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6 yrs ago
Ah old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
6 yrs ago
Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
6 yrs ago
I hate my roommate and his cat right now
6 yrs ago
Bloody laptop
6 yrs ago
Bloody hell Date a live might've been a horrendous adaption of the light novels, but f*ck it's got a fantastic soundtrack
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Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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Stephanie Irwin

Ok, so...that was most certainly not the intention with the ice shard but Steph was a bit preoccupied to care much! It took out one, and the capture of the paralyzed one took out two. It was just the two wankers spewing toxic gas everywhere and some unlucky sod who was still reeling back from the ice shard, solid. She could still see that Dusk was up and standing, if only barely so it was maybe time she wrapped this up. The sooner she did and got out of the sewers meant the sooner she got out of the city after all.

"Dennis, troy and kayp the poisawn gahs off yoahsself and Jack the baest yah cahn oolroigh'! Jack, taych thaese roigh' ol' cunts haow hahd yah cahn hiieh' em weeth an ice shahd righto!" With her two mons given their marching orders, Jack backed up away from the gas as best he could while firing ice shards back into the smog where the trubbish's had been just prior, whereas Dennis just...kept flapping his wings I guess. Was he tired of doing that? Maybe, but between the poison gas in front of him and the terrifying bogan behind him, that was enough of a stick to keep going.

Dusk now was turning his attention to the trubbish rubbing its eyes, and an idea popped into the candles mind. What if he tried to knock it into the water to get it washed away also? His trainer was a bit preoccupied after all, so he decided this was currently his best course of action to try and make it easier for her. So now Dusk began charging at the poor trubbish, firing off a couple of embers as he made his way over, before attempting to smash into it with astonish and knock it into the sewer water behind(or beside?) of it.

Whereas most of the guild seemed happy enough dancing along to the tunes being provided by the guild master, others seemed content with just sitting back and enjoying the festive atmosphere, there of course remained the few that wanted nothing to do with this. Some sat at the bar, some left the guild hall when they saw what was being set up, while one person, in particular, had holed themselves up in a corner of the guild hall by her lonesome. Of course, many had tried to approach the girl in the corner before, only to be swiftly rejected through the giving of a cold shoulder or for those truly unlucky, a verbal barrage that made fighting a pack of hungry wolves bare-handed with no magic a far more enticing prospect.

The girl screamed of pedigree and privilege in appearance, fair skin, silky, silvery hair that framed a comely profile and seemed to almost shine in the lights of the guild hall and striking blood-red orbs fixated on the book before her, eyes darting across the pages at an increasingly vexed manner as the music continued to play and the vocals filled the air. Eventually, her raising and visible irritation seemed to reach boiling point as she slammed her book shut, the cover of which was in stark contrast to her well-kept attire in its currently disheveled and deteriorated state to which the title The Last Knight was barely visible even from as close as Adelyn was.

"This place can't be quiet for longer than five minutes can it?" The girl grumbled to no one in particular, the book in her hand vanishing in a brief flash of light as it returned to her pocket library. It was one of a small collection of books she had managed to salvage before her life had come crashing down on her, and it was cases like this where Requip magic was very handy to stow and retrieve them with.

Yet normally music was an art form in which she took pleasure in partaking in, but much to how she looked, she very much stuck her nose up at whatever this bashing of the senses was. Did it really have to be so obnoxiously loud and in your face? Music should be far, far, far more subtle and calming, it should soothe the soul, not threaten to burst your eardrums! Yet, it was lucky for her she was as far away as possible from it as it meant it was quieter. However, the downside meant if she wanted to escape the music, she would have to go closer and risk going through the crowd dancing along or simply stay where she was and suffer it. Neither situation really appealed to the girl, and honestly, she didn't want to get anywhere near some of the rowdier or more uncouth sorts so she decided to try and skirt around as much of it as possible, eventually leading her to the bar and upon realizing it would probably just be better to wait out the music, she just decided to stay there as she sat down on a stool and quite gracefully sprawled herself out over the counter.

Aka she just smacked her forehead into it and sat there, thinking maybe if she gave herself a big enough headache it would drown out the music. Spoiler, it didn't.

"Honestly, uncivilized mongrels don't need much of an excuse to make a ruckus like this." Sure, Nolan wasn't really asking anyone and probably wasn't expecting an answer, but the girl just seemed to answer on impulse upon hearing someone ask the question without thinking even about who was asking, nor raising her face which was currently becoming one with the countertop as she spoke. "How anyone finds this brash and loud nonsensical clangor enjoyable is beyond my comprehension."
Stephanie Irwin

Fighting a multi battle on her first day wasn't exactly on her radar before this whole mess down here, but it seemed like she wouldn't have much of a choice here. They were splitting up to attack Jack and Dennis for the most part, her gaze moving to the struggling Dusk. Not in terms of actually fighting them, but from the poison which afflicted her partner. She just needed him to hang in a little longer....

But first, she had to deal with the 4 attackers coming at her other two pokemon. Time was running out to think of what to do next as her mind frantically ran through her options. If she had Dennis stop using gust, then considering there was no wind going either way, then the gas would no doubt start creeping back this way....but Dusk was a bit far away from Dennis to be of much use plus it seemed like her partner was gunning right for that paralysed Trubbish to smash its head in with an astonish or two. Maybe take out the pain it was feeling with an ember, so she left Dusk to his own devices to do that which allowed her to come to a decision.

"Ook Jack, use ice shahd on the ground t' cause a deestrahction, thaen layp off the wohl and intuhcept the two crooks troyin t' jump Dennis weeth a scrahtch on bawth! Dennis, kayp up the gust buh' haelp eow' Jack weeth a leeuh!" Was it the best move? Maybe not, but she had to try and keep the two off of Dennis, and with any luck she could take them out quick.

Though a thought did occur to her...what if she just caught one of the trubbishs? That would help narrow down their numbers, and if her memory served her correctly their evolved form was pretty strong, so there was only positives for trying to catch one and the only real risk was she maybe wasted one of her pokeballs. It was worth a shot at any rate. So with that thought in mind, she focused onto whatever one was the one that looked like it was nearly down for the count and wound her arm back before hurling the ball in its direction.

Stephanie Irwin

Oh. Oh no.

It seems like maybe she had a little too much confidence in her partner. She was also maybe expecting the Toxel to be fighting them as well, but it didn't seem to be making a move at the moment and you know what? That was fine. This was fine. She had other pokemon like Jack or-was that gas coming her way?

Oh no.

Uh, what was there she could do? She could try and cover her mouth with a rage or a sleeve or something right? Or did that only work in movies? should work at least to an extent right? There wasn't much choice in backing away either, because presumably the cloud would only continue to spread. And even if she did just cover her mouth to filter it, it still wasn't going anywhere. And standing in a cloud of poison gas didn't seemed pretty bodgie so it was best for her to deal with it now innit?

Which only left one choice.

"Oolroigh' mate, ya probahbly steell nawt moy beeggest fahn buh' eh. Stawp bein a sulk and use a gust t' cleah thiies nawnsaense eow' righto?" Grabbing a ball from her belt, for the first time since she caught the poor bird, she brought out an absolute menance to society.

Dennis the Pidove.

This poor, poor Pidove. Last thing it remembered was being clobbered by a pokeball, and now it was suddenly face to face with Poison gas? Suffice to say, this had been an eventful day for the pokemon now known as Dennis. But it didn't seem all too bothered, staring down the poison gas with an almost angry look. It was mad, and was going to take it out on this gas! Hah take a gust! Flapping its wings with gusto, it would attempt to at least keep the poison gas at bay, not because it was told to but because it wanted to! Yep, def wasn't scared of Steph or anything.

So with Dennis taking care of that, it was probably a bit much to hope he could help Dusk much with the little gust he was generating, so Steph was already grabbing another pokeball and calling out Jack.

"Oolroighty Jack buddy, ya mate Dusk heah nayds a hahnd. Laeh''s shaow em a vawllay of ice shahd! Dusk, use embah t' kayp thaem at bie and kayp usin moinimoize!" Honestly, having to use multiple mons for the first time on her first day was asking a bit much from the new trainer, so it was best to keep it nice and simple for now. She just had to focus on Dusk and the mons he was fighting, and give some support from Jack. Assuming Dennis could keep the gas at bay.

So with a nod, the sneasal would do as asked and begin launching shard after shard of ice into the cloud of poison at the trubbish, mostly leaving the grimer for Dusk. Who, now poisoned, seemed very annoyed and began spraying ember at literally any of the bastards that had poisoned him that dared move closer. Hell, if they came close enough he would hit em with an astonish!
Stephanie Irwin

Of all the things Steph expected to find, it was certainly not a slice of home. Of course, Toxel's weren't exclusive to Galar, but they were most certainly commonly found there and she wasn't expecting to have seen a pokemon native to the region here just yet. But rather than ponder on the logistics, who, whats and whys this Toxel was here, there were more pressing matters.

It seemed like it was in a pickle, and perhaps these explained the scorch marks. It seemed like the local pokemon weren't happy with an invader. At least, that was her assumpting seeing as some of the locals didn't seem to recognize what a Toxel was. With a glance down at Dusk, who simply nodded at her, she stole one more glance towards the ball where Jack was. It wouldn't do to let these mongrels gang up on this tuckered-out little ankle biter now did it? Especially not after what she had promised Jack earlier.

"Oolroigh' Dusk, yah knaow whaht t' do eh?"


"Ok thaen bud, laets staht thiies shaow weeth an Embah!"

Leaping off her shoulder, Dusk wasted no time in starting things off as commanded, aiming a nice little fiery surprise at the grimer as it seemed to be the boss of this little group. The Litwick would follow up the move with a Minimize as well, before moving to just shoots ember at will at the little bastards trying to gang up the Toxel.
Stephanie Irwin

Not going to lie...Steph was slightly disappointed in the timidness of the wild mons around her. She was at least maybe hoping for one to have some spine left but from an outsider's perspective, who the fuck could blame them? This pyschopath and her 'friends' just suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked them without mercy! But at any rate, it made following the trail easier. What kind of pokemon made marks like this? Was it an explosion of some sort? Fire? Elecricity? Was it even a pokemon? A few of these questions went through her mind as a couple of slow moving ratata caught her eye.

Something was off about them. Why were they...oh. Seeing the sparks come off a few, it removed the question before it had even finished forming in her bogan mind. Paralysis? Did that mean the scorch marks were caused by elecricity? Some sort of discharge or the sort judging by how the scorch marks were made and formed. And judging by the amount she was finding....well, it seemed like if she was disappointed by the wild pokemon's lack of hostility, she might find whatever this was was going to be a fair bit more hostile perhaps.

"Lit! Lit lit litwick!" Snapped back to reality by her partner's yelling in her ear, she flinched and looked at Dusk bewildered for a moment before she heard it. She had heard similar noises before on the farm when they had to deal with a broken cable on a power line...of course she hadn't been allowed to help and they got professionals to deal with it, but the sound of sparking was still vivid in her mind. Perhaps whatever was around the corner was the same? In which case...that was potentially very dangerous. Pausing for a moment as she inched closer to the corner, the sounds got more distinct. Was something generating and discharging elecrticity? It was an odd noise, but one look at Dusk who was ready and raring to go calmed any nerves she might've had.

It was fine, whatever this was she was sure Dusk could handle right?

"Oolroighty dusk buddy, laeh''s gao geh' em eh?" Flashing a grin to the Litwick, who simply gave her an excited nod in response, she stepped around the corner to face down whatever was on the other side. Hopefully without being fried in the process, though if whatever it was attacked, then Dusk would leap into action and counter with Embers.
Stephanie Irwin

Spotting the scorch marks, Steph raised an eyebrow and called back Dusk to her shoulder, returning Glory and Jack back to their balls, before kneeling down to inspect the marks. Honestly, she wasn't too sure what she was looking at or for, but anything that may hold a clue as to the cause. That was when she would spot the one that still smelled strongly of smoke, and even seemed to be smouldering slightly. There wasn't near where Dusk had been fighting right? Like, the chances of this being caused by Dusk wasn't zero...however, she was already knocking out that possibility. The other scorch marks were way too old.

Maybe if she followed them it could lead her to the source? Maybe it was whatever was the weird pokemon that came out at night that she had heard about, and thus the reason why she was down here? Either that or it was entirly unrelated, but at any rate this was her only clue as of now so suppose it was best to follow it for now. Worst case, it was a waste of her time or maybe she found another odd pokemon down here?

So, standing up and dusting off her knees, she would go in the direction she believed that it had gone, keeping Dusk at the ready in the case that if she were to come across the pokemon, or any pokemon for that matter, and it was hostile, then her partner would be ready and raring to go.

Stephanie Irwin

Communication. It was such a simple, basic tool humans have used for centuries-nay, Millenium. From helping each other in hunting and gathering, to something as simple as explaining the need to go into the sewers to investigate reports of a strange pokemon sighting, communication between individuals was key. Yet, Steph was far too engrossed in her own keeness and seemed to be under the assumption that Freya had also overheard the rumour, and thus hadn't felt the need to explain even as she was opening up the manhole currently beneath her.

Not even when the other girl showed her disgust, Steph didn't really explain and just shrugged.

"Suih' yoahsself Freya, guess Oy'll say whaht's bayn causin a fuss daown theah boy myself." With that said and a brief wave good-bye, the red-head made her way down below into Grand Glory city's sewers.

Now, most people would be put off by such a stench, and it isn't like Steph was completely immune or anything. She still made a bit of a face, but honestly, this was about what she had expected. It was a sewer after all. But honestly, it wasn't that much worse than the fields back home now was it? Lots of Taurus and Miltank dung and whatnot lying around, and guess who was one of the lucky ones in charge of cleaning it up? Plus cleaning their stalls...

Anyway, such a disgusting stench was only mildly offputting for someone of Steph's upbringing and tolerable for the most part. Dusk on the other hand? The Litwick certainly didn't seem happy....but also didn't seem to have a nose so maybe it was fine? And honestly, who knew? Well the DM might but that was a problem for him to sort out.

At any rate, Steph would just look to her partner on her shoulder and at the plethora of slimy Grimer and scattered about ratatata and trubbish and well...while they were down here, it wouldn't hurt to do a little training now would it? Nothing was really in the way down here, so she would look to battle a few mons down here and get some levels into Dusk and Jack in particular, and Glory if she could. He seemed the weakest, so getting some training into him would be invaluable when she could.

All the while, as she explored and trained, she would keep an eye out for any signs of what she was originally down here for. Whether that was odd noises, maybe some strange markings, hell maybe even if an area seemed oddly quiet or lacking in pokemon to other areas. Even if it didn't lead her to the mystery pokemon in question, she might find something else down here if she lucked out.
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