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i am
<Snipped quote by darkred>

No problem, real life always comes first, no need to apologize ☺

Thanks guys!
Sorry about that. Been gone for two days.

The Centurion eyed Jessie still confused "Carriage, what is that?" Seems like a lot hasn't gotten through the Roman's head yet.

"I'm from ancient Rome. I mean... very old Rome Empire."

"What is this "mechanical monster" and why is it moving by itself? Marius found himself poking the not moving monster by itself.

"Yeah, my name is Marius Titus, Centurion of the 14th Legion."
Yeah, I agree on that one. Oops XD
Hey guys!
That's kind of neat! I've tried Total war Rome too!
What kind of Roman games you into? I've been playing Ryse lately.
Hello! I'd like to possibly rp with you and see what rps you do first.
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