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I guess my comfort zone is "eccentric side character."

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MikkishtheLeprechaun 3 yrs ago
Doing a remake of an old RP, if interested

BespeckledCeph 3 yrs ago
Your profile pick deadass scares me ;-;
Kelewen 5 yrs ago
Thanks for joining the ship wreck RP! I'm going to hold off until tomorrow to reply. Maybe 1 or 2 more will join in the meantime. :)
Nightknight 5 yrs ago
Hey @Gentlemanvaultboy! Just wanted to give you an FYI. Firebrand is not welcome in Infernum territory because they hate demons and anything Chaos related.
Nightknight 5 yrs ago
Hey @Gentlemanvaultboy! Just wanted to say hello and wish you a good day! (:
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