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The Tournament!!!

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As the horn as sounded signalling the students assembled on the field to retreat to their locker rooms to await their respective matches the large black screen's built into the walls around the seats flared to life, displaying the neatly arrayed tournament brackets. "That's right folk, feast your eyes and make sure you don't forget. One of these teams will fight their way past their legion of competitors to be crowned the Kings of Capture The Flag, pushing their school into this years front runner."

The camera pulled away from the brackets and as it did the whole interior of the announcers box came into view. Two people sat behind a long table, and easygoing looking man that lounged with his head resting on his hand and a serene looking nun that sat stock straight with her gauntleted fists folded in front of her. The man gave a cheeky little smile and sat up. "And will be your MC's for today's festivities! As always I am the ever gregarious, ever gorgeous, ever oh so humble Adenium Alhazred and joining me today to provide her insight on battle strategy and tactics is the lovely fist of the God of War himself, Mother Superior Gloria Maximillia!"

Gloria gave her own sweet smile a bowed to the audience. "May the grace of Bishamonten be with all those brave souls who do battle today, and may he sup greedily upon the blood we are about to spill."

"Hehehehe," Adenium laughed nervously. "Remember friends, we're all here to have a good time. There are medical teams standing by, along with a few St. Laurel's alumni ready to step in in case someone decides they're not here for good time, so if you've got a vendetta check it at the door and it's bound to be there waiting for you when leave. Speaking of..."

What looked like a bubble was currently growing in the center of the arena. It expanded outward, occasionally sparking with energy as it encountered the obstacles laid out before pushing past to envelop them. It expanded to the walls of the arena and then began to blow up, like a huge oval shaped balloon, Until it looked like the whole area and a good amount of the air above it was enclosed in a giant, glossy soup bubble. Then the gloss faded, unto the bubble could only faintly be seen when the wind blew hard enough to jostle it.

"Looks like they have the bound field in place." Adenium continued. "You folks in the front row might be tempted to touch the Bound field because it's so bouncy, but I would advise against this."

"I remember when they added the electric component of the bound field." Gloria said wistfully. "We would dare one another to see who could go the longest jumping on it before the shocks rendered us unconscious. Of course, they were stronger back in the day."

"Yes, nowadays it's just enough to keep someone from trying to push their way through the field. Remember that it is protective measure, for both the audience and the competitors."

"Though you could still stick someone to it and hold them there until they pass out."

"Gloria, please..."

"Pardon? Are we not all here to have fun?"

Meanwhile, as these words blared from the screen that was also in the Mephisto locker room it was drowned out by a small crisis. Not only had Thobias never shown up, but it seemed like Celestine had gotten cold feet and pulled a runner. Clara had assured everyone that, as she trusted their judgement on the battlefield, she would be the one to go and search for the delinquent students. The problem was she wasn't back yet, the first match was about to start, and that left Bak and Rurik high and dry. They'd be disqualified without their third member.

So it was that Bak had gone begging.

"Please please please please please!" Bak said, hands clasp in front of her chest as she tilted anxiously in front of the trio of Yuuto, Vittorio, and Christine. "I am sure Clara will find someone before your match, but if Rurik and I do not have Christine right now we will lose before we even get to fight!"

Once she got their agreement she all but picked Christine up and carried her away to their match.

Luckily for Vittorio and Yuuto, however, Clara had indeed found someone. With a whiff of brimstone a noticeably frazzled and twitchier Gilliam was suddenly dumped out of thin air into the room. His hair was matted and unkempt, his clothing was mismatched, he smelled like a sewer, and he didn't seem to have full control of the configuration of his face. He looked around, his eyes frantically scanning the room he was in. Then, realization! "This was today?" He asked incredulously from two separate mouths before dragging himself to his feet. "How long have I been gone?"

And so the matches began and continued throughout the day, the weaker teams and fodder sent in by lesser schools falling like wheat before the farmers scythe. Henry Darge, Trevor Graybody, Goldilocks Evergreen, YOLOman, all strong fighters in their own right and yet all came up short until, at last, the tournament was within spitting distance of being decided.

The final eight teams stared at the brackets that decided their fate.

First was Rurik, Christine, and Bak VS. Andras, Brutus, and Aram. Bak scowled at the listing. Vigilantes! Traitors that they were she couldn't wait to put a missile in the faces, even it it meant facing Brutus's awful Zaps.

Next was Andreim, Lise, and Samoth VS. Reverie, Eulogy, and Misery, representing Bishamonten Seminary. Strange as their names were they had done really well for a bunch of nuns in training.

Third was Katherine, Cassius, and William VS. Vittorio, Yuuto, and Gilliam. Gilliam had managed to get calmed down and showered, but had still seemed filled with the nervous energy of a hunted animal. He spent the matches before this more concerned with scanning the crowd, refused to take his base form in public, and was even pretending that he only had super strength and reflexes, forgoing his monstrous powers entirely.

This, though, had nothing on the strangeness going on with Katherine, who had spent the first half of the day seemingly having hushed, mumbling arguments with herself that just seemed to get worse and worse as the day wore on. In contrast her performance in the arena just seemed to get stronger and stronger. Now, though? The arguments had stopped. Or maybe they'd reached some kind of stasis? Whatever the case there was an eerie glint in her eyes now.

The last was Wolf, Naseraph, and Michael VS. Meredith, Diana, and Ria. A match the Nasearph seemed strangely exited for. On the opposite side, however, someone thing weird was happening with Ria. As they fought through their matches together Ria's expression became more and more foreign to her. Even the people who had never had the displeasure on knowing her would think it was strange that a girl whose team was doing so well had such a look of worry on her face. Those that did know her knew that Ria never worried about anything.

Finally the horn sounded, calling the first teams onto the field. Which one would stand atop the pinnacle, waving their flags proudly in victory? That was about to be decided!

Since Potatoe has decided to drop out due to real life concerns we're going to have to change the teams up a little bit.

@Hammerman, would you like Christine to stay with her current team or would you like her to come back to team Rurik and pretend that was always the case? Also, would you like control over Katherine?

Dogs eyes were drawn to the motion of the maces metal head as it rolled away across the floor, and since he was the closest one when the behemoth began it's spin the tube of the rocket launcher caught him full in the side and sent him skipping across the floor and through the display windows of a nearby men's boutique.

As he pulled the coat that had fallen on his head and looked up from his place atop a pile of broken mannequins he clutched his side to try and stem the growing aura of pain he felt from the blow. What had the built hat thing out of? That wasn't flesh, there's no way that was flesh. It had been more like swinging into a slab of iron.

He looked up at the shout of a battle cry, noticing that someone else new had chosen to join the fight. Unfortunately he was going about it the same was the rest of them had, moving in to bash the thing in melee, and that...that wasn't working. Cutting it made the worms come out, he wasn't sure that was a good thing but it was a damn sight more progress than he or Mikkish had made. He pulled himself out of the window while trying to think of some other way he could try and fight that thing, trying to formulate some other strategy he could use.

His eyes lit up when he spotted a red box on the wall, it's clear glass front displaying a hose wrapped up inside. Yeah, yeah, maybe if he couldn't hurt it he could at least do something to disorient it while the others where hacking away. He ran over to the case and ripped out the door, pulling the hose out while the monster was still consumed with the warrior, and turned it in the monsters direction before spinning the nozzle and unleashing a torrent of his pressure water at the things head to try and disorient it.

No it didn't. I was trying to get it to loosen its grip, but that didn't work.
Yes, his plan had worked!

Oh no; his plan had worked!

The sword dropped from Dog's hand and clattered across the floor as he ducked, gripped the floor with both his arms, and used all his limbs to throw himself out of the way of the incoming rocket. He felt it pass within a hairs breadth of him as she himself rocked into the opposite wall and heard it explode behind him. He caught himself on the wall and kept running at the STARS thing.

He was happy to see that it had focused on him and not one of the others. All three of them were up close and personal with it now. Something had to be done about that weapon. If it fired at its own feet it would get them all. As Dog closed in he considered his options. He couldn't use his teeth for this, he knew that. Zombies were all carriers of some deadly disease and even if he was designed to eat corpses he didn't want to risk that. There had never been anything like a zombie virus before.

Luckily for him his companions had giver him an option. As Dog got close he scooped up the mace Mikkish had thrown earlier that was still lying at the Starts monsters feet and spun with it, putting all his power into a blow aimed at the wrist of the hand that held the rocket launcher, to break it and keep the thing from firing again.
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The explosion forces Dog to move overtime. Following after the new guy that was, somehow, moving even faster than he was Dog skidded around a corner just in time to spot Mikkish getting bitten in the shoulder. But the more important thing, the much bigger point of focus, was the giant zombie. Not as big and terrifying as Zanni he didn't think, but this one had a rocket launcher! That it was loading!

Luckily for him the vampire (vampire? like a for real vampire??) had managed to get over the top of his head to get that good flank. To capitalize on that Dog duck low to the ground and charged, the sword kicking up spanks and making a noise like nails on a chalkboard as it bounced across the floor. If STARS turned around dog was going to bury this claymore in his skull. If he didn't, well, Dog had dodged rockets before. Admittedly at a longer range than this, but still.

@Shadow Dragon@MikkishtheLeprechaun@Strong Potato

When Bak had stomped out onto the field she had done so with all the flare and pomp of a master heel. She snared and sneered and mugged to anyone close enough to see. She through her weight around as much as she was able, lending her weight to every footfall to leave deep gashes and cutting inhuman prints into the grass. When the cheer went up she screamed with it and fired a volley of missiles into the air, exploding like fireworks above the heads of the Mephisto's. They were the bad guys, she was their pet killing machine, and she made sure her every movement reinforced that. The only thing that cut into this image was that her arm was in some kind of sling.

If they could look inside her head the audience would find an even bigger crack in the facade. Although she was throwing her heart into being terrifying she was really worried, not about the tournament, but Vittorio. She'd been thinking about what he'd said to her, and the more she thought the more she'd been convinced that he was planning to do something...foolish during the tournament. The kind of foolish that you didn't intent to walk away from.

She'd confided as much in Rurik a few days after he had, shockingly, not only announced he planned to join with no prompting but had asked Bak of all people to be his partner. She'd described basically everything he'd said to her, every weird grim proclamation. She'd even gone as far to show Rurik the ring, just to hammer home the point that, no, this time he seemed like he really meant to end it. Then she'd told every member of the student council that cared to listen to her rambling. Except Clara. She didn't need to know what they'd been talking about.

She didn't enjoy doing it. She resented Vittorio a little for making her worry like this on what was, by far, one of her favorite days of the whole year. The tournaments, win or lose, were the most fun she'd ever had. She got to stomp around, be intimidating, shoot to her hearts content, and people cheered her on for it! It was the worlds greatest game! Not to mention it was really the only time she ever went out. If that sad little sheep thought he was going to get himself lost and ruin today for everyone he was going to have to go through her to do it!

The problem was she didn't know exactly what Vittorio was planning to do. She had a general idea seeing as that stupid Alto was in the building, but the way he would get from point A to point Cold-Blooded-Murder still eluded her. She didn't know when, had only a vague idea of where, and the hows were to numerous to count. She also hadn't planned what she would do when he tried something. She also couldn't let him know that she was going to do something since it would be childs play for him to evade her then. All she could do was have as many eyes on him as possible and try to react.

She glanced across the field over to where the St. Laural's were gathered. She caught Samoth looking in her direction and waved before remembering that other people were watching and changing it into a fist shake. Then she laid eyes on who she was actually looking for. The thought of asking him for help didn't sit well with her, but the William boy had name dropped Vittorio specifically. If she told him, what would he do? Maybe call the cops or something. She couldn't really trust what he'd do. Still, another pair of eyes that were close to Alto...

Bak's thoughts were cut off by, ironically, Vittorio. She looked him over, her mind doing that thing where she tried to sort through what she was feeling, before smiling and saying "You to. Do not give up!" She said in a loud stage whisper before raising her fist and firing her gun into the air. "Mephisto's will crush everyone! GAHAHAHAHA!"


Deep in the back of Katherine's head a voice chuckled passively as the two boys spoke. "What a pair of erudite young men. All hail St. Laural's indeed. Surly no one could possibly mistake this for a battle of dominion." She said smugly, before continuing seriously. "Master, take heed of that first year. I can practically taste the ambition behind his eyes. If it were any more naked I would be quite scandalized. I'd also advise caution about the scant few of my kind I can sense in this arena. If you are facing one I will inform you."
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Dog signed, but just a little happily. He was used to doing what metal boxes told him to do. They usually knew things he didn't, and it was comfortingly familiar to be given a mission from one even in these circumstances. "Okay. You and me can have a longer talk after whatever made that sound is dead and we've found a safer home base than this. I'd love to know what this Reapers Hollow is. It sounds pretty old school."

With that Dog turned on his heel and marched out the door, instantly stepping into a puddle of tick black blood left behind by Mikkish's earlier escapades out here. Still resting the giant sword on his shoulder he made his way in the direction he thought that "STARS" sound had cone from.
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