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Profile Name: Coltshan000#1967
He gained the title due to being the ruler of a single province around the godseye area.
Name: Eldakar Illaren
Gender: Male
Species: Human(Westerosi Valyrian/Kingslander)
Age: 20
Appearance: Black of head and tall, with pale skin and purple eyes. Also has white streak in hair and of athletic build, slender.
Personality: Proud, Optimistic, Open-minded, Ambitious, Unyielding, Lustful
Background: Descended from the targaryen's as a cadet bloodline, he experienced the restoration of Harrenhal, begun by his ancestor Rorricar Illaren whom married a Celtigar woman. Lately has ruled as the King Alone, several hundred thousand residents can support themselves within the great keeps deep dungeons and high towers. Became ruler of the Godseye kingdom.
Skills & Abilities: Dragon Dreams, Skilled fighter, Maestar Training, Favored by Rhllor, Fire Obsessed, Dragon Mastery, Knight, Alchemist
Equipment: Dragonheart(Valyrian Steel Sword), Valyrian Steel Armor, Dragon Whip, Glass Candle, Wildfire, Dragon Horn, Valyrian Steel Shield
I am super pumped for this!
sounds fair.
i am!
i'm here. Haven't heard from chiro, I can rp with you while we wait for him?
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