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Amelia watched and braced herself for the possibility of an attack. Thankfully though, the Ratatta seemed to interfere and calm the Mimikyu down. She watched as the Mimikyu moved aside and seemed to be utterly defeated. She knew what she needed to do so she moved over to the box and kneeled down. However, first she reached out and pat Mimikyu on its head. If it swiped at her hand, she would take the blow but wouldn't stop.
"I know you're upset. But I'm not going to leave you all alone. I want to take you with me. We can be friends. But first, we need to take care of Ratatta. And you deserve to be there as well." She said. She would then attempt to lift Mimikyu up and into the box next to the injured rat pokemon. Once Mimikyu was in the box, she would lift the box up and take both of them to the closest pokemon center.


Amelia remained still and silent, watching the Mimikyu as it seemed to debate what to do. While it did so, Amelia went over what she knew about Mimikyu's, which was a fair amount. When the Pokemon turned hostile again, she didn't move and flinch. She could tell it was protecting it's friend but she had to wonder what else was going on. Given what she knew of Mimikyu's though, it was likely that it was scared of being alone. She knew Mimikyu had a hard time finding others to be with, due to their creepy nature. Hence why they dressed up like Pikachu. Given that, she figured she would see if that was the actual problem.
"Are you scared of being alone after Ratata is all better? Well, if Ratata leaves you, why not come with me? I love Ghost-Types like you. I'm sure we could be good friends. What about it? Does that sound good?" She said, her tone still calm despite the looming threat.


"It's okay. Everything's okay." Amelia said gently, raising her hands to show she wasn't hiding anything while Phantump glanced around its trainer out of curiosity. Amelia understood why the Mimikyu was on the defensive and she knew she was going to need to stay calm and collected to get the Pokemon's trust. Panicking or getting upset would only make things worse and make the pokemon more hostile. "I'm here to help. Ratata needs medical attention. I'm willing to take it somewhere were it'll get some. You can come with if you want."


Amelia followed the unknown pokemon through the streets, managing to stay out of sight and keep Phantump out of sight as well when it seemed like the little ghost was getting a little too curious. When they finally got to the food-napper's destination, which was a random alleyway with a box in it, she was finally able to see that the pokemon she had been following was a Mimikyu, which made her excited. It required her to get a little closer but she did eventually make out that the box contained an injured Ratata. When she saw that that the Mimikyu was giving the food to the Ratata, she couldn't help but smile, happy to see that the Ghost-Type had a friend.

Coming out from hiding, Amelia knelt down so she was closer to Mimikyu's height before gently knocking on a nearby object to get Mimikyu's attention.
"Hello there." She said. "Does your friend need help?"


Amelia watched the ghost for a bit, trying to determine what to do. She didn't want to startle it incase it dropped all the items it stole and they got damaged. She couldn't make out which ghost it was either and the arms only gave away so much but several ghost-types had long arms. So for now, she figured it was best to follow the ghost and see where it went. Maybe it was stealing the food for a reason after all.


"Thank you... and sorry for the trouble." Amelia said to the chef before he left. While she waited, she watched the people around her while also keeping Phantump out of trouble but still letting the little phantom explore and sate it's curiosity at all the new things around it. She made sure he didn't bother anyone but otherwise let the Phantump explore as it would.

When her sixth sense flared up, her head quickly shot up and she looked in the direction she has sensed it from before the crowd in the restaurant suddenly began, as far as she could tell, panicking. Sensing the ghost move around and suspecting it was the cause of the commotion. Phantump followed after it's trainer, curious as to what seemed to have gained her attention.


Amelia was hesitant to follow the chef but, well, she was hungry and food was being offered. Even she knew that one needed food to make it through the day, as well as grow. She was short enough of as was, she didn't want to stay short. So follow him she did, thankful to get out of the sun and into some shade, since her fair skin didn't really fair that well one clear days like this, which was part of the reason she was usually awake at night. Regardless, once she was in her seat and got comfortable, she took her time looking at the menu handed to her and... was immediately confused as could be. She didn't know what anything one the menu was. It seemed to... fancy and she hadn't really eaten out before. Sure, there had been a few times, but usually at the festivals or just a little family outing when her parent's let her. But none of them had been to a bistro or to someplace that seemed to be on the fancier side.

Thus, when the chef returned, she looked up at him, her expression clearly confused.
"I'm... I'm sorry. I don't really know what any of these dishes are. But uh... is there anything on the sweeter side that might keep me from being hungry for a while?" She said, her tone still clearly nervous.


Amelia was more than happy to explore the city, taking in the sightes and sounds. It was so different from Florasong and she made sure to enjoy it as much as she could. She spent some time watching the Pidgey and Pidoves, finding something both entertaining and soothing about watching the little birds going around and pecking food. Phantump floated nearby, watching along with his trainer curious about what she saw that kept her interested so much. After a while of watching the pokemon eat though, her own stomach growled and it finally dawned on her that she hadn't eaten since she had left home. So much had happened so quickly that the thought of eating simply hadn't occurred to her.

It was from such a realization, that she found herself in front of the cafe. The young girl looked at it and the people who were already there and eating. Her stomach let out a small growl as she debated going in or not, losing herself in her thoughts until she was spoken to. The sudden interaction caused the girl to jump a bit and turn towards the waiter.
"S-s-sorry. I was just... just uh..." She stuttered before her stomach let out a loud growl, causing the girl's face to go as red as a tamato berry.


Amelia turned her attention back to the adults when they began talking again. It wasn't much of interest until them informing her parents was brought up, at which point the young girl looked a little down.
"That won't help. They'll just call it a kidnapping to try and get around that and get the authorities to return me home, whether I want to or not." She said, her tone causing PHantump to float over and look at her in concern. Amelia managed to fake a smile and gently pat the ghost. "It's okay though... you'll protect me, right?"

"PHAN!" Her partner cried in confirmation, causing Amelia to giggle.

Once she was led out by Evelyn and left to begin her journey, she took a deep breath before turning to face Grand Glory City. She was finally free to do what she wanted, something she wasn't used to. It was kind of overwhelming, to the point of paralyzing. Another factor was that she still wasn't familiar with the city. She had only arrived last night and spent most of that time cloths shopping since she hadn't been able to pack anything other than what her teacher had given her due to how quickly and unexpectedly the trip had been brought up and put into motion. But she knew that unless she took the first step, she would be going nowhere anytime soon.

"Shall we get going Phantump?" She said to her partner.

"TUMP!" The little ghost said, at which point Amelia set out to explore the city.


Amelia immediately seemed to lose her confidence when Kapoc pat her head, the young girl's face turning completely red as she looked down at the ground, a small smile on her face. When he walked away, she watched him curiously, only walking forward when he motioned her to do so. She paid close attention to what he said, nodding her head when he was finished explaining the pokedex to show that she understood.

When the Professor handed her some pokeballs along with the pokedex, she quickly put the latter in her pocket while the pokeballs made their way onto her waist. The main thing that her her attention though was the one that was shaking. She reached out and gently cupped the ball before it suddenly burst open... and the girl's face broke out in a grin as the pokemon inside looked around.
"Tump?" It asked, looking around.

"A PHANTUMP! And a shiny one too!" Amelia said, her expression one of join as she looked at the tiny floaty ghostie. Shiny Phantumps were among her favorite Ghost-types.

"Tump?" The little ghost said curiously, moving over to the clearly excited girl.

"Hello there. I'm Amelia. We're going to be traveling together from now on. It's nice to meet you." She said, holding a hand out to her new partner.

Phantump watched her for a bit before smiling and reaching out with it's stubby little arm, placing it in its trainer's hand.
"Tump! Phantump!" He said happily.

"And no worrying about going into that little ball again. You'll stay out here with me, okay?" She said

Phaaaantump!" He replied happily.

Giggling a bit, Amelia turned towards the members of the Pokemon League Commitee.
"Thank you so much for the opportunity." She said, bowing a bit to show her gratitude.
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