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It has... A lot of info in it. And so much race info. I don't need Volo's Guide to Monsters now!

Also, is this officially dead?
@Guardian Angel Haruki so what do you think of Explorers guide to wildemont?

"I didn't expect you to finish it in one night. But since I'm in town, I might as well visit my other partners who agreed to travel with me but are unable to do so because of the limitations on the amount I can carry." Amelia said, as her partners inside of Kalmia's lab came out and joined her. Since she really didn't have any other plans, she turned to face the battle with the two adults, curious about the floating wad of cream that was in ownership of Ellyn. As Yamask, Golett, Driffloon, Phantump, and Pumpkaboo began floating around and even playing with the twins, Amelia, Litwick, Honedge, Spiritomb, and Shuppet all took a seat in the grass to see how the battle would develop and who might become the victor.

A Ghost/Dragon type did sound very interesting, as did the Galarian variation on the Water/Rock type Corsola. But alas, Amelia knew that if she actually picked up either pokemon, she wouldn't be able to take them with her, as they would be spending all their time with Professor Kalmia. Not that she disliked the Professor or anything, she just preferred to keep her pokemon with her. So, there wasn't really much thought to be put in it once that fact crossed her mind.
"I'm sorry, but at this time, I really can't afford to buy any of the Pokémon you have off of you. I wish I could, for it feels like I just wasted your precious time, but once I am able to do so, I will be back and maybe I'll be able to get more then one Pokémon. Until then, I think this is farewell and thank you for offering the chance to buy one." She said, bowing to the Captain and his crew. With that, she would turn around and leave the docks, heading for the lab.

When she arrived, she was surprised to see a large amount of people there. There was of course the Professor and the twins. But Jacques was also there, surprising Amelia as she didn't expect to run into him again so soon. There were also two faces she didn't recognize. One was a brown-haired boy who was sitting on the ground with a Fennikin and a pretty girl with dark blue hair. Well, she knew two-thirds of the people there, she so approached, her entourage and ghost-types following after her. Arriving at the group, she would raise a hand in greeting.
"Good afternoon everyone. Hello again Mr. Jacques." She said before turning to the boy and the girl. She noted the boy was actually rather close to her age, the closest she had seen anyone be up to this point. She wondered how many more trainers would be joiing this mission and competition between Jacques and Kalmia. Not that she cared for either, she was just happy to no longer be caged. "Am I interrupting anything?"
@Guardian Angel Haruki So it's been a while. do I need to roll anything?
"Well, shite. That worked about as well as Sorvonek's plan to steal bread from the baker's stall all those years ago." Ander said, looking none to pleased with the results of his speech.

"At least we got directions back to town. Maybe once we're there, we can try asking around. It would seem that the person who gave me a job is not... as trustworthy as I would like." Elaranna said gently, placing a hand on his shoulder. "So, let's head there and see if we can find out something about Trina. At the very least, we'll be able to get some food in our stomachs."

"Aye, you're right. Let's get goin' then." Ander said, turning in the direction the figure had pointed and leading the way through the woods, both of them keeping an eye out for possible dangers.

Amelia flinched and withdrew a bit at the glare she received from Elma, causing her ghostly companions to return the older woman's glare with six of their own.
"I actually don't know much about business. I just said things I've seen others do or have noticed make me more likely to want to buy something, even if I don't in the end." Amelia said, her tone a bit frightened now. She nervously watched Zachery as he worked on his phone. When the man finally spoke to her about the pokemon for sale, she relaxed a bit and stood up straighter again. His list of examples was only met with a look of confusion. Despite all her studying, some of the names he listed were not familiar with her.
"I've heard of Mimikyu, Oricorio, and Sandygast but I've never heard of Sinistea, Dreepy, or Galarian Corsola. I know of Corsola but I'm guessing by the name that this one is from a region called Galar and that makes it a Ghost-Type?" She said, authentically curious and wanting to meet some of these pokemon. Part of her really, really wanted to buy one or two of them, as she certainly had the money to do so. But, she was also hesitant because it meant getting more pokemon she couldn't travel with and there was also the fact that they might not even listen to her if she tried to use them in battle. Still, at least learning about the ones she was unfamiliar with wouldn't hurt, assuming she could learn anything at all.
@Guardian Angel Haruki thank you. I'm starting to get used to the wait I think.
@Guardian Angel Haruki Hey, is everything okay?
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