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In 100 Days of Summer 23 May 2017 4:09 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Filthy Mudblood I forgot to mention you in my last post. I am sorry.
In 100 Days of Summer 23 May 2017 3:35 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Amelia was in the tub for about another half an hour, just relaxing for while before getting to work on cleaning herself. When she finished and got out, she quickly found a towel and dried herself off before wrapping it loosely around herself and heading to her room. It only took her seconds to realize that her suitcase was missing. Sighing, she was happy she had kept some cloths in her bag incase something like this had happened. When she turned to her bed though and saw her bag was missing her heart almost stopped. Her bag was missing. She quickly began looking around the room to see if it might have simply been moved. After several minutes of searching and not finding it she began panicking and she could already feel the tears welling up in her eyes. She quickly wiped them away and tightened the towel around herself before heading out of her room.

Normally, Amelia would never have done this. But her phone was in the bag and so where her papers and pencils along with that one item that meant so much for her. It was primarily that item that was making her desperate enough to leave her room instead of just staying inside until someone came to check on her. She moved through the house, trying to see if she could any clue to who might have taken her things. She had no luck though and soon came across the foyer, where everyone was, for some reason, still gathered. She slowly moved down the stairs, making sure the towel was secure before spotting Damarquis. Upon seeing him, she rushed over to him and gave him a hug as her shoulders began shaking and his shirt would grow a bit wet as the girl began crying. Amelia rarely ever cried for any reason and Damarquis was one of the few to see her do so, so he would likely be able to narrow down the reasons why quickly.
Joshua Tamashii


Joshua carried the books upstairs with one hand. As he walked he removed bits of ice from his face, to reduce the risk of frostbite. It hadn't occurred to him until Amaya brought it up and he was thankful she had because frostbite would have SUCKED. When they reached her room he had gotten most of it out. None of the wounds where bleeding too badly, none of the arteries had been hit by the looks of it. Just as he placed the books down, the room began shaking and Joshua needed a second to recover his balance, being caught completely off guard. When it stopped, he looked at the bag of books before deciding to crack a joke.
"So... how much did those books actually weigh?" He said in a lighthearted tone.

Elyse Yashia


Elyse had been enjoying her time with her grandfather, being a bundle of energy and happiness. However, she let out a scream of fear when the earthquake occurred, hugging Raiden's leg as the ground shook. She didn't know about earthquakes but she knew that whenever the guild building shook, it meant something bad was happening.

Amelia Averyonna


When Amelia heard the reason her mother had called for her and Sammy, her expression turned thoughtful. Her thoughts went back to the Grand Magic Games and her match. Although time had passed since then, she still criticized herself over the loss and accepted that part of it was because she couldn't fight for herself. She replied too heavily on her spirits and that in turn made her completely helpless if an enemy got past them or she was unable to summon them.

Her thoughts didn't get much further on the subject before the room began shaking. She instinctively grabbed Sam to keep her close but managed to stay on her feet. During the quick surprise she heard someone behind her shouting in surprise. When the earthquake was done she let go of Sam and turned to the person in the doorway. It was Mayt, telling them that Penny wanted to talk to everyone before leaving. She turned to her mother, wondering what Jamie would do now.

Aria waited and when Hunter finally launched his attack, she reacted quickly and smoothly, using her Mirror magic to summon a mirror to not only block his blow but return the force behind it back at him. Whether it would hurt him or not, she didn't know or care as she then used her Mirror Magic to summon several more and surround him. The mirrors then began glowing brightly, trapping Hunter in a dome of light, though he was also surrounded by his reflection in all directions. This would act as a prison, trapping Hunter inside allowing Aria to put some distance between them, wondering how he would get out of his prison.
In 100 Days of Summer 21 May 2017 3:00 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Amelia's attention to the garden was broken when Brandon began waving at her. She turned her attention to him just in time to catch his attempt at signing and an amused grin crossed her face as her shoulder's shook due to what would've been a laugh caused by him signing what she guess was something he wasn't attempting to say. When she was done with her little laugh, she took a second to figure out what he was trying to say but the phrase 'happy pants' didn't seem to have any sort of context to the situation or surroundings.

Giving up on that, she heard Elizabeth bring up taking her to the showers. Thankful to be moving again, she followed Elizabeth to her room, once again laughing when Elizabeth brought up what Brandon had signed.
Something like that. I have no idea what he meant though. She signed back. As they walked, they passed by the foyer and Amelia spotted that her other friends had arrived: Penny, Alex, Damarquis, and Ronnie. She gave them all a wave before continuing to follow Elizabeth upstairs and to her room. She quickly thanked Elizabeth before entering and looking around to see her accommodations, unsure what to expect. Her suitcase she had dropped off at the with the butlers earlier was already there, something she was happy to see.

Eager to get the sweat off her body, she dropped her bag off one her bed and entered the attached bathroom. She had been planning on a shower but upon seeing the tub inside, she decided to go for a nice soak instead. So she drew up the bath and got ready before settling in and relaxing.
In Pokémon: Start 18 May 2017 16:57 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Amelia watch the other trainers and when they pushed forward one of their own. Amelia gave the boy a kind smile, seeing the pressure he felt being the involuntary spokesman of the group. When he finally said what he wanted to, she thought over her answer carefully. She couldn't really tell them about where she got Phantump and Pumpkaboo, since that would only make more work for Laurinda, who already seemed to have a hard enough time. After a minute or two, she nodded to herself before turning to the group.
"I can't tell you were I got my Phantump or Pumpkaboo sadly. I was asked to keep a secret and I will. As for Litwick, he was my starter, so I don't know where I would find them in the wild other then Witchpeak, where I come from. Shuppet though, I found her in Pureplain City itself. You all likely go to sleep when it's dark out, so you'll rarely ever find Ghost-types. They come out at night for the most part. So look around the city for them, but be careful. They like to hang around houses, so you might be disturbing some people if you try to catch them. Make sure you have permission before attempting to do so." She said, keeping her tone calm and kind so as show that she wasn't so scary. "And don't let Ghost-types scare you. Most of them are more mischievous rather then harmful. I found Shuppet with about a dozen or so others and some of it's friends took one of my pokeballs. I got it back.

Oh, everyone say hello."

"Lit!" Litwick shouted from atop Amelia's head, waving at the youngsters.

"Shu..." Shuppet said, staying in Amelia's arms and turning away from the group shyly.

Phantump moved right into the youngster's face.
"Tump!" She shouted as loudly as it could.

Pumpkaboo meanwhile floated into the hood attached to the boys shirt and got comfortable
"Pumpkaboo!" He said contently causing Amelia to giggle at his antics.
In 100 Days of Summer 17 May 2017 23:27 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Amelia's Answers
In 100 Days of Summer 17 May 2017 22:10 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Amelia followed Elizabeth, twirling her umbrella as they walked. They didn't get very far as Elizabeth stopped to say hello and give Brandon and Jocelyn hugs, smiling in an amused manner as she apologized for forgetting why she hadn't hugged her to begin with. Brandon didn't seem to care but Jocelyn got all tense, amusing her a bit more, though she perfectly understood that reaction. She remained silent as she watched Elizabeth talk to the others, waiting patiently for them to get to the showers so she could feel clean again.

As she waited, she would look around at the garden, finding places that would make for excellent landscape material, be it as a sketch or as a painting. There would definitely be plenty of subject material within and around the mansion for her to make sure of.
In Pokémon: Start 17 May 2017 20:14 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Amelia was smart about her training. She quickly took the Lotads off her list, as Astonish would do too much damage too quickly to her still fragile teammates. She took stock of the wild pokemon and quickly selected which pokemon was the best one for her partner's to go against. Phantump and Pumpkaboo were assigned Surskits, since Bubble would do little damage to them and they could trade back harder. Shuppet was sent against the normal type Pokémon since it was immune to their attacks but they weren't immune to knock off. She was cautious with Weedles, since they could poison her pokemon and she didn't want that. She was careful with her battling and pacing, visiting the pokemon center in Pureplain a few times but this didn't bother her.

After she defeated her final opponent to reach her goal, she smiled as she let out her partner's to congratulate them. As she was doing so, she spotted a group of about three other children watching her and she smiled as she approached them.
"Hello there. Can I help you with anything?" She asked kindly. Her pokemon stayed near her, all four of them watching the children as well, Litwick sitting on her head, Shuppet held in her arms, and Phantump and Pumpkaboo floating above each of her shoulders.
Joshua Tamashii


"You're at a Duel Acedemy. What do you expect people to propose when it comes to settling an argument? A shokugeki?" Joshua said, shrugging in exasperation at the girl's reaction. Sides, with a duel, both sides at least got something out of it in terms of points and lord knows he could definitely use some for his next purchase. He didn't even recall how many points were needed for a box anyway, so saving up as much as possible seemed like a good idea. Snapping out of his thoughts once Cream started talking again, he listened to her proposal. He then glanced at his options before gaining a smile of his own. "I choose... D, all of the above."

Amelia Averyonna


Amelia just remained silent and nodded, sitting next to Leander as he took his seat. She watched as he and the Dark Dorm student. So far, he seemed friendly but appearances could be deceiving so she wasn't entirely sure she trusted him yet. But maybe the duel between him and Leander would tell her more about him and if he was at least friendlier then the other Dark Dorm members she had seen thus far.
In Pokémon: Start 15 May 2017 16:21 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@PlatinumSkink Amelia would likely return to Pureplain to heal up her Pokemon since she is currently unaware of the hut. Maybe she'll visit the Professor as well, show her the Shiny Phantump and the others.
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