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Current We are born of the Blood, made men by the Blood, undone by the Blood. Our eyes have yet to open. FEAR THE OLD BLOOD!
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If anyone wants to be part of an rp skype chat, hmu on skype. My username there is mikkishtheleprechaun. Or you can give me your username and I can find you.
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MAn, this place has changed. Wonder if anyone else is here from way back in 2012
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I am the one once known as TheApprentice on here.


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One question (I know I have been absent) But can a mage channel magic energy though their body to increase their physical abilities, like imbue themselves with super strength, speed, etc"
@Shadow Dragon

He is still on the beginning floor. I think samdragon dropped out.
@Dealdric@Strong Potato@Shadow Dragon@Gentlemanvaultboy

When the ground froze, Mikkish speed dashed up the wall super mario style and clung to a pipe sticking out of the wall. He let out a sigh when he surveyed the fight scene. Vinashy, the vampire, was going crazy and throwing clothing rack and the ice man was struggling to maintain the spell.

Thats when the tail burst out of the wall, slashing Mikkish across the chest before retreating. Somehow, the creature avoided being frozen and was in the walls/ceiling now, and Mikkish nearly lost his grip. As his bites, scratches, and now a huge wound leaked blood, he attempted to channel his magic, not for strength, but to close said wounds...but alas, this too, was blocked. He never concerned himself over injuries, until now.

"They're in the walls now!" He shouted, pissed off.
@Shadow Dragon

(Slaen had just frozen the ground)
@Strong Potato

"The best course of action is pretty obvious here" Mikkish said to Zanii. Having seen how easily the one was taken out, Mikkish assumed this would be a piece of cake. And where there was one abnormal powerful thing, there was always another.

The rocket Vinashy sent flying had hit...the ground and mutilated a few zombies. The other monster was nowhere in sight. It didn't take long for Mikkish to notice it though. He shot himself, much like the rocket. No, not like the rocket, FASTER than the rocket, at the monster and punched lightning fast at the end of his time warpingly fast run. Alas...when he reached his destination, his fist hit only air. The creature had dodged.

Mikkish looked around. It was nowhere in sight. Thats when a bladed tail ejected from the ground and stabbed at Vinashy, then retreated into the ground. All this in less than a couple seconds.
I am very disappointed in you all for auto hitting/killing one of the monsters. I planned for it to be a big fight, but luckily there is one more.
I will be back for the fight. In the mean time no more auto hitting.
CS for both (There are two)

Name: Verdugo
Species: Human/Insect/Plagas hybrid

Weaknesses: Can be frozen, though this alone will not kill them. Their eyes are not protected, but small.
Phobias: Will dash and dodge if you aim at their eyes
Abilities: Nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, great strength and speed, very resilient even if they take damage, sharp clawed hands, Dangerous sharp tails, can burrow and fit in tight spaces.

Mikkish looked to Slaen "We're chasing him because he might know something about whats going on. In fact, he might have been running for just that reason; because he knew we were coming."

When he heard both Dog and Vinashy speak, however, a sense of dread washed over him, which took him a minute to process.

"Maniacles? Come on, everybody knows about them..." He thought back to what he learned at the Academy, about different scenarios playing out in different universes. He had never actually believed it when he was told about it.

"I think you're right. Way bigger than Maniacles. Maniacles is a mercenary company that rules the world, so how none of you seem to know about them baffles me. Though this could have something to do with a spell that went wrong at the Academy. Regardless, we need real answers and not just theories."

But while everyone spoke, They stalked the racks...

From the corner of his eye, Mikkish noticed one.

"I think we are in for another part." He said, raising his fists and buffing his strength and speed again.
@Dealdric@Shadow Dragon@Strong Potato@Gentlemanvaultboy

"I'm pretty sure Maniacles Corporation did this. They always do shit like this." Mikkish declared with certainty.

Since they had arrived on this floor, their superpowers, weapons, and bloodlust combined took out the masses of zombies. Thats not to say they got rid of all of them, but the ones that remained were either stumbling around in some corner, or amassed in a random, unimportant area. No longer were the hordes too thick to safely move through, but instead a coat of maggot infested viscera carpeted the floor.

Gore and death was nothing new to Mikkish, and neither were macabre horrors. What bothered him was how much of it there now was. He cringed.

Eventually, they made their was to a Macy's, which was interesting because if this was some prison or experiment, people actually took the time to open a store and stock it with all this clothing. A few zombies did linger around here, but more importantly, Mikkish spotted a man in what looked like a cop uniform running into the back. Funny, now it was him chasing the cops down.

"Hey!" Mikkish called, but then something even more strange happened. The back wall...opened to what looked like...another elevator. The cop got in and the elevator then left.
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