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I'm gonna delay my action till you go, I don't want to assume what happened to Kamek and whether he'd be flying or headed straight down to help the others.

Depending on whether he's there to convey what just happened Linkles actions change dramatically.
Matthew swallowed hard as he poked his head around the corner and saw the police approaching Mira, hand trembling over where he'd stashed his gun and praying that the thin blue line held strong enough that they were just happy to see another cop. He didn't want to get into a fight with these guys, not the least because he thought he recognized a couple of them from some speeding tickets he'd accrued.

He waited for their attention to be completely on her and then made his way quickly but quietly across the street behind them and around the back of the pizza joint. The place was an absolute mess, littered with cigarette butts and empty spray cans. On the far wall someone had pushed an old couch up facing the building, its cushions torn up and weather-beaten, next to a dumpster overflowing with garbage that looked like parts of the building interior and surrounded by beer bottles. On the back wall of the building someone had been practicing their art. A centipede, huge and black, wound its length all around the wall with the head of the thing positioned to look down on anyone that entered us area. The way they had taken the time to add the shadow and the sheer amount of detail made his heart jump up into his throat when he first spotted it. He held still for a moment until he was sure that the thing wasn't alive and hungry, which for all he knew it was given the world he was living in now. No, though. It didn't move.

Damn it. He's forgotten to pack his camera.

He moved cautiously to the door after the scare the mural had put him in, reaching for the handle and praying that some intrepid scrapper or magnificent street artist had kindly opened it for him. No dice though. The handle went down only a little before it clicked to a stop. Now what? Should he knock? No, the cops were right out front. If he started pounding loudly on the door he might attract them. Besides, when did someone trying to hide ever respond to a knock on the door?

Maybe if it was something distinctive? He might not have to knock as loud if it was something recognizable, like a tune. No cop would ever knock like that either.

He pushed his ear up to the door, listening for anything, before raising up his knuckle and knocking a familiar little tune as gently as he thought her could get away with. Knock, knock knock knock, knock. He listened for movement and got nothing, so he tried it again a little bit louder.

Still silence, he thought.

"Come on." He whispered in frustration to the door before going to try a third time. "Does this sound like the knock of someone on a manhunt? 'Shave, and a hair, cut...'"

He looked around, sighed, and took off his jacket. He shivered as he wrapped the thing all around the handle to soften the impact of what he was about to try. He went over to the garbage, quietly pulled a piece of metal piping out of it, and raised it up over his head to try breaking off the handle.

Level 6 - (5/60) + 3 + 35 + 20

Location: Lumbridge
Word Count: 3672

“Stop making ice?” Linkle considered, tossing the archway she’d been working on to the Kid and giggling when the chill of it caused her to put on an impressive juggling act before sending it flying over the edge. “Couldn’t hurt to try. Or not try, I guess."

She smiled at Euden. So, he got red eyes when he used his magic? How would she be able to tell? His eyes were always red.


She stared at him. By the light of the stars she could still make out the color of his eyes, red like sunset. She frowned slightly. Right, she’d had to free Geralt. Which meant neither of those monsters were the one. The boss of this place was still lurking somewhere.

A few minutes later the gold crept back into her hair, the color changing over like the changing of a blanket. “Whew, good to know.” she said. “Thanks Euden. Not just for that, for coming along. That monster would have been so much harder if you hadn’t wrestled it down. It might have still punched me. I’m glad it didn’t, blowing up hurts!”

Linkle would have woken everybody once they reached town, but the shocking jerk that occured when Poppi stopped halfway through an old shed would probably see to that. Instead she eagerly hopped over the side, following along behind Tora and Poppi to greet the adoring public.

“Heck yeah we’re the best!” she said, echoing Bowsers false bravado with her very real bravado. The sea of red eyes that greeted them reconfirmed what she’d realized on the ride back. Still, they were kind eyes. It wasn’t so bad to see them.

“Linkle! Everyone!” came a voice as a familiar face plastered over with relief pushed its way through the crowd. As the others went up and were greeted by the town sheriff Linkle stopped to greet Din as she ran up. “I was so worried. All we could see were these strange lights from here. We didn’t know what was happening.”

Linkle chuckled and rubbed the back of her head, trying to play it off to ease her friends worries. “Yeah, you missed a pretty wild one. Nothing we couldn't handle though, just a few monsters.” She thought back to the thing and the mask dropped for just a second as she shuddered. “Pretty scary ones, but we all made it out all right with a big pile of spirits. You should have seen these boy, climbing all over the monsters ba-”

She stopped suddenly, having noticed something for a second time. This time it was all the more obvious under the lights of the town. Linkle’s whole demeanor changed, the casual cheer she had been trying to project falling away and being replaced by very real concern. She put her hand on the dancers shoulder, looking at her oddly. “Din, are you feeling okay?”

It was Din’s turn to look concerned. “Yes, I’m fine.” She answered hesitantly, confused by Linkle’s sudden concern. “Is there a reason I shouldn’t be. Perhaps the light, but the Sheriff seemed to recognize it and he didn’t tell us to take cover.”

Linkle pulled her close. “Did someone do something to you?” She whispered, glancing at the crowd. “Something weird? You can tell me.”

“No, what?” Din answered. “What’s wrong?”

“Your eyes!” Linkle whispered urgently. “They’re all red.”

“My eyes are brown.” Din said, trying to lean away.

“Not right now.” Linkle said, not letting her.

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re back under Galeems power.”

“What? No I'm not! What is this, did Poppi tell you I was leaving? Is that why you're acting like this?”

Linkle takes 10 Stress

By now Din was rolling her shoulders under the pressure of Linkle’s grip. “Linkle, you’re hurting me.”

It took Linkle a moment to respond, and in that moment a chill seemed to grip the air. She let her head hang, and as she raised it again her face was...not calm. Placid, like a lake that had iced over. Even if the water was churning underneath then you would never be able to tell. It was a frightening look, so much so that when Linkle released her grip Din took a couple of steps back holding on to the red marks the grip of Linkle fingers had imprinted on her shoulder.

Linkle straightened her back and regarded Din. "I'm sorry." She said, looking away from the way Din was looking at her. "I guess that last fight was a little bit worse than I let on. Really messed with my head."

"I'll say." Din said warily. "Are you okay?

Linkle wasn't okay. She was mad. More than mad, almost insane. So furious that it seemed to swing the anger meter completely around so it ended up at a weird sort of tranquility. It was almost lucky, because as she felt her hot blood turn to ice she was able to examine the situation with a lot more clarity.

"I think I'm just stressed out." She heard herself lie. "That place was the worst. Evil. Things that hurt just to look at. Things that got into your head."

Din relaxed a bit, coming a few steps closer. "That sounds awful."

"Yeah. I can't blame you if you want to sit stuff like that out."

Din looked ashamed. "I wanted to tell you all, but I didn't want to ruin the mood and...I…"

"It's okay." Linkle said as she trailed off. "You don't have anything to be ashamed of. We each decided to run off on this adventure. We can all stop when we like. Besides," Linkle thumped her chest. "You don't have anything to worry about. I'd save the world even if it was just me. Hero of legend, remember? I can't die until Hyrule is safe."

Despite the strange, almost emotionless tone of Linkle's voice her words were comforting. Din breathed a sigh of relief. "Right."

"You still got that money, by the way?" Linkle asked.

"Wha...I mean, yes." Din said, flummoxed by how quickly the subject had changed. She took the jingling purse off her belt and held it up.

"Cool. Can I still have it? Turns out those tough monsters wearn't the big boss. I didn't manage to make any money today and I want to make some preparations tonight for when we run into him."

Din thought back to the dragon Bowser that had been guarding Peach's castle, how easily it had crushed two of their party like they were nothing. Linkle hadn't had the opportunity to fight that thing, had no idea of the power one of Galeems chosen held. "Here, by all means." She said, handing over the bag. "The crowd here is generous, I can make this back in an afternoon."

"Thank you Din." Linkle said, taking the bag a little more roughly than Din thought was necessary. "This will help more than you know. I've probably got a big day tomarrow."

As she started to walk away the rosy faced inn keeper was making his big pitch for how they could stay for free at his place tonight. Linkle thought that was good, one less thing she'd have to pay for. Din watched her go sadly, still not entirely sure what to think. At least until Linkle stopped and looked back at her over her shoulder. "You know you're always welcome. We're gonna be here a while longer. Think it over. You might change your mind before we leave."

With that Linkle made her was through the crowd, away from the inn, and down the street. She made sure she was a well way out of Din's sight, then spun around and with a crackle of electricity shattered a nearby bench with the heel of her boot. Sparks jumped between the pieces of wood, smoke rising from the singes they left behind.

How dare he?

How dare he?

What, had that coward the hand just waited for one of them to be isolated? What sort of light magic had he used to bring Din back under his thrall? She remembered Ratchet, how he'd been taken back when he couldn't bring himself to fight his friend. Was that it? Had the hand singled out the least combat capable among them to inflict some petty cruelty on while there was no one around to protect her?

That whorson, and stupid to boot. It was a pointless move. If he wanted to take one of their friends, they'd just have to take one of his. So far as she was concerned the bag jingling in her fist was now the Save Din Fund. Not just her, everyone. Everyone in this town would be saved once they killed that hands friend.

She walked down the street until she found what she was looking for. The sight of it would have made her burst out laughing if she was in any mood. The cucoo pen came into sight, but most of them weren't in the pen. Most of them were sitting of the chochobo, or one the fence beside the chochobo, or on the street crowding around the chochobo. One of them on fence caught sight of her and cucooed in her direction, setting off a wave of excited cucooing with the interested "wark" thrown in for good measure.

Linkle sighed as she approached. "Girls, I know he's cute but try and control yourselves." Nonetheless she flopped down, back against the fence, in the space they parted to make for her beside him. She wasn't on her butt for two seconds before they filled the space like white water, covering her in a warm, soft, smelly blanket of feathers. Despite still being angry she could feel the trials of the night seeping out of her, as though the little noisy birds were absorbing it, and without that a tiredness started to set in. She reached up and scratched the neck of the nearest one, which immediately made all the others jealous so she had to run her hand back and forth across the horde in an effort to keep all of them content. Then the big guy stuck his head down insistently and she scratched that too. After a few minutes her eyes started to droop, and soon after she was gently snoring.

Linkle's eyes shot open at the first cock crows of morning, the normal chickens in the pen nearby thankfully waking her from her fitful sleep.

She blinked in the early morning light, trying to separate what had really happened yesterday from the life she had experienced in her nightmares. Looking around she saw she was still tucked in tight in her feather bed, and breathed a sigh of relief. She was still in Lumbridge. Good. That means she hadn't gone on any quests. She was already a hero. She didn't need Galeems permission to be one, and she certainly didn't need it from weird sorta cute boys that didn't even dress the part!

She yawned, stretching out her arms as the birds graciously moved out of the way before snuggling back up.

"They certainly seem to like you." Came a voice from behind her. Linkle tilted her head up to see a young guy, not that much older than her if she had to guess, starring at her from the other side of the fence. He was carrying a big bag of feed over his shoulder, and as the cucoos started to swivel their heads to look at him he took a few cautious steps back.

Linkle spurge up, sending some cucoos flapping down across the street. "They should. I raised most of them." She said with no small hint of pride.

The boy looked at her in disbelief. "You raised these little monsters?"

"Hey, they are not monsters." She said, offended at the very thought.

"Say that to the last gofer Mina sent here to butcher one."

Linkle's face fell. "Did he live?"

"Only because one of the green kids pulled him into the guild." The guy said, stepping back and starting to spread out the food. The cucoos eagerly hopped back over the fence and began getting to work gobbling it up. "No ones been stupid enough to try since. They're great for eggs though. Hey!" The chochobo, who had stepped over the fence to join its new friends, stopped short of pecking at the bag he was carrying. Linkle hopped the fence too, and wrapped her arms around the big birds neck.

"Are you the one that's been taking care of them?" She asked, holding the big boy at bay.

The guy extended his hand. "My names Rick. I know a thing or two about poultry."

Linkle grabbed it and shook. "I'm Linkle. Same. I've been hoping to meet you. I was wondering if there was any way I could get them back."

Rick stopped and scrutinized her. His eyes darted from the swords on her back to the crossbows in her boots. "You're one of those adventurers, right?"

"Yep!" Linkle said, beaming with pride. "You might have heard of us. We were the ones responsible for that light show last night."

"Oh, one of those newcomers? Yeah, people have been talking about you guys all over town. Then sorry, I'm afraid not."

"Thank you so much, you have no ideExcuse me?" Linkle said. She quickly pulled out Din's wallet. "No, you don't have to give them to me. I can pay for the time you've spent taking care of them."

Rick just held up his hand. "I don't want money." He said. "Look, ever since the incident I've had people in your line of work looking to take these guys off my hands. They heard how dangerous they were and decided that they'd come in handy during a hunt." He gave her a dubious look. "Even if I thought you really were their owner, which I'm not convinced of, I still wouldn't be comfortable handing them off to you. I might not be some monster slaying hero, but I still take pride in what I do and I'm not going to give animals to someone planning to bring them out into the wild and use use them as weapons."

"I'm not going to use them as weapons!" Linkle snapped.

"Then what are you planning to use them for? Why would you bring a farm animal " He asked. Linkle started to answer, then stopped to try and find the right words. He wasn't technically wrong about what she wanted, but the way he was thinking about it was wrong. "Have you even thought about how you'd feed them all?" He asked, filling her silence.

"When they followed me last time they ate bugs." Linkle said, still thinking. Unconsciously she smiled. When they'd been on their adventure the girls must have wiped out every cricket and mosquito in Hyrule in their quest to fill their bellies. Rick didn't look very impressed with that answer, but who was he to judge? Had he ever fought side by side with them? No.

"I do plan to bring them into battle." She said, suddenly finding the difference. "But I'm not going to just throw them around like bombs. They'd never trust me again if I did that. I just need their help sometimes. I fight with them, not with them."

His continued scrutiny was really starting to tick her off. "Look, I'll show you what I mean." She said, jumping back and whistling sharply and lifting up her boot. He flinched back as the bird alighted on her toe. She began to kick, the cucoo fluttering up into the air bouncing itself from boot to boot as she alternated her kicks.

She and the bird suddenly jumped up into the air, it flying higher than her. She grabbed onto its outstretched talons and in a feat of impossible strength the bird tilted back and swung Linkle forward. She cut the with a crescent kick, flipping all the way around before spinning herself to the ground.

By that point a bunch of the cuccos had backed up, making a circle for her to land in. Two of them rushed forward out of the group as the first drifted to the ground. As Linkle's boots struck the earth the let off a blast of electricity, sending yellow arcs of lightning shooting across the ground. Unwavered, those two cucoos dove headfirst into the electricity. Rick started to dive forward to try and stop them, but instead of flash frying the lightning seemed to empower the birds. He looked on in amazement as the pair rushed in front of Linkle, feathers sparking, and jumped to thrust their talons forward before darting off to the side. Linkle was right behind them, thrusting herself forward with a forward kick while the two of them came in from either side to catch their imaginary opponent between the three of them before retreating to a safe distance. She brought her heel down on the ground, sending out another jolt to empower two more of them, and as she did spin kicks the two ran in a wide circle around her causing lightning to jump from them into the boots and back again.

"See!" She said, bringing the display to a close and walking forward. "It's not what you think. I need them more than they need me. Whoa!"

As she stepped forward a random one wandered underfoot, and Linkle threw herself back to avoid stepping on it and fell over onto the dirty floor of the pen. As she scratched her head in embarrassment the bird flapped its wings and hopped up onto her head.

More than anything, that was what convinced him. He had to admit, anyone willing to throw themselves onto the floor of a chicken farm to avoid hurting one wasn't the sort of person that would just throw them at a monster like a grenade. Beised, the way they just threw themselves fearlessly into the lightning meant they must have a lot of trust in this girl, and these girls didn't trust anyone.

"Okay. Let's talk." Rick said. "First things first, don't tell anyone here that they do lightning."

"I think they only do lightning for me." Linkle said cheerfully.

The two of them haggled for a while, but eventually came to an agreement. She would take three with her. That was enough for her to use herfull array of moves and they could rotate so they didn't get too tuckered out. The rest could stay here under the assumption that the three with Linkle could call for help at any time to summon up the swarm if need be and any wild ones she found or were summoned by a cry of distress would be sent back to Lumbride, Linkle assuring him that they always found their way back home. Rick would still be able to sell the eggs. After a while the conversation evolved into Linkle giving him tips on how to better care for them. Things like their favorite food (Restless Crickets), which ones were troublemakers (Ralph), and even what you were supposed to call a group of cucoos (a revenge).

Their conversation, though, was interrupted by a chorus of loud familiar "BAAAAAAs." Linkle looked up to see the three Rabbids running down the early morning street, screaming their little heads off as they went and looking around frantically for anyone smarter than them. The one in the front stopped short when it spotted her, the other two's screams going silent as they piled into the lead one. Unscrambling themselves the three resumed screaming and ran up to her, grabbing her by the cloak and pulling her off the dense where she'd been sitting while Rick looked on dumbfounded. "Sorry, I think they have something to show me." She called back to him as they dragged her down the street toward the town gate and the cars. The three Cucoos she'd chosen hopped down off their perch and ran off after them. The chochobo was soon to follow, leaving Rick alone and wondering what the heck was going on now.

What was going on had turned out to be big problems. Linkle had arrived at the front to find the gate guard already attending to a group of people that had arrived via their teleporter, which was now broken. While the guards questioned the shocked survivors Linkle had taken to hopping around on the teleporter to see if she could get it to work and the rabbits had given up on finding specific members of the group and were now dragging anyone they could convince to come with them or wasn't strong enough to resist them out to the teleporter to take a crack at this predicament.

By seven o'clock they had assembled a small crowd. Some here to tend to these survivors, others here to see what came through the teleporter next. Some who had taken the time to arm themselves seems very keen on what came out next.

Linkle, though getting a general idea of what was going on from the answers the survivors were giving, still had one thing knowing at her mind. She jumped off the teleporter and walked up to the survivor that looked the most human, a girl. "Hi." She said. "My name's Linkle. I'm friends with the people that built the machine that got you here. I'm sorry, could you tell me if you saw any of them? There was a cat guy, these two fist fighters, a robot that looks like a girl, and a talking bear. Oh, and a boy with really long ears and a weasel on his shoulder."
Once, there was a man. He lived in a land far away. Alone, he spent his days chopping wood and whittling small wooden people. One day he decided to whittle a different kind of toy. But then the ATF came. And shortly after, the Fire Nation attacked. Determined to end the war the man resorted to black magic to turn his figures into real life wooden soldiers. Unfortunately, a fighting force made out of wood was hardly effective against an army of pyrokinetics. The army caught on fire, panicked, and ran off into a forest causing a forest fire.

The fire spread far and unnaturally quickly, consuming most of the continent in a hellish blaze. Ravaged by guilt, the man fled into the mountains. On the plus side with so many natural resources lost the Fire Nation no longer saw any reason to conquer the kingdom. Up in the mountains, the man found himself being lured into a cave by an enchanting voice. By fortune the mountain the man had fled to was the tallest on the continent, where the gods of the land held council and beckoned to him from the heart of the mountain.
"Yeah, I'll do my best." Matthew said. He made a turn down a side street a short ways and parked in an empty lot in front of a liquor store out of sight of the police. "You go talk cop to those guys and I'll go have a look around. I should be able to make it round back of the pizzeria from here. Stay outta sigh, check inside, book it back here when I find our new friend."

He took the gun and shoved it awkwardly into the rim of his sweatpants, the metal cold and heavy against his skin, and covered it with his shirt. He took a few deep breaths, tapped out a staccato drum beat on the wheel with is hands, then threw open the door and hopped out before he could change his mind.

Cold hit him again, reminding him that he was still in his pajamas. Oh well, didn't really matter. All the better, really. Maybe if he got spotted they'd just assume he was a homeless guys so long as thy didn't see the gun. He wasn't as worried about her. In his experience it didn't matter where a cop came from, blue trusted blue. They were all family so long as thy weren't stepping on each others toes.

He went to close the door, then leaned his head in again for a moment. "And, uh, sorry about that 'fuck the police' thing earlier. Present company excluded." He nodded awkwardly to himself then gently closed the door and started making his way through a nearby alleyway on route to the pizza place. He moved slowly, cautiously, eyes and ears primed to pick up any sort of movement or sound.

Level Up!!!

Level 6 - (3/60) + 2

Location: Ancestral Farmstead -> The Road Home
Word Count: 766


Linkle broke out into a fit of excited giggles as the monster dissolved into ash before her eyes. It grew into a high and hearty laugh as she thrust both fists into the air, the golden light seeming to vanish in response and restored the normal night sky. Seeing Tora and Poppi's celebratory jig inspired her. She kicked the ground and sent herself spinning on the tips of her toes like a prima ballerina, only stopping after enough revolutions to get good and dizzy. She caught herself woozily on the ice wall, leaning down on it with one hand to keep herself from tumbling over until her vision stopped moving. She pointed at the spirit of the defeated Brachy. "Look's like our job's done, huh?" She said, then waved at the spirit. "Well, toodles Mr. Lizard Monster."

She pushed herself off the ice wall and started to walk away, but stopped when she noticed something. More ice had grown up from where she'd pulled her hand way, reaching out toward her.

Oh, right!

She extended her hands toward the wall again, hovering her hands over it and trying to do... something. How did you do magic? She thought about how she triggered her big attacks, abut taking the power you built up during battle and then pushing that out. She breathed in deeply, tried to build up power in herself and send it out toward the wall. To her amazement more ice began to build up, stretching up to try and meet hr hand. She wiggled her fingers, sweeping both hands over the crest of the wall and her grin grew along with it. She clapped both hands to her chest. "This is what you do?" squealed, looking around at what was now the start of a modest ice hut. "You are so cool! I've got to ask Ryu your name." Catching her reflection in the ice, though, she frowned slightly and pulled up a strand of her new luminously blue hair. The stuff managed to catch the moonlight and almost sparkled like rupees as she turned it over. "I hope this isn't permanent." She muttered, then suddenly dropped it and held her hands up defensively to her own reflection and whoever else might be looking through her eyes. "Oh, no offence or anything! I just like my hair. Yours is really pretty too."

If the reflection had any complaints it didn't voice them. Linkle nodded to it, turned, and walked around he wall to see how everyone else was decompressing. While the Staloopas busied themselves with gathering up all the spirits of the slain monsters most the crew seemed to be headed back to the monster kart. She decided to follow along with them, sprinting up as though she hadn't just spent all day fighting things and hoping into the back of the kart, extending a hand over the side to help anyone that wanted up into the bed. She was particularly insistent about it when Euden came along, as though telling him not to bother with something as silly as stowing away again.

"I think that went better than good. I think we did great!" Linkle said in an excited whisper in response to the Ace Cadet, careful to not wake the dozing Jr. She leaned forward eagerly. "Guys, we did it. Between the lot of us we did all the quests in one day." She extended a hand for a high five for anyone willing to take her up on it.

As the party rode back through the plains some of the others chose to dozed off, but not her. She was still gripped by the sort of jittery energy that could keep someone going all night. She took the time as they drew closer to the light of town to play around with her ice, cupping her hands and conjuring crude cold shapes that she let tumble over the side into the fields. Cubes, pyramids, stars, balls, basically building blocks you play with as a little kid.

It was still bothering her, though, that she couldn't figure out how to turn back. Dropping a piece of ice that had shaped into a small arch she turned to look at Euden. She supposed she could ask this of Poppi too, seeing as she'd shown off how she could transform, but she was driving right now. "Pssst." She went, trying to get his attention. "Hey Euden. When you want to stop being a dragon, what do you do? Do you just think really hard that you want to be human you again?"

"He's a flighty, unreliable psychopath." Naserph said to Michael. "The day of the tournament he accompanied myself and Wulf to rescue Andras from the ones who kidnapped her. When we got there he cut the throat of that top heavy demon-"

"Wulf's Friend." Ria interrupted. "Meridith. Did I tell you guy she's gone mental? Kidnapped Andras out of her bed. Celestine...fuckin' fallen one I guess...walked in and grilled me on what happened before taking ofDid you say he cut her throat!?!" Her eyes suddenly shot wide as that piece of info hit her. "I saw her at school though."

"She got better." Naserph replied testily. "Demonic blood imparts astounding resiliency. Anyone touched by it does not easily die, though the results of their healing are not always pleasant to look upon. Regardless, may I finish?" It was a question that it wasn't really a question. Ria sighed and ceded the floor back to him. He nodded, continuing. "The fallen one, after spilling the blood of the demon strumpet, seemed to change his mind about why he was there. He chose to cut Andras psychologically and left hand in hand with the demon he'd just attempted to murder. If he is your problem he is very dangerous one."

Despite the warning Naserph was smiling, practically radiating anticipation. He had expected something like this to happen at the party. Staying close to Andras was already paying dividends.

Ria, thought, was flipping her eyes rapidly between Andras, Diana, and Naserph trying decide which questions sh should ask first. Naserph was leaving a lot out of that story, something had clearly gone down with Andras, but Diana here seemed to be the only one privy to things happening in the present. "Okay, you tell us exactly what's happening." She said to Diana.

Yeah, I had some time so I just knocked it out in a day or two.

As for rolls I agree with Ryik. I'm pretty good about failing when I should, so only rolling when I try something ridiculous appeals to me. I'd play with rolling normally, but don't feel strongly about it.

Level 5 - (40/50) - 3

Location: The Darkest Steppe ~ Yog-Sothoth's Jurassic Fight Club Part 5.5: The True Horror was the friends we made along the way.
Word Count: 344


By the time Linkle blinked her eyes opened it seemed like the situation had changed. The most apparent changes were Euden and Courier, who were literally changed, but they were only two of the people piling on to the now downed monster. Even Poppi had gotten back up and flown into the fray. Between the lot of them it looked like the monster was pretty well handled, even if the fighter were all little knocked around themselves.

Well this was as good an opportunity as any, than.

She walked up to the edge of the weird ice wall, something she sort of understood where it had come from but decided she could think about later, and summoned a friend heart. She looked between her two prospective targets. Geralt, Euden, Geralt, Euden... One was huge, an easy target, and had shown up out of nowhere to help. Plus that dragon form was really really cool. On the other hand if she was being honest with herself she was still kind of sore Geralt had shaken off the heart before. Besides, Din was into him. Higher priority. Geralt first.

She summoned up the heart, nocked it like you would an arrow in her simple bow, and fired it right at The Witchers open back. She was about to do the same to the dragon boy but then the Courier stepped back, stabbed himself with something, and then activated his amazing hat. The worm thingy whirled around, releasing a red mist that seemed to float down all around them. As it soaked into her the spiral charm on Linkle's belt began to shine, and all of a sudden sound came back into world. She could hear something other than a constant ringing again, and the gash on her leg that had steadily been leaking her life blood onto the ground closed up by itself. In fact in a few short moments Linkle felt totally fine, not an ache or a pain in her entire body.

The light of the charm faded silently, and unnoticed by her.
Dan smiled back at her, super satisfied to see someone enjoying the gift he'd brought. He'd been worried when he'd seen the palace that his fellows would have too refined a pallet to take simple joy in something you got for 7 bucks at a pizza plack. Still, the thing she said was strange. "You haven't given me any reason not to trust you. I was more interested in knowing know what you thought of the story, or the palace. It's not every day you meet someone from a different Earth, after all."

As Stefan asked his question Dan set his box on the floor, stood up, and gave the woman his hand. The vibe he gave off was trusting and curious, not unlike that of a kitten tentatively reaching out its paw to touch it's owner for the first time. "I'm Daniel, by the way. It's nice to make your acquaintance, miss."

That's when the man who had been lurking at the back of the room spoke up loudly. Dan looked over and saw darkness swirling around. In an instant his entire demeanor changed. The kitten was gone, pulling back as his whole body tensed itself to spring. What replaced it was a battle wary stray, small and scarred all over yet unwilling to back down from any sort of rival. When the portal snapped to life in front of them, leading to that realm of teaming darkness, his own blade flashed into his hand as he unconsciously moved forward in front of his new friend. Closer to the portal, between the group and the portal, never taking his eyes off the portal.

When it finally snapped shut he shifted his gaze to the man. He didn't move otherwise, but his pool noodle vanished from his hand. "He's right." Dan said, in the closest tone to begrudging he could muster. "I've been to whole towns that look exactly like that. We've tried our hardest back home, but we can't stem the tide. I don't believe it matters how our worlds came to be. All I care bout is protecting them. If I can't do that with my power..."

He looked back, gazing from Stefan to Tocsax, then up to the Emperor. "...Then I don't see any problem trying things their way. If it works, then it works. If it dosen't, at least I know I tried something."

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