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The Lombre repeatedly smacked the Leafages as they came, getting ever closer to and closer to its opponent. With more leaves scattered about Tristan ordered Angel to spin once again and... nothing happened. The leaves glowed faintly with green light, but for some reason they would not take off from the ground again Perhaps it was something that needed to be practiced in order to be pulled off consistently.

Its hand came down and smashed the opposing grass-type back though it was a trade of blows. After all, Angel still used Rapid Spin. The Lombre was smacked in the face by an errant leafy hand before it landed its blow against Angel. The little plant was sent flying back and perhaps that would've scared Tristan though perhaps he had not really noticed it yet, but the diva was somehow nimbler than before. It was like she was gliding about in the air though that should not have been a surprise. After all, Rapid Spin and her previous attack increased her speed by two-fold. At this moment, she was just barely faster than her opponent.

"We still have the momentum! Use Mega Drain!" Ordered Ramos.

A sickly green energy glowed around the Lombre and it then it darted forward towards Angel.

What does Tristan do?


"Of course I'm right. Now, relax. I'm going to make some food." She placed some kindling in her woodstove, small sticks that were made from cutting logs down further and further until their diameter resembled that of a matchstick. Carefully she placed a match in the heart of the kindling pile, and it took a little bit of time for the fire to really catch, but eventually it became strong enough that she threw three smaller logs inside it and slammed the door shut. Jason would feel the room become warmer, if not slightly uncomfortably so if he was heavily dressed, as the logs caught fire.

It was actually quite the device that stove. It had rivets on the top that allowed for stove top cooking and an oven. If Jason watched, he would see that she was rough chopping various vegetables, onions, carrots, peppers, celery, potato, and so on before throwing them into a pot filled with premade stock. It was a sweet smell; warm spices filled the air and was soon accompanied by the smell of bread baking in the oven. Obviously, she had made the dough prior to Jason arriving at her doorstep. Then at some point she pulled out a grate full of mushrooms of various shapes and sizes that she soon chopped up and fried on the stove. The scent of mushrooms was accompanied by rosemary and thyme.

Now that Jason had a moment to sit down and actually look around there was something off about the cabin; there were no personal effects. Yes, there was furniture, but they looked like they were scrapped together crudely just to be functional enough to be used for moderate comfort and durable enough to take some punishment. They were tools with no emotional sentimentality attached to them. What was weird was that there was nothing in the cabin that was not like that. There were no pictures, no meaningless knick knacks, or anything, nothing that showed anything about her life or whatever her life was before living in these woods. It was all rugged and cold utilitarianism.

However, those thoughts would probably have been pushed to the side as food was placed in front of him. A bowl of soup with a red surprisingly red stock packed to the brim with vegetables, a big hunk of bread with butter on the side, and a pile of mushrooms on a plate. Now, it was questionable if the food would've been good. After all, her coffee would've been considered cruel and unusual punishment. However, this was actually good. The soup was light and refreshing with an acidic kick towards the end, the bread was light and fluffy, and the mushrooms were very much meaty, herbaceous, and savory.

So, they could act out the meal or just move forward.

@PlatinumSkink@Joshua Tamashii

The only thing that ran through his mind when he saw Amelia supported by her Drifloon was its entry when he first encountered them on Route 3. This could only lead into so much misunderstanding, but right now he was not going to fight her on this. Basil glanced down at his Pokedex to look at the map to get any sense of where they could go, but to his dismay there really was only one place that was close enough to get Amelia the treatment she needed.

"Okay, we'll just off road it to Route 5. Man I'm gonna have a lot to explain to Anise." He muttered to himself. Sure, they could try their luck with Lakewatch, but if these people were smart then they would have been looking for a trainer matching his description and had a few of their members keeping watch at the entry points. That was if they haven't already figured out that he already left town.

Basil pocketed his Pokedex and turned his attention back to the little girl dangling by a haunted ballon. "We should leave. I don't know who they are, but if they have any sense then they're probably looking beyond the town. I say we have some time before one of them finds their way up here. They're after a Pokemon I caught and if they as strong as her then we're in real big trouble."

Unless Amelia had any protests, Basil was going to take them a bit off the beaten path because he wanted absolutely no smoke with a group of people that were hunting for a level seventy-four Gothita.

@Joshua Tamashii@PlatinumSkink

For the entirety of his escape from Lakewatch Basil kept looking back to see if anyone was following him. Luckily for him, it looked like no one had figured out that either he had the Gothita or had left the city yet. The thought that he at least had given some comfort while he trudged his way up the hill though his head start could only have given him so much time before they would look around the outskirts outside. Basil looked severe as he was lost in thought about his situation until he reached the top of the hill. His eyes fell upon Amelia from a distance, sitting on a rock while she waited for him.

I need to calm down. No need to stress her out. The young noble exhaled deeply and forced his body to release its tension before he approached her. "Hey there, Amelia. How are you holding up?" He asked with a warm smile. "Sorry if my message scared you. I think I invited trouble upon us." Basil lifted his arm up and pulled his hood down from his head though the arm he used to do that was the one that looked like a crime scene.

His eyes darted at the sleeve, and he tensed up. "Oh, uh, this isn't related. It's my blood. Wait, that doesn't sound better." Great, he looked like a serial killer. If he made it through this then he needed to get that jacket washed. Basil sighed and said, "One of my new partners did that. It's a long story, but that's not important. We can't go back into town. Things have gotten complicated." He glanced down at her leg. "Can you bear weight on your foot?"

@PlatinumSkink@Joshua Tamashii

Basil waited to see if the Gothita even would click on the ball though the Pokemon's shiftiness had not escaped his notice. His eyes trailed over to where it was looking though his attention was brought back to the little psychic-type when it tapped on the button of the Pokeball and allowed itself to be absorbed into it. The young noble smiled down at the Pokeball and them looked at his Pokedex to study up on its profile. That smile of his soon curved down and he squinted his eyes to make sure his vision was not playing tricks on him. "Level....74?" He muttered to himself while he stared at the screen.

"Huh...?" Basil leaned back on the bench. His face was that of a Slowpoke, processing in such a delayed manner that the reality had not sunken in yet. "HUH?!" He almost bowled himself forward when he sat up with a start. Understandably, he was in a confused panic. It was expected that this would have been a low leveled Pokemon. The only Pokemon that could even be in the same ballpark that he knew of were back on the lake, so it was completely unknown as to why there was just some obscenely strong, unevolved Pokemon just wandering around a town where the highest leveled Pokemon was like level twenty.

To add to his confusion, he heard the thumping of many footsteps clamoring his way that ran through the street but stopped practically right in front of him.

‘Didn’t you say you saw her around here?’
‘I did! She was around here, I know it!’
‘There’s no way any of the trainers around here would be able to capture her.’
‘If she engaged in a battle, we’d have heard it from a mile away.’
‘Grrr! Spread out! Look for her!’

It would've been unfair to say that Basil eavesdropped when they were being loud right in front of him. Who were those people anyway? Poachers? Plainclothes cops? He glanced down at the Pokeball of the newly caught Gothita. "What kind of trouble did I catch?" He asked himself as he watched the group disperse.

There was only one way that this was going to go. Whoever they were, they were going to come after him at some point. If they asked around, they were going to find for someone that would give them his general physical description; white hair, yellow eyes, piercings, a bracer on one arm, and a bloody sleeve on a purple hooded jacket lined with white fur. Frankly speaking, he stood out like a sore thumb. Curse his desire for individuality! At the first chance he could get, he needed to skip town.

His Pokedex buzzed and saw that Amelia had sent him a message again. Quickly, he responded, We've got a problem. I'll explain when I pick you up.

He sent Lupin, the Sneasel, to the PC and looked down at the Pokeball that contained the Gothita. "This is a bad idea, but we need to talk. First though, get Amelia." Quickly, he packed up his instrument and pulled his hood over his head in hopes that would at least help him blend in as much as he could and sneak through the town to get to Route 2 and then hopefully wind his way down to the Wet Caverns.
@Joshua Tamashii@Lunarlord34

Everything made an active effort to avoid Steph's attempt at training her Pokemon more lest they would be reduced to nothing, but experience points. Yup, that was definitely the reason. It was not like the GM was not trying to keep everyone from getting over leveled. Yup.


The Aipom pouted, dissatisfied that it had not gotten the reaction that it sought. It just climbed up higher in the towering trees until it disappeared from sight. Well, it was not like they were going to go after the mischievous ape. After all, Amelia was the one that was trying to direct them away from potentially chopping down or climbing up a tree from getting to the ape. Well, at least Freya was trying not to at least.

"Alright, fine. It gets to see another day," she said with a shrug and followed Amelia's lead. What was she going to do? Not follow the small medium currently at large that could hopefully lead them through the woods? Well, maybe she should have not done exactly that. The further in they went in the forest, the darker it got as the canopy above somehow grew denser with each step they took on what was increasingly becoming an incline. Stone and other bits of dirt crunched beneath their feet as mist began to roll in and the sound of rushing water could be heard down below.


Helga looked up towards Jason while she treated his Pokemon, currently the very sparkly Totodile. She was applying ointment to the gator on her table before he came back in from whatever business he had outside. "No thank you for patching up your Pokemon? How rude. Isn't that right?" The gently pat Sable on the head with her oversized gorilla hands before she returned it to its own ball. "Still, I have to say. You're really living up to your epitaph."

She lumbered over to her cabinets and began to fish around them; a gentle clatter of dishes could be heard. With her back towards him she said, "There is no shortcut, Jason. I understand that you're impatient, but you will not find strength by rushing headlong and it will bring you no peace. To seek strength recklessly, no matter well intentioned, only brings despair." Helga pulled a couple of wooden plates out though in her hands they looked more like toys used by kids when pretending to be cooks. She placed them on the table before returned her focus to Jason.

"Continue your journey and grow, that is your only course of action. Face its challenges and adversities, and then perhaps you will become stronger. Was that not your original plan anyway?" She looked apologetic for not being able to give him the answer that he was looking for though she had things that she needed to do. "But right now, what you need is rest. You're no good to anyone if you burn yourself out. Now be a dear and sit down while I make some food."

If her coffee was anything to go by, this could be horrifying.

@PlatinumSkink@Joshua Tamashii

I didn't think its eyes could get any wider. I guess it does want another song. Basil thought to himself. It seemed like he at least had one very enthusiastic audience member. To the best of his ability, he bent down to be as eye level with the little one and smiled. "I can see you're very excited. If you could step off my shadow, it would make it much easier for me to play."

Once the Gothita stepped off his shadow as per his request, he sat back down on the bench and took the mandolin out of its case. "Now what to play..." The young noble felt compelled to do something a bit special since the little doll was so excited and waited ever so patiently. Folk was fine, but perhaps he needed to switch things up and put in some more effort. Basil smiled as a thought came to mind and he started to tap his foot to a beat. "One, two, three, one, two, three."

His fingers plucked the strings and glided along the fret board with an elegant ease, playing an upbeat jazzy waltz that would not be so out of place in a Kalosian evening. It was something that someone could dance around without having to think too hard to follow the rhythm, even for a little strange creature like the Gothita. That's when he started to sing, and no one would probably understand him because he was singing in Kalosian. Totally not because the person pulling the strings behind him was not in the mood to write lyrics. Yup. Still, one would get the vibes that it was a romantic song judging by the tone.

Basil's voice was that of a young baritone that had not fully yet matured though for now settled on the higher range. In a way, his voice was not exactly suitable for the song. It was folksy and bluesy, soulful with a smokey finish though not smokey as in raspy like a chain smoker. It was more like the feeling someone would have if they were sitting around a campfire and yet it was uncompromising, powerful. No one would think it would come out of this scrawny kid though he paid no mind to whoever passed him by. He only focused on his audience of one.

Eventually, however, the show had to end. The song came to a close and he would find himself feeling his Pokedex vibrate. Did Amelia respond? Basil glanced down at its screen and felt his blood run cold. Quickly, he shot a text back at her.

Don't move. I'm coming to get you.

His chest swelled with air and then deflated. Basil could only kick himself for leaving a little kid like her alone for so long. He glanced down at the Gothita and with an unapologetic smile said, "Sorry, but that's going to have to be my last song for now. Someone I know got hurt and I need to go help them, but..." He rummaged through his bag and held out a Pokeball for the little psychic-type. "If you don't have anywhere to go, how about you tag along? This won't be the last time I'll be playing."

He waited to see what it would do.

There was a moment of silence from Professor Kapoc's end when Jason asked his question. Eventually, he said in a neutral matter of fact tone, "No, nothing like that has happened."

Jason heard a sigh from the other end of the line. "If it's any comfort to you, you're more than likely safe. This stays between us, but I am privy to certain information." In the background he could heard the clacking of a keyboard. "There was an incident in Sinnoh regarding Team Galatic's previous leadership. He tried to remake the world and to do so, he summoned the two legendary Pokemon of time and space and bound them to his will. If neither of them could remove him from our timeline in such a dire situation, then whatever forced Celebi out can't do it to you if it hasn't done so already. We're all bound to a logic, even Celebi's ability to time travel has its own rules."

There seemed to be some noise in the background, as if there were people yelling. "I'm only going to tell this to you once. Let this lie and continue on your journey. I know that you think you're an adult, but you are not. You are still a kid. Enjoy it while you still can and let us deal with the situation."

There was some shrill, unintelligible yelling, but there was one word that Jason could make out. Rather, it was a name, Amelia. "Look, I've got to go. I've got another mess I need to clean up. Take care."

Kapoc hung up on Jason. Now what?


So, in a desperate attempt to get distance from the kappa menace Tristan ordered Angel to use her Rapid Spin to kick up her own leaves. However, as soon as she spun and kicked up the leaves something happened. The leaves that she kicked up began to glow green and instead of turning into some sort of nuisance, the leaves smashed against the Lombre and physically pushed it back. Angel would have been just as confused as to what happened. Whatever happened, it wasn't on purpose.

"Oho? Now isn't that interesting," Ramos mused to himself. "Cover your ears and then follow up with Water Gun!" The Lombre covered its earholes and shot a stream of water at what would probably be the Leafage and pushed through the mass of leaves and hit Angel for not very effective damage. "Don't let up! Use Knock Off again!"

Once again, the Lombre's hand crackled with black energy and charged straight at the Gossifleur to slam it down on its shiny flowery head.

How does Tristan react?


Did the watchman believe her? Absolutely not. Was he going to push the matter? Absolutely not. He just watched this kid hog tie a man with great efficiency. Between all the ghosts and graverobbers, Stella scared him more. "Uh, have a good night miss."

Well, that happened.

But anyway! She went back in town and before stopping by the old manor and saw that there was a light on in one of the windows and a shadow waiting by it though rather than reporting back to the old man, Stella decided to call it a night after a pleasant stroll with her newly acquired Gastly. Luckily, there were some free bunks to accommodate her, so she was not sleeping out in the open that night. She could lay in bed and close her eyes and drift off into sleep.


Stella stood in darkness. At least, she thought she was standing. There was a weightlessness, as if she was barely tethered to what she could assume was the ground. If she down there was an inky darkness and if she looked up, side-to-side then it was there as well. The only source of light was that of a pale full moon as white as freshly fallen snow above her.

She could hear something, a ticking. It was not coming from any particular direction. In fact, it was coming from all sides. If she was so inclined to look for the source, she'd walk aimlessly for what felt like hours or minutes. Time was hard to grasp in a dream after all. Eventually, she would find herself standing in front of what she could assume to be a clock tower. It was tall and had a clock face as bright as the moon though the tower itself was obstructed by shadow. It just ticked, ticked, and ticked on and on.

For some reason, Stella felt a sense of familiarity with it. She had seen it before, but she just couldn't place it. Not that it mattered for she had other problems. That clock ticking? It was getting louder and louder, except it sounded like it was coming from inside her head. At some point the noise became so deafeningly loud that it had lost any semblance from being from a clock. For a dream, it was strikingly painful as if her ear drums were going to blow any second. The last thing she would see was the full moon was no longer in the sky; it was now a crescent moon just below her feet.

Then she wakes up, safe in her bed.

What does Stella do to start her day?


It had been a bit since Basil last busked. There was something peaceful about it, becoming part of the background noise among the bustling life of a town that was indifferent to his existence. It was not like he was unaware that there were those that stopped to listen to him because he was so absorbed in what he was doing. He thanked those who tipped him and glanced at those who stopped to listen to him and smiled politely in acknowledgement. However, he looked through them rather than at them. It was easier that way, lest his nerves got the better of him.

Eventually though he stopped and examined whatever loot he received. There was a bit of money, which he was happy with though there were a few other objects in his case. One was a repel and he was not going to complain about getting one for free. It was the other two items that were of interest. Basil picked up the capsule and held up closely to his face. "Wait, there's no way... An ability capsule? Aren't these super valuable?" Now he was not sure, but he was certain that they were not the most easily accessible item on the market.

Well, surely that was the only surprise. Basil looked at the other item and his face soured. "Did that guy seriously give me a rock?" He picked it up and looked at it with disdain. If he had not known better, he would've chucked it into the water right there except the young noble recognized that it was an unusual stone with a pristinely smooth texture almost like glass. Actually, he was certain that he had definitely seen something like this before. Had some of the noble women worn this as some sort of jewelry. Maybe, but that wasn't it either. "Hold on, this is that thing that evolves a Clefairy." Were people just being really generous today or was Kalmia right about luck?

Well, he was not going to look a gift Ponyta in the mouth. He stuffed his earnings into his bag and had his mandolin back in its case and tried to set off to kill more time elsewhere. The key word in that sentence was 'tried.' Basil tried to take a step forward, except his foot was stuck to the ground. "Huh?" Again, he tried to move his leg and again it would not move. Again, Basil tried, but with must gusto though he would have an easier time removing his teeth at this point. Hell, he was trying to pull his leg up with both of his hands with all of his might, but in the end, he resigned to himself to his fate. "Guess this is how I die. Not to a Hydreigon, but to..."

His eyes trailed down and that's when he saw two very blue wide eyes on a small little doll of a Pokemon standing on his shadow. Basil for once had no need for the Pokedex to identify what it was. "Uh, hi there." He swiveled his head to look around to see if the Gothita belonged to anyone that passed him by. If he was in Worldedge this would have been a common enough sight, but they were much too far to say that it wandered off from the city. It would've made sense if it belonged to someone though there was not a soul claiming it. Maybe it was a wild one?

"I guess you're the reason I can't move. That's a question to ask the professor later." While Basil had no idea what Shadow Tag was, he could put two and two together. What must've happened was that it must've heard his music and wandered over to him and coincidentally stood on his shadow. "Would you like me to play a song just for you?" He asked with a smile.

The man was completely unaware to the sudden weight of the Yamper on his body. Scamp would feel the hot breath against its nose and would feel a burn. This man wasn't asleep because he was tired. He was out cold because he was completely pissed out of his mind. So, when the Yamper gave the drunk a series of wet licks he woke up with a loud snort and in a slow daze his eyes fluttered open and squinted with bloodshot eyes. "Uh...wha?" He looked down at the Yamper on his lap with a confused look and then at this teenage girl that for some reason was in his cabin.

"How did you...?" He looked at the door and saw that the lock was not turned. "Oh." The watchman listened to what Stella had to say and his face just went absolutely pale realizing that he was in deep shit if this got out. "Uh, er, yeah there's rope. How about you lead me to where they are?"

For the sake of brevity, Stella led the watchman to the unconscious duo and looked at her as if she was a serial murderer. "Lass, should I even ask why one of them is even crispy and why the other is covered in saliva? Wait, oh my god he's looking at me." The one that had been licked by her Gastly was staring them in the eyes though he could not say anything for some reason. Maybe because he was afraid of getting saliva in his mouth or because he was paralyzed.

The man tossed a bundle of rope towards her. "Lend me a hand. I'll get the big guy and you get bug eyes over there." Again, for the sake of brevity the two graverobbers were tied though Stella had a choice on how to tie the one up.

"Phew, I can definitely say that this was not on my bingo card for the night." He turned his attention towards Stella and said, "I guess I should thank you for catching these two. You deserve a reward. Totally not a bribe or anything."

Stella earned 3500 P!

Or she could try to extort him if she was so inclined.

What does she do?

Connected Areas:

Florasong Town
Route 2


"I'm going to stop you right there." Kapoc suddenly said. "It's obvious that you really don't want to tell me what happened and that's fine. Originally, I just wanted to tell you be smart and use your discretion in regard to Celebi, but I couldn't even contact you. Frankly speaking, I wasn't sure if you got sent to another timeline and believe me, I did not want to tell your parents that their son was sent to some unquantifiable distance in time." It was certainly a conversation that most people would not like to have. Imagine being told that your child was sent into an unspecified point in time by a capricious magical onion fairy and there was nothing that they could do about it until if said fairy decided to send them back. His job was one to be envious of.

There was a weird moment where Kapoc seemed distracted by something on his end. Jason was not sure what he heard, but he could've sworn he heard the professor mutter, "Am I cursed or something? I can read it in her accent."

Jason could hear a heavy sigh heaved from the other line. "Look, I know that I'm not a cuddly guy. Believe me, I know, but I am not your enemy. I won't force you tell me what happened, but I can tell you're shaken. It doesn't have to be now, but you do have my number."

What does Jason do?

@Joshua Tamashii@Lunarlord34

Steph received a text back from Professor Kapoc. It said, K. Clearly he was not good at expressing his feelings.

Freya smiled and with a shrug said, "Eh, alright then. Let's get moving then!"

Steph would begin training her Pokemon in the woods. This was actually the perfect spot to train her particular chosen Pokemon. Frankly speaking, it could hardly be described as training and more like just curb stomping the local population. Well, for the most part. While she was training, occasionally there were different Pokemon that were not as common as the others. There was a bipedal bird walking around the path carrying a massive leek that rested on its shoulder. It had sharp eyes that dared anyone to challenge it and it certainly looked like it was raring to smack something or someone with that stupidly large leek it wielded. Just one hit from that bird's weapon of choice was definitely going to leave a bruise. Then there were mischievous purple monkeys with a functional hand for a tail that while not posing much of a fight were just annoying little things.

Aipom, the Long Tail Pokemon. It uses its tail to pluck fruits that are out of reach. Its tail is more adept than its real hands.

"Farfetch'd, the Wild Duck Pokemon. The Farfetch'd of the Galarian variety are brave warriors, and they wield thick, tough leeks in battle."

Her Pokemon overall suffered little damage and no status ailments. Lucky her.

Dusk is now level 14!
Dennis is now level 12! Dennis learned Taunt!
Jack is now level 12! Jack learned Quick Attack!
Lucky is now level 12! Lucky learned Flame Wheel!

Meanwhile, while Steph was training Amelia was continuing foraging. Unlucky for her though, she seemed to be struggling to find any more berries or any trinkets on the ground. Well, she eventually did find an Oran Berry and when she reached out for it the berry was snapped away in an instant. Something rustled within the leaves of the berry tree and popped out the head of one of those annoying little Aimpoms with a big grin.

"Pom pom?" It held out the berry that it took from Amelia in a mocking manner before it went up higher in the tree. "Shi shi shi shi!" It chuckled teasingly.

"Hey give that back you little jerk!" Freya shouted from below and in response, the Aipom made a face while sticking its tongue out at her.

What does either of them do?


And in a strategic move, Tristan switched Ace out for Angel! The poor little dive was doused, but still stood up against the attack.

Repeating a winning strategy, the Lombre was enraptured by the Sweet Scent and followed its nose only to eat a face full of leaves. The problem was that the attack did very little damage and by comparison, the Water Gun that Angel switched in already put her behind in a battle of attrition though that could always be remedied by its ability should he switch.

"Hm, I'd be in a tough spot if that diva sang again. Lombre, use Knock Off!" Black sparks of energy formed around the kappa's hands, and it charged forward and swung down to smack the floral singer into the ground.

How does Tristan react?

@PlatinumSkink@Joshua Tamashii

Never could Basil have had imagined that a human being could make the sort of sound that Professor Kalmia made. Of course he was excited to have hatched his Toxel, but he could not comprehend why the good professor was literally bouncing with excitement. Well, that was until it was explained to him.

"Shiny?" Basil looked down at the hatchling who in turn looked up at him with its half lidded relaxed stare. "Huh, so it's like winning the lottery in a way. I've probably used up all of my luck." The young noble chuckled though he was only half joking. Surviving and obtaining a Deino and now this? There was no way that the universe was going to keep going to keep rewarding him. It was only a matter of time before it happened.

Those thoughts were broken though when he was met face to face with the vacant stare of Slowpoke. "I suppose they do." He cracked an amused smile. Who would've thought that I'd hatch something so rare. Maybe that's a sign of...wait.

His widened with realization as something dawned over Basil as he glanced back down at the shiny Toxel. "Oh my god." This little bundle of electric, toxic joy was one of the rarest Pokemon in all of Isson. If the shiny phenomenon was as rare occurrence as Kalmia said it was, then that meant they were highly sought after, but this was also a Pokemon not native to the region. In other words, it was a one of a kind. His only saving grace was that there had to be only a handful of people in this region that knew what Toxels were typically meant to look like, otherwise he may have attracted some very much unwanted attention from unsavory crowds.

Suddenly, he felt very tired. "Well, thank you very much Professor. I can certainly say that this has been eventful." His face lit up as he remembered something. "Oh, uh, before I go, I really need to give you a heads up. Long story short, Ms. Lesley brought me to that island on Dragon Lake to catch a dragon, and I have a Deino now. You may want to stock up on protective gear and a sturdy chew toy." It was probably better that she never learned what he did. She'd probably have a heart attack. "I better let you go. I'll let you know what happens with Amelia. Talk to you later."

Well, with that phone call out of the way he decided that he should probably let Amelia know that he was done with his business, wherever she was. Luckily, he already had her contact info courtesy of Professor Kalmia.

Was the emote a bit much? He had a feeling that Amelia was a bit tense around him, so he thought maybe that would've made her warmup to him a bit. Or maybe it had the opposite effect.

The Toxel on his lap yawned and struggled to keep its eyes open. "It's been a big day for you, hasn't it? You can take a nap in your ball." Basil used one of his Pokeballs to house the baby Pokemon. There would be time to introduce the newest members to the rest of his team.

"Now we wait." All he could do right now was just sit on that bench and do absolutely nothing. Well, actually there was something he could do. From his bag he took out his mandolin case and clicked it open. He placed the case down on the ground with the opening pointed towards anyone passing by and just started to play. The songs he played were probably old Issonian folk songs. Either someone would throw some change into his case, or the universe would throw something else at him.

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