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Ah old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
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Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
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I hate my roommate and his cat right now
2 yrs ago if anyone wanna watch me suck at playing games XD
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Bloody laptop


Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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Hmm, been interested in diving into Pathfinder though I'm a total noob at it lol
I'm pretty new at dnd for the most part but I'm somewhat interested. The timezone difference is a bit of a concern seeing but that time hopefully shouldn't be a problem.
Ashlyn Johnson, Jasmine Lockwood and Rajah

With the threat taken care of, a more confusing scenario began to replace it. The dragons had turned into wizards? Who then turned on Zeref? Ok, while she hadn't understood why Zeref was even here in the first place, or even a single inkling as to what had been happening at all since they had gotten here if she was being perfectly honest, she did seem to understand roughly who these wizards were. Fire Dragon Slayer magic kinda gave it away. The flames around her hand slowly turned red, then disappearing entirely after a few shakes of her hand.

She slowly made her way over to where a group was beginning to form, she was sure that if she just stood around long enough she could overhear some answers at least. It was a start anyway.

The Secret Art had taken a rather visible toll on the blonde. She hadn't seen it hit, nor anything that came after. Everything was literally happening in a blur around of her as the world seemed to tip one way, then the other only to tip back sharply once again. What had happened to her? She couldn't think straight at all as exhaustion washed over her body, soon her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed onto the sand. Ah, it was going to be such a pain to wash that all out of her clothes and hair now.

Wait. She had bigger things to worry about.

The fact she was sprawled out on the beach on her back made her a sitting duck, though she briefly seemed to note that Zeref's attacks had receded for some reason for the time being, so she needed to at least be able to get up and move. Lest she began a burden to the others. Yet when she went to move, she found her body unwilling to listen. If she tried to forcefully move, she was rewarded with a sharp pain throughout. Not helping her case was a weight on her chest. Not that it was heavy, but it was enough that in her weakened state it might as well be a sack of bricks.

"Get up goddamnit! We defeated the little twerp so get up!"

By now, she could barely keep her eyes open. Not even Rajah's near forceful shaking seemed to snap the girl out of her daze, nor the torrent of curses that streamed forth from her to get up, that they had won, amongst other things. But Jasmine's mind was too far gone to register the slaps that Rajah now dealt to her face, let alone any words that escaped the exceed's lips. tired....maybe it wouldn't hurt to sleep just a little? Just a quick nap...Five minutes...then...she would...
Her mind hadn't even finished the thought before her body went limp, the only signs of life being the soft, rthymatic rise and fall of chest as her mind was swallowed up by darkness.

Scar looked on blankly as one of the strangest sequences in his life unfolded before him. Having focused his attention on Macey so as to not leave her any openings, he was caught somewhat unaware by Arguth's sudden presence near them. The man was surprisingly stealthy despite his armour and bulk it would seem. But more importantly, when he went to get between him and Macey he found the twins standing before him. And was Arguth revealing his stomach to Macey? There were a lot of questions about this situation, but with the presence of the twins preventing anyone from interfering he visibly relaxed. He sincerely doubted the twins would be stopping everyone but Macey if there wasn't some sort of plan here.

Though when Macey began to slice and tear into Argurth, it wasn't difficult to harbour some doubts as to the exact sanity of this pan. But despite the disturbing scene unfolding, he was unfazed as always. In fact, he took the chance to snatch some food from the bag of provisions that Kris was still holding and began to munch away as he turned his back on the gruesome scene once Macey was done. Diana had gone into comfort her already, and it wasn't really his style anyway. No need to crowd the poor girl, nor did he have anything to add. All he could do was keep an eye out for her later.

Though he watched with some mild interest towards Argurth's violent...rebirth? Regeneration? Scar wasn't quite sure what it was, but it was more certainly a healing ability or magic of some kind. And while over the top and flashy, it at least made for a decent spectacle and fire show. He was glad he decided to put some distance between himself and that display as well, as even on the other side of the large room he could feel the extreme heat radiating outwards from the man. Once he was feed, and it was obvious that Arguth was going to be out for a while, Scar wordlessly closed his eyes and decided to catch some snooze.

It had been a somewhat tiring adventure to get this far, and it would be wise to regain as much strength as possible for their last push out of the prison. Who knew what they were to encounter and when the next chance to have a rest of any kind would be. That was assuming the others could put up with his sleep 'mumbling' that is, which wasn't really mumbling but more him being obnoxiously loud in his sleep.

Once one of the twins even went to put a hand on him to wake him, Scar's eyes flew open as his hand froze midair when it went to grab a dagger. Oh right, ally. Probably shouldn't kill him huh? Besides, he rather enjoyed the twins. They were useful and loyal, and most importantly trustworthy and reliable as well. That and he wasn't sure if he could even win a fight against the two of them fully armed. One of them? Maybe, they were still highly trained assassins after all. Two of them? Asking a bit much.

Anyway, with those thoughts tucked away, for now, he slowly got up and stretched his limbs, letting out a loud yawn. This entire ordeal had been a huge unnecessary hassle and he would be glad when they were done with it. With a bit of light stretching and a small meal in his belly, he assumed his position near the back of the party as they began to move. He seemed quite relaxed, hands in pockets and slumped forward with a sleepy look about him, but the others knew that his guard was still way and truly up despite what it may seem like. His keen ears twitched at any sudden noises, though even he found it hard to pick up some noises over the nonstop buzzing, followed by an almost dismissive glance in the direction of the noise before he turned his attention back to the group. Macey in particular.

Upon the group happening upon the stairway, even before the words came out of Argurth's mouth Scar was already prepping his small hand crossbow. He would probably only manage to get a few shots off if the fight got too messy, so he made sure that his daggers and throwing knives were onhand and ready to be drawn. By the time Arguth had decided to poke the fleshy hive, Scar was prepared for the horde that descended upon them.

Well, maybe not quite that ready for that many. Dear lord. With about half a dozen bolts in hand, he began to fire at whatever bugs first managed to get past the fire and ice shoot towards them. Having made notes about them during their previous encounters, he aimed for the bugs eyes and head. A body blow was nothing more than an inconvenience for them and a waste of precious ammo and time for Scar. Once he exhausted his seven shots, he was quick to change to hurling his knives at them. If needed he would draw his shortsword to engage them, but considering they would need to get throw the others first it may be unnecessary. But depending on Macey's mental state, he was prepared to help cover her if needed.
Ashlyn Johnson, Jasmine Lockwood and Rajah


That was the only sound that escaped Ash as she felt the hand made from dark magic slam into her side, completely defenceless thanks to Patrick's holding spell. She couldn't dodge, she couldn't defend herself. She could only watch as what seemed like the hand of death itself came and backhanded several metres back, tumbling and rolling before finally coming to a crashing halt inside a tree trunk. She almost snapped the tree in half, such as the force she hit it with.

And fucking oath did it hurt. Her body cried out, both in pain from the blow, the tumbling and the lack of oxygen that she was no confronted with. But also due to the fact she was fucking embedded in a goddamn tree, that bloody hurt and wasn't recommended for anyone. Goddamn, she was going to kill that little runt! Kill him till he died from it! "Fucking little shithead, I'm gonna beat him till he's black and blue. No, till he's red. Just a blood stain on my fist." Though she found the going tough when she first when to move, soon visible heat radiated off of her as her anger both at being restrained as well as so carelessly backhanded away, like she was an afterthought, began to take root. With enough effort, she pulled herself free and cracked her neck.

Payback time!

...Or so she thought, but by the time she had pulled herself free of the tree it seemed like every mage gathered here and their grandmas had begun to pile in on Zeref. Oi, they had better leave some for her! Suppose if everyone else wasn't holding back...then she shouldn't either huh? Blue flames soon began to replace the red ones that were swirling around her hands, her normally fiery eyes turned the same shade as she pointed with no small amount of hostility towards Zeref. "Burn." As the words escaped her lips, flames shoot forth from her hand towards the black wizard like a wave. Thankfully there was a nice, cold ice wall behind him so it wouldn't spread that way as it slammed into the wizard. How nice.

With Lazarus healed, Jasmine gave the older couple a weary smile. She was glad to be of help, and she was sure there were more hurt mages who could use her healing. However, when she felt the sudden spike in magic her face grew pale. Wide-eyed, she slowly turned towards the ominous source. While most of the mages, battle-hardened or at least experienced in fighting powerful dark mages, managed to fight through the fear or even outright ignore, for Jasmine the feeling that washed over her was nothing like she had experienced before.

Death. He was death itself. As his gaze fell upon the guild mages, she stopped functioning. She couldn't breathe. Couldn't think. Couldn't talk. She was frozen on the spot, petrified as he seemed to deal with them the same manner as one would a fly. She was gripped by such a primordial and raw fear, he was unlike anything she had seen in her short time with the guild. What should she do?! What could she do?! She didn't stand a chance against!


She couldn't stop the tears that began to well up. Not from sadness, nor even from joy. She was just so lost, so out of her depth that that was all she could do as she waited for her seemingly inevitable demise. She accepted the fact that she couldn't do anything, though it didn't stop her hands from clenching tightly, filled with dirt as her fingers dug into the soil beneath her. Even now as the various constructs Zeref made rained down around them, she couldn't find it within her to move. She was too weak...

"So, you'll just let it end this way? You came all this way just to die then?" Like a light beaming down on her, Ryujin's voice cut through to the petrified girl. His tone was filled with disappointment.

"I-I can't...I can't fight him. He's right, I don't have it in me to fight...I-I can't even hope to think I could." It was one thing for her to be here to stop dragons, but this man? This magical power? It was frightening. How could one ever hope to overcome such a thing?

"Perhaps so. If that's what you truly believe, then you do stand no chance against this man." Even though she knew he spoke the truth, his words still cut deep. "Or perhaps, if you look at it from a different do."

She was quick to deny him, shaking her head as her dirt-stained blond hair fluttered about. "No, no, no. I can't. I just can't!" That was when she felt herself be picked up. Looking up, she could barely see through her watery eyes but could make out just enough of the small cat-like creature that had grabbed hold of her and began to move her out of the way of Zeref's attack.

It was Rajah. The exceed was visibly straining herself as her little arms held on tightly, her tiny little wings beating as fast as they could as a sword plunged into the ground where Jasmine was kneeling just before. "You. Are. Pathetic!" The exceed seemed to scream at the slayer, barely avoiding a hammer that came crashing down to their right.

'Sir Ignatius told me you were my partner, and like fucking hell am I letting my partner look so pathetic! So get up and fight!" With a glare that could melt ice, Rajah looked down at the teenager with a burning fury.

"But..but I can't-"

"Don't you 'but' or 'can't' me! Those are the excuses of the weak! And like that damned annoying Phoenix keeps saying; you're not weak! Get your head out of the sand and fight! Otherwise, you, me, everyone else are going to die damnit! And I won't be losing my first disciple so damned quickly and easily, you got that?!"

Rajah was in no mood to debate with the frightened girl, and while this wasn't exactly the best way to deal with this it wasn't like the exceed was necessarily wrong. There was no telling what could happen, all she had to do was try at least.

"While I hate to side with that...creature." The disdain he showed towards Rajah was evident. "You are here to help your comrades, no? If you do not think you have the strength to stand against him...then I shall grant you it." Before he had even finished, Jasmine felt magic beginning to course through her. A strength unlike anything she had felt began to well up inside her. While it still paled in comparison to the dark powers of was still exceptionally large.

Ryujin knew he had no choice. While he was uncertain if her body could handle it, she could very well die from this, it was a risk that had to be taken. If they didn't try, she might just end up dying anyway. So with that, he allowed her full access to her magic. And the knowledge on how to use it. Including what she had tried years ago, but had never really been given a chance to master.

Digging her heels into the ground, she and Rajah now came to a sudden and abrupt stop. So abrupt in fact, the little cat went flying off face first into a nearby rock. Her body still trembled in fear, but watching as her guildmates...her fellow dragon slayers starting fighting Zeref, the magic that coursed through her...she had to stand and fight. Ryujin was right, no matter how afraid she was there was no excuse for just accepting things were going to happen. If she and the others want to leave...go home to the guild, then they needed to fight.

"Dragon Slayer: Secret Art!" Feeling the magic begining to take shape, a bubble began form in her hands. The drain was...incredible, even more so as she felt it draining every drop of magic she had. An unintended consquence of using a spell she had yet to master.

Though she paused for a moment when a new presence arrived. What the hell was that thing? Oh well, it seemed like for now it was here to help them so it was best to concentrate on her spell and only her spell.

"Liquidation!" Almost immediately after launching the bubble, which was no larger than a baseball , towards the dark mage she fell to her knees as a weakness overcame her. Not like the fear from before, but as if she had just finished running a 300km marathon. Or more specifically, like she had just used every ounce of magic in her body. Her vision was already going blurry so she couldn't even tell if it hit.

But if it did, it was after the attacks by Zero and Ash. Upon impact it would wash over him....and do nothing?

Scar wasn't necessarily tired, though the use of magic was somewhat draining, especially the way he liked to use it in bursts, but, he did agree the group probably needed a short rest at the least. Just to let Macey get the bloodlust out of her system if nothing else. And just a chance to catch their breath, get their bearings and try to maybe regain some magic that they had used were all welcome benefits. So when Arguth walked off to fetch something, Scar took the chance to take a few steps away and sit cross-legged up against a wall in a way reminiscent of meditation.

He would stay this way, looking up at the ceiling with his usual grumpy, bored expression on his face with his hands on his knees. Recalling his memories of the bugs they had fought, trying to figure out the best way to fight them with the weaponry he had. His needles were extremely ineffective unless he took the time to really aim for their eyes. They were practically wasted on them so he would probably have to shelve them for now and look to rely more on his throwing knives or daggers. Speaking of which, if they were able to secure some more crossbows or short swords he was thinking of arming the twins with them. All they had were small little throwing knives and they were quite capable fighters so it would be in the groups best interests to give them the best chance to fight.

He only moved when Arguth returned, his nose twitching as he caught a faint whiff of cheese and dried meat. With the bag handed to Macey, Scar was quick to jump back to his feet. Though he frowned when the bag was given to Kris soon after. Not because Kris had the food or anything, Scar was a hungry pig but he could wait an extra moment as the bag was passed around. More because the dumbass walked up to Macey to try and give her more food. All this despite Macey clearly wanted to move away to calm herself down.

Scar knew he needed to be quick and was. At the moment Kris turned around to shoot him her stupid smirk, he was already in front of her with a hand on the bag and stood between the duo. In his free hand was a dagger as he had one cautious eye on Macey and the other on Kris as his scowl deepened. "You really have no brains, you know that you dumbfuck?" He asked in a low growl. How many times must he have to save this dumbass from her own actions? "Take yours and Diana's share, then slowly back off." Scar added sternly, moving into a readied stance. If she made a move, he was ready to counter.

"Arguth, we're going to have to take a few more moments of rest. Do excuse the commotion caused by this idiot, just we're all a bit restless and on edge." His tone switched to a more cautious one as he spoke to the Knight. He didn't want to do anything to agitate him in any way and hoped that this little quarrel would be overlooked by making up this random excuse.

God, he was sick of playing the babysitter role and having to clean up Kris's messes.
Ashlyn Johnson, Jasmine Lockwood and Rajah

With Zeref ignoring the fireball that rushed past his head, courtesy of Ash, the pyromancer tsked. She was completely ignored huh? Then she'll just have to go up and show that bastard just-

In that same line of thought, Ash found herself unable to move. She couldn't breathe, couldn't blink, let alone move her hand or legs. She was just completely frozen on the spot. Despite the fact she couldn't breathe, she didn't feel like she was suffocating either as she took a few moments to process what had happened. If she could move right now, she would be giving Patrick a smouldering glare that could melt on contact, such was the hostility she felt towards the time mage right now. She had been frozen just like that damned dragon, and Patrick would be wise not to release her anytime soon as her anger continued to build.

Penny's words did little to relieve that guilt that Jasmine felt, but with a nod, the dragon slayer was ready to move on. There was no time to dwell on what happened, their guild was in danger. It didn't take long to come upon the others. Jasmine froze for a moment, at first at the sight of not just one dragon, but multiple littered about the battlefield. Though she took solace from the fact that they didn't seem to be fighting with the mages, which also raised a few concerns of their own. Of which was explained when she followed everyone else gazes up towards....uh who was that exactly? It seemed a few of them seemed to know who he was at first, but she decided to put that to the back of her mind for now as her gaze fell upon Lazarus.

Breaking off from Penny as the Phoenix Slayer began to sing, she came to a stop beside Lazarus and Sasha before she knelt down beside the duo. "I-it's ok, I'm a friend." With a shaky tone, she brought her hand up to show the golden guild mark on the back. Just in case they might be a little hostile towards some stranger running up to them.

With a bit of uncertainty, she looked down at Lazarus and placed her hands atop his shoulder. "Water Dragon's Healing Shell." Magic flowed like water through Jasmine's hands and covered Lazarus in a protective layer, quickly going about its business at healing his wounds. She used a bit more magic than perhaps necessary as she looked to heal the god slayer as quickly as possible.

All the while Rajah finally got untangled from Iggy and flew after the two slayers, with Iggy no doubt in pursuit. She followed after Jasmine as she went over to heal Lazarus and sat atop the blonde's head with a soft plop, looking down smugly at the two wizards. "Can't even handle some little newts, I expected more from my disciples kin."

Scar didn't hide the concern he felt when he happened upon Macey during her and Hawke's fight, actually more like slaughter, against the remaining Hawks. He wasn't even needed to dispatch this tools, which he was somewhat glad about because it meant he could conserve his weaponry for more potent threats that no doubt lay ahead. Once the last of the Hawkes breathed no more and the twins were one with his shadow, Scar allowed himself to relax somewhat and approach Macey. Though he did keep a somewhat tentative, hesitant distance from the girl as he eyed up her blood-soaked self. There didn't need to be words exchanged, a silent conversation was being held.

Content that she was fine for the most part, and more importantly in control, he gave her a slow, affirmative nod before following after Kris and Dianna. He would keep a close eye on her as they moved, to make sure she was still in control, but otherwise stayed silent. When they happened upon the Knight, Scar frowned and held a hand out. Not to stop the twins that ran forward, no. But more to stop any possible chance of Macey going berserk. Dianna was the member of the group who first spoke up, with diplomacy that caught Scar a little off-guard. This barbaric woman was capable of such a thing? Maybe they would've left the prison negotiations to her rather than their self professed leader, who seemed to lack even a fraction of the diplomacy on show. Not that Scar was exactly the diplomatic type either, but that wasn't his job, now was it?

Though what surprised him the most was that it didn't somehow blow up in their faces. There was a first for everything wasn't there? Though it seemed like he had played a part in the Knight dropping his hostilities, despite the fact that Scar had spared them on curiousity of their movements, he was still glad he had made the decision to spare the twins. He doubted Kris would've made that same decision.

"Oi, dumbass, don't think those two can't hear you." Referencing the twins, Scar slapped the back of Kris' head and shot her a look when she whispered to Dianna. Just because he had the same thought of using not only the twins, but this knight as well, to escape didn't mean he was stupid enough to voice it like she was. Last thing they needed to do was say anything that might remotely antaganise their new allies.

"Just call me Scar. I'm the baby-sitter of these three morons." Calling out to the knight, Scar turned back and went over to Macey. "You ok? Don't need to 'take a nap' do you?" It was obvious the girl was struggling, any moron with half a brain could tell. If he felt it neccessary, he might need to take Macey out of commission for awhile. Though he would rather avoid that, seeing as they were in danger beyond their understand right now, if he felt like she was going to be a liability he might have to. Even if he had to carry Macey the rest of the out.
Ashlyn Johnson

Ashlyn clicked her tongue in annoyance as her fireballs went completely unnoticed by the drake, shaking her fist as she cursed loudly. Fuck. Punching this was like trying to punch a safe door-no, harder. Thicker. What the hell were these scales made out of? Her cursing got louder and longer as she was soon high tailing it away from the scaley beast moments before what was effectively a fucking iceberg crashed down on the dragon.

Shooting a dirty look towards Ferrin, whether it be for interfering or just dropping it without warning one couldn’t tell, she quickly took a few more backwards steps as she watched almost every mage seemed to turn back as one and began to assault the beast. Even she seemed to briefly think for a moment they had this handled.

Then, came a series of roars. Not one. Not two. Not even three. But four more dragons dropped in on their locations and began to engage with the group, splitting them off from one another as one stayed airborne. That one, in particular, seemed to draw the pyromancer’s ire.

“You goddamned oversized chicken, get down here!” Ash yelled out, flames gathering in her fist before sending up a column of fire up towards the dragon. It just seemed to shoot past it, the dragon unfazed which just made the fiery mage even angrier. She was just about to launch herself up towards the dragon when things somehow managed to get even stranger.

Like fighting five supposedly extinct creatures of world ending destructive power wasn’t weird enough eh?

But what’s his name….uh the blade of Phoenix Wing? Ashlyn remembered him from some of the events she had watched at the games. He was some hotshot in Phoenix Wing. Dave? Demetrie? Eh, his name didn’t matter all that much at this point, it would come to her. He was high on the ‘must fight at some point’ list, but so were a few mages on this island. Now wasn’t the time to start one. But yeah, he just seemed to drop in out of the nowhere riding...a sword? The sight made the pyromancer blink blankly a few times before her attention was stolen by a...ominous sensation.

Something evil and murderous had shown up. Just from the shiver that the disgusting and vile magic power that washed over her caused she knew that whoever, whatever was behind these dragons had decided to make itself known. It was like nothing she had experienced before, and trust me she knew some dark and dangerous magic powers. But they were all dwarfed by

It was the only word suited for this. Monster.

Just the sensation alone was enough to cause her goosebumps, and a quick cursory glance around showed many mages simply frozen in fear. Even more so since just that casual use of magic seemed to calm down the dragon's for the moment. Just what kind of monster was this?

Turning her gaze towards the source, her face darkened as she locked on. Even someone who didn’t fancy reading too much like herself knew the face of evil itself; Zeref. The dark mage. A monster in every sense of the word, the one behind the downfall of magic from 100 years ago. He had lived for centuries, the amount he had killed far outnumbering that. But more importantly….

“So, you’re Zeref huh?” With a click of her tongue, Ash reached up and began to slide her white cloak off while taking a few steps forward. COME DOWN HERE AND FIGHT ME YOU GUTLESS LITTLE TWAT!! Throwing the garment to the side, she pointed up towards the dark mage in a dramatic display.

This was her chance to fight a netorious villain, the one rumoured to be more powerful than any other mage before and after him. She wasn’t about to let this rare chance slip away, the dragons be damned.
“If ya don’t come down….I’ll come to you.” A fireball screamed past his head, the remaining embers dying on her fingertips as sparks began to fly off her glove.

Jasmine Lockwood and Rajah


With the dragon defeated, at least for now, the moment the older girl turned around was the moment Jasmine launched herself at the red head. Embracing her tightly, perhaps a little too tightly, the younger girl buried her face into the taller girls chest.

Of course since Rajah was standing on her head it now meant that she was launched off and took Iggy clean off Penny’s shoulder. A series of loud and over the top cursing could be heard as the exceed seemed to appreciate being sent flying.

“I..I…” With trembling shoulders, the girl spoke quietly. “I...didn’t know what to’s my fault’re now….” A small trickle of blood ran down her clenched pale fist as she held back the tears that threatened to break free. Whether it be from her somewhat unneeded grief, joy, or whatever. Now wasn’t exactly the time to break into tears and the blonde knew it. They might’ve taken down the one dragon, but as Penny said this one was wounded. Weaker than it should’ve been. The others wouldn’t nearly be so easy, which frightened the girl….

“Un..ison raid?” Jasmine echoed absently. She had heard of the phrase before, from stories. A powerful union of magic between two or more mages. Usually they needed to share an affinity at the least and a powerful bond to boot. Jasmine wasn’t sure if the two had either, especially not the first one. Unless….


He had been quiet for the most part since they had arrived on the island, dormant. Only speaking when Jasmine faltered. He hadn’t said anything about the unison raid, but perhaps he and Solaris’s, Penny’s father’s, shared history held a clue?

“Hmm, yes and no child.” His voice finally spoke, a slight chuckle echoing throughout her mind. “One could say it was fate that both our ‘children’ met once more, and I would be lying to say it didn’t play some part. My magic is well accustomed to his and vice versa. However, the bond you two have managed to forge played a far more significant role. Trust in one another is key to a strong rapport. Having a common goal, or goals, doesn’t hurt either.”

His words were a bit to take in, that would mean that Penny had some level of trust in her. She couldn’t quite believe that at this moment, what had she done to earn that trust after-all, but the general message got across.

“Now, I believe your friends need your help now? There are more dragons on the island, and I would bet a small fortune most if not all are engaged with your friends right now.”

Jasmine jolted upright at those words, quickly and violently shaking her head before slapping both palms into her cheeks. The dragon was right, Jasmine needed to stop clinging to Penny and allowed the S-Class wizard to get to work. She also needed to get moving, who knew what danger the others were in. And if she could help, even just a little….

“Water Dragon’s Healing Shell.” A soft glow washed over Jasmine. Soon all the little cuts and abrasions she had received from fighting the dragon vanished, her shoulder wound healed up in mere moments. Though her dress was still torn where the metal had impaled itself, she could heal not stitch up clothing. Well not with magic anyway.

All of Penny’s wounds seemed healed as well, so no need to waste any magic there. Both of them needed to conserve what they had to help the others. So once the pain in her leg had faded she cut off the spell.

“I’m fine now that you’re back…” Jasmine smiled softly towards Penny for a moment before quickly turning serious once more. “But we need to hurry. Ryujin is certain that a large mass of magic like the others would’ve drawn the other dragons out by now. If this was just singular, weakened dragon…” she gulped loudly “...then imagine what the others are fighting.”
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