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17 hrs ago
Current @Otaku Code MENT, the Abridged Code Geass series. It's glorious.
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2 days ago
It's a Hunger Games RP but without any of the dumb stuff. Trust me on this.…
4 days ago
What kind of cat doesn't flip out over a laser pointer??
14 days ago
The US Olympic athletes are wearing fringed leather ranch gauntlets. We're never going to convince the rest of the world that we aren't all cowboys. I don't care. I love it.
17 days ago
*has a popsicle, passes out in the snow*


I have a Deviantart account for my art now. Please don't go to Deviantart if you don't have to. It makes me sad that there will always be a furry version of literally anything you create and it will always look better.

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@Rabidporcupine Kriss's house IS his workplace. You might want to get a post in that kind of leads up to this happening, rather than just waiting around until Thursday IC to post. There's still a good bit of story going on.
@TudorRose92 Approved. Scoot him over to the CS tab.

@PrinceAlexus Approved. Scoot him over to the CS tab.
@TudorRose92 I'm going to turn down the offer. Each event is chosen at random, which means your character, who is good with an axe, may kill someone with an explosive. Rather than picking skills in advance and risking major contradictions, your "skills" will be determined as you go.
An RP where we won't spend weeks figuring out what our chars are doing? Count. Me. In.

Awesome. Feel free to start working on a CS. Since the simulator requires 24 names (oops), I'm allowing everyone to submit two characters.


Would you be willing to leave your name, gender, and district anyway? After all, you don't have to post. I'll be tagging everyone alive as the game proceeds, so you can just watch your Notifications tab.
@TudorRose92 Please use the CS I posted in the Interest Check. I specifically said that Skills are not involved.
@Rabidporcupine That's ok. We can collaborate here. What are your ideas for Joel meeting Kriss? Or was this just sarcasm?
OMG I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Please do it! I'm not a super fan of the Hunger Games but enjoyed the series and think this is a great way to play it out! :D


"Hilarity ensues"

I'm in

Excellent. Tag some friends. At least one event is "Player1 works with Player2 to drown Player3" and the best part is the OOC grief. Which reminds me, grief/whining/laughing is all part of the fun. Feel free to do that OOC.

Lol this totally won't come back to bite me in the bum at ALL.

Put me down for the bitchy girl from District 2, except her name will be.....

Gladly. Looking forward to you drowning in a frozen lake, because that can happen.

this series is no longer relevant


Is this... Hunger Games: Not-So-Serious Edition? If so I'm in, that sounds fantastic xD

It's almost a party game, with enough room to make a half-decent RP. It all depends on how serious you want to take it. You can get super into it or just wait around to see who won without impacting anyone else. I've never tried it as an RP but I think it will be excellent.
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