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Amelia laughed as it seemed Larvesta was happy with the attention she was giving it. She saw the Ralts were moving around as normal now and was happy to see the little things were doing better now that those two bullies had left the area. As she continued to relax and dry off with Larvesta, Lorette came into the room and asked if she would be joining her on a trip back to the city since she needed to be there for any possible challengers. Considering she wanted to try and do the same thing, she figured it would be best. Besides, she might get lost in the forest too.
"I'm fine with doing that." She said, getting to her feet before moving over to the Ralts. Kneeling down to their height, she reached out and gave each of the little pokemon a pat on the head. "I must be leaving now. Thank you for the shelter. Maybe I'll come back some time in the future. Will you all be there to greet me if I do?"
Oh, my. Three new posts awaiting me as I wake up. Looks like I may need to take a loan of another 24 hours, or at the very least 12 hours before I can post. That is a wonderful feeling. Activity, I love it. Heh.

@Pirouette Nicely posted. ... *snicker* Obviously you head there. Why not? It's a prime example of a random building. Alright, then. Let's see how you handle.

@Joshua Tamashii Alright. Nicely posted. ... Though, hm. Yeah, Pokédexes does have the feature of checking where to find such Pokémon in the games... I'm not entirely sure I want the feature to be quite so extensive in this roleplay. It gives a feeling that the world's already cataloged, what's even the point of bringing a Pokédex here? Sure, in the video-games it's to ensure the player doesn't feel lost when wanting a specific Pokémon, but in the roleplay I don't entirely want to just hand you that information. That's what I have the "known Pokémon per route" thing, for. I like to think Isson as previously unvisited by any kind of Pokédex.

But, of course, asking locals or experienced Isson trainers would show results, intended as the alternative.

@Rune_Alchemist Yeah, nicely posted. I've very curious as to what's been discussed there. Anyways. Let's see where this goes~

Noted. I shall edit.

Amelia watched and listened to the various reaction to her little speech. The red-head got angry at her for compairing them to Team Amethyst, though at this point she didn't see the difference between them and this group, but calmed down and seemed a little shocked when she said she would stay put. After the phone call was made and the grunts left, Amelia sighed with relief as Lorette questioned what had just happened.
"I guess so. Maybe their Elite realized that attacking Driffloon while it was just being friendly was a mistake on his part." Amelia said before heading back into the shrine. She smiled down at the Ralts that were there. "Everything's okay now. The bad men went away, so you don't need to be scared anymore."

After making sure the little pokemon were okay, she returned to the room with the Larvesta and got comfortable, her cloths now freshly soaked from the rain she had reentered. She kept close to the Bug/Fire pokemon and gently pet it's head.
"Thank you for warming me up." She said to it. If/When Lorette came into the room, she looked up at the Gym Leader and gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry about that drama. Hopefully they won't come back and bother the pokemon here."
@PlatinumSkink I'll try to get something up today. But no guarantees.
@PlatinumSkink if you wish
@PlatinumSkink I don't really have anything much to say so skip over me. Since Erza is heading in Amelia's direction, I'll reply once he arrives.
Joshua Tamashii


"So, given you're a first generation dragon slayer, you're going to turn into a dragon if you keep using your magic." Joshua said in summary before looking at Amaya in concern. He took a second to mill through the book, being careful not to damage the already fragile thing, but he already knew it was pointless, given how it was more a record book then something that might have answers. Letting Cecilia hold onto the thing, he looked back at Amaya, frowning. "So outside the wild chance your mother is doing what happened to the first generation slayers of the past, there's no hop of stop your... dragonification?"



"You forget, we don't use many conventional combat tactics. After all..." Jackie started before a mirror appeared behind Hunter and one of Aira's arms came out, holding a glass dagger to his jugular. "... We're assassin's, not fighters. We can hold our own for sure, but our mentality to combat is different from soldiers and berserkers like yourself."

Amelia Averyonna


Amelia was surprised when the man from before didn't bother her about her wings. Then again, Frenzy Plant never struck her as really caring for much outside of big details. Frowning, she examined the man in silence for a few seconds before finally speaking.
"I don't believe we actually introduced ourselves, did we sir? I'm Amelia Averyonna, Master Jamie's daughter by adoption. I'm a spirit mage. May I possibly ask you for your name and maybe the type of magic you use?" She said, keeping her tone formal and polite. She knew that Frenzy Plant didn't think highly of her mother but she figured it wouldn't hurt to let them know. Though she guessed they might also think that she might was some form of preferential treatment, which she did not.
@hagroden Samara might still be going through stuff. Best thing to do is be patient.
@PlatinumSkink Amelia might go back to the shrine entrance to comfort the Ralts. But she would stay in sight.
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