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"True, it's not helpful to us. But, we got plenty of pokemon here who listened and understood what Ledyba was saying." Amelia said, looking at her Ghosts and the pokemon everyone else had out. She wasn't going to order the other trainer's pokemon, but her own were fine. "So, Litwick, Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Phantump, Driffloon, and Honedge. If someone here was brought up by Ledyba as the one that attacked them, can you move over to them?"

Her pokemon all let out cries of confirmation before every single one of them moved over to Annica, floating around the trainer Ledyba had brought up. While this wasn't the most damning evidence, Amelia did remember something the others had brought up earlier.

"I see. As I recall, you do possess a pokemon that can inflict status conditions. I know you said you left it behind but... could you have lied to us?" Amelia said, turning her attention to accused Trainer.

"If that is the case, then we're back to this being the result of some trainer attacking Ledyba. Now, there are many trainers here along the Route. It would be illogical for us to run around accusing them wildly of attacking Ledyba or of taking the water stone, assuming the two events are connected in some way. Instead, we need to see if our little friend here might know who attacked and burned them." Amelia said before turning to Eric. "Since they're your pokemon, would you mind treating them and seeing if you can get them to help us figure out who might have hurt them."

"It could have something to do with the case. It could have nothing. You need to eliminate all possibilities, do you not?" Amelia said to Leila in a friendly tone before turning back to Ledyba. "The fact is, we don't know of any pokemon on the Route that could burn Ledyba. It would make sense if it fought a trainer who had a pokemon like my Litwick but Eric said he was battling wild pokemon. However, there are no Fire-Types here."

Pausing for a second, Amelia closed her eyes and thought about it a bit further.
"However, there is a possibility. There is a move I remember hearing about. It's Water-Type and it can burn the targets. I can't remember what it's called but I know it's typically learned by more powerful pokemon. Like say... a Palpitoad or something of a similar level?" She said, trying to recall from her lessons and studies. She needed to try and remember the move. She had planned to use it incase she ever got a Frillish.

Phantump and Pumpkaboo quickly retreated once the two birds came flying in, laughing a bit as they returned to their trainer, who quickly grabbed them and held them close.
"No. Bad!" She said to them, somewhat sternly. "I'm fine with you scaring people, that's a harmless prank. But you do not play with other people's things without their permission, understood?"

The two little ghosts seemed surprised that their trainer was not taking their side but Amelia's other pokemon quickly chimed to help their trainer. In the end, the two turned towards the other three trainers and let out what sounded like regretful cries, though whether it was because they got in trouble or to apologize.

Still, Amelia was thankful for the little distraction was was not going to punish the two any further then making sure they didn't slip away from her. Glancing around at the evidence again, her eyes fell on Eric's Ledyba... then she quickly glanced at the list of pokemon on her pokedex again before looking back up at the Ledyba.
"Eric... how did you Ledyba get a burn when there are no pokemon on the Route capable of applying a burn to it? After all, you said you were battling wild pokemon. But all I see here are mostly Water, Grass, and Normal types. Not prime candidates of afflicting burns to pokemon." She said, glancing up at him. She could think of a plausible reason and it would make sense but why would he lie about it if that was the case.

Amelia sighed as Phnatump and Pumpkaboo ended up getting into a bit of trouble.
"Phantump, Pumpkaboo, no going through other people's stuff." She said, though she did find something odd about Annica stopping them. The bags should've been empty after all.

The two tiny ghosts looked at each other. They had been told not to go through the bag. But, they hadn't been told to leave the bags alone. So they floated away for now and gave Amelia the items they had found to their trainer, who smiled and gave them some pats on the head before the two little ones floated away again. Driffloon returned a short time later, and Amelia once again accept the items and fed one of the Oran Berries to it as a thanks, figuring it deserved the food. Once that was done, she turned back to the trainers.
"So, back on topic. Leila, something just occurred to me. You said Annica had many pokemon, but she only brought out Murkrow and Fletchling. Does that mean she only brought those two along with her today or does she have more on her that she hasn't brought out yet?" She asked.

Meanwhile, as Amelia had the trainer's attention, Phantump and Pumpkaboo had returned to the bags and began playing a game of catch with them. Words had been chosen poorly by their trainer and Annica.

Amelia sighed, getting a little frustrated at this point. It would seem Palpitoad was not enemies with any of the pokemon listed to live on this Route in her pokedex. That didn't mean it didn't have enemies though. It was possible that some pokemon that wasn't in the pokedex but that lived on the route might have taken it. But it still seemed more likely that one of the trainers in front of her had taken it.
Maybe I've ruled Eric out too early? Annica admitted that she caused the earthquake at least and she said she lost the nerve to take it with Leila nearby She thought to herself, trying to think of where to go from here.

Sighing, she turned to her pokemon.
"Driffloon, can you go scout around a bit? See if there are any other pokemon or trainers nearby. And while you're at it keep an eye out for something that looks like this." She said before reaching down and taking the Fire Stone from Leila's belongings. "Except it'll be blue and seem a bit like solid water. And please be careful. I don't want you getting hurt. If you encounter anything hostile, come back here if you don't think you can handle it."

"Loon!" The Ghost-Flying type said happily before floating off to search the area.

Returning the Fire Stone to it's place, Amelia sighed before turning back to her suspects.
"We're really getting nowhere right now. Leila, your Barboach... can it possible search the water the earth underneath it for the Water Stone, incase it got buried somehow? Since you caused the Earthquake, I think it's the least you can do." She said.

Meanwhile, Pumpkaboo and Phantump, growing bored and curious of their surroundings, began floating about and poking into things that were around the campsite, wether it be bushes, nests in tree branches, or even the other trainers bags. They were simply looking to entertain themselves. Maybe find something interesting.

"It's alright Miss Leila. It just means we'll have to try harder to solve this problem. As for what you said Miss Annica, you bring up a very good point. Let's see here..." Amelia said before bringing out her pokedex and going through it's functions for a few seconds before finding what she was looking for. "There are Poliwags on this route. It's the only pokemon that might been a Water Stone if one of them managed to evolve into a Poliwhirl. It would probably be interested in stealing Palpitoads. That seems to be the most likely suspect. But let's see if we can't narrow things down first."

Turning to Palpitoad, Amelia lowered the pokedex down to it's line of sight.
"Can you tell me if there are any pokemon like these that you have a rivalry with?" She asked it before flipping through the enties of the native pokemon, seeing it Palpitoad reacted to any of the pictures in a more hostile manner.

Joshua looked around at the crowd as he followed after Cody and Amaya. While he was feeling uneasy about Cody being so close to Amaya for reasons he didn't understand, he was happy to see she was trying to get through being in a crowd, something he wasn't sure she could do without the help of a friend or two. To him, such an effort deserved some sort of reward so he quickly moved over to Amaya and Cecelia and gently tapped both the dragon-slayer and the exceed on the shoulder.
"Mind if I borrow Cecelia for a few minutes. I promise to return with her as quickly as possible. Assuming Cecelia will deign me worthy of her time of course." He said, assuming a respectful tone when talking about Cecelia.

Pyrrha Arvanitis


"Well, we're going to Hargeon. It would be an absolute shame to go to a port town for food and not go to some place near the ocean. Of course, such a place will be fancy and expensive but you said that wouldn't be a problem. So, let's see if we can get a table at such a place without a reservation. Unless you think you can make one quickly." Pyrrha said, smiling up at Jake. She was presently wearing a rather large jacket. A rather unusual choice of attire but she had done some prettying up before they had gone to the train station, so maybe she was hoping to surprise him.

At her request for the Sun Stone back, Amelia couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Annica before responding.
"I will hand it back once we find the Water Stone. I have no need for a Sun Stone now or in the future, so it won't do me any good." She said, her tone kind and polite, as she wasn't trying to be rude. "Now, another question, this one for you Miss Annica and maybe Miss Leila can help me with this one. Mister Eric said he was out battle at the time of the theft and his pokemon show signs of battle, so this seems to be a good alibi for him and his pokemon. Miss Leila has admitted to causing the earthquake with her Barboach. but chickening out on taking the Water Stone and you mentioned watching her the entire time. Yet no one can confirm that since Miss Leila wasn't looking at you at the time and Mister Eric was away. Now, assuming all you did was indeed watch Miss Leila, what were your pokemon doing at the time?"

Amelia almost sighed in relief once her hunch was confirmed and Leila confessed to causing the earthquake with her Barboach. However, that did not answer where the water stone was, as Leila also confessed to chickening out in taking the water stone. So, they still had to figure out who had taken it. Once again, Amelia closed her eyes and tried her best to organize her thoughts again. She mentally went over everything they knew and something occurred to her that she hadn't asked yet. Opening her eyes again, she turned towards Eric.
"You mentioned someone named Amy earlier. Am I to assume that's the girl in the picture you have? If she is, what is her relationship to you and Annica? Why would she be in need of a Water Stone?" She asked him.
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