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Ah old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
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Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
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I hate my roommate and his cat right now
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Bloody laptop
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Bloody hell Date a live might've been a horrendous adaption of the light novels, but f*ck it's got a fantastic soundtrack
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Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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I would post the furry chart to prove she isn't a furry but it's a pointless argument to make anyway XD

But yeah apologise for the hold-up, was a little busier over the weekend than anticipated so a day later than I hoped to be the latest but time flies you know? At least I got it out XD
Rivia Silvermane

A fair amount of time had passed since that...incident. Yet, no matter how many days passed this burning desire inside of her refused to go away. If anything, it only seemed to grow with time within the outwardly stoic girl. What was this feeling exactly? Hatred for the monsters? Frustration at her weakness? Her inability to still do nothing about it? Or perhaps, it was simply a desire to stop such things from happening again. The young girl wouldn't be able to give a proper explanation, but perhaps it was in fact all the above and more. So instead she shifted those feelings to the side, instead embracing the cold, calm nature her father had tried to instil in her. It was the least she could do to honour his memory from her perspective.

She had been in the capital for a few days at this point. The reason for her being here? Well, she had caught wind of the heroes summoning, and upon arrival had undertaken the task of tracking them down. Now a normal person, raised in normal circumstances would naturally assume the castle or a tavern, but from her isolated upbringing, her first thought was trying to find tracks and their scent. It wasn't until she once more caught wind of rumours that she finally caught a break in trying to find them. Apparently, the King was calling forth any young adventurers who wished to join the heroes party. Now, she wasn't entirely oblivious to this society. After a few weeks, she had learned the basics at the very least. So she knew that some people considered her a 'adventurer', which also made sense to her. Was she affiliated with a guild or anything of the sort? No, but she didn't even know what those things were so her official or unofficial status meant even less to her than anything that wanted to stop her from volunteering her services.

So after boldly having just walked up to the front gate, and being immediately approached by guards who naturally weren't going to just let anyone just waltz on in, it would take a half-hour or so before she finally managed to convey to them that she was here to join the heroes party. It was only after a captain of the guard intervened that the situation was amended and she was sent on her way inside. though a guard still escorted her for understandable security reasons. Once she was shown to a waiting room, she did just that and had a nap while doing so.

She wasn't sure how long had passed, all she knew was she nearly sliced the throat of the poor servant who tried to wake her up. Luckily for them both, she stopped when she was realised what she was about to do and instead got them to state their business while at knife point. Once that little misunderstanding was resolved, and a brief apology, she made her way to the throne room where the king was summoning her. Amongst all the fancily dressed nobles and armoured knights she was standing with, she stuck out like a sore thumb in her tattered red cloak, the yellow pockets worn down with use and age with messy silver locks that looked like they hadn't been washed or cleaned in a week. She flinched and covered her ears at the sudden raise of volume amongst the crowd, her gaze fixing on the duo now approaching. So these were the legendary heroes?

At first, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Like, the sword one of them was holding looked heroic and all, but the duo just seemed to lack...well she wasn't quite sure and was currently unable to put her finger on it. But something was missing from her image of the heroes. Well bar the fact she thought there was four, but there was currently only two here. Maybe she expected them to be bigger? But regardless, she could sense that they were at least no push-overs. Perhaps even stronger than herself, which was something she was relishing. Maybe she could get the chance to play with them later!

But at the moment, her focus returned back to the task at hand. First and foremost, she had to get into the party before thinking of any potential sparring bouts. When she was prompted, she stepped forward in front of the heroes. Standing up tall, even going a little onto her tiptoes as she realised they were a far bit taller than herself, the most prominent feature of the girl wasn't her worn-out travelling attire, nor the swishing thick brush that was her tail behind her, nor even the twitching ears atop her head. No, it was the topaz golden gaze that fell upon them. While she seemed to not be giving much away in terms of facial expressions, within these golden orbs burned a determination and strength that belied her more slender frame.

"Rivia Silvermane." Jabbing her thumb into her chest as she gave them her name, the wolfgirl proceeded to take a knee like she had watched some do before the king. She wasn't sure of the gesture, other than it apparently was something akin to respect."Rivia wishes to join your clan. Fight against the waves. Rivia is strong and willing to prove it."
@vancexentan Hopefully by the end of the week, had half a post written but been having a fair bit of an upset stomach kicking my butt the last few days.
Only complaint is she's a wolf not a cat mate! XD Such an insult to compare her to a mere, dime a dozen cat girl!


Wolven Pyre Guild Hall


While most people in Shiro's shoes might be concerned, the only outward emotion on show was her growing irritation and annoyance at the situation. Why wouldn't this dredge just go down already?! Feeling herself launched into the air, she blinked as four beams shot out on a crash course with her. While Henri managed to bodyblock two of them, she twisted her lithe frame midair as one of the others whizzed past and took a small slice out of her jacket along with it. The last bolt hit home though, her right arm going numb and limp at her side as she landed. Looking down at the blade lodged there, her eyebrow twitched slightly as an almost hiss-like sigh escaped her.

Ok, now she was mad.

Without even bothering with the magical blade and as the cascade of swords began, she made seemingly little to no effort to avoid the strikes and advanced. The look of annoyance on her face not once fading despite the various cuts some of the attacks made, even as blood slowly fell down her cheek from one particular slash to her face. Making minimal evasive maneuvers, only taking the time to focus on the more immediate, dangerous strikes, she moved towards Hagar. An occasional step to the side, or deflection of a blade aside she took attack after attack though unlike before these found some purchase unlike before when they were deflected. By now she was covered in a variety of wounds but had closed the gap back between her and Hagar, which was all that mattered. There was a reason she was taking these blows after all.

Now all she needed to do was wait for the right time to land this finishing blow she was preparing so she had to be patient and wait for the right moment. In the meantime, even without the use of her right arm she swung a series of fast left jabs and high kicks aimed at his chest the moment she came within range of doing so. She didn't care how many blades she took in the process now, an almost burning hatred in the gaze levelled at the poacher.

Even with Meredith's praise on her performance, Manami seemed hesitant, unsure about something as she just returned the kind words with a forced smile. It still didn't sit right with her, but it had to be done right? It still didn't count! At least, that's what she would tell herself. Taking up Meredith's offer to sit beside her, Manami did so, tucking the skirt of her dress under her as she listened to the older woman's words. If it was someone like Shiro, then her words would've been wasted but the young woman was always one for learning whenever she could. Even if she wasn't sure of the reasoning behind this sudden little history lesson, she could appreciate the sentiment behind their actions. In fact, the reasoning seemed to resonate with the mage.

"To respect those that came before and their sacrifices....I see. I suppose in this case, that would be appropriate. I wonder what I can do to that effect as well...." Musing out loud, her mind had drifted elsewhere as she stared at the ground for a moment in thought. Realising she was voicing her mind out loud, she shook her head and smiled again at Meredith. "Oh sorry about that, just got me thinking was all. I would love to hear more though if there's time, if not at a later time. There's always much to learn upon reflecting upon past events and even peoples actions during said events."
@Omni5876 Yeah post away. Rivia will probably be in the throne room for now anyway.
I've just been mulling over the options for an intro.
The thing is she doesn't have connections or the like with anyone of any importance. Or anyone at all for that matter. Plus being demi-human and not really showing much care to hide it. So after some thought, I'm thought of a potentially funny (at least to me) way to introduce her lol

She's been following them for a little. After hearing the stories, she heads to the capital, manages to track them down and catches them defeating Rayla and is subsequently satisfied that they're at least strong enough to help get her vengeance against the waves. So she follows them back to the capital again, all while staying hidden. Though I imagine Marcino was aware she was tailing them the whole time, it's not like she's a massive threat to the party level wise lol

Once back at the castle however she has to sneak inside, and against regular guards she can probably get in easily enough, however she gets caught out at some point and is restrained/captured. Pretty sure there's more than enough people in the castle who can detect and easily capture her lol

Then when they find out her only objective is to join the heroes party and fight the waves, they decide why not. She's at least somewhat capable and useful, so at least give the heroes the option of letting her join. And who says no to free floofy tail and ears right? In which case, she can already be in the throne room or wherever waiting.

The other option I've consider is she just beats up some guards and barges in to demand being in the party lmao She has a pretty simple thought process for such things.

Alina was never one for entering deep sleep, least not when she wasn't in a place she was confident in the safety of. Typically that would involve her personally checking over everything, setting up her own little devices and tricks to alert her of any intruders or some unsavoury type ruffling through her stuff or getting into something she would rather they not. Not that she really had anything too discriminating on her person at any time though, and she was confident she had her place back in Crocus locked down pretty well bar someone blasting it open with Dragon Slayer magic or something crazy like that. But still, the paranoia remained wherever she went.

Her mind was always going at a mile a second, break-neck pace at any point. Especially with how guarded and careful she had to be around the perceptive and keen-minded Menzai. So perhaps it was due to the mental fatigue that came with it all, coupled with the drain on her magic and physical toll of travelling so far in a single day, all tasks she hadn't really undertaken in quite some time, had all added up. Despite a bit of tossing and moving around a bit, the uncomfortableness of sleeping on the ground never sitting right with her but it was just a matter of getting settled really. But when she finally felt the drift, she was powerless to stop it despite some light resistance at first. She never liked the thought of how powerless and helpless one truly was when they had their consciousness elsewhere-in fact, she was very well aware of the dangers and possibilities of what could unfold during such a time. And a lot of them weren't anything good.

Yet here she was, her breathing becoming soft and lighter with every passing second as she felt her mind go blank. Soon, for the first time in a while, she was well and truly asleep. Even if Menzai tried to wake her, he would struggle to do so without a real intent to do so, when normally a light step in her vicinity was enough to wake her it was like nothing short of a bomb going off would cause any change in her current state. And so she would remain for the rest of the night unless forcibly awakened.

It was only the next morning when she awoke did she realise just how deeply she had slept, groggily pushing up from the sleeping bag as her entire body ached. Gah, forcing the transformation and then staying in such an unfamiliar form for so long without any prior experience with it had really taken a toll. Normally she wouldn't even feel a hundredth of such a physical strain, but she had miscalculated for which she swore softly under her breath all while pushing some of her long ruby strands out of her face. Ever true to form however, she didn't show any of the discomfort or let the crying out of her body show visibly as she took a few moments to look up at the first few rays of sunlight beginning to pierce the clouded over skies. Even though she currently wasn't aware exactly of where Menzai was, she could still see the rippling barrier around them so that meant he was still somewhere within. She just hadn't sighted him yet.

Oh well, complaining or moping about this wasn't going to get her anywhere. As much as she lamented her recklessness and questioned how or why she had let this happen, the simple matter of the fact was it had. They hadn't far to go but she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to transform today, but she wasn't even sure if it was necessary. It would be difficult to get a chance to transform back once within the city itself after-all.

So with a sigh, she brought both hands to her face and slapped her cheeks, as if to wake herself up. It was time to get to work then!

"Are you awake Mr Isanami? I do believe we should get going as soon as we have breakfast. Uh I didn't bring much more than some trail mix and some fruit though...oh I have some bread as well." Getting out of her sleeping bag and rolling it up, she called out to Menzai as she reached into her bag and pulled out a mix of items. Some bowls and containers filled with a variety of dried nuts and fruit, along with half a baguette. It was a day or two old at this point, but it was something and would do until they finished the job in a few hours at any rate.
@vancexentanAgree with Omni, I knew what I was going to get myself into looking through the IC history of posting lol Health comes before rp, after-all if it gets worse as a result that would in fact hamper the rp! A lesson I've learned playing sport is sometimes you need to rest a niggle otherwise you risk making it a bigger problem and missing 1 game is better than 4/5 (if you understand the analogy that is lol

Also I do indeed have discord, I can add you in in a moment if you want @Omni5876
Name: Rivia Silvermane

Nicknames: Pup, Crimson Fang, Rivi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Level: 7

Class: Ranger

Specializations: Hunting/Tracking, Ambushes, Close Quarter/Unarmed Combat, Scouting

Magic Affinity: Dark and Earth


Rivia's childhood was far from conventional. Born into a nomadic tribe of wolf demi-humans, she was taught how to hunt, forage, kill, and the like from a young age; whether with weapons, traps, or bare hands. Typically a lone huntsman from the tribe wouldn't go after anything larger than a boar by themselves, though her father had famously beaten a bear by himself-and with that he had become the Alpha of the tribe over his older brother, becoming the most respected individual amongst them all and she was no exception, always wanting to emulate her father whenever she could and grow up to be just like him. Though she would always get in trouble with her father for roughhousing with the other children a little too much, often leaving them with bloodied noses and the like. He always had a rough time reigning in the free-spirit girl, raising her by himself after her mother passed away when she was only a couple of years old.

Being the daughter of the alpha meant there was a lot of pressure on her basically from the day she learned how to hunt, though a lot of it was self-inflicted. She had to track better than anyone else, she had to bring in more kills than the other hunters, she had to. It was a matter of pride, an unhealthy competitive streak that got her into many a fight with her peers. She seemed possessed with this obsession of being the best; after all, as the next alpha, anything less was weakness! A sign of unworthiness for the role. Due to this mindset of wanting to constantly challenge and improve herself, she would disappear for weeks at a time at times, only to return or be found after her father would form a search party covered in blood from head to toe and various scratches and cuts. She would spend these weeks just hunting and fighting the wildlife, learning their habits, how they moved and even copying some of them into her own fighting style. She got to the point where the feral, animalistic style of how she would spar with her peers was even alarming to the tribe; they were far from civilised, primitive and well drilled in the ways of old, but she seemed to take it to another level-she was a wild animal when she fought.

She even picked up some animalistic habits. Growling when threatened, angry or afraid. Whimpering when in pain. Nuzzling, or even purring, when happy. She would eventually go on to be confronted by her father about her behaviour which would tone it down a little, but she still lacked a lot of restraint when in fights or spars, getting to the point where only her father would be her partner. After much consideration, it was decided he would send her away to another tribe for a while-try and get her away from her father's shadow and influence. The new environment would do her wonders! Or so the theory went.

They never got a chance to test it.

The day before she was meant to embark, she went on one last hunt with her father. Unbeknownst to them, this was the day the waves had started. Caught in the middle of the event and nowhere to go, they had little choice but to fight-or rather, that's how Rivia felt as she charged at the monsters involved despite her father's warnings. After all, if they didn't deal with them here, it put the rest of the tribe in danger! The result was inevitable, she barely scratched them before a single blow just about brought her to her knees. Her father ended up saving her from the killing blow, the last thing she saw before she blacked out was her fathers back to her as he fought against the monsters.

When she awoke, it was all over. She doesn't like to speak of the scenes she found, but the monsters were gone. Her father was dead, atop her having used the last of his strength to shield her. She would say she didn't cry, but that would be a lie. She cried for hours before finally piecing herself together enough to take him back to the tribe, not before reclaiming his weapon; a family heirloom, the symbol of the alpha. The Silvermane blade.

Upon her return, she was distraught to find out that they weren't the only ones caught up in the waves. The entire encampment had been laid to waste. All the children she had grown up with, the elder hunters she had learned from, her teachers that had scolded her. They were all dead. Everyone was dead. She would spend a few days, wallowing in grief and unsure about what to do. She did at least have the sense about her to give them burials. Once she was done with that, and the shock and grief began to leave her system, she was left with a wave of bitter anger and guilt. Everyone had died because she wasn't strong enough, at least that was her belief anyway.

So as her father had wanted, she left. Not to go the other tribe, no she left on a journey to strengthen herself. And to hunt down the waves and get whatever meagre vengeance she could, living off whatever she could forage or hunt. The clothes she wears she found in a chest back at the encampment; souvenirs of her mothers.

Sometime during this journey, she heard the rumours of the summoned heroes. Childhood memories of stories passed down through the tribe told of similar heroes, and it would seem that their goals aligned. Fighting back the waves was close enough to her desire to wipe out the monsters associated with it at least. So she has gone to seek the heroes, eager to test or see their abilities in action before deciding to ask to assist them. It wouldn't do if the rumours were exaggerated and they were really just a bunch of weaklings after all.

Preferred Weapon(s): Daggers/Throwing Knives, her own hands

The appearance of Weapon: The Silvermane Blade

Abilities of Weapon: Duplication
As the name suggests, the dagger/knife has the ability to duplicate itself, allowing her to throw them without fear of running out

-The Silvermane Blade
-Travelling Clothes
-A backpack
-Rope and other various things to build basic traps

Money: stuff all
Gold: 0
Silver: 0
Copper: 0
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