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Released from her dream by the giver of nightmares, Amelia was slow to wake up because she had been put into a rather deep sleep. After all, pokemon can be burned, shocked, frozen, stung, cut, punched, kicked, and possibly more while under the effects of any move that puts them to sleep and still sleep through it. So, waking up from such a move naturally definitely took a while longer then it usually would for her, though Dawkin's gentle shaking did help.

That being said, she missed a bit of what Dawkin said due to her mind still picking up speed. She managed to catch bits and pieces of it though, so the first words out of her mouth were confused.
"Superpowers?... Roderic?... What do you mean Dawkin?" She asked sleepily. Even if Dawkin replied and clarified, he would get a response out of Amelia as she finally realized that Dawkin was carrying her and how he was doing so. Her eyes shock open as her face became a very, very lovely shade of red and anything she might've said got caught in her throat, her embarrassment effectively robbing her of her ability to speak.

Thankfully, it was at this time that Joshua arrived from his run through the ruins, having only stopped to get instructions from some random guy he came across (convenient, but he wasn't going to complain). Walking into the room, he spotted the Darkrai, Dawkin carrying Amelia, and the girl the random guy had brought up. He had noted the earlier shaking of the tomb and could guess the cause. Virtue must've gotten rather desperate. So, with that, he walked into the room, stopping by Dawkin and Amelia first, smirking a bit.
"So, when's the marriage ceremony?" He asked jokingly, causing Amelia to go even redder. He swore he could see steam coming out of her ears. Chuckling, he made his way to Darkrai and eyed the pokemon before extending his hand. "It's a pleasure to finally meet one of your kind. I've been looking for one of you for years now. I'm sorry it couldn't happen under better circumstances but for now, let's work together to help you out. I know a Cresselia is on it's way here. I'm going to defend you against it. However, more people are coming to either seal you away or to possible catch you and use you for their own means, seeing you as nothing more then a simple tool. If you get too weak in the ensuing battle, our enemies might succeed in catching you. I don't think either of us wants that. I would rather make you my own partner.

So please, stay back and rest, regain your strength and think things over. I'll work to defend you from your rival. I'll be your champion if thinking of me in such a manner will please you.

Regardless of wether Darkrai shook his hand or not, Joshua would return to the center of the room, grabbing his pokeballs from his belt. He glanced over at Dawkin and Amelia and spoke.
"We got a hostile Legendary pokemon heading our way. I don't think either of you can help out here, but if you can, try to help protect Darkrai. If we lose... him? Her? regardless, if Darkrai falls, we lose the entire war going on here. One the other hand, if you found something or have an idea, I'm happy to hear it. I'm not expecting an easy battle." He said. "Oh, and please put Amelia down. If she get's any more embarrassed, she might actually pass out."

Amelia listend the Darkrai and... immediately became rather somber.
"I... I don't really know. I'm not strong at all. I'm just a child with a weak body. And my pokemon aren't very strong either, though I have faith in them." She admitted. "But you do have some hope. My mentor is in the tomb and if he realizes you're inside of it, he'll come for you. He's always wanted a Darkrai and he specializes in Dark-Type pokemon such as yourself. He won't let them seal you away, I know of it. He'll do his best to prevent it, though his motives might be mostly selfish since he wants you to join his team as his own pokemon. But... he would let you out, let you see the world, and even battle other pokemon. That would be better then being sealed away again, wouldn't it?"


"Ah, I can't stay here then. I gotta find and catch that Darkrai." Joshua said with a wide smile, only for it to turn into a frown. "But I can't let you seal it away for crimes it didn't commit. Sure, it bring nightmares, that that was ARCEAUS' design for it. That's why ARCEAUS made Cressilia, which you much have, to counter it. Though, admittedly... never mind. I'm going deeper in, I don't got time for ants like you when I got a real prize to catch. And unlike you, I understand how that poor pokemon feels. So, do everyone in this tomb a favor and crawl back into your hole..."

With that, Joshua returned all his pokemon, sans Greninja, to their pokeballs before turning his back on Roderick. "Or get squished like the bugs you are. You will not get a second warning.

If you're going to pursue someone, why not made sure that whoever undid the seal doesn't get out, assuming they didn't already. Maybe that other team in this region, Amethyst I believe, had a hand in this and you should make sure none of their members are snooping about

With that, Greninja would release a massive and thick Smokescreen to give itself and Joshua time to get further and deeper into the tomb, in the hopes of finding that Darkrai and quickly. Greninja would run ahead and explain things to any ghost-type pokemon, telling them about the white-robed men coming to seal their master away and Joshua wanting to defend that master directly. A bit of a lie but also a bit of truth. Hopefully ones of the Ghosts would be a guide for them.

This is what Joshua hated about Teams. They were all the heros of their own story. Team Aqua with their need to expand the seas, at the cost of what little land there was in the world for people and pokemon to live on. Magma wanting to expand the land despite that possibly upsetting the balance the ecosystem already had in place, making things worse for everyone. Flare, wanting to make a world for themselves at the cost of every other person. Not to mention Rocket, the first team he came across. Seriously, screw those guys. But now, it was Team Virtue. He knew there was a Team Amethyst in the region as well and that they were worse, but these guys weren't coming off as much better.

Still, some things they had said caught his interest. First off, whatever they were trying to seal had a counterpart. There were very few pokemon like that and the ones that immediately jumped to mind were legendaries. After all, only a pokemon of myth and legend would be worthy enough to be sealed away. Taking that into account the number of possibilities was limited, as very few legendaries that had a bad reputation was not the biggest. Even those who were known for destructive acts, like Groudon or Kyogre, were simply forces of nature. But the biggest clue of them all: There were sleeping people. Only two legendaries really played with sleeping people.

And with that, Joshua broke out into a smile. He had to confirm this. He could have Weavile try to steal that pokeball they were heralding like it was the next Arceaus, but with the army of pokemon now in front of him, that didn't see to be an option.
"Hold up one second, let me confirm something with you. Is the pokemon sealed away inside of this tomb a..."


"Darkrai, enough, please! I'm not your enemy!" Amelia shouted, not at her 'father' or the 'Sableye', but at the dream and the one causing it in general. She had reached the same conclusion as her mentor, though she had reached it due to the words her 'father' had spoke and the circumstances under which she was currently meeting him. He needed her to dread him, to suffer in a nightmare. Her mentor had talked enough about Darkrai, the pokemon who created nightmares and fed on nightmares it mere presence caused, for her to make a rather simple deduction.

And armed with this knowledge, she was no longer afraid. She returned her pokemon to their pokeballs and walked forward, holding out her hand.
"Someone is bringing a Cresselia aren't they? And as a result, you're scared. You don't want to be sealed away again. I don't blame you. This isn't right. You can't help what you are. It's wrong of them to do this to you. I know you think you need me to sleep and others to sleep as well. But what you're doing isn't right and it doesn't help your case. It's why people think they need to seal you away. Please... let everyone go. Let those of us who want to help you do so. Please?" She begged the one trying to torment her, hoping that, if nothing else, it would listen to her.

This place was absolutely surreal. Most of Amelia's coworkers seemed to be fine just walking around and doing nothing, messing around and having fun. She supposed it made sense since they didn't have any customers but she had to wonder what a customer would think if they walked into this. Worse, what if the boss walked into all of this? She was certain that the worse offenders might not have a job for long if the man did, but then again, she wasn't sure about the relationship between the boss and her coworkers. Maybe they were one good friendly terms and thus they could get away with this behavior?

Her thoughts were interrupted when April began bouncing up and down while clapping like a little kid who had just been promised their favorite candy or a new toy. The sight caused Amelia to give the girl a small, amused smile before following her to the area that Amelia would be working in. She paid close attention to everything April pointed out to her in her own extravagant fashion. The whole display was actually amusing and actually elicited a chuckle from Amelia, especially when April got to the utensils, showing them to her like they were made of gold or something.

Except, Amelia didn't laugh. She clearly had though, as her shoulders had shaken in the manner one would expect from someone who was laughing or maybe crying, but she was definitely laughing in this case as her expression was one of amusement. But there was no sound, no chime or note in the air to make that laugh known to others or make it unique. There was simply nothing. Not a sound escaped Amelia's lips even when there was supposed to be one. This would probably, finally, clue someone in on Amelia's need for the pen and paper.

Falling asleep and having a dream was very much like waking up in some regards. You're surrounded by darkness for who knows how long and then you're suddenly surrounded by something, be it a product of your imagination or the boring reality around you. So to say Amelia was confused when she 'woke up' after falling asleep was definitely an understatement. The reason she 'woke up' was definitely the lightning. The mere sight of it flashing caused her to sit up, though she noted that it seemed harder then usual today.
"What's going on? Was I really dreaming?" she mumbled to herself. Her adventurous dream had seemed so real... a little too real. But here she was, in bed with a storm outside her window.

The second bolt of lightning almost made her duck under her covers to try and hide away, but sadly for her, something much more terrifying awaited her as her father suddenly came into the room. He accused her of running away, far away, which was odd. The graveyard wasn't that far, last she checked. A good ten minute walk away, nothing more. Sadly, she didn't get to dwell on his fact as her eyes focused on what he was holding: A set of chains, just for her. Her mind blanked, fear over coming her ability to think. This was definitely her worst possible nightmare.

Now, pokemon were odd creatures. Most of them were content to stay in their pokeballs, locked away until they were needed. Despite being stuck in these capsules, isolated from the world, they occasionally demonstrated the ability to know when to come out of these capsules to aid their trainer in some degree. As was the case that happened here, as Amelia's partners all showed up from their pokeballs, which were Arceus knew where in this dream, and stood between their master, no their friend, and her 'father'.

"LITWICK!" The leader of the group of pokemon shouted before unleashing a fire spin on the dream father, trapping him in place. In the meantime, Shuppet made her way over to Amelia and opened her mouth, literally eating the fear Amelia was experiencing to help calm her down a bit, or at least try. Fear was definitely a dark emotion, even if it wasn't the usual hatred or envy that most Shuppet's ate.

The sight of her pokemon caused Amelia to reel a bit. Her brain began moving fast. She had pokemon here. That meant that what she had been dreaming had to be real, somehow. Her parents would never get her a pokemon, she knew that. Also, what her father had said earlier would suggest that her 'dream' had in fact been reality. So the young girl closed her eyes to concentrate on that 'dream' and figure out what was going on. It didn't take long as the newest scenes from the dream were the freshest. She had been put to sleep. What she was seeing now was actually the dream. Something was manipulating it into a nightmare, using her fears against her. So, it could see into her mind. Which made talking telepathically possible.
I know you're out there. I just want to talk. Please, come and meet me. I want to know you, I want to know what happened to you. You've been sealed away. I want to know why! She thought as loudly as she could. Yes, she was a little upset at this thing for using her fears against her like this, but she figured it was some sort of test, so she held no real malice towards this entity. Maybe it was just a really powerful pokemon.


Joshua's bit of peace didn't last long as it seemed the calvary had finally decided to show up. He turned to face these newcomers and upon seeing them, his eyes narrowed and his expression was less then pleased. A group this big, wearing similar uniforms with only a few individual showing any sort of individuality? He had been to enough regions and seen enough to know that his reeked of a Team set up. He didn't have to wait long to be proven right, as the older man in front introduced the group as one of the two groups of the region he had heard about, Team Virtue.

The group seemed to be determined to head right into the tomb and seal the pokemon that were in it back up. Joshua was not going to let that slide. He had faith in Amelia and Dawkin being able to handle the situation. That meant that there was only one thing to do.
"You're making a lot of assumptions old man." He said to Oscar. "If you think I trust you just because you've shown up with supposedly good intentions, you got another thing coming. I trust any group with 'Team' in their name about as far as I can throw a Snorlax with one hand. You plan on sealing the tomb back up? What, so this can happen again when the seal inevitably breaks again because of some stupid trainer, treasure hunter, or research team? You're not solving anything, you're just putting a bandage over it. Why not actually let those who arrived to fix the problem before you Slowkings showed up finish their shot at it before you do something stupid.

The Ghost had already stopped their advance. They seem to be waiting for something. Wait it out a bit. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with me before you touch a single one of those ghosts. And I can easily block this hallway up again, make no mistake. But if you have any virtue to you, you might want to take the more pacifistic approach and wait your turn before rushing in like this is some holy crusade in Arceus' name.

Joshua's pokemon gathered around him, facing the Virtue army, Absol and Houndoom growling at the group while Pangoro cracked it's knuckles and Bisharp began sharpening his blades. The Dark pokemon were ready to battle at a moments notice and Joshua knew that in such a narrow hall, even a single obstacle would signifigantly slow an army's progress. On top of that, there wasn't much room for the flying types to maneuver. Essentially, he had the advantage, especially if the residents of the tomb backed him up.


Greninja watched as Dawkin caught Amelia as she fell over, actually looking a bit amused at this. However, when Aegislash began reacting angrily, the ninja frog listened intently before moving between Dawkin and the irate sword.
"Greninja. Grenin, gre, gre, greninja." It said to the pokemon and it's puppet. In translation, however it might work because pokemon language was really weird: "I doubt my master will let whoever is invading your domain pass. Please, do not harm the younglings, whatever is going on, they are innocent. It is likely my master now defends your tomb and this chamber. I will join in this defense. I suggest you prepare for the worse incase we fall. However, should any harm befall the humans in this chamber or the one behind it, he is likely to turn on you. The girl you just put to sleep is his pupil. If you have any honor, you will no bring harm unto her or her friend.

Now, I will go. Hopefully when I return, this will all have been resolved peacefully.

With that, the ninja frog left them, running past the ghost army and joining his master's side, joining in the Anti-Team Virtue defense if a fight broke out.

Amelia's pale cheeks turned a bright, crimson red when Jules' said that she could refer to him as 'her date'. The fact that he said it so casually and without the slightest trace of embarrassment caught her completely off guard and she didn't know how to respond to this scenario in the slightest. She was so caught up in all of this, she didn't even realize that he hadn't questioned why she wrote out her question rather then speak it out loud. That was usually the first thing people asked her when she did this to them for the first time. What was with this place?!

Thankfully, she would get a distraction soon enough in the form of Fara, who came over and lead Amelia over to the coffee machine, showing her how to pour a simple cup of coffee for the one boy who had walked in and seemed familiar with everyone here. She knew her job wasn't to pour coffee but she didn't see the harm in learning, since she might need to incase the store got a little overcrowded at some point and they needed more people up front. However, when Fara brought up talking back to people about something called Venti, which she was completely unfamiliar with, she looked both confused and slightly saddened. Once again, she dug out her notepad and paper before writing something down to show it to the person she wanted to talk to, this time being Fara.
What do you mean by Venti? I've never heard of it before. And the reason I'm not allowed up front is because talking to others would be rather hard for me. It read.

Joshua didn't bother to question anything. He didn't question why the fight ended so quickly and suddenly, he didn't question why the dragons were now humans, he didn't question why Zeref suddenly vanished when he was engulfed in flames, and he didn't question anything that happened after all of this was said and done. The reason he didn't was simply because he was relieved that no one had been killed in what had been a life or death situation and even if he did, there would be no answers that he understood. All that mattered was that everyone was safe and alive, so that there would be no mourning today. So while Amaya was still away, he moved over to a dry spot of the beach and sat down, in no rush to celebrate.

He was still relaxing when Amaya came back over to his side. He would wait for her to sit next to him before wrapping his arm around her and pulling her close.
"Glad to see that you've calmed down. I was worried that you were going to do something utterly reckless and stupid only to get yourself and Cecilia hurt." He said to her, his tone... different. Somewhat resigned but also somewhat relieved. "I hope I never see you that way again. That isn't you and I hope that I... well that myself and the others can keep you from feeling that way ever again. I'm sure your outburst might've caught some of the others off guard as well since you never lose your temper."

Amelia Averyonna


With the battle over and his master's family safe, Phlegethon slowly disappeared, returning to Amelia's locket. Amelia herself fell to her knees, keeping a hold of her parent's hands as she did so. The young girl was shaking badly and almost in tears. She hadn't felt so scared in a very long time. One might say that this was the first battle she had been involved in that her life had truly been in danger. Once upon a time, she might not have cared if she was at risk of losing her life. But things were different now, she had a family, including a younger sister. She had friends and so much to lose if she died now and she didn't want to lose any of it. So yes, she had been scared down to her core and now that the danger had passed, whatever strength she had had left her and she was just feeling overwhelmed now.
"Mama... Papa... I want to go home." She said in a shaky voice.

Amelia was... a tad bit overwhelmed by how quickly things moved after her new boss left the room. First, she was rushed by two girls, one of them being her dark-haired baking partner who introduced herself as Matina, which to her sounded like the girl possibly had some Hispanic relations, not that it was a bad thing by any means. It was just that the name came off that way to her. Other then that, Amelia made it a note to keep an eye on this one, as apparently she liked to take the muffins in the shop without paying for them.

The second girl was also a dark-haired one named April. She didn't stick around long other then to welcome Amelia and compliment her on her name. Amelia found this odd, not finding her name in the least bit attractive, instead finding it rather plain. There were plenty of other Amelia's out there, weren't there? However, April was definitely a pretty girl herself, and Amelia had no doubt she had the eye of many a guy aimed at her.

Amelia barely had time to really process all of this before two more people came over to introduce themselves. The first was yet another girl, this one introducing herself as Fara, which was not a name Amelia had ever heard of before. Still, she seemed like a rather friendly girl, giving Amelia a word of warning in concerns to Matina and the muffins before leaving to clean one of the machines behind the counter.

Finally, the last person to greet her was the first boy, who introduced himself as Jules. Jules was definitely... something. He was almost an entire foot taller then Amelia causing her to actually have to tilt her head back to look him properly in the face. He noted that his hair was dyed an admittedly nice hue of lavender and that underneath his apron his sense of style was... not what she was expecting from a boy. Then again, even his name wasn't the most male name she had heard, in fact she associated it with females more. Maybe he was one of those types who didn't feel like they were one gender or the other? That was definitely interesting if that was the case.

Seeing as Jules was the only one to stick around, he was the only one Amelia was able to properly 'respond' to. Doubting that any of her coworkers knew even the smallest amount of sign language, Amelia dug into her pocket, pulling out a small notepad and a pen. She quickly opened the pad up to a blank sheet and wrote down on it before turning it to face Jules.
It's a pleasure to meet you Jules. I hope we get along well. If you don't mind me asking, is Jules your actual name? It head in very neat and elegant cursive.

"… Alright, it's a deal then." Amelia said calmly, walking forward. She excluded an aura of calmness and gentleness, not through her abilities but simply through her demeanor, though said powers might not hurt in this regard, however weak they still were in comparison to the woman before her. Her tone held not hostility towards the Aegislash who had just badmouthed her, simply sympathetic pity. She then held out a hand in a friendly manner and gave the Aegislash a kind smile. "I know what it's like to be trapped with no where to go. My parents would never let me leave the house because of my health. They feared something would trigger what I have and cause me to go to the hospital or worse. So they kept me in my room, my cage, unable to interact with anyone.

However, I was fontunate. I was able to break out and visit the one place I could make friends, the graveyard. I was able to play with those who couldn't make friends with human that easily, Ghost-Type pokemon like you. I don't want to be your enemy Aegislash. I want to be your friend. Your people no longer need to suffer and the people up top should have no reason to fear you. Yes, they didn't seem to acknowledge your plight, but it's likely none of us knew of it. It's probably been centuries since you were sealed away. But I admit they would be weary of release you and your friends if they heard of whatever crimes you were accused of.

Regardless I will meet with your leader and I will convince them to stop this foolishness. So put me to sleep. However, all I ask is that you call off the attack until I am finished talking to your leader. Once that is done, if I have convinced them to stand down, I want to speak to you myself. Do we have a deal?

Greninja let out sound of protest, but Amelia simply shook her head at it.
"Violence can't be the solution here. It's likely that were I'm about to go, you will be unable to help. I'm not afraid though. I intended to find the cause of this hate and put a stop to it. I intend to end this suffering before it gets any worse, for both sides. I will see this through. I do not fear the darkness. So trust in me, just like Joshua and I trust in you. All I ask is that you all take care of Dawkin."

With that, Greninja bowed it's head, giving into the young girls demands. Smiling, Amelia turned to face Aegislash and Bronzor, waiting to see what would happen once she fell asleep.

Amelia took the voice speaking in her head in stride, taking in what it said before glancing around the room. She then looked at Dawkin and shook her head.
"No need to instigate what might happen regardless." She said calmly before looking back, not at the boy, but the Aegislash. "I don't need to be talking to your puppet Aegislash. I know you're the one exerting influence over the boy and the other ghosts here. I want you to answer my questions. But just so you know, you're not going to get your way. My master will make sure that none of your army leaves this tomb..."

Up in the hallway, Joshua sneezed.
"Someone's talking about me. Hope it was a compliment." He muttered.

"So, instead of your people getting hurt needlessly, I want to negotiate some sort of peace. You've been in this tomb for a while now. Why are you suddenly attacking people? Humans and pokemon are supposed to work together, not be enemies. Surely you can accomplish whatever it is you're trying to without to need to hurt others. Of course, this is assuming you're goal is righteous and noble, as one who chooses kings, not tyrants, should be."

Meanwhile, Geninja, who had landed on the other side of the ice wall, quickly went to work on dealing with any enemies on the other side, using Double Teams, Water Shurikens, Water Pulses, and Dark Pulses to deal with large groups or enemies at once. Once the ninja frog got far enough to spot Amelia and Dawkin, it would move to their side, using it's exceptional speed stat to reach them in seconds. It would take a knee before Amelia, recognizing the girl as it's master's student before turning to face the Aegislash and it's guards, ready to do battle at a moment's notice to protect the young humans if need be.
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