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Joshua Tamashii


Joshua watched and listened to Cream as she spoke. He knew right away that he had touched a nerve. It was almost a talent of his at this point. Then again, speaking his mind and not holding back was probably one of his best and worst points. The only real downside was that it usually made him universally hated. He had accepted that this point in his life.

When Cream finished and ran off, he didn't bother to try and stop her. He just watched her as she ran away from him. He just watched as she ran into the distance and sighed once she was out of sight. He looked down at his deck and shook his head before looking back out at her retreating figure.
"I can't have faith in a deck I didn't make. Most of the cards aren't in there by my choice at this point. You can only have faith in a deck once you actually put your heart in it and build it as you want it. After all, only then is it truly 'your deck'." He said to the wind

In the time that passed, he attended his classes and participated in any mandatory events and/or duels. He also challenged some other duelists and occasionally got challenged himself. He stayed his usual self for a while but eventually he just got kind of... quiet. He began rarely talking during duels and his focus faltered, resulting in his wracking up more losses then win. Even Joshua himself didn't what was bothering him. It frustrated him and made him slightly irate, but he tried to stay cheerful in front of the few he could call friends.

Right now, he was wondering the school and happened to be passing by where Ben was teaching several members of his dorm. He was about to turn away when he spotted someone approaching Ben. He quickly recognized said person as Cream and he quickly changed his plans. He ducked out of sight but kept an eye on the pair incase it looked like Ben challenged Cream to a duel or the other way around.

Amelia Averyonna


Amelia's school life was rather plain. She did her classes and events like any other student but outside of those, she didn't go out of her way to duel. She did accept the occasional challenge, so long as the opponent wasn't a member of the Dark Dorm, and she achieved mixed results depending on how long she could hold up her defenses.

Right now, she was in the card shop, debating on whether or not it was worth her time buying single Gustos or packs. Since they took Extra Deck monsters off the shelves, making them impossible for single purchases, packs seemed more tempting. However, she was more likely to get cards she didn't need, especially since the packs that contained Gustos tended to support at least five other decks. So her chances of getting a Gusto monster from them was already low. The chances of getting a good one or a Daigusto were practically none unless she bought in bulk and even then, it was unlikely. But if she did buy packs, she might be able to trade with other people. Maybe.

She just groaned to as she rested her head on a table, unsure of what to do. The stress of the upcoming dorm exams was not good for her heart.

Once she gave her answer, Amelia waited for Dorian's response. She was scared he might get angry at her, given how she had more or less attacked his goal and, possibly, his beliefs. However, when he finally spoke he replied to her in a calm and positive manner, though he did correct her a bit. Still, overall, it seemed she had made a good impression on him. When he explained the way Gyms worked to her though and explained that she was in the wrong level gym, she just nodded before thinking about it a bit.
"I think I will have the decline the offer sir. I'm sorry to have wasted your time but I don't want my pokemon to needlessly suffer for a battle I cannot win. It's not fair to them." She said, giving Dorian a slight bow. "As for my name, it's Amelia. Amelia Averyonna of Witchpeak City. Maybe, when I'm stronger I'll come back and challenge you."

With that said, Amelia waved good-bye before leaving the gym, unless stopped for some reason. Once outside, she gave all the other challengers a kind smile before heading on her way. She quickly looked up a map of Isson and determined the fastest route to Highhill Town before setting off. If there was a cave along the way, she would stop to grab an Escape Rope as a precaution, using some advice her teacher had given her. In the back of her mind, she wondered how long it would be until he challenged Dorian. Smiling to herself, she set off on her journey, keeping all her sense open for the possible presence of any Ghost-type pokemon she might be able to befriend.
I have found possibly one of the greatest videos of all time (or at least parodies.)

@Jangel13 wasn't she the fake Jack Atlas? Or rather the Jack Atlas cosplayer?
@Ammokkx not to be that guy, but slight thing. Are we to assume our characters didn't duel for a month or two, especially after the threat of promotion/demotion duels became a thing? I'm sure alot of students would be trying to as much as possible to improve their skills and/or decks. Plus any duels that were apart of classes.

Course your thread your call.
Joshua Tamashii


Joshua frowned when Amaya didn't react to his joke but he said nothing about it as he helped her carry her book up to her room. He set them down on her bed gently. When she came out with her first aid kit, he removed the rest of the remaining shards quickly and helped her patch up his face.
"You know, you should wrap it up so I look like one of those... what are they called again... mummies? Yeah, one of them mummy things." He said, still attempting to cheer her up and realize that he wasn't holding anything against her.

Amelia Averyonna


Amelia nodded when her mother told her to remain in the office with same. Once her mother left the office, she sighed and turned towards her little sister.
"So, what do you want to do right now Sammy?" She asked.

Elyse Yashia


Elyse didn't reply to her grandfather, just holding onto him until he picked her up and placed her on his shoulder. Once they were downstairs. She was surprised when she was set on the counter instead of an actual seat but she didn't care as the sight of the hot chocolate and she eagerly reached out for the hot drink. Maybe a bit too eagerly.

Aria and Jackie


Aria noted that she would need to use more magic if she wished to contain Hunter, as he spoke out of her spell rather easily. Most targets would be unable to move at all, trapped while she finished them off, but she guessed actual mages would be another matter altogether. Her eyes narrowed as she saw his begin to move his hands towards the ground. She had watched him enough since joining to know this meant he was going to use a ground based attack so he jumped into the air. When the spikes emerged, she quickly summoned two mirrors, one below her and nother above Hunter, the spikes growing into one mirror and coming out the other to attack Hunter. Worse yet, they were still jade made with his magic, making them inedible for him.

He's making a mistake. Jackie noted as she watched the fight. Glass-Make might be Aria's first bet for offensive maneuvers but generally, unless she's not thinking and rushing things, it's more a distraction or diversion. Her best strength comes from the redirection, constriction, and access to the Mirror Realm that her Mirror Magic grants her. Her biggest strength is using her enemies against her. As an assassin, she's less then ideal, hence why father forced her to be an observer in the Mirror Realm, where she could move freely but never be spotted. As a Mage though, she has the potential of being a very deadly enemy, since she can fight with minimal movement, letting her opponents waste their magic while redirecting it back at them. I've been drilling that into her head and it seems to have sunk in well enough.

Fraquar Alinstar


"... Alright keep me informed. And make sure Pyrrha is on high alert. If they attack, they'll be after you two. Siegard, Delsin, and Krystal will just be after thoughts." Fraquar said into his phone before hanging up. He then slammed his metal fist into a nearby wall, leaving a decent hole in it as he grit his teeth. This was not going to be a very good day by any means. He had just gotten the worse news he could ever think of. And Jamie would need to know it. Good thing he was almost to the Phoenix Wing guild hall. Without a second thought, he rushed out of the train station and made his way over to his destination. He didn't even bother to knock, instead slamming the door open before shouting out. "JAMIE! ARE YOU HERE?!"
@Ammokkx Loud and clear and all for it.

Amelia watched as Eva just nodded in response to her message before getting up and leaving without a word, just looking hurt and upset. This left Amelia all alone and she returned to her room, sitting on the bed, unsure of what to do. Everyone had only been here a short while and were upset and she couldn't help but feel that, despite what Eva had done, she was the reason everyone had gotten so worked up. If only she hadn't bothered them with the problem and tried to solve it herself, maybe things would've gone better.

She was laying on her bed when her phone went off. Reaching over, she saw she had gotten a text from Elizabeth, saying that the pool was open with watermelon and possible fun, including a game called... chicken? She didn't know what that was but she didn't care at this point. She just wanted everyone to be happy again, so she knew she would have to and participate.

Moving over to her suitcase, she dug through it a bit before pulling out a swimsuit. Elizabeth had helped her pick it out before the start of summer, since Amelia hadn't owned one for years due to the fact that she hadn't gone swimming since she was about ten years old. She still was very hesitant to wear it since she doubted she would look any good in it. Still, she knew she would need it.

A few minutes later, she arrived at the pool, still wearing her t-shirt and jeans, but her swimsuit was underneath now. She looked around and saw that no one else had arrived yet, so she moved over to the edge of the pool and stuck her hand in, enjoying how the water felt.
And we've reached post 404, wooo~!

@Joshua Tamashii ... But DAMN, that's no error! Oooooooogh, that makes me wanna respond right now! I know exactly what he'd say and I found myself practicing his lines out loud as I was saying them! But, if I post at that speed, I won't be able to do everything else, and on top of that, I have to leave for now! Gosh! Anyways, nicely posted! Hahaha...!

Some of that might be her teacher's influence. Also, glad to know I made ya feel that way.

Amelia looked around the Gym in wonder. While he didn't care for the wall color since it hurt her eyes to look at so she focused on the various vases that lines the walls, admiring the work. When Snorlax let out a snore, she turned to and stared at the massive Pokémon in shock. She knew some of them got big, bit it was still a bit jarring to see one that actually got so big. Her attention then turned towards the man who was making another vase, but also speaking to her. She listened to his speech and when he finished, she was quiet for several minutes as she thought over her answer.
"I... I believe in freedom. I believe in ones right to make their own choices and to live life their way, not the way others think they should. I believe that one should not be restricted by their limitations but strive to try and overcome them. I also believe... that perfection is a lie and something that should never be achieved." She said, looking at Dorian. "Perfection leads to stagnation. If we become stagnant, we can't progress. If we can't progress, we'll never accomplish anything, since we see no need for improvement. If we don't improve, then we'll never be able to overcome those who are better then us.

As for it I think I can overcome you... I'm not so certain. I've never taken on a gym leader before. But, if I don't test myself, I won't know where my limits are and therefore I won't be able to overcome them. So even if I think I can't, I must try
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