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Ah old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
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Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
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I hate my roommate and his cat right now
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Bloody laptop
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Bloody hell Date a live might've been a horrendous adaption of the light novels, but f*ck it's got a fantastic soundtrack
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Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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At Penny's words and comforting embrace, the blonde seemed to relax considerably, even allowing a grin to form again. "Y-yeah we do..." Perhaps Jasmine's reaction to seeing Penny was indeed over the top, but if Jasmine was certainly the type to wear her heart on her sleeve, for better or worse. But she had really missed the older girl, so there was nothing in showing it right? And while Jasmine was sure Penny would have more stories to share than she would, it didn't mean that she didn't have her own number of impactful adventures during these last two years. Any day with Rajah is filled with its own exciting challenges, whether that also be for better or worse.

Though now that she realized she had put on such a pitiful emotional display in front of the gathered audience, well, now she was burying herself into Penny for reasons other than being afraid of Nolan. Now she was just embarrassed. Rajah would probably laugh at her if she saw this little outburst....wait. Where was Rajah? Blinking as she looked up to try and spot the flying mischief-maker, that was when she saw Trinity handing the swearing and screaming cat...and she had a collar on now?

"Unhand me you fucking foul cretin! Who are you to dare touch me! I'm giving you once more chance to remove this before I-" She had been like this the entire time that Damian had punted her. From the moment she had left his boot, to the moment Trinity had caught her, even while Karn had been holding her. She was just going off her nutter, throwing curses and insults around like it was going out of style. But man, was she going wild. Jasmine had missed this so was confused why Rajah was so upset, but her stream of insults was finally cut off as Jasmine reached and smothered the cat into her side.

"Don't just fly off like that Rajah! Wait...why do you have a collar? Who did this?" Looking from the cat, who was making annoyed, yet too muffled to make out what she was saying noises into her shirt, to Trinity, it didn't take much to work out who did it. "R-rajah isn't a pet! Don't collar her!"

It was hard to take her anger seriously though, between her flushed expression and the pout she was making as she went to take the collar off. Rajah was an exceed, effectively a person. It was cruel and demeaning to put a collar on her! I might teach the exceed a lesson, but that wasn't the point! Jasmine was starting to get a grasp on how to best handle the furball, and all this would do is annoy Rajah and make it impossible to handle her properly!

"Waah! They were picking on me Jaz!" Finally getting free of Jasmine's shirt, the exceed climbed up and hugged her shoulder, and began letting out some of the most obvious crocodile tears ever seen. Hell, not even Jasmine was falling for this trick. She had done something again, hadn't she? "Just....go get something to eat Rajah. And please behave."

Phoenix Wing Guild-Hall


Ethel watched as the strange, pudgy man began as he responded to her? Her gaze following him, unchanging and frosty as he spoke, even as he made a mention about her eyes, even making a weird gesture to her. Just who the hell was this guy? And why was he so...overwhelmingly friendly and energetic? She could practically feel the pure, unfiltered excitement radiating off every fiber of his being, his entire presence just being so....bright? Yeah, bright was the right term for it. One's presence was unique, different from everyone else even if it was subtle. But this? There was nothing subtle about this, it was just different from anything else she had experienced.

"This hood was a gift..." Rubbing the fabric between her fingers fondly for a moment, she soon turned her full attention back to D'angelo as the music died back down. She still hadn't gotten a proper read on him yet...but he didn't seem like a bad guy? Like there was no way someone could have such a bright and pure presence and be bad right? "And yeah I know where he is."

Her eyes narrowed slightly as he spoke in a much more serious tone. Now, Ethel was a terrible read of a person for the most part. But like, she was good at picking up the obvious hints or using their presence as an indicator for someone's intentions. And this just shady, the way he spoke and changed attitude all of a sudden. His presence remained the same however, that was one thing that no one could hide. So it left the girl conflicted. What was his business with Nolan anyway? He seemed more than happy to talk about it, without actually mentioning what it was. Before she could question him on that subject, however, his attention was soon stolen away by a flying, punted Rajah screaming obscenities, who's path Ethel watched on blankly as she went overhead.

Ok. That was weird, but now surely she could...nope. On that line of thought, thinking she could finally get D'Angelo back on track! But of course, he was immediately distracted once more by someone's entrance. She really needed to get him to calm down here, but would she be able to? He was obviously easily excitable...maybe a good bonk on the head? Would stone suffice? Or would that be too hard...hmm it was difficult wasn't it. If he was an enemy it would be easier to decide, no mercy would be shown. But she didn't want to hurt someone just because they acted suspiciously....or rather she didn't want to be scolded for doing that. Again.

Wait, fluffy tails? Just who the hell had entered the guild? Ethel couldn't find of anyone with such a remarkable and noteworthy appearance at all! This was definitely something she would remember.

But once more Ethel couldn't get a word in with D'angelo's energy and excitment at literally anything happening barely gave her time to react or process what was happening. Was he shaking her right now? Like a ragdoll? Yes, yes he was. Now she was just getting annoyed. Was it really that unbelievable that Nolan found himself a girlfriend? Well, suppose he was afraid of women. Everyone knew that. It had taken a little while for him to get used to Ethel, and...could she even consider herself human at this point? She knew a lot of people didn't...

Oh great, he was rocking her. Again. And gushing absolute nonsense, again. But the most annoying thing about this all....was having to fight the rising excitement she felt welling up inside of her as well. She was originally leaving to get some fresh air because of all the excitement in the air threatening to drive her over the edge, and that was nothing compared to the energy emanating from D'angelo himself alone. It really took her all of her willpower and training to keep the emotion from overwhelming and bursting forth from her. Frankly, it was making her sick to her very core. But she didn't let that show as she was blankly rocked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Repeatedly. Was he done yet? Where did he keep all this energy anyway? Surely he shouldn't be so large with how much energy he was burning right? So many questions went through the girl's mind before he finally stopped, seemingly realizing what he was doing and apologizing.

"That's fine. Eth-I don't really care. Just show some restraint, as others might." Fixing up some hair that had been shaken loose, her gaze once more pierced into him as he asked to see Nolan. "It's not really that's just Ariel. They've been dating for over two years now. At least according to Ethel's memory."

And she more than anyone else knew about their relationship. More than anyone else would probably want or should know in all honesty.

"I guess I can take you to him." She paused, looking over to where Ariel and Nolan were. Should she interrupt? Then again, it wasn't like they were alone. But also, she had yet to descern this mans fact she hadn't learned anything really. Just that he was excitable. She didn't even know his name, let alone his purpose. What if bringing him other put Nolan in danger? Well not that she really feared for his safety, Nolan was more than capable of defending himself. But it was still a possibility.

All this thinking was making her headache. Or was that all the excitment? The rocking? She wasn't even sure at this point.

"But first...what business do you have with him? Ethel is curious." She seemed to think for a moment, stroking her chin as she spoke in a soft mumble before her gaze returned to lock with D'angelo. "Ethel wants to know....friend, foe, ally, family, a request? You stated something about 'giving him what he deserves', I want to know what that is. If you're a threat, then I will eliminate you. Eradicate. Butcher. Ethel-I will not let anyone harm him, Ariel or anyone else." To accompany her terrifying words was just a simple blank look. Like what she said was the most natural thing to say.

The thought of no enemy would be stupid enough to walk into a packed guild like this in broad daylight didn't even dawn on the girl. To her, D'angelo was simply a mysterious and potentially dangerous element. One that she would put down without a second thought if he answered wrongly, and with her cloak's power currently not active, her intent to do so was beginning to spill out.

"If not, then I'll let you see him. Simple, yes?"

"I see." Akemi echoed the same words as Tone did. So the stadium was off-limits after all? Not surprising to Akemi seeing as she had never even seen the place used, and similar buildings of importance tended to be owned by local authorities and the like or the crown. Though the girl didn't leave the coliseum till Tone spoke up, articulating his frustration at the prospect of the duo having plans. Why exactly did he think they were together like this in the middle of a festival? The only reason they had come over this way after all was because of the ruckus Tone had caused. Of course, Akemi was ironically oblivious to Tone's own density and lack of social graces on this matter.

"Maybe later?" Akemi suggested as kept talking, looking at Zen with a slightly tilted head. "Date?" What did her being with Zen have to do with fruit? Once more her lack of social awareness shone through as she blinked at the older boy as he left. It would seem Zen would most certainly have to clarify this. "Hey Z, what does he mean by date? Is this a date? What's a 'date'?"

All while she asked these questions, she peered up at him, an aura of innocent energy around her burning so brightly it would be as blinding as she was oblivious to the awkward nature of her line of questioning.

If there was one thing that she was grateful for having Menzai around for, it was his sharp mind and intellect. It was perhaps a little too sharp and perceptive for her liking, but it certainly made things a lot easier and meant fewer explanations when someone could quickly grasp what you were telling them. Also for the silence. The less talking meant the more planning she could focus her energy on. His mind also thought of many possibilities and issues at once, much like herself as he spoke about her own capabilities. While she was fitter than she let others believe, long treks like this were certainly not a regular thing for the fragile appearing girl. Walking for as long as they did together wasn't all that tiring, however now as the day grew older, the legs became a bit wearier and energy levels would begin to dip as hunger levels rose, it was indeed a fair point that she was probably not up to the task. Plus there were dangers to traveling at night which she would rather avoid.

She also appreciated holding back his interest in her magic. It was something she would rather not explain in detail, you never know when even a small bit of info could bring about one's downfall. Especially when it comes to their capabilities. And she had yet to see his own magic in action, yet he was most certainly going to see hers soon enough, giving him an advantage in her eyes which she didn't want to further much more than she needed to let happen.

It wouldn't be long till they reached the tree she spoke of, Alina finally looking up from her journal before closing it with a soft sigh. Suppose it was about time then huh? Waiting for Menzai to come to a stop before slowly dropping off onto her feet, hugging the bundle of clothes and her pouch to her chest as she eyed the wolfman over her shoulder. "Stay here a moment....and uh don't be too startled upon my return yeah? My magic tends to leave a lasting impression." She considered making a joke about not peeping on her, but he seemed far too serious a stick in the mud to do that. And honestly, might be offended at the suggestion if the criminal joke she had made earlier was any indication.

And if he actually did? Well, fair play to him I guess.

Scurrying out of sight behind the tree, she quickly stripped down to her birthday suit before closing her eyes. Visualize. Capture the image of what you wanted to become, center in on it, and focus on the details. From the man's wavy brown hair to his rippling muscular frame. It was always hardest the first time transforming into a new form, just the effort and thought required to remember every single detail to get it down pat was insane. The second, third, etc times were always easier, her body would have begun to remember the form. But for now, she could just feel herself swell in size, both in terms of frame and height. It was also why she didn't transform clothed, her previous attire would've been too small and been shredded, a problem she would look to correct with time. But also, she was afraid of something going wrong in the larger clothing. Didn't want to get twisted up in a form she wasn't familiar with.

It was over in under a minute. Normally she would be able to shift quicker, but the first time really did require a lot of concentration as she opened her eyes, taking a few moments to adjust to her newer burlier form, looking down at her clenched fist, which she would clench and unclenched a few more times as she adjusted to the body. Unbeknownst to her, her scent had also considerably changed. Before, it was a subtle, clean smell of ink and tea. Now it was more of sweat, testosterone, and flowers.

After getting changed into the new clothes and stashing her old ones into her now hilariously smaller than the new body pouch, she called out to Menzai, though straining herself to talk with her usual voice rather than the one more suited to this body. "I'm done."

With that said, she would come striding out from behind the tree, having to duck down to avoid a lower hanging branch which hadn't bothered her when she had previously gone by. She had taken note of it, and luckily she had or the height gain might've earned her a branch to the face. Putting on a nervous facade as she approached Menzai, who was seeing this as if one of the strapping young lads from earlier had just materialised from where Alina had disappeared off to. Stretching an arm, she would take her position up on the other side to Menzai, shooting him a toothy grin as she got prepared to move the cart.

"So whatcha think? Pretty convincing yeah?" She had even imitated their voice.

Phoenix Wing Guild Hall


The sudden embrace from Amaya certainly caught the young man off-guard, awkwardly just sitting there for a moment as he took a moment to process the contact. In fact, that was a lie. He seemed to be frozen on the spot for the entirety of the hug, barely able to grasp what was happening right now. It was a good thing he was sitting down, otherwise it would've been very difficult for her to hug him like this. He finally reacted when Cecilia sat atop his head, frowning slightly but otherwise not saying anything to the cat. He wasn't sure what it was about his head that Cecilia liked, but she liked to use him as a seat. And like, the cat wasn't that heavy so it didn't mind the young man thus the lack of a complaint, but it did puzzle him nonetheless.

"Ah...yeah, always good to see you as well." Realising he hadn't really said anything, with his brain seemingly failing to work after the unexpected hug, he managed those words with a bit of an awkward tone. Luckily for him though that awkwardness mostly got covered up by the music that now blared throughout the guild-hall. Glancing towards the stage, he was very much curious as to what the hell was going on over there. But honestly, he had a rough idea so it could wait till later.

The more pressing issue right now was that Amaya was talking about a festival and asking him to go with her to it....once more his mind just seemed to break apart. Festival...with Amaya. Better with people that mean something? He couldn't believe what he was hearing. She really had changed a lot over the last two years!

"Ah...sure...I mean yeah, of course I would love to! Sounds like fun." Snapping from his daze, he went to energetically nod his head but stopped just before he would. Right, he had a cat sitting on him. Probably best not to throw her off. She might claw him by accident, or do even worse.

"After all, you mean a lot to me as well."


Silverbranch Glade -> Wolven Pyre Guild Hall


There wasn't many things more relaxing than a stroll through the forest just outside of town, or at least to Manami there wasn't. Only things she could think of to top it would be a relaxing hot bath or hot spring trip, or maybe some small talk over a cup of tea or coffee. And a few biscuits or scones or something of the sort to go down with the hot beverages. Hmm just the thought had Manami craving a nice fresh cup of caromile or honey tea, or maybe jasmine or oolong. Honestly, even some cheap tea wouldn't go astray.

At that thought, she decided to cut her little stroll short, looking over her shoulder to see where Shiro had gotten herself to. The younger lady was always close by, even if Manami had invited her on the little trip she knew she would've tailed her. She had known Shiro too long to not be able to predict her movements, and sure enough she was strolling just a little further behind. It wasn't that Shiro was pretending not to follow her, she had scolded Shiro enough about it that there's no way her loyal friend would want that again. No, she seemed more intent on taking in the surroundings, but not to partake in the beauty of nature like Manami. More like, scanning for threats and other such pointless thoughts.

Manami sighed. She couldn't blame Shiro for the paranoia, but even after all this time here in the Silverbrance Glade she hadn't relaxed once. If she didn't know Shiro so well, she would be concerned for her well-being with her being so on edge all the time. But she was was like this, so no use worrying about it.

Gesturing to the white-haired girl that she was heading back to the guild-hall that they had basically been calling home for the last few months, Manami increased to a brisker pace. It wouldn't take them long, only maybe twenty minutes, before the guild hall came into view. Or rather, the tree that made up the guild-hall. It truly was a sight to behold, no matter how many times she had seen it by now she couldn't help but stand and admire it for a few seconds. Though as she went to continue, her gaze locked onto the group approaching the tree not that far from herself.

"Shiro, be a dear and head back to the guild-hall ahead of me. I'm sure Meredith will get some tea ready if you ask her."



"...Fine, but do not take too long."

"Thank you, you really are a sweetie Shiro~"

Silently, Shiro shook her head and went ahead as asked. Now alone, Manami clasped her hands together and moved to intercept the trio, taking a moment to let a wide grin form, albeit a somewhat noticeably forced one.

"Ah, Zhulie dear, did you have to go and retrieve young Bullet again? I do wish he would stay in bed and rest, or do as he was told for once in general. Meredith won't be pleased with him." With long, elegant strides, Manami approached the group with her head tilted and resting on the palm of her hand. "Oh? And you even found a new friend? A pleasure to meet you, I'm Manami."

While Manami talked with the group that came in from outside, Shiro was already slipping into the guild after taking a moment to observe her surroundings. There seemed to be a few groups scattered about, but she didn't even register most of them. They were insigificant and didn't even deserve the brain power. The only one she was interested in the moment was Meredith, and so she made her way to the bar just as Henri began his nut catching trick.

"....You're awfully proud of your plain woeful display of skill, or lack thereof, Mr Baptiste." Came the short and sharp, icy cold tone of Shiro's voice as she strode past the seated duo of Argus and Henri, taking the next stool and promptly sitting down without even a glance their way. "Lady Manami asked me to request some tea Mrs Clagnan, so whatever you have in stock at the moment will suffice please. She isn't overly picky on her tea." While her tone didn't change, her words certainly shifted greatly as she talked to Meredith.

"Ms Pesta also seems to be dragging that annoying pest back, along with bringing a guest along. So maybe an extra pot of tea in case they wanted some as well."

Just like any other day for the pyromancer, it began with a late start. No doubt by the time most of her guildmates got to the guild, she was only just stirring from her long slumber. Kicking off her blankets and blearily glanced over at the window, narrowing her eyes and mumbling about the bright light filtering in through the dark coloured blinds. Of course it would be bright though, it was past noon. With a yawn and ruffling of her hair, Ash slowly slide out of her bed and stretched her arms out wide. God her head hurt. Maybe that drinking challenge with a few of her fellow mages last night went a little too far, but she was never one to turn down a challenge. Unless it involved swimming or the sort, fuck that noise! She would rather sprint through town doing a handstand stark naked.

Groggily making her own to her bathroom to have a shower and try to wake up even a little bit more, she couldn't hold back the content sigh as the absolutely steaming hot water washed over her. No one on earth bar Ash would ever have the shower turned only onto the hot tap, but this was the only way she could use the shower without freaking out, so who cares if she used all her hot water in one go....not like she had to share with anyone else.

After her shower and getting changed into her usual attire, she supposed she should go and check out if there was any new jobs at the guild. Sure, she had only returned from a job like yesterday, but she was already itching for a fight and by this point, there were very few in the guild who wanted to spar with her. At first, there were plenty of keen challengers and accepters of a challenge from Ash. But it didn't take long for a lot of the...weaker minded guild members to reconsider such plans in the future as she proceeded to absolutely body the majority of them, her over the top aggression and lack of ability to hold back giving a few of them some less than desirable results. Of course, there were a few in the guild that could go to to toe with the former dark mage, and even a few she couldn't beat. But that just drove her even further, fueled by the challenge of beating someone like a Hunter instead of just going a few rounds and eventually losing.

After-all, once she could beat them, she would be better placed to beat that old man.

She could try Enma? That was someone she wanted to fight for a while, since their days in Frenzy Plant really, but for one reason or another they hadn't gotten round to it yet. Today could be the day? Who knows, she would have to see if he was even in town first. Or maybe Hunter could be down for a bout. Irregardless, she would have to go to the guild hall to find out what her next move at any rate.

After initially starting out like a zombie, by the time she got to the guild-hall her trademark, aggressively energetic smile was plastered all over her face as she 'lightly' kicked the doors open. Sure, she could've pushed them open like a normal person. But it was so much more satisfying to hear the loud bang the doors made when she did this, and everyone in the guild hall was sure to know who it was by such an entrance as well. "And what's going on here eh? Got bloody half the guild over er' so must be important." Upon entry, the first thing Ash saw was the small gathering near the front and sauntered on over, a deep chuckle escaping her as she leaned her elbow atop of Enma's head during Keiko's barriage of questions. "Hahaha finally got a fangirl did ya big guy? Congrats, told ya there would be a weirdo out there who would!"

"Hahaha...ha...ha....but seriously, who's the kid?" Wiping a few tears from her eyes as her laughter died down, she pointed down towards the white haired girl. Ash had either not noticed observer, or was ignoring it. Either possibility wouldn't surprise anyone. "Prince find a stray out front or something?"

Phoenix Wing Training Grounds->Phoenix Wing Guild Hall


While most might've thought that after having done various sword swinging drills for the last 4 hours, one might be deserving of a break. But not the man currently standing by his lonesome in the middle of the training grounds that belonged to the one of, if not the most prominent light guild going around, Phoenix Wing. Today was even meant to be a rest day, but his relentless and stubborn want to train would come as little surprise to anyone who knew the young man Cody Bloodstein. His work ethic was second to none once he set his mind on something, no matter how sore his arms felt after each swing, nor how much sweat he felt running down his face, drenching the ground as it dripped down with a soft plop, he kept swinging all while repeating the same single thought.

"It's still not good enough. Faster, stronger, more. Don't stop."

He couldn't afford to slacken off, he knew this all too well. He was sick of being of little to no use when he was actually needed, the pain of failure a powerful fuel source as all the pent up frustration he felt from those moments drove him even further. He wouldn't fail anyone again, or so that was his goal. Some might call it impossible, but without setting a lofty height, how could one properly motivate themselves? And while his training with the blade had certainly paid passive dividends, especially his trip with his mentor James for several months, he knew this wasn't enough. Not even learning a 2nd magic was enough for the young man, simply just another thing to perfect in his goal to protect.

Even now, his body ached and screamed at him to stop, finding the well of mental fortitude he had built up over the last two years to be key in overcoming any aches and pains of such low intensity. It would only be another ten minutes though before even that sturdy brick wall would come crumbling down as if made of straw, finding that during one swing his sweat coated hands lost grip of his sword. Slipping from his grasp, he watched blankly as it flew across the training grounds, before grimacing as the air was soon filled with a sharp, metallic clang as it clashed heavily against a wall.

Ok, maybe that was a good sign to stop.

He wasn't even sure how long he had been at it for, what had felt like only a couple of hours to him had actually been over five. He looked over to where Ethel would normally be found watching him, though she seemed absent today. Or maybe she had already come and gone? He was unsure, he didn't claim to ever understand how that girls mind worked, nor did he particularly want to. With a sigh, he dismissed the lonely thoughts that began to cloud his mind. He definitely wasn't missing being told how cool his swordplay looked at all, definitely not.

Moving over to where he had flung Magia, he sheathed the blade before running some water, splashing it over his face as he reached over for a towel he had brought with him. Obviously the intensity of the training meant he needed something to wipe away the sweat, drying his face as he turned the tap off and looked skyward for a moment, a thought creeping into his tired mind. Had it really been two years? He wasn't sure why that thought had materialised, though he now moved his gaze down to his palm, where his guild mark was proudly presented and couldn't help the smile that crept across his face.

"Two years huh?" Tracing the mark slowly, he couldn't help but reflect on everything that had happened since that fateful day. While he had wanted to join a guild, he couldn't help but pinch himself at the time that he had joined Phoenix Wing, who's reputation had only soared in the time since, though through no effort of his own. When he had joined the guild, he was so weak, so frail and so...idiotic. His actions only getting his fellow members in trouble. However, since he commenced his training with James, even Cody couldn't deny that he had grown stronger, even if he hadn't grown as strong as he would've liked, he pinned that on himself rather than his mentor.

Letting out another sigh, he let the towel hang from his shoulders as he began the short trek back home. His grumbling stomach finally getting through to him to show just how long he had been at it, deciding that maybe it was indeed time for a short break at the very least. For even though he was stubborn and knew he needed to keep training if he wanted to get stronger, James had also hammered in that breaks were necessary to rest and recover properly.

He had saved up some money from doing quests and bought an apartment on the outskirts of town, a fair bit out of his way but it was affordable and cozy enough. Plus the walk from the apartment to the guildhall he also considered part of his training, sometimes even running there if he felt like it. So he stopped off there, to briefly shower and get a change of clothes, before heading towards the guild hall. While he was perfectly capable of cooking himself, the food at the guildhall was simply better. Plus, there was a fair chance that he could dine and chat with James for a little. Or maybe find himself a quest to do, he was running short on funds so that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Oh, he could always go on a quest with James! That would be fun indeed. And if James was too busy, maybe he could try someone else? It wouldn't hurt to build a rapport with more of the members, like some of the newer ones seemed fun to be around at the very least. While these and many other similar thoughts filled his mind, he didn't seem to notice the time fly as he soon found himself out the front of the guild hall, taking a moment to admire the structure as he sighed once more, happily though. Nothing felt quite like home like the guild-hall, did it?

Taking another moment, he would push open the doors and could immediately feel the buzz of excitement in the air. It was packed, as usual, but there was a certain...atmosphere about. Something was happening, you didn't need any special senses or super computer IQ to work it out. And when Damian grabbed the microphone, well that only confirmed it.

Wait, Damian? When had he gotten back? While Cody couldn't exactly say he knew the man personally all that well, his reputation amongst the guild was very strong. He and another S-Class in Penny had gone off travelling together, so Cody hadn't seen much of either the last couple of years, so their return was news in of itself. But what followed was almost as big.

A festival? A parade? Even a Exhibition match between the S-Classes? Well, this was all a bit of a shock to the system to Cody. He wasn't against the idea, in fact he among others were certainly in favour of it, the excitement in the room swelling to fever point it seemed. Many were cheering, many raised their hands, many did both, others simply smiling and excitedly chatting amongst themselves. Ah what a time to return indeed, he was glad he had decided to come back to the guild hall. He would've missed the announcement if he hadn't.

Spotting James, he took a step towards his mentor before someone else caught his eye. Or rather, the movement of the exceed on the table. Was that....yes, it was. Standing dumbfounded for a moment, he soon mentally snapped himself out of his stupor before energetically making his way over. Even though his body was sore and tired, just seeing the person in question again was enough to fill him with energy as he stopped short of the table that Amaya and Ceclia sat at.

Now he hadn't only come over here upon seeing Amaya out of impulse, but uh he didn't actually know what to say at all as he sat down across from her. Would she even remember him? Regardless, he should say something right? Yeah he should.
"Been a while Amaya, how was your training?" With a sheepish grin, he awkwardly fumbled about with his hands as he tried not to stare at her. "And uh more have you been?"


Outside Magnolia

"I-it's not funny Rajah!" Came an annoyed remark from the water dragon slayer as she and her winged partner made their way back to Magnolia, puffing her cheeks out. Jasmine had gone on a Job to deliver a package to Hargeon Port, and while that was a trip that took a long while by foot, Jasmine had no choice to. Being a dragon slayer, she couldn't handle any form of transportation as things stood, developing a debilitating case of motion sickness just at the thought of going by carriage or train. And while she could see the funny side of the situation, having spent a whole four years living as a travelling merchant with her 'parents' only for her magic to resurface two years ago and now she was unable to set foot on one without becoming a vegetable.

But what she didn't find funny was Rajah's constant need to remind her of how pathetic it was!

"I'm just saying Jaz, we could've had this job wrapped up in under a day! But instead it's taken us five!" The exceed moaned, making exeraggerated movements with her arms to showcase her annoyance at the situation. Not that she had sore legs or anything, she had flown the entire time after-all with seemingly little effort. So Jasmine wasn't sure what her problem was!

"W-well if you had just carried me-"

"You know I can't do that Jaz, it's beneath someone of my station to carry their servant around."

"A-and I keep telling you I'm not your servant!"

How many times had they had this argument? Probably the entire two years that she and the exceed had none one another. That's right, even when they first met, she refused to carry the actually quite small Dragon Slayer. At first, Jasmine let her excuse of being too small slide. But now, even she was getting annoyed with the exceed's complaints. If she had such a big problem with them taking so long, then she shouldn't be so lazy!

"A-and besides Rajah, we only took five days because you spent two whole days wanting to explore the port and eat fish!"

"Hmph, you should be grateful I even let you have some."

"I paid for it!"

"And as my favourite servant, so you should. And as do I, I pay you with my beautiful, graceful presence every day! Bwahahahaha!" Seeming quite proud of herself despite how flustered the blonde was getting with the argument, Rajah let out a bellowing laughter that filled the air with her mocking tone.

"J-just forget it..." Rubbing her temples and letting out a heavy sigh, Jasmine could only shake her head as Rajah looked smugly down upon her. She knew better than to try and argue with the exceed, she had a skull thicker than the earth's crust. But Rajah was adorable, and most of the time tolerable at least so Jasmine didn't mind her as company, though some would find their relationship to be far more bizarre just that of 'the odd couple'.

Jasmine just wanted to get back to the guild hall and report back that the Job had been finished and she had gotten the payment from the client, go home to the dorms, have a shower or bath or whatever, then go to sleep. The job had taken way longer than it should've thanks to Rajah, no matter how much she complained that it was Jasmine's own fault. While she couldn't deny that walking there made the trip longer, she wasn't the one wasting time!

During their argument, Magnolia had began to creep into view. They would only be about another hour or so, then Jasmine could sit back and relax for at least a few hours. Unless Jamie needed her to man the bar again. She found herself unable to refuse any requests from most individuals, let alone the guild master. No matter how mundane it might be or how tired she herself be, such as cleaning the guild hall, taking over the bar or even helping out in the kitchen. Hell, sometimes she asked to do it or started doing it without being asked. All she wanted to do was help out wherever she could, it was the least she could after everything the guild had already done for her.

"H-hey, Jaz, whats wrong?" Jasmine had come to an abrupt stop, and that was when Rajah saw the man sitting in the middle of the path sharpening a sword. "Huh? Who the hell do you think you are fuckface? Get the fuck outta the way!" Her tone changed quite considerably, where-as she seemed to be more teasing Jasmine, now she was full on just mad and annoyed at this man.

"Well, well, well. Thought we could hear some lovely ladies bickering...but who would've thought it was just one girl, and a flying furball huh boys?" The man shrugged, sighing as another dozen or so random generic bozo's bandits walked out from their respective hiding places. "Eh, only one little girl boss? Why we bothering with this? I know ya gotta a thing for blondes, but come on." Came the complaint from a man to his right.

Now that Jasmine thought about it, there had been a Job posted to deal with some bandits in the area. Would she get in trouble completing a job she hadn't taken? Though this was purely self defense. Irregardless, to think they would operate so close to Magnolia? They were either incredibly brave, or insanely stupid. As the men bickered amongst themselves, Jasmine stepped forward and brought her left forward, showing the men the back of her hand; and more importantly, the Phoenix Wing mark that shone a brilliant gold in the sunlight.

"I-If you know what's good for you...l-lay down your weapons. I-I'm a mage from Phoenix Wing, s-so come quietly and I-I'll put in a good word with the Rune Knights...or umm...something." Her tone tailed off near the end, becoming quieter as the men stared blankly at her, before erupting into laughter. One even wiped a tear from their eye.

"You? A Mage? Girlie, we don't care if you're a mage from some pathetic light guild." Jasmine's eye twitched slightly at that comment. "We'll just deal with you and be on our way. Or we could return your give yourself up quietly, and we won't be too rough on you." A sneer followed the bandit's comment as their boss continued to watch her silently.

"Bahaha!" A loud laugh escaped Rajah, drawing the attention of all those present.

"And what's so funny cat?!"

"The fact you think that you mere pathetic humans think you can challenge me...The Goddess of all creation, Rajah! bahahahaha!" With another loud laugh, each and every word that came forth from the orange exceed was drenced in arrogance, a condescending look in her eyes just pissing the bandits off further. And in fact, more taunts and insults continued to spew forth from Rajah much to the horror of Jasmine.

"R-Rajah! I-I can deal with this, so quiet!" Jasmine knew that if the exceed opened her mouth any more, then a fight would be unavoidable. So she would need to act quickly, because even she could tell that these bandits weren't going to leave her alone or come along quietly...but it had been worth a try. She still had one more trick up her sleeve though. Bringing her hands together, almost as if she was praying, she felt magic welling up inside her.

Having heard enough dribble from Rajah, the bandits soon froze as a sudden....calmness overcome them. Soothing waves, the smell of water, began to overpower their senses as they felt their consciousness slip away. One by one, they dropped to the ground, with only the leader managing to overpower the sensation that threatened to overcome their weak physce.

"W-what did you do girl?!" He seemed infuriated by the development, weakly getting up yet he seemed unable to muster any real...anger or venom about his words, almost sounding half-asleep. Jasmine seemed startled as her hands moved to the pendant around her neck.

" didn't get them all. W-what do I do?" The man looked puzzleded as Jasmine seemed to be talking to herself, nodding as if she had received a response. "I-I'm sorry...b-but you asked for it!" Confused even further by her sudden apology, he blinked as suddenly Jasmine was in front of him, grabbing the front of his shirt before showing strength beyond that of her small and petite frame, lifting the much larger man up and over her head and slamming him against the ground. Having the wind knocked out of him, he was fully awake now as he gasped for air before feeling Jasmine sit atop his abodmen.

"T-this won't hurt a bit."

"Wh-what are you-"

Confusion spread across his face as Jasmine placed her hands on his chest, he was knocked out cold almost immediately as he felt all his strength leave him. Exhaling deeply, Jasmine could feel her heart racing a mile a minute. That could've gone so, so, so much worse. Shooting a sharp glare up towards Rajah, who was too busy smugly telling the bandits that's what they got for messing with her, she let out a sigh before opening up her backpack and pulling out some rope. She didn't even bother asking or telling Rajah to make herself useful and help her tie them up, it was pointless. Not only did Rajah not know how to tie rope, she wouldn't listen anyway. And even if by some miracle she did...she would just mess it up.

Magnolia->Phoenix Wing Guildhall

@Silver Fox@hatakekuro@CitrusArms@Sho Minazuki@MarshiestMallow
After having dropped off the bandits at the local Rune Knight garrison, or whatever was the eqvuivalant in Magnolia and managing to get a payment for a job she hadn't even accepted, she made a beeline for the guild so she could uh...explain that she had already done the job so they should take it down. It wouldn't be long before the girl was pushing open the guild hall doors, just in time for a loud cheer to burst forth and nearly blow her ear drums out. Letting out a scream, she dropped to her knees and covered her ears, visibly confused as a pained look crossed her features.

It had been so loud and unexpected she couldn't stop she knew the guild hall was normally pretty noisey, but not that noisey. What was going on to make everyone so excited? Had someone started another brawl? She sure hoped not....

"Oh come on Jaz, don't be so pathetic! It was just a little noise!" Rajah shook her head disapprovingly as she fly into the guild hall, leaving the shellshocked slayer outside.

After a minute or so, Jasmine eventually moved her hands away from her ears and began slowly creeping back inside, first peeking her head through the door, before finally feeling safe enough that she could enter without her eardrums bursting again. She would have to find out what made them so excited....

"PENNY!" Well, that was certainly one thing she thought that might generate some excitement, it certainly filled her with such as she couldn't stop the beaming grin from forming as she ran over to Penny and joined in the hugging melee, not noticing at all everyone else in the vicinity as she nuzzled against Penny's shoulder...and was that tears?

"I-I missed you so muchhhhhhh! S-so much has happened!" Yep, those were tears as the younger girl sniffled and bawled her eyes out. That was at least till she opened her eyes and saw Nolan....then she went as pale as a ghost and frantically tried to hide behind Penny.

Magnolia->Phoenix Wing Guild-Hall

@Landaus Five-One@samreaper

Ethel had woken up rather early this morning, being careful not to wake Nolan as she made her way out. She usually left early in the morning, but unlike usual she wasn't off to go and bother Cody during his morning training. Well, she had watched him for a while but decided it was best to leave him to his own thoughts. Besides, she had a fairly important task to do today, the beginnings of a smile threatening to grace the girl as she bent down to Chu, the fluffy abomination happily munching the small crushed crystals in her outstretched hand. This was the last of her crushed lacrima supply, so she would have to go and pick up a new batch from Jarvis, although any lacrima would do his magic was exceptionally handy for this. Wiping her hand on her shoulder, she picked up the still happily munching Chu and put the little furball onto her shoulder. After it would scurry and hide down her cloak as she would bask in the sunlight for just a while longer, before dropping off from atop the random house she had decided to perch herself atop of.

There was no one beneath her when she dropped to scare the living daylights out of today though, so that was a nice added little bonus. She wasn't sure if Jamie or Jarvis wanted to hear another complaint of such nature about Ethel, there had already been at least 7 this week alone after all.

Though with her hood currently up, everybody milled about their business as per usual, paying no mind to the hilariously short young lady as she weaved her way through the masses. Not even a glance went her way, something that wouldn't have bothered Ethel anyway as her cloaks ability would've made the opposite rather worrying. Did she even need to cloak her presence amongst the crowd? Well, probably not. But Ethel preferred to go about things with as little fuss as possible, and this certainly aided in that regard.

Normally she would be arriving shortly at the guild, but instead she decided to take a more scenic route. She didn't really have any plans later on, bar talking to Jarvis about her lacrima restock, so she decided she had plenty of time to kill even after spending a good couple of hours watching Cody. With nary a thought, the girl completely vanished from view. Normally this would startle the crowd around her, but with her presence already obscured, none knew she was even there anyway. She would reappear a moment later outside a bakery, a purse of coins soon following in her hand. After fishing out a few coins, she would push open the door to the store, taking a moment to bask in the heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread and other goods.

"Ah, little Ethel is back again huh?" Came the husky voice of the man at the counter, who was currently polishing a mug before shooting the regular a toothy grin. "Whatcha after today little miss?"

"I already told you..." A sigh escaped Ethel as a hand found itself on her hip, her face unmoving as she stared at the man. "My name is just 'Ethel'. Ethel is just Ethel, not little Ethel, not little miss. Ethel is Ethel." While she didn't sound annoyed, the man did crack a grin and waved at her.

"Yeah yeah, I know little miss. But you're little, and a miss. It would be rather unprofessional of me to just call you Ethel, you are a customer after-all."


"Yeah, really."


Mumbling to herself after the brief exchange, Ethel made a mental log of this discussion for later use. Though there was every chance she would probably just end up forgetting it entirely. it would still make a good reference for the next time this cropped up.

"Eth...I mean I'll just have the usual." Catching herself, she fished a few jewels out of her purse and placed it on the desk, the man looking down at the currency before swiping it off the bench and dropping it into the till beside him.

"Not a problem...though you gave a little too much again. I'll just throw in a few extras, but you really should learn to count better little miss." Shaking his head, he bent down with a small paper bag in hand as Ethel just returned his statement with a tilted head.

She knew very much how to count, she wasn't sure what he was talking about. Actually, this reminded her of the other day when Nolan had asked her to go get some groceries and said something about how the money spent didn't add up, and that she was hopeless with money or something. She wasn't entirely sure what he was going on about, but maybe the incidents were related?

"Here ya go, and don't forget to say hi to your guildmates while you're there....and recommend them to the store." She wasn't given long to dwell on her thoughts, snapped out of her little daze by the hulking man mountain in front of her trying to hand her bulging paper bag back to her. With a grateful and understanding nod, along with a brief sure, she took the variety of sweets and left the building. She had a few more stops to go before the guild, so she popped the bakery treats into her requip pocket dimension and went to her next stop.

Her errands had easily burned through at least a couple of hours by the time she found herself pushing open the doors to the guild, a pastry in her mouth as she glanced about the building. The place was starting to fill up by now and there was a fair amount of mages in the building, some she recognised, some she didn't, and some she just couldn't think of their names. Now, her only business here today was with Jarvis, but still instead of making a beeline to the guildmaster, she went and found a seat as she continued to munch away at one of her pastries. She still had so much time on her hands for the rest of the day that she didn't feel a particular need to see Jarvis immediately, maybe she would browse the available jobs on the board as well? It had been a good couple of weeks since her last job, so she should probably go on one at some point.

And she would do just that after finishing off her little treat, though nothing on the board really caught her interest despite a thorough half hour search of every available job. Maybe she should find someone to tag along with? If none of them were particularly interesting to her, it might be funner to do one with someone else. Should she ask Nolan? She wasn't sure if he would be busy or not, but it might be worth a shout. If not, she could always ask Cody or even someone else entirely.

Though her attention now shifted to a commotion beginning to form. Something or someone had seemed to stir up the guild, a visible excitement about the inhabitants as Ethel took a moment to study those around her. Yep, it was definitely excitement. Of the good variety as well, as she began to push her way through to try and find the source of the commotion. She could hear the loud voice ringing throughout the guildhall, but well her short stature made it very difficult to try and look over other people to see who was speaking.

Oh, they were on stage now. That would help. And oh, it was


David? No...Daniel? No that wasn't it either. Tilting her head, she began to scratch away at her milky blue hair as she racked her memory for the name of the mage on stage. He was really important too, but bloody hell what was it? Declan? Damnit what was it....Oh right, Damian! That's it! Like a light bulb going off in her head, she nodded approvingly as the guild suddenly began to cheer. She had been so caught up in her thoughts, she had barely registered what Damian had been saying, looking around mildly startled as the guild began to mumour and chatter like schoolchildren amongst themselves.

Spotting Nolan amongst the group near the stage, Ethel instead began to make her way towards the door. He seemed busy catching up with some people that Ethel could recognise, but once again couldn't quite place so maybe it was best to ask her him about going on a job. And the place was getting a little crowded and...excited for her liking, she needed some fresh air otherwise she was going to be overwhelmed by the overflowing emotions in the room. On her way past, the name drop that she so just happened to hear caused her to stop, casting a glance towards the pudgy young man that spoke Nolan's name.

She would've walked straight past without acknowledging him otherwise, but now she turned and took a few steps towards D'angelo, bringing her hood down before brushing some hair from her face. "How do you know Nolan?" She asked, her piercing crimson gaze focusing intensely on the taller boy. It wasn't a glare or anything of the sort, but just a cold and detached look. He seemed to have some reason to be seeking out Nolan, or at least Ethel assumed he did, so she was trying to see if she could work it out. which in all honesty, was hopeless for someone like Ethel. But hey, at least she tried!

"Because he's up front..Ethel can take you to him if you wanted."

The ease with which Zen avoided the blow came as no surprise to any present, though her unmoving gaze followed Zen throughout his entire movement, almost as if in a trance. "Beat him up?" Slowly returning her attention to Tone, while her facial expression never changed her tone more than gave away her puzzlement on his words.

"The only beating will be him of us." Her follow-up assessment was simply peak bluntness, though that could be simply explained by her own mindset, it was the only foreseeable outcome in her eyes. She had never beaten Zen once during their countless spars growing up, at times lucky to even get a blow in on the older boy, and even those were a fluke to her. While she had no doubt grown, she was under no grand delusion that Zen would've stalled; knowing him he was even further away than before. But rather than discourage the girl, the gulf only served to fuel her desire to bridge it.

"I don't think Tone meant anything by it Z. It just seems like his teacher didn't teach him common sense on safely using magic in public." She wouldn't even be able to count the number of times she had heard a lecture on controlling magic and never using it so blatantly in public, or something of that nature. Not just from Zen, but mostly her grandparents. Though different situations, even Akemi thought it to be common sense to not use such magic in the middle of the street. "Well actually... we did have a plan in mind." Walking up beside Zen, oblivious to the quiet seething rage inside the older boy. While Tone was set on sparring, her mind was still set on the gardens, though whether it came before or after the spar didn't faze her. Her gaze never left Tone until he pointed up towards Domus Flau, slowly following the gesture till her eyes settled upon the colosseum.

"Are we even allowed up there?"

The fact that Menzai already seemed to be on the same page was a relief, Alina visibly showing it as such with a deep exhale. "I appreciate the co-operation Mr. Isanami, and will gladly take you up on the offer." Offering a weary smile, she propped herself up on the side of the cart, being careful to not disturb the cart's contents or the tarp as she began to fiddle with the laces of her boots while Menzai pulled the cart along. Slowly and carefully, her delicate fingers untied the knot and loosened the footwear as she half turned to grab a small pouch at her side, hidden beneath her top from prying eyes. During the short travel back through the town, she had taken her time to put her boots inside the pouch, clearly one of magical nature seeing as the boots were more than triple the size of the little bag, and now began to loosen the ribbon in her hair and cleanly folding it before putting it away also. Starting to ruffle through the bag now, she remained silent until they began to reach the outskirts of Petunia.

"Just a little longer, on our way here we passed by a large oak tree about another thirty minutes away. Has a branch that splits in 3 about three-quarters of the way up and about one and half times the size of any other tree we passed, can't miss it. That'll do just fine in getting a decent way from town and I can take over till we break for camp. Unless you plan on making the trek back in the middle of the night?" They could do another solid couple of hours, maybe even get halfway back before it got dark. Depending on the speed they could efficiently move at, and if there were to be no setbacks. While on the inside, Menzai's reaction to the flowers annoyed her more than they ever could the older lady, she still had to feign some form of concern for the beastkin, though she didn't look forward to pulling the cart even in a more suitable form. Perhaps it might've been more efficient to take over from Menzai earlier, but she thought it to be a good distance away from town to avoid anyone walking in on her magic by accident.

With her piece said, she seemed to find what she was looking for and would go silent once more, pulling out clothes that were vastly different from the ones she was wearing. They were a few sizes too large for her and consisted of baggy dark green trousers and a navy blue top. Now that she had what she wanted, her mind was already drifting to other thoughts. She already knew Menzai wasn't one for making small talk, and he was probably even less in the mood for it with all the sniffling she could hear. Just how badly was he reacting to this stuff anyway? Sighing, she pulled out a small, leather-clad journal no bigger than a pocket notebook, and undid the clasp after muttering something under her breath, though she seemed to be careful to not let Menzai hear it.

Pulling out a pen next, she would write until they reached their designation, the only sound that could be heard from her was the sound of pen on paper, and Menzai was sure to be grateful for the smell of ink, though an oddly scented ink, if nothing else. Though it wasn't enough to overpower the flower's pungent aroma. While she had the chance, she had figured it was best to jolt down the notes before the unthinkable happened, her memory somehow failing her one way or the other. It was always easier to jot down one's thoughts while they were fresh, as the longer one waited the staler they became and the more details one would forget. Unless he decided to start a conversation, Alina would stay like this till their designation.

It would seem that no one in their little trio was on the same wavelength at all. Not from what any of them were thinking at any rate. Although nothing Zen said Akemi would really argue with, silently nodding along beside him. Even though she had done reasonably well in Era, it was only because she had the backing of Ria, the older girl issuing instructions, and Akemi simply only having to follow them. It was harder against the lightning slayer when she was on her own for a while, with Ria having to deal with the lightning palace. Her actual combat experience outside of that however was effectively nonexistent, and fighting her other guildmates was probably the safest way to gain that experience.

"I mean, you left rather quickly, what better way to describe it than running out? In fact...You seem quite distressed at the time...are you alright?" Recalling how Tone seemed to almost be in pain when he had ran out, coughing and hacking all the way like he was trying to throw his lunch up, a concerned tone crept into her voice as she looked him over. She was completely oblivious to the reason why he had run away was actually in fact due to herself, and it would likely stay that way since Tone didn't seem like he was going to admit it anytime soon. "...You are ok, right?" Was that fear in the older boys eyes? The reason why was even more lost on the younger girl as she tilted her head, watching as Tone now moved into his stance.

Now you would think the stance and sudden rise of magic power would've been the indication the girl needed to figure out what he was doing. But her obliviousness reached new heights not seemingly possible as she just blankly watched him suddenly launch his offensive on Zen, completely baffled as to the reasons why. "I don't think this is the time or place Tone...we're in the middle of the capital." Yawning, the girl showed no concern for Zen. He would be able to handle Tone she was sure. Zen was invincible after-all! At least, in her own mind he was.

"Unless...Z, is it fine to spar in the middle of the street?"

"Ah of course, my mistake." With a sheepish look, Alina nodded in agreement. "Indeed it would be...festivals are good for any business really, especially a celebration as big as this." Following after the man, with Menzai no doubt in tow, Alina took a cursory look around the store, her observant gaze taking in every small detail. She only need the quick glance over and she had already begun memorizing it's interior, tucking it away in case she ever needed it again. Which was doubtful, but if it was one thing she loathed it was being caught unawares or unprepared.

Watching as the old man, who she would later find out to be called Kato, approached another eldery figure, this time a woman who just by laying ones gaze on her barking orders as such even someone with the IQ of a brick could work out was the boss around here. Or at least, someone in some form of authoritative position. With Kato introducing them to the older lady, Alina gave her a brief smile and wave before diverting her gaze to the two that the older lady called out to-Heath and Oscar. Younger lads, probably in charge of the manual labour around here, or at least their physique would lead one to think as such. Her gaze slowly drifted back to the older lady as she spoke, soaking in everything she said like a sponge before repeating the important parts back to the older lady. "Keep the tarp on them and don't touch or smell the produce. I don't believe that will be a problem as my partner here has some...sensitive synuses. Terrible allergies really, so we'll make sure to treat them with care." Another small half truth to also explain and smooth over any strange behaviour Menzai might be exhibiting due to his sense of smell, it would be overloaded after all.

"And I don't believe that'll be much of a problem." Although her smile never faltered, on the inside she was already working out how long the return trip would take with a cart this size. It would slow them down no doubt, and it had already taken them seven hours to walk here. They wouldn't have the time to make it back before the day was out, so maybe it was best to simply settle in an inn in town and leave in the morning? Although if they wanted to save the jewels, and perhaps some time, they could just start the trip back tonight, then stop for the night and continue on in the morning. Unless they could procure some horses, but that was the least likely option of the lot and probably the more expensive one even if they could.

As Heath and Oscar loaded up the cart, Alina's hand subconsciously crept up to her chin as she started tapping rhymatically, as if in a trance. What would be the play here? No offense to Menzai, but while he seemed rather fit, he also didn't seem like he was made to be pushing that cart for half a day or so without a break or however long it would take them. Alina already knew she would be of little use as she currently was, which led her gaze back to the two loading up the cart. Recruiting help was obviously out of the question. No, her mind was already drifting to her next course of action. She had done well to keep her magic under wraps for the most part, she had no choice but to reveal to her teammates from the Magi Mari mission what it was. But thus far Menzai had proven a rather...exasperating one to try and get a handle on. How would he take her magic? She wouldn't be able to know where to predict his response, so it could be a gamble. But it was also suspicious to not be willing later if he asked about it wouldn't it? She had already told him her magic wasn't combat suited, but nothing else.

With a inward sigh, her hand slowly went back to her side. There really was no point in hiding her magic from the guild, but her inner paranoia and distrust simply kept holding her back from doing so. After all, the nature of her magic was the one thing she couldn't hide from them. But, it was probably their best course of action of getting the job done at a reasonable rate, or at least without making Menzai do the majority of the pulling home.

"Let me help." With a spring in her step and a eager tone about her voice, she would make her way over to the duo loading up the cart. While she wouldn't really help with any heavy lifting, she would help with the arranging in the cart or lifting any smaller loads of flowers. All the while, she made a conscious effort to make contact with the duo at one point or another, whether it was when they were handing her something or giving them a handshake once the work was done.

Once the cart was loaded up and the old lady gestured for them to leave, she would give the younger men a brief grateful smile and wave before returning to Menzai and speaking to him in a whisper. "If you wouldn't mind pulling the cart for now Mr Isanami? I'll give you a hand once we're out of town, I would rather not unsettle the townsfolk when I use my magic." Without giving further explanation, she turned away from him and bid farewell to the older woman and man respectfully as they past them.

Even though it never manifested physically as a smile, Akemi's face seemed to light up as if she were, nodding eagerly. Like Zen though, she just blinked as the burly man running the stall addressed Zen as 'older miss'. "But Z's a guy....right?" Even Akemi seemed confused for a moment before gratefully accepting the food with one hand, the other was about to dig out her purse from her pocket but Zen had already given some jewels to the man. She would've protested, but the rumbling that once more escaped her drew her attention back to her task at hand. Devouring these dangos.

Silently they would walk, munching on their treats as Akemi continued to gawk at the festivities around them. There were already quite a few groups of people gathering at the local eateries, and more stalls being set up by the moment as a buzz was slowly overtaking the streets of the capital. Biting into the dango, they were quite sweet; perhaps a little too sweet. But Akemi didn't mind, it wasn't often she got to eat sweets of any kind so would take it where she could.

She had just finished and was looking for a bin to drop her rubbish off in when she felt Zen grab onto her hand. Curiously, she tilted her up at him as he spoke before he took off, dragging her behind him as they approached the gathering. Gripping his hand tightly as they pushed through the crowd, not particularly feeling up to being separated and lost in the city, what they found on the other side was indeed a fellow member of their guild...wasn't this the boy that ran out before? What was his name? Akemi racked her brain, tilting her head this way and that as if physically trying to shake the name out of her head before Zen spoke it.

"It's a bad look to punch street clowns you know."

And that was when the Blue Pegasus Mage threw the fireball, detonating on impact with Tone. While the majority of the crowd went running back and away from it, Akemi just stared blankly at it before looking up at Zen as if to say 'should we help?' Not that it seemed like they would need to, as she watched the flames disappear...and into Tones mouth? Ah, right. Slayer magic. She had encountered it once before at Era with Ria, though she hadn't seen the man there eat his element. Nor was it as...beautiful a sight actually to behold unfold. Not the sucking up of the flames, but the blue-hot flames that erupted from Tone as he went to retaliate on the poor 'clown'.

Though Akemi would visibly jump at the sound of Tone's fist breaking the sound barrier, clamping her hands over her ears, her face unchanging, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly towards their fellow mage. Though a lot seemed to be happening, as another man had appeared and Tone was now coming over to them, seeming perplexed by the chain of events. Akemi was probably more perplexed, but it seemed like the matter was resolved? She was unsure, but Tone seemed quite happy to change the subject so she just followed on with it.

"Is that why you ran out of the guildhall earlier?" Recalling his melodramatic exit from the guildhall not that long ago, the girl would quickly nod at his following words. "Even if Z doesn't have the time...I don't mind sparring a bit. I want to get stronger as well."

Behind the smiling gaze, she gave Menzai came a sense of relief. He was an odd one to read, but judging by his reaction he didn't seem to not believe her, or rather have any grounds not to. And the story was half true at least, just like any good lie. She just twisted the facts to her liking, leaving out parts that didn't fit her narrative. So even if her story was seen through, there was no way to tell what was a lie or the truth without knowing the full story. While his response may have disappointed others in terms of turning down the offer to talk about himself, instead it told her just as much as it would've had he had some stories. "I see...well as fascinating a topic magic studies is, I believe a topic like that is best suited in the comforts of the guild library with a soothing cup of tea and some books to share notes with no?" She would have to write down her learnings first chance she got, but for now she stored their little conversation away. They weren't far off now anyway. If he was the type, she would've shared some mindless, idle chatter but he didn't strike her as such, so instead, they traveled the rest of the way in silence. But rather than looking forward, Alina was gazing out to the side, processing the conversation and going over its contents with a fine-tooth comb all the while giving off the air of daydreaming.

Upon arrival in Petunia Town, Alina would take it upon herself to ask for directions from the locals on where to find Sapphire Farms, giving the older couple she had walked up to a grateful smile and curtous nod of her head before parting ways to return to Menzai and inform him that their location was on the other side of town. As they travelled through the small, quant town, Alina was already memorising the buildings around them, creating a mental map of the place as she eyed some peeling paint on the inn, the laughter that erupted from the bar as they passed the building. Would she ever need to remember this place? She didn't know, but she did know that if she didn't, that she would need the information.

Arriving at the farms, Alina noted to herself that the warehouse was bigger than expected for a town this size. Not massively surprising considering these flowers were meant for the Princes ceremony, but still larger than her expectations had envisioned. Deciding it was probably for the best for her to interact with the older gentlemen up front, leaving Menzai to observe the interaction, she allowed an alluring and disarming smile to grace her features.

"Yes, we're indeed rather new to these parts. Wonderful little town and store you got here by the way." Empty flattery, but her tone seemed more than genuine as she approached the older man, brushing some hair behind her ear before clasping her hands together eagerly. "I'm Alina, me and my guildmate here are the ones that accepted the request you posted with Fenixtear." She would leave Menzai to introduce himself however he saw fit, or not at all if he chose to.

"So I believe you have some flowers for us to deliver to Opal Arrangements, correct?"
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