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Also, fuck on that Persuasion Roll. DAMN YOU DICE GODS!:

Insight was better though:

Cause the only reason I can leave my house is for work, since both my jobs are essential business... which kinda sucks -_-
Elaranna was shocked by the figure's accusations but Ander wasn't so phased.
"So, let me get this straight lad. You, who are obvious no weakling, are scared of a woman who wields a wee bit of influence in town? And because of that little bit of influence, you're willing to let others suffer just so you can get away. I'm sorry lad, but whatever kind of villain she might be, you might be worse." Ander said. "Now, if you be willing to tell us what you know about whatever is going on in town, we might be able to help out. If the three of us manage to solve whatever is goin' on and then you'd be left alone in peace. Hell, you might even be a hero to the town, one who rooted out corruption, stood up to it, and came out unscathed. Not really a bad deal. And if we help you out, the odds of success are better then ya doin' it alone, you know that lad."

Privately, Ander suspected that something like this is why Hyrsam actually sent him here. To topple another fool who had too much power for their own good. Meeting Elaranna again was just a bonus.

Elaranna looked between Ander and the stranger, wondering how this would go. However, she kept an eye on the stranger, watching them carefully for an signs of deceit.
Do you want me to roll first or type out what Ander says, so you can decide advantage, disadvantage, or straight roll?
Ah shit, he will well out of range then. Hhhhmmm... Can I try further persuasion?
Hey Haruki, is the stranger within range of any of Ander's charm abilities?

After her chat with Dorian, Amelia spent most of the rest of the night just wondering around town. There was just a hint of a sunrise when she finally found a room to crash in for the night. Her pokemon joined her in rest, each taking a different position around the space, with Shuppet and Litwick remaining close to her, the latter acting like a small night light with his flame lit. Come the next morning, Amelia went through her usual routine to prepare for the day before grabbing something to eat and then going for a walk around town with her pokemon.

Needless to say, she was eager to see what kind of progress Professor Kalmia might be making on her request but she knew patience was needed. So, she decided to pass a bit more time by wondering around town some more. There were areas she hadn't seen yet and it would be nice to see them before she left again. One of those places happened to be the docks in town, which she had somehow never noticed where there before. Wondering what she might find there, she made her way over there, only to speed up when she felt the familiar presence of Ghost-types from the area.

Arriving at the docks, she would pause and look around, trying to home in the location of whatever Ghost-Types were present.
@PlatinumSkink just waiting on things to move along at the professor's place a bit more.
Great overlord Dungeon Master Haruki?
How far up is this person?
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