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5 yrs ago
Ah old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
5 yrs ago
Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
6 yrs ago
I hate my roommate and his cat right now
6 yrs ago
Bloody laptop
6 yrs ago
Bloody hell Date a live might've been a horrendous adaption of the light novels, but f*ck it's got a fantastic soundtrack
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Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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Stephanie Irwin

Freya was right, the red-head didn't really care for the details as such. It was more just to confirm he was just a shady scam artist than a criminal than much else. That view just further cemented in Steph's mind as he actually listened to her demand of showing the mon he was selling...and honestly it made his case all the worse. Just what was this small, quivering creature? Pulling her hand out of her pocket and brandishing her pokedex, the entry was really not what many would've wanted to hear and just made the girl sigh as the man seemed to be almost pleading in his presentation.

Taking a moment to squat down and really take a long, hard look at the poor quivering creature she just looked up at Freya and shrugged. Honestly, she had half a mind to just whack him. It was honestly that sort of tiring day, but maybe she really was just that tired because she just shook her head. Well, guess she wanted a water type anyway.

"Yah knaow whaht...shooah whuytevah, Oy'll hahve ih'." Handing the man over the 500p he was asking, she just gave him a stern look as she took the poor Whimpods ball. "Just myke shooah Oy naevah cahtch yah troyin thiies crahp aguyn." She added as a warning. Though she knew she was probably getting ripped off, she figured the poor thing was better off with her than some random thug who might buy it and use it for god knows what. The thought of Jack came to mind on that topic, which just made her visible seemingly bad mood even worse.

Once the man had taken off and she had returned the Whimpod to its ball, she would turn to Freya.

"Sao wahnt t' grahb a boigh' t' ayt and say if anythin inteahstin is gaowin on around heah?"
Stephanie Irwin

Seeing the man just looks at her with a puzzled look, she just sighed and rubbed her temples. Maybe that rich prick had a point. She hadn't had much of an issue back home with her aunt and uncle, or her cousins, so she hadn't noticed it before now. But it seemed like no one could understand her, and it was baffling her as to why this was the case. Like her aunt had always told her she had a thick accent, but was it really that thick? Well the man seemed to think so, but at least he wasn't an ass about it.

Luckily for Steph though, her translator was soon to arrive and convey the pretty simple message. Even if you didn't understand what Steph was saying, her unimpressed look and the way she held herself, arms crossed over her chest that she seemed rather doubtful. Even as he continued speaking, she just seemed to take a moment to think.

"Is theah raylly a loisaense t' saell em at a mahkeh' loike thiies?" Steph was more directing this question at Freya. She was aware breeders and the like obviously sold pokemon off to whomever wished to purchase them, but she hadn't seen a pokemon for sale at a marketplace like this before. She wasn't sure on this topic or anything of the sort though, wasn't her area of expertise so maybe Freya knew? Oh well, not that her answered mattered much other than satisfying Steph's curiosity as she turned back to the man.

"If thaht's sao, thaen Oy wahnna say thiies 'raeh and supah paowerful' pokemawn yaw tohkin abeow'. if yah ine't full of shiieh', yah ine't gawt nawthin t' lose shaowin us roigh'?" As she said this part though, her hand moved to her pocket as her voice came out a lot slower. Maybe she was just speaking too fast so slowing it down would help? Well, it was a start anyway.
Rivia Silvermane

When Edusa brought up that they had met at the ball, Rivia couldn't help but shrug. She remembered them from then, but she hadn't talked with them at the time so this was their first proper meeting. Though a smile soon graced her face as the royal agreed to be her friend. "Indeed! Some people don't seem to like Rivia, though Rivia doesn't understand why...but it's good that Rivia is friends with Edusa!" She didn't really understand the fuzzy ears comment though, and her hands reached up to touch her own as she pondered on the thought.

Suppose they did feel somewhat fuzzy....oh, they were almost there? Well, that was good. Following after the spear hero as he brought them to a shop in an out-of-the-way alley, some people might've been nervous or concerned about this but Rivia seemed nonplussed as she just followed after. Shown to a back-room, she watched with a slightly tilted head as a young purple-haired boy closed the door behind them and began chanting. No, this wasn't the first time Rivia's seen magic used per say, but such a thing wasn't common where she was from so she seemed fascinated by the strange presence and aura he gave out.

She only paid half attention to what the spear hero was saying as he began to explain the situation they had found themselves in, wandering around the room and absently pawing at the purple hue that filled the room, looking up and around with awe. She wanted to learn how to do this! Wait, wait, wait. Now wasn't the time for that! Or at least, that was the feeling she got as a serious tone seemed to set in. Now, politics was completely lost on Rivia. What difference did it make he was male or female? Wasn't he the strongest around? Whether or not he was, Rivia thought he was so that should be it right?

"Rivia is good at hunting and tracking. Maybe Rivia can find them?" She would speak up, still pawing at the purple that filled the room. "Though Rivia is more used to wildlife....not humans. Otherwise Rivia can umm....beat them up?" She wasn't too sure what else she could add to the conversation at this point, mostly because she didn't have much info to work on.
I’ll finish this post eventually I swear
Stephanie Irwin

Having finally secured a spot on the bus with no further issues, Steph leaned back to relax for a moment, closing her eyes as Dusk scooted off her shoulder to stare out the window at their surroundings as they passed. While they traveled they exchanged some idle chatter about Pokemon in general, battling, match ups, their favourites etc. So naturally the topic of Basil came to the surface as Steph went quiet for a moment, slowly opening her eyes and giving Faye one of the blankest looks she has possibly ever seen.

"....Thaht praetty boy was an eloigh' foah maembah?" Aaaaand that gave Faye all the explanation she needed. Steph took a moment to process and think about it. Oh wait, there was an elite four member named Basil...wasn't there? Thats how she knew the name! "...oh fuck thaht was Basil Rivens. Oy ine't sayn hiies fyce befoah, only rayd abeow' hiiem. Fuck me.." Groaning, the girl buried her face into her hands and tried her best not to scream her lungs out. She had acted like a complete idiot in front of an elite four member! The thought of why an elite four member was even here with Kapoc did briefly enter her mind, but it didn't matter right now.

Luckily for Steph she didn't have to dwell on how she embarrassed herself in front of an elite four member for long, as they had arrived at the docks shortly afterwards. Slapping her cheeks with both palms, she shook her head and took a deep breath. What was done was done, he didn't seem to be the type be bothered by what had occurred, but guess she would find out when they next met. Getting up, she stopped for a moment before reaching over to the window where Dusk had remained staring out it, fascinated by how fast they had passed things before scooping him back up onto her shoulder.

"C'mawn Dusk buddy, weah heah.." She would as the Litwick shot her an annoyed look for a moment before brightening up as they left the bus and got to bask in the sunlight. The first thing that hit Steph was....just how busy this place seemed to be. See, she didn't know much about the history of the place so the significance of it all was lost on her. But even she could tell this place was important, if not for business then for leisure as well as the sounds of battling were what first drew her attention. She briefly entertained the thought of entering the battles, but that was quickly shot down as she considered her lack of actual experience and the state her party was in. Yeah, she would definitely need to hit up a pokecenter again before leaving. That and she still needed to introduce herself proper to Dennis and Jack...

With a glance about the area at the various stalls, she turned to Faye and pointed out the suspicious man yelling something about a bargain-priced pokemon. "Sounds loike a laowd of crahp t' me dawntcha theenk?" Though even as Steph said that, she was already beginning to approach the man. Leaning against his stall, she cast a doubtful look over the man. Jeez, up close he seemed even dodgier than initially thought huh?

"Whaht koind of hohgwahsh bullshih' ahh yah troyin pull mite? Oy've sayn Trubbish spreow' laess rubbeesh."
@vancexentan Fair nuff mate, I’m more than happy to wait considering the awkward situation as well
Stephanie Irwin

To say she didn't learn much from Basil was a disappointment would be a lie. But suppose if he wasn't really from around here and was just here to visit, it would make sense so no use dwelling on the matter. At the very least she learned that if she wanted to know such things, the docks were the place to go so that just reinforced her thoughts to go there.

"Yayh a plezshah t' mayt yah too Basil. Wigh' is thaht a Salamence?!" Starry-eyed, she watched as the edgelord oc pulled out a Pokeball and let out the aforementioned dragon type. Holy hell, who was this guy really? SHe still felt like it was on the tip of her tongue but it continued to elude her. But it seemed like she was very much a fan of the pokemon he sent out. "Haow Oy'll graow? Mite, naext toime we mayt Oy'll probahbly be keeckin yoah butt weeth haow strawng Oy've gawtten." It was a bold exclamation, but once more she seemed to believe it. Though when he mentioned for her to hold Dusk she went to question it before it twigged.

So as the Salamence went to take off, grabbed at the litwick before copping a facefull of hair as the winds that the dragon stirred up. Watching as he disappeared into the sky, she blew some strands out of her face before putting Dusk back on her shoulder and then brushing whatever hair was still in her face out of the way before turning to face Faye.

"Yayh, we should geh' gaowin befoah ih' gets dahk and whahtnawt as waell. The die ine't gettin any youngah aftah ooll!" Hopefully they hadn't missed the bus they were waiting for...or if they had, that the next one wasn't too far off. In fact actually...where were they now? SHe hadn't been paying attention, so she wasn't even sure if they could find their way back to that bus stop...good thing she took her stuff with her huh? Oh well, she was sure Faye would be able to get them to the docks with little issues, whether it was leading her there by food or simply finding a new bus stop or whatever.
Stephanie Irwin

It came as something of a surprise to Steph that the Sneasal actually agreed. Only moments ago they were adversaries, now they were allies. Suppose it made up for the time wasted on this little endeavor, and the Sneasal was better off with her than that piece of shit anyway! Alls well that ends well and all that jazz. Holding out a Pokeball to it, she watched as the little cretin tapped on it and vanished in a flash of light. It felt like it had already clicked well before the ball had hit the ground, the moment the third roll was done Steph was already kneeling down to pick up the newest addition to her team.

A lot had happened in a short time huh? She had only been a trainer a few hours and she already had half a team.

Hearing her pokedex speak up, she ignored the description it blurted out. It didn't matter much to her, these little snippets were always kinda weird. Like who the fuck in their right mind write this? Cracking open eggs and drinking the insides? Why did she need to know this? God, whoever wrote this was some kind of special nutjob.

"Whaht's naext?" Steph echoed back to Basil, as she looked to Faye for a moment. What were they doing again? Oh right, Steph wanted to check out the docks! It wasn't every day she went to the big city, and this one was in a foreign region! It would be remiss of her to not check things out before leaving. At the very least, she didn't feel like she needed to be in a rush anywhere. "Suppose me and faoy weah gawnna hayd on daown t' the dawcks t' say if theah was anythin inteahstin gaowin on daown theah. aftah thaht, mybee chaeck around taown. Say if theah's anythin inteahstin. Mybee chaeck eow' the maht and gao t' a saentah. dunnao if faoy weell wahnna steeck around the whole toime, buh' Oy knaow Oy wahnna say if Oy cahn haelp anyone heah befoah haydin eow'. Heahd anythin inteahstin gaowin on round heah? aw if anyone nayds a hahnd?"
I’ve been trying to think of something also, but there isn’t much cropping up in my head either. I guess if we continue as scheduled, we could use it as a chance for Cole to get to know Rivia? Like how she fights and whatnot since I don’t think he’s actually seen her in action, since he was a little busy in the dining hall and all
Hmm, I'm not sure honestly. It does leave us in a little bit of a bind, but I'm fine continuing as planned or with a toned-down fight. Otherwise I think the only option might be to skip to the wave or do something else, but at least continuing as planned draws things out till Whoami isn't as busy.
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