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@PlatinumSkink That... Is a really rare pokemon in that shrine.
Holy- A conkledurr.


I'll get to work on a post after waking up tomorrow. Since Hector said to use her whole team...well, all's fair then. Lets see if Claire can pull a victory out of her cute butt here.

Thank god for confusion. I thought that Lucario was gonna wreck Ledyba and Ralts so hard.

Well, it evolves with Friendship, so it might have been rather low level for all we know.
@Roseletta What about Joshua and Amaya's conversation that was kinda dropped?
Fraquar Alinstar


Fraquar nodded in response to Jamie thanking him for the warning. It was the least he could do, as he didn't want to see any harm come to the girl either. Relaxing again, he listened to Jamie and Sanders speak. When it was his turn, his expression was one of worry.
"My guild is only six members strong and we're in a small settlement town. We're attacked often and the attacks are becoming more frequent. While we're exhausting ourselves, the enemy never seems to send the same people twice. In fact, I see more new faces rather then old. And with old and powerful enemies possibly on the loose now, I doubt my guild will last much longer, let alone the town." He said. "As for natural disasters, I have noticed a slight increase but nothing worth troubling over for now. But please, tell us your tale Jamie."

Amelia Averyonna


"Thank you sir." Amelia said kindly, moving closer but keeping a respectable distance from the group before sitting cross legged on the floor. She could tell by how tense some of the guards, especially the one who had talked to her, where so she decided it might be best to let them know that while she would be staying, she didn't mean them any harm. As she sat down, she would let her wings come out from under her shirt and stretch out. The skeletal appendages made no sound as they moved and the six crystals on each wing swayed with the movements of said wings. The crystals glowed dimly, even in the present light, save the purple ones which appeared to be absorbing the light around them slightly.



"She was trained to reconnaissance and information gathering, with some combat training. So while she can probably hold her own against most, mages of your power are still beyond her ability to fight without magic. Since she lacks power and glass will do nothing on your jade scales, she used the best course of action she had, which was redirecting your power back at you." Jackie said with a shrug. "She's got decent enough reactions to use her magic with minimal thought but... she still lacks combat experience and you're taking this far to seriously for training."

<Snipped quote by Joshua Tamashii>

I don't have very much to offer, but I'll throw something up for the guild master convo -as well as the situation with the guards- tonight.

Every little bit helps. It either makes the tense relationships between guild masters worse or better.

Amelia didn't panic as the atmosphere changed. She simply watched Driffloon calmly, waiting to see what would happen. Luckily for her, things didn't take a turn for the worse and Driffloon agreed to join her. While she was confused as to what happened, she didn't question it for long and simply had her pokeball open and catch Driffloon. Once that was done, she continued on, following the glowing arcs. She was curious why it seemed that the arc ahead of her only glowed after she passed through the one that was currently glowing but again, she didn't question it too much.

Eventually, she would come across the shrine. By this point, the girl was soaked to the bone and shivering from how cold she was. Still, she managed a smile at the sight of all the Ralts at the shrine and the Feeling-Pokémon would be able to sense a kind of serene happiness from her. She moved closer to the shrine, just eager to get out of the rain, when she heard someone else talk to her. Looking up, she saw a girl that was probably several years her senior, once again. There was also a flash of green near the girl, causing Amelia to try and make out what details she could. She then focused on the girl and gave her a kind smile.
"I suppose your the Gym Leader from back in town. I did come to challenge you but... right now I just want to warm up." Amelia said before sneezing. "So, um... may I enter the shrine?"
I was gonna post but I don't have anything to respond to O.O

I would post but I'm waiting on @Lugubrious

Luckily for Amelia, she wasn't attacked by the local Snubbull and was able to approach the tree and harvest it without too much effort. She picked all she could but left five the berries on the ground for the Snubbulls to have as thanks for not attacking her before returning to where the Flabébés waited for her. She carefully put the remaining berries in her bag, keeping one out and calling out Pumpkaboo.
"Here, eat up. It'll help you feel better until we can make it to a pokemon center." She said, handing him the Oran Berry she had kept out.

"Pump!" Her partner replied before eating the berry out of her hand. Her other hand still held onto Driffloon, who she planned on addressing shortly. Once Pumpkaboo finished the berry, she returned him to his pokeball before turning to the Flabébés. "Thank you for your help. I'm going to explore a bit more. If you want to follow me you can but please do what you want."

With that she set off again. She was starting to get a little soaked from the rain but she didn't let that bother her as she walked. She decided to follow the arcs that littered the forest to see if she could find where they led. As she walked, she gently held onto Driffloon and wouldn't address it for several minutes.
"So, I have something I've been meaning to ask you Driffloon." She said to the Balloon-Pokémon. She dug out an empty pokeball and held it up to it as they walked. "Would you be willing to join me on my journey? I was going to ask you that before that bully interrupted us."
Joshua Tamashii


Joshua examined Leander carefully, a look of regret on his face. He hadn't meant to hurt his friend and he felt he would have to make it up to him later. Making a note to do so later, he followed Leander over to Ben, examining the card in his hands. Upon hearing Ben's words though, he scowled.
"Because she is a big shot. Her name is Cream and that uniform she's wearing is a fake. She's actually a Divine Dorm student who thinks it's fun to go around and try and have people challenge her so she can kick their asses in a duel. Supposedly it's the teach them that their opponent might not be what they seem but if you ask me, it's a load of bull." He said. "Happened to me not long ago. She uses some hybrid deck with Madolches, Gem-Knights, and gods knows what else. It also allows her to Fusion, XYZ, and Synchro summon, possibly all in one turn. In other words, it's strong, especially if she gets a decent hand.

She probably ran off cause she found out I was watching or simply around and I did a good job pissing her off during and after our duel. Still, I guess she aint all bad if she gave you a decent card, especially if you can use it in your deck. However, she was probably hoping to get you or your friends here to challenge her so she could beat them into the dirt.


Amelia Averyonna


"You can help if you want but, I'm not sure how much we can really do." Amelia said, looking up and giving Michelle a grateful expression. She honestly couldn't see a good way to solve this problem, since every solution she could think of ultimately came down to a game of chance. So ultimately, the solutions might not end up being solutions at all.
@Joshua Tamashii

Mhm, I grew up with Gen two myself as well. Silver version back in the day was my introduction to pokemon. Don't get me wrong, I am excited to see Silver and Gold as well...but something about Gen 3 always stuck out to me. I don't know what it is really, but Hoenn just has a special place in my heart.

and yes, you have mentioned the Nero Avatar already.

I couldn't recall.

Also, we all know who's responsible for the prismatic mutations on the ultra beast and other pokemon.
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