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Well, Jason listened to the messages.






It was hard to tell if it was brave or stupid of Jason to call back though the consequences for not calling back were probably worse than if just called. The Pokedex would ring out that dial tone a few times before he heard a click. "You better have a good explanation for this. Where the hell were you?"

Helga looked over to Jason while she was tending his Pokemon. She said nothing, but the way she looked at him was enough tell him one thing; do not tell Professor Kapoc what happened. It was not a threatening look, but it was stern enough. Still, he was free to tell him.

What does Jason do?


It was essentially a game of Torchic. Ace would stand its ground to send a volley of small embers at the Skiddo bowling its way to slam the fire chic. However, the impact of the attack did slow it down for some super effective damage and in some strange sense of cosmic justice, the goat was burned. It wasn't obvious at first, but there were clear burn marks all over its body and the grass-type was struggling to maintain the attack through the pain.

"Follow the Torchic! Do not let it get away!" Ordered Ramos. The Skiddo was able to turn quickly as Ace moved out of the way and smacked the Torchic for some super-effective damage! However, thanks to the burn and lowered attack stats the damage was actually miniscule and with one more searing attack the Skiddo was down for the count.

"Skiddo is unable to battle! Ace wins!" Louis shouted as he held a handkerchief up towards Tristan. There were some minor applauses from the observing crowd of resting workers.

Ramos returned the Skiddo to its ball and looked down at it with a smile. "You worked so hard. You've earned a rest." He looked up at Tristan and said, "Not bad, sprout, but the battle has only just begun. Come on out, Lombre!" With great vigor Ramos tossed a Pokeball into the air and with a flash of white light came out a bipedal green thing with a red beak and a lily pad as some sort of hat.

#271 Lombre, the Jolly Pokemon. It lives at the water's edge where it is sunny. It sleeps on a bed of water grass by day and becomes active at night.

"Lombre use Fake Out!" It was strange. The Pokemon just stood there absentmindedly, and the next thing Tristan and Ace knew it vanished from their sight. It reappeared inches away from Ace and then it just clapped it hands together right in the Torchic's face, causing it to immediately flinch. This was followed by a small shockwave that pushed the skittish bird back for minor damage.

Not wasting time, Ramos quickly followed up. "Now follow that up with Water Gun!"

"Lombre!" It shouted before a stream of water jettisoned straight towards Ace.

What does Tristan do?

@Sanguine Rose

Rosa took the Pokedex and help it up close to her face to get a good view before she started to giggle. It was not the pretty, charming kind giggle where it sounded like there were flowers and sparkles. It was not a 'hehe~.' No, this came from the throat like it was some crusty middle-aged man that saw something funny on the internet. It was a 'HEHEHEHEHEHE.'

"Oh we're definitely friends now. God, I wish I was there to see that." She handed the Pokedex back to Faye and listened to what she had to say up until completion. "Heh, you aren't wrong about that. You're pretty crazy for even doing that." Rosa smiled not in a mocking or mean-spirited way, but in a spunky teasing manner. "Traveling with Tristan though? My condolences, but hey, I guess I could pick worse company. You're fun and Tristan is..." For a moment she stood there thinking of something positive to say about the prat. At least he's hot? Rosa said with a shrug with her hands he slightly out front as if to lazily hold the idea out.

There was a silence that hung in the air for a moment as the young rancher stood there, kicking about some dust and old bits of wood. "Maybe you're right though. You know, I really have no idea what I'm doing. I don't mean about being a trainer. I mean in general." Before she could continue, the two of them could hear a vehicle drive up to the old barn followed by a light honk. "Oh, dad's here."

To save time, we shall summarize everything that happened. Before they returned to the orchard, Neil, her father, patched up their Pokemon and the remaining Tinkatinks. The engine was returned to the farm where Rosa's burly Ursaring of a father helped put it back together with the help of the Tinkatinks. Photo ops were much to be had probably. After all of that was done, the duo were dropped off at beautiful Florasong, specifically at Critical Capture.

@Joshua Tamashii@Lunarlord34

Amelia the forager! It was about time that someone decided to actually look around for supplies. In a forest as magnificent as this, she was certainly not going to be left empty handed. There were plenty of berries and other goodies to be picked, especially if she had some of her ghosts help make up for her small stature.

Amelia found 6 Oran Berries!
Amelia found 4 Cheri Berries
Amelia found 3 Chest Berries
Amelia found 4 Rawst Berries
Amelia found 4 Small Mushrooms
Amelia found 1 Big Mushroom

There was something else though. She found a very pretty light green stone with a darker green in the middle shaped as a leaf. She could feel some sort of power gently pulse in it.

Amelia found a Leaf Stone!

Anyway, back to the present!

Freya frowned at Amelia's unwillingness to follow through with what she wanted to do. She was way too willing to sideline herself and frankly it was absurd. On one hand, she understood that Amelia wanted to just go with the flow and not inconvenience others around her. However, the spooky little girl should be able to do what she wanted because it was her journey. It would've been a waste for her to not make the most out of her journey.

However, there was something that Amelia really had not understood about Steph that Freya quickly picked up on from their short time together in Grand Glory. She stared down at Amelia silently before taking a deep breath and turned her focus to Steph. "Hey Steph, want to go deeper into the forest that I'm sure will probably be a death trap?" In most cases that would've been a warning. This was an invitation.


Said slightly crispy fellow groaned in response to being nudged by Stella. He would probably be fine.

Luckily, the grave had yet to have been disturbed. Stella would place the flowers upon a gravestone while lovingly maintained was beginning to show its age. The wonderful carvings in the stone were now beginning to erode though she could still make out the epitaph, '"Remember me, but forget my fate." Ellanore Osman. 1872-1899. Loving wife and mother.'

It had not taken long for Stella to find the dramatic Gastly as it came bouncing in the air towards her with quite the satisfied expression. "Gas!" It chimed happily. It floated there as it listened to her proposal, and it looked contemplative. "Gassss."It said as if was unsure on whether or not it wanted to leave its home. After all, leaving was a big deal. How could it leave its friends and family behind? Quite easily actually! "Gas Gas!" It eagerly bounced around in the air.

Now that she acquired a new member for her team, Stella went to the cottage and knocked and called out to be let in with no response. However, if she tried to let herself in, she would find that the door was not locked. Once inside, she would see that it was a sparsely furnished room with only some chairs, a fridge, and an unused fireplace. Sitting by the desk, if anyone could call it sitting, was a thin man in his late thirties, early forties with shoulder length messy blonde hair and a scruffy beard. He wore a white turtleneck with an orange stripe running horizontally across it, very dark gray, baggy pants that covered most of his black boots, and the cherry on top was the greasiest, smear covered looking army green trench coat.

He showed no reaction to the surprise visitor, well, for obvious reasons. His eyes were shut, and the room reverberated with his cartoonish snoring.

What does Stella do?


Basil had turned around and opened his mouth to say something, but the Hydreigon's mighty roar ripped through the air and echoed throughout the cave. "What is she-?" Quickly he understood and ducked under as the dragon flew with a thunderous flap of her wings out of the cave and braced himself to withstand the gusts of wind that ripped the stony surface off of the cave. "Well, I think she's excited." Whether or not that was a good or bad thing was a problem for future Basil to deal with. Right now, he needed to get out of this cave.

Much gentler than before, he was helped saddling up on the Salamance and they flew a bit slower than before. That was when he asked the question. He should've felt relieved when she said she did not hear a thing. So why was there still a weight in his chest? "No, it's nothing important." The young trainer averted his gaze from hers though attempted to play it off as him looking at the scenery passing by. Coward.

Well, eventually they arrived at the local hospital, and it was an... interesting experience.

"I'm sorry, you did what?" The doctor asked trying to process what he just heard.

Basil blinked and said, "I, uh, played a game of Torchic with a mother Hydreigon to convince it to let me take on of her kids and used my arm as an offering for what is now my Deino. Honestly, saying out loud really hammers home how stupid that actually was."

The nurse assisting the doctor just stared at Lesley with murder in her eyes and tapped her on the shoulder. "Can we talk outside?" The moment they went out to the hallway he heard a slew of profanities that would have made a sailor like Zachary and his two very pg-13 coworkers blush.

"I feel like I should be taking notes." Basil said, looking at the door while he was being looked over.

Well, eventually he was released. Luckily, doctor-patient confidentiality was a thing or else he would have had to figure how to explain to his parents why their son used his arm as a chew toy. He saw while he signed himself out Lesley approaching him carrying a couple of objects. His eyes lit up when he saw the forearm guard, well, bracer. "This is so cool." He put it on his arm over his sleeve, the one that was not covered in blood, and admired it. It was simple, but the metal plating matched his piercings, so it coordinated with his aesthetic. Oh, and the toy was cool too.

"Well, I can't say that I won't take any risks, but I'll try not to worry you." Basil smiled though he could not help but feel that weight in his chest. "Thank you for everything, and I'm sorry." It was better not to tell. The less people that knew, the better. That's what he told himself. "I'll be back to fight you one day too. Takecare."

Once again, he was back on the watery streets of Lakewatch. Basil would walk around for a bit and sit down because he felt the urge to check on the egg he was carrying. It felt like a long time since he had actually last checked on it. Who knows, maybe it hatched in his bag while he was not looking.

With the Skiddo asleep, Tristan had a potential short space of time to get away with some free turns. Luckily, Tristan was able to make a free switch into the Ace the cowardly Torchic as his first action and for his second action the fire chic let out some sort of intimidating noise to lower the attack of the sleeping kid though by all logic that should've not done anything because it was asleep. Unless it somehow gave it bad dreams or something? Who knows.

What was important though was that the Skiddo woke up to see a series of flickering sparks fly straight towards it.

"Skiddo, dodge and then use Rollout!" The Skiddo jumped out of the way of the embers and once again spin dashed straight towards Ace though unlike before, it was much weaker since the Torchic's Growl did somehow lower the grass goat's attack and it had not used Defense Curl like before.

What does Tristan do?


Well, existential dread aside Jason was left with quite a lot to think about though no matter how many questions he had there were not going to be any clear answers. All he could do was walk through the misty, dark woods with Helga as the lead. She was quiet, not saying a single word the entirety of their trek through the woods. The giant of a woman merely glanced back to check if he was still following her or not. Eventually, they would arrive at the marshy clearing surrounded by floating gourds.

@Sanguine Rose

"That's... actually a reasonable question," said Rosa, who was a bit surprised about how nonchalant Faye was about well, that. "Mom and dad made me deliver some milk to Voltorb Acres when they told me that someone was helping them with their truck troubles. A girl with purple hair and an Eevee. I was able to two and two together pretty quickly and went to help you out after they pointed where you went. Like, how were you planning on getting a truck engine back on your own?" She looked at her questioning what was going through Faye's mind when she agreed to get the engine back, but that was probably giving her way too much credit because who are we kidding? Faye probably went in winging it though Rosa wouldn't know.


Rosa found an old pile of lumber to sit on and heaved a sigh. "As for the trainer thing, well, a week. Sort of. You know how parents act like they are suggesting something, but they really aren't to do something because they think it'll be good for you? It's like that." To say that she sounded less than enthused about it would have been understatement. Everything about her screamed 'I hate my situation' if what she said earlier had not already given it away. "When the league opened up, my parents kept nagging at me to sign up because they think it will 'broaden my horizons' and 'let me see the world.' Believe me, as much as I can rough it out on a ranch, I'm more of a homebody, but I signed up just to get them to stop nagging me about it. I didn't actually expect to be accepted." An exasperated breath of air pushed through teeth as she leaned back on the pile of logs.

"If you're gonna ask why now, you can blame Tristan. After everything that happened on the farm, they decided it was time for me to get going. They said I should be more like him, gross." She shuddered with disgust.


Pain seared through his arm as the Deino's fangs sunk in his arm and punctured his jacket. Small blots of dark crimson began to grow out from the puncture wounds along the fabric. Basil watched the small dragon, waiting for some sort of reaction though at this point he was more worried that it would take a piece of his arm off, but he did his best to remain relaxed. Eventually though it released its grip on his arm and gave a cry of what could be assumed to be affirmation that it wanted to go explore the world than stay on the island. It sure sounded happy to finally leave this place.

"Welcome to the team." Basil gently patted the irate Pokemon on the head with his good arm. Weirdly enough, his other arm began to feel heavy. He lifted it up and saw that his sleeve was wet and was beginning to sag down. Right, he was bleeding. Was it weird that he was completely unfazed by this? Maybe it was the adrenaline? He could still hear his heartbeat pounding loudly in his ears.

To let Lesley actually patch him up, Basil took off his jacket and pulled up his shirt sleeve to show some pretty nasty gashes in his arm. He watched as Lesley somehow deftly patched his arm while maneuvering the bites from the way too eager Deino. Maybe I need some armor too. The young noble thought to himself.

With his arm patched up, he picked up his jacket from the ground while getting up and examined it. He made a face as he looked at the bite marks and stains on the sleeve and then looked at the holes and stains on his shirt. Damn it, I know they're from the secondhand store, but I liked these clothes, he mentally complained.Maybe I need to learn how to mend and wash clothes if I keep on going. It would definitely be cheaper than buying new clothes every time I ruined an outfit. Would it be weird to ask how to remove blood stains?

His gaze returned to Lesley when she understandably showed disapproval with how reckless he was. "'They're typically not forgiving of weakness as humans.' Your exact words." Basil slung his jacket over his shoulders and pushed his arms through the sleeves. "I had to call her bluff. Words meant absolutely nothing to her if I couldn't back them up. Weakness would not be tolerated, and I wouldn't tolerate my own weakness either."

Basil grabbed a Pokeball from his bag and gently tossed it so that it landed on the dragon's head before it absorbed the Deino into it. He picked it up and transferred one of his own members somehow to the PC. "I'm not gonna fight you on bringing me back. Still, I have one more thing I need to do. It'll be quick." He took a deep breath and filled his lungs with air before he shouted, "Hey Hydreigon!" Once he had her attention he said, "When I'm stronger, I'll come back and give you a battle filled with gratitude!" Basil had a big grin on his face. This was the only way that he knew he could pay her back after putting a lot of faith in him to take care of her child.

With that taken care of, Basil turned to Lesley with a sense of relief and said, "Alright, I'm ready."

While they were walking or flying, there was something else that weighed on him. "By the way, how much did you hear?" It had not escaped him on what had happened. The Axew he encountered ran to Lesley to tell her that he found the Hydreigon's den and went in it like an absolute fool. She obviously ran to rescue him as quickly as possible, but the question was if she heard him introduce himself as Basil Rivens and when he talked about inheriting the nobles' guilt for what they had done.
@Zarkun@Sanguine Rose

Ria had quickly set up series of spells to deal damage to the Asterins in a wide swath, but then there was something else. A loud, hissing roar echoed through the forest and then the Asterins begrudgingly retreated from the fray. Normally, this would have been left with relief for normal people. For Nolan, he gritted his teeth and mumbled a series of curses underneath his breath. This was the worst possible situation. If the Asterins were not called back, they could have broken through and get away from the fight, but now they were vulnerable for another surprise attack at any point of the journey.

Nolan heaved a sigh and let his body relax. There was no benefit to getting worked up. A clear head was needed, especially when dealing with the highly stressed-out soldiers. He glanced at the Corporal who went back to arguing to whoever was on the other side. Again, there was no point in trying to argue with him. Tensions were high enough as they were. Well, that and Tanson explained to him the pressure that the corporal was under. This was something that had not escaped Nolan, however. It would have been weird that he was not under any pressure given the circumstances.

He looked at PFC Tanson with his typically bored, cold look and said, "If you have time to worry about what I think, then you have time to rest. I'm gonna talk to the corporal." The young monk glanced towards Ria and motioned her with his hand to follow him. The man was either still futilely trying to get backup. or was dejected, or both.

"You're wasting your time. If they had the resources for backup, then Ria and I wouldn't be here." He approached the corporal as delicately as a sledgehammer to a brick wall. "Look, I get it. You've got a lot to worry about and me turning off the coms only made things complicated. However, I will not apologize for what I did. I needed your attention to convey a plan and if it meant getting you and your men to safety then I would gladly do it again. However, that doesn't matter anymore."

He crossed his arms and looked at him with absolutely no remorse because that was a situation that they needed to move away from to deal with what was ahead. "You need artillery, and we can provide it, but we can't fire blindly. So, let's plan." Nolan was not going to insult the corporal's intelligence by recapping the many shades of shit they were in. They needed a plan or else they were going to get possibly jumped by an Alpha or whatever the hell was ordering those lizards around.

Tristan, faced with very little options lest Angel and the rest of his team be steamrolled by a spin dashing goat, decided to face the threat head on! Angel would emit a pink powder with a tantalizingly floral and sweet aroma like a fine honey or for something that related to Tristan a bit more, a luxurious perfume. Even the spectators enjoyed the scent wafting about the impromptu battlefield, which included the rapidly approaching Skiddo. It turned out a move that attracted Pokemon to the source of a scent was highly effective at doing that.

Luckily for Angel she was able to elegantly sidestep like she was dancing with the wind and sung a lovely lullaby for the leafy goat. Slowly the Skiddo lose momentum before it just slumped on the ground and ever so adorably was sleeping with its hooves neatly tucked underneath.

"Huh, well played," said Ramos with a mildly surprised expression. Not at that his Pokemon fell asleep, but more at the fact that the trainer that said 'Plant Type' was not flailing about.

What does Tristan do?

(GM Note: Instead of turns, a Pokemon inflicted with sleep will wake up within 1-3 actions. If withdrawn, the counter starts up again.)


As Stella approached, she would see that they were men in all black that wore balaclavas to hide their identities. One was an overly skinny man, an absolute bean pole and the other was built like an Emboar with a great barreled chest and thick, massive arms and surprisingly stumpy legs. They still were blissfully unaware that they were no longer alone and completely unaware of what was about to happen to them.

On Stella's mark, electricity crackled, and this had not escaped their notice.

The lunk turned his heavy form to look for the source of the sound. "What was da-?" It was too late. A net of electricity flew towards them, and the bean pole managed to dodge out of the way. However, his partner was ensnared and like a tree he fell with a great thud, well except it wasn't just a fall. It was a web made from electricity. His body twitched and convulsed as he made strange unintelligible sounds that certainly was not the sound of screaming, but he was definitely not having a good time. The net eventually faded because it was not design for long term confinement, but the heavy was not going to get up. He wasn't dead, just unconscious and a bit smokey. His leg still twitched though that may have been the electricity.

The other looked down at the sight in abject horror and legged it with no hesitation. "Gotta get out of here, gotta get out of here!" He chanted to himself. The robber had made quite a fair distance before the Gastly popped out of nowhere just a couple of inches away from his face, which caused him to freeze up instantly.

"Gas!" It licked him with its big ol' tongue, a thick layer of saliva coated his face.

"What the fu-?!" Suddenly, he felt his body freeze up and collapsed on the ground. Yeah, turned out that it was not just disgust that caused paralysis when Lick was used on some unfortunate sod.

Well, uh, that happened. Now what?

@Sanguine Rose

For the sake of convenience, the unconscious Tinkatink was absorbed into the ball.

"Don't worry, I got you," In most cases, one would expect someone to pull out a cellphone. Except she didn't. Rosa fished from her jacket pocket a Pokedex just like the one that Faye was given the day before. She tapped on the screen and held it up to her ear while it buzzed, tapping her foot impatiently until someone picked up. "Hey dad, I... No, I'm- Oh for the love of God, we need your truck! Yeah, we. Faye's here. What? Rosa looked at Rose and said, "Dad says hi."

She focused her attention back on the call. "Look, we need find a way to get truck engine back to Voltorb Orchards. Long story. Are you gonna help? Cool, we're by the abandoned farmhouses. See you soon." Her eyes widened for some reason followed by a pout. "Come on, don't make me say it right now."

Whatever her dad said, she turned her back towards Faye and held her hand up in some attempt to keep her voice from projecting. "Love you too"

The young woman hung up and sighed like every teenager when dealing with their parents. However, it had not escaped her attention that her Pokedex was directly in Faye's line of sight. "Oh, uh, I can explain."


True to her word, Helga indeed was waiting for Jason to finish up her business. She stood by the doorway to the temple arms crossed wearing a scowl that would cause the typical person's skin to crawl back. However, she could see that Jason had a panicked look about him and her scowl became a look of concern, which then turned into disbelief. "You mean intentionally?"

Helga stood there processing what Jason had just said, struggling to really grasp it. "That's... That shouldn't be possible. It's weird enough that Celebi can't enter Evig anymore, but that's another order. That would mean that whatever it was, it was aware that Celebi was here." She was no longer looking directly at him, but there was fear in her eyes. This was not what had expected to hear though there was something else. Jason would not be able to decipher it, but he could tell that there was something she was holding back.

Through her fear though there was a look of realization. Helga's gaze returned to Jason. "The fact you're still here could mean two things. One is that whatever dragged Celebi isn't aware of you yet and that's why you're still in the present or there's the real head scratcher. It is aware of you, but it can't remove you from this time for some reason." The way she looked at him said it all. He was in deep shit. There was pained guilt etched over her face though she quickly turned around just so he would not be able to look at her face.

"No point in thinking about it. There's nothing you can do it about it now." She peeked over her shoulder. "Come back with me to my cabin. I'll tend to your Pokemon's wounds. I think we all need a rest," gruffly said by the woodswoman.

Does Jason follow her back? If not, what does he do?

@Lunarlord34@Joshua Tamashii

Well, no one was going to stop her from investigating every strange oddity she found.

Anyway, Steph decided to go after one of the adorably grumpy looking mushrooms and decided to send Jack the Sneasel out to fight. The Shroomish bravely let out a war cry and braced itself for battle. The Sneasel shot an icicle that darted through the air straight towards the grass-type far too quickly for the Pokemon to avoid. On impact, the Shroomish bounced along the ground until it landed on top of its head. Its nubs for legs kicked the air as it tried to correct its position.

It eventually rolled back onto its feet and let out a triumphant roar even though it had a large bruise on its forehead. Before Steph could throw a Pokeball, the Shroomish shook its body, and a cloud of yellow spores was emitted from its body. Jack was unfortunately caught in the collection of spores, and it stood there stiffly. It was paralyzed!

Steph eventually threw a ball, and her aim was true; the ball smacked against the same spot where the Ice Shard hit it and it was absorbed into the ball.

It rolled once... it rolled twice...

Meanwhile, Freya politely clapped for Steph. Like it was really a golf clap. "Nice job." She glanced over to Amelia who probably was uncomfortable with the whole thing. "Hey, did you want to do that thing you asked about?"
If others are then sure.
@Lunarlord34@Joshua Tamashii

Yeah, what a crazy concept it was to actually move on from their journey. But yeah, it was time to move on and since Amelia was following Steph and Freya's lead there was not much else keeping them unless any of them gotten the urge to start fishing. And as a reminder, backtracking is indeed possible if someone wanted to take a detour, but then go back to their original plan. Just a thought.

Anyway! The trio would give their goodbyes to Bo and good ol' Bary, that crazy bug-eyed bugger. Tall, feisty, and spooky walked along the quay where fishermen were just minding their business and then were back on solid earth and walked on the rocky pathway. It was funny, they could not really appreciate the scale of the forest until they started to approach it. Off in the distance, the forest looked normal, but as they drew closer and closer it was as if they were approaching a series skyscrapers. They were impossibly large and the shadows they cast stretched on and on.

With nothing else holding them back, they marched forward.


Workers began to gather around curiously to spectate the battle. They were just watching casually, eating their lunch and chatting amongst themselves while they had free entertainment fall upon their laps.

The elderly gardener rubbed his chin with a big grin on his face when he saw what Tristan sent out. "Oh? Now isn't she a pretty thing." It was not every day that someone saw a shiny Gossifleur. Even some of the spectators could not help, but admire her too.

Louis waved down the two handkerchiefs to signal the beginning of the fight. "Fight!"

Ramos had a big ol' grin on his face. Even retired, no one could take the trainer out of the old man. He pointed a finger forward and ordered with great enthusiasm, "Alright Skiddo, use Defense Curl and then Rollout!"

The goat curled up the best that it could to defend its weak spots though it did something that Tristan or really anyone would expect. It spin dashed towards Angel with great speed. How it did was not the important part; what was the important part was something that Tristan most definitely did not know and is actually niche knowledge. Defense Curl doubled the power of Rollout. Better not get hit.

What does Tristan do?

@Sanguine Rose

The friendly Tinkatink gave Faye a thumbs up.

Luckily, Tillia had not gotten it confused. The owl dive bombed towards the baby dwarf fairy thing though the Tinkatink held up its rattle and blocked the incoming attack though it stumbled back, which gave enough of an opening that the friendly Tinkatink just smacked it upside the head with a club, finally knocking it out.

"Tink tink! Tinka tink!" While Faye could not understand it, it was pretty obvious that it was just done with the situation. Like it knew that they were going to get caught, but neither of them actually listened to it. Go figure.

Meanwhile, with an opportunity to catch one of these strange things Faye threw a ball at the dazed and confused Tinkatink and it was absorbed into it in a beam of white light.

It rolled once... it rolled twice...

Meanwhile, Faye heard the sound of a Pokeball shake and then click. Rosa picked up the Pokeball that she used to catch the Tinkatink that she battled. "Man, these things really put up way more of a fight than I thought. What the hell did they want with a car engine?"


Celebi looked quite surprise that this was the question that Jason decided to ask.
"There's always a bit of truth with legends, but yes, it is real," said Celebi. "People call it a curse or an omen, but it is none of those things. They are the unintended consequences of a Pokemon like me trying to communicate with humans."

The forest deity waved it hand in an arch, creating tiny whisps of green light. They hovered in the air, flickering like flame. "It was once known by many names, such as the Nightmare King and the Silver Eye though it appears that humans have forgotten. It's a mighty Pokemon that resides in the space between reality and dreams, the progenitor of its kind."

As Celebi spoke, the green light danced and twisted. A creature that resembled tattered cloth with a cloud like plumage, a jagged crown, and cold eyes like a crescent moon.

"As you would expect it communicates through dreams, but it would be like trying to understand a hundred mouths speaking to you once. It's chaotic, but it is never incoherent. There is always meaning to be pulled from it and always a reason. He is not a villain that enjoys driving those to madness, but one of the guardians of Evig. After all, it once was one of the trusted companions of the First King before it rebelled when the king committed the original sin, the-" Celebi's eyes widened and it curled up into a ball, hugging itself as it started to shiver.

With no warning, Celebi's body flashed with a red light though it wasn't just that; the forest guardian looked out of focus, as if Jason was seeing double though that was not what happened. It stared down at its hands, pupils shaking like "This is different. Something is-?" The forest deity strained physically to keep itself in this time period as if it fought the tide of a river that tried to rip it away. Something was wrong. It was suffering and confused.

Celebi looked at Jason desperately and said, "Become strong. I fear that you have no choice."

With a flash of red light, it was gone.

There was only silence.

What does Jason do?


The world stopped for Basil. He stared down death with as brave a face anyone could and waited for his fate to be decided. His mouth was dry, and he started to feel perspiration gather on his head though it was hard to tell if it was because he was so terrified or if it was the heat radiating from the Dragon Pulse, but he never flinched. There was something odd though. Basil could see it in its eyes, it was as if it was waiting for something else to happen.

With no warning, the Hydreigon threw its head up and shot off a purple beam of energy that ripped through the air. With the dragon's head so close to him, the sudden movement caused Basil to stumble back, and with his thrown back head he saw something collide with Dragon Pulse. "What the? Why is a Salamance here?" He thought to himself while he watched them clash in the air with reckless abandon though he had to rip his gaze away from the violence when he heard his name called.

Basil turned and saw a panicked Leslie run towards him obviously bewildered, not that he could blame her. Before he could respond, he heard a resounding boom followed by a shock wave that made him skid a few inches. He turned around and continued to watch a display of strength that he never really thought possible. Well, he knew that Pokemon could get this strong, but it was another to see it in person. It captured him though this was absolutely the worst time to admire the strength of Pokemon. His daze was broken by Leslie's grip and was pulled down to the ground to avoid being in the crossfire.

The two dragons moved so fast that he did not realize what had happened until the air was forced out of his lungs when something landed on top of him. Basil laid on his back and groaned as he felt a surprising weight on his stomach. He arched his neck to look at what the weight was and to his surprise and confusion it was a Deino, one of the Hydreigon's children.

The young noble did the best he could to sit up with the Deino on his lap and looked at the adult dragon for answers. There was intention in its eyes, and he understood what it meant.

Basil held his left arm out for the young dragon not to protect himself, but as an offering. It hurt like hell. Teeth broke through skin and went deep into his forearm and yet, Basil maintained a smile through grit teeth. "That's how you become familiar with your surroundings, right?" He asked gently. It was blind, so Basil figured that's how Deino familiarized itself with its environment. It was not something he could hold against the little fella.

Well, this was the final stretch.

"You know, I'm going to be going to many places. It's going to be a challenge, but I can promise you that it won't be boring. There will be many people and Pokemon to meet and battle, plenty of tasty food, and plenty of adventure. So why not come with me? You'll have plenty of stories to share when you're big and strong just like your mother if you do." Basil knew that it could not see him smile, but he was doing his best to convey it through his tone.


For the briefest moment, he thought that he had gotten through the Hydreigon. That was until it had opened its mouth and he stared down the maw of a dragon charging with swirling energy to send him to Kingdom Come. He had forgotten what kind of creature he was dealing with.

Crap, Basil thought to himself.

His mind went into overdrive. There was not enough time to run, he was too close to make any considerable headway before it unleashed its attack. If he moved a muscle, then it would've been over in that instant and yet, there was something telling Basil to not run. Obviously, it was not his sense of reason because that told him to find the safest way to survive. It was a gut feeling, something that told him to not show weakness in front of the dragon. He had to stand up to it. This thing preyed on his fear, expecting Basil to give in. He had to call its bluff.

Basil stared down the Hydreigon with that same glare that she gave him. Well, it was more akin to that of his own father than the dragon and to be honest, he scared him more. "Do you expect me to run? To beg you for mercy?" He asked coldly. "Come on, shoot me. I bloody dare you."

This was and probably will forever be the worst idea he's ever had.
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