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"Well, it seems you finished that up quickly." Amelia said, getting back to her feet after Dawkin finished catching the Cacnea. "I hope you're new friend isn't hurt too badly. You might need them down the line. But for now, let's get going so we can get out of this desert. It would appear the ruins might be in this direction."

With that, she set off, taking the lead and heading into the direction of the ruins, keeping track of where the Ghost-type pokemon surrounding them were so she could avoid any possible encounters with trainers. She didn't want to possibly get in a battle with anyone more powerful then her and Dawkin, since she was weary of this environment and didn't like the idea of being out here with an unconscious team.

Seeing that Dawkin was determined to catch a Cacnea, Amelia found some place to sit down in the shade cast by the rocks. Once she was comfortable, she closed her eyes and focused. It was very rare that she did so, but she figured that maybe doing so would prove to be useful in a place like this. As she focused, her ability to sense Ghost-types strengthened and allowed her to sense things from further away. She could sense the presence of several ghost-types, but if she had to guess, they likely belonged to trainers. Best to avoid them for the time being, as getting lost in the desert was something she wanted to avoid, even if she knew Joshua was somewhere nearby.

Then she felt it. A presence, one that was not good. Her brow furrowed as she focused on this one, trying to see if she could discern anything about it. She wasn't going to leave Dawkin to investigate whatever was causing this energy, but she wanted to know as much as she could from her ability alone. Hopefully it would glean something, other then it was there and that it was not good. She wasn't betting money on it though.
@floodtalon I'm sorry for the delay, but I'm getting pulled all over the place IRL. I will get it up as soon as I can.

Joshua listened to everyone and everything going on around him. He honestly didn't care what they did or how they went about it so long as they all came back home safe and sound in the end. If they got injured, it was on par with the course of their job, considering being a mage was a dangerous occupation due to all the combat and hunting jobs it entailed. Still, as long as he could keep an eye on Amaya and keep her safe, that was all that really mattered to him in the end.

Glancing up at said woman as she spoke and brought up her idea on how the various guild's could go about their search of the island. He for one agreed with it but felt the need to bring something up that she seemed to have forgotten.
"Don't forget, we have slayers here that aren't dragon slayers. So keep that in mind as well." He said, his tone calm and measured. "The only thing we need to take into account is each others strengths and weaknesses. Considering most of us really don't know each other all that well, could prove to be difficult. But either way, I would say Amaya's plan is a good one and the best way for us all to remain safe."

Amelia Averyonna


"I don't know. I want to go to the island and be with everyone, since that seems like the best way to stay safe. But the island has it's own dangers, I know this. SO it might be best for me to remain here. I have Phleg and the others to help watch over me, so it's not like I'll be truly alone. I just want to be with the both of you, where I might be the safest anyway." Amelia said.
@Joshua TamashiiGo for it. Alice and I already reviewed it ages ago, so I don't think it'll be too much of an issue.

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Aye aye. Maybe tomorrow, when I have more time.
@Reflection Hey hi. Can I bring back my Edmond Dantes Assassin?
@PlatinumSkinkI will also note Amelia didn't send Driffloon out. She said she could but she didn't for the reasons that she stated. Still, this could be interesting.

"Well, finding Cacnea isn't all that hard. They're all around us." Amelia pointed out before pointing to a group of the cacti-like pokemon to their left, right, and slightly ahead. "So if you want to catch one go right ahead. As for my plan, it really isn't much of a plan. I could use Driffloon to scout for us I suppose, though I'm not sure how big this desert is and I don't want to end up losing her in here, since this isn't an environment any of my pokemon are meant to live or be in. So I'd rather use them as little as possible."

With her part said, he would proceed onward, trying to avoid any encounters that might turn hostile, her focus on getting to her destination and then getting out of here as quickly as possible. She didn't like this kind of environment and already missed the sight of grass and trees. That being said, if Dawkin stopped to catch a Cacnea, she would stop as well and let him accomplish his goal.

"That sounds like a good idea. But I don't really know where the ruin is, so we might end up getting lost." Amelia said "But I guess if we just keep going straight, we might hit it eventually. So, I guess all we can do is hope and pray that we don't get lost."

With that, she pulled out her umbrella and opened it up before setting out to enter the desert and get to her next destination in mind.

Behind the pair, Joshua smiled and followed but kept his distance, allowing the children to take the lead and determine how this all played out in the end.

Joshua listened to Dawkin speak without making the slightest sign of interrupting. He was surprised that the boys little explosion of anger was so contained. Kid was definitely the kind to keep his cool in tense situations and he could appreciate that. In fact, probably much to Dawkin's chagrin, Joshua actually smiled at the boys angry responses. When the boy finally finished and left with a huff, Joshua made no attempt to stop him and let him leave.

Amelia simply watched the exchange in silence with a worried expression on her face.
"Are you sure you want to let him go?" She asked.

"No, I don't but it seems better if I do. He's the prideful kind and he might make it out of the desert fine. My concern is when they pride finally gets him in over his head and he's finally dealt a blow to his ego." Joshua said calmly, sipping his drink. "The kid has potential but also many flaws he needs to figure out a fix. For now though, my concern is what you want to do."

"I understand your concern for my safety. I'll let you tag along but..." She began.

"I won't interfere unless absolutely necessary Ame. This is your journey. Soon as we get you to the temple and back, I'm gone on the wind again, finding my own adventures. But this is a route that poses too many dangers that are beyond control If you were stronger, I'd have no issue letting you go. But you're still to green right now, so as a responsible trainer and adult, I can't let you go alone. Unless, as a trainer yourself, you wish to go alone." He said gently, reaching across the table and patting her head, causing the young girl to turn red in the face.

"... so long as I'm still in charge I guess." She said, looking away.

"Alright then. Let's finish up here and get some rest so we're ready to go early tomorrow morning, when it's just starting to warm up." Joshua said. Once they were finished, he paid for the entire meal, handing the money Dawkin had thrown on the table to Amelia before finding them a hotel to stay for the night.

The next morning, the two were up early and Joshua, true to his word, let Amelia take the lead. The first thing she did was locate Dawkin and rushed over to him upon seeing him, Joshua hanging back and leaning against a nearby building, letting the two talk in private.

"Morning." Amelia said to Dawkin, giving him a smile.
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