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2 yrs ago
Current Always looking for new rp partners, feel free to pm me.
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Howdy Kitten, I'd gladly rp some fallout with you, if your still searching?
Looking for someone to create a story inspired by the tropes and settings of the Fire Emblem franchise, sort of an oc world in the FE world/planet. I would love to play with some romance or harem elements in the story and playing with character archetypes would pretty cool.
Still accepting new rp partner's
Hi there, I'd be happy to rp with you, dm me.
I'll rp with you my lady.
Sure, I'll give it a try. I roughly know the gist of star trek.
Refreshing interest! I love to do this premise with you.
Still seeking x2
I'm interested!
Am willing to sate your cravings, pm me pls.
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