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Current I squat with fellow Gopniks. I slurp vodka. I eat semechki. I dance to hardbass. Life. Is. Good.
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<Snipped quote by CuttleFish>

He really needs some sort of treatment, not encouragement.

You know, you really are being such a negative nancy.
*Shakes head*
Tsk Tsk Tsk.

I have a *cough fortnite cough* feeling of deja *cough fortnite taunts cough* vu here and I don't know why.

I now really hope that your character doesn't win just for his whole life of training to be a waste.
<Snipped quote by BespeckledCeph>

It's something he does specifically in the OOC. In the IC, describing the tone in asterisks is fine.

Oh yeah that makes sense

<Snipped quote by BespeckledCeph>

well, no
i have to explain it to everybody I meet and plan to interact with for an extended period of time
so it's a thing for me and some people I meet pick it up
but in fact I have only ever met one person who independently developed the same expression of tone

Also makes sense
<Snipped quote by BespeckledCeph>

For the record, he's not mad. Whenever he types in all lowercase, it's intended to be a jovial tone.

Wait that's a thing, just hey you're all lowercase, the entire tone of what I have just said has changed?

Is that allowed?

(Also for me i'd say as a rule if i'm in IC jokes will be pretty obvious but in OOC, i'd say i'm usually joking with stuff.)

<Snipped quote by CuttleFish>

1. please do not be doing the worrying when we say "..." it is basically "we are doing nothing right now in case you want to say something more, even if it is later"
2. please try not to put any OOC in the IC as you know these events are recorded by glorified cameras which don't have OOC thoughts

Ok, lesson learned, that's a no go, won't do it again
Put a big X over it
Not even going to think about it
<Snipped quote by BespeckledCeph>

Itll be fun. I have been wanting to try this for awhile. A slow cooking idea that is now ready to use. And itll work perfectly with you!!

The only slow cooking idea that's going on at the moment is my anxiety
<Snipped quote by Nautilidae>

Hm...maybe...oooh...this may be able to get interesting...I have an idea where I could take ya under my arc....yeaah.

Oh no, now I'm worried
<Snipped quote by BespeckledCeph>

There's really an infinite number of ways to go about it.


Chris Grey


Chris' feat is his ability to shape and manipulate ions. The strange part about Chris' mind, is that it has an infinite space, and never forgets anything, consciously, he can, but his subconscious mind still holds all the information he knows. Related to this is the power of his ability, the more he knows, the more power he has. His attacks will be more precise, they will be faster, he can control things farther away, and he can control more of one thing at a time. The one limiting factor in all this is his energy, he needs energy to survive, and therefore, doesn't need to eat (though still does because his anatomy has not changed at all, stomach acid concentrations and all that). He can consume power from living beings and ambient sources with the rate and capacity he is able to store being increased with knawledge.

  • Ionic Vampirism/Drain: Can drain the charged ions from any source, living or not. In living beings, he can absorb the patterns of ionic movement in the brain to take the recent or major memories of the person.
  • Ionic Transplacement: Can alter or move his own body to another place, he can also turn himself into pure energy temporarily, though it's like holding your breath. (Since no lungs and all) Depending on power, can also do the same to others.
  • Ionic Weaponization: Can be used in a variety of ways, Plasma Burst, Daggers, Armor, Shield, Beam, Plasma fire etc.
  • Ionic Temperature Dilation: Uses a large amount of energy to increase the speed of ions, or slow them down, essentially freezing or melting anything with highly ionized atoms, like sodium chloride.
  • Ionic Chemistry: Can manipulate the ionic bonds of atoms and molecules, very useful for the ability mentioned above.

Other Information

Oh yeah and he's kinda Keith Grey's brother, they were born to be opposites and they went pretty separate ways. Though they still talk every now and then, that's why their powers are so similar.
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