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Current I’m also on RPnation and
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We are born of the Blood, made men by the Blood, undone by the Blood. Our eyes have yet to open. FEAR THE OLD BLOOD!
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If anyone wants to be part of an rp skype chat, hmu on skype. My username there is mikkishtheleprechaun. Or you can give me your username and I can find you.
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MAn, this place has changed. Wonder if anyone else is here from way back in 2012
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I am the one once known as TheApprentice on here.


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Oh! I forgot to mention there is a group of people (you can be part of) with nice cars with anime decals. And of course a little street racing.
Interesting things have happened to me this year and that tempts me to make a (mostly) realistic RP based on where I live. Basically the idea is all the characters go to this anime themed bar consistently and there are events, drugs, drama, romance, and there will even be a little combat in the form of fist fighting to keep things interesting. You would play as an ordinary person of course, the type that enjoys nightlife and probably anime/gaming. Maybe you drink too much, maybe do cocaine, the possibilities are endless (but you won't be magic or whatever lol.) Also there are no expectations for how much you post or how often because I am a busy guy myself. Just found a little spare time to do this. Who would be interested?
Is OC allowed?
Hey, just wondering if anyone is interested in an apocalypse rp with a lighter, more funny tone. The funny tone mainly comes from shock humor, but the goal is to not focus on the negative. Also it’s far into the future so there is more I have created which will need to be learned, but I am a fun GM don’t worry. Who is with me?
There are more deadites, terminator robots, nosferatu, and of course the National Guard for you guys to fuck around with also

Jesse looked around he room. The symbols were unlike anything he had ever seen.

"I have never known a ritual to bear any fruit." He said to Zyx, remembering how he dodged bullets "But it seems there is always more for me to see."

"As for a massive ritual sight, do you mean human sacrifices?" Jesse had a deal going back in Culrud with a tribe of cannibals that performed ritualistic cannibalism on their enemies.
I'm trying to think of things to get everyone's character active
Don't worry. I like to believe that all of us are absolutely clueless in some way. 😏

That includes me btw XD

Jesse took this opportunity to fire off ten shots and shoot ten heads. His lifelong training to be the ultimate apocalypse killer played off. He then threw a shiv into the neck of someone who was fleeing. It wasn't until the room was littered with corpses and soaked with blood that he questioned if this was indeed the cult they were supposed to be killing. He tended to shoot first and ask questions later.

"This was them, right?" He asked Zyx, skeptically

The thugs that previously attacked Jesse weren't acting independently. They were part of a local street gang. Problem Sleuth wasn't waiting long until one of these gangsters approached him.

"Look like you have some money in that jacket." He said "I want it." The thug said, revealing a handgun.
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