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Linkle clapped her hands over her ears and flinched as Bowser bellowed his demands for silence. King Dodango had roared about that loud, each time threatening to tear her ears right off he skull, but even that thing would have been intimidated. Not that she could blame him for reacting like that, after what the courier had done. So that thing he had been pointing around had been some kind of loud, boltless crossbow. She would have to keep an eye on something as cool as that, not that it had done much more than make Bowser mad.

Another thing he had in common with King Dodongo along with the fire and the roar and, as it happened, the whole royalty thing. She tensed up for a moment as he started stomping his was over to them, but he only wanted to plop down and check on his friend Kirby. Despite how big and scary Bowser was, this made her think that Tora was right: none of these people were bad people.

Kirby stirred at Bowser bequest, and though still weak and injured from whatever had happened to him, the little guy greeted him with a smile that warmed her heart. Then he rolled over and pointed out over the sweeping landscape, and for the first time Linkle really looked at the world she'd landed in.

Oddly enough if felt very familiar. Not that it shared any landmark she recognized from Hyrule, at least not that she could see. It was the way things seemed...messy. One place ended and another just began, as though the entire place had been patched together like a quilt. She'd come across something like this on her trip to Hyrule castle, places that just began as though something in the sky had plopped them down from somewhere else. It had always felt weird.

She stared out at the sickly light of the second sun that floated ominously above the landscape. That light was familiar too, in the same stomach churning way as the landscape, and as she looked at it she couldn't help but wonder whether both landscape had the same cause. That maybe, just maybe, she had stopped to soon and that the real cause of all the problems in Hyrule was the same thing that did this. It made sense. Now that she thought about it things seemed too easy. She had never even confronted whatever great evil had been messing everything up in the first place, or picked up the Master Sword, or any of the things that were supposed to happen besides saving Princess Zelda.

Her quest wasn't over, it was only beginning! Despite the situation the thought exited her.

Tora took the opportunity while everyone was
Surveying the landscape to take charge and get everyone to introduce themselves. Linkle listened. Death, a creepy name for a creepy guy. Geno, maybe some kind of god given the way her talked about himself? That was the only thing she figured "from above" could mean because it wasn't as though regular people could live in the sky, though she'd never heard of anything called the star road. The kind centurion Agoston and the Fi like woman that had healed Kirby, Blazermate. The mysterious, poetry talking swordman Zer0. A familiar looking women that was only just now stirring introduced herself as Din, something that took Linkle by surprise. For a hot second she wondered if this was the Din, but then she introduced herself as a dancer. Linkle felt silly for jumping to conclusions. It wasn't as though you had to be a thing just because you were named the same.

"Pleased to meet you everyone," she said as soon was she found a break in the conversation. " I'm-"


She was nearly bowled over as Din suddenly wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a hug. Linkle was confused, but luckily for her it didn't take Din long to notice two glaring contradictions of her memory and realize her mistake. Linkle felt bad for her, looking so sad. "-kle." Linkle finished for her, before smiling and holding out her hand. "I'm Linkle, so you were almost right. It's great to someone else from home! You don't have anything to worry about, because I'm an incarnation of the legendary hero! Wait, did you know another me?" She asked, suddenly starstruck. She clapper her hands on Din's shoulders. "That's so cool! What was he like? Oh..."

She noticed that a few members of their party had already started moving toward the castle in the distance, notably Bowser picking up the unconscious Kirby and nestling him into the depths of his hat. She turned back to Din. "We should talk as we walk. Don't want to get left behind, after all." She walked over to where her crossbows were strewn on the ground and snatched them up, slotting both into her boot holsters before starting to make her way down the hill after the others.

She stopped, though, and looked back. Tora had short little legs. She turned back with a concerned look on her face and made her was back up the hill, kneeling down next to the little gut. "Hey Tora?" She asked, pulling down her hood and pointing her thumb at the little back pouch it created. "Want a ride?"

Whether the little guy had taken her offer to ride along, Bowser style, in her headwear Linkle followed after the others on the way ton the castle. It was a good first move. Geno had said that a princess lived in that castle, and if things were as dangerous around here as she suspected then there was no way she wasn't in peril. Saving a princess was not only classic, but her duty as hero.

It wasn't long before another face appeared of the woods, a short cat thing asking questions about a missing friend. "Sorry, we all just woke up ourselves. I think Bowser might know more about this than anybody." She said, pointing to the Koopa kings back.

As if in answer Bowser laid out the facts. The world, the light, how Kirby had gotten so hurt, and what he intended to do about it. Besides the pang of guilt she felt at the revelation that they'd been the ones to beat Kirby so badly every single word of his declaration of war got her more and more fired up. "Yes. Yes! Let's get a bunch of heroes together and show that light thing the door!"
Things were only getting crazier as more and more people started waking up. The skull-faced muscle man that approached her made her wish that her weapons were safely holstered in her boots and not past the guy with the sword. She wasn't so freaked out by the appearances of the various people that surrounded here. On her journey across Hyrule she had come across all kinds of weird charters, but skull face couldn't be more obviously a bad guy if he was were riding a stalhorse. Still, he'd put his weapon away as he approached but she didn't have time to answer him before the others started getting up.

As the whole situation seemed to be heading more toward violence despite the best efforts of the man that had come out of the trees she knew she'd have to think of a plan in case someone threw a punch. First, rush the sword guy and kick him right in the face, grab her crossbows, and go to town on anyone looking for a fight. No, wait, no, that wouldn't work. The guy in armor looked like could handle himself in a fight, and he was a good guy because he'd tried to help the pink thing, but what about the little furry onion and the pink thing? If it was just the onion she could grab him, but she couldn't move the pink thing in its condition. So she'd just have to stand here, in front of them, and introduce anyone that decided to hurt them to the heel of her boot.

It was while she was thinking this that the metal lady made her way past Linkle. She turned to look as the lady went close to the pink thing. The onion (Tora, he'd said) tried to give her some kind words and she couldn't help but smile at them despite the tension. Then he'd repeated something Bowser had said. A glowy wing ball and a blast of...

"Light!" Linkle exclaimed. "I remember! There was this bright light just like the turtle said. It ate right through the castle and took everybody. Nothing could stop it." She remembered the looks on the soldiers faces as the weary joy of victory had turned to shock and horror as the whole world was engulfed in a blinding, radiant light. Just thinking about it filled her stomach with an awful sinking feeling. She hadn't been able to do anything, or save anyone. The next thing the Nopon said though, lifted her spirits and caused the tension to instantly drain out of her. The pink thing was alive. "Yes! Thank goodness. I knew things would turn out okay."
"Nghhhh, no grandma, five more minutes..." Linkle grumbled, half awake, as someone began shouting. She tried to roll over and pull the covers up over her head to ward off the morning sun only to have something sharp jab her in the kidney. Her eyes flew open and she quickly sat up, clutching her side and picking up the crossbow that she'd rolled over onto. Had she gotten so tried from practice that she'd just flopped into bed with them again?

Linkle looked around, rubbing the sleep from her eyes to try and confirm that what she was seeing wasn't some blurry mirage. This wasn't her bed! This was some sort of foreboding hill. What in, hold on! The last thing she remembered was...cheering. A party? The castle! She'd just save Hyrule Castle, so could that have something to do with this? She had heard Lon Lon Milk could really mess with you if you drank a little to much of it, but, no, no, none of these people lying around had been at the castle. She'd definitely remember that big turtle monster if he'd been there so what had happened, where was she, and what was that cute little onion looking thing freaking out abou-

"Oh no..." she gasped, stumbling stiffly to her feet leaving the crossbows where they'd fallen in the dirt. It was just like she thought. The onion thing was tending to a pink thing, but the pink thing wasn't just a thing it was a person she could tell because it had eyes and a mouth and oh goddesses there was a sword shoved right through its mouth. As she watched one of the others that had pulled himself up stepped up and was trying to do...something. Despite his warnings to the contrary Linkle stumble-ran forward, past the metal lady, to pear over his shoulder at his work. She couldn't make heads or tails of what he was trying to do, but felt like she had to do something to help. "Is it bleeding? I don't think it is." she asked, kneeling down and hesitantly reaching out and gripping it's little pink nub between her fingers. "Hey, can you hear me? Listen, it's okay. Everything's going to be okay."

She looked around at the others, desperately, as if to ask "right? It will, right?"

That was about when the sword was ceremoniously yanked out of him. Linkle gasped and pulled back from the pink thing, jumping to her feet and spotting the guy with the sword a few feet to her crossbows. "Why would you do that?" she asked, her voice a mix of disbelief and rising anger.
@Archmage MC
Zeta was three. New Vegas had Rusty Ventures brain in a jar snarking at you in it's place.

K.Rool has the best boss music.
No gods.

Not until the Hunter is finished cooking, at any rate.

Alexei was tired. This wasn't an unusual state of affairs considering the amount of work he put in each day. It had been drilled into him by his father that you always put 120℅ into everything that you do, so just today in addition to his regular school duties he had arrived early to help Madame Vala in the library organize the nonfiction section after yesterdays history report rush, been pressed into guarding one of the smaller first years from the hazing that was still going on around the school, and had hunted down and apprehended a fellow first year that had deserted Professor Bruzoft class this morning and delivered him for reprimand. Yes, there was a whole lot to do in a day if you really tried and it was unfortunate that the strain of it would have killed him a long time ago if he hadn't mastered the art of the micronap.

It's what he was doing now, nestled in a slight shadow in one of the hallways trying to catch a few Zs before the after school activities began. Standing against a wall, eyes halfway shut, listening to the footsteps and voices going past him from just beyond the edge of waking. A few minutes of unthinking peace.

Then the world exploded.

He was moving before he was even fully awake, not that it took much. His legs carried him past the shocked and the curious. He saw a flash of light from around the corner as he neared the end of the hall and slid to a stop, pressing himself up against the corner and carefully peeking into the hallway.

He didn't see any scorch marks or structural damage in the hallway, and despite the blast and flash he didn't see and injured from his vantage point. In fact, the one person he could see seemed unusually pleased.

That didn't totally rule out terrorism, but it now seemed as though this was yet more hazing. He breathed a sigh of relief at that and decided it would probably be safe to approach. "What happened?" He asked as he made his way down the hall, his voice somewhere between commanding and weary. "How many injured? What was the source of the blast?"

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