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Amelia listened as Basil answered her questions, nodding to show she understood what he was saying as shemade it a point to remember that they would be looking for a red-headed female once they reached the pokecenter. When Basil brought out his new partner, Amelia looked at it quizzically as it approached only to gasp as it suddenly lunged at her and Basil intercepted it.
"You're not hurt, are you?" She asked, watching he he returned the Deino to it's pokeball. When he brought up the poke's mother being violent, she nodded in understanding. "My teacher has a Hydreigon. He likes Dark-types and he told me that among those he trained, it was the hardest because of it's temperament alone. He said it got worse as it evolved, so... I hope you'll be safe while raising him."

When they reached the pokemon center, she was patient as the Nurse got to work on her, watching as they tried some unusual mmedicine but it thankfully did the trick, as Amelia was soon was soon able to walk on her own two feet without her ankle hurting. Smiling, she bowed to the nurse and gave her thanks before hugging and thanking Diflooon, the ghostly mon letting out a content and happy cry before being returned to it's pokeball. As they were leaving the building, Bsil seemed to have spotted the person he was meeting here and called out while moving over to them.

Amelia kept behind Basil, watching as Basil began talking to the older girl. Amelia was more interested in the pokemon she had with her, noting that they were mostly fighting-types, save the outliers of Froakie and Zigzagoon. When Basil suddenly talked to her, the girl looked back up at him before focusing back on Anise, as Basil made introductions, Amelia smiled and waved, feeling slightly nervous but decided to speak as well.
"Hello. I'm Amelia Averyonna of Witchpeak. It's a pleasure to meet you and all your friends." She said, glancing down at the girl's pokemon.

@Remram @Lunarlord34

Amelia was glad when the Aipom gave up on bothering her without much effort after she made it a point to just let it get away with it's prank. She was happier still that Steph didn't try to pick a fight with it. Sure, Amelia probably looked like a total pushover but she was fine with that. The Aipom had simply been trying to get her upset and there was no need to amuse it. So with that done and out of the way, he lead the way deeper into the woods.

The woods only got darker as they got further in and soon a slight fog was surrounding them. Amelia smiled and almost relaxed as she felt the familiar sensation of the visible condensation as it played across her skin. Mist and fog did not bother her and she welcomed them both, as they made things feel cooler and to her they just felt nice. What did not feel nice where the webs left by the bug types in the area, causing Amelia to slow down as she carefully navigated around them while her partners helped warn her of any dangers on the ground. The presence of the Bug-Types did not bother her, save the Beedrill, which put even her one edge. Afterall, the large Bug/Poison types were territorial and therefore unpredictable since their party didn't know what they might consider to be their territory. Plus, with her heart, she was sure she would fall victim to them fairly easily.

Her attention so focused on her surroundings, Freya suddenly letting out a scream that would probably reach Arceus' place in the heaven. The young girl turned to face her companion, thankful to see she had just been freaked out by a Spinarak. When Freya asked her question concerning the Ghosts, Amelia took a second to answer, noticeably taking a second to check her pulse and take a deep breath to calm down and steady her heart, all the while listening for any possibly aggravated Beedrill. Once her heart stopped beating in her ears and she didn't hear any buzzing, she took a second to focus on the ghostly presences she felt. Once she knew where they were, she turned in their direction, pointing ahead.
"They're a bit further that way. Watch your step and lets try to avoid making any more loud noises. I don't think the Beedrill will be happy if we disturb them and I don't think I'll last if I have to run away from them. Not to mention we'd probably get caught in all the webs if we did try running." She said. "I know it's hard Miss Freya but we should take our time. Rushing seems like it'll just result in more trouble for us, in more way then one. And Miss Steph, please don't pick a fight here. One wrong move and we'd have a swarm upon us I think."

With her part being said, Amelia would continue to move on, watching her surroundings and especially the Beedrill. If she got any sort of indication they would be stepping into their territory, she would begin trying to find a work around before continuing on.

@PlatinumSkink @Remram

Amelia was finding the whole situation she and Basil found themselves in.... very confusing. She had no idea what Basil had gotten them into, but from the sounds of it, it was essentially trouble. Something about catching a pokemon that a group of possibly less than friendly people had been after. She wasn't sure why people would pick on them just for catching a pokemon but then again, she had seen people willing to kill a pokemon just because of the powers it had no choice in having. Regardless, it seemed like this group had scared Basil greatly and that in turn made her feel very scared.

As they made it to Route 5, she really wanted to take her time on the route and take in the peaceful splendor of it all. Thankfully, something about the route seemed to have finally calmed Basil down, as she noted him visibly relaxing and slowing down a bit. When he brought up taking her to the pokecenter, both to get her looked at as well as to meet up someone there, her smile returned to her face.
"Who are you meeting? Is it the lady from town that you left with? How did your adventure with her go by the way? Did you catch anything interesting?" She asked, unable to contain her curiosity as Driffloon continued to carry her along, the ghostly balloon watching their surroundings as she carried her trainer. keeping close to Basil.

@PlatinumSkink @Remram

Amelia waited patiently, humming to herself to help pass the time as she let out her friends so they could have some fresh air. As they floated around and entertained themselves. She did get Basil's message and while it did give her a tinge of fear but she managed to pusyh it aside by telling herself it probably wasn't that serious. After a few minutes, Basil finally showed up, moving over to her and asking howshe was doinng before saying that they might not be able to head back into town for the near future. Then she saw the sleeve covered in blood and her face lost whatever little color it had as she stared at the blood.

She silently listened to him as he explained the source of the blood. She still looked worried but gave a silent nod to show she understood before slowly getting to her feet, testing her foot before wincing in pain.
"I'll... I'll be able to manage it." She said. "Don't worry about me. I might be a bit slower than usual but I can push through it."

"Litwick!" Her partner said, looking up at her and shaking it's... head body?

"Shup. Shuppet." The little ghosty doll said, looking just as concerned.

"Floon." Drifloon said before suddenly wrapping it's arms around Amelia's shoulders, lifting the girl up into the air, causing her to gasp and be very thankful she didn't wear skirts.

"N-neverm-mind... I think I'll be fine." She said.

@PlatinumSkink @Remram

Amelia giggled as the Digletts gave off happy cries, apparently pleased with the praise they received. It didn't take long for the Sableye to try and grab her attention, pointing to her bag for more gems. Figuring it couldn't hurt, he dug around before handing her on of the three dragon gems she had. With their deal done, the little Gremlin entered one of her pokeballs, shaking three time before clicking to confirm the capture. Within seconds though, the ball lit up before disappearing from sight, having gone to Kalmia's lab. Amelia could only hope that Sableye would like it there.

Her mission done, she returned her pokemon to their pokeballs before turning once again to the Digletts and Geodudes.
"Thank you all once again. I must be going now though. Be careful in the future and if come back, I hope we all meet again." She said to them, giving each individual pokemon a pat on the head before pulling out her Escape Rope, feeling it had been a very good purchase now. With one last wave to her new friends, she used the item, closing her eyes before finding herself outside of the Wet Caverns. She looked around before finding a rock to sit on, making sure it was not a Geodude or one of its evolutions first, before taking a seat and pulling out her pokedex and texting Basil.
Just outside of the Wet Caverns. I'll be staying there until you arrive. Sorry for the trouble She messaged him, hoping he wouldn't be too angry or annoyed.

@Remram @Lunarlord34

It was kind of frustrating that after having some decent success earlier to having none at all now. While Steph was having more than a little success with her training, Amelia and her pokemon were having absolutely miserable luck at finding anything else that might be useful from their surroundings. Despite this, the young girl kept very calm, as she knew that not all attempts at such things would end in success. She would just need to keep at it, and it was possible that if she persevered, she would find some success.

And find success she did, as she finally spotted an Oran Berry. She moved to grab the berry, only to have it snatched away from her at the last moment by one of the local pokemon, an Aipom. She watched as the monkey climbed up the tree and taunted her. Amelia just stared up at the monkey before noticing several angry cries from around her as her pokemon were all glaring daggers at the Aipom, an ominous energy coming off of them because... well, angry ghosts. She even noted Freya getting angry in the background as well. Realizing this could be bad, Amelia took a deep breath, counted to ten, and let it out, calming herself down before turning to her pokemon.
"Its okay everyone. It's just a simple berry. We're sure to find more if we keep looking and it's possible, we'll find something better. Thank you so much for caring though." She said to them, taking to time to pet each one, slowly calming them down. Turning back to the Aipom, she gave it a smile and wave before looking at Steph and Freya and pointing in the direction she sensed the Ghost-types. "Come on, let's keep going. I'm sure we'll find something interesting if we keep going this way!"

With that, she would keep moving in that direction still looking for things to forage from the forest with the aid of her pokemon. Mimikyu was keeping close and very alert though, prepared to take a swipe at anything that tried to take something from her trainer. For the most part though, Amelia didn't care. It's not like the items in the forest were hers after all and with pokemon like Aipom around, they were bound to play pranks. A lot of Ghost-types also played pranks, so if she wanted to be a good Ghost-Type trainer, she would need to be able to keep a level head when they did. It was good training in its own way.

@PlatinumSkink @Remram

It was a good things that bags in the pokemon world never really ran out of room, as Amelia soon found herself staring at a small pile of gems that was still bigger than what she had expected. Still, she was in no position to complain, putting the gems in her bag before gently patting the Diggletts on their heads.
"Thank you very much." She said to them before her attention was entirely turned towards the Sableye. When she offered a Gem, she decided to offer one of the Rock Gems, letting Sableye take it and waited to see if it would give her a moment of its time. Thankfully the Ghost did decide that the gem was enough to warrant it giving her a minute, so Amelia sat down to be closer to its height, not wanting to look down on it, as she took some time to think about what she wanted to say. "I'm sorry for barging down in here to your home, but I'm looking for comnpanions to join me on a journey. I was hoping you or one of your kin would be willing to join me for said journey. That being said, you might not be by my side for a while, since I can only take so many companions with me. But you will be taken somewhere that you'll be taken care of. No need to hunt for food or worrying about being attacked by other pokemon. If you're willing to join me, or you know another Sableye that might be interested, all you or the other Sableye have to do is touch the center of this."

Withthat, she placed a pokeball on the ground between them, fully prepared for the possibility of the Sableye taking it and running off. She did not mind though, as pokeballs were very easy to replace anyway. While the Sableye was thinking, she pulled out her pokedex since it had gone off. She was surprised to see a text message, as she assumed that being underground meant the signal would not go through. Regardless, she took the time to type out a response.
Hello Basil. Sorry I'm taking so long. I'm currently in the Wet Caves and will hopefully be done soon. It might take me a while to reach town though, since I'm hurt my ankle. Sorry for making you waste time.

@Remram @Lunarlord34

"I didn't say anything because... I didn't want to possible distract you from your journey. I don't have a goal or destination in mind, so getting dragged around isn't much of a problem for me. I can always come back later after all." Amelia said while straightening her ruffled hair. She then turned her attention to Freya as she explained where their pokemon had come from. This caused her expression to change to quizzical. "If that's the case, I'm surprised I got Phantump, since they're a shiny. I mean, even Dusk is a shiny. I would figure a breeder would want to keep such rare pokemon, especially for conservation efforts."

The question then came up for if there was any prep that she or Steph wanted to do. Amelia thought about it for a second before shaking her head.
"I can't think of any. I'll try to find some berries or the like on the way though. We might be able to find some useful ones though. And with my pokemon helping me, maybe I'll be able to find even more. Especially with Phantump here." She said before moving over to Steph and holding out one of the Cheri Berries she had found. "For your Sneasel. I don't think it would like to stay paralyzed and I think this is the proper berry to cure it."

With that being said and done, she would be happy to follow after the older girls but would help them stay traveling in the right direction if needed, though she made sure to keep on foraging for more helpful supplies, with her pokemon floating around to help, except for Mimikyu who stayed closeby to guard her and also to keep an eye out for object she might have missed that were closer to the ground.

@PlatinumSkink @Remram

Amelia did indeed follow the Digletts, as she knew she needed to get used to walking like this. She very much appreciated the help of her little guides and the Geodudes who acted as bodyguards for her, making sure there wasn't another accident. As they left, Amelia would take a second to wave good-bye to the Onix that wasn't racing, figuring that it was only polite and that it was thankful to see them go so it could resume napping.

Amelia's progress was slow and a little painful, but she slowly figured out how to walk at a decent pace while minimizing the pain it caused her. As they walked, her Pokemon made small talk with the Geodudes and Digletts, with even Litwick apologizing for its earlier outburst to show its appreciation towards the effort the Geodudes where making. Eventually they would reach a dead end, at which point the Digletts did what they did best and began digging. It did not take long before one popped up with a gem that it handed to her, then another, and another, and another until she had a small pile in front of her. Amelia sat down and dug through the pile, looking at each gem to see if they were regular gemstones or those gems that could power up certain pokemon moves. She was well aware of the Sableye that had followed them and once she had gone through the pile, she held out a gem towards the ghostly gremlin.
"Hello there. Are you hungry? I'll off4er you this one if you give me a moment of your time." She said kindly, watching the possible new friend closely.

@PlatinumSkink @Remram

Amelia watched the interactions between her pokemon and the while ones. It seemed like something had been said to upset one of the Geodudes and she worried that there might be a battle but thankfully no such thing occured. Instead, all the wild pokemon, sans the Psyduck, left them and returned a few minutes later with several items, which they gave to Amelia. The young girl couldn't help but laugh before reaching out to give each of the Geodudes and Digletts a pat on the head.
"Thank you very much." She said to them, taking the items and putting them in her bag for the time being. She massaged her ankle for a few seconds, hoping to make it feel a little better while still watching the races, especially Sabeleye before an idea struck her. "Hey, Diglett, do you know where I can find some gems? I want to befriend the Sableye there but I don't want to interupt the races. If that's not possible, could you maybe take me to where I can find more Sableye to talk to?"

She asked, certain that this was her best course of action for the time being. Sure, walking was going to be hard, but she had to get used to it. Afterall, it was a very far walk from the cave to the town, even with the Escape Rope. So, she would need to get used to it, painful or not. In the back of her head, she wondered how Basil's trip was going along and if he was okay.
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