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Level 5 - (1/50) + 1

Location: Lumbridge ~ The Land of Adventure

Word Count: 397


Linkle ended up disappointed that there wasn't some sort of secret organization of helpful masters dotted across the landscape of this new world, each one eager and ready to push a certain group of heroic adventurers in the right direction.

He did, however, seem to know something about a lost eyes and Linkle leaned in eagerly only to be disappointed again as the master seemingly got cold feet about telling them. Cold feet, or he was playing hard to get! She gave him what she thought was a sly look. "Oh, I get it. We have to prove ourselves to get that kind of information. Well, challenge accepted."

In the spirit of getting on top of that challenge she turned turned to 6 as Bowser examined the dinner card. "I'll head out with you. That missing person, the wigglers, and the fish monsters are all to the south. We can just do all three." She didn't know what a wiggler was, but it sounded slime, disgusting, and (if what Boweser had to say about them was true) really strong. There was no point in him going off alone after something like that, especially some place so far from medical attention.

Before they could leave, though, they were greeted by an cat like man. At first Linkle didn't understand why the white haired warrior registered in her mind as "cat," but then she got a good look at his eyes. Slitted down the middle, like a kitties eyes. He asked whether they were newcomers, which Bowser took the time to answer and introduce them as his minions.

She poked her way out behind the Koopa King and gave Geralt a freimdly wave. "Hi Geralt, I'm Linkle, and if working together to make the world a better place make's me a minion then I guess that's what I am."

"This wear wolf friend of yours? She asked, wondering slightly what exactly a werewolf was. "They're not running around south of here, right?" She figured it was only right to ask. She didn't want to put off the locals by putting down one of their friends accidentally. She had been lucky nobody had been friends with that eagle robot.


Katherine narrowed her eyes. Yeah, Clara. She had known that her sisters friends were dirty, rotten cheaters that liked to mess with other schools. Killers, though? Outsode of Vitto's insane grudge? They were going to have to have a long talk about what Christine's little club had actually gotten up to while Kath wasn't looking.

That was a exhausting conversation for another day. It was time for a different hard conversation.

She sighed. "Could you handle it, please? I'm not sure I'm up to explaining how I got possessed to them right now." In fact, she was getting pretty drowsy again. Slowly she laid back down, looking a little more peaceful than she had been before. "Give me a day or two, I'll be back up and cracking skulls before you know it."

Naseaph Sana

The neighbors were looking at him oddly, with the suspicious paranoid of those whom had heard of disaster but had not been directly touched by it. He could see them, peeking out from the windows, watching him perform his morning routine. He thought one of them was on the phone, probably describing the strange featured boy doing Kung-fu in front of a nice, upscale home. He cared not, continuing to punch and kick on Vera's front lawn.

He supposed anyone that looked like him would be a object of suspicion, at least for a while. His physical abnormality, up until now simply a point of curiosity, would only cause concern in the wake of so many freak coming out of the woodwork to assault everything these people considered normal.

That was a good thing, in his opinion. He might get a few good fights in the aftershock of the attack. He certainly hadn't gotten anything last night, to his disappointment. A group of demon worshiping nutjobs appear and he hadn't gotten to battle with a single one. Him! A member of the race once called angels, the hand picked warriors of the gods.

He stopped, having finished a particularly elaborate sequences. "Ose!" He shouted, brining his morning warm up to an end. Nodding to himself, he shook the sweat from his face before turning and heading up the stairs to Vera's home. He opened up the door, and entered for the first time since he'd arrived.

He looked around, walking inside until he discovered the kitchen and grinned. He went immediately to the refrigerator and yanked open the door. Someone had already taken the liberty of clearing out much of the food, but they hadn't touched what Naseaph was looking for.

A disturbingly genuine smile plastersd it's way across the bird boys face. "Juice." He said hungrily, pulling out a half gallon of orange juice. He pulled off the cap, tossing it carelessly onto the floor before bringing the carton up to his mouth and beginning to drink. And drink. And drink.

In a few moment he crushed the empty carton with with a satisfied growl and an undignified full body shutter that he was glad no one was around to see. Despite everything else, that was a wonderfully vitalizing way to start the morning.

Now all he needed was a good soak. He tossed the carton in the trash bin and started looking for the girls shower.


Katherine groaned when she learned who was supplying this luxurious safehouse. "Man, I guess I can't complain but I really don't want to owe that guy."

The subject of the demon, thought, required her serious attention. Christine was obviously still unsettled by the whole thing and, honestly, Kath was too. There was a part of her, deep down, where she could feel a ring of fire. One that stood empty.

I couldn't very well save our lives from in there, could I? I'll told you, there was some bleed. We mingled.

What did that mean for her?

Rest assured, I cannot simply assume direct control and fly out of here again. It simply means that, should you ever require my aide again, it would not take something so dire as a mortal wound to bring my strength to bare.

That was...unsettling. She opened her mouth to try and tell Christine, but...

Do you really wish to worry her more than she already is? Look at the poor girl.

Right. Katherine had been through hell yesterday, but at least she'd been out for most of it. Christine had been forced to watch it all happen. She imagined how she would feel watching her sister in the throes of possession, knowing the only thing standing between her and certain death was the strength and machinations of a demonic being. The thought of it, of how horribly powerless she'd feel in that moment, sent a rolling shutter of revolution through her entire body.

So she put on her brave face, smiled warmly, and gave Christine's hand a gentle squeeze. "She's fine. It was an emergency thing. So long as I'm not literally dying, I'm all me. Turn's out it's easier to get into a castle when there's a big stinking hole in the wall. Who knew, right?"

She laughed. It hurt, but she did of anyway. What was she joking around for, this was her life she was talking about.

Speaking of which, a thought occurred. "Oh shit...have you called mom and dad?" That whole debacle had to been in the news. Sure they were distant, but gods above, they would be freaking out right now.


Katherine let out a 'HURK" as her sister nearly leaped into bed and threw her arms around her, a sunspot of pain spreading out from the middle of her chest. But that pain was immaterial. Christine was here, and they were both all right. That's what mattered. The coolness of her skin was actually soothing, both to body and soul.

She stroked her sisters hair as she held as tight as her injuries allowed. "Hey, hey, it's okay. Of course I'm okay. You know me, it's gonna take more than a mephisto creep to out me down."

Not much more.

She ignored that as the hug ended and she was able to get a look at her body. She looked like a mummy, someone had cut off her shirt then protected her health and modesty with a crisscross of white bandages. That pain whenever she moved must have been stitches. It looked really professional. So why didn't this look like a hospital?

Katherine didn't know, because she hadn't been awake for the trip here. Thobias's secret hideout was an expensive top lever suite in downtown Rhea, not actually that far from his fathers Enson building. The idea was, he could teleport. When Thobias wanted to get away from his family he could go anywhere. The last place anyone would look for him was nearby.

It was also the last place anyone looking for to finish off Katherine would be able to fine her, at least according to him. Thobias and his entourage had left sometime early that morning. He wanted to be seen in other places, just in case someone was looking for her through him, and had given the sisters the run of the place for as long as they thought they needed.

Katherine shook her head, trying to sort out the events of the tournament day. She had the gist, but it was all fuzzy and there was stuff in there that just...didn't seem to fit. "Christine, what happened yesterday? I got stabbed, I know that, but afterwards it's like trying to remember a bad dream."

I could tell you.

"Yeah, no offence, I'd rather hear from her." She said, looking up slightly before putting her eyes back on her sister and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, my guardian angel keeps trying to interject."
Rex's deliberately slow pace, designed specifically to rile up his slave driving employers, left him one of the last people walking around the hallways. Well, him and one of those redhead clone hall monitors. That weird quintet always managed to creep him out. He wouldn't be able to live with another one of himself, much less four.

As he was passing by her with the leery look every born delinquent gave someone in a uniform he was stopped by the call of another guy. A dude in all white came wandering over, asking about enrollment. Rex quirked an eye at that. "Enrollment? Aren't you suppose to do that kind of stuff before school starts?" He asked, stalking over to give the kid a once over.

He felt like something was watching him over his shoulder, a impatient, bloods hit eye that hadn't exited for millions of years insisting he move on. He grinned. "Yeah, I know where enrollment is. C'mere, I'll show ya'." He said, clapping his hand on the guys shoulder. "First we go right down this hall, past this soda machine..." He started as he began leading the kid to the main office.

There was a frustrated roar in his head, but screw it. No one could punish him for being a good samaritan at a damn super hero school.


Everything hurt. That was the first sensation that ran through her mind, an all consuming pain that cut across her flesh, bones, and deeper. It was like a burn on the back of the tongue spears across her entire being.

Lifting an eyelid was a herculean effort, but never let it be said that Katherine Abigail is a quitter. It slowly flickered open to take in the blurry sight of a lavish, pent house bedroom. Outside the sun poured in through the glass door leading out onto the balcony, alighting on the plush white carpet, and beyond the open blinds she could make out the tops of skyscrapers. The bed was plush and soft enough to swallow her. It probably would have done so, luring her back into dreamland, if it wasn't for the fact that she had no idea where she was.

She tired to push herself up into a sitting position and instantly regretted it, the pain spreading like a firecracker across her chest as she collapsed onto her back again. "Piss, blood, and fire!" She snarled through clenched teeth.

Wait, what had that been. Did she talk like that?

No, said the voice in her head. I think that was one of mine.

Oh right. This.

"Trying to grab a little more of me?" She said in a strained whisper.

Nothing of the sort, the voice said in mock offence. We were bleeding all over. Some of that bleeding was mental. You got some of you on me, I got some of me on yo-

"That ninja!" Katherine choked out, ignoring her passenger. The events of the previous day...week?...month?...however log it had been, it all came flooding back. Ninja, Clara, Rurik...


She tried sitting up again, this time pushing herself with her whole being to fight through the pain. What had happened after that fight she totally won? Where had she been taken, by who, and what had happened to her sister?
The shrill ringing of the bell did nothing to mollify Rex's bad mood as he skulked down the hall toward his locker, the students that were here by choice parting around him like leaves around a stick that has so rudely been stuck in the middle of a stream.

The said thing, and I mean the really raw deal in this whole situation, is that he'd wanted to be here. He'd been unnaturally strong even before all the museum horseshit, strong enough at least to rip a thigh bone off a display to try braining a guy with it. It wasn't much, but he thought that might have been enough.

He looked around ruefully at the ornate halls, hall's that he would have done anything to once walk. It was amazing how quickly the shine came off something once you were being forced into it.

He felt a wet, quick, hot breath on the back of his brain and stopped in the middle of the hall. The snort had been meant to urge him on. Get this over with. Improve himself so he might move on to the real work. He clapped his hand on the back of his head, an impotent gesture, and scowled. "We got enough time. Quit hounding me. Big stupid lizard, didn't even have school trying to tell me how to..."

He continued down the hall, muttering to himself.
You could fight Ryu.

You could spawn a chain of yourself really fast to hit someone.
Name: Rex Tyran
Age: 15

Power: Rex is a conduit for the power of the dinosaurs. As such he has enhanced physical parameters and the ability to conjure dinosaurs.

Bio: Rex was screwing around on a field trip to the museum when he accidentally knocked over and destroyed a T-rex skeleton, the falling debris knocking him in the head and sending him into a short coma.

In his dreams the Dinosaurs came to him and told him that, because of his flagrant disrespect and act of vandalism, he would be forced to be their representative in the current age, protect Dinosaur remains from those who'd seek to harm them, eighth wrongs committed against them, or be haunted by Dinosaur ghosts forever in this dream. He told them to go screw themselves, but after a few blood soaked nights in a Cretaceous jungle he came around to their way of thinking and was allowed to wake up.

The police surprisingly bought this story, especially considering the apparent new superpowers he'd gained while asleep, and deciding that dinosaur ghosts were way above their pay grade they remanded him into the custody of Oakport High to get him started on the punishment that had already been laid out for him.

Personality: Brass, hot-blooded, and very aggro. Will fight anyone and anything. Couldn't think his way out of a thin paper bag, but is so stubborn he'll just keep going at a problem till it's solved.

Extras: Actively avoids learning anything about dinosaurs out of spite.
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