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Rubicon 3, home of the Coral, home of those born from the cinders of the Fires of Ibis, trapped on their homeworld, they struggle to take flight beyond scorched skies as the Subject Guard, PCA, and Corporations simple take and take all that they have. How much longer will their own children starve if this keeps up, will they wipe out every last Rubiconian for just an extra bit of coral, do they have no heart or morals!?

No, they have only greed and hatred in their hearts, unable to see Coral's potential beyond an new oil or electricity they can exploit. Of only wr had the power of the AC's, daring pilots, and appropriate funds to become the anti corporate force we could be? Be they Rubiconian or Mercenary, we must change our tactics or else be annihilated by the enemy before us...Forged in Ash, We Stand as One!
(Howdy folks, I'm here to try and start up an freeform play by post game based off of Armored Core 6, Fires of Rubicon. The premise has the players being Mercenary's, Rubiconians, Augmented Humans, and even Coral beings, allied/apart of the RLF'S goals and mission to oust the corporations of Arquebus, Balam, and PCA. This would be an original storyline, incorporating elements of the story and altered characters to suit this new scenario.)

(Freeform will be based on an Present Tense writing style, as 'You Slash at the AC's Arm', rather than 'You Slashed the AC's Arm' sorta dynamic so that I can more easily and dynamically react to actions and situations. If this interests you, then feel free to comment or dm me for the server link and more information. Participation is expected to be of an daily, or at least semi-frequent manner.)
Looking for new rp partners, I usually play males as my primary character but I also am fine with playing other characters, NPCs, background rabble as an sort of narrator and GM capacity.

I am also able to do fandom based or inspired rp's. This means I can do roleplays that are based off of video games, cartoons, anime, TV shows, etc. If I don't know your particular fandom I am willing to learn it if it's something that might interest me.

I mainly rp on discord and in dm's but can create an personal group if you enjoy playing multiple rp ideas/scenarios at once. And I do enjoy creating game like rp systems and mechanics and keeping track of inventories and other data too for more immersion in some rp's.

I hope this ad peaks your interest and we find something we can create an interesting story or exciting lewd chapter together. If interested feel free to dm me or comment.

Fandoms: Fine with Furry, Anime, Etc.
Game of Thrones
Elder Scrolls
Final Fantasy
Red Dead Redemption/Western Settings
Dragon Age
Resident Evil
Fantasy Japan/China Setting
Corruption of Champions
Trials in Tainted Space
Darkest Dungeon
Dragon's Dogma
Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Elden Ring
Fear & Hunger
Metal Gear Solid
Star Wars
Ancient History Setting/Egypt, Greece, Rome, bronze age, classical age, Iron age.
Sci Fi in general.
Highschool of the Dead
Superhero Stories/Settings
@evan aftonfnaf
Yes, I'm cool with that
The moon known as Kenshi is ruined, thousands of years have passed since the days of the First Empire, and such the world that began to rebuild, would be unable to regain the splendor of old as wastelands, dunes, and treacherous swamps litter the geography, with only some regions having any sort of fertility for grazing and crops, water was even more scarce. Though much metal and ore could be found in exposed veins, ruined machines and other metallic structures. Thus we're weapons of violence and war readily available, from rusted hunks of semi sharp metal to fine honed edges that were found preserved or made sharply with almost long forgotten techniques. still persists in this ruined world, be it in herds and packs of beasts, tribes and nations of humans and shek, the insectlike hivers, and other races that may yet persist. This is a world where most go hungry, and some are destined to starve or forced to become bandits and criminals. No one being is truly innocent, for survival of the fittest is the law of the land. This is the world you have been born into, harsh as it is. Will you survive and somehow manage to thrive? Or merely be consigned to death or slavery, or perhaps just a beasts hard won meal?

Howdy everyone, I'm hoping to find someone to roleplay with in the Kenshi universe, said setting would also have our own take on it. As we could add our own races, factions, or landmass to the moon of Kenshi and thus our own lore and history. If this interests you then please feel free to comment or DM me directly. Have a wonderful day.
Commander Shepherd had succeeded in stopping the Reapers, as an odd, yellow glow expanded across the galaxy, it's meaning unknown to all save Shepherd and they were no more. Seems a second chance was all that even galactic heroes could be afforded. The Reapers were deactivated, other synthetic life managed to remain intact and the Mass Relay network was left devastated and damaged. Thus was the once united galaxy divided into dozens of isolated pockets of space controlled by local governments and warlords who began to take firm control of what territory, troops, and resources they could amass.

It has been decades since the hard won victory for the races of the Milky Way, and soon came the day for new galactic heroes to make their make, whether to become a despotic warlord or benevolent autocrat, bounty hunter or pirate, that is left to you as you explore the slowly reconnecting galactic community as Mass Relays are slowly being repaired and brought back online as war is soon to follow and it yet uncertain as to who will come out on top. Things are certainly starting to heat up, will you manage to end up on top in the end, or fail to achieve your ambition and dreams?
Howdy, I'm looking for someone to write with and contribute to an story set in the Mass Effect universe set after the trilogy in an sandbox experience that allow each other characters to make their own stories. Gain power, find love, get rich, have adventures, etc. Hoping to have an longterm story with an partner and have an fun time while telling great story and plot. Am also happy to explore different kinks save for a few limits I have. This would be an 18+ roleplay due to mature themes and scenes I am planning to include.

If this interests you then please feel free to dm so that we might discuss more. I don't mind if your an expert or passing fan of mass effect, just hoping to create an good story with ya.
Something like dynasty warriors mixed with DragonBall. You can fight waves of regular troops but powerful martial artists and sages exist.
*In a Land far to the East, there existed an great isle and her constituents, where honor, blood, and tradition reigned supreme, but often consumed by periods of war as many clans battled for supremacy, resources, and to settle long standing rivalries. This Land, shedding tears of blood in the warm months, and tears of water in the cold, cries out for heroic and noble blood in this age of merciless steel, court intrigue, and the resurgence of spirits and monsters among mortal kind. Will you be able to seize fate and bring peace, total or relative to the land, settle old grievances and reconcile the physical and spiritual worlds? Only time will tell if you or another will be the one whose name will go down in legend?*

Howdy all, looking for an partner to do an roleplay set in an fantasy Japan setting, with magic, adventure, and intrigue. I'm seeking a partner who is 18+ as I am also 18+.

I'm hoping to do some world building and ooc talk with my partner so that we both can make this setting and premise our own. I usually write 1-2 paragraphs and can control/play multiple characters to give an scene or conversation depth.

If this ad is of interest, please feel free to comment or message me directly.
It'll have some elements of that. But the power ceiling is pretty low. Like having an expanded skill/ability repertoire is more likely. Grounded, but able to become strong, just not invincible.
Land of The Yellow Sky

Once, there was an Blue Sky, ruled by beasts, peaceful and harmonious. Then came an Red Sky, dominated by chaos and strife, heralded by monsters and demons, and this too would eventually end. At last came an Yellow Sky, beaing hope and possibility, where by decree of the Golden Sky, declared the Yellow Sky to be an age in which its people would decide its meaning. Allowing Humans, Monsters, and Beasts to make of this world what they will. Whether this age of gold will be shimmering and bright, or fool's gold in disguise, none can tell save those who discover their truth of the world.

The Zhong dynasty withers on the vine, their Silver Emperor the latest in a recent string of sickly, incompetent, and decadent emperors of the failing Empire. Not helping this matter is the threat of barbarians from the northern frontier, outlanders from realms beneath skies of foreign hues, and even from within as the court rots and once faithful generals and nobles smell opportunity. Soon, things will reach their boiling point and the ill maintained prosperity and peace will turn to war and struggle. Adventurers and common folk, heroes and generals, all must decide for themselves what path they must follow, to prop up the current regime in hopes of an miraculous recovery, or to destroy the system of governance and create something new in its place?


Howdy everyone, I hope this ad finds you well, this story/setting is an original setting I am working on that's an fantasy world with far eastern aesthetics and influences, such as that of ancient China and Japan. With a setting that has a possibility to do whatever our characters desire, from being mere adventurers to something more ambitious as being an warlord and building up ones territory or settlement.

Hoping to find someone to give this setting/premise a chance to have a fun time and help flesh this world out more by exploring further inside of the rp world. If this is of interest or curiosity, please feel free to dm me and learn more. Please be 18+ as I do peddle in mature themes and situations such as conflict, death, and romance.
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