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So, that's how it was. Hell in a handbasket was he ever glad to not be in the military. It sounded way too much like a bureaucratic migraine just waiting to happen. If it were Nolan, he would murder them if he made it out of the shithole alive. It somehow made working as a mercenary look more like honest work by comparison to whatever backwater system they had in this god forsaken country. "Better you than me," he said shaking his head with a grimace of disbelief.

The monk's attention turned to Ria who obviously had more of an understanding on what exactly these things were and listened to what she had to propose. Frankly, he didn't like the idea. It was way too dependent on whether or not Ria could maintain the barrier under constant duress from Asterin attacks, but the guardsmen were already onboard with the idea. Nolan relented with a sigh and said, "It'll have to do. Not like we have much time to plan anyway if those lizard bastards regroup quickly. Get to your stations then." While the guardsman went to their stationed positions, Nolan grabbed Ria by the shoulder.

"If this doesn't work, I want you to evacuate everyone and leave me behind to deal with the Asterins. No one is dying on my watch." He let go of his shoulder before rode off to cover one of the gaps with a dark expression etched on his face. For someone that acted like he didn't care about other people, he surely was caring a lot more than he meant to let on.

He tapped his earpiece and asked, "Corporal, what is our ETA?" It was better now to ask while it was still calm. Nolan was still unfamiliar with the lay of the land. After all, he had only been a part of the guild for as long as he lived in the kingdom, which was to say for not a very long time.

I mean, while summoning magic is not a thing you could just make a magic that focuses on just making constructs like using ink to draw creatures or be able to summon puppets like how Sword Magic in the manga allowed the mage to summon a sword from their grimoire.

Edit: If I remember correctly though, the specific swords had to be absorbed into the grimoire so maybe that wouldn't actually work unless the magic itself was puppeteering and then had a puppet made for later?

For the background, start with an idea for a motivation and expand on it. Why does your character want to join the knights? Are there other factors involved?
I sense shenanigans are about to occur.
Let me know if I need to change anything.

It happened so quickly. They were about to exchange pleasantries when the fire mage was blasted by an attack that he couldn't even perceive. The next thing he knew saw some pretty boy hurtling towards the ground with a god damn rapier.

"The hell?!" Where in the world did that guy even come from?! He was literally looking up two seconds ago! Ludo watched as the two nobles descended at a rapid pace towards the ground while it turned into a match to retrieve the sphere that blue haired fancy fuck. However, that one moment of distraction would prove to be fatal for him.

He heard the mage cast his spell before he saw it. Translucent green tendrils wrapped around his body and pinned his arms to his side and a second ensnared the hand holding the Angel Sphere. And the one responsible for it? When people talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater, his parents really should have done exactly that. Of all people he had to be caught by, it had to be a guy who looked like the leftover pooled grease from an on old griddle given flesh.

The grip on him tightened, but he refused to make a sound. On a quick glance down, he could see that the poison around his hand was floating like ink in the slime. The magic was still there, so the slime wasn't absorbing his mana. So why was it that he could feel not only a powerful well of mana flowing from this slimeball, but it was growing stronger? Now, Ludo had no knowledge about the Heart Kingdom's Mana Method, but generally he understood that as a rule of thumb that people cannot use more mana than they have. Of course, he had no way of being certain what this guy's upper limit was, but it was if he was pushing past it every second. It was almost as if...

Ludo remembered something, something that he saw earlier that day. It was when he was walking along the festive streets, littered with stalls. Some stalls sold trinkets, some sold food, and then there were peddlers pushing for a certain miracle in a bottle.

The tendrils tightened their squeeze to the delighted perverted glee of his captor. Ludo let out a blood curdling scream of pain like a wild animal being tortured. One would think that he was about to throw in the towel, except the corners of his mouth curved upwards. His animalistic scream turned into mischievous cackling. "Did you seriously think I was going to give you the satisfaction, you fraud?" He asked with the widest grin, but Edward could see it Ludo's eyes; the Poison Mage saw through him, and he was livid.

"Death's Touch," He intoned. The tentacles suddenly started having trouble squeezing his body; that same poison that was on his hand had begun to grow from all over his body, shimmering with a strange aura.

He chuckled with that wild grin and a violent glint in his eyes. "You wanted to play with the big boys, right? You've got your power. Let's play you rat." While maintaining Death's Touch, Ludo drew from the deep well in his body, but here was the part that would throw most for a loop. Instead of trying to break it out, he casted his magic through the slime that ensnared him. Like he had noted before, the magic in the poison had not been absorbed by the slime so he decided to overflow it with as much of his own Poison Magic as possible.

Magic was not just about having the most amount of power, it was also about control. The question was how well Edward could control a large amount of a mana that he was not used to when Ludo was pumping his slime construct full of poison. It wasn't just random magic either, there were serpents swimming in his smile, writhing and pushing against the blob's form in an effort to make Edward concentrate on maintaining the slime and its tendril's shape and size. If Edward could not maintain it, well, hopefully he liked snakes.

Alright, I'll think on that. Sorry that I am being a bother by the way.
I mean, I'm asking because that's what he's gonna try to do. Figured that's what he would do and suffer the consequences before he rips him a new one. Would it be easier to collab this or is that unnecessary?
Hey, sorry to bother you again. I'm just gonna assume that if Ludo tries to blast his way out that the tendrils won't break?
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