her but paused his greetings uncharacteristically. He blanked on how to refer to her, seeing as she’s a daughter of the Grand Vizier. ”Of course,” He finally spoke up, returning her curtsy with a bow of his own, ”Shehzadi Ansari…?”

”Oh no, the apologies are not necessary,” Auguste replied, a smile turned on his face, ”I should be the one to apologize for the unfortunate events that took place. I am grateful that the Sultan has granted his magnanimity.”

”I hope Caesonian entertainment is to your liking.” His eyes swept through the ballroom, ”We can only hope to match the allure and vistas of Alidasht, after all.” He genuinely complimented. Alidasht was a kingdom unlike Caesonia and even Varian. It was his hope that all three sides would be able to exert positive influence on each other and exchange cultural ties.

”You flatter me with that title, Your Grace, but unfortunately I do not have the beauty, charm, or power to hold such a title. I am simply Saiya, or if you wish to use a title I think Lady Saiya may be the proper one you would use here in Caesonia.” She said with a small giggle, though she meant it in the most humble of ways. ”There is also no need for you to apologize either. Nothing was meant maliciously and I believe accidents should be forgiven. The Sultan also understands the importance of it as well and I’m just thankful things ended peacefully.” Truly Saiya was thankful to the late Sultana for helping soften Raif's heart. While there were still times that the Sultan chose not to be merciful, usually there was reason behind why he wasn’t.

The conversation moved on to Caesonian entertainment and compliments to Alidasht which had Saiya nodding, a smile still upon her face. ”I have truly enjoyed Caesonia so far. Your culture is quite different from Alidasht and I find it rather refreshing. You have a beauty of your own here and I think it holds an allure of its own that can match Alidasht.” She was being completely honest with her compliment of the kingdom, though she did find some unfavorable things about the kingdom, or rather people of the kingdom. King Edin was someone she’d seen and immediately got a bad feeling from. He was arrogant, but there was something else about him that Saiya couldn’t quite figure out that she didn’t like. She wasn’t about to admit this to his son, however, so she kept her thoughts to herself. ”I do wish to see more of your beautiful kingdom while I’m here as the sights are quite different from Genasea. It almost reminds me of my home in Kisoma, though not near as warm.”

Auguste flashed a look of confusion for a moment after Saiya mentioned beauty. While he had not yet conversed with the other Alidashtian nobility, she did not seem to pale in comparison with them in beauty. Perhaps it was a cultural difference… perhaps the situation was more complicated than he had initially thought. It wasn’t his place to question and probe how their royalty is structured, so he chose to stay quiet.

He nodded, ”Well then, I hope our lands live up to your expectations, Lady Saiya.”

The Prince looked to his King Edin who was now surrounded by women who began caressing his form. Queen Alibeth’s face was buried in her hands, as per usual. Auguste exhaled softly as he immediately guessed his father’s thought process. His father’s intentions were as clear as daylight. He foolishly hoped that it would only be him that could discern it. He pried his eyes away from his father and back to Saiya, trying to steer her eyes and mind away from his father.

”Will you tell me about Alidasht? Most of my knowledge of your lands came from books and hearsay. It would be a pleasure to hear more about it from an actual inhabitant.” Auguste smiled at his next few words, ”... I have heard tales of Alidasht dancing being unrivaled.”

Saiya had caught Auguste’s glance towards his father and, while the sight of Edin surrounded by concubines wasn’t unfamiliar to her as Hafiz was often surrounded by women of his own, she did take note of the Queen. It seemed she wasn’t entirely approving of her husband’s behavior and it caused her to wonder if Auguste also disapproved. She could understand the disapproval as it was something she wasn’t fond of either, despite it being commonplace in Alidasht. She decided to make no comment on it, however, feeling like he’d rather her pretend not to notice his father above anything else.

”While I often try to be a humble woman, I do take pride in our dances as it is one of my specialties. They are quite different from your waltz and your foxtrots, though I do find those dances beautiful in their own rights.” Dancing was definitely a subject she was well versed in and she absolutely loved it. It brought Saiya quite a bit of joy and she loved when people showed appreciation for dance. ”I hope I am not too forward in offering this, but I’d be happy to give a demonstration of our dances at some point during this season. Of, if Your Grace wished, I could even give some lessons?”

”I would be honoured, Lady Saiya.” Auguste smiled. It was known that the Alidasht had an intense love for the art of dancing. It was said to be an honour to be able to observe their dancing, especially those of royalty. Perhaps it was due to the similarities to fighting that he had a liking towards dances, specifically, styles of dances he had not previously seen or known.

”Perhaps you will be prove to me Alidast’s superiority in dancing through the second dance.” Auguste said. Princess Beatrice danced with her guard, so he’d be unable to ask for her hand in the second dance. It was likely that he would get an earful from Edin anyway for failing to at least dance with Princess Beatrice.

”Is that a challenge, Prince Auguste?” Saiya asked as a smirk spread across her face. Was she about to dance with two princes in one night? ”If so then I would be honored to prove it to you. Besides, I’m curious to see if you can keep up with me.” She replied as she let some of that Alidasht spice shine through. She hadn’t intended to win a dance with him, but she wasn’t about to complain either.

The Sultan had gone around, introducing himself to many of the other nobles within the room. There were some that he had met before when they traveled to Alidasht and he welcomed them to his land. Others he’d obviously never met before and felt it was proper to become well acquainted. So far what he’d determined about this land was, despite its soft appearance, it seemed to really be a den of vipers. There were so many snakes amongst this group, all vying for power in one way or another. While he could appreciate this, there was something about some of them that he truly disliked. Nevertheless, he wished to give them all a chance.

He’d spotted his daughter, Mayet, dancing with one of the Caesonian princes and he was curious as to how that had gone. He wasn’t sure about those princes or this royal family, but he had a means of finding out. He flagged down one of his servants and they rushed over to him, bowing deeply. ”Fetch Saiya for me, will you? I have something to discuss with her.” He said and the servant nodded before scurrying off. Before long, Saiya was standing before him.

”How may I serve you, my Sultan?” She asked as she dipped down low to him, keeping her gaze on the floor.

”Come now child, you are practically family. Pull yourself off the floor and look at me so I may speak to you properly.” He said and she obeyed as she always did. He had to admire her show of respect towards him despite what had happened to her family. She was incredibly loyal and his late wife had quite a soft spot for the girl. It was this that caused Raif to have some adoration for her as well and made him willing to view her as family. ”I saw Mayet with Prince Wulfric and it got me thinking, I do not know much about these princes. If any of my children are showing interest in them I wish to learn more about them. I know what you do for my brother, might I ask you to do so for me as well? Will you gather information on these men?” He asked her and was pleased when she smiled softly and nodded.

”Thank you, my girl, now go. Mingle and see what you can learn. I long to hear what you find out and learn what your impressions are of them.” There was a smile of his own on his face as he watched the girl leave. He was sure he’d know more before the end of the night. Hopefully these men would be strong enough to be good matches for his children.

Demetrius & Juliet

Interactions: Finn @Aerandir

”Look at how amazing this is Demi! I had suspected our acceptance letters were magical, but I wasn’t sure how to confirm it.” Juliet said excitedly as she waved the acceptance letter turned map in her brother’s face, forgetting that he had one of his own in his hands. She’d heard of this academy from Karina, the old woman who taught her the magic she knew, but she never thought that her and Demetrius would actually end up at this school. It was almost like a dream come true for Juliet when they first stepped into the main hall and saw the giant crystal, Athena, along with all the other things to marvel at. Never had she been in a place so fancy looking other than perhaps her father’s home, but there was little she allowed herself to remember about that.

Demetrius’s expression had changed ever so slightly as the acceptance letter had turned into a magical map. ”Huh.”He said tightly as his eyes scanned it. He began considering possible escape exits, taking it out of little sister’s hand when she had waved it in his face. He wasn’t about to tell her when she was so excited, but like always, he had a feeling this would only be a temporary sanctuary. Soon enough, he was sure they’d have to evacuate. It was hard to tell Juliet not to get too comfortable when she clearly already had. He found himself sighing, relenting a little as they had encountered a talking crystal. It wasn’t like they had ever had the means to stay anywhere this nice before. He decided to hold his negative thoughts just this once to let her enjoy it.

After speaking with the cheeky crystal, the siblings had gone to the feast and if one were paying attention they might have seen both Juliet and Demetrius’ eyes sparkling in amazement and excitement. They’d definitely ate their fill and then some as they listened to things happening around them and Juliet babbled on about this and that. The only time she really paused in talking was when someone almost got in a fight nearby. Apparently some bully had knocked a girl over and her companion had jumped up to defend her. There was a brawl now set for the next day between the two guys. Demetrius had instinctively switched his seat to make sure he was on the side facing it to protect his side, but he kept his food with a more protective grip, bringing the bowl to his face as he hastily plowed in his mouth, his eyes locked on the battle.

Juliet had to practically drag her brother away from the feast by the end of it, but she got him out of there as she expressed her eagerness to find her room and meet her roommate. ”You know, I attempted to try and find a spell in Grannie Karina’s book that would help me determine if the letters were magical. I didn’t have much luck, though, so I instead tried to formulate a spell to figure it out. It didn’t work out too well, though. I just don’t know enough yet to formulate spells like that.” She went on, stumbling briefly and almost dropping her spell book she had hugged tightly to her chest with one arm. She thankfully managed to catch it and herself, letting out a small giggle as she did so. ”Ooo! Do you think I’ll learn how to formulate spells here, Demi?!”

Demetrius managed a small smile, catching Juliet’s arm gently when she had almost fell. Though he had not been nearly as talkative as her, it was really so great to see her this happy. It wasn’t so obvious on his expression how he felt as he had been silently listening to her ramble. ”I am certain if they did not teach you, that you will find a way to learn it anyway.” He answered as he grabbed a drumstick of chicken from the bowl he had. He had quickly grabbed as much food as possible as they had been leaving. Juliet glanced over at her brother, grinning as he ate the chicken. Too often they'd gone hungry and, while some gave them odd looks when Demetrius had grabbed a bowl of food, she was just happy they didn't have to worry about hunger for once.

He suddenly narrowed his eyes as they were walking to the door as he thought about this whole idea of a room mate. He and Juliet were so used to each other’s company that living with someone else seemed weird and uncomfortable. Demetrius knew he’d get over himself and deal with whatever idiot he was rooming with, but what really got under his skin was not being able to be their for his sister.” I am going to have to set some rules for whoever your room mate is. “He told her sternly between aggressive chomps of his food. Juliet's brows furrowed, trying to figure out why he'd need to do such a thing.

"What kind of ground rules? Do I need to set ground rules for your person too?" She finally asked, rather innocently as she peered over at the map. They were getting close and she now began looking at the numbers on the doors. Finally they made it and she began to reach out for the door handle, but paused as a wave of fear came over her. "Demetrius, what if they don't like me? What if I annoy them?" She spun to look at her brother, fear apparent in her eyes. Her voice lowered as she spoke the next part. "What if they smell delicious?"

”Uh. No you don’t have to.”Demetrius had answered the first question. As they had reached their destination, he cracked his knuckles.His expression softened, however, in regard to her questions. He was silent before he said finally, ”... Then eat her. I’ll help you hide the body.” He was mostly kidding. Juliet’s eyes widened as she quickly glanced up and down the hall to make sure no one was close by. Last thing they needed was for someone to overhear them and chase them out of here with pitchforks.

”Demetrius! Y-you know I don’t like when we have to do that. Besides, something tells me it would be much harder to get away with that here. There’s so much magic around us, I think we’d be caught very quickly.” She finally whispered once she was sure no one would overhear them. She also wanted to do all they could to stay here for as long as they could. ”I-I will just have to be stronger like you. I can control my urges.” She finally said as she turned back to the door. While she said it to her brother, it truly was more her trying to convince herself.

She reached out and the door magically unlocked and opened for her. Juliet marveled at it for a moment before taking a step inside. Athena greeted her like she did for everyone else, but she barely noticed as she scanned the huge room. Her eyes were full of wonder as finally her eyes fell on her roommate…her shirtless roommate. ”Oh! Hi!” She said and let out a surprised giggle, but found herself staring at the handsome person in her room.

Demetrius followed in after her, halting in his tracks when he spotted the shirtless man. He had done so even before Juliet. His eyes widened. ”Juliet… Get behind me. Don’t look now but there’s an intruder in your room. Don’t make eye co-”He broke off as he noticed her greeting and staring at him ”Juliet. Stop it.”He whisper-hissed then looked at Athena the Crystal and angrily stormed up to it. He would take care of the man himself normally, but he knew it would upset Juliet for him to do so. For now, he’d take the peaceful choice. He angrily demanded of the Crystal, ”Who do we have to talk in order to get this trespasser out of her room? Where is the female who will be living here as well? “

”Well that’s simple, Demetrius Mordred, you just have to walk out of the room as you are the only trespasser here.” Athena responded.

”Excuse me?”Demetrius replied incredulously. ”Stupid rock.” He rolled his eyes and pointed at Finn, angrily demanding ”Hey. Whore. Leave.” Juliet had either ignored her brother or simply hadn’t heard him as she now walked up to Finn with her hand extended for a handshake. That’s what normal people did, right?

”I’m Juliet. I guess the crystal kinda already said that though. It’s nice to meet you!” She said happily to him.

Demetrius came running up to her side and whispered in her ear, ”What are you doing?”

”I’m being friendly and saying hello. You should try it sometime.” Juliet whispered back to him.

”Okay but he’s a random half-naked man… Let’s save the friendliness for your room mate instead.” He pushed her back behind him and glared down Finn.
In Avalia 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: River Port Beach
Interactions: Kaleb @FunnyGuy & Annya @princess
Mentions: Bowyn @Helo Saoirse & Rue @Potter

Fatigue wasn’t the worst symptom of mana burnout, if one were to ask Eris. No, it was the damn headache that often came with it. Thankfully this wasn’t the worst burnout she’d ever had before so she knew that it would pass soon, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t about to play it up. She’d just shown an incredible display of power and she knew it would likely raise questions, especially from those that knew light magic and its capabilities. She’d be damned if she gave away the full extent of her power immediately. So she allowed herself to wobble, grasped onto that awful headache and didn’t let it go.

She heard Kaleb’s voice, sensed him drawing closer to her, and played it up as he put an arm around her. She leaned into him as he guided her away, on hand going to her head. ”Worried about me, are you? I thought the hero was supposed to fall for the princess, not the commoner.” She said with a teasing grin, but then winced as she stumbled a little. ”Truly, though, I’ll be okay. I simply just used too much and am feeling the effects of it. I’ll be back to normal in a little bit.” Her smile turned to more of a reassuring one before she turned to look at Annya.

”I certainly won’t deny a drink after that.” Eris let out a weak chuckle and briefly glanced back to see Raven as Saoirse were gone. Good, there certainly was going to be fallout after all that. ”It really was no big deal, though. I was simply following your orders and keeping the others safe. I do fear, though, that doing what I did may have angered our fairy friends greatly.” She sighed, though in the back of her mind she felt giddy when she thought back to Bowyn’s face before the portal closed. The confusion and anger were priceless.

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