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Current I squat with fellow Gopniks. I slurp vodka. I eat semechki. I dance to hardbass. Life. Is. Good.
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Francis of the Filth
Memelord of the Greatest Power Level

Dr. Francis of the Filth, PHD
Filthy Frank, Papa Franku, Real Frank
At Least 400,000 Chromosomes
English, Japanese, Some Spanish, Other(Can Understand all separate languages of "Frank's Clan")


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 103 lbs
Skinny, Black hair, Glasses, Neck beard, Wears a light blue buttoned shirt with rolled sleeves, along with any kinds of pants or footwear


Diseases: Throat Cancer[Gives him the voice of a 50 y/o rapist], Weabooism [Reason for neck beard] Suicidal Tendencies, Filthiness, Random Retardation

Is extremely strange, and moans very loudly at sometimes random, making people feel rather uncomfortable. He has an extreme love for his friends and will protect them, especially pink guy. He has no sense of embarrassment and has the ability to do many things that normal people would rather kill themselves before doing [Viewer Discretion is advised: ] He absolutely loathes pranks, even though he found their secret power. He loves music and is a good dancer and singer himself with many musical capabilities, complemented by his fellow clansmen. Has a thirst, like the rest of his clan, for the pusi. Hates sesame street.


All of these abilities require a varying amount of "chromosomes", Frank's power level and being, he is the only human who can multiply and share chromosomes. If he gets to low on these, he could pass out, or even die spontaneously. Usually has a long break period between hard battles to regenerate his chromosome count. Chromosomes also decay over time if not being regenerated over time, which is why Frank has lived so long.

Kancho: An ancient technique from Japan passed down for generations even before humans inhabited it. The user makes a finger-gun with the hands by sticking the index fingers and middle fingers together and charges with them upon an opponent's ass at an unbelievable speed. The result keeps the victim shitting on the ground moaning in pain for at least a couple of hours. The aftereffect of this technique leaves the victim to never be able to shit again. It's a very difficult move to perform, however, Frank perfected the speed and velocity of this technique after years of practice. Missing the target of the technique is dangerous as it can break the fingers of the user.

Kanchou: Kancho's enhanced version. By giving a bloodthirsty war-cry upon naming this technique, the power, speed and effectiveness of the Kancho is increased.

Reality Check: Frank throws Reality Check text boxes that brings back any autistic being to reality.

Smoke Transportation: Frank uses smoke to transport between realms of the omniverse [Not to be confused with the multiverse] possibly by the use of blunts or vapes to proceed the process.

Laser Beam: Similar to Chin-Chin's ability, Frank can shoot out laser beams from parts of his body.

Lighting: Frank can expel lightning from his fingertips.

Drake: By summoning an amp, Frank plays Drake songs in order to depress his opponents and have them thinking about their ex

Energy Balls: In addition to firing a laser beam, Frank can also throw singular blue energy balls.

Crotch Rain: Frank can spray a blue liquid-like substance from his crotch area.

Frank's PhD: Frank's PhD helps him to fight against the most ridiculous of enemies. From the insane wank of fanboys onto their favorite fictional character, to the most overpowered OC created by a fan with little to no imagination and simply wants their character to be the strongest. His PhD makes him immune to these characters and even causes them to become weak to Papa's attacks.

Summons: The bread and butter of Frank, he can summon a few of his friends to aid him against the toughest of enemies, but wouldn't want to waste chromosomes on weaker opponents.

PTSD: Can make people see disturbing images by giving them a unique look, whether in person or in a picture.

Misc: Can sing, play ukelele, skate, break dance, nose recorder, strong sense of smell. Proficient with guns, can use STD's against his enemies. Can teleport short distances by using a large amount of chromosomes and sending out a beam to split a portal to where he needs to go (Rarely Used)

Weaknesses: Weaboos (Terrible for this universe), Joji (Now Deceased), Chin-Chin, Very weak to attacks, and can be killed by anything a human can, and usually sends his minions in as cannon fodder.


Not much is known about Frank's past. He was protected and raised by Pink Guy, and is known among the peace lords as the boy who was born a million times. He has survived throughout all 3 versions of the universe, and has lived an extraordinarily long time.
UUD, because the UUC has to many good boys and couldn't handle the autism.

Well then, I guess I'm off to make a new character...

I feel like I missed some rules at some point, is it against the rules to make someone based on a real character? Or is he to powerful, I could draw it back if that was the case, if the first reason is why, then I'm going to go kill myself because I spent like 6-8 hours on that ;-;

I spent way to much time on this, I think I went overboard on the abilities.
@Legion-114 You still accepting people? Also would a Francis of the Filth character be acceptable, or to powerful/not serious enough?
Same for me
Date: March 13th, 1861
Time: 8:43
Location: Interior Gardens of the Church of Arcastein

Arthur was getting impatient. It had been a while since his last experiment, and it didn't turn out so well. He needed something more, something more rewarding. As he tore a leaf off of a nearby bush, he thought we would go stalk for his next prey. Someone regal, very high. Yes.

Date: March 13th, 1861
Time: 14:42
Location: Arcastein Streets nearing the Austrian Embassy

The posters were everywhere. Some new ambassador had just came to town, a perfect specimen for what Arthur had in store. He was devising a plan, a sinister one, one with minimal casualties, but still required a little fun. He was looking for an artist, and all Arthur needed was a good artists work to sway him into a false sense of security, and maybe an opportunity. He scrubbed his mind, and he remembered that one of his "patients" had mentioned that their brother was painter that lived in Arcastein. He was only a few streets from Arthur's location coincidentally. That was his target.

The streets were dirty today, the cleaner comes a little later in the day to clean up the cities mess. None of the world mattered to him except his work. Arthur blended in here more than other places as some sort of performer, these people hadn't heard the horror stories of him yet, and probably won't, they will live in complete ignorance.

There he was. The door was encrusted in a thin layer of gold foil, what a pity for it to go to waste. The knocker on the door was in the shape of a bear, and made of bronze. He gently knocked on the door, and a medium sized man answered with a puzzled look on his face. Showtime.

"Hello sir, I would regret to inform you that your sister has recently been deceased by unknown causes. I have come to bring you what she had put in her brief will." He pulled out a few Iron chinks, she wasn't very rich so it made sense to him.

"Oh, I didn't know, would you like to come in and maybe explain?" He motioned for him to come in.

His first, and only mistake. No second chances in his world.

"Thank you sir." He handed the man the currency, and started heading up the stairs. His tools were on him, and the time was nigh.

The stairwell was lined with his paintings, this would easily be good enough for what he was thinking. The man led him up the stairs and into a very lavishly furnished living room. The man sat down on the couch, and Arthur looked at his paintings while coating a cloth with a new concoction he had made. He walked up behind him, and the man turned around.

Arthur laughed maniacally and grabbed him, putting the cloth to his nose and mouth, "Take a deep breath for me, and this will all be over soon enough." The man went limp, only unconscious, but not dead. He wrote a brief note about what he had done to his sister, and that if he told a soul, he would know and that he would be next. Now that that was all done and dusted, he went into the man's living quarters. A large painting of a naked woman hung over his bed, most likely a lover of some sort. It was of extraordinarily high quality, the better than all his others. Seemed good enough. He took it off of the hook hanging it and headed out of the door.

Date: March 13th 1861
Time: 16:22
Location: In Front of the Austrian Embassy

The embassy wasn't as fancy as expected. Maybe it was just that it was new, but Arthur liked it, it made them more wholesome and relate able. None of that mattered though, he was here for business. He walked up to a receptionist type person out in front.

"Hello, I am here to see Mr. Lochau about the artist he has requested." As he said this, he motioned to the painting currently strapped to his back.

"Of course sir, right this way." He seemed annoyed for some reason, but Arthur brushed it off, he was only another piece of the puzzle.

The man led him up the stairs and to the right to a long corner with very nice lighting, much better than usual homes, and it complemented the tapestries and furnishings very adequately. The man swung open the door, and a gust of musty air came through. There was also Mr. Lochau, sitting in his chair.

"I hope this will be adequate Mr. Lochau." And with that he left him.

Arthur placed the painting next to him and observed the surrounding area. It had the same lighting as the hall, and the fact that it was getting late complemented it greatly. The browns all molded together to make a very sightly scene.

"I see you are looking for a painter sir, I might be able to help with that, but I feel I could propose a deeper and much needed proposition to you. Someone of your status doesn't like to get his hands dirty do they? I feel like I could do these things for you. How else do you think I got this painting?" With that he rested his elbows on his legs and waited for Mr. Lochau's response.
@Home Brewed

I'm sorry to say, but this group was not what I was expecting. It was to fast paced for me and my interests could not grasp onto it fully. I am quitting this, and I apologize.
Same here
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