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Current We are born of the Blood, made men by the Blood, undone by the Blood. Our eyes have yet to open. FEAR THE OLD BLOOD!
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If anyone wants to be part of an rp skype chat, hmu on skype. My username there is mikkishtheleprechaun. Or you can give me your username and I can find you.
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MAn, this place has changed. Wonder if anyone else is here from way back in 2012
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I am the one once known as TheApprentice on here.


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There was a pause in conversation, and it may or not have just been John, but it seemed a little longer than it probably actually was.

"Different dimensions?" He half spoke, half thought to himself. Where he was from, countless people and factions spent a great deal of time and resources digging up the past. This included not only history but also different methods of education, medicine, and science. The only time he had heard or read the word dimension was when he tried to learn mathematics, but he preferred to learn about combat and gaining physical strength instead.

He turned to the rest of the group "So are any of you from around here? Where is the nearest town?"
Johns brow furrowed, not in hostility or sheer anger, but in irritation.

"Well somebody dragged me here while knocked out and was dumb enough to let me keep my weapons, then I saw someone brandishing katanas. I think attacking was a perfectly reasonable response."

John knew he would have to do something about his arm.

"Now that thats out of the way, one of you got his throat cut and is still standing. One of you got stabbed and ripped open with a knife and lived. A girl has wings and is throwing balls of light. Where am I?"
John looked around at the unusual...creatures all around him. It was true: he was far from home.

"Where am I? Who are all of you?" He demanded.
"Preschool?" John smirked. Schooling was a luxury of the past, before things became dangerous.

He holstered his gun, but was ready to draw it again as quick as he did a minute ago. He might need to, considering the hooded man hissing was either more insane than himself or not at all human. John pointed at Darth with his other axe.

"That man may not be who I thought he was, but I still know a threat when I see one. I attacked him, and the hooded one attacked me."

I hope this aint dying already
@Shadow Dragon@Letmehaveone2@Allycat@unicorgi

Yes, pain shot through Johns arm when it broke and yes, he had a brief urge to retreat and rub it in agony. The ability to feel pain was a gift bestowed upon all humans, after all, but the luxury to react to this pain was not one afforded to anyone in the world John was from, unless they wanted to live beneath someone elses boot all their life. But what Bastard did?

So when the fist hit John in the jaw following his arm breaking, he jumped back but fell on his feet, but didn't scream, didn't make a sound, didn't even touch his arm. He stood with the same aggressive look in his eye as before, and the only sign he was injured was the snapping sound before. Most people, even the tweakers, stopped when they were cut open vertically, but for some reason not this guy who resembled Azrael. He hadn't been lied to: these people had some kind of supernatural abilities, but surely they could still be killed.

So John drew his S&W Revolver lightning quick (a feat to make any wild west gunman gawk in amazement), but refrained from shooting it, as he knew his aim would be affected when the woman let out a bright burst of light and the ground burst into a small crater. Wings shot from her back. When he was in his teens, Mustang tasked him with digging up the past by reading old books on history, science, mythology, etc. He never considered any of the creatures in these books could be real...until now. Could this woman be...a valkyrie?
@Shadow Dragon

Alright look I don't want to be that guy but do you know how hard it is to just twist somebodies arm that much?
@Shadow Dragon@Letmehaveone2

As John was swinging at Darth, he ignored the sharp pain of a cut on his arm made by the scythe Venson was wielding. It wasn't until an axe went across Darth's throat he turned his attention back to Venson, as the staff of his scythe connected with his rib and sent him stumbling into a tree, but this was far from enough to stop John. He parried the elbow with an elbow of his own, and when Venson tried to follow it up with a kick heard a Venson had broken a tree limb.

The blade of John's knife came up trough Venson's abdomen before he following up by slamming his foot right into Venson's mouth. Then with a bit of space between them, John brought an axe down on Venson's shoulder.
@knifeman@Letmehaveone2@Shadow Dragon

John felt the foot press down on his back as if it was supposed to hurt.
"I'm John. I'm a traveling merchant" he lied. These people obviously didn't know who he was...and that gave him an advantage.

He also noted how young everyone else here was. The misconception that older people were, while more experienced, lacking energy was a popular one. A false one also, and John was already sick of being on the ground.

When the samurai...or rather he looked like one, drew his swords and stated his intentions, John had just the adrenaline shot he needed.

John's entire body shot up suddenly from under the scythe wielder's foot with insane power; more force than one would expect John would be capable of, picking up the axe he dropped when he fell and swinging horizontal at the swordsman with one arm, then drawing his knife with the other and slashing at his throat.
@Shadow Dragon@Allycat@Letmehaveone2@unicorgi

John only smirked at what was happening. So he must have gotten rusty, for all that meant anyway. He had been captured before, several times, and each time escaping and slaughtering everyone keeping him.

The funny part was John had noticed the scythe wielder a moment before tripping and winding up in his current predicament, but mistook him for Azrael. Stupid me He thought.

But then there was the scythe wielders question to the others. These...other people here didn't look like the thugs who worked for The Nobility (the ruling gang where he is from) but they didn't look like the typical dirty, depressed losers he usually saw in the ruins of the old world. What was going on?

He looked at the one wielding samurai blades "You don't work for the Daimyo, do you?"

John was still very certain he would need to fight his way out of this one. While these people weren't like his usual enemies, he could sense they weren't totally well intentioned either.
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