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I still ain't dead!

I am, however, posting from a tablet a nice group of mormons gave me while I wait for Sprectrum to repair my internet lines. This means I can't get on discord because it dosen't like me logging in on other devices and won't see fit to send the email that I could use to resolve this problem, even though it keeps assuring me it has. So I'm afraid you guys are still without me on the front, I don't know for how long. They keep assuring me the lines will be fixed in two days and have been doing so for a week and a half.

Basically, carry on as normal and keep up the good work while I try to resolve these issues.
Can't talk long. I ain't dead
@Stern Algorithm

"So, maintenance!" Eldrid said as he walked into the infirmary, whipped off his cape, and in one smooth motion tossed it over a chair in the corner. The chair, unbalanced by the weight, tipped over and clattered noisily to the floor. Eldrid looked at it for a moment, them unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the pile. The symbols on his body didn't stop at his face, a larger pair was painted across his surprisingly well-defined chest. "I hope you don't mind the war paint." he said, starching his arms above his head and cracking his back. "I'm sure it won't throw off a big impressive robot like you."

He spun around. "As you can see, I've got no cyber parts so I guess this should be easier than what you're used to dealing with. Or..." he stopped, leaning forward to get a good look at legion. "Is it more comfortable working with metal for you? I'm just curious, I've never really worked with an AI. I always imagined working on a machine would be more uncomfortable for a free machine, like the sight of guts disgusts a human being. That's how I wrote it, anyway."
@Letter Bee

Some one-on-one with the medibot seems fun, yeah.
"I can be sneaky, but I'm certainly no specialist." Eldrid said. Really, it only took one look at his garish get-up to know where the boy fell on the spectrum between quiet and LOUD. Most of his stealth during the war had been the kind where you hunkered down in a half-collapsed cellar praying the armored footsteps moved on soon. Desperate stealth, that was it. Hiding because there was no other option.

Eldrid shook the memory out of skull. No, he wasn't that frightened boy. Neither was he that pragmatic soldier. He was Eldrid the Wizard now.

"I could disable a tank or two though." He said with sudden, unshaking confidence. "Provided I get close enough to lay hand to it, which shouldn't be a problem if I'm careful. I could also do something about that numerical advantage they have on us, depending on how much time we have before we arrive and...Legion, you said you were an engineer. Do you keep rivets on this ship? Or nails? Any good quality bit of metal that you can stake into the ground? I'd need that."
No time like he present to get to fighting.


"Stay closer to me this time, Rurik." Bak said, glancing over her shoulder. "Brutus will try to zap me with lightning. We must blow him up before this happens. Also, will keep you from getting one more nasty bruise." She tapped the side pf her face, the same spot where he'd gotten decked last match, and grimaced. He'd gotten to far afield, and she hadn't been fast enough to intercept it. She'd gotten a fair share of attacks thrown at her but none of them stung as much as that one. "Neither I or Christine want that, do we?"

As she turned to Christine she started to lean back as far as she safely could. "Christine..." Bak started, her eyes darting down for a half-second before springing back up to the girls mentionable parts. Christine was a pervert, pure and simple. A pervert showing off her perfect legs and thighs and...just everything without a care in the world in a stadium full of people. It was a level of unconcerned bravery that Bak would never admit she both resented and admired and like it or not it afforded them certain tactical advantages over the other, less admirable, perverts that dotted the other teams. "Be careful, there is girl on other team. She may be harder to get by than boys." Bak did her best to aim her guns over the top of the far wall. "I will soften them for you!"

With several loud bursts and the whiff of gunpowder Bak fired her canons. The shells traveled in wide arcs like old artillery, flying over the top of the far wall and falling to earth at the approximate location of the Vigilantes on the far side of the field.
"Maybe it's just my genre fiction roots talking but I have to share in Legion's concerns." Eldrid said, really glad that the robot had been the one to bring it up first. "When I hear the words 'uprising of Syntethics,' it makes me nervous. I'd like to know whether Realist's intentions have been verified or not. After they got their robot army, what were they planning on doing with it?"

He was curious about how, exactly, the ship had come to rest on the planet but Stella had already taken the liberty to asking for him. He had a hunch the cause of the crash was currently unknown.

"Still, I'd rescue this AI irregardless. If their job was maintaining the war effort they probably have at least some insight into us." Eldrid gestured to the other super soldiers in the room. "It probably isn't the specific data that I want but it might make for a fine start."
"There goes my plan to enchant the entire ship." Eldrid said in response to Reisus's request, only half jokingly. It would have been a fun experiment, at the very least. He'd never really tried with something as big as an entire ship. "By the way, tit for tat, I also do that if we're sharing specialties. So if any of the crew around here ever want something that floats, or makes little mud men, or..." he gave Legion a good once over, before his eyes lit up. "You want beams? Because if you don't do beams, and you want to do beams, I could probably give you beams. No engineering necessary. It would all be the least I could do for your hospitality."

He glanced around at all the cyberware sitting around this table. That was a lot of quality metal. He could probably add beams to all of them, he mused. He had never had the pleasure of enchanting for someone else before. Back during the war there had been more trustworthy enchanters, kids that had specialized in the craft to an almost useless degree. No one had ever trusted the administrators pet to touch up their gear. This was a chance to really push his limits, take the magic for a spin, and really see what he could accomplish when given ample time.

Besides, he though, his eyes unconsciously drifting over to Stella. Could you really call it a robot if it couldn't fire at least one beam?
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