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2 yrs ago
Current We are born of the Blood, made men by the Blood, undone by the Blood. Our eyes have yet to open. FEAR THE OLD BLOOD!
3 yrs ago
If anyone wants to be part of an rp skype chat, hmu on skype. My username there is mikkishtheleprechaun. Or you can give me your username and I can find you.
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3 yrs ago
MAn, this place has changed. Wonder if anyone else is here from way back in 2012
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3 yrs ago
I am the one once known as TheApprentice on here.


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"A portal to the netherworld sounds like chaos to me, regardless of who is using it."
I have similar plans (if the rp makes it past the mansion)
Zack was still processing his situation. There he was, in the middle of the woods, in a mansion that could make Gatsby jealous, and the owner was a vampire. Gatsby was a fictional character, of course, but thats what came to his mind, and he thought vampires weren't real so surely anything was possible.

"Thats strange to hear from a vampire. You hate them because they do dark magic?"
@Shadow Dragon
You should have the cultists attack the mansion
"You don't seem to like this cult too much. What are they vampire hunters too?"
"And why cant your servants speak?"
Zack sighs. He imagined he would be more afraid if something like this ever happened like, ya know, he met a vampire, and he was a little nervous, but not terrified. In fact for what a crazy night it was he didn't feel to intensely scared, and the first thing that came to his head was if Vinashy actually retrieved his car.

"Did you bring me and that other guy here so you could eat us?" Zack meant 'drink our blood' of course.
Also I made another character but I won't bring her in yet.
@Shadow Dragon

Looks like we have a few people who might be interested but lets not press them
Zack looks at the cloth covered mirror.

"So you're telling me you're a vampire?"

Zack was starting to wonder if he died and went to some insane afterlife that wasn't heaven or hell but more like a limbo where magic and crazy supernatural monsters exist.
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