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@Crazy Scion@rawkhawk64

Bak strained under her own weight, pressing against the familiar pattern of the school with both hands. She pushed herself up enough for her to take a breath, then started the awkward process of getting her legs up under her so she could stand.

She rose slowly, trying ineffectually to brush the dirt and black grime off her uniform. She was definitely going to have to be doing some laundry tonight. At least the black gunk was no longer leaking from her launcher. She would need to find a way to clean that too. After all, she couldn't go looking like this to the next council meeting.

Yuuto had fallen unceremoniously to the floor as she'd fallen through, and after checking that he had no real noticeable injuries from that she scooped him up and placed him on a nearby bench. Luckily they seemed to be near the gym, so if nobody came for him she could go get one of the mats to lay him on. After he woke up he would be getting that lecture about trying too hard to win.

She spotted David off to the side and gave him an appreciative nod for getting them home. He might have been the one to out Yuuto in this state, but she had already chalked that up to a misunderstanding considering everything else that had happened today. Yeah, all this infighting had just been a series of horrible misunderstandings and everything would be just business as usual come tomorrow. Christine would be a pervert, Vittorio would be depressed, Gilliam would be weird, and Rurik would be lazy. Speaking of Rurik, he had better not be lollygagging on getting through that portal-

"Where is portal?" She asked, looking at the blank wall she had stepped through to get back here. Bak turned slowly, looking up and down the hallway to try and get a glimpse of Rurik. He wasn't there. "What has happened?" She asked, stepping up to the wall. She searched the wall like she did the hallway, looking like she thought she'd find him in the off white paintjob if she just tried hard enough. Then she raised a fist and pounded on the wall like it was a door. "Rurik?" She called, knocking again with both hands. "Rurik!"

They had left him.

She had left him.

She just stood there for a moment, the flats of her hands pressed up against this wall like it was the only thing keeping her from her friend. Her eyes flicked over to her hands, to the dried blood that was starting to fleck off as she pressed her fingers against the drywall, harder and harder until there was a cracking sound as they went straight in, sending out a spider web of fissures around her hands. She stepped back, cold, and looked down at Yuuto. All the events of the past hour came flooding back to her.

Vittorio, hurt then abandoned.
Yuuto, hurt.
Christine, gone.
Clara, abandoned.
Celestine, abandoned at a place that was destroyed.
Rurik, abandoned.

The only person fine was David, who she hadn't even known before today. And herself, of course. During all of this nonsense she had managed to keep herself safe. Bak Tsarevna had somehow gotten out okay!

She put her head in hands and stood there, shaking. A great sheepheard is willing to fight for a single sheep. So what do you call a sheepheard that hadn't protected a single one? That had just sat there and let them fight one another? That couldn't even go get them because she didn't know where they were?

She had one job...

"Can you send me back?" She asked quietly as she lifted her head, despite knowing the answer now.
"Trust me, there's no one down there you have to feel bad for." Georgia said, before turning and calling to the pilot. "Pull back and set us down somewhere outside the city. We're going it quiet."

As she stepped out into the cool night air of the German countryside Georgia she took a moment to just enjoy it. After all, it wasn't as though she'd never been deep in enemy territory looking to do something really inadvisable before. Snopes stood at her side, nose lifted in the air. A near constant snuffle sound came from it's nostrils. She looked down at him, watching his reaction intently. The raptor cocked it's head in confusion, and Georgia narrowed her eyes. "What do you smell boy? Smell?"

Snopes just shook his head from side to side, which got an eyebrow raise from her. He was confused, she could tell that, and as she listed she could get an idea why. There was no noise around here. No chirping of crickets or the croak of toads, the only thing rustling the grass and bushes being the breeze. "There's nothing." She said in slight shock. 'There are no animals around. There aren't even bugs."

She leaned down to her partner and took his head in her hands, trying to shake off the eerie feeling that had crept up her spine. "This is good." She said, unconvincingly. "Smells are just gonna stand out harder, won't they boy? You smell anything coming you tell us, right?"

Snopes growled lowly and batted the road twice with his tail in responds. That got a nod from Georgia, who stood back up. "He'll tell us if we're about to have company. We probably shouldn't approach from the road, but if we take our time we can find a spot that's unguarded to slip in."

"Kaze?" Claude called as she exited the room and stepped through the hallway, camera once again raised up to her eye. "Where are you you big hunka man? I gotta get some reference footage of ya."

She couldn't have the Animal Planet thinking she was hoaxing them using her big dragon friend, after all. But apparently he was staying outside for now. She was just about to make her way out to look for him when she heard movement upstairs and stopped.

She looked up, tracing the banister up the side of the stairs with the camera and grinned. May as well see what the rest "the team" was up to while she was at it. She hopped up the stairs, taking them two at a time, and as she made it to the top she was met with a pair of room and a boy crossing the hall between them.

"There he is, our first boy! Hey, how's it goin?" She said with a grin. She gripped the banister, planted her soles on the top step, and leaned way back to get all of Cole in the frame. "What's your name? How ya enjoyin the fresh air so far? What do you think might be lurkin in these woods?"

I've been posting on this site for a while now, and throughout my time here I occasionally see these romance rps based around people having a mark on them that connects them to their soul mate. It's not as though it's a huge trend but there's enough of a pattern for these rps to peak my curiosity because, despite taking place in multiple sections and being created by multiple users, they seem to have an established set of rules they tend to follow. People are marked, they're fated to fall in love with the one that shares there mark, if one of the pair dies the mark goes grey etc etc...

What I'm wondering is what is the source for these rps? Is this a standard RP type on the internet? Was there an anime or fantasy novel that used this as a premise? And if anyone has played in them, did it go well and stay compelling?


Level 4 - (11/40) + 1

Location: The Open Road

Word Count: 713

Linkle shook her head as the power of the healing rabbit stitched up her savaged eardrums. She nodded her thanks at Heal as he bounded away over the side to help out the other rabbids, and stood up in the seat of Bowsers cart. She had been lucky for that spider shield, she'd have been much more hurt when she slammed into the side without that to absorb the blow.

Of course she had no time to could her blessings because now she could see what was coming for them, the thing that had been hiding in the light of that fire face she'd killed. She'd thought the Bowsermobile was big, but this was a monster. That was the only way to describe it, a cart monster. Agoston was doing his best to drag it back, but even his mass was no match for the power of the thing, and as it tore lose from his grip the only thing standing between it and Bowsers cart was the Koopa King himself.

The courage of the king was shown by very few. Instead of diving for safety or driving away and threw himself into the jaws of the beast. He paid for it, hard, and as Linkle watched in shock as spikes and shell splinters were splayed over the scrubland the Bowesermobile unexpectedly started moving. The shock of it made Linkle lose her balance, sending her tumbling backwards over the side and onto the ground below. As the cart pulled away she could only try to leap up and run from the monster bearing down join her.

Luckily for her the rabbids she'd befriended last night came in her moment of need, swooping in and launching her through the air into their cart as it sped away. They hopped back in, leaving Linkle to only watch in horror as the monster mulched her mighty steed.

She could almost hear it whinny as it went under the tire.

Linkle clenched her fists, bared her teeth, and marched to the front of the cart. "Hey!" She called to the driver. "Bring us along side that monster. It's gonna pay for what it did to Bowser and my bike!"

At first the driver didn't seem to understand. What was she going to be able to do to a machine as massive as that. Then Linkle pulled something from behind her ear and gave it a squeeze. The hissing noise could be heard and recognized even over the roar of the engines and gunfire. They were familliar with that noise from last night too. The driver gave a wild laugh and spun the cart around, headed back toward the Brothers Grimm.

As they neared the stalled out monster Agoston was already making headway, wrestling with it and trying to beat it to pulp. Linkle grinned. That made this easier. As they sped up she plucked one of her bolts from and crossbow and flicked it away, replacing it with the green, sulphurous Organ she'd gotten from the exploding monsters last night.

She wondered which part she should use it on. Everything was so armored. She only had the one, she she needed to make it count. Then, as she watched, the Princess pulled in from and pumped a shot into the big black thing before pulling away. She could hear the hissing of escaping air all the way from over here with how massive the thing was, but did that mean the monster rolled around on what were essentially balloons?

"Go along the either side!" She shouted, and pulled up along the side with the undamaged tire. It was even bigger up close. No way could you pierce that with an arrow. So she let fly with the Creeper Heart, shooting it smack into the tire as the cart flew past. Even if the impact didn't set it off there was no way the monster wouldn't run it over if it started moving again.

The rabbit cart pulled away and Linkle suddenly remembered to pull her hood up over her rabbit ears and pull done to try and mute the sound of the explosion.

@Hammerman@KillamriX88@Crazy Scion@RoflsMazoy@rawkhawk64@AtomicNut

Rurik was easily able to pull himself out of Bank's grip, mostly cause the girl was eyeing the winged figure that was approaching. She aimed her cannons at the figure as it approached, even if she knew she wouldn't hit without her targeting system. For all she knew that was another enemy, like that demon lady from the roof. She was pleasantly surprised that it was the demon girl from the tournament, the one that had given the Vigilante team what for then exposed herself to everyone. Even if she was a pervert and a St. Laurals Bak figured she was okay.

This was proven son enough when she cast her demonic blood runes to heal everyone present, not just Alto. Not fully, and it hadn't seemed to wake the slumbering Yuuto, but it was the thought that counted even if it didn't do anything for her...wait, her what? What curse?

This offhand comment from the demon also drew the attention of Gloria. She had been giving the demon a stern look since she plopped down, thought it was more the look you got right before the ruler came down than anything.

Bak got her thoughts dragged away from thoughts of a curse as anew problem presented itself. "Wait, you can not take us back?" Bak whispered as David made his offer to take them to the school. That was a huge problem. She had no idea where the tree she'd sequestered Vittorio under actually was. It was a park, sure, but it was a park she'd gotten into and out of via teleportation so she couldn't even find it that way. It couldn't be far, she could search, but she stood out and she was sure the cops could find her first and a fight with then would take soooo long and from the way things were shaping up Alto would probably involve in that.

Rurik was doing his best to distract him, but even Bak realized that wouldn't keep him off for that long. They had to leave, but Bak wasn't leaving anyone behind so there was a good chance there was another fight on the horizon. Luckily for everyone as the portal was opening up a voice cut through Bak's mind before she could do something stupid.

"Bak. Return to School. The day is over," it said.

Bak looked up and around. "Tovarisch?" She whispered. Clara wasn't around anywhere she could see. "Where are you?"

"Right where you left me." She replied, and Bak felt a pang of guilt at that even if she had no control over where she'd gone. "In all the excitement it seems everyone forgot about these useful little communicators we were supposed to use during the tournament."

Bak remembered the rules, the things that were supposed to let The school captains coach their teams during the game. Clara must have been searching for where they went with her eye demons, and contacted her once she found them. In a sense she was using this communication for its intended purpose right now.

"But what about Vitto-" Bak started.

"I have him. Return." Clara said plesently.

"But Celest-"

"I will handle it. Return." Clara insisted.

"But what about-"

"Bak." Clara interrupted. "Do you, for some reason, mistrust me?"

There was just enough disappointment layered into that last questions to make it feel like being stabbed in the heart, and Bak immediately backed down.

"Nonono! I will be retreating now. Come now Rurik." She said quickly, turning around and letting herself fall into the flowing hole before anyone could stop them.

The world tilted unnaturally and she was suddenly slamming forward onto the floor with a crash.


Gilliam laughed as the bomb fell into the middle of the clones and detonated. The fact that their masks were blown off only made the explosion that much bigger, and as the heat washed over his still staining burns he slithered around to the back of Luigi's neck to avoid the unplesantness.

Then, as the smoke cleared, he suddenly looked up into the air. "Master?" He said. "No. Just the one. I can't take credit, Master Luigi did the majority of the, unfortunately not. My apologies. In good health. One. Would you like us too...? Yes, right away master."

"Master Luigi." He said. "I've been informed that the battle is concluded. Master Clara commends you on your fine work."
Be open with the players about the tone you want and make sure that they're on board with that. Make it clear you're looking for players interested in game of of desperate, blood soaked survival instead of ones that just want to be wasteland badasses.
Georgia looked between Hirtula and Victor, cat like smile on her face from their opposite descriptions of great Britain. "I think I'll plop my assessment down in between y'alls: In my experience Britons are absolute madmen in the best possible way. They love swords, hate dragons, and don't know what the word fear means. All in all, pretty awesome."

Despite the danger of the mission she was actually feeling pretty good during the transport ride. It felt almost nostalgic, being dropped deep inside enemy territory. True, she had never been sent in as an assassin before but she had killed some evil guy while looking in on some unknown creature. She rationalized that this was just that flipped on its head: she'd get to see some new heartless strains and, as almost an afterthought, they'd kill Hitler.

Snopes curled up in the corner, stripped of his big harness in order to give him full range of movement if he needed. She wasn't worried about him. As much of a goofball as he was at leisure he knew when it was mission time. Even now she could see he wasn't really resting, his eyes cannily sweeping the room for danger from where his head resented on his forelimbs.

She looked up when the brothers introduced themselves. They were on to something. Who knew when everyone would be in one room like this again? With all the new arrivals she wasn't rightly sure who she'd told her name to already. May as well take advantage "I'm Georgia, Cryptozoologist. I discover creatures that don't exits. That's Snopes." She said, and jerked her thumb at Snopes who raised his head at the mention of his names. "He's my clever boy, been with me since I was a little girl, and probably the best partner you could ask for."

As the boy squad exited the ship over London she turned her thoughts to what. Asher had confided in her last night. She had never really been into the hippy-dippy "all things in the university connected in a kalidoscopic energy field" brand of psychic powers, but there was one thing she'd picked up: dreams were never really just dreams, especially if someone was communication with you in them. She knew from personal experiance, more than a few times she'd woken in a cold sweat when Indrid's grinning ghoulish face had popped into her head to relay some important information. So she took for granted that this "Usagi" girl was real. Whether or not she was really on their side was what was up for debate. She wanted to ask him if he'd had another dream, but decided against it. He'd told her that in confidence, and ambushing someone in front of other people was a good way to lose her only source of information on this new development.

Instead she turned to the task at hand as they approached Berlin. "All right, as stoked as I am about this I would really rather not go to war with the entire German army. So, how do we get in without them seeing us?"

@MagusDream@Nerevarine@ShadowVentus@Double@Shoddy McCoy


Level 4 - (10/40) + 1

Location: The Open Road

Word Count: 251


Watching the towering man in front of her turn one of the carts into a pile of molten metal only made Linkle more determined to feed him more cars, and she was quite satisfied to see her arrow fly true and, along with Franklins weird green shooting gun, cripple another vehicle on which he could exert his wrath.

The last two enemy cars, cowed into submission by the might their team displayed, turned tail and ran like cowards calling for help.

Wait, help?

Linkle barely had time to feel good about herself before spotting, burning in the sky like Galeem, a monstrous face descending toward the Bowser Mobile. Wreathed in fire, hair wild, grinning like a maniac, she didn't even have time to process how absolutely terrifying this new monster was before deciding it needed to die.

She reached down and, emboldened by her accuracy aghast the enemy tire, grabbed another of the strange arrows. She drew back and loosed, and as the arrow pierced the flaming creature there was a massive explosion that rocked her even from that distance. The force of it knocked her off her feet, throwing her backwards into car door, but the pain in her back was nothing compare dto her ears. The sound reverberated in them like a sucker punch right to the ear drums. She reached up to the rabbit ears and squeezed them closed, much too late to prevent any of the damage.

She really should have just let Junpei cut them off!

Level 4 - (8/40) + 2

Location: Peace's Castle, Yard ---> The Open Road

Word Count: 1,115

@thedman@Stern Algorithm@Stekkmen@DracoLunaris

Linkle listened intently to what Franklin had to say and made sure she understood it as he walked off. It was simple, but then again so had been Michaels gun advice and she hadn't quite gotten that the first time around so she wanted to make sure she'd abide by what he told her. She didn't want any more unfortunate misjudgements on her part.

As she sorted it out and heard Bowser roar that it was time to go, his big cart letting out a rumble as it pulled off. All around her the karts rumbled to life, and she hurriedly ran over and jumped on the horse shaped two-wheeler. Slamming her hand down on the button to make the majestic steed roar to life she searched around with her feet until she found something that moved and slammed down on what she thought was the accelerator.

The kart listed shamefully to the side as the other began to depart, resting on its kickstand.

Luckily for Linkle Franklin himself had selected a similar kart, so instead of sitting there all confused she'd just watched what he did. Twisting the handles seemed to make you go, and after a few sudden spurts and false starts Linkle sailed off after the pack.

It wasn't as though he'd tried to trick her, she thought. As she went fairly slowly across the grassy paths of the Mushroom Kingdom, she found out that all the components were there. You twisted to go fast, the little levers were to slow you down, and you turned the handles from side to side to turn. She took the opportunity while things were still calm to practice and really get a feel for it, seemingly accepting her place at the back of the pack for now and just enjoying the smooth ride, the wind on her face, and the rabbit songs that were carried back to her on that wind. Once you got used to it they really were easy to control. She'd never even been on a horse before, but she had trouble believing that it was anywhere as smooth and easy as this.

As if in response to this thought she was suddenly passed by Din, clopping along on the back of some goat creature like some kind of mythical deity. She narrowed her eyes. Starting at the back was one thing, but getting passed? No, no, no, that awoke a fire. "Okay, horsey, let's see what you can really do!" She gunned the engine and shot forward to catch up with Din.

Linkle pulled up along side her. "Hey." She said, though it was a little hard to hear anything as the engine purred and the wind whipped past her ears. "Nice goat. That one of those pokemon? I didn't know they got that big." She just assumed from the ball that they were all supposed to be little.

She hung around Din as the grass and hills gave way to dust and dirt, just in case that creature got tired and gave out. As she rode she leaned low and pulled her hood up over her head to shade herself from the suddenly scorching sun and keep the dirt thrown up by the rest of the convoy out of her eyes, though she still ended up eating a good amount of it and it started clogging up her nose something fierce.

She almost didn't see the big jump coming, only noticing it as she saw the other karts launched into the air. Seeing everyone else take it no problem she sped up and was launched over the gap. Her stomch fell all the way pout of ger chest as she flew through the ir, then right back into it as gravity caught up with her and she started her downward decent. She braced herself and landed roughly, front tire dipped a little to far forward, and nearly lost control of the vehicle but managed to wrench the thing back into balance just in time. She sighed with relief. If she could handle something like that it was safe to say she was a good kart driver. Anything the desert tried to throw at her now would be no problem.

She heard the desert's next curve ball before she saw it. Something being carried on the wind back to her, a different sound than the purr of engines, a different song than the happy singing of the rabbits. Something angry. Then she saw Bowsers big kart, visible even through the giant dust cloud it trailed in its wake, pull to the front to the front of the convoy and turn, spinning to its side to block the road. It looked like they'd finally made contact with the enemy. Linkle sped up.

She saw the others all shooting forward with their karts, going around the defensive wall Bowser had set up, but Linkle slowed down and skidded to a stop behind the kart. As confident as she felt just riding the thing she didn't feel like she had the skills needed to fight while doing so. She kicked the stand down, stood up on her kart, and jumped up onto Bowsers to seem what was going on.

Absolute mayhem, looked like. It was easy to tell who the enemy was from the way their karts were much bigger, even if what was going on was hard to see though the dust being kicked up by the battle. She still make out Donnie zipping around throwing magic at people, and it was impossible no to spot the now massive form of Agoston stomping on anything that came close. She gawked at that for a few moments, having never wanted something so badly and yet never knowing it. She needed some of whatever had dome that.

Putting her fantasies of Giga Linkle out of her head, she ran over to where Bowser was spitting fireballs into fray. Linkle withdrew that bow she'd gotten from the skeleton and decided to follow his lead, giving support fire to the one's on the front line. She withdrew and drew back one of the blocky arrows and hoped her new aiming translated to this. She didn't think the arrow would do any damage to the cars bodies, but the black wheels the things rolled around on seemed a significantly softer target. She waited for one of the ramshackle vehicles to come into Agoston's range, figuring that anything wounded within reach of his big meaty hands was just as good as dead, and as one skidded around to try and give the centurion a wide berth she let loose at the things tire to cripple it for him. Really, she just wanted to see him smash something.
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