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My starting posts are always so long >_> Anyways, I hope you didn't mind me sneaking in Token Squad with Chariot in their base assault. I decided to give them a backseat role in the assault, to give reason for why they weren't mentioned in the OP ^-^

It was heavier than she expected, but not all that bad-looking. With her helmet set and everything in place, she looked like a certified ODST, something not everyone in the UNSC could proudly say. "The best of the best, they said." She couldn't help but feel proud at that statement, looking at herself in the mirror. Of course when they told her that, what they really meant was they would train her to be the best. However, it still made her smirk at the thought that one day, she could live up to her father's expectations. Someday very soon, she hoped.

The rest of the team were waiting just outside, by a computer down the open deck where pelicans would exchange ground forces. Everybody else had already beat her to their armours, with one member in particular making a point out of it. "What took you so long, Rylei? Are you trying to make Alex and I look bad?" Hibana was, as always, an arse. It got the attention of the rest of the squad though, and caused Rylei to freeze up on the spot.

"I'm detecting an increased heart rate on my monitor. Heart attack, is it Xandre?" For a medic, Chloe had a sadistic sense of humour. It got some members of the squad chuckling, but all in good fashion. She stepped forward and offered a hand to shake, which Rylei took. "It's good to see you, Private. No need to be so tense - it's part of your training to relax. You won't make a good ODST if you keep that up."

There was a subtle nod, barely visible due to Rylei's helmet, which followed. "Right, sorry. I still have much to learn, so please teach me all I'll need to know."

"Oh you'll learn everything, alright." Came the gentle and enchanting voice of Laslow, removing Rylei's helmet from her head with a gentle finesse. "I could always offer you my services in private lessons? I promise I won't try anything too advanced, just enough for us to get acquainted. Perhaps over a cup of tea?" He gave the helmet to Rylei, a smooth wink following his subtly perverted comment. His advance came to a halt as Chloe pushed him away.

"OK, that's enough harassment for one day, Laslow. If you're going to get romantic with someone, perhaps try to dedicate your compliments to one person rather than every girl you meet." At this, Laslow merely shrugged and backed off, opting instead to invite their leader to speak with the three new recruits. As the other members were told to overlook the plan in detail and provide input, the Lieutenant approached the three privates, inviting and confident. "Privates! It's good to have you here. I apologise if the team gives you any trouble - please refer them to me if they get a little... 'unruly'." His gaze swept the trio with a piercingly analytical eye, as though mentally noting them, judging them. "I've heard good things about the three of you. Apparently you work well as a team, if need be. I assure you we're going to need all the help we can get on this mission, so your cooperation is appreciated."

"Token Squad is a team, and you're now officially a part of it. I know we're throwing you lot in the deep end here, but apparently you have quite some experience under your belts already. For now, focus on staying alive. You've got plenty of time to develop into some fine ODSTs, so remember your training with the Marines. So long as you've got our back, we've got yours."

"We'll do our best, sir." Alex's voice was deep and course, which made him sound older than he really was. Despite being the youngest of the ODSTs, he was more driven than even Rylei, though despite this was incredibly easy-going. He had a calmness which was almost inspiring - much more-so than their leader apparently was. "We'll keep an eye on one-another, just like always."

There was a nervous chuckle from Lieutenant Heights which took Rylei by surprise. It wasn't the chuckle itself, but the fact their Lieutenant was nervous somewhat confused her. What was even more confusing was his response. "Well, good to know you're with us. Sorry, I actually get a little anxious when it comes to giving speeches. Good to know it didn't completely flop." He turned back towards the rest of the squad and waved the new recruits over. "Lets get you three notified on how this is going to go down. Since this will be your first drop, it'll be good to know that everyone is on the same page."

The team all stood around the bench, and a three-dimensional hologram appeared of the covenant base in which they would be assaulting. Morgan cleared his throat to get the attention of the squad. "Our mission is simple. We're going to be assisting the infiltration of a Covenant Expeditionary Outpost, along with another ODST squad, Chariot. However unlike Chariot, Token is largely going to be providing support, namely thanks to our two sharpshooters." A brief pause came as the hologram shifted to show much of the future battlfield, including the nearby hills which Token would be providing support from.

"We'll be splitting into two fireteams. Fireteam Oswald will consist of Simone, Laslow, Alex, and Rylei. You will be our support, providing cover from Covenant ground forces with long range weapons and explosives, so that no Banshees or Wraiths get the best of our primary force. You'll be working alongside the Marines, so you should be able to support the main team fairly well. Your position atop the hill will give you plenty of advantages, however remember to watch your flanks. Myself, Chloe, Karma and Hibana will be working with Chariot and the attack force to assault the base, under the name Fireteam Lockhead. Lockhead will be stationed at one of the base's flanks, allowing us some easy entry. Once inside, we'll begin thinning out the Covenant from within, helping the UNSC advance. Assuming all goes well, this outpost will be a suitable location for stationing our own troops in just a few hours, and could help turn the tide for future battles."

A stern voice spoke up from among the Squad. "When do we begin?" Quizzed Karma, driven with a deadly dedication to the cause. Morgan looked at his datapad.

"About two hours from now."

Fourteen Hours Later...

Rylei awoke with a start, though suddenly regretted her immediacy as her back began to ache. Her body hadn't yet prepared for her sudden jump-start, and her mind was barely processing everything around her. She could see the sky, dim and bare, faded of the day's light as night was sure to set in. Or was it morning? Her pod hadn't given her much to go on, as all of the power has been drained, for whatever reason. A steady wind brushed past, inviting through the broken glass of her pod, with tree branches curling around the sides of her pod, like a baby in a giant, metallic and wooden crib. Aside from that gentle breeze, everything was silent. Everything was still. Everything was stagnant.

It all came rushing back to her at once: The scrambled release of pods, the tearing and burning of the Stranger of Darkness, and the collision. It practically knocked her unconscious when it happened, though through some stroke of luck she remained awake just long enough to make sure she wouldn't crash head first into Oman. Beyond that she was out, the last thing she could remember being the nervous orders of her Lieutenant to 'hold on'. Whatever it meant though was a mystery.

Lazily, painfully, Rylei released the glass shield door to her pod, which sprung off with incredible force. Thankfully it didn't fall back down on top of her, and collided with the ground beside her pod. She listened carefully for sounds of any activity, but the only thing she could hear was the wind, which subtly faded into silence.

Complete silence.

Not a single voice or gunshot, not a bird or a beep or even the wind. Just silence. If it weren't for her own heavy breathing, Rylei would have thought she'd gone deaf. This ritual of listening to nothing lasted about a minute, until Rylei could finally be snapped from her thoughts and officially be brought to the realm of complete consciousness. Despite the pain in her back she grabbed her sidearm and sat up, scanning her surroundings. She had landed in a clearing in the middle of the forest. She couldn't remember a forest being mentioned anywhere in the mission briefing. Wherever she had found herself, it wasn't going to be easy to find her way back.

Once the surroundings were cleared, the ODST grabbed her equipment as well as her food and water, and filled herself on field rations. However long she'd been out for, it was enough to make her feel incredibly hungry and thirsty. The quick snack wasn't met with any activity, and so she took a moment to think her situation through. As she stared at the utter destruction her pod had caused to the local flora, the reality of Rylei's situation began to sink in. She was on a distant planet occupied by the Covenant, without her squad, and completely lost. She'd never really experienced a situation of this kind before - without direction or guidance. It was rather unbelievable. And for the life of her, Rylei had no idea what to do.

She took a few more minutes to rest and recuperate, as well as adjust to her situation. Her first priority was to find someone. Anyone. A Marine or ODST, it didn't matter. So long as they weren't the Covenant, they could work together. Her second priority was to find her squad mates. She was almost certain they had dropped with her, so she had a feeling they were alive and out there somewhere. It was finding them which would be the hard part. Once she had reunited with her squad, she figured then they could work out what to do.

Where would she even begin, though? Without any real sense of direction, Rylei figured she could be anywhere. Nothing in the forest stuck out as a guide towards where to go. There were no trails or tracks to follow of any kind.

However, there was a transmission.

Rylei waited a moment before transmitting back a response. "Chariot 9-4-3, this is... th-this is Token 6-4-8." It was hard to talk with her throat still trying to moisten after having a drink. She needed to think about how to properly communicate. She had to use Token's callsign. "Ready to receive your location... How copy?" Over the mic, her breaths were slow and laboured, indicating she likely had just awoken alongside Lucas. She cracked her legs as she stood, trying to get them awake and ready. Chariot was a name which stuck with her - it was the ODST squad Token would be supporting in their base assault. Perhaps he would have a better idea of what to do. Rylei wasn't even sure if this was normal yet.


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