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Amelia let out a small scream as she was dropped, even though she had been somewhat expecting it. Luckily, the fall wasn't far and she landed rather well, so she was able to get on her feet quickly while still seeing what had happened to her partners and what Dawkin's pokemon, who had entered the fray, were up to. Litwick got ganged up on but otherwise seemed alright and in good enough condition to keep fighting. She also didn't want to hurt his pride by taking him out so he was going to stick around. Assessing the situation was easy and she issued her orders quickly. While this meant she kind of ignored Dawkin, it was out of simple concern for her partners and focusing on her current task. She meant nothing harmful by doing so. However, she also took Dawkin's orders into account before speaking.
"Leave the Golett to me, Fire Spin might end up hurting Atlas. If Atlas knows a ground type move, use it on the Honedge, since it has the No Guard Ability and will always get hit as a result. Have Wooper help me take out the Bronzor, since Atlas won't do as well against that one." She said to him before ordering her pokemon. "Litwick, get close to Golett and Astonish it as much as you can. Stay within your flames. Shuppet, Driffloon, Knock-Off and Astonish on the Bronzor. Phantump and Pumpkaboo, both of you Astonish the Honedge."

Her hope was that maybe the Honedge, being unable to avoid attacks due to it's ability would fall quickly. If not, she hoped to at least distract them from ganging up on Litwick, so he might not get knocked out instantly. On top of that, with Fire Spin going, Golett was taking constant, if rather small, damage, which would hopefully help take it down without Liwick getting knock out.

Regardless, her pokemon lept into action, Liwick literally so in that he jumped into his own Fire Spin, keeping within his flames. Under normal circumstances, his would likely hurt him but since Litwick possessed the Flame Body ability, it instead healed him, even if only by a very minor amount. Meanwhile, her other pokemon flew over to their respective targets and used the moves they had been ordered to, making it a 2v1 battle between them and their opponents, 3v1 is Dawkin did what she suggested.


Meanwhile, concerning the fleeing Golett, a white blur ran through the battlefield and got in front of it, cutting it off before it reached the exit. THE DARK GOD HAD RISEN ONCE AGAIN! Absol growled at the Golett.

"That's the only warning you'll get mate." Joshua said to the Golett calmly as he walked up behind it. "Release the girl and you'll get out of this unscathed. Don't and well..."

Absol's horn glowed as black energy with a dark purple border surrounded it, the Disaster pokemon preparing to use Night Slash if the Golett attempted to fight back. It would no hesitate.

"Well, guess it's time to get moving." Joshua said to himself, putting his now empty water bottle into his bag before looking over at the group of Golett's heading towards town. He glanced down at Absol before simply nodding and heading towards the ruins while Absol went to intercept the Golett's heading to cause trouble. Absol got ahead of the group in short order and the more powerful and experienced Disaster pokemon earned it's title by creating some lovely ice sculptures with a Blizzard or two before running off to join his Trainer.

Amelia in the meantime, didn't stay idle turning her trip down into the tombs. She managed to grab all her pokeballs and waited to see what was going to happen. If she needed two, she would call upon her pokemon to battle, but she really hoped it didn't come down to that. Sadly, it seemed that the residents of the tomb had other plans, as she saw that they were putting the captives to sleep. Thankfully, it didn't seem like she would have to fight impossible odds as one of her fellow captives got free of the Golett carrying him and ran away, causing most of them to follow him. That being said, it would still be five against five and she didn't put the odds entirely in her favor. Still, she had to do something until Dawkin could come and help her. With that, she threw all her pokeballs into the air.
"Litwick, Fire Spin on the Golett holding the Honedge and Bronzor. Shuppet, Knock Off on the Golett holding me. Everyone else, Astonish the same Golett!" She commanded.

Her pokemon popped out of their pokeballs and immediately sprang into action: Litwick unleashed it's fire spin the on Golett coming to put Amelia to sleep, catching Honedge and Bronzor in the process due to the golem-like pokemon holding the two. Being they were steel-types and Fire Spin a fire-type move, albeit a weak one, it might've dealt some decent damage to them while the ground-type Golett was unharmed. However, Fire Spin was also a trap-type move, preventing those caught inside of escaping it. While this wouldn't effect the two Ghost-types as they were immune to trapping effects, it would keep the Bronzor in place.

Meanwhile, Shuppet aimed a knock-off at the Golett holding Amelia. If the move hit, it would likely drop her if she counted as a held item for some reason. Then again, she was being held. Meanwhile, Phantump, Pumpkaboo, and Driffloon all used Astonish on the Golett. Four super effective attacks on the same target in rapid succession. Amelia could only hope they all hit and that it would be enough to knock the Golett out.

"This looks like it could be rather dangerous." Joshua said calmly, walking up behind Dawkin. He cast an eye around the tombs and frowned. He wasn't special like Amelia but even he could tell before entering that something was off. That feeling was growing.

Amelia was happy to see that neither of Dawkin's opponents lasted very long against his pokemon. She noted Dawkin needed to learn a bit more about the abilities his opponent's might possess but otherwise, she knew he did very well, as she noted his pokemon suffered minimal damage. She doubted that she would've been able to pull off a similar feat but she knew this might change over time. After he was done, she resumed in leading the way to the ruins, wonder what they would find.

It honestly was more then she expected. The ruins themselves where nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected. A single visible structure built into the rocks, possibly going underneath the sand, with several pillars surrounding it. There were also several tents set up outside the ruins, suggesting a research team was here. Either that or looters, though she hoped not. Thankfully, it looked more like the former option, as there were several people who resembled researchers about. The bad news was that they were running away from the sight due to a small army of Gollets. She noted two people battling against them but the numbers were just too much and they were quickly overwhelmed before being picked up and taken into the ruins, not putting up much resistance after their pokemon ere knocked out.

When Dawkin went to send his pokemon out, Amelia gently grabbed his hand and shook her head at him.
"Don't bother. There are more here then we can count, so even if you tried to battle them, you're pokemon would be overwhelmed and it would be for not. Something has riled the guardians of this place up. If we want to help, the best thing to do would be to head in and find whatever it is. Save your pokemon the suffering for now. I doubt the Gollets will actually harm anyone." She said calmly before walking towards the army of clay automatons. If one of them approached her, she would put up no resistance in being taken, simply reaching out to take it's hand instead, letting it lead her away. Part of her hoped they wouldn't be so rough if her if she was willing to go along, but if they carried her, they could do so without her struggling.

From a distance, Joshua watched all this, sipping a bottle of water.
"Well, wonder what kind of party they'll find inside. Hopefully not too much." He said to himself. He hoped the kids could handle it on their own, but he was willing to intervene if things got out of hand. But only time would tell.

"It's shouldn't be that surprising. I didn't capture any of my pokemon through battle. I find talking to them to make them friendly and willing to come with you the more humane thing to do. The most battle I had to do was against Pumpkaboo's sibling to prove I was worthy to take him along." Amelia said as she got up from her spot. "I also think it's the better way to do it for the sake of compatibility, since you might capture a pokemon but you might have a clash of personalities or styles. It might be tricky for you though. I just happen to be gifted with Ghost-types."

They weren't walking for very long before they were interrupted by a boy who had hidden behind some sort of camouflage. She watched and listened to the boy before sighing and turning to Dawkin when he addressed her.
"Honestly, I'd rather just skip the whole battle. This isn't the best place for me to be and I want to get to the ruins as soon as possible so that we can get back to town as soon as possible. So, I'd rather we skip anymore detours or distractions. But, given tradition, I guess we need to oblige him. I'm not going to be able to focus as well as I would like with this heat, so I'll let you handle him if you want. If not, I guess I could try."
Okay, I'm not getting to this anytime soon, so don't bother waiting on me. I just have too much going on and this keeps getting pushed back.

Sorry about that. Just life I guess.

"Well, it seems you finished that up quickly." Amelia said, getting back to her feet after Dawkin finished catching the Cacnea. "I hope you're new friend isn't hurt too badly. You might need them down the line. But for now, let's get going so we can get out of this desert. It would appear the ruins might be in this direction."

With that, she set off, taking the lead and heading into the direction of the ruins, keeping track of where the Ghost-type pokemon surrounding them were so she could avoid any possible encounters with trainers. She didn't want to possibly get in a battle with anyone more powerful then her and Dawkin, since she was weary of this environment and didn't like the idea of being out here with an unconscious team.

Seeing that Dawkin was determined to catch a Cacnea, Amelia found some place to sit down in the shade cast by the rocks. Once she was comfortable, she closed her eyes and focused. It was very rare that she did so, but she figured that maybe doing so would prove to be useful in a place like this. As she focused, her ability to sense Ghost-types strengthened and allowed her to sense things from further away. She could sense the presence of several ghost-types, but if she had to guess, they likely belonged to trainers. Best to avoid them for the time being, as getting lost in the desert was something she wanted to avoid, even if she knew Joshua was somewhere nearby.

Then she felt it. A presence, one that was not good. Her brow furrowed as she focused on this one, trying to see if she could discern anything about it. She wasn't going to leave Dawkin to investigate whatever was causing this energy, but she wanted to know as much as she could from her ability alone. Hopefully it would glean something, other then it was there and that it was not good. She wasn't betting money on it though.
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Joshua listened to everyone and everything going on around him. He honestly didn't care what they did or how they went about it so long as they all came back home safe and sound in the end. If they got injured, it was on par with the course of their job, considering being a mage was a dangerous occupation due to all the combat and hunting jobs it entailed. Still, as long as he could keep an eye on Amaya and keep her safe, that was all that really mattered to him in the end.

Glancing up at said woman as she spoke and brought up her idea on how the various guild's could go about their search of the island. He for one agreed with it but felt the need to bring something up that she seemed to have forgotten.
"Don't forget, we have slayers here that aren't dragon slayers. So keep that in mind as well." He said, his tone calm and measured. "The only thing we need to take into account is each others strengths and weaknesses. Considering most of us really don't know each other all that well, could prove to be difficult. But either way, I would say Amaya's plan is a good one and the best way for us all to remain safe."

Amelia Averyonna


"I don't know. I want to go to the island and be with everyone, since that seems like the best way to stay safe. But the island has it's own dangers, I know this. SO it might be best for me to remain here. I have Phleg and the others to help watch over me, so it's not like I'll be truly alone. I just want to be with the both of you, where I might be the safest anyway." Amelia said.
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