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Current Ugh the WORST THING is seeing an interesting Interest Check in Casual or Advanced, then reading the OP and finding out it's full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Great first impression, mate.
1 hr ago
Pro tip: if you don't eat unhealthy food the day before before Thanksgiving, it cancels out all the unhealthy food you'll consume the next day. That's how calories work.
17 hrs ago
Alright, I'm GMing one RP (hasn't started) and RPing in one RP (also hasn't started). I need another RP or something here.
20 hrs ago
Screw the rules, I have plot armor!
1 day ago
I thought the weebs had slain my RP, but it has risen from the depths of Page 5 without a single bump. Still need at least two people to start it. It's "Experiment-200" in Casual, if you please.
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I have a Deviantart account for my art now. Please don't go to Deviantart if you don't have to. It makes me sad that there will always be a furry version of literally anything you create and it will always look better.

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Well yeah, I'm not going to throw off a tense or dramatic moment with a reference. Heck, they'll probably only be references that I understand.
I play acoustic guitar, and I can find the chords to almost any song in less than a minute by ear. I can tune a guitar by ear as well. But the only lessons I ever took were basic chords and strumming 15 years ago at home from my dad.
Question: Can I interject real-world references IC? I'd like to throw in a few nods to video games or movies. Not in a blatantly obvious way, like mentioning the Dragonborn or Gondor, or memes (like "arrow to the knee" or "But it is not this day"), and certainly not in every post. Just subtle references that don't detract from the situation/scene.

Or is this going to be "serious business" and we'll have none of that?
Fortunately, there are lots of memes to look at.
I may or may not have gone down the pub last night...

There goes my hero.
Get that CS up in here then.

Probably won't start it tomorrow. It'd be late evening if at all. And Thursday is Thanksgiving, which I will be celebrating with family in a different state. I plan to get this thing running by Thursday evening. It'll give me a chance to decide who gets paired with who and send out all the PMs, and it'll give any potential new players a chance to join.

By the way, I'll be marking the GM private messages as "IC." Those will be texts from my character to yours. Don't bother responding to those. OOC questions to me go right here in the OOC. I look forward to driving all of you a bit crazy knowing that I'm giving other people life and death information and you'll never know what it is.
@WhatAmIDoing Username checks out.
Unfortunately, neither do the bank robbers, and they're trying to use them as hostages.
Unfortunately, some of victims were very nice people in disguise.
I guess Kassa isn't going to post today ._.
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