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7 yrs ago
Ah nostalgia...my old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
7 yrs ago
Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
7 yrs ago
I hate my roommate and his cat right now
7 yrs ago
Bloody laptop
7 yrs ago
Bloody hell Date a live might've been a horrendous adaption of the light novels, but f*ck it's got a fantastic soundtrack
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Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro
Damn right, we were tempting fate, that's what life was about! With the comedic timing of an anime character, old Bazza made his entrance almost the moment the question left her lips. what a curious bloke he was, Steph keeping an eye and ear on him while the other was on the shopkeep.

So weird slash marks in the forest. Probably some sort of bug or other type mon, but if it had the interest of bug trainers then it was a safe assumption it was most likely that. The mention of the Marsh certainly drew a...reaction from the girl, lets put it that way. And it probably wasn't one that Freya liked from what she knew of Steph so far. Her eyes almost seemed to become starry and sparkle at that one, so yep she was definitely excited about that one. She would have her work cut out for her to have her avoid throwing herself into the deep end of some trouble.

She didn't really get this whole shrine thing, and honest the Marsh was currently occupying her mind and the potential uh...lets put it as 'fun' that she could have, yeah fun. Nothing said fun like nearly dying, right? But after the man finished, Bazza screeched out something about a person falling from the sky? Now, to most people this sounded insane. Utter, completely insane right? No way could a person fall out of the sky. Let alone from a *crack* that appeared in it.

But Steph wasn't normal, now was she? So of course, her reaction was....

"Taell me moah abeow' thiies skoy and bloke thaht faell eow' of ih'. Was ih' loike, mawnin? aftuhnoon? noigh'? was he old? young? wheah diied yah say thiies? haow diied yah geh' thiies mahk? whaht hahve yah gawt t' do weeth adrienne? whoy was she theah? was thiies in the puyst? fuchah? was ih' a current event? if yah gawt thiies, could yah say uhthah theengs?"

And so began her bombardment upon the old man. There were other questions of course, but she was getting faster and faster and now it was nearly impossible to understand her.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro
Oh right, the accent. At the mention of it, Steph gave the man a sheepish grin before he walked off. She still needed to work on that, but suppose habits were hard to break. There would still be plenty of time to fix it up at least but she needed to remind herself to slow it down a bit at least.

Also who the hell was Helga?

When he returned, she gratefully took the items with a brief nod as she listened to what he had to say. Now, most people took that as a warning right? Most people wouldn't think of trying to do that right? Most people weren't Steph though. And that sounded like a challenge to her. Now she was sad she just didn't have enough money to get higher quality bait, but suppose that was something she would have to try later down the line!

"Yah..uh stahted...yaestuhday." Once more she nodded when he asked if they were newer trainers, though this time when she spoke she was making a bit of an effort to speak slower. Did it help much? A little, the effort was there at least. It seems like Freya knew whoever this cowboy he mentioned was, however it was now Steph who took a moment to think, stroking her chin as she looked upwards. Newer trainer? Blue hair? Hiking get up? That all sounded familiar, and that was obvious to all who saw her thinking hard on the matter.

Wait a minute!

"Don't remembah his nuyme, don't theenk Oy talked t' him befoah he laeft. Buh' Oy theenk he's one of the chalengers who stahted yaestuhday with me." She wasn't even sure if she got his name to begin with, but that was the person she immediately thought of. So that means he went this way? And he was ahead of her! While honestly not surprising considering the amount of time she spent in the city, this fired up her competitive side a little. Just a little. Only a smidgen. "Sao, whaht diied yah taell hiiem thaen? and do yah knaow wheech why he waent? Oolsao who's old Barry?"

Annnnnnnd there goes her efforts to talk slower to be easier to understand. It was nice while it lasted, but one could almost see the fire in her eyes as she spoke.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro

"Amelia?" At the mention of her cute little adventuring buddy, Steph just shrugged. "Found hah in the ruins nawt fah frawm heah, spooked eow' of hah moind. Couldn't raylly just layve the kiied boy huhself and seence she's oolsao paht of the chohlenge Oy figured she could tahg alawng. Adventure is bettah weeth some cawmpuynions aftah ooll!"

It was good to see Freya was good though, even if she too seemed nervous. Of course Steph had a bit of nerves as well; but that was the fun of it! Of finding new and exciting things, perhaps never seen before, maybe nearly die a few times here and there, discover some ruins, get into some trouble, make some friends, some rivals, maybe keep the making enemies on the downlow. All the good stuff people read and wrote about in novels! Steph couldn't wait to see what each day had in store.

And speaking of in store, as they entered the fishing store, Steph began to run her gaze over a few nearby rods while the other two began to talk amongst themselves again. Upon hearing the man call out to her, she made her way over to the counter and looked at the board. What did a 'good rod' even mean? Super rod? Who the hell named this shit? It was dumb as shit, and that was coming from Steph. Not that she was going to comment on it, because like, if it worked, it worked she guessed. Nothing she said would change that.

"Noice t' mayt ya Bo, nymes Steph." Assuming he was the Bo in the stores name, the girl flashed him a similar grin in return and stuck her hand out to shake. "Just lookin faw a foine rawd t' cahtch some mon's weeth, probahbly one of thaese...'good rawds', and just some regulah old bigh'"
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro
...what? Wasn't he out to get revenge for losing his fish? Why was he mentioning-you know what, it was better Steph didn't think about it too hard lets be honest. She does better the less she thought really. But with the fish laid low and the angler defeated, Steph could finally claim what she viewed as her first win. While she did beat the thief of course, she still refused to acknowledge that as her first trainer battle and no one could really blame her.

With a beaming grin, she gave Glory a quick little pat on its...head? Shell? Whatever, she petted it before returning the mon back to its power and gave a disappointed-looking Dusk a glance, nod and thumbs up.

"Its oolroigh' Dusk mite, yah'll geh' a chahnce naext toime assumin ih' isn't anuhthah wottah type triner ok?" Turning back around to face Amelia, Steph was pleasantly surprised to see her talking with Freya already. Suppose she had caught up already, that was good! She didn't catch a word of their conversation thus far but her ears did prick up at the mention of travelling and journey as she approached.

"Ah sao yah two hahve maeh'? Haow' s ih' gaowin Freya? Slayp waell?" Trying to not interrupt their little talk as she made her way over, Steph gave her taller friend a curt wave and grin as she still looked rather pleased with herself with her win. Right, the fishing store!

"Yah heah t' geh' a rawd oolsao aw just cahtchin up weeth me? oolsao Oy say ya maeh' Amelia, good kiied ine't she?" Now it was the younger girls turn to receive a little pet on the head and ruffling of her hair. Though afterwards she didn't seem to want to hang around in one spot for two long as she would begin making her way to the fishing store, she still had a rod to buy after all!

Giving Jenna a brief and tired wave goodbye, presumably after she or someone else fixed up Akemi's attire so she was actually presentable and not walking around with half her stomach exposed, her shirt shifted sideways, and the buttons actually in the suitable holes, or at least in one seeing as every 2nd or third one hadn't been done. Because sure, while in the guild hall looking like a half-asleep mess was one thing, but meeting a client like that? Probably not a good first impression. And if no one fixed it? Well, Akemi sure as hell hadn't noticed, so she probably wouldn't unless it was at least pointed out.

As stated in the previous post, Akemi didn't stray far from Ariel or more specifically, her tail, the entire way there. Not that the wolf girl seemed to mind, after all, it would make keeping an eye on the pup far more manageable if she stayed close to her!

"Can anyone ride...umm...'Nimbus', or just you?" Akemi would ask now that they were there and having been told the clients weren't here yet, she decided to join in the small talk amongst the group. There was a couple of people here she wasn't familiar with after all, her gaze slowly scanning over the gathered members. "I wouldn't mind trying riding it...or maybe racing it? I can fly, but not much or for long yet...could be a good test of *yawn* speed?"

It seemed like a good idea to her, but entering second was...taxing. She couldn't quite freely transform that much just yet, but she was getting there. She also didn't mention the fact that she hadn't quite learned to fly yet, though she was capable of it the control was a different matter. But she was sure she could wing it.

"Akemi...Desdemona. I use ummm...I think its called 'Take over' magic? Specifically, I can...hmm....maybe I should just show?" Akemi reintroduced herself to the group, more because Ariel did than anyone else, but paused now and tapped her chin thoughtfully. It would be easier to just transform and show them after all. But that would also be a waste of energy and magic power. Eh, she could show them at a later date. She would just explain it poorly, and transform if anyone just wanted her to do that instead.

"I can temporarily...transform into an angel, or parts of myself into one. I use light magic with it, though I can use a little fire when I get stronger. If we get into a fight, I will protect everyone...ok? I'm not the strongest...but fighting is all I can do." Her gaze finally fell upon the new face she wasn't entirely familiar with yet in Amelia. But Jenna seemed to know her, and she was maybe about her age? About her height anyway. But her eyes lit up for a moment.

This was a chance to make a friend! Zen had always told her she needed to make some, especially around her own age. So this was a good first step! Plus, she was also a girl! So sure, there was also Ky, but she was already somewhat familiar with him and they got along fine. Enough that she at least considered him a friend.

"...friend?" Reaching a hand out to Amelia in a simple gesture, Akemi seemed to just jump several steps and straight to asking the question in such a straight forward and blunt manner that it was about as subtle as punching a brick wall. But she got excited sometimes, and tended to forget there was a process to things. But Amelia could at least tell that Akemi was a friendly girl, even if a bit...eccentric. But hey, every mage was eccentric, so it came with the turf!

There was still that lingering tension between Mark and the Sargeant, but Adelyn decided it was best not to comment on it. She didn't know why these details got him all worked up, but hey at least it showed he cared? It should be a lot easier to get this job done if people actually cared about it after all. Plus, it was somewhat comforting...in a way? At least, for the nervy lightning mage who was second guessing herself, as usual. Was doing this job really the right decision? She wouldn't hold them back, right? Of course she wouldn't, she was an Amberfield. If anything, they were the ones who would hold her back!

...or so she was trying to tell herself, but not even she was buying it.

It was already a struggle trying to get up into the saddle honestly. She certainly would need a hand, and she was glad to be wearing shorts over a skirt but even still, she seemed to not find the ride all that pleasant or comfortable. She hadn't really gotten to ride a horse, nor had a need to before. Carriage driven by horses? Sure, but not physically riding one. Though perhaps it was that or the nerves, but her companions sure as hell didn't care for she seemed to stay within the confines of her own mind the whole time there, not really uttering a word but didn't grumble something every now and then as she shifted in the saddle.

Coming to a stop at a tree, she noted the rather...well crude set up. Just a simple ladder? What if something else went up it? Oh well, it wasn't really Adelyns concern. No, she had bigger concerns as she nervously began to look round the area. It seemed like the further into the forest they had gone, the more nervous she had become really. But it was too late to go back, and even if it wasn't, her pride refused to let her back down. Not till she proved it.

"So uh...anyone got anything that could help with this? I imagine not....I know I don't have anything. So uh, hmmm. I guess our only real course of action is try and sneak in? That way we can try and get eyes on what we're dealing with first rather than sticking our necks out into danger? I would also rather not risk the horses otherwise the trek back will be hell, plus they're not exactly built for stealth. Also uhh...on the previous note of anyone having anything that could help, guess we should establish what we use and can do?"
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro

.....Steph was beginning to regret her life choices.

Maybe if she had paid a bit more attention to the moves some mons learned she would've realized sending out a bug type against a Pokemon that could know peck wasn't the best of ideas. But suppose it was time to do as she always did, which was wing it and improvise her way out of the problem her improvisations had caused!

But first, it was up to her to break the stalemate of just dashing around. Wasn't going to get anyway like this and all.

"Ok thaen Glory, laets chuynge ih' up and dahsh strite at thaht feesh weeth Aqua Jet!" Even Glory took a moment to register that idea and looked at Steph, same as Dusk. Was charging the fish with a non effective move really that great of an idea? But it was fine, she wasn't done cooking just yet. "Thaen whaen yaw noice and close, use Defense curl t' rawll intao a bohl and dawdge befoah usin Sand Attack t' troy and bleend the goobah and hiieh' him weeth anuhthah chunk of Struggle Bug!"

Sure, that wasn't really how the move worked. But curling up into a ball at momentum in theory should allow Glory to roll out of the way. And the closer he was, the harder it was to not land the sand attack. If she couldn't blast her way to victory, then she would simply slowly chip away at it with Struggle Bug and use Sand attack to make Glory harder to hit. And she would keep instructing Glory to use sand attack every time the fish got close, then struggle bug whenever Glory got an opening to do so.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro
Ok, so that was one down on the fisherman's end it would seem as Vi narrowly got over the line against the Carvanah. That Nuzzle was proving its worth and was the difference. Funny that, using super effective moves to win fights. However, as the Arrokuda was sent out she looked over at her Toxel for a moment. Vi still had the type advantage of course, but she could see the laboured breaths and grimace across her partners face. She could keep Vi going, to soften up this Arrokuda to make the next mon have an easier time but that didn't well with the girl at this moment in time, pointing out the Toxel's ball as the Pokemon soon vanished in the red light that came forth.

"Oolroigh' vi, yah diied waell pahl sao just tyke a good raest naow. yah saym praetty knahckuhd eow' sao yah desuhve ih'." So what would be her replacement? Well, the choice may shock some but to her it seemed like the best matchup she had left. "Oolroigh' thaen Glory, laets shaow em whaht yaw myde of!"

Bringing out her Whimpod, a fellow water type, might seem like an odd choice but just let the girl keep cooking. It'll make sense, promise.

"Use Aqua Jet t' geh' close and staht runnin some reengs round thiies drawnga befoah paepperin ih' weeth Struggle Bug!"

And what exactly was this strategy she was describing? Simple really. Using Aqua Jet to improve Glory's mobility, instead of using it to deal pretty minimal damage against the water type if any at all, and try to either confuse the fish, or simply make her bug harder to hit. Then just hit him hard and fast, continuously, with her STAB bug type move. Was it an optimal strategy? Not really. But she didn't have a better idea on hand right now. Could really use another electric or a grass type. But by negating its own STAB moves, she hoped she could gain an edge that way.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro

Ok, so maybe she overestimated Vi's bulk. Or maybe underestimated the Carvanah's attacking prowess? Maybe a bit of both, but Vi wasn't looking too flash as the Carvanah, while slowed, began to make its next attack. Vi didn't look like taking another hit or two was a good idea, but with her only super effective move being contact-based, that simply meant Steph had to change things up then right? Righto then, uh. What was her plan B?

Ah right, fight at range! It wouldn't be super effective, but it was better than getting hit again.

"Vi, use Acid thaen dawdge and as ih' goes boy laets taych thiies feeshao whahts whaht and use Flail and if ih' steell wahnts t' kayp gaowin thaen laets hiieh' ih' weeth Acid teell its dun."
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro
The day had barely even begun and she was already getting into a fight. Today was a good day! She didn't even get a chance to apologise for the man before he sent out a Carvanah and honestly, Steph was just appreciating the fact that he wasn't using it on her after her previous experience the day before. Also, how was this taking responsibility? Eh, who cared right? This was definitely more of Steph's style!

And even if she did apologise, would the guy understand a word of what she said? Absolutely not.

"Carvanah huh? Guess thy must be caught round heah." Steph mused as she held a hand up to her should where Dusk was getting ready to jump down and defend his trainer, glancing at the girl as her hand blocked her partners path. [color=f37B5A9]"Nahh Dusk mite, thiies ine't a foigh' yah cahn wiien. Oy knaow just the gahl."[/color]

Reaching down to her belt, she unclicked a ball on the side and tossed it out to reveal...Vi the Toxel.

It was pretty straightforward, right? She was fighting a water type so using her electric type was the best choice here. This would also give her a proper chance to see what Vi was capable of as well, having only really used her against some poor wildlife.

"Roightao vi, fuhst yaw gawnna use Growl thaen laeh' the drongo heah hiieh' ya and whaen he does use Nuzzle gawt ih'?" The Toxel looked back at her with a bit of skepticism at the incoming pokemon clad in water but figured it was fine to trust her. Steph wished she more of a ranged option, because since Nuzzle required contact and all it didn't really leave much options to use without getting hit and she figured Vi here could at least take the one hit. After all, one hit was all she really needed to win this fight with Nuzzle.

"Aftah thaht, spiieh' eow' some Acid roigh' in hiies pointy fyce."

While this happening, she was quite absorbed in the fight and didn't notice Freya coming up to Amelia. Oh well, she would just have to say hi to her friend when she finally did notice I guess.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii

Well, with Amelia on board with the plan for the day, Steph watched as the Golett put out the fire with one of its moves, smothering the embers of the fire in wet mud. Huh, well that worked as well I guess! Anything that got the job done and that seemed like it should. Now she wondered if a Pokemon with Flashfire could just absorb the heat of the embers or not...wait, she had other things to think about first!

Currently, she was being bombarded by a bunch of questions from her diminutive travelling companion, which she took a moment to think on the first one though the others would be pretty straightforward.

"Noice, koind, reliable. praetty and tohl as waell loike Oy side. Fuhst toime Oy maeh' hah she pahtched me up aftah Oy lawst some skiien cahtchin Dusk heah whaen he faell aftah Oy tawssed hiiem up a leettle too hoigh. Should've thaw' abeow' thaht bettah buh' ih' is whaht ih' is." As she spoke, she showed off the bandages of her little incident yesterday. Were some details omitted? From Stephs perspective, not really. From literally anyone who witnessed her yeeting her Litwick like a baseball? Oh absolutely a lot missed.

"Oolsao haelped me eow' whaen some douche nuggeh' drawngao desoided t' troy and stayl moy Pokedex, gyve me a lovely tiiep on wheah t' cahtch a Growlithe, absolutely schooled a reech punk. Oh roigh', she's oolsao tykin on the chohlenge sao ye she's a triner oolsao. frawm whaht Oy knaow of, she uses a Growlithe and...uh...i...dawn't knaow whaht else."
Ok that question wasn't straightforward. Did she see her use another Pokemon? Nothing came to mind other than the Growlithe she had, which was what led to Steph questioning where she got it and the subsequent capture of her own.

"Buh' she's praetty good and strawng frawm whaht Oy saw, and nawt just in a bahttle. Muynaged t' hawld me bahck frawm sluggin the reech preeck myself! hahaha! Oh buh' haow lawng hahve Oy knaown hah? seence yaestuhdie. Oy'm nawt frawm round heah, if moy accent heah isn't thaht much of an indicuytah heh." As they walked and talked since Steph was walking at a leisurely pace compared to her usual pace to allow Amelia to keep up with her, Steph decided to also keep an eye out for anything interesting on their way to the rod store. Whether that was a wild Pokemon interaction or maybe another trainer, maybe some problem she could solve for someone, she didn't care much.

The training before hadn't quite scratched that itch. She had an itching for a fight, a proper fight, and not whatever that was back in the alleyway. She wouldn't accept that as her first, proper trainer fight. And sure she could challenge Amelia to one, but no offense to the kid she didn't seem like the challenge she was after.

If not, then she wouldn't be too fussed if she made it to the fishing store without incident.
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