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"Because playing second fiddle is better than not playing any fiddle at all." Amelia replied to Basil's question. Afterall, before she had started this journey she had very little say in what she did or how her life was going to go with the way her parents had oppressed her due to her health. So no, she did not mind playing second fiddle and she could always stop whenever she got tired of playing that fiddle.

When he asked her if she was fine with them taking care of something before they left, she shook her head.
"As I said, I do not mind doing what you want to do first. I'm fine playing second fiddle. So, let's do what you want or need to do. Who knows, maybe I can be of some help in some way." She said, adjusting her backpack before looking back up at him, ready to follow. "Besides, it might be nice to have someone to talk to while traveling. I don't mind talking to my friends but sometimes they can be too protective."

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Amelia was certain that Basil would take her words and leave, probably happy to continue on his journey without question. So, it was rather surprising to the young girl when the older boy knelt down to her height and said he did not mind changing his plans slight to help her. The surprise was evident on the girl's face and she quickly looked away and at the ground again, biting her lip as she mulled over Basil's words. After several seconds, she slowly nodded to herself before looking back up at Basil.
"If... if you're going to help me, then all I ask is that you put your wants first. I had no real destination in mind to begin with. I simply planned on wondering around and going where my whims took me." She admitted. "So, if you're going to help me with something I want, I would rather you doing the things you want while we make our way there. If you want to do the gyms, then we can stop by the gyms in the order you want. If you want to do contests, we can stop by the competitions however you want. I think that's fair, so even if it takes longer to get to my goal, I do not mind, as I still get to do what I originally wanted to do to begin with: Simply wander around and see the world. I only ask that we avoid Witchpeak."

With her proposal now on the table, she would watch Basil closely, wondering how he would react. It was a deal that possibly favored him more, but she didn't mind. When she got the possibility to travel with all her pokemon might be delayed but it was not even guaranteed that she would get what she wanted. Also, if she took longer to get there, maybe her view would change. The only way to know was see how she would feel after an extended period of time. On top of that, she might be able to ask others their opinion on the matter.

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Amelia didn't get much time to be lost in her thoughts before she was suddenly grabbed and gently pulled away and to the side by Freya. Surprised, Amelia didn't put up any fight and could only look up at Freya but was unable to look the girl in the eye once she knelt down to speak to Amelia. Thankfully, it seemed to just be words of encouragement and advice, bringing a small smile to the little medium's face. Once Freya was done speaking, she did manage to look her in the eye again before speaking.
"I... know how others feel or might feel about what I can do." She said in a soft voice, making it hard to hear her from a distance. "I know some will find it creepy. I know some might try to use me in some way. I know some might not care and I know some will think it's amazing or something like that. I know it's safer not to say. I didn't mean to tell you but it just... kind of came out. I haven't said or hinted anything to Steph yet and I'm... scared to do so. She seems nice and like someone I could tell it to but... I'm not sure how she'll react. So I'll... try not to say anything about it for a little while longer."

Their conversation was then interrupted by the entrance of a what could be called an eccentric older gentleman but what she was mattered little to Amelia as much as what the old man felt like to her. Just the fact that the old man felt like death was enough to make her move behind Freya out of nervousness alone. No person should feel like that and the fact he did didn't sit right with her. Her focus on the old man, she didn't hear most of what Bo was saying to Steph but the mention of a 'Forest Deity' did catch her attention, if only for a passing second before the old man began speaking about someone falling from a crack in the sky. Then shortly after that, came the man raising his hand to show a black crescent moon mark on the back of it.

The moon was fascinating as once again, it felt of death, but this scared Amelia less as this she understood was not something human. Did it still scare her a bit? Yes, it definitely did, and she was going to stay behind Freya that much was for sure. Did it also seem to call to her and make her want to get closer to look at it? Also, yes but with something like this popping up less than twenty-four hours after encountering those eldritch horrors in the tombs, she was in no way ready to try and investigate something remotely similar. So, behind Freya she would stay.

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Amelia overheard the call between Basil and Kalmia and the immediate thing the young girl felt was guilt. She didn't know why Basil was being asked to help her with her selfish desire. She didn't like the idea of someone possibly putting aside their own journey and desires for something that she knew was selfish and unreasonable, even if she still desired it despite that. With that in mind, she watched as Basil walked away with someone she didn't know, apparently to have a battle against them. Now, a part of Amelia was tempted to turn around, find something she could use as a light for the caves, and leave Basil behind, but she knew that might make things worse on the older boy as he might try to chase after her, which would delay his journey more.

So, with those thoughts in mind, she followed after the two trainers to the arena they would be battling in. She would find somewhere to sit, letting her partners stay out of their pokeballs for now as she observed the spectacle in front of her with interest. Sadly, that interest did not last very long.
"No good. Neither is really making this a double battle. It's just two single battles going on at the same time." She mumbled to herself as she watched the battle turn into an affair of mostly brute force. There were no combo moves or switching of targets or wider strategies. It was just throwing one move against another. Sure, the occasional smokescreen or detect got thrown out and that might have made the difference in the end but that still didn't stop her from thinking that there could have been more to the affair.

Still, with the battle over, she made her way back to the entrance of the building they were in, waiting there until Basil showed up. She didn't have to wait long for the older boy to show up and he immediately questioned her in concerns to her joining him with the journey. The young girl shook her head slowly in response before speaking.
"I... don't think it's fair that you might have to give up your journey, even if only temporarily, to help me with something so selfish. There's no real benefit in it for you and I'm more likely to be a burden than anything. So, I think it's best if you continue as you were before the request. Unless, of course, you're absolutely certain you won't mind helping." She said quietly, managing to keep herself from stuttering.

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"Well, I... suppose I have a knack for them. I like them and they like me. I'm not sure how I'll do in battle with them, but my teacher did say I was... decent enough? I figured I was just performing within the minimum expectations of a new trainer." Amelia said before it finally registered to her that Freya might actually be a bit scared of her now. She knew her powers were unusual, She knew most people wouldn't really accept them. But Freya and Steph struck her as different. Steph might simply think Amelia was making it up, but Freya was friendly enough that Amelia figured that even if she believed Amelia's words, she would also be accepting of her abilities. But it seemed she had underestimated the creepiness of what she could do.

Sadly, it seemed she had thoroughly creeped Freya out. As the conversation steered in a whole new direction concerning some people that the older girls seemed to know, Amelia turned away, looking at some of the nearby fishing supplies and gently poking them to at least appear interested in them while she waited to see if Freya would be interested in being with her a Steph anymore. Maybe Steph wouldn't want to stick around if she found out. What if Freya told her and both left her behind now? She guessed it would be okay, after all she hadn't know either of them very long, but it would be nice if they could be friends. But if this was how someone as friendly as Freya reacted, would anyone actually want to be her friend once they found out?

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Seeing as she was being mostly ignored at the moment, Amelia turned to try and leave the group of converging trainers when the boy's words reached her ears, mentioning the pirate at the docks before calling her by name. She immediately turned to face the boy, looking him in the face and trying to remember who he was. It had only been a brief encounter after all, and she was not the best with people as it was. Trying to remember them all was hard. It took her about a minute but eventually, she did remember a name that might be right.
"Yes, I'm Amelia... and you're... Basil... right? I'm sorry if I'm wrong, I don't mean any offense!" She said as she gave him a small bow, her tone a bit panicked as she didn't want to possibly offend someone, even if it was only by accident.

Around her, her partners sensed her distress and as per usual, they floated or moved closer to her, letting out cries of comfort, though thankfully it seemed that they didn't direct any ire at Basil... yet.

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Steph's battle seemed to have ended in her friend's victory, something Amelia was happy about as it wasn't Steph's fault the fisherman had run into her. She just wished she had watched a bit more, so she could possibly pick up some tactics or possible strategies. Sure, she didn't like to battle, but she knew she would have to at some point. Maybe, is only for the sake of safety and not being a burden further on, she could do some practice with Steph or Freya later. As long as the battle had purpose, then she didn't mind taking part. It was the pointless ones or the ones for sport she didn't entirely agree with.

She was dragged out of her thoughts when Steph suddenly placed a hand on her head and ruffled her hair while calling Amelia a nice kid, causing Amelia's cheeks to turn a bit red in embarrassment. Next thing she knew, Freya had called her cute and Amelia's entire face turned red, causing her to quickly pull up her hood to try and hide her face, not saying anything as she wasn't used to being complimented this much, even though it really wasn't much.

When the older two finally headed inside the shop, Amelia followed after them along with her ghostly partners. Inside the shop, Phantump and Yamask floated around, examining anything that caught their interest, mostly the shinier objects. Amelia kept a close eye on the pair, making sure they didn't touch anything or cause any damage while Mimikyu helped from in her arms and Golett just followed after, looking at the occasion object in the store.

When Freya came over to speak to her, Amelia lowered her hood again, her face back to its usual pale complexion as she put Mimikyu on the ground and grabbed Phantump and Yamask so they didn't cause trouble while she was distracted. In response to Freya's question, Amelia shook her head.
"No, I don't think I can. I've only ever met pokemon who were already ghost-types and I've never been able to sense any other type of pokemon. I've never met a Nincada or Snorunt but even if I did, I doubt I would be able to sense them as they were. They're still alive after all." She replied before looking around before focusing on a distant direction. "I can faintly sense some ghost-types that way. If... if it's okay with you and Steph, could we go that way later?"

@hatakekuro @Lunarlord34

Amelia was silent as Freya gave what was an even longer speech that was Amelia had given on her point of view. Still, she paid attention to all of it, even though most of it was the kind of philosophical questioning that was a little above her, especially the more... questionable implication. When Freya finished, Amelia was silent for a bit once again before she finally spoke.
"I never said that our pokemon were entirely unwilling. I simply said that I do not think it's fair to have them battle and I don't think they enjoy the suffering. You are right that they are very intelligent. As I said, all my friends here CHOSE to join me willingly. If they want to battle, I will take part in it. If I need to battle for something I believe in, I hope they will help me.

In regard to most of your questions, I am not able to answer them at this time. I would need time to think on them and sort out my thoughts on such things. But I don't think I will be doing so for a while, as I simply want to go around the region and enjoy what it has to offer.
I think the journey is the most important thing and one should enjoy it. While I might not agree with how everyone enjoys it, I don't see a point in telling them not to do what they're doing unless it's actually causing harm to others or pokemon who shouldn't be dragged into things.

Her speech done, she turned towards Steph's battle, watching to see how it would go.

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Amelia was so lost in thought, she didn't even realize she had returned to town and made her way to the pokecenter. When it finally did dawn on her, she had to look around in surprise, wondering just how hard she had been thinking about this. It then dawned on her that Phantump had floated away. She cast a quick glance around and thankfully, the little ghost didn't float too far away. Infact, it was in front of her and the next thing she knew, it had tried to scare the people it had targeted, a pair of people ahead of her, one of them clad in armor. Amelia's cheeks turned red as she moved forward, grabbing the little phantom, as her other ghostie friends floated around her.
"Sorry about that. I hope she didn't scare you." Amelia said while Phantump was just snickering in her trainer's arms, blissfully unaware of the possible trouble it might have caused.

Shortly after, another trainer approached, this one with a Hawlucha. Amelia glanced at the boy for a second, feeling as if she saw him somewhere before but she couldn't remember. So, she made to try and slowly move away, uncertain if she was interrupting anything.

@PlatinumSkink @Typical

Amelia accepted the Water Whistle with a smile, thanking Palpitoad before leaving, letting the three friends sort out the dispute they were now having. That was none of her business, as she had only agreed to find out what had happened to the water stone. The fallout of the truth would be up to the others to decide.

Thus she eventually made her way towards and into the Wet Caverns. If she hadn't been taught better, she would have been caught off guard by the swarms of Zubats that suddenly appeared around her. But, she had been warned of such things so they only gave her a little fright before making her way deeper in, watching out for any Geodudes as well so that they would remain undisturbed. She had no desire to battle any pokemon right now and simply focused on exploring. As a result, she would eventually make her way to the intersection, looking at the possible three paths in front of her. All seemed like they were sort of bad options but the third path that led in the darkness was of interest of her. She didn't even question what she felt down there, she knew what she was sensing: Sableye. It was the only Ghost-Type that made it's home in natural caves, looking for gems to feed one. She couldn't think of any others.

That being said, trying to go down there would be tricky. She had no good form of illumination right now. Sure,she could use Litwick's flame, as long as he made it big enough, but feed off the life force of others might be seen as an attack by the other pokemon and result in trouble for her. So, for now, her best option seemed to be to turn back and find a new solution.

As she walked out of the cave, she was lost in though and failed to notice the two trainers ahead of her. How they got there without her noticing them passing by was up for the imagination of others. Phantump, however, did not fail to see the two trainers ahead of them and immediately knew what needed to be done. Without a single thought towards the consequences, the little phantom silently floated over to Eryn and her partner, floating behind and between them before suddenly letting out a loud cry.

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