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I guess my comfort zone is "eccentric side character."

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Perhaps we should reconsider westward expansion at the moment then, if it's really as terrifying as the bees say. After all, we have plenty of sand along the river already if we want it. Going further into the forest might be a better plan. Who knows what new resources we could find in there.

Are there any flowers around? Gather seeds from them and plant them at the base of the next beehives tree as a gesture of good will. Berries benefit us, but flowers only help bees. It should help convey that we have no interest in any conflict with them.

Plant some near the first hive too, for the information.
No worries. It's all good.
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We've been limited to biologically realistic but faster so far. And we can't have Nen.
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Oh I thought we were gearing up for conflict with those dirty toads.

Actually, could we construct some kind of lightweight portable shelter out of sticks, long grass blades, and webbing for the explorers? It would keep them safe in case of rain and would probably help act as camouflage from larger predators.
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We know what's east of us, horrible land of frogs. What about the far west? Send an expeditionary force westward, led by a core of those experienced with exploration from the Eastward expedition once they've been given time to recover. Send a few beetles as well, their large size will allow the expidtion to carry more supplies or bring exotic material or creatures back.

Keep talking with the bees too. Our last negotiation went well, we're on freindly terms, perhaps they can tell us more about the lay of the land from their vantage points or have something they'd be willing to trade with us. Most importantly it lets us keep practicing that communication.

What does everyone guesstimate their level is now?
Maisy looked over, calming down just a little, her breath steadying. "I thought you would be more upset. Because that's really unfair."
Urghhaaaaaaaa, she asked for elaboration!

As Masiy screamed internally her mouth worked overtime to forge those screams into coherent ideas. "You can't log out. Everyone playing the game is stuck inside. I think I've been in here for three, maybe four days now waiting for the coffin people to fix the problem. I don't even know how you got in, if I were in charge if the coffins I'd have taken them all away. I'm sorry."
Maisy just sat there twiddling her thumbs for a bit, beginning halting sentences before stopping and thinking it over, only to halt again.

How did you even do something like this? Why hadn't someone ever taught her to deliver bad news?

"Fine!" She decided, looking down at her knees. "Just do it fast, like a bandaide." She looked up at the girl. "Don't freak out, but you can't log out."
"Ooooooooooh." Maisy says, her face scrunching up in a mixture of sympathy and apprehension. She sat down one the edge of the fountain, patting the Stine beside her with a *clank clank* of her gauntleted hand.

"You, uh, y-y-you're gonna want to sit down." She said. Of god she didn't want to have to explain this...
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