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Imp Activity, Second Floor

The imps that inhabited the second floor of this busted, broken down shell of a building had had a bad time of it as of late. There was something here, they knew. Some larger demon that they had felt stomping down the hallways. They had thought to hide and wait it out until the thing had gone, but from that terrible crash earlier it was clear the thing was trying to tear the building down. They had rushed into the hall, each independently thinking to run and leave the others to their fate. Maybe if they could get downstairs they could round up the weak idiots that lived down there and use them as cannon fodder to find out what it was, but they were stopped by the appearance of the wall of ice and this led them to sheer panic.

They screamed, flailed at it with their limbs and knives. The ones in back that had enough sense to pelt the thing with fireballs did so, but most of them simply lashed out at the ones in their way. These ones turned around and set at the ones attacking with with knife and tooth and soon the hallway was a small civil war, screeches of pain, fear, and anger barely audible through the ice wall. It seemed as though the imp problem in the hallway might take care of itself, until one voice ripped through the din.

"GNAK!" It said. "GNAK GNAK!" An imp felt itself pulled off another and thrown hard into the wall. Another felt a hand lash across its face, the claws leaving deep gouges. A few more knocks, a few more kicks, maybe a bite or two, and the infighting was settled by one imp. He was not much different than any other imp, maybe slightly bigger if you cared to look, but this one had a hat. This one had found a really cool hat, leopard print with an old musty peacock feather sticking out the side, and he had defended this treasure against all comers. This afforded him a level of respect in the imp world, and it was enough to stop them from killing one anther.

This imp stepped up to the ice wall, the rest parting to let him see lest they earn his ire, and they watched him think with awe. There were humans there, he saw through the ice. "Gnak, gnak gnak gnak." He gestured to two of the imps behind him, gesturing down the hallway. They instantly ran off to get what he commanded. If they wanted to get away from the monster they would have to deal with the humans, and to deal with the humans they would have to do away with this wall.

"Gnak gnak" he heard behind him as the imps he'd sent out returned, herding the hallways ghosts before them using the fireballs gripped in their hands. He turned, conjuring his own demonic fire in his palm.

There was a trick you could do with ghosts.
Curwen walked into the empty school, out of sight of prying eyes, before uncorking the vials in his hand. To call something up you needed either a body or a name. It was far easier to do with a body, or at least the essential parts. In his notebooks Curwen's ancestor had boasted that, were you to render them down into what he called their "essential salts," a man could contain the entire ark of Noah within his medicine cabinet. Curwen himself highly doubted that, but the process for rendering a creature down had proven useful. He upended the vials in his hand, allowing the salts to trickle out behind him.

Normally some sort of incantation would be in order, an invocation of gods far older than man in an incomprehensible tongue no human mouth was designed to speak, but for these all that was required was a sharp, short whistle. They would come. After all, he was their master. The whistle echoed out into the empty hallways and reached out beyond the veil of death. The salts began to swirls up, morph, and mutate, until beside Curwen strode a pack of twelve or so ash-grey hounds of varying breed and build. "Seek." He said, and each of their noses lifted into the air. One pointed down the hallway and barked once before taking the lead as Curwen and the pack Strode along behind it.

They came to the broken stairway leading into the basement, and Curwen pet the lead dog on the head as he strode forward, alone to the edge of the hole and peered over. His relief upon seeing the children alive almost overwhelmed the confusion at the two adults down there. "Hey." He said, calling down to them and pulling out his badge and flashing to them. "My name's Curwen, I'm a federal agent. Division 7." He quickly replaced the badge back in his pocket. "Is anyone injured down there? I'm going to try and help you out of there."

He turned back to his pack, and pointed to one of the smaller ones. "Tommy, seek rope." The little shade bounded off on ghostly legs that seemed to carry it far more swiftly than they had any right too. They might look indistinguishable from ordinary dogs save their strange color pallet, but these were shades. They had the endurance of the dead and the speed of the wind. Tommy wold find something like a rope. "The rest of you," he said quietly, so as to not let those in the hole hear. "Seek demonic. If you find it, don't fight. Come back to me." The rest of them scattered in all directions, down the hallway, out windows, one even deforming into a fine smoke and flowing up one of the vents. They would search the city for any sign of demonic activity and report back to him. Hew nodded, and went back to the edge of the hole. "It'll take just a minute. Who are you boys, in the meantime? I was told there were only kids in here."

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She'd probably be only slightly shorter than Rurik if her legs didn't bend all weird, so I'd say he has about half a head on her. Not a lot of cutting edge nutrition in The Old Country, but at least it helps keep her center of gravity low.

Personally I've always pictured Kath and Christine as the tall girls.

Yo come out into the garden and get in on Miss McAnn's Advanced Alchemy for Adolescents.
In The Hallway

The question actually kind of threw Bak. What exactly did she want out of this? Well, she wanted to not get electrocuted, but she also needed to search this whole floor. She needed that kid in 306. "I want..."she started, sucking on her bottom teeth. She couldn't really hide her intentions from them if she wanted to continue her mission. "There is a student passed out in that room." she said, jerking her head in the direction of 306. "I want to get them and continue up. Did you know nothing about the missing students?"

Several thoughts raced through Aram's head as a deformed figure revealed itself across the hallways from himself and friends. A student? Hmm...who is this student? And why are they unconscious in that room? This seems important Whatever they are. "Who is the student? And for what reason are they here?" He spoke across the hall. He squinted, trying to make out the details of the other person's form. They had...guns?? Growing out of them?!? Interesting power...could be dangerous, he thought.

Bak had no idea whether or not she could lie. She did not know whether stupid goodie goodie St. Laurel's kid was wearing their uniform or not. She hadn't been able to look. "St. Laurel's." she said. "The student is from St. Laurel's. I do not know why they have come here, only that St. Laurel's does not wish people to know it has happened. If you have seen any other students from there walking around, that is why. They are trying to sweep it under rug, like dust-bunny."

Nasaraph was caught in a mild shock. Never had he seen something so ... so chaotic. At her core she was some amalgamation of flesh and metal ... its accident per se. For a moment he thought about how wondrous a toy she would make then he realized that the other two were wary of her. For some reason, this walking woman-missile had inspired a sense of hesitance.

He should follow along. Nasaraph made his fist taunt and scrunched his brows the way other agitated people had done. “I’m not sure what’s happening but I’m willing to bet she’s not blowing things up for more than that kid. Pee-ess, there are other sleeping people on this floor. I thought they were boring so I left them there.”

"Are you having trouble here?" Clara said, casually sauntering in from ahead in the hallway. She strode over to Bak's side.

The form of Clara Deimos Erdrigan was immediately recognizable. Infamous as she was, the other students in the building did not know their objective yet. They would suspect something for sure, but they probably wouldn't act against them without some real evidence, unless they were the type to just close their eyes and pray for the best.

Still, the presence of the Vigilantes meant they might have to tread a bit more carefully here, to keep things a secret.

Brutus considered the information. Missing students from St. Laurel's? Interesting. However, before he could respond to Nasaraph, Clara Deimos Erdrigan made her grand appearance. Instantly, Brutus' guard was up. Bak, he could take. However, he had no delusions whatsoever about whether or not he could even go toe-to-toe with Clara, let alone win. Diplomacy was the only solution here... "We are not here in regards to the missing students. We're here on other business. We have no wish to make our task any more... complicated. And dealing with whatever petty issues have arisen between you and St. Laurel's would qualify as... complicated." Rough, sure? Rude, maybe? Did it get his point across? He hoped so. Just in case, he hoped that Aram and Nasaraph were ready to jump into action, if needed.

In contrast to Brutus, Bak gave off a sense of almost palpable relief at Clara's sudden appearance. Se looked over and smiled as the other girl strode up beside her, even as she took a slight step forward. Better she was slightly in front, she could more easily put herself in front of Clara should the need arise. "It is the ghosts, da?" She asked innocently. "That is what you do? I have seen many ghosts already. Apartment is lousy with them. Brrrr." She shivered slightly at the thought. "But if such is the case, you will be going up anyway. We will not be able to avoid one another." That was a problem, if the Vigilantes wished to avoid complications. No matter what, unless they left and came back another night, they were involved already so far as she was concerned.

Suddenly, an idea struck Bak. "Wait, Tovarish." she said, beaming at Clara. "We could give them the students. Think of it; if you were to expose what St. Laurel's would rather not be they would simply blame you like they always do when things go wrong. They would say 'Oh this evil Clara, she surly kidnap all these students of ours. We are not at fault. This is all heinous plot.' But vigilantes find missing students," she said, turning her beaming gaze on them. "They are heroes! They go on news and talkshows and St. Laural's can never deny what has happened. And very rich parents of St. Laurel's kids are very very grateful to vigilantes for saving their children from hell house. We help one another and everyone win."

Nasaraph was not use to feigning fear, it came out far too forced and poorly rehearsed. He shuddered horrifically upon Clara’s arrival. “Ohhh nooo,” he groaned stiffly.

He was willing to play the fool--disregarding his natural whimsical behavior--if it meant getting what he wanted. He had considered Clara as a massive stepping stool being dropped from above. She was one of the Big Three. Between her, St. Laurel’s champion, and King, laid the opportunity to snatch the title of strongest … and boy did he want that title.

For a moment he dropped his facade. An unnatural calm in the tense situation flowed off him. “I know this is off topic. I mean yea, everyone’s like really stiff at the moment. But--really quick and feel free to tell me no--I was wondering … If I could fight, Clara. Nothing serious, just a little spar.” He danced his way through that sentence with more than enough charm before adding. “If you’re not busy or anything.”

Clara gave out an icy smile.

"I'll have to respectfully decline," She said. "Such a conflict would seem pointless unless we were actually enemies."

Due to her nature and her job, Clara was good at seeing through people, although, it wasn't too difficult in this case. Still, for someone to challenge her like that meant they were confident in something to be sure. The Vigilantes housed all kinds of people it would seem, but she wanted to refrain from showing any of the cards in her hand if possible.

Unexpectedly, she began to gently ruffle Bak's hair. To others it may look like a random action, but Clara patted Bak on the head as a reward for showing initiative. She would understand the gesture immediately. It also signaled a small change of plans, a certain amount of information had led to a hypothesis forming in her mind.

If they hypothesis was correct, there was one other objective worth pursuing in the apartment building.

"...The student is yours to do with as you please," She said to the Vigilantes before her in the hall. "We'll take our leave now."

No longer engrossed with Clara’s rejection of his brawl, Nasaraph's mind fled to his calculations; schemes if one were to be more precise. He had to find a way to ascend up the ladder. Being known simply as a Vigilante was not enough. No, not all. It wouldn't do. He wanted to turn the Big Three into the Big Four.

He strode behind Brutus and Aram, pacing back and forth a few feet away. [color=F5F58B]I should force her into a confrontation. Hmm, no, these two would help me and beating her with assistance would never place me on her level. He spared them a glance. Yea, they’d help me no matter what. This situation is no good. Best to let it die and move on.

"Hey, hey slow down. What happened to that kid? And why are there others here in his same situation? This doesn't quite fit together." He asked the second figure who had appeared suddenly. This whole St. Laurels thing wasn't his problem, but he wanted to know what was going on. Maybe the unconscious students had know what had happened to eachother, but if they for some reason didn't wake up or even had memory loss, he couldn't exactly question them.

He knew this new arrival. It was Clara Erdrigan. He didn't know much about her besides her position at the head of the Mephisto's students. Aram assumed that she wasn't there because of her looks, so his guard wasn't completely lowered.

Brutus watched as it seemed that Bak was... helping them? What? However, Brutus wasn't going to let this opportunity pass. Still, just to be on the safe side. Brutus quickly whipped out his cell phone (kept in a rubber coated pocket for obvious reasons) and quickly fired off a text message to King.

'King, something's come up. Turns out that there are both Mephisto's and St. Laurel's students at the site. Turns out there were some St. Laurel's students that came up missing. Mephisto's just surrendered one to us. Thoughts?"

While Brutus didn't completely buy King's story, he figured that it'd be best to get their leader's input. After all, King was usually right. So, at this point, it would be a wait-and-see game.


"I said already, we do not know what brought students to hell house. They are just stupid mayb-" Bak was cut off by one of Clara's head pats, which she actually leaned into slightly as though she were a cat. In addition to letting Bak know that she'd had a good idea it had the added bonus of always managing to shut her up if necessary. "Hmmm?" she said, sort of dreamily. "We are leaving? We are going up?"

"If you'd like to, Clara said in response to Bak's inquiry. "You can stay in their company for a while, if you'd like, but I'll go on ahead."

She began to walk towards the end of the hallway, perhaps to check the other rooms. Whether Bak would follow was her decision, although Clara did seem to do things alone a lot of the time.

"Ah, this is goodbye then vigilantes." Bak said. Even if Clara was the big shot here it did not seem right to let her wander about all alone. As far as Bak knew, she was not invincible. Even if she could beat everything here she could still fall through a weak floor or slip and crack her head on the stairs or prick herself on a drug needle, and then she would be all alone having to deal with it. There's no way Bak could let that happen to Mr. Mephisto's daughter.

"Be careful, there are imps there and there." she said quickly, pointing out the room beside her and one at the end of the hall. "And spooky ghosts in 308 and on stairwell. You will see stairwell ghost, she is annoying. It was nice meeting you, goodbye for now. Tovarish, please wait for me!" With that Bak turned and stomped off after Clara.

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"The only thing I know about school is what I've seen in ancient movies." Orpheus said, floating down onto the ground nest to the body shrub and sitting cross legged like a student. "They were places you went to learn and find love, and sometimes everyone spontaneously burst into song, but I never saw one teach anything about weaponry." There was another short, electric pop as his broken eye spazzed out in his head before re-syncing with his other eye. He picked his fallen book up off the ground, gently brushed it off, and set it in his lap. This was far more interesting.

He glanced over at the boy peaking out of the bushes, the same one he had seen with the other guy in the big room. It looked like he was gene-modded too, unless he wasn't and things were as different on his word as it was on the others. Still, he tapped the spot on his own head where the boys horns would be and mouthed the word "nice" before turning his attention back to the lady.

"If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to learn how alchemistry works. Could you explain your process as you go about your business? It's sure to be interesting if its involved in weapons manufacturing. Are you making something that explodes or is it something darker?"
Since we don't actually have any pictures of Alto, Clara, King, or Mephisto, I decided to go through my folders to find some. Thell me what you think. @RoflsMazoy

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