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Where is the main group right now?
He works for an interdimensional mercenary group called "Maniacles," and came here on vacation.
Name: Gary S Callahan
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Abilities and skills:

Pyromancy: Gary is mainly known as a fire mage, though that isn't the only magic he knows. He can heat things up gradually or rapidly, up to and beyond the heat of the hottest sun. He can throw bursts of fire at people, create a fire whip, coat himself in fire as a type of armor, and even create wings of fire to levitate and/or glide temporarily. His own fire never burns him, and he manipulate fire attacks directed against him. He can also dispel or neutralize fire. This has other uses besides just putting out fires. He can prevent explosions from certain bombs, prevent gunpowder guns from firing, cause a combustion engine to cease to function, and make heat/fire based weapons, such as flamethrowers or laser rifles, useless.

Buff Magic: He is nearly always in a "buffed" state. His strength is buffed so much he could injure gods, his speed is buffed so he could move beyond hypersonic levels, and his durability is buffed so he could punch a solid object with the force of a comet and his hand will be unharmed. He is so accustomed to doing it he will sometimes even subconsciously put himself into his buffed state while in his sleep. While in his buffed state he can take hits from incredibly strong beings and knocked through buildings and be fine though perhaps in pain. He can only buff himself, however.

Ritual Magic: He knows of several rituals. One is to share his memories with someone else to help them learn quickly. His memory will be inserted into their minds. Another is to speak with ghosts temporarily. Another is to summon otherworldly beings. That last one is his least favorite and he generally avoids doing it.

Weapons: As far as weapons go he generally doesn't have much of a need for them. Sometimes for fun he will use a blunt weapon but they break after the first swing with how hard he hits. He can throw things with greater force and speed than any gun could fire a bullet. He does have a greater idea of how energy weapons work than almost anyone in the dimension he is currently in.

Hand to Hand: Gary never mastered any martial arts, but he has been fist fighting since he was a young kid. He learned some basic MMA moves and other moves from taking a few classes here and there and from experience. He is also well accustomed to fighting at extremely high speeds.

His Mind: He isn't a genius, but he knows when he is being manipulated and doesn't fall for it. He is familiar with eldritch monsters and has even fought gods before, so he doesn't lose his cool when facing strange and terrifying creatures. His casual attitude about fighting and killing can be a bit...unnerving.
Is this still rolling and accepting?
Hello, I was on this website long ago back in 2012 before the old site god nerfed. It was quite heartbreaking when the old site went down, as I had an RP that had over 300 pages. I remade that same RP several times on several websites.


I was TheApprentice, TheAdept, and MikkishtheLeprechaun. Lost access to that last account sadly.

I made an entire universe and lore based on that last RP. As a matter of fact I have created two, one for that Unnatural Campus RP and one for an apocalypse RP rpnation.com/threads/bastards-tale.46…

I enjoy a wide variety of RP genres and settings, but right now I am primarily looking for RPs either set in the post apocalypse or medieval (realistic or fantasy). I am hoping for a well organized one with stats and the joy of finding new items/equipment though I am aware that is unlikely as I am looking at the Free section since I am admittedly rusty. So hit me up if you are looking for a player and I also posted a nice jump-in worldbuilding RP roleplayerguild.com/topics/192334-pos…
Welcome. I also have tons of OCs and I say that's way more fun than playing an already established character.

This is just discussion

Lets create a post apocalyptic world. When laws and governments break down, the world will go on and a new world will rise in place of the last one. What will that be like?

Lets start from a zoomed out viewpoint (what has become of previous states, cities, and countries?) then we work in the smaller details.

Post a location, event, item, faction, creature, or character like this:

Improvise and use your creativity. You must use information that has already been posted when creating a new location, events, etc. To simulate the vagueness or inaccuracies of what is posted, you may react with a Laugh or a Like. More Laughs = less true. More Likes = more true.

This is for your creativity in terms of the apocalypse to run wild. Feel free to make a map or maps and post images, bonus if your draw your own. You may even create new categories, just ask (I contemplated making a Culture category.)
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