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Ah nostalgia...my old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
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Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
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I hate my roommate and his cat right now
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Bloody laptop
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Bloody hell Date a live might've been a horrendous adaption of the light novels, but f*ck it's got a fantastic soundtrack
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Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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"T-that doesn't count! I didn't mean to...and uh...I can do way better if I actually try!" A half-baked lie perhaps, but she didn't seem keen to remain on that subject much longer despite some mumbling under her breath as she cooled her reddened face.

Taking the paper as it was offered to her, she would finally fall quiet to Mark's relief as she read over the quest. There wasn't a lot of info on this paper was there? Then again, from the jobs she had seen the guild get? They didn't seem to have much on them. But suppose that's where they were going right? To the source of the quest, the one who had made the request. Wait that meant going to...gah. Momentarily, there was a scrunched-up look of perhaps annoyance as she realized that they would probably have to deal with the guards. Maybe it would be for the best to let Mark and Kiba do the talking on that front. The last thing she needed was drama involving...that.

So they just had to defeat a singular monster? That didn't sound so tough. She didn't quite understand what Mark's previous fears were.

"Killing one monster shouldn't be difficult. Or maybe we could try trapping it? Guess we just need to see the requester and learn more, as this request has painfully little information. If this was a proper request through the right channels, it would have far more information and there wouldn't be this need to go and visit the uh...client is it?" Honestly, she had also heard some of the murmurings of the monster attacks though regretfully she hadn't paid them much mind. There was always gossip of oddities in towns like this, so if one paid attention to all of them...well, it was a waste of time really with all the wild goose hunts they would be on.

"These 'guild' requests are...weird."

Akemi had entered the guildhall at a good time. Firstly, she had avoided the loud music that had been playing just minutes before her arrival. Though she could still easily see the buzz that remained and had heard it as she had made her way in, much like many of her fellow guild mates, she preferred things a fair bit quieter. Though that didn't mean that she didn't feel disappointed that she had missed the performance. She had looked forward to seeing Jenna perform, but suppose she would just have to hope for a next time. If only she hadn't overslept.....

But with Zen currently preoccupied, Akemi was left to mostly fend for herself right now and it showed with the disheveled state she was currently in. Bedhair, a crooked collar, her shirt half tucked in, a few misplaced buttons on her jacket. Probably had her shirt inside out as well if they could find the tag. In all, she looked a mess. Though as bad as she currently looked, that paled in comparison to the stench and look of the drink currently in her hands.

Inside a thermos bottle with a straw, was a strange green ooze that most people swear smelled like a compost heap and looked more akin to a dangerous acid or poison that they wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole; let alone sip away at the contents as casually as Akemi was doing right now! Thankfully for those near her, the drink was closer to the end than the finish but still...there was a reason why the jobs board became considerably less crowded when she came over and began to skim over the fliers there.

She wasn't sure when Zen would be back, and she had recovered from the cold that had stopped her from going with him. So now remained the burning question...what did she do till he came back? Well, she figured she could try a job, maybe team up with someone to do one depending on what it entailed. Sure, she didn't really know anyone here other than that nice older girl...uh...Ria was it? Yeah, Ria. Sure she was the only person she really knew besides obviously Jenna, but that just meant she had to find a new friend! And such an opportunity was an exciting one for the girl, even if she didn't show it visibly on the outside.

She didn't linger on the job board for long before grabbing one though. After all, there wasn't much there but there was one she saw she figured she could do easily enough without worrying Zen too much about her. This escort job seemed easy enough, and she was certain she could find a person or two to do the job with...the question now remained was who?

She didn't see Ria around, and a lot of people seemed to be avoiding her for some reason...maybe they were just busy? Yeah, she was sure that was it. She was certain it had nothing to do with the smoothie she was still sipping away at. Like, that would be crazy right? But surely if she approached enough people, she would eventually find someone who would go on the job with her?

Markovis? An odd name for sure, but it seemed to come off the tongue quite well as she repeated it over in her mind a few times. What didn't come off well was when he rejected her kind offer to help him. Did he not know who she was? Actually, wait, he obviously wouldn't. And maybe it was better for her if he didn't, but still! Why was everybody like this? Everyone always told her she wasn't capable, she would never amount to her family name. Her family, the servants always whispering to one another, the townsfolk, those bandits, and now this 'guild' of ragtag deadbeats who had nowhere better to go. They were all the same, they always were.

"I totally am capable of being able to assist! Anything this guild gets for work is childs play for an Amberfield!" Ok so she wasn't going to defend her physical capabilities, as a mage she had accepted those would never be amazing. But she was confident that she had the magical capacity to overcome this job easily. Whatever...this job actually was! Yep. Totally.

Wait...killed? She paused for a moment as that word sunk in for a moment. Hell, she even quieted down as she briefly thought about what she just got herself into before just shaking her head physically, mentally, metaphorically and any other -ally one could think of. No, she would be fine. Surely this Markovis fellow was just exaggerating the dangers. Yeah, that must be it. Thats when her mind registered that he was allowing her to come with, and while there was a slight twinge of 'oh shit what did I just rope myself into' that crept into the back of her head...she still couldn't help but smile slightly, looking quite proud of herself for some reason as she scoffed at Mark's words.

"O-of course my life is my responsibility! You needn't remind me of such a basic er...practice of being a mage! I knew the risks from the moment I could walk. But as an Amberfield, I cannot and will not back down from a challenge no matter how significant or insignificant it is. And considering the quality of jobs I see this guild get, its hardly a job of much danger or concern right? Like, how bad can it be?" Famous last words perhaps, and there was a falter in her confidence for a moment but otherwise she would walk besides Mark as he made his way out, either with Kiba in tow or just leaving him behind as if he was just an afterthought.

Either way, that was her way of asking what the job was while trying to maintain her pride and dignity...in her eyes at any rate. Did she have any to begin with? Depended on who you asked really. What could be visibly apparent though was she at least was confident, though perhaps to Kiba he might be able to see her words were almost directed at herself rather than at Mark himself, or maybe he was just looking too much into it. Who knows, despite how open Adelyn loved to talk herself and her family up...she never actually really talked about them bar how great they were. And thus, like most people in the guild, she was an enigma to others in that aspect.

At any rate, she wasn't expecting or wanting Mark to babysit her on this mission. She would show him, she would show the guild; she would show everyone that she could do it. Whatever...it was. It didn't matter right now. All that did matter was showing off how awesome and great she was, and prove everyone wrong that she could be useful.

"What makes you think something could kill me so easily anyway? You haven't even seen my magic in action! Admittedly it's not as flashy or amazing as my brothers and I came into it later than they did...but...uh, I can easily handle some monster or two if that's all this is!"

"I...exercise plenty thank you!" Understandably insulted by his perhaps admittedly good advice considering she was obviously showing that she didn't exercise enough, or maybe she was just that worked up it was hard to tell. What wasn't though was the smoldering, sharp glare in her narrowed dark crimson eyes. She watched as Mark just seemed to return her anger with a...puzzled look? Did this buffoon really not understand what he had done? She had to be pulling her chain right? Yeah, he was clearly mocking her! There was no way anyone could be this dense or oblivious!

Wait, her foot? Why was he apologizing for stepping on her foot? I mean, an apology was an apology I suppose, but she wanted him to apologize properly for not watching where he was going! Suffice to say though, it wasn't that she was ignoring Kiba's gestures or nods, but she seemed to have completely tunneled her vision and attention on poor Mark here. Though Mark did seem to be right on the spoken apology the words 'sorry' in them seemed to be what she was after as she seemed to ease up with her posture, huffing slightly as she did. Well, he was apologizing for the wrong thing...but an apology was an apology she supposed. She wasn't sure she would get much better from the dense young man, so would just settle for that.

"See? Is it so difficult to say the word 'sorry'? It's a simple gesture, but the right etiquette and manners will get you places in this world Mr....uh...oh. I-I guess I should be the one to apologize now as where are my own manners! I realize I do not know your name and you do not know my own, my name is Adelyn-Hey hey! I'm not done yet!" Realising he was trying to walk off mid-introduction, she turned and ran out in front of him again. Seemed like she might be lacking in the cardio department but she was at least quick on her feet, not as quick as running her mouth but it was something,

"Once again...manners. Ettique. What did your parents even teach you?" Still flustered, she brushed some hair out of her face before trying again. "Like I was saying, my name is Adelyn Amberfield, what may I call you sir umm...?"

With her eyes drawn to the paper in his hands, a lightbulb seemed to go off in her head for a moment. Right, he said he was about to do a job! Chest swelling with pride, she puffed it out as after she waited for him to give his name in return she would speak again.

"You said you had a job to do right? Well it's your lucky day! I happen to be free and was thinking of doing a job myself, so I would gladly tag along if you so wished. I'm sure Kiba here might also be interested as well! I assure you that you won't regret adding such a capable mage as me as an ally. What do you say?"

And no, she wouldn't move out of his way till she got the answer she wanted.
Stephanie Irwin

Thanking the man for the directions, she would continue onwards toward her current designation, the ruins, very much enjoying the cool, crisp air around of her. It was making her feel way more at ease, maybe even a little nostalgic and homesick for a moment as it reminded her of home. But she wasn't one to really dwell on the loneliness aspect of her journey for too long, besides she wasn't alone! She had Dusk, Jack, Vi, and the rest of her pokemon with her!

Speaking of pokemon, she took note and stock of the pokemon around her. Though it was obviously hard to see in the failing of just gone light, she could make out the outlines of moving Geodudes, she could hear the quacking of Duckletts. She made a note to get a Geodude at some point but considering her team was full? She was in no rush. Same with the Goletts and Glarian Yamasks she could see populating the ruins. She definitely wanted a Golett at one point, but once again she was in no rush to catch one. Instead, her curiosity about the old, decrepit ruins kept drawing her further and further in.

And while yes, she didn't know about the history of the region, of the ruins themselves. She barely knew a thing about the region in general after all, but that was half the fun! That was half the reason she even accepted the chance to take on the Gym Challenge here! A new region, with new challenges, new adventures to be had, new memories to make, and new things to learn! Steph had always been a curious child growing up, and it had never left her. Plus, there were chances to learn about what happened to her parents here as well! And who knew, maybe there was even a clue here? It would be right up her parent's alley honestly.

So with those thoughts in mind, she would starve off any remote thoughts of setting up camp and push on further into the ruins. With none of the mons around her keen on coming near her, she in turn didn't really show much interest in approaching them. Though she would gladly fight any that wanted to brawl, but she was just more interested in finding out what some people found so odd and creepy about the place. Like, surely there was a hidden entrance or something which led to something secret or ominous or scary that kept creeping people out right? Or maybe there was just simply an entrance to take her further in in general, and it would lead her to an aggressive ghost pokemon that she could fight! The possibilities were endless really, but she would only learn by venturing further and further in and seeing how far she could go.

Adelyn found Nolans apology...unsettling. Not just because of his tone and delivery of it, barely showing even a hint of emotion while doing so, but also just because of well...the fact he was even apologising to begin with? Like look, ok, she wasn't sure how genuine it actually, it was hard to tell if it even was remotely genuine, it could be him just being completely sarcastic after all. In fact, that was probably it right? Like imagine this man, this barbaric beast, capable of apologies? Preposterous right?

"S-so...long as you know not to do it again..." In her mind that was coming off way less flustered than was actually delivered, but suppose everything she did in her own mind came off better than how she actually did it. If only she had imagination magic....

Though, Ria's positive energy and overall good vibes did have at least some impact upon calming Adelyn down. After all, it was hard to stay too worked up around such a kind individual right? And not that Adelyn would admit it, but Ria was like one of what? Two? Three people in the guild she could actually get along with? Now we're not talking about friendship of course, at least not from Adelyns perspective, but even just getting along with someone was something right? Because as stated before, even she couldn't really find it in her to be well....unreasonably bitchy to someone who was being nice to her. Well, maybe at the start she might've been, but she had somewhat warmed to her by now.

However saying all that, she very much disagreed with Ria's assessment on music but hey, that was to be expected right? After all, imagine Adelyn being wrong about something am I right? Though just as she was about to make a form of retort to that, and completely shoot down any possibility of her actually having gone to a farm of all places, like who did Ria think she was and all that, but Kiba now moved in to suggest she goes outside. Now, for a moment, she was a briefly confused. Mostly because she kinda...forget he was here. After all, he hadn't really done...anything? At all? So in her red haze, she had briefly forgotten him. But now with him right there and actually talking to her for once? She just took one last side on look at Nolan and Ria and sighed.

"Whatever. Some air could be good, and at least it gets me out of here." Following after her guildmate of few words and even greater misunderstandings of people, though on their way out she was nearly bowled over by some oaf! He at least had the decency to stop her from actually falling over, but much like Nolan found out, touching Adelyn typically left a shocking impression though much like the discharge that barely bothered Nolan, this one was much the same. The main difference was she was left flabbergasted and even more red faced, and this time it wasn't for her usual temper tantrums.

"I...uh...umm...uh...." Had Kiba, nay, had anyone seen her become so unsure and flustered before? Sure, Kiba had just seen her flustered, but she wasn't tripping over her words, blushing harder than her own level of ego and fidgeting with her fingers sort of flustered just before! Which, when you saw what transpired from Adelyns point of view? It was a scene right out of a romance novel she owned. Two people collide, the man catching the lady and not apologising, both of them looking into each others eyes, the man immediately walking off without-wait, wait, wait! The hell?!?

That's not how this is meant to play out at all!

Suffice to say, that snapped her out of whatever fantastical little scenario she found herself in as Kiba could probably guess what was going to happen next. She was going to storm off after Mark and demand a proper apology for starters! Not just for nearly bowling her over, but for also ruining her imagination goddamnit! Give her her excitement back you worm!

"Hey! Hey! HEY! I'M TALKING TO YOU!" She would eventually catch up at some point, though whether or nor Kiba decided to follow or not was up to him though he may find some amusement of doing so, she would run out in front of Mark if she had to to catch his attention. Now of course, Adelyn was even less athletically gifted than she was modest or humble, so doing such a thing would cause her to lose her breath and hunch over slightly in front of him, taking a few moments to catch her breath before continuing.

"What....kind of uncultivated....irresponsible....ill-mannered craven...are you?" Of course, Mark himself probably had no clue what she was talking about, but that was half the fun for this! "Who just...nearly bowls someone over....a lady nonetheless...and just walks off without an apology?!"
Stephanie Irwin

Damn right sleep was for the weak! She still had things she wanted to do before the day was out! Even if she had to stay up almost all night, she was going to go find those ruins! At least, until she felt like passing out. Then she might set up a place to sleep, but only then! Until then, she would power through. With her new friend added to the party, she would make her way through the passing cityscape and onto Route 4. Almost immediately, she felt way more at ease upon entering the route. She far preferred the openness of the wilderness and the outdoors to the cramped and enclosed nature of the bigger cities. With a feeling of liberation descending upon her, she would simply look to go and find those ruins she had heard the rumours about.

She wasn't sure if she would find anyone else wandering around at night to ask for directions, but if she did she would. Otherwise she would just make do with trying to find it herself!
Stephanie Irwin

Another thing she hadn't really thought of ahead of time with. With time running out in the day, it was starting to get dark. Now was exploring a region you've never been to in the dark a good thing to do on your literal first day there? Perhaps not. Did Steph particularly care? Not really actually. Most might want to go to the pokemon centre or find a camp for the night, but she didn't really have either cross her mind. Mostly because she was currently in the park grinding a bit more, but this was a very real issue she will have to confront. And she would confront it the only way she knew how.

By simply powering through like the champ she is.

But for now, her attention was drawn in by the cute little fire pupper she had come across. Look at the little tucker, just pawing at the ground! It was absolutely adorable! Well, suppose it was time to try for a quick capture at any rate so she can get out onto route 4 quicker.

So her plan was pretty short and simple, she would use a combination of Dusk and Vi to get it low and paralyze it with Nuzzle before going to catch it in a pokeball. She would also learn this way if it had flashfire as its ability, because she would use a combination of ember and astonish with Dusk, just obviously more astonish if it had flashfire.
Stephanie Irwin

At first, the sudden vibration in her pocket was startling. Steph wasn't a complete novice with tech mind you, but she also wasn't exactly an expert. She didn't know that when a message came through that it would suddenly just start squirming around like a Weedle! Bloody oath it gave her a shock! Fumbling around till she pulled out the vibrating piece of metal, Steph would proceed to squint at the screen as she processed Freya's response. Which....route she was going?


Which way she was going to start her journey off in had completely slipped her mind! Her entire being had been so focused on getting her first pokemon, and then everything else had happened...fuck! Uh...ummm....huh.

Staring at the screen blankly, she fiddled around with the device to pull up a map of the region. She hadn't actually thought far enough ahead to plan out her departure from the city, but better late than never right? Now of course, looking at the map didn't do much for her as she had no idea what the route numbers or the city names meant. But...she remembered something about strange ruins on route 4? Which now that she looked, that should lead to Starbor, which she also remembered hearing something about.

Something about tree climbing equipment? She would have to look into it at any rate. And then further that way was also the Corrupted Marsh she had heard about prior. Well, that settled it then! She was going to head down route 4! She had only really heard of things along this side of the region other than she needed warmer clothing if she headed north; further evidence that heading south was better. Plus, if these ruins were anything like what she had heard, there was a chance of adding another ghost buddy for Dusk as well!

With her route planned in exactly 5 seconds, she texted back Freya once more.

'I'm going to head down route 4. Heard some fun sounding rumours about ruins, agitated wild pokemon and trees to climb along that path! Should be more fun than a Froakie in a glass of milk!'

With her message sent, she would soon find herself at the Grand Glory City park, and inevitably the school as she began her search for a Growlithe. Her aunt and uncle had an Arcanine back on the farm, so she had always wanted one of these adorable little buggers for herself! While she was here she figured she would get some training into Dennis and Vi, backing them up with Dusk if need be before she would go and catch a fire puppy.

Adelyn didn't pay Kiba much mind, which in all honesty to him was probably a good thing. Not that he really said or did anything to warrant much attention from the girl anyway. No, what made her look up from the countertop and finally pry her face away from the wood was Nolan. Now, some might find her glare intimidating, but to Nolan the annoyed look from some rich and pampered brat like Adelyn was hardly concerning no doubt. Honestly, it was akin to a small dog attempting to take on a larger dog.

"And what would you know of nobles and their lifestyles? Your outfit is so ratty it belongs in the sewer, let alone that mess that you call your hair. Looks like you got it styled while you were down there fishing out those rags." And here it came, not that Nolan was paying her much mind as he had anticipated it. She seemed to be one who was quick to draw ire from, but even by her low standards this was fast. Today especially seemed to have put her into something of a mood which was more akin to what she was calling Nolan out for.

"For starters, in the world of the civilised and well mannered, far more proper and actual music would be used to soothe and appease ones eardrums; not threaten to burst them like the overgrown zit which resembles your face. Secondly, it wouldn't rouse such-HEY WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TOUCHING!" She continued to berate and insult him right up until she found herself being shoved down from above. Almost immediately, Nolan would feel it. A surge of electricity shot up through his arm, though it wasn't particularly powerful and seemed more like a reflex than much else. Like a static shock after going down a slide or the like.

Though far more noticeable was how flustered the girl became. Startlingly so, as during this she had also tried to shove him in the chest, but due to the size and weight difference only managed to fall off her stool and flat on her ass, her face more resembling the colour of her earring. Now it was obvious she was embarrassed about falling off the stool, but it was only amplified by the amount of attention her yelling may have garnered from those immediately around of them. Luckily for her, most would be too busy with the festivities but a few murmurs and looks would no doubt be thrown their way, only infuriating the girl further as her pride seemed to return with aplomp, getting up and dusting herself off while still remaining redder than a European after a day in the sun.

"This is exactly what I was denoting previous. Your sort are uncouth and barbaric with no sense of manners or courtesy! The absolute nerve to just go around and t-touch a ladies head like that was a bar I was thinking too low for even an annelida like yourself to reach. Yet your inadequacy continues to astound me!" Like the aforementioned dog analogy previous, Adelyn was back to yapping at Nolan in some form of attempt to act as if she hadn't just fallen over of her own accord. Still, her reaction to it had seemed a fair bit over the top and she was very quick to try and bury the situation.

And just at that moment, a new person appeared to join their little uh...what would one call this gathering at the bar? None of them were here together nor really wanting to be together. Well, whatever the group would be called, they seemed to have a new person joining them. Her positive smile a stark contrast to the negativity or aloofness of those present, which just made Adelyn scowl deepen. Oh man, she really was in some sort of foul mood that only seemed to be getting worse, even if so far it had been self inflicted harm more than any outsider influence from their point of view. But here we go again....

"Song? A song should be melodious and soothing, not grating and discordant. I would hardly call that a 'song', let alone music. It would be insulting to those of the musical arts to consider it such. As for her voice? I...guess it was ok. Not that I could make it out from the racket that surrounded it or followed. Still, it didn't make my head wish to implode so it wasn't too bad in comparison." It was a subtle change, but a change nonetheless in Adelyn's tone as she turned away and looked over at the where the band was playing. A twinge of something that wasn't just bitterness. Genuineness? Nah, couldn't be. But there was something.

Turning back, her eyes narrowed once more at Nolan. Now she wasn't spineless by any means, if anything she seemed to have way more confidence and courage than she should. Or maybe she was just that fuelled by spite, bitterness and pride. Who knew, honestly. But as much as she wanted to say or do something further...well she wasn't an idiot. Starting a fight with Nolan would only end badly in her favour, it didn't take much to know of the gulf in magical ability which just made her click in tongue and look away from him again. What a waste of magical talent.

Stephanie Irwin

With the Trubbish dealt with, Steph was quick to scoop up Dusk and return Dennis and Jack, the former assuming the poisonous gas was gone now of course, turning to face the Toxel as it approached her. The way it had come up and began to nuzzle against her leg and just the tone it used made understanding it pretty easily, yet Steph still couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

Yya shooah bud? Oy only wahnted t' haelp aguynst thaem gutless Trecko's cause thy weah troyin t' guyng up on ya, ya daon't nayd t' come weeth if yah ya daon't wahnna." Yet even as she said that, she could see it's determination in the pokemon's eyes. A kindred spirit perhaps? She seemed pretty eager and keen to join anyway, so why not? Steph knew full well how strong a Toxel could become and having a mon that reminded her of home would only be a good thing right?

"Oolroigh', buh' Oy'mma trine and droive ya hahd gawt ih'? Ine't nao pahssengahs on thiies trine, ya ooll gawtta pull ya wuyt gawtcha?" Receiving a furious amount of nodding in return, Steph smiled and accepted the Toxel's resolve, pulling out a pokeball and offering it to her. Which the Toxel immediately headbutted! Activating the button and disappearing in a flash of light soon after. "Hahppy t' hahve ya on the taym Vi! naow. ..laeh''s gao geh' ya foixed up Dusk ol' pahl."

With her new party member in tow, she sent the Trubbish to the pc upon receiving the prompt from her pokedex and went to leave before a strange ooze caught her eye. The hell was that? She wasn't sure, but it looked pretty awesome! Walking over and picking it up like it was the most natural thing in the world, she would soon make her leave of the sewers and rush to get her partner to a pokemon center. Maybe she should invest in some antidotes before she left? She would have to consider it, but first things first, once she was out of the sewer and had her team healed, she would make her way to the park that Freya had mentioned. Well, not before a bath that nurse joy forced upon the girl; because like hell she was having that girl stink the place up while she waited!

On her way, she would flick Freya a text like the girl had said to now that she was done, hair still drying in the sunlight, or whatever remained of it. The context of the message was, unlike her speech, perfectly easy to understand, if a bit blunt and to the point.

Done with the sewers, got a sweet Toxel out of it. Gonna head to the park if you wanna meet up before I plan on leaving the town, if you wanna come with.

With the message out of the way, she now gunned for that park. She wasn't leaving town without one of those cute puppers.
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