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@SupernovaBlitz if your pokemon is a mutation, it would likely be a Shiny pokemon. With Vulpix, if it isn't the Alolan variant it'll look like this:

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Hey! Must've overlooked your post!

Just gettin' by. Same old same old lol

How are you?

EDIT: Probably not the best place to catch up and bother these nice forumgoers so I'll say hope you're doing well and hopefully we can catch up in an OOC or something later :P

There's also Discord. You know my name on there.
I'd be interested as well. Assuming this hasn't gotten too crowded.

Sup Prints, how's it going?

Amelia frowned at Dimitri as he expressed his opinion on her opinion.
"You walk in here nearly every day with a slap mark on your cheek. That's practically a dead give away you're hitting on them, or as you put it, being forward with your desires. Just leave them alone and let them approach you instead of acting like some overly hormonal perv." She said in a less then impressed tone.

Her piece said for the moment, she returned to her previous seat on the couch, massaging her forehead as she sighed. She hated dealing with Dimitri, as she was usually hostile towards him by default and more so when they were in disagreement on something. The worse part was that she knew she was in the wrong for disliking him just because he was a pure-blood vampire and she hated herself for it. But after all she had been through, she just couldn't bring herself to presently like him.

To say she was thankful for the distraction of a mission would be a bit of an understatement. Listening as Ixy spoke, she frowned when the details were given.
"What would you like me to Ixveria?" She asked. She knew she was worthless in combat at this moment unlike almost everyone else but she figured if Ixy had a use for her, she would try to fulfil it to the best of her ability.
Given that Amelia is unconscious due to exhaustion, I will hold on posting as her until she gets an hour or two of rest at least.
@SupernovaBlitz Gotta wait until your character is completely cleared. It's a pain to wait for that, but it's something we all have to do.
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I will edit my post accordingly, and get back on you. When can I post my character in the characters tab?

Not until he's approved.

"If you want to prove how strong you are, you should fight some of the other pokemon here. Not the weaker ones like Litleo or Fletchling but the likes of Pyroars, Rapidash, Bouffalant, Kangaskan, and others like them. But, you must do it without the help of your other two heads. Fight your way and prove your better then the other two. Show them you're the leader out of the three of you." Amelia said calmly and with some level of confidence. "Unless, of course, you're too scared of them. No shame in a being a scaredy-bird."
<Snipped quote by Joshua Tamashii>

Ahh, thank you. Sorry, I am new to this site and have yet to know how this site uses formatting... I have limited knowledge with stuff like BBCodes and HTML, since I am a chemist, so using HTML-like things in writing is not my forte, however much I write... Sorry...

No problem. We've all been there. If you look before where you type, there is a formatting cheat sheet. If you press the button that says toggle, it'll help ya.
@SupernovaBlitz you need to learn the codes my friend.

To use a image, you need [img] [/ img] around the link. Minus the space between '/' and 'img'.
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