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@Reflection I'm waiting to hear from Peace, since she's the master of my servant character, and Priest, since I would like to know Berserkers input on things before replying.

Amelia smiled as she listened to her pokemon having a good time with the local Spewpa and Scatterbugs, trying to talk and play with the natives. Amelia was more then content to talk with any Vivillons that came close, with Shuppet content to stay in her arms. She liked these gardens, as the pokemon where friendly and it was a peaceful place that was sent at the perfect temperature so her to relax without feeling too hot or cold, unlike the outside.

As she was relaxing, she relaxing, she suddenly tensed up as she noticed a presence entering the gardens. It was one she had felt long ago but it had been embedded into her mind. With it being present now the memories rushed back and she knew she had to move. She quickly returned Shuppet to her pokeball but running back into the foliage and gathering up the rest of her partners. Luckily, they weren't hard to find, as the presence had been enough to send them running back to her.

Once they were all gathered up, she moved back towards the Shedinja she had encountered earlier. She knew what this thing, this person was after. They were gathering up all the Ghost-types in the area, whether the pokemon liked it or not. Amelia wasn't go to sit by and let that happen easily, even if she really could do nothing in the end.

Once she came across Shedinja, if it was still there, she would take action based on the current situation.

Joshua smiled as he rested against the rails of the ship, listening to the sounds of the ocean and the chattering of the people around them as the ship sailed through the sea. As Amaya relaxed against him, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders to keep her close and steady, as the last thing they needed was for her to fall off the ship, though how that might happen was completely unknown to him.

After a rather lovely nap, Joshua's eyes snapped open as he felt magic in the area, rather heavy amounts. He quickly gained a focused and serious look, even if the banter between Cecilia and Amaya going on nearby. He gently placed a hand on Amaya's head and began patting her.
"I wouldn't worry about the boats as much as I would about whatever is on this island. The amount of magic in the air ain't natural, as far as I can tell. Which either means something or someone is waiting for us on it." He said, his tone serious but also calm as he glanced in the direction of the island. "Just promise me that if you do have Cecilia fly you over to the island that the two of you won't go too far ahead. I don't want you to get hurt."

Amelia Averyonna


Amelia had accepted the tour of the ship with her father, managing to enjoy herself as Jarvis led her around the ship. She asked a lot of questions, both towards her father and towards the captain and the crew when they were around and free. Once the tour was over though, she found somewhere comfortable to rest and fell asleep for the rest of the trip. As they approached the island, she would wake up and let out and impressive yawn as she stretched for a few seconds before getting to her feet. She then made her way up to the top deck, still rubbing her the remaining sleep from her eyes.
"What's going on? Did someone start fighting?" She asked, curious about all the magic in the air as the crystals on her wings began glowing a bit more brightly.

Elyse watched Ryu's magic trick with interest, the little girl's eyes wide as she paid close attention. When Ryu opened his hands and the flowers began growing, she let out a laugh and clapped her hands, amused by the sights. Once the flowers were done growing, she took one before dashing over to Rose, who was talking to the newcomer.
"Mommy, Mommy, wook! Unca Wyu made pwetty flower!" The little girl said showing her mother the flower Ryu had grown with his magic. She then noticed the stranger and quickly hid behind Rose, peaking out from around her mother before speaking far too loudly. "Mommy, who dis?"

Amelia smiled as the other girl accepted the blood pop. After she was sure the other girl was going to enjoy it, Amelia went about picking up the books on the floor, knowing they would be in trouble if the area in front of the fireplace was a mess, since it increased the risk of there being a fire. As she worked, she was able to ignore the sounds of the conflict going on outside. When the girl she had offered the bloodpop to suddenly spoke to her, Amelia quickly turned around in surprise before registering the question she had been asked.

A frown crossed the young girl's face. She didn't actually know her age. She hadn't celebrated a single birthday since her parents had been killed and she had been made into a living blood bag for them to feed on. Even after Dmitri had rescued her, she hadn't found out how old she was, just an estimation at best. So the best answer she was able to give the stranger was a silent shrug, as she had no answer to really give.

Chaud walked through the streets slowly, adjusting his jacket to fight off the nip in the air. He pulled out a letter from one of his jacket's pockets and double checked the address he was supposed to be heading to in order to rendezvous with his team. He was already running a bit late and he greatly disliked this fact but there was nothing he could do about it at this point. Sighing to himself, he stuffed the letter back into his pocket before continuing on his way, while running through the dossiers of his teammates that he had made before coming to Germany. Eventually, he reached the address sent to him and paused outside the door.
"Let's not reveal your true name yet Berserker. At least, let's try to avoid it. We don't know how this war is going to go down yet." He said to his servant, who he knew was lurking nearby in spirit form. His piece said, he entered the beerhall without another moment of hesitation.

Entering the bar, he saw it was mostly empty, with only a about four other people around. It didn't take a genius to figure out that these people would be his fellow masters and current allies. He eyed them all carefully for a few seconds before moving further into the building and over to the table that was filled with food. He had already grabbed a meal for the evening and he was not so inclined to accept a meal he had not seem prepared himself. At least, not until he knew it was safe.

Pushing aside the thoughts of possible sabotage going on within the ranks aside, Chaud decided it was best make his presence known to his fellow companions.
"Good evening gentlemen and Madam." He said, looking at each of the masters once more. "My name is Chaud von Ronzekruetz, of the Rozenkruetz Mercenary Company. I have been hired to work alongside you in this Holy Grail War and I hope we'll be able to work together to achieve our goal despite that fact that some of you might not... view me in the highest regard."

Amelia was silent for a few seconds before after Nora asked her how she had met Ixy and if she had died. After the pause, the young Dhampir let out a harsh laugh.
"No, I didn't die. If I had, it would've been a mercy." She said before her expression softened and she looked rather pensive. "Please understand, I wasn't born human. As well as being a demon, I'm a Dhampir, a half vampire. My mother was human, my father was the vampire. And vampires are less the pleasant people at the best of times.

If you really want to know my story, I'll tell you. But the short version is that I'm more sensitive to sunlight then the rest of my kind and after some event, my father chained me to a rock in the middle of the forest where the sun would always shine on me and I suffered for many days before Ixy found me half dead and almost burnt to a crisp. Needless to say, I accepted her contract when it was offered to me

Amelia ate her meal in peqace, listening to the various conversations going on around her. The one that brought up the tombs in the desert brought a smile to her face, especially the bit about it being a possible paradise for spirit mediums like herself. She took her time with her meal, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. When she finished, she paid for her meal before heading towards where she had sensed the ghost-types earlier. As she moved to her destination, a part of her wondered how someplace that had been so hot earlier was now so cold at night. Upon arrival, she took a moment to study the sign that adorned the entrance. This brought a frown to her face but she continued on regardless.

The gardens were indoors, so this brought Amelia out of the cold and into a place that was just the right temperature, causing her to sigh in relief. She moved through the gardens, spotting a few caretakers but otherwise, the place lived up to it's name. There were only bug-types here and the sight of two in particular heightened her suspicious of what Ghost-Type she had sensed. Continuing on, she eventually found what she was looking for and wasn't surprised to see a Shedinja. She smiled at the Ghost/Bug but didn't reach out for it. She didn't know much about this one outside of the fact that it was well out of her league. Even if she befriended it, there was no garentee that Shedinja would follow an inexperienced trainer such as herself.

Seeing as to how she was going to give up on this endeavor, Amelia moved through the garden until she found a bench to sit in, a decent distance from any of the garden's local pokemon. Taking a seat, she brought out her pokeballs and let out her partners, who all let out cries of happiness to be out of the little spherical prisons.
"Alright everyone, I'm going to let you all enjoy yourselves. But no bothering the local pokemon or picking any fights yet. Don't wonder too far, especially you Phantump. I don't want anyone talking any of you away." She said, getting cries of acknowledgement from her friends before they began wondering, not going too far and several of them observing the local pokemon from a distance out of curiosity more then anything. Shuppet kept close to Amelia though, who held the shy little ghost-puppet close, watching the others as best she could.

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