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@PlatinumSkink I just wanted to do something funny!

Amelia smiled as her pokemon ate, seeing is as a well earned reward for their hard work for earlier. She had to keep an eye on Phantump though, grabbing her gently as she began floating off to scare some of the other customers.
"You can't do that here, it'll cause trouble for others." She said to the little tree spirit as Shuppet finished her meal and floated over to Amelia, who wrapped an arm around the little puppet, giving her a kind smile. Litwick made his way to his usual perch on top of her head while Driffloon was content to just float nearby and look around at everyone there though. Pumpkaboo though... he seemed to be curious about Jacques' hat, knocking it off the older man's head before flying inside of it and floating up, turning around curiously and letting out a few surprised cries, unable to see outside of it... or get out of it. Amelia giggled at the sight, unable to help herself, before turning to Jacques as he suddenly hit her with three rapid fire questions. Blinking in surprise, she took some time to think about it, helping Pumpkaboo out of the hat and handing it back to Jacques before answering.
"I don't know if there was any way that they manifested. It just kinda... was always something I could do. It may have simply grown over time or I may have been able to do so from birth. I don't really know or recall." She said slowly, stopping Pumpkaboo from going after the hat again. "As for others who can do the same thing... if I meet them I do, if I don't I don't. I'll leave it up to fate. As for my plans in the future, I have none. My parents didn't give me a lot of freedom and they're probably looking for me to lock me in my room again, so I'm just trying to remain as free as I can be for as long as possible. Maybe I'll find another goal as I'm journeying around."
Joshua Tamashii


Joshua listened to Amaya calmly, his expression passive as he took in her words and worries. When she finished, he didn't do anything for a minute or two as he tapped his chin thoughtfully. When he finished he got up and moved in front of Amaya and kneeled down to her height before raising his hand... and booping her on the nose, a small smile in his face.
"There's no need to worry so much Amaya." He said calmly. "It's not a matter of destiny at work here. No one is going to leave you. The guild is not going anywhere anytime soon. And even if it does, you won't be losing everyone. You'll still have Cecilia and even me if you're willing to put up with me. No matter what happens, you won't be alone ever again, I promise you that.

As for the island, that is ultimately your choice. If you decide to stay here, then that's it. I'm sure if the others find something, they will tell you. On the other hand, if you go, you'll be able to experience it first hand if there's anything to find. But you also have to prepare for the possibility that nothing is there. So it's up to you to weigh the risks and the rewards and make the decision on your own. Destiny has nothing to do with this.

Lucus Griffonbane


Lucus let Elyse play on the stairs Raiden created while listening to the man in front of him. His expression was relatively neutral throughout the entire little triad, with a trace of anger flashing across his features at the accusations of being a playboy. Still, when Raiden was done, all he did was sigh before addressing the man with two simple sentences.
"Well, that isn't your call now is it Raiden? It's mine and Rose's." He said before heading inside the restaurant, moving over to Rose and Ryu's table, giving the pair of them a kind smile. "Hiya there. Mind if I join you, against your father's wishes?"

Amelia Averyonna


"Well, what if I just stay on the boat then? It'll be safer and I can still go without being in the way of anyone." Amelia said, still wanting to go along.

Amelia sighed with relief as the last bell of the day rang. School was easily one of the worst kinds or torture, if not the worse simply because it was legal and necessary. She honestly didn't understand why she had to attend it. Devils lived for thousands of years, she had so much time to learn all this stuff, and with a lot less pressure. Still, it was something she simply had to do and as such, she would put up with it until she was mercifully done with it. With that thought in her head, she gathered her stuff and headed out, saying her good-byes to several acquaintances as she passed.

After making sure she had everything she would need for the day, she made sure everything was secure before heading to the Art Clubs building. She entered it and glanced around, see that she was the second on there, the only other occupant being her King, Ixveria. She gave the pure-blooded devil a kind smile as she moved over to her favorite seat in the far corner of the room, far out of the reach of any possible sunlight should anyone wish to keep the windows open if there was decent weather outside. She took the moment to simply relax and enjoy herself before looking over at Ixveria and addressing her.
"Good afternoon Master Ixveria." She said, her Romanian accent still rather strong, though thanks for the devil's gift in language, no one ever had a problem understanding her. "Are there any plans for the day?"
@Joshua Tamashii Teh-heh. Nicely posted. NOW he has something to comment on. Haha.

The psychic abilities or the shiny little tree spirit? Can't wait to find out.

Amelia listened to the two adults as she browsed the menu. Before she responded, she would wait until she could place her order. getting a simple burger and fries for herself and enough pokefood for her five pokemon. If there was one on the menu that was said to be favored by Ghost-types, she would order that one. Once the orders were made, she turned to Jacques, sadly having nothing to say to Charl for the time being.
"I cannot tell you why he started training me. Maybe he saw some potential within me. Maybe he felt guilty for getting me in trouble when we first met. Either way, he did it for reasons you'll have to ask him if you met. He also contacted the Professor for me and helped me get the Pureplain, so I really owe him a lot." She said before carefully thinking about her next response. Considering who she was talking to, she saw no reason to be secretive "I don't know what really makes me so special, other then my... affinity for Ghost-types. I can sense them, know when their around. And they're generally pretty friendly towards me. I've managed to catch all my partners without having the battle a single one... though I did have to battle Pumpkaboos... friend or sibling, it was one of the two."

Whenever their food came by, Amelia would let out all her pokemon, Phantump coming out in a more dazzling display since it was a shiny pokemon.
I wonder how everyone views the other members of the peerage. It's always fun to figure that out.
<Snipped quote by Joshua Tamashii>

it looks good and the thing demon was talking about is cause the person for the face claim is from a tales game and hse is a pretty strong member of the party. Also feel free to post in the char tab.

Once more to people we have a good number so I will do intro posts monday or tuesday sorry for the delay people and for sticking with me this long lets try to have fun with the rp as well. If you have any questions please dont feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my abilties unless it directly deals with plans for the story I want to keep somethings secret after all.

Oh Edna? Yeah, I guess that kinda makes sense now. She is rather powerful in the game, but she's also the best personality-wise for me, along with Dezel.

And will put her there now.
@Joshua Tamashii
Amelia is interesting, but for me it's hard to think of the faceclaim as anything other than strong lol
Also, as a dhamphir is she a human/vampire hybrid or another race/species mixed with vampire?

I don't understand what you mean by the face claim bit but if you read her history, her mother, Ellis, was a human while her father was an total scumbag vampire
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