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So, for Elaranna, I rolled the same thing twice, no joke: and

And then Ander rolled a Nat 20:
"Well, to frank me lad, we're a wee bit lost. I've gotten into the forest by pure accident, of the magical variety if ye know what I mean." Ander said, a grin on his face, seemingly unbothered by the fact that the person he was talking to wanted to stay in a tree. Then again, he talked to one of the most powerful beings in the Feywild, who was he to judge? "To be rather frank, we're looking to find out way back to the closest town. Though my companion here might have more business with ye that she might want to discuss."

Elaranna looked up at the small figure and studied them for a few seconds before speaking.
"You tried to pick my pockets yesterday. You led me on a rather long chase. While I've been in the area for a while, I haven't memorized is very well, so I'm just as lost as my friend here. I would also like the return to town. If you would kindly act as a guide to us, I will not report you to the guards, I swear on my honor. But, I'm also hoping for some information. I'm looking for someone named Calal, for a friend of theirs. They where taken into the prison after stealing something from Trina, a merchant in town. Do you happen to know anything about Calal, the prison, or anything else that might be useful?" She said.

Even lost in her thoughts as she was, Amelia would be hard pressed to miss the shaking that accompanied Snorlax's footsteps, turning towards the source. Recognizing the pokemon and it's trainer right away, Amelia gave Dorian a slight bow before quickly straightening up and smiling at him.
"It's a pleasure to see you again Master Dorian. How have you been?" She said before turning to look at the gym again. She was silent for a few moments, thinking things over for a bit before eventually responding. "I'm... confused on what I should do. Some events happened and I... was powerless to help. Everything that happened was so beyond my control and I just... was unable to do anything. And now that it's over, I don't know what I want to do. I want to be on a journey to simply be free and enjoy myself. Find out what I enjoy without people telling me what to do or where to go. But I feel like now I need to get stronger in order to be able to do the things I want. I've never cared for strength though. I just want to wonder, be free, and make friends. I know I can do both, but I feel like doing one means sacrificing the other in some regards. And I feel like getting stronger might mean that I'm not being... me.

So, I'm just trying to figure out what to do. What do I want to do?
Haruki, you there man? Or is it just taking you time?
With some help from each other when needed, Elaranna and Ander managed to find the trail of the figure and follow it once again into the jungle. Ander was able to take the lead for the most part, being rather fortunate in finding the tracks and following them with ease, despite his lack of training for getting around in the wild and finding people. Elaranna's contributions consisted of helping him relocate the tracks whenever he lost them, which happened once or twice. When they reached the end and he was once again confused, Ander's companion was once again able to help by spotting the figure in trees. And she recognized what they were wearing.

"That person tried to pick my pockets last night!" She whispered to Ander.

"He also saved though lass. Let's try to take a diplomatic approach here." Ander muttered back for shouting up to the figure in a friendly tone. "Top of the mornin' to ya laddy! Care to come down for a talk"
I think I know who this little guy is
Two friends, together at last,
With five and a stranger to go
Together, they remember the past,
But for the future only the gods will know

Getting the acknowledgement from Misdreavus, Amelia would giggle at the sprite before looking around at the Sneasel and Kecleon that were it's friends. She wanted to take to ghost with her but she knew separating it from it's friends would be unfair to the other two. Sure, catching pokemon generally separated them from friends and family, but in this case she didn't feel like getting the blessing of those close to the one she was catching like she usually did would cut it. Not only that but it seemed like a shame to remove one of the schools mysteries.
"Well... I wish you all a good night and I hope you have fun in the future. Hopefully no one seperates you from each other." She said before turning to leave. It wasn't something she wanted to do, but she knew leaving the Misdreavus behind was probably the better option overall.

So, it was with great reluctance that she left the school, not empty handed but emptier then she would have liked. Litwick could sense this and leaned down to pat her head with it's tiny arms, causing the girl to giggle a bit.
"It's okay Litwick. I might want the Misdreavus, but I'm sure there will be another chance down the line. They bring pokemon to the school, so they must be in the wild somewhere." She said before leaving the building.

Seeing as to how it was the middle of the night, there really wasn't much to do in town at this time. So, Amelia would simply wonder around, letting her other companions out so that they could keep her company. She would eventually find her way in front of the (likely) closed Gym, simply staring up at the building, remembering her thoughts at the end of her adventures back at the tomb and contemplating them.
Is getting stronger like my Master... what I really want to do? She thought to herself, soon losing herself in said thoughts.
YAY, I know the rules (somewhat). Also, advantage is a lovely thing:
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