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Amelia listened to the man as he talked to himself regarding the pokemon wondering the halls in a rather prolonged game of tag. He then turned and addressed her, talking at first in a very tired voice then one that made her feel a bit more comfortable. Though, when it came to the question of what she wanted to talk about, she looked a bit flustered.
"O-oh well, um... I didn't have anything particular in mind if I'm being honest. It's just that... since you had so many Shuppets around your house and still around you even now, I guess I... could help but be curious and a little worried." She said, her cheeks turning a bit red. "I know Shuppets like to gather around those who... are not in the best of places, I guess? They used to gather around me a lot when I was feeling rather down, though them doing so used to cheer me up since they were my friends. So, if I may, can I ask what's bothering you so much? Assuming I'm not... prying into anything to personal. I am just a stranger and... well a child after all."

As she talked, she kept track of the Ghosts-Types surrounding them, trying to see if the Misdreavus was still around.

Amelia did indeed soldier on, determined to win this game now. When she heard the cry, she was not scared in the slightest. Instead, the young girl was actually filled with joy as she recognized the cry for what it was and what it belonged to. Fighting against whatever was still tugging her leg, she threw open the window and was rewarded with the sight of a Misdreavus! On top of that, two more pokemon revealed themselves, showing them to be a Kecleon and a Sneasel, which explained why she had been unable to sense them. Amelia laughed along with the Misdreavus.
"Thank you all for the fun. It was an enjoyable game. But, I was hoping I could..." She began saying to them before sensing the ghosts upstairs moving towards her. She looked up in time to see a large group of Shuppets come into the room, letting out cries as they approached her. They swarmed around her for a few seconds before suddenly scattering, along with Misdreavus, Sneasel, and Kecleon.

She barely had time to ask herself why before the door to the classroom slammed open and she turned around to face it, actually scared by this of all things. When she spotted the man standing in front of her, she recognized him as the man who owned the house her Shuppet had called home. He didn't seem to recognize her though, which made her a little sad. Still, that was no reason for her to treat him any differently then she would any other person.
"I'm sorry if I disturbed you sir. I was chasing one of the pokemon here and it seems I ended up playing into the game it was playing with it's friends. I didn't mean to cause a ruckus." She said before looking at the ground. "Though, it seems this is the second time I've disturbed you late at night. I really am sorry about it, I didn't mean to. But, if it's not too much of a hassle, might I be able to... possible talk to you sir?"
"I will try not to overstay my welcome. Thank you for understanding." Elaranna said, giving the guard a slight bow before heading inside. Once inside, she made straight for the warden's office while staying away of the guards around her and the rest of her surroundings. Nothing seemed to be off and the guards were simply doing their job from what she could tell. When she arrived at the warden's office, she would knock on the door before waiting to be called in to enter.

"Pardon my intrusion into your office sir. My name is Elaranna and I was hoping I could ask you for some assistance. As I'm sure your time is limited, I will get straight to the point I'm looking into a prison who was said to be residing here, one Calal. They were a beggar on the streets and one of their friends is worried about their wellbeing. Do you happen to have any records on this individual?"
Do I spot anything?
Alrighty. I'm gonna make a Perception check to see if I notice anything off, about the guards who was watching her or the bits of the prison she can see as she walks down the halls. 15
So, disregarding the group of five or six murder hobos I have unleashed onto a poor fantasy world for now

Shall I just have Elaranna walk into the Warden's office? If so, I think it would be a rather short post on my part.
Taught my cousins kids how to play D&D today. Within the first thirty minutes, they burned down a tavern, attempted to kill the owner and all got arrested.... have I just made a bunch of murder hobos?
Hey, not bad this time around: 15.
Shall I roll persuasion? Not sure if it applies here.

The game simply continued from that point. Amelia was not going to give up, she was no determined to find this ghost, no matter how long it took. She noted that the ghost seemed more hesitant as it moved around. She felt a bit bad now but still continued her pursuit. As she did so, completely unbeknownst to her, Amelia began emanating a small... aura of sorts that spirits would be able to feel. It was small and weak but still present, giving the air around her a warm and comforting feeling to all those that could feel it.

Moving into the classroom she felt the spirit in, she got a little too close to a bookcase, which seemed to trigger an avalanche of books onto her. They did hurt as they fell, but she managed to cry out as she shielded her head. Litwick showed enough restraint to not cause a massive fire by using Ember on the books, as he recognized that flaming books might also harm his trainer. After another attempt to trip her up, Amelia moved over to the window she sensed the ghosts. As she did so, something attempted to trip her again, but it failed and she opted to ignore it as she moved to the window and opened the curtains and then the window itself, leaning outside to look in the direction of the ghost in order to try and get a good look at it, Litwick getting off her head and watching the classroom incase anything fishy happened.
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