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Among Amelia's pokemon, Phantump, Pumpkaboo, and Driffloon were the only ones willing to play with the twins, flying around them and generally avoiding their grasps, turning intangible when needed to avoid the little kids' hands.

With the children likely sufficiently distracted, Amelia could keep her attention on Kalmia. So, with the professor's attention now on her, she made her request.
"I want some way to travel with all my pokemon. I don't want to leave any of them behind, since they're all my friends and I want to get to know them all without having to neglect others. I just want to travel with them all. I know there is the concern of having more then six to select from for a battle, but what if we had something that could lock the pokeballs of the pokemon I don't plan on using in battle whenever one occurs? That way I'm still limited to six while still traveling with everyone. Like a chip I can place on six of them while something else locks the others up. Is such a thing possible?" She asked, hoping it would be. She just wanted to travel with everyone. She knew she was going to need to do a lot more battling with her current goal, but to her, traveling with her pokemon and experiencing her journey with all of them was more important. That had been the initial reason, along with freedom, she had gotten on this journey and it would remain her main reason for continuing it.

The ride on Aerodactyl was both exhilarating and terrifying for Amelia. The pokemon flew high and fast, requiring everything Amelia had to try and maintain a decent enough grip to stay on the pokemon. She was still able to watch the landscapes below them pass by, at least for a bit, before she had to close her eyes to focus on not being sick.
When Driffloon evolved and I decide to go flying with them, I am going to be much lower and going much lower. But still faster then walking pace. She thought to herself.

When they finally arrived at Highhill, she was happy to get off of her ride, though she immediately sank to her knees as she took a few deep breathes to calm herself. Once she was sure she wasn't going to be sick, she got to her feet and turned to Jacques, bowing to him once again.
"Thank you very much for the Ride, Master Jacques. I wouldn't ask you for another one, as I think it would be rude and presumptuous of me to do so. You have much more important matter to attend to other then a lowly trainer like myself. So, I wish you luck in your endeavors." She said, hoping she had been polite enough and not offended the Elite Four member. When he left, she made her way to Kalmia's lab and knocked on the door. When there was no response, she gave the lock a try and found the door unlocked, so she walked in.

The lab was as she remembered it from when she had visited after catching Phantump. The main differences where that there were a lot more pokemon present then just a Slowpoke now, with hers being among them, and two younger boys who were running around excitedly. Of her pokemon, Yamask was staying well out of reach of the children, Spiritomb was staying in it's rock to avoid them, and Gollet was apparently shut down for the time being, curled up with it's head hidden and it's limbs against it's body. Yamask spotted Amelia first as a result and let out a cry, flying over to her. Said cry alerted her pokemon to her presence, if her powers had not already, and the two roused themselved before making their way over to her.
"It's good to see you all again." She said to them, giving each of them a pat on the head, or rock in Spiritomb's case as even Amelia couldn't touch souls. Before she could do much else, the boys and Professor Kalmia approached her, saying hello in their own ways. Upon hearing the boys where Dawkin's brothers, Amelia smiled down at them. "It's a pleasure to meet you Timothy and Thomas. My name is Amelia and yes, I just got done going on an adventure with your brother. He's doing well and seems to be doing fine on his journey. As for which pokemon I own, it's these ghost-types here. I also have all of these."

Wish that, she grabbed her six pokeballs and threw them in the air, releasing her party of six. With the exception of Litwick, who took his usual spot upon Amelia's head, the other five hovered around her, Phantump appearing in a shower of sparkles. Letting them distract Dawkin's brothers, she would turn to face Kalmia.
"Professor, is I may, there is something I would like to ask you." She said, her tone more serious then it usual was, though still gentle and quiet.

Before arriving at the edge of town

As she was walking past the pokemon center on her way out of town, she stopped as she heard a familiar voice call out to her, turning around to find Dawkin approaching. The boy quickly apologized for essentially ditching her, though she felt there was no need since she had done practically the same thing when she had gone off the recruit Honedge, Golett, and Yamask. Before she could greet him in return, she was bombarded with questions and she couldn't help but give him a small smile.
"I'm doing fine Dawkin, thank you for asking. I'm just heading back to Professor Kalmia's place to ask her about something. She's apparently in charge of the PCs. I'm sure I'll make the journey fine on my own but thank you for helping me on my way over here and for helping out at the tomb. As for your pokedex number, I won't mind having it." She said calmly and kindly. Once she got his phone number and she in turn gave him hers, she would say her farewells and wish him before resuming her journey.

At the edge of town

She was just about to head out of town when once again, someone addressed her, again with a familiar voice. She turned towards Jacques and stared at him quizzically, wondering why he would ask such a thing. After all, it was how she had gotten here before. She had even taken a ferry ride to do so. But, when the Elite Four member brought out his Aerodactyl and offered her a ride, she smiled. She had no reason to refuse such a offer.
"Thank you very much Mr. Jacques. I would be honored to accept your offer for a ride back to the Professor's lab." She said, giving him a slight bow. With that, she would accept any help he might offer getting onto their ride before take off.

Amelia did accept the helping hand when Jacques offered it to her and listened to him as he said his bit about the trial that she would be facing in the future and then, more importantly, the information he gave regarding the PC and who was in charge of it. To her surprise it was Professor Kalmia of all people. Knowing her next destination, she gave Jacques a slight bow.
"Thank you for letting me know Mr. Jacques. I'll head to her right away. I'll also keep what you said in mind, though I don't really have any adults to turn to if I get in trouble." She said.

"Oh geez, what am I, chopped liver to ya?" Joshua said, walking over, causing Amelia to jump in surprise as she turned towards him. He was walking with his hands in his pockets and Absol by his side. "I spotted little miss Spooks-alot being escorted away from here, so I figured I'd come and see if you had returned. So, going to introduce me to your friend here?"

"Oh. Joshua, this is Mister Jacques. He's in a competition with the Professor and a member of the Elite Four. Mr. Jacques, this is Joshua, my teacher before I began my journey." She said.

"A pleasure." Joshua said before turning to Amelia. "I was looking for you to say good-bye for the time being and to wish you luck on your journey. I won't help you any further from here on, so I can't do anything more then that. If we cross paths again though, that might be a different story. Now, I think I've held you up long enough. Please, continue onwards."

"Thank you." Amelia said, giving him a slight bow as well. Before leaving, she reached down and gently pet the Shedinja. "Stay out of trouble okay. I hope peaceful days return to you."

With that, she would leave the Gardens and resume her journey, heading for the Great Plains so that she could return to Lakewatch Town and from there, make her way to Pureplain. She was focused on being reunited with her other pokemon, but she wasn't going to completely ignore her surroundings, since something of interest might happen.

Well, Amelia found the Shedinja, at least she thought it was the same Shedinja, but she also found the person she was looking forward to meeting the least. It was the woman from the night before, the one who had been giving off such a dark and oppressive aura. Worse, yet, it seemed the woman had found the Shedinja again and seemed to have noticed Amelia, who took a step back on instinct. However, she was quick to pick up that the Aura that had surrounded the woman before seemed to be subdued now. Before she could even finish her thoughts, the woman began speaking, her words as cryptic as she remembered from the night before. Needless to say, she didn't understand.
"I don't know what you're trying to say but let Shedinja go!" She said to the woman, her voice shaking a bit despite her best efforts. This woman was on her master's level in terms of strength, so if the woman didn't comply, there was really nothing Amelia could do.

Thankfully, it seemed the woman wasn't after the Bug/Ghost pokemon. However, it seemed she was after Amelia as she advanced in a manner that Amelia found rather menacing, causing the young girl to take another step back. Before anything could happen though, another voice rang out, one Amelia faintly remembered, though it seemed to be enough to cause the woman to stop. Jacques had appeared with another woman, one Amelia barely remembered from the night before. Before she knew it, Amelia got to learn some nice tidbits about Angelique, such has her being one of the Elite Four among all things. Before she knew it, Angelique was leaving the garden under pressure from her apparent superior, stopping only to lob a pokeball at Amelia, who barely managed to catch it.

Once Angelique was out of the garden, Amelia let out a sigh of relief and slowly sunk to the ground, feeling a bit weak in the knees. Jacques would then approach her, apologizing for all that Angelique had done while also making a request for any information Amelia might know on Angelique's actions.
"I'm not sure I'll be of much use to you Mr. Jacques." She said, looking up at the older gentleman. "I met her the first time I came here, sensing the Shedinja over there. But, to say there was a battle between me and her would be a lie. It was between my teacher and her. He was also with us when we arrived at the tombs. All I know is that the pokemon in there were in a frenzy so that they could release their master from his seal, a Darkrai. The presence of Team Virtue and their Cresselia only made things worse. It was just pure pandemonium. I never saw Angelique there herself though."

With her part being said, Amelia glanced down at the pokeball that had been handed to her. She contemplated opening it, especially since she would sense there was a ghost-type inside. Knowing there was a risk but not caring, as she was willing to risk grabbing the strings/hands of a wild Driffloon after all, she let the pokemon out of the pokeball and was pleasantly surprised to see a Spiritomb inside. It fixed it's gaze on Amelia before sending a sudden telepathic message. Amelia clutched her head in pain, since it was like her head was suddenly filled with a chorus of voices all speaking at once, though thankfully it was the same message from every voice. When it finished, she looked up at the Spiritomb and blinked, realizing it had translated what Angelique had been saying to her earlier. Amelia herself was a Clairvoyant, Joshua was the Sentinel, and Angelique must've been hoping for the events that had transpired in the Old Tombs to turn out how they had.

This left Amelia with some questions but she knew one thing was for certain. She needed to get stronger and even Angelique wanted her to do so. Not only that, but Amelia herself wanted to get stronger as well, so that she would not be so helpless if such events happened again. Judging by the words of the Spiritomb, it seemed that the next event that might occur was at the Known Ruins. Getting to her feet, she returned the Spiritomb to it's pokeball and watched as it vanished in a flash of light, the new pokemon becoming her ninth party member. Knowing what she wanted and what her goals were now, she turned to Jacques.

Now came the dilemma of telling him what she knew. Jacques seemed like a kind enough person and reliable as well. But this was apparently meant to be a trial for her, set forth by another member of the Elite Four. She was obviously supposed to do it herself, so she had to tell him what she knew without revealing too much. She had to select her words carefully, even if it meant a bit of lying.
"It seems, according to Spiritomb, Angelique has some sort of trial planned for me. I don't know where or when, but I guess she has some sort of plan. Other then that, all it told me was that I need to get stronger." She said to Elite Four member. "So, I need to go off and start training it seems, so that I'll be stronger. Before I go though, I do have some questions for you Mr. Jacques. Do you know who is in charge of the PC system and where I might be able to find them? I... I don't like being separated from my friends and I want to see if there is some way I can at least keep them all with me, while still having it so I can only use six to battle."

Amelia sighed in relief when the other two agreed to join her party. While Golett seemed to be eager to join, it was Honedge who worried her, as it had apparently taken some small intervention on Aegislash's part to convince it to join. Knowing she could only take one and that Honedge was doubting her, Amelia made her decision rather easily, though still very reluctantly. She would give Golett and Yamask each a small hug before speaking.
"I'll have to send you two away, though it is not my choice. If I could have my way, I would have all three of you stay with me and the rest of my friends. I don't know where you will end up, but I hope it is nice and comfortable. However, I will make finding you my top priority." She said to them before catching each of the pokemon in turn. It actually pained her to watch the pokeballs Yamask and Golett were in vanish in a flash of light, causing a single tear to fall down her face. She quickly wiped it away before turning to Aegislash one last time and bowing once again. "Thank you for everything Lord Aegislash. I pray your lives are more peaceful from this day forward."

With that she would let Aegislash say what it would, if anything at all, before she would make her way out of the tomb. Once outside, she would take a second to gather her bearings before opening her umbrella and making her way back to town, being careful to avoid any wild encounters. Once in town, she would find a place to rest, gladly doing so while letting her pokemon meet their new teammate.

When she woke up, regardless of the time, she decided to make one quick stop before leaving town. She would make her way to the gardens in town and once inside, she would look around for the Shedinja she had managed to save from the rather creepy woman Joshua had saved her from in turn before.
Joshua Tamashii


Joshua listened as Amaya proceeded to go on a bit of a monologue, wether to herself or to him as well he could not be certain. But he listened to her words and took them in, causing him to frown at her largely negative view of herself. He knew she was not the most confident person but he had hoped she viewed herself in a more positive light then this. In a way, it made him actually a bit angry at her that she would talk about herself in such a manner. When she apologized for her outburst, he felt a bit guilty, having not wanted to possibly make her feel worse.
"You're not insignificant at all, you know that? You are far from it. So never, EVER say you are ever again, you hear me?" He said to her, his tone a bit stern but still very gentle. When he continued, his tone lost any hint of sternness, instead being as gentle as he could make it. "So, you didn't find your mom like you had hoped. That doesn't mean you should give up. If anything, fate may have blessed you, since you got the original dragon slayers from so long ago in front of you. If anything, they may be able to help you.

As for your magic, don't ever think that it's not yours, for that is exactly what it is. It is yours to use and wield as you see fit. You don't need to be some rampaging, short-tempered, fiery, destructive person to be worthy of it. Aurora determined that you were and she taught it to you so that you might be able to protect yourself when you need it but also because I think she knew that you would protect those you care about when you really needed you. You can and will act to protect everyone here when you need to and you just did against Zeref. ZEREF of all people Amaya. Even if you did so out of simple anger, most people would freeze out of fear at the simple mention of the guy's name. But you actually went to fight him with no hesitation.

You are braver then you think you are. You can do more then you think you can. I've seen it, Cecelia has seen it, and everyone here has seen it. So there is no reason to change who you are. I hope you never do change. I love the person you are now and I think that person is beautiful. So please, do not think so lowly of yourself.


Amelia Averyonna


Amelia let out a small gasp of surprise as Jarvis suddenly lifted her up into his arms. She did not object though and simply wrapped her arms around him in a hug, the simple act helping her feel more comfortable and safer in his arms. Her cheeks grew bright red and hot as Jamie leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, though once again, she did not object. It was comforting to know her parents were concerned for her, though she still found the notion odd after all this time. But she was content to stay in Jarvis' arms, watching everything that was occurring around her from that safe place.

Amelia smiled, happy to see that one of the Yamasks was more then willing to join her on her journey around Isson. She once again reached out and rubbed it's head before turning around. She didn't want to capture it yet. She wanted to give each of the three she was going to capture and equal chance of joining her current team before capturing them. With the Yamask confirmed, Amelia went and got the Golett and Honedge that Aegislash had pointed out to her before speaking to all three of them now.
"It's a pleasure to meet all three of you. My name is Amelia and I'm a trainer. Lord Aegislash has allowed me to take you all out of the tomb and with me on my journey. However, I will only take you with me if you are willing to join me. I will not force you from your home for my own selfishness. And also, even if all three of you join me, you will not be able to join me right away. Two of you will be sent to someone else. However, I will make it my goal to find them and try and make it so that you can join me and my other partners, even if I cannot use you at the time. Because I want us to be like a big group of friends, if not like a family. So, if you're willing to join me, please let me know. And if you all do decide to come, let us discuss which of you will be journeying with me first." Amelia said.

"Thank you Lord Honedge. It is an honor." Amelia said, bowing to the Royal Sword pokemon once again. Leaving the boy to Aegislash and Jonas, trusting Aegislash as this point and knew it was an honorable pokemon. Though, she could understand it being upset that one of it's enemies was still in it's home. Anyone would be angry at any intruder they did not welcome.

Now, with the tomb finally at peace and with no need to worry about being attacked by it's residents, she could go about making more friends and companions for her journey. But there was a part of her that was scared. She knew you were only allowed to carry six pokemon, and deep down, she hoped that only applied for battle. She wanted to keep all of her pokemon that she captured on her so she could be with all of them while she was relaxing. She didn't want to make a decision on who to keep with her and who not to. It would be far too difficult for her.

But for now, she had to focus on making her new friends first. Figuring that doing it one at a time would be best, she decided to go with the Yamasks who had followed her after giving her the Relic Gold. Standing up straight, she turned to look at them and gave them a kind smile.
"So, I get to take one of you with me outside of the tomb. Would either of you have any objections to joining me?" She asked them.

Amelia was relieved when it turned out that the Aegislash was not actually mad at, but actually rather accepting of what was going on. This gave her more confidence to continue speaking and finally get to the reason she had originally come to the tombs before this whole, wild misadventure had occurred. To say she was happy things were resolving happily would be an understatement.
"Lord Aegislash, if I might be selfish one more time. The reason I originally came here was in the hopes of finding some Ghost-types to capture and take with me on my journey. Since you are one of the rulers of this tomb, I would like to ask your permission to take a Yamask, a Golett, and a Yamask with me. I will not ask for anyone powerful, as I don't want to damage the forces that defend your home. I'm also not that experienced a trainer myself and rather weak. So some weaker, newer residents to your home will be fine. However, if I might be greedy, if there are any that are... of a different coloration, I would be eager to meet them. If you wish for them to not leave the tomb, I will not argue. But if they can and I can take them with me, I would be greatly honored." She said. "Also, one of the people who attacked your home is waiting for you to release the boy from your control, so that he might be able to return to his home. Once the boy is allowed to leave, he will leave as well."
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