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Current I range from having not enough RPs to having too many RPs. There is no in-between.
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@Altered Tundra If you yell at me for long enough to make it, I've got an RP which would easily fit that bill c:
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When you want to write but can't concentrate because your sister is playing Fortnite in your room ;-;
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In America you have the right to bear arms. In Russia you have the right to bear-arms.
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If you guys can vote me into becoming a Moderator I'll send you my essay on the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate. It's good shit.
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This isn't a bio :O

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A considerable strike knocks the Dark Knight back several feet. Boots slide against the floor, stopping their wearer from going over the red line that circled the arena. If she went beyond there, it would constitute as a loss.
And Maryvale hated losing.
She got to her feet. The layers of thick clothing and light armor helped her simulate her real armor, as did the dense wooden sword. It wasn't nearly as durable as her own blade -- one could tell from all the dents in it -- but a little durability enchantment could turn any stick into a durable weapon.

The crowd of soldiers each cheered for who they thought would win. On one end of the arena, a promising old challenger coming to reclaim their title of 'best soldier'. On the other, a young woman who has only ever traded place with the one she now faced. The two often fought over who would take the title, though so far, no duel had ended in a draw.
He charged, not relenting in his attack, intending on throwing the Dark Knight over the edge. However, she had more than enough time to keep her feet firmly planted, and countered with a sword-swing of her own. The two blades locked, wood grinding against wood, as tense muscles pushed to overwhelm the other.
One step.
Two steps.
Maryvale had begun pushing her rival back towards the center of the arena. Soldiers cheered and encouraged their fellow fighters, giving both words of encouragement. However, they were soon drowned out by the sounds of wood colliding with incredible force, going blow-for-blow either against the swords themselves or against the other. It seemed like they would enter a lock again, however her opponent got in another strong blow.

Then another. And another. She was losing strength, feeling the bruises beginning to form with each strike. To the calve, to the stomach, to the shoulder, and many more places. Though they only occurred now-and-then, it whittled Maryvale's strength to the point where she felt she could lose. Her legs were beginning to feel weak and her arms heavy; one leg faltered, and her opponent struck once more to send her down on one leg.
She used the chance to twist, avoiding the next strike, and gaining momentum as the blade swung all the way around, hitting her rival's mid-section full-force. The blow had clearly winded him, and even knocked him back somewhat. Though uncertain of herself, she took the opportunity to apply pressure and ran straight for him, locking blades and sending him back to the red line.
Her leg wouldn't hold for long.
Her footing was starting to falter as his stance became firmer, regaining the strength he'd lost from being winded. She could sense it wobbling beneath her, yet didn't dare look. In a desperate attempt to recuperate, she let one side weaken and used all her strength to push with the opposite.

He stumbled sideways, and she went for it. Redirecting his sword to the floor with her own, Maryvale jumped and slammed into her opponent, knocking him back over the red line and sending them both to the floor. They both used all that they had to win, but today, Maryvale would be crowned the strongest. Normally this would be accompanied by a trip to a healer and perhaps a party for those involved, though today was different. Little did anyone know, a messenger was banging furiously at the arena doors, with an urgent message for Lady Maryvale...
Where's our diaperbabies thread? ;)

I think I added some but forgot the action list in the process XD Editing that in :D
Izayoi wasn't about to let Jacques get near him. A bright light in his hands reveals itself to be a Bandit Sling, and, in a bold move of courage (and perhaps stupidity), Izayoi stopped dead in his tracks, feet firmly planted. His arms spin around and, instantly seeing his target, draws and releases the sling, hoping the projectile in question, if not overly dangerous, would at least cause him to dodge and slow his advance.

Immediately as soon as the sling discards from use, two more weapons appear in his hands: a pair of Thorn Whips. With these, Izayoi strikes fast, intending on not letting Jacques avoid them. Though low in damage, he hopes that the pair will either slow his advance enough for him to dodge a strike from Jacques, or deal considerable damage with both weapons. He would do the best he could to avoid taking the full force of an Arcane Longsword, however wouldn't compromise his mobility to do so.

While trying to avoid the swords, he orders his wolves: 'Patrol Hounds, hunt the one on the floor! Man-Wolves, kill the sentry and come to my aid!'
He could feel his energy beginning to give out. The pain from the fighting was undoubtedly taking its toll on not only Izayoi's body, but Mayuri's too. However, she had resigned herself to an alternate persona to deal with the pain, as well as continue fighting.

1. Izayoi stops in his tracks and spins around, Bandit Sling firing directly at Jacques.
2. As soon as the Bandit Sling dispels, a pair of Thorn Whips form in his hands, attempting to deal as much damage as possible.
3. Izayoi orders the Patrol Hounds to kill the grounded Frontline Centurion, and the Man-Wolves to come to him, killing the Sturdy Sentry in their way.
4. Izayoi attempts to dodge the strikes made by Jacques, however won't risk getting grounded to do so.
So we'll just wing it and write as much as we want to write c: Sounds good! Though I do like some imaginative flair to my posts so I might still add some fluff :D
@Strange Rodent Tbh the fights don't need all that much attention to detail, since it's largely the main thread which should have the long posts c: Honestly I don't mind going long or short, and I'll probably switch between the two at times XD
@Strange Rodent Oh don't worry, you're not alone there XD I might do a posting spree tomorrow, seeing as I don't have anything planned, though Saturday I'll be gone.
I was thinking of playing a cleric Aasimar, though not quite sure if I'll play a naive Aasimar or a fallen one who is an absolute cynic :3
I got no problem at starting on 3rd level :3 Mawtry I think interests me the most. I like the idea of having a character that hates a specific group of people.
When that IC post comes up and you realise you got a good RP coming:

I don't hate it, but I'm not too fussed about going from place to place. I'm more than happy to explore dungeons and whatnot, though travelling to different lands isn't something I tend to do unless it's fleshed out. It can be rough creating so much detail for areas, but if you feel confident in your own abilities then I have no quarrels ^-^

Church and state and zero-to-hero both sound interesting. I've also been interested in civil war and/or revolution, if you're looking for suggestions :3 I'm not all about large-scale conflict though. Usually I like things on a personal level, so whatever we go with I believe it would be nice to keep our group connected where possible. Depending on the character I go with I could say different things about what might be good for them though, so it might be best to establish the setting first.

I like the idea of an original pantheon, though I couldn't give any for the life of me. And having our characters connected in some way sounds interesting, though that would require some discussion on backgrounds between us all.
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