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"I'm not sure how things are going to go. But don't forget, we're not alone here. I'm sure my teacher is somewhere in here, also planning on helping us keep things contained inside this tomb. I simply want to get into that antechamber and see if I can get some answers there. After all, there was a boy there who wasn't being attacked by the other pokemon there. I also want to see if that Aegislash has anything to do with all of this." Amelia said to Dawkin, her expression concerned but also very thoughtful.

Regardless She would followed Gengar and Coffigrigus onwards. However, if they went after the army marching outside, she would deviate from them, instead heading into the chamber with the boy, the Aegislash, and a few other bodyguards. Once inside, she would look around a bit before speaking.
"Might I request an audience with whoever is in charge here?" She called out.

This might not be the smartest idea, but she knew brute force might not be the only way to solve this problem.


Joshua, meanwhile, watched the approaching army calmly. It was mostly grunts and nothing much else. Individually, they weren't really even a blip on his radar. But with the numbers they possessed, they might end up being something of a problem. Luckily, the hall limited the number that could engage his pokemon. Not only that, but an idea occurred to him and he smiled wickedly.
"This might be a good experiment. Greninja, upfront here for a second. Bisharp, Pangoro, move back a bit." He commanded. Once his pokemon were in position, he gave the command. "Greninja use Surf! Absol, use Blizzard!"

With that, Greninja summoned forth a giant wave, which it would proceed to ride down the entire hallway to the crosswalk, unless they were somehow interupted. Absol in the meantime, would gather an orb of cold air in front of his mouth and once Greninja was in the clear, fired it off, causing a strong gust of icy cold wind, snow, and ice to travel down the hallway, freezing any water on the ground and walls, and possibly an stragglers from the wave riding Greninja.
Mind if I throw in my interest Vance?

As Amelia followed Cofagrigus, she sensed the other ghosts as they moved around the tomb. They were gathering up together which could only mean one thing: they were running out of time. Still, it seemed that their new companion was not the most concerned with this, as it stopped for a seemingly casual, if slightly heated chat with a Gengar that they had come across. Still, she said nothing about this, as she knew they had some help waiting by the most likely route the Ghost-types were going to take. She just knew that Joshua wouldn't be able to hold back an entire army. Regardless, she was certain that Cofagrigus didn't forget the threat of an army marching and would simply wait for it to make it's way toward them.

Meanwhile, in the tunnel leading towards the surface, Joshua got to his feet and stretched a bit.
"Showtime I guess." He said to himself, looking down at Absol, who had joined him. He glanced around at the hall they were in and sighed. In a scenario like this, he had a bit of an advantage when it came to holding back a group of enemies. His pokemon where strong and given the narrow space, under normal cicumstances, nothing would be able to leave the hallway. But his enemies were Ghost-types, so they might be able to pass through the walls. But then again, most of them weren't really real ghosts, more like objects, so who knew. Regardless of the actual facts, he brought out four more pokemon: Greninja, Bisharp, Weavile, and Pangoro. " Absol, Gangoro, and Bisharp, up in front. Weavile and Greninja, cover our rear just in case and take down anything that gets past or around us."

His pokemon took their place and Joshua waited for the first wave to appear. He was going to make sure to send a good number of them packing until he was either overwhelmed or they stopped their advance.

Amelia immediately got what Cofigrigus meant by it's little chin scratching. The Yamask coming in to yell at their leader made her a bit happier. However, the floating coffin's utter lack of understanding of the situation angered her. This showed on her face for a second before she suddenly smiled as she realized that it was asking what she would have it do.
"I won't have you do anything. You're going to do it yourself. Simply aid us is all. You don't have to. I mean, you got this whole bit of the tomb to yourself. It seems like nothing bothers you down here and you get to sleep peacefully, right? You get to be the mighty king of this tomb, free of any worries or concerns." She said, seemingly giving Cofigrigus reasons to deny them. But then she continued. "Well, former king of this tomb I would guess. It would seem that Aegislash has put their support behind a human and the rest of the residents recognize this decision. The only reason they probably left you alone was because they knew it would be easier to take over if they just let you keep on sleeping. But at this rate, soon you'll just be a former king with no land or people as I'm sure once they get enough forces and run your remaining servants out of the tombs, they'll overwhelm you with shear numbers and run you out of your resting place, so you can wonder around in the hot, cruel desert all alone.

But I guess that's none of your concern right. I mean you got no reason to prove this is rightfully your tomb despite the fact that it seems everyone but the Yamask seem to think otherwise... right?

Joshua listened to Amaya ramble on, rather surprised to see this side of her. He had never thought he would see the normally shy but sweet girl turn into something like this. In fact, it was rather unsettling, partially because he could see a bit of his past self in this side to Amaya, but also because of how it was in such stark contrast to her normal self. Once she finished her rage filled speech, he pulled her closer, keeping a gentle but firm grip on her.
"Amaya, please, calm down. If you let your rage take over, you'll lose yourself to it." He said to talk calmly. "If you keep going on like this, we may all die. You'll lose another home and all your friends again. Please, calm down, so that we might all come out of this alive."

Sadly, it would seem his warning to her was rather unneeded, as some of the other engaged in combat with the Black Mage and as a result, put the whole damn guild in danger. When Zeref rained constructs down among them, Joshua kept ahold of Amaya as he moved between them, making sure that neither he or Amaya touched them in the slightest.

Amelia, meanwhile, watched her parents as they as they observed the situation. Phlegethon also listened to them before addressing Jarvis and Jamie.
"If the death mage tries to harm any of you, I will hold him off. He cannot destroy me and even if I am defeated by some means, I will simply return to my mistress. There is no need for you to remain behind Master Jarvis. Simply flee with your family, be it just your wife and daughter or the whole guild. I will be more then enough to hold off that man for the time being." The reaper said, his gaze never leaving Zeref and the dragons. Phlegethon knew he could at least hold off Zeref one-on-one. Kill, definitely not. That would require his boss's interference and Amelia could not do that yet. Factor in the dragons and it would be a one-sided fight outside of his favor but he could at least buy some time for the guild, even if it was only a minute or two.

So when it came to Zeref deciding to go on a rampage, h moved in front of the family as the constructs rained down. One of them came towards Amelia, Jarvis, and Jamie and the armored Reaper planted his sword in the ground before holding out his hands. The construct came in contact and Phlegethon managed to not get pushed back by it, thus keeping the family safe. Once he was sure it was secure, the Reaper lofted the construct before throwing it back towards Zeref, or more specifically, one of the Dragons the Black Mage was controlling. They could die at least.

Too much was happening too fast for Joshua to really keep up. Dragons, spirits, and the Black Mage who even he, who was was normally ignorant of many a historical figure in this country, had some knowledge of, however little it might be. From what he had heard, this man was among one of the most powerful mages in the world and that was quickly proven when his sudden appearance seemed to cause all the dragons to just simply... stop. Joshua felt something he hadn't really felt in a long time, that being the emotion of fear. This was not an opponent they could beat, that much he knew. He glanced around and it seemed as if the general consensus of his guild was either shock or fear. However, when he spotted Amaya, he noted her expression was... different. It was one he had never seen on her face before, one of anger. He moved over to her side and gently pulled her down, assuming Cecilia didn't resist, and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.
"Calm yourself. Don't act recklessly." He said to her quietly and soothingly.

By her parents' side, Amelia was definitely one of the worse off by everything going on. She was absolutely terrified, but then again, she was only a child and was probably the least battle hardened of the rather large group that was currently on the island. Between the dragons, the appearance of a force strong enough to stop them, and well... it was a lot for her to take in and register and more then a little overwhelming for her. She held into Jarvis, staying close to him for comfort as Phlegethon made his presence known, standing in front of the family, sword at the ready. If there was one person immune to death magic, which Phlegethon could sense a mile away, it was probably the Horseman. Just in case though, Lethe stayed in Amelia's locket so as to avoid taxing her magic and as a back up Horseman incase Phlegethon fell.

"Hello there Cofagrigus. It's a pleasure to meet you." Amelia said calmly, evidently not scared in the slightest. "My name is Amelia and that is my friend Dawkin over there. We're were visiting your tomb to see if I might be able to take some of it's residents on a journey with me. However, since we've arrived, it would seem that there's been trouble here. An Aegislash appears to be preparing to attack the area's surrounding the tomb and beyond. I was wondering if you could help us stop this so that this tomb doesn't become a battleground and your rest interrupted by all the fighting. I don't think you want humans like us coming here strictly to hurt your friends like the Yamasks here, right?"

"Gentle, gentle. I'll be coming my friends." Amelia said, getting to her feet and following the Yamasks when they began pulling her, keeping pace with them with ease. However, the sight of the little mask carrying ghosts fighting off the other occupants of the tomb for their sake, he couldn't help but frown and look a bit upset. She didn't like the idea of neighbors fighting each other. But, this was simply all the more reason for her to see this through and hopefully bring peace back to the tomb.

When they finally arrived to the room the Yamasks had been guiding them to. It was small, empty, and rather unremarkable save for the golden sarcophagus. However, Amelia knew what that sarcophagus actually was and slowly approached it while examining the room for any signs that there might have been another pokemon here before. Once she was in front of the main object of interest though, she gave it her full attention before lightly tapping on it's lid.
"Cofagrigus… can I talk to you please?" She asked it, her tone calm and friendly.

Amelia was feeling rather discouraged right up until the Yamask began showing up. The first one cuased her to jump, having been so distracted she hadn't noticed it's presence coming closer until it spoke. She quickly recognized the second cry as a call for comrades, which was quickly confirmed when several presences began coming closer, revealed to be more Yamasks, who quickly crowded around her. This brought a smile to the young girl's face as she slowly rose to her feet, reaching out to pet the Yamask if they would let her, while replying to Dawkin's comment.
"I guess you could say that. I'm from Witchpeak City and I spent a lot of time in the cemetery there. I'm friends with all the Ghost-types that inhabit it." She said to him before turning her attention to the Yamasks. "Hello there my friends. Do you know what's going on in this tomb? Can you possibly help us? Is there a Cofagrigus here I can possibly talk to? We're trying to keep things from escalating out of the tombs so that you'll be left in relative peace down here."

Amelia was silent as she observed the situation before them. Too many pokemon for them to fight, even if you dismissed the presence of the fully evolved pokemon. Too many hostile ones for them to even consider trying to negotiate. Amelia sighed and closed her eyes, focusing for a bit.
"Four Ghost-types to our left and three to our right. I think there are some beyond the throne room there, but it's too hard to tell how many. I don't know where any Bronzors or Sigilyphs might be... honestly, I don't know what to do." She said, taking a seat on the ground and rubbing her forehead. "Too many hostile pokemon to bother trying to reason with them. Even if we dismiss the Aegislash and Golurks there are far too many for us to fight with out pokemon. Even trying some sort of distraction would likely backfire on us badly and we'd end up being put to sleep.

I think... the Yamask are the only ones that haven't bothered attacking us so far. They might be the only friendly pokemon here... there's a chance there's a Cofagrigus around here somewhere... but trying to find it might mean a lot of battling. I don't think our pokemon will be able to withstand multiple battles, especially mine. I just... I don't know what to do. This isn't right, this shouldn't be happening.

I guess all we can do is wait and see how things go for her down there, because we can't do anything.
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