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22 May 2017 17:03
Current Why is it that I can write well over 5,000 words for a post on the Guild, yet when I write an assignment I can barely reach 500? :(
19 May 2017 9:50
15 May 2017 9:38
Two assignments due tomorrow? Check! Skittles and sugar to keep me awake all night tonight? Check! Support of a loving girlfriend? Check! Motivation? ... Uhh, motivation...?
15 May 2017 8:33
Sorry if my replies get really slow this week and the next. Upcoming exams and a bunch of projects means I might be a tad slow ;-;
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13 May 2017 11:43
Welp, it's that time of the month again! Time to cut myself with a razor! :D Fucking hate shaving.


You know that person who thinks they're funny, but they really aren't?

Yeah. That's me :P

Silly philandering and brain-numbing comments aside, I view myself as something of an egotistical arse, though you should expect no less from an Australian :D I might come across as a bit eccentric at times but I'm far from unapproachable. Writing is my second (or third... or fourth... or fif-) life, and over the years I like to think I've developed at least somewhat as a writer, though I'll leave that for you to decide :3 I love myself a good sci-fi or fantasy setting, though I certainly don't mind the reality of the modern day. My characters typically range from flamboyant rogues to grisly old dudes to literal sex demons to underdogs to Jedi to the more human to the less human to the mature to the immature to whatever the Hell I need to fill in for the roleplay! XD

Basically, I try to be unique, though typically fail miserably c:

I'm pretty much always up for a 1x1, so shoot me a message if you're into such things, mature themes or no ^-^ And yes, if you're wondering, I do play male characters.

Too tired to add something cool to this. Later!

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@Verdaux Heyooo! :D Good to see you, man! I've seen you around the site though haven't had the opportunity to RP :3 Seeing you, Necro, Thin and possibly Claw in the same place again is going to be interesting, isn't it? XD

Also asking if my character is accepted (though I'd say a like means it is) ^-^
This sounds interesting - something simple to quickly jump into :D If you'd like I can quickly formulate a personality (or full-on character sheet, if you'd prefer) for this unidentified male character ^-^

Also if that post were supposed to be the beginning of the roleplay, then it might be good to post it in the "IC" (in-character) tab, and edit the "OOC" (out-of-character) post you made with some information about the roleplay c: I've been on the receiving end of that before so just letting ya know ;)
@Thinslayer :D I did it!

@Rune_Alchemist Eyyy no worries fam, god knows my posting habits can be atrocious XD
@Thinslayer Don't worry I was just trying to find a suitable image a minute ago ;) I'll start forming a CS in a couple hours :D

At the mention of Siegfried getting beaten to a pulp, Ekibe perked up, intrigued. "But isn't it my job to stop that?" Though unofficial, Ekibe occasionally would act like the mother of her peerage, in an attempt to provide it with some kind of order. Of course, being a teenager, she still had her own sort of fun too, but with the amount of rebellious teenagers the peerage had among its members, she had to maintain some semblance of order when Tsumiki couldn't.

Having just answered her own question, Ekibe opted to move on.

"Never mind. If you're going home, take care on your way back. Additionally, if you need any help with a contract, both myself and Tsumiki are willing to help you out if you need. I'll be pretty busy tonight, though, and only available during breaks."

It was true. Tonight she had dancing to do. And the next morning would be practice, followed by tutoring, of all things. Though perhaps not as exceptional as a combatant as her peerage, she was popular in her contract work. Clones had many uses. "Of course you could always come in and see for yourself, though Siegfried will likely still be there. Although..." The rook trails off with a sideways glance. "I have fooooooooood~!"

Two weeks of experience around Ekibe would leave good enough of an indication that her food was a bargaining chip. Whether or not the other individual valued her snacks and treats as much as she did was another matter.

With a slight giggle, Ekibe would then head for the entrance to the school building. "I look forward to toying with those tails, Kohana~!" Teased the rook with a suggestive flair, confident tone indicating she felt Kohana would follow, or was at least inviting her to in a weird way. Beyond the doors were the same old school she had grown up with all throughout her high school life. Its walls or layout ever familiar, her brisk walk through the halls was only really accompanied by her gentle humming or the commotion made from students in clubrooms, unless Kohana followed and happened to speak up. It wasn't long, though, until Ekibe arrived at the clubroom's entrance.

"Excuse me...!" Mumbled the young woman as she poked her head inside and stepped into the room. "Ahh, so just about everyone is already here? I knew I'd left late." Her complexion briefly settles on a smile, before suddenly vanishing into the guise of naive and innocent confusion. "... Though it seems we have a couple of strangers in our clubroom. If I had to guess, this young man here is the one who wants to fight Siegfried? If so, then who is the half-naked young lady next to you, Master, and why is she half-naked?"

It wasn't quite visible to the untrained eye, though those that could tell might pick up on the slight fakeness to Ekibe's smile. Somehow her acting always seemed to prove difficult to decipher, and for some it might come down to a 50-50 chance as to whether she's acting or not. For Ryuunosuke and Nora, it may even look completely legitimate. She relaxes her features as she gets more in-tune with her surroundings; Kenji's offer of a vest made Ekibe sigh. "I have my gym clothes, if you'd prefer. Unused, still fresh, and will at least cover your top." Her answer was blunt, something uncommon for the rook, however the 'act first, ask questions later' trait behind her actions held strong. Not to mention her wanting to look after the well-being of the girl, despite the fact she had no real connection to her. Just because Ekibe herself felt comfortable (mostly) in her own skin didn't mean other people were.

@Polaris North

I enjoyed it a lot ^-^ The ending is really satisfying IMO and hits pretty hard in the feels :D

Though the main thing is if you choose to push yourself :3 Doing that will automatically initialize it, unless you join the Student Council ;)

And yeah, I also love his theme, he's just so quirky c: Same with Rin :D
@Polaris North Yeah, it's a bit of a let-down compared to the others :O

I can see why :3 It's next to impossible not to go down it. I have a guide for future reference, at least to get beyond the first act for other characters :D

Also I fucking love Kenji XD

@Polaris North I don't understand why people like 5 Centimeters so much :O It's sad, sure, but it doesn't quite hit as hard as "Your Name" or even "Children Who Chase Lost Voices" :D

Also I'm starting out in Katawa Shoujo, and so far it has lead my first path in the direction of Emi c:
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