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I have a proposal:@RoflsMazoy@KillamriX88

If anyone's character fought in the tournament they can go ahead and bust out a new power while fighting the cultists or doing their own plot.

For everybody else: you get that new power once you've finished the cult fight or your current arc.

If you still have a point to spend from the apartment arc, you now have two points and can possibly get two powers.
I don't like filling out height and weight because I seem to have this mental blind spot about it. I've just never been able to judge that sort of thing.

My favorite part is finding the perfect picture for their appearance.
@Archmage MC@Lugubrious

Quick question: since Blazermate merged with the spirit of the Engineer does that give her any insight into why he and the robot rodeo were fighting with the rabbids?
Teleporter. As useful as the dispencer would be right now I think if we plan to take the castle, which is an idea I love, we should have the teleporter up first so we don't have to come back to set it up.
Submitted for gm approval:

New Power - Musou Attack

A powerful area of effect attack. Charge the Musou Attack by both dealing and taking damage from enemies. The more powerful the damage given and taken the more the Musou Meter charges. At level 8 unlock a second meter. At level 16 unlock a third.

Level 3 - (8/30) +1

Location: Scrapyard – Endzone
Word Count:478

Linkle nearly squealed with delight when, against all odds, the heroic rabbits spirit floated to the surface. She clutched at the tiny mote of light, cupping both hands around it like she had with the Goomba earlier. "Hey, little buddy." She said, putting her face right up close so she could see him better. "Sorry you ended up like this. But the way you went out? That's was true heroism. I know you want to continue your journey, so what do you say? Want to be heroes together?"

Before Linkle could imbibe or fuse or however it went when you took in a spirit, however, she heard the Master and Tora shout their warnings. She looked around for some kind of enemy attack, but it was only when she heard something clip the tower that she was alerted to look up.

An airship!?!

It would have been the most amazing thing she'd ever seen if it hadn't been careening right toward her. Luckily it pitched downward at the last second and slammed into the most, pitching a gigantic wave right at her. She only had time to turn away and hold the rabbit close so it wouldn't float away as the wave bowled her over.

She opened her eyes to the soggy grass and quickly pulled herself up, wrenching the crossbow from one of her boots while holding the spirit in the other. She pointed the bow at the fallen ship, waiting for something to come out and pay for getting her soaked for the third time today.

But what came out wasn't some monster, or villain, or pirate from space, but a single girl. Younger than her and Minako even. The tired form crawled out from the glass door, slumped forward, and fell face first into the water.

Linkle jumped into action! She couldn't swim well, of course, and she'd just made a promise to be more careful so she stopped herself from just jumping into the water to get too her. The girl was close enough, though, that if Linkle laid on the ground she could just reach out and hook the girl around the scarf with her crossbow, pulling her closer and dragging her up on shore like the catch of the day.

She turned the girl over. "Are you okay?" She asked' before turning to the larger group. "Blazer! Master! It's just a kid!"

That was interrupted by the appearance of a whole new Bowser, that suddenly swooped down from the sky and blocked their way across the bridge. He was loud. Louder than bower even, and he gave off an aura five times worse than what they'd felt from the robot and engineer. Like ten armies worse.

But there was something else that stood out more. Something that she could focus on other than the fear.

"Bowser, you didn't tell us you had a brother." She said, slightly shakily. "Why is he naked?"
"I'm unsure whether or not I can." Alexei replied as she snatched the heart from him. He gave willing himself visible the old college try, but nothing came of that except a sharper pain in the ribs.

He screamed as the girl took the heart and hucked it as far as she could, but luckily a senior student came flying in to capture the heart. With his chest.

As the girl ran off to avoid the responsibility for assaulting her senior Alexei called up. "Sir, please don't drop that. It's a student."

As the boy approached and his shadow swooped along the ground to cover Alexei he remarkably came into view, glowing with a pale blue light as though he were a phantom. Realizing he could be seen again, he quickly straightened his posture, before feeling a sharp stabbing sensation in his cheat and relaxing again, clutching his side. "Good afternoon comrade. There's been an altercation and a helicopter crash. There have been injuries, and the pilot is still at large. May I ask for your assistance?"
I think I'll take the Ribbid as a Strength if I find it. It has three powers that are cool, but if I want I can take those later via level up because I know what they are. Strength, meanwhile, is like a surprise grab bag of skills and has the chance of inflicting a mental derangement. Win/win.
I've got that upgrade, I can't really decide because I've got a lot of ideas and I want to run them past you guys and especially the gm first.

1. Musou Attack

I forget what they call them in Hyrule warriors, but it's the Big Attack. Does a lot of damage, hits every enemy around you, charges up as you attack enemies and take damage.

-big damage attack I'm missing
-massive AOE

-big windup where I pose before it comes out
-not spamable

2. Bow
Get the bow from Hyrule Warriors


-An accurate, piercing, long range attack.
-can be used to open up weak points by sniping vulnerable places, so combos well with Weak Point Smash


-It's a bow. See last two battles.
-party already has good long range damage

3. Battlefield Intuition

Not sure if this is a strength or a power. Gives Linkle the ability to sense certain things about the current battle. How many enemies she's killed, milestones that the other party members reach, whether certain bases have been captured or fallen, and the general moral of all forces involved. In addition she can now hear party members relaying information and enemy taunts toward them no matter where she is on then field, so if someone is struggling and calling for help or gloating about how they're about to win she'd know.


-Provides a lot of information about the current battle


-Only really useful in large battles. Like, battle sized battles.

-Information has to flow through and be interpreted by Linkle.

-On a meta level, makes it harder on the GM.

4. Rescue

Once per person per battle if Linkle can get within a certain radius of someone in critical condition that person is instantly restored to full health.


-a source of emergency healing.
-Full heal


-only works during a battle
-Linkle has to run over to someone to do it
-Steps on Blazermate toes
-seriously, broke AF

5. Something from Rabbit Luigi

Since I'm fishing for that spirit, I'll thrown down this option to.


-could be something really good


-I have never played Mario X-com.

In addition, to anyone that has played that game, do you think it would it be better to take the spirit as a power or a strength?

Level up! LEVEL 3 - (5/30) +3 EXP
Location: Scrapyard – Endzone
Word Count:1698

"Hrgk!" Linkle grunted as the robots gun suddenly spun round and hit her right in the same side the engineer had already shot. She thanked The healing Blazermate had sent her way earlier, even though she wasn't sure whether this would have hurt less without it. She was hurled off the robot along with Blazermate and the gunman, falling on her back onto the bridge.

Not a moment later she felt something round and hard hit her square in the face with enough force to bounce. She opened her eyes into narrow slits and could just barely something round and angry red descending back down on her. Her eyes went wide in sudden panic as she realized that her bomb hand was now empty. Having lost her grip on the explosive when the the robots big gun had knocked the sense out of her she now only had seconds to act before her entire plan literally blew up in her face. A normal person with a functioning sense of their own mortality might cover themselves as best they could, or try to somehow roll away to avoid most of the blast.

Linkle instead thrust herself up and slammed her forehead into the bomb as it came down. It flew away from her, bouncing once down the bridge before detonating with Linkle just out of the blast zone. She sighed with relief. Just a moment later and it would have exploded right on her, but as it was she'd managed to get away with just a bloody nose.

Then a tank shell landed nearby her, the force of the explosion throwing her roughly into the bridges stone safety rail and knocking the breath out of her. Dazed and confused she glanced up to see the robot performing of wildly spinning dance of firey death, blasting away in all directions, and the only thought that managed to float to the top of her mind as she struggled to regain her breath was "You can't kill me with one of my own moves, that's illegal."

Luckily for everyone involved the robots wild attack ceased after a few seconds later. Linkle thought maybe it had run out of ammo again, and as it fell and began to shift into an humanoid form she struggled to stand, pulling herself woozily to her feet using the guardrail. She could see the gunman was in an bad way, and with Blazermate nowhere to be seen on the bridge she was the only thing standing between him and whatever trick this transforming robot had left.

Then she heard the roar, and smiled. She assumed that meant Bowser had finally made it over to the bridges, so you could imagine how confused she was when a strange blue wind formed around the still falling robot and crystallized into ice around him. Then all became clear as Minako's monster bounded over the archway behind it and laied into it with its blade. It's strikes were slow, deliberate, and devastatingly powerful. Linkle could do nothing but watch in awe as it did with seeming ease what Linkle, Blazermate, the gunman, and Zer0 together had failed to do; completely dismantle that robot. That had seemed to be the extent of the terrifying power of the creature, as no sooner had its assault yielded its terrifying result the creature itself began to fade away.

As the robot whined and crumbled into black dust a shutter ran through the archway and it tumbled over onto to engineer, with Tora standing there proudly behind it. He beamed with energy, but Linkle saw his face with from happiness to worry as he saw the state they were in. She didn't blame him. She and the gunman were somehow still moving, but she got the feeling neither of them should be. There was still a throbbing pain in her side from where the gun had slammed her and she only just now noticed that the arm on the side that had taken the explosion was not only charred black like the skin of those taken by Gallem but completely limp, her cloaks on the side hanging around it in simalerly scorched tatters. On the bright side it wasn't in any pain, because she couldn't feel it.

Suddenly a white rabbit landed in their midst, letting out a green pulse of healing energy. Linkle could feel wounds closing up, ribs re-setting, and feeling come back into her arm. She responded by sucking in a long stream of air through clenched teeth and lifted her head skyward, but luckily the following thoroughly unheroic cry of pain was masked by the massive underwater explosion Bowser set off.

Spitting the water from that impromptu rainfall out of her mouth, she gingerly touched her arm and let out small yelp as she got used to it. "Ow ow ow ow." She whispered.

Luckily for her wherever there was injury Blazermate wasn't too far behind. After patching up the incredibly hurt gunman she turned her healing powers on Linkle, finishing up the job that the white rabbit had started and flushing the last of the pain from her arm. Linkle rolled it, making sure that everything was still in working order then pointed both fingers at Blazermate and grinning. "Lifesaver!" She declared as the metabot made her way off to her next patient. "Miracle worker!"

With the cowboy and herself okay Linkle started to walk toward the bridge entrance, to chat with Tora and see if everyone else was all right, when suddenly Minako appeared from behind the side of the bridge. She was messed up too, and Linkle was about to call out to Blazermate that she'd missed somebody when suddenly the girl grabbed her around the collar and pulled Linkle down so they could talk fave to face. It wasn't a strong tug, but the eyes behind it gave it more power than it would have otherwise.

When Tora had seen them all injured and made that worried face it had been a punch in the gut, but the glare Minako was giving her was like being stabbed. It was positively withering.

As Minako launched right into her reprimanded Linkle really couldn't do anything but stand there and take it like a child who'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She could have responded, but she didn't think telling Minako that not only had she charged into a legion of archers before, multiple times, but that it had always worked spectacularly up til now would do anything to improve the girls mood.

Minako's gaze softens, though, as she let Linkle go but what came next was arguably a worse punishment than if the girl had decided to hit her. "No, don't, please stop. Hero's aren't supposed to make people feel like this. I'm the one that's supposed to be worrying over you."

She reached out to put her hands on her shoulders or steady her or something, but she couldn't grab her by that arm. So she awkwardly held her arms out, unsure of what to do or how to help. "I..." She stammered. What kind or hero froze up like this?

Well, the answer was simple wasn't it? One that still had a long way to go.

"I..." She started slowly, struggling to come to terms with it. "I'm sorry. I'm just so used to being the only one on the battlefield that things. The only one that can cut through and make progress. It's the only way I've ever fought. I overestimate myself. And," she said' reaching out to gently life Minako's head so she could look her in the eye. "I underestimated you. That robot wasn't just one army. Trust me on this, I've beat whole armies before. That thing was three or four armies." She suddenly smiled, getting a little energy back into her voice. "Which makes you, like, six armies from what I can count. You were incredible!" Her cheer done with, she let her energy fall a bit while still keeping a small smile on her face. "I promise I'll be more careful."

It was weird, but she was starting to calm down and get her confidence back. Linkle took Minako's good arm and threw it over her shoulder, supporting the girl as best she could. "You know, I'm not that good at picking my own battles. Every fight I've been in has always gone better when there was someone around to point me in the right direction. Otherwise I just wind up brute forcing everything. So, would it be all right if I asked for your support? 'Cause you seem a lot smarter than me."

With that she set off, helping Minako walk in the direction that Blazermate had left. On the way she stopped by Tora. "Thanks for coming to my rescue." She said. The image of the little guy covered in wounds flashed in her mind again, and her face hardened briefly before going back to her normal, chipper self. "Sorry. I'll pay you back a hundred times!"

She half carried Minako over to Blazermate, nodding a "good job" to Ratchet and Agoston as she navigated the rubble of the fallen arch to where Blazermate was talking with Geno and the crew gathered round the weird blackened man. What had that little god been up to while he was away? Before she could ask that, though, she spotted the black crater on the shore where the heroic rabbit had been blown up and grimaced.

"Blazer?" She shouted as they approched. "Forgetting somebody?" She let the girl down as they reached the group, laying her down if needed. "I'll be right back." She said. "There's something important I've got to do." Leaving the girl in Blazermate expert care she set off toward the spot where the rabbit had met his end.

She looked around, kneeling on the ground, running her hand through what grass was left or shoving it under the water to feel around. "Come on, rabbit. I know you're around here somewhere. There's no way a hero could have given up and left that quickly. Not when there's still work to do."
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