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Ah nostalgia...my old friend. Listening to the old pokemon soundtracks is just so relaxing
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Ah good old Tears to Tiara II. Only took three or four hours to play the first chapter XD Only another billion to go XD Thankfully that was only because most it was story, onto the gameplay! XD
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I hate my roommate and his cat right now
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Bloody laptop
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Bloody hell Date a live might've been a horrendous adaption of the light novels, but f*ck it's got a fantastic soundtrack
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Currently looking for Fairy Fencer F (FFF for short I suppose XD) Roleplay actually

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Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@Remram

"Nahh, enough of thaht." Steph sounded...annoyed? Yeah, annoyed. She was absolutely annoyed by the words coming out of Amelia's mouth right now, and put a hand on her shoulder, giving her a stern look before they left. "Its as much yoah journay as moine, yah wahnna do somethin? spayk up. if Oy daon't wahnna do ih', mybee we cahn spliieh' off faw a biieh', regroup aftuhwahds. Besoides haydin t' do stuff yah loike moigh' layd t' uhthah fun! naevah knaow whaht the naext die hawlds!"

She also made sure to thank Amelia for the berry before giving it to Jack, curing him of his paralysis.

With that said, she would indeed grind against the local grass and bug types with fire, ice and flying types. Warcrimes were committed, levels were gained. She wasn't sure how strong the first gym would be, so every levelled mattered. Had to train while she had the chance! Though the commotion of whatever was going on behind her did draw her gaze, seeing the Aipom in the tree above taunting both Feya and Amelia.

Now, Steph's first instinct was to climb up the tree after the shithead and take it back. Maybe battle it, however, she instead...silently turned away, only keeping a small glance over her shoulder at the situation. As much as her hotheadedness wanting to jump in, there was a greater curiosity to satisfy.

What would Amelia do? That question made her curiosity win out over her brashness, a rare feat really. But how would Amelia fare in the face of this? Steph wanted to know, so restrained herself...barely. Not that it stopped her from letting out Jack and telling him to get up into the tree and cut off the Aipom if it tried to make a runner.

In the meanwhile uh....she could train some more or something? Not much else she could do while she waited for Amelia. Maybe see if there was something else going on? Twiddle her thumbs?
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@Remram

A feeling, huh?

Looking down at Amelia as she spoke up, Steph seemed to make a face, and perhaps for a moment, at least a moment as she put a hand on Amelia's shoulder, it seemed like she was about to shut the idea down, or perhaps even question what this talk about feelings and ghost types was really all about. Perhaps probe for a few answers. Instead what she got was....

"Well whoy deedn't ya sie sao Amelia?! Jayz louise, Oy ine't nao moind raydah ya knaow? If yah wahnna do somethin, speak up! Else ya gawnna geh' dragged alawng like a sahck of potuytoes, and ine't nao one wahnna be a sahck of potuytoes." Giving her a big ol' toothy grin, the older girls hand quickly went from her shoulder to ruffle her hair. Steph chose not to question what this 'feeling' meant, because lets be real, she felt all sorts of urges and feelings, to which some she ignored, some she followed. She called it following her gut,

Now was this the same case for Amelia? Not really, but hey Steph had the right sentiment even if she had the wrong idea about it all. And that was that mattered right? And even if Steph did know, honestly all she would think was that it was a cool and funky thing to have. She wasn't exactly about to judge people on actions, now was she? Not with the stunts she pulled....

Looking at Dusk when Amelia asked where Dusk came from, before she could even get the words out to ask her partner, Feya was already explaining it all. Well, suppose she oughtta expected the sister of the professor they got em from to know. Guy sounded alright too, maybe at one stage if she got the chance she should drop by and thank him for Dusk? Oh right, speaking of thanks, she quickly pulled out her pokedex and without any further context to Kapoc, she sent him a text of thanks for the pokedex, Dusk and the chance to explore evig.

Then with Feya done, Steph would put her pokedex and hum for a moment thoughtfully.

"Ya know, if we run intao some Ghosties, wouldn't moind a Gastly myself, Gengar is a mayn ol buggah and a strawng one at thaht. uh uhthahwoise..." She wasn't sure what other Ghost type she would be too interested in right now, but if she liked one she saw the looks of, then she would let the others know she guessed. Though she had the feeling she should let Amelia here have first dibs on the ghost types, so she probably would unless it was especially aggressive.

"Uh whaht koind of prep is there even t' do anywhy?" Taking another moment to think, she looked up at the treeline and squinted as if expecting the answer to be up there. To no ones surprise, it wasn't. "Guess Oy just moigh' wahnna train up a biieh' moah, mybee foind somethin t' dayl weeth Jack heah's puyralysees. And if Oy say somethin wheech catches me inteahst, try and catch ih'."

Steph was but a simple lass at the end of the day, a simple shiela. If she saw a cool or strong mon, she would try to catch it. Otherwise this was a great chance to train up Dusk, Dennis, Lucky and Jack if she could find a way to cure him of his ailment. She did so knowing it would make Amelia uncomfortable, but at the end of the day it was kinda the reason why Steph was even on this journey, so she would give her an apologetic look every now and then try to finish the fights as quick as possible.

At least on their way to wherever Amelia was wanting to head to. Otherwise besides training and looking for a berry to help with Jack? She would always keep her eye out for anything out of the ordinary if she could see it, whether it be a pokemon, a person, or whatever. After all, if she found the extraordinary, she might find the answers which she seeked.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@Remram

Seeming quite happy and content with herself with her catch, Steph turned her attention to her paralysed friend. Uh...there wasn't much she could do right now, right? Except maybe hope it goes away with time? She didn't buy any paralyse heals back in town, or full heals. Slight regret she didn't, then again, did anywhere even sell a full heal? Eh that doesnt matter much right now. She would just return Jack and hope to find something to fix him up later. She wasn't the best with the outdoors persay, despite her active and outgoing lifestyle and personality. Farmlife was very, very different to proper outdoors. Still, she knew a few things here and there, if not because she enjoyed camping. Pretty sure there was berry to fix it, but it was escaping her at the moment.

Tapping her chin as she thought, she was quickly snapped back to attention at the sound of Freya's voice. Giving the girl a blank look as it took a moment for her brain to catch back up and review what was said, she looked from Freya, to Amelia, back to Freya, back to Amelia, to Dusk on her shoulder, back to Freya, down to Amelia, up to Freya, sideways to Dusk.

"FAHK YAYH OY DO! WHAHT INEH' GAWNNA KEELL YA IS GAWNNA MYKE YAH STRAWNGAH!" Thrusting her fist up into the sky, one could almost see the fire bursting forth from her eyes, sparkling brighter than any star. Freya had only known Steph for a short time, not much longer than Amelia really. But Steph was a simple girl, and all she needed was a little patience handling and one could easily work out how to best reign her chaotic ways in a certain direction. Mostly. Though for a moment after, she seemed to hesitate and look towards Amelia again.

"Uh...buh' weell ih' be oolroigh' wit' Amelia? Wouldn't wahnt t' drahg hah intao any unnaesaessaray duyngah ya knaow? Me and yah ahh biieg enough and ugly enough t' look aftah oursaelves and ooll, buh' she's a kiied ya knaow? Wouldn't wahnt hah t' geh' huht cause of me." Was this...responsibility? Nah, couldn't be. Not Steph. Though then again, everything Freya had seen Steph had always been a danger to herself rather than others. Or maybe this was her actually being able to think instead of acting in the moment, would explain why she was pretty quick to park a lot of her excitement at Freya's proposition. "Told hah Oy would kayp hah syfe and stuff. Plus Oy'm shooah she's gawt stuff t' do and plyces t' say oolsao roigh'?"
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@Remram
Starbor Forest. The sigh of the woods made the girl crane her neck up at the towering timber above. She didn't pay the bug catchers and maniacs much mind, instead she had been mostly to herself since leaving the fishing store. She would respond to anything when spoken to, otherwise she seemed quite content with talking with Dusk and otherwise thinking over what she learned from Barry. Now having had time to process it, even she couldn't deny how outlandish it sounded. Did that dent her belief he was telling the truth? Not one bit. Man seemed to be genuine, and she wasn't going to doubt that. Now did that meant he wasn't delusional? Different subject.

But she was here to investigate something. And she figured if this was true, then there was every chance that anything suspicious like that could be related. She had no leads after all, so looking around without a proper goal was pointless. So why not just investigate every suspicious activity in the hopes of finding something? Not the best plan, but it was all the girl could think of.

Also wouldn't it be awesome if it was true? She was really hoping it was.

But back to the Forest around them, as Steph eyed off the trainers and pokemon around them, also glancing once in Amelia's direction. She really wanted to train, but she knew Amelia wasn't overly...enthused about such a thing. At least for herself. She wasn't sure how far that extended. Then again, she didn't seem to mind or say anything when she fought the Angler before. So maybe it was just her own choice? Gah, she couldn't understand that in all honesty. Seemed like a good kid, maybe too good. But why participate in the Gym Challenge if you weren't going to...participate. Eh, it was her choice so she would respect it so long as she respected hers. Maybe Amelia would come around, who knows.

What Steph did know was that a Shroomish caught her eye. Now, she didn't really have any real plans on what to catch persay, but she did have a list of most wanted Pokemon. She had one in Lucky the Growlithe, and a Shroomish was also on that list. It wouldn't take her companions long to catch onto her plan to catch one also, as she stared at it intently before slowly reaching to her belt, only hesitating once she reached it as she pondered who to use to aid in the capture. Pretty much her entire turn was a good match up, all of them having a super effective move against grass types. But that probably didn't aid in her current endeavour. She wanted to catch it, not knock it out.

Finally deciding upon Jack, despite Dusk seeming rather keen about the matter, she would call out her Sneasal and the plan was simple.

Hit it with an ice shard, maybe a second depending on how hard it hit. Otherwise weaken it with scratch before going in for the final strike with a pokeball. Shouldn't be too difficult, so long as the dice played nice and didn't draw the affair out.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@Remram

"Ah raylly? Thanks, Oy'll geeve ih' a good gao. Say if theah's anythin inteahstin theah faw ya Bazza."

Pocketing the map, she did make sure to glance at it to see just where it was. It was kind of on the way with how Steph wanted to travel, though she wanted to keep south and not follow the Lake round it was only a little out of the way so she figured it was worth at least a little look over. Her curiosity was brimming after all. But you know what they said about curiosity and cats...

"Nahh Oy theenk thahts ih', oolraydy clayned me eow' of maowst of moy monay. Thanks anywhy, hahve a goodun!." Steph said, sheepishly rubbing the back of her head. But if someone else wanted to buy something, then she wasn't going to stop or hold them back from doing so. Regardless if that was the case or not, she would look to exit. In the event of someone else looking to buy anything she wouldn't go too far once she was outside, maybe just see if there was anything interesting going on around them.

Otherwise if everyone else was done also, unless there was something interesting going on then they had a Woods to get to. Something about needing to actually get their journey moving forward or something crazy? Places to be, things to do and whatnot.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii[@hatakekuro]
Cut off by Freya, a sheepish grin crept over Steph as if only just realising what she was doing to poor Ol' Barry, taking a step back as she listened to the answers the old man. Lake Charity? Crack in the sky? An explosion of sorts? Someone then fell out of it, for the champion to arrive and take them back to Grand Glory City. In all honesty, this sounded like the sort of story you would hear from someone after they had a few too many edibles. And maybe too much to drink on top of that. Absolutely absurd really, only a madman would believe this sort of story.

So naturally, Steph did also. Where Feya showed skepticism, Steph nodded along enthusiastically with Amelia.

"Ye, whaht Amelia heah said. Aw mybee someone else did see ih', buh' ine't nao one believin thaem uythah. Oy've heahd of cruyzier theengs hahppenin, plus Pokemon cahn do ooll sohts of insyne stuff sao whoy wouldn't thiies be pawssible oolsao? If Giratina cahn hawp betwayn doimaensions, thaen mybee theah's uhthah Pokemon who cahn do soimilah." Citing an example she read in a book at one point, and yes real shock horror Steph could read so long as it wasn't a danger sign, she paused for a moment before thoughtfully looking out the window. Or if no window, then the door.

"Hy, thaht Lyke Charity ine't fah frawm heah roigh'? Theenk yah cahn nahraow daown wheah yah saw ih'? Oy moigh' gao chaeck ih' eow' on moy why puyst. Oy wahnna gao chaeck eow' the woods and the veellage oolsao, sao its on the why. could mybee foind a clue aw two even. Aw if nawt, thaen ih' moigh' at layst geeve me a chahnce t' taest eow' the rawd! Heh."
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro
Damn right, we were tempting fate, that's what life was about! With the comedic timing of an anime character, old Bazza made his entrance almost the moment the question left her lips. what a curious bloke he was, Steph keeping an eye and ear on him while the other was on the shopkeep.

So weird slash marks in the forest. Probably some sort of bug or other type mon, but if it had the interest of bug trainers then it was a safe assumption it was most likely that. The mention of the Marsh certainly drew a...reaction from the girl, lets put it that way. And it probably wasn't one that Freya liked from what she knew of Steph so far. Her eyes almost seemed to become starry and sparkle at that one, so yep she was definitely excited about that one. She would have her work cut out for her to have her avoid throwing herself into the deep end of some trouble.

She didn't really get this whole shrine thing, and honest the Marsh was currently occupying her mind and the potential uh...lets put it as 'fun' that she could have, yeah fun. Nothing said fun like nearly dying, right? But after the man finished, Bazza screeched out something about a person falling from the sky? Now, to most people this sounded insane. Utter, completely insane right? No way could a person fall out of the sky. Let alone from a *crack* that appeared in it.

But Steph wasn't normal, now was she? So of course, her reaction was....

"Taell me moah abeow' thiies skoy and bloke thaht faell eow' of ih'. Was ih' loike, mawnin? aftuhnoon? noigh'? was he old? young? wheah diied yah say thiies? haow diied yah geh' thiies mahk? whaht hahve yah gawt t' do weeth adrienne? whoy was she theah? was thiies in the puyst? fuchah? was ih' a current event? if yah gawt thiies, could yah say uhthah theengs?"

And so began her bombardment upon the old man. There were other questions of course, but she was getting faster and faster and now it was nearly impossible to understand her.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro
Oh right, the accent. At the mention of it, Steph gave the man a sheepish grin before he walked off. She still needed to work on that, but suppose habits were hard to break. There would still be plenty of time to fix it up at least but she needed to remind herself to slow it down a bit at least.

Also who the hell was Helga?

When he returned, she gratefully took the items with a brief nod as she listened to what he had to say. Now, most people took that as a warning right? Most people wouldn't think of trying to do that right? Most people weren't Steph though. And that sounded like a challenge to her. Now she was sad she just didn't have enough money to get higher quality bait, but suppose that was something she would have to try later down the line!

"Yah..uh stahted...yaestuhday." Once more she nodded when he asked if they were newer trainers, though this time when she spoke she was making a bit of an effort to speak slower. Did it help much? A little, the effort was there at least. It seems like Freya knew whoever this cowboy he mentioned was, however it was now Steph who took a moment to think, stroking her chin as she looked upwards. Newer trainer? Blue hair? Hiking get up? That all sounded familiar, and that was obvious to all who saw her thinking hard on the matter.

Wait a minute!

"Don't remembah his nuyme, don't theenk Oy talked t' him befoah he laeft. Buh' Oy theenk he's one of the chalengers who stahted yaestuhday with me." She wasn't even sure if she got his name to begin with, but that was the person she immediately thought of. So that means he went this way? And he was ahead of her! While honestly not surprising considering the amount of time she spent in the city, this fired up her competitive side a little. Just a little. Only a smidgen. "Sao, whaht diied yah taell hiiem thaen? and do yah knaow wheech why he waent? Oolsao who's old Barry?"

Annnnnnnd there goes her efforts to talk slower to be easier to understand. It was nice while it lasted, but one could almost see the fire in her eyes as she spoke.
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro

"Amelia?" At the mention of her cute little adventuring buddy, Steph just shrugged. "Found hah in the ruins nawt fah frawm heah, spooked eow' of hah moind. Couldn't raylly just layve the kiied boy huhself and seence she's oolsao paht of the chohlenge Oy figured she could tahg alawng. Adventure is bettah weeth some cawmpuynions aftah ooll!"

It was good to see Freya was good though, even if she too seemed nervous. Of course Steph had a bit of nerves as well; but that was the fun of it! Of finding new and exciting things, perhaps never seen before, maybe nearly die a few times here and there, discover some ruins, get into some trouble, make some friends, some rivals, maybe keep the making enemies on the downlow. All the good stuff people read and wrote about in novels! Steph couldn't wait to see what each day had in store.

And speaking of in store, as they entered the fishing store, Steph began to run her gaze over a few nearby rods while the other two began to talk amongst themselves again. Upon hearing the man call out to her, she made her way over to the counter and looked at the board. What did a 'good rod' even mean? Super rod? Who the hell named this shit? It was dumb as shit, and that was coming from Steph. Not that she was going to comment on it, because like, if it worked, it worked she guessed. Nothing she said would change that.

"Noice t' mayt ya Bo, nymes Steph." Assuming he was the Bo in the stores name, the girl flashed him a similar grin in return and stuck her hand out to shake. "Just lookin faw a foine rawd t' cahtch some mon's weeth, probahbly one of thaese...'good rawds', and just some regulah old bigh'"
Stephanie Irwin

@Joshua Tamashii@hatakekuro
...what? Wasn't he out to get revenge for losing his fish? Why was he mentioning-you know what, it was better Steph didn't think about it too hard lets be honest. She does better the less she thought really. But with the fish laid low and the angler defeated, Steph could finally claim what she viewed as her first win. While she did beat the thief of course, she still refused to acknowledge that as her first trainer battle and no one could really blame her.

With a beaming grin, she gave Glory a quick little pat on its...head? Shell? Whatever, she petted it before returning the mon back to its power and gave a disappointed-looking Dusk a glance, nod and thumbs up.

"Its oolroigh' Dusk mite, yah'll geh' a chahnce naext toime assumin ih' isn't anuhthah wottah type triner ok?" Turning back around to face Amelia, Steph was pleasantly surprised to see her talking with Freya already. Suppose she had caught up already, that was good! She didn't catch a word of their conversation thus far but her ears did prick up at the mention of travelling and journey as she approached.

"Ah sao yah two hahve maeh'? Haow' s ih' gaowin Freya? Slayp waell?" Trying to not interrupt their little talk as she made her way over, Steph gave her taller friend a curt wave and grin as she still looked rather pleased with herself with her win. Right, the fishing store!

"Yah heah t' geh' a rawd oolsao aw just cahtchin up weeth me? oolsao Oy say ya maeh' Amelia, good kiied ine't she?" Now it was the younger girls turn to receive a little pet on the head and ruffling of her hair. Though afterwards she didn't seem to want to hang around in one spot for two long as she would begin making her way to the fishing store, she still had a rod to buy after all!
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