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3 yrs ago
Ah old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
3 yrs ago
Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
3 yrs ago
I hate my roommate and his cat right now
3 yrs ago if anyone wanna watch me suck at playing games XD
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3 yrs ago
Bloody laptop


Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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Mate, I don't learn shiiiiitttttt about this lol

Crossbow bolts arced through the air and impacted into several heads, but for every bug that fell it seemed like another three took it's place. This was getting tedious, and he was running out of room and time to reload. So he did what he thought was best at the time; he hurled the crossbow itself into one that got a little too close for comfort before then driving a bolt through it's head with his bare hands, twisting it to really drive it home in a bloody, brutal display. He had no time to let up either as he began hurling knives in all sorts of directions. In front, above, to the right, five degrees south-everywhere, he was just hurling them...everywhere at this point. Suffice to say it didn't take long for the kitsune to run out of them, earning a click of annoyance. Great. That left only one option then.

With a bug bearing down on top of him, he drew his short sword and allowed the bug to jump him...only for his sword to be driven through it's head by the force of it's own jump. Of course that meant that he was currently trapped under said bug, moving his head to narrow avoid it's acidic blood that singed the side of his head.

Note to self, don't let the blood hit you.

But out of sight was just what he wanted. He allowed him to work his magic. Which he did so, vanishing as he slowly pulled out his sword and crawled out from under the bug. Let's see how these nasties dealt with this, or rather let's see if they could deal with this. Making a beeline for the front, he slashed at anything he passed. All the others would see was a flicker of movement, a flash of steel and then a bloody gash across the monsters face as he made his way to the front. That was when he noticed Macey falling back down into the group of insects he was making his way through....and she proceeded to land directly atop of him.

In hindsight, he probably should've changed directions instead of just watching her fall down on him.
My con check, though if Ook is doing a medicine check there's little need for me to.

"It matters little what we do. There'll be monsters...there always is." The armoured Paladin sighed as his companions talked about heading into town. There were negatives to the idea, but then again no matter what they did here there were negatives. The more important matter at hand was that there was the potential for supplies, or loot at the very least. His lord had sent him here to bring back treasure and while he wasn't overly fond of the idea, wasn't one to argue with his orders. He always got the short straw.

"But, it's better than sitting about here twiddling our thumbs waiting to be attacked I suppose." getting up, he checked his sword before nodding to himself. "Shall we get going then?"
Suppose majority means we do that idea anyways, but sounds like a plan anyways
Hmm, been interested in diving into Pathfinder though I'm a total noob at it lol
I'm pretty new at dnd for the most part but I'm somewhat interested. The timezone difference is a bit of a concern seeing but that time hopefully shouldn't be a problem.
Ashlyn Johnson, Jasmine Lockwood and Rajah

With the threat taken care of, a more confusing scenario began to replace it. The dragons had turned into wizards? Who then turned on Zeref? Ok, while she hadn't understood why Zeref was even here in the first place, or even a single inkling as to what had been happening at all since they had gotten here if she was being perfectly honest, she did seem to understand roughly who these wizards were. Fire Dragon Slayer magic kinda gave it away. The flames around her hand slowly turned red, then disappearing entirely after a few shakes of her hand.

She slowly made her way over to where a group was beginning to form, she was sure that if she just stood around long enough she could overhear some answers at least. It was a start anyway.

The Secret Art had taken a rather visible toll on the blonde. She hadn't seen it hit, nor anything that came after. Everything was literally happening in a blur around of her as the world seemed to tip one way, then the other only to tip back sharply once again. What had happened to her? She couldn't think straight at all as exhaustion washed over her body, soon her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed onto the sand. Ah, it was going to be such a pain to wash that all out of her clothes and hair now.

Wait. She had bigger things to worry about.

The fact she was sprawled out on the beach on her back made her a sitting duck, though she briefly seemed to note that Zeref's attacks had receded for some reason for the time being, so she needed to at least be able to get up and move. Lest she began a burden to the others. Yet when she went to move, she found her body unwilling to listen. If she tried to forcefully move, she was rewarded with a sharp pain throughout. Not helping her case was a weight on her chest. Not that it was heavy, but it was enough that in her weakened state it might as well be a sack of bricks.

"Get up goddamnit! We defeated the little twerp so get up!"

By now, she could barely keep her eyes open. Not even Rajah's near forceful shaking seemed to snap the girl out of her daze, nor the torrent of curses that streamed forth from her to get up, that they had won, amongst other things. But Jasmine's mind was too far gone to register the slaps that Rajah now dealt to her face, let alone any words that escaped the exceed's lips. tired....maybe it wouldn't hurt to sleep just a little? Just a quick nap...Five minutes...then...she would...
Her mind hadn't even finished the thought before her body went limp, the only signs of life being the soft, rthymatic rise and fall of chest as her mind was swallowed up by darkness.
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