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Amelia ducked back around the corner taking a few seconds to gather herself and take in what she had seen. There seemed to be a building with that blue light she had seen in the ruins coming from it. If she had to guess, that meant it was some sort of safe area. However, she knew if she went there, it was probably as good as getting trapped. Her best bet was to try and leave the way she came.

Taking a second to glance back and make sure the creature wasn't heading her way, she would slowly and carefully make her way out, taking her time to make sure she didn't step on or kick anything that might alert the creature to her whereabouts. She it was only the sheer terror of alerting the creature to her presence that she was able to keep her pace slow and measured despite every fiber of her being telling her to run as fast as she could. Though, doing that would only come with its own complications.

Once she reached the entrance, if she reached it without being pursued, she would make her way to the barrier and try to pass through it.


Amelia was happy that the two little ghosts that had followed her joined party, putting her up to four pokemon now. Two more and then she would be forced to make decisions she was not looking forward to. But those were thoughts for another time. For now, she was going to explore these ruins and see what there was to see and possibly discover down here.

It did not take her long to figure out this had once been a grand settlement of some kind. As she walked along the empty streets, the silence caused her footfalls to seem louder than they really were, echoing through the empty streets. Normal people would've been scared of this sort of setting but for the young spirit medium, this felt almost comforting, save for the sources of malice. She remembered walking through the graveyard on foggy nights, her ghostly friends calling out to her from hiding, their cries echoing through the emptiness. This empty city, despite the possible danger, helped her remember fond memories of that variety.

When she neared the first source of malice, she slowed down, taking her time and watching her step, working her way around anything on the ground that could make sudden, loud noises. When she was close enough, she peeked her head around the corner of a building before quickly pulling back and covering her mouth with a hand to help stifle the gasp that came out of it. She had never heard of a pokemon like that. In fact, she was almost certain it wasn't one. If every source of malice she felt was one of these things, she had to wonder if it was possibly too late to leave. Pokemon she could reason with. This thing, she very much doubted would be the case.

Taking some time to gather herself, she took a second to listen, seeing if the creature was moving before slowly glancing around the corner again, focusing less on the creature and more on the area surrounding it, trying to see if there might be something in the area that might signify why the creature was here. Of course, she also kept track of the creature, ducking back around the corner if it looked like it would look her way.


If one thought Amelia wasn't feeling nervous as she descended into the darkness of this underground area, they were sorely mistaken. The girl's nerves were constantly on edge, and she was very aware of every little change and getting startled any every little, unexpected noise that occurred. Still, she eventually made her way to the bottom of the incline and to the entrance of a cave. Turning on her flashlight feature, she made to enter it, finding a barrier of some sort in her way. Confused, she pressed against it and found that she could pass through with a little effort. Guessing it would be dangerous, she turned to the Golett and Yamask behind her, kneeling down to their height.
"I think it's going to be dangerous from here on out. I don't want the two of you to get hurt but you both seem keen to accompany me, and I would welcome." She said before pulling out two pokeballs, hitting the buttons on them so they would grow before holding them out. "If you want to accompany me even further, please make yourselves at home in these. This way, if something happens to you, I can take you somewhere where you can be taken care of."

Once her two companions made their choices, Amelia would stand back up again and make her way through the barrier. Glancing back and seeing the same marking as what was above, she had to take a second to calm herself. If it had been that powerful on the surface, how powerful would the next wave be now that she was inside the barrier? She hoped she would be okay when it finally hit, as she had no doubt another would.

After gathering her courage, Amelia continued down the tunnel. She felt the malice again as she moved in deeper, but this time around, it was more like a steady stream rather than a sudden, powerful wave. This information didn't really make her feel any better but at this point, she knew she couldn't go back and so she kept pressing onward. She would eventually find herself out of the cave and in a massive cavern, which held a sight that was simultaneously terrifying and beautiful in its own way. A city, old and clearly abandoned yet somehow still lit up by some means. She could also sense that the malice was no coming from several sources now. Glancing around, she took some time to try and figure out the closest source before slowly making her way in that direction.


Needless to say, Amelia was caught completely unaware when the explosion of dark, negative emotions and energy swept over the area. The sheer, metaphysical weight and the rather painful sensation of it trying to rip a part of her away caused the young girl to fall to her hands and knees, gasping for breath as it felt as if she was drowning. She had never felt anything like this before and she could feel her heart racing as fear began to take over. She had to run, she knew she had to, but she found herself unable to physically move at all.

Then, the ruins glowed and the negative energy seemed to lose its grip on her before vanishing entirely. The young girl slowly caught her breath before getting to her feet, taking her time as her legs felt rather shaky. Phantump and Mimikyu let out cries of concern, but Amelia just gave them a soft smile before looking towards the entrance of the ruins that would lead deeper in.

Fear gripped the girl again but there was also a lot of curiosity as well. She wanted to get away from this place, move as far away as she could but she also wanted to go further in. If all those negative emotions belonged to a pokemon, it must be suffering. It was dangerous, she knew, but she wanted to see if she could at least help whatever it was that was down there.
"It's going to be dangerous, so I think it's best you two stay in here for now." Amelia said to her partners before returning Phantump and Mimikyu to their pokeballs. She then turned to Golett and Yamask, kneeling down before gently patting their heads. "Thank you for your help. I'm going to go deeper in. If you don't want to join me, you don't have to."

With that, she got back to her feet, taking a deep breath and steeling herself before heading into the ruins, simply hoping that she wouldn't get lost down in them.
Collab with Zarkun

The sun had been up for a few hours when Damian called for his adoptive daughter, the sun glinting from the grips of his revolvers. "Ame, come here a moment lass! Need to talk to ya while we walk."

Amelia looked up from her desk, where she had been working on a sketch, when she heard her adoptive father call for her. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard him call her lass. That usualy signaled that something serious was happening. Taking a deep breath, he rose from her seat and headed out of her room and over to Damian, trying to hide her nervousness.
"What wrong Dad?" She asked.

Damian smiled at her and beckoned for her to walk with him as Jaëger and Carmilla joined them, playing with each other. "As I'm sure you've heard, Jenna's Rising Starborn has made quite the name for themselves and is doing a hell of a job showing Pergrande us Immigrant mages aren't so bad. But, I want to know your thoughts on all of that."

"I haven't... really been paying much attention to it. It's not like it's something that really concerns us and even if it did, I assume they would be more interested in you than that would with me." Amelia admitted. "Why do you ask? Do you have business with them?"

"In a way, I do. Well, really, we do." Damian pauses a moment and then sighs. "Jenna and I have talked a lot about the situation with you, and the fact that there are some things I'm not able to help with. So, at her request, we're heading to check out the guild today." The two dire wolves chased each other through the trees along the road. "I want you to seriously consider joining them. But me? No, lass, my days of galavanting with groups are over. I have enough of a reputation as the Lord of Steel and Flame from my days with the Magic Knights, not someone that the guild needs."

Amelia couldn't help but grimace when Damian brought up the situation concerning her. She should've known it had to do with all the trouble she brought him.
"I guess... I could give it a try." She said, unable to hide her lack of enthusiasm at the thought. She didn't do well with crowds. Hell, she rarely left the house to go into town unless Damian dragged her there. She simply did not do well with strangers, crowds, or any sort of social situation. It was something she simply lacked experience in.

Seeing her grimace and hearing her lack of enthusiasm, Damian stopped and kneeled to put himself at her level. "This isn't because of your magic and the fact that you're my daughter, Amelia. This is because that there is such of a difference between them that I have no means to do more than teach you more endurance and you need more than that. You know I'll be right there for you, all you have to do is call. I love you, Ame and will be there to support you, always."

Amelia looked up at him, her red eyes steady as she listened to what he had to say. She smiled when he finished.
"I know you'll always be there to support you. You always have been and always will be." She said. "So, I'll try my best. I just... hope that things will really work out. After all, I won't want your friend's hard work to be for not just because I joined their guild."

"There's nothing to worry about. Fortunately for you, Jenna's put time into correcting Ardem's town leader's statements that you're a necromancer to say you're a spiritual mage and that his remarks and slander against you have done a lot of harm to mages who practice spirit magic and Celestial mages. Seeing as Rembrandt almost wholeheartedly backs her word and we have Aryl on our side," Pendragon grins, "things should go well." He pulls Amelia into a hug. "You'll be fine and I'll visit often, but I want you to make friends and memories. Carmilla will never be far should you need help before I get there.

"But... if anyone sees my spells, they'll know what I am instantly. I won't be able to use my magic at all, regardless." Amelia argued, even as she was pulled into a hug. At his last two sentences, tears began to well up in her eyes as she hugged him back, rather tightly. "Why are you talking like that? You make it sound... like I'm going to be staying there and you'll be away all the time? You're... you're not going to leave me are you?"

"Of course I'm not leaving you, Ame. You are my daughter. But there's been some happenings that I need to investigate and I'll be gone for longer than normal and I want to know you're safe from that jack ass in Ardem and his guardsmen. Jaëger and Carmilla will also be with you as extra security." Damian smiles. "But I also want you to start getting out of that socially awkward shell of yours and, well, spending all your time talking with your old man isn't going to do it. As for your magic, just avoid constructs unless you absolutely have to and even then, explain that you never learned how to do anything beyond skeletons and you should be fine."

"How will I pay for anything though? How long do you think you'll be gone? Will you and visit often? Where will I live while I'm there? If you're not going to visit often, will you at least keep in contact somehow?" Amelia asked in rapid succession, asking whatever popped into her head at the moment, not caring to put them in a logical order.

Damian waited until Amelia was done and smiled. "In order asked, I'm going to leave you with plenty of money to get what you need, plus there will be jobs the guild gets that you can do. I'm looking at at least a couple of months, potentially longer, to be gone investigating. I plan to visit quite frequently, or as frequently as this investigation will allow, but you do have my number if you need to talk between. You'll stay at the guild hall, Jenna already has a room for you. And, again, you have my number to call me between visits." Pendragon looks Amelia in the eyes and smiles softly. "You're more capable than you're giving yourself credit for, Ame. Have a little faith."

Amelia listened to all the answers given to her. If she was honest, she didn't really like the fact he was so ready for all her questions, hoping to find something to latch onto to get him to possibly stay. But it seemed as if he had thought this through, like he seemed to do for everything. So, she lowered her head in resignation, biting her lower lip.
"I'll... go pack up then." She said quietly before turning to leave.

"Ame, I know you're nervous. I promise you though, no one in that guild is going to hold anything against you. Who knows, maybe you'll find some members your age. All kinds of people, including entire families, have moved to Pergrande to get away from Fiore's bureaucracy." He stands and follows her. "All the same, I'll help you pack up and we can take our time getting there, talk all you want and have a couple of contingency plans in place if we need them."

"I think the most important plan to have is what to do if I'm no longer welcome." Amelia said as he headed into her room. She would pack her clothes, while Damian could grab anything he thought was important besides that. After she had all of the essentials packed, he got a few extra things, like her drawing supplies, some of her favorite books, and some knick-knacks that she used to decorate her room. Once that was all done, she turned to her father, waiting for him to lead the way.

"You're a fellow mage, Ame," Damian said as they headed out, him pausing just long enough to pet Tigger and Alessa before the two of them head out. "You will never not be welcome with the Rising Starborn." It was a beautiful sunny day out as the two headed towards Rembrandt, with birds chirping in the trees and the sounds of various wildlife all around them. "I think you'll like the place personally. You've known Jenna long enough she's practically your aunt."

"I know but... it's going to be different without you around." Amelia said, stopping to pet the cats as well. She would walk alongside him in silence, more than happy to just be with him until he departed. When he brought up Jenna, she nodded. "Again, it'll be different without you around. So, I'm not sure how well I'll handle even the familiar while knowing you won't be there to help me if I'm having trouble with something."

"Don't be afraid to ask Jenna for help. She knows you as well as I do." Silence reigned again as the two walked and it wasn't until Rembrandt came into view that Carmilla and Jaëger came over to walk alongside the pair as Damian smiled a little. "The one town in the blasted militant country that isn't utterly opposed to foreign mages. I think you'll enjoy your time here."

"I hope so." Amelia said once the town was in sight, staying silent for a few more seconds as she took the sight in before deciding to tease her father a little bit, if only as payback for springing this on her all of the sudden. "Who knows, maybe while you're gone, I'll get a boyfriend. After all, you won't be there to stop anyone from coming after me."

Damian's posture stiffened ever so slightly before he answered. "I hope he has the fortitude to withstand my scrutiny then."

"Oh? You stiffened up? Why, am I not allowed to try and find someone else to support me? Do you want that role all to yourself?" Amelia pressed on, a playful smile spreading across her face. Even if she actually had no plans on getting a boyfriend, her father's reactions to the suggestion were always amusing.

"Of course you can find someone else to support you, my daughter." One of his hands clenches into a fist. "They had just take care not to hurt you, or they will never find the body."

"Papa, relax. We both know that if someone did that, I wouldn't stay with them. You've taught me better than that." Amelia said, gently taking his fist into her hands. "So, please, just relax. I won't do anything reckless while you're away, I promise."

Damian sighed and nodded, his fist relaxing. "Honestly, in a lot of ways, I'm more worried for the boy than you. But...if you're gonna be reckless, just be smart about being reckless. Odin knows sometimes reckless is the only way to move forward."

"I always try to be smart. But we both know everyone has limits." Amelia said before taking a deep breath. "Shall we head into town then? No reason to keep delaying, right?"

Nodding, Damian lead the rest of the way into town, with his two long time companions and friends staying on either side of Ame just in case. Upon their arrival to the guild hall, the sounds of music could be heard from outside, drawing a smile from the older mage. "Seems they finally got the band back together."

"It seems... very loud." Amelia said nervously. She preferred her peace and quiet, especially after living in the countryside for so long, but she guessed that if she was going to live in town, she would have to get used to things like this. She took a deep breath, trying to steady her nerves now that their destination was in sight. It was time for her try and get by on her own. She hoped she would do well enough to get by.

"I don't imagine this will be a daily thing, but for her and her bandmates, this is a big deal. They've hardly had time to do more than small practice sessions." Approaching, the four enter as Jenna is in the middle of the second verse of the song she was presently singing and Damian lead the way to a corner booth where it wasn't quite as loud. "Always have enjoyed her shows."

"I feel bad for Jaeger and Carmilla." Amelia said as they took their seats, petting the dire wolves as they waited for the show to end so they could do what they needed in order to get her set up and settled in. The longer the wait was, the more nervous she would be and it showed as she began fidgeting and growing restless.

Damian placed a reassuring hand on his daughter's shoulder and chuckled. "This is hardly the worst, or even loudest, noise they've heard in their lives. It's actually fairly tame compared to the shows she put on in Fiore."

"Hopefully it'll be quieter in my room." Amelia said, leaning against her father, just waiting at this point. "But if they get any louder, I might have to leave town just to keep myself from going deaf."

Damian chuckled as he wrapped his arm around her and hummed along. He would stay long enough to make sure Ame settled in alright and to see the overall state of things with the guild after a year and then he'd head out, starting with rumors about a mage with black wind terrorizing a town on the eastern border of Pergrande.


Back in the guildhall, Amelia finished unpacking and setting up her room. She had a few baubles from home to try and help her feel more comfortable but otherwise, her room was still rather bare, with very little personality to it at the moment. When she was finished unpacking, she took a moment to sit on her new bed, looking around the room before taking a deep breath and hugging herself. This whole scenario scared the hell out of her. The idea of having to rely on mostly herself was scary, since she was so used to being able to count on Damian if something she couldn't handle occurred. But now it was just her, Jaeger, and Carmilla, and the wolves could only do so much.

After taking a minute or two to gather herself, Amelia slowly got up and headed downstairs, hoping that things wouldn't be too lively.


Amelia was somewhat surprised when the Runerigus actually detached from the wall and made its presence known to her. She had half expected the creature to ignore her, given that it had seemed content to leave her alone. Either that or it would've just responded while staying in the wall where it was. Regardless, she gave the ghostly stone a smile and a slight bow.
"I'm sorry for disturbing you. It's just that I could feel something all around me and I wanted to see if there were some of you around. I hope you don't mind me exploring your home. I'll do my best not to disturb anything and leave it as unharmed as possible. " She said, keeping her tone friendly. She did glance back at the Golet and the Yamask that where now cowering behind her and gave them a gentle pat on the head, trying to let them know that everything was okay. "If you want to accompany us to make sure I don't cause any trouble, I won't mind. Otherwise, I'm sorry for disturbing your slumber and hope you'll forgive me for doing so."


Amelia was not surprised in the slightest when the Yamask that seemed to desire her attention came forth to act as a guide. Thankfully, the Golett from earlier was also joining them as well. This was a relief, as it did seem that the Yamask was a rather needy one. She wanted to catch a Yamask but she wasn't sure this one would be a good fit for her or her team, since it didn't seem to be much a team player. She was worried that if she did catch it, that it would become jealous of the others if she didn't pay attention to it. It was a very tricky thing to consider. A pokemon could be strong, but if she and it didn't get along, that would matter very little.

As she was guided through and around the ruins, her mind moved back to her days in school and the history lessons she had been taught. She didn't really recall that much, as her late night escapades usually left her feeling sleepy, but she did remember enough to know that this was probably back from when Evig had been several smaller kingdoms that had been at constant war. She couldn't help but wonder what kind of events this ruin had witnessed.

As they walked, she made note of all the ghostly presences that seemed to pop up on her radar. It was easy to tell that most of them came from the walls, especially those with markings on them. Given that there were Galarian Yamasks here and Amelia had studied up on Ghost-type Pokemon rather extensively while she had been at home, she could take a guess that at least some, if not all, of these spots were Runerigus. She also knew that approaching to touch those spots might be rather dangerous, it not just being near the pokemon itself. Still, she could help but approach one such spot and speak to it.
"Is there a Runerigus here?" She asked, watching the wall curiously.


Amelia smiled as she ran a hand over the Golett's smooth surface. When the pokemon began poking her in the stomach, causing the young girl to begin giggling. For some reason, the action made her feel ticklish and she couldn't help but laugh as the Golett continued to poke her. Sadly, the moment didn't last as the Yamask she had been talking to earlier seemed to desire her attention more. Amelia watched as the Yamask and Golett began fighting, as she considered her options. She would like to take a Yamask and a Golett with her on her journey but personality was a big concern for her. The Yamask in front of her would likely want to be pampered and given the most attention of any pokemon in her party. It would be difficult to do so when she had others she needed to give attention to as well.

As the two continued to fight, Amelia turned her attention to the ruins once again. She could still feel energy emanating from them, which made the young girl curious and eager to explore. But she knew that going in recklessly would be. Looking around, she would speak out loud to the ghosts around her in general.
"Um... would anyone be willing to be a guide through the ruins for me?" She asked.
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